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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 23, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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predictions you didn't say which trump, i'm just kidding. i'm not trying to break any news here. look, we are happy to see joe biden back on the ticket. he has done a terrible job so far in 10 months. let's see him try and run again. i guess if he makes it four years. we will see how it goes. todd: lara, thanks very much. we will check back in with you next week. happy thanksgiving. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> brand new details from that christmas parade disaster. >> five first degree murder charges against 39-year-old darryl e. brooks jr. >> there is no way he should have ever been out on the street. >> meanwhile rashida tlaib pressed over her support for the breathe act empty federal prisons. >> release everyone. what i'm trying to say. >> within 10 years. >> what did you make of the president of the united states calling you a white supremacist. >> actually malice. he damaged my character for him to say something like that. >> serious new trouble for
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former new york governor andrew cuomo. >> investigation found what it calls overwhelming evidence that cuomo engaged in shower. engaged in sexualharassment. >> into the end zone. touchdown buccaneers. ♪ ♪ going to be great ♪ going to be a good day. brian: yeah, i didn't request this song and -- it's going to be in my head all day. steve: brian, it's a good message. it's going to be a good day. brian: i don't know if i can make that out. i like when people's lyrics are discernible. captain and t'neil i understood everything they talked. steve: they came our show. brian harpo would never talk.
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the manning cast, did you watch that at all? it was pretty impressive. condoleezza rice was on. kevin hart was on. bill parcel is on. ainsley: isn't it bad luck? steve: the curse we talked about it last week. ainsley: what did condoleezza rice say? brian: she loves football. ainsley: she is a great golfer. brian: and a great pianist. i wish she would do something with her career and start focusing. the giants got crushed. they actually showed up. steve: anyway, so did we. brian, welcome back. ainsley: welcome back. on the book tour yesterday? brian: not really. i just don't have a jet. because the thing i was doing sunday enabled me to get back on a plane so i was able to do radio. steve: didn't have a greyhound bus? brian: it can't go 2-it cannot
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get from. ainsley: how are you feeling? you should see his calendar how are you doing this? brian: all good. a lot of fun. meeting a lot of people. i don't remember more people more pumped up. ainsley: out of the house now they can go. brian: they are back. ainsley: back for thanksgiving. i bet that's fun. brian: of course, this stunning horrific story became the number one story in america. steve: yes, as of sunday night. 5:00 main street in waukesha, risk, the man accused of killing five innocent people just at a christmas parade and injuring at least 48 others. will appear in court this afternoon. >> this as we are learning that that man, darrell brooks, is he a career criminal. he has a record dating back to 1999, it is so long. brian: he has put a wrecking ball to american society in at least two states. mike tobin joins us live from walk saw with more. hey, mike. >> good morning, guys.
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darryl brooks the man held for the christmas parade massacre will make initial appearance today ran sheet 50 pages long strangling someone to gun and sex offenses. he was out on bail for a case for allegedly running over the mother of his child with the same vehicle allegedly used in the attack. now, police chief daniel thompson says initially brooks will face five counts of homicide. more charges could be added. waukesha district attorney says she will set bail so high that brooks will not be able to get out. chief thompson now says it was a domestic dispute that proceeded brooks jumping in his suv and driving into the parade. now, there was a candlelight it vigil last night for the victims in this case as family has been notified and we now know he their names. their names are 79-year-old virginia sorenson. 71-year-old leanna owen.
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52-year-old james coolidge, 81-year-old wilhelm and 52-year-old tamara duran. children's hospital also says they treated 18 kids after this attack. and sadly three sets of siblings. so you can imagine how hard that is for the parents going in there trying to see how their kids are when all of their kids or at least multiple kids are there in the emergency room. guys, back to you. steve: so, mike, the d.a. says, you know, he walls granted bail. it was inappropriately low given the crimes. well, that's fine to say now. you know, a as his excuse. how often does something like this happen where they give a bail amount like that that is so low for somebody who is involved in something this serious as you detailed a moment ago where he essentially tried to run over the baby momma of his child with that same vehicle. >> well, what happened in in
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this chase is essentially the scheduling stacked up and started conflicting with his right to a speedy trial. sounds like a bureaucratic snafu that they didn't process the case fast enough, whether due to staffing or something to do with covid. those details need to be' sorted out. one thingt waukesha district attorney said wisconsin doesn't have a no bail option. you have to set bail. you can set the bail so high that there is no way they will be able to make it and there is at least according to the waukesha district attorney there is no way is he getting out on bail this time. ainsley: bail should be set so high against darrell brooks that he won't be able to get out before his trial. brian: mike, quick question. do you know the nature of his arrest. turn himself in? did they find him at his house? did he resist-like he did last time? >> you know, it sounds like from what the police chief said yesterday that he did not resist. they got him rather quickly.
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and they didn't have a lot of details in that but it wasn't another case where he resisted, brian. steve: microphone continue. ainsley: when he was talking to a right to a speedy trial original bail set to $10,000 last year. i read that he was allegedly trying to shoot his nephew then it was reduced to $7,500. then it was reduced again to 500 and that's when he posted bail back in february. steve: this is the second time. ainsley: in one year. steve: this the is second time we know he has tried to run somebody over. in 2011 he was pulled over and being questioned by a cop and apparently he gave him them a fake name and the cop said what's your real name? and then the guy turned on the car and put it on drive. the cop was worried as you look at this criminal record of this particular man, darrell brooks, it's lengthy. he is a career criminal. but, anyway, the cop turned -- the cop jumped into the car after he, you know, the coted cop was afraid he was going to drive over him. and eventually the officer
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stopped the car, got the keys. brooks ran off. i think he was tased later. but, once again, an instance where he was accused of trying to run somebody over. just about a week ago, it was the baby momma, and then back in 2011 it was a police officer. >> you know, if you look at this wrap sheet, it's so longhorns gun charges, resisting arrest charges. strangulation charge, domestic abuse charge. raping a girl in nevada. 15 years old and impregnantating her. >> a convicted sex offender. ainsley: wanted in that state for several bail violations. if you are wanted in another state and then they get you in wisconsin and it just a few days ago last friday i think he posted bail and got out. why didn't they keep him behind bars? wife don't they extradite him to nevada where is he wanted? steve: that's an important point why would you ever give bail to a bail jumper. ainsley: exactly.
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brian: if this is just an aberration how did he dismeek through the system? what if we told you and you have been paying attention to this show it's happening over and over again. odd combination of emptying our prisons and defaming and defanging our police at the same time. it's all the same story, just a different series of victims. this also includes 10 kids, six in critical condition. they have the horrific idea of going to a holiday parade. and guess what? the attitude right now is this mutant is only the latest one. i would like to see every major state, every major city go through their logs and see how many other criminals that should be behind bars are out. because if you go through our subways in new york, if you go look in the rikers island prison their goal is to stop arresting people and emptying prisons. you wonder why this is the case? and why it's not just wisconsin?
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this is just the latest. and listen to this sentiment from congressman carol malone and jamie raskin and aoc, the genius from queens? we have grave concerns that excessive bail amounts are leading to unnecessary pre-trial detention and contribute to humanitarian crisis in new york city's jail crisis particularly in rikers island. yes, let's focus on how unlucky the criminals are and make our streets dangerous with people pa ha that pay the taxes. ainsley: these three sent a letter to the mayor of new york city demanding a briefing. if we don't see the briefing and see the reports of all the criminals that are in your prisons then we might get the federal government involved. brian: wow. ainsley: crime rose 3 percent this last september compared to last september. robbery is up 6%. in october the city saw an 11.2% increase in overall crime compared to october of 2020. kamala harris, remember, supported bail fund for violent rioters back in 2020 and
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congressman rashida tlaib now signs a plan to release everyone in the united states prison. everyone. brian: such a great idea. steve: that's the breathe act. let's just recap what we have just detailed. on the same day we learned about how this mr. brooks guy was released with inappropriately low bail. you have got the squad demanding reforming new york city excessive bail laws. they say it's excessive. was it successful out in milwaukee? i don't think so. ainsley: say that to the parents of these kids? steve: or the grandkids of the granny. here is rashida tlaib on axios on hbo over the weekend. and jonathan swan was asking her about the breathe act. which part of the idea behind it is to let everybody in federal prisons go within 10 years. think about that. everybody in federal prison out. here she is being essentially
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asked are you sure that's a good idea, jonathan swan. >> have you wrestled with any potential downsides of releasing into society every single person who is currently in a federal prison. >> yeah, again, i think that everyone is like oh my god we are going to release everybody. that's not what i'm -- do you see how many people that are mentally ill that are in prison right now? so we're going to keep. >> release everyone. >> in 10 years. think about it. who. >> there are like human traffickers. >> oh, i know. i mean. >> do you mean that you don't actually support that? >> no. >> you endorsed the bill. >> no. look at the phonings that are mentally ill that have substance abuse problems. why aren't you asking me about them. you are asking me about human and traffickers and others who should be. >> i understand your proposal is so sweeping. it does release everyone. and what i'm trying to say. >> within 10 years and obviously there is a process. >> in your vision there is still whatever proportion they're,
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small proportion who do need to be behind bars. >> yeah. i would have to look at every case individually and figure that all out. steve: that's the case right there. she admits that there are some people who belong behind bars. like the guy in the jail in waukesha, wisconsin. darrell brooks behind bars yet they sprang him on an inappropriately low bail. and five people are dead and 48 people are lucky to be alive. so significantly injured. ainsley: many of them will have injuries the rest of their lives. brian: put it this way if they do live. five kids in critical condition. ainsley: six at one hospital. just at children's hospital. there might be other hospitals. brian: 48 injured overall. here is the thing you should ask yourself. is this a one off and remember years ago when this guy drove through a parade or is this just the latest? interest is nothing unique about this story. this is happening every day. these are the d.a.s that snuck their way in because of some
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mills tierous funding. some of which came from george soros to unearth our society at its foundation. if you don't have law and order, you don't have -- you can't trust anything. you can't go outside. you can't go to work. your streets aren't safe. you can't hop on a subway. that's what we are living through with the most inept mayor who won't empower a police force in this city. we are seeing what is happening in chicago. it's an embarrassment and now we see this little train wreck of a legal system in wisconsin. ainsley: super liberal democrats that are doing this you have this woman mary la months ski who resigned as a social media director. she was with did he page the democratic party in illinois. treated out about the christmas massacre and deleted the tweets before she resigned she wrote it was probably just self-defense #wisconsin. #kyle rittenhouse. about the christmas massacre. then she says the blood of kyle rittenhouse victims is on the hands of wisconsin citizens, even the children. steve: and so that person who put that stuff out, she is gone.
