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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: it we are out of time. unfortunately. it's cyber monday, so if you shop tonight you can do it at tuckercarlson you can also watch the episode of "tucker carlson today" on the michael sailor cryptocurrency. he will tell you in a way no one else will. a truly fascinating. that's on fox nation. sean hannity takes over now. have a great night. >> sean: i follow him religiously. spew on totally fascinating. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." explosive new details surrounding zero experienced hunter biden's laptop from. public corruption now in the plain sight between zero experience hunter, chinese communist officials, and yes, the big guy, joe biden himself. direct evidence that joe biden lied to the nation when he said he had never discussed his
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foreign business dealings. we have evidence he was in meetings on a huge deal with china. we will break it all down, joining us with the exclusive details from her brand-new blockbuster book now on and bookstores everywhere, but first, joe biden has simply turned the page. our account from afghanistan sadly continues. >> americans held hostage behind american lines, day 107. >> sean: abandoning americans behind enemy lines. it's been 120 days since joe promised to leave no american behind. he clearly lied to the entire country. sadly, dishonesty is the prevailing theme in this biden administration. he promised you could trust his word as a biden. in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. just take a look at his handling of covid-19 on the campaign trail, he promised to "shut down the virus not the country."
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really? tonight's more americans, we can report, have died from covid-19 under joe biden's watch in 2021 then under donald trump in 2020. by the way, another variant is on the way. this despite joe and how not one, not to, but three vaccines. therapeutics like monaco little and i body treatments that he is only mentioned one time. operation wart speed. now more than 350,000 americans have died from the virus since joe's inauguration day. according to biden himself, circa 2020, he, based on his own definition, should now resign and a complete disgrace. this is what joe said. >> 220,000 americans dead. you hear nothing else -- if you don't hear anything else i say tonight, hear this. anyone who is not responsible for taking control, in fact not
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saying i take no responsibility initially, anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the united states of america. >> based on joe's statement, he should not remain the president of the united states. at 350,000 dead americans on his watch. by the way, per usual, he was lying for political gain. he spent most of the campaign hiding in his basement bunker. and just like his racially charged lies about president trump's travel ban, get this, he called trump's initial travel ban -- it was hysteria, xenophobia, fearmongering pit he tweeted that been in from any other part of the world will not stop covid-19. and in response to the former president's temporary ban about certain african countries, they released this statement.
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"expanding his travel plan, this new african bin is designed to make it harder for black and brown people to emigrate to the united states. it is a disgrace. we cannot let him succeed. well, guess who just implemented a brand-new african band? joe biden. he just banned travel from multiple african countries over fears surrounding what is the new omicron variant. is he playing the race card for political gain or is he a hysterical xenophobic fearmongering racist disgrace of a human being? it's either one of the other, joe. tonight's biden's dishonesty hits hypocrisy. frankly, joe and fell jeez -- maybe it will stop one little droplet. then at one mask, than to masks, that it was masks indoors but not outdoors, then it was vax or max.
