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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  November 28, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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workers. that is it for today. chris will be back next week live from the reagan national defense forum at the reagan library in simi valley california. that is next "fox news sunday". in the meantime i am trace gallagher, have a great thanksgiving we can. ♪ onments, 40% off. >> happy sunday. go to church, everybody. ♪ jason: good sunday morning, everyone. straight ahead the world health organization sounding the alarm over a new covid-19 variant, first detected in south africa prompting president biden's issue of a travel ban for eight countries and southern africa starting tomorrow. in new york, the governor declared a state of emergency, saying while the new variant has yet to be detected in the empire state, it's coming. all this comes as florida is
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reporting the lowest amount of covid cases per capita in the nation after a governor ron de santis is slammed by critics for his handling of the pandemic. coming up, south carolina congresswoman nancy mace on the new variant and her bipartisan thanksgiving trip to taiwan that angered china. then, xi jinping and vladimir putin are moving ahead on closer military ties between china and russia. to counter what they say is u.s. aggression in the asia pacific region, retired lieutenant general keith kellogg is here on how the u.s. should counter china's global ambitions. plus, the humanitarian crisis continues at the southern border as the biden administration is poised to restart the trump era remain in mexico policy as soon as this week. this comes as the cartels are producing a record amount of fentanyl that is flooding the u.s. with deadly results. new york congressman john katko,
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the ranking member on the house homeland security committee, joins us on the impact biden's border policy is having on communities across the nation. with an upset victory in virginia, republicans are looking to keep the momentum going into the 2022 midterms as they seek to take back control of congress from chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. minnesota congressman tom emmer, chairman of the republican national committee on biden's approval rating and the lessons the gop can win from glenn youngkin's win, all that and more as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. ♪ jason: the u.s. issuing travel restrictions on eight african nations over the new omicron covid-19 variant first detected in southern africa. president biden with a statement
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saying this pandemic will not end until we have global vaccinations. the united states has already donated more vaccines to other countries than every other country combined. it is time for other countries match america's speed and generosity. joining us now is south carolina republican congresswoman, nancy mace. congresswoman, welcome to sunday morning futures. appreciate it. >> thank you. good morning, jason, thanks for having me on. jason: what president trump tried to put in a travel ban he was widely criticized, saying it was all these different phobias and it wouldn't work. now that joe biden is doing it as president, is that the right public policy and will it make a difference? >> right, the crazy part is when president trump did this he was labeled as racist but when president biden does it it's seemingly entirely okay. that is the problem with politics and a lot of the mainstream media coverage today, on social media, they don't
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treat republicans and democrats equalitily. it is -- equally. it is sound policy. we don't know a lot of about omicron. we know it can transfer over person to person whether vaccinated or not worse than delta variability. i would like to see more data. i think it would be important to making policy decisions related to travel. it is the right decision right now. the policy is the same, they should be treated equally and that's the problem with politics in this country today, they're not. jason: well, but leting look at florida versus michigan. florida has some of the best covid transmission rates, all of it is bad but certainly what governor de santis is doing was widely panned but he's having the most success right now. >> he absolutely is. and one of the things the cdc has not done and no policy maker at a federal level has done so far has taken into account what natural immunity does. that may be what we're seeing in florida today. in some studies i've read, national immunity gives you 27
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times more protection against future covid infection than a vaccination. we need to take i'll all of the science into -- take all of the science into account. we're seeing i believe govern de santis is seeing the fruit of that labor today. jason: yeah, i think there is a great deal of frustration that the policy comes and then they go scramble to try to find the science. let me transition. you just got off an a air a plain from -- you were overseas, bipartisan group, members of congress were overseas and you went to taiwan was one of your stops on your trip. tell us about what happened there and how much did china really push back in your going to taiwan? >> it was sort of crazy. we were in korea at the time, in japan, serving thanksgiving to our troops, many of our troops during covid couldn't get back home over the last two years, couldn't have family travel to see them. that was the major intent of the
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program. at the end of the trip we decided to go to taiwan and before we even stepped foot on a plane to taiwan, it was the chinese embassy pushing back very strongly against every member on that trip, demanding that we don't visit taiwan. and of course i don't get permission from china or communist china to do anything and so we ignored their demands and we went to taiwan anyway and because this was a buy part a san trip, we had an opportunity to meet with the minister of foreign affairs, the president of taiwan and others within their government structure and we did an innovation tour to see the technology that's going on and taiwan really is and can be a beacon of hope for every country that respects and wants to protect freedom and democracy around the world. it was china that flew eight planes across the air international defense zone during our development they're the -- during our visit. they're the ones showing aggression. why the united states and other
