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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 26, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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indoctrinating kids with crt. the mentality that you have a oppressors and those that are oppressed. you are actually right. you do such a great job fighting back against those ideas. jack, thank you for that sentiment as well -- ♪ ♪ oh sometimes ♪ i get a good feeling, yeah. ♪ a feeling i never ever ever had before ♪ i get a good feeling, yeah. lawrence: you are looking at sixth avenue. that's where the parade was yesterday, after a long one year when we weren't able to celebrate. joey: looks different this morning. lawrence: it was blocked off. they had it all blocked off for security services.
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we were so excited baby yoda made his first appearance. joey: he was cool. i saw i go up on the third flo first time ever seeing the macy's day parade peg leg i don't know much else about him. amputees were well represented in the parade and i got myselfy and sent it to the kids. we had a good time. >> lawrence: we don't know if he lost his in combat. american hero. joey: we were a bunch of ship ridingletter necks. i'm going to make up my own story that's what he was, too i guess. >> i spent some time with some friends yesterday, if you have photos from your thanksgiving celebration. you can email those photos to us at friends at we would love to celebrate your family and put you on the bottom of the screen, rachel,.
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>> happy thanksgiving, got some photos. i do have some photos. pull them up. well, there we go. so we have a family tradition it's not very p.c. the younger ones always dressed up like pilgrims and indians. more of them want to be indians, you can blame it on the 1619 project, i guess. but, look they're. this is how it started. i gave them a picture of how tended. do you have that second picture? there, that's how it ended. >> sometimes it be like that. good cooking. >> that turkey will do that to you. joey: that's exactly how i felt for half of the day yesterday. i didn't get to sleep but i wanted to. in my mind i was asleep. [laughter] lawrence: i could barely sleep because of the loss. joey: did they lose?
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maybe it's because you had all that to say about the falcons game. it's karma, man. lawrence: not happy about it we got some news to get to. rachel: yeah, we do. lawrence: president biden does a surprise phone call with al-it >> hold on my phone is ripping. oh my gosh. look at who is calling. [laughter] hello? hello, mr. president? >> hello, al, how are you doing, pal? >> what's your message to the american folk this thanksgiving day? >> my message after two years you are back, america is back. there is nothing we are unable to overcome, al. lawrence: it was all nice and funny had no problem with the phone call. what he said america being back and my response would be, mr. president, where? prices up 24%. joey: back to 1978.
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rachel: back to the carter years. lawrence: dinner rolls up 15% and fresh cranberries what you need for lovely cranberry sauce. the president of the united states say that america. >> meanwhile, the menu for the president bidens after $30 million estate that they stayed at. time roasted tuckerry. jacobs stuffing roasted chicken garden. fall vegetable. sweet potatoes, al pell by coconut cream pie which i love and chocolate chip ice cream, sounds good but, again, i think we have to go back to that $30 million. i mean it just in the. doesn't it go through all these. >> that's fine. i have got nothing against that he has a printed card menu a lot
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of fancy names, turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, that's what we h i don't know why you got to add all these colorful language to it, all that aside. it's not about the fact that he went with his family on a retreat. nice that the country is in a place of doubt right now and you go to a $20 million mansion that your rich buddy owns. you don't get to be scranton joe, blue collar joe the guy to touts himself poorest guy in the senate take advantage of friends and money. that's kind of the swamp. rachel: he is not the poorest member of the senate. i think hunter took care of that but, i will say that this is the kind of stuff you see in a lot of socialist countries by the way. where the elites live very well. they talk a big game about the working class and the equality and they live up here and they eat champagne and caviar and tell the rest of us get used to this new, you know, normal that we are in. joey: spend 40 years building a
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class system make sure you are on the right side of it and take advantage of it. lawrence: all joking aside. it's about the president being able to read the room and see. rachel: you can't read the room if you are in the basement during your whole campaign. you can't read the room if you are in that washington bubble. lawrence: good point media provided cover go out there and connect with voters. you have got to be skeptical in the white house when you see the approval rating at historic lows. when you see the americans rejecting. i recall willly every part of his agenda. lawrence: america is back, lawrence, you told him. he told al. it's back. rachel: someone looking at those poll numbers and chomping at the bit is president trump. is president trump. joey, i know that he -- that the president weighed in yesterday. lawrence: yeah. he says a wonderful future lies ahead. i wonder, does that mean he wants to run in 2024? maybe that's what he means. maybe is he going to back on
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desantis. republicans are looking for something that's the complete opposite of president biden. and i think president trump would be that. he said it's a very interesting time in our country. he tells us hey, don't worry, we will be great again. and we will all do it together. america will never fall and we will never allow it to go in the wrong direction. i think a lot of americans are sitting there saying we are kind of are going in the wrong direction. president trump is saying that help is on the horizon. for most of us that means 2022. if not 2024. rachel: ultimate optimist, we can do this again. i fixed it before. i will fix it again. i'm help is on the way. lawrence: you know, it's interesting, i had friends over at my place because i wasn't able to go home. rachel: was not happy about that. lawrence: she was not feeling it when i did finally facetime her she scolded me. it's okay. [laughter] i had my liberal friends over yesterday. the majority of them are quite
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progressive. talked about trump out of office they didn't like the way he tweeted. i told them, guys, how are you feeling right now. of course, a lot of them are upset. this. rachel: did you get. >> a lot of them are upset. i don't know if they would go for trump they know life is not as good under the trump administration. part of the turning point was went to visit rent a car and they literally slashed the tires. and broke in. stole all the luggage. they parked it for 30 minutes. that's just california because they said if you steal less than 100 -- less than $1,000 that they wouldn't even send the cops out. per attempt. joey: do that over and over all day. this isn't the crisis that president biden has allowed to happen or even created. it's a cultural problem. our culture now is a culture of what can i get away with? i don't have to pay bail.
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i don't have to be arrested if i steal less than $900. letting people become their worst vices rather than having some social expectation as my daddy would say act like somebody. we should have a country that expects that. rachel: in california, the crimes you are talking about, joey, are happening in broad daylight. an apple store actually in broad daylight. people just went in and they took thousands of dollars worth of items and the customers were just. joey: organized. rachel: organized gangs, doing it meanwhile,. lawrence: nordstrom. rachel: they hit a nordstrom. casey, this very famous youtube star. 40 million followers or subscribers to his youtube channel. he had all his equipment and things robbed out of his car. when he posted about it. seth rogan, the actor said, hey, you know, that's just how it goes.
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like, you know, that's just part of living in a city. this is a wonderful place to live. lawrence: this is what casey said on twitter. so our cars got robbed this morning because los angeles is crime-riddled third world blank of a city. tremendous appreciation and gratitude to the hardworking officers at the lapd who not only arrested the blank but they got all of our stolen goods back and then seth rogan had this to say. dude, i have lived here for over 20 years. you are nuts, ha ha. it's lovely here. don't leave anything valuable in it. it's called living in a big city. i just don't. lawrence: city you live. in lovely here, he had a very valid concern. like his car, his privacy was violated. someone stole from him. my dad always said hey, there is very few things worse than stealing from me what i would give you if you just ask. that's the point here.
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and for seth rogan to be like he went on to say, they went back and forth. casey tweeted back i can still be mad though right? i still feel violated. seth rogan tweeted back you can be mad. i don't view my car as extension of myself and never felt violated. the 15 times or so my car has been broken into. once a cool knife in my car. if it keeps hang you might get treat township. if you keep breaking into my stuff you will get a little treat, it won't be a knife. rachel: if your car has been broken into 15 times, that's not a lovely place to live. by the way, chances are that seth rogan's assistant took care of all of the problems. joey: want another sign how attached regular seth rogan scold you for being upset your private property was stolen from you. lawrence: there is an attempt to normalize this type of behavior.
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joey: cultural. lawrence: to allow this to happen across the country. no law and order. look at new york, one of the most progressive cities. elected a former cop. the citizens are saying we are going to be progressive but we got to have law and order. i think a lot of the country there is more refor the criminal than there is for the victim. the "the washington post" had op-ed. the progressives are struggling between justice and safety you can have this justice message. we don't have any justice for the victim. americans are going to start rejecting you. joey: this is where partisan politics hits its worse. the idea you can't do two things at once. what's happening in our culture, one party, one side. one group of people who say listen, if you dipping into the layers of people who steal or hermine who are desperate or
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commit crimes out of desperation, you can sympathize with them not what they need is not just punishment but maybe reform. i'm okay with that that means that the expectation of society to act right like my daddy would say has to stay there and has to be high. you don't just just get to say because we are in desperate times we are going to forgive you no. we will help you get out of this place. the way you help them oat out of that place give them an opportunity. not pacify their worst habits and not okay to other people's desperation. i highly doubt all the people cars that get broken into seth rogan has millions of dollars and it doesn't matter. land like someone tweeted on that tweet. they landed their home family's luggage was there, there a few hours and all their luggage got stolen. rachel: people like seth row rogen.supporting politicians the
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these policies, defund the police, reimagine law enforcement. they have private security. they can afford another car. they can afford to replace their items. they have assistance to help them when all these troubles happen. lawrence: the problem is, rachel, a lot of this has become a criminal enterprise. look what happened with the california nordstrom as well as the use vitton. now you have the big cogs come in. using the criminals on the ground taking advantage of a situation. i don't think the democrats saw this going this direction. again, i said this point yesterday they are married to their ideology. they know this is bad for the country. but they are so tied to it that they just can't reject it right now. they are defending still right now what happened in waukesha. they allow this guy to be on the street. it started somewhere. he never reformed his life. 1999. and the fact that they just just continue to put him back on the street until he killed someone,
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that's what's going to happen in california as well. when you embolden criminals to be on the street to steal property they escalate it because they never reform their life. i think society is rejecting this. rachel: little guy suffers. the ceo of best buy says his employees are terrorized. they are scared about these gangs come in. joey: people breaking into ace hardware. people are desperate but not desperate to get a job if you want to take up for the criminal. that's not what they are showing. if you are breaking in louis vitton and apple, steal that make quick money and keep going. that's not how we operate in this country. if you are in my hometown and desperate. reach out to somebody. i know what people are like all around this country, desperate, waiting tables, serving tables, driving the trucks, my dad was a brick mason they couldn't hire people. they are building houses left and right right now. go learn a skill. if you are in a place that can hire people.
