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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 24, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the lesson democrats could learn is one that eric adams capitalized on in new york city. we'll see if they do in 2020 -- 2022 pittsboro that will do it. catch me every day at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business network. tune in tomorrow, we have a special thanksgiving show for you. it's wonderful. now "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell with jessica tarlov, joe jones, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." justice and injustice in america, two cases gripping the nation. the injustice in wisconsin, a new trial with the death of six innocent people in christmas parade over the weekend with everyone wondering why the suspect was allowed back out on
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the streets after his last arrest. then there's justice in georgia, and jury they're just finding all three men charged with a monitor breeze deaf guilty of murder. the man who pulled the trigger being found guilty on all charges. we take a look at both. first, jeff paul is at the courthouse in georgia with more. jeff. >> come dagen, huge sense of release for the -- relief a hundred folks gathered outside the courthouse. you could tell there was some nervousness as they waited for the jury to come back from deliberations with their decision. once the judge started going down the list of the defendants and all of the accounts they faced, there was a lot of celebration and cheering outside the courthouse. all three men found guilty of multiple counts of murder. i took the jury just under 12 hours into days to come to that decision. for the family and the folks who spent days on end watching this trial, they say justice is the
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over arcing word that comes to mind. they say that the men responsible for killing ahmaud arbery are being held accountable and that his memory will now live on the way it should. >> decades from now, they'll be talking about a boy named ahmaud arbery that taught this country what justice looks like and let us know that all whites are not racist and all blacks are not worthless. that we are your children. >> the lawyer for william "roddie" bryan, the man who filmed a portion of the shooting said he's going to be filing a motion for new trial in the coming weeks. that was expected. the judge meanwhile saying that time to think it happened a couple weeks when you look at the severity of all these counts they were found guilty on, it's likely that all three men could spend the rest of their lives in prison. dagen. >> dagen: , thank you. greg, very often the media and
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the left insert race were it's not an issue. steve burke on just glad that not all whites are racist. thank you, reverend. humans like to group things, especially when incidents happen close together. for me you have the rittenhouse case and you have the arbery murders. there close together but it shows you of if you pick the right to filter you would have easily predicted the outcomes. a few had used a different filter like race, you wouldn't have. if you use self-defense, obviously rittenhouse clearly self-defense. arbery obviously clearly murder. the prism of self-defense would've told you how that pans out but if you look at it through race, he would've seen the rittenhouse case incorrectly. he would have been told erroneously that his victims were black head that it didn't matter that they were white because those were white guys protecting black protesters. you might have gotten the arbery case correct but that probably
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would've been by luck. you need to have more than one filter in life or you're going to be very, very confused. i feel great about this decision. the justice system works especially when the media, as you suggest, they went for long racist assuming that only white jurors, only vote in a specific way. a uniform, bigoted manner. we know this isn't true. it shows you how every case is different. every case is nuanced. avoid sweeping generalizations, although my favorite take was from an organization. when a verdict happens or the court will send out an email, this is my favorite one. i won't say who this organization was. "the verdict is a reminder of much-needed reforms in our nation's legal system." i was thinking, what if it came back as not guilty? they would have the same response. hence, their actual response is inherently meaningless. >> dagen: dana, the legal system worked in an incredible way.
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it doesn't bring ahmaud arbery back but to the original prosecutor, jackie johnson, on this case. she was removed. the georgia bureau of investigation took it over. not only did she lose reelection but she was brought up on charges by a grand jury related to her handling of it because again -- >> dana: she said she wasn't going to prosecute. then there was legitimate outrage about it and eventually you get to this result. one thing that's also interesting is we are celebrating thanksgiving tomorrow as a country and we give thanks for our nation and our system. trial by jury, sometimes it's a slow and it takes a long time. but you know it, it works. if you are someone who says it worked in one case and not the other. you can't do that. we have a lot to be grateful for and that the system works. >> dagen: to that point, jessica, after the verdict, you
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had representatives for the prosecutor and a monitor breeze family and everyone standing around her cheering the mention of law enforcement, cheering the mention of the prosecutor. that's refreshing and different. >> jessica: it's always been the dichotomy between what you hear who likes law enforcement and no actually likes law enforcement. the highest approval rating for having more police on the street comes out of communities most affected by crime. no surprise. on partially for many cities, it's black and brown communities living below poverty lines et cetera. those moments are important, hearing from ahmaud arbery's mother that her son is finally at peace and at rest. it was particularly moving. he was pretty quick. everyone thought was: -- that it was coming out last night.
