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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 26, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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i didn't think i could love martha maccallum more and then i had this cheesecake and thank you so much for sharing with us. your recipes are incredible. i think about everybody has to make it, it's amazing. happy in a hurry, happy thanksgiving. now here is america reports. to michael fox news alert as the final bell paints wall street read, marking the worst trading day in a year going back to october 2020. the sell-off a reaction investors rattled by a mutant covid strain feared more contagious than any of the world has seen so far. welcome to america reports. i'm griff jenkins and for john roberts. >> i'm alicea coming in for
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sandra smith. the heavily mutated coronavirus variant first spotted in southern africa, several european and asian countries moving fast abandon all travel from several nations in southern africa. >> griff: it seems the rapid response is still coming too late. call late. confirmation from health officials at the strait has spread beyond africa with cases down in israel. >> alicia: discussing the black market sell-off that we begin with jonathan serrie live in atlanta home base for the cdc. >> the european union is urging its countries to halt travel to and from nations where this new dangerous variant has been detected. today, britain began a temporary ban on all flights to and from half a dozen african countries and requiring british travelers returning from those countries to quarantine in hotels.
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>> the early indications we have of this variant as it may be more transmissible than the delta variant and the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective against it. >> u.s. health officials say they are working with their counterparts but a travel ban would be premature. >> uas put these things on the table but you don't say you're going to do it unless you have some scientific reason to do it. that's the reason we are rushing to get that scientific data to try to make an informed decision about something like that. >> is cold weather drives more people indoors and the highly infectious delta variant causes a surge of cases in the midwest, the federal government sending to come military medical teams to michigan to support overwhelmed hospitals. nurses, physicians, and respiratory therapists will arrive next week to treat patients for 30 days.
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hospital officials say they welcome the help but they still need much more. back to you. >> alicia: jonathan serrie in atlanta. the dow dropping more than 900 points due to variant concerns and big sell-offs in oil and travel stocks but let's bring in fox business host david as men, thank you so much for being here, good to see you. americans just came off an incredibly expensive thanksgiving. they wake up to this sell-off and this very frightening news about this variant. what do you say to americans out there what they should make of all of this? >> two words, don't panic. do not panic, three words. don't panic is the bottom line because the market was caught flat-footed by the delta variant. when that first came out, people didn't realize how avirulent it was, how continuous it was and of course made its way all around the world and turned out to be resistant to a lot of attempts to wipe it out and of
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course 2021, we've had more deaths in the united states primarily because of the delta variant than we did in all of 2020 so they don't want to get flat-footed again with this variant. it is much too early to assume that it's going to do as much harm around the world as the delta variant did. there is no indication that it will as of now and there's also no indication as to whether or not vaccines would be somehow immune to killing off the virus not to mention all the therapeutics we have and he mentioned some of the stocks that are down, the stay-at-home stocks, the travel stocks like cruise lines but there were other stocks that are up like pfizer for example in delta and moderna is up, pfizer has this pill that you can take if you get sick, they also of course have some vaccines. so if it continues much longer,
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i would be concerned, this is also half a day of trading on wall street today and if few big traders can make a big difference in how the market works so i would definitely not panic and hold off selling until we see what happens next week. >> is is the works of mike worst black friday trading day we've seen in a long time? >> the fact is that in 2018 when donald trump was president, we had a period between things giving and christmas that was a horrible period and as we know what happened after 2019 and well into that year up until the pandemic kicked in in early 2020, we had a great market so you can have a bad period all the way from thanksgiving to christmas and still have a good period afterwards if things are accommodated so once again, don't panic, definitely don't sell-off, wait until you see what happens next week and even
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then, the market was so high that it might be a lot of people just taking their profit off the top. >> so don't panic, that's good news. people still have to fill up their gas tanks and that is still not great news so let's take a look at some historical numbers when it comes to gas prices because gas price averages we can look at the price today price today averaging $3.40 a year ago it was $2.12 and in 2013, it was $3.29, so here we are much higher and also, we are also getting news from "the wall street journal" that saudi arabia and russia which had plans to ramp up production now considering putting a pause on those plans because the national oil reserves being tapped by the united states and other countries. what will this do to the oil market, do you think? >> the bottom line is when we were energy independent, we were the ones who are setting the world price essentially. there were a lot of complicating
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factors and the united states, most powerful nation on earth is energy independent, we are not at the mercy of what happens with opec and russia and more and more becoming now had the sell-off and reserve account and only for two and a half days worth of domestic consumption of oil. that's just a drop in the desert so to speak but the bottom line is, that is a long-term problem and we are going to have to think of how we deal with that. it was so avoidable, the fact that we have become energy independent, the fact that we produce oil more cleanly, more carefully than the russians or anybody in opec does and president biden is putting the kibosh and asking russians and opec to produce more because of some ecological concern?
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no. you want to have a cleaner environment, then produce more natural gas and oil here because we do it more cleanly. by the way, we should mention we are using 24% of all of our energy needs from coal up because that was 20% a year ago so the bottom line is there've been a lot of attacks on natural gas in the united states, the air could actually become dirtier in the name of green energy. it's a crazy period we are in right now. >> alicia: it absolutely is. david as men, have to tell you it broke my heart to see a picture of you with your grandchild. it looks like you had a fabulous thanksgiving. >> thank you so much, i appreciate that. >> griff: and apple store in northern california becoming the latest crime scene in a rash of smash and grabs plaguing the state. brazen thieves stealing more than $25,000 of merchandise on wednesday.
