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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 29, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> we do know that this is a variant that has a lot of mutations, like 50 of them. that is a new record. if omicron is one more wake-up call, then let's wake up. carley: we begin with a fox news alert. we are awaiting remarks from president biden this morning on his administration's response to the new omicron variant. todd: it all comes as travel restrictions for non-u.s.
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citizens from south africa and seven other countries goes into effect today. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus. the variant has been detected in multiple countries including canada. some experts say it could already be in the united states undetected. todd: marianne rafferty has more on this breaking news this morning. marianne. >> reporter: good morning, todd and carl hey. president biden holding an emergency meeting last night on the new covid omicron variant as two new cases are confirmed in canada. biden's white house health team saying they need another two weeks to gather data on the variant. a u.s. travel ban on eight african nations takes effect today after cases were confirm in south africa. nearly a dozen countries confirming cases of omicron and experts say biden's travel ban will not stop the variant from reaching the u.s. >> it's almost definitely here already, just looking at the number of cases coming off planes this weekend. it's almost a certainty that there have been cases that have
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gotten into the united states. >> reporter: health officials also say there is no reason to fear the vaccines would be ineffective against omicron. >> in all the previous examples of variants, the vaccines have worked to provide protection. given that history, we expect that most likely the current vaccines will be sufficient to provide protection. >> reporter: the threat of the new variant has americans bracing for more economic damage and new lockdowns as dr. anthony fauci slams critics of the government's covid response as anti-science. >> so if they get up and criticize science, nobody's going to know what they're talking about. but if they get up and really aim their bullets at tony fauci, people could recognize there's a person there. so it's easy to criticize. but they're really criticizing science because i represent science. >> reporter: kentucky senator rand paul slamming fauci's claim in a tweet saying quote, the
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hubris of someone claiming they represent science it's alarming that a public health bureaucrat would think to claim such a thing, especially one who worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity. and the president is set to update the american people on the white house plan to combat omicron in the u.s., just before noon today. todd, carley. carley: marianne rafferty live for us. thank you. important update there. todd: the senate back in session today, as the chamber gets ready to take up could joe biden's social spending bill. carley: congress is running out of time to avoid a shutdown. alexandria huff joins us live from washington with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carley, todd. senate democrats would like to see the president's massive spending plan wrapped up and under the tree by the end of next month but changes to the bill are likely which would then require it to be sent back to the house for review. >> are you confident it will get done before christmas? >> i am. you know, if the republicans
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want to scrooge out on us and increase people's interest rates and make it hard to make car payments, go ahead, make that case. we're going to stop them from doing that. >> reporter: but democrats must first focus on their own party. the bill must satisfy progressives like senator bernie sanders who has taken tissue with raising the tax deductions and moderates like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema who pushed back on the expense of climate, immigration and paid leave provisions. >> one of the reasons that inflation is going to get significantly worse is because of the greater spending we have through build back better, but thank god for senator manchin and senator sinema at this point. they may be the only -- the last line of defense on this thing. >> reporter: no senate republicans are on board with the bill's massive price tag, estimated near $2 trillion. here is some of what it inclues in terms of government programs. $450 million for job training in climate change careers, $150 million towards species
