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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 26, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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and anyone who is trying to get between you and the u.s. constitution. keep doing it. your rights matter. for anyone and everyone willing to stand up against dangerous government overreach and anyone who is trying to get between you and the u.s. constitution was keep doing it, your rights matter, the truth matters, freedom matters. that is it for us today, thank you for watching and hope you had a wonderful holiday surrounded by friends and family. we truly are blessed in the united states of america. remember, it is america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. >> friday november 26th, retailers across california bracing for black friday crowds is several liberalism was a struggling to stop out-of-control looting and robberies. >> many americans feel the burden of democrats soft on crime policies. so program being slammed over comment he made from inside his privileged hollywood bubble. >> speaking of privileged. >> america is back, there's
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nothing we are unable to overcome. >> santa is coming. >> don't wait%. >> president by declaring america is back as he spends thanksgiving a multimillion dollar estate of the rest of us have record inflation, surging gas prices and the still unresolved supply-chain mess. you are watching "fox and friends first". i am carley shimkus. >> i am benjamin hall, i get to stand in for todd and occasionally work with you. carley: and stateside as well. congratulations on the new job. benjamin: i'm fresh off the boat. as an american passport holder i feel like this is a homecoming for me. i'm loving it. dc is an incredible city. i have been welcomed by the fox family. these guys so close to one another and they made it a
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remarkably smooth transition and i couldn't be happier. carley: i'm glad you are here and many people spend their thanksgivings in a lot of ways. the president said america is back, we will talk business owners who may not exactly feel that way coming up later on the show. benjamin: philadelphia recording is 500 homicide this week of the democratic led city matching the record for the deadliest year in the city of history, 1990. of 55-year-old woman was shot and killed himself philadelphia. the gunman chased the woman down the street before shooting her. police believe the gunman is the woman's estranged husband but is not yet been arrested. this as the city's marital calls for tighter gun laws to, the surge in crime the city is facing a police staffing shortage after the mayor defunded the police over $14 million. >> a 36-year-old stabbed in the chest near penn station just hours after streets were flooded
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with thanksgiving parade goers and tourists. authorities are not identified the victim, police still looking for the suspect. this is the second stabbing in less a week. a very 2-year-old was stabbed in the neck when this train pulled into penn station sunday. police are searching for that suspect seen in these images. >> the nypd is counting its blessings after one of its officers shot by a career criminal is released from the hospital. officer alejandro jacobs headed home in time for the holiday but not before receiving a hero's walkout from her family and blue. this is mayor bill deblasio is not blaming the suspect for the crime. >> too many guns out there. another example, a gun from out-of-state comes into our city. hurts a new yorker. >> police say the gunman was armed with a handgun. officials say the weapon was reported stolen in georgia last year.
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police across the bay area upgrading patrols and security retailers ahead of black friday. carley: after smash and grab mob sold 25,$000 in high end goods, with increased police presence, ashley strohmeyer joins us with more on the crime surge. >> reporter: concerns over the smash and grab is replacing the usual hope for a return of black friday bargain shoppers. the latest incident, list outside los angeles was robbed, 25,$000 in high end products, police say there were five suspects. no arrests were made despite police countermeasures. >> the store was open and operating. people here shopping for the holiday season and we do. extra officers here. this was one part of the mall with get in and get out. >> the security guard was sprayed with bear spray in the incident.
