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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 30, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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thank you. carley: thank you, tomi, appreciate it carley is a huge baseball fan if you didn't know. she based her outfit today the blue and orange barsd upon max going to the methods. wore methods color. carley: i thought about him exactly when i got dressed this morning. "fox & friends" right now. ♪ ♪ >> growing concerns about the new omicron variant. >> fierce more lock downs could be coming. >> lockdowns off the table. >> yes, for now. >> biden's supply chain speech more than joe could handle. >> charged with a sixth count first degree homicide. >> 8-year-old boy jackson sparks died of his injury. >> jury seated in the trial of jussie smollett. >> accused of orchestrating a hate crime for himself. >> the media carried water water
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on this. they tried to divide america further with this hoax. >> jack dorsey stepping down. >> this is a very worrying development. is he less committed to free speech than the outgoing ceo. >> congratulations [inaudible] [applause] >> this is my home now. and it is the greatest feeling that i ever had. >> lots of people are already on the street there in atlanta. it is 36 degrees there right now. it's going to be 65 degrees. atlanta known for the braves. they have a zoo there. they have an aquarium there. and they have my best friend there. cindy and al live there. it i stayed in touch with all of
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them but those two mostly. brian: do they rankings? you say best friend. ainsley: girls are all -- no. you had those from school, flight in from childhood. they know all your secrets, brian. brian: there is a chairman of the joint chiefs. ainsley: and it's ainsley. right. steve: as you look at atlanta. studio m live from new york city. it is a tuesday. we are 25 days away from christmas. you know, yesterday at this time we were talking about how we really needed to hear from the president because a lot of people are going shopping and they are getting that message that says they are sold out or, you ask again later as magic 8 ball would say. so 3:45 we were very ex150eu89ed to hear what the president had to say about the supply chain because he was meeting with the various ce. >> os best buy and walmart. 20 minutes before the big event they pulled the plug and they said you know the president would like to spend a little more time with them.
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a little less time with the press. so we will do those remarks on wednesday. and people are going why did they do that? ainsley: why did they cancel that? steve: why did they do that? ainsley: maybe to focus more on the omicron variant. this new variant of covid. brian: i have a theory. it's a real round table and they actually wanted input and they have no idea what's going on with the supply chain. so if you actually get walmart, etsy, food lion, best buy almost said best boy samsung and cvs. if you get them together you actually want answers. if you can have a press conference before you actually meet, this shows it's window dressing. walmart in particular, they are an outlier because they have their own ships and planes. they can afford it but if you really want to get answers and you don't want to have a generic press conference we are on it and we have one dock that's open 24 hours a day. don't focus on the fact that we don't have any truck drivers and people working cranes and lifts to get anything off.
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that's not important. so he actually wants to maybe get things done and accomplished so he has something of substance to say. did i not for this. john kerry in charge of this? he is a special envoy? did i miss the john kerry announcement. steve: on climate. brian: he is in charge of the docks. ainsley: did you all shop yesterday for cyber monday? i did. i ended up thinking and there were a lot of warnings because of the -- because of covid. we're not sure if we can get this -- everything to you on time. ended up having to pay a little more to get it a few days earlier to make sure. and then defeated the purpose of shopping -- i basically broke even, right? steve: then they are saying if you want to make sure you get it do the two day air. it's an extra $11. whatever you just saved. ainsley: you ended up paying on shipping. steve: what's interesting though when you look at what the walmart guy said the supply chain thing is getting better. you would think the white house would want to do it. what i think could be at play
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here is the fact that yesterday was omicron day where they are talking about this new virus vit form of covid. putting all their things in one basket. get the booster. wear the mask. brian: they're not saying wear a mask. steve: they are saying wear a mask. fed chair jerome powell is going to say this particular strain of the virus apparently is going to impact unemployment, the economy, and inflation. so they are going to start using this covid as the excuse for. brian: it's just not true. steve: inflation and everything else. ainsley: he rates best when he talks about covid. steve: his best item. ainsley: if he goes up to the microphone and talks about supply chain that's a negative
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topic. steve: put them together. brian: not his his best thing was it was. he was more deaths under him than under president trump. and looked what happened -- ainsley: best, those are republican states. the states with the worst amount of states are democratic states. brian: sooner or later we'll realize it goes in waves. vilify alabama and florida if you just wait a month florida is the best and alabama and mississippi oops? and then the worse is michigan with governor whitmer. what a great job she is doing. new hampshire, minnesota, wisconsin and new mexico. now everything flips and now everything goes radio silent now that florida is number one. i just don't think that president biden, if he wants to go back to the well on mandates and restrictions and lockdowns, he didn't learn anything from his off year election because the people were tired of those clamp downs. they thought they were unnecessary. they thought they were oppressive. we also know we have learned as