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take a chance on people who show the right qualities and are just down on their luck. we can help each other out without giving excuses for being rotten. lawrence: do you know who has a beautiful message? carley: that was a beautiful conversation. remember when cynthia nixon will tweeted criticized cbs for lockerring toiletries away. people stealing things may actually need those necessities didn't consider the fact that if cvs is losing money they leave those communities and that area doesn't have a drugstore. great conversation, guys. i really enjoyed listening to it from here. headlines starting with this sunday waukesha, wisconsin will observe a moment of silence to pray for the victims of last weekend's tragedy. the moment of unit take place 4:39 p.m. the time police say darrell brooks drove his suv into the city's christmas parade. six people lost their lives in
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the incident and dozens more were injured. today the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting to discuss a new heavily mutated covid variant. the variant out of south africa highly contagious even for young people. the w.h.o. recommending, quote: even if you are vaccinated, continue to take precautions. that means wearing a mask, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds and meeting others outside if you can fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel will join us live with more coming up next hour. dave chapelle standing his ground against students at his alma mater to labeled him a visit. came surprise visit to high school. the political playbook reporting the comedian respond quote my friend with all due respect i don't believe you can make one of the decisions i have to make on a given day. parents also complained about his language to which chapel's spokesperson brushed off in a statement to fox news saying, in
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part: dave is putting the school on the map. josh allen throws for four as the buffalo bills demolished the new orleans saints 31-6. meanwhile a brawl brakes out on the gridiron in texas as the las vegas raiders win a thanksgiving thriller over the dallas cowboys. >> patrick mahomes, first down pass play down the middle they go and it's there. jackson tiptoeing for the touch down. car cart sealing the 36-30 victory with this overtime field goal and finally the chicago bears and five game skid beating the detroit lions 16-146789 are you sad? lawrence: i'm so mad. rachel: it was close, right? is that what i read. lawrence: my voice is bad because i was screaming at the tv. the officiating has been so
3:19 am
terrible this year. we should have won that game. god bless. carley: that's okay. there is always next week? lawrence: no, no. carley: there is not next week? lawrence thrawrns is but this is starting to pile on. rachel: up next a school administrator shares how teachers can embed the principles of critical race theory into anything that they teach. >> parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn't taught in our schools, we're lying. keep looking. lawrence: for that he says the school is locking him out. don't go anywhere. we will discuss that on fox news. ♪ hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad...
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♪ lawrence: welcome back to "fox & friends." in minneapolis public school administration facing backlash video critical race theory being taught in class. >> we don't have the quote state standards per se we do have critical race theory in how we teach. we tell our teachers to treat students differently based on color. we tell our students that every problem is a result of white men and that everything in western civilization is built as racist. capitalization tool of. parents when we tell you critical race theory isn't taught in our schools. we're lying. keep looking. lawrence: wow, it wasn't without consequences that school administrator says. he has been placed on leave. had his log-in credentials revoked and banned from entering the school property. tony joins us now. thank you so much for joining the program. so, sir, what was actually being taught -- paint the picture for
3:25 am
us. >> well, every single class at indianapolis public schools. one academic priority. we are supposed to encourage and second racial priorities. pits our students against each other based on color. it suggests to all of our students who aren't black or brown that they are responsible for centuries for horrible oppression the united states has built. no matter what class you are in, you are required to look through that lens and that's really quite horrifying. lawrence: tony, you see this is happening in the classroom. although this is a part of this new progressive push, you bring into the light in the school district does what? >> >> so, yesterday, while scrap biblical on the way to our thanksgiving i got a notification from my phone started blowing up that i couldn't log into any of my
3:26 am
drives. any of my calendar, microsoft teams, anything that would allow me to work with any email or do any of my jobs since they had me working from home. i can access none of it and i can't go to any buildings, either. that is revoked. lawrence: when you are talked with the school district had you raised these concerns before? had there been this push by the administration? were you given marching orders? let us know what they were telling you before. >> so, before they had indicated very clearly to all of us that this was the only reasonable way to think at indiana schools. there whereas no threats or if anyone had concerns over. this the district had already decided its marching orders or racial equity did [inaudible] go on strange tirades had students and staff. there is not a way to address concerns. of course now that everything has happened. they don't want to hear my
3:27 am
concerns. really that's just to dismiss them in the same conversation. so, not exactly a great place. i haven't been given any marching orders to teachers despite what's apparently coming out as rumors. that's rather wild. lawrence: tony, do you still have a job? >> we're really not sure. i haven't received any calls from h.r. but they did say that if i kept acting as a whistleblower then they would eventually have to part ways because so many of the staff are apparently suggesting they are unwilling to work with them. i'm causing them clinical anxiety. i have really don't know. we will find out as the work day draws closer. lawrence: you raise objections. it's clear that the country is objecting to what's happening across the country with this curriculum. instead of having a conversation. they lock you out, tell you you can't come on property. but they don't even allow you to know if you have a job or not. it just seems very frustrating to me. thanks for come on the program
3:28 am
and telling your story. >> thank you so much for having me. lawrence: you bet. we reached out to the school district for a comment but we did not hear back from them. hopefully they will get back to us soon. coming up, lara trump joins us live. she is icon for women from workforce. rose jt visitor, inspiring made in america business. that's next. ♪ ♪
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carley: back with your headlines, the mother of ahmaud arbery opening up to. she says she's hopes the verdict sends a message of accountability. legacy is always bringing change to the world. >> ahmad was actually hunted down as an animal. i think the last word was very much to him. he deserves that. that's the least we can do for him. carley: the three men will be sentenced at a later date. they are also facing another trial in february for federal hate crimes. the nypd is counts its blessings
3:33 am
after one of its officers shot by career criminal released from the hospital. officer jacobs headed home just in time for the holidays. not before receiving a hero's walk out from her family in blue. police say the gunman was armed with a ruger handgun. officials say the weapon was reported stolen in georgia last year. the second officer robert holmes remains hospitalized. tens of how far to sands of californians celebrated thanksgiving without power. high winds forcing the utility company to shut down the power to prevent wildfires. southern california tweeting, quote: when power shut off due to public safety power shutoffs we will attempt to restore power to customers as soon as it is safe to do so after the weather events end. listen to this, month after escaping afghanistan, a former combat translator reflects on a few firsts for family here in america known as johnny by
3:34 am
fellow troops. he shared photos of kids getting what they couldn't back in afghanistan, an education. he said they could not wait to go and make new friends. they are pictured here getting a warm welcome from those classmates. johnny shares this photo of his kid celebrating very first halloween with all their new american friends. that story makes me want to cry. that's amazing. rachel: my favorite story. god whether he is that man. joey: i rof the name he picked too. rachel: that's a good one. rachel: little weekend kids wake up mom and dad can i go to school? went two days. it's great story. are a. carley: so cool. that is the american dream. toss it over to you guys. rachel: you may remember rose the riveter in the workforce. she is inspiration behind american made handbag company made up of military spouses with a special mission. here with more is co-founder and crow coe of r. riveter.
3:35 am
rachel: i love them. joey: i don't know about it purses and handbags. i hear about nurse and teachers and simply can't recertify in all the states they do go to in 10-year span. this is a way to overcome that and provide opportunity and also a quality product. tell us about it. >> yeah. we're so excited to be here. so, military spouses and military families, they move every two to three years on average. that means they have to get up. take all of their stuff, all of their kids, careers, churches, families, schools, they pick up and they move. what we tried to do was create one thing that they could have no matter where they go. so no matter where they go, they can have military and income opportunity they can take from base to base. whether they are going from georgia to north carolina or to colorado. they have an income opportunity that they can call their own.
3:36 am
rachel: i really love the way that each bag has a tag that tells you a little bit about the spouse that helped make this bag. and can i just add the makeup bags are amazing, too. if you are wondering what to give somebody. every woman needs a good makeup bag. lawrence: they can double as cleaning kit bag for ar and guns. i like the bags. if you guys get into doing some of those gun bags, i will definitely -- let me know about that, too. you started this with another military spouse; is that correct? >> we did. so we started the company about 10 years ago when both of us moved out into the middle of nowhere and thought we were going to have careers. but that really all kind of changed when the army says you have got to go, you have got to go wherever they tell you. we started the company not just for ourselves we had this realization some military spouses who wanted something for themselves. if weekend do something not just for us but for all the military families out there that was
3:37 am
going to be a win-win. we started r. riveter in our garage in 2011 and haven't looked back since. rachel: you were on shark tank, how did that help the business. >> incredible experience. one of those things terrifying and exciting at the same time. in 2016 we did get a deal with mark cuban and that was a total rush and it's been amazing ever since. lawrence: i will tell you what, i look forward to seeing the gun version of these bags. until then these gun bags are awesome. getting education on how useful and sizes and textures. trying to find one that might match my suit to carry home with me i don't know if i'm there yet. thank you so much for what you are doing for of the military family. amazing to empower spouses to continue to earn a living. >> that's right. i mean, you know, some of your identity is wrapped up in what you do. what we tried to do is have something that they can call their own no matter where the military takes them. we do make a great handbag if you are interested go to r.
