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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 23, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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everybody. thanks for being with us today. see you tomorrow. >> charles: president biden outlining planning to tackle inflation as americans are digger deeper to pay for food and fuel ahead of the holidays. the president says moms and dads are worried, so what stephen paddock -- what is being done to deal with it? this is charles payne in for neil cavuto. david spunt at the white house. >> thanks, charles. president biden said of the rising gas prices "this is a problem." to help alleviate the problem,
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he announced he's releasing 50 million gallons of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to help lower some of the gas prices across the country, especially now that people are getting ready to travel for thanksgiving and christmas next month. the president insists the price of a gallon of gas will eventually drop. it's $3.40 today. charles, that's up from $2.10 last year at this time. the president just spoke at the white house about the economy. listen. >> moms and dads are worried, asking will there be enough food for the holidays. will we get christmas presents to the kids on time. if so, will they cost me an arm and a leg? i told you before that we're going to take action on these problems. that's exactly what we're doing. >> the president gave an example by touting his port action plan to help ease congestion, pick up
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the pace from 40 hours a week to 7 day as week, 24 hours a day. no question, this is having an effect with americans. according to the latest fox news poll, president biden's job performance on the economy, 36% approve right now. 58% disapprove. whereas in may of this past year, just months ago, 51% approved of the president's handling of the economy with 46% disproving. the president hoping that jerome powell will deliver a healthy economy in his second term. powell received 84 votes when former president donald trump norm nated him in 2018. one of the senators that voted no on powell, then california senator kamala harris. when asked yesterday how involved she was in the decision-making process to renominate powell, jen psaki said she was consulted in the process. the president is hoping that powell will really take those climate change priorities home
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especially in build back better. it passed the house 220 to 213. has yet to pass the senate. the names we've been looking at, kirsten sinema and joe manchin. when the president gets back after thanksgiving, expect heavy negotiations. >> charles: the economy and inflation are tops for voters. so does the president have an inflation problem? with me now, sarah westwood, and jenna arnold. laura, start with you. it's obvious it's a problem. the white house has tried different tactics. first, a high class problem. no big deal. we should be happy we should have inflation. now it's profiteering. what do you think? >> yeah, they have messed up the messages on this one. it's messing americans concerns when they were seeing this impact on their monthly budget.
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most americans are seeing several hundred dollars in their monthly expenses right now. they knew it wasn't a fake problem. they knew it wasn't transitory or could be this myth. but now the white house is trying to backtrack this. you see this with their move today to announce that they're doing something about inflation. they're doing something about gas prices. you know, they're releasing oil from the strategic reserve, which analysts say won't that much of an impact ahead of the holidays on budgets. so they're trying to backtrack this because they realize they stepped in it and they don't want to repeat jimmy carter's failures. basically talk a win to the republicans by messing this up so badly. unfortunately for them, because they are also pushing the build back better program and these other very high spending government programs, that they continue to flush the market with so much money. i don't know how they're going to stop the inflationary measures. larry summers, their own
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democratic economist warned about this. we're seeing the inflation play out right now. >> charles: there's no doubt that several democrats have said this is too much money. jenna, with respect to the actions being taken, the 50 million barrels, most folks don't think it's going to amount to much. crude oil was up today. the stocks were up today. so this doesn't work, what will be plan b? >> well, i would probably go back to one of the initial foundations of what i would argue is the democratic party to make sure that the people who are making the most amount of money in this country are taxed. remember, corporations have a report-breaking profits this quarter. the stock market is higher than it's been in a very long time. so who is making money right now? corporations. they're squeezing americans,