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and they are gone. brian: she resigned, right? steve: yeah, they are gone. ainsley: the democrats did tweet that county. they said these statements are incredibly insensitive and not in alignment with who we are as. steve: look at what happened on sunday night at 5:00 on main street. they think, you know what? maybe we went a little too far with the bail reform thing and criminal justice. maybe we should back off. brian: how about as a country we should do this? let me ask you, this is really written to next story. we are going two break now, promise. it's the rittenhouse story, too. when you don't empower your law enforcement, you get chaos. and we are in the midst of the chaos. we are all targets because you feel as though the prison system doesn't work for you. the scary thing is the president is listening to tlaibs of the world and not the manchins, that's the scary thing. jayapal has a seat at the table and she has that mindset.
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ainsley: out where you live i was returning things at the mall at one of the department stores. i was at the return desk in the front door. i hear the lady screaming catch the girl. catch the girl this girl runs out with six expensive pocketbooks. she had a get away car. the police come the guy patrolling the department store he said i can't do anything. i'm not allowed to touch her, that's our policy. brian: unbelievable. look at san francisco. it's the same. if you understand this is just different examples of the same story? steve: i think out there people are fed up to here. now gavin newsom is talking about how is he going to get involved. brian: really? he has been so active and productive? steve: 6:16 here in the east. ainsley: in mexico. steve: keil kyle rittenhouse talked to tucker. here is the response from president biden who referred to him as a white supremacist last year. ainsley: plus the hospital closing its doors of emergency room because of staffing issues. how these mandates are posing life and death situations. ♪ i love rock and roll
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carley: good morning, we are back with your headlines, jurors may begin deliberations today in the trial of three men charged in the shooting death of ahmad arbery. this as armed members of the black panthers assemble outside the georgia courthouse. one man who identifies himself as the supreme commander of the militia issuing a warning to the accused men saying y'all are in serious trouble because the
3:22 am
wrath of karma is coming on america. we are not taking no more. overnight, a massive house explosion in flint, michigan. search dogs used as three people are reported missing following the incident. at least two people are hospitalized. authorities saying there could also be fatalities. fire officials have not yet commented on a possible cause of the explosion. and listen to this: a long island emergency room temporarily closing due to staff shortages because of covid vaccine mandates. mount sinai closing the long beach emergency department for up to one month. patients who need emergency care will be sent to mount sinai south nassau's main campus which is a 15-minute drive away. hospital staff say 70 people who chose not to get vaccinated are forcing the closure. if the goal of the vaccine mandate is to keep people safe and healthy, this is closing a hospital not a good thing.
3:23 am
steve: not so much. thank you, carley. i heard that because they are closing the er, apparently they have got an ambulance outside the building so that if somebody needs to go a hospital, they will actually drive them to one. which is as we just heard a while a way. brian: i was really impressed with kyle rittenhouse' testimony and i think all the critics and supporters, i don't care where you stand, if you watched the trial, you would not be seeing some of the negative comments about rittenhouse about the trial and the outcome. i find it hard to believe that anyone would watch the proceedings, i know everyone is busy and this was in the afternoon and you got school and work and you got a family. but, if you are a credited particular and you think that he got away with a double murder, i think you just didn't watch the trial. and for those people who think he is some uneducated naive rush
3:24 am
rube. i could not be more imbreasted with this 18-year-old. ainsley: tucker got the very first interview with him after the trial. tucker asked him about president biden. what's your message for him? and he said president biden defamed my character. it was malice. listen to what else he said. >> mr. president, if i could say one thing to you, i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. it's actual malice defaming my character for him to say something like that. >> right. steve: tucker started at the very beginning tell us why you were in town. he was a lifeguard. he has a friend staying at his house and saw the riots. let's go try to do something. they wound up going to the high school and got rid of graffiti. they go downtown and meet the guys from a couple of car lots.
3:25 am
do you want us to help you protect your business, which one of them had been burned to the ground the night before. regarding all the trouble in kenosha, he blames the governor for allowing the riots to rock kenosha and not sending the national guard. he blames kenosha for not having more police on duty answered blames joe biden as you heard right there who defamed him with malice and labeled him a while, white supremacist. question whether or not joe biden is going to apologize to kyle rittenhouse. ainsley: they also talked about the media. we saw what happened with nicholas sandmann. he made all this money by suing the media. he said it was defamation. brian: and it was. ainsley: they were saying things that happened that didn't happen. kyle rittenhouse is saying the same thing is happening in my case. tucker asked him do you plan to sue? he said i have a great team of lawyers and looking into this i
3:26 am
hope we are able to do it. brian: that was one of the focuses on the coverage after the trial was so off base, so over the top. so racially infused for no reason and really that really struck home with rittenhouse. listen to kyle. >> it's actually quite hysterical how nobody can go back and look at the facts of the case. he crossed state lines. false. he is a white supremacist, false. none of that is true. and the lies that they can just get away with spreading is just sickening. and it's disgrace to this country. >> did you know how dishonest media coverage of events could be. >> i didn't. i have never seen something is so polarizing in my life. no matter what your opinion is, or where you stand, this wasn't a political case. it shouldn't have been a political case. it was made a political case. had nothing to do with race. and the ways people are twisting
3:27 am
this is just sickening. steve: ultimately, the jury believed his story of self-defense. and all that video that we have been showing you over the last couple of weeks, that walls a visual depiction of what went on when he explained it the jury said yard, not guilty. he sells that currently he is at arizona state university studying nursing and hopes to return to in person classes but given the fact that he has been caught in the legal whirlwind for the past year he is thinking about perhaps a career in law. but for the meantime. he would like to keep his head down and be anonymous. that lawyer has suggested that he changes his name. brian: he has security. he has to walk around with security. vile death threats. mark richards came out and said number one so many false narratives things that happened to kyle he was a resident in the area. he didn't cross state lines.
3:28 am
he worked in the community of kenosha. don't say he doesn't have any connections. he has best friends there the begin was never in illinois. he didn't bring the gun across illinois. no evidence he had any ties to it to white reyess or he was a police can a dead and fire can a dead. more interested in blue lives matter and trying to raise money for law enforcement. ainsley: well, he says he supports black lives matter, their movement. he wants a quiet and stress free life he does go to arizona state university. brian: they have a big remote program. ainsley: that's good. he says he would like to be able to go back to campus and walk freely and have a normal life. nursing student there might change to becoming a lawyer now. steve: he has a complicated life right now. as he tries to get back up on his feet and resume a normal life. whatever that will mean for him going forward he was acquitted. steve: found not guilty. ainsley: he is innocent and probably make a lot of money off media outlets. brian: i hope so.
3:29 am
ainsley: charged in court after set free on inappropriately low bond. you will hear from a man hoping to become wisconsin's next attorney general and is demanding reform. brian: plus, form everywhere new york governor andrew cuomo really horrible yeah bad year just got worse. details on what state lawmakers found in their report about him. ♪ ♪
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♪ steve the suspect in the waukesha christmas parade tragedy sunday night will be charged in court later today facing five counts of intentional homicide. and while the d.a. is calling for bail to be set so high that darrell brooks won't be able to get out of jail, many are wondering how he was on the street, given his lengthy wrap sheet. is he a career criminal. out on $1,000 cash bond a day before the parade. adam, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> okay. so as it turns out. less than a week before he ran over all those people at the parade, he tried to run over the mother of his child with the same car.
3:34 am
how did he get out on bail so inappropriately low according to the d.a.? >> yeah. it's absolutely disgusting and horrifying. and the worst part about it, steve, is that we see this happening over and over and over again. we absolutely need reform. you guys were just talking about rittenhouse. and so, you know from, kenosha to milwaukee, the prosecutors here in wisconsin have not had a banner few days and we absolutely need reform. john chis home, the district attorney in milwaukee county not only was incompetent in how he set the bail, but he totally avoided the responsibility and accountability with his ridiculous statement yesterday. it was horrifying to read that he was trying to put it off on somebody else instead of taking responsibility. steve: he was blaming the state. he said, you know, the state is responsible for this.
3:35 am
you know, that's -- that is not good 2020 hindsight. look what happened. and we just ran part of his lengthy criminal record. i don't get how you give somebody a bail jumper bail. and ultimately he was on the street to do this after supposedly there was a knife fight or something like that. he had got in the ford escape and went lickety split down main street and killed those people. >> you are right. i called for chis home to resign yesterday. we have a mechanism in wisconsin where the governor, governor easter could remove him from office. i call on governor evers to remove him. it's very rare that we see this kind of incompetence and then we can draw a straight line from the incompetence to the death of people. we are going to have grandkids sitting at their thanksgiving table and around their christmas tree without grandmothers this year because of what this guy did. and you can draw a straight line to these actions or actually inaction in this case of john
3:36 am
chis home, he needs to resign, he needs to be removed and we need significant reform. if these district attorneys won't do their job. if i'm elected attorney general, i will do it for them. steve: adam, do you think what happened in waukesha at 5:00 on sunday night, do you think that was a tipping point where the people of your state are saying, do you know what? i think we went too far in trying to fix it. we didn't fix it. we made it particularly dangerous in this case. oh, no doubt. i live in northwestern, wisconsin chnks is probably, four and a half hours away from waukesha and from where i live all the way down to waukesha, people are crying out for reform. people cannot understand and i think law enforcement can't understand it's demoralizing for them work so hard to put together these cases and then to see these same criminals over and over and over again being let out.
