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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 26, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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something to pay for vet bills. be owned by royalty. they've been around for 500 years. i've been waiting all day for this story. >> julie: "the faulkner focus" is next. great being with you as well. >> mounting pressure on president biden even from those in his own party to do more to fight crippling inflation as he declares america is back. you are in "the faulkner focus". i'm molly line in for harris, the "washington post" reporting that democratic allies are pressing the white house to focus more and say more on inflation worries as americans encounter what many experts say is the most expensive thanksgiving holiday ever. and they warn inflation will last well into next year. but president biden who is
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spending his holiday weekend as a billionaire's home had this message when he dialed up nbc's al roker during the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> what is in your message this day? >> after two years we're back. america is back and nothing we're unable to overcome, al. >> republicans like jim jordan said the president couldn't be more tone deaf to what his policies are doing to americans. >> you want to buy a home or rent and apartment or put food on the table and gas in your car costs more and thanksgiving turkey and christmas presses all cost more. what they are doing to the prices of goods and services have to be intentional with their crazy spending and putting tax increases busting their butts with people trying to help their families. >> jeff van drew is with us now.
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congressman, thank you for joining me. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. wonderful to have your insight heading into the weekend, a long weekend. a lot of folks enjoying families. a lot of folks saying inflation is to blame from a lot of different directions. where do you square the blame for inflation? >> this is without question the biden tax. it is just one more tax on everybody. it is because of the terrible way he has led this country in so many ways. and congressman jordan is right. when you talk about that build back better bill which i call the big bad bill, i wish i could get a country western singer to do a song about it, when you talk about that bill and what it is going to do, 2 1/2 million for tree equity. what is that? do we need to same amount of trees, same shape, same size, number?
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i don't understand half of what's in that bill. it is a complete waste of money, almost all of it. that is the way biden ran everything. the way he dealt with covid was a way that caused shortages. he didn't work with small business people and that created inflation. there will be a day in the future where future politicians, when they really screw up, that it will be called doing a biden because really that's basically the worst administration and the worst majority in congress that we have ever had in the history of this nation. >> we're heading into a weekend that we hope we can buy something from the small businesses. "the new york times" is out with this analysis outlining biden's inflation miscalculation that is complicating his agenda. from the administration's perspective the problem is not that there is too much money sloshing around as republicans and some economists insist but the consumers are throwing an unexpectedly large amount of
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that money at a narrow set of things to buy. your thought on are consumers the blame as some are implying here? >> typical of this administration. democratic congressman and this president is always our fault. covid is our fault. the inflation is our fault. no, less than a year ago we didn't have inflation, we were number one in energy and by the way when you just increase energy costs alone more than 30% what do you think is going to happen? his policy on energy alone causes this inflation. i think it's shameful. the regular individual is just working and breaking their back. >> there are some media outfits that turned inflation into a positive or blaming con sierm. you see some of the headlines here. members of congress getting in on this. elizabeth warren getting torched for this tweet.
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wondering why your thanksgiving grocery costs more this year? greedy corporations are charging americans extra just to keep their stock prices high. users digging in on this one saying oh, yes, not all caused by you and your buddies spending trillions and causing mass inflation passed to con sierms. -- consumers. in a world of bad takes this one is uniquely horrid. to be fair warren, this is really sort of her standard thing. she is big on criticizing corporate america and big corporations. your thoughts on the pushback there. >> that's nonsense, it is stupid. we know the reasons. we know again the trillions upon trillions of dollars being spent some of it needed in the beginning when we did it in a bipartisan way. i go back to the big bad bill. build back, whatever you want to call it is a terrible bill that has literally going to
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hire 80 some thousand irs agents for millions of dollars. can you imagine that? that will cause inflation itself. things cost more because the people who produce these are paying more because we're on our knees in front of china. we aren't manufacturing and making our own. we don't have a good supply thain. everything that needs to be done and the administration should be on top of we're failing at. that's the reason we have the biden tax otherwise known as inflation. >> americans certainly paying attention. been in all the headlines. a lot of consumers across america are thinking about will they get what they want this holiday season? people are paying ttion. and an election. talking about the mid-terms coming into the new year. eddie johnson of texas recently became the 16th house democrat to announce that she will not be seeking another term. she has been serving for a long time.
