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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 28, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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they pepper sprayed him. he didn't have anything negative to say about the police. he is literally going through hell. the police are not there. his community is being burned down and he is willing t bless ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin," look where we are mara lag -- mar-a-lago, president trump. a pleasure. >> you write to great
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parents, and my wonderful wife, incredible patriots of our nation, and family and all deplorables, you got me here. you are communicating to american people, people who supported you, these people who love you, and adore you and stood by you, despite the fact you were under brutal assault for things you never did. >> come out loud and clear. >> this is a beautiful book with hundreds of pictures, comments in your handwriting and other comments in there why did you decide to do this. president trump: so it was an amazing 4 years, we did so much in terms of foreign policy, in terms of our nation. when i left gasoline was $1.87, that was a year ago, now hits there are 7.50 in california, the rest to
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follow, i predicted this. i said these things are going to happen, you look at economy, horror show with the bad withdraw. i was ready to leave with dignity and strength, we were not leaving 85 billion behind, i said every bolt, screw and nail comes out. all these -- it was a beautiful period. i was under assault. like no president has ever done, i assume. i don't think that any president has been under assault like this. and one thing after another, phony impeachments. i call it the impeachment hoax number one and number two. the mueller thing, it took two and a half years, it made it difficult to deal with certain countries in particular, russia. we could have done great things with russia, good for the country, for our country, and good for
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russia. but you wouldn't -- couldn't do that, they would say he loves russia. these people are sick, i wanted to do something to show how beautiful it was, it has been made more beautiful by the catastrophic events that took place over last 10 months, things that should never happen. inflation is eating our people alive, southern border has never been like this in any country possibly, unyou may go to most remote places in world, no one has had borders like this. we have millions of people. this not hundreds of thousands it is millions of people that are just coming in here unchecked. you think of it counties are emptying out their jails into united states you see that, then i think single most embarrassing moment in cur country history was the
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withdrawal from afghanistan, i was going to leave, 21 years was enough, i had it to 2500 troops, i was keeping bagram because of china not because of afghanistan. they are one hour from nuclear nuisance. you know who is taking over bagram right now? china, they are inspecting it. i was going to bomb all of the other facilities. that would have been it, we would have been gone. but, i saw they had a military parade, the taliban. there they were parading our vehicles, all of the thousands of vehicles right down a street. i guess their fifth avenue. they had a parade showing off the weapons, showing you of the rifles, 700,000 machine guns and rifles, and
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guns, can you imagine, 700,000. many of them are right now in china and russia. but many are on the black market, sold for a lot of money. newest, best equipment , the night goggles not even out of the box yet. i don't think there has been anything so terrible. 13 soldiers killed. but no body mentions 28 soldiers who were obliterated. so badly hurt, arms, legs, missing gone, one has two legs missing and one arm missing, no one talks about them, 13 dead, i met with many of the parents, they are great people, they cannot believe this happened to their child. it is sad. i think it is the most embarrassing and humiliating period in history of our nation. when china, i know very well, he is a very smart man at the top of his game.
