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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 28, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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first class owen cash we will always remember you here on unfiltered thank you for your service. this incredible country. that does it for us tonight on unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday night, at 10 p.m. god bless america. and all of those who defend her. >> welcome to "watters world". thanksgiving weekend the time to count our blessings. for many americans are angry this year this holiday breaking the bank for so many and banks who are - - thanks to our incompetent leader. biden is a horrible president. and completely out of touch. americans are tired of his lies and broken promises and is showing more than ever with a record low approval of 36 percent.
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also democrats don't want him to run in 2024 of that joe is telling them he is running to calm them down. they are nervous because he keeps dropping the ball and the newspaper "washington post" says democratic strategists and officials doubt he is running in 2024. his party doesn't believe him anymore. his policies are hurting the economy. inflation at a record high. americans cannot afford gas. averaging nearly 350.on —- 300 - - $3.50 a gallon. and those are still stranded in afghanistan. covid on the rise, criminals running was on the street. endless with his stumbles and all at your expense of course. biden's loss to the american people that you already know that if you watch "watters world" and if you are watching football this weekend like most americans, and —-
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[chanting] joe biden. [chanting] joe biden. >> that is stronger than ever sentiment. also the let's go grand chant and americans are still chanting across the nation. [chanting] [chanting] [chanting] jesse: even a let's go song topping the charge some versions what number one on
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itunes. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ jesse: let's bring in curt schilling who has probably heard probably everything yelled from the stands. great to have you back on "watters world". what do you make of the chant? it is everywhere. >> they are not as many as used to be to make we say love my country but that is one of them. it is classic. in a microcosm, this is the world we live in. we know what we heard. we heard what we know. we know what they were saying is what we are feeling and then the media tries to tell us something else. and at some point for me, a lot of it is i get to a point where i get physically angry
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now because they really do think we are as stupid as they are. jesse: that's why they live with such impunity because they think they can get away with everything and i remember one person boo'd but now they cannot of cop cars and the media won't touch it. >> we laugh about it but it is tragic. it's totally tragic because trying to come up with the sports analogy because it is so easy because it's black and white un and you lose trying to introduce participation as an actual —- may have been failing horribly added but it's like playing a football game every single day for one
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year and then handing the ball off to joe biden and he fumbles every single play of every game every day. and the referee in the media has a fumble but they do it because they do with impunity. but the media is in many many ways committed suicide. jesse: they are the last ones i thank you mentioned see an end and then watching cap the pig remind. >> at first it was peppa pig rerun. >> now with peppa pig rerun. >> isn't that the truth what
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they try to tell younger people is you work in a business a multibillion-dollar business so when media and companies and subsidiaries stop doing the things they do for ratings and many, you have to be afraid of how that whole thing clearly they are not doing programming with msnbc and all the other idiots that they subject america to. that means are not worrying about revenue —- the media company worries about revenue what are they worried about quick. >> that's a great point. they start becoming actual newscasters telling people the news that is going on. now they just want to tell the narrative that is so bad for their so-called viewers they would rather watch reruns of
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peppa pig. >> you don't work for a nonprofit. fox is not nonprofit they are not nonprofit they are revenue-generating publicly held companies in many cases. they have decided they don't need to make many anymore. that should scare people. they are getting money from somewhere. jesse: it should. because i think political ideology is much more important than putting on the newscast. >> the only person worse is kamala harris the lowest approval rating and i.c.e. presidential history even cnn did a story of the total dysfunction in her office. she was supposed to be the heir apparent and the only thing that is apparent now is she cannot cut it not even president. i had the streets to ask new yorkers how much they know about our wonderful vice president.
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♪♪ >> who is this? >> vice president kamala harris. >> our lovely vice president. >> i cannot even tell you who with that. that is the mayor. >> i am confused. >> she is the governor? >> she's the mayor. >> no. she's the vice president. >> that little girl was me. jesse: what you like about kamala harris? >> nothing. >> what does she stand for quick. >> herself. >> unity, equality. jesse: what has she done to support equality? >> i don't know. [laughter]
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>> she doesn't necessarily know what the public wants and that plays out to and administration that doesn't know what they are doing. jesse: what good is she done as vice president? >> obviously not major i would have heard. jesse: what has she done for the people? >> they are doing a lot. i just cannot name anything. >> she opened up the borders. jesse: what is she doing well? >> i just feel like this administration has basically destroyed black and spanish communities. >> what has, done well? >> covering for joe biden's ass. [laughter] i'm not sure to be honest. just let me know what's going on. i'm giving them a chance.