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a country to live with it not run from it. steve: well, it sounds like he realizes that when he, you know, the lockdowns and shut downs are really bad for him, and he said yesterday if you missed it, here's a little bit of it. he said essentially we are worried about it, but don't panic. watch. here's the president. >> first, this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we have more tools today to fight the variant than we have ever had before. please wear your mask when you are indoors, in public settings around other people. let me close with this simple message. if you are vaccinated, but still worried about the new variant, get your booster. if you aren't vaccinated, get that shot, go get that first shot. i will be putting forward a detailed strategy out lying how the we are going to fight covid this winter not with shut downs
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or lockerdowns. with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more. steve: yesterday was the opportunity for the administration and cdc came out and said everybody over 18 get a booster. here in new york city, mayor blast said everybody in an indoor situation like the three of you was right now, if it's a public indoor setting, you need to wear a mask according to mayor de blasio. brian: does he still have a microphone? key please leave soon? steve: he does. brian: if you listened over of the weekend the thing even though people who get this are under 40 so far and the country that gets it the most south africa who reported it and now rewarded with eight neighboring states getting banned from most western countries. and they are obviously extremely upset by that because economically they are going to be raked over the coals and forced to put up with these restrictions. by being honest when china never was. keep in mind, too. they said about the one thing about this that is challenging
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it might be evading our vaccines, okay, so his answer to this is get a vaccine, get a booster. wait a second. you need 1 days to find out what it is. if you want correct with the american people, don't say you need 14 days in the meantime get a booster and get a shot. because we are doing that anyway. have you said that every single day and yelling at people and putting mandates at people and firing 30,000 healthcare workers in new york cops and firefighters. that's going well. now you say you might evade the vaccine but go and get the vaccine. so i mean -- in other words, do what i say even if it doesn't have anything to apply to variant we know very little about. thanks for that. ainsley: jim jordan said the american people are not going to stand for that in the next election. they think they are better than us. they don't understand how the fly over states work. he goes nantucket and stays at a billionaire's house. he tells us to wear a mask he goes indoors doesn't have mask
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on. his son making a million dollars from ukraine company. 3 until there russian millionaire and 4 million with a company with ties to. steve: will it peter doocy asked jen psaki about this yesterday. on the outside of window it says you have got to wear a mask indoors and there is joe biden indoors not wearing a mask. brian: that should be on every -- if a republican wants to get a seat anywhere. just show that picture. because of he is asking us to do things and he doesn't do any of it himself. here is sean hannity last night. >> this is beyond embarrassing, it is humiliating for the entire country and frankly it is also now extremely dangerous as every one of our enemies. every hostile regime on this planet earth they see this as well. now, following that disastrous presser, the administration abruptly canceled biden's supply chain speech. that was schedule scheduled for later in the day. it was nor than joe could
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handle. he obviously needed nappy time. now tonight americans are struggling with so many major crises, all preventable, and all created by that guy, joe biden. and while we don't know exactly how the omicron variant will play out in the u.s., we do know that joe biden is not fit to serve. he will only make things worse, not better. and the american people, they are speaking out loudly. they agree. steve: well, the american people don't like the fact that gas 1.50 more than it was last year. i went to the grocery store yesterday. kathy was making something. she needed heavy cream. the little one pint of heavy cream used to be 2.99 was $5. $5. i had to go to two stores to get it and that's the problem. people are frustrated. and, you know, we have been under the mandates and whatnot for 20 months. we are sick of it. brian: 15 days to slow the
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spread. steve: people are frustrated. ainsley: when you hear from folks in south africa canned a hear from the people who say people who have new variant they are mild symptoms. they are talking about lockdowns. now, the president did say we are not going to lock down. remember last year last december in 2020 he said we will not have vaccine mandates. here we are. and then fauci said there was no gain of function research. we didn't give money to the wuhan lab and then it turns out, according to nih they did. who do you trust? brian: what did he say about donald trump when he said the travel ban from china should go in place. xenophobic, fear-mongering worst person to lead our country through a global health emergency. isn't that nice. you beat trump another thing total deaths in a country when you got the vaccine and system in place that you did a good job putting it more in place and yet you still transcended president trump in total deaths. and by the way he should own -- he owes the president a policy
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because he banned 8 african nations traveling around the world and other countries have done it too. is that racist. ainsley: peter asked jen psaki about this and he said about the travel china ban. know was calling trump's tweet xenophobic. if you look back at president biden's tweets in february of 2020 not even a year ago, biden tweeted out when trump expanded his travel within a to africa he said it was designed to make it harder for black and brown people to immigrate to the united states. brian: what is this designed to do, a variant he knows nothing about and a country that was transparent about the variant, they get rewarded by being within a banned from coming here. steve: 24 mutations about this covid. we will talk to marc siegel about that very shortly. the suspect in the waukesha christmas parade tragedy now facing six counts of homicide.
