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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 25, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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evening. as always, we thank you for being with us, you make the show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." happy things given, we all have so much to be grateful for. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle," americans fight back. this year has brought out some of the worst in our nation's leaders, but the very best in some of our citizens. and i'm talking everyday citizens from nurses to police officers who stood up against vaccine and basque mandates and for our freedom. concerned parents from coast-to-coast insured they would no longer be pushed to the side by bullies in the teachers unions and of course the school boards.
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and a new breed of elected representatives have proven they'll do their best to hold firm to the america first principle that should come to define her future. and that's where we start tonight. a time for action, that's the focus of tonight's first angle. in case you didn't notice, democrats love shutdowns and covid mandates as much as they love, i don't know, high taxes. i think it's safe to say that many were never happier than when americans were forced by their government out of the workforce come out of school, away from church, and even away from friends and family. not only was there all that interrupted time to finally catch all six seasons of "downton abbey," all that time for youtube yoga and planting herb gardens. it it presented a golden opportunity. the viral emergency could offer a stealth way to change america
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forever. a fearful public, they wagered, would also be a complacent public. interestingly, anti-lockdown demonstrations have drawn massive numbers abroad. in france, in greece, australia, and the u.k., but here, even when the covid dictates made zero sense like limiting restaurant capacity, or masks on student athletes playing outside, there was shockingly scant public protest here. this was much to the dismay of dr. scott atlas. >> there's a total disconnect in the country about how many -- what people have as information. for my whole visit, the american people are little bit less compliant and sort of fearful. at some point you have to really look at the data, you have to stop being afraid. these people are really damaged, but at some point, people have
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to sort of really regain their independent thinking. >> laura: independent thinking, that's a novel concept. the biden white house, whoever's actually running it, is counting on you staying panicked or being scared or having zero independent thought. that way they have the run of the place. will the public even noticed that biden's education secretary is now leaving the door open for more school closures? i want you to listen closely to the words "may be disrupted." >> i'm worried that decisions are that are being made that are not putting students at the center and student health and safety at the center, is going to be why schools may be disrupted. the reason why schools are disrupted because of the politicization of his effort to reopen schools, we know what works. we have to keep our students safe, we have to give our educators safe. >> laura: i have a question, does randy send overdraft
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remarks verbatim, or does she just provide an outline for that guy to parent? the man has the gall to hint that schools may be disrupted after what they did to our kids for 18 months, that damage, sir was not enough for you? with vaccines that are widely available, any teacher who doesn't show up to teach in person should be fired, period. but it gets worse. >> i am echoing the president's call to action to host pop-up vaccine clinics in every school across the country. to enlist trusted leaders in our community to build vaccine confidence. >> laura: such a sickening encroachment on parental rights needs to be met with a vigorous, sustained, substantive protest from the people who pay their salaries. this is no time to be silent or afraid. think about what biden has done just this week.
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he has defied them by sending a moratorium on evictions. totally unconstitutional, unlawful, to take income from landlords coast-to-coast. don't have congressional approval? is doing it anyway. just today biden signed an executive order to significantly raise the fuel efficiency standard on u.s. automobiles. he says there's no turning back to phase out as powered cars. his goal is that by 2030, half of all cars sold in the u.s. will be electric. who made him king? is clearly abusing his authority under the decades-old clean air act to satisfy -- i guess we are all supposed to sit back and applaud as our chief executive with the stroke of a pen aims to eliminate an entire american industry. think of the job losses here. not just within the auto industry, but all the other
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industries that support it. and if you think that this won't cause us to lose a significant percentage of manufacturing to foreign sources, you have to be smoking something. china already makes most of the electric vehicle batteries for the world and biden's move intervening in the free market is only going to make matters worse. and it's not only democrats, by the way, that need to hear from you, the people. the old republican guard needs to hear from you as well. i'm talking mitch mcconnell, roy blunt, mitt romney, lindsey graham, senator cassidy, and others. they all supported biden's 2700 page so-called phony infrastructure bill that's paving the way for a tandem consideration of the $3.5 trillion behemoth budget bill. hello, inflation, hello, higher taxes, endless regulation, new
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entitlement and goodbye fiscal responsibility. it's a total abdication. i am sickened by what the republicans have done. speaking of abdication, what's happening at the southern border is -- that's worthy of impeachment. if there been more encounters they are just year than the populations of eight u.s. states. and governors in nonborder states are being kept in the dark. do know how many migrants have been shipped to florida, are you given any notice? >> no notice, they do not tell us. we have to sometimes do -- we try to do investigations, that they do fly people in, they fly in unaccompanied minors. >> laura: we've arrived at a point that kind of reminds me of another time in the not-so-distant past when the obama administration was also up to no good. >> this is america. how many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and
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campaign their bills? raise your hand. president obama, are you listening? >> laura: are all you americans listening now? things are worse now than they were when he made that plea. back then our national debt stood at about $10.8 trillion. today, buckle up, it's 28.4 trillion and growing exponentially. it's time for a new tea party type movement to form. to organize and to fan out across the country. on issues ranging from critical race theory to masks in schools, we are already seeing sparks of activism. >> this kind of stuff is poison. this will tear this country apart if it becomes a part of our fabric. >> just because i do not want critical race theory taught to my children in school does not mean that i am a racist.
