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  Hannity  FOX News  November 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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good to see you. >> thank you so much. i appreciate your focus on it as well. >> tucker: have the best night with the ones you love. see you soon. guess who is next. sean hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." for the full hour the 45th president of the united states will be our guest. we will talk about biden's disastrous presidency and kyle rittenhouse found not guilty. but first president trumps that a new book out. you can get it autographed or not autographed. it has never before seen
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pictures from his presidency and he writes every caption. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: i had a lot of questions to ask. i want to go over some of the pictures. it's an amazing thing that a photographer chronicles every minute of a presidency. i only know the times i would interview you, that was the case. the first picture that stood out to me and i had a question about it. barack obama and michelle get ready to depart washington and get on marine-1. did you speak to them since then? >> well, not much. initiately right after i took office i did. one or two times. i spoke to them before taking office. that's a ritual. it was 15 minutes and it ended
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up being quite a bit long tore put it mildy. it was an interesting conversation. he told me about north korea and the problems and that was the greatest problem we and i to it a large extent solved it. they understood we were not playing games and we got along great. not very much. >> sean: you once told me that you thought we were on a path towards war with north korea? >> i did and so did president obama and that would have been a nuclear war. we met in singapore and in vietnam. we had great meetings and we established a great relationship. i liked him and he liked me. we had some interesting
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conversations. >> sean: we got back the remains of our soldiers. >> we did. >> sean: i was at both summits. he stopped the fest firing of missiles -- test. that was a good thing. the second one that stood out to me is signing the largest tax cut in the history of the country. i am look the at it through the prism of joe biden about to spend more money than any president in history with this new green deal and socialism. >> the new green deal was nonsense conceived by aoc. i don't think she ever studied the environment in college. i thought it was hoax. they talked about cows and no windows in buildings.
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they modiied it a little bit. the new green deal, we are allowing other countries to surpass us. we have a great ass et. liquid gold. it's under our land. china and other countries don't have that. they are trying to take that away from us and give us wind. wind is ruining our beautiful prairies and fields and land and killing our birdies. it's the most expensive energy you can. nothing is close. those turbines are made in china and germany. it's ridiculous frankly. you see what happened in texas and the wind mills froze and they were sitting on top of natural gas that costs almost nothing. the big flames on the top.
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wells is energy being burned because we have so much of it. we would have been number 1 by a number that nobody has ever believed. at the end of my term we would have been bigger than russia and saudi arabia combined. we were energy independent for the first time. you say in 70 years. i think maybe ever. i consider that a great achievement. we had anwar in alaska and thanks to lisa they ended it. they were trying to get it since reagan. reagan could not do it. i got it and the biden administration just ended it.
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gasoline was $1.83 and now at $7.70 in california in different places in california. it's heading that way everywhere. it's going to go higher. we are asking opec for help. we didn't need opec anymore. >> sean: joe is not asking. he is begging opec. we became energy independent for the first time. my research says 75. if you are right i stand corrected. we were a net exporter of energy. it's even more profound. you did not import a single barrel of oil from the middle east or the saudi arabia. we have given all of that up. the people hurt the most, mr. president, are the poor and the
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middle-class. $1.50 more per gallon and thousands more to heat your home. driving inflation through the roof. >> it's the biggest tax increase you could give. when gasoline goes up by $1 to $4, that's a big tax increase. a big one, not a big one. we go the biggest tax decrease ever and energy independence and inexpensive gasoline for the most part. we talk in terms of gasoline. we had clean energy. as you know, we had the best numbers on the environment we had in 50 years. >> sean: talking about carbon omissions. we had the lowest numbers. >> and we filled up the strategic reserves. they were empty for many years.
