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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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are available, you can watch them again, the whole thing come on fox nation. if you'd like access to that, it's available on that is it for us tonight. we are out of time, every night, the swart dome actual it is the sworn enemy of line, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. more than anything, happy thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity" and happy thanksgiving and tonight for the hour, we will highlight some of our big interviews from the past few months. but first we start with my monologues exposing biden's disastrous presidency. take a look. a message about joe biden and covid-19. unlike many in the media mob we are not going to politicize a global pandemic. were not going to try to score political points or use scare tactics or distort reality. as always we try to give you the
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facts, encourage you to do your own research, consultant expert, look at your history, current condition, talk to your doctor and/or doctors and also encourage you to draw your own conclusions based on an informed position. it not joe biden's. remember in 2020 he used the global pandemic as a political wedge, all through 2020 on the campaign trail he promised he would beat the virus and get this virus under control. in case you forgot, we got the videotape. >> president biden: i'm never going to raise the white flag of surrender, we are going to beat this virus and were going to get it under control, i promise you. >> sean: all right, he was handed three vaccines, monoclonal antibody treatments and over 353,000 people now have died in 2021. that is more done a number of people that died in 2021 we knew far less about covid-19 than we do now under donald trump.
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now, if donald trump was in office, the coverage on fake news cnn, the three networks, msdnc, they'd be apoplectic every single day. there would be, you know, the covid desk counter, you know, flashing across the screen all day long. how many people diagnosed, how many hospitalized, how many dead? how come they didn't do that when joe biden is president emetic more people, i will say it again, have died this year in 2021 dan died in 2020 and joe biden promised to get it under control. despite the lack of hysteria and of course joe is in the media mob protection program. this is a disastrous statistic for someone that promised to beat covid-19 and had three vaccines and therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies. but make no mistake, biden takes zero responsibility. instead, he likes to blame you, skull view, the american people, and that he likes to play dr. joe and dr. joe will only mention monoclonal antibodies
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for the first time, what, about three weeks ago. like most liberals he doesn't trust we, the american people and then, by the way, we don't have a shortage of monoclonal antibodies but he decided to ration it because governors like ron desantis set up these centers all throughout florida because of breakthrough cases and for the unvaccinated buried and apparently they're showing great results. and anyway, joe clearly doesn't have the mental capacity for good decisions so joe and his liberal friends, they play political games, they virtue signal, they enact laws that they themselves ignore. in doing so they actually create more vaccine hesitancy, not less. just look at the subject of face masks. for example, look at this we can. joe biden, dr. jill biden, popped washington, d.c.,'s indoor mask mandate. they waltzed through a restaurant totally mask-free. a few months prior, remember joe biden wearing a mask, socially distanced, fully
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vaccinated outside of jimmy carter's home, then he goes inside the home, the 96-year-old former president takes off the mask and there's no social distancing so they can get pictures. remember it happened in new jersey with governor phil murphy. he enacted a mask mandate for young children and then partied hard at an indoor gala, not a mask insight. meanwhile, a few days ago, squad member rashida tlaib bragging she only wears a mask when g.o.p. trackers are present. that's the only reason she wears it, take a look. >> thank you so much for coming on again. >> [indiscernible]. not you! >> i thought you were like [indiscernible]. >> sean: this kind of mask hypocrisy has been going on for months. remember when nancy pelosi -- member when she got her mask free haircut at the closed down salon at the peak of covid? they opened just for her.
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or gavin newsom attending a large dinner party at a restaurant, no masks, no social distancing when many restaurants in california, they were closed for indoor dining, many going completely belly up, bankrupt. what about lori lightweight in chicago attending a packed arena in chicago completely massless for a wnba game? and thousands of other fans there as well. the very same democrats, they think the rules don't apply to them. the other ones though busy to trying to force all of you to get vaccinated. in chicago up at half the city's police force may soon be forced to go on leave or retire if they don't comply with the city's vaccine mandate. now the city of chicago, they might actually deny benefits to officers that choose to retire that are due this benefit. by the way, good luck, chicago, with those lawsuits. here's a simple, easy prediction. the city of chicago, you will lose and lose badly in court.