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it's a good day, like the day that derek chauvin was convicted. and that kyle rittenhouse was let alfano self-defense charge. i hope it sets a precedent of not having these riots and things. it's really what you wake up thinking. obviously you want someone to go to jail if they've murdered someone but you also fear for your city or your country, wherever you are. the people would go to the streets and it would turn into the summer of 2020 again and hopefully when things have gone through the legal system and it does work, the jury system does work, we can all just sit there and take in what we heard during the case and the verdict and be calm about it. >> dagen: if you have the misfortune of living in a large liberal city, you have to sit back and see people set your city on fire and destroyed businesses and never get charged with those crimes. you're from georgia. how do you feel about this. maybe not even feeling. >> joe: those cases had an element that's kind of new to the world, video evidence.
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one thing i took away from both these cases over the last weeks, what i hate is from the moment the rittenhouse verdict was out and i started commenting on and a someone who understands the second amendment and firearms in the perspective i have two comment on, the idea of self-defense being completely legal, this verdict came out today, there was a section on twitter. what about the ahmaud arbery case. i didn't comment on kyle rittenhouse is the jury had a chance to see every shred of evidence and make decisions. then i could comment on things i finally understood but perhaps didn't because i wasn't there every day of the trial. the same thing with this. these men, everything was put out in the public for me to digest, chase this man down and killed him because they didn't like him in their neighborhood and thought they could. the one thing that's scary about both of these cases that i think really is what we need to addresses we have the scenario of we have this national institution against poor people or black people.
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we have small-town courts and legal systems that can screw you over in a heartbeat. rado someone in -- we are prosecutor in small-town georgia might not have wanted to try this case because it of the optics of racism or the fact that the neighbor was a retired cop. neither one of those things should ever happen in this country. that's one thing we shouldn't have to worry about, not having a chance of a fair trial. at least with video evidence, it gets that much harder for some small-town legal system to make cue the victim -- make you the victim. >> greg: next week. don't we have just lane maxwell. -- ghislaine maxwell. and jussie smollett. are they televised? and to your point, there's no video. ghislaine maxwell.
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we won't really understand it. we may not see what we want to see. >> jessica: there are a lot of victims on record and on tape. we will have those interviews. >> joe: are they televised? >> jessica: we can check. >> greg: we are television. we should know this. the voices in my head just told me. >> dagen: now that she has been in prison. she won't have a hairdo. i guess it works to her advantage. >> joe: i don't know how to say her name right. >> dana: i don't think he's right. >> dagen: it is ghislaine >> greg: ghislaine? >> dagen: america furious after a career criminals release led to bloodshed.
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little boy. jackson sparks was marching with his little league team. members of the community remembering him as a sweet and talented boy with a contagious smile. bail set at $5 million for the suspect, leaving many furious about why he is offered it at all. now the bail policies are back in the spotlight, kamala harris' track record coming under scrutiny. harris has defended the cash bail system as a prosecutor in florida. dagen, i want to start with you on the bail issue. a lot of money. there is no expectation that darrell brooks, the suspect, will be able to raise it. do you object that there be any bail set? >> dagen: he shouldn't have any bail set but he shouldn't be on the streets. dana quoted the milwaukee district attorney from back in 2007, john chisholm, yesterday, saying what was the quote?
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will someone go out and kill somebody who gets out on bail question like it's guaranteed to happen. does not invalidate the overall approach. this exemplifies. it does invalidated. you said it yesterday. rather than upholding the rule of law this district attorney and others subverted further and arrange an dangerous view and i wish someone had asked chisholm, john chisholm, one of your child or your wife would get killed? do you stand by it? these district attorneys, liberals making the decisions in these cases leading these recidivists back out on the street to kill over and over again are pretty confident that they won't suffer the consequent is from the decisions. and that their families will never have to suffer the injury and the death and grief at the hands of these frightening criminals. >> jessica: dana, the current d.a. admits the thousand dollar bail was inappropriate.