3:37 am
look, we're all -- we are a forgiving society. if you make a mistake, that happens. but when you are a career criminal, a 50-page wrap sheet of this kind of stuff? tough keep them behind bars. steve: a lot of people who think you are exactly right adam jarkhow wants to be the next attorney general of wisconsin. >> thanks for having me. steve: coming up, if you want to have thanksgiving this thursday, your meal might look a little like this. watch this. >> it. [laughter] steve: the insane advice to stop the spread of covid. you will have to hear it to believe it from the "new york times." plus, the indiana restaurant owner cawflg in his kids for back up as labor shortages take a bite out of business. if he wants to be open, his kids
3:38 am
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust your heart to entresto. inbrian next guest lives up to his slogan we feed you like you are family. certain their award-winning pizza in indiana. they win world championships at antonios. that is not stopping staff shortages. inflation and supply chain issues threatening business what should be a busy holiday season. the italian restaurants owner paul joins us now. paul, you, like many people, are short of staff. how bad -- >> -- yes, we. >> is it for you in elkhart,
3:43 am
indiana? we had 45 people at the end of 200019. 2020, we had 31, and now 21 employees that includes me. brian: we have a great affiliate and you are an advertiser. i have a chance when i have an event there to see new action. you have your family to keep this restaurant going. you have your family members. this is some of those pictures you are probably not seeing it of your family in action. they staff the kitchen. and your family rallies around you after school every day. >> well, we home school so it makes it easier but, yeah, they are here every night. and if it wasn't for my girls and my son, when he is in town, i really don't know how we would survive with this shortage of employees. it makes you want to pull your hair out at times why can't we get employees. why can't we get employees. brian, it's not just the
3:44 am
restaurant industry. it's every industry. supermarket, hardware store, fast food chain. anywhere you go, there is a help wanted sign up. brian: your kids worked at a young age and they have to. you want them to work. you feel as though for the most part parents aren't pushing their kids to work. even though you have a high school down the block you can't get anyone to even apply. >> no, we have a high school literally two blocks away and we can't get, i think my sign broke, it said help wanted for i think over a year straight and we just can't get applicants. and i don't know the answer why these kids don't want to work. i think it's more of a i don't need to work. i don't need to work. my parents aren't making me work. brian: you said something to me. you said as your kids come every single day and you are washing dishes and doing everything. when your kids told me i want my dad touching tables and talking to customers he shouldn't be working this hard 45 hours, you
3:45 am
know, every three days, you said you are afraid you are stealing your kid's youth. >> yes. i look at my kids and they are working their butt off. and i wonder it's like well, what would they be doing if they weren't here working and i asked them that the other day, dad, this is what i want to do but i felt like i have stolen their youth. my wife says when my youngest comes in says well, you stole another one from me. okay, you got my 15-year-old started working when she was 11. 10 or 11. and she goes well, that was my last baby. you stole another one. but, it is really hard. brian: they love you to death. they work so hard. you are raising great kids and you have a son in the military as well. so, you put the value the work ethic, i don't think they missed anything. i thought it was very telling you said that as you continue to be an example of a great american success story.
3:46 am
paul, it's a pleasure getting to know you. hopefully people report and fill out applications so can you start touching tables again. thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. have a great day and happy thanksgiving. brian: i will see you next year. >> thank you. brian: carley shimkus is upstairs poised to give us some news. >> families of 16 victims the 2018 hart land school massacre reaching a settlement with the justice department for over $130 million. those families say the fbi failed to act on tips about gunman nicholas cruise pleading guilty last month to 17 counts of murder to the shooting of marjorie stoneman douglas high school his trial is in january where he faces life in prison or a possible death sentence. the new york state assembly judiciary committee finding overwhelming evidence former governor andrew cuomo engaged in shower.
3:47 am
sexual harassment. the troubled administration lied about nursing homes during the pandemic saying quote he was not fully transparent regarding the number of nursing home residents who died as a result of covid-19. cuomo spokesman attacked the report's findings and concluded, quote: the truth will come out. tom brady and the tampa bay bucs have no problems taking care of the new york giants on monday night football. >> out, brady to throw. baldwin breaks a tackle and stroll into the end zone. touchdown buccaneers. carley: brady connected with godwin for one of the 10 touchdown. leads the league with 29 on the season. no surprise there, brian, over to you. brian: you didn't have to say that carley. you know, the giants were on a roll. [sighs] carley: just saying tom brady is a quarterback no surprise there. brian: okay, i will accept that
3:48 am
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3:54 am
panels fold in half and put them right in your car. great very affordable from zachery. >> this is the stuff that saves your life. can you have a generator. you can is have a radio. if you are bleeding out somewhere. you are in trouble. this is my medic. this is the biggest, most popular medic case out there. this is where trauma techniciansous, e.m.s., first responders. this is the recon. has over 250 professional grade medical items inside this. that will basically treat everything from a minor injury all the way to a trauma injury. you have all these different packages of different things. this has 100 pieces in it. this is the trauma kit called the t fact. this is a voting kit. so it comes in a hard case that's water tight, everything that you need to have on your boat for first aid is inside this boat medical kit. ainsley: great christmas presents. my dad used to give all the kids stuff like this at christmas. >> really great gifts. they make a mechanics kit, a
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♪ steve man accused of killing five people at a christmas parade will appear in court. >> darrell brooks career criminal rap sheet 50 pages long. >> horrifying. >> 50 republican governors looking to restore. >> a lot of finger pointing and blaming at the federal level. we haven't done that we have rolled up our sleeves and worked together. >> did you know how dishonest the media coverage of events would be. >> the lies they can get away with spreading is sickening and it's disgrace to this country. >> jen psaki criticizing florida governor ron desantis after disney world decided to halt its vaccine mandate. >> the governor there has
4:01 am
consistently taken steps to take steps back. >> a new tradition in the world of big box retail. >> target will no longer open its stores on thanksgiving day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we like it loud ♪ we like it honking ♪ steve: live from columbus, ohio, guess what in the current temperature there is right this second. 22 degrees. going for a high of 40. bundle up. >> wow. >> on thanksgiving 45 and real gooded chance of rain as we listen to big and rich, you know, when we were down at the hard rock in florida, john rich, and mike rowe sang a song that they are going to release in the coming weeks called santa has a dirty job. they wrote it together. i have got to tell you it is
4:02 am
fantastic. it will be the number one song in america the day they release it. you watch. ainsley: when are they going to release it hopefully soon. steve: after thanksgiving. one holiday at a time. ainsley: sing it for us. steve: they already taped it. brian: mike rowe was an opera singer. steve: i asked him to prove it. high note and low note. and he did very high and very low. ainsley: dirty job. brian: he said he did it in high school and by the time weighs done with high school he was also doing the barbershop quartet. earning money on street corner singing. ainsley: like tom shillue. brian: tom shillue is a young mike rowe. steve: i don't think tom shillue has ever had a dirty job. brian: he doesn't look like a hands on guy. ainsley: what does mike rowe not do. he is on every show i watch in the middle of the night when i can't sleep. brian: i am beginning to resent
4:03 am
him. ainsley: jealous? brian: too flexible. ainsley: is he on tv more than you are. steve: he is very talented and soon my prediction he and john rich will have the number one song in america before christmas. ainsley: can you at least teese when we are going to air this segment. ainsley: coming up. within the next month, hopefully. story what happened in wisconsin, terrible massacre. the man accused of killing five innocent people and injuring dozens of others during that christmas parade is going to appear in court this afternoon. brian: this, as we are learning that that man darrell brooks, 39 years old. career criminal dating back to 1999. steve: mike tobin joins us from waukesha with more. as we learn more about this career criminal who has an inappropriately low bail set by the d.a., who is now essentially apologizing. are the people in waukesha angry? >> it's really traumatized at
4:04 am
this point and watching this case as darrell brooks as you mentioned will make his first appearance for this case today appearing before a judge is familiar ground for this 39-year-old brooks. his wrap sheet goes back to when he was a juvenile, 50 pages long includes everything from strangling. guns, sex offenses. he was out on bail as you mentioned described as inappropriately low as shooting at his nephew. punching a woman and running her over with the same suv used in the attack. now the police chief says initially he will face five counts of homicide from this attack but other charges could be added. waukesha county district attorney susan on per says she will set bail so high he won't get out this time. brooks jumping into suv and plowing into the parade. but, this was no accident. >> we actually had a squad and barricades up. and he drove right through the
4:05 am
barricades and officers. when the officers tried to engage and stop the threat, he still continued through the crowd. >> new york city vigil was held last night for the victims next akin has been notified and know their names. those killed 79-year-old virginia sorenson. 71-year-old leanna owen. 52-year-old james coolidge-81-year-old wilhelm hospel and tamara duran. five families have a hard time being thank thfl holiday season. guys, back to you. brian: thanks so much. mike. i'm just wondering today mike tobin, i'm just wondering today what is on tap? is the public demanding some explanation from the d.a. besides an apology? >> you know, i think initially still people are dealing with the shock and grief of this haven't heard from the public
4:06 am
outrage. the attorney admitting that the bail was inappropriately low and doing internal investigation. as all of this is bubbling to the surface, people want to determine what went wrong. it really seems that this is a case of someone who fell through the cracks, as things piled up in the district attorney's office. whether it was covid or staffing that needs to be determined. but this was clearly someone who shouldn't have been out on the street and was. steve: that's right. and, mike, yesterday it was rumored, there were stories out there after a scanner traffic caught certain details of what happened. and the chief said yesterday that apparently the reason the guy was speeding was he had left a domestic disturbance before he drove down main street. earlier, we had heard it had involved a knife or could have been a knife fight. have they explained that? >> no, they haven't explained that and that was one of the
4:07 am
things i was interested in. because first, when we started -- the knife fight information came through the associated press. talking with an unnamed source. so, you very well could have a domestic dispute that involved a knife. this guy would use weapons from time to time. and he punched the allegedly punched the mother of his child in the face before running her over. in fact, some of the details that came out of the court records is that when police arrived on the scene at the time, she had tire tracks on her pants. so. steve: unbelievable. >> he would use whatever weapon was available to him. it's very possible that the weapon used in this latest domestic dispute was a knife. but, all the details, again, keep going back to that answer but the details need to be sorted out of. brian: thanks so much. appreciate it. ainsley: slippery slope of bail reform happening all over the country, you made that point in the last hour, this is happening in cities all across america, where people are saying that the prisoners need to have more rights they are in prison too
4:08 am
long, if you look at this guy's rap sheet. why was he out? he is wanted in another state he is wanted in nevada. convicted sex offender. brian: got a 15-year-old pregnant. ainsley: statutory rape. ed in nevada for bail violations. lots of bail violations. so now and then he has this long rap sheet in wisconsin, gun charges, aggravated battery, the list goes on and on, strangulation, domestic abuse. gun charges, goes on and on. if he gets arrested in wisconsin. why is he even given bail? when he is wanted in another state? steve: sure, after the latest thing which mike was just talking about, his child's baby momma, who he is alleged to have run over with that 2010 ford escape that he used, on sunday night, after he was -- he posted the $1,000 cash bail, he was released on november 16th. when he was released he was
4:09 am
immediately taken into custody by the waukesha sheriff where he had a hold in a paternity case. he was booked and released so he was released twice the same day. the guy who would like to be the next attorney general for the great state of wisconsin, adam jarcho was with us just about 45 minutes ago. he is calling on the d.a. who set the inappropriately low bail to resign. here he is. listen to this. >> we see this happening over and over and over again. we absolutely need reform. john chisholm. the attorney-the district attorney in milwaukee county not only was incompetent in how he set the bail. because he totally avoided the responsibility and accountability with his ridiculous statement yesterday. we can draw a straight line from the incompetence to the deaths of people. we're going to have grandkids sitting at their thanksgiving table and around their christmas
4:10 am
tree without grandmothers this year because of what this guy did. and you can draw a straight line to these actions or actually inaction in this case of john chisholm, he needs to resign. he needs to be removed. >> here's the thing. you have to look at every single person out on bail right now and that whole system has got to be reviewed right now. find out if there is another clerical error that has a multiple career criminal out and about endangering the lives of families all across america. >> at least in wisconsin? and then you look at what you guys were covering yesterday, the looting, the coordinated looting effort in california. and then you see what's happening in new york where cops will tell you i don't bother arresting people because unless it's an egregious crime, they get out right away. they are out before i'm done with the paperwork. so they have backed out and cops are in the line of fire and as you know, 58% say i should never have taken that job. so, wherever you go, you see this permissive culture and this big push to empty our prisons
4:11 am
and defang, defund and diminish police. it is almost as if there is an outside insidious force deciding i want to break down america and the best way to do it is city by city and just allow law and order to go into the backseat and let criminals reign supreme. we see it out every day. ainsley: brian, i talked to a cab driver the other day. got in a scar accident. someone hit him. he called 911. and he said we are not going to send anyone. get the insurance information. we don't have the cops to call. so, how do you know that the person if they don't file a police report and the person drives away, you have to fix your own car if it's their fault? they're not sending cops for small things. steve: ultimately what has to happen the n. new york the reason where we are where we where criminal reform regarding the court system and bail and stuff like that, is because they changed the law. they change laws all over the country. they will have to change the law again to get us back to normal.
