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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 24, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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donation amount. it was an oversight, not to make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest and genocide for indigenous people especially before thanksgiving. 1492. are you kidding me? who needs parity? everyone have a great thanksgiving, pray for our country, be thankful we live in america and don't listen to doctor fauci, gutfeld is next. >> not only tried to stop this but rendered an opinion that this was an intentional act. >> there are not words for the risk this defendant poses our community. carley: darrell brooks charged with multiple murders and held on $5 million bond as in a-year-old boy becomes the sixth victim of the horrific attack. todd: there is this.
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>> when will you answer our questions? todd: president biden turning his back on reported again refusing to take questions as we are learning the strategic oil reserve he is releasing are expected to go to china and india. jillian: criticizing the police as a string of coordinated robberies plague the bay area. you are watching "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. todd: straight to a fox news alert the parade tragedy in wisconsin claiming oh 6 victim as that he-year-old boy dies from his injuries. the community says progress of policies are responsible for leaving the violent offender on the streets. jillian: the tragic details. >> reporter: jackson sparks died from his injuries following the vehicle is a comedy waukesha christmas parade. the sixth victim warned by a shocked community after darrell brooks's red suv barrel through
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the parade injuring 6 people. two police officer who tried to stop them said the act was intentional. waukesha judge kevin costello setting bail at $5 million calling it extraordinarily high for extraordinarily big case. >> the nature of this offense is shocking. i've not seen anything like this in my very long career. >> reporter: brooks faced lower bail just days before the attack after being arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face and running her over in a gas station parking lot. is bond for that attack just $1,000. local residents left stunned. >> no reason somebody should be that low with that serious a crime. he was let out too low. >> something needs to change. >> can't believe that was the situation but apparently it was.
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>> reporter: residents blaming progress in milwaukee da john chisholm who said in 2007 he is aware radical bail reform could lead to increased homicides. he said is that going to be an individual put into treatment programs is going to go out and kill somebody, guaranteed it is guaranteed to happen. the sixth intentional homicide charges expected within days following a child's death. meanwhile several children and adults remain in critical condition at area hospitals. >> of blm militants is the deadly attack in waukesha could be the start of a revolution after the not guilty verdict of kyle rittenhouse. >> we will see what they say about why this happened. it is possible the revolution has started.
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they believe this has to do with the verdict. >> police have not commented on a possible motive for darrell brooks, two officers present at the parade say the attack was intentional. >> dan bondgino accuses progressive the prioritizing models over law-abiding citizens. >> they always talk as if the situation we are in in terms of how the criminals see it. got to take care of people crossing the border illegally, the criminals in jail may have to post cash bail, can't have that. what about the people having to finance 100,000 people a crossing into the country illegally? what about them? nobody ever ever says what about the tax paying law-abiding hard-working moms and dads, do they matter?
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>> reporter: on the heels of the wisconsin parade tragedy alexandria ocasio cortez and progressives are ramping up the fight against high cash bail saying it is contributing to a humanitarian crisis in some prisons. >> the white house trying to distance themselves from michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib who is pushing a bill that would close all federal prisons. >> the president does not support abolishing prisons or defunding the police measures like that, he will not support legislation that includes it. todd: jen psaki saying there is common friends -- commonsense prison reform and without advocate defunding law enforcement. will: the white house responding to an exclusive interview with kyle rittenhouse. >> it is actual malice defame my character to say something like that. mister president, if i could say one thing to you i would urge you to go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement.
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>> jen psaki refusing to retract biden, labeling a white supremacist during the campaign. >> what the president apologized to the acquitted kenosha shooter kyle rittenhouse for suggesting online and on tv that he is a white supremacist? >> this is about a campaign video release last year that use donald trump's own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white supremacists. >> it's not clear if rittenhouse will take legal action against those he feels later his character. todd: president biden has left the building, he's not bill this, the president leaving for thanksgiving just hours after tapping the strategic petroleum reserve to combat skyrocketing gas prices. carley: uses family should rest easy on the state of inflation. griff jenkins in washington with more on his speech and more on the economic threat as well. >> reporter: millions of americans feeling pain at the
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pump the president says help is on the way that even he admits this won't bring immediate relief. >> combined actions will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight but will make a difference. my efforts to combat climate change is not raising the price of gas. >> reporter: afterwards no time for questions. >> thank you for your time and effort. i will have plenty of time to talk to you. >> when will you answer our questions, sir? >> reporter: the president touching down on nantucket where the first family will spend thanksgiving, standing at a billionaires compound sitting on 14 acres leaving some wondering if scranton joe is out of touch with americans as his energy secretary appeared flat-footed, unaware of current us oil consumption rate. >> how many barrels of oil does the us consumer they? >> don't have that number.
