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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 23, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing! >> set your dvr's every night see you never miss an episode. i love you, america. ♪ welcome to fox news at night. mgn and bream in new york city. breaking tonight, more then a child has now died from injurie suffered in sunday's horrific vehicle attack. that now means extreme people dead. career criminal appeared in court today and many are raisin a question about how he was fre on bail prior to this attack. we will have the latest.
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president biden arriving in nantucket where he will spend thanksgiving while the majority of americans say inflation is affecting their lives as the holiday season begins with higher prices on all kinds of necessities. >> the biggest thing we saw is inflation. that see in cleveland people ar looking at the prices of food i the prices of gasoline and the prices of everything. what's happening? >> a busy new york hospital closing the doors to its emergency room. another casualty of vaccine mandates. >> others people worked in the pandemic and you would think they would be able to have a jo there after for their heroic expert. >> new information tonight abou the death of brian laundry, the florida man authorities wanted to question about the stranglin and killing of his girlfriend.
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white house correspondent is checking that's for a4 is tonight. >> says the biden white house things to assist historic release of the historic petroleum earthly freight that sounds grand, but critics say i won't help much and let me clea why. u.s. presidents have now authorized emergency sales from four times including today. the most recent sale coming bac in 2011 during a war in opec member libya. and also in 2005 during hurricane katrina and during th gulf war in 1991 paid 50 millio today sounds like a huge number until you consider on average u.s. daily oil consumption is around 18 million barrels which means 50 million barrels won't go very far not even three days. still biden says gas prices won't be solved overnight and h
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is still convinced that this release in concert with other global partners should help. >> this coordinated action will help us deal with the lack of supply which in turn helps ease prices. while our combined action will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight, it will make a difference. >> but west virginia isn't buying it he said this, the release from the strategic petroleum reserve as a put policy is a band-aid for rising prices. but shortsighted energy policy is having on our nation. policies like which opponents like would say they have provided the u.s. with up to 9,000 barrels of oil. still, he today suggested that progress is being made, ditto o the supply chain bottleneck.
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over the past three weeks that the number of container sitting on docs blocking movement whereby his administration's estimate down by some 33 percent . so that should help calm the holiday shopping season. we also learned that biden late tonight while nominate young to be the director of the white house office of management and budget. that according to a source familiar with that decision. currently serves as the acting director. she has to be confirmed by the senate his first pick for that job was she withdrew from consideration back in march after a number of shall we say questionable tweets. >> we will see you back your first mother news in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> and ongoing headache for that . on hold for now as they litigation emergency filing.
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from a group of healthcare workers who refuse to comply with the hospital's mandate and have been firebird the plaintiffs argued they been discriminated against because they refused to grant there of religious exemption, but is accommodating other nonreligiou exemption. he can decide alone or refer th matter for the full court for a vote. san francisco's district attorney announcing felony charges from nine people over friday night at lecturing shops he said it would be up this barrier court judges whether th suspect would stay in custody pending trial adding the recent state of looting is not limited to the bay area. >> at least four separate louis vuitton stores. many we're hit in a similar fashion. oakland, hayward, san jose, suburbs outside chicago and man
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other places have all been hit just in the last few days. facing a recall effort meanwhil san francisco community paper the marina times reports tonigh that their camera crew at that das press conference was a tax. what they say was a failed robbery attempt with the paintball gun. the man charged with multiple homicides for driving an suv into a christmas parade crowd i wisconsin made his first court appearance in the case hours after a six person, a child die from injuries suffered in sunday's incident. the role brooks is described as a career criminal who once trie to run over his child's mother with a car. the very latest tonight from waukesha, wisconsin. get the waukesha county jail said the bond at million dollars . >> to detectives not only tried to stop this, but rendered an
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opinion that this was at i have not seen anything like this in my very long career. >> the prosecution detailing brooks extensively long and violent criminal history across three states in making this shocking revelation in court that they were informed that child has died, the six death, they intend to file a 61st degree homicide charge. >> they're are not words to describe the threat that this defendant to our community. the dangerousness that he. >> police announced brooks allegedly killed five people ag 52-81 years old. and left six children in critical condition. this new home ring video shows the moment police arrested him after his alleged massacre. brooks told homeowner daniel reiter that he was homeless and needed to use his phone. writer led let them use the
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phone unaware of the mass casualty they just happened. then police seized him. they're is growing outrage over why brooks was a a freeman considering his lengthy describing criminal record most recent, locked up on charges he tried to run over the mother of his child. it fully released on $1,000 bon just days before the crash. prosecutors are conducting an internal review into their own offices decision to recommend brooks be released brickey i'm sure the defendant was elated when the $1,000 cash bail and now we see the unbelievable tragic consequences. >> people at the parade and survived told fox news that horrific slaughter of innocent people days before thanksgiving could have been avoided. >> there was no way he should'v ever been out on the streets. >> this is shaken of the community and finding out that this guy should not have been out. it is maddening.