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telling shareholders that they made billions and then telling the irs that have not made much money. so the idea going back to should we consider taxing more of the rich. again, i'm not talking about anybody watching here. we're talking about multi-trillion dollar companies, increasing their taxes from 21 to 28%. >> charles: so i will point out, exxon mobil lost billions last year. last year they lost $22 billion. stands to reason they're making more money this year. you think higher taxes will curb inflation if we tax the billion dollar companies? >> that's the argument that the white house is trying to make when they're pitching build back better now as something that will reduce inflationary pressures. the reality is no part of that legislation was written with inflation in mind. democrats wanted this before
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inflation was a concern. this is not the bill that democrats would have written if they were trying to reduce inflation. now the white house is trying to sell this as a bill that would reduce inflation even though it involves pumps trillions in to the economy, overheating demand and this is the white house that seems to think what it has when it comes to the economy is a messaging problem. what they really have is a policy problem. they don't have an anti inflation agenda. they don't have a plan b to deal with rising prices. they're trying to repackage their inflation panacea. that's not what it is. >> charles: i can tell you in 48 hours, everyone in america will be passing the plates around. the number 1 topic is how expensive it is. first, we're glad to see each other. it's been two years. an golly how expensive this is. let's go to wisconsin now where
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the suspect in the waukesha rampage is going to make his first court appearance. matt? >>darrell brooks is scheduled to make his first appearance at the courthouse in an hour. police say they will charge him with five counts of murder. each has a potential sentence of life in prison. there's a camera scheduled to be in the courtroom, this should be live streamed. police say brooks is the difference that allegedly drove his red s.u.v. through sunday's christmas parade killing five peek. that includes virginia sorenson, 79 years old. lee an owen, 71 years old. jane coolidge, 52 and wilhelm hostrell, 81 years old. we have new video to show you the moment darrell brooks was taken in to custody captured on a home ring camera. he told the homeowner that he
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needed to use a phone to call for a ride. brooks said he was homeless. ryder gave him a phone and made him a sandwich. he said he was unaware of the mass casualty event. people at the parade and survived. people are outraged that he's been released on bond and days ago, released or a $1,000 bond after trying to run over the mother of his child. >> question found out this guy shouldn't have been out. it's maddening. fortunately the community has come together in support of each other. but this system, something is wrong. >> so minutes from now, the alleged driver is scheduled to be inside of this court. we'll keep you updated, charles.
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>> charles: thanks very much. meanwhile, gas prices soaring, president biden is tapping to the strategic oil reserve while many americans are tapping the brakes on thanksgiving travel. jeff flock is tracking it all. jeff? >> on the road in new jersey. looking at the question of whether or not the high gas prices have eliminated some people from the holiday travel drive. take a look at the road out of here in new jersey. sparse on this side. back in a moment with a full report. stand by. ♪♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> charles: president biden releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic oil reserve. but americans will still feel the pain at the pump. jeff flock is following it all from the road. jeff? >> we can tell you how much we'll be feeling the pain, charles. some people think that will put a crimp in holiday driving this
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thanksgiving at least. take a look at the numbers right now where we are. fortunately looks like we've hit a peak when it comes to gas prices. it's $3.40 the average gallon of regular right now. that is down a penny from what it was last week. we've got as high as $3.44, a little bit earlier. so the thought is yeah, we peaked and now with the spr news, the strategic petroleum oil release, maybe it will come down more. but people are now planning to cut travel. they surveyed gas buddy customers that said 32% are intending to travel this thanksgiving. that's compared to 35% that were planning to travel by road this time last year and 65% of course before the pandemic. so they think it's going to have a chilling effect. over at aaa though, they told us they don't think so.
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they think that people will drive this holiday because, well, they really want to this thanksgiving. listen. >> there's a mild winter globally. that means less demand for heating oil. so that means less demand on oil in general. but if it's a cold winter, that can cause some issues when it comes to gasoline prices. >> just going through the toll here to cross the ben franklin bridge for those that know it. heading into philadelphia. i leave you with one final note, charles. the cheapest gas in america, if you want to get gas for $2.17, you have to go to the united express in tampa, texas. many, many miles away from us here in the northeast. >> charles: things keep going like this, jeff, i might take a drive down there and fill up and i'd stick break even.