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>> reporter: is 18 million barrels a day last year raising questions over how much impact this release will have. joe manchin says today's release from the strategic petroleum reserve is an important policy band-aid but does not solve the self-inflicted wound that shortsighted energy policy is having on the nation. and donald trump also weighing in. >> 75 million barrels and fill up 75 million, now the biden administration wants to take the strategic reserves and use that to artificially force down the price of gasoline and gas. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: we don't expect public events from nantucket today but the debate continues on where the present have climate policies are outweighing his climate policies. jillian: president biden's war
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on american energy hurting the economy? >> pre-pandemic we were producing 13 million barrels a day. that is when the economy was closed, 11 million barrels a day but since the economy is reopened with strong growth, we are still only producing around 11 million barrels a day. why is that? as usual, mister biden is playing the blame game, blame the saudi's, blame opec, blame russia, wayne gas stations, blame america. price gouging, excess profits, always the rallying cry of the progressive left who hate profits. markets love profits. business and the economy grow through higher profits. profits are the mothers north of stocks and the lifeblood of the economy. jillian: gas prices have risen by 61% since president biden took office one year ago.
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todd: mainstream media completely ignoring the un bombshell report that says hunter biden's investment firm held a chinese company to buy one of the world's most look at of cobalt minds from an american company. a stunning report, 0s across the board. cnn, msnbc, nbc, ignoring the story completely. if china put troops in mexico the national security implications would be great. i imagine every member of the mainstream media would cover that but they are ignoring the massive national security implications, by comparison for implicated in this deal. when trump was involved, every
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time russia, donald trump was compromised with a week adversary, china on the other hand is very powerful. carley: a cobalt mine in the condo and the company hunter biden founded helps transfer the company from america to china and one of the ways china wants to become a dominant superpower ever taking america, and rare earth minerals, cobalt being one of them, cobalt goes into electric batteries to go all electric and where would we be getting those batteries from? china. >> china wants to overtake us but this administration seems blasé about that.
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we can be number 2. america is number one. and not only to china, not only will china -- >> his son's business dealings isn't true, the business associates a year ago. joe conger will weigh in on the mainstream media's silence on this important story. todd: nba player in china critic urging, the upcoming beijing olympics. >> the hypocrisy of sports stars for being outspoken on certain headlines.
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>> reporter: some athletes talking about chinese human rights abuses, others not so much. am after can tour is calling on countries around the world to skip the 2022 olympics in china. can't or who plays for the boston celtics, war shoes in recent game and talked about league are muslims in china. had this to say about a small controversy that erupted afterwards. >> should be morals and principles, people's life depends on it and it is so important, so many young generation author, - >> lebron james remained silent on china to comment on that. the trial of kyle rittenhouse, faking tears in court. china remains under pressure when it comes to sports. the women's tennis association is threatening to pull tournaments from the country over the recent situation with feng shui, the tennis star being silenced. this comes down to money and relations and infantry's around
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the world have serious deficiencies ahead of the x next year. jillian: thank you. todd: we are joining "fox and friends" for a live interview later this morning. keep the dial tuned. >> asking federal court to move ahead with the work claims rule requiring vaccination against covid 19. the centerpiece of the administration to contain the spread of covid 19. republican state attorneys general certain organizations and some businesses argue osha lacked authority to mandate vaccines. todd: mental health days for burned-out staff. parent scrambling to home educator find babysitters for kids in schools cancel class for the entire week. 858 school districts, 8080
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individual schools schedule disruptions and personal experience, look at my eyes when your kids can't go to school and you take the reins, i am exhausted. carley: california dealing with a crime wave targeting stores from walgreens but don't call it looting. todd: a jampacked 2 hours ahead of you. joe concha, bill mcgurn, joining us live on thanksgiving eve version of "fox and friends first".
