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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 29, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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your strategic advantage. >> harris: we have breaking news this hour on "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner and michael was emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany, we are on the couch for this because president biden is about to give us an update. we are inside a two-minute warning. this is on his response to the newly identified omicron covid variant. a couple of points. right now, we've already learned that if the administration was hoping by all of the travel ban's and restrictions to keep
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it off of the continent, that was not going to play in. as we found out from dr. mckinney last hour, he thinks it was likely already hear back on november 10th. if they really wanted to take immediate action, why didn't they? they didn't. it's in canada. they've confirmed cases today. there are more than two dozen countries around the world and we keep building out our maps on fox news to look at those red dots were at spreading. as a president of south africa has said, why kick in the pet might travel ban's now former president was been very criticaf them? you know you have people popping on the planes going all over the world and taking at them. we now know that has artie been happening. my question is, what did they know when question rick as we bring it out to the couch as we wait for the president to come, emily and kaylee, the other thing i learned last hour from dr. mccleary is that we have 4 .
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we could be finding out whether our vaccines are not work up against antibodies. the president of the united states has just stepped out. let's watch. >> president biden: it was great to see so many families getting together this thanksgiving. after being apart last year, we have much to be grateful for as a nation. when i was elected, i said i would always be honest with you so today, i want to take a few moments to talk about the new covid variant. first identified last week in southern africa. it is called omicron. to their credit, the scientific community in south africa quickly notified the world of the emergence of this new variant. this kind of transparency is to be encouraged and applauded. it increases our ability to respond quickly to any new threats and that is exactly what we did. the very day that the world
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health organization identified the new variant, i took immediate steps to restrict travel from countries in southern africa. while we have the travel restrictions slowing the speed of omicron, and it cannot prevent it. here's what adults. it gives us time. it gives us time to take more action and move quicker and make sure people understand you have to get your vaccine. you have to get the shot. you have to get the booster. sooner or later, going to see cases of this new variant here in the united states. we're about to his face the new threat as we face those who came before. there are three messages about the new variant and what the american people here. first, this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world and the best medicines in the best scientists. we are learning more every single day.
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we will fight this variant with scientific and knowledgeable actions and speed. not chaos and confusion. we have more tools today to fight the variant that we have ever had before. from vaccines to boosters to vaccines to children. five years and older and much more a year ago, america was floundering against the first period of covid. we beat that variant significantly and then we got hit by a far more powerful threat, the delta variant. we took action and now we are seeing deaths from delta come down. we are going to fight and beat this new variant as well. we are learning more about this new variant everything today. as we learn more, we are going to share that information with the american people candidly and promptly. second, the best protection, and i know you're tired of hearing me say this, the best protection about this new variant or any of the variance out there is
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getting fully vaccinated. getting the booster shot. most americans are fully vaccinated but not yet boosted. if you are 18 years or over and got fully vaccinated before junr shot today. they are free and they are available at 80,000 locations coast-to-coast. a fully vaccinated booster person is the most protected against covert. do not wait. go get your booster if it's time for you to do so. if you are not vaccinated, now is the time to get vaccinated and take your children to be vaccinated. every child age five or older can get safe and effective vaccines now. what'll be a few weeks before we know everything we need to know about how strong the existing variant is, dr. fauci is with me today and our medical team.