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jesse: what do you think kamala harris is helping joe biden with quick. >> i don't think she's really helping him with anything. >> i don't even know what joe biden is actually doing. >> every day as part of our jobs that get us where we need to do. jesse: what would you advise joe biden to be doing? [laughter] >> to give people their 40 acres and a mule. >> sure they give reparations? period that's a new language. >> $1 million per year. >> $1 million. >> if you are giving advice to joe biden what would you say quick. >> , on. >> do what is best for the country as a whole.
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and then to be the laughing stock of the world. >> i am waters and this is my world that's a catchy catch line. >> i worked on it for years. >> had a nancy pelosi get so rich on a government salary? insider trading? a "watters world" investigation. next. later a "watters world" quiz thanksgiving style. what year was the first thanksgiving? >> 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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jesse: a "watters world" investigation for average americans to accumulate wealth and then destroying the dollar respect to to become are the richest members of congress. what is her secret? it appears to be her husband
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paul. after they got married he opened the real estate and venture capital firm imposter into the political world elected to congress in 1987 the couple has time the market perfectly while she has been a washington insider real estate stocks in the policies always know the right investment. since getting married have acquired a mansion in napa valley a vineyard home worth 25 million luxury acres and pelosi has a gorgeous waterfront condo in the k street region in dc worth over $2 million a multimillion dollar red brick mansion in pacific heights and at least two commercial properties in san francisco combined worth $50 million. since regaining the gavel in 2018 the policies wealth skyrocketed that year the financial disclosure report has a networkable —- a net
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worth of over 14 million then in 2019 policies assets were a whopping 271 million and in 2020 the numbers went up even more to as high as $315 million a lot of crumbs so where does the money come from? "60 minutes" basically accused paul and pelosi of insider trading. >> i want to ask you why you and your husband back in march 2008 accepted a or participated in a very large ipo deal at a time there was major legislation affecting the credit card companies making its way through the house. did you consider that to be a conflict of interest? >> i don't know what is the point of your question. is there a point you want to make? >> i guess i am asking is it okay for a guest —- a speaker
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to accept a guess a gift of a stock deal when you participated in the ipo in speaker of house you don't think there was a conflict of interest? >> if you decide you will elaborate on a false premise it's not true and that is that. >> what is it true? >> that i would act upon an investment. >> and then to target them costing them billion so they hired a team of lobbyist to descended on policy and personally met with her she got donations from them one of the advisers left and became a lobbyist themselves. get this. now suddenly policy got a phone call from the broker and was offered a prescreened invite to get in early on visa
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18 billion-dollar ipo. the nancy and her husband hesitate? >> although that would have heard the stock price and was blocked in the house pieces years making the policies a fortune on paper. nancy pelosi and her husband have a knack for taking advantage of market timing and in march paul pelosi exercise $2 million worth of microsoft options just two weeks when her daughter got a $22 billion contract with high-tech headsets. and then right before joe biden announced electric car incentives. in june, the pelosi family cashed and being time just before congress was set to pounce on big tech. mr. policy exercise options on
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the period company also that making five.$3 million. to be fair the policies have never been indicted for insider trading on —- trading but in investments and access combined with import —- fortunate timing has a lot of suspicion. we just follow the money and there is a lot of it. thanksgiving kicks off holiday travel season and it is about to get wild. southwest airlines whistleblower exposes my all five meltdowns. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ we've been waiting all year to come together.
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jesse: holiday travel season season officially kicked off with americans flying for the thanksgiving weekend. the tsa is expected to see 20 million passengers this week but just one.2 4 million expected tomorrow making it the busiest day this year and could have trouble with a huge bite of unruly passengers. air rage runs rampant with the faa there has been over 5200 reports just this year.
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jesse: it is so out of control flight attendants are now taking self-defense classes to protect themselves against
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five and passengers. southwest airlines flight attendant is with us and retired supervisory federal air marshal. urs southwest right now it seems like a southwest situations or what have you experienced or what have your colleagues experienced? what are you doing about these crazy people? >> this has changed quite a bit. but there are not many in-flight first responders. but then how to the incendiary
2:28 am
device on the aircraft to make sure it stays intact. jesse: are you trained in self-defense to deal with these violent passengers? because i would take karate. >> yes. before there have been a lot of incidents and to think there is more strength i started two years ago because and then to truly protect myself. jesse: so you are learning how to do chokehold's and had strikes all my god. i would tap out if you came after me. it's fine.
