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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 25, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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team for making this so easy and thank you for watching the special version of the ingraham angle, check out my show get tammy bruce exclusively on fox nation and my social media hub, greg gutfeld takes it from here. have a great night, everyone. ♪♪ carley: happy thanksgiving, you are watching "fox and friends first," i jumped the gun. todd: a visual to what she did, you jumped the q and went like this, welcome, everybody.
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carley: a lovely shot at 6 avenue, a very busy place to be, thanksgiving day parade, 90 fifth annual, 95 years of this tradition, thousands of people, a different scene this year than last year when it was a pared down ceremony because of covid but we have moved on. todd: the first one was a heckuva parade 95 years ago. william taft and the gangs. this thanksgiving let's have a little fun but we have some news to get to. president biden, spending the holiday in nantucket, families paying more for their thanksgiving dinner. >> critics are slamming the president saying he is out of touch. alexandria half joins me live
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from washington. >> reporter: president biden resuming of tradition that started in the 1970s when food and gas prices were squeezing americans to historic degree, a familiar feeling for many. the price of the turkey is up 24% other staples up double digits as well but the president says the opportunity to buy these items is a win. >> families can rest easy, grocery stores are well-stocked with turkey and anything else you need for thanksgiving. >> reporter: tuesday president biden arrived at the $30 million nantucket home of private equity billionaire david rubenstein. and republicans feel the backdrop is out of touch. >> to buy a thanksgiving turkey or christmas present costs more and what is president biden doing, hanging out at a billionaires house, >> the guy that's going to be living it up. they don't want us to have a
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turkey, and send gifts home. >> peter doocy pressing the white house this week. >> what message does it send to middle-class americans at a billionaires compound in nantucket. >> any increase in prices is something the president is concerned about. abundance of turkeys available, one dollar more for a 20 pound bird which is a huge bird. >> the president released a thanksgiving message expressing gratitude for farmworkers and frontline workers, a major test of the president's economy will come tomorrow. carley: happy thanksgiving. todd: according to a new poll 62% of voters think the president shares the blame for the supply chain issues but as workers, worries mount about the economy, miranda devine says
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president biden does not seem to care. >> it is giants gas lighting operation and it comes from the media and the white house and president biden himself and it is not working, look at the polls, you see americans worried about the economy, inflation, gas prices, the direction the country is going and they blam president biden, they say he pretended he was going to heal the divisions in the country which is why people voted for him and he hasn't done it. the polls are going down the tubes really fast and president biden doesn't seem to care. >> i who signed off on the billionaire compound thing. peter doocy asked the question, it's the one dust expensive thanks giving in history but on
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the other hand president biden is jetting off to spend thanksgiving at a billionaire massive resort and jen psaki response to the question saying a turkey only costs one dollar more. don't know if that is true, turkey prices up 24%, more than a dollar. it is not just that but the big thing is gas prices, so many traveling for the holidays and that is a massive expense and the goal is for prices to stay stationary are going down, everything going up. todd: the white house needs to turn off cnn and ms nbc like the rest of the nation has done and realize that their little elitist bubble sees things in a very very minority view from the rest of the country. the most americans on this holiday are worried about all the things you mentioned and from an optics perspective you can go to this billionaire's house other times but on a holiday like thanksgiving when
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you should not be flaunting wealth you should be focused on the american people and the problems they are suffering through. >> member when donald trump went to afghanistan and served meals to the troops on thanksgiving in 2019, can't go to afghanistan because of president biden but could go to a soup kitchen earlier this week but on thanksgiving going to the billionaire is not a good look. ron clean, only talk about ron colleen, the big difference between thanksgiving 2020 and thinking 2021, 20 million people on unemployment, benefits them versus 2 million on unemployment today, that's the only difference between last year and this year. i see a lot of other differences in terms of where the country is in terms of crime, where we are at the border and the economy another major issue.