4:12 am
brian: let me tell you in new york the bern who did that lost. this last election. to a republican. but the one who authored the no cash bail lost. but now you have a democratic -- two democratic dominated assemblies in new york state. and going to ask the american people e. peep, you don't have to be a democrat or republican, are you for law and order or for chaos? do you want to put the criminals first? so far by the election results, the people that you put in office put the criminals first. just don't -- just tell me if that's okay with you. and that's why there has got to be huge backlash against this. and to think the timing of aoc and the squad coming out with demands for expediency that 75% of those in prison haven't had their day in court and should be let out. i mean, you got to tell me how tone deaf are you to come out with statements on that. steve: on the same day. '. brian: jonathan swan interviewing rashida tlaib who wants to empty the prisons in 10 years doesn't understand has so
4:13 am
little self-awareness doesn't understand the magnitude of what she is saying and how clueless she looks. those pooh the are people president biden is listening to. it astounds me that the squad is front and center in his policy board. ron klain is in charge. steve: one of the top issues over the last year facing the american people, when polled, has been crime. ainsley: sorry to interrupt you. steve: crime and now it sin flasmghts and as we head toward, you know, christmas, which is just around the corner, because mike rowe has a song coming out, it is interesting. there are a lot -- i was at the grocery store yesterday. i have seen supply chain problems, but, do you know what? for a change, i was able to -- kathy had a great big list for me. i was able to buy the cream of mushroom soup for the first time in weeks which is great. you know, all the stores are trying to get back on track. and now 15 republican governors are trying to essentially rescue christmas because they are doing
4:14 am
something where they are pulling out all the stops at the state level to try to get, you know, the logjams, and the bottlenecks out of the way so people can get stuff. ainsley: calling it operation open road. a group of republican governors. steve: there they are. ainsley: that want to save christmas. there they are, tennessee, texas, florida, ohio, arizona, montana maryland, georgia, idaho, south carolina, missouri, iowa, nebraska, oklahoma, and north dakota. and they have put together a plan of action because they're saying the president is not doing it we want to get involved. what we want to do is we want state agencies like transportation, commerce and workforce. we want to help them coordinate with the private industry, local governments and mariuccis states to ensure more efficiency, they can share data about the port, what is taking coming in and what's not try to get the supply training running again. there is a shortage of 80,000 truck drivers all-time high. brian: by the way i would love to see the president just wawkd
4:15 am
"60 minutes" cold look all the cogs in the supply chain and miscommunication with each other and distrust. if you are a true leader did you go in and oversee and get these guys in the room and women in a room and you decide to solve the problem. but no effort is being made. they go on to say in letter, ainsley rather than unleashing the economy, president biden dramatically increased regulations and rule making authority that prevent private sector groups, once again where the biden administration has failed the american people. our governs will step up to lead from coastal ports to inland reports to road and rail. our states can take action to address workforce shortages. prevent bottlenecks log jams and other issues. one thing they are talking about doing they say commit to using modify weight size and load restrictions. allowing drivers licenses, people under 21 to drive a truck. and also to drive at least one hour longer because before they were forced to take rest in this ordinary circumstance. ainsley: biden has been increasing regulations and this rule-making. on top of that all these covid
4:16 am
mandates putting all these american jobs in jeopardy. there are 10.4 million open jobs. and there are 7.4 people not working. imagine if 7.4 filled some of these jobs and went back to work. steve: if they wanted. to say. brian: right. steve: meanwhile there, san op-ed in the "new york times" online. the headline is can covid winter be mary and bright? we asked the experts. one question is posed by a reader from san francisco and they say if our child 9 and cousin 10 have each received one dose of the vaccine two weeks prior to thanksgiving, is it safe for us to eat indoors? there will be 20 guests all vaccinated and 65 and older crowd have all received their boosters? dr. lindsey mar of virginia tech engineering professor then gave the answer. ainsley: she said if kids are not fully vaccinated, they aren't fully vaccinated until two weeks after that second shot. i think some care is warranted especially because some
4:17 am
attendees are 65 and older thus at greater risk at more serious break through infections. you could have the kids wear masks, eat quickly and stay away from the older adults. steve: hurry up, kids. ainsley: y'all, the critics on social media. there is funny responses. brian: hiccups result if you eat quickly. ainsley: one person said i hope the kids don't choke from eating too fast. one said how about if you are that worried you don't go to thanksgiving since the whole point of the holiday is to break bread together. someone tells my kid to eat quickly and remask won't see them at all we ain't coming. completely lost their minds. pure insanity. brian: if you are 65. i think 80, 90% of the country in that danger zone have been double vaccinated already. if you do have a break through, the symptoms are extremely mild. unless, of course, they want to change the rules to that as well. steve: well, listen, i saw on drudge, there are a number of people, in fact, i know some people who are not -- did not invite family members to
4:18 am
thanksgiving because some family members were not vaccinated. and the people who were doing the inviting are over 65. a lot of people are struggling with this. we didn't have to worry about it last year because there was no vaccine. ainsley: there are older people concerned. the cdc says if you are eligible. get vaccinated. if not fully vaxxed, you should wear a mask indoors. steve: hurry. according to the "new york times." brian: just saran wrap the children and don't let them exhale. steve: don't even joke about that. brian: afraid people will extra actually saran. brian: cut a hole out so they can breathe. let the children run wild in the backyard especially colder environment. especially in chicago that will be healthy too. more danger for kids they say for an accident or influenza better known as the flu. but we still have thanksgiving anyway. hi, carley. carley: remember when dr. fauci said it may not be safe to celebrate christmas this year? it's safe. especially if you are vaccinated. if you are not you signed off on
4:19 am
it. brian: can we stop interviewing him as a country? carley: don't eat fast, kids. that's a choking hazard. turning to headlines now. soft on crime district attorney larry krasner is now vowing to charge the shoot his or her killed a woman and her unborn child. she was pregnant. 32-year-old jessica covington shot several times after her baby shower. police believe she was the target of a planned attack. no arrests have been made. critics say krasner has caused uptick in crime by advocating for fewer gun prosecutions. white house press secretary jen psaki criticizing florida governor ron desantis after disney world decides to halt its vaccine mandate for employees. >> the governor there has consistently taken steps to take steps backward as it relates to fighting the pandemic, not forward. carley: psaki's comments comes
4:20 am
days after desantis signed several bills protecting residents from vaccine mandates. a grandmother says she was kicked out of a georgia hotel for leaving a bad review online. the woman claimed she and her 6-year-old grand daughter daughter had to walk to a notes a pajamas when police showed up to make sure they left the bay month inn. the review said the hotel was run down and a toilet didn't flush properly giving three out of five stars. refunded the woman after questions from reporters. had to walk to a new hotel for three out of five stars. brian: where was it. carley: was it georgia? ainsley: bad review staying at a hotel and they kick her out. steve: because she is sitting in her hotel room and she gets something from how is your stay? and she goes not so good. she didn't give it a 1 star. she gave it 3 out of 5. next thing you know they called the cops on her. carley: make it better. don't kick her out. ainsley: the customer salse
4:21 am
right. brian: carley really got inacceptsed by that biden taps a federal reserve chair for second term despite former vice president vote against him. is this for a rift question mark? charles plain is next. ainsley: plus, chaos rains supreme. wielding thieves taking aim at luxury stores. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ steve fox news alert. moments ago the president announced 50 million barrels of oil from strategic reserve as americans grapple with the surging cost of gas and oil prices is it a little too little too late: charles, we heard the president himself say a couple months ago you know if you
4:26 am
release stuff from the strategic petroleum reserve it might knock 15, 20 cents off a gallon of gas, that's about it. >> i'm not sure where he got that un. in listen we use about 19 million a day. so that's about three days worth. also, there is some other things, you know, legally he can only release 30 million in an emergency. i think this is all for public consumption, public relations kind of stuff. steve: he needs something. charles: is he going to give a speech today that speech is going to center on quote unquote the profiteering of oil companies. we got a preview of it yesterday. elizabeth warren made the rounds. i filled in for neil and interviewed a democratic strategist. essentially what they are going to try to do you know there is an old saying with the president the bunk stops here it's to pass the buck yet again. it will sort of be again this conflict. you will get that pretty thick today. i'm trying to help, i'm
4:27 am
releasing this the strategic petroleum reserve. they are profiting off of this the dire situation. who is the good guy? who is the bad guy. steve: that's going to be his story. result mastly, aren't his policies responsible? think about how first day canceled the xl keystone pipeline. charles: first day. steve: cracking down on fracking and all sorts of stuff. i think that has probably had the net effect that has brought us to where we are right now. charles: don't have to go college to understand economics 101, supply and demand. people get that at early age. produce supply and demand and create a disaster. unnecessary, unfortunate shot in the foot. it's hurting so many americans, it's crippling them. and they are erasing all the good gains that we have had. people, yeah, wages have actually gone up this year. nominal wages in real life you actually go into the store with more money and come out with fewer bags. steve: let's talk a little bit about jerome powell nominated for another term by the president of the united states. you know, he was nominated by
