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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 29, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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workers. that is it for today. chris will be back next week live from the reagan national defense forum at the reagan library in simi valley california. that is next "fox news sunday". in the meantime i am trace gallagher, have a great thanksgiving we can. ♪ been a greatat honor. ♪. steve: welcome to "the next revolution" i'm steve hilton and this is positive, populism, pro community and especially pro america. i hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving with friends and family. this is my first as an american, an extra special holiday for me and all the bit more to say later tonight. guess who didn't take a break this thanksgiving. the rotten miserable power bureaucrat technocrat, public health experts, the politicians who indulge them.
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they're out with a new variant, were supposed to call it the she variant because the world health organization is worried that would offend the authoritarian xi jinping. she variant, she variant, see entrance she variant. how about the fact she variant, that was the one part of the reckless gain-of-function and move on. but the most accurate name for the new variant is in fact scary, they're exploiting to scare you so they can get more power. look at this, matt overreaction from new york's governor kathy hochul with reckless proportional responsibility, she hypes it all up, it's coming, state of emergency, state of emergency. why? what's the emergency, are people dying in the street? , our hospitals overwhelmed, no sign of that at all. as the variant were deadly? it doesn't look like it.
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in fact it could be less dangerous. >> how severe would it be. >> we have no data to suggest it would be, there's a bit of a report from south africa that maybe are milder than the usual case but it's mostly young people a mild illness anyway. i would say we just don't know. steve: it could be milder and young people have mild illness anyway. that's what we've been saying since beginning. it is not the same risk for everyone. and yet they're still pushing the same response for everyone. >> it boosted and get the children vaccinated also. steve: why, what is that based on? there's no science behind it. wait, yes there is, dr. fauci is science, he told us that this morning. >> if they get up and criticize science, nobody's going to know what they're talking about. but if they get up and aim their bullets that tony fauci, people
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can recognize there's a person there, it's easy to criticize but there criticizing science because i represent science. steve: have you ever heard anything so narcissistic and delusional. dangerously wrong. the idea that one man and his opinion is science is literally the opposite of science. dr. fauci is antiscience, he's been antiscience from the very beginning, real science would boost covid response on the facts about this disease. the fact that it has a vastly different risk profile depending on age and health conditions. this is why scott atlas new book is an incredibly important historical document the everyone should read, it lays out exactly how the term presidency was hijacked by an antiscience cabal who imposed accrual and totally counterproductive here the
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absolutely was worse than the disease, just as we warned here on the show in march 2020. now we see the new scary aunt, they have learned nothing, nothing from the catastrophic and willful failure, restrictions, lockdowns, blanket rules moving the goalpost first in 15 days to slow the spread then controlling the cases even though from the start the cases were completely harmless. it was vaccine mandate. even though this talk of the vaccine that they don't prevent infection or transmission. now were back to cases. three cases in england and i thought shutting down the country. not a single one in new york and it's a state of emergency. and portugal estate of calamity, the most highly vaccinated major country in the world by the way. the real state of calamity is in washington, d.c. at 1600 pennsylvania avenue a pathetic
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failing president totally captured by the clueless bureaucrats in their dreams of a biosafety state. here's a trick about the scariant. the lockdown lunatics like newsom in california and kathy hochul, tyrants everywhere. they love the new variant, they want the new variance because they want permanent pandemic. they are addicted to the control all they want to bosses around forever. there is a drama of it all the way it makes them feel so strong and important and then the center of attention with her stupid press conference the way it makes them feel like they're in charge solving problems in tough situations, let me throughout the politicians. not taking charge. while making things worse but they don't care, they love with the sound of the voices and the images, our savior are the politicians don't care about the small businesses they destroyed without a lockdown because their