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be safe, my friend. >> thanks. >> charles: u.s. producers put out the largest share of the world's oil, this is according to the energy administration. so instead of pulling from reserves, shouldn't president biden be calling for more pumping here at home? kenny paul is here to weigh-in. i was shocked that we're bragging about this effort with these countries that are chipping in a million, two million, three million barrels. we're number 1. if we wanted to pressure opec, couldn't we turn on the spigots? this is a weird way of going about it. >> it is shameful. think about it. under the last administration, like it or not, we were the swing producer. we were the ones that were controlling the price of oil because we were a net exporter and the swing producer and the largest producer of oil in terms of barrels daily. it's mind boggling that we're in this position where suddenly we have to take oil out of the
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strategic petroleum reserve and beg other countries in asia to join us to help bring down oil, which will last for how long, by the way? maybe for about 12 hours it might bring the cost down three cents. gas is down here in florida. i was paying $4 a week and a half ago. it's $3.80 now. oil is off 10% the last week. so it's on its way back up to 100. >> charles: i want to get back to you on that. i want to continue with this. the strategic petroleum reserve, we're hearing from the white house that they have not ruled out options to maybe further going after some of this oil. this program has created a capacity for over 720 million barrels. but we're already at 600 million. turns out we've been secretly selling to foreign countries anyway. it's for emergencies. here's the irony of it all. we have to buy it back. we'll probably pay more to
1:19 pm
replace it than to take it out. >> i'm not sure this is defined as an emergency. we could replace that oil. it's not like we ran out of oil in the country and nothing left to pump. there's plenty of oil and we could do it. we are we taking out of an emergency program? it's beyond my. one way or the other, he thinks he's helping the nation. it's not a solution by any stretch of the word. >> charles: and also finger pointing is not the solution. president biden blaming price gouging for the prices that americans are seeing. take a listen, kenny. >> if the gap between wholesale and retail gas prices was in line with past averages, americans would be paying 25 cents less per gallon right now as i speak. instead, companies are pocketing the difference as profit. that's unacceptable. that's why i've asked the federal trade commission to consider whether potentially
1:20 pm
illegal an anti competitive behavior in the oil and gas industry is causing higher prices for consumers. >> charles: so the two republicans on the ftc sent the white house a message today. they said listen, you want us to invest gait this and you say you have proof, share it with us. i think this is a despicable route to go down. >> it's despicable. and started this weekend on msnbc. i saw the clip on twitter. i wasn't watching the show. i saw it where she did that. she blamed exxon mobil and chevron for price gouging. they have no idea what econ 101 is in supply and demand. that's what it is. gas for me here in florida has come down. probably 10, maybe 15 cents from what i was paying two weeks ago or 20 cents. so it has in fact come down. i expect it's going to shoot back up in the next couple
1:21 pm
weeks. >> charles: yeah, call off the war on oil. it's beneath our feet. let's take advantage of it as we make the trap situation. it's okay if you watch msnbc every now and then. don't make it a habit. >> i saw it on twitter. >> charles: all right. have a great thanksgiving, kenny. >> thank you. you too. >> charles: you might have to skip that extra helping at dinner this thanksgiving. why stockpiling up on turkey day staples is becoming more challenging this year. that is next. no annual fee on any discover card. (kate) at verizon, we want to put the power of 5g in the hands of every business. so come in for verizon small business days. every butcher, baker and artisanal cheese maker. schedule an appointment with our business experts, and get up to $1000 off a 5g phone. because every business deserves better.
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♪ (man) durinstill asleep.pedic black friday event. (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. >> charles: a federal jury says cvs and walmart distributed massive amounts of painkillers in ohio. the first time pharmacies have been found liable. we'll be right back.