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they believe that the vaccines will continue to provide a degree to my against severe disease. please wear your mask indoors around other people. it protects you and protects those around you. third, in the event, hopefully unlikely, that updated vaccinations or boosters are needed to respond to this new variant, we will accelerate their development and deployment with every available tool. i want to reiterate, dr. fauci believes that the current vaccine provides some vaccine delight protection against new variant and the boosters strengthen the protection significantly. we do not yet believe that additional measures will be needed. so we are prepared if needed it, my team is already working with officials at pfizer, metternich, and johnson & johnson to develop contingency plans for
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boosters if needed. i willed to rest the fda and cdc to use the fastest process available without cutting any current orders for safety. if any modifications are needed for current treatments needed to treat those who get with the covid virus. i am sparing no effort at removing all roadblocks to keep the american people safe. all of this is confusing to a lot of people and if it's confusing to you, let me close with a simple message. if you are vaccinated but still worried about the new variant, get your booster. if you aren't vaccinated, get that shot. go get the first shot. my team at the white house provides me with daily updates. on thursday, i will be putting forward a detailed strategy
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outlining how we will fight covid this winter. not with shutdowns or lockdowns. with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing, and more. i promised every american that there will always be of latest vaccine available and booster shots available to them and for free. and everywhere available. every single american. free of charge. i will keep that commitment. we need to do more than vaccinate americans. to be the pandemic, we need to vaccinate the world as well. america is leading that effort. we have shipped for free up more vaccines to other countries than all other countries combined. 110 countries. nominate the rest of the world a step up as well. let me be clear, not a single vaccine shot has ever sent to the rest of the world will ever come at the expense of any
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american. our people are protected first. vaccinating the world is just one more tool and how many to meet our moral obligation as americans and how to best protect americans as well. the delta variant and now omicron variant all emerged elsewhere in the world. we cannot let up until the world is vaccinated. we are protecting americans by doing that. as we continue this effort, let's remember where we stand. we are in a very different place as we enter the month of december of this month, compared to where we were last christmas. last christmas fewer than 1% of american adults were vaccinated. this christmas, the number will be over 71% including more than 86% of seniors. last christmas, our children were at risk without a vaccine. we have a safe and effective
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vaccines for children's ages five and older. with over 19 million children and counting now vaccinated. lester, a majority of schools were closed. this year, 99% of our schools are open. let me reiterate last once more. we have booster shots to provide extra prayer stomach protection. they're free and convenient for their time to get your first shot or get your booster shot or get your children vaccinated before christmas. all three are available knew me done before christmas. if you and your family are vaccinated, and consult write the holidays more safely. given where we were last year, that's a blessing. none of us should take it for granted. we are doing everything we can. we are track inspectors from every angle and that is what we have to keep doing. that's we reopen our country we reopen our business is. that's how we reopener schools. even with the pandemic come up
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we have generated a record job creation and economic growth ine country. we move forward in the face of covid-19 and move forward in the face of the delta variate. we will move forward now in the face of the omicron variant as well. thank you and god bless our troops and i hope you all -- i was be speaking with you before them. but a merry christmas as we approach it. questions? >> should americans be worried, sir? >> do you think that other countries will be reluctant to report variance or other strains given the travel ban you have put so quickly in south africa? >> president biden: no, i don't think so. i don't think that is what is going to happen. again, the reason for the travel ban is there were significant number of cases unlike other the country in the world.
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we needed time to give people an opportunity to say get the vaccination now before it moves around the world. at some of most inevitable that there will be, at some point, that strain here in the united states. i don't think anyone is going to be reluctant to report. we have also moved to do more, for example, we provided more vaccines, as i said, then all the other countries in the world combined. we have sent vaccines to south africa as well. south africa does not need any more vaccines in their having it trouble getting out into people's arms and the reluctance is there. i don't think it would have that effect. let me call alexis. >> thank you so much, mr. president. i want to ask if the u.s. is
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doing anything to screen international travels for the variant and what is being done, if anything, internally to see if the variant is already right? >> president biden: there's a lot being done. i'm going to turn to dr. fauci to answer that last question about what is being done. doc? >> thank you, mr. president. we are to have it in place will bill government united states that they have to be tested before they get on and they have to show vaccination documentation. even before omicron came in, we had a situation where will be able to test. talking about testing, fortunately for us, the pcr's that we use would pick up this very unusual variants that has a large constellation of mutation. fortunately for us, the pcr's that we do have two pick it up. >> president biden: we are following extremely closely the medical community and the covid
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team. any developments as it relates to how severe it is and how quiw dangerous it is, et cetera. we work to do in that area. "wall street journal"? >> thank you, mr. president. the u.k., europe, and a growing number of countries have confirmed cases of it omicron. are you considering additional travel restrictions on places where the variant has been detected? separately, even urged americans to wear masks in public places but many places have lifted mandates. are you calling on state and local officials to reinstatements mandates? >> president biden: with the guard to the last question, the answer is i encourage everyone n there any doors in crowded circumstances like we are now unless you are eating or speaking at a microphone.