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now it is vax, max, and booster. we will never mandate -- no. breaking earlier, a federal judge blocked biden's vaccine mandates in the first ten states to sue his administration. that is another loss in the courts for joe biden. today, more mixed messages from biden. he employed all americans to wear masks indoors and then he sauntered right back into the west wing. mask free. you can't make this up. take a look. >> i encourage everyone to wear a mask when they are indoors. in a circumstance like we are right now. and unless you are eating or speaking in a microphone. >> sean: later in the day during a meeting with business
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leaders, biden did have a mask on, but he wore it around his chin. that wouldn't be too helpful. over the holiday weekend, he was spotted inside of crowded store in the prestigious island of nantucket mask free. there is the sign, face covering required. i wonder if you will be cited for breaking the mask mandate. but he's a democrat, the rules don't apply to him lamar wright? maybe we should cut joe a break. obviously he's struggling with his memory. by all accounts, joe biden is a complete cognitive mass. there is no more ambiguity, there is no more debate. the evidence is in and today, his struggles continue. take a look. >> as we enter the month of december compared to where we were last christmas. questions. >> should americans be worried,
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sir? >> alexis. >> we have two alex's. >> the other alex doesn't have a heart attack, i want call on him. >> mr. president, hi. that would be me. >> i'm not alex, but i would love to. >> okay, i'll ask the other alex in the new. >> sean: this is beyond embarrassing. it is humiliating for the entire country and frankly it is also now extremely dangerous as everyone of our enemies, and for a regime on this planet earth, they see this as well. following that disastrous presser, the administration abruptly canceled biden supply chain speech that was scheduled for later in the day. it was more than joe could handle. he obviously needed nappy time. tonight americans are struggling with so many major crises, all preventable and all created by
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that guy, joe biden. now we have a new covid-19 variant that is likely on the way according to top health officials in south africa, those infected with the omicron variant at this time, i hope it stays this way, they are reporting that they are experiencing mild symptoms. but we will see what happens. remember, this is the latest of many variants so far. as always, i encourage all of you to take this virus seriously, consult with your doctor, do your own research. some research you may agree with and disagree with. and what we don't know exactly how the omicron variant will play out in the u.s., we do know that joe biden is not fit to serve. he will only make things worse, not better. the american people are speaking out loudly, they agree. according to a new poll, donald trump has a massive double-digit lead over joe biden in a 2024 head-to-head match up. thankfully the 2022 midterm election is just around the
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corner. the democrats one-party rule in d.c. is literally a wrecking ball to this country. there's no other way to describe it. take a look. >> what has one year of democrat control in washington given us? shortages, division, and failure. one party, one year. >> sean: later, mccarthy will join us with more on that in a moment for joining us with more is the author of -- this is a book we really need to pay attention to "beyond biden." that means fixing the mess that joe is creating every day. let's stand back, no less than a year away from the midterm elections. i can't cite a single success and i'm looking at a president that has literally created one mess after another, all of it preventable. we can fix it all too, but he
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would have to go back and adopt trump policies, and i don't see that happening. >> you have to remember that whatever the cognitive situation is for biden himself, he has brought in some money left wing big government socialists all throughout the government. and their policies are so bad that it's almost inconceivable that they can turn this around right now. the fact is that big government socialism doesn't work. you see it every day on the border. you see it every day and inflation. you see it every day and energy policy. as you pointed out earlier, afghanistan remains one of the most embarrassing moments in american international history. i never thought i would see in american government abandon american citizens the way the biden administration has. so i think this is going to continue to get worse. the most amazing thing to me as
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a former speaker of the house is that nancy pelosi, with a very tiny majority, is getting his people to walk off the cliff week after week, just reporting that almost every single test inside this build back better bill that the warden at school says is about a $4.7 trillion bill if you were honest about it. they learn the details on almost every front. they are opposed to it. and yet she gets these democrats to walk straight off the cliff. it is an amazing performance. it's bad for the country. it will be extraordinarily disastrous for the democrats. i do think you're going to have the next speaker of the house on in just a few minutes and kevin mccarthy. partly because he's doing a great job and partly because he is faced with a catastrophe on the other side. i will say, by the way, i prefer biden sleeping in an
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international conference to kamala harris laughing. sleeve to choose between those two, i think we are still -- we are less threatened by biden and then we be by harris. >> the lies are getting pretty spectacular. they kept saying -- >> i thought that would stop you. >> sean: you got me. you know me too well, actually. he said it's going to cost of zero. les said zero. we scored by the gold standard according to biden. the zero is going to cause hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars. which we all knew anyway. just like they like oh, we don't need to test illegal immigrants for covid because they will not be here very long. i guess you define be here meaning at the border, because they are being dispersed all around the country without -- with preferential treatment. no covid testing and no vaccine mandates bear they just get dispersed around the country.