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>> and just a sickening shockin regular revelation days before thanksgiving, the prosecution revealing that a six person has died, and child care brooks faces life in prison for each one of the first degree murder charges against him. the prosecution says they inten to file a 61st degree murder charge, shannon. >> thank you, very much. less than 48 hours after darrel brooks was taken into custody, group of house democrats advocating for new criminal justice reform measures including a bush to close all federal prisons within a decade. congresswoman aoc among those progressives progressive saying their concern about excessive veil. more than 75 percent of individuals in custody haven't been convicted of a crime in ar confined and simply because the cannot afford cash bail. let's talk about the latest push . welcome back to both of you.
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>> i want to start with you. this is from john chisholm who is the milwaukee county da. use it to the walkie general back in 2007 he said is there going to be in is going to go out and kill people. de your bets, guaranteed, it's guaranteed to happen. it doesn't invalidate the overall approach. he admits they got the bill wrong on this. what you make on the statement about how he's going to handle prosecutions there? >> this was a terrible mistake setting bail for $1,000 for someone who had just been arrested. trying to run over her with a car. it's not just the one-off one off incident. that statement and this general policies are an attack on bail. he has said so repeatedly that he would like to reform and change bail. this is not a mistake this is just the policies of his office. he was the first of a group of
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so-called progressive prosecutors throughout the country who i think are in part responsible in the rise in mergers and crimes that that we are seeing in all of our major cities over the last few years by trying to get people out of prison that fundamentally chang the way our criminal system works. undo decades of efforts that lots of people put into the system to try to reduce crimes. it would lead to the eventual closing of all of the federal prisons. here is a little bit of the back-and-forth. the proposal is so sweeping. >> within ten years, there's a process that looking how to be get away from mass incarceratio and move towards a care center. >> and she admits in that conversation that essentially that would mean letting everybody who was in those prisons, there are some serious
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offenders what you make of this conversation. your defense attorney? >> it's a conversation into criminal justice reform that goes along the lines of that bill conversation. the federal offenses that are charged, those are some of the worst of the worst, some of the most dangerous drug offenders with guns, those are the kinds of cases that contract in the federal system. my state is one of the ones tha have got to a nonmonetary bail. what that means is they are starting to look at risk assessments with conditions. they wouldn't have led to more people getting out, lower bail, there is the conversation to be had and we don't want people just being in jail because they can't make the bill but at the same time, there are people tha are dangerous to society, peopl that are at risk of not reappearing, those are the type
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of cases where like mr. brooks he could've been in, with his record the way it was, i've als read reporting that there isn't open for a crimes case as well. they're should've been no way that somebody gets a $1,000 bai on a potential attempted murder case of his child's mother. >> we've been talking about thi too with the rise in crime on things like the theft, the very organized crime that it appears there was over the we have used the word looting. that there is now a call to not use the word looting. and want to read something from kgo, the experts cautioned usin the word looting. in retired veteran police officer says that words matter. looting is a term we can typically use when people of color or urban dwellers are doing something we tend not to
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use that term for other people when they do the exact same thing. the article talks about john, and this is not in your neighborhood that you shouldn't be using the words looting for the things we saw over the weekend. >> i think statements like this give you an idea of how crazy some people in places like san francisco where i live or in ne york city or these places, chicago, or people are elected by the people who live there have this very permissive view towards crime. what is it now, just income rat distribution or just property transfers? it makes me want to go downstairs and make sure that car is still parked well in doing a show because crime is getting out of control. it's part of a larger attitude turning its back. again, one of the great stories of public policy of the last 30 years has been the tremendous drop in mergers and crimes and all of our major cities. and just a year or two we are losing all of those gains because of these kinds of
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attitudes by people we've elected to be prosecutors and bankers. >> are we missing the point in these situations if we're worried about the semantics? >> absolutely. we're talking about the word looting, but let's figure out how to reduce the crime. this is a big problem. it's a problem everywhere and it's dangerous. these property crimes can easil be violent when you have interaction between the criminals and the victims. it's very unfortunate that were talking about the use of the word and not the prevention of the actual act itself. >> i hope both of your cars are there and we thank you for the time. at a wonderful thanksgiving. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. attorney for the family of bria laundrie says in autopsy has concluded that the person of interest in the death of his girlfriend died of a self-inflicted gunshot went to head. here are the latest development in the case for us tonight britt
