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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 25, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> americans across the countrye the most expensive holiday season in history. inflation driving up the cost of thanksgiving staples, that's assuming you can find those items in stock. that's not what president biden said what happened back in 2020. he said the cost of goods would go down under his watch. >> none of you will have your taxes raised. anyone making less than $400,000
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will not see a penny in taxes raised, you will see your standard of living go up and your cost down. >> that angry pirate is your president. i am emily compagno. here today my cohost, kayleigh mcenany, host of kennedy on fox business kennedy. fox news correspondent, julie turner, and in the sunny seed, julie banderas. the supply crisis leaving store shelves empty. it's not just about what is available, it is the price too. the cost of turkey per pound is up 6.2% from last year. bone-in ribeye steak is nearly 30% more expensive, and veal is up 83.6%. thanksgiving will cost more, the national average gap price was at $3.41 last week. and almost 61% increase from
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last year. republican senator, ted cruz, that americans need help. democrats are looking the other way. >> they want you do not be able to fill up gas in your car. they want your electricity bill to be higher. they want your heating to build the be higher. the cruelty -- of course it doesn't impact them, the democratic elites will still fly in their private planes everywhere they go in the working people they just say let them eat cake. and it is really cruel. >> candidate, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you too. >> went to our entire fox family and everyone at home watching, we love that you are watching. we love you even if the president doesn't. this is what's so incredibly cruel about this narrative, they are blaming consumers. th are blaming truck drivers. they are blaming longshoremen, and women. they are blaming anybody but themselves for these policies,
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monetary and fiscal, that's creating an environment where prices are skyrocketing. so much has to do with governments overinvolvement. it's not just rich people feeling the pinch. when you can't find cranberries, we do can't afford a turkey on thanksgiving day, when you can't afford to drive 50 miles to see your grandmother, something is wrong. those sorts of problems will affect voters who will vote differently to make sure that next time around, whatever government is doing to make their lives just another layer of miserable, they are going to kick them out. you're going to see that happen. there is a direct correlation between high prices and people being very upset. >> that's right, inflation can disproportionately affect low and middle class americans, it's not just for the rich. the cost of heating the home is skyrocketed in triple digits. the cost of meat, milk, and dairy products. these are real life problems americans are dealing with. the kennedys point it's almost like this stages of grief were
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first the administration denied it, but now they are acknowledging it but blaming us for it. >> voters are noticing. cbs conducted a poll on this very issue. they found that when they ask is it costing you more to go to the grocery store when you buy things, 82% said yes. that's a lot of people. are your products in stock at your grocery store? 64% now, 67% disapprove of biden's handling of inflation. voters notice. to your point, they are blaming the consumer. not only that, but "the washington post" reported this week they are considering launching an investigation against big companies and highly concentrated industries and blaming them. rather than solving the problem, they are playing the blame game. so if you are eating your turkey and you are looking at your receipt you got at the grocery store that's double what it used to cost you can just say thank you, brandon. >> jillian, new mom with us on the panel to talk about
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perishable items and nod. there are people with supply chain -- for example they go to the store to buy diapers but there's only one package left so they have to make the trip more than normal guard with the rise in sky, gas prices this is where it's hitting them. everywhere you turn it is affecting average americans. >> i have a personal iron in the fire now is a new mom. ab products are among the category of goods in america that have really skyrocketed over the last six months. diapers, wipes, formula, all of those sorts of ground zero products for babies are double the cost that they were this time last year. really hard on moms. i hate to be the bad news bearers, but all of this, the problem that retailers are struggling with leading up to thanksgiving, are going to be compounded beginning tomorrow, when the ransomware threat hikes
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up again and further. starting tomorrow, retailers are going to be struggling with inflation, worker shortages, supply chain issues. we are on target -- i talked to cybersecurity sources who tell me we are on target for about 60% of u.s. businesses to be targeted by ransomware hackers this year, this holiday season. last year was 44% were targeted. this is going to cost the american business economy trillions of dollars this year. it's just something else to throw into the fire while we are talking about this. it's something people need to think more about. >> david, it feels like halloween as i'm frightened to death now and compounded -- all of these are second factors. also of course the criminal element we've had an ongoing conversation about here on "outnumbered," that if people are oppressed for things that retailers are absolutely pressed in multiple ways getting their costs increased and their revenues slashed, they are also
