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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 29, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> dana: the bengals won. broncos won, too. i just heard about that. my sister was watching. percy was wonderful.
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there was news about the new variant. we'll get to that. go ahead. you have this one. >> bill: i was cheering for your broncos. >> dana: you wanted me to be in a good mood? >> did the bengals win? >> bill: on this variant now the president met with his covid response team last night and meet next hour. the president will speak to the american people. >> dana: task force says it will take two weeks to collect more information. what do we know now? omicron was first detected if south africa thursday and beginning today the u.s. is restricting travel for non-citizens from there and seven other nearby countries. >> bill: japan, israel, morocco are imposing a ban on all foreign travel. overnight canadien reported its first two cases. >> dana: the variant is already likely in the united states and too early to tell if existing
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vaccines will work against it. they are putting americans on notice. >> it is almost definitely here already. the number of cases coming off planes this weekend. people use the same precautions they were using before. >> we're on the lookout for this. cdc has a good surveillance system. when it comes here hopefully we'll be ready for it. >> it is a sufficiently different virus it might not respond as well to protection from the vaccines but we don't know that. we need more data there before we can say confidently this is not a severe version of the virus. >> bill: we have every angle covered. dr. marc siegel with analysis. kelly o'grady on the new restrictions. we begin with david spunt from the north lawn of the white house. when will we hear and what will he say? >> good morning to you. it is a little before noon when we'll hear from president biden. hopefully to hear his plan to combat this new omicron variant. as you mentioned what makes it more tricky for this white
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house and medical experts it will take two weeks, 14 days before we get the specific data in on how contagious this really is. you see the president with his team yesterday where he received that full briefing on the new variant. he is concerned enough that he banned travel from south africa. that travel ban kicked in today. to be clear it does not apply to american citizens in south africa who want to come home. these are the countries with confirmed cases and where experts suspect more cases. expect the u.s. to be added to that list. officials are concerned about the trance missability of this particular strain. according to early data it is contagious. >> get boosted. get vaccinated and you will bring the level up. i don't think there is any possibility that this could completely evade any protection by vaccine. it may diminish it a bit and the reason why you boost. >> you heard different names, delta variant.
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this is the omicron vair yanlt. -- variant. yu and xi were used. they said it is a common last name suggest causing offense to any culture or professional or ethnic groups. xi happens to be the name of the chinese president, the lead of the country where covid-19 originated. naturally or in a labor perhaps a bit of both? questions we don't know the answer to and may be loss in time. the president meeting at 11:45 to address the nation. 345 he will address the supply chain crisis. another casualty related to covid. >> bill: david spunt leading the coverage from the white house. >> dana: with news of the new variant comes a host of travel restrictions. some are warning travel bans
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only stoke fear and may not be a feasible long-term solution. lax and travel restrictions are in effect. >> hi. omicron is coming at a time when the industry is rebounding. folks traveled over the weekend for the holidays. tons of people, most are going internationally or hawaii. air travel is nearing prepandemic levels. concern is growing. now in response the u.s. is restribting travel from south africa and seven other african nations beginning today. a number of other countries are following suit and tough move israel, japan, morocco. there are growing nations that have detected cases. many including the world health organization are criticizing the moves with south africa saying it is being punished for communicating the new variant and air transport association asserted it will only cause
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fear and travel restrictions aren't a long-term solution to control covid variants. more fear doesn't bode well for airlines and other businesses looking to recover from the past two years. health studies are underway. many expressing optimism they'll offer a degree of protection, the vaccine. dr. fauci informed the president it will take roughly two weeks to have more information. all americans must get vaccinated. delta and united the two airlines that fly direct from the united states to south africa aren't changing routes. with the new york governor declaring a state of emergency and the variant potentially already being detected in the u.s. it begs the question, will we see more international travel bans? will we see more bans at home? back to you. >> dana: thanks for the update. >> bill: let's bring in dr. marc siegel. nice to see you, sir. many questions here. what is real on this and what is imagined and how much is cya
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on behalf of the political leaders around the world, marc? >> great entry on this, bill. listen, the fear is the biggest problem as you've already been covering. we're always afraid of the unknown and what we don't know and we always jump to worst-case scenarios. the media and leaders do that. what do we know? we know this seems to spread easily, i'll tell you that. in south africa they went from 2% to 9% in a week testing positive. only 2,000 cases a day but predominantly omicron. which implies it is more easily transmissible than delta. that's pretty clear although we need to see that play out around the world before we know that's true. second question, bill and dana, does the vaccine protect against this? point blank i would say yes. i'll tell you why. all these mutations we're talking about, 30 plus mutations and that's a fear word mutations. people hear that and get scared.
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95% of the spike protein is not mutated so the chances are very high that the vaccine will offer at least some level of protection which is a very, very good point now to tell people to get boosted. if its over 6 months since you had the vaccine get boosted. if you haven't had the vaccine get the vaccine. how severe will it be? early indications are for sure it is not more severe than delta and may even be a lot milder which would follow pandemic history. that's what happens usual fly pandemics. as new variants come out they the end to get milder and the end to be more easily transmissible. we're all hoping that's the case. >> dana: i can understand that some leaders want to try to get in front of it. the governor of new york seems to really be jumping the gun here in my opinion. i want to get yours. she is saying announcing urgent steps to expand hospital capacity and help insure hospital systems can tackle any challenges posed by the
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pandemic. a couple things are different. the south african doctor told us the symptoms are mild. you don't lose your sense of taste and smell. that we also know that we have therapeutics. we have many people vaccinated and we have lessons that we've learned from the past two years. she is also going to basically ban elective surgery which seems a little bit over the top. your take on that. >> dana, i like what you just said. i think it's way over the top. we have learned many lessons over this pandemic. one is that public health is not just about the virus. elective surgeries if you delay them long enough are not elective. what about screenings and colon os skop east and cat scans things to rule out cancer and heart disease. so important they not be delayed. if there is not enough vaccination in upstate new york figure out other strategies. over the course of the pandemic
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we've learned about vaccines and testing and treatment. we've learned how to diagnose this thing and what it is. the one thing the government could do a much better job at in my opinion is getting way more rapid tests out there so that you had the ability to detect this in your own home. >> bill: one last question here, marc. south africa has a good reputation of epidemiologists, you would agree on that. they put the word out quickly as soon as they found it and also their head doctor is saying some of those infected are currently being treated at home. if that's the case, how infectious is it and how dangerous is it? >> you know, all three points are right, bill. south africa has an excellent surveillance system. we could learn from that. dana made the point the south african doctor said it's mild so far. let's hope it pans out in more high-risk populations. so far so good. treating it at home of course is the way to go which is why
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i'm talking about home testing. once you go outside the home you risk spreading it. their hospitals are not being overwhelmed so it may be very much the case that we're jumping to the worst case scenario. let's hope it milder. it looks like it is pretty contagious. >> dana: great to kick off your day with you. >> bill: nice to see you. there is two weeks. you want to see what the virus does and how it interacts with the human body. listen to the potential for cutting off travel to south africa kind of reminded us of this moment in february of 2020. then candidate joe biden said this in a tweet. president donald trump further diminished the u.s. in the eyes of the world by expanding the travel ban. the african ban is harder for black and brown people to immigrate to the united states and disgrace and can't let him succeed. where will see where he goes on that. many countries have jumped on the band wagon to prevent travel. >> dana: here is what dr. fauci said we could expect going
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forward. >> we certainly are not going to eradicate it. i think what we'll be able to do is get a level of control that's low enough that it doesn't interfere with our function. it doesn't have a major impact on society and what we do. it is not going away. >> dana: learning to live with it. figuring out more vaccines and therapeutics. perhaps banning travel might be the right thing to do. don't know. might be jumping the gun. it is already here and in south africa from somewhere else as well. >> bill: learning to live with it is settling in for a lot of people across america. we'll see whether or not delta over the summer, last spring they blew it. they want to make sure they don't blow it again. >> dana: i can understand that. >> bill: markets were hammered. now hoping to recover today some of last week's losses. they were open half a day on friday and only went down. maria bartiromo coming up next to tell us as we await the opening bell. stay tuned for maria, plus wait for this.