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no other president wanted to do it because in theory it's expensive. we filled up 75 million. and the biden administration wants to take the strategic reserves which were filled for the first time in decades and they want to use that to try and artificially force down the price of gasoline and gas. it's ridiculous. >> sean: in very trumpian fashion you have a picture of mark zuckerberg come to the white house and kiss my ass. tell us about that and look at amount of money in terms of support for democratic candidates to defeat you. why such a different posture in private with you versus what he
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was doing to sabotage you behind-the-scenes? >> well, he would come to the white house on numerous occasions. a couple of times had dinner at the white house with me and the first lady. we had nice talks. it's just not a fair thing for our country what is happening. rigging the election. mollie hemming way wrote a fantastic book called rigged. it's fantastic. you look at what he's done and she is right. very unfair for our country and the world actually. i thought he was concerned we were doing things. a second term, we would have had that pretty much under control. we had incredible things planned for big tech. they fought me illegally. it was illegal what they did in
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my opinion. you watch what happens. i think big things are going to happen, sean. he would come to the white house trying to get goodies. he didn't do too well. >> sean: you have my first pick to the supreme court neal. one thing that defined your presidency you never got credit for. you said you would pick from a list of people and you would end regulation and you did. you said you would cut tax us and you did. you said you would build the wall and you found a way. the stay in mexico policy and stopped catch and release which was brought back. you got fair trade dealsine with china and get us out of long
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conflicts. there are not many politicians who mean what they say and follow-through on campaign promises. >> i got a lot of credit -- we ended up with 3 great new supreme court justices and 300 federal judges. that's a changing of the whole system. close to the 30% of the federal judges in the country. changed. you look at what we did with mexico and canada the trade deals. the great trade deal for the farmers with china and manufacturers. that's when i said it's too expensive to deal with them after the covid or the china virus. we made an incredible deal. the farmers have never done better than than right now
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because of the deals i made with china and japan and korea. you would have had peace with the abraham accords. you would have had peace in the middle east. bush should have never gotten us into that mess. i called it quicksand and biden should have never allowed the withdrawal to happen the way it happened. i got us down to 2500 soldiers. we were totally secure. they were not touching us. i told them you can't do it -- i don't have to, to go into great detail. they knew they better not mess around. we were going to get the american citizens out first and others that deserved to come out. not like they did taking hundreds ever thousands of people out of afghanistan? >> they have no idea who the hell they are. you will find out because you will have bad times. you take the soldiers out last and we would get all of our
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military equipment. they left 85 billion dollars worth of the best equipment in the world. they didn't blow it up. brand new planes and better night goggles than we have. 85 billion dollars. i don't know if you saw this. it was another sad day for our country. they had a parade of all of our equipment riding through one of their streets and everybody cheering with our equipment, the equipment they stole from us when we surrendered. that was the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. to take the soldiers out first. it was the lowest point if the history of our country. then you look at the border. low points. millions of people are pouring into our country. we have no idea where they are from. it's 121 countries it's up to now. they are releasing prisoners from the jails. emptying their jails. we are like a dumping ground.
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they are releasing people from their jails into the united states of america. we will be paying a price for years to come. they are just coming in, no vetting, no anything. you talk about masks or vaccines. if you don't want to wear a mask or want vaccines just walk in through the southern border. they are pouring in by the millions. despite a great border patrol that is not allowed to do their jobs. i don't think our country has ever been at a low point. we the greatest economy in the history of the world. you look at what is going on. we had 160 million jobs. now you take a look at the numbers. the whole thing is very sad. we did it twice. before covid and had to readjust for the china virus that came, a gift from china.