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getting robbed. >> joe: eight is concerning. as you see the crime rate go up -- though i will say as i was shopping a couple of days ago for food i was convinced they want us all to be vegetarians for thanksgiving and 90 turkey as we get ready for this good holiday today. let me also add though that it gets -- the president now wants to give a tax break to democrat wealthy elites in democratic run states, they want the countries across the globe to keep a minimum tax. kennedy knows the business side better than i, but you continue raising taxes on people and it's only going to make their pocketbooks even lighter buyers would get ready for the holiday season the buy for their loved
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ones. >> david mentioned the stress on these farmers and meet producers, yes there are real people behind each raising farms and ranchers that are getting hit hard with the supply chain walls. >> and the oppressive lockdowns where we aren't around allowed to go into her or by anything, they had to throw out so much perishable inventory. we are really feeling the ramifications now. to david's point, this is something that's really important, there are still a lot of people in need. there are a lot of people who have left the workforce. labor participation rate is lower than it should be. but people who aren't -- are in need aren't good get the relief when taxes go up. when taxes go up and people are already feeling the inflation tax every time they go to the store or the gas pump that means they're going to have less money for charitable giving. and charities are often the best sources for people who are most
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in need. so they are the ones who unfortunately are going to be left in the cold by these compounding, horrible economic problems that are only getting worse when you continue to print money and pass multitrillion dollar legislative packages that are going to result in generational theft, not to mention the short term problems we are seeing right now. figured out such a great point, kayleigh, when the economy is thriving people have more to give and they do. this is a devastating consequence that charitable endeavors receive less. people in need are relieved last from the traditional sources of charity and philanthropy that americans can engage in when they are not feeling the heat in their own pocketbooks pocketbooks. >> all of this is translating into bad economic numbers for presidential biden. you see it in each and every poll. i'll share it again because i feel a lot of people are watching us on thanksgiving, gas pump -- a man i encountered in the story telling me that giving up the bumper sticker, why are
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you doing that question my key points the gas prices. this is such a real issue and will have big consequences for the midterm and beyond should biden choose to run. >> a lot of people withdrawing their former support for this president that has wreaked a lot of havoc on us today, especially in the thanksgiving. coming out, the president's dismal polling numbers as e-cigs mentioned, along with recent party election losses all sparking a dire warning for democrats about the midterm. ♪ ♪
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>> president biden's plummeting
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poll numbers are not only bad for him, but his entire party. especially as the midterms are now less than a year away with control of both chambers of congress up for grabs. according to a recent poll, biden's approval now stands at a dismal 36%. that same poll spells bad news for democrats who look who will donned a slim majorities in the house and senate. if the midterms elections were held today, 46% would say they want republicans to control the house and senate. in a recent fox news poll shows bad news for vice president kamala harris, with an approval of her job performance thinking 40%. that's down ten points from june. david, i also have this "washington post" abc poll here in front of me. it's really interesting. this one's republicans were given plus ten on the generic ballot. you can go down and see every time this poll was taken, you can see that this is the biggest advantage republicans have had in this poll going back 20
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years. >> you get the feeling though the wheels are starting to come off here for the president. whether it be that the democratic governors in the northeast gave up on trying to do a cap on trade at the state level, whether you have a democratic governor in north carolina that just signed a huge tax cut that the republican legislature is sent to him, that everything about the biden agenda is coming apart. you think about on the energy side, where they want us -- they want to get rid of the oilfield in the u.s. and shut down the pipeline, yet on the other hand they go to saudi arabia and opec and say will you pump more oil? all of that putting moderate democrats in a very tough spot. you can't be for the biden agenda, it's falling apart. you can't be for reasonable policies, because you'll lose a