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big business donors are doing just fine, they don't care about the kids life that they destroyed with the closures because their kids are in private school which stayed open. they don't care about the suicide, the substance abuse, there is good is mentally ill themselves without ludicrous complex. it is not just the idiot politicians at the top, the damage goes deeper. they have given free reign to the absolutely worst instincts with the worst people in society the busybodies, the snitches in the snoopers, the armies of inner fears, never create anything or build anything. they pack and pull everyone else down with the pathetic policies and protocols and all your safety is our top priority. their power is the only priority. were sick of it all we've only had enough of it all go to hell with the scary ants, the fear mongering the ridiculous rules
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and restrictions cruel counterproductive control of our freedom they have a clue what they're doing they're not following data, they're not following science there following their own ego at a time when we stopped following them. tell us what do you think is steve hylton x ensure this message when we posted here with reaction as just mention the author of the book played upon our house former top administration covid special advisor doctor scott atlas. period great to see you again. let's start with the extraordinary statement from patty today. he says something like this before what is your response when he's out there absolutely directly saying i am science. >> thank you, a lot to unpack from here from your monolog. i don't know honestly how to
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react to someone who says i am science almost every sane person has the same reaction. what i saw when i was in white house was the opposite of that. when i talk from the people on the task force doctor brooks, found chien redfield, these are people with 40 years of government bureaucrat positions. from what i saw scientist do what i did they bring in the scientific publication to the meeting. they cite the data and go through and criticize or critique the studies. they make opinions from good studies. they critique studies that were done well. what i saw was nothing like that, it was really tabulation of cases from anywhere. and no response to anyone, based on any kind of scientific, it
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was an outlier sort of thing. it was stunning they advise the lockdowns and they got the lockdown said they wanted. they were implemented throughout almost the entire nation for a year and they failed to stop the spread of the infection and failed to stop people from dying and they destroyed millions of people. what is worse as they may go on about these bureaucrats, they were threatened by other input, this is not the behavior of a scientist, as you alluded to science is nothing without being challenged into debate the science of it rather than proclaim as you. what i saw i tried to get the president more information, i did not bring in data, i broaden the past academia knowledge is infectious disease experts. the people doing the research from ucla, top medical center, harvard, stanford in this meeting with the president and the oval office and with the
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vice president as i outlined in the book, doctor birx she refused to come and then to the media and even to the house has complained that they were parallel strings of information that she wasn't aware of. she was not excluded from the meetings, she refused to come whether she was threatened or felt that she could not stand up to people who are the experts doing the research. i'm not sure i do what i speculate on her motivation except to say it's not the motivation of a knowledgeable scientist speak what exactly, it's written as so many stunning details in your book. it's really important people buy it and read it. i'm not just saying that because i think you're great and you were right all along. it's an important historical document. the history of this they have to rewrite the history, trump messed it all up and saying
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crazy things on fox news. it's exactly the opposite. they were the ones basing it on no scientific reality. you were presented the real science and trying to course correct after they took the whole response, it's incredibly important that people should understand that. >> you're right if i may say that, i did walking into august of 2020, they were in there for six or seven months and people were dying. i went in there because the country was off the rails of the policies were failing. it's unfortunate that almost no governor received or acted over governor disinterested. doctor brooks was the one who transmitted all written communication to the governors. she visited dozen of states, one single state for a while i was in washington. what we see now 750,000 people have died attributed to the
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virus. we have massive destruction, we missed all the medical care that was shut down and shut down in new york again, two days of cancer screens, massive visits for organ transplants were skipped, chemotherapy, 650,000 people on chemo half of them didn't come and stroke and heart attacks in occult ambulance out of fear. the lockdowns literally killed people. those policies kill people. when i hear people try to blame people who critiqued and criticized and opposed the lockdowns that were implemented for the failure of the lockdowns that were implemented. i cannot decide if it's the mad hatter or simply blatant liars, i'm not sure which speak what people should read this book is