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secondly, the degree of spread impacts on whether or not there's a need for travel restriction. i don't anticipate that at this point. we will see. we will see if that works. if the other alex does not have a heart attack, i would like to call on him. >> i'm not in alex, but i would love to answer question. >> president biden: alma asked the other alex and then you. >> mr. president, is this the new normal that americans should expect to anticipate for other variants crush merck driven insurances will become the new normal quick front for and dr. fauci. lock down touchstones are off the table for going forward.
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there won't be part of the plan on thursday. the whites that question requires that off the table? >> president biden: to answer your first question, i expect this to not be the new normal. i expect the new normal is everyone is vaccinated with the booster shots we reduce the number of people who were not protected to such a low degree that we are not seeing the spread of the virus as. it remains to be seen what exactly the elements of this strain are. if they are ads, i hope, it's not going to be fundamentally different than the past. in terms of -- what was the second part of the question? >> wire lockdowns off the table question >> president biden: if people are vaccinated and wear their masks, there's no need for the lockdowns. >> we have the christmas parade coming out.
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any thoughts to domestic flights or vaccines before getting on the plane the same way they do for international flights? >> president biden: at this point, that has not been recommended. i will weep for the scientific community to give me recommendations. >> dr. fauci says that this invariant could already be here. >> president biden: the point of the restriction is to give us time to get protection and get vaccinated get the booster. that's the reason for it. thank you all so very, very much. i appreciate it. thank you. i'm sure i will see you between now and christmas, but i hope you had a good thanksgiving. thank you. >> harris: we were just watching the president of the united states and dr. fauci stepped in for one quick answer there. for the most part, the people in the room were asking questions that many of us are thinking about. i would like to welcome, and artie talked about it, but carl.
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she's new on that program and she's rocking it. in a virtual seat for us today, of course we have a doctor. the doctor. fox news contributor and professor of medicine and nyu, dr. marc siegel. you're in the hot seat now, doctor. i want to talk about when the president says that he is doing what he is doing to slow things down and he took a quick action to be able to give us a gap to inoculate people. two questions. if ouchi said we can test for the variant? you can't test for the variant at the airport. just like you couldn't test for the delta variant at the airport. how is that protecting us? >> dr. siegel: i want to go into the science of this for a minute. rapid testing is going to be effective at picking this up as it is with all of the variance.
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what dr. fauci was referring to is that there is a characteristic that that's variant has when it hits against the pcr test that allows you to identify it. it is called an sg gene dropout just to be technical. >> harris: at the airport? >> dr. siegel: no. that's her point or not the airport. when i can be able to screen at the airport and say here comes a variance. number two, people can slip in through countries and take a train and get it. the third thing, this is putting attention on south africa when they are the country that identified this in his already sequenced it and at the world a big favor. fourth point and last point. w.h.o. asleep at the switcher. by the time we hear about it, it's already around the world. >> harris: and we've known potential since november 10th. we had a whole holiday season we
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could've protected people if travel ban's are going to work. really quick last one and then kayleigh and emily will take away. we know it's coming and it's already on the continent. it's in canada. conceivably, if you have people from south africa and the u.s. virgin islands which we know they open up to south africa less than two weeks ago. we know that on this continent, with a contiguous not, we potentially have it in the united states in short order. how is this different than anything else we've studied? why not use those bsl level for labs, the 59 around the lab stomach world and you've been to one of them live on fox news. figure out how this works in less than 24 hours? >> dr. siegel: that should be done. they're already starting to do that work in south africa and with mentor and advisor. it should be sped up. we should do that right away.
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my prediction on that, by the way, as at the vaccines will work and they may not be as effective, but the vaccine plus the booster should be sufficient. i'll tell you why real quickly. 95% of the spike protein is not involved in these mutations. we use the word mutations and it scares the heck out of everybody, but 95% is the same. the vaccines are going to offer some protection for sure. we need to know about that yesterday, you are right. >> kayleigh: dr. siegel, dr. fauci was asked about the potential travel plan and will get to the hypocrisy about that in a moment, but dr. fauci was asked specifically hours before the travel ban came down whether it should be in place and he essentially said that it's premature and we need more data. then the travel plan to make band cape. they announce it will be put in place until monday as if it takes a place.