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so when president xi and putin looks at this and kim jong-un, i got along with him well, remember there was going to be a war what i got in. i became you know, we did well with kim jong-un. and we liked each other, that is a terrible thing to say, i'll get criticized. well, that is what we have. i did, i got along with him great, he got along with me great after a rough start. if you remember little rocket man. and the buttons he said we have a red button. and we'll use it i said our button is bigger than yours, it was nasty then. it ended. and all that stopped. we did a great job, we rebuilt our military, much of it. i big chunk has been given to the taliban. when you look at it all
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those 70,000 trucks and vehicles. there is no used car lot in the country that has anything leak like that, a very sad time in our country right now, i thought i would do something to talk about 4 years and 4 years in pictures. it was a beautiful -- despite the horror and dishonesty and witch-hunts it was a beautiful period of time. mark: on afghanistan, hundreds of american citizens there. would you have left hundreds of american citizens in enemy territory. president trump: none. we took out the military, if you had a 5-year-old child, and you explained the circumstance, i did with a six-year-old, you explain the circumstance. and said, should we take our military out first or last? the child would say, take military out last, first thing they removed was the
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military. that is why we had a lot of death, we had to send in new people who were not accustomed to it, they just got there. that try to stop you know things, that should have never happened. it should have taken place at bagram by the way, we have a tremendous wall, fence. a whole defense area. we would have had nobody killed. every single vehicle, every single gun, rifle, i knew that gahni was a crook, i knew it i said he will leave before anyone else, he did. from what i hear he left with a lot of cash, so much so it did not fit on his helicopter and plane, he
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left a lot of money on the runway, can you imagine the people going out to the runway. they could not get it in. that is what we were dealing with, i said it a long time ago, i never had confidence that would work with their army. they were only there and fighting. they are fighting for a big check. that is why they turned on us and shot our soldiers that taught them out to fight, they were great fighters, but they would turn and shoot. we never had it before to that extent. i had to call up parents and talk to parents, that your son or daughter has been killed in afghanistan. the hardest part was telling them it was people they trained. the afghan army turned their guns on them and shot them. they felt so hopeless. it was a very tough thing. anyway -- we would have had
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everyone out, all americans would have been out. and a limited number of afghans that deserve to come out, right now we've taken out hundreds of thousands of people, they have no idea who they took out, they had big monster planes listing up and scene with 22 people falling off the side of plane from 2000 feet in the air. double height of the world trade center. this was most humiliating time, there was no reason for it i dealt with the taliban, with abdul he was leader, still is. he understood me 100%. we didn't one soler killed in -- soldier killed in 18 months. biden said that in one of his speeches, they wanted him to say but, give them
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bad news, he didn't say that. we would have left their so easily, nobody would be killed, they had respect for us, now they laugh at us. but a parade with our military vehicles and equipment down the middle of their street. mark: let me ask you, you dealt with general milley. senior staff defense department. nobody resigned over this. they said they raised some objections but a went along. what is your impression of general milley and this senior staff there. president trump: i knew them well. and he made one statement that was a terrible statement. he said sir, it is cheaper to leave the equipment than it is to take it i said, wait a minute, you say we have an airplane that costs 98 million, a helicopter that costs 50 million.
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we have another vehicle, that costs x, you say it is cheaper and brand-new, many of these, you had apaches that were brand-new, they didn't bomb them, they bombed two old broken down planes. but milley said to me, it's cheaper to leave it. you could bring 200 pilots there and flying all you need is a half of a tank of gasoline, and you say it better to leave it. >> yes, sir, it's cheaper. when he said, that i won't tell you what i said to him, but i didn't say he was a smart person. people have said stupid things. mark: what do you make of him going around your back,
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calling head of chinese military, that could have provoked a war. president trump: it could have. har hard to believe he did it he tries to downplay it i was just doing this and that i knew that he was not good when the rioters and protesters and antifa and others tried to burn down the church. i went to the church as a show of solidarity in a sense, i went there to the church, i held up the bible, he and others were there, there was nothing wrong with it. weeks before they fireproofed the basement of that church. they threw firebombs in
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there milley had no problem, there were a lot of people. the church was still smoldering. he was criticized the next day for that walk. instead of saying i'm proud to help my president or helping the presidency. he apologized. i said what was that about, he apologized for walking with president of united states into a fairly dangerous area. you had a lot of people trying to build down a a important church. after that a lost a lot of respect for him, i lost a lot when he said it is cheaper to leave the equipment, there are
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telltale signs, i saw signs. you know who loves him? russia. and china. because if they see a guy that takes the soldiers out before the americans out, and before takes the equipment out, that loses a lot of soldiers and people, when you should not have lost everybody, though parents are so angry at biden, the anger of parents of those 13 young soldiers and those badly hurt is incredible. he did a great disservice. a lot of people say it is treason, he endangered us, they think trump will attack us. so what do you do when you think you will be attacked? you attack first. he put us at great danger. when he is tells them don't worry he will protect, you
