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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 27, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> lower gas prices would be a great christmas present for all of us. all right, that doesn't for us, we are going to see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ jon: the list covers. sparks look like concerned as scientists race to learn more about this transmissible strain. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report for michael. the variant was first detected in south africa already showing up in several other countries including the uk which so far reported two cases. there are reports of cases in italy and germany and israel as
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it will close its borders to all foreign nationals for the next two weeks. the cdc says the variant has not been detected in the u.s. medical experts said it could already be here. the u.s. will restrict travel from south africa and seven other african nations starting monday. officials are advising americans not to travel to those countries amid news of the strain present biden surging americans to get vaccinated if they haven't yet emphasized those eligible should get a booster shot. we have boxing team coverage white house correspondent jackie heimlich is present crackling with the present in massachusetts but we begin with jonathan live in atlanta, home for the centers for disease control. >> good evening. kathy hopeful sign an executive order postponing electric surgeries at hospitals in new york state with limited bed capacity. she did this in anticipation of a potential surge of covid-19 patients. executive order takes effect
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december 3 and january 15, state officials will evaluate whether it needs to go on longer. she said in a statement we continue to see warning signs of this with upcoming winter. the new variant has yet to be detected in new york state, it's coming. first identified in south africa, the variant has new mutations in its spike protein, the part of the virus that penetrates human cells. >> so you would predict looking at the mutations identified that likely will be more transmissible and it seems to strip rapidly even though it's relatively small, its ability to affect people to recover and even people vaccinated may say this is something you've got to pay close attention to.
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>> to protect yourself against the, the cdc recommends the same strategies we used to protect ourselves against earlier versions of the coronavirus. physical distancing and wearing masks in public indoor settings especially in communities with high transmission rates. health experts also recommend vaccination and boosters for those eligible. >> the new antiviral drugs coming out for sure be able to combat this variant because of the way they are designed. i think the vaccines will work but will they work less less@moderna is out there creating a booster. >> in addition to a new booster targeting this, maternal is testing the ability of its current covid vaccine this the new variance. it's also looking at whether an increase dose of existing booster shots offer more protection. jon: thank you.
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president biden responding to the emergency of this variant announcing a travel ban on eight countries and so africa. researchers trying to determine how dangerous the new constraint is, surging americans to get vaccinated and get boosters. nantucket massachusetts where the president is spending the holiday weekend. >> news of the variant cleansing and the president said she wasn't concerned or surprised, adding that's what typically happens when covid is on the rise but encouraged americans to get vaccinated and if they've had their vaccine, kat booster shot think there's a lot we don't know about the new variant. >> every american should be responsible for getting vaccinated. number two, everyone eligible to for booster shot should get there booster shot.
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that's the minimum everyone should be doing. we've always talked about -- i think it's a patriotic responsibility. >> the president made the decision to shut down travel from south africa and seven other countries out of abundance of caution after u.s. health officials about half past the variant is spreading and whether vaccines are effective against it. restrictions were announced quickly but they don't take effect until monday and some medical experts save they could lessen their benefit. white house officials that the president was brief today from nantucket where he's spending thanksgiving. he was seen on camera walking around clothing shops downtown with his mask down in a store that requires face coverings. the development surrounding the variant are taking the spotlight off of holiday sales especially department a record price despite high inflation but the president tried to call concerned about high gas prices tweeting this week we launched a
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major effort to moderate the price of oil and its reach in your corner gas station, it will take time but you should see the price of gas dropped you fill up your tank. 50 million barrels of oil released in the nations stockpile last week, critics said there might not be much of an impact the ftc is investigating potential price gouging. the president said despite wholesale prices of gas probably the last few weeks, it's remaining the same and companies, he's calling unacceptable and one thing he's working to address. jon: thank you. fisher joins us now, certified in internal medicine. doctor fisher, we hear this variant is very contagious but maybe not as debilitating as