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see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. carley: we are back with headlines, juvenile charged with a flongs carjacking early this month. >> the vehicular hijacking task force arrested an 11-year-old. let me say that again because that shocks the conscience.
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our task force arrested an 11-year-old. for carjacking. >> the arrest comes amid a violent holiday weekend where three people were killed and 26 hurt. a man accused of stealing a car and causing a crash involving new york state trooper has been arrested. that suspect was released without bail on another carjacking charge just three weeks earlier. the suspect stole a bmw on november 8th but was released the next day because the third degree charge didn't qualify for bail under new york's lax policies. >> imlegal immigrants who crossed the border before january 11th will be granted amnesty if biden's massive spending bill passes. the ceo build back better bill also allow the massive group of migrants to obtain government benefits that would make it the largest amnesty ever. if the senate amends the bill, the house will have to vote
3:20 am
again on the changes. and in football action, washington football team win their third straight gain struggling seahawks. attempt to tie the game coming up short as they fail to convert on 2 point conversion. seattle did recover on sidekick in the final seconds. penalized for illegal formation and failed to recover, the redo attempt. those are your headlines, guys, over to you. steve: monday night football on tuesday morning. thank you very much, carley. carley: you bet. brian: fox sports is going to start recruiting you are do so much sports. carley: i'm happy where i am but i love sports as well. ainsley: brian is worried you are going to take his spot. brian: very nervous. she is all over my turf. steve: wait a second. brian: going to do the big 10 championship game? carley: i am.
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brian: going to wear eye black to. carley: my husband is a big michigan fan when i say big i mean psycho fan. he will come to the game hopefully. ainsley: have you ever been that stadium largest stadium. steve: look toward the camera. carley: hold on i'm over here now. ainsley: where is the game going to be. carley: is this the first day i didn't know the camera was on me. more to come on that. see you guys. steve: thank you, carley. ainsley: brian said yesterday the sec is expanding. two more teams. carley: bye. steve: 6:21 here in new york city. meanwhile the waukesha christmas parade suspect now charged with a sixth count of first degree intentional homicide which, if convicted life in prison. mandatory. ainsley: this comes as that little boy, a sixth victim, he's 8 years old. he died from his injuries last
3:22 am
week. brian: todd piro is live with this story which is continuing, which no one else is covering. todd: we are the only ones. comes after the death of 8-year-old jackson sparks who died from his injuries in the attack. there is the picture did again. brooks is accused of plowing his car into last sunday's christmas parade injuring 08 people. brooks being held on $5 million bail in a wisconsin jail. if convicted, he face life in prison. meantime his attorney is asking to withdraw from the case claiming it's a conflict of interest. his motion reading in part, quote: relationships and familiarity between joe and the communities affected by incidents arising. the attorney withdrawing from two of brooks other cases. one from shooting at his nephew and another for driving his red
3:23 am
ford suv over the mother of his child. brooks has a criminal record dating back to 1999 pleading guilty battery. he impregnated a 15-year-old girl. brooks still has active warrant there for bail jumping on another sex crime charge. we will find out what's next in this case after today's hearing in just a few hours. back to you. steve: todd, so this attorney representing him, joe domask he is asking to withdraw because his whopper has too many connections to people impacted by the parade melee. todd: any time conflict like this it is incumbent on the attorney him or herself to try to withdraw so that justice in the case can be fair and can be just because you don't want to get a conviction and then have somebody come along well, my client, my new client, the bad guy, who is a suspect didn't get a fair trial because his attorney at the time had a conflict of interest. we saw
3:24 am
this, if you recall, in the situation in connecticut 1975. the martha moxley case. the attorney in that case got kicked off after a conviction. steve: todd, any lawyer in that town is going to have a connection to the people at the parade. todd: that's the point. such a tiny community. don't be surprised if somebody pro bono from a city like chicago or milwaukee comes in on the case that way to avoid that conflict. ainsley: will he have eventually a jury trial the same goes with the jury. todd: a little bit unclear. i think they move for a new venue if that were the case to get him a jury that isn't so conflicted. but, again, many, many more steps before that happens. could be a plea at some point. this guy saying look, i know i did this put me in prison for the rest of my life. we will see. steve: thanks for putting on lawyer cap. brian: look at this suspect. he has a history of being against donald trump and his supporters. a history of speaking out against all white people.