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>> 9 people facing felony charges following a string of smash and grab stores across san francisco but the district attorney criticizing the police for making a handful of arrests despite reports of 100 people being involved. some are criticizing the use of the word looting saying it is racist. san francisco's mayor. cutting off traffic will curb crime. officials blocking roads around the union square shopping district meeting wednesday
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shoppers can go to the area. . saying san francisco will beef up its presence in the area, quote, for the foreseeable future. >> the most important question of the day, is santa claus still coming to town? supply chain issues taking a toll on the country as toys and other goods waiting to unload at clogged ports. toy company's ceo, is our holiday shopping season in serious jeopardy. >> we are doing the best we can, 9 of 10 best toys, but unfortunately we are not going to be able to meet the demand because we had 700 containers in long beach.
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there is a shortage this christmas especially with all of that. >> they will not be loling when they don't get there lol. there are 50 ships at the ports of los angeles and long beach and record containers waiting time at la ports. these are not getting unloaded. or any of them working? >> the drop in the bucket and thing people are talking about, the skyrocketing information going on and christmas is always on december 20 fifth. after december 2, '05, the products at the ports.
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there is going to be a major, major blood, merchandise come january, could turn into a recession. todd: what should the biden administration be doing to solve this right now? >> they could have done something back in january, talked about it in january. the secretary of transportation, even made the trip to the ports to see how bad things are and what else they can do. todd: they should have seen the warning sign, they are the administration and have access to the numbers, should seen this coming. november 2, '04, carly express we are one month from christmas
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eve. we are excited about that for the fun aspect of it. our parents at this point too late if they want gifts for their kids, those especially high in demand gifts? >> multiple prices from these $48.99 all the way to $200 for the omg house. today, friday, next weekend, to buy what kids or grandkids want. otherwise they will be paying a lot more for them. >> the older december 20 fourth the day before christmas.
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wish you the best of luck. thank you so much. >> 23 after the hour. aoc and dozens of other democrats pushing the same liberal bail laws that put the waukesha massacre suspect back on the street. doug huygens is one democrat who doesn't agree with that and he joins us next.
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>> an autopsy revealing brian laundrie died by self-inflicted gunshot wounds, disappearing soon after returning home to florida without his girlfriend gabby petitoh who was found in wyoming park in september a month after she was last seen. brian laundrie's parents turned in the gun to police but one was
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missing, gabby petitoh's family says other charges related to her death for, quote, additional individuals could becoming. jury deliberations in the ahmaud arbery trial, they did not reach a verdict, they told the judge they wanted to work into the night but% home in said, three men accused of killing the 25-year-old last year. before the court wrapped up, members of the clergy gathered for a moment of silence and vigil outside the courthouse. carley: members of the squad getting heat over their crusade for, justice reform, critics, them tone deaf for making a bail reform push yet expressing no outrage after a suspect out on bail allegedly killed five adults and a child a christmas parade in wisconsin. former democratic new york state assemblyman joins me to discuss and the timing is unbelievable. a day after the waukesha attack aoc makes a massive push for
1:30 am
bail reform. this is important because progressives do have influence over the democratic party. if she gets her way, what happens to the country? >> it is beyond belief what is going on. these elected officials should be arrested for negligence. they are responsible for caring more about the criminals than the civilians, you and me and everyone else. people being arrested again and again back into the streets. what does that do to law enforcement and the rest of us, they are pathetic. it is shameful, it is disgusting what is going on. people committing crimes again and again, 50 pages of records of crimes committed before the individual in wisconsin, $5 million bail, those people
1:31 am
who were murdered by this individual, you know who is responsible? the da should be arrested for what happened. carley: we have a quote from milwaukee district attorney john kesselman who said in 2007, is there going to be an individual i put in a treatment program who is going to go out and kill somebody? you bet, he says, guaranteed, it is guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. i think it does invalidate the overall approach in this guy having the audacity to say we need to look into and investigate why the waukesha massacre suspect was released on $1,000 was look at your own policies. he stated quite clearly there. >> these radical democrats are
1:32 am
just pathetic in their behavior. it is beyond comprehension what these individuals are doing. they are murderers. i'm sorry to say this but i wish someone in his family was victimized by criminals. i wonder if they would have the same attitude about letting these criminals out into the streets - carley: the deck you are trying to make and i hear you is everybody should be protected which is why it is so notable when members of the squad come out and advocate for defunding the police and then we find out they have their own private security which they are entitled to have their own private security because nobody wants anybody to get hurt but everybody should be afforded the same level of protection.