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today, the holiday shopping season officially kicks off as california deals with this string of robberies. politicians there are promising more police patrols to keep everyone safe but critics say policies from those same politicians are what's causing the crime in the first place. chief correspondent jonathan hunt joins us live in los angeles with the details. >> several higher and shopping malls are not depending on just those extra police patrols, they are adding their own layers of extra security. in santa monica for instance, a jarring site for anyone simply about to head out this back friday but store owners presumably considering less shocking to shoppers suddenly being faced with a mob ripping whatever they can from shelves and display cases. the surgeon he is apparently organized robberies in the san francisco area last weekend with luxury stores like louis vuitton and nordstrom all
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being targeted in the crime wave spread with nordstrom again targeted as well as an apple store and cvs pharmacies. as brick-and-mortar businesses try to bounce back post-pandemic, it's the last thing they need, violent robberies frightening off their customers. >> used to go every christmas and the puppies in the window but i don't want to go now. >> many of the robberies are apparently being planned by a messaging app in the stores prepared for what they hope is a shopping surge, officials are trying to head off the robberies served by making an example of those they arrest. >> the charges include everything from looting, grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, firearm possession, commercial burglary, and more. it's. >> while some arrests have been made and charges brought, the simple fact is hundreds have
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been involved in his robberies and so far, only if you have been caught. >> griff: chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in los angeles, thank you. it's really unbelievable that on black friday this is what californians and others have to deal with. at some point, people are going to say no, no more. we are not going to put up with this and you would think in the day and age of so many cameras come he could at least get license plates, get these people on camera and prosecutions really going to be your telltale sign of whether they're going to enforce our laws or not. >> alicia: this isn't just impacting these large companies, places like nordstrom and louis vuitton. this goes all the way down to small businesses and it's not just in california commits around the country. in the next hour, i will be talking about policies put in place that have actually led us
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here. >> griff: frightening stuff indeed. we will have much more on that coming up. >> alicia: new york city council under fire from moving to let nearly 1 million people vote even though they aren't actually american, something so far left even mayor bill de blasio is an on board. >> i haven't received any calls from hr but they said if i kept asking, acting as a whistle-blower, they would have to part ways. >> griff: indiana school administrator firing back after he was placed on leave after speaking out on crt. it is this censorship in school? that's next. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to.
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>> alicia: and indiana school administrator who exposed how critical race theory is being taught in school spoke out earlier today after he was put on administrative leave. here he is on "fox & friends" this morning. >> i could've involved in to my calendar, microsoft teams, anything that would allow me to work with or do any of my job. racial equity priority sounds really great but they get students to hate each other based on call there and suggest all of our students who aren't black or brown that they are responsible for centuries of horrible depression. >> alicia: prior to being put on leave, described in a viral video how he had personally witnessed crt in classrooms even of the district told parents it didn't. and we've heard from so many parents over the months who had
10:18 am
remote learning going on in their homes and know exactly what's being taught and that's why the scenes of many of them showing up to school board meetings because they didn't like what they heard or what they saw. >> griff: is unbelievable. you're going to speak out, we will silence you. that's the message being sent from ground zero now to indiana and let's not forget the national school boards association had to apologize for that letter ultimately labeling parents as domestic terrorists although the department of justice and attorney general merrick garland has yet to rescind or apologize for taking the swift action he did against parents. these schools across the country if they are going to wage war and silencing parents, they are ultimately going to lose and we are going to continue to see these sorts of things that we saw in the case of the virginia elections where glenn youngkin simply made his election about being for parents and not
10:19 am
against them that it's going to play out in other places. >> alicia: absolutely, parents vote. >> griff: updating one of our top stories and crime crisis in democrat led cities on the rise from coast to coast, austin, texas, seen 88% increase over the last year, the numbers also shortly up in las vegas, minneapolis, and here in the nation's capital. karl rove is a former deputy white house chief of state and a fox news contributor. thank you for taking time, hope you had a great thanksgiving. going to give you a little indigestion here because as kimberley strassel writes in her "wall street journal" piece, she says democrats have a problem then she writes crime is soaring nationally after progressive spent new year's to down rules for prosecutions, released presbyters and even defund the police. what do you make of this
10:20 am
democrat policy of being soft on crime? >> is a big electoral problem for them because it puts them square against a large majority of americans, a large majority of americans believe that we need to have just support law enforcement, the principal function of our government is to keep our communities safe against crime and you are right, crimes against property and violent crimes are rising in many parts of the country. here in texas, we also have an additional problem and that the government is not doing what it needs to do to contain the legal migration across the border which often leads to real demands on social safety net in order communities and also raises concerns about the safety of their communities. >> griff: how did we get here on the day after we had this massacre where six people died
10:21 am
driving through the christmas parade, than the very next day, alexandria ocasio-cortez tweets in favor of reducing cash bail. >> on the day before waukesha took place, we had the jonathan swan interview with representative rashida tlaib of michigan and calls to empty out all federal prisons within ten years. everyone who is incarcerated will be gone. i live here in austin, texas. we have a city councilman who wanted to defund the police who is now running for congress. so democrats have got a lot of people in their party who are part of this extreme movement that says we need to make it easy for people to get bail even if they are violent criminals like the individual in wisconsin and we need to defund the police like we've done here in austin, cut police funding or in portland where they attempted to abolish the police department
10:22 am
and every democrat is going to be forced to be held to account for these so normal democrat is going to say i'm not with those people over there but they have to explain that the voters to avoid getting swept out of office because they get taken as part of the general problem. >> griff: do you think there's a lesson, new york mayor eric adams ran on a pro-policing platform and perhaps other democrats should take note. >> absolutely. not only pro-community safety platform but a former police officer so absolutely. the democratic party used to be tickly in america's big cities to have a strong relationship with the police and fire who oftentimes were themselves democrats. that's no longer the case in part because of the overt hostility of the left wing of the democratic party towards law enforcement in general, police and specific animal calls for radical changes and this
10:23 am
idea of getting rid of tough bail requirements like they had in new york city and like is being instituted across the country is a problem. remember, this is being funded in many instances by george soros. he spent $1 million in travis county, the capital of texas. that's a lot of money coming from one guy and he beat out a respected moderate traditional democrat who had bipartisan support but beat her and the democratic primary and installed one of these. >> griff: just and then a few 30 seconds we have left here, want to quickly ask you about in new york because i cover the border, it's on the fire just in the two months of the fiscal year worse than it was last year but specifically in new york, a bill that would move to allow a hundred thousand noncitizens, people with work permits in green cards they have
10:24 am
across that would allow them to vote in local elections. your reaction, sir? >> i think it's a lunacy. what have we come to visit country when they say you got off the boat with the airplane, you can vote in the city of new york selections. citizenship is a privilege and it is not a right of anybody simply by circumstance of being here and for the city of new york to do this is a bad example for the country that's going to have ramifications with regard to companies looking to locate and it's going to create havoc in the elections, very unfortunate move by the city council. i hope the current mayor and incoming mayor make it stop. >> griff: we shall see. thank you for joining us from texas. >> alicia: continuing to watch developments on that new covid variant that has now escaped south africa. the world health organization just announcing the name for their mutant strain dubbing at the omicron varian.