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on every one of these problems, i see a solution. go back to the trump policies. i want you to address that part of it. and maybe put some perspective -- i will take mean tweets and low cost of energy any day, let's put it that way. >> remember, if you are a big government socialists, which all these people are, you have to live. because if you told the truth, you look like a total idiot. how does biden get up and say yes, you are right. i've totally screwed up the energy policy. you're going to pay for it at the gas pump for the next few years. you are going to pay for it in maine and minnesota this winter because the prices are going to go up over 50%. you are going to pay for it and lost jobs. you can't walk out and say that. so they live. they can't tell you the truth about a million 400,000 illegal immigrants, none of them checked for covid, none of them checked for criminal records. so they live. you just go right down the list and the reason they lie is
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simple. if they tell the truth, they are going to be wiped out. and what they don't realize is the average american is smart enough, you start pumping gasoline and you look at the price you go, i got it. joe biden might not get it. nancy pelosi may not get it. but the average american who is actually doing it, who is not a show for government-funded car, the average american right now understands these policies do not work. and that is the biggest problem. >> sean: it's disproportionally, negatively impacting the poor and the middle class. the very people democrats claim to have a monopoly of compassion for. 32nd answer. it is so serious to me that i'm literally afraid of hostile regimes knowing and understanding how cognitively deficient and struggling joe biden is. >> i believe that we need a
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national debate about the genuine outfit that communist china can beat us. i think this is a real threat. this is not politics, this is history. and nothing would further stop us from recovering from biden then having the chinese communist dominate and defeat us militarily. it is a very real possibility. just remember, the guys who couldn't get out of afghanistan are now the guys who are relying on protect texas against china. that makes me very uncomfortable. >> newt gingrich, think you for being with us. this is important. tonight, for mask mandates, joe biden's disjointed covid-19 policy has been another train wreck. one reason for the adam schiff show as i call it, joe biden does whatever dr. anthony fauci tells him to do. sadly, algae, we now know is dishonest, corrupt, self-interested, a government doctor, cares more about his own personal fame and celebrity
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status. then he does in the country in order to get airtime on tv. he frequently just makes things up. he guesses, he jumps to conclusions, he has been wrong on almost every single major issue in this pandemic from day one. he flat out lied about the origins of covid-19. we have the evidence of proof, his involvement and gain-of-function research at the wuhan institute of neurology is now well crawling dome i chronicled. he is the very embodiment of truth in science. take a look. >> anybody who is looking at this carefully realizes that there is a distinct antiscience flavor to this. so if they get up and criticize science, nobody's going to do what they are talking about. but if they it up and aim their bullet set tony fauci -- it's an easy to criticize. they are really criticizing science. because i represent science.
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that's dangerous. >> sean: okay, mr. sainz. ted cruz along with rand paul calling on dr. fauci to be investigated over his ties to the wuhan institute of neurology. senator cruz joins us now with more. senator, you laid out the perfect positive that he is lying. he knew that the nih contributed money to it. and he lied. tell us the chronology. >> i've got to say, dr. fauci, i think, is the most dangerous bureaucrat in the history of the country. he talked about hurting signs but i don't think anyone has hurt science or hurt the credibility of doctors more than dr. fauci because throughout this pandemic, he has been dishonest, he's been political, he's been partisan. and the american people know it. why is it that the biden
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administration decreed that masks have to be worn in schools by kids? because teachers unions bosses wanted it. that's not a scientific reason, that is a data reason. and this weekend he did this long interview where he gave the answer. he said, i represent science. i am science. i was laughing. it's like louis xiv, the son king in france saying i am the state. it is this delusion of grandeur that you cannot criticize him and it was very striking. over the course of that interview, he was asked about -- i asked the attorney general if he's going to investigate and prosecute dr. fauci for lying to congress. margaret run and asked him about this, and what did dr. fauci do? he just attacked and engaged and basically did the "beavis and butt-head" defense. he screamed lawyers at