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. >> it was the outcome that many had suspected, but was confirme by the attorney for brian laundrie parents who revealed they have been told that their son took his own life after going off a hike in mid-september just as the searc for his missing fiancé was making national news. >> the family being told he die of a self-inflicted gunshot wen to the head. authorities recovered laundries partial skeletal remains along with a backpack and other personal items including the notebook on october 20th near the sprawling crawlers and reserve after a month of searching for him. police said his remains had bee submerged for weeks before they were found, the attorney said his clients are still mourning the loss of their son and say they are hopeful that these findings will bring closure to both families. it is not known where laundrie, who had been the sole person of interest got the gun or if it
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was recovered from the scene. 20 two-year-old gabby was found murdered in wyoming after the couple had embarked on a cross-country trip in july or cause of death was ruled manual strangulation. he had returned to his parents home in florida on september 1s and in the white van without he or without providing any explanation to her family or police where she was. fox news digital learning through a source close to the investigation that laundrie turned over all the firearms in their home to the fbi after the had reported their son missing in mid-september though one was missing. the attorney for the family telling me tuesday they don't have a statement these time seeing the family was asked not to comment unless the fbi continued their investigation and allowed the united states attorney's office to make a determination on whether any individual will be charged. one of the biggest mysteries that still lingers is that
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notebook that was found with brian laundrie personal belongings investigators have said they believe that idem is an salvageable but what is inside of it is still unknown. >> thank you very much for the update. after more than two weeks the testimony and closing arguments in the murder trial of three white men charged with killing black jogger is in the hands of a south georgia jury tonight. they deliberated for about six hours without reaching a verdic in will return in just a few hours to pick up that process again. they want to prevent a real-lif armageddon situation and the gu because himself never give up. the insane trick shot you have to see that is the viral video is next.
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♪ tonight nasa just moments away from launching as spacecraft trying to slam into an asteroid in an attempt to knock the spac rock slightly off course for this is part of a plan to be prepared to protect earth from devastating event where the targeted asteroid in this test is not currently considered a threat. next up after a long day, this was starting to pack up when something happened bird once thanked a shark, but not for long because this bald eagles whooped into snaps of the small shark. them into the woman who took th video said the eagle stick around 20 minutes eating their shark on the beach while they uncle on out. a story we been so following since september 19th when corruption's first began on the spanish island. watch this team as the lava is getting down to touch the ocean. so far off a of flows i've covered about 2700 acres and destroyed more than 2600 buildings.
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in pet turkey, taking a field trip to the florida aquarium in tampa. the aquarium writing it is part of the world-class animal care that it regularly provides enrichment to its animate ambassadors adding pelicans whistling ducks and other animals have come for visits in the past. i think that's appropriate. it's his weak. finally, watch out, the guy who never is coming in hot, check out his creative trick shots, impressive. he is dedicated to his craft, what about you, you have a vide you would like to share? hit us up at shannon bream or a fox news at night on social media. kevin, i bet you have moves lik that. welcome back. >> good to be with you. no i don't, but like him on one of those people that will try that shot and will not want to leave until i make that shot fred. >> determination. here is another bit of determination. we're asking this week when is it too old to be at the kids
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table for thanksgiving. you have to have several tables have you ever gotten stuck ther or is that the more fun place t be anywhere crags can keep most americans i guess i could say many americans grew up with the kids table at things giving i did. a full side table, sweetly decorated completely as space for messy eaters and free of adult conversations. whether it's a card table or a full on kid space, folks at taste it home have a few ideas to make it extra special space for your kids when they have to sit at the kids table. offer a kids menu, just for the so they can look at it, they ca pick. it sounds like a lot of fun. make sure you have space for small craft great if you want t have may be a little gourd here or there they can have. a scavenger hunt as a nice twis on an old favorite and a gratitude pumpkin. if you get one and the kids can write on it with marker and tha sort of thing and so all the things they are grateful for.