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all over the world, what it did to the world. i did it a second time. we rebuilt our military. largest tax cuts in history and largest regulation cut in history. that's been amazing thing. the creation of space force. first time in 75 years we created a brand new beautiful branch of the military. the air force was the last one. this is the new one. this is an important one. space force. we did a lot, sean. i think people appreciate it now much more than they did on maybe november 3rd. if you remember the numbers, i got 12 million votes than the first time. they appreciateed it then also. >> sean: i never thought i will see this country abandon fellow americans in afghanistan -- it's beyond humiliating. i never thought we would talk about giving payments of $450,000 to people breaking our
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laws, not respecting our borders and the sovereignty. i never thought we would give preferential treatment to the illegal immigrants. and no covid tests and no vaccine mandates. there is a picture of you and andrew cuomo in the oval office. i never understood -- the navy hospital ship built a 3,000 bed unit and converted it for covid capability. while andrew cuomo had the opportunity, you were providing all of the ppe and the personnel. they were covid ready. all of the medicines and gloves. everything was available. he didn't have to send people to nursing homes and he did and covered it up. as did the governor of new jersey and the governor of pennsylvania. here are these beds, 80% plus
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stayed empty. you provided everything. why wouldn't they use them? >> i got a call from governor cuomo and also from the worst mayor anywhere in history, from bill de blasio. could we help with that? i sent this great ship. they converted it to use for covid which was not an easy thing to do. they did it so quickly. they set it up with tremendous rooms. it had everything. it was ready. then we built 2,800 rooms at the javits center. i called every week: why aren't you using it? the army corps of engineers did a great job. everybody did. we had these big beautiful hospitals and built them all over the state and in illinois and louisiana. we built these magnificent
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places in a period of days. why aren't you using them? they could not give me an answer. they didn't know. if they would have used that you would not have had the problem and cuomo would have been better off than he is right now. >> sean: you left joe biden with three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies which he only mentioned for the first time a month and a half ago because they were being used in florida successfully. there are more people in this country that died from covid this year than last year. all during the 2020 election every cable channel had many people contracted covid and how many died. more people dead in 2021 with 3 vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. i don't see those side-bar count anymore. why? >> we did such a great job.
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it was supposed to take 5 to 12 years to get the vaccines. i did it in less than 9 months. they are effective and work. people should have their freedoms. no mandates but they are effective. we have other drugs that really work. we supplied our country. the cupboards were bear for different states. we did a great job and got no recognition. >> sean: president is with us for the hour. we will ask about biden's disaster economy and rising inflation and how the poor and the middle class are being hurt badly by these policies. that's next.
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>> an 8th-year-old boy is the 6th person to die after a man drove his suv into a christmas parade. another 62 were injured. many in critical condition. the suspect darrell brooks was charged with intentional homicide. a criminal complaint alleges the driver steered side to side with the intent of striking marchers and spectators. the fate of three men accused of shooting arbery are in the hands
6:25 pm
of the jury. they face charges of felony murder. now back to "hannity." >> sean: it's taken less i think that 10 months for joe biden to destroy the american economy. i asked former president trump about this and more. take a look. in less than a year we have the afghanistan disaster and more americans dead from covid as we were just discussing. we have inflation back and an economy tanking. poor and middle-class americans are dying with high energy prices. we gave up energy independence. we have russia on the border with ukraine and china sabre rattling with taiwan flying
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their fighter jet over. there i think a lot of this was captureed in an ad put out by the save america pact. it's comparing joe biden to jimmy carter. >> decades after jimmy carter, joe biden picked up where he left off with america surrendering to terrorists. biden foolish spending is causing inflation which means more pain at the pump. higher prices on grocery. devaluing your retirement savings when you need it most. once was a mistake. twice is a disaster. america needs strong leaders and not weak ones. >> sean: the similarities. reminds me of turn your thermostat down and put on a sweater and long gas lines. as some of us that are older remember. >> sean, look at the brown out all over california. it's terrible. all of this nonsense they are
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doing. they want to replace clean fossil fuels. natural gas is clean and powerful. it could fuel our country and they want to replace it with wind. wind where they spend billion dollars in subsidies for it. everything comes from other countries. it's unbelievable. you look at where we were and remember the word inflation. we are stag-flation or if you want to say that. a step worse. remember inflation. what is happening to prices is many times more than any possible tax increase that anybody could get. on top of that, in this new bill they want big tax increases. people will pay massive tax increases. i am not talking about the wealthy. i am talking about everybody. >> sean: i know you won't answer me on the question of whether or not you will run again or not
6:28 pm
because of campaign laws. you have said that you think i will like the answer. that gives me insight to where i think you are going with this. if you do run again, what is one major thing that you would do differently? >> so, look, there are many things i would complete. the wall was almost completed and could have been done in 3 to tour weeks. -- to 4 weeks. we had the strongest border and now we have the weakest border in history. many deals. we were ready to do a great trade deal with europe because they were ripping us off almost as badly as china. another deal with china that would have been phenomenal. i would have done all of that. the press i had to devote a lot of time to fake investigations. they were fake. it's interesting the durham report has come out.