10:25 am
the worst black friday on record and in europe and asia, many nations have scrambled to ban all travel to and from southern africa. should the u.s. need to follow suit and is this variant as dangerous as people fear? dr. marc siegel will shed some light ahead. >> griff: just days until talks about joining the iran nuclear deal, house foreign affairs committee member is here with that next.
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no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. for starters, your mom doesn't have a restaurant. if she did, it would be impossible to get in. she'd become famous overnight. she'd get talked into franchising everything. and at that point, they wouldn't really taste like your mom's short ribs. no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. >> griff: before the iran nuclear talks resume on monday, israeli officials are weighing in and cautioning the u.s. against making a deal. "the wall street journal" reporting israel believes a new agreement would be a gift to iran's hard-line government. republican congressman from colorado joins us now, a member
10:31 am
of the house judiciary and foreign affairs committee. hope you had a great thanksgiving, thank you for taking time today. this is an alarming piece in "the wall street journal" saying that heading into a less or less deal on monday, what is your reaction? >> i think it's a big mistake, president trump made the right decision withdrawing from that deal, the iranians can't be trusted. i don't believe it's in our interest or our allies interest in the middle east to allow iran to pretend they are not developing nuclear weapons when in fact we know that they are and destabilizes the area and not an actor we want to make a deal with in any way. they are promoting terrorism, and on their very best to kill u.s. service people overseas and it's not a country we should be engaged in this discussion. i know one thing, we should be using for us.
10:32 am
>> griff: "the wall street journal" talks much about this new government in tehran, elected in june, how concerned should we be about this new regime? >> it's a hard-line regime, very militant regime. they are strongly anti-american, anti-israeli and we know what the result of that is and isn't pretty. we have to make sure they understand we are dealing from a position of strength and they should not look at afghanistan and other issues that have occurred during the biden administration and assume that is the posture of america or the american people. >> griff: for viewers, let's show you in 2015 what it pretty much entails, i ran with 300 kilograms of uranium, limits on fusions that iran can operate, inspectors granted access to facilities, sanctions on iran lifted.
10:33 am
we look at their nuclear program today coming you can see they stop dividing by the deals in may of 2019 now is more than 2300 kilograms of enriched uranium and began enriching uranium to 60% in april of this year so shouldn't we at least be having a dialogue where the program is now to try and get some dial back on how fast they are advancing? >> president reagan say trust but verify and in this case, there is no way to verify. the iranians are hiding from international inspectors and there is no way for us to appropriately and intelligently engage another country in a conversation and try to reach an agreement when the other country can't be trusted and that's the case. >> griff: at the time we have remaining, i have to ask you
10:34 am
because i followed the big tech legislation and appears there is quite a lot of bipartisan support for antitrust bills moving through congress, ready think it stands now? >> not only bipartisan support, there is bicameral support. the movement recently has been in the senate, house judiciary committee passed its bills to limit the anticompetitive conduct of apple, amazon, google, and facebook. we now see across the world, european union, india, other countries that are needing to crack down on these anticompetitive behaviors trying to create competition in the marketplace's hoping early in new year we will see these bills get to the floor and move off of the floor and be able to work on passing good legislation. >> griff: we look forward to following that and we will have you back here to talk about it when it comes to the floor in the senate and the house. thank you very much, have a great weekend. >> thank you, you also.
10:35 am
>> alicia: are retiring democratic member of congress says party infighting over president biden spending bill partly influenced your decision not to seek another term. texas congresswoman eddie bernice johnson announced she is bowing out next year after nearly 30 years in office saying the democratic party is not as unified as it has been in the past and we all know that history tells us the party in the white house usually gets a beating in the first set of midterm elections. however, it's really interesting to see and it will be interesting to see all of this democratic democrat on democrat finger-pointing. >> griff: was interesting at least in this town is there are a few people calling to dial it back and we've been talking obviously in recent days about the infighting between the president and vice president, so
10:36 am
you when putting on a united front clearly not the case now. meanwhile, critics slamming the liberal media for protecting the waukesha christmas parade suspect with one outlet even suggesting that massacres should be blamed on the suv, not the man behind the wheel. it media and politics columnist for the hill joe concha reacts. >> alicia: plus, president biden says america is back but more people in the u.s. lost their lives to covid in his time in office than that of his predecessor. it "the wall street journal" weighs in.