4:28 am
president trump. >> sure. steve: he is liked by a lot of republicans. you looked at his comments, what do you think about his next term? >> you know, powell is interesting because he is not an economist. and that's why a lot of folks on wall street cheered to be quite frank with you. someone who lived in the real world. understood finance and wall street. he was running the fed like 101, really by the book. something with him by the end of 2018 when they hiked rates four times. really a disaster. almost derailed everything. he had an epiphany and then went too low for a lot of people. they put a lot of money into the system. trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. a wonderful thing and now he is walking this delicate line and when i read his statement yesterday, he had things in there about climate change and he had some other things in there that make me think maybe they are going to take a harder line on crypto. so, you know, listen, i don't know that there is a quid pro quo but he was going neck and
4:29 am
neck for this job decidedly much more progressive than he is. i assume by getting the job, you know, they are independent, you know, and i won't say that with air quotes but they are independent. but, still, you wonder how beholden he might be to the biden agenda. that's a little bit worrisome. steve: stay tuned. probably won't have a problem getting through the confirmation. >> no. he will sail right through. steve: i think. so as you will throughout the broadcast here on the channel. charles: see you soon. steve: coming up on 7:30 here in the east. coming up, kyle rittenhouse speaks out for the first time since being acquitted last friday. >> of events could be? >> i didn't. i have never seen something so polarizing in my life. steve: and kyle is not ruling out legal action. hear more from his interview with tucker and his message for joe biden coming up. ♪
4:30 am
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4:34 am
todd: exclusive interview dropping last night. rittenhouse responding to claims that he was a white supremacist made by president biden on campaign trail. >> it's actual malice defaming my character for him saying something like that. mr. president, if i could say one thing to you. i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before making a statement. >> president biden saying he is angry and concerned after the verdict. the teen candidly addressing mainstream media of coverage of the trial which he believes largely ignored the facts of the case. >> it's actually quiets hysterical how nobody can go back and look at the facts of the case. lies they can get away with spreading it's sickening and disgrace to this country. rittenhouse audit looking to false claims that he crossed state lines with ar 18. 15. the 18-year-old enrolled in arizona state in nursing.
4:35 am
he hopes to lay low and focus on his studies, ainsley. ainsley: yeah. is he a nursing student. he says he might switch to law now. become a lawyer, like you. thank you so much, todd. todd: no problem. ainsley: brian, over to you. brian: wisconsin community devastated violent end to a cherished holiday celebration. next guest was marching in the waukesha -- my bad, waukesha parade when that suv plowed through the crowd killing five and injuring dozens more. sandra holdinger joins us now. what did you see and what did you hear? >> good morning. we were lined up to march toward the end of the parade. there were 62 groups, who and we were number 52. and we were sitting in the back of a pickup truck we were sitting there with music and costumes. all of a sudden we heard a very
4:36 am
loud car honking their horn loudly and, we saw the pickup -- the suv, the red suv and the cops, the police officer raised their hands, they gestured for him to stop. he swerved around all the vehicles in the area and just sped through. at that point we were all appalled. we were wondering what is going on? we were hoping that this person maybe had an emergency, some type of emergency that was causing him to do this. and about 10 minutes later, the police officer came over and said parade is over. and then the people organizing our group started to get messages because apparently some of the chaos happened right in front of the theater. brian: sandra, to know these kids are struggling for lives,
4:37 am
45 wounded and five already passed away and to know that two separate judges freed him on low cost bail, 500 and $1,000 to see his lengthy arrest record, how does that make you feel? does that enrage you? sadden you? >> oh, yes. yes. i mean, when we started -- when we walked back to the theater, we saw the paramedics tending to these people laid on the ground. at that point we didn't know the extent of the injuries or how many. but we were all -- i mean, this has taken -- this shaken this up community and finding out that this guy should shouldn't have been out. it is maddening. fortunately the community has come together to support each other the system, something is wrong, definitely. it's hard for me to grasp. brian: it is hard. the thing that keeps running
4:38 am
through my mind is totally preventable. there are accidents and there are people that allow this mutant to get out and perpetrate more crimes that he has been doing since 1999. this is by farther worst. sandra, thanks for sharing your story. i wanted people to hear it to finally start acting and make sure these d.a.s are railroaded right out of office. thank you so much. >> agreed. thank you for having me. have a good day. brian: everybody struggling for their lives in the hospital and their families. up next, california in chaos as looters hit high end stores. next guest fierce his business could fall victim. same story if san francisco does not restore law and order. someone has got to stand up. ♪ they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
4:39 am
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♪ ♪ ainsley: overnight a group of brazen thieves leading officers
4:43 am
on a chase using a sledge ham tore break into a nordstrom store. left reeling from three consecutive days of mass looting. we are talking dozens are walking into these stores at a time. in one case 80 people this jewelry store hit by dozens of people yielding hammers. this weekend a san francisco nordstrom and louie vitton hit hard. next guest owns a luxury retail store in san francisco. the city's mayor should resign over the crime crisis. gump's owner john joins us now. thank you for coming to new york for this interview. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: tell me your concern as a store owner. >> as a business owner you don't have a functioning environment anymore. when you have people outside of the city who are afraid to come to the city because of rampant crime and grit and filth, it just destroys your business. we have had now twice in this last 12 months a requirement to board up our store to protect it
4:44 am
it's outrageous. ainsley: you are open but you boarded up the outside. >> we are open and ready for feel come. san francisco is our home. gump's has been there 165 years. the leadership of the city has lost its way. ainsley: we are seeing it all across america. but you i are saying it's really bad in san francisco. >> it's atrocious in san francisco. i don't think it's the mayor. it's a narrative goes beyond the mayor. line done walter reed second highest paid mayor in america should be embarrassed by this. the police department and board of supervisors entire narrative in san francisco all of this is more important than a functioning city. so you have homeless problems. you have human waste on the streets. it's just not a city that used to sideline the way it does anymore. ainsley: for gump's it's been around for 165 years. it was almost in bankruptcy. you decided to save the company, we did. >> you worked so tirelessly to do it. and now you are worried that. >> not me, the 50 people that work at the company, this is tragic for them. they are killing themselves to make it a successful business.
4:45 am
we have had people that worked at gumps for decades. we have customers who bought from us not for years, decades. and we can track that data very closely. they are not coming into san francisco anymore. so, our only recourse is to think about whether we should be in san francisco. ainsley: yeah, right. i was reading that your warehouse operations you moved them out of san francisco and put them in salt lake city. are you thinking of moving gump's to salt lake city. >> i think we will have a gump's in the greater bay area for along time. may not be in downtown san francisco anymore. think about the palo alto mall. the city center is a disaster. the mayor should be embarrassed. frankly i think chesa boudin the district attorney better start prosecuting people instead of thinking about it and the governor of california. ainsley: used to read one person go in and shoplift. northbound strum 80 people went in there. pharmacy they stole prescriptions. 40 to 50 teenagers went in hammers with, macy's, lululemon.
4:46 am
louie vitton. >> the proposition changed the threshold what is a misdemeanor vs. a felony. today you can steal up to $995 worth of goods and it's a misdemeanor and the people doing this know the police are not likely actually did to do anything about it if they did something about it the district attorney is not likely to prosecute. until you change things back to a law abiding society, you just invite there kind of chaos. ainsley: what kind of things do you sell? >> i hope people go to gump' sell fantastic jewelry beautiful home decor probably have i think it's fair to say largest selection of holiday ornaments in the united states. we hope people will still come. ainsley: gump's. thank you so much for being on with us. >> thank you for having you. ainsley: your website gump' carley other to you go shopping on his website. carley: i can't wait. start after i read the headlines. start with this the daughter of civil riots leader is dead after being found unresponsive by her
4:47 am
daughter in her brooklyn apartment. a new york city medical examiner saying the death of 56-year-old malika chaboz is not suspicious. not releasing a possible cause of death this just days after two men were exonerated in the 1956 assassination of malcolm x. loudoun county sheriff michael chapman is speaking outs blaming scott ziegler for enabling a sexual predator. chapman saying those two sexual assaults in lowden schools you knew of the alleged sexual offense the day it occurred despite knowing the nature of the offense loudoun county public schools decided to place this individual back into another high school. lebron james benched for tonight's game after being suspended for elbowing piston's forward isaiah stuart. the laker mps star was originally hit with a flagrant foul was tossed after a video
4:48 am
review suspended two games for the skirmish. this is the first time james has been suspended in his nba career. those your headlines, ainsley, over to you. >> we were wondering what would happen yesterday. thank you so much, carley. >> perfect patriotic gift to give this christmas season and made right here in america. we are show casing veteran owned business flags of valor that's coming up next. aren't those beautiful ♪ ♪ new york to l.a. ♪ we were teenage dreaming ♪ sun set leaning ♪ babe come give me a kiss ♪ put me on the cover ♪ of the rolling stone up town down home magazine ♪ growing up such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging?
