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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 26, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we are in the majority of the house we should pass actual border security or key should be kicked out of office. >> exactly. shows some self-respect. great to see you. >> god bless. we are out of time that lupus you every weekday. you know what it is. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." the liberal policies failing americ i'm tammy brucel in for sean a breaking tonight, new travel restrictions from eight african countries to the united states have been put into place amid speculation about a new covid v we will have full coverage late in the show. and also ahead, th
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devastating consequences of left-wing crime policies are more undeniable than ever. we apwill show you the tapes. but first, tonight, the ever struggling joe biden is finding new and creative ways to show just how out of touch, out of pocket, and frankly out of stea he really is. heading off to a home this week for the thanksgiving holiday, exposing once again his utter disconnect from the middle class and disconnect from common sense americans all across the countr and get this, amid slumping approval, massive policy failures, and a never ending stream of baffling moments still under the impression that "america is back." take a look. >> hold on, my phone is ringing look at who's calling! hello? hello, mr. president? dr. biden -- mr. president thank you so m happy thanksgiving to you. >> that's right, we had a new york firefighter here. it is so good -- it's good for you calling. we
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thank you so much. what is your message to the american folks o thanksgiving day? >> my messages after two years we are back, america's back. there's nothing we are unable to overcome. >> tammy: there you go. but of course, the democrat agendas on a brutal attack. for example, look at this bizarre tweet from senator elizabeth warren blamin businesses for rising prices instead of her own party's reckless policies tweeting "americans are getting record high prices for their thanksgiving turkey while big poultry companies are paying billions in dividends giving ceos raises and earning huge pr that prompted a wave of mockery from the left and right alike. and meanwhile, the optimism thi week ahead a decade low and the wall street fear index today yes, we have one, had its highest level in ten months. add that to the rising gas prices
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and even a christmas tree short as the american christmas tree association is warning that supply chain issues and whether problems means that some trees will be in short supply. so tonight the biden-harris agenda is failing, literally on every inflation is surging. the border is still a mess. american adversaries are emboldened. all avwhile democrats are still eagr to have us walk off a reckless far left spending cliff. on their so-called build back better agenda. but ask yourself, is there one policy being pushed by the left that is actually focused on improving the lives rolling back energy independenc means more pain at the gas pump more government dependence and less optimism about finding wor and weak on crime policies are making communities less and les secure all across the country. it's dangerous and destructive
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but unfortunately, all business as usual for the extreme democratic party. joining me now, we've got superstars here for a reaction american conservative unionve chairman along with rnc chair ronna mcdaniel and former fox news co charlie hurt. not former anything, charlie. thank you for joining us all tonight. >> great to be with you, tammy. >> tammy: you a are the editor of the opinion section of "the washington times," immersed in the news all day long, we have a new cycle that shows americans the reality of the situation. and it seems like the democrats are either robust and they've been programmed with capes but they have no connection at all with what we are seeing in our everyday life. how do you explain that? >> i think it has
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a lot to do with the fact that i think they feel pretty helpless i defy you to find one single - just find one single issue, one area where joe biden's voters could say, the joe biden administration has improved my i don't take you can find a single example where anybody ca say that whether it's the weakness of people spending power or through inflation whether it's crime, whether it' the embarrassment around the world, whether it's illegal imm all of these things and many more that you just went through and more, we wouldn't have time to go through in an i don't think you could find a single example of anything wher someone's lives have been impro the result of it is that the democrats and joe biden, they have no answers. they are out of any sort of hope that this is going to -- and it is going to get worse. and so what we are seen as full dilution on displa >> tammy: this is what's happen not everything -- not everythin
