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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 23, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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is that real? purity, everybody have a great thanksgiving with your family and friends, pray for our country, bethink fully live in america. that filled his next. ♪ >> all right happy tuesday, everyone very recently a violen fiend has been released from jail after posting a minimum bond for punching the mother of his child and then trying to ru her over. now, you would think this guy who had outstanding warrant
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wouldn't bent let out, let alon slip back in the same car he used to run over a human being, but of course he was and then h drove his suv into a crowd of people at the parade killed a bunch of them and kept him going . i'm guessing he wasn't headed t a father of the year ceremony. how would you describe that? nbc called it a crash, which is like calling joy behar were deep . authorities have said that he fled the scene of a domestic disturbance just before the crash. it isn't clear if he has anothe lawyer for the charges related to sunday's crash. so just a crash, guys. act of god, honest mistake. brooks was probably on his way to help victims of white supremacy and those dead white people were just trying to stop him. sorry, i was channeling msnbc therefor a minute. it was stories like these that show you how the media work. use the lens of race on every story.
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that is because the lens of rac only curved in one direction which makes one think that may be the lens shouldn't be used a all because when a story like this appears, they turned the race filter off which is you they don't report reality the only created. they spend one with chris cuomo and tweedledee and tweedledum are. it won't flood the airwaves lik so many stories. who is going to protest for the people who suffered at the hand of those evil violent man. he will make murals for its victims naming streets after them. that won't work today. they're is nothing more frightening then an angry white man. so petey for cnn that brooks is black with a long criminal history, but maybe the press could spin this into he's a white supremacist great meme black folks can be white supremacist according to the press very just ask can you
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remember his disappointment whe he found the driver was black, mean how my going to pay for that new house in the vineyard or the one on tape marks, so would you do in the narrative doesn't fit? lets as the illinois democrat with the social media director for the democrats in dupage county, but not anymore after she called the murderous rampag karma for rittenhouse according to her. she also creams she's a comedia that works with second city improv and with material that bad she could write for kimmel. meanwhile, the squad keeps pushing for abolishing federal prisons. but to then excessive bail is any bill at all. in pushing for a felon kills five people out on bail bird that's like after a covid outbreak. i'm thinking maybe they should be higher than hunter biden on trip to peru and may be certain maniac shouldn't be billed out
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at all. on monday they demanded answers on excessive bail. aoc gloves demanding answers. it's the serious question she always gets wrong. apparently she has not walk the streets of nyc lately. her violent criminals are in an out of jail she is good, she ha more security then the pope running out at night for a pack of smokes. when she really needs around he is a straitjacket and a padded room. her even dumber cohort tried to explain her support for that would empty prisons. did you see how many people mentally ill that are in prison right now? >> think about it. to get there unlike human traffickers.
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>> it's weeping. they're is a process of looking how to get away from mass incarceration and moving toward earth. >> elise she's not smug. she makes the cast of the view look like a rocket scientist. she killed a bunch of people after being set free weeks ago bear that's a consequence of th belief we can't forget the milwaukee da relentlessly pushe past the reform because he said the criminal act is carried in their 2007 interview he said it's not going to be an individual i divert or put into a treatment program going to go somebody. it does not invalidate the overall approach. there you go. the criminals take innocent lives will not invalidate their
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the consequences of their actions can't even change their minds. your old enough for really factor. recently divorced, funny, and h gets the comedian, writer, and actor. damien. after she is blown into a authorizer and has to go to rehab fox news contributor kat timpf. jamie, there is a lot of stuff going on with the story, but i have a feeling you're more
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interested in the tweetie lady, the lady they tweeted that it was karma very. >> when i read her and i saw that she was a improv actress i was like our that's right, they're not funny. i don't mean to dump on and proud people, i dated someone i was the worst relationship i've ever been in. needs a japanese i'd be like where in a japanese restaurant at they know were not, we're starving. i recommend if you ever go to a improv group and they say commune occupation, actually give them one. she is no longer the media director for the democrats. i would call that,.
