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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 24, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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to money or inflation. they are focused like laser on inflation agenda. carley: you said what is concerning for inflation in the future. >> very concerning to say the least. carley: you ares best. todd: happy thanksgiving. carley: thanksgiving eve. who would have thunk it "fox & friends" right now. >> a child has not died from injuries. >> community says progressive policies are responsible. >> have you ever noticed how the left always talk about how the criminals see it. what about the tax paying law abiding hardworking moms and dads, do they matter? >> the system can destroy someone who they know doesn't deserve to be destroyed. it's sickening. >> never should have been put through that that was prosecutorial misconduct. >> new bail in new york would allow illegals to vote in elections. >> they are trying to abolish citizenship, abolish borders, abolish the concept of sovereignty itself.
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>> biden refused to take questions. >> i don't have time to talk to. >> you why won't you answer our questions, sir? >> he just seems so out of touch. by blowing off the press again, he also doesn't seem to care. >> 3, 2, 1 lift off. first ever planetary defense. >> launched a spacecraft, trying to slam into an asteroid in an attempt to knock the space rock slightly off course. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the parade tragedy in wisconsin claiming a sixth victim as a little boy i dos from his injuries. steve: heart breaking. the community is stunned to hear the suspect was out on bail after another vehicle attack. brian: this story is just beginning. todd piro is live with the tragic story as we get more and more details. hey, todd. todd: a horrible update this morning, guys, 8-year-old jackson sparks dying from his injuries following the attack on the waukesha christmas parade on
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sunday. the sixth victim now being mourned by shocked community after darrell brooks drove his red suv through the parade, injuring at least 60 others. two police officers are ho tried to stop brooks say the attack was intentional. waukesha judge costello setting bond at $5 million calling it extraordinarily high for an extraordinarily big case. >> the nature of this offense is shocking. i have not seen anything like this in my very long career. todd: get, this brooks faced much lower bail days before the attack after being arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face and then running her over in a gas station parking lot. his bond for that attack, just $1,000. local residents stunned. >> there's no reason somebody should be that low with that serious of crime felony. he was let out way too low. >> something needs to change. >> i can't believe that that was
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the situation that apparently it was. >> and listen to this, all this coming as a member of milwaukee's black lives matter claims the attacks appear to signal a revolution. >> how is it possible that the revolution has started in wisconsin. starting with the christmas parade. person reached out it me said they believed that this has to do with the verdict. >> a sixth intentional homicide charge is expected within days following the child's death. meantime several children and adults remain in critical condition at area hospitals. our thoughts and prayers go out to them, steve, ainsley, and brian back to you. steve: indeed. todd, thank you very much. his bail set at $5 million. a lot of people are really furious in waukesha because they say are you kidding? 5? he should no bail there should be no opportunity for him to get out. the cover of the "new york post" says right here bail madness,
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woke d.a., who freed wisconsin suspect, you bet somebody is going to be killed by my reforms. because when you look at the guy who won the d.a. job back in 2007, he made it very clear he was going to be progressive and he was going to change things. ainsley: john chisholm is his name. and he is saying we're going to conduct an internal investigation. really? do you think the parents or do you think. steve: why so low? ainsley: because bail was set so low. back in 2007 he had an interview with the milwaukee journal sentinel. this is what he said: is he going to be an individual i divert or put into treatment program who is going to go out and kill somebody in you bet. guaranteed. it's guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. brian: right. he goes on to say that he considers himself a leader, a trailblazer. he claims to have inspired a wave, we have talked about this, of progressive prosecutors in
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boston, philadelphia, st. louis, san francisco. and i could add in los angeles. and i would love to know if that -- if his candidacy back in 2007 not only did he inspire others to do this and they adopt his programs, these horrible programs of permissiveness in these cities, no cash bail. but i would love to know who is funding those other d.a.s or prosecutors who want to be just like him. steve: well, here's the thing. the goal of this guy from the beginning was to divert nonviolent offenders to presumes to give them a second chance. first of all, mr. brooks was not nonviolent. he has got a history. it goes back to 1999. he's got a rap sheet, what, 50 pages long? ainsley: abusing women. getting a 15-year-old girl pregnant. brian: beating up cops. steve: if the goal was to convert nonviolent offenders this guy was violent. he got a second chance, he got about 20 second chances.
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brian: i love this adding to the humanity and i don't know how -- i know that's her job, your job is to represent him, not put your arm around him. how could you put your arm around that mutant. here's the thing. did you see this 10-year-old who spoke to her uncle over the phone? she asked how are you doing? said she has a broken pelvis, lost a kidney. lacerated lung. her uncle related this story. i just want the doctors glue me back together. that is the humanity of it. another child lost. this child is trying to put her body back together. asked her uncle to do it. it's almost as if the adults have let the children down and the seniors down when you think about the dancing genesee.'s happening in everr city. the only people to benefit are the criminals. here is dan bongino. >> they always talk about the
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situation we're n terms of how the criminals see it. oh my god, we got to take care of people crossing the border illegally. oh my gosh, the criminal is in jail. they may have to post cash bail. we can't have that what about the people they mugged. what about the people violence having to finance 100,000 plus people a month crossing illegally? what about them? nobody ever on the left, sean, says hey, what about the tax paying law abiding tax paying moms and dads, do they matter? ainsley: what about jackson sparks this 8-year-old little boy. front two teeth are out, just lost his teeth. precious young kid. brother recovering from road rash and fractured skull. what about 79-year-old dancing begany. leann owen 17 years old. durand 52 years old. hospel, the husband. what about the bank worker jane kuehl listen 82 years old
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walking by her company's float. steve: i read the criminal complaint this morning. the criminal complaint had the chilling observation from an officer who watched brooks pass. there were a number of times he could have exited off of the parade route. but, instead, he just floorld it and killed as many people. apparently he was zigzagging as if to hit more people. this is extraordinary. you know that one video. the first video that came out, it was from the livestream of the town where you see the car zoom by and then you see a cop about 10 seconds later running down. turns out that is waukesha detective tom casey. he had heard that this red ford escape was coming toward the parade route. he was dressed in full uniform. he stepped in front of -- okay so there goes the vehicle. and then you see the cop a little while later apparently. that's the loop without the cop. he was in full uniform, safety vest, he stepped in front of the escape. he pounded on the hood and yelled stop, symptom, stop. a number of times but the car didn't stop.
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instead, turned on to main street, brushed the detective. and casey chased on foot. at first he thought the driver simply might be lost but then, of course, later the eyewitnesses along the route said he was zigzagging toward people trying to kill as many people as he could. >> what's heart breaking about this is it's thanksgiving tomorrow. and all of these folks have passed away and they were just at a christmas parade. we heard jingle bells. we can all relate to this. we have all gone to hometown parades this guy should have been behind bars. that is what is so sad. how does this d.a. justify what he said? i know there are going to be people that die because of this. but this is the right thing to do. really? what about -- as dan bongino was saying, what about the lives of the victims? what about their parents? they will never be the same. brian: you talk about remorse of criminals. this guy is caught on ring doorbell with footage from the homeless daniel ryder, i'm homeless, i just called an uber.
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do you think i can wait here this guy says okay. do you want a sandwich. gives him a sandwich. all of a sudden cops start pulling up they realize who he is. remorseless criminal still looking to get away. know what is it is like to be in prison. on and off since 1999. runs over a girlfriend, goes after cops when he sees them. and now is going to go back to jail, we think, for the rest of his life. what the scary thing is, this isn't a one off. we are not out of the woods yet. the left wing is doubling and tripling down on prison reform. wanting to empty the prisons in 10 years in this ridiculous act. aoc is claiming everyone is languishing not getting their day in court and wants to empty out rikers island we are keeping people in there without charging them which is blatantly not true. steve: here in new york, there is no cash bail. but wisconsin has not gotten rid of cash bond. but instead the prosecutor simply in the d.a.'s office in milwaukee simply asked for lower
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amounts as i said earlier they are trying to give people a second chance. >> this d.a. starts reforming cash bail criminalizes port on his website. do you want to go? steve: go ahead, finish your thought. >> on his website he inspires a wave of progressive prosecutors a bold reformer with a track world of keeping our community safe. really? steve: and i think, to your point, ainsley, i think the community is sick and tired of it. at the just saw what happened in wisconsin. are we going to let that happen here? people need to talk to their elected officials and say, you know what? that's not a very good idea. because, look what can happen. look how people can die. ainsley: everyone kept saying they are going to regret this do you know what's going to happen? it will be chaos. steve: we told this. brian: president biden through jen psaki we don't support deal fund the police. we don't support letting criminals out of prison in 10 years. more people like joe manchin, harlgd ford and tulsi gabbard the democratic party would be
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much more formidable. instead they're cratering. tulsi gabbard who was a presidential candidate, listen. >> we are headed down a very dangerous path and right alongside that down this dangerous path is the fact that we have politicians. we have activist judges. we have prosecutors who are not enforcing the law. people trying to defund the police. people who have really screwed up priorities who seem to be more interested in caring more about protecting criminals than actually protecting our community, which is really the most fundamental basic responsibility of our government is to keep our people and our communities safe. and what we are seeing now as a result of these screwed up priorities, tucker, is anarchy, chaos, and people getting hurt and loss of life on our streets. brian: republicans should take advantage of this go right to the inner cities. don't say the urban community doesn't vote for us go.
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in and offer alternative to keep them safe with law and order in a way which would resonate. ainsley: how sorry do you feel for the mother of his child who he allegedly punched, who he allegedly run over? i mean. steve: had tire tracks on her. ainsley: doesn't matter what community you are from. if you are abusing woman. statutory rape for a 15-year-old. you belong behind bars. make all communities safe. steve: we could possibly be at a tipping point people look at their community do we do that here? if we do i don't know it's safe that safe. ainsley: common sense. do the right thing. steve: we saw what happened in the suburbs outside of washington, d.c. regarding critical race theory and all that other stuff. it's like wait a minute, i don't think i'm going to be content just sitting at home listening to the school board tell my kids they are going to run their lives. i'm going to start going to the school board so they know what i think. ainsley: what if you are the community.
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you rely on the d.a. steve: you talk to the politicians about changing the law. if they change the law. otherwise, for instance, in wisconsin, they didn't change the laws. they still have cash bail. but the prosecutors just have set the bar so low so the nonviolent people can get a second chance. brian: here is what is scary, no one else is really covering this story. they basically checked out of this basic story yesterday. and the focusing on kyle rittenhouse who they believe is a racist which doesn't hold up if you actually saw the trial. but that's what they're doing. the hunter biden story the "new york times" writes no one touches it. this story they report of the cash knowledge numbers they move on. because they don't like it. because this guy, caught on tape, a raging racist himself, if you watch some of that video. that he posts on his social media. >> you know, brian, we were the only channel that covered critical race theory and that became a big issue in the state of it commonwealth of virginia. and that changed a lot. >> that's a good point. >> this is a tipping point.