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is always great. there's always and yet the partisan skill is t admit that, explain it acknowledge the problem, and that you are going to fix it. that is what donald trump did when he came into the office. it wasn't about ignoring the problem, it was about facing them head on. and what do you say when it comes to republican what's the difference? >> the contrast is so clear, but let's look at it joe biden. a 30 million-dollar compound for thanksgiving as millions of americans pay more for -dthanksgiving, more for gas, 7 of americans say they're going to have to cut back on christma they are tone-deaf, but they have the same for the american people who are struggling. now they're going to try to pass the reconciliation bill. it's going to be a big tax cut to the rich they don't pay attention republican governors kept their economies open, kept their kids in school, and they've been driving this economic comeback that we've been seeing for this
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>> tammy: excellent point because you've got a recognitio in this bill pay enough donors and favored industries. just pay off here and there. every single thing that the democrats have done -- you have to work hard a to have every single thing be w by accident we do things right every now and then. what would you tell the american people when it comes to why things are so bad right now and if they could be deliberately this bad. >> i don't have any problem tha the president of united states is saying that we wouldn't -- there at one of his billionaire buddies of they're going to tal about all the way the regulations are going to give him inside information to try t figure out where he could make we know what that game is. it's what the elites are doing. they are making decisions that harm the forgotten men and women. think about it, i'm in the rura mountains of virginia. how much
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does it cost to fill up your tr how much does it cost to get th fuel you need to run your tract how much does it cost to put food on the table? these are the staples, these are the daily stresses that normal americans what is happened is that the democrats have seated their previous connection to these voters and the republicans have a real chance to grab. i think the sad thing is with the bottom policy, and some ways i'm glad they are failing because i was knew they would. the bad thing is there's a lot of pain out th people are hurting. i would actually like that to stop. >> tammy:y: what i hate is the fact that we were right. democrats and republicans -- was a lot of people who are concerned about what the campaign was. and about with the left was up to and with the squad was up to and what bernie sanders was doing. this was not going to end well. and i hate that we n were right. from what you are seeing from your
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perspective as a journalist, is that the reaction? the reaction clearly we are seeing is that americans are saying wait, not only did they not vote for this, but they were bamboozled, they were lied to about what was going to happen. the of course,u are exactly right, the sad part about all this is that those millions of people who are going to pay grievous prices for all of these policies and for all o mistakes that joe biden is maki i think you are right about it it is not possible that this is all of it is very intentional. and i think -- what it is they are trying to get at is kind of hard to put your finger on it other than to assume that it ha to do with government control over every aspect of our lives. what in the meantime, it is absolutely devastating for peop and more so for the people that voted for joe biden than the 70 80 million of us who didn't. >> tammy: for the average person,
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independents and the democrats voted for biden, this is an extraordinary wake-up call. but it also tells us that things don't just operate automaticall policy matters. that suddenly we are realizing that theater in washington has an impact directly on our day-to-day lives and that is where these bills come up and all this massive sp how would you tell the american people -- what can they do abou that at this point? >> i spoke to somebody the other day that said my life was so much better under donald trump. my life was it was somebody who voted for biden and they didn't realize how bad it was going to be, how much policy affects their lives when you see inflation, when yo see gas prices, when you see people not able to hire people. when you see the supply chain issues. if you can get the things that we need, you realize leadership and a contrast between what donald trump did for our countr