6:29 pm
i wish it had been earlier. it's complete. >> sean: i want to ask you about that specifically. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: the steele dossier is debunked. where is the "washington post" and the rest of the media? >> they should retract it. they won pulitzer prizes for their coverage of russia. you could get the pulitzer prize. >> sean: they would make their head explode. we spent 3 years unpeeling every layer of that onior. --onnion. the dirty clinton paid for
6:30 pm
dossier was full of lives and ruined carter page's life and spied on your transition and your presidency. that happened. >> that happened when a lot of other things happened. on the way over for the interview, our country focuses on so many of these fake investigations. we don't focus on greatness any longer. everything is an investigation. you look at what is going on now. they have an unselect committee. the way they are treating people. and antifa who are bad and blm. all of the death and destruction they cause and they don't go after them. they go after people that in many cases, not in all cases but many cases are patriots. you have should bad people. you look at what happened at the
6:31 pm
capitol. you can bad people that were want patriots and they came from other places like antifa and led a lot of people astray. they don't want to cover that. >> sean: i have a question. wait a minute. we have 534 riots in the summer of 2020 that the media and the democrats described as mostly peaceful. dozens of americans died. we had thousands of cops that were injured pelted with bricks, rocks, bottles. molotov cocktails. where is the committee looking into those riots? where are the prosecutions of the many people we have on videotape committing all of these crimes? it seems to me that the committee has a pre-determined conclusion, outcome. that's to try to bludgeon you am
6:32 pm
if they really cared about peace and i condemned what happened on the 6th. you said peacefully march to the capitol so your voices will be heard. where the committee looking into the 535 so-called peaceful riots that killed americans and injured thousands of cops? >> nothing would have happened in seattle. i was ready to send in the troops with the national guard. i was going to override the governor. we saved minneapolis and you would not have minneapolis and many other places. the crime in democratic run cities is incredible. >> sean: up next i ask the former president how biden's policies are hurting americans and how the media mob treated him differently while he was in office. stay tuned. sual day♪♪
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>> sean: during my interview yesterday with president trump i asked him about joe biden's policy and how they are impacting the country. here's what he told me. let me go back to the one question. you have been there. the policies is joe biden wanted to save his presidency. bring back the trump policies on the borders. he never would have abandoned americans and would rescued americans left behind enemy lines and go back to energy independence and lower taxes and less regulation. i don't see that happening because this party is modernized than any other point in my working lifetime.
6:38 pm
33 years on radio and 26th year on fox. >> if he did nothing when he came in, you would have the strongest borders in history. people were coming in legally. the other thing nobody talks about: drugs are pouring in at a record rate. i had them at the lowest level in 17 years. all he can to do was come in and do nothing. we had remain in mexico. i worked that out with the mexico government. i really like the president of mexico. we have a great relationship. they gave us 28,000 soldiers at no cost while we were building the wall. most of the wall was built. it could be finished in 3 or 4 weeks. right now that steel is roth on the ground. -- rotting on the ground.