1:33 am
>> it is unbelievable hypocrisy absolutely. what about me? what about you? what about everybody else? these criminals who walk the streets who have been charged with crime after crime after crime, they care about the criminals. what about the rest of society? what about law-abiding citizens who are following the law? we are being victimized, shame on them. >> you are democrat and you don't agree with this progressive push when it comes to criminal justice reform. what do you think the logic is among progressives in your party that feel like they are doing the right thing and feel they are doing a morally just thing, what is it about this that makes them feel that way? >> i don't know what makes them feel that way, they have pity for the bad guys in society. i understand that but the rest of us are suffering as a result.
1:34 am
why doesn't rashida tlaib and lobar. i start with the next using to view, she wants to free all federal prisoners in 10 years. she was smirking, laughing. it was a pathetic moment. i am a democrat but very disappointed, the democratic party is literally committing suicide by following people like rashida tlaib, omar and the liberal das in different parts of the country who care more about the criminals, they care more about the criminals than you and me and the rest of society. this must stop. carley: it is so backwards and you see it when you look at the spike in the crime in new york city in cities across the country, completely understand your outrage.
1:35 am
appreciate it. todd: 34 minutes after the hour, one year ago president biden declared america is back and ready to lead the world, afghanistan chaos and open borders have become headlines of his foreign-policy. is that what america needs? we are talking to corey mills next. plus. >> people i am standing next to. carley: did biden snub vice president harassing and? another sign of division in the democratic party? ♪♪ ♪♪ [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class. ♪
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yeah, it rocks.
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>> andy biggs joining the western state sheriffs association of alejandro mayorkas who with republican colleague support the association position of no-confidence in mayorkas a the ongoing border crisis, lawmakers writing, quote, since appointments we've seen his policies enacted the are personal, political ideologies that dismantle a we call on president biden to the appropriate steps to remove secretary mayorkas. donald trump slamming the biden administration's handling of afghanistan on hannity. >> biden should never have
1:40 am
allowed the withdrawal to happen the way happened. i got us down to 2500 soldiers and we were totally secure. they were not touching us. i told them you can't do it, i don't go into great detail but they knew they better not mess around and we were going to get american citizens out first and others the deserve to come out not like they did taking hundreds of thousands of people out of afghanistan, have no idea who they are. >> 13 us service others lost their lives during the final days of the us exit. todd: despite record shattering illegal immigration and botched withdrawal in afghanistan it was last year president biden touted his national security team as top-notch. >> america is back, ready to lead the world, not retreat from it, ready to confront adversaries and not reject our allies, stand up for our values.
1:41 am
>> florida congressional candidate jointly with his take. happy thanksgiving. has in the biden team done exactly the opposite of what he said he was going to do in that soundbite? >> america is not back. the states are back. this is because of people like secretary mayorkas who has allowed millions of illegal aliens to come across who are cartels committing human trafficking, hundreds of thousands of lives in america lost because of the opioid crisis flowing through our borders, the afghan debacle, i was in afghanistan during the withdrawal with 13 us service members who were killed, trying to help americans. the first successful overland rescue of a mother and her children from texas, texas native left behind but this is
1:42 am
far, adversaries thriving, one of the great existential threats thriving. iran enriching its nuclear capabilities with 60% measures in the south china sea. a national security humanitarian, the biden administration has done nothing to stop that. >> members of the national security team, familiar names, merrick garland, anthony blinken, lloyd austin, kenneth mckenzie. were these bad choices or were they following bad biden policies and making them not successful. >> these were supposed to be individuals advising the president on security measures. these are people looking over the policies on the domestic and immigration and foreign policies.
1:43 am
there is some trickle-down coming through. mark millie demonstrated he would rather focus on critical race theory than winning wars. secretary mayorkas claims the borders are closed but we have 1.7 million people in, general boyd who had no actual strategic thought on how to withdraw in afghanistan closing bagram, left one airfield open, we could have had two plus 40,000 people in bagram airbase which they have taken control of, batteries for renewable cars so it is a duplicate of not only failed people to advise policies, and foreign policy which shouldn't be a surprise as the former dod secretary said biden is the only individual who is 100% wrong on foreign-policy. >> china to the border,
1:44 am
afghanistan. every action of this administration has made us markedly less safe over the course of the last 10 months than we were during the previous four years. my question, why would the president is number one job is to ensure the safety and security of america will, why would the president of the united states make his own country less safe? >> let's go back to that one year ago, the video you showed talked about meritocracy, identity politics, the youngest national security adviser, between democratic socialist agenda, what keeps america safe and america last agenda, the biden administration sitting over 50 million barrels of oil
1:45 am
reserves, as opposed to supporting the american people so this is about identity politics, why afghanistan failed and did not meet the agreement trump put in place but opponents like mine, stephanie murphy, democratic socialist who are trying to do that. it is a. todd: learning how to fight, not the other crap you mentioned. we appreciate your time, have a happy thanksgiving. carley: the time is 45 minutes after the hour. the restaurant owners of done everything they could to keep doors open surviving the pandemic and the lockdown policies that came with it. now they are praying the thanksgiving crowd will help put them back on track. we are talking to one of those business owners next.