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kennedy, what do you make of this bad timing, or is there an good timing with what the squad is calling for on the day that day after this happened very. >> whenever they open their mouths and talk about criminal justice reform, and cats will give me a what what on this. as a this is why we can't do have nice things for it when yo send dumb people out to talk about complex and important issues, they ruin it for everybody because you can't say let's empty out the federal prisons like it's a crackerjack box because all of the investor who are guilty of white power crimes, they would be free do. if you did that, the squad woul lose their minds where there ar smart ways of doing things so you don't criminalize behavior that is consensual. things like prostitution or certain drug drinks and skids. people shouldn't be in prison for those kinds of things when you beat up your baby mama and try to run her over with a car, that's attempted murder and you should be in prison for a long
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time. they're is a good chance you're going to try to do those to other people. those of the kind of people potentially that should be incarcerated. they're are many people in this country that shouldn't be, but don't think anyone in the squad is smart enough to make that list that's actually trustworthy . >> everything you said seems like something that kat, they would cover before you did this. before going to do this bill reform thing, but we shouldn't let out the really really bad guys, we should only do this stuff consensual whether it's sexual work or drugs. but we should let out the peopl they kill each other. it's almost like they went forward with this idea a comprehensive bill reform without ever even thinking abou what consequences might come except when they did, yes, people might die, but this is better. >> they just think they want to one up each other all the time. i don't think they're talking t other people.
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that they probably started with a good idea in than they said no , but nobody imprisoned in all the other they don't want one o them to be the most woke one. they just have to say yes, exactly. i am surprised aoc didn't say w should do eight years because that's what happens when you're with your friends. you do dumb [bleep] you wouldn' have done if you weren't trying to impress your friends very. >> this goes back to the in the liberal cities of a one-party system. new york city we could talk for days and weeks and years about crime, but it doesn't matter because it's a democratic party that's all there is. very they don't have to change at all bill reform, you can do whatever you want because there's no republican party there. >> now, and again, people are afraid to say anything to them because they will smear you on the racism into seconds. tyrus come, but what are your thoughts on this?
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>> i have been racking my brain trying to figure out why certai politicians in this case, the squad, say the things they say. it all just came together right now. they are improv politicians. so they go into a meeting and they say give me a subject. they are just winging it. if it sounds good, in that interview, she tries one of the things that whenever anyone has a girlfriend or friend who is lying to you, but they try to sweet lie to you where they say i'm having an affair with your brother but they say it cute. him having an affair with your brother, and it's wonderful i'm sorry you have to move out but because i say it cute. he you why are you yelling at m
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and if your children are yours pretty cute let's take a break in calm down. >> i did wipe your bank account out and i am sorry so let's jus think neuhaus, you moving out. and it's cold. i was going to say i know this bill is super controversial, bu it's getting a ton of support from prisoners. >> across-the-board. >> they are all likely not see any problem with it at all. we will stop on that. up next, stupidity on the show called the view. 3 ♪keep with me in the moment♪ ♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪ ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪
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>> if the view is your favorite show, you might be a little slow . it is time for our view on the view. >> very curious music. they love to play the race card because logic for them as hard. on monday's episode, the ladies tackled the not guilty verdict and the reaction was something to behold. see for yourself or its. >> i can't go and protest now without worrying that some nutcase is going to have a gun across the state line and come and shoot me. he has open pandora's box to some crazies out there. >> the only crazies i see aroun here are the view chicks. in my right? but i digress. they talk lessens the knee afte stealing those pills from cats verse.
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kat's purse. >> than there is will be. >> even all the doesn't change the fact that three people got shot, two people were emerged. to me it's it smarter. i'm sorry brett. >> and to me, that's about the explaining that you should keep take a beating instead of defending yourself. other closer somebody is to you with a gun the less likely they will use a. >> if he was black, would he be free now? >> people and i will think well someone can legally come to a protest and under the cover of law kill me there at. >> if you were black you could run for president and probably win. but there she goes again playin the race card, she's more predictable thing gap after creaming gorditas supreme. for someone named sonny she sur is cloudy.