2:29 am
you are near marshall for many years. why aren't there were air marshals on the flights? or the passenger that has to get into separate violent flyers? why don't they have an air marshal on every single flight? >> thank you for having me today. that answer is pretty simple the federal air marshals service does not have the resources. our capacity to fly since 9/11 has degraded. we are down less than 50 percent of air marshals. there are no resources. recently the director testified in front of the house homeland security committee on a subcommittee to have adequate resources to help the flight attendants when they have the situations. and then to disintegrate to
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the first round of resources. jesse: so with all of the taxes that i pay that joe biden is throwing around trillions of dollars of infrastructure. and we cannot spend a couple million to put air marshals on these fights? they look like the octagon. look at this video. it is unbelievable and then they get unruly should you get involved if there is no air marshal should you try a rear naked choke? >> i suggest the first thing is try to de-escalate. try to come down the situation somebody's been physically aggressive you absolutely better believe we will put them into a chokehold and take action. they can harm you at
2:31 am
35000 feet above sea level there is no room for anything to go wrong. take action and put them on the ground. tape them up or handcuff them and do what you have to do. jesse: now you just put the fear of god into every flyer. don't mess with these ladies. thank you very much and stay safe. next, what it takes to be a leader was someone who knows a thing or two about leading a team. later the "watters world" thanksgiving quiz is a tradition.
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jesse: in america there is a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving weekend we are especially grateful for the united states military my next guest was in charge of the navy seals considered the best and most highly trained fighting force in the entire world trained to operate in sea and air and land of the most extreme conditions to become a part of the elite force to with those truly programs of all time and to
2:37 am
call this a lifetime crammed into six months those who saw the raid to call to for osama bin laden and with those motivational speeches you will sail but never give up. >> i'm fascinated with seal training spec and then go and
2:38 am
then you go for a short break in a new go and open and miles swim. >> so much time comes on —- lunch time comes and then an inflatable boat then you jog to lunch and then you get a little short break after that then the classroom with another obstacle course then a short break after that. that is just one day and if you don't screw up. [laughter] jesse: you had book make your
2:39 am
bed and then a few more copies i'm not upset about it but congratulations to you now to make your bed with the skipper that is the also tell us about the character that comes with that with everything you talked about in training. >> every morning and seal training you start off with an inspection we share a room and the instructors at the time they do uniform inspection then it has to be made to exacting standards and then to spend all my time making my bed performance into training and then being a vietnam that is that i get about why do we spend so much time making our bed?
2:40 am
and said first it is the first test of the day if you do it and take a little pride to do it it inspires you and encourage use you to do another task and another and another. it's the little things in life. if you cannot even make your bed to exacting standards how can we ever trust you to lead a complex seal mission do the little things right you will do the big things right. jesse: i love the book i will read it over the weekend and we have sound footage of doing seal training there he is. he just did some underwater. not a steel yet but it is a good start. everybody make your bed it is a great book for kids. it is the simple stuff. that is what counts. we are grateful for you and your service and a lot of the wisdom that you impart. >> dangerous tiktok trends your kids may be doing and
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to see watch what happens live. hey, it's me. plus, get holiday gifts for everyone on your list with great deals on fan favorites from today. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. jesse: cnn live is their business model that forced into a confession cnn saying
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podcast star joe brogan was infected with covid. >> the podcast host came down with covid says he has been taking the livestock the warmer ivermectin. jesse: that is fake news it is prescribed to treat intestinal problems and skin conditions usually give animal different concentrations containing different doses to treat worm infestation but that is not what he took. that then cnn claims he ate force food. horses eat carrots but he did not eat horse for. and then admitted that cnn should not have said that. >> don't you think i'll i like that is dangerous? >> and then we are going so
2:46 am
fast. is that the problem with the news network? >> they lied. they said i was taking horse the warmer. before we get to that doesn't bother you that the news network that you work for out and out lied? they outright lied about me taking horse the warmer. >> they should not have said that. >> why did they do that? >> i don't know. >> you did not ask? >> i should have asked. >> i watched a. jesse: here to react from the jesse kelly show. all of your host go around making fake medical news and you did not ask anybody? >> it was the best because i love how he tried to get out
2:47 am