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should we have followed in that steps of your peer? >> dr. siegel: of course. and we should have done this. i was thinking this over the weekend how can you possibly rationalize that from a scientific point of view? here's how i look at it. the sick horses are out of the barn and now you quarantine the barn with no horses left in the barn. that's what you're doing here. pure politics. >> emily: we just listen to the president say a few minutes ago that if you're worried about the variant he says get your booster. he says if you're worried about covid, get your vaccination shot. you just described to us why the vaccination would be effective because of 95%. why the travel ban course record so managers can use the table right now, could you break down in simple terms why a simple terms why the vaccine and booster is so
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effective? >> dr. siegel: we don't know to the degree which the vaccine is effective, but i don't agree with the president's point that we need to slow down here what we find out. you know what happens question work we spread fear. we cause economic consequence. we cause depression and anxiety. everyone flashes back most two years. it's cruel and unnecessary and not from a public health point of view. it doesn't add anything. and i don't agree with the point about south africa either. south africa feels targeted here. other countries are not going to go ponying up their variants if they think they're going to get crushed economically as a result. >> harris: and that was a reporter from bloomberg and that was with her or not whether countries are going to report variance because they sing the way the united states and other countries like the u.k. have been together is thatf you're coming from there. they have details on the variance. it's not been widely reported,
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but they're coming. and the president there says he feels punished. this other african nation says that they feel punished because we reported what was going on and then you closed borders to it. and there's a big border that's open. i could go on. i could go on. carley, i'm going to. kayleigh touched on it and it has to do with what president biden has said about bands in the past. do we have a team or chart we can hear from the president's own words. we have it? let's watch. they don't. then candidate joe biden called president trump xenophobic. we knew that the virus was coming from china, so it was not a guess. it was not that thing. these were first steps. as dr. siegel just pointed out,
9:25 am
those were 2019 moves. we are in 2021. your thoughts? >> carley: and i believe that president biden also posted a tweet criticizing president trump with the ban on african countries calling it racist and look at where we are right now. my big take away with all of this with the information we know right now is that the reaction to it does not match what we are hearing. especially from the south african doctor who first alerted the world to this variant. she says that she is seeing mild symptoms like sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two and not feeling well. they might have a slight cough. we are shutting down travel and we are getting global hysteria over this. a presidential press conference where the president of the united states just said that we are facing a new threat here it is in a new threat or is it an extension of the old threat that might be less severe than other
9:26 am
variance that we've already seen? harris, you have governor kathy hochul declaring state of emergency. we're in a in a state of emergency room possibility of something that could maybe come down the road. the reaction to this is the savior do people on the left who now live in fear and focus on the right tune it out. you do make they are saying i don't trust you anymore. neither of those are good. better course of action is to react to the information that we already have and react accordingly. no matter what happens with this variant, we have to learn to live with this virus. we are two years and at this point. have to learn to live with it no matter what. >> harris: the audience so make a link that's because i really wanted to get to president biden. let's take it in this direction. president biden was calling for americans to wear masks indoors just a moment ago when he talked to the nation. let's watch.