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countries continue to turn the other cheek to china because our phones and i-phones cost so much less because they were manufactured over there, but we we allow them to be aggressive to friends, partners and allies around the world is beyond me and i come back stronger with that feeling today than ever before. jason: do you really believe the united states would actually step up and protect taiwan? we say that, but we're not even protecting our own borders. what makes you think that the united states would protect taiwan's borders? >> well, we're going to have to. i mean, when we look at the indo-pacific region and see the aggression by china and now you're seeing strength in their military with partnership with russia and you have north korea, south korea, japan, taiwan n want to protect their democracies and economies. economies are strong because they're free. we have seen what china did to hong kong and the back lash there. we're going to have to and i think we have to get more serious about our policy to be
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-- to push back on china when they do get aggressive. i don't and we should not listen to china's demands when it comes to this because we know with their aggression, what they're trying to do is eventually take over taiwan. i think if taiwan goes, then other countries will be vulnerable. look at the humanitarian crisis in china, what they've done to the uyghurs. there are other ways besides militarily that we should look at via the economy and the kind of business we do in china to hold them accountable and keep them from going to wash with any country in -- war with any country in the asia pacific region. it's bad for countries there and eventually it will harm the united states of america and allies abroad. jason: but i don't see the biden administration doing anything to push back on china and it will be interesting to see if they actually do. but no evidence of that yet and no evidence that certainly with russia. we've been giving them things. i've got to transition. i want to talk about the build back better.
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because when we get to monday, that's when congress is going to want to talk about chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. but let's listen to kevin mccarthy who was on the program last week and his viewpoints on this. >> with one party rule in one year this big government socialism isn't working. it's not working when we have the highest inflation in 31 years. if you listen to the ways and means chairman, he praised and he said we need to build up bigger bureaucracy. that's what this bill is about. jason: congresswoman, what do you think is going to happen? look, if they had the votes they would have already voted but they don't have the vote. there's bipartisan opposition to this. but can republicans actually win the discussion about policy or are they going to lose out to schumer and pelosi who are just determined to make this happen? >> at the end of the day, it's solely going to be up to senator joe manchin and senator chris
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chris. i think the more you -- kyrsten sinema. the more you dig into bill back better, the worse it is in terms of spending. there's something called build back better going on around the world and this is a about social spending, providing social safety nets and paying people. one of the reasons that inflation is going to get significantly worse is because of the greater spending we have through build back better and through other covid-19 relief programs, spending we've done in the past. taxes will go up. that will affect inflation. i believe until republicans are in the majority in 2022 and i believe that will happen, it will be significant, we will win at least two dozen seats or more. it will be incumbent upon us to try to reverse some of the policies that will be created. that will be difficult to do if it goes through. thank god for senator manchin and senator sinema at this point. they may be the last line of defense on this thing and we've got to give them the support and continue to show why this spending is so bad and it's one
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of the reasons the supply chain and things are running out at the grocery store because of all this spending and paying people not to work. you see for hire signs in every single business and the cost of hot wings to hot dogs and gas, everything is going up. jason: yeah. one last question here. we've only got a few seconds left. one of the policies democrats are trying to push is this massive surge in the irs. i thought of we learned a lesson after lois learner but i guess not. $80 billion or so to beef up the irs, 80 plus thousand agents out there doing more than 1.2 million additional audits. how do you push back on that? what do you tell the american people about that? very quickly. >> well, it's wrong. $80 billion for 89,000 new agents to spy on our bank accounts. this isn't america. this has been tried in socialist countries elsewhere. it doesn't work. the fact that we're going to continue to do this rather than reform tax policy to make it more friendly and easier to use,
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either a flat tax or consumption tax, we'll hire new agents to spy on bank accounts. it's unamerican. it's wrong. again, republicans have a lot to run on next year but the problem is going to be you how do we reverse a bad policy if it goes through an gets passed. which is why we need pushback from senator manchin and senator sinema on all of these things. jason: congresswoman nancy mace, fresh back after an overseas tour, thank you so much for joining us on sunday morning futures. >> thank you. jason: china and russia sign a deal to step up military cooperation along their border. why now and what does that mean to the united states and its relations with the two regional powers? retired lieutenant general keith kellogg is up next with his analysis. we'll be back in a moment.