3:25 am
if you look -- but it seems stunning to me that when you do a background check. they are all over rittenhouse. they are trying to find anything to say that he is a white supremacist: he has a video basically talking about what he did as well as a rap sheet make any criminal publish. it's amazing anyone just left this story. greg gutfeld talked about that last night. >> waukesha will hold a moment of silence today marking one week since a car, a car drove through a city christmas parade killing six people and injuring scholars of others. so, a car drove through a parade. not a racist mad man but a car. but you get it when you are in the media, identifying who is responsible must be avoided if it makes you seem racist to the activist class. so focus on the object and hope the public is as stupid as you think it is. you can run over a christmas
3:26 am
parade and kill twice as many people as the boston marathon bombers and they will call it an accident. the soft bigotry of low expectations turns into crime and murder because they believe minorities aren't responsible for themselves. steve: from the white house podium the white house was asked whether or not the president would go out to visit and they said that their hearts are broken but at this point there are no plans for the president. brian: because it's such a big footprint. it's going to be very upsetting to the community because i have such community that has to come with him. steve: although he did go to kenosha. ainsley: it's a big republican area we are told by some of the guests we had on that day. did you see the candles and all the flowers and the memorial was there that they had at the veterans park and they had those beautiful crosses with the hearts in the middle of them. brian: big day. ainsley: i thought about them thanksgiving. brian: big days enes kanter speaking out about china and oppression and what they have done to tibet and museums and
3:27 am
hong kong and what they continue takes on his league as well as lebron james. ainsley: turkey revoking his passport. brian: don't come back your family under house arrest and not allowed to live their life or work their occupations. he made it clear last week he had a big announcement. he on monday would officially become an american citizen. steve: he did. not only that he changed his name. he tweeted this out i'm proud to be an american, greatest nation in the world. land of the free and home of the brave. he timed it so he could have his name officially in enes kanter to enes kanter freedom. he will have on the back of his jersey when he goes to philadelphia to play philadelphia 76ers in a couple days his name will say freedom. ainsley: look at his shirt. steve: how awesome is that. ainsley: is he welcome here. he did it the right way. he is such a star in the nba playing in boston. and so, imagine how he feels when his country is telling him
3:28 am
you are not allowed here. we are taking everything away from your family. but he goes out on the court and he plays and thousands of people are screaming his name. even more people love him now after this. steve: apparently i was reading that apparently his teammates call him freedom. imagine from now on in boston and particularly this week in philly they will be yelling freedom and talking about that man right there who was on with tucker last night. >> the reason i wanted to do it because this, you know, from day one america give me a home. american people opened their arms and gave me a warm welcome. i wanted to feel like this is my home now. it is the greatest feeling that i would have. people should feel really blessed and lucky to be in america. because, you know, they love to criticize it. but when you live a country like turkey or china or somewhere else. you will appreciate the freedoms
3:29 am
you have here. stop criticizing the greatest nation in the world and they should focus on, you know, their freedoms and their human rights and the democracy. so, this is -- america gave me everything i have so i'm definitely appreciate the united states of america. brian: yeah. he played a lot for the trailblazers last year. they were a play off team. not playing much for the celtics. he did bring up a couple weeks ago. wondering if speaking out has anything to do with lack of playing time. i hope not. he is 29 years old. ainsley: he can get traded to another team. brian: if he ends up out of the league that's clear clearly because is he being black balled he is definitely a contributor. he 20 to 25 teams. steve: i will be like carley shimkus sports fact in his 10 appearances, he has averaged 4.6 points per game. ainsley: that's helpful. more than i ever did in a game. [laughter] steve: welcome, mr. freedom.