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[indiscernible]. >> your power does not supersede that of the u.s. constitution and the first amendment rights of the citizens of this great nation. let's be very clear who has the power. >> laura: so a tea party 2.0 movement could appeal to frustrated african-americans as well who don't want to be demonized for their personal edible decisions, and it could also appeal to hispanic business owners. they didn't work hard for their american dream only to have lockdowns turn it into a nightmare. and suburban women? they might not have voted for trump last time, but now do they want their kids indoctrinated to this poisonous ideology at school? and what about urban professionals who are sick of paying high taxes to live in high crime neighborhoods. and to evangelical voters who don't want to be told that their faith is not essential by washington bureaucrats or godless governors. it's time for an american call
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to action. i don't care what you call it or what you name it, what you brand it, but the principles are all found in our constitution. this movement is where freedom matters, where work matters, where personal responsibility matters, where school matters, where safety matters, and where truth matters, and that's "the angle." here now, one of the few journalists was been holding the g.o.p.'s feet to the fire over the infrastructure scam and is like was calling for something resembling a new hd party is phil klein. i was at some of those early tea party rallies, i spoke at a number of them. they were demonized. they were ridiculed, but those people in 2009 and 2010 made a real difference. what's happening now on the ground? >> i mean, it's really upsetting what's happening. what's happening is that joe biden, he violated his oath of office by deciding that he
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was going to implement a law -- a regulation -- in order on this eviction moratorium that the supreme court said was illegal, and that joe biden himself had said before issuing it that it didn't pass constitutional muster. his advisor said that not only did biden kick the tires, but he doubled, tripled, and quadruple tract it and that even a more limited order wouldn't -- had no legal basis. >> laura: we know what they did. you've documented this brilliantly on this show end national review and you're one of the few to really pick it apart. republicans went along with this. 17 republicans, going to continue to say their names night after night because it's embarrassing. however, we need a movement in this country that stands up across the board against all of this unlawful government seizing of power from the people. and we had it in 2009 into 2010,
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made a massive difference in retaking congress. what are the chances that that kind of movement can be organized again? >> i mean, i think that there are chances just because the overreach is gotten so egregious and that unfortunately republicans aren't doing anything to fight back. and i think one of the things that the tea party movement did that was significant was that for the first time, republicans and members of congress had more to fear from going along and going to washington and just hiking spending and just rubber-stamping new spending, and they actually pressure to try to cut spending and to try to return to constitutional principles. and now you have republicans getting completely rolled by biden. >> laura: across the country, health care workers and law enforcement are losing their jobs for fighting back against forced covid vaccinations.