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hours earlier on wednesday another security guard was shot, during an attempted robbery in oakland, he had been accompanying a newsgroup covering the surge in retail theft. both guides are stable but fear for retailers remain high as many added security and one mall installing barriers to block entrances overnight. another california nordstrom was the scene of another attempted robbery, the bear used a sledgehammer and other tools to break in. three worldly arrested but the mall owner blaming state leaders saying i think it is a manifestation of some bad decisions our leaders made, one that we are going to defund the cops, this as governor gavin newsom calls on state mayors to do more. >> i'm not the mayor of
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california but i was a mayor. i know when things like this happen mayors have to step up. >> we want real accountability, people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe. >> reporter: newsom announced increased presence from highway patrol officers on top of law enforcement efforts to increase deployment outside likely targets for those robberies. back to you guys. >> actor seth rogen talking about his privileged response to crime in los angeles. the comedian replying to a you do but tube influence are talking about having his car broken into writing and part it is lovely here, don't leave anything valuable in it. it is called living in a big city. when the youtube is about our responded the incident made him feel, quote, violated rogen wrote it off this time with a joke tweeting i never really felt violated any of the 15 or so times my car was broken into. once a guy accidentally left a cool knife in my car so if it keeps happening you might get a little treat. that is an interesting response
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was the fact that he got his car broken into 15 times his problem alone. he is a comedian but you've got a low-quality life standard. benjamin: the concept that we just have to learn to live with it, nothing we can do about rising crime, not like we can put more police on the streets or make the consequences harder, we will just live with it because you know whose fault it is, probably our fault. i shouldn't to lift my car parked there. we are seeing the trends all across - carley: it is not just seth rogen but many people that are very wealthy the don't have to worry if their car gets broken into because they can afford it but someone making minimum wage and their car gets stolen that is a life shattering moment for them and then you remember cynthia nixon when she brushed
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off a stealing, that it is because they are desperate, you heard this from liberal das, the criminal is the victim, that is where we are right now. >> he is a comedian but it is not funny. it is very serious. carley: the holiday season officially begins, the most expensive thanksgiving in history amid inflation and a supply chain crisis. benjamin: president biden double down on his policies declaring america is back. lauren blanchard joins us with more. >> reporter: president biden the first lady spending the weekend in nantucket with billionaire friends. president biden called the today show during the macy's day parade. >> president biden: america is back, there's nothing we are unable to overcome. >> santa is coming. >> president biden: i'm waiting
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for santa. >> reporter: and the's lay reason than by inflation. i'm sure a top concern for those who might be getting ready right now for some early black friday shopping. >> holiday goods are shipping at unprecedented rates, 20% of the free pandemic numbers. >> reporter: this year versus last year eggs cost 12% more, stakes 24%. maybe you had turkey but that is up and i know you feel that at the pump, gas almost 50% more combined, gas and food prices make this the most expensive thanksgiving in history. here's donald trump's economic advisor. >> i don't think this administration has a cure for inflation. they talk about more spending from washington. president biden talking about all the strategies for lowering gas prices but he didn't bring up the policies that are raising
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gas prices. >> reporter: donald trump without a thanksgiving message that has some wondering reading a very interesting time in our country but do not worry, we will be great again, enjoy your thanksgiving knowing a wonderful future lies ahead. whether or not that was a 2024 cheese or or something else we have to wait and see. >> elizabeth warren mocked online after she blames corporations for high thanksgiving costs and not runaway inflation was warren claims companies and ceos are benefiting from soaring poultry costs and should be investigated that many not buying and selling democrat she and other lawmakers need to focus more on fixing the inflation crisis. inflation rose by 6.2% setting a 30 year record and benjamin, the sweet she posted blaming companies for inflation is something else.