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understand, they say, wait we is a guy named president trump, and president xi knows me, trump is a tough guy, he charges hundreds of billions on tariffs, i took out hundreds of billions, probably happiest country in the world with a rigged election of china followed by iran, followed by others. including the european nations, which if you look at european countries, european -- i tell you. they are almost as bad as china when they do to us in trade, they were not getting away with it. when a guy like milley does that, that puts our country in danger, i found out later it was a dangerous moment. mark: you have beautiful photographs in this book of you with military, a graph that is heart wrenching, at
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the airport and bodies are coming off the plane, you have a connection with men and women who fight for this country. >> i love them. and one of the worst moments in the campaign for me was what they made up statements, a third rate magazine, said they have a source that i said something bad about soldiers who died in world war i, they made it a statement that came from me, it was unsourced, they had no source it was never said, they supposedly had me saying it from front of generals and military people, about losers, it was fabricated. i went to work, i had 25 people that said that never happened. from a common sense stand point, i am in a military -- cemetery with many military
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people, and i look down and say, they are losers, who would say that. from a practical look. but, media said, that i said that. standing at cemetery much of world war i soldiers. the other day, at a speech in alabama, i said that we're were just starting to find out. durham is getting interesting. russia, russia of a hoax. they all know it was a hoax. it was fabricated, made up to make me look as bad as possible so crooked hillary could win, they know it is a hoax, and made up, schiff knows it all that circle knows it. and then schiff goes out and
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says, donald trump jr. should be in prison, what he did was treason. he should be in prison. on a microphone in front of media, i get up and i see a front page story that my son should be in prison. by the people that made up and fabricated -- think of that. >> we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, mr. president, let me ask you. you look at inflation. you look at open border. look out this president biden soldout to russia on the pipeline. president trump: totally. mark: buckling to communist china, i fear for taiwan, you go to middle east, he is undermining israel. two things seem to be going on, whatever trump did, he wants to reverse, then when that the capitals collapses he blames
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donald trump, does that annoy the hell of you. president trump: i knew this would happen. they lied during this. they didn't say they would close the oil industry, i got anwar approved in alaska. i got it done. reagan could not do it, most of the others done try. bush was too busy getting us to a study stupid war. i got it done, they just ended it they ended all drilling, they ended leases. we're going to opec and we had so -- okay we were bigger, energy independent. and when i left we were bigger than russia and saudi arabia. in one year we would have been bigger than both combined.
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one of our great assets we have, oil. we have i call it gold under the land, china has none. russia has. but china has none. big disadvantage for china. we have it. day take it away. all i see today is about the environment. believe it or not, i remember an environmentalist, they want to destroy the country. you don't see about making our country grade or about factories opening or all you see and all you hear is about the environment. russia is no go along with it. india is not going along with it china is not going along with it that would make up 80%. this stuff spreads. it comes out fromhina. it spreads to the u.s. it comes to india, it spreads to the u.s. it comes from russia, you have to see parts of russia. snow, capped areas, they
8:26 pm
call it black ice, from the factories. nobody mentions that. look, russia and paris accord, i ened it, russia does not have to adhere, china said we don't have to get involved, and india barely a member, but the united states would have to close 20 to 25 percent of factories in adhere to what they are supposed to do. we have the most stringent, and this guy put us back in. i spoke to macron and others about paris climate accord, they would smile at me, they knew how bad it was for us. , when i ended it i thought i would b ex court rated. but people loved me. last year we had cleanest
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air and water we had for 4 -- 40 for 50 years. we had cleanest air that we had in many decades. it was something. we had a great 4 years, despite a lot of dishonesty and real horror show. mark: let's turn to operation warp speed. no president, no administration has ever produced working with the private sector one let alone three vaccines in less than a year, dealing with the virus that was a killer virus. you were mocked by the media, mock by joe biden if his basement. and cackled by kamala harris. they said they would never even get a vaccine. they jumped line, they were the first in line, they wonder why some people don't
8:28 pm
want the vaccine. first, i have not seen anything new produced under this president. but this operation warp speed, you had to take on the bureaucracy. president trump: correct, most vaccines take 12 years, they said it would take 3 to 5, i got it done in less than 9 months, we saved tens of millions of lives in the world. all over the world, in "1917", we had the spanish flu. it possibly killed 100 million, i don't know if you read the history of spanish flu. you read about everything. you probably did. it was probably a thing most responsible for ending would -- world war i, all of the soldiers were sick, many were dying. they said up to a million
8:29 pm
people died. it probably did end world war i. i think this would have been similar without the vaccine. then we got regeneron and remdesivir. and therapeutic things that in my opinion worked. i think regeneron is great, eli lilly came out with something similar, we did a great job. interesting, we did it in less than 9 months. it was to take 10 or 12 years. but they gave 5 years, they said, including fauci, it probably won't work, let's give it a shot. i said it will work. it will work. i had a little bit of inside knowledge. we'll get it done. we did something else we bought billions of dollars worth before we knew for sure it worked it takes a year to a year and a half
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>> welcome to fox news live, world leaders monitoring
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latest threat in covid pandemic, president biden met with his covid response people today, dr. anthony fauci told the president it will take about two weeks to know how serious the omicron variant is. >> fauci believes it is just a matter of time before omicron makes its way to the u.s., but hopes that the existing vaccines will provide some degree of protection. >> and now the biden white house wants back in iran's foreign minister said there could be an immediate deal if sanctions against his country are lifted. back to "life, liberty and levin." headlines log on to mark: welcome back.