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>> dana: three years since dr. jussie smollett was charged with making a false police report. what to know as the trial begins in chicago today. >> bill: tears and pain continue in waukesha, wisconsin. the community in mourning. more fallout over the deadly parade tragedy. the suspect out on bail despite a lengthy rap sheet when he took his car and drove it into the christmas parade. some leaders are calling for change. what kind of change? we'll tell you coming up. >> $1,000 was too low when you set it. now after six people are dead and dozens more are injured you set the bond at $5 million. what's different now? ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them.
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>> bill: we are 12 minutes away. opening bell on wall street. if you watched the action
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friday, a dismal day. the dow had its worse session of 2021. it fell more than 900 points at the close as news of this variant spread. maria bartiromo, anchor of "mornings with maria" on fox business. good toerng to you. -- good morning. why don't we begin, what do you see? >> it looks like we'll get a bounceback at the opening of trading. i can tell you for sure many people feel that friday's action was a way, way overreaction. remember friday the day after thanksgiving is typically low volume, low liquidity and any moves are outside. we're seeing a bounce today. this omicron variant was quite convenient for the move in oil prices. they sold off 13% in a day, 13%, that's extraordinary. that happened friday. this morning oil prices are bouncing and up 7%.
6:20 am
people are wondering why we had such a reaction. president biden wants to try to get oil prices lower and no luck with releasing from the strategic oil reserve. it did nothing for the price of gasoline. once the omicron variant and all the panic that ensued happened on friday, it did the trick to send oil prices lower. they're now rebounding this morning. we're waiting to hear what president biden has to say about the new variant but i would expect the bounceback today and the bounceback perhaps a return to a bullish time sometime this week once we get more information from this administration on next steps. >> bill: today's cyber monday. get shopping done. black friday the brick and mortar stores, mom and pop, home depot, lowe's, they were down 28% when compared to sales
6:21 am
on the same day two years prior. so it takes you to 2019 before the pandemic started. amazon, however, crushed it. record day of sales. here is their ceo on cbs on sunday. >> record breaking black friday and we're seeing customers engage. i don't see inflation particularly impacting consumers this holiday season so far. we're very optimistic what's to come. >> bill: i see two things at work. every year we see more people buying online. how did the pandemic change the way americans look at companies like amazon and probably use them more often than before? what do you think? >> i agree with that, bill. i think there are some things that we changed, structurely changed because of the pandemic. i never used to buy groceries online. i'm happy doing that. people did not do telemedicine
6:22 am
visits all that often and now comfortable doing that. there are certain things we learned and adapted to during the pandemic that we'll take with us post pandemic and what you are seeing in online shopping. something like this new variant and panic around it will only accentuate that and that's what we're seeing. we had foot traffic in stores on black friday but nothing compared to the sales that we saw online. that is certain to continue as more stores adapt to online shopping as well. >> bill: thank you. nice to see you on a monday and we'll see what we get. hope you had a good turkey day. say hello to the family. >> dana: her dog is so cute. she has cute dogs. i care about that. >> bill: i met percy in person. i haven't met maria's dog. >> dana: the "wall street journal" editorial board always good. stupid inflation trick democrats keep coming up with blame for rising prices.
6:23 am
axios, dem fears supply chain and democrats struggle to energize their base as frustrations mount. you know how much this is on their minds, bill, you can tell because today the president will speak at 11:45 about the omicron variant. at 3:45 he will meet with ceos about the supply chain. he will make it look like they're doing something. >> bill: the president went after opec. remember that? you went after opec but cut off keystone. elizabeth warren was going after the poultry cartel for driving up the price of turkey. that's the point of the wall is journal piece today. it is good reading. short. take you a minute to read it. >> dana: no one is safe when it comes to elizabeth warren. the ultimate taskmaster in washington, d.c. also governors monitoring the omicron variant as we wait for confirmation of the first case in the united states. asa hutchinson on vaccines and
6:24 am
boosters coming up. another smash and grab robbery. this time a dangerous group threatening bystanders inside a home depot. >> the front entrance and they put their -- whoever got in the way they would hurt them. they actually threatened a customer. he got away. they just ran out and the cops got here shortly. it's a new bui. you got me new buick? oh! and there are more gifts inside. wow! i don't even know what to open first. how about this? you got me the head up display. heated steering wheel. it's a massaging seat. do you love it? okay okay, what next? watch this, mom. alexa, turn on holiday lights. this year, give the gift of technology in every buick s(you)v. what's strong with me? i know when i'm ready for a rest day. this year, give the gift of technology i can be ready for anything... tomorrow.
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♪ >> dana: 7 of the 16 kids brought in last sunday in waukesha remain hospitalized. one child, jackson sparks, died of his injuries tuesday. 39-year-old darrell brooks faces several charges after police say he rammed his s.u.v. into the crowd. killing 6 people and injuring more than 60. terrible story. i had them on my mind this weekend going into the holidays given the fact they were at the christmas parade. trey gowdy had thoughts on this. here he have is last night on his show slamming the left.