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every corporation across every industry got together and said if we raise prices and blame inflation departs going to catch on. people know what is going on with this but you see it in the twitter responses, federal reserve, federal government put money into the system, the supply-chain issue which means fewer goods causes inflation. >> a desperate attempt to blame anyone but the administration, look anywhere but the administration. that is 50% in gas prices, they see things to the energy secretary, laughed, what can she do about high energy prices and she said i wish i had a magic wand so i could wave it and change it, you do, it is called energy independence. if you had energy independence you could control the prices but they don't have that anymore so you flood the market with billions and billions, if build back better get through it will lead to inflation but it is not
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the administration. carley: it is big turkey and she wants the poultry industry to get investigated for rising prices on turkeys. and i'm not worried about the big corporations that can afford ships to alleviate the supply train crisis but the mom and pop shops, small businesses, one restaurant owner said during the pandemic, the height of the pandemic things were easier on him they are now. benjamin: tomorrow a small business saturday, go help your local stores, they need right now. air travel at the moment hid a post covid record, 2.3 million people taking to the skies ahead of thanksgiving. that is according to the tsa who said was the busiest day since march of 2020. is more than double the number
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of screenings on the same day last year making 88% of the number seen in 2019 before the pandemic. wednesday was the seventh consecutive day tsa screened 2 million air travelers. police in arizona offering drivers a nice surprise for thanksgiving. officers swapping tickets for turkeys, drivers who thought they were getting pulled over. >> one lady with an infectious laugh, the tears were coming down and this gentleman put his head down into tears i don't think they could afford the turkey so it worked out really good. benjamin: mesa police commander proposing the turkeys not tickets program in hopes of building better with the community. i like it. carley: jason chaffetz delivered a heartfelt holiday message saying thanksgiving is a time to realize the magnitude of being american despite the challenges we face. >> thanksgiving is one of our
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nation's greatest moments and i hope we do posit give thanks to men and women serving overseas. there's a lot to be grateful for in the united states. the fact that you are born here gives you an advantage in this world and the freedoms, the hundreds of years of history in our country, all those freedoms didn't come by accident. men and women laid down their lives to make it so prosperous. there's a lot of discussion about covid but take a deep breath and be with your family and loved ones and enjoy cranberries. got to love a holiday that focuses on cranberries. benjamin: 14 after the hour, the president hailed the afghanistan historic, republicans are demanding answers. >> there is no way to properly that people. this is what we expected from this administration that has
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screwed up everything they have touched. benjamin: national security expert robert charles is on deck to discuss the modulo limo claiming most of the evacuees were unfettered. >> doctor janette nesheiwat, joe concha and jack brewer live for the next two hours of "fox and friends first". surprise! it's a new buick. you got me new buick? oh! and there are more gifts inside. wow! i don't even know what to open first. how about this? you got me the head up display. heated steering wheel. it's a massaging seat. do you love it? okay okay, what next? watch this, mom. alexa, turn on holiday lights. this year, give the gift of technology in every buick s(you)v.
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the shocking memo by senate republicans is almost none of the 82,000 people are lifted from kabul in august redheaded. >> former naval until officer robert charles. do we have this congressional memo? 82,000 were airlifted out of kabul and none of them were fitted. explain what that means, not being vetted and how much of a national security threat this poses. >> very surprising, shocking data point because we are talking of the 82,000, roughly 73,000 were non-american citizens, not permanent residents, 73,000 plus that you should have been vetting and it takes time. part of the problem what it really means is we have a double
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tragedy. we left americans and visa holders and permanent residents and employees of the embassy in afghanistan and pulled out 73,000 we had no basis for pulling out. the realities you go through databases and terrorism databases, biometrics but in the end looking for new terrorists, new potential problems, not likely to show up on the database and that's the problem. when we that i managed all the vetting related to the iraq police force. when i was at state and we did a similar thing in afghanistan and you have to go through serious cross-examination process and one of the problems is these folks thing to be wandering off and we have not vetted them. the bottom line is we have to be right 100% of the time of the bad guys only have to be right one% of the time and that means
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we need to work harder at letting these folks before we let them out into society. benjamin: tens of thousands of allies were left behind when tens of thousands we don't know who were flown out. i want to play something president biden said in august. >> planes taking off from kabul are not flying directly to the united states. they are man to get us military bases and training centers around the world. these sites we are conducting thorough scrutiny, security screening, for anyone who's not a us citizen for unlawful permanent residence. benjamin: i don't understand what is going on. he said everyone was being that it, they stop in a third country, we learned that is not the case. would he not have known what is going on or did they just ignore protocol? >> wishful thinking doesn't get
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you far when it comes to national security and that is what we heard. it is a shame, a continuing rolling tragedy. i would challenge the president at a press conference to explain what vetting is. having done a lot but i don't think he understands what it is. it is a very concrete, sometimes a labyrinth process where you have to go back and check the contact points these people give you. we are talking the idea of going back and crosschecking, the only thing we can do is identify whether they made american citizens work with state department personnel and one of the saddest parts of the story the media is not telling is as of 3 weeks ago we still had 38,000 american people left in
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the country including permanent residents, those who were relatives of those american citizens who did get out and if you continue to ignore it, the tragedy continues to roll. i would make this a first priority as i don't see them doing that. carley: your making a point what the administration sees as vetting. they say we did background checks but the traditional definition of vetting is doing the interview, making sure people are who they say they are. some afghanistans told the department of homeland security they didn't have id with them, didn't want the taliban and to see who they were at checkpoints but according to the washington examiner article us officials created new records for afghans based on the individual claims. dhs said we didn't need their id. everything is okay, don't worry about it. is everything okay?