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>> alicia: he later clarified they were obscene gestures in word but when he called the refs over to pick them out, he said right here. >> griff: sets a dangerous precedent when king james can say you out. we will see where that goes. meanwhile, the biden administration facing backlash over a new proposal by the education department. their ideas raising records of teachers accused of raping students. why would they want to clear the lives of such a dangerous allegation? >> the keyword that you used is accused, talking about allegations are right now, the department of education as a national database that deals with instances of attempted rape and sexual assault and hoping to keep track of repeat offenders
10:43 am
or potential clusters of this illegal activity. the department office of civil rights proposal that would eliminate allegations followed by a resignation or retirement. to be clear, this is specifically dealing with allegations, actual instances of those three that i mentioned, those will still be counted in this national database and this is a proposal. i reached out to the department of education to see if somebody wanted to talk about this and i got a statement i want to read to you in part coming from the department of education that said the data collected will give the public a snapshot into whether these incidents exist in a particular school or district and whether the schools or districts are meeting their obligations to comply with the civil rights laws that we had vigorously enforced, proposal for the 2021-22 who would eliminate data and in turn reduce the duplication of data and we welcome comments from members of the public. after receiving the statement, i
10:44 am
went back to ask more asking why the department would want all of the data possible but i did not receive a response to that specific query. to be clear, this is a proposal, there is a 60 day open comment. backed by the department of education for the public to weigh in. >> griff: that is the appropriate query. let us know if you get any answer on it. >> alicia: critics accusing the liberal media of protecting the suspect in the waukesha christmas parade massacre, that includes "the washington post" after tweeting the tragedy was "caused by an suv and failed to mention the man driving it. that tweet has since been deleted. joe concha joins us now, media politics columnist for the hill and a fox news contributor. so good to see you, so glad you're here to talk about this. i know that tweet has been deleted but we do know now "the washington post" had
10:45 am
information on the suspect at that time that that tweet went out but still, they mention the suv. this could come across is not only insensitive, but insulting not only to the victims here but americans who know. >> it comes across as the bias of omission, the type of bias of what we are not seeing. in this case, not seeing the name of the suspect, not hearing about the race of the suspect and any situations where this media malfeasance is being carried out in broad daylight, it's fair to offer up this hypothetical. but at the same massacre was carried out by a white guy, not just any white guy but the kind of laundry list rap sheet we are seeing with this particular suspect and let's say this hypothetical white guy at social media posts supporting the previous president of the united states and was carried out against protesters, what with that coverage look and sound like? would we still hear more about an suv essentially driving itself into grandmothers,
10:46 am
children, innocent men and women, and 8-year-old died for the suspect, would we hear more about darrell brooks and exploring more possible motive here? we've also heard brooks called a crash suspect. a crash implies an unintentional act and usually crashes and with the vehicle no longer moving. brooks fled the scene, got a sandwich at a friend's house before he was arrested. video evidence shows this was no accident and he showed no remorse according to police upon his arrest. the actual charges in the case first degree intentional homicide. instead, we are hearing about an suv and not from a left-wing blog, as "the washington post," one of the premier newspapers in this country. >> alicia: take a listen to what rachel maddow had to say on the attack as well, take a listen. >> today, of course, all eyes have been on waukesha, wisconsin where yesterday afternoon, an unthinkable crime took life after life after life after
10:47 am
life. at a holiday parade in downtown waukesha. by now, you know the basics of what's happened, a red suv inexplicably ran into the parade and people walking on the sidewalk. >> alicia: we talk a lot about inconvenient narratives and $1,000 bond but the left is really pushing prevail in bond reform. does this fit right in to what it is? >> griff: not mention his name and not even begin to think about what the motive is here. as you mentioned, $1,000 bail, why was he let out after $1,000 bail and what did he do exactly
10:48 am
to be arrested in the first place? reportedly tried to run over the mother of his child so running over people was already thing with this guy out on any kind of bail and it's a heartless and insidious world for any bail could be set for somebody like him. it is black friday and it marks one of the biggest shopping days of the year. the inflation and supply crisis, we are live from a store in new jersey next. ♪ ♪ it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays, with no obligation. if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan
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>> alicia: here's one speed trap you might want to get caught in. police in mesa, arizona, surprise drivers with frozen turkeys, not speeding tickets. the program was started by the mesa police department to better connect with the community. they said some of them were emotional saying they might not have been able to afford a turkey on their own.
10:53 am
>> one lady with this infectious laugh started laughing but the tears were coming down and this gentleman put his head down and i don't think they could afford that turkey so it worked out really good. >> alicia: you just have to love good news. to my can we please install that policy here in washington? and by the way, for those camera tickets if you could send me a starbucks gift card instead, i'd greatly appreciate it. meanwhile, the holiday shopping season kicking off on this black friday continued rampant inflation and supply chain issues so will retailers be able to live up to the demand? fox business report of his live had a best buy store in new jersey. >> so far, so good. the shelves are stocked at least here at the best buy. remember last year, a lot of us were holed up in our homes during the holiday shopping season, had to shop online but a
10:54 am
lot of shoppers tell us they were grateful they could actually show up and shop around in stores this year. >> it's cool to see everyone out and doing their thing, feels like we are getting out to normal. >> eating in the food court and doing the normal stuff we are used to doing his part of the whole christmas experience, not just sitting in front of the computer. >> the national retail federation says 108 million shoppers will be shopping today, 64% of those will shop in the story as opposed to online help from 50% last year but that doesn't mean there aren't some challenges facing shoppers this season, prices and shipping snafus are weighing on shoppers minds. >> definitely. definitely seen an increase of price of products and stuff like that. >> it's a little bit harder to find some things, sold out or not in stock. >> my husband works and supply chain management and knows it's
10:55 am
a huge issue so he warned me and said you've got to start right now you're not going to get it. we did actually find what we came to find although it was the last one. >> so that's a reason why a lot of shoppers decided to start shopping early, show up in person so they could take their time and compare prices in stores to online. a lot of shoppers started as early as halloween this year. >> griff: i'd better catch up and get involved. hillary vaughn my for us in new jersey, thank you. >> alicia: panic spreading worldwide over a newly discovered covid variant in south africa. so how are american officials responding as many countries in europe and asia shut down air travel from the region? dr. marc siegel will join us to discuss. plus, president biden frequently blamed former president trump while on the campaign trail for allowing so many americans to die from covid.