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for someone like this and there's going to be an investigation. do you feel that other cities are going to be taking the same approach, getting ahead of the problem? looking at who is out? >> dana: if they were smart they would. they would say oh, my gosh, we better make sure we have everything that we are on top of it. we have covered a case a few months ago on "america's newsroom. close with this woman whose husband was abusing her terribly. he was supposed to be in jail. he gets one of these deals. supposed to be a court that day and it's of going to court, he went back to the house, almost killed her. thought he had killed her and then went upstairs and she had to listen to him kill her child. this very same thing at happen. you can go to any city that has these. we talked about three of them this morning. this happened here in new york. yes, if they were smart, they would do this. but i would say americans are in a mood. they are in the mood for a change. what happened this past year for
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example when they were watching zoom school had realizing that the school board might've been represented by people that they didn't think represented them very well, what happened? people decided to run for office only ran ran for school board. pay attention to the local d.a. as you might not have ever have heard of this person's name before. you're a law-abiding citizen and you haven't had problems. to see who backs them and demand change and see if you can run somebody else. >> jessica: greg, what are your thoughts? >> greg: it's a microcosm of almost every holocaust. whether it's nazi germany, ussr, china. one believes that their mission is greater than your suffering. you put ideology over individuals. this is what happens. in this particular moment in time, the left is treating us like lab rats for their medical experiments. the medical experiments is no
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cash bail. we are getting tortured on the street. the left is more concerned with words. the reason is to make this happen, if you can remove any intentionality from crime you will have value free incidents, right? instead of calling something a massacre, you'll call it a crash. that strategy leads to no cash bail because -- and also defending the police. you're removing intentionality from the suspect or the criminal and you're turning them into a victim so that when they're punished their own punishment surpasses the victim that they preyed upon. that's how you got no cash bail. that was seen as victimizing the thug. when you say you want cash bail back on motivation? it criminalizes poverty. the idea is that poor people can't make bail. i'm going to say the thing nobody likes to say. rich people aren't out doing these violent crimes. i know that's crazy. they do the white-collar stuff.
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they don't go out and rape women on the subway in philadelphia. they don't beat women in times square. the idea of comparing rich offenders to poor offenders when you're talking about violence, whatever kinds of violent crimes, it's nonsense. it's putrid nonsense. we bought that story. we bought that story that it was about money. no, it's not. you're comparing a like-minded group of people, criminals. white-collar crime is different. >> joe: if rich people, jeffrey epstein, do these crimes, they find their way out in other ways. it's not through bail. i'm assuming you're going to let me talk on this. >> jessica: it's thanksgiving. go for it. >> joe: the state doesn't allow -- they had a set of bail. what got me about this, they are bragging that we set the bail really high. what if he had ran over and killed his girlfriend a few
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weeks before? would they have set the veil and $500 million then? one murder is not inherently worse than the other murder. you killed innocent people. killed six people this time and could've killed one person last time, may be the bail should've been $5 million the first time around and this didn't happen. >> dana: why don't they care about women? i don't understand that. a lot of it does start as domestic violence. it goes on and they gone to, and other violent crimes. >> joe: talk about marginalized people. what about people who are victims of domestic violence but because the perpetrator also comes from bad circumstances, they are not held accountable the same way. that's bull crap. if you burn down communities, communities will fight back. if you refuse to charge people for theft, they are going to run into a california store and steal everything. there's a trend happening and it's not because we are
2:23 pm
appeasing criminals. the role of government is to protect us, the law-abiding citizens and the innocent people in this country, not the criminals. >> dagen: they also use mental illness as a cover-up. you heard rashida tlaib talk about it. if you're violent mentally ill person, you need to be locked up. i don't care where it is. that's a ruse. >> jessica: think we can agree the system needs reform. i think of the person at rikers island for three years. >> dana: it's a different conversation. >> dagen: the population at rikers island is the lowest in decades. >> greg: new york hotels. >> jessica: i don't think that's true. up next, president biden taking heat after jetting off to a billionaires lavish estate while americans face the most expensive thanksgiving in history.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: americans rest easy. president biden thinks giving is going to be luxurious. spending the holiday with his family at this $30 million home on nantucket which some say looks widely out of touch to the problems of everyday americans are facing this thanksgiving. >> what message does it sent to middle-class americans that president biden says he's trying to help who are struggling this week to cover the cost of the most expensive thanksgiving ever the president is going to take a few days off i don't billionaires compounding nantucket? >> any increase in prices is something the president is concerned about but i want to be clear that there are an abundance of turkeys available. they are about $1 more for a 20-pound bird which is a huge bird, if you're feeding of the big family. >> dana: a poll says americans most pressing economic concern is inflation.