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otherwise that would be called licensed stealing because the cops who you are threatening to steal their pension from, they earn every plenty of -- penny of those extensions. mayor lori lightweight is accusing unvaccinated officers of inciting, here it is, the democrats favorite word, and insurrection. during last nights town hall hall on fake news cnn, joe biden didn't make a single mention of afghanistan or the men or the women or children and americans and bring cardholders and allies he abandoned after 13 days prior saying he wouldn't do it. not a mention, not a question, not a word, nothing. wow. it's possible joe doesn't even fully remember what happened in afghanistan. that's way back in august and for him that's 400 lifetimes ago. it was a hole three months ago and let's face it, joe biden is not doing well and that was on display last night that he is everything we've been telling
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you, a cognitive mass. every day it seems to get worse and worse, it's scary, it's not funny anymore. predictably, last night, well, the town hall became a train wreck. take a look. >> president biden: 55% -- 55 corporations in america don't pay a cent, not a single little red cent. you know if you are major real estate, ask them, they know they should be paying more than 21%. we can pay for this whole thing. i haven't written on the card here but i won't bore you with the detail. >> the question was on community college -- >> i know -- >> which was a big campaign promise that you made. you talked about that a lot on the campaign trail. >> president biden: and i'm going to get it done and if i don't, i'll be sleeping alone for a long time. i'm going off -- in scotland and i don't know, i guess it's two weeks or week, i'm losing track of time. 40% of all products coming into the united states of america on the west coast go through
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los angeles and -- what am i doing here? >> long beach? >> long beach, thank you. so what i have said -- you're shaking your head no, but let me tell you something, jack, it's the truth. >> sean: well what am i doing here? long beach? yeah, yeah, thanks for the sake, long beach. at one point biden seemingly forgot about his own hands and just stood there like this for an extended period of time. does anybody know what he was doing like that? what was that all about? and of course throw the night biden offered zero solutions for all of the crisis that he himself had caused. i have solutions. bring back the trump policies on the border, on energy, on afghanistan. peace through strength. on the economy, lower regulation, lower taxes. according to joe, spiking gas prices -- they're not going to be getting better anytime soon and he blamed opec. it's not opec's fault, it's your
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fault, joe. why don't you call texas, why don't you call oklahoma, north dakota, alaska, why don't you hire back the keystone xl pipeline workers who fired and maybe take back that waiver you gave your friend vladimir whose country pays your son millions with no experience. you know, saying there's nothing i can do about high gas prices. wow, that's so reassuring. take a look. >> what about gas prices? >> president biden: gas prices relate to a foreign policy initiative that is about something that goes beyond the cost of gas. and that's because of the supply being withheld by opec. and so there's a lot of negotiation that is -- there's a lot of middle eastern folks who want to talk to me. i'm not sure i'm going to talk to them -- >> do you have a timeline for gas prices and when you think they may start coming down? >> my guess is you'll start to see gas prices come down as we get by and going into the
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winter. i mean, excuse me, into the next year, 2022. i don't see anything that's going to happen in the meantime that's going to significantly reduce gas prices. >> sean: the supply is not withheld by opec, you, joe biden, you artificially reduced supply of energy in the world because you are married to the biden-bernie new greenville socialist, green new deal manifesto. joe biden, you killed the keystone xl pipeline, you're making a hostile actor putin rich again. the other who band -- you artificially reduced americas and the world's oil and gas supply and now the united states once again, now you're begging opec, countries that hate us him up for the hour economy. and we are paying a buck 50 more per gallon and paying more for every single thing we buy and paying more to heat and cool our homes. under donald trump we were the world's number one producer of oil and gas for the first time
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in 75 years. guess what, we were energy independent, donald trump at the end of his presidency wasn't importing one single barrel from saudi arabia. now, any more instead of begging texas, why don't we begged them? you can ask texas, you don't even have to beg. oklahoma, alaska, north dakota, they'll help you. you're blaming opec, that is a cop-out and frankly it's an all-out lie like most everything else that comes out of your mouth and according to the former ceo of mcdonald's, biden's and gas policies are the cause core of inflation in the country and the current supply chain fiasco. the labor shortage also is playing a huge role. joe biden, he is now bowing to make that shortage even far worse. if he does what we are about to play and it happens with nurses and teachers and first responders and our military, you think the economy is bad now? it will go down precipitously