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>> you are saying i to dodge the raindrops and make it to the other side. i don't think everything is okay. we don't have indications of any concrete problems. you have people trying to get into this country in multiple ways with that extraction, and we do not know what their intentions were or what their intentions are now or where they came from and taking someone's word for it doesn't do the trip. >> the flood of people on those planes, they were desperate and they don't mean harm to this country as well. benjamin: if i was the taliban and i would put those people on
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those planes. one person, national security threat. the time is 24 minutes after the hour. we are seeing record inflation, supply-chain crisis, businesses worried about keeping doors open. vice president harris, $500. carley: looking ahead to small business saturday, talk about how important tomorrow is for their bottom line.
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>> vice president harris spending $500 on cookware to shop in paris while americans grapple with rising inflation of economic uncertainty. the high end parisian storytelling the washington free become lovely be spent $375 on a serving dish. she bought several other items
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including $150 on a frying pan. this is the cost of the average american thanksgiving dinner for a family of 10 increased over 14% from last year's average. carley: tomorrow small business saturday when you can really give local businesses in your community a big boost, two business offices join me to discuss why is this serious shopping event is more important than ever. you own four restaurants in new jersey. how are things going and how much those small business saturday mean to you? >> thanks for having me again. i have four restaurants in jersey shore, 150 employees, last year was difficult, which makes this black friday and small business saturday as important as ever. mainstreet usa is reeling from covid 19, small business makes up 60% of the economy, the backbone of america.
1:31 am
my business not only struggling with the debt we have incurred in the past 20 months the dealing with supply issues, inflation, cost increases across the board which makes it harder to operate and continues to decrease profit margins. small business america needs a lot of help. jillian: you live in seattle, thank you. tell us about your business and what small business means to you. >> donating those prices. they need your support in washington state. and they don't -- small business saturday. and fun part about that and the festivals we count on for
1:32 am
revenue said they are not sure they are having them because of local mandates, however takes that they don't know what is going to happen. >> everything is so interconnected. and and and this is the phrase america was back. >> not for small business usa. and the local clothing story tells their horror story. and people support their local
1:33 am
communities, so many businesses close during the pandemic, they get out and support it. i was on this panel last year, he said it best. small business every day. carley: small business every day. your restaurants and businesses, make the communities what they are. best of luck. happy thanksgiving. benjamin: the national school board association is charging $200 in equity symposium on creating faith-based schools. joanna lowman will cover the importance of lgbt q courses for the school curriculum and
1:34 am
include a session on dismantling, racism, schools, critics slamming the an sba saying it should focus on education prioritizing social issues. colleges across the country marking thanksgiving with a day of mourning. messages, george washington university student association saying thanksgiving day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of land and they are not the only ones criticizing the american holiday. colleges nationwide participated in any event asking if americans should reconsider the thanksgiving holiday. the time is 34 minutes after the hour. coming up the world health organization holding an emergency meeting on a brand-new covid very into. carley: students eating lunch outside in the freezing cold, apparent covid protocol. we talk to doctor janette
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carley: i hope official taking back lash for people who oppose covid restrictions. the st. louis health center made the comments and a staff email branding the lunatic fringe is irrelevant to schools.