2:29 pm
the president doesn't seem like he's in the mood to answer any questions on that. >> thank you for your time and effort. >> why won't you answer our questions, sir? >> dana: depresses mad. let's start with nantucket. >> greg: joe is literally giving us the bird. do you know what that means? huge bird. i love his message. relax, folks. you'll get your yams. his poll numbers are so bad that thanksgiving turkey was thinking of pardoning him. we'll be right back. for him to be pleased with himself, he has to lower the bar so low. saying look, it's not so bad. so what if a turkey cost a few more bucks. it's a big bird. but the go to word in this administration is only. crime is only a 5%. turkey is only a few dollars more. joe is only losing half his mind.
2:30 pm
but only is now the phrase to defend every one of their declines. >> dana: first it seems like dagen, they tell you that it's not happening. the things you're seeing with your own eyes. then they say it's happening but it's not our fault and then they say okay and we can do something to try to cover up for our bad policy from before like grossing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve which won't have an effect. >> dagen: let me talk about the holy incompetent cackling platter bag that is our energy secretary. why did they pick her? she's completely incompetent. i know why biden picked her because she's a broad. thanks for setting women back 40 years by putting that woman who has no spirits who can't even communicate sensible energy policy. she was asked about the daily consumption. she didn't know the answer. didn't she have a say in figure out how much oil to release from the strategic petroleum reserve. she should be in theory, she's a
2:31 pm
woman so yay, women. now we all look like a bunch of dopes. they could reverse all this by the way, they could come out tomorrow and say green light keystone. we are not mendicant in a wave energy permits. not going to get in a way the way of financing or energy projects. oil would collapse if we head back to being the swing producer. biden is spending thanksgiving with david rubenstein who worked in the carter administration. i suppose he's going to be sitting around saying "tell me i'm not as bad as jimmy." >> dana: you can imagine jimmy carter's looking at the media thinking i really wish you didn't care about inflation when i was president. >> joe: or at least -- at least he did some things after his presidency. he is a georgian so i kind of like jimmy carter a little bit. >> jessica: no one doesn't
2:32 pm
like jimmy carter. >> dagen: my parents. >> joe: biden said pluck it. i'm going to nantucket. >> dana: i'm getting the birds. getting the birds. >> joe: turkey is a couple more dollars. you're feeding into their narrative. i thought not what we need to talk about. it's not about the price of turkey going up. it's a very accessible commodity that should always be going down. where the hurt is is nobody sitting at home for thanksgiving. we drive there. my family drove two hours to my house and i'm not there. the best thanksgiving they've ever had. they are spending hundreds more dollars to drive. the people that can't afford to take off from an hourly job to celebrate thanksgiving because i need to make every dollar they can. yeah, turkey only costs a couple more dollars. that's not even a couple more dollars thanks to inflation. it's not the price of turkey going up. it's the price of living and going to thanksgiving and taking time off and everything to do with life and having a good dinner. i just want to say enjoy
2:33 pm
nantucket and mooching off your rich friends. you've done it for a career. >> dana: let's get jessica in. jessica, why do you think the president so reluctant to take questions from the press. he never used it to be >> jessica: no. not this level. in the buck didn't stop with him before he was at the top of the ticket. it's been discussed for a long time. that he spends too much time. even if it something that he doesn't say there goes the wrong way, they want him off the rope line. they used to do with bill clinton but bill clinton was the best on the rope line may be in history. they would accept he's going to spend a couple hours they are. >> greg: the bedroom. >> jessica: different kind of rope. >> greg: thank you. >> jessica: a couple things. how i don't think -- it doesn't make me embarrassed to be abroad. many people go into administrations. i am the proudest of broad's.
2:34 pm
ben carson was hud secretary and he's a neurosurgeon. wilbur ross held up of campbell soup can. people make mistakes. i'm not saying that it's going well. the real issue here is what you said originally, dana. people can see what's going on. they know how much these things cost. the kitchen table issues. to our conversation yesterday, if you're attacking these holidays, things bringing people some joy in a difficult time, that's not good. >> dana: speaking of that, it's that time of year when they woke left goes ballistic on thanksgiving. we'll be right back. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie!