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states as the number one super power? >> well, you're right about that. and anybody who follows what the communist chinese are doing, they are intent on global domination by the time we get to the mid-point of the century. this is their goal. and if the u.s. is not going to stand up to the communist chinese, nobody else is going to stand up to them. jason: that was tennessee senator marsha blackburn on this program last sunday with a warning about china and now the chinese minister of defense has signed an agreement with his russian counterpart to strengthen their military cooperation, pointing to the u.s. flying more bombers near their shared border. joining us now, lieutenant general keith kellogg, former national security advisor to former vice president pence, also co-chair of american first policy center for american security and fox news contributor. thank you so much for joining us here.
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what are we to make of the relationship now between russia and china, this new you agreement that they signed, is that anything we should truly be worried about? >> yeah, thank you, jason, for having me this morning. look, the agreement itself, i would say no. this is kind of like normal procedure, this is the way it kind of goes forward with those two nations working side-by-side with authoritarian leaders. it shows a complete lack of respect for the president of the united states and the united states of america and they're trolling the president of the united states. that's what this should concern everybody about. the president set patterns of decision making and how they cree act to crisis situations. the president showed what he did with afghanistan, what they did with criteria -- crimea, when he that was the situation room with president obama, look, he set a pattern of indecision or no decision at all and they're
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going to exploit that and this is one way for them to do it. they're kind of trolling the united states. that should be the biggest concern, not a defense agreement going forward. that happens all the time. what should concern americans is does this president and this administration and the national security advisor, have the will if something happens, especially if something happens with taiwan, are we going to do anything or are we going to say okay, that's going to happen and there's nothing we can do about it. that's my biggest concern. jason: well, it should be a concern. we don't even protect our own borders, let alone do they have the confidence that we're going to protect the taiwanese borders. the idea that we were flying bombers near their border as a pretext for the agreement, that's commonplace as well, isn't it. >> it is. here's the difference. when president trump was in his position out there, he would make it very clear that the defense department not to do any
12:19 pm
provocative maneuvers that would cause a reaction with the north koreans or the chinese. there was no reason to do it. when you fly the bombers that close, within 14 nautical miles of the border, it was like okay, let's not go there, there's no reason to have provocation, especially when you're trying to have stability in that part of the world. there's no reason to do it. it happens all the time. they do provocative maneuvers, we could provocative maneuvers. they signed an agreement. it doesn't mean very much. it's going to make a lot of news, nothing more than that. jason: so president xi jinping was recently quoted as saying that he is not trying to dominate in southeast asia. that's sort of laughable, isn't it at this point? >> yeah, i mean, it's beyond laughable. look, this is the same guy in the rose garden in 2015, president xi told president obama and the world that he
12:20 pm
would not militaryize the south china sea. within a year, he had militaryized the south china sea. of course he's expansionist. it is important because of the sea lanes of commerce that go through that. he is expanding his geographical reach. he's done it there. he's watching what happens with the rest of the world. he's going to push on taiwan. he's an authoritarian leader. he has a plan that goes long range, 10, 15, 20 years. he's going to be elected, i use that word very -- with a little bit of caution, for his third term. nobody has ever been given a third term as a chinese leader. he's going to get that. he's an a expansionist leader. the first place he will expand to is taiwan after this. jason: i think the olympics is going to be an interesting inflection point. you're right, the danger islands.