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protection, $25 million for environmental justice initiatives, $150 billion in housing grants which would be available to felons, actually. it expands medicaid and eligibility to the inches cars rated and makes felons and illegal immigrants eligible for up to $45,000 a year in federal benefits. they predict it would add $367 billion to the national deficit over 10 years and speaking of debt, the debt ceiling was pushed back in october. it must either be pushed back again or boosted because the deadline is this friday. carley, todd. todd: no time for a christmas break. they've got work to do. carley: they've got work to do. todd: we appreciate it. carley: iran nuclear talks are set to he resume today after a six month long hiatus. the u.s. delegation is not even allowed in the room. todd: greg palkot is allowed in the room, he's live in london with the latest. >> reporter: todd, carley, hello. negotiations aimed at reviving that iran nuclear deal should be
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starting just about now in i vienna. there's little sign of success possible. officials from iran and world powers are meeting about the agreement that tried to rein in iran's suspect nuclear program. the biden administration is following talks on the sideline. former president trump didn't like the deal and pulled out in 2018. there had been talks earlier this year. they were broken off in june so iran could hold new elections. they brought in an even tougher government with tougher he demands. iran wants all u.s. and international sanctions dropped before they even start to talk. that is a nonstarter according to experts. >> it's not going to happen. the iranians know that and we should know that as well. so they're just going to keep talking, keep pushing it a little bit and we're going to find within about a year there's a breakout and there's nothing we can do about it. now you've got a destabilized middle east with nuclear weapons. that's what president trump was so concerned about. >> reporter: now, even mideast
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coordinator for president biden's national security council, brett mcgerk, said we're hopeful diplomacy can find a way but if not we're prepared to use other objections, there is no question we're not going to allow iran to get nuclear weapons, period. looks like israeli officials won't wait either with regional neighbor iran getting closer to the breakout point, when they will be able to actually build a bomb, israel has openly said it will take its own measures to stop iran. the u.n. nuclear watchdog agency has its own complaints, officials have been refused access or roughed up when they tried to inspect the infrastructure of the iranian nuclear program. very, very dangerous times. carley: unbelievable. thank you. todd: boston celtics centeren t to become a citizen today.
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that's not the only big change. he will reportedly change his name to ennis kanter freedom, as he continues to slam china for human rights abuses, calling for freedom of tibet and hong kong. lamar a jackson dropped back, he will be intercepted. if you're lamar jackson, you can throw four picks and your team will still beat the cleveland browns, 16-10. 10. i was watching the last game we had. bucs running back for 28 yards and that touchdown right there, tampa outlasting the colts in indy, 38-31. carley: the new england patriots beat the tennessee titans, 36-13. meanwhile, aaron rodgers out doing matt stafford, as they defeat the rams at lambeau. todd: there's danny jones, my
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giants, it says my in the prompter and it's bolded, they take down the nfc east rivals the philadelphia eagles, 13-7. it was one of the ugliest games you're going to see. don't feed your child cheese and jump up and down with her when your team wins, otherwise it won't be a pretty scene at the end, advice to the nation. carley: very important advice. also he stubbed his toe when they won. todd: it was quite a debacle. carley: luckily you don't have to wear heels. that would be an issue. president biden's health experts are urging americans to get booster shots as cases of the new covid-19 variant spread around the globe. >> if there's a lesson here, it's come on, america. we have missed the chance to be at a much higher level of vaccination across the country. if omicron is one more wake-up call, then let's wake up. todd: but will the existing vaccines even work and how effective are travel bans at containing the virus.
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carley: travel restrictions going into effect today from eight after a can countries in an attempt to prevent the spread of the newly discovered covid-19
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omicron variant. todd: dr. marty makary joins us now. you had a weekend to process all of this. what do we need to know about omicron? >> well, we're going to continue to see variants overseas for decades to come and we shouldn't panic. we shouldn't shut things down. this variant appears to be encompassed by immunity. at least it's highly likely. our track record with variants suggests there's nothing to worry about. all 2,000 plus variants that have happened with the covid-19 virus have been encompassed by natural and vaccinated immunity. carley: i was reading this fox, the south african doctor who first alerted the world to this variant now says that she is seeing symptoms that are unusual but mild. mild is very good. do you know what unusual symptoms she is referring to? and if the symptoms are mild why is everybody for lack of a better term freaking out about this? >> carley, dr. coatsy, she is