6:30 am
>> we don't need prosecutors to react after there are six bodies laying on a parade route. we need prosecutors and politicians who prioritize public safety beforehand. and there are still those on the left calling for lower bonds, the rest of us need to remember for all the novembers to come so we can make sure these criminal sympathizers and apologize masquerading as politicians and prosecutors are never in a position to influence policy again. >> dana: that's why you never want to miss sunday night in america with trey gowdy. he can put a fine point on it as former prosecutor. extremely frustrating. the country is really waking up to all of this. >> bill: very little mention of this on the sunday shows over the weekend. we cannot forget about this. we cannot forget about people, there and the suffering they're going through. wait until christmas rolls around. two, we have to find out more about the guy who drove this car. this killer there in wisconsin.
6:31 am
what he was all about and what his motivations were. we're stay on the story. let's go from wisconsin to california. police arresting four men on sunday in connection with a smash and grab incident. this is near l.a. as many as 10 people entered a home depot friday night and made out with sledgehammers, crowbars and all kinds of stuff. william la jeunesse is live on the story where it has come to your town. >> a common thread in all these over the last week or 10 days they are happening in cities where you have soft on crime prosecutors who favor short or no sentences for crimes against property. chicago, san francisco, l.a. where friday these thieves in ski masks ransacked a home depot taking crowbars and sledgehammers and overwhelming one customer who tried to stop them. >> and we tried to actually stop them and closed the front entrance and they put their sledgehammers up, whoever got in the way they would hurt them.
6:32 am
>> last week thieves hit stores on melstrom. a nordstrom, louis vuitton, cvs in south l.a. another nordstrom in the san fernando valley and several stores in beverly hills. >> bad decisions our leaders made. a manifestation of deciding we'll defund the cops. >> recently in the bay area, a flash mob hit a nordstrom in walnut grove and several stores in san francisco in union quair. square. all are led by d.j.s. the san francisco d.a. who says crime is caused by wealth inequality. both including supporter governor gavin newsom favored downgrading left under $1,000 from a felony to miss demeanor.
6:33 am
>> it's what started the crime spree but then soft on crime d.a.s and they have created a welcome wagon for criminals. now, however, the supports of defunding or reimagining police newsom and the d.a. in sf. they favor consequences for criminal acts. >> bill: you need a perp walk in a lot of different places. >> dana: let's bring in deon joseph of the los angeles police department. i have a question for you in terms of are you getting the support you need? governor newsom also said everyone has to step things up. we need to see more law enforcement and more deterrents and presence. do you have what you need in order to accomplish that? >> without accountability and teeth in the law we'll never have what we need.
6:34 am
successful effort we had not only high visibility that saved lives and prevented death but great working relationships with district and city attorneys and teeth in the laws that actually created an environment where criminals said maybe this isn't the place we should come play. now they have free, complete rein. their ideas are more important than victims of crime. a whole different environment now. until that changes the citizens will never have the support they need for us to help them keep them safe and keep their property safe. >> dana: listening to governor newsom saying he has sympathy for what's going on for the perpetrators. >> i have no sympathy or empathy whatsoever people smashing and grabbing and stealing people's item creating havoc and terror on our streets. full stop. we want real accountability and we want people prosecuted. >> dana: is it possible under
6:35 am
the current situation, steve? >> it is not possible if your district attorney is george gascon. it is not going to happen. governor newsom ought to realize he created gascon when he had zero experience as a public prosecutor. >> dana: then what do you think is the next step in this whole issue of not having a felony account for this kind of -- one, there is violence, that's twon, a problem. if you're able to steal things $999 and get a miss demeanor and citation rather than a felony to me if you don't change that, this is never going to end and you have people who might have wanted to go shopping out at in order stroms decide i'll get it online instead. >> well, quite -- if we had an aggressive district attorney, and we don't. all he would have to do is file
6:36 am
the crime of conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor which is a felony. these are conspiracies. everyone who goes in people sitting in the car are conspiring to commit a miss demeanor which is a felony. we don't have an aggressive d.a. he won't file all the different enhancements and charges he can. when he goes to court he will seek the most lenient sentence. that's what we're working with in los angeles county the george gascon. >> if i may, public safety has to be the cornerstone for everything. whether you want to create a shopping center, people aren't going to go shop where they know they'll get robbed. there is video of people sitting down and having lunch and someone walking up and pulling guns and taking wrist watches. if you try to create a drug program to help addicts you need to create the environment to change. when you don't have the environment to change they stay
6:37 am
on the downside longer. safety is a cornerstone of everything you want to do. if you eliminate that and politicize public safety people die, people lose their property and people can't live comfortably and safely in their own communities and that's wrong. >> dana: one last question, steve. gascon and the problem in los angeles. we've seen what is happening and also in san francisco. progressive prosecutors are spreading across the country. we just saw it terribly in waukesha, wisconsin. what do you think needs to happen? can there be a recall? are people going to get fed up enough they'll demand change? >> here we'll try to recall george gascon. i think it will succeed. elsewhere, what the voters have the realize is do not vote for a george soros-supported prosecutor or they will end up like many of these cities. be aware who you are voting for
6:38 am
and don't vote for the left wing progressive soros-sponsored and paid for prosecutors and you'll be okay. >> dana: thank you for the perspective. thank you. >> bill: they have some issues. have to get it taken care of. exciting weekend across the nfl. patriots beat the titans 36-13. blew them out. six-game win streak going to the match-up against buffalo. a division rival. watch it then. the packers taking care of the rams at the frozen tundra of lambeau, field. 36-28 wasn't frozen. a nice day in green bay, actually. 36-28. rodgers threw for two touchdowns. ran for another and your bengals blowing out the steerls. look at the move by burrow on half a leg. 41-10 final. he wracked up 165 yards rushing, two touchdowns and bengals win it at home.
6:39 am
>> dana: again i'm surprised they chose you for that read and next monday i would really like a shot at trying to do the football recap four. i promise i will study and bring it next week. i'll try. >> bill: done. >> dana: thanks. iran nuclear deal talks begin today. what options will be available for the biden administration if talks fail? general jack keane with his take coming up next hour and actor matthew mcconaughey making his final decision and the most unique role of his career. will he run for texas governor? ♪♪♪
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>> bill: now the trial of maxwell, the british socialite tied to jeffrey epstein. it begins this morning. she faces a six-count federal indictment alleging they she conspired with epstein and aided in the sexual assault of underage girls. good morning, brian. >> good morning. the trial is underway. court began at 8:30 and finalizing jury selection and opening statements will begin in what is expected to be a six-week trial against maxwell. she is the former girlfriend of billionaire and sex offender epstein. he faced additional sex trafficking and abuse charges with minors but killed himself in a jail cell before the trial began in 2019. maxwell ayear later was arrested and now faces six federal sex trafficking charges
6:46 am
which carry a maximum of 70 years in prison. prosecutors say between 1994 and 2004 she recruited and groomed minors as young as 14 years old for epstein to abuse. trafficking them between epstein's mansion in palm beach, new mexico and new york. in some cases maxwell allegedly took part in the abuse. maxwell has pled not guilty to all the charges. her defense lawyers are going to try to discredit her accusers. maxwell has spent the past 17 months inside a brooklyn federal jail cell. her lawyers released this photo of her with a black eye from jail and complained about inhumane conditions but she has been denied bail six times. maxwell's brother says she is being scapegoated by u.s. prosecutors hell bent on holding someone accountable for epstein's crimes.