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what is it's about the view. it's interesting that is called the view because they only have one view. they see everything through one filter which i would call it th presser versus the press filter. all of them see it through the view. >> you talk about the mono part system in certain parts of wisconsin in seattle, portland, oakland, san francisco all of california in there and that's problem, they have a view that' not really truly challenged. so they think that everyone agrees with them, and you don't grow when you're in an environment like that they have actually divulged, and i think joy has turned into mark shots, she's like and i find my least favorite joy until i watch that
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clip of boy jay herkimer and i am like she is a truly awful under thoughtful person and i think that every abc executive must be drinking. absolutely. >> i would if i was watching th view. your impersonation reminded me of the chicken lady at freaks o the chicken lady and female trouble. not even a little bit. to get a tell you all the time, it's just you and me. everyone else is asleep. even the internet doesn't do what you're talking about. >> r movie club is so. >> it's as to watching alone in that we watch our spouses leave. >> do you watch the view? >> no, i can honestly say i do not. i don't have two. what kills me is when she goes
8:21 pm
to protest you use it like a pronoun. again to get milk in a haircut in than i got to protest. and she leaves out the parts that they kind of talked about looters, 1 percent of the crowd was alluding, and yes, they burnt down and neighborhood, bu it was just 1 percent. so if that 1 percent person shows up at my house with the lighter i'm going to say not going to say well it's just thi one guy. i'm can issue percent of abates in my front yard. he was acquitted by a jury of his peers,. it doesn't matter because it's not part of their view. they're changes say the protesters were nice, this monster crossed state lines, even if that's not factually true, it goes back to one thing
8:22 pm
they are improv. they're are no facts. they just make it up right. >> i don't believe her. uart lying awake at night that you can't go to all those protest that you always go to because you're too scared now you're going to be shot by a teen boy? i don't think that's true. >> go to walgreens and get your prescription. >> exactly. >> don't think she's a big protest gal. >> what do you think they would be protesting? >> i don't know. it is 11:00 a.m. it should be much colder. anybody who looks at her wrong, that is not an issue bigger tha her. >> people think think it's morning, good afternoon, not on her watch. little kids taking candy off he gingerbread house before she eats them. >> that has got to be a memory, right?
8:23 pm
she is the lady in the gingerbread house. >> that is how the prosecutor lost the case is that he looked at the jury and said there were heroes in that crowd and all th people in the jury are like you full of heart garbage. my cargo ship got burned to the ground. they were not heroes committed there were people who live there . they did not want their city burn down the first time or after the verdict. in the prosecutor is sitting there telling them how great they were. what a dingbat. >> what are your thoughts? >> thank you for including me. >> were you feeling alone? >> i feel great great i actuall dated a protester one time. you can always tell what's wron because it's written on the sign . i think it's so ironic isn't it ironic that the show is called the view and there's nothing to look at why you're watching it?
8:24 pm
you know what i mean? and how weird as it that their names are joy, whoopi, and sonny , how fun does that sound? and stop with the crossing stat lines. i flew into newark across the state lines to get into the studio. in there okay with open borders am i right? >> you don't like it when other people use your jokes. it burns, donate. >> he looked at me like is this guy. if i had three months to live, would put the view anza if it seem longer. >> that was pretty good. alright, you jerk. up next, andrew cuomo former employer says he better get a lawyer.
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>> our troubles getting deeper for the albany creeper? from harassment to abuse of power, the cuomo problems mount by the hour. the assembly found overwhelming evidence that the former governor and when you hear the phrase overwhelming evidence, it's never good. like when i found that shrine made of animal bones and a blac toupee in the broom closet. i was obligated to report it to hr. they found that cuomo used stat resources to help write and promote his book regarding his handling of the covid crisis which he got paid millions for. here we call that the waters. investigators concluded that cuomo wasn't transparent about the nursing home does from with them selectively reporting numbers they downplay the damage . if he he's not careful, he migh
8:30 pm
not get hired by cnn. in other words it took them eight months and a ton of taxpayer money to come from wha we knew, this guy is one giant bird filled with that has on a lot of people. they make references to sharing some of the evidence with law enforcement suggesting there could be more legal repercussions for formal. lids check in with our legal correspondent soccer goat. ♪ not bad. if you're going to do a joke, just go right through it. don't give up in the middle of it. the media really fell for this guy. they wanted it to be real, they wanted him to be the cuomo.