3:38 am lots of colors, sizes, a little bit of something for everybody. we couldn't be more excited to be here on black friday with you guys. rachel: i have to tell you there is nothing more all-american than buying from our military spouses. so this is a great gift for anybody who wants to too that this holiday season. so, thank you so much for joining us, cammeron. great products and good luck in this season. >> thank you. yeah, we are ready to ship. rachel: awesome. thanks so much camryn. coming up as prices surge the liberal media either down place inflation or turns it into a positive. some even shift the blame to the american people. lara trump says the foreign blame sits in the oval office. she joins us next. ♪ ♪ the tempur-pedic breeze° makes sleep...feel cool.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." soaring prices impact americans. some in the media are routinely down playing the major concerns for u.s. households from. yahoo writing well, maybe christmas shortages are a gift to time concluding quote how americans shoppers broke the supply chain. so are they taking a cue from president biden and making light of this major issue? joining us now to react is fox nation contributor lara trump. lara, welcome, first of all, i hope you ha wonderful thanksgiving. what is this all about? i can't imagine the inflation being this way under trump and the media saying hey, it's the shopper's fault. it's your fault. it's not the biden policies. >> oh, it's so unbelievable, rachel. happy belated thanksgiving to everyone. we had a great day at my house yesterday. my kids probably had way too much sugar. that's the day to do it. get it out away way moving on
3:44 am
now. as far as it relates to the inflation and the way the media has covered it. it's really not a great strategy, rachel, to ridicule the american people who are struggling this holiday season and say well, gosh, this was all your faulted, that's really the way they want to go with this. it makes no sense telling us, of course, again, to lower our expectations. we have had to lower them so many times so far. and hey, maybe don't celebrate christmas, the same way you always have this year. you know, just take things back. don't buy as many presidents, don't celebrate in the same way. the american people don't want to hear that we are frustrated right now because this was all so preventable. i think the americans are very forgiving group of people in times of hardship. but when those times of hardship come as a direct result of the policies and decisions made by the president joe biden and the party in power, the democrat party, we are -- we have had enough. we are done with it we are
3:45 am
incredibly frustrated. it was a relation to the policies he put in place that we now have the mess we are in right now as americans. but, don't think for a second that the mainstream media is going to call joe biden out on this. it's almost as though he was flaunting it i know you guys have covered this a lot by being at this billionaire compound and one of the most affluent zip codes in america for america. is he very comfortable while american people are struggling. things are not as easy now for people as they were 10 months ago before joe biden took office. so, i think you're going to see more of this. we know that they did this for him throughout the campaign. they coddled him. they let him get away with everything. instead of actually having an interview where they say joe biden what is your plan to actually help the american people out, we know that we can see more of the comfortable interviews with al roker from the parade. rachel: yeah, that was interesting for sure. so, now, your father-in-law had a thanksgiving message and in it a lot of people are wondering if
3:46 am
this is a tease for what is to come. his message was a very interesting time in our country. but don't worry, we will be great again. and we will all do it together. enjoy your thanksgiving knowing that a wonderful future lies ahead. you know him better than anyone, lara, what is he talking about? what's he telling us he is going to do? >> well, i think my father-in-law believes in this country. he believes in the american people. he believes in the american spirit. he knows that we will always rise to the occasion as americans. and he believes that, you know, the best is still yet to come for this country. i won't break any news here this morning. that's obviously his to do should he decide to do it, but i think that that the american people can very clearly now see what a gift we had truly with president trump in office. that he was working on behalf of the american people every day, constant incoming, constant negativity from the mainstream media, from the democrat party.
3:47 am
from all the people out there that didn't like his tweets, gosh, wouldn't we have liked to have cheaper turkey and more and easier thanksgiving this year and easier christmas to come and a couple of mean tweets, rachel. i think a lot of people are having, you know, buyer's remorse on joe biden and the democrats by and large because it is their policies again that got us in this place, so, stay tuned. i won't break any news. but he loves this country and he wants to see it prosper. rachel: we were homing you were going to break a little news for us. i think we are getting the idea. and you are right. a lot of people on fixed incomes are missing the trump years. thank you so much, lara, appreciate it. lawrence: thank you. rachel: check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, rachel. been a little drizzly out here on the north and east coast. still the case on fox square. rain picking up as i speak to you. but eventually this is going to be kind of clearing off. all part of a big frontal boundary take a look at temperature maps. see where that frontal boundary
3:48 am
is. temps in the mid 40's. you fall a further farther off towards the west. cold air mass 19 cries currently in chicago. 31-degree below freezing. 26 degrees in kansas city. all of that cold air is fun ling in the eastern half of the country. some of the snow higher elevations up and down the east coast. interior england. all because of this very cold air so thanksgiving wrapping up yesterday. starting to think about christmas. and it is starting to feel a little bit more like winter in the holiday season out here on fox square and across the country. rachel, back to you. rachel: all right. thank you, adam. the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on a new covid variant. should would he be concerned? dr. marc siegel answers our questions. but, first, how do you like to win $5,000? well, here is your chance. tom shillue reveals the fox bet question you need to answer to win. stay with us.
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lawrchts the fox bet super 6 app. is giving you another opportunity to win $10,000 in a quiz show game. answer six questions quickly on
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a wide variety of topics. rachel: tom shillue is the host of fox nation happy hour. i love that show. sign up to fox nation to get exclusive access to another originalling on any device. >> good morning, tom. >> thank you. gused up for the holiday. joey: keep winning. >> tom: you are very good. in this will fox bet super 6 app. predict the future. such an easy app. to play. download it i want more people playing. downloads the app. and play today. question number 1. all right? how many people are going to go through tsa checkpoints on friday under 2 million, 2.2, 2.3 or 2.5 or more. lawrence: 2.4. joey: 2.3. rachel: 2.3. >> tom: tuesday was 2.2, wednesday was 2.3. so we are right in the ballpark. number two how many combined touchdowns scored in the green
3:54 am
bay packers vs. l.a. rams game on sunday, 3 or under. 5, 6, 7, or 8 or more. joey: five. lawrence: three. rachel: green bay packers won? >> tom: how many combined touchdowns? doesn't matter who wins. rachel: i'm going to say three. >> tom: that's the way to do it you pick a number and go. how many adele songs will be in the top 10 spotify's top 200 daily stream chart on friday 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 or more adele songs? >> tom: adele songs. rachel: 4. joey: i will defer to you guys it doesn't make it into my country world. >> tom: what will be the outcome of ohio state vs. michigan on saturday? ohio state by 1 to 3. 4 to 78 or more or michigan by 1 to 3, 40 to 7 or 8 or more. lawrence: michigan 1 to 3. rachel: i will copy him and say
3:55 am
michigan. >> tom: that's how you win. joey: i will favor ohio state on this one. >> tom: by what? lawrence: i don't understand. lawrence: y bet. >> tom: movies, how much money will house of gucci make at the domestic box office on friday. rachel: i heard this is good too i want to watch. if under 20 million. it 25-30 or 40 million or more. lawrence: i will do under 20. >> no big hoax for the box office. >> people still aren't going to the movies as much. >> it's true but maybe they will i will say 25 million. >> tom: time for number 6 of which the states will. lawrence: florida. joey: montana. rachel: south dakota. >> tom: way to go. this is how you play the game. we try to predict the future. download you can still play, download the fox bet super 6 app., you are going to have a good time and win $5,000.
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ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. ♪ ♪ let me just come and get it ♪ ♪ rachel: good morning, everybody. it's 7:00 eastern time. that's a beautiful shot of tampa, now, i requested only country music because we have our guest with us. joey jones is here. good morning to both of you. lawrence jones. lawrence: pete brian, ainsley and steve are off today. rachel: so good to have you joey join us today. talk to us about your thanksgiving. you are not with your family. joey: i got to eat turkey and dressing on set here with lawrence. it was funny, we did a little segment yesterday we realized lawrence was over there eating.