6:47 am
>> the authorities lost epstein on their watch in federal custody. under 24/7 guard. and they are taking it out on my sister and that's just wrong. >> at least four accusers are expected to take the stand against maxwell. >> bill: thank you >> dana: data shows arkansas is among the bottom 10 states in vaccination rates. 49% of residents fully vaccinated. governor hutchison is urging everyone to get their shots but says enforcing a mandate is not the answer. what do you know about the new variant? have you heard anything from the federal government on what you as a governor should be considering? >> we are still waiting for more information, but clearly we are used to dealing with new variants. we have the delta variant hit us very hard here in arkansas.
6:48 am
we were one of the first states and from what we see in the early information, the omicron variant might be more contagious but there is not any indication that it is as severe as even the delta variant. we're waiting on more information but in the meantime, we are taking advantage of this to increase our vaccinations in arkansas. i continue to push those and we should not be unsteady in this environment. we need to wait for more information, not panic. our emergency in arkansas ended some time ago. we're managing the coronavirus here. we want to handle new variant that comes in with increased vaccination rates. >> dana: one of the things you'll hear from the president speaking about the new variant and other issues in regard to covid. they say mandates worked. look at the federal government.
6:49 am
the mandate for workers they are up in the mid-90s in terms of take-up rates for vaccines but you think that the mandate for you has actually made it more difficult to convince people to get the vaccine. >> i do. people buck up. they offer more resistance if the government is telling them this is what you have to do. we are making great progress through medical information, trusted advisors. i had community town hall meetings and we gradually increased the vaccination rate and we continue to do it. it is harder whenever you have the debate about the mandates and so we oppose a federal mandate. the first time in history they have had this heavy federal government come in and tell the states what to do. every state might be different. for arkansas, we are using education, common sense, and driving those numbers up and people take it seriously. whenever you see the risk, that
6:50 am
increases our vaccination rate. i think the omicron variant is another warning letter owe get it done and don't delay. >> dana: one other thing i wanted to ask you about this wednesday there will be a great occasion at the security. -- supreme court. there is a question with the abortion law when the court decides and will it overturn roe vs. wade and turn things back over to the states. all governors are paying attention to this. your thoughts before we hear arguments on wednesday. we lost him. i'm sure he had a great thought. we'll try to get that for you. that hearing will be taking place, bill, in the supreme court on wednesday. there is a lot of attention on that. >> bill: sorry about that. covid cable. gremlins. >> dana: we'll see if he can come back tomorrow. if they were to overturn roe vs. wade and goes back to the states the governors will have big fights on their hands and opportunities as well. >> bill: governor, we'll get you back.
6:51 am
ravaged by fire. is the famed french cathedral going woke along the way? why critics are calling out the new changes and we'll tell you about those coming up. we're waiting for an announcement from president biden on the new covid variant. what will he say? we'll get a preview coming up shortly when we continue. erans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more. ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪♪♪
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>> bill: get a load of this. the icon i can notre dame cathedral in parents could look much different after reconstruct tour work. critics are slamming many of the changes describing the new look as a woke theme park. they are planning now to replace confessional boxes and altars and sculptures with sound and lighting effects in areas for emotional spaces. "wall street journal" columnist, fox news contributor bill mcgurn joins me now. good morning to you. you have read about this.
6:57 am
can you make heads or tails of it? is it planning or hasn't been done just yet? what's the plan? >> right. i've spent many times in noteer dam. i lived in europe and went to mass there often. the primary fact of notre dame it is a working church and has been dispensing the sacraments for 800 years. they want the notre dame they remember. if quasi motowas here he would throw the designer off the building. it is soaked with french history and sacraments and makes it such a draw to millions of people around the world. this is a very dispiriting report. >> bill: this is what the architect says. if disney were entering notre dame what they are proposing to do would never be done in
6:58 am
westminster abby, a theme park and very childish and trivial given the grandeur of the place which goes to your point. they want -- they wouldn't do it to the sistine chapel either, would they? >> i agree with the architect here. perhaps we can hope that the use of disanyfication and americans words like that will arouse the friend. french anti-americanism in these awful plans. the people of france want the notre dame they know and been there 800 years. they don't want it to look like some u.n. exhibit or something. they talk about emotional space. for some of us who know notre dame as a church, the whole thing is an emotional space. let's hope this brings about a corrective. >> bill: it's a great point about the entire place and reverence for the emotional space.