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other forms of the virus? >> it seems like it is more transmissible on over 30 mutations on the spike protein but we don't know for sure so we have to be careful about making conclusions. we are definitely concerned, we have heightened awareness. we need to be proactive to at least mitigate the search. jon: the cdc is saying no cases identified in the u.s. yet but given the interconnectedness of this globe we are sharing, would you be surprised if we don't see another case in the next day or two? >> i'm sure we will say cases. there cases here and there so we don't have confirmed cases yet but here in the u.s. we also don't have the best test is to see what kind of various we have. israel, belgium, germany, italy in a case like today in south
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africa and atlanta and new jersey, we need to be careful right now and be proactive and act as if we are to have it. jon: the president is think people not vaccinated should get the vaccinations. those eligible for boosters should get them, is that the best course of action your view? >> absolutely, best course of action and the only containment strategy proven to work the best even if there are mutations, knowing you have antibodies in some immunity from the vaccine that's been proven to work against the delta variant, that would put you in a better position if you're vaccinated and have a booster if eligible as opposed to being out there with poor immunity unvaccinated, i agree. jon: let me read from a statement moderna about the testing it has underway,
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recently described variance including the delta variant believed to increase transmissibility and mutations in the delta variant believed to promote immunity from a booster dose of an authorized vaccine represents the only currently available strategy for boosting waning immunity, as i suggest the shots people started getting in the spring are starting to fail already? >> we do believe they are starting to wane but all the vaccines all of our lives, measles, mumps, rubella, many vaccines do require this, it's just part of the vaccine climate so i do believe it is likely over time evidence supports vaccinations will way and they are recommended. of people are frightened, i want
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everybody concerned but not to panic. just a different set but we know what to do now. we are in a better position now than at the beginning of the pandemic. we are already testing against three forces of the variant. i think within 100 days they are ready. i want people to be frightened but definitely take it seriously. when a mask endorsed and people unvaccinated from dumping shoulder to shoulder at events or in crowded places. >> let's look at the numbers, the percentage of the u.s. population has been fully vaccinated, right now 59.1% and if you factor in those over the age of 18, it goes up to almost 71%. the percentage of the population eligible for boosters that has received a, about 19.1% and that
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number grows up to 20.5 when you factor in those over the age of 18. looking at the numbers as a physician, what you say? are the numbers good, are they lackluster, how would you characterize that kind of vaccination rate? >> i hate to be unappreciative that i will tell you when i first read and saw the research how safe the vaccines are really, i was thrilled and thought everyone would run out and get them. i am disappointed we haven't reached those numbers however, i am happy we have the numbers we have we are still other encouraging people and educating people. five to 11 are now eligible in percentage of people vaccinated in the past couple weeks, i am hoping for those whose eyes have not been open, the new variant will open their eyes and they were get vaccinated especially
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during the holidays and maintain safe behavior. jon: for about the drugs coming out like a pill that could prevent covid, is going to encourage people maybe those hesitant to get a job might be willing to take the pill? >> the thing about the pill, they don't prevent infection, they are great if you've already been infected especially if you catch symptoms early on, you know the work pill according to the data to reduce hospitalization and by 50% and even pfizer has a drug coming out that may reduce hospitalizations and death mark but they do not prevent infection. the vaccinations are the most effective tool we have to prevent covid infections. jon: once again, he would say get the shot. >> that is what i am saying.
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jon: doctor, good to talk to you. coming up, black friday chaos. more flash mob style burglaries and robberies in california. security guard killed in the crossfire. how police are responding now. ♪♪
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comcast business. powering possibilities. so many people are overweight now, and asking themselves, "why can't i lose weight?" for most, the reason is insulin resistance, and they don't even know they have it. conventional starvation diets don't address insulin resistance. that's why they don't work. now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. retail stores under siege in california from looters as a state grapples with a waiver of smash and grab robberies. the latest in a los angeles area home depot black friday with thieves stealing hammers,
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crowbars and other tools police say are likely to be used in future signs. use, project update on a robbery in oklahoma. christina coleman is live with more about. >> the aftermath of one of the crimes in oakland is now a homicide investigation. today they learned security guard shot protecting a newsgroup during a robbery wednesday has died. police identified him kevin -- a retired san jose police officer, officers described him as brave, kind and dedicated, survived by his wife, two kids and three grandchildren. police are still searching for the suspect in the case, we released a video of a vehicle they believed there was used during the attempted robbery helping it could lead to an arrest. his death comes after a week of smash and grab robberies up and down the state. in socal black friday, a group of about 15 to 20 suspects