9:27 am
>> president biden: as additional protections, please wear your masks when you are indoors, in public settings, around other people. it protects you and protects those around you. >> harris: unless you're partying like it's 1999 on the lawns of nantucket. president biden spotted a nantucket shopping indoors without a mask despite a sign right there mandating it. you have to wear a mask. here's a thing. i will go back to you, dr. siegel because i want to understand where we are right now. we have the delta variant and we have omicron. people are hopping on planes. what are the best ways that we can do to protect ourselves. it doesn't seem that the white house is capable of starting there and being consistent. >> dr. siegel: making sure that you are fully vaccinated or
9:28 am
having a booster or accounting your own natural immunity from covid is part of this, those are things. how much immunity to have against a virus, number one question work i agree with the point that it may be quite mild and we should congratulate south africa for the work. >> harris: thank them. >> dr. siegel: thank them. the other thing that has to happen here, and no one's talking about this, as you had operation work speed under trump administration. we have not match that with rapid testing. the biden administration has been asleep at the switch with this. we should have rapid tests in every house of america provided by the government provided by public partnership so that you t yourself and know before you go out of the house and spread it elsewhere. it's so simple and has not been done. >> harris: kayleigh, your thoughts on the match. >> kayleigh: what is he doing? i was asked ad nauseam but president trump any time he did not wear a mask and then
9:29 am
aggressive reporters. where it was the question from the press of president biden wearing a mask question work why would you doing so in nantucket? at the end of the day, no one has politicized this virus more than president joe biden. you've the massacring incident there and you have come a thing on the campaign trail that donald trump won't take it and you would biting mimicking it. we get into office, take the vaccine. travel restrictions work. are you tensing a pattern or question work you should. it is politicization of the virus. they dismiss the policies they are now putting in place. where's the consistency? >> harris: they say they're going to follow the science and dr. fauci was there.
9:30 am
according to dr. siegel, and i don't want to paraphrase you and quickly, but they're going to have to do a reversal sooner or later because it's going to be here. what do we do? do we lock ourselves up question marks are not going to but travel bans across' across america are they? >> kayleigh: be careful what you utter. >> harris: that's where were going. florida. pierpoint, one of the most interesting things in terms of the politicized virus. equating criticism of fauci with science. when i stand for science, we know what that implies which is someone who dares criticize him does not. when someone brought up what about the accusations of being untruthful before congress? he brought up and response what about january 6th? in terms of the overt
9:31 am
politicized asian between those representing the government, noe than dr. fauci himself. >> harris: i am science. like senator cory booker. >> emily: i'm spartacus! >> harris: we will be back. stay close. (man 2 vo) i'm living longer. (vo) imbruvica is a prescription medicine for adults with cll or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. imbruvica is not chemotherapy- it's the #1 prescribed oral therapy for cll, proven to help people live longer. imbruvica can cause serious side effects, which may lead to death. bleeding problems are common and may increase with blood thinners. serious infections with symptoms like fevers, chills, weakness or confusion and severe decrease in blood counts can happen. heart rhythm problems and heart failure may occur especially in people with increased risk of heart disease, infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you experience signs of bleeding,
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infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. (man 2 vo) i am living longer with imbruvica. (vo) ask your doctor if it's right for you. learn how we could help you save on imbruvica.
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you can take out up to $60,000 or more. with home values at all time highs, now's the time to call. >> emily: smash and grab leaders targeted stores across the country ahead of thanksgiving over black friday weekend stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise and leading one security guard debt. in one case, thieves had a home depot in the los angeles area making off with hammers, crowbars, and other items. the same items that have been used in other smash and grab robberies in the state. including at a nordstrom in the san francisco bay area. a retired police officer is dead after he was shot while working security for a news crew a smash and grab in oakland. he leaves behind a wife, two children, and three
9:36 am
grandchildren. it's not just the west coast. chicago sought for smash and grab robberies early thursday and friday morning and a canada goose, foot locker, and a cell phone store. 20 to 30 people hold off electronics and other goods from best buy in minneapolis. the wave of organized theft is traumatic for employees and could worsen staffing shortages. carley, your thoughts on this horrible reverse on what should've been or don't call holiday cheer this weekend? >> carley: i was reading earlier that there was a man in new york city who was arrested three times over the course of 36 hours and i'm one of his arrests he told police that you can arrest me all you want because you know i'm getting out. it took three arrests to get the arrest to stick.