6:59 am
what does it say about how the woke culture that we've been going through here in the u.s. is spreading? >> yeah, i think -- we got a lot of our bad architectural ideas for europe. i don't think it's a just a one-way street. in terms of the reverence for the past, what we offer a place like notre dame today. we have better technology. we should be able to protect it from fires and so forth but this lack of reverence for anything that came before us, the egotism. i think it's the architect pointed out it is so infantile. no one is going to see what they do and think it an improvement over the 17th century altar. >> bill: you don't go to notre dame for the light show. it's the spirituality, reverence, the sense you have of being closer to god and we'll see whether or not they go forward and how much is done. thank you, bill, nice to see you, bill mcgurn from the "wall
7:00 am
street journal." thank you, brother bill. we'll see if they do it. >> dana: he made good points. >> bill: you go there to have that whole thing about the assembly *l space. -- emotional space. >> dana: even as a lutheran it hits you. i could become catholic. there might be a day. >> bill: you are welcome to. >> dana: we'll discuss it in the commercial break. the criminal trial of jussie smol et begins today in chicago where the act or is accused of faking a hate crime against himself three years ago. two brothers who worked with him on the tv show say he planned the whole thing and paid them to do it. trial starts with jury selection today and is expected to last a week. we'll have more on this coming up in the next hour. first president biden set to get an update from the covid response team this hour before delivering remarks this morning on the new omicron variant and the u.s. response after imposing a travel ban against
7:01 am
eight countries in africa starting today. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. nice to see you again. missed you for five days, right? we're back at it. >> dana: we're at it. >> bill: we are. >> dana: here we go. >> bill: you have several countries around the world and high alert for the new strain of covid as it remains unclear what it means for handling the pandemic. president biden will once again be urging americans to get vaccinated and get the booster shot if you haven't yet when he speaks to the country next hour. his chief medical officer says it is too early to tell if there will be any need for additional restrictions. >> it's really too early to say. people talking about lockdowns, people talking about that. let's see what the information that we are getting in realtime tells us and we'll make decisions based on the science and the evidence the way we always do. >> bill: team fox coverage begins a new hour. rich edson in washington jason chaffetz has reaction and
7:02 am
benjamin hall starts us off live from the state department. a lot of news on this. let's start there. >> good morning, bill. this travel ban is being slammed around the world by the countries who are affected, by the w.h.o. itself and anyone trying to get the global economy back up and running. in the u.s. it is called worse than useless by people. nevertheless president biden's african ban on eight countries came into effect at midnight tonight. it doesn't include americans. there is worldwide condemnation. the south african president say the prohibition of travel is not informed by science nor will it be effective in preventing the spread of this variant. the only thing it will do is further damage the economies. affected countries and undermine their ability to respond to the pandemic. among the criticism if the variant is such concern why didn't the travel ban take effect immediately? president biden said it was the recommendation of dr. fauci who he met yesterday but himself admits we don't know much about
7:03 am
the omicron variant. blinken spoke to the south african counterpart over the weekend and praised the country for the transparency. but will it discourage other countries from sharing information in the future? the issue of travel bans was hotly debated during the campaign by then candidate biden who repeatedly said banning travel wouldn't stop the coronavirus and called president trump's travel ban racist. now he is doing the same. w.h.o. says it attacks global solidarity and found in most regions of the world it targets south africa. the first ones to identify it. >> bill: state department there, benjamin hall today. >> dana: wall street making back some of the steep losses from friday as stocks took a beating over possible new lockdowns with the dow up this morning after suffering its worst trading day of the week last week. rich edson is live with the latest on this. >> good morning.
7:04 am
900 points off the dow jones industrial average friday. the worst percentage drop for the s&p 500 since february. business owners and health officials are looking at what this new variant means. how well vaccines protect against it and whether it will prompt a new round of lockdowns. >> the marketplace is worried about two things. one, that another variant of covid is going to hit them hard. we travel less, we go out to restaurants less and we may have additional restrictions that are imposed on us. that's issue number one. issue number two the marketplace is worried also this will cause more inflation. that supply chains will be disrupted even more. >> the economy already had its challenges like worker shortages. supply chain back logs and the prices consumers pay for goods. inflation in the united states
7:05 am
jumped more than 6% in october, the largest increase in more than 30 years. the international monetary fund forecasts world consumer prices will rise 4.3% this year. supply chain problems continue to hamper the world economy, new lockdowns on top of inflation would represent a major setback to industries like travel and in-person entertainment that covid has battered over the past two years. americans have been gradually returning to normal. reopening offices, resuming travel and in-person shopping to gauge the health of the economy, investors are looking to friday when the labor department releases its november employment report. >> dana: you are already into december when we get there. thanks. >> bill: let's get more on the political impact of president biden's response to covid. jason chaffetz. we'll see what the president says next hour. this is what he said at a fourth of july event this past summer. watch. >> president biden: all across this nation we can say with confidence america is coming back together.
7:06 am
today we are closer than ever to declaring our independence from a deadly virus. thanks to our heroic vaccine efforts, we've gained the upper hand against this virus. we can live our lives. >> bill: that was five months ago. what now, jason? >> well, that didn't really turn out to be true, mr. president. we haven't seen the independence. president biden is out there saying wear a mask and then over the holiday he is spotted in the store not wearing a mask. 12 people get the sniffles in south africa they shut down the country and travel. the southern border is wide open and we have people by the hundreds of thousands coming into this country. and then ron desantis in florida has the lowest rate of covid right now in the nation. and all they've done is try to beat him up and say he has done it wrong and create the death trap in florida. florida is doing the best. there is nothing that i think
7:07 am
the president can could do more than firing dr. fauci if he wants credibility of this issue. we have heard this administration and dr. fauci way too many times misdirect us. tell us one thing, do another thing. i don't think he has the credibility to lead this nation in terms of his scientific response to this pandemic. >> dana: the white house is asking for patience because they say we have to follow the signs and this is a virus. but they didn't extend that when he was a candidate, when president biden was a candidate. he said this in a tweet in february of 2020. we are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. we need to lead the way with signs, not donald trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear mongering. the worst possible person to lead our country through the global health emergency. yet this continued virus forces the president to come out again today at 11:45. you point out some great hypocrisy about masks and about the southern border and it is hard to imagine that the
7:08 am
american people are continuing to listen at this point. >> yeah. it was kamala harris saying she had great hesitancy to take the vaccine because donald trump was involved. the number one thing joe biden talks about is the vaccine. donald trump opened the way to create that public/private partnership to make the vaccines possible. look, when you are talking about people's health we have to be very, very careful. i took the vaccine, my wife took the vaccine. we're fully vaccinated but i have to tell you every single time we listen to this administration, it is flip and flop. they come out with a policy and scramble to find the signs instead of leading with the science and then coming out with the policy. >> bill: we have an explanation from the world health organization why we're using the greek alphabet and on that for some time now. they will skip two letters and here is the explanation for why. nu is too easily confounded
7:09 am
with new and si xi was not used because it is a common last name and the world health organization best practices for naming disease suggest avoiding causing offense and any cultural, social, national or ethnic groups. xi is also the leader of china. an argument can be made we're keeping information from people when we don't talk about the origins for a particular variant. doesn't mean we're racist. we want to know where it came from. i for one forgot where delta came from. i looked it up over the weekend. it came from india. i wonder if we're being overly sensitive on this, jason. what is your feeling on that? >> yeah, i don't spend 10 seconds on what they call it. what i'm concerned about is that the united states congress is doing zero in terms of doing an investigation into the origins of this virus so that it never, ever happens again.
7:10 am
i haven't seen anything substantive from this administration about where it started. instead i see them being protectionist to china creating a blockade that says let's make sure we don't say anything negative about china. i don't care what they call it. i want to get to the bottom of it. i don't think the democrats have taken that very soreously. >> bill: more information is better for all of us. that's the point there. jason, thank you so much. >> amen. >> dana: also this "new york post" cover on the face of it biden is a hypocrite. tells americans to mask up but flouts rule. something you see over and over again and happening here in new york city as well that now even though they have vaccine rate that is great, at a restaurant you don't have to wear a mask if you have your vaccine card but now all of these shops like the one that i love to go to requires a mask and i think
7:11 am
might as well get it online then. i don't want to clog up the streets. >> bill: the new governor of new york put out a statement. she is recommending that you put off elective surgery for now. this after we have i think two known cases in canada. that's it. okay. her statement we take extraordinary action to prevent the spread of covid-19 and combat the pandemic. warning signs and spikes this upcoming winter. while the new omicron variant is coming. the vaccine remains one of our greatest weapons in fighting the pandemic. vaccinate and get the booster. let's see how this goes. the specialist in south africa said it is mild and many people treated at home. if that's the case let's hope it stays that way. >> dana: we have vaccines, therapeutics. we have a lot more knowledge than we had before. maybe we don't need to jump the gun yet. fox news alert.