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iconic trail blazing figure texas and a lot of party infight and it contributed to her decision. 85 years old telling local media the decision was not easy and some members asked her to reconsider. >> you begin to question the why when you get to a point in our party is not as together as you would like it to be, like you have experienced. >> she is not alone. other democrats choosing no t to run, too, as we head getting closer and closer to mid-terms. you would have thought on what that says about the democratic party now and what it could mean as some republicans predicting a red wave. >> i believe there is going to be a red wave. i don't know anybody republican, democrat, independent who could possibly vote for more of this. it is destroying our country, number one. number two, of course democrats are leaving because even if they are progressive democrats
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or come from very blue districts, they know they still have to explain it. let's understand we are talking about inflation, we're talking about high gas prices, taurking about limited supply chain. that affects districts of every party and every socio-economic breakdown. whether you are wealthy, middle class or poor you are paying more and it really affects people who are not as -- that are poor in plain english. so how do you go to those people and say i'm really doing a good job for you, even though you can't afford costs as it is. now everything is even more expensive. that doesn't even sell to poor people. i don't think they want to make that explanation or have to explain why the president is screwing everything up. i don't think they do want to have to explain why less than a year ago everything is fine and everything is in complete disarray now. i don't care what party you are, you may try to say it's good if you are a democrat.
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down deep inside you know it's not. >> as we head and shift away from the economy. we have had the fascinating election season and everyone trying to read the tea leaves. there is some argument that democrats aren't listening to suburban voters and independent voters that are what sways an election in some of these critical swing states. not that you want to give advice to the other side of the aisle but how do you find a place where people that are running for office listen to those voters that they are trying to get to vote for them? >> let's be clear and i think some congress people forget that. we work for the people. the people don't work for us, number one. number two, even in congresswoman jonathan's case. she is retiring but she gives her approval for jasmine crockett, who is one of the people in texas in the state legislature that ran away when they had a difficult issue and went to another state. so even though that might be
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okay in her district, when people have other more moderate normal districts take a look at this suburban districts they'll say that's not good. i'm not going to vote democrat because we want people that are going to stay there and make sure to do the right thing and if they need to, oppose the president and make sure we get back on track. we need to get back on track. we need strong, good leaders who are willing to do that. and i think these folks are afraid. if i was to give them advice i would say try to get back to the middle. listen to the few remaining moderates that you have in your party and they are going away. make no mistake. >> we are running out of time. i appreciate you joining us on this day after thanksgiving. thanks for your insight. we appreciate it. the world health organization calling an emergency meeting today in response to a new covid variant spreading in south africa. reports say it seems to be the
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most heavily mutated so far in the outbreak. the u.k. is now banning flights from six african countries. dr. anthony fauci says u.s. authorities are monitoring the situation. >> right now we're getting the material together with our south african colleagues to get a situation where you could actually directly test it. you want to find out if it does evade the vaccine. you are prepared to do everything you need to do to protect the american public but you want to make sure there is a basis for doing that and that's what we're doing right now. >> jonathan serrie has more from atlanta. jonathan. >> researchers are just beginning to study the new variant and there are still many unknowns. but the e.u. is already advising its member nations to take action and limit travel to and from any countries where this new variant has been detected and as you pointed out britain has already imposed a temporary ban from flights from six african countries.
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international health officials are concerned the variant may be more transmissible than delta and more resistant to existing vaccines. >> it has a large number of mutations and the concern is when you have so many mutations it can have an impact on how the virus behaves. >> here in the u.s. the highly infectious delta variant is driving up infections in the midwest where colder weather is causing more meme to gather indoors. there are two medical teams in michigan to help hospitals with a surge. 44 military physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists will treat patients for 30 days. they welcome the help but more is needed. >> if we had between 200 and 300 just at deer born alone that would make us feel a lot better and probably for the entire health system, you know, 1,000 nurses would be fantastic.