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don't address insulin resistance. that's why they don't work. now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. jason: the u.s. and other world leaders meeting in vienna tomorrow to resume talks with iran on restoring the 2015 nuclear deal. but some critics have low expectations, particularly after a u.n. atomic watchdog was denied access to a plant that makes equipment for tehran's nuclear program. we're back with lieutenant general keith kellogg. general, thank you for joining us. some things matter and some things matter a whole lot. iran with nuclear weapons matters a lot. this idea that we would re-enter
12:25 pm
this agreement with iran, what's a your take on that? >> it's not going to happen. the iranians know that. and we should know that as well. look, they're heading towards a breakout, jason. i think it's a matter, within a year they're going to have a breakout. when this plan was first put in place, and remember, it wasn't a treaty, it was a plan. it was going to expire in 2025 anyway and that's the reason why president trump pushed so hard to renegotiate the deal to make it a permanent deal because if you got to 2025, the chance of a breakup was very high. you made a comment a minute ago, that was a comment that director general grossy from the iea, the international atomic energy agency made, that these -- that they're heading toward a breakout, that knows they are, that they're not allowing anybody to inspect their facilities primarily at fordo which is where they're developing capabilities to develop a nuclear weapon. we talk about a breakout, that's the ability to develop a nuclear
12:26 pm
weapon in a certain amount of time out there. and they've got -- they're enriching uranium beyond what we had in 2015 which was 4 or 5%. they're at 60% enrichment of uranium. you get to 90%, you're at weapons grade enrichment. that's where they're heading to. they're going to talk and push it a little bit. we're going to find within a year there's a breakout and there's nothing we can do about it, now you've got a destabilized middle east with nuclear we pons. that's what president trump -- weapons. that's what president trump was concerned about. the team they have is the team they had with obama. two of the parties that are working the deal are the russians and chinese. they're no friends of ours. i think this is just -- there's a lot of talk. it's not going to go anywhere wand we're headed towards a breakout. jason: the israelis are friends of ours. look at this quote from a senior israeli official. israel's very concerned that the u.s. is setting the stage for what they call a less -- for less agreements. such an agreement would be just
12:27 pm
devastating to the united states. he goes on there, saying detrimental and would only benefit the iranian regime. it would be an enormous gift to iran's new radical and irgc affiliated regime. who else is going to push back on this other than the u.s. and israelis? >> no one. no one out there is going to do it at all, not anybody doing the negotiations. look, people need to remember that iran is considered a state sponsor of terrorism. that was from our department of state, one of four countries that were designated. when the prime minister was here from israel, when he talked to -- when he was talking to president biden, i'm sure that issue came up on what will they do about the breakout of iran and again it was like they're whistling past the graveyard. the israelis cannot do it without united states sport on pushing bag on iran.
12:28 pm
when iran gets a nuclear weapon, they've got the largest missile force in the middle east, you're marking time until they have a nuclear weapon and deliverable nuclear weapon in the middle east which causes tremendous destabilization. my concern is it's almost like nobody cares about it. we cared about it. president trump cared about it. that's why he pushed so hard to renegotiate the deal. jason: general, real quick on russia, they seem to be amassing some troops there on the border with ukraine. how imminent is that threat on taking over either part of ukraine or all of ukraine. >> great question. it's part or all. they're not positioned with troops to take all of ukraine. they're just not. it took 400,000 troops to take czechoslovakia. they've got enough troops there to take the dombas region if
12:29 pm
they want to take i they're not going to invade ukraine proper. i think they're rattling swords, trying to see what our reaction is going to be. to me, jason, my concern is this is a european issue. and i don't know why the europeans are not pushing back more. ukraine is not a nato country. an attack on one does not mean an attack that we're going to support any type of response against russia. but they're testing us. they're continuing to push us. putin knows that. i've been in conversations with president putin. knows exactly what he's doing. jason: and they have experience with joe biden and joe biden doesn't push back very often. so you can see their attitude and approach to that and let alone talk about the pipeline and everything else we've already handed these people. we lost our leverage. lieutenant general keith kellogg, thank you so much for joining us on sunday morning futures. a record-breaking drug seizure at the southern border is raising concerns about whether the biden administration is doing enough to stop the flow of
12:30 pm
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maria: 93,000 overdoses in the last year, this administration is doing nothing about the fentanyl that's being pushed into this country.