9:27 pm
with that, i asked, did use it at the kids table growing up. >> i did and i feel like even when you're adult size if you'r single, a lot of times are at the kids table. it's a mini table and chairs, but i've got to tell you this i the year that we do the things giving with the in-laws so ther will be about 80 people there, we use the church fellowship hall, all the tables and chairs are the same size for adults fred. >> i am the ninth of ten kids s i sat at the kids table for my entire life. i will say this, one of the things i like best about it is you can just sort of silo over there and hang out and there ca be loud, it's messy and while the adults are going back and forth before you get the trip a little nap and fall asleep on the cats fred. >> with ten kids you probably had two or three kids tables. you're always welcome at the bream stew. >> i will take you up on that next year may be. we will see you for some good news in just a little bit.
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>> they're are questions persisting tonight about the fate of a chinese tennis player who went missing following a sexual assault claim against a senior communist party official bird state department is lookin into the case for us tonight fred. >> calls for boycott continue because the whereabouts still remain a mystery and yes we hav seen images of her in the restaurant and she reappeared i the video telling olympic official she was safe at many believe those we're staged and coerced. >> it's concerning to see it because we know that the prc ha a track record of zero toleranc for criticism and a record of silencing those who would dare to speak out fred. >> she had accused a former member of the communist party o sexual's zone on social media before suddenly disappearing earlier this month. where they change they said people should suck while others voiced their concern about the safety of u.s. athletes.
9:29 pm
>> if the chinese communist party will take its own athlete and disappear them and marks them out and hostage videos lik this, what will they do to our athletes? >> it should be morals and principles over money. people's lives depend on that part if they don't stand up against his dictatorships, who will? >> critics now say the olympic committee has become a vehicle for chinese propaganda and the vice president of the hasbro ruled out pressuring china over human rights saying we have no ability to go into a country an tell them what to do. all we can do is a word the olympics to a country on the condition set up in a hose contract. senator marsha blackburn said there should be a freedom games hosted in the u.s. and athletes from around the world to come and participate in that senator ted cruz has gone in a differen direction suggesting athletes should go to china and compete just so in his words they can beat the commies.
9:30 pm
>> benjamin hall, thank you. first up into nights were in th world, covid edition. vaccine mandates and new or proposed covid 19 measures parking protests around the world for eight huge crowds gathering over the past week in austria, italy, sidonia, the czech republic australia, to mention a few. protest they are breaking down under at the estrella you and state of victoria considers shifting the from the chief health officer to the states premier. the bill would also extend the health minister's power over public health. to protest overseas turning violence, riots breaking out in the netherlands on friday and police deploying hope water cannon on protesters in belgium on sunday is demonstrators and those protest to go for 19 measures bird police estimate about 35,000 people gathered in belgium. they are calling for freedom an
9:31 pm
restrictions with tierney. many people are reimposing it restrictions as cases are on th rise again in europe. a caribbean island under a territory under french control nights on end of violence and looting left cars burned, ashes and building charts and unrest broke out in the weight week of covid rules imposed by france. long island er closing due to i nursing staffing shortage. the details on that our next. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight.