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todd: to your point it is like the democrats and the white house don't see or are ignoring the horrible poll numbers, the rest of the country sees how bad things are going and executing that at the polls and they are going to execute this at the polls come 2022. it is like the white house is in a strange before they are ignoring reality and if i'm the gop, bring it on. >> big government socialism is where the country is going if president biden got his land what they are grappling with is the fact that it just doesn't work. they see it but they are stuck, what can you do about it. another robbery at a southern california nordstrom happening overnight, massive trends in california, lapd searching for 5 thieves who robbed a high end retailer. police on high alert at a los angeles nordstrom, still boarded up from a monday looting, the brazen robberies coming amid a surge of smash and grabs across
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the state, law enforcement experts say the string of heists are backed by organized crime syndicates who pay between $500 and $1,000 for specific items. police say three people were arrested out of 90 suspects in the san francisco bay area over the weekend, would be a good reason to refund the police, the district attorney is criticizing that. president biden's seeking a progressive krista end cash bail even his critics blame radical bail reform for free nonviolent offenders who killed 6 people in wisconsin. >> the community is demanding change. >> walk as a residents stunned to learn darrell brooks was freed on $1,000 after running over his girlfriend days before the christmas parade attack. in response the president sticking with the post illuminate bonds that to keep offenders locked up saying ending cash bail will not put
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people charged with crimes on the streets, just means whether you get bail should be based on the threat you pose is not how much money is in your bank account. there should be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy americans, critics looking at progressive milwaukee county da john chisholm who was elected in 2007 with the promise for radical reform saying at the time, quote, is there going to be an individual i put into treatment program who is going to go out and kill somebody, you bet, guaranteed, it is guaranteed to happen. alan dershowitz says that the da's position should not be left in the hands of progressive voters. >> we should not have elected prosecutors. they have too much power. there is no room for cash bail. people should be detained if they are dangerous, likely to flee, not if they cannot raise $100 or thousand dollars. under any standard he should
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have been held. >> tuesday republicans in wisconsin introduced a bill that would allow judges to consider public safety when considering the dollar amount for bail, even democrat david bentley who calls himself a champion for, justice reform said brooks's release was a mistake saying our lease decision especially around bail have to be reformed and based on public safety. this individual differently should have been behind bars and brooks's ex-girlfriend told the new york post his mother is, quote, correct that people were killed saying she blames herself because if she hadn't bailed them out this never would have happened. >> fox news analyst greg jarrett has this to say about the left. >> criminals as the victims and victims as the criminals. criminals are simply mistreated and misunderstood by a racist criminal justice system and the oppressors of the law-abiding
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citizens who dare to enforce the law or dirt to exercise their right to defend themselves and their property and if they do so they will be demonized and vilified by the far left and their collaborators in the mainstream media who will convict them in the court of public opinion. >> waukesha native jay jay watt giving back to his hometown in the wake of sunday's tragedy, offering to pay for the funerals of the 6 victims killed in the christmas parade according to a local outlet, he took to twitter hours after the sunday incident to voice his support for the community writing, quote, truly hoping everyone is going to be okay and those not involved are now safe, thankful to everyone who rushed to action and helped the wounded. didn't know he was from there. >> the jury finding two men
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guilty in the murder of ahmaud arbery, fighting travis mc michael guilty on all counts, his father greg and neighbor william bryant convicted of felony murder and other charges including aggravated assault and false imprisonment. 's defense attorney will file a motion for a new trial after things given, dozens gathering outside the courthouse cheering the jury's decision. in a statement president biden weighing in on the verdict saying the guilty verdict reflects our justice system doing its job, that alone is not enough. we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength. >> the republicans, almost none of the 82,000 afghan refugees evacuated from kabul to the us were properly vetted. >> lawmakers say in a memo they sound the alarm on the improper screening process for months.
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>> recently leaked congressional memo details monday the 82,000 people who were evacuated over the summer into the fall from afghanistan were properly vetted. the washington examiner reports interviews were conducted for evacuees who had derogatory information associated with their biometrics or phone records. that does not align with what alejandro mayorkas told lawmakers last week. >> a simple question, how many were vetted before they got on the plane? >> out of afghanistan? i cannot speak to that but it is our policy -- >> you can't tell us how many people were vetted before they got a plane, can you tell me what percentage? >> well over 99% of them were fully screened and vetted before they boarded the flight.