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and what joe biden is doing to destroy our country, it's givin a lot of people pause. it's why you're seeing a lot of democrats retire at the midterms. and while republicans are going to take back the health and the senate and the white house in 2 >> there's a big underestimatio about the american people. we saw that speaking in the last e the mayor's race in buffalo, th squad won that primary for the democrats, right? they knocked out the democratic mayor from the primary. he had been the in and he ran as a write in. aoc standards campaign for the woman that they had helped get the nomination and he blew that person out of the water. he won in a big way. that was the people of buffalo saying, no, we don't want this. and i think that that's thehe significant descriptor here.t and if you don't have a normal democrat on
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the ballot republicans are going toto win. and i think that's wht we are going to see in '22. thank you so much and happy thanksgiving weekend to all of thank you for joining me. >> happy thanksgiving. >> the same to you. >> tammy: developing tonight some democrats are in fact sounding the alarm about the party's implosion ahead of the 2022 midterm. a new focus group finds the democratic barnd in s with participants struggling to explain what the party stands for or what democrats have accomplished through these last at least year, if not several y are there any common sense voices left inside the democratic party? are there any voices left toe actually focus n the issues that matter the most the issues that affect our live that we are experiencing now on this holiday weekend of every day americans, all of us, like safety, security, sovereignty
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economic prosperity, national s the safety in your own home. because so far, what we have seen from joe biden is an agend focused more on division than u focused more on appeasing and strengthening our allies. focusing more and trying to tur far left fantasies into reality instead of easingcu the pain an working class americans, all across the country would argue directly because of his policie joining me now for reaction former democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate from hawaii, tulsi gabbard. i've spent most of my life as a demo there is a classical liberal understanding of things which now i see is the conservative i you've been in the heat of those, in the mix of it. you see this meltdown, which isve a disaster for americans as a whole because the democratic party has been an important
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party for this nation. with all that it is happening now, what you say to the american people about what they can do to help make a difference? especially your fellow democrats out there and independence. >> listen, listen to the american people.n whether they are democrats republicans, independents, people are struggling, people are frustrated with the fact that their government that is supposed to be serving them is ignoring their interest. when you look at the impact of inflation, it's affecting families all across the country just surprised and shocked to see how expensive everything is when you look at families that areth looking at budgets and ho much they can afford to spend but the needs. i saw a gallon of milk was almost $8, a loaf of bread $7. can i afford this or
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but i can't buy both. it is just such a terrible thing when our families across the country are facing this. and when they look washington, what do they see? they see another multitrillion dollar bill that the democratic leadership is pushing. and i'm not an economist, but i can tell you with common sense i know that dumping trillions of more dollars into our economy right now is only going to make this inflation crisis worse. >> we understand these things. we don't have to be an economist. you can just watch the news read a few books, talk to your famil we can explain it to them. but you've worked with these people, these are adults. they felt the
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same experiences we have had. but they are doing it anyway. they know this is going to set things on fire even more. how do you explain -- is it just the theory that they are invested i this idea that they want to have an accomplishment and that theyr are just as connected with the real impact of their action. >> the only explanation i can come up with is that they are out of touch with the reality of the lives of the american people across the country and are more interested in getting the political win, the political victory that may lead to more power, more money, or whatever it is rather than actually looking at hey, people are in p we are in a position of responsibility to do something about that, help work to make their lives better. and it got to be able to come together and work together in order to do th that is exactly what we need right now from our leaders as a and unfortunately we are just not seen at. >> tammy: it's