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[ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. mandates multiplying and some western locales to make great county in california now requiring masks in private homes . chief correspondent with detail from our west coast newsroom in los angeles. good evening, jonathan. >> with the surging coven cases already happening in some areas and a holiday driven rise likel on the way and others according
9:37 pm
to medical experts, many local authorities are reintroducing the kind of height of the pandemic proportions we all hoped we wouldn't need to see again. santa cruz was the first in the bay area to lift its indoor mas mandates after the first filter variant surge, but now has seen cases rise again, so even peopl in their own homes, hosting others from outside their household are now being asked mask up when not eating or drinking although there is no word on who exactly might polic that policy. santa cruz officials say the science is clear, they county seven-day average has hit 88 coronavirus cases for 100,000 people according to cdc data that puts it in the substantial transmission transmission category and necessitates the mask mandates. indoor mask mandates for most venues in denver, officials
9:38 pm
there say city residents are no the problem, the vast majority are vaccinated. they blamed the rise instead encases on those traveling into denver from other areas. >> other communities in colorad and around the country take the affirmative steps we have taken around vaccines, the pandemic would be under control. we will do what needs to be don to ensure that we get through the next 45 days without having a break in our hospital capacity . a break this date and the governor have made clear could risk lives. >> here in la there is a push t get school age children vaccinated ahead of a vaccine mandate that goes into effect a the side of the spring semester on january 10th, around 80 percent of la's you have already at least begun the vaccination process, but that's missing 2020 percent represent some 44,000 kids who could be
9:39 pm
forced into online only lessons if they don't get their shots. in the federal fight over vaccine testing and masks goes on with the biden administratio now asking an appeals court to reinstate its work placement vaccine mandate for businesses employing more than 100 people lower court previously blocked that public health rule. she had an. >> thank you. a busy emergency room on long island closing its doors to the public. the result of staff shortages associated with new york state' vaccine mandate the long beach emergency room at mount sinai could last up to a month. so let's discuss the impact and unintended consequences of that mandates and much more with fox news contributors it's great to see you both tonight. >> thanks, shannon para. >> good to see a you commission impaired. >> the supreme court is holding onto a couple of emergency
9:40 pm
requests from healthcare worker here in new york state challenging the mandates on the basis of religious exemptions. we are watching to see what the courts will do their two. in the meantime, what you make of this? people have predicted that in industries where there is a vaccine mandate, that this was going to happen. >> i feel for the people that are living in long beach, new york. it is suddenly this emergency room is closed freight what happened to the people that hav a heart attack, what happened t the people in an automobile accident or have a severe breaking of a bone or something? they don't have a hospital close , is the state of new york are the people of new york better off are not? it also begs the question here you have medical professionals deciding for whatever reason, and there are legitimate reasons , not to get the vaccination. i believe in the vaccination i've got it come out my wife is goblets, and hope it's right fo others, but it's none of my business they could make these decisions for themselves, these
9:41 pm
are medical professionals for goodness sake. indicate this is from october o 2020 at last year, before she was the director of the cdc talking about lockdowns and the fact that china was actually having good results with their super strict crazy lockdowns an here here's what, she said. >> what we know from sweden is that their death rates, their per capita death rate is 591 pe million, that rivals the united states at 593 per million. to give you a sense of what lockdowns were able to do and other countries. and i mean really strict lockdowns freight intranet ther death rate is three per million. when you look at what sweden wa trying to do, and what they are trying to emulate in sweden, it didn't work. they were unable to protect them . >> that is obviously a year plu old, sweden ranks 75th in the world when it comes to per capita death. richard, doesn't give you any pasta here somebody who is now
9:42 pm
one of the leading authorities on what we do about policy in this country that she sounds almost like she is glowingly approving of what china had don at least arms open to the idea bright i don't know that any of us believe their rate was three per million at any point becaus how can we rely on any of their data, there is no transparency? to get a think that's a good point, the comments from the current cdc director are ridiculous, but i think what she's pointing out here is in this exchange that you see her having is having lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic come out when we weren't sure what we were dealing with was a way to stem the number of death we were having. back then we were talking about 3,000 deaths a day 4,000 deaths a day and we wanted to stop tha we wanted to stop what we were seen on a television screen. our comparison to china was utterly ridiculous, but i think it's worth pointing out the conversation we were having at that time was different in the conversation were having today. >> we've earned a lot and we continue to learn every date ne
9:43 pm
things about how to deal with the spirit i want to talk energ policy, inflation, the presiden talking about that before he headed to nantucket for thanksgiving. it says the democrats incoheren energy policy their take on thi is biden officials don't want t encourage the expiration or exploitation of domestic natura gas deposits, but they also wan for them producers like opec to increase their supply that's incoherent the administration's decision to release from the reserve into a nation that consumes roughly 20 million barrels a day isn't an energy policy, it's a publicity stunt. jason? >> i totally agree with that. releasing this for the strategi petroleum reserve is wrong. it's meant to be there for natural disaster in times of war , it's a publicity stunt it's about to and a half days worth of supply and should not have been done. the biden and harris administration helped create this problem.