4:01 am
this is so good. lawrence: not a plate i don't love. i took the opportunity to eat. rachel: there you are by the way. is that true first time you got to see the macy's parade. joey: watch it at home every year. first time in new york. nfl guys. i went up and they had their families up on the third floor. i snuck it and took selfie with amputee float. i thought we were kindred spirits. a lot of fun. a lot of firsts. rachel: lawrence you had friends over. lawrence: i had about 15 friends came over. i decided to only cook two dishes this year and i got the rest catered. rachel: how did that go? after i cook a lot. i know people who cater is. is that a better way to enjoy the day? lawrence: i only did two dishes. it wasn't as much. but, you know, it was just great to have friends over. watch football, even though my cowboys lost. it was just a moment. it was good. i did miss my family. my momma called me in the middle
4:02 am
of this show. she was not too happy. rachel: i bet mom jones. lawrence: momma jones. rachel: i cooked all day and wondered if i should cater. i smoked a turkey you know, we had the master built guys on last weekend and they taught me how to do it. sean actually -- shouldn't say we, sean did the turkey i did everything else with the kids. thing. rachel: kids were being a little bit not helpful. sean sat them down and said you know, william bradford says no one gets to eat if they don't help. lawrence: that's right. again, not very p.c., we dressed our kids, they dress themselves. every year been married and had kids. >> they had so much fun. of course that's how it started. let's show how it ended. that's how everybody's thanksgiving ends. lawrence: that's everybody in
4:03 am
america. >> we asked you guys yesterday to send us your photos. michael sent us a picture of his family gathering at his son's home in indiana. look at that beautiful family there. >> and here is thanksgiving at the -- i think that says million family their home in new york. rachel: what great family. look at that. that's a nice big family. plus, baby averly celebrating first thanksgiving. baby sent by grandparents. tom and theresa from florida. that baby is adorable. joey: pictures so cool. my first thanksgiving. you so big so quick fourth of july to thanksgiving. so crazy. lawrence: so happy you guys had a great thanksgiving. on to politics. the president of the united states is now declaring doing a phone call supposed to be surprise yesterday that america is back. take a look. >> hold on, my phone is ringing, just a second. oh my gosh. look at who is calling.
4:04 am
[laughter] hello. hello, mr. president? >> hello, al. how are you doing, pal. >> happy thanksgiving. >> what's your message to the american folks on this thanksgiving day? >> my message is after two years you're back. america is back. there is nothing we are unable to overcome, al. lawrence: america responded we don't believe you. rachel: right. america is back? china is laughing. we have a supply chain crisis. we have a border crisis. we have inflation like we haven't seen since the 1970s. the problems go on and on and on. and it's just really unbelievable to me, joey, that he could say that with a straight face. joey: there is a lot to be tended. to say there is a lot that needs attention there is a lot that needs work. and i where most measures are so frustrated they sit and go how can two years ago would he be in this place where everything was so good. rachel: it was. joey: coronavirus not with understanding i give credit to everybody in office for. so many things this president
4:05 am
has done to take us back to where we didn't want to be. we are back all right, we are back where we didn't want to be. we were in such a better place two years ago. you have to sit here and hope. have this guy for two more years and sit here and hope maybe he will figure it out and want to know what's best for the country. rachel: build back better just turned into lower your expectations. lawrence: that's right. see it at your kitchen table. turkey up by 24%. if you are like me. you like pie. crust is up 20%. got to your rolls up 15%. and there is no dressing or stuffing without cranberries. >> actions, crises that they have invoked themselves. they we haven't spent all the money from the crisis money. the covid money that they promised with all their goodies and everything like that. it's not just that though. it's the border.
4:06 am
it's what happened in afghanistan. when you look at polling after polling, they rejecting the president of the united states, look, maybe it was could you say for him to call al. i know they have chemistry from when he interrupts him when he is walking down pennsylvania avenue, when he gets sworn in as the president the united states. that's nice and fun. what's happening to the american people is a real thing. and it's affecting every single day. attack on america. joey: hillary clinton essentially scolded the country for not being smart enough to understand how good of a president joe biden is. what democrats are trying to do hang their hat on the news of hey we are going to pass this bill. we are going to spend this money. they think we are not smart enough to see the affect of these things, what does that mean in our lives. not just the headlines. rachel: or why it's happening. the reason those prices are up. a lot of that has to do with energy. and the energy policy he is are directly -- the biden administration is directly responsible for them. for our energy policy.
4:07 am
making us go from number 1 and off that list as number one energy producer. i want to talk to you, joey, about something else. because the president also calls the troops. in that message to the troops he said this: he says those who have an empty seat at their kitchen table or dining room table this year because of the virus or a cruel twist of fate or accident, we pray for them. tell me how you feel about that message in light of what we know happened to them 13 heros in afghanistan. joey: there is at least 13 families cruel twist the fate but it wasn't an accident. it's not about i have to hang these heroes lives on president biden's neck. it's about what are you going to do in the future? that happened in afghanistan. you are obviously not going to take responsibility for it you won't say that you could have done better. you won't say what we see very obviously. which is they didn't have to die. we still -- my nephew on shape in south china sea.
4:08 am
friends still in the military leading young men and women. how do i go to sleep at night knowing they are going to be led with the responsibility and accountability? no one is held accountable for what happened in afghanistan. i mean, when that bomb went off. and then we sent two drone strikes and essentially killed civilians. general mackenzie didn't lose his job after saying the buck stops. when i president biden is not going to lose his job after saying the buck stops whim. the truth is the buck stops at those tables with those families because they're the ones that have to live with the effect of bad decisions for the rest of their lives. that's a whole in their life that can't be filled. i appreciate the president calling the troops. more importantly, make better decisions to lead our troops. lawrence: we were promised that his 50 years of experience was going to give us something different. of course, the former president of the united states, donald trump is gonna dunk on him when these situation happen. enjoy your thanksgiving knowing that a wonderful future lies ahead. hinting at a potential run. >> we have interesting time in our country. but do not worry.
4:09 am
we will be back great again and we will all do it all do it together. america will never fail and never allow it to go in the wrong direction. too many generations of greatness counting on us. enjoy thanksgiving knowing that a great future lies ahead. vindicated. he keeps saying when i interviewed him a couple months ago, he said do you miss me now. rachel: do you miss me now? lawrence: that was the conservation i had with liberal friends yesterday at the dinner table. do you mitt the former president sold biden was going turn normalcy. i think they hate admit it. >> you had a very interesting interview by the way lawrence, with a man named tony tinnett. he is a teacher who posted a
4:10 am
video basically telling american parents hey, listen. crt is embedded in the curriculum. you have got pay attention, when he did that he was punished. lawrence: this is what he had to say earlier. >> i don't have the quotes and theories state standards per se. we do have critical race theory in how we teach. we tell our teachers teach differently based on color. tell our students every problem is a result of white men and that everything western civilization built is racist. capitalism is a tool of white supremacy. parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn't in taught in our schools. keep lying, keep looking. lawrence: video got him suspended. interesting because i had the opportunity to talk with him earlier and tony says that they revoked his paths, essentially. he can't get into the system. rachel: treating him like a criminal. lawrence: who noe one has said he is fired. trying to silence him but is he not fired. joey: lawrence, this is the opportunity to talk about the
4:11 am
nuances of the issue he pointed out really well. there is a difference. democrats and people who support this initiative say we are trying to be honest and tell the truth about our history. that's different than saying but these people should be punished or these people are bad. where in the world you live in now look at the white kids sitting across the table and hold something against them for being white. isn't that taking it full circle back to where this all started which is we treat people the same? rachel: absolutely. here is what he said about the backlash. >> i got a notification from my phone started blowing up that i couldn't log in to anything that would allow me to work with and receive any email or do any of my job. i haven't received any calls from h.r. but they did say if i kept acting as a whistleblower, they would eventually have to part ways because i'm causing them clinical anxiety. racial equity priority sounds really great. but it actually pits our students against each other based on their color.