3:30 am
brian: meanwhile president biden's vaccine mandate faces another legal hurdle thank goodness. dr. marc siegel science, not politics must be in focus set. next. ainsley: plus can a waffle change the world? this little boy loves national waffle house so much he and his dad wrote a book about them. how they plan to raise money for a very good cause. ♪ always something there to remind me ♪ ♪
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ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. be. we are back with headlines,prosy partners in crime. faces up to 80 years in crime if found guilty. seen arriving to the courthouse. she will not be testifying. meanwhile the faa accidently sent insider data on epstein's flight data. it reveals there were 704 unknown trips between 2013 and 2016. listen to this. caught on camera, a new york city home is robbed by two thieves posing as police officers. you can see one of the men wearing a police sweatshirt
3:35 am
barged in their way bronks home with a gun tying the residents up with zip ties. they got away with a bmw, $30,000 in cash and $100,000 worth of jewelry. the car was recovered a short time later. neither suspect has been identified. unbelievable. well, inflation is coming for beer. the rising cost of alum anymore cans and bottles is starting to squeeze craft brewery across the country forcing them to hike prices at the tap. one of the world's biggest supplier of aluminum cans and other recyclable beverage containers plan to hike prices by 50%. steve, say it isn't so. coming for beer. steve: this goes to show you, carley, people should drink directlied from the tap. carley: i love that idea. bring a funnel. never know. steve: a funnel? carley, thank you very much. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. president biden yesterday announcing what he expects to be
3:36 am
the new normal amid growing fears of the omicron variant. >> new normal to be everyone ends up getting vaccinated with a booster shot. we reduce the number of people who aren't protected onto such a low degree we are not seeing the spread of these viruses. steve: this as a federal judge has temporarily blocked the administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states. here with reaction, fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, the president reminded everybody because there are all these mutations, what are there? there are 32 known mutations. which mean it could evade the current vaccines to what degree they are working on right now. he said everybody needs to get the vaccine and if you are over 18 get booster. you are on board with the president and boosters, right? >> yes and no, steve. i think everybody should get a booster now who has been more
3:37 am
than six months after a pfizer or mow derby that or two months after the j and j. get booster. that's because i want more ump. i want more immune protection. for those who have had covid. they don't necessarily need the booster because they have some immune protection from that right now, laboratories across the country at major medical centers are using something called a pseudo virus, steve. they are putting the spike protein from omicron on it and testing to see how well the vaccine works. that's very exciting and they will have the results back in days. but it will work to some extent. boosting it will make it more. what i disagree with the president on is we don't need to be told we're going to need a booster from now on infinitum there may be another generation of vax seens coming in a year or so that you can inhale or take orally and that works against all covid. we are heading if a really exciting direction here with science. we don't know how often we are going to need a vaccine. we need to tell people to take the booster now. not talk about a year from now.
