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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  November 27, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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features light sculptures of insects, plants and even people from the stone age. arthel: i like it. molly: it's beautiful. arthel: it's gorgeous. even though it's not santa, it's fine, because any lights at christmas just makes christmas that much brighter. molly: adds to the joy. arthel: molly, thanks for being with us here tonight. ♪ ♪ >> hey, everybody, i'm lara trump along with anita vogel, raymond and tyrus, and welcome to "big saturday show." here's what's on tap tonight. anita? >> hi, lara. retailers fighting back as thieves target the high-end shop ises with so-called smash and grab robberies, but it's a holiday shopping season that kicks off, concern grows over whether small businesses can handle rising crime. >> tyrus?
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>> what it is? as new migrant caravans head toward the southern border, the white house says they'll reinstate a trump era immigration point what? will it work? we'll discuss later in the show. >> and ray monday. raymond. >> this season you may want to include an apology with your salvation army donation. coming up, how they've been accused of going woke for the holidays. ♪ >> but first, fears of a new covid variant first discovered in south africa have countries racing to contain it. white house restricting travel from affected countries starting monday. although cdc says no cases of omicron covid variant have been identified in the u.s. yet, dr. anthony fauci, of course, says it's only a matter of time. >> surprised if it is. we have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is showing this degree of transmissibility and you're
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already having travel-related cases that they've noted in israel, in belgium and other places, when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go, essentially, all over. >> all right. so we have a new covid variant, of course, and take a listen to what president biden had to say when he was asked about it from his nice if thanksgiving retreat in nantucket. >> i've decided that we're going to be cautious, make sure there's no travel to or from south africa and six other countries in that region. we don't know a lot about the variant except that it is a concern, can spread rapidly. >> all right. so, aye russ, i think what jump -- tyrus, i think what jumps out at a lot of people is the really glaring hypocrisy. it wasn't too long ago that i'll remind everyone that joe biden
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called my father-in-law, former president donald trump, xenophobic and fear mongering when he banned travel to the united states from china at the beginning of the covid pandemic. and, you know, you look at what we have to obviously hear from joe biden there, i guess, look, it was a politically advantageous for him when he was running for president to, of course, call somebody xenophobic, fear mongering, trying to play up the political side of it, and now here we are, he is, in fact, restricting travel from multiple countries to the united states. what do you make of that? do you see the hypocrisy in this? >> well, i'm confused. are you saying that a previous administration that you may have been a part of actually had some things right? is that what we're saying here? [laughter] >> can you imagine? >> that travel bans are all good? here's a couple problems with this, and again, i'm not a rocket surgeon by any stretch of the means, but i coread a lot. and i do know from when the
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pandemic first hit, we were all told that typically science is about 10 weeks behind transmission. so chances are if something has just been discovered now, it has been around for at least 10 weeks. and probably has already been spread around. so shouldn't we be treating it as such? shouldn't they have some information on new possible outbreaks or upticks in certain areas? there should be some data, some this or that and whatever, but there's not. so my concern is that, again, the ckc is using this -- cdc is using as politicization as opposed to new fear of a new variant. here is the thing, you can block off all the countries that you want, but when you have a swinging gate on the border, you don't have to fly to america. you can just fly to mexico, then grab a ticket and fly in here on a visitor's visa and spread away. so, i mean, again, it's -- as my grandmother would call it,