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4:52 am
♪ ainsley: it's the perfect gift to give a loved one this season, flags of valor selling these beautiful homemade wooden flags. brian: co-owned by army and air force veterans, they've deployed over 70 veterans and have raised over $1 million for veteran and first responder charities. steve: eric wilson joins us
4:53 am
right now. guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: from winchester, virginia, on this tuesday morning. you know, joe, thank you very much, because with this kids' kit, you've given ainsley something to do with her daughter, hayden, over the holiday. >> that is music to my ears. so glad to hear it. steve: tell us about these kansas city. >> so during the -- these kits. >> so during the pandemic, a lot of kids were home with hair parents, so we wanted to design a solution to that problem and presented american values in a way that could be lasting and be a building tool the, an educational tool and a family tool that was not digital to bring families together and build something they could be proud of. steve: and each kit has got, i understand, two different flaggings, because you say build one and give one. ainsley: and then i'm reading the instructions, you need sand
4:54 am
a paper, glue, markers, crayons, awe akrill lick paint or brushes, which we all have at our house with kids. brian: right. how long does it take? >> it takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and les an activity of book that has lessons of american history in it, and we really want to present giving to the younger generation so that philanthropy's in their blood from an early age. steve: sure. and, brian, how popular is the american flag this year? >> well, i think it's obviously always been popular, but especially this year. i think with covid and everyone stuck at home and separated, it's time to be the united again. and now that the things are finally opening back and we're able -- small businesses are able to thrive and do well, it's a time to pull together, and what better place than for us to be able to do this, what we get to do every day. it's been awesome. ainsley: we love hearing these stories and helping out
4:55 am
veterans. how did y'all come together? >> i came onboard about two and a half years ago. i medically retired in 2018 and came back to winchester, virginia, and i realized that i needed to be around veterans again. found flags of valor, applied, got hired, and it's been uphill ever since with me, brian and joe. steve: you are the largest producer of wooden more than flags in the -- american flags in the united states. coin holders and apparel and getters. eric, if you'd like to do a plug for your business, what would you like to tell folks about flags of >> so flags of valor is based off remembering and empowering. when you buy a flag, you're doing just that. from a flag to a larger format, you are doing those three things, and we appreciate.
4:56 am
and everybody else across the country sure does appreciate it as well. brian: what a great projector a great idea, and it's -- project, and it's a do it yourself project that's worth happening on the wall. ainsley: guys, i have a 6-year-old, and this'll be right up her alley. we always love our first responders, she's to going to love this. y'all should think about buying them for your kid's classroom. steve: it's a perfect stocking stuffer as well. guys, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. steve: flags of brian: senator ron johnson joins us at top of the hour. steve: plus, mariah carey comes to the defense of a family facing a fine of $1,000 because they put up their christmas lights toog early. right back. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®!
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5:00 am
♪ >> the man accused of killing five people going to appear in court this afternoon -- brian: as we are learning darrell brooks, 39 years, a career criminal. >> there was no way he should have ever been out on the street. maria: president biden looks to tap america's oil reserves. >> look, this is all for public relations. >> we use about 19 million a day, so that's about three days' worth. >> what did you make of the president calling you a white supremacist? >> he tainted my character to
5:01 am
say manager like that. steve: an indiana restaurant owner calling in his kids. >> they're working their butt off, but i felt like i've stolen their youth. when i asked him that the other day, he said, dad, this is what i want to do. >> thrown into the end zone, touchdown, buccaneers! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ -- this is the moment, is night. ainsley: beautiful shot of louisville, kentucky, where the leaves are changing. and the american flag right there. steve: live from from new york city on this tuesday the. it kind of feels like a wednesday, and i say that because tomorrow's going to feel like a friday because a lot of people have thursday off. does that a make sense? ainsley: we know what you mean. brian: the air code in
5:02 am
louisville is 502, a three-star hotel is $100. ainsley: and they won't kick you out. brian: that was the story. this woman gave a bad review -- ainsley: three stars. brian: -- and she was told to hit the road. steve e steve police came and hauled her out. brian: i was at a e hotel at pensacola, and there was no one at the front desk. you know what the guy was doing? washing the dishes, he was the bartender and also handling the snackings. ainsley: i read one article that some hotels are not doing cleaning services until you leave. steve: right. and the key to the hotel you checked into, at least it was open. a lott of them are closed. good morning, louisville. thank you for joining us along with the rest of the country. it's 8:02 here in new york city, and our top story once again
5:03 am
today, wisconsin and the nation mourning the lives lost in that christmas parade on sunday night in waukesha, wisconsin. brian: the grieving process is playing out as we learn the suspect, darrell brooks, is a career criminal with a criminal record that dates back to 1999. a. ainsley: mike tobin joins us live with more on brooks who's expected to appear in court today. will they let cameras in the courtroom, do you think, mike? >> reporter: it looks like it will. they're working out some kind of pool arrangement, but nine hours from now, darrell brooks will make his initial appearance. but he should know the drill. when you look at his court records, they essentially go back, the available records go back to when he was a juvenile, and they show an adult life filmed with criminal activity. gun offenses, violent crimes, sex offenses, domestic abuse. he allegedly shot at his nephew,
5:04 am
shot a woman and ran her over. he was released on bail last friday, bail described as inappropriately low. the police chief, daniel thompson, says it was another domestic dispute that preseeded brooks jumping into his suv and slamming into crowds at the parade. >> we're finding out that this guy shouldn't have been out. the system, something is wrong. it's hard for me to grasp. >> reporter: the chief says brooks will initially face five homicide chargings. the waukesha county district attorney says wisconsin does not have a no bail option, but he will set bail so high that brooks won't get out this time. guys, back to you. steve: mike tobin, thank you very much. let's bring in the senator from the great state of wisconsin, republican ron johnson joins us. senator, good morning to you.
5:05 am
ainsley: good morning. >> morning, guys. steve: absolutely terrible, what happened in waukesha on sunday night at the christmas parade what do you make of the fact that the, as it turns out, sounds like this guy was driving so fast down main street because he'd been involved in a domestic dispute involving a knife, and he was trying to get away from who knows what, kill all those people. he probably should not have been out on bond. >> well, it was a horrific tragedy, and that's part of the tragedy, that that this probably never should have happened. we really do need to review our criminal justice system. it just seems like we've gotten into this argument now with the left that they want a revolving door. they want catch and release whether it's on the southern border or through our criminal justice system. and so you have crime spilling over into. communities like waukesha that,
5:06 am
listen, there's still crime in waukesha, but it's a low crime area in general. it's starting to spill over, and people need to start asking the questions about our criminal justice the system, releasing violent criminals. ainsley: you know, it baffles us that some of these elected officials continue to get elected with some of these radical, some of their radical agendas. like kamala harris sported that -- supported that bail fund for violent rioters back in 2020. rashida tlaib is saying she signed a plan to release every single person from prison over the next ten years. listen to this. federal prison. listen to this. >> have you wrestled with any potential down sides of releasing into society every single person who's currently in a federal person? >> yeah. again, i think that the everyone's, like, oh, my god, release everybody, that's not -- yeah, but did you see how many people are mentally ill in prison right now? >> yeah, i know, but releasing
5:07 am
everyone -- >> but in ten years, think about it, who are we releasing? >> there are, like, human traffickers -- >> oh, i know. >> do you mean that you don't actually support that? >> i consider mentally ill and substance abuse problems, why aren't you asking me about them? you're asking me -- >> i'm trying to understand your proposal. it's is sweeping, it does release everyone -- >> yeah. within ten years and, obviously, there's a process. >> still whatever proportion they are, a small proportion who do need to be behind bars. >> yeah. again, i would have to look at every case individually and figure it all out. ainsley: senator, what do you think about that? >> well, let's face it, when you
5:08 am
look the other way, when you justice system in crime-ridden the cities. brian: doesn't it seem like there's a force that's electing these attorney generals in all these statements in order to do just that whether it's new york, whether it's california and whether it is small cities and big cities? what is behind this movement to legalize crime and release criminals and empty prisons? it's almost as if china or russia is in control of our legal system. this is the most devious thing that could happen to american society. >> no, this is an issue by the
5:09 am
left. it's funded by, in participants, george so source, eric holder -- soros and a number of democrat leaders have been encouraging this. they'll never admit to it, they'll never admit they're wrong. unfortunately, media and social media, they are the democrat communications department. they'll never admit they're wrong, and they've got the power to pretty well insure that they're not proven wrong. so this is a culture war. let's call it what it is, it's a culture war. and the left is on the side of this kind of lawlessness whether it's president biden or president obama issuing executive orders that totally contrary to the law all the way down to this catch and release of our criminal justice system on the southern border. we need order. we can't continue to live in this type of chaos. steve: ultimately, though, don't you think the midterms coming up about a year from now will be a referendum on things like this? >> let's hope so is. but, again, you have to
5:10 am
understand that the role that the mainstream and social immediate what play in -- media play in all of this. they are covering up for what we see clearly with our own eyes. tragedy in waukesha never should have happened. so i hope more americans are waking up to the reality of what democrat governance means and what the result of it is. steve: well, they'll have to change the laws at the state level. speaking of the state level, you're there in wisconsin. of course, kenosha a year ago on tour. kyle rittenhouse was put on trial for his life. he was cleared on friday of all chargings. he argued -- charges. he argued self-defense. the jury bought it. they believed he was telling the truth, ultimately found not guilty. did his first interview with tucker carlson and spoke directly to the president of the united states who accused him last year during the campaign of being a white supremacist. watch this. >> mr. president, if i can say one thing to you, i would urge you to go back and watch the
5:11 am
trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. it's actual malice, demaiming my character -- defaming my character for him to say something like that. steve: senator, do you think joe biden's going to apologize? >> i doubt it. the good news is that that we have wisconsin jurors, just good folks who took their duty very seriously, they diligently deliberated. i think they the returned a good verdict, and we're going the see the same thing in waukesha in terms of the community coming together the, doing the right thing, doing everything they can to heal. and that's what we need to pray for, the healing of bodies, we need to pray for the healing of souls and our community, our state and our nation. brian: right. ainsley: what is your message to the moms and dads or the grandkids who lost loved ones? >> well, i guess just that. you're in our prayers. we do can need to come together as a nation, as a state, as a community. we need to heal these deep, deep
5:12 am
divisions. so again, a lot of prayers, just a lot of words of condolences and comfort. i wish we could all do more, but that's all we can do right now. brian: that reconciliation package is coming your direction, will include a provision on immigration, legalizing illegals that are here even though the parliamentarian says it does not belong in a budget bill. what can you do as a republican knowing they just need a simple majority? >> well, continue to point out the fact that this should not be allowed in reconciliation. again, the lawlessness of the democrat party. they don't abide by the rules. they'll try and skirt them every time. let's hope the parliamentarian doesn't let them get away with it, let's hope that joe manchin and kyrsten sinema stand by their pledge. brian: what about you? are you going to get six more years? >> i'll be making that decision in the next but weeks. one thing that that will definitely drive it is just the results of democrat governance. this is a disaster for our nation.