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mr. president, a very beautiful book. i want to do it justice. you signed largest tax cut in american history, you were accused of signing a tax cut for the rich, you look and analyze it, it was clearly not for the rich, a lot of rich people opposed what you did. salt. democrat want to push it back in. because a lot of their buddies want it back in. your tax cuts, the economic ploded in growth -- exploded in growth. president trump: right. mark: we didn't have supply chain problem, even through the virus, the highest rate of. among blacks, hispanics, women, whites everyone and then virus hits, you are still coming out after the virus. and now this administration is in it is all centralized and government, and it is taxed and regulate. you kill regulations. because they were smothering
8:36 pm
the economy. they are reversing all, that economy is dropping dead. and it your fault, they say. president trump: well, i don't think it is catching oi don't think that people see it that way, they knew they got gasoline for x dollars a tank now they can multiply that by 4, they say what happened. it is sad, it is so obvious when they are doing. when they drove up energy to the level they did, that is a big problem. you need the energy for heating, and trucks and planes it is a disaster, we don't have. i mean we're going way down in the world order, we were foing number one -- number one, we were
8:37 pm
energy-independent, i did this quickly, now we're negotiating, did you see, to negotiate with opec could they send us more oil? the prices is going through the roof, this is sad, and incompetent. the border is the other, we have millions of people coming in we have no idea where they are coming from. mark: the book our journey together, it comes out december 7, on 45 it is a beautiful book. high quality photographs. the president's journey with you through the 4 years of his presidency, it a fantastic book. you chose every photograph in the book, you went through thousands of them. you decided to comment on some of them. you have written comes on
8:38 pm
there. some have been bring thed. right now -- comments on there, i am looking at the swearing in of neil gorsuch, you believe in the constitution. you love the constitution. yet you were not educated in the constitution. you were not sort of a philosophy with the constitution. what is it? how did you come to love the constitution. >> i love our country. we're based on the constitution. you know our country is not living up to the constitution right now with what you see. they are trying to subvert it. more so now than anybody would believe. bernie sanders is saying i can't believe they are doing this, this is more than what they are doing to the country, perhaps, they talk socialism, but this is communism in so many way, no
8:39 pm
freedom of the press, they are corrupt, the press and them are the same. that is how communism starts. mark: could not agree more. we'll be right back. go with simparica trio it's triple protection made simple! simparica trio is the first and only monthly chewable that covers heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, round and hookworms. dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions,
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mark: welcome back. mr. president the book is unbelievable, it is beautiful, the pictures are beautiful. president trump: i love our country, part of the the reason i did this book, it say beautiful book, it is beautiful picture and mostly positive comments inside, i am not ripping too many leaders, maybe a couple. i had a positive relationship with leaders of other centuries, they knew the game was up, they hurt our country so bad on trade and nato. we were protecting them, and they were taking advantage of us on trade.