9:37 am
at this point where we are over a year into this ridiculous tea from the police and ocean, the stupidity of people who are still calling for this knows no bounds. when he think about the minneapolis district attorney in his statement and if people are let out on my soft on crime policies, they're going to kill people. that's an evil statement. this is extremely political. people run on this kind of stuff because i note that the soft on crime policies will get them votes. but it also gets people killed. it's more than irresponsible. it goes into the realm of pure evil when it comes to these types of things. speak to dr. siegel, when the president addressed the nation on the new variant, the omicron period, he said there are 80,000 locations across the u.s. where people can get vaccinations or
9:38 am
boosters, but that's not quite true given that in the san francisco bay area come up walgreens has shutters all of its locations because of the hih incidence of looting's. that is shutting down pharmacies in places where the infirm, elderly, vulnerable populations, and general populations can go to get the vaccinations. it's also having an impact on our response and our ability to protect ourselves against covid as well. >> dr. siegel: such a great point. and this is what i call the collateral damage of the pandemic. public health is not about covid. it's about all of the changes that of occurred and the economic misfortune and the political correctness under this administration appear at smash and grab it sounds like grab and go. you walk into your 7-eleven, grab a cup of coffee, don't pay for it. the whole idea of getting rid of the word looting is deeply disturbing. from a psychiatric point of view, open on that hat for a moment, all of this is due to the great suffering and depression of anxiety we forced
9:39 am
on the society by only considering a tiny virus and nothing else about impact. a really big mistake. your point about the vaccine is 100% correct. people don't feel safe and pharmacies no. >> harris: if president trump -- he offered municipalities and said i will help you put federal assets on the ground. when it be amazing if you were going to call those governors and say i think you need to put national guards people at some of these pharmacies. if i'm going to tell americans to go out and put more shots and arms come over i do need help because crime is up and running amok and you might need to start with blue states because statistically speaking, that's where they needed the most. carley mentioned that they are flexing in the liberal way because it brings people votes to be soft on crime. have we now started surveying the actual criminals? who votes for more danger to
9:40 am
themselves? in that society? criminals, so-and-so is coming over with a pole. you want to take this? and dr. siegel, with you. i'm going to say the word looting as often as possible. i'm just calling what we are experiencing here. >> emily: and to hear some point, that's what were seeing. the pendulum swing back. people that are proponents of criminal justice reform with those parlor progressives that did away with any type of deterrent. that defunded the police, we are seeing the pendulum it's when other direction. that's why at the district attorney in san francisco was on the recall ballot in june and why cities like portland and seattle are refunding part of their lease departments. it's too little, too late. especially for four officers who are now past. >> kayleigh: and leaving behind two children, three
9:41 am
grandchildren, and a wife. he's not coming back to them on this earth. this is tied entirely and completely, in my mind, to the progress of d from police movement. what the collateral effect of that was is retiring police officers. what you're saying and california, welcome to joe biden and the liberal progressives america. their real casualties to that spirit we talked about officer kevin nishida but also the employees at the stores and what they are put through. one employee to scrubbing the home depot raid this way. he said we tried to stop them and we close the front entrance. they put their sledgehammers up and whoever got in their way was going to get hurt. this is an employee at home depot that had to suffer through this. it is happening in blue states nationwide. spewing minneapolis and other cities.
9:42 am
on the heels of that, these are no longer smash grants. these people are not stopping at resistance. we have a doj putting the fbi on parents at school board meetings. i'm not trying to tied to many things together, but can we repurpose that and go after people who are terrorizing people inside the stores? they are actually terrorists. their proper trade is looting, but there terrorizing these places. >> emily: and i couldn't imagine how it would feel to be a parent invested in my child's education being met with more criminality then those on tv on video who are, at your point about the employees. i appreciate bringing them up. they are pepper spraying, punching, kicking, murdering a security officer. another was killed in the los angeles area earlier this year. that's the ultimate sacrifice that these employees are making pizza can't afford to stay home. when that talking point emerges
9:43 am
that says it's just retail and bottom dollar loss for evil corporations, no, these are employees that have families that are there working harm in trying to put food on the table. >> harris: what about the customers? you can't be caught in the cross fire matter who you are. >> kayleigh: and also i don't fault the business owners who are saying stanback. i understand the sentiment. >> emily: the criminal tile begins today in chicago with jury selection underway. the former empire actor is accused of faking a hate crime against himself nearly three years ago. two brothers who work with them on the show said he planned the whole thing and played him to do it. he said he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack making his statement to police while still wearing the noose
9:44 am
his maca hat wearing assailants put on him. he shared details of the attack on "good morning america." watch. >> i turned around and i said it beeped did you do say to me. i see the attacker mast. he said this is maca country and punches me in the face. i punched him back. and then we started tussling. there is a second person who is kicking me in the back. i looked down and i see there's room for my neck. >> emily: high democrats treated support. >> attack of the star of the tv show empire. jussie smollett was a prominent advocate for civil rights and gay rights who was by a guy hurling homophobic and racial slurs. >> breaking news it in a case
9:45 am
that pleas are calling a possible hate crime. >> possible hate crime against jussie smollett. he says he was attacked on the street by two men who wrapped rope around his neck. >> emily: and the political figures weighed in as well. then senator joe biden tweeting what happened today to jussie smollett was never be tolerated in this country. we must stand up and say that we no longer give this hate safe harbor. homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our hearts. we are with you, jussie smollett. and, low weight in saying he is one of the most kindest and gentlest beings i know. this was an attempt in modern-day lynching. no one should have to feel for the light because of sexuality or color their skin. we must confront the hate. such a reaction to what was fiction. >> kayleigh: joan, was so quick to jump on something.