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you see little 8-year-old boy who just died be, oh my goodness. something is afoot. and let's home that people are wising up. >> i'm write riding down fifth avenue they have christmas music playing. and honestly, this is yesterday after all of this happened, i'm coming into work. i'm like i can't even appreciate that because all these people were just run over. and tomorrow is thanksgiving. and i have so much to be grateful for but i cannot help but have a heavy heart. steve: absolutely. you are not alone. ainsley: 6:15. coming up next, more from the exclusive kyle rittenhouse interview. what the acquitted teen has to say about the prosecutor who brought politics into this case. brian: plus, the administration's new push for workplace vaccine mandates. joe biden firing back. after a court after court after court shuts him down. ♪ ♪
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act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. carley: we are back with headlines, autopsy reveals brian laundrie died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. the 23-year-old disappeared soon after returning home from florida without his girlfriend gabby petino. petino's body was found in a wyoming park in september a month after she was last seen. this as we are learning during the investigation laundrie's parents turned over all their guns to police except for one that was missing. petino's family attorney says other charges related to her death were, quote: additional individuals could be coming. the biden administration issuing
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an emergency appeal to reinstate a mandate for employees at large companies to be vaccinated against covid or face weekly testing. an appeals court blocking the rule last week, amid suits from multiple statements who claim the mandate sun constitutional. the white house saying the rule is a workplace safety issue. a live look at hartfield jackson international airport as the busiest travel day of the year gets underway. nearly 60 million americans expected to travel for thanksgiving this year. 20 million are expected to travel by plane. as an additional 48 million people will hit the road. those are your headlines, a lot of people using a lot of gas and it's very exiive. steve: planes, trains and automobile. brian: thanks, carley. one of the most unappreciated things about kyle rittenhouse's interview two days ago with tucker carlson. he had another cut yesterday on his show was the fact that he was taken advantage of not only by the process by his original
3:22 am
attorneys, lin wood and the other attorney kept limb in prison despite raising $2 million on his name he said that's where he will be safer. talked about the conditions in there the guy says said he didn't shower for 89 days he would. i didn't feel comfortable there was no running water in his one room as he stood there. can you imagine being in prison for self-defense awful, and the people representing you are actually just raising money on you and saying it's the best place for you to be because you -- the only place you could be safe, that has to be examined and looked at. i guess one attorney is going after the other. the other is the way the prosecution went about their job. steve: well, during the case. keep in mind, we all know that he was acquitted on friday. found not guilty of all the charges. that's the assistant district attorney right there. brian: binger. steve: during the trial we saw the judge admonish him a couple of times including the fact that he brought up kyle rittenhouse chose to remain silent until
3:23 am
now. he has fifth amendment protections. and the judge pointed that out. and chewed him out on that. and also said, you know, pre-trial thing. they said you cannot talk about that tiktok video where kyle rittenhouse was discussing different things. you cannot do it. but he brought it up. so that is why the defense said, you know what? we're going to ask for a mistrial with prejudice, which would mean that they would throw the case out and he could never be tried again. of course, ultimately, the jury acquitted him so they didn't have to worry about that. ainsley: in kenosha an hour away from where that christmas parade happened. thomas binger is the assistant d.a. and kyle rittenhouse called him a corrupt person. here's a little bit more of tucker's interview. watch. >> the assistant district attorney binger is a corrupt person who just wants to make a name for himself and not look at the facts. he is the prosecuting attorney that wants to make a name for himself and he is supposed to
3:24 am
speak the truth and nothing but the truth. but he decided he want odd to lie and put me in prison for the rest of my life for defending myself. >> tucker: i mean, that must be shocking for you as a kid to realize the system can destroy someone who they know doesn't deserve to be destroyed just for political reasons. >> it's sickening. because this is a case that never -- that shouldn't have -- this is a case that has nothing to do with politics but politics were brought into it for people's own agenda. brian: the other thing that was brow brought up, too. by the way, this guy is extremely articulate. he actually knows the jargon and whether a to say and what not to say. steve: that's why they put him on the stand. brian: this is totally unscrinted this is the questions. ainsley: especially for his age 18 years old. brian: the only thing i would add, and i can't remember one night is bleeding into the other. but the fbi had drone video.
3:25 am
the fbi drone video was over the entire time. and the video that he got he goes into detail was pixilated. ainsley: granny. >> at the last minute they found out this information -- the different video between what the fbi released and what they actually got, they knocked it down, where you would see nothing but self-defense the entire time. now, the question is, shouldn't they be angst ised for doing that i know they are in the back stretch. the jury is sequestered. the prosecutors withholding video, withholding information about jump man this guy is a multiple -- this guy is almost a career criminal jump man. this trying to kill him. trying to jump in his face. when you find out about his background, no, no. don't worry about his background. as soon as they found out who he is. between this video, you just wonder about this whole process. can you imagine if we weren't looking at this trial, how many other trials are as corrupt as this? or is this guy.
3:26 am
ainsley: i thought the same thing. what else are they withholding? how often does this happen? kicked in the face? what about the lives involved. steve: here's the thing. the prosecution did give the defense the video. brian: but? steve: they said it's a difference in the side size of the file. the original file was 11 mega bites. they gave him a file that was 3 mega wits. which made it more grainy. are. brian: oops. steve: didn't give the more details until after the evidence closed. brian: oops. steve: former president trump apparently down in mar-a-lago, we don't note circumstances but apparently he met with kyle rittenhouse over the last couple of days. don't know why kyle was in florida maybe after the trial he decided to go to a place where it's warmer. but nonetheless the former president and there is he at mar-a-lago with kyle rittenhouse, had this observation last night with sean
3:27 am
hannity about the case and that kid. rgets really a nice young man. what he went through that was prosecutorial misconducted. he should not have had to had to suffer through a trial for that he was going to be dead. if he didn't pull that trigger. that guy that put the gun to his head in one quarter of a second he was going to pull the trigger. kyle would have been dead. he is a really good young guy. he's 18 years old. just left mar-a-lago a little while ago. he should never have been put through that. that was prosecutorial misconduct. and it's happening all over the united states right now with the democrats. brian: two things donald trump was ahead of on the curve number one naming what was happening there. this kid looks like self-defense. also in kenosha calling up the governor and saying guy beings, i have federal troops. let me send them. in in seattle didn't want them but they were effective. the governor didn't want any part of it all he got was chaos
3:28 am
and later people standing with guns in front of their own buildings and car lots. the other thing was on a side note. the president said if you go ahead and start taking down all these statues how soon do you come after washington and jefferson? big time slave owners, yesterday they took down a jefferson statue. steve: they did here in new york. ainsley: wow. coming up next, new york city wants to give non-citizens the right to vote. double that? brian: you were really reluctant to believe this. your heart is not in it. steve: there it was a type toe. ainsley: we will talk to albanian immigrant dilute the meaning of citizenship. brian: read my tease with conviction. [laughter] brian: plus, joe biden hoping to give the gift of cheaper gas heading into the holidays by tapping the country's oil reserves. we will talk to a former keystone xl pipeline worker who says this is proof we need to drill here at home.
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3:33 am
well, the mainstream media completely ignoring the "new york times" bombshell report that says that hunter biden wants investment firm helped the chinese company buy one of the world's most lucrative co-boot mines from an american company. the reported deal was made back when joe biden was vice president. the stunning report received zero coverage on cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, or nbc but you can hear the details right here. vanessa bryant sharing a sweet moment between her and kobe bryant's. many 4-year-old bianka and dunking on the hardwood practice facility with father's teammate and close friend. bianca also slam dunking with an assist from her father's agent. how cute is that? steve over to you. steve: thank you, carley. >> more than will hundred non-citizens may soon be able to vote in new york city. i think that should be 800,000 will soon be able to vote in new york city. local elections if some
3:34 am
lawmakers get their way. the our city, our vote bill would extend voting rights to green card holders and those with work authorization. but critics, including the current mayor bill de blasio ophelia fear it could have negative consequences. listen. >> i do have reservations so i understand if folks say hey i'm somewhat on the pathway of citizenship. want to ebb courage people to become citizens fully. steve: immigration attorney peter la ahmadinejad came to the united states as a refugee from communist albania. he joins us right now live. you did it the right way. you have become a citizen. what do you think of this thing. >> the democratic are trying to create a permanent underclass in the city.
3:35 am
when you have full command and control and you discourage them from becoming full american citizens we faced that before. government dependence. we were told you can join the welfare lines, you don't have to work we can provide certain benefits for you. weave came for the personal dream. what i mean by this diluting the name of p.m. er relatives i have over here. we got the right to vote and the right to serve on jury duty. we became full citizens and by allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections, what we are doing we have people here that we don't know who they are any controlled the border illegally. get through various venues, may be prosecutorial discretion not being enforced. we have people released from ice employment. daca recipients. people who are going to vote,
3:36 am
actually, they don't have the interest of the american citizens in the city. steve: do you know what it seems like? all the rules that we grew up with the hard and fast rules don't apply anymore. >> that's true. but, i will tell you one thing. if this were the law. a couple of months ago, eric adams would not have been the mayor of the city. this will disseminate the african-american political class what's going to happen with 800,000 new voters in the city, certain ethnic groups, which will benefit certain candidates for office, will remove the other ones who are american citizens, who have been here for generations. this is going to have a very negative it impact on certain ethnic groups. this should not happen in new york. steve: the incoming mayor eric adams supports it. >> that's interesting. because they are supporting the right to vote for non-citizens, but they are not allowing them to run for office. who can say that this is not a
3:37 am
stepping stone for people who are not american citizens to run for office in the city? who can say that they're not going to vote for statewide office? this will open the door to voter fraud to begin with. because we are known in new york city not to be able to run for elections. you saw what happened two months ago, so adding another 800,000 people to the voting roles that we don't know who they are to begin with, is going to calls cause a lot of confusion. going to be chaos and lawlessness. that's typical new york city nowadays. steve: look like it's going to happen. thank you for joining us live. >> good to be here. good to see you. steve: up next, running on empty joe biden hopes trapping the strategic oil reserve will bring down the cost the gas. we will talk to a former pipeline worker who is calling out the president about that. plus, nba star ennis kanter is taking on china. the outspoken nba star joins us live for exclusive morning show interview coming up. ♪ stand up ♪ stand up
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3:43 am
when you heard tap into emergency reserve what were your thoughts. >> well, i just think it proves the people in this industry's point that this country still runs on oil and gas, i mean, we at any time see him tapping the strategic solar and wind reserve, so you know, and if i'm a oil producing country, a member of opec, i'm thinking to myself, you know, see what the united states has done to their own production, now i see them dipping into their reserves, i'm thinking oh we got them now. it's going to get worse. brian: right. why are we asking moscow and saudi arabia and opec to pump more and when they don't act disappointed? why don't we ask americans. release 450 million barrels. okay, that's three days of consumption. and it goes into the global market. so got 18 million barrels. i believe we were producing 20 million in 2018. joe manchin comes out and says i continue to call on president
3:44 am
biden to responsibly increase energy production here at home and reverse course to allow the keystone xl pipeline to be built which would provide our country with 900,000 barrels of oil from canada. why wouldn't we do that? that must really resonate with you but anger you? >> oh, it does. you know, this administration, they don't seem to be solving any problems. you know, a lot of what you hear out of them we need to study the root causes of things. well, i will give you a crash course in the root cause ever the higher energy prices right now. it's not hard to figure out. we have the energy here in this country, when you are not able to build pipelines and move it to where we need it. it does you no good. that's a recipe for higher prices in the democratic party. they are baking the perfect cake so to speak. brian: yeah, so to speak. when you look at the fact that, in particular, when you talk about oil and gas, this president said i'm going to look into gouging. i really think these oil and gas companies if i look at the production, the gas prices are too high.
3:45 am
so i'm going to investigate that do you think we should investigate that? >> well, you know, i have been fortunate enough to set on three different congressional hearings about this problem this year. and, you know, that doesn't need to be investigated. but a lot of the democratic members, they bring up the fact that yeah, we canceled new drilling leases. but you have got millions of acres you could be drilling on. that's true. but the way they have chosen a tact industry, is the transportation side of it they are making it harder to build pipelines no, energy company is going to spend the time to drill if they can't move the product. brian: when you can't drill on federal lands, what does it do to a state like new mexico? >> well, new mexico and north dakota, you know, that's some of their biggest tax revenue comes from oil and gas. you are not only hurting the public with higher, you know, energy prices. you are hurting school districts. social programs that depend on these tax revenues. brian: l and g.