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up next, i speak with two who now find their livelihoods in jeopardy. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: across the country, law enforcement officers are calling it quits over forced vaccinations as well and among them are dozens of massachusetts state troopers who
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reportedly quit in the wake of their state's vaccine mandates. one of those is luke bonin, who joins me now along with dr. aaron williams. a minnesota anesthesiologist who could lose his job for not being vaccinated. you have not yet resigned, but when the vaccine mandate policy goes into effect on, what is it, october 17th, you'll face something called progressive discipline? explained that. >> yes, that's correct. we've been told that for those employees of the executive branch are in massachusetts, any employee who does not abide by the vaccine mandate by october 17th will face progressive discipline that will eventually culminate in termination. >> laura: how is that going over among your colleagues? have you heard from a lot of them during this period, even those who have chosen to get the vaccine? what are they saying? >> i have. many of my colleagues are in great distress over the mandate,
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some who have received the vaccine and think that the mandate goes too far and support those who remain unvaccinated in many of us who are unvaccinated are very concerned, you know, for our jobs. and many of us have, you know, the opportunity to apply for a religious or medical exemption, but many, based on the guidelines we've been given, may not qualify for such an exemption if such an exemption is even granted. >> laura: dr. williams, hearing anesthesiologist. you're a medical professional. and again, during the beginning of this pandemic, there were tributes and tearful think use. how do you feel now given what's happening? >> i don't take it personally i wouldn't say, but i think for all of us on all sides of this i definitely feel sad and i feel kind of -- may be ashamed might be a word too. when medicine has now come to
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what it is now, which doesn't look anything like the science that we studied route our medical school and our careers, and all of a sudden it's all turned upside down in the blink of an eye. >> laura: how so, explain that more. >> well, now what it looks like, most of medicine represents and it looks like -- and has more hallmarks -- the hallmarks of psychological warfare and it does evidence-based medicine where you say none of these things make sense, and as a whole string of them, whether it be natural immunity that you spoke about earlier, whether it be at the beginning of this rollout of the pandemic in both moderna and pfizer vaccines have a well-known allergen, because of severe allergies. there was an old study that said just from the last five years, a big study done out of unc that said that anyone who is going to be injected with polyethylene glycol should have tests for allergies prior. when i saw that around the time of the rollout, my mind was blown. they weren't whispering a word about it, they didn't say a
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thing to anyone, yet that is a well-known established scientific fact, even in moderna's sec filings in 2018, how that was going to be an obstacle of them bringing the product to market. >> laura: well, luke, i want to go back to what your governor in massachusetts, charlie baker, who is a republican in name only, if you ask me, but he comes out and he basically says, look, we all -- of course we want to get back to normal and there's only one way to get back to normal. watch. >> i look at the data that i see out there and it's very clear to me that the fastest path back to normalcy, the fastest path back to life everybody wants, which is the one they had before the pandemic began, is to get more and more people vaccinated. >> laura: detective, again, it's kind of a shaming thing he's doing. like you're the only one. you people, you and the good doctor -- he's way over in another state, but you guys are
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preventing us from going back to normal. how about just go back to normal? last time i checked, the red sox, fenway park was packed? people weren't wearing masks to fenway, not that i saw. >> that's correct. you know, i've listened to that commentary from the governor and one of the things that concerned me about that particular commentary is he went on to say that getting the vaccine is the right thing to do. the problem with that is the opposite of the right thing is the wrong thing. and what he has essentially said is that not getting the vaccine is the wrong thing to do. however, there are hundreds of members of the state police association in massachusetts of which i am a member who have sincerely held religious beliefs that preclude them from being able to take the vaccine, medical problems that may preclude them from being able to take the vaccine and those who just have simply deeply rooted moral and ethical convictions
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can't see themselves taking the vaccine and i find it frankly offensive that we are being told that's wrong. >> laura: but illegal immigrants are being waived in not being tested and less they have symptoms. they're being sent all over the country by the hundreds of thousands. so none of this makes any sense, fox, detective, dr. williams, thank you both for sharing your story. >> laura: coming up, this year was in many ways the year of the parents. there are no longer content to sit on the sidelines and is committed moms and dads are making their voices heard. in moments, my angle exposes the poison they're fighting against, the fraud behind the de iraq it. stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm ashley strohmier. not a very bright thanksgiving day for thousands of folks in southern california. that's because local utility companies are being forced to cut power to prevent their
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equipment from igniting wildfires. the threat comes from dry weather and santa ana winds sweeping through the region. those winds toppled trees and power lines overnight in l.a. wind gusts reached up to 76 miles per hour in san diego and nearby mountain communities. a new coronavirus variant has been detected in south africa. scientists say it's of concern because of its high number of mutations and rapid spread among young people in the country's most populous province. the new variant has also been found in botswana and hong kong. members of the world health organization meet tomorrow to decide what action to take against the new strain. i'm ashley strohmier wishing you happy thanksgiving. now back to "the ingraham angle" special. ♪ ♪ >> laura: diversity, equity, and exclusion, that's the focus of tonight's angle. every once in a while an on-air