7:12 am
smash and grabs on the rise groups targeting luxury retailers and local hardware stores. what can be done to stop the brazen robberies. >> bill: jussie smollett, remember him? he is back in court today charged with making a fake police report saying he was attacked in chicago by two men who targeted him for his race and sexual orientation. we'll have legal analysis on what this case looks like for him coming up next. >> the fact that we have this fear mongerers, these people that are trying to separate us and it's just not okay. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent.
7:13 am
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for a limited time, ask how to get a great deal for your business. and get up to a $500 prepaid card with select bundles when you switch to the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. or get started with internet and voice for $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> dana: fox news alert reports
7:18 am
twitter a*es co-founder jack dorsey will step down. he is also the ceo of square, pretty big news in the tech world. partners at fox business are reaching out for comment and we'll bring it to you when we have it. >> bill: in chicago the trial of former empire actor jussie smollett begins today with jury selection. remember this? smollett is accused of lying to police when he said he was a victim of racist and homophobic attack in the dead of winter. a look at how we got here. january of 2019 smollett reports the alleged assault. chicago police identify two nigerian brothers as persons of interest. smollett tells "good morning america" he is heartbroken off people who doubted his account. then in february police charged smollett with filing a false police report. here on big fox he was dumped
7:19 am
by the tv show. prosecutors dropped charges prompting the city of chicago to sue the actor and recoup the $130,000 it spent on the investigation. in april of 2019, a new independent review of the entire case before smollett was eventually indicted on six counts by a grand jury and that's what brings us to today. jonna spilbor, criminal defense attorney. good morning to you. let me play this clip here. he appeared on "good morning america" in february of 2019 and this was part of that. >> i'm an advocate. i respect too much the people who i am now one of those people who have been attacked in any way. you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> bill: as a defense attorney, how would you defend him? >> you know, this is a really tough case to defend. i was thinking about this.
7:20 am
a lot of people in my world are asking why is he even going to trial? i will tell you why. two types of people who go to trial. the first camp are people who have an abiding belief in their innocence and want vindication and the only way to do it is go to trial and gate not guilty verdict. the other camp is exactly the opposite. those people really don't have a legal leg to stand on. prosecutor isn't making any offers and if they go to trial they have nothing to lose but maybe they can get one juror out of 12 to feel a little sorry and come back with a mistrial or something better than that. jussie smollett falls into the second camp. >> bill: uh-huh. so that would explain why he doesn't cut a deal with prosecutors. that would seem kind of logical when you consider it's 20 below, it is late january, it is 2:00 a.m. on the streets of chicago and apparently he was on his way to get a sandwich at subway. >> i don't think prosecutors
7:21 am
now are even offering him a deal. look what he did. this takes hoax to another level. he based his hoax on a country that was divided. he based it on race. he based it on homophobia. this isn't a case where you have a runaway bride or somebody who committed those kinds of hoax for their own personal gain. he was using the country to get what? a step up in miss career? -- his career? then he doubles down and lies about his lie. if i were prosecuting him i would play that video when it comes time for sentencing because there seems to be a whole lot of evidence against jussie smollett, a paper and money trail. the two brothers who will testify against him. the weirdness of when he was contacted by police and walking around his apartment with the alleged noose around his neck. that was clue number one. i don't have a whole lot of sympathy for jussie smollett and hope he picks in his jury does. >> bill: you made the point you
7:22 am
hope he gets one sympathetic juror. does he testify in his own defense or stay quiet? >> that's a great question. i almost think he might have to testify. what is his defense? it is i didn't do nothing. his defense is that the brothers who will testify against him are lying? if that's the case he will have to wait and see if the state has proven its case before he makes that decision. unless he is going to take the stand to say sorry, i didn't have anything to do with it. they forced me into it. it wasn't me, it was them. that is a great question. >> bill: just remember the context how all this was going down, right? kamala harris tweeted the following in january of that year. jussie smollett is one of the kindest, more gentle human beings i know. i'm praying for his quick recovery. this was an attempted modern dalyn muching. no one should have to fear for
7:23 am
their life because of their sexuality or color of skin. we must confront the hate. it was a few hours after the accusation went public. >> of course. nobody in this country anymore bothers to get any sort of evidence before the politicians, i should say, before they open their mouth. they did it with rittenhouse, they did it in jussie smollett. they do it all the time. that's nothing knew. new. we have to have the pendulum swinging to center in the high-profile cases. it will do us all a lot of good. >> bill: you have the case in chicago, the maxwell case in new york. thank you for your time today. remember they said it was downtown chicago and -- >> dana: the trial is not going to be televised. no cameras in the courtroom. hopefully we can get as much information as we can. kamala harris, when it turns out the way that it is, he
7:24 am
still defends himself saying it was true. kamala harris tweeted this. when anyone makes false claims to police it diverts resources away from serious investigations but more difficult for other victims of crime to come forward. we must speak the truth. hate crimes are on the rise in america. >> bill: trying to have it both ways. >> dana: so is he. i can't believe he is going forward with the trial. >> bill: the police chief in chicago was as ticked as one could be because of the resources diverted in the investigation. it turned out to be a big hoax. jury selection begins today. >> dana: they gave him a chance to plea. he did not. we go through the trial and see what happens. border patrol agents working hard in texas over the weekend as the humanitarian crisis continues unfolding there. the latest face of that crisis look, a child abandoned in mexico. one migrant tries by passing the border all together. how he made it to the united states but didn't make it far.
7:25 am
7:26 am
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by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value you can take out up to $60,000 or more. with home values at all time highs, now's the time to call. >> dana: survived a roughly three hour flight from guatemala to florida. customs and border protection took him to a local hospital and then into custody for trying to sneak into the united states. according to the faa, 129 people worldwide have tried to stowaway in other areas of commercial aircraft since 1947. 100 died. not good odds. >> bill: unbelievable. >> dana: i'm surprised he survived. >> bill: i was googling this thing. that flight duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes. they had to get to at least 35,000 feet.