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big part of your base. hence why glenn young can is going to be the incoming governor of virginia and upright as you get ready for the midterms now you're going to have at least 7-10 more democrats announced their retirements before the end of the year. don't be surprised if you see a party switcher at the federal level before the end of the year. >> that would be interesting. emily, when you break down this poll, let's put it back up if we can come on issue by issue. see that president biden is really suffering. take a look at the numbers. we have them up. coronavirus approval, 45%. this is where he was previously possible. now 45% approve climate change, 41% for economy, these are bad numbers on issues that he proclaims himself to be the leader of. >> they are bad numbers, and they also reflect a very poor trend, which is that they keep
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getting worse. the reason they keep getting worse is because of the decision's administration keeps making, there's nothing leaving e financial stresses for citizens. there's nothing leaving the oppression of the covid mandates that have been overridden by courts. people are seen down my feeling squeezed in a lot of different areas. those poll numbers reflect they are not getting better, there is no alleviation. it's also interesting to point out that what it is the g.o.p. going to do with this and formation? right now the democrat party is blaming each other. after the gubernatorial election there was a lot of blame happening with progressives saying white purse supremacists when it was all about the crt argument and they are not pressing to the best of their advantage, what will actually help them in the midterm bid they need to do a critical self-assessment and see why
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education stock skyrocketed the top of priority for white voters. why was that successful? they need to turn around and looked himself and look themselves in the mirror and assess themselves accurately. on the g.o.p. side they need to not let this opportunity fell through the cracks. they need to harness momentum and create a solid strategy and implement a solid plan to harness where americans are right now into olivia at all the stressors i just mentioned. >> sean hannity brings up a new contract with america. you have to dig into these poll's yourself, i'm so glad you bring up mandates. often times they don't report some of the more interesting details, they didn't tell us about this. by majority 52% disapproval 46% approve of the federal government mandates that this is with a hundred or more employees require vaccination. interest income of those mandates are not so popular. >> no they are not. there are actually really
9:20 am
unpopular with unions. that is one of the parts of the biden coalition that you will see peel off as they did in 2016 when new membership voted for president trump. and union administration voted for hillary clinton. people are feeling it, they don't want the mandate, little mind the man vaccine but of the federal government is telling these companies that they are going to force their companies to get it. emily's point, that's why you're seeing all of this fail the court. what this administration has to stop lying to people. stop lying and stop blaming. come up with a solution that will actually make lives better. guess what, making governments bigger and more powerful, that's not going to make people's lives better. it's not going to make people richer, it's not going to make them feel more safe. you're losing the economy by that much, i don't see how they
9:21 am
rebound from this period that economic anvil he's got around his neck right now, it's not going to heal itself anytime soon. because they don't have an actual plan for it. >> well said. stop blaming and start listening. maybe you want to start listening to a clinton advisor, former clinton advisor, let's listen. >> look at long island, look at buffalo, look at a minneapolis come even look at seattle, washington. i mean this defund the police lunacy, this take abraham lincoln's name off of schools, people see that. it's just really having an oppressive effect all over the country for democrats. some of these people need to go to a detox center. >> he's listening and reading the pulling. >> well also what he laid out there, kayleigh, really gets at the crux of the matter here,
9:22 am
which is what is the problem or the big million-dollar question for the biden administration, does the poor pulling reflect communication problems, or does the pulling really reflect bad policy? or policy americans perceive to be bad? one of the things compounding the pulling problem for the president is his big signature achievement so far, the infrastructure bill in the build back better plan if that passes through is that there really what "the wall street journal" called washington achievements. by which he claims average americans, the americans that support these pieces of legislation come americans that will stand to benefit from them come are not going to feel the effects or receive those benefits for months at a minimum, more likely for years. so by the time americans are going to the poll next year, they are not going to have that president biden does not have that as ammo to use going into
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the election. he's not going to get credit for these bills in order to push through. it's a great point. >> aoc may want to listen to their wise elder. can you save the planet by not having kids? that seems to be the main stream's latest message. ♪ ♪ while ted's eyes are on the road, his heart stays home. he's got gloria, and 10 grand-babies, to prove it. but his back made weekend rides tough, so ted called on the card that's even tougher. and the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors.
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what a pain in the... alice? if it's "let's wrap this up" season, it's walgreens season. >> is the left and the mainstream media at the family? several outlets are pushing the narrative that having children is harmful to the environment and contributes to climate change. check out these headlines.