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>> so you have this perfect storm in wintertime, the colder weather driving more people indoors but also the holidays causing more people to travel, causing more opportunities for this virus to spread. back to you. >> a big concern looking ahead at holidays and family gatherings. thank you so much for keeping an eye on it for us. a renewed debate over bail reform in the wake of the deadly waukesha attack. the suspect let out on just $1,000 bail days before plowing through a christmas parade. as crime surges in cities nationwide brazen and coordinated smash and grab gangs hitting stores in california. the progressives still pushing the soft on crime policies. >> we have to be smart on crime. we can't just go in and think that our liberal policies and our feel good policies and
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>> philadelphia recorded its 500th homicide this week tying the record for the most homicides in one year. one of many democrat-run cities where homicides are spiking out of control. in l.a. county they're up by 60%. portland, 44%. oakland, 22%. is it time to start refunding police? here is former d.c. homicide detective ted williams. >> the criminals are winning. they are taking over our major metropolitan cities. please, i implore these city officials to wake up, get this
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defunding the police crap off of your plate. start helping and looking and feeling that you want to help the law-abiding citizens in these communities to remain safe. >> alexandria hoff is live in washington with more on this. >> molly, it's an awkward conversation between the far left and democrats because the biden administration and federal government is already on board with increasing funding. this month the department of justice allocated $139 million to police departments across the country to assist in hiring and crime reduction. in portland, home of the anti-police sentiment in many ways, city council unanimously passed their fall budget to include a $5 million increase to the police department's budget setting a record number of homicides. responding to all that violence and crime in l.a. county, the los angeles mayor is seeking to increase the city's police budget by 3%.
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in 2021 philadelphia's police budget was slashed among the cities that diverted police funds to different initiatives aimed at reducing the need for police. but that need wasn't reduced. 500 murders for 2021 it is teetering into a homicide rate higher than any other time in history. >> there is no greater priority for our administration than to reduce violence and create safer communities and more just city for everyone. >> philadelphia's mayor blamed the republican-controlled legislature in philadelphia for the issues in his city citing the need for more restrictive gun laws and baltimore county also passed their highest murder record. >> our power panel. t.w. shannon, former co-chair of blark voices for trump and
8:22 am
laura is ceo is a democratic campaign consultant. thank you for joining me after this day after the thanksgiving. wonderful to have you with us. t.w., i want to start with you. is it time to refund police as we're looking at the numbers that don't lie? many of them represent lives lost. >> absolutely. great job filling in for harris. it is time that we end this defund the police. this is a great democrat experiment in marxism has been a complete failure. not only has it wrecked countless businesses across the country but cost us a number of liefrns. -- lives. more children in chicago dying of homicide than covid because of failed policies. the only people that have benefited are the leadership of blm. black live marxist and become america's newest millionaires. the good news is this has done something that no one counted on and united the country. because of the biden crime crisis over 80% of americans
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are against defunding the police and frankly 75% of african-americans are against it. it is we refund the police and get back to the america first agenda and law and order. >> some of the challenge might be coming from the far left of the democratic party. do the democrats need to get together and change policies and walk back some of the defund efforts put forward in recent years? >> i have think what we have to do as americans is address crime not as a partisan issue. the mayor of omaha, nebraska, a republican saw violent crime go up in her city as well. this isn't a partisan issue, the chaos of the pandemic and by waving partisan flags and pretending that it is, it doesn't do justice to anyone. it doesn't lower the crime rai. it doesn't help with the pandemic chaos. >> here is what is hard to argue. we're seeing some of the violence.
8:24 am
>> i can't allow you to blame this crime epidemic. >> i will continue to make my point. >> no, you are not going to be allowed to sit here on national tv and blame the crime wave on covid. it's disgusting and you should -- >> i want to get to some of this video out of california. a remarkable video out of california. california smash and grab gangs striking again this time stealing an estimated $25,000 in high-end goods from a nordstrom in los angeles and other thieves taking more than $20,000 of merchandise from an apple store happening in broad daylight. you can have a discussion how challenging it is to address 500 something homicides in one city. and here you are seeing the huge massive theft before the holiday season. t.w., what do you do to crack down on this? >> you have to return to the
8:25 am
donald trump agenda of law and order. you have to fund police. you have to stop this nonsense that is promoted by the left. laura was being disingenuous blaming the crime wave on covid. tell me why the people who died in chicago as opposed. how come more kids have died of crime and homicide in chicago than have died of covid if it's related to covid? why is that? >> do you understand that how chaos works? it makes it harder to police. makes it harder to prosecute and do all of those things. we actually saw non-violent crime go down. the pandemic is having a tremendous impact that is unpredictable and something that we have to address. but politicizing it and waving the flag of donald trump doesn't save lives. it divides americans and keeps us from the focus which should be keeping our communities safe. we want to look and draw a straight line between policy and murss you can't do that. crime is more complex.