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chair of the south african medical association, she's saying they're atypical in the sense they're far more mild, they're downgraded, there's no persistent cough, they're noticing it in younger people, she's describing people that are ill with fatigue for 24 hours and a more mild symptom profile. this might be slightly more contagious but more mild in the symptom profile then the world will be in a good situation because many seasonal coronaviruses have circulated year to year and our goal has always been to prevent hospitalizations. todd: to be clear on your first answer, you are rather confident that the vaccines will work against this variant? >> everything suggests that it would be encompassed by our immune system and in the small and unlikely chance that it's not, we've got three very powerful tools to fight this particular strain because the two new anti-virals are
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pan-coronavirus medications, that is, they work against all variants because they don't work on the surface in spike protein, they work on the machinery of replication. todd: very quickly, do you think it's here? >> i think it's here. it's probably in dozens of countries around the world right now. carley: so florida, here's another topic we wanted to get to, they reported, listen to this, the lowest number of covid-19 cases and deaths per capita in the nation. we have a chart of how many that is. look at florida, 27 cases per 100,000, michigan the second highest, 388. that's important because florida governor ron de santis has been routinely criticized for keeping the state open. why are we seeing such a disparity there between florida having the lowest number and some states like michigan who shut down having higher case counts? >> well, part of it carl hey is seasonal -- carl hey is seasonal
2:17 am
variation. it's showing us that despite very strict measures and despite measures that are far more selective and specific to those who are at risk, you tend to have similar outcomes in the end. so florida right now has vaccination rates of over 82% of all adults in this state. that's pretty remarkable. what you're seeing right now is basically an endemic phase and a normal life here resuming in florida. todd: i know you're a doctor, not a lawyer. if you were a lawyer, would this be exhibit a for natural immunity? >> certainly natural immunity is a huge contribution. one of the greatest failures of our public health officials has been ignoring natural immunity. more data is coming out showing it's effective and durable. they've been afraid to acknowledge it because they're worried that may go out and get the infection. we can let people know it works. it's ironic. people have circulating
2:18 am
antibodies but the government doesn't recognize it. it is ironic and insane and unfair to those being fired right now. carley: it's weird to hear you say antibodies that the government recognize, but it's the truth. thank you for joining us. such an important topic. todd: another important topic, the weather. senior meteorologist janice here. great to have you back. >> it's nice to come back to lovely faces in the studio. it's cold across portions of the midwest and the great lakes a but for much of the country a nice little warm-up for november is coming. we have a couple of clipper systems. these are fast-moving storms that originate from canada. we have three of them that we're going to track this week across the upper midwest, the great lakes and the northeast. limited moisture with this, but we're going to see some inclement weather, some colder, chillier rain and snow for parts of the great lakes, down wined of lake erie and ontario. not a huge deal. this is the type of system that
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we see in these areas for this time of the year. and in some cases we could get 5 to 8 inches for parts of the great lakes. forecast today, not too bad. we'll see a nice warm-up, especially the central u.s. 43 chicago, the northwest we're dealing with several systems moving in. so that's the area that's going to be active this week. but very mild. for dallas and kansas city, denver, 69. look at the heat records for parts of the rockies, montana and wyoming. that is incredible, we set records this weekend. so warmer than average temperatures for much of the country. pretty quiet. carley: i love setting records. todd: pretty quiet for a tough holiday travel weekend. >> absolutely. hi, todd's mom. todd: my mom's up. i announced to everybody she is up. carley: my mom's up too. >> carley's -- hi, carleys mom. todd: we need to bring our a