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incredibly important. last point you alluded to their, this panic that they're creating over the latest variance, the scariants as i call it, it looks like they've learned absolutely nothing were about to go down the sink track again restrictions, in new york canceling routine medical procedures, they learn nothing, we have not looked back what we got right and what we got wrong that you cannot criticize dr. fauci or dr. birx. it's a whimper that we learn the right lesson. >> we cannot let this happen again. what were seeing, we don't know much about this variant, you mention what we know and what we've heard from south africa, it is not very lethal. i only know what i read about this and what we hear from them,
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infections occur but it seems to be a mild illness and we have to be concerned and see what's going on and we have to watch the evidence but to incite panic and introduce policies that failed over and over and over again like we never saw this failed before. the lockdowns do not eradicate the virus. it's bizarre that we have to say this but it's a bizarre myth among the governors of the world that somehow we can eradicate the virus by the lockdowns. the virus is not going to be eradicated like that. it'll be amgen make and according to all first year medical students knowledge, these viruses mutate them even survive in their generally less lethal. let's hope that's the case. steve: exactly right. thank you for being with us and
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thank you for the book, scott atlas, good to see you, fox news contributor lisa boothe. i'm looking forward to what you have to say about what we've been seen in the last few days. they are gearing up it seems for another bunch of control on our freedom. >> we've been through this before, the big problem is about profits and power. everyone stranded cash in one way or another and that makes the coded go around. the south african dr. who discovered said so far she's only seen mild symptoms in our patients, big pharma is already saying we need to treat these vaccines, we have a travel beyond that new york issued a state of emergency but it's all been done, go back to the beginning we've been through this and doing this talking about the insanity of all of it yet governors like andrew cuomo locking down the young and
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healthy wall sending positive patients into nursing homes to infect others. none of this ever made sense. steve: were seen all over again this is stunning after two years were beating next week gavin newsom in california will be out with new restrictions were waiting to see what that is. the thing that was really infuriating we played the clip earlier from francis collins who inadvertently blurted out what we've been saying all along, this does not affect everyone equally as he put it, young people have mild illness, why are they playing the same policy to everyone why don't they based on the facts and the data that your risk profile is really different depending on your age and health condition. >> that's why i chose not to get the vaccine myself. the real crisis were facing in america is a lack of critical thinking, we are surrounded by sheep, sheep are everywhere. look at the big propaganda to
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the vaccine most vaccine have 5 - 10 years of safety data before their approved we do not have that for the vaccines. mrna is new we don't have long-term data there's also warnings that lead to an increase risk of heart attacks. look at how many employers across america are trying to coerce people into getting vaccinated to outright fire them or discriminated against him vaccinated people by making them get tested just to show up for work when it doesn't stop the spread. you as an unvaccinated person has to get texted and they could go indiscriminate spreading to everyone. these are the same people to think it makes sense to wear a mask on a plane and take it off when you're next to someone. this is what were dealing with its taken over the country and the only cure is critical thinking. steve: we have an example of what you just described coming up any moment now. there's one last thing is so
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inferior 18 though with dogma. it's so self righteously he was talking to mississippi governor tate read about the abortion and why is inconsistent, you say your body your choice for the vaccine but not for abortion. when they had that conversation, we made a point chuck replied in indignant matter the vaccine protects the community. it stops the spread he said it so confidently it's totally false, misinformation. it's so infuriating. >> the gig is up we know it doesn't end. my body my choice does not apply to abortions because you're talking about an unborn child were this is actually about your body making a decision the right one for you and some people chose not to do it there been discriminated in america and elsewhere in the world and it is disgusting. steve: exactly. great to see you we will see you later in the show.