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exchange slips through the cracks on one of the other cable networks that's worth watching. such was the case this morning. on cnn, of all places, where they booked a point, counterpoint on critical race theory. >> schools should absolutely be teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, they should not be radicalizing our kids and unfortunately, schools are now radicalizing our kids. this is the volume of the book from critical race theory that as people say teach in law schools, but unfortunately it is now trickling down into little books for children like woke baby, genderqueer. and if there is unfortunately very graphic symbol. >> laura: against frequently on the angle over the years, came armed with tabbed copies of the books used in the schools. with specific page citations and a very calm, thorough, irrefutable presentation that left the host kind of grasping. entered the defender of critical
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race theory in this discussion, guy who was billed simply a concerned parent but who actually works the diversity, equity, and inclusion racket in austin, texas. telling companies and individuals to check their white privilege and re-examine their obsession with merit based hiring, turns out that's a lucrative business. but money can't buy you logic. instead of refuting this evidence proving the poisonous effects of crt curricula, he merely pulled terry mcauliffe, saying parents should generally stop butting in, leaving education to the experts, presumably experts like him. >> too many people who know little or nothing about education trying to tell professionals who are in this industry who have been working hard, we are coming in as weekend warriors, trying to tell them about what education should look like. put a little bit more trust in our educators, because they
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actually spent the time and energy necessary to really understand some of the nuances that are being kind of just blown over here in this conversation. >> laura: what does any of that mean you may wonder? well, it means it's not yours to question, these topics are simply too complex for the little people to understand. yet what's there to understand about reading assigned to a children that associates white people with the devil? >> it literally says here whiteness is a bad deal and it has the symbol of satan. and this is the contract that they say whiteness brings and children are getting this book. and i fit into the intersectional world. i'm a muslim, i'm an immigrant, i'm a mom of color, i am a single mom, but yet i deny all of these, you know, privileges in the new paradigm of the oppression matrix because we are all human beings.
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>> laura: she is highly educated and a minority herself, doesn't matter. for the de i cabal, all that matters is marketing guilt and shame to schools, corporations, entertainers, and sports figures and of course the churches are in on the act. each comes under enormous pressure to comply. they prove their de i bona fides by linking to goofy de i posters like this one. her by hiring people not on merit but according to the latest woke rules. and of course by shutting anyone who refuses to mouth their platitudes or who questions their goals. dei propaganda like ccp propaganda must never be questioned by the unenlightened masses. >> the language that i'm hearing used here doesn't really speak to the level of sophistication that i think is necessary to help our young people be prepared for the world of work, for the society that they're going to be living in.
7:34 pm
as someone who works at universities, we have too many students who were coming the university who had little or no experience of knowing how to navigate the conversations and relationships that were related to race. >> laura: what gibberish, don't you feel better about paying that fat college tuition now? but you may not know it. schools and businesses are desperate to check the diversity, equity, and inclusion box that they'll either hire a full-time dei coordinator or they'll feel like they have to hire random consultants they find on the web. meet the founder of blossom consulting incorporated buried her firm is described as a world-renowned full-service dei consulting firm dedicated to driving organizational change. >> i'm talking about the embodiment of white american, white angle, white eurocentric ways of behaving put you in a place where you are better, more
7:35 pm
deserving, more competent and more over people who embody behavior that connect back to communities of color and indigenous communities. and how -- and the connection between race and what's a premise is that racism is a manifestation of white's privacy. >> laura: what a terrible way to make a living. if no real knowledge of history, zero appreciation of the great blessings of liberty and opportunity that america provides. only resentment politics and a lot of hand movements. and yes, the point of this is to turn neighbor against neighbor, student against student, citizen against country. >> white populist has always been susceptible to manipulation around racial animus. >> this is really about white people and particularly white children now being exposed to ideas that i think previously were segregated, frankly. >> laura: if your children's
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school teachers this nonsense, demands that your son or daughter be permitted to opt out in favor of, i don't know, those on accomplished writers like hemingway, fitzgerald, twain, harriet beecher stowe, other great american writers. but remember, the goals are always shifting for the dei crowd. 20 years ago it was tolerance for different points of view. but that wasn't getting the far left anywhere. so then they shifted to demanding diversity, but that too they found to be limiting. so they moved on again. lecturer gave a tutorial to a packed auditorium on how to establish true racial and gender equity in your workplace. >> we need to verbalize the goal isn't diversity. the goal is equity. >> hell you! [applause] instead of saying you're going to form a diversity committee, higher outside experts to help you audit for and then achieve
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equity and salary in promotions. you can do it in two years. you can. >> laura: look at those clapping seals in the audience. they don't even realize that the speaker is showing for her own industry, and her solutions would mean forcing a lot of them in the audience out of jobs and hiring others purely on racial or gender lines. the temptation is to laugh at this cottage industry for the perpetually aggrieved. oh, yeah, but to do that is a mistake. real racism is repugnant, and everyone but the lowest of the low know it. but what we're doing to our schools, our workplaces, our everyday lives is corrosive and divisive. the only people we really help by hiring, firing, or promoting people based on immutable characteristics are the people getting rich off teaching bitterness and virtue signaling, where hard work and effort will usually suffice. and remember, they're not alone.