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games when the moms are watching. time now, 19 minutes after the hour. kyle rittenhouse was acquitted in the courtroom but not in the court of public opinion for some people. how students at his university are trying to get him kicked out. carley: plus a push against ben & jerry's the action members of congress are demanding as backlash grows over the ice cream company's israel boycott. walmart's deals for days isn't over yet. this cyber monday is your last chance to score big online starting sunday night. don't miss out on walmart's deals for days. ♪ ♪
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todd: several arizona state student organizations demanding kyle rittenhouse get kicked out of the university. rittenhouse taking online courses at the school but students for socialism saying others, quote, don't feel safe knowing he is enrolled in the university. the organization saying quote even with a not guilty verdict kyle rittenhouse is guilty to his victims and families of the victims, join us to demand those
2:25 am
demands be bet to protect students from a violent, blood thirsty murderer. i don't know what a gets me more fired up, the fact that you have kids 18 to 20-year-olds who know nothing about the world and who know less because they are socialist and their version of the world is flawed and failed in every instance known to man or the fact they want to up end a justice system that is the most fair and just in the world. kyle rittenhouse was acquitted by a jury of his peers based upon the facts and law presented at trial. it's not your right to say that should be overturned and that he should get kicked out for being acquitted by a court of law. it is egregious, it is horrific. carley: this is bullying a college into who they can and cannot admit. i hope the college doesn't cave to the demands by these students. it's funny how time after time you have ceos of large corporations and presidents of colleges really acting afraid of
2:26 am
young people who, you know, they're kids. and they're making these crazy demands. they're a group of actual socialists on campus who are saying that kyle rittenhouse shouldn't even go to their school even though the class is online. you don't have to see his face or interact with him. he has a right to an education and a hopefully he can get it at the university that he chooses. todd: looking to be a nurse, potentially help people later on in the future, unbelievable they want to shut it down. kudos to asu if they do the right thing and allow him to stay. carley: in new york, a mother is reportedly bragging to police that he would not stay in jail. the new york post resulting the 63-year-old told police, quote, i know i'm getting out, this after his second of three arrests in a span of 36 hours last week. garcia did not have a prior record and under a controversial reform law passed last year bail is not imposed on misdemeanors
2:27 am
and nonviolent felonies. he was sent to jail for stealing a cell phone. residents of waukesha marking a solemn moment sunday, honoring victims of the parade attack one week later. the mayor leading the residents in a moment of silence at the exact moment the town's christmas parade was viciously attacked. the town asked residents to put a blue light outside enter homes, the mayor calling it the color of unity to honor those who lost their lives during the christmas parade. the town of griffton also honoring wisconsin victims during their christmas parade, had this as a ninth child is released if the hospital sunday, a total of seven children are still recovering in the hospital. six people died in the attack, more than 60 were injured. trey yingst reacting -- trey gowdy reacting this way. >> $1,000 is all the security these pros you cue tores needed to let darryl brooks junior back out on the street and now six
2:28 am
body bags later prosecutors finally concede that bond was too low. we already know that. we don't need prosecutors to react after there are six bodies laying on a parade route. we need prosecutors and politicians who prioritize public safety beforehand and then the rest of us need to remember for all the novembers to come so we can make sure she's criminals -- criminal sympathizers are never in a position to influence policy again. carley: he also slammed members of the squad who were pushing to shut down federal prisons. todd. todd: carley, this week the supreme court will hear arguments in a challenge to mississippi's ban on abortions after 15 weeks. a case that could lead to the end of roe v wade. we are discussing now.
2:29 am
thank you for being here. carrie, set the stage for this week to review what is the crux of this mississippi case known as dobbs? >> yeah, you know, a lot of people assume that roe versus wade is the only thing standing between the country and abortion being illegal across the country but really what roe just does it is takes the issues that's supposed to be in the state and lets the state decide what to do, which means we'll have states that say it's illegal at a certain amount of months. the constitution says nothing about abortions. the supreme court will have the opportunity to then return that question to the states and then everyone can go back home and decide for themselves where do we think those lines should be drawn on this incredibly divisive issue that should not have been decided with a one size fits all national solution.