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>> charles: the supply chain crisis costing more trouble for shoppers ahead of the holidays. thanksgiving just days away,
1:26 pm
supermarket chain publix placing purchase limits on some items. the reason? supply chain issues. kelly o'grady has the issues. kelly? >> publix is one of a couple of supermarkets limiting items ahead of the holidays. winn-dixie has limited the purchase of turkeys citing supply chain issues. for publix, there's everything from thanksgiving staples like canned cranberry sauce, pie filling to breakfast items and paper products and bath turn you. customers shopping will be allowed to buy two products per trip. this is to limit hoarding. on top of food prices rising, 5% over last october, the supply chain problems have been a big problem for grocery stores. containers are stuck at the ports and there's not enough truck drivers. long-term that could be a problem for the regional
1:27 pm
players. that's because publix operates in seven southeast earn states. but walmart have the resources to charter their own tankers to ensure their shelves are stocked. with amazon getting into grocery as well, limited experiences this holiday season could impact where consumers shop going forward. we may be in for more restrictions. you have winter holiday parties and the supply chain crisis is still raging. we all remember or probably rather want to forget the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. make sure you do your holiday shopping now. i'm going to pick up pies on the way home because my family will be upset without them. >> charles: ditto for our family as will. things, kelly. so prices continue to surge amid the supply chain crisis, what can shopper dos to save money? the crazy coupon lady, heather wheeler is with us. people love you first and foremost. especially right now. pricing are zooms, people are getting nervous what are they
1:28 pm
asking and what are you telling them? >> okay. so as you know, this is going to be the most expensive thanksgiving that we've seen. i have really good news because there's some significant ways that shoppers canave even now, even two days before thanksgiving. there's some really good tools i want to tell you about. the first is an app called ibotta. this is a cash back rebate app that saves money after you purchase. they're giving you five free items, this sounds too good to be true. hear me out. you can get free soup, corn muffins, frozen vegetables, mashed potatoes and a turkey all for free at walmart when you shop using the app. so you buy all of those things. when you get home, take a picture of your receipt and they'll refund you the full amount. so that is huge right there. that will be over $20 in savings
1:29 pm
with just that. >> charles: i wrote it down. is it ibotta. how do you see it? >> you're saying it right and it's spelled ibotta. >> charles: that is phenomenal. what about these things that are being restricted like cranberry? i like cranberry sauce out of a can. they're in short supply. >> yes. i think the key is to shop at the big retailers, the big box stores. they'll have more stock that is the biggest thing. we might need to mix up some of the things we're serving this year. for example, we know that eggs and bread and some of our meat products like is seafood and pork are more expensive this year. we recommend skipping those things and replacing them with things that you can find in stob and cheaper. >> charles: and we're not going with a tofu turkey? >> no, we're not.
1:30 pm
>> charles: we draw the line somewhere. >> you can get a free turk did with purchase at winco and kroger when you spend $100 on groceries at those stores. they'll give you a free turkey or hyvee. you can check off your christmas shopping and thanks giving shopping in one swoop. when you buy a ham, they give you a turkey for free. >> charles: i was on your website and they had the best black friday deals. give us one. always creeps up on me. next thing i know, i have to catch up. >> yes, you should be doing your black friday shopping right now. started early. my favorite deal was a contigo water tumbler. normal price is $25. it's under $10 right now at amazon. >> charles: wow. absolutely. give me one more then. >> oh, gosh.
1:31 pm
so many. do i have to stay under $10? >> charles: i have big bucks. go to $20. >> oh, gosh. 20. i was going to talk about the air pods that are the lowest price we've seen. i'm not sure that deal is still going at amazon. walmart launched a ton of their black friday prices. too many to list. >> charles: great having you on. the crazy coupon lady. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> charles: big change could be headed to the big apple. new york may allow noncitizens to vote with a move to get more cities to follow. texas deploying troops to the border as another caravan is moving in. shouldn't it be the biden administration stepping in?
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[crowd cheering] how's sanchez looking? with your qb's increased spin rate, any pass with a launch angle of at least 43 degrees puts sanchez in the endzone. you a data analyst or something? an investor in invesco qqq. a fund that gives you access to nasdaq-100 innovations like ai statistical analysis software. how am i gonna do? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. ♪♪ >> charles: new york city set to clear the way for 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections. it will be the largest city in the nation to do so.