9:28 am
why my fears of climate change make me reconsider having children. or should i have children? wink parenthood with the climate crisis. you may remember this article, is having a baby in 2021 pure environmental vandalism? climate scientists say don't buy it. jillian, new mom, what are your thoughts on this? >> i think everybody has to do them. if you're one of these periods that decide you don't want to have children for any number of reasons, how about it. if for your rationale if you feel like you stemming the climate crisis, i'm supportive of you. where people lose me is when they start advocating for government policies that mandate any kind of childbearing restrictions whatsoever. we know the chinese government is famous for their failed one child policy. but a lot of countries around the world have instituted mandates restricting people's ability to legally have children. japan, india, south korea,
9:29 am
vietnam, there is a laundry list of countries that have flirted with this idea and tried it out. they've all failed. i think this is an example where people really must do what they feel is in their own best interest and what is in the interest of their countries in the world. >> david, in that honest conversation it only works if you speak honestly about the facts. headlines talking about vandalism, that is a misdemeanor. it does nobody any favors to be hyperbolic and really extreme about this if they do want people on board with what having a child means. >> first, kudos to you. we should all be thankful that your actually able to present this topic and not bust out laughing at the absurdity of this thought process. let's keep in mind the population control crowd has been around for a long time. i'm old enough to remember when it was nuclear proliferation that was why we should not have
9:30 am
kids. let me say of all of this, joe biden's policy will do more to limit the number of kids that are had. julie is about to find out that kids are expensive. if it cost more to bring them up it's going to make some young parents think twice about if now is the right time. >> great point. in inadvertent consequence to the policy. >> environmental vandalism having a child, how insane is that? our viewers -- i just have to show everyone that is because i was so flabbergasted when i read this article. this is invoked. whether your body reproduces you passionate believe it's in the cards one day or you actively believe it's a bad choice another day. before i got pregnant i worried feverishly about the dash before
9:31 am
he even started sitting up my child would have already contributed far more to climate change than his counterpart in south sudan. god help us if these are the calculations being made before you choose to have a child. >> i keep thinking about just all of the room that these writers have two think like this. and to be published like this. to be amplified like this. >> the child who is going to the climate crisis may not be born yet. so this future genius -- their soul is in heaven and they have yet to enter our earthly spirit. when this child is born, they may save each and every one of us. jillian knows this, when you look at the face of your newborn child and you're getting to know
9:32 am
your baby, you realize the incredible potential they have as a human being and the phenomenal responsibility you'll have as a parent to try to shepherd that and help others in the world. it's one of the most selfless things you can do, have your heart live outside of your body when you have a child. for those that don't have kids to say it's incredibly selfish, you don't know what you're talking about. stop scolding us. good people need to keep having babies. it's as simple as that. the populating in places like the u.s., japan, and it really is to create a phenomenal crisis in terms of social services, having babies and adding something to the world will save the planet, mark my word. >> aman, kennedy. >> it's a sacred personal decision that every person and family -- yes, the hall of souls
9:33 am
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speak of the kids will have to make it on their own. some of the world's most high profile billionaires, including mark zuckerberg, warren buffett, and bill and melinda gates, think their children won't inherit their vast piles of wealth. they plan to donate the charity. they want to teach their kids the value of hard work. some celebrities want to do the same. a long-term financial planner saying this, what i've seen from other parents is that they don't want to provide too much money that they take away their child's sense of purpose.
9:38 am
if you leave hundreds of millions of dollars to a child, there is a potential they won't have work ethic and will sit around living off the money. that's not healthy. most people need to work to feel fulfillment in life. david, i agree with the sentiment. however, when i leave this dirt the person deciding the where the money goes to it's my child, with the values that i've instilled in them. >> this is a conversation the elite have with one another. only 3% of americans get a more than a million dollars from their parents. most of us have to work really hard our entire lives to get what we achieve in this life. now, joe biden and aoc and the squad may take care of that if they continue to raise taxes as they seem to do on americans, they may wipe out a lot of wealth. all of that to say the great irony here is that for these elites who are talking about
9:39 am
giving instead their money to charity instead of to their kids, they are ultimately giving it to progressive groups that are doing the very things that are going to make it impossible for their children to have a good life, which is the great irony instead of just giving to the kids and letting them prosper. >> jillian, warren buffett does make a good point explaining his rationale. he wants to leave his kids just enough so they feel like they could do anything, but not so much they feel like doing nothing. >> i think i can get on board with that. i'm thinking about this, like hypothetically if i was a billionaire what would i do? like what what i do if i was a ferret? i think i would come out some more reasonable, like warren buffett, because now having a daughter it's very hard to think well if i had this money i could conceivably say to where you know what? i'm not going to make sure that you and your children are okay for the rest of your lives, i'm going to give everything to charity.