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stormed a home depot store and make would crowbars, sledgehammers before jumping see getaway vehicles. the worry of what the stolen tools are going to be used for. a bodega store near beverly hills was hit by a group of robbers yesterday from hari shoppers say they now worry about their safety. >> we used to go every christmas and go skating and see puppies in the window, i don't want to go now. it frightens me seen the news. >> los angeles area robbers have been targeting nordstrom stores and pharmacies among other places. critics say california saw crime leading to the search and organized retail crimes. >> i think the other thing going on as we see a lot of prosecutors who don't necessarily make sensible decisions. when the people whose perspective of the law, they don't bear punishment, this is what you see so i think all politicians need to make sure we have prosecutors to take on
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these crimes seriously should next only a handful of suspects have been arrested in connection, smash and grab robberies we are seeing early on in the holiday season all across the state. jon: 's unbelievable. thank you. a second new york city police officer wounded in a shootout with the suspect on thanksgiving eve, released from the hospital yesterday. [applause] 31-year-old robert greeted by cheers and salutes from fellow officers including his partner alejandro jacobs, she was discharged from the hospital on thanksgiving. suspect fire not to officers wednesday night after they asked him to take his hands out of his pocket. police say he has a long criminal history now in the hospital with sleeves of his
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own. as air travel returns to its pre-pandemic levels, tsa report an alarming number of passengers trying to bring loaded guns through security checkpoints. alexandria has a details from washington. >> it's not illegal to fly with a firearm but there are specifics travelers need to abide by. a gun definitely can't be in a carry-on it should never be loaded. tsa reports a 20 year high and weapons confiscated. last saturday, holiday travelers scrambled the jackson airport but a passenger pulled aside for secondary screening of the carry-on longed for the loaded gun. three people injured the man is still at large. amid the holiday rush tuesday, tsa boise's airport in idaho found to loaded guns. the 32nd gun in the year was nonplussed six forwards and one in the chamber's thanksgiving day tsa new england posted this
3:22 pm
week noting agents discovered the loaded gun containing five rounds inside of a woman's carry-on bag. sixteen firearms detected at the airport so far this year. this is happening all around the country and taxing an already covid strained industry. passengers need to know the policies before heading to the airport. >> if you're traveling with items in carry-on luggage like self-defense items, knives, tools over 7 inches, we see them all the time. they belong in your checked baggage. >> 80% of the guns say signs are loaded as santos jackson airport has confiscated the most firearms in any airport with just a month more than 4150. jon: thank you. disney is looking to shake for streaming market by investing more into its content competitor netflix. $33 billion investment disney
3:23 pm
hopes to lure in subscribers with officers of its most popular franchises including things like star wars, marvel universe and all of the disney classics. it might be small business satellite that mom and pop stores are struggling is holiday season with rising inflation's supply chain issues. we'll talk about it on the house budget committee, jason smith is a has settlement
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i am drawn to scotland's business fox report. if you're just joining us, here's a look at our top grades. three people dead and four others wounded after shooting inside nashville apartment last night. no signs of forced entry and officers recovered two guns from the scene. for injured victims are expected to survive. 11-year-old girl injured in the christmas parade attack last weekend reportedly clinging to life on a ventilator. she suffered several broken bones injury to her kidney according to the new york post. six people have died as a result of the massacre so far. midwest innocence project raise more than $1 million man who spent 43 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. a judge least 62-year-old kevin tuesday after he was wrongfully
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of the motorcyclist placed in 1979, on the displacement, boxes kat are close on your screen or fox >> moms and dads are worried asking if there were the holiday will to get christmas presents to the consent conflict if so, where they cross the lake? i told you before you're going to take action on these problems and that's exactly what we are doing. jon: president biden earlier this week talking up new action to stop inflation as the busy holiday shopping season begins. polls show americans are feeling the pain and putting the blame on the president. a new poll finds the president's approval rating at just 42% with less than half of independents and 3% of republicans approving
3:30 pm
of his job performance. now, with american protestant jason smith, racing's number of the house budget committee and member of the house means committee. how would you rate the job the president is doing responding to inflation? >> if you can get a grade worse than an f from afar/s joe biden's. he clearly does the opposite of what's necessary the answer to addressing inflation trying to pass another $5 trillion spending package, there was the last thing last week in congress. right now americans are think the highest prices latest experience the highest thanksgiving i've ever experienced in history. christmas right now with supply chain prices, energy crisis, all at the hands of joe biden so i would give him a below f.