6:39 pm
it's such a same. >> sean: let me ask you a question. with how the media treated you -- i go back, what would you do differently? obviously the policies would remain the same. anything you say i won't do this or that? >> well, until i ran for politics, i got the best media. the media treated me good. i understand they had difficulties in life and they were not so straight, but they treeded me very well. -- treated me very well. that's one of the reasons i became president. i would devote more time to it. but i oftentimes experimented. i would have people in and give them perfect answers and give them the time and everything and they would still write a bad story. that's their genetic makeup. what i would do is more of the same. i was making the greatest trade deals ever. our environment was protected.
6:40 pm
nobody talks about it. we had the best numbers we ever had in terms of clean air and clean water. ever in the last 4 years. before that there were not so many people so we had good numbers. >> sean: am i hear you go right in that you would ignore the media more and focus more on the agenda? the agenda works. let me ask you this it. >> i don't think that i really spent a lot of time with the media. i spent a lot of time on fake investigations. >> sean: that's what i want to ask you. >> from the day i came down the escalator. i have to devote time to that. we have one right now in the capitol. if i fly over a state i get investigated. it's the craziest thing i have ever seen. the local prosecutors are working with the federal
6:41 pm
government. the radical left and dangerous democrats. >> sean: this for me is personal. we spent a lot of time making sure we got the right reporting. i had an ensemble cast. you mentioned some of them. i can't mention everybody. there were a lot of people. everything we reported we got right. only now all these years later, this consumed over 3 years of your presidency. now we know for a fact what we discovered early on: the steele dossier that hillary clinton paid for with the dnc was full of lies. it consumed 3 years of your presidency. it was all based on a lie. now if we live in a country where journalism is that dead and even knowing the truth today
6:42 pm
only one news organization stepped up halfway to acknowledge the false reporting. how do you overcome that when they are so corrupt and biassed? >> they are corrupt. they are. i say it and i don't want to say it much. i say it and i hope in the future i won't have to. they are the enemy of the people. we could have a country that would be able to heal and get together except the media fomentes it. i came up with the term with the fake news. but it's really the corrupt news. they are so important -- they used to have a high approval rating and now have a lower rating than mitch mcconnell.
6:43 pm
people got wise to it. it's a shame. >> sean: up next i will ask donald trump with kyle rittenhouse's not guilty verdict. stay with us.
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>> sean: president biden's foreign policy failures mount. i spoke to president all about it. take a look. let me ask you about foreign policy. i am extraordinarily concerned about what is going on. you have a hostile actor in vladimir putin. he looks like he's got an army ready to go on the border with ukraine. you see the hostile maneuvers of china with their fighter jet over taiwan air face talking about reunification. i will tie two things together.
6:48 pm
with all of that happening and joe biden saying nothing about neither. then we have hunter's 1.5-billion dollars deal with the bank of china. $100,000 shopping spree with a chinese national. 3.5-million dollars with a russian oligarch. the former viverrid of moscow. -- first lady of moscow. if it was your name, people would see the lack of action and tie it to the family being compromised. we saw what libya had with the dossier on hunter biden and was not flattering. i worry the reason joe won't act is because probably china and russia and these other countrys have a dossier on hunter biden. all of those deals it if there
6:49 pm
was the trump family would be investigated. why no investigation here? >> they probably do. i wish the family well. if that were my kids they would be in jail the rest of their lives. the game they are playing is totally corrupt and the media didn't want to cover. the "new york post" did incredible reporting and they banned the "new york post" of being on every form of big tech. they went after the "new york post" for doing phenomenal reporting. they are another hero with the names you mentioned and i mentioned. russia was not threaten -- when i was there we were getting along fine with russia. i sanctioned russia like nobody had ever sanctioned them.