10:56 am
"wall street journal" writer is here to explain why the president is regretting his rhetoric there. all that and much more in the next hour. your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family
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>> alicia: it's our second hour as america reports rolls on. >> griff: i am griff jenkins in for john roberts by the travel ban breaking right now but an announcement "on advice of the president's chief medical advisor and a centers for
11:01 am
disease, the administration will restrict travel from south africa and seven other countries starting on monday. these include botswana, namibia, mozambique." >> alicia: meanwhile, markets bleeding red as investors press pause on all the holiday cheer and everyone's high hopes that we were just about done with covid. the new super strain popping up in africa and it's too soon to know exactly what we are dealing with but there are initial signs this new variant could be unlike any of the world has already seen. >> griff: let's get right to jacqui heinrich and what can you tell us? >> this was very, very quick action from president biden and the white house just a couple hours ago, dr. anthony fauci said american scientists were speaking the south african scientist to get a hold on exactly how quickly this new
11:02 am
variant is spreading, whether it is able to evade an immune response we have from the vaccine or prior infection and saying we were gathering that data in real-time. that interview was just a few hours ago and the president was briefed on the situation and now we have this announcement the white house is shutting down travel from south africa and those seven countries effective monday. it does not apply to american citizens and lawful permanent residence and as with all international travelers, they must still test negative prior to travel. some concerning pieces that prompted the administration to take such drastic measures. one piece being that there is an immune response on part of the virus able to penetrate a human's cell, the spike protein has more mutations than past variance. those were some of the concerning things that prompted
11:03 am
the white house and other european countries, they took drastic action upon first hearing this because the concern is if you wait too long to shut down travel and restrict its movement, you might have a bigger problem on your hands. the announcement from the white house says this was taken out of an abundance of caution, the world health organization convened in an emergency meeting and identified as a variant of concern and still looking to learn more about this variant. we have not heard from fauci any details as to what data they were able to take in to determine whether the vaccines that are available right now are effective against this mutation. we are responding in real time, trying to protect the american people to the best extent possible, make sure there's a basis to restrict travel so you might indicate or glean from that rather there is some concern about this new mutation evading vaccine protection but
11:04 am
we have not heard from the administration anything along those lines and certainly their objective continues to be pushing people to get vaccinated and if you have a vaccine. two meg jacqui heinrich on this fast breaking the story, we will have you back as news breaks, thank you. just for our viewers, you see here the administration is restricting travel from south africa, botswana, zimbabwe, namibia, mozambique. >> alicia: thank you. we're going to go to jonathan serrie for continuing coverage of this breaking news. what have you got? >> everyone is trying to figure out the properties of this particular variant which the world health organization today labeled a variant of concern giving at the designation omicron, the letter of the greek alphabet for this variant which will become part of the vernacular very shortly
11:05 am
worldwide, the biden administration has been facing some criticism earlier in the day for being a little slower than both its british and european union counterparts with the british imposing a travel ban earlier today and the european union strongly suggesting that its member nations should ban travel from these countries where the variant has been detected but then at 2:00 this afternoon, the white house announcing that travel would be banned -- there would be restrictions with some exceptions from these countries starting on monday. as far as the properties of this variant, u.s. health officials say they are working closely with their african counterparts to determine what the exact risks are, but the british health minister says there are already early indications it is highly dangerous. let's take a listen to what he said earlier.
11:06 am
>> the early indications we have of this variant is a hit may be transmissible than the delta variant and the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective against it. >> even with travel ban's on china during the beginning of this pandemic, it wasn't eh in wuhan, china, from spreading worldwide, but federal health officials played out that they are now better poised to treat cases of covid and in fact the fda posting today that merck experimental covid treatment pill is highly effective. researchers do have some concerns about some potential risks for unborn fetuses that they will bring up when an fda independent advisory panel will meet on that on tuesday. back to you. >> alicia: jonathan serrie in
11:07 am
atlanta, we will check back with you as this warrants, thank you. going to bring in dr. marc siegel, fox news contributor right now and also professor of medicine at nyu langone and author of covid, the politics of fear and the power of science, couldn't think of a better person to talk to right now. thank you. what should americans make of this news now, this new variant in addition to the travel ban? >> everyone is always afraid when something new happens that's a big risk to us and what we don't know is more than what we know. the word mutation is a scary word but i want to point out that a mutation doesn't necessarily make a virus more effective for what's concerning here is that over 30 or 50 mutations at the spike protein site which is where a vaccines target in our therapeutics target and ten of them are at the point of attachment to ourselves so that's why the w.h.o. is calling it a variant of concern, there's only been
11:08 am
five, omicron is the fifth and it's right to do that because of what i just said. in terms of immune evasion that has been brought up by reporters britt i want to bring up something about that. it is for sure the case of the vaccines will continue to work against this variance, the question is how decrease their effectiveness will be. they will work, but may not work as well and that's what early signs may show. also if you got over the delta variant or another, could you be reinfected with this? that's also looking like it's possible early and also why this travel restriction. one word of caution, we saw the early travel restriction, personally found out doing some interviews that people were going to secondary places and then coming into the united states. for this to work, it's got to be really, really strict. it can't be that people come in and go from south africa to another place and then to the u.s.
11:09 am
the pcr test that we do are accurate for this. so far, looks like you can really detect this with our pcr test. too much when you talk about immunizations working, what about the booster shot in the window now to get it, would this be a real incentive to rush out and get it? >> that's a hugely important point and i would say this is the type to get boosted up in the next question would come from a viewer and what about retooling the mrna vaccines for this variant? that could probably take about a month and then each after that to gear up production. that might end up being a possibility but right now, that's not in the works so absolutely right away if you're over the age of 18 and you're in that window. >> griff: folks here about this pill has a treatment and jonathan serrie was just discussing it in his report, should people who are hearing
11:10 am
this news take any comfort in that? >> as long as it's combined with testing, one of the problems we've had here, a huge problem on the current administration is there aren't enough rapid tests out there, for those pills to work, have to be diagnosed within the first couple of days after your getting covid even before you have symptoms which is why avast for rapid tested every house in america should be someone that's really geared up by the administration. that combined with the pill will be a huge advantage and the pills will probably work against this variant. >> griff: let's unpack something here because this is a fast-moving story. he ran another network, dr. fauci was asked about a travel ban already seeing other countries starting to take. we needed to get more data before making that decision, what are we seeing that has