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almost as though there's been t presumption that the american government and america itself i just a naturally fabulous, whic we are. we are naturally fabulous, but all that great stuff that happened happens because of the bureaucracy, because of the civil class that is in there all the time and they never leave. they are the ones who run the country. i think they've actually believed that and that the good things that happen -- it's not about leadership, it's not about an individual person. wouldn't you say that this juxtaposition between trump and biden, regardless of what you think of both men, proves the fact that leadership matters and that individuals matter and decision making and power and optimism and inspiration? >> leadership is everything. you mentioned the belief in the powers of brey walker see. an example of this build back better bill that they are pushing right now to try to get through the senate and the fact that the bi administration wants to spend a
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whole lot of money to hire 87,000 new irs agents to go out and try to get more money out o people's pockets, to take that money out of circulation in the economy, and to pay for what? a bigger bureaucracy. this -- this is going to be some kind of an answer to our inflation problem it is such a harsh and abusive way to approach what is a very real problem. it does require leadership, but the answer is not more bureaucracy. who is going to suffer the most from t we don't have enough super wealthy people to require 87,00 >> tammy: they're going to come heup to the small business owne >> exactly. they've lost us, we
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are the generation where the women who should naturally be still, you know, supporting it but we have been lost. i suppose we've been found, at least for me, the conservative end of thi this is what so strange. this morphing into this kind of totalitarian framework that our generations in the 60s and even in the 50s would think now, all of our work has been to stop this kind of nonsense. and look, the democrats became the thing that they said they were there is noinst. doubt that now. >> tammy: it's this approach of saying, big government knows best, better for you than you do yourself that you o are too stupid to mae these decisions. it goes against
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the very fabric of the spirit of america and who we are, the freedoms that we appreciate and enjoy and the ability to make our own choices that can determine our future. >> tammy: i want to thank you for joining me tonight. another good reminder to americans. we very much like what you have to say. a good f reminder that we can h differences, but the democratic party used to be a party that cared about americans in the co it can get back to being that way, but they will have to be taught a lesson. thank you for joining me tonight. coming up, a new covid variant has the biden banning travel from eight african countries. dr. nicole saphier will react next as this special edition of "hannity" co. dr. nicole saphier
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with great deals on fan favorites from today. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. >> tammy: breaking tonight the biden administration has imposed a travel ban on eight african countries in response to speculation about the spread of a new covid variant. the variant has been found in travelers to hong kong, belgium and israel
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and the southern africa. deemed a variant of concern by the world health organization. fox news contributor points out the world health organization appears to have noticeably skipped the greek letter spelled xi in the greek alphabet. just like the chinese leaders spelled his name in naming the variant. that was just to avoid any confusion with a very common last name. but does that perhaps our latest efforts to play bodyguard for china? and get this, it was joe biden himself who suggested that a similar trump travel ban was of course, tweeting january 1st 2020 "trum further diminished the u.s. in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban. this new african band was designed to make it harder for black and brown people to emigrate to the united states. so what changed, ask yourself, after all the lie
11:26 pm
over the last 18 months, is there any credibility left for the so-called expert? new fears about this variant be used as a pretext to change the definition of what fully vaccinated means? will lockdown liberals be back to their old tricks? as dr. fauci recently said in a conference, "right now officially, fully vaccinated equals two shots of the mnra an one shot of the j&j." but without a doubt that could change since the village troll. will the goalposts move once ag here to react to that and much more, dr. nicole saphier and former senior advisor to president trump. dr. nicole, really, when we think about this variant, i believe, correct me if i'm wrong, but there's thousands of variance already.
11:27 pm
we heard about the nu variant.s using the greek letter system. that is the last. we were supposed to be very afraid of. delta, in the meantime, as now the variant. 1% of our cases here in the united states. are you concerned about this new one are we at a point where it's just seeming like they dr. fauc that cried wolf and the w.h.o. that cried wolf? >> to make him of the latest variant is recently named earlier today -- it's thought to have originated south africa, as you mentioned. as it has expanded to the surrounding nations also seen cases in the u.k. -- not the u.k., europe, israel, and even hong kong. they believe it is m widespread than originally thou so what is it? anwe don't really know right now. it is very early, it's hard to say. it does seem to be highly transmissible they are thinking it's a rise o cases in south africa, but we