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every piece of this garbage that the hard left spouts is now treated as gospel by president biden and his entire team. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. >> president biden: systemic racism is a stain on our nation's soul. the knee on the neck of justice for black americans. >> we must improve equity within and between our countries and close economic, political, and social gaps that persist based on race, gender, and other parts of our identity. >> laura: they will use every bit of their power, and that's a lot of power, to force you to live in a country dominated by the dei police, which takes us back to that discussion that caught my attention earlier today. what a great country it is that a muslim-american woman who arrived here not speaking our language is far better versed in the guarantees of our constitution and the meaning of our declaration then countless
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native-born dei experts, not to mention the buffoons now occupying the white house. think of the tens of millions of immigrants who have become small business owners and successful professionals, and who did so, by the way, without relying on government handouts or dei mandates to clear the path for themselves. of so maybe, just maybe it's time to focus more on parenting and less uncomplaining. more on showcasing talent and less obsessing on race or ethnicity, and that's "the angle." >> laura: the left is branding parents as domestic terrorists just for fighting for their kids. one virginia father even getting arrested while he blew the whistle about his daughter raped being in a school bathroom. he's here to detail, plus the school covering it up, that's next.
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♪ ♪ [applause] >> [indiscernible]. >> this is what happens! >> laura: that moment turned scott smith from an outraged father to the left's no embodiment of the right wing
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mystic terrorist. but what was the real reason smith showed up at that june school board meeting in the first place? because weeks earlier he says his daughter was assaulted by a boy wearing a skirt and the girls bathroom at school. what's worse is that school officials attempted to cover it up. >> do we have -- regularly? >> to my knowledge we don't have any records of assaults occurring in our restrooms. the issue of assaults taking place or transgender students assaulting other students in the restroom, "time" magazine in 2016 called that a red herring. the predator transgender student is -- or person, simply does not exist. >> laura: but that's not all. according to the stunning expose by the daily wire that uncovered all of this, it wasn't just loudoun school officials trying to brush this under the rug, but
7:46 pm
the county's sorrows-backed prosecutor as well. scott smith joins me now exclusively. scott, first of all thank you for coming on the show. i know this is an emotionally grueling time for you and your family. tell us, if you can, what happened to your daughter, and how loud and county officials handled it. >> hi, and thanks for having us on the show. this has been a crazy three months, but basically my daughter was assaulted at the end of school in may of last year and you know, i went to the school board meeting, you know, to see what was going on because i had seen all this crazy stuff on tv and i went to see what was going on after my daughter had been assaulted and, you know, there was some crazy stuff being talked about, you know, people for things, against things, i
7:47 pm
wasn't there for any, you know -- i'm good with gay people come across gender people, everybody, anybody who wants to be a good american i'm good with. i went there to find out why her children weren't safe and the next thing i know, another parent activist, you know, approached my wife and started antagonizing her and i turned around and said stop and then i -- then i tried to tell the lady what had happened to my daughter and she looked me dead in the face and said "that's not what happens" and that just struck me like how do you know what happened? you don't even know me. and then she kept going and the police came and the officer was trying to help out, he said we needed to be kind to one
7:48 pm
another, and i said okay and i turned my head and she started in on me again and threatened my family business, my livelihood. everything that gives my family what we need, she threatened to ruin my business on social media. the next thing i know, i'm getting touched from all over the place. i didn't know who was touching me, who was grabbing me. i turn around, the police are grabbing me and next thing i know i'm tackled to the ground. i'm just shocked. and horrified. i do want to say though that we support our first responders and our law enforcement. this didn't have to happen. and this could have been handled a lot differently. >> laura: i got to ask you
7:49 pm
this -- i got to ask you -- i got to ask you this, i want to ask about that. the prosecutor knew about your daughter, but the school board officials at that meeting, they were drinking their diet coke or whatever they were drinking, they seemed bored by the entire conversation, citing some article in some other media publication that had nothing to do with your -- you know certainly what happened to your daughter or any other possible assault. did they seem to have a compassionate or concerned reaction at that meeting in june? >> to what? just what was going on? >> laura: yeah, all of it, all the concerns of all the parents being raised. >> no, they were tuning us all out, they were looking away or reading magazines. it was a joke. >> laura: the county sheriff's office announced last week that a teenager from ashburn has been charged with battery and abduction of a fellow student at broadmoor in high school.