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right into the sewer. listen to joe. >> should police officers, emergency responders, be mandated to get vaccines? and if not, should they be stay-at-home or let go? >> president biden: yes and yes. >> sean: fire them. at this point i will take let's go brandon. i will take brandon and the nascar driver over biden. biden went on to mock american's with freedom. wow. joe biden and his radical advisors do not care about safety and security. they only care about politics. just look at the border. in order to appease the radical left, joe biden not only is not enforcing the laws of the land, donald trump's plans worked and he can implement them once again and they will work once again. instead he decided to go out on his own and joe biden now where are we? we are now at a record high 40 year record high of illegal immigrants coming into the country. ironically, the same time biden started construction of giant
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wall around his beach house, it's going to cost you almost 500 grand. the southeastern border is a disaster. apprehensions are at an all-time high. we are on track for nearly 2 million plus illegal immigrants this year, and by the way, that's where 90% of heroine crosses into this country, through our southern border. fentanyl is killing hundreds of americans a week. that's crossing across the southern border. joe, he's just too busy to visit so he lies about visiting and says the drive-through is a visit. take a look. >> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> president biden: i've been there before and i haven't -- i mean, i know it well. i guess i should go down but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. i've been spending time going around looking at $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes and floods and whether in traveling around the world, but i plan on -- my wife jill has been down.
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she's been on both sides of the river, she has seen the circumstances there. she's looked into those places. >> sean: this guy is a cognitive mass, he's your president. wow. i sent my wife down to look at it and he never went there? not too busy to spend nearly every weekend in delaware your beach house, right, joey? and don't worry your borders -- kamala harris, she swung by el paso once on her way to california. she was spewing carbon emissions left and right and of course she has no plans to go back, and by the way, we -- you know, we've been looking at this for months, we can't find any record of joe biden ever one time visiting the border. jen psaki got into it again with our own peter doocy and joe biden was definitely not lying, she says. oh, really? what, he did a drive-by? that counts as a visit to the border? take a look. >> why did president biden say he has been to the border? >> well, peter, as you may have seen, there's been reporting that he did drive through the
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border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008. >> he said have been there before, you're saying he drove by for a few minutes? does that count? >> secretary psaki: what is the root cause? where are people coming from or coming to the border, peter? i'm asking a question because i think people should understand the context. where do people -- where do people -- >> i'm asking you. >> secretary psaki: i will answer it for you, people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. there is a focus right now on a photo off. the president does not believe a photo op is the same as solutions. that may be a difference he has with the republicans. >> but that's not what he said either. he said i guess i should go down, so deceived and he needs a photo op? >> secretary psaki: he doesn't and that's a fundamental disagreement he has. >> sean: the white house has any evidence of biden actually stopped and visited the southern border, we would love to see it. they're lying, and if joe biden had a solution to the southern border crisis, we like to her about that. here's the thing they don't
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have, and that is a solution. i have one. follow the trump plan. they're not working on a solution, they don't care what happens of the border. more pollution, higher costs, fewer american jobs, but don't expect joe to have to answer any tough questions about any of this because during his only press conference in europe, biden once again first set are not allowed to talk, they get mad at me and everything, and then said all right, i'll call in a small list of reporters, preselected, prescreened as per usual by his staff. you can't make this up. joey coming of the president, you get to decide. >> president biden: please sit down, i apologize for keeping you waiting. we were playing with elevators. [laughs] long story. any rate, good evening. and now i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with ap zeke miller. do you have a question? didn't recognize you with the mask on, i apologize.