1:36 pm
david lee miller has more. david? >> supporters of the proposed legislation that would allow noncitizen residents to vote in new york city rallied this afternoon outside of city hall. the bill has been on the drawing boards for years and now it's increasingly likely that it will soon become law. the mayor has expressed doubts about the legality, he says he won't veto it. even if he did, there's enough votes to make his approval unnecessary. the our city, our vote bill as it is known says that anyone that has lived in the city for 30 days and has a green card or work visa can cast a ballot for the mayor or local officials. it would not allow for participation in state or federal elections. about 12 other municipalities have passed similar laws. lawmakers behind the legislation say new york's immigrant population deserves a voice in the city that they now call home. >> the people that are taking care of our meals, driving the
1:37 pm
cars that we get into, that are making sure that we keep our city clean, they deserve a voice at the ballot box. that is exactly what this is going to do. >> the proposed legislation comes as a record number of immigrants are entering the u.s. some say it's diminishes imgrantship. >> this bill allows people that have lived here for 30 days to weigh-in on the city's elections. these are people that live here a month. >> many want the city to hold a referendum on giving the vote to citizens. the city council will vote on the bill next month. the incoming mayor eric adams supports the law and he said in a democracy, nothing is more
1:38 pm
fundamental than the right to vote. adding 1 million voters are denied this right in new york. charles? >> charles: meanwhile, folks, in texas, right now, they're dispatching 10,000 national guard troops and state troopers to the boarder as the state prepares for more migrant caravans. right now art del cuello. we hear the story over and over again. for most people in this country, they keep wondering why does texas have to keep stopping them. why so much pressure on your organization. why can't there be a federal acknowledgement of what is happening there and serious action? >> well, there isn't anything from the federal side because this administration, particularly the president, doesn't want to do anything about it. they don't care. look at the issues that have been continually happening at the border. it's nonstop.
1:39 pm
it's the evergreen, right? the immigration problem is something that doesn't stop. there's a border czar that is appointed. she's been down there once. she really didn't go down there to see what was going on. no one in the vaccination is going down there to pay attention to take care of the problem. so now you have individuals at the state, the governor, trying to do something about it. but the problem is going to be -- they're going to be undermined by the federal government at the end of the day. when those individuals are turned over to the federal government, the federal government will go through the regular immigration process and release them in the country. >> charles: speaking of the border czar, kamala harris, all the scuttlebutt and fighting between her and everybody else in the white house, it's been revealed that this job is deemed as something that is unfixable. it's undesirable. that's one of the reasons maybe that she hasn't paid a lot of attention to it. are you somewhat saddened to think that the administration is
1:40 pm
saying there's nothing that can be done at the border and seen more as a punitive action to be appointed the role as something positive for america? >> it's -- i'm not saddened from it. i'm angered. they can bring back policies that worked under the last administration. they can bring back the remain in mexico policy, something everybody knows worked especially the people down here seeing it day in and day out. that's what worked. that's what they need to bring back. it's not a sad stage. it's an angry stage. they need to know what they need to do. they're not doing it. you're hearing another caravan coming up. every four months, you hear another caravan coming up. by now you should figure out what you're supposed to do because there's another caravan. >> charles: i have less than a minute. i'm not sure if you heard the story before yours. in new york city, noncitizens
1:41 pm
will vote in local elections. how much harder does that make your job? you talked about the federal government releasing folks that come in to the border throughout america. now the notion that they have a right, legal right somehow to vote in local elections only after being here for 30 days. >> you know, there's politicians in this country that don't care about america and they continue to make these ridiculous laws and create a magnet for the criminal element. that's the only thing they're doing. creating a magnet for criminals. >> charles: you know you guys have been through a lot. we'll keep checking in on you. thanks. we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having us. >> charles: as we learn more about the wisconsin rampage suspect was released on low bail, some democrats are still calling for bail reform next. we gave new zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep to people who were tired of being tired. i've never slept like this before.