8:26 am
you have to take a broad view and not look just at the funding of the police but look at what is catalyzing these crimes and what can we do to prevent it over the long term? we have 5% of the world's population and 20% of its prisoners. mass incarceration hasn't worked and why before the pandemic senators would get together. >> something else that will be a big discussion when it hits the mid-terms, bail reform and something that is highlighted and it can lead to horrible outcomes. the waukesha attack. he was out on $1,000 bail plowing through a crowd with a long criminal history. it is a rare moment when the consequences of extreme ideology are brutally exposed to a nation. democrats can see it hard to
8:27 am
overcome. the horrific crime stemming from policy failures. that's their argument. your thoughts >> that's their argument but it flies in the face of the facts. i will agree that this was a tragic error on the behalf of the prosecution. overwhelmed courts and a police surveillance company that failed to monitor this man. so this was a tragedy born not of a policy mistake and human error and error on the part of the companies we've hired to protect to keep us safe. new want to look at bail reform you don't want to keep kids in jail at ryker's like one kid was for stealing a backpack. you have to look at the issues holistically. >> when you talk about bail reform you talk about those sorts of issues. t.w., last word. >> kyle rittenhouse was in jail for almost 100 days.
8:28 am
we need a national discussion on bail reform so that criminals like what happened in waukesha that never happens again. we need to lock up criminals and stop this pretend utopia the left is promulgating that somehow we needless police. we need more police, bail reform and lock up the real criminals. why are democrats promoting and continuing to push for policies that actually make us less safe, less prosperous and less free? >> thank you very much both for joining me here this friday after thanksgiving. we appreciate it. the biden administration taking steps to lower gas prices as we kick off the busiest part of the year for travel. will the plan work? critics say no plus pressure mounting on the president to do more to secure our southern border. now the white house may bring back a trump-era policy next week to do that. fox nation host lara logan joins us on that next.
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>> the biden administration has a court order to do the trump era remain in mexico policy. former white house chief of staff karl rove says the administration needs to be monitored to make sure they actually enforce the rule. >> there is a serious threat on the border. you have to do something. so they've spent since august trying to find a way around this. i think they finally concluded that the judge was adamant about it and they better reinstitute it. we better watch carefully to watch if they're doing it or undermining it in some way, shape or form. >> casey stiegel is live in dallas with more on the latest with all of this. very familiar with what's going on at the border. >> the plan by the way and its logistics not formally announced. that is expected officially to happen sometime next week is
8:35 am
what we're hearing. first a little bit of the back story. you might recall this was one of the policies that president biden first suspended hours after he took the oath of office last january. over the summer it was officially term naifted until a court stepped in. however, this with year's record surge of migrants crossing the southern border illegally into the united states seeking asylum not to mention in the middle of a global health pandemic officials on the ground say the whole system has been overwhelmed and on the verge of collapse for nine plus months now. some republicans continue blaming their counterparts for not fixing this. >> march was the highest month on record until april. then april was highest and may and jun. it has dropped a little bit but not much. this administration has made a mess of the border. we went from a secure border to complete chaos. >> the plan is to reportedly
8:36 am
reinstate former president donald trump's controversial policy which requires migrants to wait outside of the united states while their asylum claims are pursued. the only difference now is under president biden's deal, the migrant would be offered a covid vaccine prior to being released from u.s. custody. how all of that will play out remains unclear. however, there have been some reports that it would be a slow roll-out. three cities would go first likely brownsville and el paso, texas, then san diego, california before additional border patrol sectors are eventually folded in. to be continued on this, molly. >> absolutely. fascinating to see how it plays out and how it ends up being implemented. thank you very much. for more on this let's bring in fox nation host lara logan. thank you for joining us this day after thanksgiving. wonderful to have your insight today. here we are this word the
8:37 am
remain in mexico policy started under the trump administration may be instituted by the biden administration. your thoughts on that now. >> well, you are exactly right in saying it remains to be seen how this is going to be implemented because what i'm hearing from law enforcement sources there is talk these camps won't be on the mexican side of the border at all. the biden administration has made it very clear from the beginning that they do not support this policy and even after the court ruled that it had to be implemented they sent out internal guidance to say they don't support it. let me paint a picture for you of what happened on the southern border last night. this is coming from the people, the agents on the ground actually dealing with this, right? in four sectors in texas, which is the busiest, there were three border patrol agents on duty. what the cartel did is send across a couple family units, right, to tie up all those
8:38 am
border patrol agents and then they absolutely lit the southern border on fire with runners. there were just sensors were going berserk and we were invaded and nothing border patrol could do about it. calling on texas dps and national guard for help. the reality is that hundreds and hundreds of people just flooded across the southern border. the remain in mexico policy won't make a difference to that. we spend a lot of time talking about the caravan. oh my goodness, seems to be the only thing people care about. the agents on the ground are saying why are they making such a fuss about the caravan? don't they realize we get the same number of people in that caravan, we get that sometimes in a day across the southern border. in texas alone you can get that in two or three days or less, right? and they are dealing with this constantly. the remain in mexico policy
8:39 am
solve this problem. immigration. they will not address the cartels and everything that is driving it, the southern border is the cartels. the people with operational control of our southern border is the southern cartels. the people making the money is the cartels and pose a national security threat is the cartels. republicans and democrats have failed the american people on this issue for years. >> you have hit a lot of points that our correspondents have shown live some of the folks coming in with border patrol agents nowhere near and runners. we've seen that in our coverage if anyone has been watching. i want to shift gears a little bit. we want to highlight something. season three of your show available on fox nation. the focus 21st century terrorism revealed.