3:46 am
i know it's hard to transport, but even that we are work okay transporting that to europe. they would much rather have us as a client than moscow who is always threatening to shut it off. i think this thing called winter is coming. where are we with l and g getting it to our allies, being that we frac for it? >> we have spent the last decade, especially in the northeast in marcellas shell. pipeline to parts of the country where it's needed the most. we do have projects that are ready to build right now that would export l and g overseas. the administration just doesn't want to give the permits to go ahead with them. brian: he wanted to kill fossil fuels. he guaranteed it now is he pretending like he never said it when his actions show he is actually doing it maybe that message will get through to him on nantucket because i know he
3:47 am
is having thanksgiving with a billionaire. maybe they will talk about that. neil crabtree, thanks so much. i hope you get a call to say the xl pipeline back online. that will be a unifying message. thanks, neil. >> yes, sir. thank you. brian: all right. let's check in with adam klotz for the fox weather forecast. >> feeling a little bit more like the christmas holiday out here on fox square. cooler air funneling in across the entire eastern half of the country. these are your early morning temperatures, right at freezing just above in new york city. dumb to 34 degrees in atlanta this morning. 26 degrees in raleigh. warmer in the middle of the country. but the story here along the east has been that kind of cold snap, these frost and freeze warnings early this morning including the florida big ben over toward the florida panhandle. a lot of folks traveling today, we are all green across the country at our nation's airports. not a big weather systems to be tracking that is good news for travel. those are your weather headlines, brian for now tossing it back in to you.
3:48 am
brian: 40 million going to be behind the wheel driving across the country. meanwhile, thanks, adam. nancy pelosi reportedly the latest to flee california. we will tell you why and where she could be heading coming up. and small business week continues. today we are highlighting a jewelry company tailored to the american mother. ♪ shine bright like a diamond ♪ beautiful like diamonds in the sky ♪ shine bright like a diamond ♪ ney? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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3:52 am
quirls carrier sued by the scc when the outage emergency calls for 12 hours in june 2020. the fcc calling it a complete failure. craft hynes issuing a recall on several powder beverages that could include pieces of metal or glass. the recall impacting certain country time lemonade, tang and arizona tea and kool-aid products sell by dates between may and november 2023. the company says they are working with retailers to get the products off of shelves. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, carley. this week spotlighting a jewelry
3:53 am
line tailored to the american mother aaron pell tone know fine jewelry joins us now. good morning, erin. >> good morning, ainsley, thanks for having me. >> thanks so much coming on. we love your story. american mother of three. you are married to richard. and you were an engineer. and then you left your career to start this jewelry line after your brother passes away. tell us what happened. what caused that change? >> yeah, it was just a pivotal time in my life. and i decided i had always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and wanted to do something more creative. and it was just time in my life, my brother passed away and i had my first baby within a year. and i decided to launch jewelry line that is meaningful and timeless and something that connects us to the people that we love in our lives and in our story. so, jewelry is just a really personal thing that we wear and we hold on to and so i decided
3:54 am
to go for it and launch my jewelry. it's been 10 years now. ainsley: it it so so pretty. look at some of these pictures. >> thank you. ainsley: you can see at the top there is a title mother and children, sisters, and there is a quote underneath it my favorite one you have mom, it doesn't matter where you are, i'm yours. which is i think is so precious. that's a mom, daughter, rose necklace, you have angel wings and crosses, the blessed pendant. mother daughters, you are building meaningful necklaces, and what is so special about this we all have our trials. we all have -- i know you were diagnosed with colon cancer and just finished chief meteorologist know in march and by the grace of god, god bless you. as we get older and our children and parents get older we realize especially during the holidays how special things like this can be. how did you come up with all of these beautiful sayings and the different designs?
3:55 am
>> it evolves over time and comes from my life and inspired by the people i'm close, to my family and my friends ands things that have happened to me in my life. and really after the past year that was a really really challenging year going through cancer diagnosis. it just confirmed that these are the moments that we want to hold on to and remember the people that support us and carry us through and our family and it's nice to feel like you are connected to them all the time no matter where you are. and so that -- each piece has been inspired by something in my life or people in my life. ainsley: i love there are different price points you have sterling silver and 14 karat gold to all the prices range, gems source from u.s. mines, committed to american families and american businesses and partner with american made companies. how important is that for you? >> that's our top priority. >> i love creating timeless jewelry that is top quality. but, also, making sure that we
3:56 am
don't outsource and partner with a casting company. some of the pieces are produced here in my home studio. and then some of the pieces we partner with a casting company in the new york -- actually in the new york area. so we are supporting other small businesses and other small families as we grow our own business. it's really number one for us. ainsley: that's beautiful. really quickly, how did becoming a mom change your life? >> it changed it in just every way possible. and you -- first of all, never realized how much can you actually love someone else. but, i -- they are my life. and they are getting big. i have two teenagers. and a tween. it just goes so quickly. ainsley: i can relate. >> ache mom is the greatest job ever. ainsley: beautiful. thanks, erin. more "fox & friends" coming up.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> families can rest easy. grocery stores are well-stocked. >> what does it say to middle class most expensive cost ever. >> i don't know if you turned a turkey but $1 more. >> claimed a sixth victim. >> hear the suspect was out on bail. >> we are seeing now as a result of these screwed up priorities is anarchy and loss of life. >> if you know, how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume per day? >> i don't have that number in front of me. >> it's an easy number. it took me 15 seconds to find it
4:01 am
out. makes you wonder what they are doing with their time at the energy department. >> thanksgiving travel, it's about to hit a record high. >> 20 million are expected to travel by plane. an additional 8 million will hit the road. ♪ good morning ♪ good morning. brian: miami surrounded by water. don't believe me? there is proof. the mayor, there is two of them. mayor suarez up and coming star on the republican side. the area code is 786. steve: one of them. brian: right. one of them. population of 467,000 and 963, i think one person left yesterday, down to 962. ainsley: everyone leaving a million more going. brian: i know loot of people going to miami. when you go there, you have to be ready to party, i believe. steve: brian, perfect day. today is the biggest party day of the year. brian: at night. ainsley: all cooking and getting ready.
4:02 am
steve: historically the biggest drinking night of the year. particularly because, you know, everybody is home. a lot of high school and college kids are home and they haven't seen people for a while, plus, everybody has got tomorrow off. and thanksgiving dinner, according to what i have read, makes a great hangover cure. carley is laughing over there. brian: what is that ingredient in turkey. ainsley: thattics that you tired. brian: ivermectin? tryptophan. ainsley: makes the mental tired not the women we do the cleaning. it shouldn't be that way but. brian: shouldn't be. ainsley: we actually secretly don't mind it if everybody is in the kitchen. best place to be, so fun. pour another glass of wine over. steve: leads to another glass of wine. ainsley: all talking. steve: do you something burning that's the turkey. ainsley: carley, can i get an amen?
4:03 am
carley: amen. ainsley: women have a lot of fun. brian: being a woman in the traditional sense. ainsley: how long do you have? brian: from my point of view. ainsley: i'm scared, think about what you bore to say. brian: i would rather not. i would rather continue the way i always do. steve: roll tape. brian: vcrs hit record hit both buttons at the same time. if this is the way it is still done where women to to clean and men go to watch. i envy the women we are stuck watching the lions. one tie lost 16 in a row. steve: are you saying you don't clean up after dinner. brian: i'm a busboy by trade. but i was going by your format. ainsley: let me help you out then you don't watch the lions, go into the kitchen. steve: yeah, you don't have to. ainsley: let the women watch the housewives. [laughter] brian: right. by the way, are they still on? ainsley: i don't think -- i have tried to watch the new york one and it's done.
4:04 am
steve: housewives shows. ainsley: only one i really like the one out in california beverly hills. brian: the house ex-wives. steve: thank you for joining us from your house on this the biggest party day of the year. we are about to go somebody who yesterday was asked by the press secretary whether or not he has ever made a turkey. perhaps we will get the answer. brian: interesting. steve: meanwhile, president biden has left the building, breaking for thanksgiving at a billionaire's compound in massachusetts just hours after tapping the strategic petroleum reserve. brian: boss does the president actually do it himself? steve: no. brian: president refusing reporter questions. families should rest easy on the state of inflation, finally. ainsley: peter doocy is live from the white house with more. peter, i know you grew up in a home with parents who have so many cookbooks, i bet you have cooked a turkey, right? pete: i have not cooked a turkey. not from the social media generation. all i see is people trying to deep fry one and there is a big
4:05 am
fire. [gobble] pete: i have great fear trying to do it myself. ainsley: who does it in your house? pete: mom and dad. brian: don't you put the beer in the turkey? steve: there is weird stuff going on in your house? [laughter] so, period, let's talk a little bit about the president and inflation. according to him, things are just fine. peter: right, the president said before he left he knows it's middle class and working class families who sent him here. he says he knows that they are strained right now but he says that he is on it. >> moms and dads are worried asking will there be enough food we can afford to buy for the holidays. families can rest easy, grocery stores are well-stocked with turkey and everything else you need for thanksgiving. peter: look at these price increases just since last year. turkeys up 6.1%. spices up 4.2%, bread up 7%.
4:06 am
eggs up 12.6% and cakes and cupcakes up 5.1. this as the white house celebrated this summer when the cost of a fourth of july barbecue for the whole family fell 16 cents. now prices are way up for a thanksgiving dinner and officials are admitting that while arguing it's not that bad. >> i don't know if you have cooked a turkey before but a 20-pound turkey is a pretty big turkey. they are about $1 more. so not to minimize that, any increases in prices is something the president is concerned about. pete: president biden and his family wake up this morning at the ocean side multimillion dollars compound of a billionaire friend of his in nantucket. it is unclear why the bidens didn't want to get together here or at any of their delaware residents or at camp david. but we do not expect them back at the white house complex until after the holiday. back to you. brian: hey, peter, don't you feel the president put himself on the line basically gifts arrive on time and shelves are
4:07 am
no longer bear? were you surprised to hear that pete. peter: kind of somebody who has been on amazon recently some of the stuff is not set to be delivered. they have these wide windows of deliver riff times. and they are weeks out. weeks apart. and so we'll see. but that's something that clip and save. ainsley: we will survive no big deal i ordered hay ken's halloween costume the beginning of september. still not arrived. brian: halloween over? ainsley: a month ago. steve: as you drive from washington to the new york city area can you stop at that place in baltimore and pick up some of those crab cakes? >> i can do. i will get some old bay. brian: bring a cooler. ainsley: she is up watching this morning. steve: absolutely. ainsley: what's it like for your mom. steve: she was baking cookies all day yesterday. she is busy. ainsley: kathy, we love her.
4:08 am
steve: all right, period, thank you very much. ainsley: happy thanksgiving. steve: by the way, i should point out. peter has never baked a cookie with you peter's wife hillary is great cook. peter: she is. ainsley: prereq in your family, right? peter: last year for covid it was just the two of us. it will be nice to be home with everybody together. brian: all right,. steve: over the river afternoon through the woods stop in baltimore. thanks, peter. brian: 8 minutes after the hour. let's bring in oklahoma governor kevin stith, the governor is part of a group of republican governors deciding to take things into their own hands to try to get the supply chain unstuck. governor, what exactly is the plan to help out the federal government? >> well, i want to talk about turkeys real quick. i mean, i'm going to be smoking a turkey for thanksgiving as well. steve: good idea. sounds delicious. brian: how many hours is that, 8? >> probably so. probably all night long. but it's going to be.