8:31 pm
>> they just have some bad choices, their producers and executives at cnn and stuff, they are not allowed to go on the bachelor because they're going to find the serial killer in the group. is guys something about them is magnetic, well your money stick to his belt. and then you had cuomo, and he ran right now, he would be the democratic representative. i'm sure most of the women in the white house are happy that didn't happen. allegation sucked, but i always say it's about that investigation. it either frees you to move on with your life, or it ends it. this investigation was scathing. game over. don't have a press conference for a don't have that look in your face right there, and hopefully, when you go too federal prison for all the stuf you did you'll be able to get out just in time because the
8:32 pm
squad will let you go. it'll all go full circle. >> kat, he managed to outdo his critics expectations. i assumed it would be just kind of a milder version of what we heard, it was actually it's actually worse. >> i'm starting to think he's maybe not a good guy. >> don't go that far. you're so judge mental. >> i think he still doesn't realize how bad it is. i don't think he's capable of self examination of self awareness. i'm sure he has to have people around him right now telling hi that he is running for president . he has to live in this alternat reality or otherwise he just screams on him. they say no camille looking great in the polls because otherwise. >> you also have pictures of himself with a dog that's what you always do if you want maybe
8:33 pm
may be the like me again if i'm with my dog. what are your thoughts on this whole cuomo thing. >> he loves dogs because he can touch them without consent. >> nicely done. i don't know i went to one of his book signings because i wanted alone time with them. this book has the most boring title it's literally called american crisis, with the covid pandemic greatly should've called it american crisis, me. he should have at least change the title to something. >> let his rings show on the cover. >> he has a ring? >> to get i was going to say it change it to something like the bible or something, but anyway, i didn't read the entire new york times article because they wanted the dollar to subscribe,
8:34 pm
but what i learned from the par i got for free was that never itouch a woman, lake say i touc her, it's okay as long as you say no cuomo. petty. >> he doesn't like dogs. he tried to give his dog away. that's what a horrible person h is. he was walking around saying hey , does anyone want a dog. get rid of the dog i hate this dog. people are like it's a family member. and then there was all this backlash because everyone's running around he tried to give me his dog crate i was like jus dusting the blinds. i don't even know the guy. >> effect dog could talk you have a $10 million book deal. >> doesn't it bother you, the money aspect. we were trying to figure that out, does he have to give that back?
8:35 pm
>> he should give it to all the people whose grandmothers he killed. that's who she get the money th people whose family members wer perfectly healthy and then he took covid positive patients, for force them into nursing homes, and forced a law that yo couldn't sue the nursing homes if your family members died because they had to take covid positive patients, so the peopl that lost their family members, they should get that money. >> there you go. >> thank you. that way you will. >> write that check to janice dean and let her hand it out where it goes because through this entire process she was attacked, just do the weather, shut up and she was the euro that saved stayed the course an everything she said was right. probably the first time a weather person got an accurate
8:36 pm
prediction. or as sexist would take them him , but that is terrible. >> i loved it.
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>> you want a good talker? how about in all gender locker? the california high school has announced plans for an all gender walker room starting nex number long beach wilson will break ground on a new inclusive sportscenter that according to one instructor was needed to give essays phase ii dress and undress. what could be safer than hormonal teens getting naked
8:41 pm
with each other? 's city itself already allow students to compete in the gendered support of their choosing regardless of the they were assigned at birth. it sounds like something from a dystopian future that's because everything turned out fine for those folks, especially denise richards seen here meeting charlie sheen. parents who have concerns about the privacy and safety of the new locker room have been invited to attend a virtual meeting next week. school officials promise everybody who protest will be labeled a bigot especially if they don't attend completely. it's been a long time since i'v been in locker room with teens.
8:42 pm
go ahead and say had. >> a few weeks ago when i volunteer. but i can't tell, i can't tell if this is good or bad, kat, is this good or bad? >> i don't know why high school has jim. let the kids go home. it's weird. i don't care about the locker room, whatever. making kids work out together and all having to shower together is weird. why do we still do that? you can't say no. at slate get naked and get in the shower. it's not okay no matter what. >> that's true. it's the same stuff that they were doing 30 years ago, we're still doing now. they don't even change the desk. you could sit at a desk and see something that your dad carved in it. >> i have two kids in the new york city public schools, they have very old desks.
8:43 pm
it's like they're old engross like your gym teachers [bleep]. i have a 16 -year-old and she has guy friends and they are such of course they want to go into the locker room with everybody. lake every possible parts, nothing would give them greater satisfaction including 16 -year-old boys in control of an environment like that is a recipe for disaster, but they will have a great time. >> is this a slippery slope or slippery soap? >> kennedy makes a great point, they better put a nursery insid these goals. all yes. >> i think it's a terrible idea.