12:34 pm
they're lacing commonly used drugs, they're lacing marijuana with fentanyl. and killing people. >> yeah, i think we saw when you and i were on the border, talking to border agents, they are not able to focus on stopping the drug trade into our country. the cartels know they can start running fentanyl which is deadly as you said and is going to kill thousands of people. we know this. the biden administration knows this. and yet they continue to allow people to come across this country in droves and continue to allow the importation of fentanyl that is coming through china as well. jason: texas attorney general ken paxton addressing the drug crisis at the southern border on "mornings with maria" last tuesday. just two days later, u.s. customs and border he protection made a record-breaking seizure of fentanyl and methamphetamines, more than 17,000 pounds in a mexican citizen's truck. that's raising new concerns about what the biden
12:35 pm
administration is doing to stop the flow of drugs into the united states. joining us now is new york congressman, john katko, the ranking republican on the house homeland security committee. congressman, thank you so much for joining us here. i served with you in the united states congress. tell us on the border, kamala harris doesn't seem to have time to deal with this, the president has never been, but you've spent a lot of time on this. tell us about the drugs and the severity of what's going on there. >> good to see you again, jay so. listen, before i came to congress i was a 20 year crime prosecutor, part of the time spent on the border going after the cartel. one thing the cartels know, when the border is secure it's much more difficult to get the drugs across. when it's not secure, it's a piece of cake for them. that's what we're seeing now. when the president opened up the border last year and allowed people to come into the country it was a boone -- boon for the
12:36 pm
cartel. it allows them to create diversions, sending 100 people in one spot, they have to deal with influx of immigrants coming in, aliens coming in. it's creating a mess in the united states all over the place, over 100,000 people in the last year died from drug overdoses, the vast majority had been laced with fentanyl and they seized enough fentanyl at the border last year to kill every man, woman and child in the united states seven times over. think about that. and given the fact that -- i know when you seize that much, that much more is getting through. it's a situation this administration has created and he's not doing anything about it. jason: the numbers are stunning. you take such a microscopic amount of fentanyl, it will kill you. when you look at 11,000 pounds,
12:37 pm
you think that's kind of a big number. but when you understand how small a little dose will -- like you said, it could kill every american in the united states if it was administered. >> absolutely. look, in my district last week we had 14 overdose deaths in one night. just in the city of syracuse. i think it was fentanyl laced marijuana. i'm not positive. that was the preliminary report. maria was right when she said earlier they're not just lacing fentanyl with heroin, if you're smoking pot you could easily succumb to pot laced with fentanyl. that's what's tragic. this is a huge byproduct. what people don't understand in upstate new york for example, the border's thousands of miles away. really every state and city is a border state and city now because of what's happening with these drugs coming into our country and the illegal aliens coming in that are involved in criminal traffic as well.
12:38 pm
jason: the human trafficking, i wish people fully understood how dramatic this actually is because the toll that it takes on humans and the human trafficking that's going on, i mean, look at these statistics. the statistics are absolutely stunning. they're overwhelming and nowhere close to what we've ever dealt with in the past, congressman. >> yeah, you're right. let's do a little math here. the cartels are getting rich to an extent they never dreamed of just by dealing drugs. they control the border. you can't cross the border without paying them to come in from a human trafficking standpoint. $4,000 is a minimum, oftentimes much more. many of the people coming across can't afford to pay it so they're told by the cartels where to go to work off the death. we are strengthening the cartel's grip on drugs and drug distribution network in the country by having people come across that have to pay off the debt to the cartels.