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everything. facts are stubborn things. here are the simple facts that dr. fauci needs to explain and the department of justice should investigate. on may 11th, dr. fauci testified before a senate committee that "the nih has not ever and does not now found the gain-of-function research in the wuhan institute of virology. that is a clear categorical statement. but then on october 20th, the nih wrote that they funded an experiment at the wuhan lab testing "if spiked proteins from naturally occurring bat coronavirus is circulating in china were capable of binding to the human a.c.e. to separator in a mouse model. that is gain-of-function research. that is taking an existing virus and modifying it to make it more dangerous to humans. and listen, at the end of the
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day, 18 makes it a felony punishable by up to five years in prison for lying to congress. the statement from dr. fauci and the nih are directly contradictory. i think margaret brennan is a talented journalist, but she dropped the ball in not following up and letting him just respond with insult instead of asking the simple question. you stated that we don't fund gain-of-function research, the ni stated that we do fund gain-of-function research bear they can't both be true. and if you like to congress, it's a felony. she didn't press him on that. the reason this matters as there is a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that the u.s. government participated in funding research, modifying coronavirus as it could well have led to covid-19. and if that's true, that is stunning and indefensible. we know the chinese government has enormous culpability, but there's a real possibility the american government under dr. fauci does as well and that
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is what he's doesn't want to address. >> i think you are right. his testimony was may 11th. the letter from the nih on october 20th directly contradictory. last question, we have less than a minute, your thoughts on the now hysterical xenophobic racist fearmongering travel ban to african countries implemented by joe. >> listen, i think a travel ban where there's an outbreak makes sense. it makes sense when trump was president, it makes sense now. never mind all the hatemongering on the other side. i will say this also. they were always be a new variant. people should get vaccinated if they want. we need to stay open. joe biden and the democrats need to stop threatening stop threatening shutdowns of schools, stop threatening stop threatening shutdowns of businesses. enough is enough, take care of your own health and we are going to stay open. we are not going to be in a constant state of fear from this
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government. >> senator ted cruz, i would say check and mate against the ouchi. great job. when we come back, going after the democrats and an exclusively, miranda devine's book is finally out tomorrow. biden's laptop from how. wait till you hear the exclusive details and exclusive announcement at the end of the show.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: let me put this in perspective, in under a year we've gone from stable prices, energy independence, being a net exporter of energy. joe biden begging to drill more oil and increase the production bid we have rising energy prices that nobody can afford. so much pain at the pump, especially surging inflation. we've gone from a secure border to an all-out super spreader event at the southern border. we have preferential treatment to people who break our laws, don't respect our borders or our sovereignty. there is no covid testing for illegal immigrants and we have a president willing to pay for under $50,000 to people trying to enter this country illegally that may have had issues of family separation. we have gone from stability in
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afghanistan to biden surrendering to the taliban and abandoning completely americans behind enemy lines. we are not going to turn the page on our fellow americans. we've gone from a president, president trump delivering three vaccines and therapeutics and antibodies who squandered all of the progress and even more far left lockdown lunacy. the result is we have more dead americans in 2021 from covid then in 2020. the new extreme democratic socialist party is feeling like never before. look at this new ad from g.o.p. leader kevin mccarthy. take a look. >> one-party rule. what is one year of democrat control in washington give us? shortages, inflation, crime, chaos, division, and failure. one party, one year. i'm kevin mccarthy. together we can stop joe biden's disasters to agenda we can and
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one party rule and take our country back. go to . >> sean: here with verve reaction, kevin mccarthy. every single crisis preventable and we can solve every crisis as well, just return to the ones -- the policies on energy, on borders, on the economy, on foreign policy that were working under donald trump. >> the sad part about it, you are right. had joe biden literally gone to sleep come our country will be stronger. we would be energy independent. it would be china and russia winning, it would be america that was winning. our borders would be secure. we wouldn't have rising inflation. this is the problem. one-party rule in one year. but the good news is, in less than one year we can fix this country if we fire nancy pelosi pair that is why need everybody to go to .