4:09 am
brian: you could have a chief of staff do that. >> that's true. that's true. i should have my chief of staff do that. ainsley: he is a man of the people. he has got to do it himself. >> i got to bring it to my parents' house tomorrow. so it's going to be fun. brian: back to the original question what are you guys looking to do besides take a stand to say you are taking action. what exactly is the action? >> here's the deal. there is a real crisis right now. and it's being -- everybody in america is seeing the increase inflation prices this administration, it feels like they have been here forever. it's been 1 months. inflation is at 30 year high. you know, when you regulate and you overregulate the economy, this is what happens. i'm a businessman, and we have to let the economy unleash it. and deregulate things to get the economy going. so, specifically in oklahoma, permitting processes. we have an auto permitting process in oklahoma. to make sure that we get permits out instead of days or weeks.
4:10 am
>> steve: to your point about the economy, and you are talking a little bit about sitting down for turkey tomorrow. jen psaki said, you know, the average turkey is only $1 more expensive. she doesn't talk about the fact that the cranberry ares a 1.50 more. i bought a pie yesterday that usually was 4 bucks one of those store bought pies it was $6 now. the green bean casserole that everybody makes. ainsley: several ingredients. steve: the soup is $1 more this year than it was the before. thieves are the kinds of things, governor that really impact people. forget about, you know, the cost of the stuff. the cost to fill up the car to go over the river and through the woods to grandma's house. it's 1.50 more this year. >> absolutely. we have all seen that every president since 1973, every administration, republican or
4:11 am
democrat, had an energy independence plan. this administration is asking opec to increase production, we saw -- it's just an absolute political stunt. 50 million barrels of oil is two days supply in the u.s. about two and a half day supply. it will do nothing for price reduction at the pump. oklahoma gets it right. we have an all of the above approach. we are number 6 in oil production. we're number 4 in national guard. e.-natural gas. and wind production. we have some of the cleanest water and air in the country. we have done it without government intervention and without government regulations. first thing this administration did was cancel the keystone xl pipeline. they canceled drilling on federal lands, which would increase supply by 20 percent. this is simple economics. it's supply and demand. right now this administration is choking off supply and then asking opec to increase
4:12 am
production. brian: why not canada or us? >> it's unbelievable. ainsley: governor, are do you ever sit down -- have you had the opportunity i know you come together 15 governors. we have plan and working well for us in oklahoma? >> yeah, i mean, that's the truth. i mean, we have -- our economy is booming in oklahoma. we have the third lowest unemployment in the country. 2.7%. but here's the deal. myself and 26 other governors, we sent a letter to the president asking for a meeting on the border crisis. crickets, nothing. he never responded to half of the governors in the united states of america, and so i went down with governor abbott down to the border. it's preposterous, who doesn't respond to half of your constituents? >> exactly. >> governor, just real quick question. joe biden's releasing 50 millioe has got to look like he is doing something. even though it's going to last for 15 minutes, he has got to
4:13 am
look like he is doing something. it might lower the price 15 cents for three days. >> actually, when he announced that the market had already priced that in. and the rates and the price of oil went up. the same people that this administration thinks that they are helping, they are actually harming. that's what big government does. it harms the middle class. and we're seeing that right now with 30 year highs in inflation. the guy has only been in office for 11 months. think about that. it feels like a lifetime. because we have got 40-year bureaucrats making decisions we need common sense business people. i mean, it's preposterous what they're doing. we have the oil production in oklahoma to be energy independent. instead, we are choking that supply off. and we are asking people that really don't even like us to produce more oil. brian: right. see you 12 governors come up with a plan besides
4:14 am
deregulation, you need specifics, action you guys could all take. your transportation secretary doesn't even go to the ports. took three months off while we have in 90 barges just sitting off the coast of los angeles. >> absolutely. listen. canada has a 13-hour work day on their truck driving. the u.s. has an 11-hour work day. in oklahoma, we have lowered the age to get a cdl to 18 instead of 21. this are absolutely things we can do. there is an 80,000 person work shortage right now in the trucking industry. we don't have that. that's adding to the inflation and the problems that we're seeing. plus, it's tax increase plan. plus printing trillions of dollars. the economy all works together. we have to -- we could easily solve these problems with common sense. steve: absolutely. i have read the letter. you guys got some great ideas. let's see what happens going forward. because it's, despite what the president said yesterday, it's still a problem. governor, thank you very much.
4:15 am
have a great turkey day. and enjoy smoking that turkey. ainsley: thanks for saving christmas, trying to. brian: appreciate it. now to a fox news alert. the parade tragedy in wisconsin claiming a sixth victim as a little boy passes away from his injuries sunday. ainsley: the community saddened to hear the suspect out on bail after another vehicle attack. steve: todd piro live with the tragic story. now he has $5 million worth of bail but it's too little too late. >> that's right. steve ainsley and brian good morning. 8-year-old jackson sparks has died from his injuries following the attack on the waukesha attack on sunday. mourned a shocked community darrell brooks drove his suv through the parade injuring 60 others. the action was intentional. while the judge kevin costello setting bail at $5 million, calling it extraordinarily high for an extraordinarily big case.
4:16 am
listen. >> nature of this offense is shocking. i have not seen anything like this in my very long career. todd: get this, brooks faced much lower bail days before the attack after being arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face and will run running her over in a gas station parking lot. his bond for that attack just $1,000. local residents left stunned. >> there is no reason somebody should that be low with that serious of crime felony committed. he was let out way too low. >> something needs to change. >> i can't believe that that was the situation that apparently it was. >> blaming progressive milwaukee county da john chisholm who said back in 2007 that he is aware that quote. radical bail reform could lead to increased homicides saying is there going to be an individual? i divert or put into treatment program who is going to go out and kill somebody? you bet.
4:17 am
guaranteed. it's guaranteed to happen. wow. a sixth intentional homicide charge is expected within days following that child's death. meantime, several children and adults remain in critical condition at area hospitals. we are certainly thinking about them. back to you. steve: we are indeed. todd, thank you very much. 17 minutes now after the top of the hour. ainsley: hand it over to carley for headlines. carley: that's right. jury deliberation will resume today in the ahmaud arbery jury trial. the jury deliberating for six hours tuesday without reaching a verdict. now, they told the judge they wanted to work into the night but were sent home instead. three men are accused of killing the unarmed 25-year-old last year. nine people face felony charges following a string of robberies at high end stores across san francisco. but the city's d.a. criticizing the police for only making a handful of arrest. meanwhile san francisco mayor london walter reed is blocking roads around a popular shopping district and limiting when shoppers can go to the area in
4:18 am
an everett to combat the crime. this as some criticizing the use of the word looting to describe the crime saying it's racist rather than criticizing the act of looting. house speaker nancy pelosi is reportedly the latest california resident fleeing the state. she is rumored to be purchasing $25 million home near jupiter island, florida. six bedroom 9 baath 6,000 square foot on the ocean and spans over 2 and a half acres. she owns a mansion a napa valley vineyard and washington, d.c. condo. if the story about moving to florida true she will be one of ron desantis she can go to disney without a mask on. brian: that should not be allowed. san francisco, looting issues, destroying that estimate you can't even park your car, so bad i think i will retire somewhere else? that should be against the law. steve: first of all is, she
4:19 am
retiring? brian: no doubt about it you are telling me she is going to stay in the minority if the republicans. ainsley: all the problems they caused making everyone from california and new york leave and now she is leaving. steve: the delicious irony after she has complained about florida for so long and she is moving down to jupiter island, florida. that's just -- where i believe a number of the trump family actually lives in jupiter. brian: who would live there? steve: i have heard it's beautiful. all right, carley, thank you very much. all right, 7:19 now here in the east on this wednesday. kyle rittenhouse has been acquitted by a jury on friday. but the white house still will not apologize for suggesting he is a white supremacist. joey jones is here in the studio with reaction. joey is next. ainsley: soon, you will need a pot of gold to get those lucky charms. how inflation is accepting your breakfast favorite. brian: keep crisp affordable.
4:20 am
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actual malice to defame my character saying something like that. mr. president, if i could say one thing i would urge to you go back and watch the trial and understand the facts before you make a statement. steve the kyle rittenhouse responding to president biden's message commenting suggesting that the teen was a white supremacist. >> would the president ever apologize to the acquitted kenosha shooter kyle rittenhouse for suggesting online and on tv that he is white supremacist. >> this is about a campaign
4:25 am
video released last year that used president trump's own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white white supremacists. steve: fox news joey jones joins us now. doesn't sound like is he going to apologize. >> bad word the press secretary clarify what the president meant years ago. when she doubles down. you know they are in a bad spovment a week full of bad news for them. easy enough to throw on there hey listen we were talking about something different a while ago. we standing by what we said. what really bothers me if you watch the full interaction and thank god for peter i say that every single day we have a press briefing. really what he was trying to find out, listen, the trial has happened. new information has come out, do you want to change your tune because you definitely prejudged this guy before any evidence was seen. and i think what makes me so aggravated in this is he keeps going back to is he a white supremacist because he was supposed to be a part of the michigan and the president condemns militias coming out
4:26 am
with violence, that's great. he wasn't a white supremacist, he wasn't connected to a militia, why by the way there was organized group to do violence and it was black lives matter, and could you comment on that real quick? that's not going to happen because that doesn't appeal to their constituency. steve: why is that? >> i think it's because they have backed themselves into a corner to where they realize they really can't connect with regular americans who might sit there and go we absolutely agree with the sentiment of black lives matter but we don't want to burn our city down. and imagine being a politician in that position to where you don't feel like you can even agree with that or say that out loud. steve: that says a lot right there, doesn't it. >> it says that our country can get a lot better. that we can move into a better place maybe as early as the midterms. steve the whole point of the question was, you know, he was acquitted. there were these charges against him. and a jury of his peers, a dozen people said he is not guilty. >> do you know what is so baffling to me, this is great
4:27 am
opportunity to define what your stance is on things like the second amendment or gun rights. this is not my position. this i'm a second amendment absolutist. if they were smart and i never accused them of it. we understand yins didn't commit murder we wish he hadn't been there and been 17 years old and brought an ar to already violent rally. middle of the road americans might listen to to that sand say okay i understand where you are coming from. what people understand today and those jurors would there is a difference between having the freedom to make bad decisions and the right to defend yourself in a split second. kyle rittenhouse probably did both of those things. steve: meanwhile last week when we were at the patriot awards in florida where i just saw apparently nancy pelosi is going to be moving soon. we debuted on fox nation a new program called patriots play list. >> veterans play list idea came to me from a good friend richard casper creative vets in nashville. combat vet went through music
4:28 am
therapy to deal with the trauma of ache combat veteran. steve: it really helps? >> it really helps. sits down with a veteran been through combat and usually a pretty well known singer songwriter and write a song about that experience. steve: sound from patriot play list talking to a fellow by the name of wesley hunt. >> wesley hunt so impressive three kids went to west point. two in the army one in the navy. if you are ever speak to wesley or have any time with him genuine guy who loves life and loves his country. we got to sit down and write a song with a very musician out in austin, texas. steve: we have a clip. watch. >> this what in your service story do you feel like you need to talk about. >> we live in times right now that seem to be pretty contentious times. and when i understand in my combat experience and when i serve is that we didn't care what anybody looked bike. >> yeah. >> we were here to make sure that our bodies to our left and right got home. and that's literally what america is all about. and that's what i want this story to be about.