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todd: did it get a little chilly in here? president biden appearing to give vice president kamala harris the cold shoulder while they were volunteering at soup kitchens. didn't seem to include his vice president standing beside him. >> president biden: people i am standing next to. carley: he likes that guy, no mention of the vice president. cold shoulder, hot soup. todd: the president hardly acknowledging his number 2 during the visit amid rumors of a growing rift in the west wing. maybe he was just into. the reelection arm of the house gop, adding 13 members to its so-called democratic set list was you see on screen for the group underscoring the inflation crisis in a new way holding democrats responsible for soaring prices on everyday items.
1:51 am
>> turkey, apple pie, gas, democrats reckless spending has made everything costs more. congressman dan, we can't afford this. todd: it yelled rolls. aiming to oust 70 democrats from the house in the 2022 midterms. carley: dinner rolls are up 50% from last year, 16 pound turkey up 24%, cranberries 11%, pie shells everything is more expensive. todd: what stood out to me, did you see the three new york folks. i think the republicans are looking at what happened in new jersey, virginia and saying to themselves we kind of ignore new york and blue states but don't put all our efforts into it. maybe this year we will try harder. carley: you think it is inflation?
1:52 am
crime? i think this -- the biden administration poll numbers turnaround after the afghanistan withdrawal. then it was emphasized by how expensive things were getting, gas prices but the afghanistan withdrawal and national security issues were the tipping point the changed things for president biden. it depends on the state you are talking about. in virginia it is education. in new jersey it is the economy. we talk to a bunch of people after it almost went to the republican candidate governors race and they said it was taxes. we are both from new jersey. it just depends but it is a myriad of issues and it could be a problem. todd: all those issues forced the matter and at the end of the
1:53 am
day. carley: restaurant owners in new york crossing their fingers hoping for big crowds on thanksgiving to help recover ongoing losses caused by the pandemic. joining me is the chief culinary officer in new york city. got hungry saying the name of the restaurant. i am wondering, all your hopes riding around thanksgiving, if the cost of things because things are so expensive, will that keep people away and not want to go out to eat? >> i don't think so. we are seeing people coming out but when they come are they in a celebratory mood? are they willing to go forward on the wine or whatever? we have a lot of reservations. i'm hopeful.
1:54 am
carley: glad you have reservations but because of reservations are you going to order enough food? we heard from so many restaurant owners that we order this and we get that and i am wondering how that is affecting how you are planning for thanksgiving? >> we had to be super creative, get turkeys, typically i go with one but they are rationing right now so you can get 15 from here, 10 from over there. you have to put it together to get what you need and it is like you just have to take whatever - a small one or whatever, you are at the whim. >> restaurants were shut down so long in new york city because of the pandemic and who knew last year that we would be looking at
1:55 am
a trifecta of economic crises, supply chain or labor issues or inflation and i am wondering you want to make up for those losses with thanksgiving but will restaurants ever fully be able to recover? >> that is kind of a myth. we have to move on. you are never -- restaurants don't make money exponentially like that. you can never recoup all the loss. your landlords, everyone has to accept we turn the page on some level and some people are okay with it and a lot of people aren't. carley: you've got to move on and hopefully having turkey and mashed potatoes and all the things that make thanksgiving so great. thank you for joining us and preparing for thanksgiving. appreciate it.
1:56 am
todd: joe concha, mcgurn, brent berg. don't go anywhere.
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>> not only try to stop this but rendered an opinion that this was an intentional act. >> there are not words for what this presents to our community. todd: november 2, '04, career criminal darrell brooks charged with multiple counts of intentional homicide and held a $5 million bond as an 8-year-old little boy because the sixth victim of the waukesha pareto tax. >> when will you answer our


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