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> charles: some democrats are looking to lower bail. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is demanding that prosecutors end the practice of excessive bail in new york. this as we learned wisconsin rampage suspect darrell brooks was released on what the milwaukee district attorney is calling an appropriately low
1:46 pm
bail earlier this month. fox news correspondent gillian turner is here with the very latest. gillian? >> a group of house democrats is advocating new criminal justice reform measures including this push to close all federal prisons in the next decade. this comes as you know just 48 hours after police took darrell brooks jr. in co custody after he killed five people. the white house insisting moments ago that president biden is not interested. take a listen. >> the president does not support a polishing prisons. he doesn't think defunding the police. he thinks measures like that would make us less safe. >> so alexandria ocasio-cortez and two other new york representatives insist that they have concerns that excessive bail is creating a humanitarian crisis in new york city's jail system. they're claiming conditions in
1:47 pm
new york jails violate inmates rights. aoc tweeting 75% of individuals in custody haven't committed a crime and confined in unsafe conditions because they can't afford cash bail. now, on sunday, rep rasheeda talib says she supports shuttering all federal prisons altogether. >> people are like oh, my god. we're going to release everybody. do you know how many people are mentally ill? >> it does release everyone. >> within ten years. there's a process of looking at how we can get away from mass incarceration and move to care. >> so darrell brooks himself was out on $1,000 bail at the time he ploughed into a waukesha
1:48 pm
parade. >> charles: thanks, gillian. i want to bring in mark eiglarsh. obviously people are worried. we're talking now about darrell brooks who initially had bail at $10,000. and then it was $1,000. i mean, does this send a wrong message to criminals? little consequence and if you do get caught you can get out easily? >> i think that we need to confine what this means. what it means is a prosecutor, a single prosecutor, screwed up badly. don't take my word for it. let's listen to his boss who said yeah, we missed up. the first thing that has to happen is find out why that particular prosecutor didn't read through his 50 pages of priors or maybe he or she did and chose to ignore them, find out specifically why they did what they did and fix it with that particular prosecutor. now, to say this is a trend and somehow means there needs to be
1:49 pm
systematic reform and the sky is falling i'd hold off on that. >> charles: if you live in new york city, people have bragged about going to jail, get arrested and coming out overnight. over and over again. this one size fits all approach to social justice, it's backfiring big time. shouldn't there be a smart way to say if somebody has 50 pages of priors, 1,000 is absurd but by the same token somebody that is not a threat, why do they have to come out? too many dangerous people are out on bail? every time we hear a significant crime, it's someone out on bail. >> okay. i'm in the system. i've been in the system for over 30 years in spite of my youthful appearance and i'm telling you that's how it generally works. generally the priors are looked at, analyzed, a standard bond.