4:29 am
steve: what a great idea for a show. and it looks like you were in a bar. >> we were there in austin a pro-military organization. wesley was a helicopter pilot in the army. and his song is always be ready for your final flight. and the idea there being is hug your momma and say i love you and the chorus talks about what we can do every single day to where if we don't come home for whatever reason we do those things and tell them we love them and keep those things a priority in our life. i can't think of a message any day especially this time of rear around thanksgiving. steve: no kidding. happy thanksgiving, joey. >> same to you. steve: watch patriot play list right now on fox nation and check it out at fox all right. before you gather around the tv this thanksgiving weekend to walsh college football, clay travis joins to us preview the must see matchup after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪♪♪
4:30 am
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4:34 am
inflation. general mills citing labor shortages and leading to price hike. $13 million, how many a manuscript co-authored by albert einstein set at auction. that manuscript sketches related to einstein relativity series. $25 million. that's the out of this world price tag attached to this sak's fifth avenue astronaut suit. the pricy piece titled frozen with desire is 4 feet tall. encrusted with over 6,000 diamonds. $25 million. who would buy that, brian? brian: excuse me, you are not supposed to ask me that kind of questions. i know i would not buy that i have other interests and hobbies. thank you very much, carley. i will take that as a toss. your thanksgiving dinnerrer is going to cost you a lot more. one democrat says she knows why. senator elizabeth warren urging the doj to investigate poultry companies claiming, quote, lack
4:35 am
of competition the poultry industry is allowing these massive companies to squeeze both american consumers and farmers to fuel record corporate profits. yes. when conditions have monopoly power as massive suppliers they can jack up the prices of the goods they sell. is it true? is it a monopoly? outkick founder clay travis father-in-law owns a meat packing plant in the midwest. clay, does she know what she is talking about. >> of course not. elizabeth warren doesn't understand basic economics. if she did, most of the policies that she has endorsed, brian, for years and years in her career wouldn't be endorsed by her. and what we are seeing all over the country as many people out there start off their mornings and go out and grab their final shopping list to get ready for thanksgiving is. everybody is looking at having a bit of sticker shock at what was going on. my father-in-law, down with me here in florida with the rest of my family, and last night or the night before last, he said hey, clay, i want you to see this. give you a sense for what we're
4:36 am
having to pay for all of the meats that are coming into the plant here. he owns a packing plant, meat packing plant. outside of detroit, michigan, a and r packing, he said we will get the cost for turkey in particular. turkey breast for me versus what it was last year. it's up an an ungodly amount. i says how does it happen? he says it's everything. it's shipping costs. it's how much it's costing for the raw birds coming in for me. it's everything rolled into one. he said don't mistake what's going on here. joe biden is talking about trying to give people a tax cut. but the reality is for people who are spending most of their money on goods, the inflation tax is far more costly, 6.2% at minimum for all goods than what people are going to get back in a tax cut or what they are getting in -- the people who can least afford inflation are the
4:37 am
people who already have the least and many of those people as they get ready for thanksgiving are going to be paying a lot more for turkey and other product. brian: glad going to have time on thanksgiving for family. you are going to be working this weekend. where is the bus tour going? i believe you are going to alabama, auburn, some people tell me that's a rivalry? >> yeah. kind of a big game, brian. maybe the iron bohl best rivalry in sports up there with ohio state and michigan going done on fox. ohio state, michigan is outkick bus tour. we have been to every state in the fcc. except missouri, i want to apologize to missouri. we didn't make it there this year. i promise be there next year. we made it to every other sec state. saw every other play texas and clemson. on friday evening headed up to auburn live on big noon kickoff 10:00 a.m. eastern on big fox stations all over the country
4:38 am
getting ready for the final regular season of college football at the auburn alabama game. brian: feature kansas state wildcats against texas and ohio state as you mentioned against michigan and see if michigan can do it under harbaugh they have not done under harbaugh and that's beat ohio stadium. won't be easy after what they did to michigan state last week. >> no doubt. brian: clay, guess what? you can celebrate with your family in the now. your hit in the morning is now over. >> i appreciate that hey my wife and everybody else is still aveep that's why i'm outside in the park so i don't wake up the whole house in florida. brian: wake up the other people in the park. clay, thanks so much. >> that's right, whole neighborhood. brian: always great to talk to you. have a great thanksgiving. download the fox bet super 6 app. and enter for a free chance to enter $10,000 this weekend. pick six outcomes from today's college football games and watch to see how it plays out. it's free to play. and don't forget to check out what's clicking on outkick,
4:39 am
clay, thanks again. meanwhile, still ahead, honoring those who serve our service members a nonprofit planned to celebrate first responders, that story straight ahead. plus, terry bradshaw is in the house. that's what the kids say. with a fox bet jackpot, how can you walk away with all of terry's money? he is basically busted if that is gone. if you win that. that's all he has. ♪
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♪ carley: we begin with headlines here hilaria baldwin returns to instagram after being advised to stay off the platform. posting a slew of pictures and videos amid the investigation on the deadly shooting of the set of the movie rust.
4:44 am
cinematographer halyna hutchins was killed when alec baldwin fired what he believed was unloaded gun during a relieved scene. refusing to comply with the covid vaccine. he has played the character jason morgan 1991. questioned disney's policy while folk once competing networks do not have such rules in place. burton's character was in a monday episode. the department of defense announcing a task force to identify ufos as government officials identified to congress 144 confirmed sightings have been investigated since 2004. it will be called the airborne object identification and management synchronization group. wow, say that three times fast. overnight, analysis saw launching a rockets designed to smash into an asteroid. watch. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. ignition.
4:45 am
lift off. mission on the way to first ever planetary defense mission. carley: aiming to see if nassau can change an asteroid's path to keep it from slamming into earth. the spacecraft is targeted a football sized app. near the sun. nasa expecting the spacecraft will contact the asteroid in late september of next year. ainsley how crazy is that? ainsley: that's amazing. thank you so much, carley. carley: you bet. veterans nursing fillings are home to some of america's greatest heroes and during the pandemic. dedicated healthcare workers and support staff never left their sides. and now the nonprofit called green veterans is holding a very special thanksgiving celebration to honor those frontline workers. marine veteran and green veteran ceo sean hanley joins us now alongside dwayne see born georgia nursing home. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. so, sean, i will start with you.
4:46 am
because you are spear heading this effort. why are you cooking doing this? >> . >> sure we first did it last year. it's just a time when the veterans all in all facilities are not able to spend any time with their family. and the healthcare workers who have been our frontline heroes over the last year, we really want to thank them and there is really no better time. we're serving over 1,000 thanksgiving dinners, we have gotten support from companies like fedex and general motors who have come through and supported green so we can then go out, support our healthcare workers who have taken such great care of our world war ii, korean veterans. and vietnam veterans and dwayne here is one of the great korean war veterans of our time. ainsley: yes, sir, mr. see bausch i'm reading about your story. born in 1933. joined the navy in 1951. during the korean war. you pastored a church. >> right. >> then you became a chaplain in
4:47 am
the army during at vietnam war. tell me about why is it so important to serve? >> well, when i was a young man in the navy, i discovered a need to find a reason for life. i saw a lot of men die during the korean war. and it made me realize the need for young men to be counseled, young men in the service. later on, i came into the army after many years of education. and i served those young men as best i could go in greenland, a number of places all over the world. and done the best i can. here i am served by some of the
4:48 am
finest people on earth. and i deeply appreciate it. ainsley: that is so beautiful. thank you both for your service. i really appreciate everything you are doing, sean, to remember the veterans. i know it's important to you, and you are a marine veteran as well. god bless both of you, have a wonderful thanksgiving. and give everyone down there in georgia our love. >> thank you, you too. thank you and please, everybody, get out there and visit your veterans and check green and we will be happy to facilitate you and get you to your closest veterans home. >> thank you for having us. ainsley: you are welcome. thank you for giving up your time to help honor our veterans. god bless both of you, thanks for giving up your lives for our country. ainsley: don't go anywhere. fox's nfl terry bradshaw is here with a turkey day football preview. there he is with brian. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual
4:49 am
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>> welcome back out on fox square where the temperatures are on the chilly side, and that is the case up and down the east coast, we're going to dive right into the temperature maps 33 degrees in new york city, 25 degrees in raleigh and see all that cold air settling across the southeast will continue to linger, we've got freeze watches and warnings, and
4:53 am
stretching as far south as the florida panhandle looking at the airport though a lot of folks traveling the next couple of days and today, it is all green out there, so not a lot of big weather systems to slow down travel as they get ready to toss it back in you guys were so kind to come out here. you're here for the parade right >> yes, sir, we are. >> what's your name? >> kathy. from texas. >> how's it feel out here? >> it's very cold. >> that is the forecast out on fox square for now back into you steve: thank you, todd. oh, i'm sorry. ainsley: adam. do you want to read this? brian: haven't you gotten this tv thing down yet? >> oh, no. brian: tomorrow is thanksgiving and fox is serving up a football feast between the chicago bears and the detroit lions. steve: here with the turkey day teaser of tomorrow's big game,
4:54 am
fox nfl co host terry bradshaw. terry, nobody has ever been on this property with a suitcase full of money like that. >> when you make the kind of money i make -- brian: you make a lot of money. millions? >> and i carry it around with me because i like to give it away on the street. ainsley: is that real? brian: of course it's real. ainsley: holy cow. steve: that's real money. brian: how did they convince you to give away all your fortune? how much money did you make? >> brian, i told you, brian, i love people. and i like walking down the street and i see someone and i look at their face and i'll say, i bet $1,000 would make them happy. ainsley: of course. do you really? >> no. brian: he doesn't do that. he's making this stuff up. >> [laughter] ainsley: i bet you do, you're a good tipper. >> i am a good tipper.
4:55 am
steve: and the way you made the money aside from the football thing where you actually threw the ball was with your analysis. tell us about the game tomorrow and what you think about it. >> whose playing? brian: the bears and lions young man. >> i actually have quite a bit of interest in this because i don't want the lions not to win a game. they have tied one. brian: i like their coach. dan campbell wears his heart on his sleeve. you have to see his post-game press conference. he feels every loss. >> listen i've said this on the fox pre-game show is when a former player watches a team and jimmie johnson and i both agree on this is that you can tell if they're playing hard and i have said it about campbell. i've said they play hard for this man. you can see it. they have no talent. swift is their best player of the running back, receiving and running.