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the holiday weekend, we have a special holiday version of lutz b biden. first of all if you want to show how seriously you take the virus and model the most rigorous science-based pandemic protocols here's what you do. when you are outside away from people, make sure you wear a mask. but when you walk and get close to people, then you take it off. and after that when you are really in their faces make sure you cough all over them. >> thank you. steve: really, thank you for the particles, more holiday tips when you added thanksgiving day event and have no clue what you're doing, say this. >> where am i supposed to go i'm supposed to go back. >> you can tell she's a
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steve: most normal people look at the vertex for the past two weeks and think in the midst of the craziness, the noise and division, our justice system held, or jury system worked in both cases they heard the argument and delivered a verdict based on the evidence but that's not enough for the woke left they don't believe in justice, they believe in social justice and perhaps the worst and most dangerous part is the way the week pathetic allies and they call themselves gander to the woke mob and in doing so tear
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our social fabric. >> kyle rittenhouse acquittal today, not guilty on all accounts did not happen in a cultural vacuum, alarming context to this moment we are considering talking about. last week the department of homeland security released its latest bulletin warning americans of the ongoing threat by an emetic violent extremist. steve: what a disgraceful thing to say misleading, hateful and reckless are we divided enough when do these people inflame racial tensions. >> it was completely an issue. obviously there is many the oc race is an issue because it's a young, white man boy with a gun. steve: they were at it from the very beginning, look at how they talked they were desperate to make it about race. >> if white trim supporting maga loving, blue lives matter social media partisan, 17-year-old
12:27 am
picks up a gun, drives from one state to another with the intent to shoot people and then biden who lectured us about unity and the soul of the nation and ending our uncivil war he never misses a chance for political advantage. rittenhouse a white supremacist, white supremacy everywhere. >> we will ignore what our intelligence agency determined to be the most terrorist threat to the homeland today. white supremacy terrorist. steve: white supremacy, white supremacy, they think if they say enough to get a pat on the back from black lives matter everything is white supremacy. >> we have a voter suppression that we seen across the country which is just about white supremacy. >> all of them the whole time totally irresponsible and racial tension to push a political
12:28 am
agenda. >> is the new republican america first caucus i fancied up name for white supremacy? steve: i don't know brian williams is a anything that you don't like white supremacy just like anything you don't agree misinformation destructive of the white allies of the woke left, it is tearing our country apart and if they had the slightest decency or moral responsibility then stand up to the extremists on their own side, they won't because they're cowards, joining me with reaction the cofounder of speaking georgia janelle king and melik abdul. it is been so infuriating to watch these people who claim to be about racial justice. using all of this and these trials to inflame racial division is exactly the opposite of what we should be seen happening in this country.
12:29 am
>> absolutely this case was not about racial justice it was about justice. i want to democratic party use a weapon of racism to move masses of people over and over again in a sinister in the very sense of the word because you take the most hurtful part of our country's past and you continue to break it up over and over and over again at moments where it's not even justified to manipulate the masses. in this case is no exception at all this has nothing to do with race and nothing to do with racism it was simply a young boy who was in a situation where he defended himself. that's just if it wasn't for the narrative outweighing or the narrative to drive the whole story we would not be talking about this. that is our issue we allow the narrative to be creative by these gatekeepers rather than
12:30 am
sitting and waiting for fax and listening to the actual situation of what happened. steve: so well put, the sinister aspect of what we saw and what janelle is talking about was so highlighted with rittenhouse, that was the wrong result because it didn't fit the narrative. but in georgia case just this past week, that's all right result is not about justice it's about their narrative. >> what the democratic party and the media at large are afraid that people like me, someone who left the democratic party in 2016 and supported donald trump in large part i was part of a game the democrats play all the time. you play an entire montage of the for-profit race hustling industry it wasn't just that people are liberal white friends out there doing it, if you listen to the actual president of the naacp he compared the
12:31 am
rittenhouse trial and said the tilt trial was actually worse than the rittenhouse trial. this is what the for-profit race industry does. we know the horrors of our country, yes we are dealing with racism but the thing is we have come so far and with the democratic party in the media narrative want to keep the narrative of victor and victim. that's where they want to keep black people at the bottom end of the scale to make us constantly feel were in a state of oppression against the evil white men around the corner ready to do dirty justice. it's not just white people this is actually reserved for white conservative. not there white liberal friends like joe biden telling black people that unless she support him then you ain't black. that's what the democratic party does and were tired of it.