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join the fight. it's not just republicans, democrats, independents. if you care about this country, if you want to change the course of history, we can do it and we can make it happen. >> let's talk about in less than a year, this agenda, if republicans take back either the house or senate or both, the agenda ends completely, correct? >> correct. no longer do you have to worry about the filibuster, because what will come out of the house you will be supporting. no longer will we have inflation, no longer will we look to opec. the gasoline price will be lower, the border will be secure. in nine months, they had 1.4 million encounters come up illegally across this border. that is more than 2018, 2019, and 2020 all combined in the middle of covid. you know what the democrats continue to do? they are changing the course of history. i spent some time, i don't know if you listen the other night,
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speaking on the floor a little longer than one minute. i didn't set out to break any laws or any records. i wanted to break this bill down. i wanted america to know that they are hiring 87,000 irs agents. why? to go after your transactions, your records if you spend as little as $28 a day. you know what they are doing too? they are knocking parents out of schools. we just introduced a parent's bill of rights, because parents do have a right and do have a right to say in their children's education. >> sean: at this point in time, i think america is -- i think the comparison could never be greater. this will be the biggest choice election in american history. and on the downside, i fear that if we don't reverse course, i don't know how the country recovers. but on the other side come after what happened in virginia and nearly happened in new jersey, and pretty helpful. your thoughts? >> i think help is on the way.
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it is not just new jersey and virginia. what happened in minneapolis about saying no to defunding the police, or in seattle, or -- in texas. in a very democrats eat, and now democrats are reregistering. they see and they care about this country. they are people that who didn't think they wanted to associate with us, but you know they do now? they care about this country. they have seen what one-party rule and one year has done and they want to fix the country, fire nancy pelosi. everything will change. go to . join us, the country needs events not only does the country, your children. this is like a turning point that happened in 1980. when was the last time americans were being held hostage in the middle east? when was the last i made a president that looked to opec to solve our energy crisis when america couldn't. when was the last time we had inflation like this?
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when is the last time we had a president that had a brother like -- now we have hunter biden, who we time it again -- what association did he have with china? and what do we see happening in the future? >> sean: minority leader kevin mccarthy, thank you. we will follow this every day from now until election day. also breaking tonight, we are learning even more about the biden family foreign crime syndicate as a new book, a long-awaited new book from our friend miranda devine is called laptop from hell. bookstores all across the country -- they do a deep dive in this book into the biden family shady foreign dealings. spotlighting hunters close ties with china, ukraine, russia, kazakhstan, and how joe biden knew all about it despite his repeated lies that he never, ever, ever talk to his son about his foreign foreign business
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dealings. take a look. >> how many times have you spoken to your son about an overseas business dealing? >> i have never discussed with my son ora my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period. what i will do is the same thing we did in our administration, an absolute wall between personal and private and the government. >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your sons overseas business dealings. >> yes, i stand by that statement. >> sean: miranda's book shines more light on how joe biden was involved in a deal with the chinese energy giant, cfc and expected a 10% of the profits. tony bubble and skate, biden deeply aware of his dealings, meant twice with tony on the specific deal, for example a may 2017 text message from a business
6:36 pm
associate reads "for the big guy." the big guy, that would be joe biden. and that is not up to the book reveals that the chinese tighten cfc lavished hunter with a 3-carat gem and a joint venture offered despite hunter once again with no experience or qualifications that we can find it all. and as per usual, it makes portraits of a to sales seem like pennies on the dollar. of course also a media scandal as the mob and media teamed up with big tech and they censored "the new york post" "new york post" incredible reported income of the near post was right. now proven right. and by the way, a few lines about russian disinformation. they all protected biden. and now we reached out to the white house and hunter biden's attorney for comment and have yet to get back to us. here to explain, author of what is destined to be a number one