2:30 am
todd: the argument is from people like this. they write abortion is a racial and economic justice issue. the restrictive state laws are inherently racist and classist and they keep black and brown people down, a woman who is looking for an abortion is more likely to live in poverty. the argument being i will have to get an abortion in another state if i live in a state like mississippi, if the supreme court does say it's the state's rights issue, states like mississippi and a lot of conservative states will not allow abortions based upon certain time parameters many that's their argument. what's your response to that line of thinking? >> every single child deserves legal and societal protection, todd. person to person, no matter how small, no matter skin color or demographic, no matter their circumstanceses of their conception. we're so excited about this case
2:31 am
because the court will finally have an opportunity to review roe v wade and look at how much it's changed since 1973 in terms of what we know of fetal development, what we know of prenatal embryology and i want to point out the pro life movement has stepped up in those 50 plus years and supported women, moms, babies, families of all backgrounds, ready to care for both of them. so we're looking forward and hoping for a good turnout here so we can finally protect all children. mississippi has chosen to draw their line at 15 weeks, states may draw their lines at different points. but it's time for the people to have power here and the ability to speak in to abortion laws in their state. todd: besides the conservative tilt to the court that we know about, is there anything in prior decisions by the nine justices that gives you some insight as to how this is going to be decided? again, to your point, it seems like it's more about states'
2:32 am
rights and less about abortion. >> yeah. i mean, we have the majority of of the court right now who are originalists who look to the original he means -- original meaning and text of the constitution. it will get interesting when you decide what you do with a decision that you think is wrong but do you apply it anyway and the justices -- some people like justice thomas say sorry, you just go with the constitution. there are other people who say there are circumstances when you follow a wrong decision. but even chief justice roberts who is seen as one of the swing votes in this case has spoken about how you don't get to rewrite precedent in order to uphold it. you don't -- the court shouldn't be morphing it and trying to do everything they can to change the precedent to uphold it and if there's ever a precedent that they would have to do that to be able to uphold it's roe, already it's been rewritten by the court in the planned parenthood versus
2:33 am
casey decision, a decision that's been criticized from day one as badly founded legally and i think the court will have to come to the conclusion at the end of the day that this is not the type of decision worth following when it's wrong. i think we need to start, clear the slate and start over so we can get this -- this important area of law right. todd: understood. carrie severino, allison howard centafanti, all eyes on the supreme court to see what happens. carley: democrats are weighing in on who they would choose to top their ticket in 2024 if president biden doesn't run for re-election. we'll tell you who is making the cut and what it means for the gop. plus, new details about big money payments and flashy gifts from a chinese business tycoon to hunter biden. joe concha is here to talk about the story you will not hear anywhere else. ♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this.
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henry? thanks! if it's “out decorating the neighbors” season, it's walgreens season. ♪♪ what a pain in the a— alice? if it's “let's wrap this up” season, it's walgreens season. todd: president biden's shifting views on travel bans now facing backlash as critics accuse the commander in chief of blatant hypocrisy. last year biden tweeting about then president trump's ban on travel from africa, saying in part, trump further diminished the u.s. in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban. it's a disgrace. congresswoman nancy mace says biden can switch sides easily with the help of the media. >> when president trump did this he was labeled as racist. when president biden does it
2:38 am
it's seemingly entirely okay. that is the problem with politics in a lot of the mainstream media coverage today and social media, they don't treat republicans and democrats equally. todd: biden's ban on travel from certain countries in africa goes into effect today. this morning we are getting deeper understanding of hunter biden's business ties with beijing. carley: new york post columnist miranda divine said he was offered a $30 million deal to help a chinese linked energy company. joe concha, fox news contributor, joins us now to react. to the big question here, why this matters. because the media isn't covering this story. clearly they think that it's sketchy. so tell listeners right now why this is so important to understand. >> sure, carley. 30 million, by the way, for that thing. was that the one the old lady dropped off the boat in titanic? my god, my wife is going to have words with me as she looks at
2:39 am
her wedding ring. when googling the words hunter biden diamond i'm seeing almost 0.0 coverage of this. this is likely due to the new golden rule of journalism. thou shall not broach or cover hunter biden in any capacity unless it's to promote his art or attacking media in making him the victim he is untouchable despite time after time after time he should be at the top of the list in terms of scrutiny. here's why it matters. if he's compromised by a foreign adversary like china, that does matter. and it compromises the president, and joe biden by extension and it raises a fair question. why won't the current president press chinese president xi on origins of covid. there are 800,000 americans dead, more dead this year than last year he despite multiple vaccines and therapeutics. it should be on the top of joe
2:40 am
biden's list in terms of things to discuss with the chinese, it ain't happening while his son counts his millions. if it was donald trump junior engaging in this procedure it would be on the top of every newscast as well as this one of course. todd: sorry, but hunter biden's profiteering, here's the line, joe biden wants millions for irs enforcement. wonder if that includes continuing the investigation of his son's money making and registering of a foreign agent and would it include an audit of his own income. that's why hunter matters. you mentioned if this were trump. i would go a step further. if this was anybody other than hunter biden, regardless of party, i think the media looks into it because let's face it, he's getting paid like a mid-level quarterback, 10 million over three years, that's a mid level quarterback.