12:32 am
it is disgusting. steve: that's so amazing i was about to take word for word, you ended in straight over to janelle and say you come on fox news and say what you do and that's what they accuse you of. >> absolutely like he said with the biggest threat to the democratic party because we can't be told lies and stories around your community and what our community has gone through. the thing about it at the end of the day we have to remember that the left is a group of people who claim that their fighting for justice for all, is not justice for all, it's those who believe like him and act like them because if you want to see justice for all we don't have to march for that or a riot for that because we already have it's called the constitution. it allows equal rights for each and every one of us. we can get behind is americans. steve: well said both of you.
12:33 am
we really appreciate your strength and clarity on this. great to see you tonight as always
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steve: earlier this year we laid out the origins of woke us some
12:38 am
authoritarian ideology that's captured the leaders in this country from democratic party to the media to corporate america to local school boards, we explained it goes back to 1920 germany where a group of marxist philosophers got together called the frankfurt school to figure out why the authoritarian right step around the world for economic depression as karl marx predicted. the class used other tools to keep the work faith, family and culture pre-the real revolution attacked those things to which is what were seen today with woke is in. but our friend argue this is more than ideology. one of the latest pieces why woke is him is a religion introducing that woke religion, he finds like religion woke is him is a series of supernatural beliefs, here to discuss the man himself author of the book up apocalypse never.
12:39 am
michael shellenberger, we talked about this before give us some examples, in your view what you mean exactly by that? >> and apocalypse never i describe how the idea that the world is coming to an end is a religious idea. is not based on any climate science or a mechanism for it. were getting more food than ever in debt for national disaster started climbing, the idea of the world coming to an end that were facing a climate apocalypse is a religious idea. in my new book san francisco i decide the idea that people are victims of the system are sacred. that's why you see progressive concern with people killed by the police but almost no concern about 30 timer african-americans for example were killed by other civilians. i became interested in this question, why is it tomorrow if
12:40 am
i declare myself a woman i would be praised and celebrated by my progressive friends in berkeley california. but if i came out tomorrow as black and said i'm black and i want to be referred to as african-american, i would be ostracized and demonized by the same people on my website even though i have much more in, biologically, culturally even with african-american men than i do with women. why was the and i wanted to understand and it came down to religion. steve: it so interesting, there's no rational basis. that's a mistake were making as we challenge and argue, it's rationality which isn't really there. >> that's right this is my friend peter we created a taxonomy or a way of understanding these different woke religions, woke religion on
12:41 am
climate change, race, criminal justice issues and we started to identify supernatural beliefs such as the idea that united states is more racist than ever which is obviously wrong. the idea that i can change my sex identifying the opposite without having any other changes. or this idea that there is really the world is ending and were seeing all the signs of the apocalypse, these are supernatural views that a company, the numerology. steve: very quickly, what should our response be. >> the increase in crime in the 100,000 deaths/year from drug, drug overdoses that these realities will be the end of woke is him. i think woke is and will come to an end because you see the ideology of having consequences
12:42 am
and resulting in people dying in the streets in an increase in homicide because of the demonization of the police. i think reality will intrude on woke religion. ultimately we don't want to go back to a religion where were all unequal. i think americans really want to be equal citizens under the law. steve: really, really well said. it's such a good comparison. i had a conversation about exactly this a real religious person from san francisco, you been a guest there, really fascinating and he had a different angle. this is a religion were dealing with and in many ways a substitute of actual religion on the decline particular among younger people. great to see you.