3:31 pm
jon: the president because there are elements in the build back that is built proposed he says are going to solve inflation for many of universal pre-k and etc. how do you respond to that? >> it's a joke. the bill does three things from bankruptcy to chronic, $5 trillion right now the last thing you need to do is form a government spending on the inflation it benefits the wealthy. if you are a family makes $45000 a year is very muscular tax rate of $20 and without direction but if you make 4 million in the city get 25900 under the plan and it filled the washington machine and adds more than 150
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different new federal programs just transmitted over the lives of working-class americans from that is the wrong plan for america we want mclean npr full of the top economic concerns voters have right now inflation is up on top, 39%. wages at 17%. labor shortages 11% unemployment 10%. housing costs and gas prices gas prices could be related to inflation, you have to remember when a president, richard nixon tried to stop inflation by instituting wage and price freeze, that didn't work. don't think the presidents proposals this time are going to work either? >> since joe biden has become president january 20, inflation has gone up more than 7.4% from assess the highest in four decades.
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that means americans are paying more for prices at the supermarket and when i talk to people traveling across very, they care about the prices at the supermarket, not the prices have the stock market. i hope president biden will understand the effects inflation is unreal americans. there wages are decreased according to the congressional budget office, wages are decreased because of skyrocketing inflation. wage increase doesn't even keep up with normal inflation they are experiencing right now this is a serious council of economic advisors things are looking pretty good. >> we have a very strong ongoing economic recovery we see the job market, and paychecks in consumer demand. i mentioned earlier talking about energy must partly the policy out of the white house.
3:34 pm
jon: how he answers him? select advisors around the president are all wrong. for example, the white house chief of staff said inflation was a high-class problem. he talked to anyone who purchased the turkey on thanksgiving, skyrocketing price of the thanksgiving dinner with high-class problem, they are out of touch with reality. supposed surrounding president biden get it. they are in this place normal americans aren't in it such a disappointment. jon: then there are a number of people as to the country illegally, they are going to have to get jobs, to take anything they can get from low-wage jobs and competing with
3:35 pm
american workers for the job some of right the what happens to the people were u.s. citizens down at the lower rungs of the economic ladder, what happens to them when they start competing with them about work? >> exactly. 1.4 million illegals across the southern border, joe biden took over as president and when the illegals enter into the country illegally, what does it do? it drives down the wages, working-class americans just trying to make it so that will only lower their wages where they have less money to put food on the table" on the back and gas in their cars, unacceptable but these are the policies of a joe biden america. jon: it does seemed like the vice president who's been charged with fixing the border would want to pay some attention. jason smith, thank you.
3:36 pm
developing situation in eastern europe where tensions are nearing a boiling place where ukraine and russia, growing concern among the u.s. we don't pursue two sides could be dragged into a conflict. here's the latest from london. >> the u.s. can't say they are concerned about a significant/and military buildup in recent weeks, a noticeable increase troops and heavy weaponry in areas bordering territory in eastern ukraine. sessions intentions clear. he planning president claims who is in the planning but no evidence to back to the hospital he has your propaganda and says on their own territory normal but please remember when russia forcibly annexed slimy us from few claim in 2014.
3:37 pm
the community responded with to prevented levels and particle defense ukraine promotes ongoing conflict with the ukrainian clinic. cost 14005 great despite these fire, recent monitoring reports rising pension and repeated violations of the field. the rest the ukraine and military with equipment training but stopped short of direct involvement. nato said is monitoring the situation but secretary blinken for the attorney for it next week to discuss tensions in ukraine. jon: thank you. now some stories from around the globe. in iran, top officials as the nation is looking to pump out more oil than before, tensions were tightened during the trump administration. talks for the nuclear deal with that country will resume next
3:38 pm
week. in spain, thousands of police officers and madrid protesting reforms to a security law, changes to what's known as like a clock would include limiting police use of harmful materials while responding to unreleased protests. in the united kingdom, two men died after a winter storm brought strong winds with gusts up to 100,000 our. tens of thousands were left without power. in japan, i minister pledging to consider all options to create a stronger defense force to protect against growing threats from china and north korea. a team of archaeologists stated as governor mommy estimated to be at least 800 years old on the outskirts. the money found inside underground structure including ceramics and stone tools. in france, josephine baker will receive one of the country's
3:39 pm
highest civilian honors x week as the first black woman to be buried in paris. french resistance during world war ii the same as a product is five on them. that's a look at stories from around the globe. just in time for the holidays, emotional reunion of a father and son after the taliban take over that front top musical talent. that's next. ♪♪