6:50 pm
ukraine has to fight their own battles. we took these wonderful soldiers out of the middle east and then we had the horrible and embarrassing withdrawal. look at china. you did not have bombers flying over taiwan when i was there. president xi understood you can't do that. i got along great with president xi and putin. that's good not a bad thing. >> sean: i think they believed you. ronnie jackson gave you a cognitive test. i have been saying this since before the election they think joe is weak, frail and a cognitive mess. the majority of people see at this time way i see. you took that cognitive test. i asked ronnie jackson and you got 30 out of 30. do you believe that joe biden is showing signs of being cognitive compromised? should he take the test?
6:51 pm
>> all i can say i know president xi and putin and kim jong-un and all of the leaders of the world. many of them i like. tough cookies. they are all at the top of their game. we need somebody at the top of the game. maybe it should mandateded you take a cognitive test or something. you can't have the head of china and russia being at the top of their game. look at what is happening. look how weak we look. you don't think that russia, china, kim jong-un of north korea and these other people were watching and laughing all the way to the bank? with what happened in afghanistan. with they watched that it horrible, stupid withdrawal. i can't believe that the military would have allowed themselves to be put in a position like that where they leave. i can just see abduhl.
6:52 pm
he was the head of the taliban whom i dealt with. he understood we were not playing games. no soldiers shot in 18 months. they come back, abdul the american soldiers have left. no way! are you an idiot? no, a mean it. they left. well let me check it out. an hour later he said they left and they left all of their equipment behind. brand new airplanes and brand new everything. they have more equipment -- they have 700,000 machine guns and rifles and guns. many of them are on the black market. they don't need that many. many are on the black market. we had 28 apache helicopters. the most incredible machine. now russia has two, china has
6:53 pm
two because they are back engineering it so they can build the same helicopter. it's the most advanced in the world. it's incredible. >> sean: mr. president, last question, i want to get your take on two issues. after the verdict kyle rittenhouse went to visit you. i have a picture of it. i want to get your thoughts on the rush to judgment especially by joe biden. i think kyle rittenhouse has a lawsuit against many in the media and joe biden himself. many legal experts agree with my opinion. i want to ask about that and the tragedy of waukesha which a rap sheet's mile long driving straight into a crowd of people. i will give you the last word on that. >> well, he was out on bail. he was a rough cookie. they caught him in some other act and he was speeding. this guy was crazy. a professional criminal and a good guy. the good news is he hated trump
6:54 pm
based on early reporting. he should haven't been out. he should have never -- you can imagine? i looked at that car going in. someone said 30 miles per hour. that was more than 30. through a band of people hitting them from the back. nobody can look at it. you can't even look at it. 5 are deadand 40 badly wounded. the 5 number will go higher. because of a bad guy who was out on a very low bail. a terrible situation. just terrible. >> sean: and you met with kyle rittenhouse. >> kyle, i got to know him a little bit. he wanted to know if he could come over and say hello. he was a fan. came over with his mother. really a nice young man. what he went through. that was prosecution misconduct. he should not have suffered through a trial.
6:55 pm
he would be dead. if he didn't pull that trigger that guy who put the gun to his hand he would pull the trigger and kyle would have been dead. he is 18 years old. just left mar-a-lago and never should have been put through that. it's happening all over the united states right now with the democrats. >> sean: mr. president you gave us a full hour. we appreciate you being with us. the president's new back is called "our journey together," and you get it exclusively on the website thanks for so much time. we appreciate having you on the time. >> thank you very much, sean. >> sean: more "hannity" after this break. handle dry weather... ...and dry, cracked skin. new gold bond advanced healing ointment. restore healthy skin, with no sticky feeling.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately it's all
7:00 pm
the time we have left for this evening. thanks for joining us. never ever miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. have a great thanksgiving. >> laura: you am laura ingraham and this the "the ingraham angle" from washington. a cop lost his job last year it was found out he donated to kyle rittenhouse's defense fund -- now after rittenhouse acquittal. michael kelly wants his job back. he is here tonight with an update. as thanksgiving approaches is joe biden giving the country the bird? raymond arroyo explains in "seen and unseen" and. but first kyle is the liberal mind. that's