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>> the controversy over vetting from the taliban controlled country comes as thousands of american residents are still stuck in afghanistan. earlier this month the state department estimated 14,000 legal permanent residents haven't been able to leave the country, they are joined by handful of american citizen still trying to get out. limited evacuation flights are continuing led by the government and a plane landed in kabul this week carrying 6 tons of supplies. the united states is relying on them to move forward with evacuation from the country but that process is proving to be difficult. >> texas governor greg abbott delivering hundreds of national guard troops, haven't had a tamale a while, i miss them, express ingratitude to the troops for their service and sacrifice this thanksgiving. >> troops serving under the governor's border security operation and kicked off in march after a dangerous surge in cartels started smuggling migrants and drugs across the border. the time is 14 after the hour.
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smugglers and cartels are cashing in on a crisis making billions of open borders into a shockingly report. brandon judd joins us live with his reaction. todd: a big show still ahead on this bird day, thanksgiving addition of "fox and friends first". jimmy calls himself turkey sometimes. joe concha, mike huckabee, do not go anywhere. ♪♪ [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class. ♪ yeah, it rocks.
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heather: happy thanksgiving the biden administration will restart the trump your main in mexico policy. dhs spokesman telling fox news, quote, in compliance with the court order we are working to reimplement mpp as promptly as possible. this will force asylum-seekers to wait in mexico until their cases are heard. the policy will be reinstated in el paso and brownsville, texas as well as san diego, california, two government immigration official saying migrant will be given the chance to receive the covid 19 vaccine. let's bring in brandon judd of the national border patrol council. happy thanks giving to you. i guess the white house, everybody thinks remain in
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mexico wasn't this no good racist program after all, was it? >> happy thanksgiving, obviously it was not but let's be clear. if the implement this correctly, that is a big if, if the implement this correctly it will be a switch, illegal immigration is going to drop exponentially. agents like myself will be able to go after the cartels, after their profits, after smugglers, human traffickers and if we can do that we can then get the border under control and do what we need to do for the american public. >> one of the reasons there is such a massive surge at the border is president biden pulled this policy back but mexico needs to agree to this, they need to the second asylum-seekers and when will the policy be implemented? >> that's the question. is mexico going to be a true border security partner. i will go back to donald trump and the reason mexico is willing
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to do what they did is because donald trump was willing to put pressure on them that was needed, he was willing to go forward with tariffs if mexico didn't step to the plate and work with us to get under control was a huge problem at the time. i don't know this administration has that political will. i don't know, they are saying the right things right now but when push comes to shove are they going to do the right thing? todd: i worry the damage has been done from a political perspective, i feel all those folks coming across with the biden harris shirts are going to vote democratic for the rest of their lives into that end -- we will see. meantime, taking in $1.7 billion the year bringing migrants to the border. does the biden administration
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not understand the are stimulating small business, illegal business of smuggling human smuggling and making it harder for legit american small businesses to succeed thanks to inflation and the like? >> $1.7 billion is a small investment and it goes all the way back to 2017. if you look at supply and demand back in 2017 supply wasn't there so smugglers but their prices exponentially but as supply went up and we release people into the united states that demand went up and the prices also went up. $1.7 billion annually is the number if you consider 2021 but if you go back to 2017 that is more proper but right now it is a lot larger than it was in 2017 and takes into account all the people getting away and how much they are paying so that number is small but gives the american
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public a good idea what the smugglers are able to generate in revenue and all that money goes back to the mexican economy which is one of the reasons mexico is so reluctant to be a border security border? >> that is an interesting perspective i hadn't thought of and i was wondering why mexico, it is a complicated issue why mexico hasn't done more to tempt down on smugglers and cartels, that may be it. we would love to dive into more of that in the future. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> time is 23 after the hour. we've got a lot of tips from the media for keeping thanksgiving covid free but this is one of the most interesting suggestions so far. >> if it feels like it is going to be weird, make it kind of fun, say we start with hors d'oeuvres in the garage. you can make it playful, make it
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fun. >> it is 30 degrees in my garage but if those garage hors d'oeuvres kept you from starting on the turkey you are not alone which is why we are checking in with the butterball experts to serve less than a questions. this the cooked turkey, there's the not cooked turkey. we witness together for you.