9:40 am
that seems a little bit harsh. at the same time, i grew up in new york city and i've seen the perils firsthand of children that are exposed to an over abundance of privilege from day one, it usually backfires. it usually hurts them. warren buffett is right about that. tell me a family that's happier because they are wealthy. show me a child that grew up who didn't have to work and decided not to work and is actually a better, happier adult as a result of it. i've not really seen that. i think it's probably dutch look, if you are a billionaire in this position it is a good problem to have. but i don't envy them in that sense. >> kennedy, will you be giving our vast billions to your children? >> i'm excited about that, once i get vast billions i'm just going to enjoy it for a while, then i will probably think about it. all probably think now, i'm keeping my vast billions instead
9:41 am
of giving my vast billions -- then at the last minute i'm going to cave and buy them each a golden rocket ship. and hopefully from your lips to god's ears that happens. i do like the fact that there is more investment in private charity. i think that's a much better direction for human beings to go and then a concentration of wealth and centralized government. i don't have a problem with that. with bill and melinda gates and their divorce, i bet bill gates was the one that's like the kids aren't going to give them any money better now that they are split, melinda's like you can have all of your dad's billions. i think they are probably going to amend that clause. >> i was thinking about that in the midst of the divorce, bill gates is worth about a hundred $30 billion. there was reporting back in 2011 that he was going to give his kids $10 million each. that's quite a some.
9:42 am
i think i could live without of my dad is like here is $10 million. i think i could retire comfortably on that amount right now. i will say to gillian's point, the media fulfillment and come from a sense of purpose. it comes from family values and feeling connected with others. that's true and unrelated from wealth or money. i think if i had vast billions, i would honor the fact that i'm living in a society where education and travel as possible. i think i would want to -- i'm going to say this now so i can change my mind, i would want to treat my children to the education that they could have access to to travel so that they could see the realities of the world so they are exposed to other cultures and needs throughout the world and they could use their education for god. i agree that a little bit of it is healthy at but too much can be cruel. i wouldn't that's what is the same? it takes a lifetime to create wealth and a generation to destroy it. absolutely i think the best thing you can do is to instill in your children a sense of
9:43 am
responsibility and responsibility itself and not just numbers. >> the millions and billions don't matter at the end of the day it's all about faith and family. coming up, wondering what would be happening around your thanksgiving dinner table? we have a sneak peak. ♪ ♪ we've been waiting all year to come together. happy holidays from lexus. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2022 es 350.
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>> there's going to be a lot of excitement at the thanksgiving dinner table with sibling rivalry alive and well as a new study finds one into adults still argue and compete with their brothers and sisters. okay, david, what is like at the thanksgiving table with your older sister? do you fight over turkey? >> i find the more discussion you have at thanksgiving the less gifts you have to buy at christmas as you battle all of that out. >> smart, brutal. >> jillian? >> i have one brother. he's younger. we have had our fair share of fights over our lifetime but i've never bought with him over who is our parents favorite. i don't know if we are unique in this but it's not something that's ever come up between us but i was very surprised to see
9:48 am
that. >> same. and on the guy had that argument with my siblings either. >> no, i didn't have to have that argument. because on the favorite. it's funny because in my family everyone cooks. everyone is secretly very competitive about what they make and bring to thanksgiving. even though i've said this year i'm making the pies, and making a pumpkin spice layer cake and the sweet potato pie i know everyone is going to bring pies. so if they try to make it into a convert competition i line everything up and i'm going to make everyone vote. >> can i be a taste tester? >> yes. >> no competition here, my brother's amazing, he's an emergency doctor, i always love sharing that. my sister works for a national presidential campaign. i don't ever get to see them because they're always so busy. so it's an honor. >> my sisters are my best friends and so it's all good nature. were constantly laughing and
9:49 am
it's not a real competitive and thus we are playing a board game. then it's competitive. >> food and tv football are also very much part of the day. a new study finds that one in three men would actually give up watching sports for two months if it meant they could get rid of their belly fat and have a ripped six-pack. obviously i'm coming to you, david. >> they were drinking when they answered that question. no guy is to do that. >> jillian? what about the men in your life? >> well, my father and my husband are south african. they are not really football box. they are into soccer and rugby. my brother is obsessed with baseball. i'm sure they would give up watching football to get rid of their -- i myself would give up watching football to get rid of the rest of my baby weight. i'll tell you that. >> kennedy, you're surrounded by