11:28 pm
don't know at this time. does it cause more severe disease and is it able to escape immunity as well as our treatment. this is a very fluid situation.ap they are being very transparent very open with us. very different experience than we had with the communist party nearly two year i can tell you there's over 32 so that does make it interestin it is possible that there may b a dampened effect from the vaccines, and from treatments. it is highly unlikely they will have an effect at all. what brings to light is the experience of global immunity. we look at the united states, w have about 70% of our populatio fully vaccinated and that's a wonderful thing. you look at south africa, they are about 25% to surrounding nations than 20% rather than focusing on boostin our population, we need to be focusing on making sure vaccine
11:29 pm
and treatments are accessible and affordable to these lesser nations so these variants do no >> this is a difficult thing st we have these vaccines, we know that as delta is now -- if not the singular cause here of the variant of the united states. these boosters are the same vaccines for the alpha version. they weren't adjusted. we get our flu shots adjusted to the various strains. we wonder which flu is going to hit us. so it seems like we are rushing when we don't even know what this new variant is going to do. but really, a lot of this we can't deny, because it's so political do you see politics in this? is this another dynamic about fear >> i see politics everywhere. you asked a few brilliant questions there. he mentioned really great points. let me
11:30 pm
start with covid is becoming -- it's going to continue to mutate, it's going to continue to evolve. it is all around planet earth. if president trump was still in office, by the way, we would already have modified that deal with the new variance which is a great point. president trump bought us vaccines and record times and - just as importantly president trump emphasized therapeutic treatment completely off the ta as you are seeing variant after at some point you have to put serious scientific effort into treating the illness, both with serious medications as well as more common over-the-counter medications that may be shown i clinical studies that have a e-a positive affect. this administration is failing and that is why more people died on carbide and then trump. one mor a very important one. these travel ban's are not serious for
11:31 pm
the simple reason they don't apply to people who came illega what is a travel ban? if you can get around it just by coming to the border illegally and just as importantly in a human context, the disease spread is infinitel itd nt is a super spreader zoneo it is all politics, it is not science, and -- >> tammy: dr. nicole, we've got the olympics coming up in february in beijin and it doesn't sound like they are going to ban these nations from attending. it seems like still, and this is been an argument for over a year, should we be going to the limbic's? are you concerned about the nature of our athletes and our athletes around the world going to the ground zero of this pandemic in just a few short months? >> lets a member, at this point the coronavirus is all over the glo and i ae can tell you that as
11:32 pm
stephen mentioned that we are going to move forward with this virus and we need to -- we should not be canceling major e we need to be taking proper precautions, with that that's comes testing, not just vaccine we know the fully vaccinated ar still capable of having breakthrough infections. so it ktis important that we are havig routine testing, surveillance testing, and making sure people are not sick and doing deverything to lessen the spread at this point we know how to do but it is not the time to be canceling major events and it's time to move forward. and we are able to. >> stephen, as you not focusing on treatments. on the nature of how you handle this p both of you,re thank you very m and have a great thanksgiving w i appreciate it. now coming up, the crime wave in california. wait until you hear what happen this time. ric grenell will join us when you return. pen this time. ric grenell
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: the dangerous consequences of left-wing crime policies are on full display tonight as an apple store in santa rosa, california, was ransacked on wednesday. according to authorities, four suspects stole over $20,000 worth of merchandise in broad daylight in just the last strin across the golden state. and by the way, our local fog stationed in san francisco reports that black friday shoppers hardly turned out in the bay area toda is the crime surge scarring of this is all the natural consequences of the left normalization of crime and property damage. but don't take my word for it. just look at these outrageous remarks. seth rogen tweeted in response "dude, i lived here for over 20 years.