8:40 am
the latest episode titled global extremism. let's watch a clip. >> 130 people were murdered, hundreds more wounded. some of the terrorists have come from the isis caliphate where the attack was planned. others were born in france and belgium. according to this man the work of prosecutors were needed. he showed me how they pieced together the evidence. >> careful investigative work. tell us what's going on and what to expect this season. >> that particular episode is about the true face of terror inside the isis caliphate and it is fascinating. these investigators have been on the ground talking to people freed and many of whom were slaves and many children and discovered something that we really missed in the whole conversation about terrorism. islamic terrorism. that is that the caliphates and isis is all about the next generation. it is about the children. it is about the messianic
8:41 am
vision they have. it doesn't matter whether you destroy rafah and syria and take back mow zul. mose el. you may not see the caliphate but make sure you and your children never stop fighting until we've taken over the world. that's what this is really about. it is no different to the globalists and all these other people. they all want the same thing. absolute power. to have absolute power and to hold onto it you have to have absolute control. and that is what many people are seeing all around us. it is quite interesting because there is sort of an unholy alliance between many of these islamists and many of the leaders in the west. in fact, researching that i stumbled across the document from the head of al qaeda in libya in 2016 urging the islamists to make a deal with the e.u. and nato. he cites unprecedented levels of support they had from the
8:42 am
obama administration at the time. that's very curious. we've never really understood why western and american leaders are in such a rush to give the islamists their fall caliphate. the biden administration just did it in afghanistan. these are questions for people to answer. we live in a tyrannical society and we don't get to ask those questions. >> a lot of unique reporting and people can sight on fox nation. congratulations to you in another season. lara logan, thank you for joining us. the biden administration taking steps that says it will help lower gas prices. retailers big and small ditching discounts amid the supply chain crunch and runaway inflation. what it could mean for your holiday shopping plans. ♪♪♪
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♪ pretty lights on the tree ♪ ♪ i'm watching them shine ♪ watch the full story at >> some retailers ditching the discounts this holiday season to try to make up some of the profit lost in the supply chain backlog. they're hoping high demand will keep them in business. a lot of product is either stuck at sea or clogged up in the ports.