4:56 am
they don't have the talent yet. quarterback, they don't have that either. brian: the guy that brought the rams to the super bowl was a one off you were never impressed >> no, no, i'm not going to preface it by saying what a wonderful guy, he's a great family man. no. brian: save that for your show. >> no i don't talk like that. i don't like him as an nfl quarterback. brian: he's a little low key. >> he's just average. ainsley: who do you like, this is the biggest weekend for football. >> ainsley have you ever seen so many teams that you love and tampa bay lose two in a row, ram s, lose two in a row. i can't get my finger on it. new england all of a sudden is playing good again. brian: great fundamentals. >> yup. the bears. steve: well i'm from kansas so i do like kansas city. >> and they had a hiccup. of course, terry, this weekend, will be another chance where somebody could win $100,000 of
4:57 am
your money and joining us right now is somebody who has got a whole bunch of money in his pocket. ainsley: that is awesome. steve: guy right there is nate c olgrove in springfield, nebraska. >> chilly. steve: how does it feel to be $100,000 richer with terry bradshaw's money? >> tell me about it because i'm a little unhappy. >> it's just finally sinking in ainsley: what are you going to do with it? >> i'm in the middle of adding on to the house. steve: perfect. >> getting married in february. >> well it'll help with the house, i know that and don't forget one thing. it's not tax-free, okay? >> [laughter] brian: i don't want to ruin it there. so nate, how many times have you talked to terry bradshaw, do you want to talk to him and tell him what it's like to have his money , any tips on the game? >> just down to the last game, were you sitting on the edge of
4:58 am
your seat going oh, my god i've got a shot. >> it was still, you know, a long shot, even going into the last game. you have to guess within four points of whose going to win, so that last play, my fiancee started jumping up and down and i fell to my knees, threw my kid up in the air, and had to look at my phone the next five times. steve: did you catch the kid? >> [laughter] >> he's big enough he's about 140 pounds. ainsley: nate, what is your story because we always love to interview the winners, because it changes your life, right? tell us about yourself. >> yeah, you know, i'm not going to have a truck or car payment, you know, i've had one for 20 years but i'm a landscaper, it's hard in the wintertime to get by. you have to make sure you hold on enough and this is going to get me through and get next
4:59 am
season started. brian: fabulous. >> that ground gets a little hard in nebraska doesn't it? brian: [laughter] >> sure does. steve: so nate, i have a feeling you would suggest anybody watching should download the fox bet super 6 app because you're living proof that you can win $100,000. >> absolutely i had a one in a million shot and i just do it when i lay down in bed and it takes a couple minutes and the planets align for me, i don't know. it's crazy. >> i've got more money for you, lay down in bed again. [laughter] >> i'm still playing. brian: all right >> appreciate it, happy thanksgiving. i'm not trying to get rid of him ainsley: that bed made him a little lucky didn't it? brian: you took control of the segment. >> i didn't mean to do that. i get so excited. steve: we have only 27 seconds left. you're coming back in about an
5:00 am
hour. >> i am coming back with my son-in-law and i've got a bourbon, the fastest-selling bourbon. brian: i can buy it now? >> you can buy it now. ainsley: is that what you drink? >> been out four years thank you so much, brian we'll show you how to make the bourbon and glaze for the turkey or ham and make a fancy drink. ainsley: and put it as the last segment on the show so maybe we can toast after the show. >> we will definitely toast. brian: someone's got a radio show. steve: first time anybodies brought that much money or used the word "waggle." >> well thank you, i'm a first. thank you for having me on. brian: i was wondering if you'd say this. fox & friends final hour starts now. >> fox & friends final hour starts now. steve: you're hired. >> oh, i've got the job! steve: thank you, terry bradshaw >> the parade tragedy in wisconsin claiming a sixth victim. >> community is stunned to hear the suspect was out on bail. >> did you ever notice how the
5:01 am
left always talks about how the criminals see it? what about the tax paying law abiding hard working moms and dads do they matter? >> i'm announcing the largest- ever release from the u.s. strategic petroleum reserve. >> this proves this industry's point this country still runs on oil & gas. we get to see them tap into the strategic solar and wind reserve. >> the system can destroy someone who they know doesn't deserve this. it's sickening. >> he should never have been put through that. that was misconduct, and it's happening all over the united states right now. >> new york city lawmakers are poised to allow 800,000 non-citizens to vote in local elections. >> diluting the meaning of citizenship and is going to cause a lot of confusion and be chaos and lawlessness. >> thanksgiving travel is about to hit a record high. >> 20 million are expected to travel by plane and additional 48 million people will hit the roads. steve: 8:01 in the east and we start this final hour of fox &
5:02 am
friends with a fox news alert. the parade tragedy sunday night in wisconsin has now claimed a sixth victim. that little boy right there has died from his injuries. brian: wow the community is stunned to hear the suspect was out on bail, after another vehicle attack, and how much is the key? ainsley: todd piro is live with the tragic story and the update for us. todd? todd the picture of that little boy gets you here, eight- year-old jaxon sparks died from his injuries following the attack on sunday. the six victims being mourned by an absolutely shocked community after darrel brooks drove his red suv through the parade injuring at least 60 people. two police officers tried to stop brooks say the act was intentional, and a judge setting bail at $5 million, calling it extraordinarily high for an extraordinarily big case >> the nature of this offense is shocking. i've not seen anything like this in my very long career.
5:03 am
todd: but brooks faced much lower bail just days before the attack after being arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face and then running her over in a gas station parking lot. his bond for that attack? just $1,000. local residents left stunned. >> there's no reason somebody should be that low with that serious of crime felonies committed. he was let out way too low. >> ising needs to change. >> i can't believe that that was the situation that apparently, it was. todd: all this coming as a member of milwaukee's black lives matter claims the attacks appear to signal a revolution. >> how is that possible that the revolution has started in wisconsin? started with the sixth grade. a person reached out to me and said they believe that this has to do with the verdict. todd: meantime a sixth intentional homicide charge expected within days following
5:04 am
the child's death several children and adults remain in critical condition at area hospitals. we're thinking of them, guys back to you. steve: we are indeed, thank you very much, todd. let's bring in texas congressman dan crenshaw joining us right now i believe from houston. dan, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: those images out of milwaukee, rather out of wisconsin, out of that particular town, are just heartbreaking. it was a christmas parade and that guy probably should not have been out on bail, and now they are saying oh, you know what? that was a mistake we made it too small. well now he can't get out but it's too late. >> yeah it is too late for six people who died, and dozens others who lost their lives, this is a really sickening tragedy. the person who did it is a really sick individual and i think it's it infuriates so many people is because it was so preventable. even the da from that town actually knew this would happen. he's on the record saying yes, of course this could kill people
5:05 am
, people could die, yes but it's worth it because social justice and stuff, i'm paraphrasing but he basically said yes, he knew this would happen. well it did happen, and look, this happens all over the country and my home city of houston here, law enforcement tells me all the time that suspects can just laugh at them when they get caught. just laugh at them, even violent offenders can just laugh at them because they know they are going to get off on some easy bail, and this is not how our justice system is supposed to work. non-violent offenders you see republicans and democrats working together to make sure that there's some leniency for them but for violent offenders people that are a danger to the public, people like this guy, who tried to run over the mother of his child just a few weeks earlier, they are going to let him out so he could run over a bunch of other people? it's really sickening, and i'll tell you what i'm not like that but it is pretty obvious that there's people like george soros funding these far- left radical da's and prosecutors around the country in the tunes of millions of
5:06 am
dollars and you've gotta get out and vote for these local elections because that's how you stop this. brian: the guy responsible for this low bail, this is what he said earlier in 2007 when he talked about this whole jail reform. is there going to be an individual, i divert, or i put into a treatment program, whose going to kill somebody? yes. you bet. guaranteed. it's guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. he went on to say, that he claims to have inspired a wave of progressive prosecutors, like him, who believe that. boston, philadelphia, st. louis, san francisco they all designed similar programs after his as he broke a glass ceiling. what's your reaction to this trend, not isolated incident? >> well that's exactly what i've been saying. i basically paraphrased him about right. he says it's still worth it because and why? because of this social justice pathology that they engage in.
5:07 am
they don't see justice the same as our founders did, as we do, where justice should be applied neutrally, and to everyone in a universal and fair process. this is not how they see things. they see some people as needing benefits over others. it's a very pathological ideology and it's dangerous. it's dangerous because it leads to situations like this and i think america's finally waking up to this. unfortunately, it's unfortunate things like this happen but god, i hope it's a wake-up call that you need to get involved in those local elections, and many states we elect judges, you elect the da's got to get involved in those. ainsley: well you then when something like this happens these da's be remorseful but then you hear a statement and he's like no he knew this was going to happen and he was okay it, how someone can sleep at night. let's talk about kyle rittenhouse which is about an hour away from where the christmas massacre happened.
5:08 am
he had an exclusive interview with tucker, but he goes after the prosecution. >> answer aunt district attorney is a corrupt person who just wants to make a name for himself and not look at the facts. he decided he wanted to lie and try to put me in prison for the rest of my life for defending myself. i mean, that must be shocking for you as a kid to realize the system can destroy someone who they know doesn't deserve to be destroyed just for political reasons. >> it's sickening because this is a case that never, that shouldn't, this is a case that has nothing to do with politics but politics were brought into it for people's own agenda. ainsley: dan after you hear that , what are your thoughts? >> he's completely right. we all saw the clips of that prosecution and it was a clown show. they made the most absurd arguments. at one point he said you lose your right to self-defense once you bring a gun which of course
5:09 am
is not true. that's not how self-defense works especially when somebody else instigated the attack on you and there was clearly a riot and burning of buildings going on but these are the things he said. he would question kyle rittenhouse and say why were you running, why were you in such a hurry and kyle would say well because there was a fire, you know? they tried to paint this picture of what was on the ground which is just completely untrue and thank god kyle is out, i feel bad for him, you know, let's not forget also another corrupt lawyer, lynn wood. lynn wood, who is a long time drifter, let kyle rittenhouse rot in jail for almost three months before getting him out. why? so he could continue to make money and make a name for himself so it is really deeply unfortunate all this happened to kyle and i'm glad he's out. brian: i home he just went and looked at everything from james madison university and things they said the communications division on down and holds people accountable and as you know he sued and won and we
5:10 am
don't know the details because that's part of the settlement and the other big story is what joe biden said yesterday, he was basically telling us the whole problem, stocking ourselves, no issue and the whole issue about getting our gifts not going to be a problem. listen to him yesterday. >> all these concerns, a few weeks ago, there be , there would not be ample food available for thanksgiving, so many people talked about that. understandably, but families can rest easy, grocery stores are well-stocked with turkey and everything else you need for thanksgiving. moms and dads are worried, asking will there be enough food we can afford to buy for the holidays? we'll be able to get christmas presents to the kids on time? and if so, will they cost me an arm and a leg? i told you before, that we're going to take action on these problems. that's exactly what we're doing. it starts with my port action plan. a proactive three-month effort to invest in our ports and
5:11 am
relieve bottlenecks. steve: well he came out yesterday, dan, to try to spin the fact that his polls are completely under water, and as people sit down tomorrow, for thanksgiving, you know, jen psaki said to our white house correspond entertainment said, you know, the average turkey is only a dollar more. what she didn't say is everything in the grocery store is at least a dollar more, and it costs $1.50 a gallon more just to drive over the river and through the woods to grandma's house. this is impacting everybody across the country, and while he said, you know, my policies won't impact anybody making less than $400,000, it impacts everybody. >> yeah look and every business leader i talk to says inflation isn't going away anytime soon, not under these conditions, and i would love to hear more about this port plan, and what biden plans on doing. it sounds like it's all we've
5:12 am
known about -- he just names something and says it's nice, we'll invest. well investments are long term, what are you doing right now? you know, there's especially at a place like the la port there's a lot of additional regulations that cause those bottlenecks. what are you doing to get people back into the workforce? what are you doing to get more truckers on the road and by the way there's actual tangible legislation in the congress that we've long tried to pass. that would help these things, they just don't do it. pete buttigieg was on leave for months. this administration has become a joke and inflation isn't going away anytime soon and a lot of estimates that this thanksgiving will be about 15-20% more expensive than before, and it's demand-driven inflation and all they want to do is pump more money back into the system, wasteful money, through the build back better plan. you know, right now there's $4.7 trillion in people's checking accounts across america that's three times more than pre -pandemic levels so there was a 35% increase in individual transfers from government to people over the last year, so this is kind of, this should
5:13 am
help you understand where this is coming from and why we have a worker shortage, because people can afford to stay-at-home because they have been given lots and lots of checks by the government and this has to stop, even if it doesn't feel nice, it has to stop because its been driving this problem. ainsley: so what is your advice, thanksgiving is tomorrow, we're all cooking today and tomorrow. when you go to the thanksgiving table and you're sitting next to your democratic uncle or whatever, what's your advice? >> [laughter] well thanks for asking and this is a timely question. so, first thing is, don't get into a political city bait with your family. all right? that's rule number one. rule number two, if you can't adhere to rule number one, rule number two is ask well-intention ed questions. try to understand where they are coming from, and in doing so, you'll accomplish a couple things. one you'll better understand their argument and how to counter it but two if you ask the right questions you might lead them to your conclusion, but on their own. three. anticipate their best arguments.