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they want him to redesign. this all comes as mask mandate phase legal challenges throughout the state of missouri. 10,000 active-duty us marines will miss the vaccine mandate deadline. the pentagon is not revealed what will happen for servicemembers who refuse the vaccine. retired marine corporal meyer joined us earlier this week. >> these are the people who protect our way of life. people that go up and take the leaf across the board to protect democracy. when in america is strong america hates us. the world suffers. this administration making america week. >> the pentagon's is 94% of us marines are vaccinated ahead of the monday deadline.
1:40 am
benjamin: an emergency meeting to discuss the new have only mutated covid very into south africa reported to be highly contagious even for young people. what do americans need to know? doctor janette nesheiwat joins me. i have a sinking feeling, here we go again. people say this new variant is the worst ever, a supermutant, vaccines 40% less effective against it and the dow futures have dropped 700 points in response to this new variant called to be 11529. how concerned should we be? >> it is of concern. this new variant was first identified in botswana, south africa and the reason scientists -- there is a sudden massive outbreak of covid cases in the south african countries so that is why they discovered this new variant and the concern is it
1:41 am
has over 30 mutations in the spike protein which means it may even aid the vaccine which means the vaccines may not be as effective. monoclonal antibodies may not be as effective. the best thing we can do as scientists and doctors in the world health organization, trying to gather more information about this variant is vaccinated yourself, protect yourself, where your mask indoors in crowded areas especially if you are not fully vaccinated as we gather information on this variant. flights because they are concerned about this. new who guidance of vaccinated people, even if you are vaccinated continues to take precautions to prevent becoming infected yourself and affecting someone else who could die. that means wearing a mask, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, meeting others outside if you can or in a well
1:42 am
ventilated space. it feels like a step back. the messaging, vaccination is your path to freedom but it doesn't appear that way. we were told one vaccine, 90% efficacy, then 3 vaccines and the booster, the message should be vaccination needs to freedom, should it not? >> absolutely. i understand how this can be frustrating but a couple things we are dealing with. delta is a lot more contagious and spreads more readily than other variants. than this cold weather we are dealing with a lot of people are gathering indoors and seeing an increase in the number of covid cases with the cdc project an increase in the next four weeks in the number of hospitalizations and deaths because of the cold weather and we know now that antibody levels decline over time. after six months the cdc recommends getting a booster because we know the vaccine protection level goes down but if you get the booster your
1:43 am
protectable spikes up. use common sense precautions. if you are high risk or suffer copd or emphysema or diabetes or cystic fibrosis and are in a public area and indoors and it is crowded, take the extra step to protect yourself and so we get through the cold weather holiday. benjamin: this debate about children and the vaccine, a new study says an vaccinated kids, 3% higher chance of catching covid than vaccinated adults. i wonder why the focus on having kids vaccinated particularly when they are suffering in regards to children being forced to eat outside in the cold in some new york schools potentially at risk of catching cold and other issues, mental health, vaccines being missed. isn't it time to say children can get back into the classroom,
1:44 am
put aside restrictions on kids? 3% more likely than fully vaccinated adults? >> kids back in class should be our top priority. my focus remains on vaccinating the adults and 471 million americans eligible to be vaccinated. children are extremely low risk of severe infection and severe illness. we did see an increase in 32% of children who developed covid, do make up a quarter right now so they can get sick and spread the virus but the risk of severe illness is low. if you have a child at high risk that has an underlying medical condition, something to talk to your pediatrician about getting vaccinated but otherwise we focus on the older population at higher risk of severe illness and complication. benjamin: thank you for joining us.