6:37 pm
"new york times" best seller, finally it is out. fox news contributor fox news contributor "new york post" columnist miranda devine -- let's talk about this chinese energy conglomerate. it's a lot of money. and joe biden met twice with tony. that was specifically earmarked for him. >> that's right. and not only that, after meeting with tony bubble linsky, hunter biden then met with the directoe cfc, which was not just a giant chinese energy conglomerate, it was the capitalist road initiative. it was an arm of the chinese government. so this -- during the two years, the last two years that joe biden was vice president, hunter biden and his partners
6:38 pm
were doing work as this joint venture but are they expected him to pay him $20 million for the work his family had done while joe biden was vice president. after joe biden stepped down, he was going into formally business with the cfc, in america, hunter biden had the office all set up at the nameplate for joe biden and jill biden and him to share this office with their chinese partners. joe biden has said repeatedly that he knew nothing about hunter biden's business. you displayed some of those quotes from him. he maintained that is the gospel truth, and yet there is so much evidence on the laptop which is as much about joe biden and him being applied and implicated very deeply in the biden family, influence peddling operations. joe biden met with hunter's
6:39 pm
business partners from mexico, from route ukraine, from russia, from china, from kazakhstan. he met them in beijing, he met them at his home at the vice presidential home. he met them at cafe milano in a private room in washington, d.c., while he was vice president. the idea that he didn't know anything about hunter biden's business dealings is just so farcical. >> let's talk about more what specifically is on the laptop. we know how the libyans knew about his personal life, his drug use, frequently using. we know they knew. we know that they characterized as such as he was working out a deal trying to work out a deal at the time. i've got to assume that russia, china, kazakhstan, ukraine -- they all have a dossier on hunter biden.
6:40 pm
we have talked long before the release of this book about things that are on this laptop that are devastating to hunter biden. what can you tell us specifically and why has he been so far able to prevent being arrested? >> i think that when you look at the totality of his life as i've charted it through the nine use laptop covers, he had so many close calls. he even mentions using his own memoir. he was a, he surrounded himself with pretty dangerous people. he was swimming in the oligarchy. he was right in their in moscow meeting with the very interest sanctum of vladimir putin. he was in china, in shanghai, in beijing meeting with the operational communist party. he was doing business with them. these people were his partners. they were lavishing him with money, supplying him with.
6:41 pm
and he was off his head most of the time. at one point he did wave it away and he was getting production from bodyguards from the corrupt ukrainian and energy company when he was in monte carlo. at one point, he met with tony bobulinski. he told bobulinski that he would jump out the window of his luxury apartment in monte carlo and meet him because he wanted to shake off the bodyguards. but i also think that when things went wrong, suddenly miraculously out of the woodwork would appear former secret service agents. there always seems to be a ring of people looking after him. and of course because of the circles that he was mixing in in russia and in china in particular, but also ukraine and kazakhstan and romania and other places around the world, the
6:42 pm
intelligence services of america must've been aware of what he was doing. not just the secret service, but the intelligence services. there are times that he recounts -- you must drowned in a bathtub in a luxury penthouse. in vegas one time. he sort of came to face down and there were some russian drug dealers who were stealing his property and he lost a laptop at that time. but he always seemed to come through the very close calls with flying colors. and again, we see that even though there are various, i guess, police investigations or criminal investigations into his texts of fairs other issues, whether or not anything will come for that, who knows. because hunter biden seems to have nine lives. >> sean: let's talk about
6:43 pm
hostile regimes. if somebody with the last name "trump" used crack cocaine, hired all these hookers, had some of the images on that laptop -- could you talk about those? i would imagine these hostile regimes, joe biden doesn't seem to mind that vladimir putin is building up an army on the ukraine border and says nothing or that taiwan and reunification talk with china or flying fire fighter jets -- what else is only that the american people need to know in terms of hunter? >> joe biden definitely is compromised because of his family. it wasn't just hunter biden, but it was joe biden who was involved in these deals with the cfc, as i said again, you can't say it too many times, this is the capitalist arm of his built