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>> cbs news contributor suggests screening thanks giving us for cover before letting them inside your home today. >> if it feels like it is going to be weird, make kind of fun. that with hors d'oeuvres in the garage, we will do our best, come on in. you can make it playful, make it fun and then be able to enjoy the holiday because you're not worried about it. >> reaction from the host, nothing says happy thanksgiving
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like a nasal swab. not taking the consequently, conservatives and harmeet dhillon responding - the answer is you don't. thanksgiving morning, we call in help from the butterball turkey which is celebrating its fortieth year of helping to safely prepare thanksgiving dinner. >> willingness to answer last-minute survey questions. and free here, butterball turkey expert andrea -- i didn't get butterball right to answer the question, these are viewer questions. is thanksgiving morning and my turkey is still frozen. what can i do? >> good morning and happy thanksgiving from the butterball turkey hotline where we have been talking turkey and
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inspiring hosts to get cooking for the last 40 years, they can call us this morning at 1-800-butterball. there is still a little bit of time, the turkey is a little bit frozen, they can to our cold water find method that speeds up the thawing process and you want to get the turkey thought before you put it in the oven. >> what is the proper way to stuff the turkey? >> you want to prepare your stuffing right before roasting your turkey, lightly place in the cavity because as it cooks it is going to expand and you definitely need to take the temperature with the meat her mom and her. it needs to reach 165 degrees in the center of the stuffing to know it is safe to eat. >> you don't want to get salmonella on thanksgiving. how long does the turkey need to roast and to the other question what temperature? >> butterball recommends
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roasting at 325 degrees in an open roasting pan and you look at that nice golden brown color for an average size turkey, about 15 pounds is going to take 3 to 3 and half hours of it is unstuck. definitely at about 30 minutes if you're going to be stuffing the turkey and take the temperature with your meat thermometer. the brush should reach 170 degrees fahrenheit. >> when do i know when my turkey is done and you answered the question. how often should i based the turkey, asks someone. >> it is not necessary to based butterball turkey and every time you open that oven door you are letting out that precious heat and that will extend the cooking time. you want to keep the oven door closed. i want to brush the turkey with vegetable oil, that will give a
1:32 am
golden brown color. todd: you should take your turkey stick on the road. >> an impromptu question. i saw a recipe where someone put butter under the skin of the turkey. would you come in that? it looks so good. >> there are lots of great recipes out there and does have some wonderful recipes from putting ingredients under the skin like a spicy turkey, that is perfectly fine if people want to add more flavor, it sounds good. >> we violated the question order, i'm going to combine the next 2 questions. how long does kurt took a keep in the fridge, looking at tomorrow or the day after and what should i do with the leftover turkey? >> everybody loves the left overs after thanksgiving dinner so make sure you put them in your refrigerator within 2 hours after preparing your turkey. left overs will be good for 3 days, and we have a new recipe
1:33 am
call the stuffing waffle sandwich on you make a little waffle with the stuffing and use that as the bread and any of your leftovers, check it out. >> it is healthy because it includes green calorie free practically. >> you are the best, thank you for breaking it down for us, happy thanksgiving and you can, but turkey hotline at 800-betterball. >> 844-356, say her last name. todd: we appreciate it. i decided to keep it safe. todd: first she called you deplorable and we will tell you what she is saying about you and what she says you should be thankful for this year. >> we are checking in with adam klotz ahead of the ninetieth
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these families in washington dc outraged after public school sent a letter offering guidance on québec the colonizer thanksgiving is an example of its instructions in part if you host a thanks giving neil consider doing a land acknowledgment with a link to a
1:38 am
government website with what indigenous land acknowledgment statement is. the chancellor of dc public schools is not commented on the letter. >> people speak a different language from the rest of us was levi strauss calling to racial trauma specialists, the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse, chief diversity equity and inclusion of the sending and email saying it is a difficult day for many, the pain and trauma of race, identity and relief based strategies is a reality many of us are struggling with. they make jeans. we will talk about the mental and physical impacts of social and racial justice and trauma coping mechanism. it is encouraging you to get educated a gun violence into an act more common sense gun laws. msnbc's rachel maddow in a monologue about the tragedy in waukesha over the weekend making no mention of the man who took the lives of 6 innocent people.