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steve: i hope you had a happy thanksgiving with friends and family and too much food and hopefully not too much politics ever since we moved here ten years ago i love thanksgiving holiday, nothing like it i love that it's not about gifts or commercialized not like christmas, halloween and valentines. i love that this is a chance to focus on what really matters, your family and your friends in the human things. i did write a book called more human thanksgiving is the most human of all holidays. i love the focus of thanksgiving is coming together around the table for meals. i love food, i am greedy i love cooking because there are all other distractions the thanksgiving meal is at the heart of this holiday. but this year thanksgiving was more special for me, it was my
12:49 am
first one is a u.s. citizen, the first time i celebrated an american holiday as an american. on a superficial level i was thankful i was able to celebrate with my family in hawaii we spent thanksgiving week in the island since we moved here it's become a tradition there are a lot worse places you can be. but this year i reflected on how thankful i am just to be in hawaii but in america what an incredible blessing an opportunity to have the chance to become an american part of the greatest nation in the world and to have the chance to give something back by working to make it better. i'm so thankful to all of you for making me feel so welcome. you annoyed you how much i appreciate it i love seeing your comments and i love meeting you in person when i'm out and about on the beach or the flight home or in our local neighborhood here in california. there are a lot of fox friends
12:50 am
in california. we need to stick together we can all be thankful to be americans there is nowhere in the world i would rather be. but even as we take a moment to appreciate our great good fortune to the americans, we need to recognize that america is not just a physical place we inhabit with all this beauty and majesty. it's the idea that we were built on, the idea of liberty under the law, the idea of self-government expressed in so many different aspects of the constitution. the most important of magnus visit document ever written. let's be honest it's all under assault today. from an arrogant and elitist establishment and a rapid body capture by the far left. perhaps the un-american authoritarian of woke is in. let me try to take away our freedom and claims about protecting public health and pseudoscientific. we must say that that is anti-american. we are not going to stand for.
12:51 am
when they try to subvert the constitution of decentralized power captured in the tenth amendment with the insane build back better aim to centralize power in the federal government and its bureaucracy. we have to say that is anti-american we won't let you do it. when they tried to extinguish the beating heart of american dynamism and exceptionalism. the foundational principle that no one can tell you what to say or think and everyone has the right to follow their own part free from censorship or coercion. we have a duty to tell the woke of authoritarianism, your fascism is anti-american, it is not welcome here, we will fight you and defeat you just as we defeated fascism before. as americans we have a lot to be thankful for but with that comes a responsibility to stand up for the very things that make this country so great in the first place. we'll be right back.
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steve: as the midterm elections get closer biden approval tanking, kamala harris is worse, at "wall street journal" puts it her poll numbers are on a journey to center of the earth. let's ask lisa boothe back with us. i see where the poll numbers, saying that house -- part of me thinks it is you know too good to be true in terms of wanting sensible policies back and republicans implement them, i don't know, is it getting -- have they reached bottom do you think? >> well, i think you could look at virginia gubernatorial race, a 12-point swing toward
12:58 am
republicans, people went out and voted against the democrat, i think that americans are having buyers remorse, they realize they bought a lemon, they were sold a steady hand, a uniter, all we've seen is chaos from afghanistan to the border to inplaying. inflation. what is troubling congressional generic ballots. why does that matter, you go back for reference to 2014 election, republicans won back the senate by picking up 9 senate seats, they were only up by 2, back to 2010, republicans flipped 63 house seats they were up by 9, there have been 4 polls this month that either have republicans over the 9 or near the 9. steve: that is amazing, those are really. thank you, lisa. you brought the data tonight. do you think that there
12:59 am
anything that biden and company could do to turn this, they think it is about passing more legislation. >> i think we'll see democrat sort of track bell -- scramble to try to change the rules, but i think people are seeing joe biden for what he is, and kamala harris for what she is, i don't think they can right that ship, i think that image is already distorted in minds of voters -- >> voters want to see republicans control the house and senate. we're seeing democrat retirement, that is typically showing writing on the wall people are realizing that you know this is not going their way.
1:00 am
steve: well, you know, you hate to see it. couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people, great to see you, lisa. we'll see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. will be televised. >> when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries, inevitably it will be here. the question is, will we be prepared for it. todd: we begin with a fox news alert. we are awaiting remarks from president biden on his administration's he response to the new omicron variant. >> it comes as travel restrictionses go into effect today. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm carley shimkus. todd: i'm todd piro. the highly transmissible new variant of covid-19 has been he detected in multiple countries


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