9:44 pm
we were energy independent we were extracting energy products from public lands for instance, we had pipelines that were moving these products. but no more, and now it's askin hope that russia and some of ou adversaries produce more oil so that we can have gasoline cheaper rate it makes no sense, they're talking about they're talking about sides of their mouth read. >> one of the key democratic players is senator joe manchin. they are coal rich, they rely o that is part of the industry he says this, i continue to call and president biden to responsibly increase energy production here at home to reverse course to allow the keystone xl pipeline to be buil which would've provided our country with up to 900,000 barrels of oil per day from canada to one of our closest allies. final word to you, richard. >> i think i'm i don't get me wrong, i think that even though release 50 million euros, it will not bring the price of gas down. with the president and the whit
9:45 pm
house is trying to show is they are doing everything they can t decrease price. understand even if we were to create the keystone pipeline that wouldn't bring the price down because there's an estimation of how long it would take to build the pipeline. we would still be dealing with three or $4 at the pump because america overall depends on foreign oil. the good news year for the americans that are watching korea did the same, japan did the same, and when all these countries act in concert, what they're trying to do is put pressure on the price of the oi by a barrel of oil so the price can go down globally which woul then of force opec to say were losing here on a barrel of oil so we will point more oil. >> the more we can produce domestically the less we have t worry about these other countries. thank you always for your time. >> thank you. >> good to see you, shannon, abby thinks giving per eight. >> youtube. >> supply issues that you probably never thought of, we will explain that and talk abou just how long the experts now
9:46 pm
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>> tonight were looking into ho far and wide the impact of the supply chain crisis fled the challenges being faced by score of charities and nonprofits
9:51 pm
including one of print and distribute bibles for free all over the world. welcome to fox news at night. >> thank you, shannon. good to be here. >> we think about this and we think about things not showing up for christmas and people worried about food products in all sorts of things but as you and i talked a little during th commercials, charities and nonprofits, you have missions i continued 365 days a year you have things to get done as you move around the world and you may not have the statement financial advantages as a walmart or somewhere else makin up for these delays however you guys doing? >> it's a challenge. as we're all looking at the challenges to get our kids thei christmas presents that they want and people don't think about the fact that there are nonprofits and trying to move product our lead time for example, our printing is now instead of a two month lead tim for our projects, it 6-8 months. we get our peeper out of finland
9:52 pm
, but the chemicals used to process that paper coming ou of china. is everybody knows, there is a huge bottleneck coming out of china right now. all the people in europe that typically have used china for their printing services, which we don't, we use printers in europe because we believe in creating economy so if we're distributing bibles in ukraine, we are also printing them in ukraine. other people that were using china are now coming back to europe and it has caused a huge bottleneck. it is a real challenge. we are all facing it. i talked with a number of my colleagues and we are all dealing with the same challenge great as you said, we don't hav the funds to charter our own ships. and as we're seeing, a containe that once cost $3,000 is now $30,000 so not only are you are charities and your nonprofits dealing with longer lead times,
9:53 pm
their dealing with exorbitant prices, so as we go into this season of thanksgiving and christmas, i hope and pray we are supporting charities and nonprofits, whatever charity an nonprofit you are supporting reach out to them, see how they're doing and may be give a little extra because there bein affected by the supply chain crisis. >> we should let folks know tha you guys are you stepped out an said you're going to keep continuing to print these bibles , you're going to continue to extend what you have to do t keep these things moving see yo continue your mission. i think that's great advice for all of us, whatever charity you support, think about these things as they rippled not just passed our own things we want t show up in time, but what you guys are working on. thank you so much for stopping in. >> thank you, shannon. we've got a little bit of good news before we say good night great and animal shelter rollin out the holiday red carpet for these little poppers. serving up a full-fledged thanksgiving feast complete wit all the fixings.
9:54 pm
they've got the turkey, veggies all of it for the shelter says they wanted to do something wonderful for the animals because likely they will be spending thanksgiving at the shelter. they're so cute you should go get them right now. kevin, you know i'm a sucker fo a puppy story. >> absolutely right, spot on. speaking of spots on i'm going to take you down to is good new good night great there's actually a new jaguar. and the association of zoos and aquariums. typically they live with her cubs for a couple of years learning how to survive and hunt . they live ultimately about 23 years were told in case you're wondering, officials say their waiting to learn more about her personality before giving her a moniker. i cannot wait. and want to be in on that namin
9:55 pm
contest brachii love it when they get the public involved. you do nominations you can vote on stuff right will have to see if she's pricey, and she likes to have a good time. >> i like hurricane. >> kevin, thank you very much great i like that good news. >> great to see you. >> that's it for us tonight fro new york city. after a great week. i'm shannon bream. imagine having someone else do your books for you. as your quickbooks live bookkeeper, i'll categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, and close your books. cool. - yep. know where your business stands. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping. is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication
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