12:39 pm
i was at the border at midnight. when i was a prosecutor, they ran from us. now within the next day i got on a plane, leaving mcallen, texas and some of the same people i saw that night before that had come across were put on that plane with a packet telling you where to go, what airline to go to, where to get off, never been tested. had no idea if they were inoculated. virtually none of them had. we have all these issues, plus they're coming to work off their debt in cities all over the country. it's crazy. jason: so the president is set to close down traffic from eight african countries. but you go to the southern border and there is no slowing it down and no covid -- are they even doing testing, let alone making sure that people are vaccinated? >> yes, think about it. 1.7 million people, 1.7 million have come across the border
12:40 pm
illegally this past year, since president biden signed his order. 1.7 million. virtually none of them, if any of them had been vaccinated and they're not being tested in facilities because they don't want to test them in the facilities because they have to quarantine them and there's no place to put them. they shove them to other organizations, whether they get tested or not we don't know. what we do know like i said from my previous example, they're put on planes right away with american people, not knowing who they are, we have no idea if they're bad people, we have no idea what their health status is, yet they're put on planes and put all over the country yet if you're from certain countries you can't come into the united states. if you're from mexico, you can walk across the border. what the heck are we doing, jason? jason: there was a report earlier this week, congressman, about these afghans that were evacuated to the united states, some 80 plus thousand people. but now the report coming out of
12:41 pm
the washington examiner is that those people were not fully vetted as was promised by the president himself. >> right. there's parallels between the border in afghanistan, both were ill conceived ideas by this administration without thinking out the entire process. obviously the border is what we discussed. afghanistan is the same way. they didn't think out the whole process, they didn't realize they had to help people get out of there that helped us. they created this mass of people who ran to the airport and got on the planes, many who didn't help the united states, we have no idea who these people are. i'm involved with ref few you re processes, they are usually very well vetted. these people came across, they ran him through terror databases, if the name didn't show up, they were in. myself and others on the
12:42 pm
homeland security committee are trying to figure out where the gaps are, that what we need to do to slow the process down. they should not step foot in the country until they're fully vetted. if they're not fully vetted, we have to make sure they're fully vetted. we have an obligation to the american people to keep them safe and we're not doing that when we do things like this. jason: look, the president of the united states and the secretary of homeland security said all these people were vetted and they haven't been. new york congressman, john cat -- cat co, thank you for joining us today. coming up next, democrats could be in serious trouble next year after republicans scored big election wins next month. the head of the gop national congressional committee joins us next on how to keep that momentum going. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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>> it was a rejection election,
12:46 pm
voters overwhelmingly across the country rejected these radical policies of the democrats which have caused inflation, rising prices, open borders and now they want to raise taxes even higher. you would think this would be a wake-up call for the democrats but they're still sleep walking like zombies on this road to socialism. jason: that was wyoming senator and gop conference chair, john barrasso on this program earlier this month after republican glenn youngkin won the race in blue state virginia and new jersey's governor barely held onto his seat. our next guest aims to keep the red wave going. minnesota congressman tom emmer is chairman of the national republican congressional committee and somebody i had the honor and privilege of serving with in the united states congress. congressman, thank you so much for being here. i mean, republicans are bouyed but i've got to tell you, they have a knack, republicans, of kind of losing that momentum and
12:47 pm
getting off message and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. what's the plan to actually get all the way through the tape and take back the house and the senate? >> well, jason, first off, great to see you. thanks for having me. you're doing a great job. look, i think senator barrasso said it a few weeks ago, i'll say it again. the voters are smart, jason. americans are smart. they are rejecting this socialist big government agenda. they realize that democrats in congress right now are completely out of touch with main street america and middle class americans and our job over the next year, we know it's going to be a dog fight, is to make sure that it's very clear every day that their policies, their big government policies are driving inflation, are driving the crime wave across this country, are responsible for the open border. we can go through all kinds of incompetent leadership that the
12:48 pm
administration has shown since the beginning of the year. jason: i've never seen a national party be so aggressive against first responders, law enforcement, the border patrol, i.c.e. usually this is where we have some bipartisan support but the democrats have been very you aggressive. that doesn't seem to be the same message they brought into 2020. seems as if they got there and they act as if they have this green new deal mandate that i didn't hear them talking about with the velocity and the veer veracity that had are now. >> look, jason, if you look back, the trump administration policies were incredibly popular. whether it was american energy independence, whether it was safety and security in your communities, in your state, in this country, whether it was a secure border, southern border. i mean, these were extremely pop laugh. and you're correct, -- popular. you're correct, these democrats came into office, basically took it as a mandate which they're trying to undo everything the last administration did.