6:44 pm
and road initiative. the biden family was involved in this. as for the images on the laptop, they are very disturbing. there's a lot of, most of it homemade by hunter biden. he had an obsession with his own naked body and would take lots of photographs of himself and also photographs himself having sex with various women. it is very disturbing. i'm not sure that that really is the criminal element that we are talking about. i think there are elements on the laptop that are very damaging to america's national security and that is really where i think the focus should stay. >> sean: veranda, we are just touching the surface. this book has got to be read by the country. we will have you back and go into more details. now on,
6:45 pm, bookstores everywhere. "they laptop from hell." miranda devine, thank you. coming up next, we will honor russia's life and legacy and what it was like to work with the greatest of all time, rush limbaugh, for 30 years. next. you don't become a runner, who breaks eight world records... after age 65, without a serious support system. kathy martin has one in medicare from blue cross blue shield. she won't go a day without the right card. because she can't go a day without running. the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. this is the benefit of blue. find your local blue cross and blue shield plan at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now turn into another inspirational book just today tonight and bookstores everywhere,, longtime friend of this program, rush limbaugh and his producer is giving readers an inside look under the top radio icon. what we say about the greatest of all time, the goat of talk radio and be a part of most prolific show and talk radio history bit what was it like being the scenes? what are the never before told stories? that and much more. author of "rush on the radio," james. welcome back. >> sean, they could so much for having me. you are a part of that behind the scenes story, sean, sean. >> sean: oh, boy. what did i do now? >> sean, you know without you -- one of the things that russia's,
6:52 pm
when president trump honored him with the highest civilian award this country has. and so i'm so glad that in this book we will be able to tell that story and also the story of how you stood with us. all of us at the staff during this last year when rush was with us and how much that meant to all of us, sean. >> sean: i said at the time and i meant it and i made it now, you can't replace somebody like him. we all have to up our game. because that is what he would want. it was matt drudge's idea. i just passed up the chain. and like you, i'm grateful he got that award. but i'm also appreciative that he forged this path for all of us, james. every single one of us that our
6:53 pm
conservatives and have a voice, he helped forge that path. >> yes, he did. his footprint was so much larger than radio. and the foot print and radio would be enough for some people to say they've had the most incredible career ever. but his footprint was larger than that. rush transformed american media. and at the same time, his generosity and what he did, what your audience did, what our audience did in raising money for leukemia, what he and catherine did for the families of fallen first responders, those are the kind of things that live on. and they are not political. they affect every american life for the better. so the legacy that the rush has is just so huge, the story can only be told a little bit, because it's always going to be more coming out about the
6:54 pm
incredible career and the incredible man that rush limbaugh was. >> sean: james, i only have 30 seconds do you miss the most about rush? >> everything. hearing his voice every day, hearing him laugh, and his beautiful sense of humor and his kindness. every single day i miss him. >> sean: we all do. we were lucky to have him as long as we did. i wish we had him 30 more years. james bolden, you are a dear friend as is everyone who worked on rush's team. you are a dear friend, i love the book.,, bookstores everywhere. thank you, james bolden. when we come back, a programming announcement report. you will not want to miss it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: before reiko, quick programming note for all of you. you're not going to want to mess tomorrow show. dr. oz will join us. he has a huge announcement. hint: think midterm election. all happening tomorrow night. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham, she crushes it. she kills it every day and every night. laura, i'm not going to tell the story about the stolen car or anything, nothing. i'm just going to say have a great show. >> let me just say. >> sean: just forget it. let it go. >> you better because it's coming the other way if you go in that direction. >> sean: i know when to tap out. i'm tapping out. >> laura: i'm going to announce that hannity is opening its own yoga studio in your single your single-handedly