1:39 am
>> allies have been on wisconsin where yesterday afternoon and an thinkable crime took life after life after life after life at a holiday parade. a red suv inexplicably spit into the parade written directly into people marching in the parade. >> what do you think of that? the red suv spit into the crowd but made no mention of the fact the man who committed these crimes did so because he was out on bail reform, shouldn't of been on the street in the first place. >> i do think rachel maddow in the media are going to unite the country over how bad they are, how disingenuous they are. he shouldn't have been out on bail, number 2, understand this guy had post after post after post on social media about wanting to kill white people. this is a media that draws a
1:40 am
link to white supremacy when a white guy shoots 3 white guys yet a black fellow who says i want to kill white people runs over 45 white people and we are pretending he just had a bad gps in his car. if anything this is progress for rachel maddow because she's not blaming it on trump and russia but we need a little more progress. >> she blames it on the crime taking the life, the word crime doing the work of taking the life but it is not just maddow. other headlines from left-wing media, washington post, here's what we know so far on the sequence of eventss that led to the waukesha tragedy caused by an suv. the suv is the one that did it, not the guy behind the wheel, new york times, wisconsin, those who died in a holiday parade implying old people, lapsed dying in a parade, not that they were killed, do real americans see through this wordplay? >> yes. this is the thing. objective people, not partisans,
1:41 am
i'm talking about objective people who have seen the media game understand the reason the media doesn't want to cite the race of darrell brooks or cover the story extensively is they know he's reacting to an environment they created. in a post rittenhouse verdict world tensions are running high because they are holding to their original disingenuous narrative that this was a racially motivated killing in response to racial justice protests in which everyone was burning the city of kenosha over the fact the media lied about the fact that jacob blake was armed when he sexually assaulted a woman at knife point and try to adduct her kid. that environment let a guy like darrell brooks, he was reacting to that on social media so when he did what he did when he did it in waukesha he was very much reacting to a world they created and they don't want to acknowledge that this is a
1:42 am
monster is a built but they built it and i don't want them to be invoking race every time there is a crime because crime isn't an issue of black or white but right or wrong but this is why places -- why msnbc is reading behind -- >> absolutely right, it is so toxic and i know one thing you are thinking about making thanksgiving greater and from hillary clinton, she recently said people don't know what is going on or understand they should appreciate biden's presidency. >> democracy is messy. a lot of people got kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation and didn't really appreciate that within a year the biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation. >> your reaction to that?
1:43 am
>> the nerve of hillary clinton, inflation is out of control, the border is out of control, crime is out of control, this is like the owner of the theater saying that abe lincoln's wife to complement the play, didn't appreciate the quality of the production, getting past what happened in the booth but you know why she's doing this, and you know this, she wants to run again, she knows kamala isn't running in 2024, she knows biden is telling people he is running -- >> could be an opening for her. hadn't thought about that. we got to run but thank you, we are thankful to you for waking up early. on that note there's a lot to be thankful for as the public is once again allowed to line the streets of new york city for the 95 food annual thanks giving day parade starts in hours. >> meteorologist adam klotz at the start of the parade route. take it away.
1:44 am
>> good morning. it is so good to be back out here at the macy's day parade, the 90 fifth just over my shoulder, we have the turkey the kicks off the beginning of the parade and at the end of the parade santa claus brings it in and that is the beginning of the christmas season. once we get that is parade. last year it was a different parade, it was one block kind of a virtual parade. this will be much closer to normal, 6500 people working this parade, typically 8000 so they try to keep the number down a little bit. the balloons are back, 18 of them. several new balloons including 8 on netflix, baby yoda that i know janice dean is excited about to take a photo for her children, the performers carrie underwood, rob thomas, nelly and for me, i will adhere the next 5 or 6 hours, one of the warmest years we've seen in a while, 42
1:45 am
degrees currently outside in new york city, a little bit of wind making it feel like it is 40 degrees but will turn out to be a really nice day by 11 am, 48 degrees, comparable late fall early winter day as we think about thanksgiving and the christmas season. for the rest become to your thanksgiving forecast mostly clear up and down the east coast and west coast tracking some showers that will be moving across the middle of the country but by and large it looks like a beautiful thanksgiving across the country and here in new york city for the macy's day parade. we to you mentioned you are going to have nelly there. find out if in fact it is getting hot in here. >> i love that. that is great. >> thanksgiving day tradition
1:46 am
where we reflect on the top political turkeys of the year. a sneak peek at the lineup. >> on afghanistan -- >> not going to answer now. >> you are going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes. >> that happened, president biden, vice president harris and aoc making the list, we are going to all of the with tj mccormick coming up next.