12:49 pm
with terrible consequences to the american people. and that's why they're going to lose next fall. jason: one of the key metrics out there is you look at retirements. my understanding is there's 17 democrats that have announced that they're going to retire this year, compared to 12 republicans. as we turn the first of the year, this is usually when the most retirement announcements come out. what do you see happening there, congressman? >> well, you look back again, just a few weeks ago, you've got the american people whether it was virginia, new york, new jersey, even in seattle, rejected this big government socialist agenda that the democrats have been pushing forward. they rejected it completely. and they didn't back off, jason. they're continuing to push this agenda. because of that, you see a lot of retirements before thanksgiving. you mentioned the 17. a lot of these are long-time, long-serving chairman and chairwoman of these different
12:50 pm
committees. look, we said it before. the thanksgiving holiday, you're right, most of these people go home, have time with their families, start to reassess what the future looks like. they have seen what's coming. we told them there's a decision to make, retire now or lose next fall because republicans will take back the majority and we're going to fire nancy pelosi once and for all. jason: congressman, please stay right there. when we come back, the white house says president biden intends to run for re-election in 2024 but some strategists are not so sure he'll be up for it. more after this. ♪♪ for skin that never holds you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin. ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? gold bond. let's get away to a place where we can finally be free. ♪i've got to break free♪
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jason: the white house says president biden intends to run for re-election in 2024 but he'll be 82 years old and his approval ratings are tanking. so are those of vice president
12:54 pm
kamala harris amid reports of dissense between her staff and the white house. we're back with minnesota congressman, tom emmer, chair of the republican congressional committee. i thought it was interesting that ten months into the administration biden had to announce he was running for re-election. i don't know if that's a huge selling point to the american people. that may have been a republican plant. was that your idea to get limb to announce that in. >> no, look, he can run again in 2024 if that's what he wants to do but he's going to lose, jason. it's not a good sign. it's never a good sign when members of your own party are lit ramly talking about -- literally talking about who is going to replace you and you haven't been in the job for a full year yet. the reason they're going to lose, they're responsible for the inflation that we're seeing. prices are up for everything and paychecks are down. they're responsible for this crime wave that i talked about earlier. they're doing nothing to solve it, right? and they're responsible for chaos on our southern border and
12:55 pm
the incompetence just goes on and on, whether we talk about afghanistan or now this ridiculous political ploy to release 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum oil reserve. do people realize, jason, that this country uses about 20 million barrels a day? it's just one incompetent move after another. i hope he does run again. jason: yeah, less than three days of supply. congressman, what's the big sleeper issue that differentiates republicans from democrats that they think can win on next year? >> look, the things that pop, people do not want more big government. they want less government. what do the democrats do? they run on big government in virginia, they get their hat handed to them. they come back the next day and they say the problem is we didn't do enough government. it's about putting government into the right size that it should be. it's about competent leadership. the incompetence that we've seen since the beginning of the year
12:56 pm
is causing serious problems for middle class americans, frankly for the country as a whole. it's about safety and security. it's about security at our southern border. those are the issues. it's about putting people, jason, back in charge of the decisions they make that they feel are best for themselves rather than having their government tell them what that is. jason: you know, one of the things i see the democrats doing time and time again is saying, well, we've got a messaging problem here. usually congressmen when they start saying there's a messaging problem it's because the policy is failing and it's not something they're able to sell. thank you so much for joining us today on sunday morning futures. minnesota congressman tom emmer of the nrcc. thank you again. all right. that does it for sunday morning futures. i'm jason chaffets in for maria bartiromo. thank you to maria for letting me sit in her seat. for more, you can watch us again today at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. and be sure to check out my
12:57 pm
podcast, jason in the house, just type in jason in the house, you can go to download it and fox or wherever you get pod casts. hope you have a wonderful, wonderful holiday season. it's a time of thanks-giving, a time to thank those people who do so much for us and make us the greatest country >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ walmart's deals for days isn't over yet. this cyber monday is your last chance to score big online starting sunday night. don't miss out on walmart's deals for days. ♪ ♪ hi, my name is tony cooper, and i'm going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage and still may save you money on monthly premiums and
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with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. scan the code on screen to try for free. >> president biden is meeting with his covid response people this afternoon amid concern about the new variant wcoel to fox nes live. hi, mollie. >> hello arthel, i am in for eric. the u.k. is calling a meeting of g7 health ministers to discuss the emerging variant after britain announced a third
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