2:41 am
i think if this were clinton or carter or anybody the media would pay attention. why not hunter? do they hate trump that much? >> i think we saw this movie before, todd. i would say andy dalton is a mid-level quarterback, putting the bears in the conversation for a moment. he was a little bit better way back when. yeah, it's not just because oh, we hate trump. it's just we saw it in october of 2020. here the new york post has a huge story, hunter biden's laptop, the contents of it, the biden administration doesn't deny or the campaign doesn't deny that the e-mails long to hunter biden. yet it not only doesn't get reported. it gets squashed and censored by social media. that started the trend to this day, thou shall not touch hunter biden. it's incredible because it's a real story, todd. carley: cnn has an op-ed that predicts kamala harris and pete buttigieg could run together in 2024 if president biden chooses not to run. they say if biden does not run
2:42 am
again they would run together in 2024 with harris the nominee for president and buttigieg for vice president. this could put an end to whatever feuding exists between them now while giving the democratic party a very strong ticket they say in 2024 that would seem like a natural continuation of biden's first term. wondering, he joe, if this columnist knows that vice president kamala harris' approval rating is in the toilet. >> yeah, toilet is generous, carley. look, that's a checking boxes ticket right. all hat, no cattle. any ticket with kamala harris on it would be a nightmare. she refuses to do anything resembling a tough interview. her perform man's on the border has been hour -- performance on the border has been horrific. she is toxic. her approval rating is 28% in the usa today, you see in other polls like fox news it's only 40% which is incredible when you're only 11 months in so she's toxic.
2:43 am
her handlers keep her under the political version of lock and key. buttigieg has yet to visit an actual port. his solution is to pass the president's build back better bill. michael bloomberg got more del gates than mayor -- delegates during the primary. go giants. todd: when you put people that don't work together problem don't go away. giants won, jets won, bears won, good weekend. carley: still ahead, wall street suffering a massive black friday selloff as investors panic over the omicron variant. cheryl casone is breaking down what we can expect to see today. cheryl. ♪
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>> coming up on "fox & friends," today, president biden addresses the nation as the south africa travel ban takes effect over growing concerns of the omicron variant which they told us about and we rewarded them by punishing them. with a massive migrant caravan making its way to the southern border will these restrictions
2:48 am
stop the spread. tom cotton and dr. ronnie jackson will join us to offer their take. plus the doctors are in, dr. nicole saphier will be here, dr. janette nesheiwat will tell us what we need to know about the covid mutation. they're not sure yet. nor is anybody else. newt gingrich is here, he's an outspoken china critic. ennes canter joins us. he will change his name to freedom. we will have details about the gift from the chinese to hunter biden. dan bongino sounds off on that as many on the left stay silent. all of that and more coming up at the top of the hour. there's not one thing i left out over the next three hours. carley: jam packed show. todd: and the giants won. carley: would you like to tell everybody what to do next. >> please gradually get
2:49 am
dressed. carley: thank you. >> thanksgiving is over. carley: thanks, brian. see you shortly. a group of bipartisan lawmakers is urging the s.e.c. to review ben & jerry's company over the israel boycott, asking whether they're in compliance with s.e.c. rules, they want to demand the s.e.c. that unilever amend their filings. and the latest covid variant expected to dictate the stock market again this week after all three major stock indexes tanked in response to it on friday. todd: cheryl casone from our sister network fox business here with more. cheryl: stocks are higher in the premarket right now after traders reacted to the looming omicron variant. the dow losing more than 900 points, s&p losing 106, nasdaq down 353. the variant is on the top of investor's minds this week. we will get the november job report on friday, that's
2:50 am
expected to be very strong. 550,000 jobs created. other factors like high inflation, the supply chain crisis, also are weighing on markets. carley: it is cyber monday day. what do we need to know? cheryl: it couldn't come fast enough, that's for sure. black friday pretty disappointing, in store shopping dropped 28% from 2019. people are shopping online. for november and december, it's estimated americans will spend $207 billion online, a jump of 10% from last year. still about 65% of consumers are going to shop in stores. they're going to look for gift ideas, physically see products before they buy them. retailers count on the last minute shopper that didn't get on the ball and waited until the last second. todd: by last second shopper, you mean me. you have holiday shipping deadlines. cheryl: for those that like to plan a holiday gift list early, want to buy things now, the deadline is fast approaching to
2:51 am
ship gifts. december 15th is the deadline for ground service to make it there before christmas, the 17th if you choose first class. priority shipping can be used up of to december 18th and priority express by december 23rd but if you want to cut it that close, don't recommend that but they also say cards go out by the 15th just fyi. for those that are shipping to hawaii, alaska or overseas, those deadlines vary depending on the location but you can find all of that on the website of the postal service. carley: those are important deadlines. that's very helpful to know. thank you so much. cheryl: i'm here for you all week. carley: you are. todd: people helping people. time now, 51 minutes after the hour. president biden down played inflation even promised to fix it so why is he pushing to spend trillions more of your money? new york congresswoman claudia tenney joins us live, next.