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>> sean: i'm told i should start. joey, you're the president, joe, you get to decide. your staff shouldn't be making that decision for you. right now america is facing slow economic growth, record-setting inflation, a massive worker shortage in part because of your policies, a supply chain fiasco because of your policies, high energy prices which means everybody is paying more for everything. a crisis you caused at america's border, americans you abandon in afghanistan. but joe biden is either unwilling, unable to have a lengthy, open, unscripted discussion with the press and according to a new nbc news poll, 71% of view, the american people, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, including a majority of democrats. get this. npr, marist poll finds a plurality of democrats think that replacing biden in 2024 will give them a better shot at
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winning. they're not wrong. if the numbers are so bad that even one of msdnc's top democrats, chuck todd, he's trying to sound the alarm. listen. >> good sunday morning, happy halloween. we have a brand-new nbc news poll out this morning that is filled with some scary news for the democrats. the overarching message, americans of lost their confidence in president biden and their optimism for the country. at least they have right now. just 22% of adults say we are headed in the right direction. a shocking 71% say we are on the wrong track that includes a near majority of democrats. republicans, believe it or not, have double-digit leads in dealing with border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy, and, shockingly, on getting things done. >> sean: even more shocking, 22% of americans think the country is going in the right direction. what direction is right? there's no plan whatsoever to fix any of the biden
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administration's self-inflicted crises. for example, the administration seemingly, you know, the only plan to fix the supply chain is just called fedex? we get lectured again to call fedex? oh, i guess we should lower our thermostats and put our sweaters on and go right back to jimmy carter's malaise factor. here's biden's commerce secretary over the weekend. >> there are reports that while the president announced the 24/7 opening, that that's not actually happening out in california. that there are still backups, business communities have been complaining about that. >> there are backups and as i said, this isn't something we could be fixed overnight, but the important things is -- and fundamentally supply chain just ask around by the private sector. people say to me will christmas gifts be delivered to which i say call fedex. that isn't what the government does. >> sean: let me translate, you have no plan, you're on your own, shop in october for christmas, settle for less, pay
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more, and less of course an illegal immigrant. then you get special rules apply to you. as a matter of fact, you thought it was bad when they are not covid testing or having a vaccine mandate, preferential treatment for illegal immigrants. now you will love this. as we told you last week, the biden administration is now out there with a plan to give certain illegal immigrants $450,000 each for their pain and their suffering -- pain and suffering, by the way, that they caused themselves because they didn't -- they decided to violate our laws and not respect our borders and our sovereignty. that i guess is fairness in the minds of the joe biden democratic socialist party. and coming up, we recently spoke to meghan mccain about her time at "the view." that interview straight ahead. ♪ ♪ you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold.
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unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. (tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm ashley strohmier. as protected, this thanksgiving day is going out as a major success judging from a number of americans who hit the road to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. they went by road, rail, and air, an estimated 53 million travelers. this year's numbers might even exceed prepandemic figures. most surprising, the majority of us, 48 million, traveled by car despite the skyrocketing cost of gas in recent months in the tragic sinking of a boat with more than 30 migrants aboard in the english channel's casting light on a global disaster. people have died or gone missing trying to reach europe this year and an estimated 23,000 have died since 2014 while trying to cross the mediterranean with the
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help of human smugglers. i'm ashley strohmier wishing you happy things given, now back to "hannity." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." meghan mccain recently left "the view." in her first tv interview since her exit, she spoke candidly right here on this program about her experience at abc. take a look. >> the idea that there isn't -- >> i was speaking. >> i know what you're saying -- >> i was talking. i'm talking about -- >> somebody -- >> one i was so much when i was on maternity leave, you missed me so much, you missed fighting with me. >> i did not miss you. >> somebody let -- somebody answer the question. or i'm moving on. >> so nasty. >> okay, guys, guys, hold on, hold on. everybody stop. everybody stop. >> that's so rude. >> my job here is not to
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litigate the ethics of it. i'm an abc political analyst of it. my job is to analyze the politics of it. >> not talking but you, i'm trying with the people that are senators in the senate. >> here's what's happening now. we are going to -- we are going to -- girls, please stop talking. please stop talking right now, because you know what? >> no problem. >> thank you. i'm okay with that. i'm okay with that. if you're going to be hit like this. >> i'm not behaving like anything. >> you are. >> i'm allowed to talk. >> what you're doing is your -- you're not doing anything. how about this, former fbi -- we will be right back. >> sean: here to explain, meghan mccain. i'm just traumatized looking at it. man, that's brutal. tell us about it. >> [laughs] >> i mean, those are two of the moments in my new audible memoir