5:14 am
don't straw-man their arguments and use the slogans that we say and attach them to their argument. try to use their best argument the and prepare yourself with the facts and the counter arguments for those best arguments. don't talk past each other and be afraid to concede a good point if they make one that leads to a good healthy discussion. next, frame the argument in a way that helps them understand the core of your belief, so if you're arguing about taxation, you can take a step back and say look, conservatives believe we should tax people the least amount of possible so that government has just enough money to do what it's supposed to do and the left believes you should tax the people the most amount possible, so that government can do all the nice things that collectively we would like to do i don't even think they disagree with a statement like that but it also helps them understand where you're coming from and last. the best way to end a bad debate is to laugh, make a joke and offer everybody shots of tequilla. steve: thanks. so that is part of your podcast check it out.
5:15 am
hold these with dan crenshaw on all major streaming platforms. meanwhile, if you go to your website,, you've got black friday specials and i just showed ainsley and brian, one of the things that you're selling for $65 is an ugly sweater. it's called the affordable gasoline christmas sweater for $ 65 and it says in the middle, all i want for christmas is affordable gasoline. i trust this was made in the united states and is not going to have a supply chain issue? >> it absolutely is. you can get our cool sweaters, i'm actually signing a limited number of copies of my book " fortitude" like actually signing them, real signatures on these things so you can get that for christmas as well. brian: dan there's another recommendation from another network that we, if money is an issue, to charge people for thanksgiving. steve: charge? ainsley: how much? brian: 10 or $15 to help you. would you, if you're hosting,
5:16 am
would you ever charge relatives or friends to eat with you? ainsley: like a cover charge? >> some relatives, it depends on the relative of course. brian: [laughter] i would charge for the cranberry sauce and onions. steve: of course at the end of your meal it be like okay, who wants a shot of tequilla? $4. brian: right that's how it hits you in the end. steve: have a wonderful thanksgiving. ainsley: yes and you do it all. navy seal, congressman, have you your podcast, your book. steve: sweater guy. ainsley: you deserve it all and so much so everyone support him buy "fortitude" because he served our country and has given up so much. brian: but he wouldn't wear a tie. ainsley: i like it, because they are casual. steve: he's not in congress today. >> i'm on vacation. steve: dan, thank you very much. >> thanks guys. happy thanksgiving. steve: 17 minutes after the top of the hour, and carlie joins us with big news from florida. reporter: yeah first i would definitely buy a ticket to a crenshaw family debate, because
5:17 am
he could be a debate teacher. if congress doesn't work out, which i'm sure it will -- ainsley: he's like don't talk politics but if you do here is it all. reporter: here are 17 things you should know, but it be a very well-informed and very good debate, not a bad one. brian: one thing you might not want to do is sit next to your democratic uncle. ainsley: do place cards at your dining room table, put the republicans together and the democrats together. reporter: that's a good idea. steve: there are certain people you might put over at the kids table. reporter: i like the kids table it is a lot of fun. we do have to get to headline, got a big headline out of florida update an autopsy revealed brian laundrie died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. the 23-year-old disappearing soon after returning home to florida without his girlfriend gabby petito, and her body was found in september a month after last seen. this as with we are learning through the investigation, laundrie's parents turned overall of their guns to police
5:18 am
except for one missing and the family attorney said other charges related to her death for "additional individuals" could be coming. >> the biden administration issuing a emergency appeal to reinstate a mandate for employee s at large companies to be vaccinated against covid or face weekly testing. an appeals court blocking the rule last week amid suits from multiple states who claim the mandate is unconstitutional. the white house saying the rule is a workplace safety issue. >> a live look inside orlando international airport at a very crowded airport, as the busiest travel day of the year is under way, nearly 70 million americans expected to travel for thanksgiving this year, 20 million are expected to travel by plane as an additional 48 million people will hit the roads, so leave early because traffic is going to be crazy. back to you. steve: i've got somebody coming by train and somebody coming by plane, today. reporter: all you need is a boat
5:19 am
ainsley: whose coming on a cruise? steve: sorry, we're full up. people on the cruise line. ainsley: unless you charge them, at the door. brian: that's what i would do. steve: what network is saying that? brian: nbc. steve: they are charging people? brian: it's a suggestion from an nbc anchor. ainsley: well you know what? you never really do that, but think about it like sometimes there's, it's all on one family member. like my aunt is doing it, but when my mom was well, and my grandparents were alive, we all did different things. steve: like pot luck. ainsley: they all divided it. but now aunt lynn, we're coming together your house and we thank you for starting your cooking. 8:19 here on the east coast and thanksgiving is tomorrow! coming up next, an iconic thomas jefferson statue, brian, are you ready for this , removed from city hall in new york, after a nearly two centuries. douglas murray reacts to the cancel culture claiming our third president. brian: and boston celtics star
5:20 am
and his cancer wants the u.s. to go on the offense with china in every way. he joins us live with his message with the northbound, lebron james and president biden >> ♪ to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy.
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steve: for the first time in nearly two centuries, the statue of thomas jefferson is no longer standing inside new york city hall. the likeness of the founding father officially removed after the city council voted for the change because jefferson once owned slaves. ainsley: our next guest warns this not only rewrites history it destroys it, author douglas murray is here to explain in person. hello, good to see you. what's your reaction to this? >> i mean, i wish i could say i
5:25 am
was surprised. i'm shocked but not surprised. a lot at the beginning of this weird period we've been going through in america that nobody knows where it stop, nobody knows where the stop mechanism is on this. if you decide everything in the past has to be judged by these contemporary ideas, everybody is a target, and one of the democratic lawmakers who voted to take down the statue said thomas jefferson doesn't represent our contemporary values. so its got to go, like everybody else, in the past, he's got to go. ainsley: who in the past does represent contemporary values? >> one of the ones i'm interested in is the people who they don't go for. there were a few historic figures who if you wanted to do a number on them you could, carl marx for instance, he don't get quite the critique that thomas jefferson does but they are after all of the foundational figures of america and this is what president trump rightly recognized last year when we did
5:26 am
that speech at mount rushmore. actually, this is everybody. this is all the founding fathers this is people on both sides of the civil war, not just confederate. it was people in the north as well. it's everybody from the last century, everybody is guilty of being basically white male and dead. all of them, this movement is coming for. steve: well you said you don't know where this stops but it appears to be slowing down in some places, because other localities, aside from new york city, have had the debate, okay should we get rid of jefferson, should we get rid of washington? and they go no, we're not going to do it because okay, they own slaves but at the same time, if they're important figures in american history. >> some people have got this in perspective properly. some people have. what i worry about is the whole tone, the whole story of america is being reframe under our feet. they are making us have to be
5:27 am
defensive about thomas jefferson instead of regarding jefferson rightly as not just the greatest figure in american history, one of the greatest figures in world history, instead we have to do this well, he did own slaves. and before you know it, the main story of jefferson has been changed and this is what, by the way, papers like the new york times famously, they said they want to do. they said they want to reframe the american story, they want to rewrite the american story, that's what they're doing and that's what americans have to realize is the game that's on. you know, member mount rushmore last year, the cnn correspondent, they went live and said that the presidents going to kickoff independence day with a speech in front of two slave owners on stolen land. that's where they think all of america is stolen land. they think every single person who founded this country is rotten. if you believe that, you believe
5:28 am
in a totally different vision of america the most american people , because most american people do not want to think badly of this country. most american people rightly want to think very well of this country because they should think well of it. they should think well of the founding fathers, they should think well of the constitution. this isn't a little bit of detail in history. this is the biggest bit of luck, any people they ever had to have had founding fathers like this , people should be proud of this and it should be seen as a disgrace that you see thomas jefferson crated up, boarded up, hauled out the back door. that is a disgrace, and i hope we don't see it again. ainsley: douglas thank you for being with us. everyone pick-up his book, it's "gender race and identity" and we're glad you're here in america. >> very glad. steve: coming up on 8:30 in the east. nba basketball star is not backing down after taking on the
5:29 am
nba, nike, and lebron james. he's going to explain why he's calling them out for putting money over morals when it comes to china, he's next. ainsley: and terry bradshaw is back again cooking up a thanksgiving treat for us with his son-in-law whose a chef and some bourbon. >> ♪
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brian: money over morals boston setter ices center enes kanter, the basketball star wearing shoes to depict chinese president xi, tweeting sad and disgusting as these athletes pretend they care about social justice and they do shut up and dribble, lebron hitting back during a post-game press conference after the two teams played. >> you know, trying to use my name to create an opportunity for himself, you really come up to them, he had his opportunity tonight, i seen him in the hallway, blown right by me. brian: boston celtics center en es kanter joins us now. first off are you trying to make a name for yourself by calling out lebron? >> come on now, if this is what i talk about, i talk about human rights, i talk about political
5:34 am
prisoners, i talk about all the human rights violations happening all over the world, it is not a name for myself. it is bringing awareness of what's going on in the world, so he's lying 100%. brian: what happened when you saw each other behind the scenes >> well first of all he's lying about that too, because i actually walked out of the tunnel and i stopped to take a picture with a kid and he was right behind me, and he was the one literally walked right past me and didn't say anything, but hey, i'm always open to talk , for sure, whenever he wants to have a conversation it's going to be very uncomfortable conversation for him, but whenever he wants to talk, i'm always here. brian: on lebron remember he called up the former gm of the houston rockets now he's running the 76ers and when he went out and tweeted something to support and they got steam rolled by china, so james blasted back at morey because they took immediately the nba tv
5:35 am
schedule down, he goes morey messing up the china and said the gm was miss informed or not really educated on the situation in hong kong, so i guess he came out against democracy and for the oppressive regime of china to break a international treaty with the rest of the world. right? >> you know, the thing is, these athletes or this organization and these companies, when it comes to, you know, america, they love to criticize but the things that they criticize affects their money or their business and they remain silent. this is very phony so that's why someone has to call out these organizations, these companies and these athletes, and hold them accountable. brian: so what's different about this and you, enes is that when you guys played in the bubble during the pandemic there was black lives matter all over the george floyd thing was raging and the league got
5:36 am
thoroughly behind social justice movements but you thought about it and you came out against china, and the treatment of tibet, hong kong, taiwan, and the wegers. why? >> well i think, you know, two years ago, when we were in bubbles, nba was standing with black lives matter and it gave me so much hope and motivation, i was like finally, an organization standing up for something bigger than basketball, right? but to me, it was very fake when it comes to like what's happening in china, because nba and also adam silber is the one telling us to speak out against all the injustices happening not just in america, but all over the world, so to me, it was very important, i remember, i will tell you a story. i was doing a basketball camp, and i was taking pictures with the kids and one of the parents turned around and said how can you call yourself a human right
5:37 am
activists when your brothers and sisters are dying in concentration camps in kind a? you are fake. i turned around to that parent and i said do you know what? you are right. i'm going to, you know, study about it and get back to you, and once i studied, i was very ashamed of myself because i couldn't believe the last, you know, nine or 10 years i played in the league i didn't bring any evidence to this conversation, so i was like it doesn't matter how this could affect me or anything i'm doing. i'm going to speak out, and, you know, some of the things i talk about the nba might not like that but too bad because this is bigger than basketball. brian: i want to take a step back and examine what's happening with the wegers. but for you personally, you've already sacrificed and critical of the oppressive way erduwan and how he treats your country of turkey and in turn he wants to kill you and he's basically leaving your family under house arrest. they can't communicate with you. if they're caught texting you
5:38 am
they will go to jail. tell me about what your family is going through because they won't disavow you. you know, what's happened over there in turkey is heartbreaking because right now there's so much political prisoners and so much human rights violations are happening, and i remember first to talk about these issues it bothered the turkish government so much. my dad was a genetic professor and he got fired from his job. my sister went to medical school for six years and still can't find a job, and you know, they were getting affected so much they had to put a statement out there and said we are disowning enes, and turkish government didn't believe that and they sent police to my house in turkey and raided the whole house and took every electronics away because they wanted to see if i'm in contact with my family and they still took my dad in jail for a while but we put so much pressure from here, turkey, they let him go. right now, they revoked my passport, and, you know, i'm not the only one.