1:50 pm
the prosecutors agree to it or say hold on. on this guy and specifically we're talking about brooks, they should have said this guy has a history of failing to appear. he has several priors for violence. he's got records dating back to 1999 when movie tickets were only $5 and spongebob square pants premiered. this is way back. this is a lot of history. that's the time a prosecutor should say judge, a standard bond is not enough. it needs to go higher. that's how it generally works. >> charles: most of the folks watching i'm sure would say it's almost inevitable that these repeat offenders somehow find a way to get out of the system and there's been a major push particularly with cash bail. you heard aoc mention it a moment ago. are you for reforming cash bail? you think the bail system is fair? again, i just think the notion
1:51 pm
that we should get rid of cash bail, particularly when people have a track record of harming other people is outrageous. >> no one size fits all. for people that have records dating back to the disco crisis, those people should have a higher bond because they're more of a danger to the community and a risk of flight. on the other hand, those with one offense and perhaps not a very violent offense, have ties to the community but don't have the money shouldn't have to be posting a high bond because that establishes a two tier criminal justice system for those that have money, get out and those that don't wind up being, you know, subjected to acts of violence and overcrowding there has to be some type of across the board way for prosecutors to do their job properly. in this case, in brooks case, he failed. >> charles: all right. mark, i have to let you go. add one more component to that, the public that has to pay a
1:52 pm
serious price when the wrong people are let out. we have to go. thanks. you're looking live at president biden and first lady visiting the d.c. central kitchen where other assembling thanksgiving male kits for families in need. more after this. ♪ downy's been taking you back, since way back. with freshness and softness you never forget. feel the difference with downy. the tempur-pedic breeze° makes sleep...feel cool. because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after night. save up to $500 on select adjustable mattress sets during the tempur-pedic black friday event. (kate) at verizon, we want to put the power of 5g in the hands of every business. adjustable mattress sets so come in for verizon small business days. every butcher, baker and artisanal cheese maker. schedule an appointment with our business experts, and get up to $1000 off a 5g phone. because every business deserves better.
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1:56 pm
more of what we can expect from that. >> charles, we are outside of the courthouse right now, no crowds gathered or anything like that, announcing five charges of first-degree murder against eric wilkes, he is the guy who drove through the parade killing five people, there is a question of whether or not more charges will come considering he unloaded down dunn's of people leaving six children critically injured, there will be a camera inside the courtroom live streamed. and they tell fox news that they are outraged that brooks was released over and over again considering his violent criminal past. most recently he was just released on a thousand dollars bond november 11th even though we had an active warrant in a state of nevada and was released that he allegedly ran over the mother of his child. we are at the court and will keep you updated on the first appearance in the criminal case,
1:57 pm
charles. >> charles: how do you prevent this type of tragedy from happening again? in big cities using garbage trucks, police cars to secure parade routes, does that need to be done everywhere? bringing in retired police senate andy sutton with me now. before we get to that, we will head to the hearing that will be live streamed, what can we expect? obviously everyone has to be embarrassed on the prosecutor side that this man was allowed to commit such a heinous act. >> this was a very clear fear of the policies of the county district attorney chisholm, he is now disavowing it in a way that it was one of his underlings that made his bad decision, but this is a classic example of the buck stops here, the policies put in place by him are just like many of the other
1:58 pm
quote activists district attorney's that have been put into office from around the country, and this is his policy. so he can try to disavow it and push it off on an underling, but this is all him. and we have just seen, as you said, we have seen the same situation take place in new york time after time after time. this is a failure of activist district attorneys. >> the suspect goes to a house, knocks on the door and the guy lets him use a phone and makes him a sandwich. can you imagine a beautiful community where the question is how can they have parades anymore? do they have to erect structures and bringing garbage trucks? how did they keep themselves safe? and maybe keep some of what makes them a great american city at the same time? >> this is called in my
1:59 pm
estimation -- this is taking the innocence of america away. we see an idea like community, small community, 72,000 people and celebrating a holiday that brings people together, with the true account americana who takes the lives of so many destroying the lives of so many more because of his violent acts. on so when you look at what can be done as far as hardening the targets coming out, sure, there are ways you can do that. in small towns whether they have those resources, i don't know, but i think that what's happened here is america's heart has been broken. >> it has been, and people want to keep having the parades, is there anything they have to do?
2:00 pm
i have just ten seconds, but it's hard for people now not to look over the shoulders for the near term. >> right, this is where police presence can make all the difference and this is a heightened security that must take place all over america for holidays and parades like this. >> charles: thank you, my friend, happy thanksgiving to you, we will be watching that. in the meantime "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i am perino, dagen mcdowell, jesse watters, brian kilmeade, jessica tarlov, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." joining over a liberal bail report policy in the wake of a horrific christmas parade in wisconsin, darrell brooks will be making his first court appearance and it is not his first run in with the law by any means. local prosecutors under fire after they were freed not once but twice just this


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