4:12 am
suggest tolls all of our students who aren't black or brown that they are sphuns cybil for centuries of horrible oppression that the united states has built. lawrence: of course progressives when you start talking about crt want to play semantics game. which is why i call it the progressive point of view right now. so they can just stop trying to just say crt, all of it has the tenets of crt if there it. and it's what lost the democrats in loudoun county and lost democrats the virginia race. they say parents shouldn't be involved. whether they get involved they sick the doj after them. this teacher went through the ranks and simply raise an objection is quite criminal because it's suppressing the first amendment state sponsored school. i just think -- this is getting out of line now. rachel: this is just what they said inflation is not happening. crt is a lie. remember, obama said crt is not real. when obama comes out and says
4:13 am
cr. >> it is not real. that means parents, you are right over the target. and that's what's happening. this teacher has done an amazing service to the united states of america by exposing it and saying listen, they are not going to say here's your curriculum with crt. oh, no, no, no, no. it's very secretly embedded into every subject. even math, joey. will. joey: in loudoun county a lot of those parents who ended up voting for glenn beck. they might what the issue was. it was lou it was handled. and the whole idea that this whole class of people handled in school board. parents, you don't get to decide what your kids learn that was the breaking point. lawrence: parents i talk. to say a lot of the them are independents and democrats. said they have no problem with history being taught. they have no problem with adding stories to it but to tell their kids by just them being born that they are oppressor or the other is a victim, and can't
4:14 am
make it in life. they rejected in parents of all colors. >> the scariest part about the interviews you did. i hope can you explain this quickly because i know we have to move on watt reaction of the kids. the students themselves. lawrence: so the kids chose their teachers and friends and they were fighting with the parents, which is why the parents are so upset because they wanted to go with the crowd. they chose their friends. they didn't want to be -- they were shunning their parents because their parents were being. rachel: they were embarrassed. joey: they were turning families on each other. rachel: turning parents on each other. also, this is the future. these kids are the future. joey: in the household. rachel: all right. lawrence: carley got some headlines for us. carley: you are right. i do have headlines to get. to say russia says had has no plans coup to overthrow the ukraine president. this after officials say they uncovered a russian plot to overtake their government. pentagon officials have been keeping a close eye on the
4:15 am
region amid reports that tens of thousands of russian shoulders are stationed along ukraine's eastern border. the state department is advising americans not to travel to the border region. a 3-year-old man is dead after getting stabbed in the chest near penn station. this hours after streets were flooded with thanksgiving parade goers and tourists. authorities have not identified the victim. police are also still looking for the suspect. this is the second stabbing in less than a week. a 32-year-old man or 32-year-old, rather, was stabbed in the neck whether he -- when his train pulled into penn station on sunday. police are still searching for that suspect scene in these images. >> air travel hits a post covid records with over 2.3 million people taking to the skies ahead of thanksgiving. that is according to tsa who say it was the busiest day since march 2020. it's more than double the number of screenings done on the same day last year and makes up 8
4:16 am
will% of the numbers seen back in 2019 before the pandemic. wednesday was also the 7th consecutive screens over 2 million air travelers. people are gettingng back to traveling. police in mesa, arizona, offering drivers a nice surprise for thanksgiving. listen to this. officers swapping tickets for turkeys for drivers who thought they were getting pulled over. >> infectious lab started laughing. the tears were coming down and then this other gentleman just put hirst head down and the tears i don't think they could afford the turkey it worked out really good. carley: boy did it, a police commander first proposing the turkeys not tickets program in hopes of building a better bond with the community and it is certainly working, guys, how about that? >> a lot of people need turkeys this year. a shortage and they were very expensive. >> don't speed. joey: i get pulled over a lot. that's not a good thing. nobody has ever given me a turkey they do give me a pass
4:17 am
every now and then. when i do get a it ticket i take it. rachel: i'm not riding with you. >> well, i want to talk to you guys a little bit about my christmas book there is big news, right, lawrence? lawrence: you guys hit number two on the "new york times" best seller list. lawrence: because of you the fox audience went out there and purchased it and rachel and sean we thank you all for writing the book and including me my stories. rachel: your picture has been the reason why so many people want to buy the book. they want to see baby lawrence. but, listen, you know, the greatest part about this has been that people have been writing me their christmas stories. sparking so many memories and, you know, i have gotten so many emails. even got an email from a cousin of mine who said oh, i just read your story and i remember when i went to your how fast when i was stationed in england and your mom did this. all these memories are coming back. so, you know, it's a great book if anyone on your christmas list
4:18 am
loves fox news, they are requesting to love this book. lawrence: a lot of secrets in this. rachel: yeah, there is. rachel: a lot of secrets, a lot of pictures, else are pays, play lists, it's just the perfect little christmas book to like sit down and read. you don't have to finish it all in one sitting because it's just divided by chapters. can you go i want to hear what brit hume did today during his childhood. you know, this is a great book. and i really recommend it. no supply chain problems. lawrence: keep buying it because we want it number one. joey: one more spot. rachel: black friday is upon us, great shopping day. shoppers are already out hunting for best deals. lawrence: kayla is live in wood burry, new york where travelers come around the globe to bargain shop. kayla, how are you doing? >> the travelers are back, you guys, no doubt. good morning to the both of you. yeah, look, it is not exactly
4:19 am
warm out here. it is rainy out here. the hours were a little more limited this time around. people used to come in at midnight it started at 6:00 a.m. this morning. in other words, the deck was stacked against woodbury common. take a look at this. totally packed. penal walking around with empty suited cases that they plan to fill up and have already filled up. i want to bring in the director of marketing. shannon mcsceney la may to talk more with this. this is an exciting day for you guys. >> always great day. great to see everybody back with families and friends carrying on holiday tradition and shopping at woodbury commons holiday. >> do you think people are coming back to retail stores more because concerned about supply chain issues. >> i definitely do. i myself am word about the same thing. i have done more in person shopping this year than i normally do. if you order something online, you are not sure you will get it in time. even if it says that it's going to be here by a certain date, things are not necessarily coming at that date if you come to woodbury common and shop and go home with your gifts. >> mr. this place is iconic for
4:20 am
people traveling from all over the world to shop here for lack friday. have people all over the world back this year. hiccup this year because of the pandemic. >> as soon as the country reopened to international towmple literally the next day we saw shoppers back from germany, spain, u.k., shopping, bringing their suitcases to fill up. it's great to have them. >> thank you very much. the very latest in woodbury, new york. send it back to you guys. lawrence: thanks, kayla, we love shopping. rachel: i love to order online on black friday. i don't want to deal with the crowds. she is right there. is a lot more questions about whether you are going to get those things you ordered. so a lot of people are going out and doing it in person. lawrence i will get it online. rachel: still ahead the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on a new covid variant. should they be concerned? dr. marc siegel answers our question next. ♪
4:21 am
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lawrence the world health organization meeting over reports of a new heavily mutated covid variant. extraatic rise in cases in south africa. a leading scientist. i'm sorry let's bring in dr. mack seale on this. new code variant and should americans be concerned? >> lawrence, it is of concern. good morning, the variant is coming out of south africa.
4:26 am
it started in bats swana and very little evenings down there. 24% of south africa cans vaccinate in the area around johannesberg some reports 90% of the icelet that they're finding. still a small number overall. there is 32 mutations to this spike protein. that's concerning we don't know how trans miivel it is evade the vaccine. the world health organization is going to call this a variant of concern my opinion. they will give it a letter, a greek letter. we are going to have to track this one very carefully. this one i'm concerned about. lawrence: should we stop travel until we figure out what's going on from folks coming in an were and out of the trust south africa. >> that's a tremendous question. >> lawrence, we have got than wrong ever since the beginning of the pandemic when donald trump called for the restrictions on china i say yes
4:27 am
to that why we we travel to and from south africa. absolutely should be a severe travel restriction to that area right now. why would we want this variant to escape and get out? i just told you it maybe something to be concerned about. yes, travel restrictions big time. lawrence: i would hate for the country to shut down again over this nonsense. new york lawmakers propose. >> i you are exactly right, doctor. get your reaction to this new bill lefing to give folks that haven't got vaccinated the proper care. in this new bill. this is what the ablemish plan man sponsors this bill said i'm introducing, this inturk. introducing a bill that allows insurance providers to deny coverage for covid related treatment to those who refused to be vaccinated. do your part, or pay your own way. freedom isn't free. as a physician, is this the
4:28 am
right message to send to new yorkers. >> how about public health not humiliation. how about the fact that as a physician, my oath says i see nothing before me except for a fellow creature in pain. that i don't look at etiology. if we had this approach we wouldn't cover smokers in if he got cancer. i treated did my entire year i don't say how did you get aids. overweight diabetes no. to insurance karageorge because they ate at mcdokdz? this is absolute disgrace, and what the problem here is, we are had you milliating and marginalizing people instead much try work with them. >> talk to patient and say here is why i think the vaccine will help you. lawrence: if you don't submit and obey we won't give you proper care and coverage. i think that is a slippery slope, doctor, i think you definitely laid it out for us, this is why we trust you on this topic. thank you so much for joining
4:29 am
us. >> great to be with you, lawrence. thank you. lawrence: tunnel 2 towers third annual season of hope by change the lives of 60 families this year. ceo frank siller is here now with how you can help. and we are cooking with friends. steve doocy helps you make the most of your thanksgiving leftovers. that's next on "fox & friends." ♪ your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, entrust your heart to entresto. it's the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart, so it may not work as well. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body.
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♪ gee. joey: season of hope for tunnel 2 towers. pay off the existing mortgages of 65 families of fallen or injured first responders and veterans this holiday season. ceo frank siller my brother joins us now with more. >> well, our foundation gave his life 9/11 we wanted to do good in his honor and honor for all of those who perished that day. most certainly first responders. so, it has transformed our foundation after we built the first smart home for first
4:34 am
catastrophic service members sergeant quadrupled amp pew tee. what happened on 9/11. we are building them all over the united states. we are taking care of gold star families and fallen first responder families who die in the line of duty and leave young children behind. >> this is the season of hone this time of year, yesterday, right, because of thanksgiving, we gave away nine mortgage free homes just yesterday. >> that was nine yesterday. but you have got 65 homes from thanksgiving to the end of the year and that will make it 200 on the year? >> yes, 200 on the year. we are very proud of that. obviously we never in our wildest dreams thought we could do 200 mortgage free homes in one year. many of them or from catastrophic wounded service members. we are very proud of that. >> your brother was a fireman here in the city. his story is one that really should be for the history books. because it embodies everything that it means to be a selfless and patriotic american, not just laying your life down but when you don't have. to say i think that's what is so important about what you do.
4:35 am
there was is nothing saying you, frank siller had go and care about people like me. the gays came in and changed my life. i told you know and you batted down the doors and said we are going to help you out. the fact that you are so selfless and not something you have to do. enough to the gold standard when it comes to this. you don't just provide mortgage free homes. you don't just build homes. homes for those physically disabled. >> we do. and, look, universe, will veterans. he made -- made the largest foundation to our foundation ever by far and away. a tremendous amount of money. up there to see him be honored, and he pulled me on the side and talked to me, you know, what frank? we are going to do it again this year. he donated $20 million to us which is incredible. that's why we could deliver 200 mortgage free homes.