5:39 am
there are so many innocent people are in the jail right now waiting for help and actually, my teammates are asking like dude, are you crazy? why are you still talking about these issues because your family is still back in turkey but you know, i'm always trying to tell them, my families only one. there are so many people in turkish jails right now getting tortured and raped so i need to be voice of all of those innocent people who don't have a voice. brian: yeah so this is one off from you. you live this everyday. you couldn't travel i think with the knicks you were going overseas to play and you couldn't leave the country so this is what the wegers are going through right now so all these muslim fundamentalists, the taliban, for you to do a deal with china it just shows you don't mean one thing you're saying. they are interrogated in steel chairs with a fixed leg and handcuff and restrain the body in a painful position, beaten regularly, sleep deprived in overcrowded police station opportunities, they have to sit there in total silence. in early detainment, they are
5:40 am
typically forced to either sit still or kneel in a position in their cell, and where they are in indoctrinated and have to dis a vow islam and using the language of other cultural practices, study mandarin, and profess a love for the chinese propaganda. we also know this. they are giving up their organs against their will, for others, so they are forced to have their organs harvested and sometimes even gutted and yet we'll go over there and compete in the olympics. >> it is a shame. you know, what has happened over there in china, it is 100% genocide and many of the lawmakers in america even said that. you know, to me, it's little crazy because look how they treated their own chinese tennis player, and you really think we're going to trust with their own players to send them to china where there's brutal dictatorship? unacceptable.
5:41 am
you know, just to me, about the wegers shame on all of the muslim leaders out there and all of the muslim athletes that have not said anything because they cared too much about business and economy. you know? so to me, it is embarrassing. brian: you also called out that's peng shuai and she seems under house arrest and the they are threatening to pull out and they don't believe the videos that say she's fine. she accused a high ranking official of sexual assault and since that tumshies been neutralized so we're not sure why we're going to continue to do that and also if you're a sponsor of the olympics do you want to be associated with a country that has genocide on a religion? it's unbelievable, so you're making a stand for this. where are your team teammates? are they behind you? where is the rest of the league? are they behind you? why are we hearing more publicly >> you know, first of all, while we know that peng shuai is a live, but we don't know if she's free, free to speak, free
5:42 am
to travel, and this is the very common tactic that is used by the chinese government that how they are trying to control the narrative about her, and about the olympics, you know, the chinese communist party does not represent olympic values of excellence, of respect, of friendship, and they are a brutal dictatorship and they engage incense or ship and they threaten freedoms and they do not respect human rights. they hide the truth, and while we speak right now, there's a genocide happening, and the ioc , the international o olympic committee echoes the propaganda and the u.s. even is considered diplomatic boycott and i hope they do and shame on all of these athletes and all this government in countries that have not boycotted yet, so you know, my one message to all the athletes out there. all the gold medals in the world you can win is not more important than your values, your
5:43 am
principles and your morals but one thing about my teammates we always sit down and have great conversations with them, and you know, obviously just because of the nba -- brian: you believe the players are behind you, enes, right, but the league is behind you, you say, but they don't want to do it publicly. is there pressure on you not to wear those sneakers because the celtics no longer air in china, costing your team million s of dollars and the league money? are you getting pressure at all from anybody to somewhat come in line? >> you know, i talk about turkey for 10 years. i did not get one phone call. i talk about china one day, my phone was ringing once every two hours. i'll tell you a story actually that's pretty crazy, because first time our first game in madison square garden, right? i wore those free tibet shoes, right before the game there's
5:44 am
two gentlemen from the nba came up to me and said we are begging you, please take those shoes off , and i was like listen, am i breaking any rules? they said no, but we are begging you, take your shoes off and i'm like i'm getting ready for my citizenship test, and there's 27 amendments and my first amendment is the greatest amendment, freedom of speech. if i'm not breaking any rules i'm not taking the shoes off, sorry, go tell your boss that i'm not going to take those shoes off, and i was like i don't care if i get fined, i'm not going to and they said we're not talking about a fine, we're talking about a ban. i'm like you know what? go ahead and do it. it's just so disgusting to me how one side they can say oh, we're social justice organization, but when it comes to this , they remain silent and following what the big boss says brian: and you want president biden to be tougher too because that's the power that he has. we are the only counterweight to this country and lastly, you are 29 years old, you're a very good
5:45 am
player. every team could benefit from you but you aren't indispensable are you concerned no team will touch you because you are going after china? >> good question. really good question, but you know? at the end, i'm standing up for human rights and i would say this is bigger than myself and basketball and someone had to do it. you see so many actors like john cena, so many athletes, you know, singer, rappers are scared to say something because they care too much about their career , their endorsement deals. someone has to step up and do it but do you know what? if this is the reason that my career is going to end, i guess, i can can't do anything about it but i guess i'm just exposing everyone and every organization & company possible to show them what kind of organization company they are, and people are getting uncomfortable, but oh, well. brian: why do you want to be an
5:46 am
american? >> i mean, it's the greatest country in the world and actually, not many people know this and this is the first time i'm actually saying it live, and i passed my citizenship test, and at the end of this month i'm getting sworn in and becoming an official american citizen, and i can not wait. brian: we're proud to have you, and the courage to stand up and speak out against the behemoth which is china. i appreciate it. i hope that people start lining up behind you and the league comes out publicly in support of you. they don't need billions upon billions so you have to stand for something, enes, thanks so much. >> thank you, guys i really appreciate it. brian: you got it. still ahead we're in the kitchen with the most famous quarterback of all with the best personality in the history of sports terry and his son-in-law, noah, will teach us how to make their not so old fashion ham glaze just in time for thanksgiving, but let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. dana: brian i love that interview you just did with enes
5:47 am
kanter, congratulations to him on his shit zen ship. we could get a jury verdict in the arbery case, while the fall out continues to infuriate the country, andy mccarthy will be here and the white house is trying to look like it's doing something about high gas prices, but, have they overpromised and will they under deliver karl rove on deck and today is one for the record books on our nations roads and airports pack your patience as america gets ready to celebrate thanksgiving. see you at 9:00. ♪ ♪ learning is hard work. hard work requires character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom:
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these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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steve: from sweet moments to hilarious, the noisy bradshaw bunch, the tv show, is showing legend terry bradshaw and his family, like you've never seen him behind the scenes. watch this. >> i didn't know what a quarterback was until i met you. i feel like you're the quarterback of this family and all those super bowl rings don't mean as much as what happens around this table right here. >> i'm the favorite. >> [laughter] ainsley: you're my favorite that's really sweet. fans of the show know terry's
5:52 am
son-in-law is unusually split ting his time between, i mean usually splitting his time between hawaii and texas but today he's here in our studio. brian: chef noah hester is here , and terry bradshaw is here joining us to talk about how to cook, what the to whip up and how we buy your bourbon. >> got it. brian: you ready? >> go. brian: what do you do there? >> so we'll make a what i call a not so old fashion ham glaze and this is a really great -- steve: it's a cocktail and a ham glaze. >> the whole idea is to make thanksgiving much easier so we'll make a glaze with a few ingredients and put it on a ham and use it to make a cocktail. steve: go ahead and start but is this a kind of cocktail, terry, where after you've had it, you remember eating the meal? >> absolutely. steve: okay. >> this only enhances the flavor. brian: thank you. >> so really simple you'll take brown sugar, these cherries, i recommend not the bright red
5:53 am
cherries, you'll take that, orange juice, put it in a blend er really simple, cook it down to a syrup look like maple syrup. steve: it reduces down. just about 10 minutes and then, your ham, you'll take that packet that comes with your ham and throw that right away. cook your ham according to the instructions, pull it out about 10 or 15 minutes early, glaze it with the ham, put it back in for a few more minutes. steve: so you glaze the ham, now what do you do with the bourbon? >> this is the fun part i'll let terry do this part. >> [laughter] steve: he has experience. >> like a tablespoon of the glaze, about two shots of the bourbon. ainsley: you use the glaze for a drink? >> correct, this is an old fashion with two-steps. again it makes your day much easier if you make this glaze -- steve: two shots of bourbon makes anybody's day much better. >> it's better if you let terry shake it. brian: can i tell you something i found out this whole next generation drinks bourbon. >> you're right. brian: like the 21-year-olds,
5:54 am
like the 30-year-olds they drink bourbon. >> listen i know my preacher is watching, turn the tv off but they do like bourbon. it's so popular right now and we got into the bourbon business five years ago now and it was perfect timing for us. steve: okay so it's ready. >> pour it over ice. >> how are you feeling today, ainsley? how are you feeling, dear? ainsley: we had a friendsgiving last night, so it was a late night. steve: i do want it. ainsley: i don't need that. >> are we not allowed to drink it on tv? >> don't show it on tv. brian: there you go. steve: he's chuck chugging it. brian: this is good ham. it's fantastic. >> you can take your ham and dip it in the drink and have a bite also. steve: isn't that amazing? that you can remember. >> steve i know loves bourbon and you're being awfully quiet
5:55 am
over there. steve: i'm being good. ainsley: i don't need it. steve: so tell us a little bit about the bourbon. you've had the company for a while. >> i wanted to have a bourbon, why i always liked bourbon, i wonder if i can kind of brand myself and i've never done it and got word out to gordon whitn er in chattanooga, he put together a group and they came out to california and met with me and said tell us about what you want in your bourbon, so i described the taste i want in the bourbon, and back to owns borough, kentucky to green rivers and they went and called the master distiller and told him would you like to do this? yeah, give he a crack at it and 15 months later we come back to california, and we have bradshaw bourbon. brian: nice. >> its got a really really good taste, its won a lot of awards really proud of it and moving
5:56 am
off the shelves and fred menic, the great critic is the reason our bourbon exploded. ainsley: why? >> we actually had been fortunate, people that have tasted it have loved it. ainsley: loved it. we love you. what a fun family. so much fun together. steve: we have about 10 seconds. get the bourbon in a store near you. >> get us out of here. steve: catch fox nfl -- >> we'll be here tomorrow. brian: 10:30 they start. steve: we'll be right back. take advantage of lowe's black friday deals early. full of savings to make the season twice as nice, and twice as merry. buy online and pick up in store today.
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>> the old-fashioned is great. great stuff here, people. >> i never thought where i watched that movie when you exposed yourself -- >> get your hands off me, woman. >> dana: the sunday parade attack defendant in wisconsin held on $5 million bail. good morning, i'm dana perino. bill is off today. good morning, benjamin. >> i'm benjamin hall in for bill. the story out of waukesha growing more tragic by the day. an 8-year-old has died. his older brother is among the more than 60 people hurt. >> dana: darrell brooks made his first court appearance yesterday. the d.a. and court commissioner


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