of it every possible way that he starts to say things like it seems like this is going really fast i don't understand but he is still an idiot. he cannot answer basic questions. jesse: he is supposed to be a very smart doctor but the guy who says the usc fight. >> it was just too much knowledge for him he didn't know what to do with all of that. >> he knows more about medicine than the doctor at cnn and then sign j group that goes back on to say yes he is taking horse d wormer and tells a different things about the same thing two different audiences and then they wonder why we don't trust the fake news. >> you are right. it is sad because we could sit
2:48 am
here and joke about it is funny but it gets people killed. let's be honest it is a doctor he does know where brogan is saying is true he is knowledgeable about ivermectin goes on television for many and lies for a living but real people watch that and 18 medical advice to heart and then they drown in their own lung fluid we can joke but this affects people's lives. jesse: everyone wants to be a star. what do i know? those that will do anything to go viral, extreme challenges dominate tiktok people they are each other to do dumb things and recorded. heart attacks or broken bones or death resulting from the crazy trends our reporter
2:49 am
currently is here to break it down so the school breaker or challenge? >> to people stand on either side of the victim and the person jumps and then they kick out the pork is legs it is popular earlier last year a lot of kids went to the hospital two were even charged with assault. jesse: don't do a challenge we can be brought up on charges. number two the penny challenge now this could be something i would do as a teenager but it looks like you could possibly be electrocuted? >> in yes and also face charges because what you do here is plug in a charger to an outlet and drop a penny and a spark into teenagers in massachusetts were charged with arson for doing this after school. >> imagine that phone call. jesse: number three is the
2:50 am
corncob challenge. >> you for the corncob on a drill and turn it on it is a life hack and he chipped his tooth if you are single you automatically be time and datable because corn will fly out of your mouth. [laughter] jesse: unless you are a hockey player this distancing that dangerous. >> but the guy from the bread basket? >> you drop the basketball they can't be that hard i think i could do this one. >> that we don't endorse that. >> carley shimkus endorses this. >> but the fullface wax?
2:51 am
>> whoever you go to who puts wax all over your face and aggressively rips it off so i guess that's in place shaving. jesse: i never have to shave again? >> know the hair will grow back there is no reason to do this unless you don't want to breathe for a few minutes. jesse: this is not a guy and blackface but it is wax on his face i just want to clarify. the dry scooping challenge people are eating the powder. >> pre- workout powder i didn't know it was a thing but i guess it's high in caffeine coming in powder form you can put in a water bottle teenagers put it directly into their mouth is high in caffeine so if you have an undiagnosed heart condition it could be bad which there is a
2:52 am
20 euros woman who said she had a heart attack. [laughter] apparently she is a stripper nothing to do with the story by thought you would appreciate that. >> she is okay. think god. >> there she is currently does not endorse any of them. >> send the bill my way stick up next a "watters world" thanksgiving quiz. ♪♪ ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin? for softer clothes that are gentle on your skin, try downy free & gentle downy will soften your clothes without dyes or perfumes. the towel washed with downy is softer, and gentler on your skin. try downy free & gentle. [engine humming]
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jesse: thanksgiving is about traditions for a lot of families. turkey and stuffing and football and the "watters world" quiz is a time honored
2:57 am
tradition. enjoy around what year was the first thanksgiving? >> 1492 columbus sailed the ocean blue. >> 1860. >> 1487. >> 16 hundreds. fifteen hundreds. >> high-five. >> to eight together for thanksgiving? to make is official that makes people at done? if they come to our country so the pilgrims dined with the americans. >> yes. the american people. >> yes? jesse: what country did the pilgrims come from? >> it has been a long time. [laughter] >> europe.
2:58 am
jesse: europe is not a country. >> sweden. >> italy. spain. somewhere around there. >> is real. the pilgrims are not jewish. [laughter] >> what country did they come from? south america? >> asia? [laughter] jesse: how did the pilgrims get here? >> boats. >> what is the name? >> limit. >> rock? plymouth? >> santa maria. >> the mayflower. jesse: why did the pilgrims come from england? >> to explore the west. >> to expand their empire. >> new land. cole. >> they worked for the united
2:59 am
kingdom escaping religious persecution. jesse: what was on the menu? >> perhaps some sort of local vegetable. maybe meat or turkey? i don't know. buffalo? check-in? i have no idea. >> wild turkey like the drink? period maybe that would have made the dinner a lot better. >> it's hard to say. >> turkey. >> hushpuppies boiled and fried. jesse: how do they fry that? when i got here where did they land back. >> virginia. >> new york. >> i have no idea. >> plymouth rock. jesse: yes. where is that? >> massachusetts. jesse: you are incredible. do you know who i am? >> who are you? jesse: i am waters and this is my world.
3:00 am
that is all for tonight be sure to follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter justice with the judge jeanine is next. i am waters and this is my world. ♪♪ ♪♪


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