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half-assedry. wow, could the other administration have been right? interesting. >> oh, imagine that. by way, your point about fully open southern border is something we should all keep in mind. obviously, maybe stream media has chosen not to cover that, but it is still a major issue, still a crisis. and you're right, that is just a fully open door anyone can come into america, and is we're not even talking about that. anita, i want to ask you because, look, people are talking about there's a new variant, and they're saying are we going see more shutdowns, more lockdowns? we know that the mandates across the country have been really hard to deal with, but it seems like, look, the scientists and doctors have said in many respects this is not going away. we are going to see more mutations of the covid virus. so i think for some people they're saying, well, at what point can we actually get back
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to living our lives and do we realize we cannot shut down totally and live in fear forever, because i think covid is around to stay for the long run. >> yeah, lara, i think that's such a great point. and, you know, i certainly hope we don't see more lockdowns because of this new variant. but your point about fear is well taken, and i actually heard dr. marc siegel on our air earlier today say something so interesting. he said what we really need is an antidote for fear, right? look what happened to the stock market the other day. we all lost a lot of money, right? and why? because we don't really know a lot about this new variant yet, but here's what we do know, we have vaccines. we have wonderful therapeutics. we have covid-19 protocols. we know how to deal with the virus. so before jumping to the worst case scenario and a doomsday scenario, let's try to have an antidote for fear and realize that we have a different picture
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now. we know how to deal with this virus, and so hopefully, you know, we can keep these things in mind. hopefully the government keeps these things in mind and we don't see lockdowns and, you know, so many restrictions like we saw last time. >> yeah. well, joe biden in a tweet actually said that he was not going to shut the country could be again. he said i'm not going to shut down country, i'm not going to shut down the economy, i'm not going -- i'm going to shut down the virus. well, he has yet to do that, of course. raymond, i think people kind of feel like they're on a merry go round. we see this kind of cyclical thing when it comes to covid. we have a new variant, everybody freaks out. there's a lot of fear, and it's the biggest player in all of this. then we talk about a booster, it's a big cycle that seems to continue to happen, but why aren't we looking to more states like the state of florida where they have the lowest cases per if capita in the state of florida of covid-19 than anywhere else in america, and we
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know that there have been very lax restrictions, if any, in the state of florida, you know? no mandates. governor desantis has gone out of his way to push back at every turn against anything like that. so why don't we have states like california who have very stringent rules when it comes to covid taking, you know, a note from florida? why aren't they trying to do the same thing? it's really a curious question. >> it's totally puzzling. and when you look at this omicron variant, this could end up being the omi-con variant. [laughter] seems like they're trying to get an awful lot of mileage out of something, i just read the report from the south african medical authorities. they're saying this has a very mild disease associated with it, just some soreness, a cough for a day. and remember, all the people that a we found infected with this variant, they only found them through testing. they weren't showing any symptoms. so everybody needs to take a
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deep breath here. we keep hearing that this is a pandemic of the inning vaccinated -- of the unvaccinated. what we're seeing is this could be a pandemic of the leaky vaccines. leaky vaccines are allowing these variants to creep through. they are changing and mutate thing, but as they move on, they become weaker though more transmittable. dr. fauci and others run right to the worst case scenario, they're going to kill you and wipe out the whole population. we don't know that yet. stop getting ahead of the science. they've been doing this, and the biden administration is particularly guilty of this. they're pushing boosters to children, going out and buying the boosters before the fda approved them. this is politics in front of science to and one has to ask why. and why are we now shutting down flights to some countries like zimbabwe and botswana that that is a hell of a a lot better
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death and infection rates than the united states. we should be asking why and not just willy-nilly shutting could be these countries. all of africa's not the same. >> well, let's see if joe biden's watching today. we'll see. all right, retailers spending more on security than rent to help protect against a string of smash and grab crimes across america. but small businesses already struggling during the pandemic could get hit the hardest. ♪ ♪ ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to.