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that i speak about. the last moment was actually my second day back from maternity leave and i had very severe postpartum anxiety and that moment triggered a panic attack back stage, i vomited in my office. it was horrible, i started crying between commercial breaks and it was the moment that i just thought that my four years in an anthropological experiment and left-wing media had come to an end. i really enjoyed my four years at "the view" in the sense that i found it a great challenge, it's a huge platform, people watch it, it's the number one show in daytime, but your targeted if you're the token conservative and you are treated differently and it's been interesting having my book excerpt released today because people just really don't seem to be surprised at all, but there is validation and hearing it from my mouth and i felt like it was really time for me to show my story instead of having it through the lens of the liberal media and the liberal people who were leaking from internally on
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the show i worked on and i felt like it was important for mothers to hear that it's okay, you don't have to put yourself or your pregnancies in a position where you could possibly have your health or your mental health put in a position of toxicity and i decided to leave after i became a mother that was ultimately the game changing moment for me. >> sean: megan coming even went as far as to say he felt like you'd been slapped and you called the work environment, you know, toxic, direct and purposeful hostility. none of that looks fun to me, and i can say incomplete honesty, i fed minor little skirmishes here with a few on-air talent, but nothing like this at all ever. not even close. this is like a cancerous environment. >> yeah, and it's all very personal. that's the thing. being a conservative woman in mainstream media is deeply threatening, being a woman who can hold her own on a show like that, proved to be ultimately threatening so it became more
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and more personal the stronger the show got, that was the ironic part of it, the better the show did after we won in ma, we were on the cover of "the new york times" magazine is the most important political shown america, i felt with the toxicity got worse and worse, i felt like the more successful i was on "the view" and the more moments i helped get them in the more oppressed liberal candidates and liberal guests on the show the worse it got for me backstage and then ultimately it started spilling out on air. i work to fox news before i went to "the view" and i probably would not have survived emotionally the past five years of my life between my dad's passing and cancer and everything that i speak about in my memoir happening at "the view" and other things in my personal life if it weren't for the women that i met at fox news, kennedy, dagen, kat timpf, there's actually an entire chapter about kat timpf and how she helped me through grief. i had a sister that i lost at "the view" and i know what women supporting women look like because i had it when i worked at fox news and now i know it the entire opposite experience
6:31 pm
is. it's honestly -- it's been difficult to open up to people like you, sean, but i felt like it was important to say there is real trauma that is involved when your targeted and targeted and targeted for not voting for president obama, for being a pro-life woman, and i don't think that people who go into liberal spaces, which is basically every other space except fox news and media, don't think you should be punished for it and i don't think your personal life should be impacted and that's unfortunately exactly what happened to me. >> sean: told a story that your dad encouraged you to take the job. why? >> he loved the show. it's a mainstream show and i do think it's important that we have to fight the culture war in their spaces despite frankly i think we are losing it and he thought they needed a strong conservative. there had been a whole host of republican and so-called republican women, women who claim to be republican but are not, in my opinion, who had cohosted the showed and failed and he thought i was up for the job and i did anything he told me to do, so i did it i actually really enjoyed the first year
6:32 pm
and a half of the show, but like i said, as i grew stronger and more and more people would come on the show and i would really hold liberal guests feet to the fire, i felt a lot of backlash both internally and externally at the show. but this shouldn't be, as a surprise to you. you've seen the show, i think -- >> sean: i used to do the show. >> you did buried a spill in the last time i did the show i was sitting next to rosie o'donnell and it became a screaming match and barbara walters couldn't stop it and it just -- we will go to break now -- and it's like why am i wasting my time, you know, in the middle of this because i don't go to bed until 4:00 a.m. anyway. there were a lot of -- a lot of issues and i did support your dad, as you know, in 2008, and i also have political disagreements with her dad, very strong ones, especially on the health care vote, i was pretty unhappy with it. your dad was a guy that was willing to have a lot of
6:33 pm
conflicts with people, and that happened after his funeral too when campaign managers and even governor palin apparently in this leaked list weren't invited to the funeral. why did that all happen? >> yeah, i actually have a chapter about this in my book where i have a whole new lens of viewing how sarah palin was treated and how the people working for my father's campaign really, you know, in my opinion, treated her really horribly i must set her for failure. think when you're seeing katie couric talk about how ruth bader ginsburg is someone she helped look good, i thought well obviously with her book and i thought obviously she probably put sarah palin in a position to look bad and by the way, nicole wallace is the person who facilitated that interview who now has a show on msnbc, and i just -- as a gotten older, look, i fell in love with her really deeply conservative man who runs "the federalist," i've gotten older, it's like the old adage, if you're not liberal when you're young and if you're not
6:34 pm
conservative when you're older you don't have a brain. i just hope that the culture has some redemption for sarah palin in the same way we have with other women right now. >> sean: we wish you a lot of luck with your audiobook and look forward to see what you do in the future and we wish you the best. >> sean: and up next, my interview with the new lieutenant governor-elect of virginia to winsome sears, you don't want to miss it. this was the night after election. as a co learning is hard work. hard work requires character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." winsome sears made history on november the 2nd when she was elected to be the new lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia. here's my interview with her the day after that historic win.