11:11 am
changed this? >> is the number of mutations and the world health organization coming out and even though the world health organization is not pushing these travel ban's, i think we should. we don't know if this is going to cause more reinfection's, we have to stay ahead of this thing because we have had so many instances during the pandemic where something spreads wildly and that's why the u.k. is so nervous because what happened with the alpha variant came from india in the u.k. before closing the barn doors, same thing where it came from china to europe into the united states. the time for the travel ban is as early as possible. >> alicia: when we hear about this travel ban for the united states made its announcement, it had echoes of the beginning of the pandemic of 2020. at that time we were all
11:12 am
learning as we went, no little bit more what to expect and however we also have to be wary of how their local state and federal governments respond. how should they be heading into the winter holidays heading into christmas, heading into hanukkah decide what to do? is it too soon to make decisions about the future month? >> it's too soon to say this isn't in our midst, we've been through so much already, but this is definitely a message and i'm pushing everybody to get vaccinated again then to get those boosters, that's how you prepare. you are in close confines, he would wear a mask but not because of the omicron variant. that's something that is coming from another country that isn't here yet. there's another point here to be made which is many global health experts have said -- and they
11:13 am
are right, and it's really looking like it today, we've got to vaccinate the world. we have to vaccinate the united states and do a lot better than 60% vaccinated. portugal is at 90% but 3 billion people in the world have not seen a vaccine yet and we've got to get that to happen for these variants are going to keep coming up. >> griff: it is startling news on this friday after thanksgiving. you could stay with us as we continue to cover, i want to turn out to a different angle a little bit, president biden campaigned on a pledge to return to normal saying that he would shut down the coronavirus for if we all buckled down and played by the government scope would rules and blamed former president trump for allowing so many americans to die from the virus including in this debate moment. >> anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the united states of america. >> griff: own words may be
11:14 am
coming back to bite him because it is now official, more americans have died from the coronavirus during his time in office than that of his predecessor. "the wall street journal" out with response today writing the truth last year and this year is the virus is impossible for any politician to control, much less eliminate. mr. biden use the illusion he could vanquish the virus to win elections and he is now paying a political price because he hasn't." he's the assistant editor of the editorial page for "wall street journal" and a fox news contributor. what do you make of both this breaking news now as this administration is going to have to deal with it on top of what we just showed an editorial today? >> i think this is a moment you are talking about the obvious concern of public health officials but also, the natural concern of americans that they
11:15 am
will be a political overreaction or a partisan reaction or an unhelpful reaction and it goes back to that loss of authority, the squandering of credibility for his own political purposes last year now president then candidate biden presenting this fantasy to voters that it was a management problem at the white house and at one point, you showed the clip, there is another moment where mr. biden suggested that everyone would still be alive if donald trump had done his job. what we've now seen obviously is this is indeed a virus that often defies the control of politicians. we have seen that the great vaccines developed under the trump administration's operation warp speed where the main tool that allowed us to do as well as we have and now we come to a new variant and i know people are getting exhausted with this and i guess i would urge
11:16 am
president biden to focus on persuasion instead of forests and moving to where we want to get to in terms of encouraging more vaccination, encouraging people to avoid unnecessary risks, but also allowing us to live our lives not freaking out about each variant to the extent that we lose perspective and we need to understand -- he needs to understand there is no eliminating risk, it is a fact of life and it's about how we manage it and i would hope he's going to do it now in a professional way instead of a partisan way. >> griff: in your opinion, does the white house need to retool their messaging on both mandates whether it's a vaccine for mask mandates and also including to give the administration some credit and try to get more towards we are
11:17 am
all in this together sort of footing? >> i think that would add a lot of credibility or be a good effort to restore credibility to mr. biden on this issue. he were to have the knowledge vaccine effort of his predecessor, how it fits in, part of this issue of where the united states lags behind some other countries and vaccination, it shouldn't be surprising to people given that candidate biden and candidate kamala harris casts doubt on the vaccines being developed last year because they thought it would be a political benefit to donald trump and so they suggested that either the vaccines wouldn't arrive on time or that they shouldn't be trusted given that they were going to be approved by his fda and now i don't think they should be surprised when they come back the next year that there is a fair amount of
11:18 am
skepticism. in fact, these are valuable tools, people should use them and i think as you suggest, a nonpartisan fact based argument here would be very useful as we tackle the next variance in the variant after that. >> alicia: i want to bring in my colleague, do you have a question for james? >> alicia: i do have one question because the president just said yesterday during the thanksgiving parade on "the today show" that america is back, but as americans wake up today, we have a sell-off in the markets, this new variant and now just minutes ago, the united states announced have this travel ban and as they are heading in to christmas and hanukkah and a winter holiday and talk to people once again. >> i think it would be helpful if it's a message of calm and putting things in perspective and understanding we have to
11:19 am
live with this, we are never going to completely eliminated. i hope he doesn't give a message the american people if the goal is to spread panic and launch a new round of societal restrictions that haven't been evaluated on cost-benefit terms, the huge consequences, negative ones of the lock down i really just becoming clear to children, people of all kinds so if he is going to give a nonpartisan message about facts and weighing different risks, great. it's going to be let's all panic about the latest variant, i think that would be counterproductive. to my quick question before we run out of time, time to bring back more of the covid press conferences? >> i think it depends on the message. you were looking at the performance to date and as we were discussing earlier, there
11:20 am
is no real acknowledgment of recent history. there's kind of an airbrushed history that removes donald trump and presents the vaccines and the rollout is sort of a biden effort. i think that could be helpful, but you have to wonder who do you want to lead this? if you are going to defer to anthony fauci, another official obviously who's credibility has been enormously damaged over the last year, we can talk about vaccines and predictions on when they would occur and obviously when you go right to the origins of this thing, a lot of questions there so you might need some new spokespeople for public ambassadors on this issue. >> griff: james freeman, "wall street journal" and fox news contributor, thank you. >> alicia: continuing coverage all our on the breaking news of the new travel ban over this new covid variant, first, another
11:21 am
big story, soon asylum-seekers could be turned away as the biden white house is not doing it by choice. a live report next. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. myemerge tremfyant®.is, made my joints stiff, with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today.