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♪ treat her better -- ♪ gotta let go of all of our flaws -- ♪ we both know we ain't kids no more ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." retailers on edge as shoppers hit the stores for christmas, one retailer is spending clash 30,000 a month on private security. but it's local stores already pinched by pandemic that may get hardest hit. anita, when you have a mob of
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people like those that busted into that l.a. nordstroms spraying the guard with bear spray, stealing $25,000 worth of goods, how can a guard be expected to stop them? but my question is what cothe small mom and pop stores do? >> yeah. they can't, they can't pay $30,000 a month for security. i mean, that particular sore that did that is a -- store that did that is a high-end electronics chain backed by venture capital companies, and that's why they're able to pay 30 grand a month for security. you can't have guards overrun by 80 people coming into the store with pepper spray and who knows what else. they just can't. i mean, i saw one mall in santa monica was putting up barbed wire outside. i mean, maybe that will help. but really what places like california need are better laws. you know, in california they have something called proposition 47 that reduced felonies like shoplift aring to
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misdemeanors, and so nobody's spending any time in prison for these crimes anymore. >> right. tyrus, as anita mentioned, that prop 47 passed in california, it actually forbids prosecuting nonviolent offenders who steal under $950 worth of merchandise. this is governor gavin newsom. listen. >> i'm not the mayor of california. but i was a mayor. and i know when things like this happen, mayors have to step up. we want real accountability, we want people prosecuted, and is we want people to feel safe this holiday season. >> tyrus, your reaction. is it the local mayors' fault in these cases out in california? >> did you not hear that? i mean, boys and girls at home, that's how you pass buck. [laughter] that's a good way of passing it down because there's nothing a governor can do to possibly help this -- >> no. >> -- what is basically organized crime now. you know? and here's the sad reality, small business owners, no,
2:17 pm
they're not going to be able to survive this. they can barely survive the stuff that was put on by this administration in terms of having to raise everyone's pay to at least $15 an hour, having to pay certain insurances, having to deal with all kinds of issues with employees and not being able to get people, then you can't get anything on the schells so once you get robbed and wiped out, you're not going to get anything back because they're not being prosecuted. even worse, your police department is depleated without -- depleted, so they're just sitting ducks. and these groups are getting bolder. they're now literally 80 people got together. how do you think they did it? they got together on their facebook or instagram and they're planning sufficient because they know this is a dangerous time to own a shop. and then we're going to see more vigilante situations where someone's going to be charged in an attack by mainstream media for trying to defend his family and company. >> right. >> you know, they rung the dinner bell. i don't think the unaffected
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really have a problem with this. this isn't going to be a problem until old gavin walks into his mansion and sees it's been looted by 150 looters. then he'll care. but in the meantime, it's not his fault. they're just fighting back for all the horrible things the previous administration did to them. this is their fault, president trump's fault, not individuals doing it. >> well, and, tyrus, these flash mobs you talk about, these organized gangs, many of them are juveniles, and that's intentional. i ran a statistic, $30 billion a year is what retailers use in stolen merchandise every year. a friend of mine told me they work into their budget, one walmart store will be entirely taken away from them nationally in merchandise. that's incredible. lara, i want your -- >> and walmart can do that. >> right. they can write it off. >> but mom and pop shops can't. >> yep.
2:19 pm
>> they get wiped out, they're done. >> right. and i saw that in san francisco when i interviewed some of those folks. lara, i want your reaction to this story on raleigh, north carolina. there was a shootout in the mall the other day. three were injured including a 10-year-old. i always say if you want safety, you can't have prosperity. this is surely going to scare shoppers, but isn't this a law enforcement and prosecution problem? >> yeah. i went to school in raleigh, north carolina. i went to north carolina state university. we kid beat carolina yesterday in football, i'm just going to throw that out there for everybody. [laughter] not a big deal. no, look, you're so right, raymond. without safety and security, nothing else matters. you know, you see what happened in waukesha, wisconsin, you know, at a christmas parade. people want to get out and hay want to celebrate the season -- they want to celebrate the season by shopping and going with their families to the malls. and, you know, we are in a time right now where so many of the issues come from democrat-run
2:20 pm
cities and democrat-run states. and if you have d.a.s that are not willing to, you know, prosecute people, if you have mayors that are allowing these criminals to just get away with any and everything, then why wouldn't they try and do it? even the smallest offense is an issue because it only incentivizes people to continue to do that sort of thing. it's basic human nature. and so, look, as a mom i want to feel safe taking my kids to the mall, i want to feel safe taking my kids to a parade. and, of course, now that we have these underunderstooded police departments -- underfunded police departments, we know police officers retiring at record levels all across america, it is not helping the problem. it is, of course, only making it worse. and you absolutely hate to see it. this should be a time of year at least where you feel safe taking your kids out to do something fun. >> well, i love the d.a. in san francisco, he's prosecuting nine people.