6:39 pm
>> sean: first, congratulations, and i want to thank you. i have chronicled on radio and tv -- >> thank you. >> sean: a radio and tv for years, every two years and every four years, conservatives, republicans are racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, they want dirty air and water and want to kill grandma and grandpa. sick of it. i was raised by parents that grew up very poor, that were good, christian parents, and that believed, as i believe, that we are all created by the same god. but this card is played in politics every single cycle, and you took that on, i appreciate what you did. >> well, here's the thing. when you look at a birth certificate for a black child, does it say you must vote democrat every time, all the time? otherwise you are not black? and for the white child, does it say you can vote anyway that you
6:40 pm
want, any choice that you want always and forever? i mean, who made up those rules for us? you know so the democrats, they really don't have a solution. so when you look at the democrat-run cities, the democrat-run counties, states, there losing. the neighborhoods are the worst. the schools are the worst, everything, it's the worst, and so they move from democrat-led states to republican-led states, and they ruin it. forgetting when you came here it was fine, and now it's changed because you brought the same policies with you that ruined the state you just left. so what i want for us as black people, just leave us alone. if you want to vote democrat, then do so. you want to vote libertarian, do so. whatever you want to be, be it. this is america, this is
6:41 pm
freedom. who's died and left you in charge of all of us as black people so that we could be corralled into doing what you want us to do? i thought you said that you were the tolerant folks. if you're tolerant, that means you allow other ideas to percolate. you don't want just ideas that you agree with, because then you see we wouldn't be living in america, we would be living in a totally different country. nobody wants that. >> sean: let me ask you this. one of the accomplishments donald trump had is pretty covid he was able to set record after record after record, low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth on employment, and african-american youth unemployment. conservative policies work. i feel that this process happens every two in four years and the democrats go to the same playbook, and i look at
6:42 pm
democratic cities run by democrats for decades, states run by democrats for decades, and there is violence in the streets, there's no law and order, there's no safety and security, the school systems have been destroyed in many cities. i'd like to see the republican party reach out deep and wide into every city, every town, every ethnic group, every american, fellow american, and offer another way. and maybe republicans have failed on that front. >> well, i tell you, the first person who ever really talked about black business equals black power was richard nixon. black business equals black power. imagine that. all this time it appears that nixon was a homeboy. what we are going to do is we need someone who had had sensible ideas, sensible solutions, because, you know, the message is important but the
6:43 pm
messenger is equally important, and what i want to say to black people, asian people, whatever, minorities, latinos, whatever, don't allow political parties to divide us. don't allow political parties to use whatever grievances that have been historically against you to force you to look at them as the savior so that they can swoop in and think they are saving you when all they're doing is hitting one race against the other, one race against the other. you'll notice, for example, that what was happening with asians, it was young black men, and they were attacking asians, but nobody wanted to say anything about it. if you can't identify the problem, then how can you come up with a solution? so we've got to stop this divisiveness. there's a psalm that i live by, i used it in my campaign and it
6:44 pm
is psalm 133, how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in peace and harmony. that's what we want. >> sean: we could be a country where everybody prospers, and i feel in many, many ways this country has failed certain people. in these -- i look at the solutions, it's not that complicated. i mean, school choice would be a pretty easy thing to accomplish. if we really want to -- if we really want to create an environment where people can pursue happiness, law and order is really not that difficult. rudy giuliani, for example, turned new york city around at a time when they were experiencing almost 3,000 murders a year, they brought it down to 300. so there are answers, i believe conservatism is a better philosophy to get us there. what are your plans now that you're going to be taking on this new position?