2:52 am
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with the direct relief my administration has provided to middle class families. the typical and middle class families disposable income has gone up 2% this year even after accounting for higher prices? >> president biden weighing in inflation. you up to new forms of government assistance. todd: claudia tenney here to react. prices are up. does biden not understand economics or does not care that the free money he keeps pumps into the system is driving the cost of everything up? >> good morning. he obviously doesn't understand it as a small business owner, we are celebrating our 75th year with our business in upstate new york. he shows he doesn't have any respect for the middle class, which is vitally important to the future of our nation. and his policies prove it. first of all, he put in the american rescue plan almost $2 trillion, a lot of it went to
2:57 am
waste, fraud, abuse and much of it was unspent that caused this inflationary probable we are having which is why real wages have actually gone down this bill also creates 150 new government programs that you are going to be taxed with pensions and healthcare and the middle class is going to have to pay for this with the huge amount almost $2 trillion in new taxes many of that effecting middle class particularly small family farms, working businesses like ours. small businesses, sole priors. this is going to be a huge drag on our economy. he shows he doesn't respect that we will see inflation for a long time. it's unfortunate they don't understand basic economics. carley: that's right. we have a poll will president biden's spending bill make inflation better or worse. 43% say worse. no such thing as high.
2:58 am
when corporations get taxed higher, usually they make up that known another way, jobs go down. are you concerned that if build back better passes some people could lose their jobs? we are at inflection point in this country. are we going to choose socialism and reward hard work and getting people back into the labor force. that's my biggest concern every employer you talk to. we have done small business round tables around the community upstate and we are hearing this all across the country. it's the biggest problem is getting people back to work. we are incentivizing people to stay home. we need a workforce to create the dynamism. nothing in this biden build back broke program or build back beijing program helps.
2:59 am
the middle class was emboldened, now we started bringing them bawnged president trump's plan. senting them back to china and asia and places that are not so friendly. carley: congresswoman to that point the editorial out biden stimulus helped drive up prices now he wants to do the same thing again expecting different results. doesn't he note defense of insanity. if you think inflation is bad now. just watch as this bill is passed. it's that revolving door, congresswoman. where people probably have a little bit more money in their pocket but inflation is up and it could only get worse from here. we have about 20 seconds left. i will give you final thoughts in the 20 seconds we have remaining. >> it's the same problem that politicians have. it's so tempting to continue to spend when the problem with having people having to make payroll i was discussing this as a small business owner yesterday. the stress of trying to run a
3:00 am
small business but the rewards that go with it they are not taking that into consideration. we could end up with even more inflation, less employment and we have got to stop spending. we have got to start making the economy more dynamic. todd: congresswoman claudia tenney, we appreciate your time. thank you for getting up with us. carley: good to be with you this morning. what's going to happen right now? todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> omicron variant reigniting. >> cases in europe, middle east, asia and australia and north america. >> we expect to be seeing more lockdowns. >> prepare for the worse. >> incite panic. the lockdowns do not eradicate the virus. >> get set to address biden's tax and spending spree. >> for joe biden to say we have so-to-spend more money this is alice in wonderland e is the mad hatter. >> under scrutiny again. todd: a new block


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