2:21 pm
20-40 were videotaped smashing windows in that store, so good job. we'll lee it there. concern leave it there. with christmas on deck, americans aren't feeling too swrolly about this economy. what is longer, biden's list of accomplishments or biden's list of -- [inaudible] we'll break it down next. ♪ ♪ to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll have many questions. challenges. and a few surprises. ♪ but wherever you are on your journey. your dell technologies advisor is here for you - with the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers.
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♪ ♪ take me tomorrow ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." not a very happy holiday season for democrats so far. joe biden's poll numbers continue to sink. a new npr/maris poll shows biden with a 42% approval rating, and even politico is admitting, quote, the democratic plan is
2:26 pm
broken. now, if you listened to the ladies of "the view," they happen of a different opinion. let's listen to a clip recently. >> he's only been in for nine months -- >> and he's gotten so much done. >> i just want to say -- >> i don't want more people with the list, but the list is long. >> he signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, he got a clash 1.9 trillion covid relief plan passed in march. it was a little messy, but he ended a 20-year war in afghanistan. he ended student war debt, he returns us to the paris climate accords. thank you. we're all into this. unemployment is down. >> yeah, yeah. >> and you can't blame the guy for the pandemic. if you don't wear a mask, then i blame you. [laughter] >> all right. lara, to you first. despite what the ladies say, we
2:27 pm
know that americans do actually have a lot to complain about right now. there's inflation, rising gas prices, problems with the pandemic, lots of things going on, problems at the border, as we know. do you think president biden can do something to turn these poll numbers around? >> well, there's a lot he could do to turn them around. obviously, they just don't want to do them because it's what donald trump was actually doing. what a segment to hear though from the ladies of "the view," my goodness, the long list. it is so funny to listen to how their writers gave that to them. look, we know that the first order of business for joe biden and the democrat party was shutting down the keystone the xl pipeline. under president donald trump, we were energy independent. we were a net energy exporter. we exported more oil than anyone else in the entire world from the united states. and now because of what joe biden did on day one in office, look at gas prices, look at the struggle for so many americans
2:28 pm
just day-to-day to get around right now. they are soaring. he has tapped into the spr, the strategic petroleum reserve, which was totally unnecessary to do. but there is a lot of need. again, they are never going to do it because it seems like their policy from day one is to do the opposite of what donald trump wanted to do. donald trump had a closed southern border, we were secure as a nation. of course, joe biden and the democrats, wide open. the disaster that has become. i also love the ladies of "the view" saying, oh, covid is not joe biden's fault. they were happy to tell you it was donald trump's fault when he was president though. the whole thing is ridiculous. there's a lot that could move the country back in the right direction, but we know that the progressives, the far-left radicals who run the democrat party and, by and large, are running america right now are never going to let those things happen. >> yeah. a lot of things were your
2:29 pm
father-in-law's fault, right, during his administration. >> any and everything. >> raymond -- anything and everything. raymond, there is talk, maybe rumors at this point, that president biden is searching for a different running mate to replace kamala harris, someone that would help his poll numbers. what have you heard and who do you think would be a good choice for him? >> well, forget the bottom of the ticket, what about the top of the ticket? i mean, as people -- you saw those polls where a majority of americans, i believe it's in the 60th percentile, are deeply concerned about joe biden's mental health and his overall health. i mean, kamala harris is, no doubt, a drag on the ticket. the woman's down to 28% approval. but joe biden is himself unsteady. he causes chaos wherever he moves in the world. and you see it on the international stage, you see it at home. and i love the ladies of "the view," all they can recite in that litany of accomplishments are drunken spending bonanzas by
2:30 pm
the democrats. i don't know how that helps inflation. you saw 39% of americans believe inflation is the most important issue because it's the thing affecting them most. and the democratic answer is go pound sound, we're going to pass another big spending bill in the trillions of dollars which will raise corporate taxes, passed on to you, mr. and mrs. america, universal pre-k, we're going to be the, you know, a corporate tax increase on top of marriage penalty and a child tax credit for illegal aliens. i don't think this is what america wants. so it doesn't matter who's on that ticket. with that policy, they're going to lose. >> all right. well, tyrus, let me get you in there. what about the top of the ticket? joe biden himself. you're a man of people, what would you advise president biden to do to appear more presidential? >> the only way that he could save his presidency would be,