5:13 am
ainsley: even if you were thinking about not running again, do you feel like you have a responsibility now especially with everything that's happening in wisconsin and around our country? >> quite honestly, if you're in a position to try and help things, would you walk away? that's really what's on my mind. i don't know taha i can simply walk away at this point in time. steve: joining us today from oshkosh in wisconsin, senator, thank you very much. have a great thanksgiving week with your family. >> happy thanksgiving to you as well. steve: thank you, sir. brian: this is service. he already made a self-made success story in plastics, and this is giving back. iowans yeah, right. because he doesn't have to work. all right, let's get over to carley with some headlinessings. >> reporter: jurors may begin deliberation today in the trial of three men charged in the shooting death of ah mad area berry as members of the black panthers assemble outside the georgia courthouse.
5:14 am
one man who identified himself as the supreme commander of the militia issuing a warning saying y'all are in serious trouble because the wrath of karma is coming on america. we're not taking it no more. new york city lawmakers are pushing to allow more than 800,000 noncitizens to to vote in local elections. the bill called our city, our vote would extend local voting rights to green cardholders, daca protection or temporary protected status. it is expected to pass december 9th in the democrat-controlled city council. happening today, samsung is expected to announce plans to build a $17 billion chip making plant in texas. "the wall street journal" reports the 1200-acre facility will be located just outside of austin. the the plant could employ up to 1800 workers. as chip shortages and supply chain issues continue to cause major problems for car manufacturers. good news there. listen to this.
5:15 am
this texas peewee team is kicked out of the playoffs for being too good. the flower mound rebels, a team of 7 or 8-year-olds, have outscored opponents 1 is 99- 199-6. parents complaining about the mismatched scores. they're disappointed but know they are true champions. i mean, what a 2021 story is that? so rather than use it as motivation for the other team, they have to get kicked out of the playoffs? are you kidding me? brian: it's everything that american sports should not be about. >> reporter: it's mind-blowing! brian: that's why i move that the buccaneers should not play this season. they won last year. of tom brady should not be allowed to play. he's had too many chances. >> reporter: no! ainsley: those youngsters, put 'em up against a high school -- >> reporter: yeah. that would be good. [inaudible conversations] ainsley: flag football. steve: have them play the buccaneers. brian: right.
5:16 am
[laughter] finish. steve: come on, tom brady. brian: tom brady, turn in your uniform. you're too good. steve: all right. 15 minutes after the top of the hour. cuomo impeachment report is out, new york lawmakers find evidence sports claims of -- supporting claims of sexual misconduct and lying about covid deaths. brian: and breaking this morning, president biden takes action to lower cost of gas across the country. will his plan work? i'll tell you what it is. we'll make you better equipped to answer the question later. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when the chapstick goes on.
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♪ ainsley: new trouble for former new york governor andrew cuomo as an impeachment investigation finds overwhelming evidence. cuomo, quote, engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment and was not fully transparent regarding the number of nursing home residents who died as a result of covid-19. kim lost his uncle -- ron kim lost his uncle in a nursing home, and he joins us now. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me on. ainsley: i'm sorry for the loss of your uncle, but you've done. so much work to be transparent, so what is this new report? what is the big highlight for you? >> this is a big step in the right direction. the family advocates and i have been pushing for transparency and truth around the book deal because that's where he was financially motivated to suppress nursing home data for
5:22 am
months from march 19th of last year to july 10th, at the peak of the pandemic. the governor and his top aides were chasing down a $5.1 million book deal, engaged in a race to the highest bidder while everyone was suffering. my parents, people's parents didn't get tested, they didn't know what was going on, and they were busy trying to strike a deal. ainsley: what happens? using state resources, the report says, to do this book deal. does he have to give this money back? is there a punishment? >> that's correct. there's thousands of e-mails that shows the high level of interactions at the time between the publisher using public resource, public staff to get this $5 million deal. now it's up to us to figure out how to claw back that money back and hold him accountable for his wrongdoing. this is public fraud. in my opinion, this is criminal public fraud. when you are suppressing life
5:23 am
and death data? it doesn't matter what background you are, doesn't matter if you're a politician, you don't do that. and taking away our right to legislate, if we had realtime truth and accountability in data, we could have legislated differently and saved thousands of people's lives, and he took that right away from us. ainsley: wow. what happens next? now you have this information. they're saying he wasn't transparent about the covid numbers, used state resources for the book deal. what happens next? >> i, for one, have been consistently pushing for impeachment. people think once he's gone, resigned, we can't impeach him. that is not what our law says. we have a to protect the integrity of the legislative body and prevent him from seeking public office again. so i want to pursue impeachment, but i want to make sure that the federal prosecutors, the state attorney general continue to investigate and hold him accountable now that the evidence is abundantly clear
5:24 am
that he monetized that office while people were dying. ainsley: we did hear from his attorney, and more name is rita glavin, and she said that the assembly's report simply parrots the attorney general's flawed report failing to engage with the many errors and omissions in the a.g.'s report and her one-sized -- one-sided investigation. >> i think she's very broad for the opposite side. there's new revelations in our report that speaks to the book deal and the suppression of nursing home data. it also validates an independent report by the attorney general, james, with our independent investigators. the chair of the committee who oversaw this, he hasn't said anything. he wanted to look at all of the evidence before he opines on the issues, and yesterday he came
5:25 am
out and called him an executive the criminal. for him to reach such strong language, even the highest level of ethical attorneys on our team have determined this is an act of criminality. ainsley: okay. fbi's involved now, federal prosecutors, so this is not over. >> it's not over. ainsley: okay. thank you so much, assemblyman. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up next, the suspect in the wisconsin christmas parade will be charged today for the killings of five individuals including injuring dozens of others. you're going to hear from an emt worker who was there at the parade and rushed to help. it's walmart's black friday deals for days. score $69 air fryer and get other huge deals this friday instore. shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪
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♪ steve: coming up on 8:30 here in the east. back to our top story. the suspect in the waukesha, wisconsin, christmas parade tragedy facing five counts of intentional homicide when he is charged this court later today. five people killed, dozens more injured after that red suv plowed through the crowd during what was supposed to be a joyful christmas celebration. melinda schultz is an emt who was off duty at the parade, and she joins us right now. melinda, good morning to you. >> morning. steve: okay. so it's 5:00. you're standing right there on main street, downtown waukesha.
5:30 am
didn't have the parade last year because of covid. you were there for this year. what did you make of that red suv just flying down the street? >> this was actually a surprise. this was my first year at the parade. usually in past years i've been in the parade usually driving the fire truck or an ambulance, and we were toward, pretty close to the very beginning of the parade. so fortunately, where we were locate none of children or bystanders saw any of the horrifying def sayings that had happened -- devastation. the vehicle was going pretty fast but not at alarming speeds. definitely -- it was a car driving with purpose. initially thought maybe an
5:31 am
off-duty officer trying to respond or an off-firefighter or something. steve: sure. >> but it was seconds later that that we discovered that that it was the something more. steve: right. and given, given you're an emt, you ran toward where the people were down on the ground on main street to helpment -- to help. what did you see? >> without going into graphic detail, it was something that you, horror or that you see in movies and other states that you think will never affect your area. it was horrific. steve: yeah. and you've been trained in that sort of line of work. so for you to say that, that says a lot about what you saw. you know, i know, melinda, that
5:32 am
the people of waukesha are sill in shock. america's still in shock about what happened. but are people angry? because it sounds like this guy who's going to be charged later today the should not have been out. >> to say that people are angry is by far, by far an underunderstatement. i can't -- understatement. i mean, it angers me to know that somebody could be so careless. but it makes me sad more than anything that somebody would have capability in their heart, in their soul to do something like this. and the families that were
5:33 am
affected, i sure hope that these families get justice. even justice will never, ever be enough. it won't bring their family back or bring -- to the trauma and may not give answers. but at the very least, they'll know that this person is behind bars. sue sue yeah. although this should not have been out. the d.a. said, yeah, we had an inappropriate preponderately low bail -- inappropriately low bail for this guy, and that's why he was out. he should have been locked out. he'd just been arrested a couple of days earlier. he should not have been out on the street. those five people would still be alive. >> none of that would have happened. that -- and to see his record, it disgust withs me. i do hope that -- are also held
5:34 am
responsible for allowing him to be out. soof steve yeah. all right. melinda schultz who was there on sunday, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: all right. meanwhile, the left's efforts to defund the police making its way to college campuses. a student at uc-davis, university of california-davis, has zero faith in the attempt to reimagine public safety. that story coming up.
5:35 am
5:36 am
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5:38 am
♪ brian: all right, welcome back. university of california-davis is undergoing a, quote, defunding of its police department by eliminating three vacant officer positions. this is part of what they call a said of listening and action -- a decade of listening and action which includes a promise to strip law enforcement gear from the feds and establish a transparency dashboard for campus police. so is this the truly what's best
5:39 am
for students to keep them safe? our next guest is a senior at uc-davis, jenna decarlo. jenna, is this going to make people on campus safer? >> personally, i don't think this will make us any safer. again, thank you for having me on. but pretty much what the school is saying is that they are going to reallocate three vacant officer positions and turn them into campus administration positions that have to deal with student the relations and data analysis. and on top of that, they're going to take three uniformed officer positions and turn them into community outreach positions for students. and while that seems great on paper, those community outreach officers are not going to protect me or my fellow students in case of a physical attack. it's just simply not going to work. brian: it isn't. hay want better engagement with your community. the police, i guess, weren't friendly enough? >> i guess not according to them.