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>> joe: every year the left launches a new woke attack on thanksgiving. this one is no different. this seems like a parity with the left-wing women's march is apologizing for a fund-raising note asking for donations of $14.92. the group saying "it was an oversight on our part to make the connection of the year of colonization, conquest and for indigenous people, especially before thanksgiving." this is the women's marriage. suffrage happened, does that mean everything that happened women can't take part in our celebrate? >> dana: i don't understand why they didn't just ask for $15? >> jessica: it was a real number. >> dana: i have a long belief we are living in an episode,
2:40 pm
season of veep with this administration, i've never seen anything like it. it's incredible. >> people say everything everyone things its house of cards but it's veep. when we talk about anniversaries and celebrity things that happened in history, should we stop worrying about not the truth but the historical facts and start worrying about the context? the fact that in 2021 we say thanksgiving is about coming together and loving each other and having people from different strokes in different folks come together. isn't way more important? >> greg: you don't have to convince me. the overarching theme of wokism is the cancellation of anything fun. but they offer no replacement from their own miserable lives. they are incapable of providing joy to their friends and their family, hence they're always protesting because they have to stay away from their family. they have been emotionally
2:41 pm
injured by an ideology that makes them incapable of seeing the world that you described it which is people who want to come together and have a good time. they are the member of the family that is despised. they could change it. that was the funniest, probably the funniest wheat in history and it's rare because feminists were never this funny. sextus would say that. i just know that kind of commentary. >> joe: on that note of being funny, i will turn to skate. you are a vegetarian. talking about different people coming together. you eat no meat. i.e. double meat. are we marginalizing vegetarians by making us all about the turkey? we marginalized people. >> dagen: you are talking crap to me to pick a fight. i don't care what you eat. i don't go through life trying to make your life as joyless and
2:42 pm
miserable as my own, to paraphrase what greg was saying about the left. there was a "new york times" story, how american's appetite for leather and their luxury suvs worsens amazon deforestation. don't crap on things we love. this year at least it's harder for the left. last year of had to do was say you're having people over for thanksgiving? you are a murderer. you need to rat out your neighbors. they are people over. >> joe: jessica. from my haircut to my well tailored pants to my three great parents that are cherokee. i am the envy of elizabeth warren. i have this cherokee heritage but i'm a white male. should i enjoy a meal tomorrow or hate myself? i'm not sure where i'm supposed
2:43 pm
to land. >> dana: [laughter] >> jessica: there's a lot of self-hate that goes on from thanksgiving for the overeating. i'm also starting to feel like some people of this table table don't like liberals. >> dagen: is not as you are not a fun sponge. >> dana: jessica says we can have fun. >> jessica: have a lot of fun. >> greg: year are now mom. >> jessica: where is my nine. >> joe: the fastest is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. no places apparently sacred. a new survey finds addicted americans find the need to use their cell phones that weddings, funerals, even on the toilet. with more than half saying their legs and butts have gone from scrolling too long from squatting.
2:48 pm
i never thought i'd ever be saying this on "the five." squatting. you do this all the time. has anyone called you out for using the phone in the bathroom? >> dana: no but i have called someone else out. there's something i can't stand. it's people on the phone in the bathroom and while they are using the toilet. it is so rude. it's disgusting, inappropriate peer people will be on the phone. what are we going to have for dinner? i don't know. did you take the dog out? it's not urgent. it's disgusting. >> greg: who was it? >> dana: strangers at the airport. >> greg: i thought you meant people on the 24th floor. >> dagen: there used to be somebody. >> greg: no longer here. >> dana: was on the 18th floor. >> dagen: my mind is wandering. i didn't mean to interrupt. you know you do if somebody's on the phone on the pot in the bathroom, you loudly say "i hope the person you're speaking to on the phone knows that you are
2:49 pm
copping a squat right now." they will never do it again. >> joe: just grunt. >> greg: stop playing with that oreo. >> dana: i am so hungry. >> greg: our biology hasn't caught up with our technology. >> joe: maybe i should apologize to a lot of people in my life. i spent a lot of time on the toilet and the phone. i don't do phone calls. texts and emails. i get things done. also it makes your butt and legs go numb. i didn't know that. how would i know that. i don't have that stopping me from spending so much time. >> dagen: i'm thinking about your phone. >> greg: jessica, your texting for two. our producer would like us to talk about other things you use your phone.