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some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. a payment afghan musician reuniting with his family in america threats from a tolerant person to go into hiding in his own country. he escaped afghanistan with the help of fox news. brian sat down with him and one of his guns to share their
3:44 pm
story. >> 24-year-old on embracing his brother in new york city for the first time since they last saw each other in afghanistan in 2016. >> i was really excited to see my son after five years. >> for me was unbelievable. i couldn't believe i was hugging him. >> a long journey for him. he arrived in the u.s. in october as a refugee two months after fleeing afghanistan. ♪♪ >> he's one of afghanistan's most famous musicians known for singing it's afghan poetry. he is a judge on us new compositions show afghan. >> usr? >> he's pretty famous i would say even when the taliban illegal to place music in the
3:45 pm
90s, place on. >> basically played music with windows and doors shut, very private let's afghanistan music. >> when the taliban reached control of afghanistan in august, his name made him a target. days after the fall of kabul, thailand left a note on his case threatening him to stop playing music. >> it was shocking for him he was surprised, he can focus on the music anymore. >> he went into hiding. >> did you believe the taliban would failure? >> maybe. >> i racked my brain trying to think how we could help them. >> the coo of the juilliard school in 2015 she helped his renowned to help
3:46 pm
them against. >> he contacted fox corporation for help. >> was invited to join a group of journalism on flight box had. >> it's important so you say incredible. >> he traveled with his daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren the airport problem. >> it was a lot. ♪♪ >> today after being reunited, he watched his son perform at a fundraiser for afghan refugees in new york's. >> we hope to share our music/dance culture and place the music. i can't wait to see their feelings and preconception
3:47 pm
change immediately after meeting us. ♪♪ >> he sings with love and that's part of him. he don't always have messages, it's about country and above coming together, religious tolerance. >> when you listen to your father seen, what you think? >> sometimes it gives me chills. >> it's my love. music is my love. >> is especially grateful to u.s. veterans, his message to them is don't lose hope must don't think you did nothing. he says thanks to u.s. troops from his family and afghan music have hope for a better future. jon: a bit of good news. thank you. the shakespeare of musical theater, one of seems stevens
3:48 pm
collaborators called him after his passing. we will take a look back next, a composer elevated art form in musical from one side story, sweeney todd.
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♪♪ but where are the clouds ♪ ♪. jon: stephen, wrote that song in the father of the modern musical send in the ground, he died yesterday. he learned the craft from his childhood neighbor oscars, a lyricist behind rockley classics such as fantasies of an of it before he was 30, he wrote the lyrics classic musicals, westside story and gypsy. the next several decades, he would venture on his own right music and lyrics for critically acclaimed shows like company, sweeney todd into the woods. some of the shows are still running on broadway. several of his shows were adapted for the screen including a new version of westside story will be released next month.
3:53 pm
he won an academy award, eight tonys, pulitzer prize and received the presidential medal of freedom. also one of three musical composers to have a broadway theater name in honor. plans fans love flowers interview of him. he was 91 years old. ♪♪
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♪♪ has covid rages on, many americans spent thanksgiving seeing labyrinth haven't seen in nearly two years but is extra special army it specialist shanice smith, she decided to surprise her mother and grandmother thursday morning after spending her past two years overseas in kuwait. toxic. connecticut take the monthly emotional reunion. >> we are surprising grandma. >> my grandma she will be very excited. [laughter] >> i wanted it to be a surprise because it's been two years now. >> i think you, amen.
3:58 pm
amen, amen amen. >> she sent me a video stating she would like something similar to someone in the army to surprise their family. >> i am proud, i am blessed and i can't describe it anymore. i am just happy. i wasn't expecting her now. [laughter] >> i was in kuwait and now i am stationed in new york. my mom said she's working at the football game so i thought it was perfect. [screaming] oh my god. [screaming] >> just surprised. i kept on asking, when you coming home, when are you coming
3:59 pm
home next i called her she sent me a message happy thanksgiving, she's working in the cafeteria i thought she was in kuwait. >> we were always doing surprises. one like this, no we have always done surprises in our family. [screaming] oh my gosh. >> nobody knew. i was nervous and this is like the first time i felt so emotional, i haven't seen any of my family in two years. i might cry, i know they are going to cry. >> i got you some balloons. >> good job, do you think mom is excited? tomorrow on fox news sunday, national institutes of health director doctor francis collins weizen on the new variant and travel restrictions to and from africa plus wyoming senator john
4:00 pm
on the upcoming battle over president biden's spending bill. fox news sunday heirs at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. that's how fox reports on this saturday november 20 on 27th, 2021. jon scott, thank you for joining us. got filled is up next ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ that filled his next. ♪ >> all right happy tuesday, everyone very recently a violen fiend has been released from jail after posting a minimum bond for punching the mother of his child and then trying to ru her over. now, you would think this guy who had outstanding warrant


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