1:45 am
keeping an eye on this new strain, serious enough it might get a greek name. >> new, in you. carley: thank you. the time is 34 minutes after the hour. coming up we have been talking about the supply chain crisis as christmas gifts under our trees but it is impacting charities, kids in need across america, the president of toys for tots joins us next. ♪♪
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well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. benjamin: russian forces building on ukraine for weeks. carley: ukrainian official spoke to fox news how the country is preparing. more on the escalating tensions. >> russian troops stayed on the border of eastern ukraine. ukrainian military leadership warns they could be preparing to invade. >> our army is ready to refill a full-scale invasion and ready to protect strategic infrastructure in the attack. >> reporter: the deputy minister of defense spoke with fox news and said the ukrainians are prepared for any possibility.
1:50 am
the us embassy in california american citizens against traveling to eastern ukraine and russian controls crimea citing unusual russian military activity. the russians annexed crimea in 2014 and been in an ongoing conflict with ukraine ever since, ukraine is not a member of nato and relies in part on allies for military support. officials in kiev have received reassurance from countries like the united states, the uk and germany that they will be supportive russia invades. >> we are working with our partners in nato but also directly with ukraine to make sure they are fully supported. vladimir putin will make any decision to launch an invasion but attorney general keith kellogg believes he's trying to send a message, not expand the war. >> is causing a lot of problems but i don't think he will going to ukraine. if he does it would be the
1:51 am
eastern part of ukraine. >> russia and ukraine held military exercises this weekend the russians say they are not planning to invade but we heard similar claims before military action in the past. carley: a group of bipartisan lawmakers, stationed in south korea many soldiers haven't been home, their families visit since the start of covid as part of their official visit the bipartisan delegation visited joint security area of the korean demilitarized zone and they headed to taiwan for an informative trip, the delegation refused to back down when china's embassy demand they cancel the trip. carley: tackling the supply chain crisis head on as they for a price as part of the holiday season, the organization planning to spend millions on books and toys to make up for a downturn in donations. here to discuss toys for tots foundation president ceo
1:52 am
lieutenant general jim laughter. happy thanksgiving. are you worried kids may not get toys this year, what challenges are you facing? >> best way to answer this is to say marines always accomplish the mission as we will make sure the less fortunate children of our nation will not go without this year. just like last year in the middle of the pandemic we ensured we were able to distribute toys and books to less fortunate children and despite the pandemic had one of the best years reaching 7.4 million children. carley: last year it was covid that was the concern, this year is the economy. are you noticing a drop off in donations and when it comes to
1:53 am
the supply chain, toys that people have ordered that may not come in on time. >> of course. we rely heavily on the generosity of the american public both in monetary donations and dropping a toy or book into one of our collection boxes. you see in the local communities or businesses. our vendors told us there would be a problem. to get ahead of that, to mitigate that, we used historical data and started purchasing toys, we have the ability now to push those toys as supplementals in the event our collections are down. right now we are not seeing that, as many as we did last year. >> you were able to do that because of monetary donations.
1:54 am
donating a physical toy, they accept that online. >> a virtual toy box on the website that people can go in, with a toy of the portugal toy box. >> how many? >> on average 7 million last year, one of our best years ever on record at 7.4 million. i said to keep chipping away at that. we know by statistical data that teen million children that are at or below the poverty level. right now we are hitting half of them. we want to reach as many as we can. we will stay at this until we reach 15 million.
1:55 am
carley: there is a special place in heaven for all you do for kids. thank you for joining us this morning. benjamin: amazing, what an amazing thing that is. all the kids under the poverty line supplied toys thanks to him. i encourage everyone to do that. we have a big show on deck this friday morning. david webb, joe concha, kurt the cyber guy joining us live in the next hour of "fox and friends first". ♪♪
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>> friday november 2, '06, retailers are bracing for black friday crowds in several cities struggling to stop out-of-control looting and smash and grab robberies. benjamin: many americans fueled the burden of democrats off on crime policies, seth rogan is landover a comment he made from inside his privileged hollywood bubble. >> speaking of privilege. >> america is back, there's nothing we are unable to overcome. >> president biden: waiting for santa. carley: president biden declares america is back as he spends thanksgiving at a family dollar state and the threat of inflation and gas prices and still unresolved supply chain mess.


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