2:31 pm
and i'm not saying this as a republican, i'm saying in this as a parent and american citizen, is to accept down. i think -- to step down. i think he is a moderate, and -- but despite what we're already seeing as far as aging process and the issues he's having with getting his message across when he does speak is that he is in a progressive, he has surrounded himself, he made a deal with the devil with the proifg agenda, he has a progressive staff basically going after him every chance they get. they don't support him. his vp goat out of her way -- goes out of her way. so there is no re-election. at this point only thing he can do is possibly hold on to his legacy of his years of service for this country to do the best thing for country is that this, this was a mistake, and for him to move on. and look into possibly firing her before he goes, but this entire administration has been and to quote the former
2:32 pm
president a disaster in terms of not listening to the american people. and we're seeing that. i mean, it's -- when you hear things like it was a little messy, people died in afghanistan, man. >> right. >> people fell out of planes, soldiers were killed. how dare you say it was a little messy. my man cave is a little messy, you understand? [laughter] that is the problem with the elite telling us how the world really is. >> all right. well, we've got a while to go before 2024, so we'll see how he handles the rest of his term. still the ahead, a new migrant caravan makes its way toward our southern border as joe biden takes a play from donald trump's playbook. too little too late? we'll see. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." hundreds of migrants from central america and mexico are forming a new caravan and marching towards our southern border. meanwhile, biden administration is expected to reinstate a trump era remain many mexico immigration -- in mexico immigration policy as soon as next week. can i read that again? they're going to reinstate a president trump policy? is that two or three that we've talked about on this show? i am shocked. now, first of all, lara trump the, you're to going last because i'm going to give the i told you so moment to you. so if i can go to raymond first because i know, correct me if i'm wrong, you've covered this extensively, the situation at the border. >> i have. >> how the men and women who watch and protect our borders who are overworked, december respected, everything from
2:38 pm
trying to calm a horse down was turned into somehow they were whipping and attacking people, even with going back to what we know worked with administrators who don't believe in the situation are going to undermine it and our men and women, immigration officers, even with that plan, do you think it's even possible to turn anything around short term? >> well, it's going to be awfully hard because biden alienated mexico, and now he needs their cooperation to hold these migrants there. look, no one is better than joe biden in snatching failure from the mouth of donald trump's success. and he's done it repeatedly. i mean, this is a little bit, this immigration situation, tyrus, is like going into a new house and ripping down all the interior walls and suddenly realizing the house is collapsing around you, so you put the same walls back um. that's what -- back up. that's what joe biden is trying to do, okay? it's not going to work. 1.7 million illegals crossed the
2:39 pm
border in the last year. joe biden has really destroyed the the infrastructure that trump spent four years putting in place, and it was working. our border agents were happy because they had some control over the border even when those caravans surged. they were able to create chokepoints, and at least know who was coming in or stop them from coming in. but biden released all hose barriers, he lifted all the trump era policies. now he's trying to put the genie back in the bottle. good luck with that. we'll see if he has success. from what i'm hearing from mexicans as well as the border security folks on the ground, it's going to be a long haul because mexico doesn't want to play with biden in charge. >> let me ask you this, in order to try to bring back this policy, do you think they have the -- i don't even know what the quite word is to say on tv the, the intestinal fort iewd to reach out to the previous administration and possibly look
2:40 pm
to hire or bring in advisers to help them? if is that even or am i just wasting your time with an empty question here? >> you know, it's so funny that you asked me that question because i was actually thinking that during this discussion. i think the american people just want the problem solved, and i think they wouldn't care so much if someone from this administration spoke to someone from the priest administration -- previous administration about how it works to logistics wise and how it happened, right? i wail was thinking that, i really don't think the american people would care. do i think it's going to happen? probably not. but, you know, one of the -- and, by the way, the administration is under a federal court order to have to do this by a federal judge in texas. but, you know, one of the roadblocks that i read about that they are saying is in the way of doing this is that they don't want to transport people in the middle of night from mexico into the u.s. to make their court date in the morning, that it would be too dangerous