9:46 am
they choose what stories matter and the others they bury like the tragedy that happened in waukesha. it's buried in outlets or not talked about it all. or the car is responsible her suv is responsible. it so deeply irresponsible before the facts come out. it's what the left does. i will have credit where credit is due to rob emanuel, former democrat mayor of chicago when all charges were dropped, each came up and said unequivocally that this is a whitewash of justice and it sent a clear message if you are in a position of influence and power, you will be treated one way and other people will be treated another. credit where credit is due rob emanuel when charges were dropped. i believe it was a special prosecutor that brought them forward. he called them out. >> emily: but that's an exception to your point rather than the rule. this is only with the rittenhouse trout. it's par for the course.
9:47 am
hollywood and the mainstream media jumps and immediately. spoon went there hoping that the river of wokeness is something that can drown out th. that's what were seeing. they hope that as long as that is cooking, the rest of us wants what's going on. the problem that i had from the beginning the jussie smollett is that there are people who legitimately are harmed in this country every day for a whole host of reasons. first of all, i don't believe he punched anybody back. his mouth is running too much. he's a storyteller. not an effective one, apparently, but he does not look like someone who is going get caught in a situation. what was he doing quiz work was he dazed and confused? writes itself because it's not true. instead of coming forth in saying you're right, it wasn't true and i want to apologize to the rear victims of crimes out
9:48 am
there because i took up oxygen in the room from them. i took up the space that they may have occupied with more confidence to go and ask for help because of my cry for help was fake. i think that's a horrible thing. i don't think the privileges without the spirit i think it is a woke media not just complicitr the mean narrative to be true. it's something to glom onto and keep scooping into the hot steaming river of wokeness. >> emily: it was an absolute disappointment to learn that their self-appointed protagonist was the perpetrator. when the union clambered up and said to you to go weep resources, you took away valuable resources from other families in chicago, particularly those that are suffering from crimes like
9:49 am
nonviolence and violent brutal attacks. you took us away from them. their cries were lost and they fell on deaf ears because the mainstream media and hollywood was too busy applauding fictional jussie smollett's narrative. >> kayleigh: coming up, a social jacob at social media giant. resignation and how it will change big tech. ow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more.
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“we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class. ♪ yeah, it rocks. >> harris: twitter announcing that jack dorsey has stepped down as ceo 15 years after cofounding the social media giant in 2006. after a lot of criticism which twitter is biased against conservatives. company shares jumped more than 11% on that announcement in a statement he said, "i decided to leave twitter because i believe that the company is ready to move on from its founder. my trust in twitter's ceo is
9:54 am
deep. his work over the past ten years has been transformational. i'm deeply grateful for his skills, heart, and soul. it's his time to lead." he is the chief technology officer. he was unanimously appointed ceo by the board of directors. >> emily: it's this is interesting. i think that jack dorsey's point here is that the company has outgrown him. he had a checkered history and has forced out by the board in 2008 and were more like return in 2015. but this illustrates is a larger concept with these organisms and corporations that these guys found become larger than them. this is the jurassic park of ceo dominic social media. i'm in a crate a platform to communicate and it runs away with them. i hope that the new leader and charge has some semblance of balance and some semblance of transparency.