8:44 pm
i just had a rough, i'm sure we all have rough stories from getting bullied, i remember one time, i hated going to the locker room when i was a kid in high school or whatever. i was in wrestling and i'd wait to let everyone had left and i was showering by myself and it was one of those work were spigots everywhere, but no dividers. wrestling coach comes in, greg, there are all these places you could shower, you know which nozzle he chooses? this same one is me. really? and it's like ever since then. limeade varsity is an eighth grader. >> good for you. >> you know, tyrus, i don't really think it's going to
8:45 pm
happen. i think i just think may be the only part of it is where you walk in and you've got kids, it doesn't even work for one gende locker room. literally the gym i go to when go to work out is roaming the halls is naked old men who don' use towels who terrorized us al there though come right up to you and be like hey, what's going on in your like elka mae and they are 60 plus, gravity i going everywhere and they do it on purpose and again, i didn't go to your same school, but it' like the same thing. i don't know why they always want to take the shower next to you or when you're sitting in the hot tub and they come in an then you see them naked near like no, not next to me not nex to me. that's just guys with old old guys just imagine, your 16 year old at first day at a new schoo
8:46 pm
and used role in and everybody is naked. if your elite blumer, you would just punch somebody as quick as you can and get suspended. i was elite blumer and i was very shy. i remember wearing my pe close under my clothes so i would com and get changed, get out and i would just stay i'd be in science class, oh, i'm just mor comfortable in my pe stuff. because you just get so nervous right now you have to worry about girls. >> i was worried about getting and spelling class and how you're going to put me in a gender-neutral bathroom. >> i will say this, we're missing a big story, who wants to go to the bathroom and a gender-neutral bathroom. i don't need to know. don't even like to do that, i gotta go. seriously i do have to go i hav to started thinking about it an i have to go.
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>> a one hit wonder makes an onstage blender when her signatures home went horribly wrong great tiffany famous for her hit i think we're alone now
8:51 pm
cat was just 30 at the time gav a disaster of a performance in lake park florida on saturday. imagine waiting all night to hear her one-hit and then she blows it. her fan was so disappointed. was struggling to hit any of th notes before cursing out the crowd. ♪ that's her hit that's like watching kat at a friday night taping. things got a lot better.
8:52 pm
while, my mistake. did i say better? x timer going to see debbie gibson. she said she just lost her voic and got frustrated. the real story comes from her drug dealer, we go to her for comment. kat what drug was she on? >> i have no idea other than sh was definitely mixing booze and benzos. is probably it, she just got tired of it. without really saying she's on drugs. >> okay, maybe she's not, but i she is i'm not saying i have a problem with it and saying that's okay, just it's okay to be drunk sometimes on the weekend. >> sometimes on the weekend.
8:53 pm
kennedy, have you ever met tiffany? is that not in your? >> i met debbie gibson. she picked the wrong time to have her resurgence i saw that same set in 1995 when courtney love performed at the reading festival. that's what they looked and sounded like onstage. we need a grunge journalist to be covering this. i completely feel her, i was watching this saying this is wh they don't let me have a live show. that would be my monologue. >> i love the stoic nature of the guitarist. his hand just get paid, just ge paid. >> his girl was in the crowd. and then he started thinking i' going to get my $80 no matter what.
8:54 pm
this is the media's fault. she needs to change the name of the song to i think i'm alone now. it's over. looking at what you do greatly get the picture you put up. i hit this in wrestling what they do, they put up they're best picture from 40 years ago. put her up now. let them see now. it's over. it's your accolade, it's something you did in 1987, injure still trying to do it now , it's over. and you forgot the words to you own zone. it's over. navy you should turn this way. ladies and gentlemen, i'm doing this because i need cigarette money and after this i'm going to go leap. that's literally the only thing that could say that, it's over. >> you like tiffany, don't you? >> i love tiffany, and i though
8:55 pm
this was a brilliant performance . think about it. i think we're alone now, there doesn't seem to be anyone around , help us to sing that if you want the words to come true. >> that is true. it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. >> that is the sound around soundtrack playing when i was a the cuomo book signing. >> i googled tiffany's other hits in the homepage for that finding bigfoot show came on. >> i love that show. >> i don't think they found impaired. >> that's the brilliance of the show. >> you go to work every day knowing not going to find anything. if they find him, it's like a consultant.
8:56 pm
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try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing! >> set your dvr's every night see you never miss an episode. i love you, america. ♪ welcome to fox news at night. mgn and bream in new york city. breaking tonight, more then a child has now died from injurie suffered in sunday's horrific vehicle attack. that now means extreme people dead. career criminal appeared in court today and many are raisin a question about how he was fre on bail prior to this attack. we will have the


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