2:41 pm
to bring people in from mexico and travel in the middle of the night. you know what? bring 'em in the night before, put them in a hotel room. that sounds like a ridiculous argument, doesn't it? >> yeah. i mean, or just fly them off to north carolina for the weekend and then maybe they can make it back after they've seen some sights. all right, lara, i wonder if you have a cup of coffee that you could sip quietly for the next minute. [laughter] >> it's a cup of tea. >> it's gotta be like an ugly-pretty feeling, i guess, that your entire administration was not terrible, apparently? you had some really great deeds and ideas. how do you even look at this positively? >> well, i mean, i guess at least they're acknowledging that it's a problem because up until now our border czar has been down to the border, and i use that term loosely, one time. she really didn't go to the area where there was mayor issue --
2:42 pm
major issue, the rio grande valley. at least they're talking about, at least they're acknowledging that they need to do something. and, raymond, you talked about the 1.7 million people that have already come over, those are the apprehensions, those are the people we know of. it's probably well upwards of 2 million people. at this point if they wanted to do best thing possible for america, they wouldn't have done anything on the southern border, they would have left it alone. it was working under donald trump. so let's see if mexico wants to play ball. to your point again, raymond, it was a really tough sell to mexico from my father-in-law and from the trump administration to get them to go along with this, and hen they finally obliged. then biden got rid of it. but i think the overarching question is are people actually going to pay attention to this. the people that want to illegally come to america know that joe biden is soft. they know that joe biden is not going to be tough on anything, let alone the southern border. so no matter what, they're still
2:43 pm
going to try and come here. now we know that people are getting reparations of upwards of $400,000, the illegal immigrants that came here under my father-in-law. it is crazy. it is incentivizing more people to come. at least, tyrus, they are acknowledging it. we'll take it. >> well, speaking of crazy, coming up, can i get an apology with that donation? how the salvation army takes on race has people accusing it of going woke this christmas. ♪ like my father, too bold. ♪ maybe you're just like my mother, she's never satisfied. ♪ why cowe scream at each other -- must
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muck ♪ ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the big saturday show." nothing like coming in with sinatra. the salvation army accused of going woke over its resource divide titled let's talk about racism. the document says, quote: the desire is that salvationists achieve the following: lament, repent and apologize for if biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed, end quote. now, the salvation army is denying that they're asking anything of donors. quote: the salvation army is not asking donors to i apologize for their skin color, and we do not endorse any philosophy or ideology. such claims are simply false and injure our ability to fulfill our mission which is to preach the gospel of jesus christ and to meet human needs in his name
2:49 pm
without discrimination. now, tyrus, this a approach to race is driven largely by ibram kendi and his ideas. your thoughts on the need for this kind of guide and the fallout that's ensued. >> well, i don't know about you, but i'm always excited to break out my salvation army guide of the year. [laughter] to be frankly honest, i didn't know they had one. >> beneath. >> my advice is either tread real carefully dancing with wokism because that word salvation might be in trouble because it might suggest that you need to make a change or you kid something wrong in the past, and that clearly is not on the woke agenda. so be real careful or dr. seuss' new book will be changed how the woke stole christmas, and it started with the salvation army. watch your six, salvation. that's my free advice. merry christmas. >> the the salvation army suggests that white americans should, quote, stop trying to be
2:50 pm
color blind. your reaction. >> you know, raymond, one reaction is that this whole story is so absurd. when i got out of college and i had no money and i had to pay back all my student loans, i shopped at the salvation army for a number of things because i couldn't aboard other things, and now as an adult, i like to donate to the salvation army. i thought that was their mission, the help serve the needy and underprivileged. so i'm not sure why they're talking about race. and, by the way, as far as being color blind, i have an 8-year-old daughter, she is completely color blind with her friends. i really see that. so i would like the salvation army to take a note from my 8-year-old daughter and, yes, being color blind, i think, is a good thing. >> lara, this is an organization that's impelled by faith, provides help to the neediest among us regardless of color or race or creed. does this emphasis on race hurt