11:38 pm
you are nuts. it is lovely here don't leave anything valuable i it, being the car, it's called living in a big city." right, y that is just garbage. he's shrugging off crime, shrugging off the real-world harm of property crime and invasion and here for a reaction former acting director ric grenell along with former trump campaig communications director, aaron rick, let me start with you. you are also a southern californian as i am as well. what we are looking at, i mean there's going to be crime. we know that. but this becomes almost like, i would argue, stockholm syndrome where things are so awful, you have to pretend it is okay and that it is normal. is that what you think is happening here for some these people? >> you know
11:39 pm
because you used to live here, ten or 12 years ago we started this really nice thing called sanctuary cities and sanctuary it sounds so nice. but really it was the beginning of the democrats attack on the rule of because what a sanctuary city and a sanctuary state, which is really california now, it means that politicians tell law enforcement officials to not enforce certain laws that they don't like. and it started with but it's now to the point where we've got district attorneys al over california who are telling the police, led to certain situations go. and that of course is empowering so many other criminals. matt and i both in our first couple of months in los angeles had both of our cars stolen in los angeles. and the police, when we reported at, didn't even come. they didn't even want to come. they just said it happens all the time. so
11:40 pm
people move on. this is the result of left-wing politicians in california trying to make nice with sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. >> tammy: that is a great point. it just kind of moves on from there. we've also got things like regulation in northern california -- i think it was like prop 47 or so that literally does what rick i saying that if you feel below under $950, it is just a ticket in other words, encouraging and saying this is normal, this is what you should be able to do. this is reparations. of course, that is racist in and of itself, the suggestion that people of color are going to be engaging in this and should be. california and new york really are the petri dishes for the left that send messages everywhere else. do you see it that way as well? >> that is absolutely correct.>> on proposition 47, they reduced the charge on shoplifting, but
11:41 pm
increase the ability to charge for felony shoplifting, so they made it harder to make it a crime in california. you are seeing that across the country. it's unbelievable. they called that the safe neighborhoods and schools act. three of the top ten cities for retail theft in united states are in california you just heard the former polic commissioner of philadelphia come out and say that what you are seeing in california will continue across the united states, and why is that? it's because there's a concerted effort by the left wing in the united states to elect progressive prosecutors and district attorneys that will turn a blind eye to criminal be but there's good news in this r what are we seeing? the american people are pushing back in seattle of all places. deep blu we saw in november of this year where law and order won on the
11:42 pm
it's going to be the city attorney in the top prosecutor in seattle because "law & order," safety, and security ma if you want to continue to try and pursue policies that lessen the penalties and make it harde for prosecutors to make community safer by charging for felonies on things, you better believe the american people wil push back and vote for republicans who stand for "law >> tammy: rick, i don't know if the american people in certain voters in california didn't take certain people seriously like the d.a. in los angeles.. he campaigned on this. people campaigned on these things. maybe they just think well, the say things during the campaign that is so crazy, it will never it's not normal and we can expect that. but clearly it seems. like a new york him a lo republicans got elected. things changed a bit in california. is that going to be enough when it comes to what we can do to make
11:43 pm
a change here or does there have to be a larger movement afoot? >> we do have a larger movement it's going to take a couple of years, but remember my organization found 1.4 million conservatives in california on registered to vote. because we've been so apathetic over the last ten years. tammy, you know you know so many conservatives are republicans in california who just aren't willing to figh we've become an atm for the res of the country when they are raising funds for their race in ohio or pennsylvania. they come through, take the money, and le we've got to change here in cal our donors and activists have got to get involved. that is why been pushing this. go to fix, sign up, and help us. we think we could take four or five years entering the but that means everybody's got to pull in the right direction. >> your timing is right. look what happened in 11 months. they shift from the attitude of the american people seeing what has occurred here. ion it got about0
11:44 pm
seconds don't you think this is now unstoppable? this m >> i certainly hope that they are electing strong "law & order" prosecutors politicians, mayors, governors continuing throughout the country. i'm hoping that in a state like new york or you saw bail reform that we will be able to see legislators get elected to be able to reverse the damage that has done for prosecutors and district attorneys in the state the republicans need to stand t those who believe in safety security, "law & order," and make a grassroots effort not to get these strong prosecutors elected in states like new york california, and across the coun >> tammy: there is one example, right, i want a picture to go up about the nature of the american generation that is still with us, your grandfather, the people, the heroes, the greatest generation of world war ii. but it can be our generation as well, canted, right? >> i hope
11:45 pm
we have young people that want just stormed the beaches of the storefront of macy's and nordstrom, but that they realize that sacrifice for your country is still in fashion. and we have to think people like him who gave up so much for our country and still think this country is the greatest place in the world >> 97 years old, he understands he is a father for all of us. rick, they give so much. aaron, thanks for being with me. happy thanksgiving weekend. coming up after last week's holiday parade massacreo in wisconsin, many are wondering if the democrats will continue to demonize law enforcement and push for radical bail laws? i guess we know what going to be. sean and rachel will join us to discuss next as special edition of "hannity" co stay right there.