9:50 am
six packs at. >> i personally am a sponsor of the uso. i just have the troops marching through -- that's not true. the look on your face. yeah, i think you can drink and work out in equal measure. they just have to find the balance and get it right. maybe try intermittent fasting, that way you don't have to give it up. >> do you really do it or made it fast and? >> my fan. yes. i am a fan. >> you will have to teach us. >> to me the question was what was motivating those guys to answer that way? do you think women want them to have a ripped six-pack? or are they doing it for their own health. we need to dig to the root cause. do you know the expression is a dish best served cold? that may not be the case. a study shows that more than half of those surveyed like it
9:51 am
hot and fast. meaning they would rather take immediate revenge, even if it deals a lesser blow to their enemy. >> i think that's healthier. i really do. lingering resentment eats away at your sole and it compromises your health. i think when you get something over with immediately, like my -- that's okay, he's in a good place. hot and fast is better because you resolve things immediately and you don't sicken yourself with worrying. >> i hear you on that. at the same time -- >> it's a family show. >> didn't mean the felonious camp it is a fan of the count of monte christo and all of those amazing, calculated revenge stories. those are just amazing. >> luck, i'm a christian and i know you are too, emily. some always turn the other
9:52 am
cheek, that's the best way. follow the advise of on this one. i strive for that but i fail because i'm human. >> jillian, what about you? >> any time i've tried to seek revenge on anyone it has failed miserably. my advice would be to just not do it. now later slow, fast, it never really works. it always ends up coming back to bite you. >> that's true. it always -- >> like i've never gotten to throw a drink in someone's face though. i would like to do that actually. >> maybe we can do that together. >> my sister did that once. the guy deserved it. he was being terrible to her friends. david? >> we are all bus to go to our higher angels and think about our blessings, not our slights in life. as you point out, emily, we are all human. revenge is sometimes nice. but think about it, the kids did not act on. we heard about the lady who
9:53 am
hired a hit man to take out her husband. it makes you wonder at what point does renting versus buying become cheaper? i don't know. revenge is something we should best try to keep out of life. >> i totally agree. keep it out of your life, revenge. across the country, malls are finding trouble finding enough santas. the labor market is getting hit with a santa shortage ahead of the first christmas since the economy reopened from the pandemic. "the wall street journal" reports that a few working santas are taking advantage of the scarcity taking more hours for higher pay. last monday and tested virtual meet and greets for kids. lingering concerns could be feeling this year's shortage. jillian, this is so sad. i went to the mall and saw live santa. >> guys, don't come at me. i just have to say there's nothing creepier than mall santa. i'm really not that upset.
9:54 am
>> i thought this was america, jillian. they are terrifying. i -- david, i don't know if you've seen -- gosh, what is it? the vince vaughn christmas movie? there's like a thousand santas that go running down the street. maybe they could just borrow a few. >> concierge and does. it's the new thing but have santa come to your house. hey, good for santas, now they get to have a higher wage. they are more in demand. capitalism at its best. >> the movie is fred claus. you should watch it if you haven't. it's corny but very funny. emily? >> i see it as an entrepreneurial opportunity. people should go to the store and rent a santa suit and do it more locally. maybe leave another tip jar out so the parents can leave in a couple bucks. >> kennedy? >> grow your beard out. there's nothing like a natural beard santa. it really makes the holiday. jillian, you will learn this
9:55 am
probably next year. first trip to santa's lap can be tough. there are tears, which are distressing in the moment. years later when your children are 12 or 16 they will look back at those moments and you will laugh. >> those are nice memories. emily, what are you thankful for? >> in this thanksgiving family and health care those are my greatest blessings. >> grade. kennedy, what about you? >> i'm thankful for my daughter's and their love and energy. the fact that they get along, they are so completely different. they get along beautifully. >> jillian, what about you? >> i hate to brag on national tv but my daughter slept through the night last night. [applause] she slept 11 hours. i'm very thankful. >> david? >> my wife, claire, my daughter, my entire family, and my colleagues. i'm thankful for the mall. >> i'm thankful for my husband,
9:56 am
sean, my baby, blake, and our american troops and soldiers. those of you who can't be with your family, you are the real heroes. we love you, we are thankful for you. so thank you to all of our viewers for joining us on thanksgiving. go eat your turkey. >> thanks to everyone for being with us today. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. ♪ ♪ for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start
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10:01 am


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