8:44 pm
but, it is a book that shows the beauty of the united states of america, it really i think that when you talk about constitution. you talk about our country. it so important that people'slize that our country -- people realize our country of doing so well. before covid flew in from the dust came from china. by the way, dr. anthony fauci, i got along with quite well, but i did the opposite of what he suggested. he said keep it open to china, i say no thank, i closed it in january, we would have lost hundreds of thousands more. biden lost more people in last year, and he has vaccines it is amazing, they don't have death watch. a little chart of death watch. mark: on tv they had it in
8:45 pm
the corner. president trump: every day. it was so important to show the beauty of this country. when i just prior to covid, before hearing that horrible name, was called many different names, i call it the china virus, that is the most accurate term. prior to covid coming in, this country was at a level economically we've never reached before with 160 million people working. we don't have anything near that now. we had, you said it before, better than anyone, hispanic. african-american, high school -- diploma kids, kids without diplomas, top of m.i.t., and universities we had everyone working. after i saw the
8:46 pm
dirty tricks with russia, i might have said no, what happened we had this country so solid, everyone was working. people that never made much money were going out and buying houses, from their salary, we had food stamps way down, people did not need it, it was a beautiful thing. i was getting calls from people very much on the left, almost radical left, let's get it is amazing what is happening. then we got like every other country in world, hit hard by china virus. we had on go down, we had to fix it. we did a phenomenal job in respect to getting supplies we had nothing. he had nothing from previous
8:47 pm
administrations, the is up cupboards were bare. we caught up with making the supplies. we were sending them to there are countries. we were doing gowns and masks and so much. and everyone had -- we were building hospitals, cuomo called from new york i built him a hospital, 2800 beds, cuomo and de blasio they hated me so much, but i built them a hospital, i built hospitals all over. we did a phenomenal
8:48 pm
job, except with public relations, whatever we did the press would not cover it fairly. we did a fantastic job. the one thing we're getting credit for is operation warp speed. that is more important we have the vaccines that took place during our time. we have three vaccines. that saved more people than we could have talked about in the actual during the actual process of this horror show. horror show. >> we'll be rightt we've been waiting all year to come together. happy holidays from lexus. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2022 es 350.
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mark: welcome back. you have a couple pictures in your book. one is with nancy pelosi standing pointing at a meeting. filled with what was that all about? >> well i have a number of pictures, i have a picture of nancy pelosi of merkel of germany, who i got along with well, she was a pointer a lot ofhave pointers, but with pelosi, i watch the way she behaves with biden, he can't communicate with her, there is no communication.
8:53 pm
there is c no she said, our president said this or that, he did not say this or, that he just wanted to go home, like in the capitol. and i watched how destructive she was. like with the impeachment, they had a tiny majority. they get them to vote to impeachment someone over a perfect phone call, a phone call senators are saying i never knew you were so nice. you know what happened, when i released tape. we had a transcript, they were already far down the road to impeachment, she saw that tape, she said we can't impeachment him for this. are you crazy, how do you people do this to me. they said we think we should go ahead, all right, go ahead, but we can't do this, she gotot rope intoed
8:54 pm
that -- roped into that one, i released the transcript. i got approval, we called ukraine. we got approval from ukraine. it was nice to get an approval. it was nice the president of ukraine said he did nothing wrong. he didn't know what they were talking about. a congratulatory call because he had just won. it is a terrible thing. but, this country is going to come back. it is going to be better than before, i rebuilt it to a level no one has seen, i rebuilt it again, it was strong. but now it is starting to go bad. and inflation is a very bad thing. i was here with jimmy carter. and the good news is jimmy carter is a very happy man, he is no longer going down
8:55 pm
as the worst president in history, he should be happy. but i was here during the inflation or stagflation of jimmy carter, it was a disaster. this much worse. >> we'll be right back. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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and the future she promises. when we made grand wagoneer, proudly assembled in america, we knew no object would ever rank with the best things in this country. but we believed we could make something worthy of their spirit. mark: the many beautiful photographs. there you are examining the wall. with xi. with putin, with the american people. with the united states military. this is a very positive, really wholesome book to put on your coffee table. fantastic photographs. you picked every one. it walks you through the presidency in a way that i think is very, very attractive. particularly for the holidays.
9:00 pm
i encourage people to get it, go to the president had everything 20 do with this book and no photo are been a greatat honor. ♪. steve: welcome to "the next revolution" i'm steve hilton and this is positive, populism, pro community and especially pro america. i hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving with friends and family. this is my first as an american, an extra special holiday for me and all the bit more to say later tonight. guess who didn't take a break this thanksgiving. the rotten miserable power bureaucrat technocrat, public health experts, the politicians who indulge them.


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