2:50 pm
90% of the time texts come from a toilet. it does bother me at weddings. >> dana: funerals are okay? >> jessica: no, that's bad too. but i meant more weddings and funerals. you're all dressed up, you're here with people that you haven't seen and you're on your phone. >> dana: be in the moment. >> greg: the phone is better than the wedding. the phone is better than everything. why don't we just come to grips with it. everybody knows that oreo cookies are just a dunking device for milk. nba champion giannis known as the greek free, calling it a game changer. tweeting "you won't believe me but someone just told me to try dunking my oreos and milk." i find milk positively disgusting. i like chocolate milk.
2:51 pm
vanilla milk is gross. >> dagen: you know what's more disgusting. eating an oreo and looking like you have potting soil and your teeth. trying to pick the food out of my teeth which reinforces the fact -- >> dana: triple? >> jessica: it's part of a long chain of charming things about giannis. he was like, i just discovered smoothies. after he won the nba championship, he went to chick-fil-a and got a 50 piece nugget. they hadn't won a taping chip in that amount of time and the woman serving him didn't know who he was. looking at him. it's not a normal person. it's adorable. oreos and milk. >> dana: they are great. >> joe: mega stuffed only. the regular oreo should be mega stuffed. the other should be about -- >> dana: when i finish it, i get to keep the glass.
2:52 pm
you can buy one of the shop. it has an awesome etched logo. >> greg: so that's why we do this? >> dana: would you like and oreo? >> greg: no, i can't. it will give me heartburn. "one more thing" is up next. .
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: before we get to one more thing join us tomorrow for thanksgiving fan mail special. fun filled show. you don't want to miss it. time for one more thing, are greg, go. >> greg: promote my show tonight i have a great one dagen mcdowell. tom shillue and marc siegel. going to be a barn burner. not literally. we are against setting fires to
2:57 pm
barnes. now, let's do this. gregs' polite bear news. check out this bear. it's in the house. by the house, realized that maybe it would have been wise just to close the door. a lot of bears don't do this. so i like to point out when a bear does something nice. you got always. >> dana: how is that person filming it so close? oh. >> greg: it's a circus animal? way to ruin it thank you, joey. >> joe: his name is bo bo. >> dana: here is something you don't see every day. how does my golf cart get ruined. went to the tape. checking out the tape. here is the golf cart. going around. oh, it's a dog. it was his dog that did this. yeah, so, if you are wondering. i didn't get it. i get the animal stuff.
2:58 pm
>> dana: amazing. >> greg: not anymore, she is gone: >> jessica: there is one of my favorite thanksgiving stories. i don't know if you have seen it to remember it. grandmother wandered texan thought was grandson six years ago. and invited him over thanksgiving. she got a text back from somebody this isn't your grandson. she sent a picture and said i'm definitely not your grandson, young man jamal hen don replied it's knew tradition. six years strong thanksgiving together. he brings his girlfriend with him now. and they are like one big happy family. she has the not my grandma. come and i remember that from blast year. i love that. >> gut gutted are we going to keep doing that every year now? >> dana: yeah, we are.
2:59 pm
>> dagen: you big drum bucket. >> dagen: go to a florida aquarium turkey. florida aquarium. socialize with the aquatic friends. went on a rampage socks and shoes. total nightmare. i was trying to make it interesting. >> so dramatic, peacocks. feathers, look at it strutting around. i want to shoot one about march. [laughter] >> joe: organization called ebb injured marine semper fi, you don't see commercials on tv and don't know a lot about them. what can we do for you. primarily provide financial assistance for severely injured marines and now they have a handles the other services as awesome as the marine corps but they provided more than
3:00 pm
$250 million of assistance to more than 27,000 combat wounded service members. match campaign going on right now of the $10 million raised between now and december 31st go to semper fi and help get that extra money. >> dagen: way to work the clock. >> dana: "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> greg: and on gutfeld tomorrow night. >> dagen: mike emanuel, go, my friend. >> mike: love that bear closing the door. that was a classic. >> look at that, might be. >> mike: thanks, dagen. >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier, breaking tonight, guilty verdicts in the trial of three white men charged with killing a black jogger in south georgia. the three defendants in the murder of you a ahmad arbery facing life in prison, the big question that remains isn't correspondent jeff paul brunswick, georgia


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