4:36 am
that's why we could build these smart homes that people give their bodies like your is will generosity. yellow and thank you if you are watching. the big fox. >> i don't know where you find these patriotic americans but i know they are all other the country. i can't thank you enough for what you do. my brothers and sisters and the first responders out and there gold star families. frank, thank you guys so much for what you do. >> we appreciate it and for those who help us all year long. the viewers from fox. go to t 2 $11 a month. many hands makes light work. that's what we can do if many people come together. please do support this organization. all right. coming up. rush on the radio. a new tribute to the conservative legend. >> folks, happy to have you here. it's rock solid long time producer, bo snerdley will join
4:37 am
us live. most afghan evacuees were not vetted before entering the united states. michael waltz on the dangerous this poses to the homeland coming up next. ♪ indshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ most bladder leak pads were similar. until always discreet invented a pad that protects differently. with two rapiddry layers. for strong protection, that's always discreet. question your protection. try always discreet. this holiday season, give your family the gift that keeps on... going? our very own energizer bunny! energizer ultimate lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery.
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walmart's deals for days isn't over yet. this cyber monday is your last chance to score big online starting sunday night. don't miss out on walmart's deals for days. ♪ ♪ rachel: report from senate republicans despite president biden's claims that afghan refugees would be fully vetted before arriving to the u.s., almost none of the 82,000 people air lifted from kabul in august were properly vetted. here to react is florida congressman michael waltz. i think we lost the congressman. i apologize. we just lost him. until we get him and let you know, 82,000 not properly vetted. 75% of them not americans or visa holders. and 40% of the only 40% of the
4:42 am
82,000 are allies eligible for visas. obviously, very outrageous. we'll come back and get the congressman on in just a second. we're going to head -- i'm thinking that i'm hearing that we might still get him. so, again, we're going to talk about this memo sent out by the g.o.p. that 82,000 afghanis who came to our country who we were told were going to be vetted were not vetted. and the reaction of so many congressman, republican congressman to this broken promise by the biden administration and what it means for our national security. i'm trying to see if we are going to get him back here. okay, adam, why don't we go to some weather? adam: you have got it, rachel. i will help you kill a little bit of time.
4:43 am
we are getting a little bit of drizzle out here on fox square. we have seen quite a bit of that up and down the east coast. temperatures not too bad. mid 40's in new york city. fall farther off toward the west. 19 degrees in chicago that is a true costled. it is going to fill chilly and windy across the great lakes and in the midwest. that frontal boundary causing that rain. if i zoom in on it a little bit. it's a lot cooler on the back side. i showed you some of those temperatures. that is snow falling across michigan, ohio, getting into pennsylvania. some of the higher educations in new york. snow is going to be a problem, kind of, across interior new england in the next couple of days, whoer this your snowfall fort taking you into monday. a couple of rounds of snow, particularly at those higher elevations. we could be seeing fairly widespread 4 to 8 inches of snow as you get really far north into interior new england and then, of course, right along the lake in upstate new york. your temperatures otherwise across the country. despite it being chilly around the great lakes. still piling up to warm air.
4:44 am
66 degrees in denver. but there is still a couple of spots where it's feeling little less kin wintry, rachel tossing it back into you. >> thank you welcome, sorry about the tech problems there. so glad to have you. such a serious topic. 82,000 of these afghanis who came over were not properly vetted outrage number? >> just adds to the total debacle that was biden evacuation. entire world saw it was a complete panic. and on the one hand biden wants to say that this was a total success because they got 130,000 people out. but it was the wrong people. we still have many of our biggest allies. the command doughs.
4:45 am
rachel: looks like we lost him again. i'm so sorry, everybody. we will come back to him if we can get him again. go to some headlines with carley. >> we will start with 52 are now dead following a method that i know explosion in a siberian coal mine emergency. officials say there is a very small chance of finding any more survivors in the mines, deadliest coal glide a mining explosion in the same $500 on cookware in a shop in paris while americans grapple with rising inflation and economic uncertainty, the high end pa regions store the v.p. spent around $375 on a serving dish she bought several other items as well. including $160 trying pan.
4:46 am
>> we have expensive trying pan there this as the cost of the average american thanksgiving dinner for a family of 10 increased over 14% from last year's average. well, good girl, this scottish deer hound name clair wins best in show during the national dog show, the victory marks the first time a dog has won back to back the dog earning a $20,000 privmentz 20th anniversary of the show airing meeting after the macy's thanksgiving day parade. congratulations to claire. those are your headlines, over to you. rachel: thank you, clair. i wish my skippy would earn me $20,000. carley: we love her or him. rachel: all right. well, ohio congressman jim jordan joins us live at the top of the hour. but, first, mr. science is here. got all the projects you need to keep your kids entertained and
4:47 am
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carley: standing his ground alma mater labeled him a big go. happened during a surprise visit at d.c. high school. politico reported the comedian responded my friend with all due respect i don't believe you could make one of the decisions, rather, i have to make on a given day. parents also complained about his language, to which chapelle spokesperson brushed it off in a statement to fox news saying, quote: dave is putting the school on the map. okay. lawrence, very exciting segment for you. lawrence: and that's why chapelle is the goat, carley. thank you so much. carley: see you. lawrence: if you are looking to keep your kids entertained and away from the phone this holiday season, listen up. rachel: that's right jason
4:52 am
lindsey is aka mr. science and author of "big science experiments for little kids" he joins us now with fun experiments that can be done right at home. not a lot of mess or work? >> don't say that first part. lafayette. >> there is one that is a little messy. rachel: all right. >> remind kids don't eat or drink science experiment and have an adult around for safety experiment. lawrence: christmas tree. >> should not do at home. secret ingredient. you may remember this. rachel: i do remember those. >> little christmas bulbs. i removed all of those. rachel: nothing electrical in there. >> create a chemical reaction that will create a lot of foam this foam as you can see will turn you yellow. i need to you scoot back. rachel: okay. all right. >> i want to make sure you are safe. i want to pour this in here. put this on top. you will notice. rachel: oh that's so awesome. lawrence: what's that gas right
4:53 am
there. >> a lot of heat coming up. put your hand above it but do not touch the foam. thermic reaction. rachel: i'm smelling ammonia. [laughter] >> not ammonia but the two ingredients without giving away we don't want kids doing this chemical reaction and basically rusting or oxidizing that's why we get the yellow color. rachel: pretty cool. >> next one the santa drop. >> patients shouldn't mind if you grab ornament off the tree. toilet paper tube and glass of regular water. here's the question for you. how far do i get the santa into the glass of water without touching the santa? >> without touching. >> so you can't touch -- can you hold this. >> that might be a good way. and then flip. >> you could. >> it's going to be something how about we apply a force.
4:54 am
i will let you do it. lawrence: let's do it. >> hit the side like that. once you feel your hand hit the side, you are going to stop. and then that should knock the plate and the toilet paper tube that direction. santa revista the change. rachel: gravity thing. >> don't push me in the face. 3, 21, okay. 3, 2, 1, go. >> you are good. okay. >> i got to do it hard. >> do it hard but don't hit me when you hit it, 3, 2, 1. >> oh,. >> that was awesome. that's science, that's science. >> meteorologist, also. i knew he smelled like a meteorologist. >> he did. >> isopropyl alcohol. stopper to the end. pump a lot of air.
4:55 am
which one has the biggest muscles. let me squeeze in between. lawrence: adam i think you got it. >> pump that a whole bunch. i need one more helper. adam: can i give away secrets in we are heating up the air. lawrence: increasing the air pressure. rachel: do you do this in meteorology school. >> not in the class work. >> how many am i supposed to do? >> i think you are enough. >> ice on the bottom. 3, 2, 1. >> we just created a cloud. increased the air pressure on the inside. when we release the stopper, the air pressure increased pulls and condense and stuck together and we got our cloud. rachel: awesome. >> eyes on the bottom, high pressure. rachel: it went away, wow. >> sunshine. and then let's do a low pressure 3, 2, 1. low pressure system. >> hurricane. rachel: run out of time we did that twice we don't have time for the last experiment, such a bummer, we will do that in the
4:56 am
break. we will get to see. rachel: thank you, jason. appreciate it awesome stuff. all right, a huge final hour of "fox & friends." stay with us. ♪ ♪ ..
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5:00 am
>> welcome back this friday morning. i went and got italian. i am feeling pretty good today. >> i can barely -- that was like you. i had a big cake and barely stirred any of it. rachel: i ate a lot as well but my favorite part about thanksgiving is the leftovers, we are going to talk about what to do with those leftovers but
5:01 am
to share some of your pictures from thanksgiving, and we appreciate that. >> this is michelle from new jersey. lawrence: 3 generations together to share in virginia. rachel: steve is getting all the kids and dogs together for the perfect family photo. lawrence: always great to spend time with family. our extended "fox and friends" family out there, let's bring in ohio congressman jim jordan of the house judiciary committee and house oversight reform committee and author of the new book do what you said you would do, fighting for freedom in the swamp and you have been doing that so thanks for joining us. let's talk about the president of the united states.