7:50 pm
that suspect remains held at the loudoun county juvenile detention center, the name of the suspect cannot be released due to the fact that he's a juvenile. scott, you say this is the same boy who assaulted your daughter. how do you know that? >> this is in fact the sexual predator that assaulted my daughter. we were under the impression from the prosecutor that this sexual predator was being held on in house arrest with an ankle monitor and would not return to school until these court sessions were done. you know, you're innocent until you're proven guilty, i understand that, but we do have to protect everyone at the same time. >> laura: scott, we wish you all the best luck in your daughter especially, special prayer for her tonight and all victims of sexual assault, thank you so much for being with us. >> laura: we all know now that
7:51 pm
the loudoun county school board in virginia is perhaps one of the worst, most radical in the united states. not only have they tried to brainwash kids with this hideous divisive racial narrative, they've attempted to cover up sexual assaults in order to protect their -- i guess it's a trans agenda, i don't know what kind of agenda they have, but it's hard to believe there's a single reasonable person among them, but there is one, and he joins us now. here with me, the lone conservative member of the loudoun county school board. john, if you can, take us behind the scenes of what it's like to the extent that you have in person meetings now. what the heck is going on there? america wants to know. >> well, thank you for having me. as you know, it's been a crazy past couple of years, and i think the most important part is i'm just grateful to be part of this. i'm grateful to be a voice for the parents, for standing up for them, for all the things that are going on. you know, they need a voice,
7:52 pm
many parents in the county think the school board doesn't listen to them, they come to public comment and they speak and they think that their school board is listening but i'm there listening to them, reading their emails, making sure that their voice is heard when we have deliberations and we have events come up. it's -- >> laura: what did you say voice is heard? when you say voices heard, that sounds like political speak. what does that mean, voices heard? don't they want their kids taught? they don't want this garbage taught in the schools? i mean, they want the kids taught the basics, correct? they don't want politics. >> yeah, they don't want politics. unfortunately that's in there with this equity committee, critical race theory ideology, all the teaching plans, you know, they encouraged teachers to read the book how to be an antiracist, a big proponent of critical race theory. they encouraged teachers to use the learning for justice teaching materials. >> laura: that's the worst.
7:53 pm
>> unfortunately it's in all the materials. >> laura: didn't the naacp -- did they get you kicked off that diversity committee? is that what happened to the equity committee, whatever the heck it's called? >> yeah, no, they sent emails, the pressure of the board chair. it's because i don't agree with this critical race theory ideology. i wanted to be on the committee to understand why they were pushing explicit material, why there was such a strong support from that for this equity committee and its part of this idea, there's critical theories that come out, gender theory ideas that we have to teach these awful ideas to parents and the students -- >> laura: meanwhile -- really quick, what's your message to parents across the country who are sick to their stomachs after what's happening in their public school system? your message to them, get involved presumably? run for school board? don't be afraid? >> yeah, find out what's happening in their schools and what's happening in loudoun county is happening all
7:54 pm
over the country, that's why i'm running for congress, because these local issues are happening nationally and you can find out more about my positions. but they need to look and use request, they need to go to school board meetings, they need to get involved and show their local school boards that they care about their kids education and are going to make sure that their kids get the best education no matter what bureaucrats and what the rules are made to prevent that. >> laura: all right, thank you for sharing this story tonight, everybody has got to wake up, otherwise you're going to lose your country. >> laura: final thoughts when we return.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: all the folks we highlighted on the show tonight have one thing in common: they are fighters. they are fighting to protect their own freedom, to protect their own families, and even to protect you. so on this thanksgiving, we are grateful for anyone and everyone willing to stand up against dangerous government overreach
8:00 pm
and anyone who is trying to get between you and the u.s. constitution. keep doing it. your rights matter. the truth matters. freedom matters. that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching and i hope you had a wonderful holiday surrounded by friends and family. we truly are blessed in the united states of america. remember, it is america, now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy thanksgiving, everyone. like me, i hope you are well fed, possibly drunk, and spending time with his family members you actually get along with the article as for those you don't get along with, please kick them out of their house right now and tell them i told you to do it because i havu and i don't want to be interrupted. it has been a great fall season so far. we have had


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