6:45 pm
>> well, you know that the lieutenant governor is really a heartbeat away from the governor, and so that really is the primary responsibility. >> sean: the governor elected listening right now, he's going to say about i hope this thing is ticking okay, we wish them well. >> you check his medical records every morning. but no, the other thing that you do as a lieutenant governor is who preside over the senate. you're not a member of the senate, but you do bring them to order and you're the parliamentarian, and here in virginia, the current lieutenant governor, who is a democrat, has broken i believe 54 different tie votes, and so that's something else that i'm looking forward to. 20 years ago, 20 years ago to the day last night i was elected to the virginia house of delegates, and now i'm here going to be a part of the
6:46 pm
senate, and that's just so amazing to me that i as the little girl, six years old, came off that boeing 737, pan am, landed at jfk and lived in the bronx and here i am now, the immigrant -- i'm not even first generation american, i'm the immigrant, and i get this opportunity, and i worked for it. i worked hard for it. i sure didn't do anything special, but i did stay in school and study, and that's what i did. and you have to prepare for the path that you want. i prepared, i went to college, i went to college the hard way. i had three children by the time i was in college and they were all under 5 because i wanted to go to law school, and so you have to do what you have to do, and america will allow you to do that. i'm not saying america doesn't have problems, heaven knows there are no countries where there aren't problems. if it's not racism, its color is him, classism, sexism, we find
6:47 pm
ways to divide ourselves, but you see the people at the border are dying to get in because they know if they could just get their foot on american soil, the trajectory of their lives will change. that's what america can do. just take the opportunities that are here. >> sean: we want to congratulate you on your big victory and we want to invite you on the program often, wish you the best, congratulations, amazing life story that you have to tell and i want to learn more about it. >> sean: when we come back, highlights from my speech at the recent patriot awards on ♪ ♪ (tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back to
6:52 pm
"hannity," i recently had the honor of attending the third annual fox nation awards and here are some of my remarks. [cheers and applause] >> sean: thank you, fox nation! are you all having a good time tonight? aren't we lucky to live in a country with these amazing heroes, these people that risked their lives? we just saw the chaos at kabul airport and we know what happened. we know the story, it's now known as one of the deadliest days for the u.s. military in the last decade in this 20 year war in afghanistan. the previous 18 months we haven't lost one single american in afghanistan. isis terrorists we know bombed the u.s. checkpoint at kabul
6:53 pm
international airport, killing 11 marines, one navy -- if i was obama i would say corpse men, he's an idiot. corpsmen. one soldier, 18 other u.s. troops were injured in the blast, the fallen heroes range in age from 20 to 31 years old. please join me for a moment remembering those souls and honoring their sacrifice. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 pm
>> sean: i want to now ask you, there are, in the room tonight, the family lives of some of the 13 that died that day. i'm going to ask them -- i met them, i went over and said hello to them, a number of them, i want you to know that this fox nation family, we love you, we are praying for you, we are brokenhearted over your loss. this should never have happened, and if we can ever help you in any way, this big, large, extended family wants you to know we love you and we pray for you every day. please stand so we may honor you. [cheers and applause]
6:55 pm
may god be with all of you and may angels around you at all times and grant you peace and mercy and the understanding no greater love have any mound than to lay down -- or woman -- to lay down their life for others, they give the ultimate sacrifice. our love and prayers are with you. fox nation, i love you, god bless you all tonight. >> sean: more "hannity" right after this break. ♪ ♪
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it wasn't long after i had joined golo before i had to start buying new pants. golo changes your whole lifestyle and it changes the way that you think. you don't have to deprive yourself of anything. (announcer) go to to lose weight and get healthier. ♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that is
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all the time we have this evening. as always, we thank you for being with us, you make the show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." happy things given, we all have so much to be grateful for. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle," americans fight back. this year has brought out some of the worst in our nation's leaders, but the very best in some of our citizens. and i'm talking everyday citizens from nurses to police officers who stood up against vaccine and basque mandates and for our freedom. concerned parents from coast-to-coast insured they would no longer be pushed to the side by bullies in the teachers unions and of course the school boards.