9:55 am
a modicum. >> harris: and algorithms that don't target conservatives. what are chris pratt's in there. >> carley: there's bit is criticism of jack dorsey and the criticism is that he's the ceo of twitter and square the payment service the political criticism we are more familiar with. twitter censorship of the post hunter biden story. you wonder will twitter change of the new leadership" president trump get his handleback? >> kayleigh: carly's right. silicon valley is full of far left individuals. there is secret about that. i have no hope that twitter is going to change or all of a sudden from the light. this is a company where
9:56 am
jack dorsey, paraphrasing her, he says it's time for twitter to get away from the founders. no, it's time for twitter to get away from censorship and compounding policies like letting the ayatollah overrun to eat trash about israel while president trump, the leader of the free world governments blocked. it could of affected votes. we don't know. i don't have hope of changing. silicon valley's full of left s. >> harris: i wonder how far away he was from that one decision that you and i talked about a lot with senator tim scott and that racial slur that was not curated by algorithm, but human beings that allowed the hashtag to cook along on twitter. dr. siegel. >> dr. siegel: you're not going to see anything change but i wouldn't hold your breath. parag agrawal is a technical officer and he's interested in keeping money flowing. they want 350 million users by
9:57 am
the end of the year. they're going to pander to pseudo-victim is like we just talked about. if you're a criminal but you agree with some of the political agenda, you're allowed on twitter. if you attack a conservative, fine. conservatives that say they don't like, off. that's going to continue. >> harris: i'm sure the people are good. and the food. >> kayleigh: another point here is that facebook, facebook has all kinds of problems. we've seen how it has been wrapped up in criminality's and there been women sold via facebook using the social media platform to engage in all sorts of criminality peered pushing coups, i read at one point. these social media companies can get away from their intended initial purpose. i don't want facebook intended to be, criminal purposes or
9:58 am
racketeering, but there's parts of that effect. and twitter, same thing. we hope to get away from his policies. >> harris: week two and a half minutes left of the show. can we talk holiday season? carly, what you want santa to bring you? >> carley: oh, my gosh! >> harris: and tomorrow's giving tuesday. >> carley: all take diamonds. living large. >> harris: what you want from us. your guy can get you a diamond, mcginnis. >> carley: it is cyber monday so i encourage everyone to shop online but local. >> harris: you can do both. i only thought -- i'm old school. go to the store. but even your local smaller shops have ways to shop online. that is a silver lining of the pandemic. dr. siegel? >> dr. siegel: i want kindness for the kindness dominic
9:59 am
holliday. kindness, caring, stop pushing people down. i'm not science. i look to find scientific answers, but i also want to stethoscope. mine is wearing out. harris, v71, i'll be thankful. >> carley: you should be a beauty pageant contestant. "i just want world peace. >> dr. siegel: the lines are down. >> harris: what did you want me to send you? >> dr. siegel: a new stethoscope. >> harris: we can do that. with your name right on it! kayleigh? supply shortages. lucky for me, her birthday was last week in november. naively i leave half of her gaps in her closet and i forgot about them. i have an overabundance of gifts now that i will translate to christmas. >> harris: my mom would do
10:00 am
that. she would shop so willingly in the year that she would forget. >> kayleigh: and this vein, i would love for every shop owner and small business owner to have their plate full of bounty and abundance and that everyone feels true holiday cheer. carley, funny point to your diamonds. i told my knees and she said, "diamonds!" >> harris: "america reports" now. >> john: fox news alert to take off "america reports," the new omicron variant. the potential of new lockdowns and mask mandates. i'm john roberts in washington. sandra, hope you had a good thanksgiving. good to be back with you. >> sandra: i certainly did. great to see you come as well. president biden now encouraging everyone to now wear your mask indoors again regardless of your vaccination status. travel restrictions to the u.s. are als


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