5:02 am
he was on nbc and had a surprise phone call and he says america is back but americans at home don't feel that way. what say you? >> one policy that has done any good for the country, the biggest thing is inflation. you want to buy home it will cost more, rent an apartment it will cost more complicated your card costs more and thanksgiving turkey and christmas presents all cost more. we are at a 31 year high in inflation. they can say what they want but the american people understand it for what it is. four weeks ago president biden said if you pass this boat -- build back better plan it will help inflation. there is not a thing -- on the planet who believes that. their policies have been bad across the board seems to me it is intentional because they keep
5:03 am
making things worse whether it is the border or inflation, you name it, that is the situation. the american people understand that. rachel: at least with energy costs i do think it is intentional. >> 3 weeks ago in committee, we had ceos of oil and gas companies, saying will you pledge today, will you promise to decrease production, the same time you're trying to get american companies to decrease production you have the president begging opec to increase production. i asked what do you want? $8 gasoline? the truth is they do. they are this committed to the green new deal policies. they want to harm american families. you wouldn't think they would want to do things like that but they do. the border has to be intentional. 1.7 million illegal crossings, what they are doing to the price of goods and services have to be
5:04 am
intentional and make it worse by putting tax increases if they pass this plan putting tax increases on the people trying to help their family the last several months. lawrence: donald trump alluding to may be running in 2024. we have the midterms coming up and the tea leaves say a good place to take back the house. democrats in the house a rubberstamp for these big spending bills, what is going to be top of the list when president biden is still in office but you take the house and have a chance? >> do an investigation. the fact the justice department of the united states is treating parents as the mystic terrace, the fbi counterterrorism division sending a deal to fbi agents across the country, we've got to get to the bottom of that and stop that. they do that to moms going to
5:05 am
school board meetings defending their kids thank they don't want this hate america curriculum talked to their children, thousands of americans - all kinds of things to get to the bottom of. i think we will take back the house and we do this investigation and i do think donald trump is going to run again. i bet the farm he is going to do it and i think he's going to win. no one did more of what he said he would do than donald trump. lawrence: let's talk about the agenda. the senate would deliver the build back better bill, republican voted for the bill making its way to the senate based on the procedures, then it
5:06 am
has to make its way back to the house for another vote. and doing infrastructure. >> >> voting for this reservation -- legislation. senator cinema and senator manchen, it exacerbates the inflation problem, a crazy economic plan has been lockdown the economy, pay people not to work and anyone who has been working get ready to raise taxes. let's hope it doesn't pass but make matters worse, 71% think that is on the wrong track. don't know if i've seen wrong track, what are 29%, let's hope
5:07 am
it doesn't pass. rachel: interesting to that, they are the only thing standing between a bill on the track to socialism pretty fast. you alluded to the out of control things intentionally being done by this administration, groups of migrants using trains under border barriers to sneak into the us as the biden administration says, they turn away of asylum-seekers at the border, what do you say about that? is this about, our viewers might know is this about elections, flooding people into the country, is that what this is about? >> who knows if they will start
5:08 am
turning people back, haven't done for the first 10 months of this administration was we had a record number of illegal migrants come across the border so this illustrates walls work, walls direct people to a certain area to cross the right way to find out who is legal and who is not. president biden says he will re-implement the policy. i have yet to see that. we had month after month, march was the highest month on record for illegal crossings on april and june was the highest since july with 212,000 and it dropped a little bit but not much. this administration made a mess of the border, we are from secure border secure chaos and the only interpretation is it is intentional. we will see if they make things better but they haven't.
5:09 am
lawrence: what can a republican congress after 2020 to do, this is one crisis of many. what else can a republican congress do to relieve the pressure at the border with the economy? >> when you get to the spending bills we have to focus on one or 2 key issues and safe we are going to negotiate and work on funding the government and spending things we have to get some basic policies down like control of the border or in light of what they've done to parents to make that agency political which is not how it works in our great country. pick one or 2 things, take that debate to the american people. >> don't care about the origins of covid, that is something on a lot of people minds. >>
5:10 am
>> a lot of democrats on those border areas on city council, at the texas house lip to the republican party. of you had a conversation with your colleague on switching parties? this is not a democrat or republican issue. or for the country or not, for the american people and a lot of people in democrat areas say what is happening to our towns, democrats want open borders, with the republican party. >> i talked to henry. he's a good man and i asked him when are you going to switch? he hasn't done that, maybe he will. lawrence: what do you think the holdup is? he is already the most conservative democrat. rachel: he is pro-life. >> i don't know. what is happening on the
5:11 am
southern border, so many people switching and becoming republicans, they actually worked. i think we will be in control. we will keep working hard and taking message to the american people but i think republicans will be controlled of the house and senate after the midterm elections and as i said before i think donald trump is running and i want him to. rachel: his thanksgiving message alludes to that. lawrence: thanks for being with us. rachel: carly has some headlines for us. carley: crime is on the line, philadelphia is reporting its 500 homicides this week. the democrat led city matching the record for the deadliest year in the city's history which was 1990, a 55-year-old woman
5:12 am
shot and killed in south philadelphia, the government chased the woman down the street before shooting her. police read -- his husband has not been arrested. this is the city is facing a police staffing shortage after the mayor defunded the police over $14 million. the mother of lael brainard is opening up about the men convicted of murdering her son, hoping the verdict sent a message of accountability adding her son's legacy is already bringing change to the world. >> hunted down like an animal and the last word is delivered to him. >> three men will be sentenced at a later date and facing a trial in february for federal hate crimes. air travel with 2.3 million people taking to the size ahead
5:13 am
of thanksgiving according to the tsa who say was the busiest day since march of 2020 more than double the number of tradings done the same day last year and makes up 88% of the numbers seen in 2019 before the pandemic. the second day tsa screens 2 million air travelers. a man learns his wife is pregnant during an orlando magic basketball game. james bailey and his wife taylor featured on the kiss cam, looked up to see the message that reads congratulations, you are going to be a dad on the screen when his wife when she was pregnant only a few days before making the announcement a huge surprise, succeeding on that front. congratulations. that is really awesome. i wonder what their agenda will be like. lawrence: you got to toss it.
5:14 am
carley: a school silence as an administrator for silencing critical race theory. >> so throw them places backlash after some call his comments on crime frivolous. reacting ahead of the new tribute to the conservative radio legend. >> we don't take time to consciously think of our lives because we are too busy living them.
5:15 am
♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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rachel: crime in california cities surging as a wave of race robberies resulting damage and hundreds of thousands in stolen goods. one celebrity brushing off the rampant crime in los angeles. suffragan responded to reports of the car robbery by tweeting is called living in a big city. in one armed robbery in oakland, california, a security guard was shot. where is the concern for public safety? joining me to react is the author of brush on the radio and attribute to his sidekick for many years james golden known to everybody as though. we had a wonderful thanksgiving. let's get into this. this is amazing out of seth rogen, he tells everyone get over it and a follow up tweet set my car has been broken into 15 times. just what it is like here. >> it is astounding and the brazen nature ever since the
5:20 am
district attorneys in san francisco and other locations not just in california decided that stealing upwards of $900, $9,000 in some cases worth of goods is not a problem. ultimately the other day a gang of robbers stole $1 million worth of goods. i question whether they were getting ready for the summer riot season is whether these were just the trial runs. that is what we saw took place last year, looting, arson and robbery with no check by law enforcement because democrats were running the city student wanted to happen. these happen all over the country now. gangs of marauders going in, wiping out establishment and hitting big box stores and
5:21 am
upscale stores and all of this is due to so-called reforms instituted by liberal district attorneys at the urging of progressives and this is what we did. crime spiraling out of control and celebrities so disconnected from life that they brushed it off as not a big deal. carley: rachel: i was always a fan of the show. i can't believe rush limbaugh is on, i wake up and go is he really gone. it just seems like it couldn't have happened but it did and no one was closer to him than you and i to to know more about this tribute you have for him. i will play a little bit and have you tell us. >> we are joined by the king of radio, rush limbaugh. >> good to see you. >> how is everybody?
5:22 am
great to be with you guys. it is really an honor. happy to have you here. when i have an opinion on something it is rocksolid and i firmly believe that. >> the betsy ross t-shirt flying off the shelf, we will announce the donation to tunnel of towers is up to $3 million and counting. life is the most precious thing we have and it is probably the thing most people take for granted. we are busy, we don't take time to consciously think of our lives because we are too busy living them. carley: rush was a big part of your life but also part of our "fox and friends" family. tell us what you have done to pay tribute to your good friend. >> hopefully what this is for readers is a look at the inside of what it was like looking at this incredible man. a second generation founding father who helped change the
5:23 am
trajectory of this country for the better and we have younger generations of conservatives. in some cases families with 3 or 4 generations of people who listened to rush and young conservatives ready to move into positions of leadership. he is missed every single day in this country but his legacy, the generosity, his personal generosity is astounding, if you look at the encounter with donald for towers to help the families of fallen first responders. when you lose your parents or someone close to you in the line of service you don't care about the politics but where you are going to live and they went above board to raise money for first responders with the help of tunnels for towers.
5:24 am
look at millions of rush race for leukemia research, we are talking almost a 30 year period millions of dollars. leukemia doesn't care who it strikes, doesn't care about your political affiliation. rush limbaugh has done more with his generosity to help millions of americans in this country. his generosity is unprecedented, never wanted anybody to know. his political acumen second to none. his skills as a broadcaster second to none. changed the flow and the arab and flow of american radio but opened the door for conservatives and impacted cable news. an incredible man. >> he truly was and the memory of an elephant. all the seattles we forgot about were the media tried to cover up on the tip of his tongue he would bring it back and tied together, the greatest storyteller, truly amazing and
5:25 am
an amazing philanthropist as well. great to have you here and we are looking forward to reading your book. thanks so much. coming up, the biggest football games of the week are on fox. jen hale has a preview and look who is here, steve doocy cooking up a great dish for your thanksgiving leftovers.