2:51 pm
those efforts? >> well, i think it hurts them overall, and i think ultimately it will hurt those efforts. nobody wants to be told that they're a bad person, no one wants to be told that however they look is a problem. the idea that they even had to immerse themselves in this discussion is crazy. and everyone has said that and everyone that has herald this story just doesn't understand it. there's obviously some woke person over there at the salvation army that said this is a great idea, and it's sad because this is the time of year that we all see the people out ringing the bells for the salvation army. you want to donate to them, but instead of associating them with doing good, now everyone is going to associate them with wokeness and crazy idea that they're trying to push on people. i just don't understand. i think so many people don't understand why they even had to get, to wade into these waters. it's always dangerous. and you know what my father-in-law says, everything woke turns to -- i'll say the
2:52 pm
word -- garbage. let's not let the salvation army go down the same path, hopefully. >> nice of you to keep it family-friendly, lara. i agree with tyrus, by the way, and you that i don't know why they felt the need to broadcast in this guide that was meant for their own members. and i have no problem with self-examination and contrition for the sin of racism, but conversation should be put in religious terms. particularly by the salvation army. we're firstly children of god, each uniquely fashioned with special gifts. but to fixate on the externals, it misses the soul. and as tyrus was mentioning, that's what salvation is all about. i don't know what, why they're even wading into this water. the virtue signaling is a bad look particularly at the most important season of their year. stick around, big saturday flops are next. ♪ pleasure muck pleasure. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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welcome back to the big saturday show, it is time for the big saturday waft from our big for the biggest veils of the week. my big favorite part of the week is a surprise bronco during amazing thanksgiving day parade
2:57 pm
between president biden's phallic stage. >> with your message to the american folks on the thanksgiving day? >> after two years, there's nothing we are unable to overcome okay, first of all, no one thought i was a surprise, it looked totally hand and i can only imagine how many white house staff are supposed to pull off that phone call. for present biden to say the message that america is back with 30 year high inflation, gas prices through the roof, covid still a problem, now a new. , it seems a little insensitive and makes the president look a little out of touch. >> my big flop is clearly plans on renovation of the burned notre dame cathedral released, they intend to replace the concession at classics alters with multimedia displays of lights, sounds and words to political emotional space of six critics, politically correct this event, stewardess
2:58 pm
parentheses notre dame or architectural plan reach to toward internal. don't try to fling epcot center to notre dame. if you renovation is capable of storing personal eight centuries later, let's see it. otherwise, we've eight centuries as it is. i got to at this, a member spider christmas book tour, i'll be at the villages next weekend, see you there. >> i have no flaps but i have some slams. december 4 on fight tv, i'm going to be defending my world televisions championships nwa part-time and america, we know it the hard times are about so i will put a smile on their faces, don't miss it. you can get tickets still at enough said. >> i like that, all right. [laughter] >> we are always down price
2:59 pm
lamps so thank you so much. the white house is planning surging fuel costs as we know have been out of control by tapping into oil reserves and releasing 50 million barrels but biden's energy secretary has no idea how much oil americans even years. >> how many barrels of oil is the u.s. consumer a day? >> i will have a number. >> he doesn't have the number in front of her, doesn't even know the number. i think the problem -- these people don't even know what they are doing in the white house very clearly. we are tapping into this strategic petroleum reserve, reserved for wartime, natural disasters not because joe biden decided to make a political decision for us today and office, it's easy to bring gas prices lower, reopen the pipeline, we could do it easily, joe biden.
3:00 pm
>> lower gas prices would be a great christmas present for all of us. all right, that doesn't for us, we are going to see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ jon: the list covers. sparks look like concerned as scientists race to learn more about this transmissible strain. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report for michael. the variant was first detected in south africa already showing up in several other countries including the uk which so far reported two cases. there are reports of cases in italy and germany and israel


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