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>> griff: asylum-seekers could soon be turned away at the southern border. this is the white house is reportedly looking to restart the trump era remain in mexico policy which could happen as soon as next week that comes as the number of migrants coming in at the border remains at an all-time high. senior correspondent casey stegall is live in dallas. >> you know this all too well,
11:27 am
this plan and its logistics could be reportedly announced as soon as next week, but first let's give you the back story here. you may recall that this was one of the policies president biden first suspended hours after he took the oath of office last january. over the summer, the administration officially terminated the program but then it was challenged in courts and a judge ruled that it had to be reinstated. all the while in the throes of a global pandemic and this year's record surge of migrants crossing the southern border illegally in the united states. in my boots on the ground say the whole system has been overwhelmed and on the verge of collapse for more than nine months as the finger-pointing continues among lawmakers with no visible answer or legislation on the horizon. >> march was the highest month on record until april and april with the highest month until may and may was the highest month until june and it's cost a
11:28 am
little bit, but not much, frankly to this administration has made a mess at the border. went from a secure border to complete chaos. >> once the green light is given given, a policy mirroring will come into effect which will require that migrants wait outside of the united states while their asylum claims are processed. however, the migrant would be given or offered at least a covid vaccine before being released from u.s. custody. how all of that plays out remains unclear but there have been reports that this could be a slow rollout. it three cities would go first, likely brownsville and el paso here in texas and then san diego in california before additional border patrol sectors could be folded in. we'll wait and see how this plays out. >> griff: casey stegall live for us from dallas, thank you very much. i've got to tell you, having
11:29 am
covered this and in the last recent months been in the mexican caravan and then all the way down in the gap in panama along the panamanian colombian border, ran into many migrants coming from multiple african countries, people coming from all over the world so when the news we've now got with this very strong if not strongest contagious strain coming, that is definitely going to get the attention of the border folks as we look at our team in la joya, texas, it has been a for more than a year now ground zero for biden's border crisis in the last 24 hours i have just received the numbers, they had 1,911 he encounters over thanksgiving, that is 160% increase in that sector from last year which is the highest on the record ever. in october, the numbers more than doubled the previous
11:30 am
october which was that record year and has already surpassed that amounts to what you are looking at right now is the border still on fire and now we learned with this new covid strain they could possibly be coming as well. >> alicia: as everyone takes in these numbers that you just reported on on top of what casey stegall was saying at the end of this report about the slow rollout, the reimplementation of this policy moving so slow, it's really interesting because the caravans continue to come and you have more reporting on that as well. >> griff: that's right, the caravan that i covered a few weeks ago has now grown into multiple caravans coming from the southern border of mexico up to our border, the mexican government giving these allowing the migrants to move past and where they headed? they are headed to the northern mexican border cities of tijuana and what they want to do?
11:31 am
they want to get across. the reinstating of the migrant protection protocols is a two-way street, mexico has to agree with that, if you remember literally one week ago yesterday, visited washington, met with canada's prime minister and president biden, there was no read out, no that they had discussed the border which was undeniably from border officials the most effective if not single most effective deterrent because migrants don't want to wait in mexican border cities. it is very difficult to exist in places where whether or not they actually get that to click will find out, one thing is for sure, they are on their way. it when i see these numbers and i look at it every day in the
11:32 am
sector in the last 24 hours, 365 were not mexican unaccompanied children. that is 476% increase from this time last year very troubling. >> alicia: very troubling, thank you. the nypd now probing two deadly stabbings as looters wreak havoc on retailers. our democratic policies to blame? that's next. surprise! it's a new buick. you got me new buick? oh! and there are more gifts inside. wow! i don't even know what to open first. how about this? you got me the head up display. heated steering wheel. it's a massaging seat. do you love it? okay okay, what next? watch this, mom. alexa, turn on holiday lights. this year, give the gift of technology in every buick s(you)v.
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>> alicia: updating our breaking news as a new covid strain has people around the globe jumping to action. president biden putting out a statement on the coming travel ban in making some more news. in >> griff: traveling with the president in massachusetts for us, what have you got? >> we just got a brand-new
11:38 am
statement from president biden on what the world health organization has deemed the omicron variant, the new concerning the variance that came out of south africa prompting the u.s. and other countries to impose travel restrictions. the statement from the president hits three key points. first, for those americans who are fully vaccinated against severe covert illness, fortunately for the vast majority of adults, the best way to strengthen your protection is get a booster shot as soon as you are eligible. second those not yet fully vaccinated, urging people to get vaccinated today saying this includes both children and adults. he also calls on the world community to make sure that people are getting their vaccines, called on the world trade organization ministerial intellectual property protections for covid vaccinations because news of the new variant is making clearer than ever the pandemic will not end until global vaccines are a reality. this is very quick action from
11:39 am
the white house that came after the u.k. also restricted travel from south africa and seven neighboring countries. dr. anthony fauci said the u.s. was speaking with south african counterparts health officials to determine whether these travel restrictions were even necessary. they were examined aiding things like how quickly it is spreading and how quickly it could have protection from vaccines, those were two big determining factors in making this decision. dr. factory said there is no indication the virus is already in the u.s. it doesn't seem like we have that sound bite, but i will paraphrase what he said. dr. fauci said of course anything is possible but there's no indication the omicron variant is in the u.s. right now, there were seven cases that originated in south africa and
11:40 am
you never really know where we are at. those were his words, said they are trying in real time to figure out exactly the path of this variant in which countries it has already spread to but also said there is no indication right now that the very it is in the u.s. that was a big reason why the administration is taking this action to restrict travel. they want to get out ahead of this. of course, has a very unusual constellation of mutations on the protein that helps the virus enter the human body. it the variant has ten mutations, many more than the highly transmissible delta variant and already, the global markets are reeling from the news of this new variant in the travel restrictions that have been imposed so we are hoping to hear more from the white house on this fast developing story this afternoon. >> griff: jacqui heinrich, we will bring you back has this breaks, thank you. >> alicia: we are going to bring back fox news contributor
11:41 am
dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine at nyu langone and author of "covid, the politics of fear and the power of science," things are moving very quickly right now. we hear about the travel ban in the u.s., the president is now issuing a statement on it. i can feel folks out there getting a bit of an unsteady feeling now. your message to them is what? >> i like what james freeman said before which is it's all about how the messaging is delivered here. it should be not a message of panic. it should be we are looking into this trying to figure this out, we want to protect you, we've got options on the table, one of the things the administration has done is always a narrow message of get vaccinated which is my message, get vaccinated and have testing available but also, we need to know whether people get reinfected easily because that is key. what about immunity from people who have had prior infection? the other word i want to mention is timely.