8:48 am
kelly o'grady is in commerce, california to see about the black turnout friday -- black friday turnout there on the ground. kelly, to you. >> molly, listen, the doors opened at 8:00 p.m. last night and some shoppers you see around me have been here all night long huntsing for deals. some of them aren't getting what they were expecting to see because demand is sky high. supply in short order and retail stores don't have to do the traditional sales. you have consumers clamoring for the goods. we've got a buy one get one 50% off. how could you pass up the second one. when you have do the math it's more like 25% when you buy both of them and on top of that when you dig through the chaos you see some of the big brands like nike or north face aren't part
8:49 am
of it. >> i don't want to be broke. i was trying to find the good deals. >> i'm happy to be out and spending money i probably shouldn't spend. >> not as many deals. i didn't think they would be as small as they are. >> they have my sizes. >> there has been a lot of focus on higher sales this holiday season with an 8 1/2 to 10 1/2 percent increase prices. if you need your presents by the holiday season get out there this weekend. if you can wait, a lot of those discounts might arrive you are looking for when the product gets in the harbor and finally gets in the shelves. >> appreciate it, kelly. thank you. for more on this let's bring in the president of the marks group and small business expert. mark, i'm delighted to have you here this day after
8:50 am
thanksgiving. black friday. lots of spending to come heading into christmas. what i want to talk to you about what's the small businesses that have the unique gifts. your thoughts. >> first of all i just actually piggyback on the report we just saw. adobe track e-commerce sales. they are being 2 billion out of stock messages recorded in november. 262% increase. that really impacts small businesses. tomorrow is small business saturday. it is the biggest shopping day of the year for small businesses and it is going to be absolutely critical for their success this holiday season. many of the small business owners i talk to and many of my clients are afraid they will have inventory in stock as the holiday season goes along. they are trying to pull out all steps to make small business saturday is a success. >> you wrote an op-ed, make small business saturday a test of holiday sales. what do you mean by that?
8:51 am
why is it so crucial? >> what is happening now is a lot of the retailers and merchants depend on annual profits for the holiday season. if they look ahead and seeing inventory supplies will be running out. we know supply chain issues are stepping up to make sure small business saturday is a success. let me give you advice for your viewers. if you run a small business first of all you are a merchant, go for gift cards. that has been a big increase this year. a lot of my clients are selling gift cards. at least they can get the cash up front and when they finally get their inventory in, in february or march of 20, 27 whatever, at least they have the money in advance and their customers can buy. the other one that's hot this year buy now, pay later programs. it is like layaway plans when i was a kid. they're back and when the small merchants offering this on small business saturday during the holidays it gives consumers
8:52 am
ability to pay off in installments. >> when i think about small business saturday. that's the day you hunt down the unique gifts. the gifts you can't get from any big giant retailer. the special something. >> yeah. and that is what sets apart the small businesses from the larger big box store. a lot of small businesses say the targets and wal-marts are getting the inventory ahead of us. to some extent that's true. there are so many merchants that sell specific things. it's not just products, it is services as well, right? hair salons and restaurants and custom packages. those businesses will succeed well. online is a big deal as well. not just taking advantage of all the sales of local merchants. you can make purchases at your local merchants but doing it through their platforms. you may not only get details
8:53 am
but unique gifts. >> when we talk about small businesses a lot of people don't think about amazon being a tool to find a small business. etsy more common. cyber monday can still shop the small businesses if you can. >> i know amazon gets a lot of heat how it is doing with small businesses or whatever, but the fact of the matter is there are a million small merchants that sell on their sites. half of the products are sold by small merchants. some of the store fronts might have been gone because of amazon a lot of people are creating great stuff from homes and gig workers putting stuff on amazon and selling them on their stores. it is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and consumers during the holidays. >> another quick topic. what matters most of the holidays. seeing the people you love. president biden looking to real in gas prices before the big
8:54 am
holiday travel season. he is tapping into the oil reserve. critics have been hard on him for that. jennifer granholm defending the move. >> the president does not control the price of gasoline but what we're sighing right now is this global mismatch between supply and demand. oil production is lagging behind as the rest of the economy roars back to life. after the shutdown. so we and this administration are leaving no stone unturned as we examine market to figure out what's behind the high prices. >> right now gas prices are way up $1.28 from a year ago. your thoughts as you listen the their ideas why this has occurred. >> the critics having no opinions about what the president is doing. the markets are the ones are the true indicator. when they announced they were
8:55 am
releasing 50 million barrels from the strategic reserves oil prices ticked up. 1.7 million barrels a day behind where we were before covid. >> i want to say thank you so much. i appreciate your insight. small businesses will thank you as well for your insight. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is next. er clothee gentle on your skin, try downy free & gentle. just pour into the rinse dispenser and downy will soften your clothes without dyes or perfumes. the towel washed with downy is softer, fluffier, and gentler on your skin. try downy free & gentle. recognized by the national psoriasis foundation and national eczema association. [upbeat acoustic music throughout] [upbeat acoustic music throughout]
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>> we begin with a fox news alert. the stock news markets taking a hit as a new coronavirus are rattling the markets. this could be more contagious than delta and more resistant to vaccines. so after two years of covid restrictions, the markets are alarmed. we'll have more later in the hour. as the


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