7:31 am
>> dana: i don't know how he survived. >> bill: they never do. really extraordinary. tough kid, really tough. >> dana: now headed back. >> bill: 10:30 in new york. busy holiday weekend along the southern border. they stopped 100 migrants early sunday morning. among those a small child abandoned by smugglers on the mexican side of the river. casey stiegel live with more as we begin a new week there. >> so sad. unfortunately really the same story just a different day down here along the southern border as there really is no end in sight to the relentless number of migrants that are crossing the southern border illegally. this is one of those hot zones in la joya, texas, where we've been posted up now and not far from mccall en. -- mcallen. it was foggy this morning. as we came in just as the sun
7:32 am
was coming up we saw a group of 15 detained a short time later a group of about 30, and there is a bus on location right now as those individuals are processed and boarded up there. hundreds were taken into custody at this spot over the weekend and as we've been telling you all along, this is a 24 hour a day operation day and night scores of migrants cross the rio grande river. the international border for much of texas. it has also been ground zero for much of this year's surge. we also see constant reminders of the humanitarian side of this crisis. sunday morning cbp agents encountered this little 2 or 3-year-old boy who had been abandoned by smugglers all by himself. remember we've also been talking about the so-called runners, those who try to evade law enforcement when crossing. our cameras caught two young men doing just that who were
7:33 am
eventually apprehended by agents. officials tell you there is really no way they can gauge or have a good sense of just how many that don't get -- that do get away. those are not all the numbers we report, bill, of those in custody continue to be record levels. >> bill: thank you, casey stiegel. la joya, texas for us today. >> dana: u.s. and iran back at the table in vienna trying to get tehran back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. the "wall street journal" out with a warning. tehran wants a less for more deal weaker than obama's. let's bring in jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war and former vice chief of the army. i thought it was pretty interest pg. -- interesting. iran said the united states must lift all sanctions. that's the condition they put on the table as these talks
7:34 am
start today. how do you see it? >> certainly iran is going into this deal as they always have. they are very tough negotiators. that's how we got the flawed 2015 deal. we find the biden administration here today very similar to where obama was back in 2014 when they were negotiating what became the 2015 nuclear deal. that is hungry to make a deal. having that disposal iranian's know that. the new regime came in and stalled the negotiations for what reason? to gain more leverage. here we are going into this deal. how much has changed? iran's economy has major problems. but has been slowly recovering. principally because the biden administration is not enforcing the trump sanctions to the degree that they should be doing. the hard liners are certainly in control now and they've
7:35 am
expanded their nuclear program to the point where as opposed to having a break-out to a nuclear weapon in over a year it is likely just a few months and they -- they are enriching you uranium 60%. weapons grade is 90. the united states wanted to go back to the original conditions of the 2015 deal. iranians unlikely want to do that and complete sanction relief. the administration is iranian negotiators that we would give up all sanctions. so we're going in there, i think, dana, once again playing a very, very weak hand. >> dana: the national security council coordinate ho*r for the administration are saying we're hopeful diplomacy cannot find a way. we're prepared to do other options. we won't allow iran to get a nuclear weapon, period.
7:36 am
i wanted to play you something from the israeli prime minister bennett. they are paying close attention to this and have strong feelings. >> iran deserves no rewards, no bargain deals and no sanctions relief in return for their brutality. i call upon our allies around the world, do not give in to iran's nuclear blackmail. >> dana: the other thing interesting one of the conditions the iranians put on this meeting the europeans are allowed to be at the room in the table but the united states negotiators have to be in the anti-room. what kind of negotiation is that? >> yeah, this has been the way it's been from the beginning of these negotiations. the biden administration. they folded right away to this tactic of humiliation, i call it. iranians are doing that because they believe the united states came out of the deal when president trump walked away from it in 2018. therefore they won't negotiate directly with us. it was just a employ.
7:37 am
-- a ploy and we rolled on it. back to the prime minister of israel. this is a direction we're heading. iran wants a nuclear weapon and intent on getting it. they are moving in that direction and what the prime minister is trying to tell us, please, united states, don't make the same mistake again. give them all of this money from sanction relief, what are they going to do with that? they'll do what they did with it in 2015. they brought down the government in yemen after that deal was penned in 2015 using their proxies. look what has happened since the biden administration took over and the fiasco in afghanistan. they attempted to kill the prime minister of iraq. that's the first time they've ever done that using their proxies and they attack the u.s. base in southern syria. fortunately we pulled 200 of our troops out of there prior to that attack. their intent was what, to kill americans. so this is who they are and
7:38 am
that's what we are going to give them more money to commit this aggression and also a pathway to a nuclear weapon. this i said would be the number one strategic blunder of the biden administration before they came into power. that was before the afghanistan fiasco for sure. but this is still heading to a very disastrous situation in my judgment, dana. >> dana: we'll keep you on hold because this is just starting as these talks get back underway. thank you, general. >> great talking to you. >> bill: 22 before the hour. organized gangs invading retail centers and shopping malls. grabbing whatever they want. threatening anyone in their way. what is behind the growing crime crisis? a bigger question, how do we fix it now? >> it's a manifestation of weak leadership and manifestation of some really bad decisions that our leaders made. a manifestation of deciding we'll defund the cops.
7:39 am
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or live chat at today. >> dana: despite the white house saying president biden intends to run for reelection, buzz is building for transportation secretary pete buttigieg to be the party's nominee in 2024. what in the world is driving this? chief washington correspondent mike emanuel joins us live with the details. >> good morning.
7:44 am
it sounds like supporters of transportation secretary pete buttigieg see an opportunity with an aging president struggling in the polls. in his role buttigieg is front and center with the new infrastructure law and getting to sell infrastructure and warm fuzzy interviews. late night tv, daytime tv, selling what is a popular piece of legislation. a key house democrat told me oats too soon to be talking about another democrat in 2024. >> when you start to have these conversations you are indicating you may not have faith in the president. i have faith in the president. i don't believe there is anybody that i will pit against him. i believe he is going to get the job done. >> leading house republican says this buzz should be sounding alarms at the white house. >> 2024 if that's what he wants to do but he will lose. it is not a good sign. never a good sign when members of your own party are literally talking about who is going to replace you and you haven't been in the job for a full year
7:45 am
yet. >> some have suggested talking about buttigieg when kamala harris is vice president is disrespectful to her but buttigieg is down playing any talk of arrive allry. >> no, she and i are part of a team that is disciplined and doesn't focus on what is obsessing the commentators. we are over too busy with a job to do. >> transportation secretary is not typically a launching pad. the president's age is a factor and some suggest vice president harris isn't ready for prime time. >> dana: is the transportation secretary flying too close to the sun? >> bill: nice reference there. the gangs of smash and grab thieves raising alarms across the nation. a couple shops getting hit in fresno, california. not just california. the organized looting spreading to other parts of the country as well. the d.a. for fresno county, thank you for your time and
7:46 am
good morning. want to mention the bay area security guard who was killed over the weekend during one of these smash and grab deals. how do you think you can stop this? >> you know, bill, this is such a tragedy that it is happening here in california and nationwide. as we continue to weaken laws with regard and our police departments are struggling recuteing young officers to come and be police officers because we have the anti-law enforcement feeling now. specifically we have to get rid of these impose tore district attorneys. the jurisdictions where it is happening in san francisco and los angeles, even in chicago and minneapolis, it is where you have these soro's funded d.a.s. criminals know where they can go to commit the crimes. if we don't change our laws and vote these district attorney's out it will just continue. >> bill: in fresno, are you
7:47 am
doing anything different? is your law in fresno different than other parts of california? >> no, our laws in fresno are the same as they are in the rest of california. what we do differently here we have a community that is pro-law enforcement. we have a mayor a former police chief. a great police chief and sheriff who are all pro-law enforcement people and have a district attorney's office not afraid to prosecute cases. something really special also that we have here in fresno is we have a very good relationship with our federal partners and there are crimes that can be charged with these conspiracy smash and grab commercial robberies under the ho*bs act. if i have was the san francisco and los angeles d.a. it would be the first call i would make to the united states attorneys office to prosecute these people federally. the laws in california are so weak that they don't hold people accountable but there are other openings.