11:42 am
it has to appear that they are decisive and timely and i have to tell you, one level of concern on that, why is it being put in place monday? if you decide you want to travel ban, you should do it now. why have some fights over the weekend? all it takes is just a couple of cases administers to spread. another point i want to make is what about central america? i checked and there's plenty of flight going from you hand is burnt to central america and we talked about the southern border so you've got to watch out for flights from south africa to other places and then on into the united states. that's what happen at the beginning of the pandemic. we have the testing capability now, we've got to get it in place and use it. i'm very happy with the idea that it's not here yet, that keeps us ahead of the curve in figuring out how contagious it is and to what extent it deludes
11:43 am
vaccines. >> alicia: there are folks who just haven't gotten themselves ready to get the vaccine, lenape scheduling my booster soon and what you say to those folks who are still waiting to see whether or not they get the vaccine, decided they're not going to. with news of his new variant, what do you say to them? >> you're not going to believe this but the first thing i say to them is what are your concerns? i do this every day, what is worrying you? what are you worried about? and i talk about hundreds of millions of people have gotten it. i try to go through exactly what people are worried about fertility, i tell them why fertility is not a concern. i talked to them one-on-one and go over the concern and today, i would add the message there's a new variant and we are worried about the omicron variant, concerned about it, get your booster now. look at the data, i show them the data that it's really startling that after the booster two weeks later coming up in 95% protection.
11:44 am
that will protect you against this variant. we don't know to what extent but it will offer protection. >> alicia: that prompts the conversation, very good point. thank you for staying with us throughout this hour, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> griff: shocking bloodshed in a city that's pretty hard to rattle. a total stranger walking up to somebody and stabbing him in the neck and killing him. that was a few days ago and now at the same train station, that same shocking story of carnage as it happens again. we are live. learn about covid-,
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future,
11:48 am
you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
11:49 am
>> griff: major american cities are on track to outpace previous murder highs as philadelphia records its 500 homicide of the year. the 55-year-old woman gunned down in broad daylight, subway attacks are up in new york city and now two people stabbed to death over the past week. bryan llenas has been covering the crime crisis in new york city enjoins us now. >> good afternoon. yesterday at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night, a 36-year-old man was stabbed in
11:50 am
the chest just after 6:00 p.m. at penn station which is the busiest train station in that mo the hospital and tragically died of his wounds. no arrest has been made of the manhunt is now underway, the nypd is asking for the public's help in identifying these two individuals pictured in the surveillance images in connection with that stabbing. this is now the second stabbing at penn station in four days. on sunday, 32-year-old man was stabbed in the neck and killed in a new york city subway train just after midnight. the unprovoked attack was apparently random, the suspect is on the loose. police need help identifying this attacker who was covered in clothing from head to toe wearing a baseball hat, face mask, and great jacket. suspect is described 185 pounds. some new york city residents are worried. >> i am so concerned because
11:51 am
even now, i'm always looking behind just to see who is behind me. so i don't feel safe. i really do think that we need more officers. >> a spokesperson called the attack and absolutely horrible crime. the nca said major felonies are at a 25 year low in part because nypd has officers at subways. >> crime remains down the subway system with 181 fewer incidents. felony assault is the only category of crime experiencing a year to date uptake. we saw a year to date decline with 34 felony assault versus 38. >> that may be true but over the last 28 days, overall crime in new york city is up 16% compared to last year. >> griff: troubling statistic, covering all of this forest from from new york, thank you. hitting you hard with heavy news on crime and covid so let's give
11:52 am
you some news this holiday weekend talking about something good like an all-american christmas. >> alicia: a book written by fox and friends rachel campos duffy and her husband fox news contributor sean duffy and they both join us now to discuss their book. i have to tell you, you didn't know that send one of my personal traditions every christmas is i buy a new christmas book for our family to put out on our coffee table and i haven't been on it. i've got to get your book. >> it's the perfect book for that. it's made for you. >> alicia: it totally is, tell us about it. >> we are really excited about it, america loves christmas, it's now a "new york times" best seller and we just tell all these heartwarming stories from all of our friends here at fox news so anyone on your christmas list loves fox news, they will love this book. i've been getting emails and
11:53 am
texts from people all around the country, people i know and people i don't know saying thank you for writing this book, it reminded me of when my grandma came and made such and such things as they are reviving all these childhood memories and it's been really interesting and fun to see all the traditions that people have accumulated over the years. >> griff: i am filling in today for a john roberts and he has a really fascinating story that surprised you guys when you got it. >> people have told really honest stories about how their christmases were but john roberts tells a really heartbreaking story of how he lost his father when he was five or six years old and going through these christmases ever since, he had a sense of sadness over christmas when people are so happy any kind kind of figured out going back to the time when he lost his own dad and kind of how he spends christmas with his own children. it's so cool because you get to see people in a completely
11:54 am
different light. john roberts we see at the white house and saw in your chair but what we don't see this other side of people and that's why we love this so much, when it's christmas but also it's a very personal those who participated to see a deeper side and a different side of who they are then by the way, it's black friday today so i know a lot of people are starting to look for gifts, for yourself, you can get this on your coffee table for this year, make sure you grab it. >> alicia: absolutely. timed order, get on it. any real quickly, i can tell you as a mom, there's nothing i love better than hearing stories sitting around the table and in the living room, this is all part of that, is in a? >> absolutely, this is where you want to curl up by the fire place and read it and there's also a great stuff for kids in there and lots of pictures,
11:55 am
recipes, it is the all-american. you do that's it, i'm going out and buying it, it's black friday. give everyone in the jenkins family a copy, who knows? all right, thank you, have a great weekend. >> alicia: and thank you for joining us. i'm alicia acuna. >> griff: i am griff jenkins in for john roberts, have a great weekend. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health. chantell was suffering, and we had to put an end to that. the absolute best way to do that was through dental implants. [ chantell ] clearchoice dental implants changed everything. my digestive health is much better now. i feel more energetic.
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don't miss out on walmart's deals for days. ♪ ♪ >> good afternoon. i'm gillian turner in for martha maccallum. researchers are looking into adjustments to the covid-19 vaccine. there's new travel restrictions over fears of the brand new variant as the holiday season tracks into gear. what is troubling scientists about the strain detected in south africa. this could mean it's more transmissable and could evade


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