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>> tammy: welcome back everyone to the special edition of "hannity." the shocking attack at the is exposing that deadly consequences of the left wing they'll attend and the dangers of letting filing career criminals backup of the streets as one might think. get this, a long string of democratic mayors, governors, prosecutors and activists have been silent about the massacre with many still pushing to eliminate cash bail altogether. it's like they want this. and as can rights and the wall street journal mother left wing policies are putting lives in danger by the democratic allies as dedicated as that's effort to design this reality, for exampl. the washington post published a piece that set the six deaths and dozens of injuries were caused by an suv. that coverage was so outrageous that even far left hollywood
11:51 pm
actress debra messing slammed the press ready it was not an accident. don't minimize, please. there you go. here now with reaction, sean duffy and bucks and print weekend cohost rachel campos-duffy. there both the authors of the new book, called all-american christmas right there in front of you. it is a huge bestsellerr and you're talking to the book about the christmas traditions of many of people and backs talent. i want to talk about what i described, but the nature of -- and the showow dealt with in soe degree about this refusal by many in the public eye to just be able to deal with reality. for you, you are a mom and things happen in life and we know bad things happen. parents, leadership if you've
11:52 pm
got to be able to face what happens of harder to make a plan and to know what your future will look like. how can you explain this alternate reality that media has batman and that the democrats are in? >> it's outrageous. if it is so callous. these periods went to a christmas party and push their eight-year-old died because some crazy guys who shouldn't have been let out of prison with that out of prison and there's a reason for it. he talked about this earlier in the program. they have been funded by eric holder and that is where they are there and there's a reason. they absolutely read on these policies and these policies are killing people. again, i want to mention another thing, if a national tragedy with what happened in parker shot had happened and shown as a politician had said worked we did what is he tweeted, or at least to put be having about
11:53 pm
three weeks of bad press. aoc -based nothing for one of the most callous tweets ever imagine. >> we are looking at people who seem not just not empathetic, but brazen. it's a very strange dynamic and lives are at stake here. were hoping that these kinds of policies end up getting reverse. take americans believe that this will make things better but now it's obvious that they don't. >> this is a party that is pro- criminal and at that. the to run on that and it will be a bloodbath for them. so until they lose big ten that they will rethink their -- and prosecutors and judges are the people that want to bee, far to people in the criminal justice system so if you are stealing of sweater from macy's, you're going to go -- but if your repeat offender,ou u should be locked up.
11:54 pm
good peoplee know how to handle the criminal justice system and protect eight-year-olds and dancing grannies in the streets. your prosecutors who believe in letting people out of jailrs because it is the socialist philosophies. people in wisconsin said people will die. it's people died, almost 70 people come to these policies. you back. so now they're back on their heels going maybe they don't want people to die becauseub -- and this is where, frankly, us. and your experience and your book, to be put to come back to what matters in life that will agree on, not get swamped with what the media that's what these evildoers are doing, explain what you feel importance of your pockets around christmasar time
11:55 pm
and the importance of our virtual roles and our traditions and of faith. >> there's a lot of negative things happening in the world right now. i think it had come back to port is so important as our family of paving coming together and focusing on those positive thing that makes our community and culture stronger which is christmas. we share stories from the fox river and how they were phrase. now we share our stories and it's a great book and it's heartwarming and it's black that is why it is doing so well. nobody is alone. we are all in this together. thank you so much and have a great thanksgiving weekend. more on this special edition of hannity right after the break. o knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration.
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>> welcome back to this special
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edition of hannity. unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. thank you for joining us and to sean and his team. i appreciate being here. before we go, check out get tammy bruce streaming on fox nation and find me on locals@tammy sean is back on monday. have a great weekend. the ingraham angle is up next. >> i'm jason in for laura ingram. this is a special >> reporter: i am jason chaffetz in for laura into the graham. a school administrator says he


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