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todd: upstate new york school offering remote learning not because of covid but gun violence. the city of newburgh investigating succeeding incidents in the last week of the district posting in an advisor on their website, quote, the recent acts of violence prompted the immediate need to pause once again, reflect on the needs of our student body, faculty and staff. amid soaring crime and the push to end cash bail attorney general merrick garland is targeting early airline passengers directing the justice department to prioritize prosecution of flyers who allegedly threatened harm to other passengers or crew. this is what they are prioritizing, the doj saying dozens of incidents have been referred to the fbi by the faa, not clear which violations qualify for that referral. carley: every year our elected
1:51 am
leaders accidentally create memorable moments. here with his favorite political turkeys, t j mccormick, happy thanksgiving, your first political turkey of 2021 is a very quiet president biden who cannot take a question from the press. watch this. >> i'm not supposed to take any questions would go ahead. >> on afghanistan -- >> i'm not going to answer afghanistan now. i'm not supposed to be answering all these questions. i'm supposed to stop and walk out of the room here. i'm happy to take questions, whatever you want me to do. >> does he know he is the commander-in-chief, he makes the rules. >> when you are elected to be the president of the united states your elected and expected to be held accountable and they keep you accountable.
1:52 am
it is incredible the guy who walks around with the nuclear codes is getting chewed out in the green room by some intern named tyler, who exactly is he in trouble with, this is tragic. he turned his back, we are seeing too much of his back. >> not to be outdone, here is this moment from the second-in-command, vice president kamala harris. watch this. >> i wonder who the head of the space counsel is. >> the vice president. >> you will see the craters on the moon with your own eyes, with your own eyes, i am telling you. it is going to be unbelievable. >> if you remember those kids, child actors, not an actual event. >> everything with her own eyes accept the border. she is supposed to be in charge
1:53 am
of the border and the root cause of this, that might be the most cringe worthy moment especially when it came out they were paid actors. they have to pay kids to make her look good and it still blows up. todd: texas senator ted cruz made the list for his cancun trip. remember that? >> we spent two days without power and my girls wanted to take a trip and i have to admit i started having second thoughts almost the moment i sat down. it was obviously a mistake in hindsight. >> that was a bad moment for him. >> when you have those second thoughts when you're sitting on the plane, stand up, send the kids, they can go, they are from texas, you're supposed to be a man of the people. that was especially known he had
1:54 am
that second thought but there was just a margarita calling my name. >> another thing that was such a news event when it happens, former president obama's birthday bash in the middle of covid, republicans were wanting to get back to normal but democrats like the former president were saying stay home but he had this giant martha's vineyard party. >> and they had to cut the guest list from hundreds and hundreds to just hundred and we big big backups across martha's vineyard of cars which were idling and giving of greenhouse gases, that was a big mess and that was one of those tools don't apply to us moment and it was great too because the breakers broke the rules at the party and leaked
1:55 am
the photos so we knew the next day -- >> no one was wearing a mask. speaking of people wearing things, aoc and the tax the rich dress, watch this. >> what it means to be working-class women of color, we said we can't just play along, but need to break the fourth wall and challenge the institutions. >> if she was really the democratic socialists he claims to be she would hate the people that go to the met but she was there. >> the working-class women of color at the met with the ones holding her down for her, the one scurrying in the background all wearing masks and all expected to be seen but not heard from. she the land speed record for you got to be getting me, this 30,$000 couture dress, every year she makes this list.
1:56 am
>> so many crazy political moments, you're the best at breaking them all down for us, happy thanksgiving, thank you for doing it with us again on "fox and friends first," keep it here because we are starting your thanksgiving day with a jampacked 5:00 hour. >> we have turkey, joe concha, david burke, all the sides, mike huckabee all joining us live, don't go anywhere. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪
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>> you may be asking why we should beautiful painting carly made this


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