7:48 am
but these rogue prosecutors who are disguising themselves as district attorneys will not do that. we are oef in a crisis here in california. until people wake up and start thinking and knowing who they are voting for, this terrible behavior will continue. >> bill: amazing to watch the video. here is one way of saying it. if your store is targeted and you maybe have a security guard or maybe you don't. if you don't, you have a dozen or two dozen cars circling your store there isn't a lot to do to defend yourself. what you could do is prosecute heavily and what you could do is start to have perp walks on tv for the people of california and others to see it. >> our police chief, we have an operation called operation christmas presents. he made it very clear to the people in fresno and anyone who might come here to try to commit crimes. the fresno police department will be patrolling and will be
7:49 am
on this whole situation of these types of robberies and it won't be stood for. i think there is a lot to be said for that sort of deterrent. again, if you look at the jurisdictions in which this is happening, these criminals are picking jurisdictions where they know there is not a lot of accountability. but the shop keepers, the people who are in the stores, this is the time of year where we should be enjoying the holidays and especially after the pandemic. it is shameful that people can't go out to do holiday shopping and enjoy themselves and share that time without the risk of being hurt by thieves. >> bill: are you finding that they resell the stuff for cash or are they putting it online? a quick answer. >> it is both. it is both. they'll sell it on the black-market. anything they can get. >> bill: thank you. we'll stay in touch with you, the d.a. in fresno, california. thank you for your time and good luck. we're on the story and we'll stay on it. thank you, dana. >> dana: fox news alert
7:50 am
president biden set to deliver remarks on the administration's response to the new omicron variant an hour from nou. complete coverage ahead on fox. plus the perfect tree for christmas may be harder to find this holiday season as supply chain disruptions are leaving many farms with short supply. ♪ veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids,
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>> harris: the white house is trying to make some decisions about omicron. banning travel from several countries in the hopes of curbing the spread. some people are calling it completely unnecessary and hypocritical. and the hunter biden headache, however, only getting worse with explosive new reports about his connections to a major chinese company. some critics call it corruption.
7:56 am
dr. marty makary, pete hegseth, jason rantz and my speaking voice will be up next top of the hour. >> dana: finding the perfect christmas tree may be harder this year because of a nationwide shortage likely to be more expensive. supply chain disruptions and a persistent heat wave impacted the christmas tree crop. the owner of river view christmas tree farm in south dakota and joins us now. i spent time in south dakota and spent time there myself. what is happening with the supply chain and christmas trees? >> it has come down to the perfect storm this year. the issue started back in 2012 when we had a significant drought and a lot of seedling trees died. we were recovering from a recession. when farmers replanted probably didn't plant as much as we should have. in the recession we weren't selling the trees. then you fast forward to the last couple summers with less than adequate moisture. we haven't had the growth out
7:57 am
of the trees we would liked. you had a booming economy in the last four years and demand has been up. so a lot of these things we've seen coming as an industry and able to plan and manage for but then this year the straw that broke our back was the transportation issues. unable to truck the trees and a labor shortage. it has been more than the industry could handle. >> bill: is this exclusive to south dakota? are you seeing other parts of the country? >> we're seeing it all over the country. what we run short on supply we generally truck in from neighboring states and we were unable to get pre-cut trees in this year due to a shortage and transportation issues. >> dana: it has become a real tradition for a lot of families, right, usually even on the day after thanksgiving or in the weekends right before christmas to go together to find the perfect tree, cut it down and take it home. how do you get on top of this
7:58 am
going forward, then? do you think more trees need to be planted to stave this off in the future? >> on our farm and we have drastically increased the number of trees we planted and added irrigation this past summer to outwitt mother nature. 8 to 10 years for a tree to be cut down and it will take several years to show up and affect the supply issue. >> bill: let's listen to the christmas tree lot owner. from new york city. watch. >> a lot of cannedian trees this year. there is a shortage of american trees on the market. right now the going rate for my trees is $20 a foot. 10 years ago it was $15 a foot. 15 years ago $6 a foot. >> bill: he is making your point for you. listen, good luck and now that the word is out, hopefully everybody can find their way to
7:59 am
find the tree they love. >> dana: wonderful part of the country. thank you so much and merry christmas to you. >> bill: thank you. >> bill: todd from south dakota. before we go i have a question for you, by the way. before we go, he is in south dakota, you and i have been to every state in america except for one. i do believe that, right? it's the same stai., it's north dakota. you haven't been to north dakota. >> dana: i don't know why. i really want to go. >> bill: we have taken the show to north dakota. >> dana: i would love to go. can we go in the summer? >> bill: the second thing is this. high above florida, what, gainesville, right? u.s. army. check out the last one here. boom. dropping at 120 miles an hour and where are they headed? the 50--yard line. >> dana: he nailed it. boom.
8:00 am
amazing. i have never gone skydiving have you. would you recommend it? >> bill: it is a rush. it's sensory overload at one time dropping from the skie. >> dana: the jumping part would be the hardest part. >> bill: open the door and you feel the air and it is like hang on. >> dana: you go with someone you trust. >> bill: we'll do it in north dakota. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is next. >> harris: we begin with breaking news this hour as we're standing by for president biden to go before the nation to try to explain some of the decisions he is making on the latest coronavirus variant and we are learning more about the confirmed cases of the omicron variant now found in canada. which means as many of you have already said you suspect, it is already on our continent. and we've had to redo the map you are looking at a few times before going to air this hour. a number of countries keep jumping.


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