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
rachel: black friday underway and bargain shoppers are hunting for the best deals. lawrence: hillary von is live as the holiday shopping season enters full swing. >> reporter: black friday is back. a lot of people hold up in their homes. they could not go in store to shop. that's different this year. the national federations has more people on black friday are
5:30 am
shopping in the stores than sitting at home and shopping online. 108 million shoppers are expected to shop today, 64% of those in store up from 50% last year. we've seen a steady flow of shoppers, crossing items off their christmas lift since halloween, shoppers going in the store to scout the best deal comparing it to what is online. some showed up in person, they were worried they may not get it in time. just because the pandemic, facing new challenges like higher prices due to inflation and shipping from overseas. companies like best buy whose source a lot of electronics overseas worked overtime to make sure there shelves are stocked for shoppers. >> just to be out, i know the issue with the supply chain is a big issue. we'll have a lot of demand and supply but the shipping takes some time.
5:31 am
>> how is it? >> got what i did. >> things are back to normal. >> the best buy ceo report seeing an uptick in organized retail theft and crime, shoppers this holiday season. >> fox has you covered with the games, the matchup as jen hale, thanks for being with me. we have tampa bay buccaneers at 1:00 pm eastern on fox. i will go with tom brady. the last three games, where is
5:32 am
this going? >> it has been hot lately, 3 game win streak, but here's some fun trivia. won so many super bowls, you know which team he made his debut against, the indianapolis colts. 15-four. tom brady in the tampa bay bucs. lawrence: next is the carolina panthers and miami dolphins. i think they are going to win it. we already know the dolphins are on a 3 game win streak. >> reporter: you did your homework, these two teams have been really good as of late.
5:33 am
they turned the corner and that makes this one fun. they seem to have found a groove that works for them. cam newton breathing new life into an old franchise. he and kristin mccaffrey are in lockstep. i am excited for him, happy for him. kristin mccaffrey send all sorts of records everywhere he looked. the 1-2 punch of those will be too much for the dolphins defense to handle. i will go with the panthers. lawrence: the los angeles rams and green bay packers, you know, you got aaron rodgers, i will go with the rams on this. >> reporter: that is interesting.
5:34 am
the best wide receiver in the league versus the best corner in the league. that is the matchup to watch, circles that one if you ever that, they know each other very well. a bye week, you are right that they are rested up for the trip up north and i will go with aaron rodgers and the packers. will: let's double it, get it for the whole weekend you can give it to me for one day. >> deal. thanks so much. thanks for having me. >> you can download the fox that super 6 apps and enter for a chance to win. we thank you. still ahead, school administrator calls out schools
5:35 am
for teaching kids critical race theory and the school districts cutting him off.
5:36 am
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
lawrence: the public school administrative band property after he exposed critical race theory curriculums. >> my phone started blowing up, i couldn't log into anything that would let me do my job. i haven't received any calls from hr but they said if i kept acting as a whistleblower they would have to part ways because of political anxiety. lawrence: the consequences he faced for telling the truth about crt. rachel: victor davis hanson
5:40 am
joins us to react. i don't know what is worse, the kind of crt he is exposing embedded into every bit of the curriculum or the fact that the school is treating him like a criminal for telling the truth. >> reporter: if critical race theory has nothing to do with racism, what they call reverse racism, be transparent, here is some material, here's what we teach, we want the public to see what a great job we are doing is want to be on the media and you decide but they can't defend it so they project, you are the racist for exposing them and try to ostracize him like a premodern society that scapegoat somebody so they are using every ancient tactic to stop the truth because he is telling the truth and everybody knows what is going on but also saw what happened in virginia and know about attorney general merrick
5:41 am
garland and all about the fbi and think this could escalate into i to get involved here? i will keep quiet and watch him be scapegoated and ostracized because i don't want that to happen to me. they use intimidation and fear because they are afraid of transparency and the truth. lawrence: what is concerning to me you have crt being taught, that is one issue but they didn't give this man any due process. they just shut them out of his school, he wasn't able to be on campus and took away his credentials but as far as we know, he hasn't been fired so that's the new way of doing things? you can't even plead your case. >> if you are disinterested and look at k-12 administration and go to university where i look or
5:42 am
any university and ask yourself, does the first amendment exists? do the fourth and fifth amendment exists? the answer is no. because they have no confidence in what they are doing. they know what they are doing and feel they are justified, equality or equity justifies any means to get there. and it is a small group of people doing this but they so intimidated the majority they have to single out people and destroy them and send the message this is what is going to happen to you so don't get involved. we will take care of this ostracized troublemaker. if you join him you will end up just like him. lawrence: we've been concerned about the monolithic god of pure liberalism and progressive thought in academia and universities and secondary education. now we are worried about it at the kindergarten level, the
5:43 am
grade school level. how do we come back to that and accept diversity of font, that is the education system in general? is there a change that has to happen? >> both. we have to capture an accurate vocabulary. everybody says it is critical race. it is racism. we have to say you people are racists. race is essential to your persona. it is incidental to hours. we are integration and assimilation, you people are not. your racial shamans. we had to get the vocabulary back as people have to sue. if he is denied his constitutional rights make it expensive but also we has to be the majority of people. we saw the election in virginia and i think the midterms, 1938, 1994, 2010 rebuke in the midterms like we've seen in the past, 50 to 70 seats this will
5:44 am
fade because the democratic party will say stop it because you are going to lose me my job and that will happen but we have to speak out until the midterms. lawrence: only a few more seconds. talk about how dangerous this is for the country. we just saw basing people on race was used in a criminal trial, suggesting what the media pumped out, for prosecution use it as the basis for, the complaint got shut down time after time. >> people have to realize this is a rare experiment. we are multiracial democracy. brazil tried and india and it hasn't worked very well. we are the exception across time and space. most countries the tried to be multiracial consensual society haven't succeeded. we have and it is because we
5:45 am
work at it constantly to downplay race and play people as humans and members of the tribe second that when you start to unwind this you know what happens in yugoslavia, rwanda or iraq, everybody will go tribal like nuclear proliferation. if one person says i belong to this tribe first in the nation second the other tribe will say i better do the same to protect you and it is a dangerous identification to identify by your superficial appearance but we have very sophisticated people who for political reasons are urging us to go free civilization. don't know why they are doing it but it is dangerous. rachel: i agree and the future of the country will depend on whether people are willing to stand up and fight against this.
5:46 am
always great to have you on the show. we reached out to the public school district for comment and didn't hear back. we will check in with our meteorologist adam klotz for the fox weather forecast. >> chilly day across the country, some black friday shopping. on the east coast more mild temperatures. we are sitting on a frontal boundary, that's where you see the frame. this rain pushing offshore, but on the backside of the system it is much cooler and with that cold air the rain has turned into snow in michigan and ohio, pennsylvania and new york as well. otherwise dry across the country. tossing it back to you. lawrence: steve doocy has a great way to make the most of it.
5:47 am
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5:51 am
steve doocy has suggestions. rachel: i call it mom's day off. >> everybody's house is like this. everyone have leftovers. the biggest leftovers day of the year. would do you do with the leftover turkey. you will make this. this is the leftover, what it is is you take two pie crusts. roll them out. then you put turkey on the bottom, two cuts, mashed potatoes on the top and you roll up the crust. there is a video if you look at
5:52 am
steve doocy, - then pacing right there. >> thinking about it a whole year. of thanksgiving pizza. >> it as a whole chapter. really good. >> lawrence is looking at it. >> you made all the stuff. >> everybody is got this stuff just put it together. everybody has leftover pumpkin pie. in a blender, we have two scoops of ice cream. but then that piece of pumpkin
5:53 am
pie, just regular quarter cup of regular milk and because it is a holiday that is bourbon. rachel: you could do without the bourbon for the kids. >> so then open. >> okay, crush it and break it up a little bit. >> some finished versions over there. >> there we go right there. rachel: do your thing. >> now we are moving.
5:54 am
okay. to drink directly. lawrence: that is really good. >> that is amazing. this is really good. lawrence: his prime rib recipe. >> prime rib is really expensive. >> want to make sure it is a good recipe. and his wife melanie as well. we serve that, this is a hash brown casserole. and finally right back here, prime rib and potatoes and there's a whole chapter on holidays, this is martha maccallum's bourbon pumpkin cheesesteak which is off the charts. today is the biggest leftovers
5:55 am
and the biggest shopping day. looking at amazon you can get same day - >> these recipes are in there. it is so simple. >> do we break into that? >> we don't have a fork actually. >> also, something down here to highlight. >> rachel, try that. this is martha maccallum's mom, so good. >> if you make any of these recipes you can use the "fox and friends" of admit. or the fox news shot.
5:56 am
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>> just in time for the holidays order rachel and sean duffy's new book "all american christmas" available at fox news number two. >> happy in a hurry cookbook for christmas. >> benjamin: the w.h.o. calling an emergency meeting in response to a new covid vair yanlt. experts dedescribe it a heavily mutated and highly contagious. i'm benjamin hall. >> julie: good morning. happy post thanksgiving. i'm julie banderas and "america's newsroom." this new strain reportedly emerged in africa being blamed for a surge of cases in south africa. the situation is sparking huge concern across europe. the u.k. even responding by banning flights


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