5:40 am
but the police are wonderful on campus, and we cannot afford to defund them. several of my friends are on the police cadet program at uc-davis, and they say the police receive hundreds of calls each month. mental health officers on bikes and community officers on bikes are not going to save us in case there's a physical threat on campus. this isn't just a california issue, this is something that is happening all over the country. brian: right. you guys had a plo test, cops -- protest, cops on campus protest saying we will outlive policing. there is an anti-police movement that don't necessarily see eye to eye with you, and evidently this is in response. good luck with that. >> yeah, thank you. so on thursday, november 18th, there was a cop off campus rally that turned destructive. students were vandalizing police and fire department signs, they put smoke bombs outside of police and fire department
5:41 am
facilities. and like you said, they had that giant pig cutout saying we will outlive policing of. campus reform actually reporting that ut-austin had a similar incident that happened with their rally, you know, cops off campus. this is a nationwide thing that's happening right now. i think americans need to wake up and realize that this kind of ideology is spreading throughout the country, and we can't allow it. for me as a woman, it's just not safe for me on campus already. and so if we don't are have officers on campus, you know, people like myself and other americans are going to be the more vulnerable. brian: so here are the new positions. a public safety policy analyst in student affairs, an analyst position to support data, accreditation and transparency efforts from the police department and a new position dedicated to the health 34 initiative, whatever that might be. so keep in mind i've taken these tours now with three separate kids and with other players that i coached. one of the first things they do
5:42 am
and one of the first questions asked by the parents is safety and what places are unsafe, are there panic buttons on campus, where do they go if they're suspect, they're feeling threatened. if they factor the parents into this, i don't care what state you're in, i can't believe they come to this conclusion. >> yeah, absolutely. it's not good at all. you know, i mean, that's why we as americans have to stand up, and we have to be aware of the fact that this is happening. we have to contact our schools and say that this is not okay. students need to be protected by the police and defunding the police is simply not the answer. brian: i hear you. jenna, thanks so much. we'll see how this works out, although we're getting a work -- a look at it, chaos ensues. >> thanks for having me in. brian: here's what uc-davis said, despite media reports, uc-davis is not eliminating the police department.
5:43 am
we have spent past decade learning how to create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome. we look forward to sharing best practices as we continue to serve as a model for modern campus safety practices. yes, without cops on campus. meanwhile, thanks to everyone who came out the last few days, i'll be in ponte vedra december 3rd, we're going to broadcast that on fox nation, december 4th in clearwater and sunday mcclain, virginia. carley shimkus, you've been following the breaking news while we were talking about what's going on if on campus. >> reporter: yes. minnesota governor tim waltz will deploy national guard to nursing homes as faculties grapple with rising covid cases. 400 guard members are currently trained to serve as aides and assistants in homes. governor waltz is also proposing
5:44 am
to tap into $15 million in unspent federal covid funds to help faculty -- facilities, rather, entire retain staff. and watch this, a fan jumps from the stands and attacks wwe star seth seth roland. referees and security corralled the man and removed him from the arena. he received minor injuries to his lip are. but, of course, received medical treatment. the attacker is now facing two criminal charges. yikes. a managing director at morgan stanley says young bankers need to get back to work in person if they want to get ahead. >> if you could and make sure you do that from now on, that would be great. >> reporter: that would be great. morgan stanley is not yet requiring full-time, in-person work amid the ongoing pandemic,
5:45 am
but the director says young bankers who want to make a mark are, quote, nuts if they aren't in the office all the time. great with point. he's on to something. brian, over to you. brian: thanks so much. appreciate it. it's okay with you, carley, i would like to check in with adam klotz. he told me he wanted to do the weather. adam: thanks, brian. winter, kind of feeling like it if you step outside across large portions of the country. 24 in chicago, 32 degrees around atlanta, georgia. we've got freeze advisories across the southeast over the next couple of days running from the carolinas back over to alabama, areas where temperatures will be down or just below freezing. that puts the the east coast, particularly the southeast, anywhere from 10-20 the above average. i know folks are starting to think about their travel plans the next couple of days. as of today, airport delays completely clear. not a lot of big systems. ainsley, those are your weather
5:46 am
headlines, back to you. ainsley: thank you, adam. fox news alert, president biden announces the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. phil flynn from our sister network, fox business, joins us live with more. hey, phil. >> good morning, ainsley, how are you? looks like the biden administration is going to release about 50 million barrels of oil from the reserve to try to cool down red hot oil and gasoline prices. that's about enough supply to last us til the about lunch. time -- [laughter] a few hours of supply in the global market. and what i'm afraid has happened is we've unleashed a production war with opec and other countries. now, other countries are joining this effort. we're seeing oil from china, south korea, japan among others, but the bulk of the release, make no mistake about it, is going to be from the united states. almost 37 million barrels that is bought and paid for by u.s.
5:47 am
consumers. now, most energy experts are going to tell you that this is only going to have a short-term impact on energy price, and we're going to probably have to replace this oil in the future at a much higher price. so we're trying to really manipulate a global marketplace with supplies that are totally inefficient to have a long-term impact. but the longer-term impact is that we may actually pay higher prices in the future. even u.s. secretary of commerce basically came out and said we shouldn't be releasing oil from the reserves to try to manipulate the market. we want to send a real message to the global market, we should tell them the to get the u.s. energy producers back online. ainsley: phil, thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. coming up, a family is threatened with steep fines over their christmas light display, but it won't kill their holiday spirit. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer and his wonderful show.
5:48 am
hey, bill. bill: good morning to you. how is this killer out on bail? so many questions today on that, no legitimate answers. the former d.a. from that same courthouse is here to answer some of it. inflation nation, it's a real issue. larry kudlow on where this is going for your family. dana and i will see you in 12 minutes, top of the hour. ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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♪ >> we are back with some quick headlines. target says it will never open again on thanksgiving. what started as a temporary measure due to the pandemic is the retailer's new standard. target is the first of its kind to make such a move. the ceo decided to make the policy permanent after workers told him they were glad to be home on the holiday. and macy's is turning its thanksgiving day the parade balloons into nfts. the main sponsor will hold an auction through november 30th. the digital collectibles created to celebrate the parade's 95th anniversary, and all proceeds raised will go to the make a wish foundation. how cool is that? ainsley, over to you. ainsley: that is awesome. love that organization. one tampa homeowners' association is acting more like the grinch. brian: that's true. the hoa sending this letter to a tampa homeowner fining the family as much as $1,000 for
5:53 am
putting their christmas lights up ooh early. steve: joining us right now from florida is the festive resident, michael moffa, in front of the trouble-making house. [laughter] michael, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, guys. thanks for having me on. steve: you bent. so the homeowners' association has rules where you9 can't put up the lights too early, but you wanted a company, and they had to do it earlier. so now you're stuck in this situation where the lights are there, and the neighborhood's steamed, right? >> correct. i mean, i'm a financial plane, so i have pretty long hours during the week, a family of five. so by the time i get home, it is crazy in this house. so we decided that we wanted to put up lights professionally. we made the decision last year because this guy was booked last two years, and so last year we had to make the appointment for this year. so november 6th is when we did it, and, you know, obviously,
5:54 am
you guys can see, you know, it's very basic and very nice. i mean, the videos we sent -- steve: yeah, we're looking at the video. >> yeah. it's nothing agrege joyce by -- egregious by any means. we got a wonderful letter in the mail -- steve: a neighbor complained. >> so supposedly. i don't know if their attorneys are saying that or not, but if it is a neighbor, there's about a hundred different residents in this particular cul-de-sac. why would somebody be a grin. and worry about -- grinch and worry about lights when the purpose of this was for my kids? put a nice smile on my kids' faces. so, you know, they can try and fine me if they want, but it's not going to ruin my christmas. ainsley: and didn't you go to the homeowners' association and say, look, i'll turn them off, i won't turn them on until the date i'm allowed to, which is on thanksgiving, and what did they say to you? >> correct. so when we got the letter, i was, obviously, you know,
5:55 am
disappointed and furious at the same time. so i actually walked into the hoa office, talked to the ladies up there and, you know, mentioned that, you know, this is a little ridiculous and, you know, we had 'em professionally done. so to get them taken down and then put them back up would cost more than what the fine would potentially be. what if i just turned the lights off? and turned them back on, what, two days from now? three days from now? steve: right. >> they said, no, you have to take them down. that's not gonna happen. brian: yeah, i think you should move. [laughter] mariah carey says my personal preference is to wait until after thanksgiving, but there's no regulating festiveness. mariah carey's got your back. >> how awesome is that? i'm from new york -- brian: i could not tell. [laughter] >> i've got support from my family, support from california, from texas. we have nationwide support. international. you feel it, we have the
5:56 am
support. ainsley: michael, that's great. so many people are so angry right now, this is christmas. need this more than ever for our country. people need to get a life. this is what they're worried about? [laughter] >> exactly. with all of the pandemic and the vaccines, you know, everything, right? with all of it, all of the negativity, christmas brings the positive. steve: you know what, michael in let's see if they change the policy, you don't have to take down the lights. keep us posted. join us -- ainsley: don't make him pay the fine, they're beautiful! gras thank you, guys. ainsley: merry christmas!
5:57 am
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5:59 am
6:00 am
>> we'll be here tomorrow. >> pick up the duffy's christmas book. it's fantastic. >> bill: good morning. the news does not get any better for the people of wisconsin. parade attack reigniting the debate over bail reform as we learn the suspect was freed on bond not once, but twice just this year. the story gets deeper from there. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to our program today on tuesday. hello to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino and "america's newsroom." the shock is setting in for the people of waukesha. darrell brooks makes his first court appearance this afternoon. this is not his first run-in with the law. he faced criminal charges 10 times over the past two decades. >>


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