3:38 am
steve: absolutely. meanwhile, the president said months ago that companies over 100 were going to have to -- if they do business with the government and they got more than 100 employees, people are going to have to get the shot. osha has since suspended that enforcement of that vaccine mandate for businesses. and, yesterday, this u.s. district judge matthew shrepp stopped the biden administration for enforcing it for healthcare workers because he said essentially he didn't think the administration had that power in the constitution to do what they are doing. ultimately though, what that means is there will be healthcare workers who are not going to get fired given what the judge has said yesterday. >> steve, listen, i think that there should be some requirement for healthcare workers. but i'm very concerned about shortages around the country. i talked about the car on? north dakota. in the middle of the pandemic actually had to have infected nurses they thought about
3:39 am
putting back on the wards. we can't make that worse. but i would like to see it much broader. needs to be a testing option. you need to acknowledge that these vaccines wane, so boosting should be encouraged and not mandated. what about people who got over covid. should they be fired? they have a measure of immunity that needs to be factored into the equation the way it is in israel and europe. we are way too narrow with this super imposition. feels like principal's office. we don't want to spread covid workers to patients. testing workers is even more reliable than forcing a vaccine that's waning. need options all on the table. steve: all right. dr. marc siegel, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: you bet. straight ahead, a new york city man back on the streets after three arrests in just 36 hours. the police commissioner of the country's safest community joins us to discuss the big apple's busted bail system. later mike rowe and john rich
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brian: in new york a knife wielding mugger reportedly bragged to the state he would not stay in jail because of the state's lax bail rules. garcia told police quote i know i'm getting out i have no record. this after the seconded of three arrest in the span of 36 hours. now, we thought this was astounding but my next guest doesn't. nassau county police commissioner patrick ryder called this on our show the minute the no cash bail came out. you said this is a disaster and you tried to warn everyone. new york left leaning state body put this out there. this guy was right. three arrests in 36 hours, he was only held in an institution
3:45 am
at the end. >> that's correct in january of 2020 came out with justice reform and bail reform good thing accept it on certain levels. >> never sat down with the exerts us us the judges. you could see crime starting to arise. they have been emboldened. they know exactly what they can get away with now. >> describe the ripple effect because if you have no cash bail and getting out unless it's a serious crime. the cops not worth doing the paperwork to make that small arrest knowing he or she is going to get out before you can take the cap off your pen. >> my cop arrested a drug dealer and seller on the street today. they go inside. the drug dealer goes to jail -- i mean goes to the jail and gets out on bail. the drug buyer goes to the desk office and gets an appearance and walks out. where does that drug user go now the buyer, right back to the drug dealer to buy more drugs, overdoses and then dies. we are not helping them.
3:46 am
we have got to get them inside the institutes we can do better. smash and grab in san francisco. doing the same thing in california. we are seeing in los angeles, too. and oakland. do you think this is related to the same thing? not going to charge new california. that's another issue that's out there. here in nassau county and in the city, if you steal or go into a restaurant charge you. walk right out. brian: second year in a row nassau county where you are a police commissioner named the safest community in the country. how and why? brian: we have an intelligence-led policing program. we have a focus deterrence. 90% of the crime is done by 10% of the population. more importantly we get support from our communities and get support -- same communities that they say were over policing. they are asking us to help them. they are asking to us come in. we can do better. we have to stay focused on what
3:47 am
the -- that 10% of the environment that is bad. not the 90%. when we go into those communities we treat them with respect. we come out of there with the good result. brian: had you laura kern democrat whacked you up and you work well together and bruce blakeman beats kern and he asks to you stay on another four years. >> that's correct. the police department in nassau county gets support from all of our elected officials. they stand by law and order. they want us out there enforcing the laws. do it respectfully to the community and doing it fairly. brian: your message to new york stated lawmakers? >> we got to get to the table. we have got to sit down with the experts. lawyers, judges, and police officers and let's talk about what we can do better. bail reform is good. rich kids shouldn't get out over a poor kid. never should happen. the idea of getting to the table bring the experts in and we can work this out better. brian: congratulations on the four more years and the safest community. that is the ultimate price. >> thank you very much.
3:48 am
brian: all right, commissioner. great to see you in person. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean. she makes me introduce her as senior meteorologist in fact even in the yeeb room i have to address her that way. janice: that is not true. it's false. can call me janice any time you want. take look at the temperatures. 35 in new york. 36 in. 35 in fargo. clipper system dive. northeast. bring potential for rainy weather and snow. not only today but another round tomorrow. let's take a look at it there is today. you can see where we see the snow for parts of new england and then more of a rain event south of that our next system is going to dive in across the great lakes tomorrow there are your temperatures. too warm for snow. but, you know, we could see a few snowflakes here and there. certainly for new england. take a look at the next clipper system that moves in. this receiving. so it will be cold enough for snow over lake ontario, lake erie. and that's where we will see the measurable snow amounts. otherwise, the rest of the
3:49 am
country is pretty quiet and warm those temperatures up as far as east as the northeast later this week. so we'll enjoy that mr. kilmeade back to you. brian: thank you very much. i look forward to seeing you in the green room. meanwhile, it's a sweet story inspired by none other than the waffle house. this giving tuesday meet the father and son duo who wrote a children's book inspired by the kindness served up at their favorite restaurant and how you can help give back after the break on giving tuesday. ♪ ♪ honey ♪ oh sugar sugar ♪ what the he— henry? thanks! if it's “out decorating the neighbors” season, it's walgreens season. ♪♪ what a pain in the a— alice?
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3:53 am
ainsley: can a waffle really change the world? it can according to our next guest the nashville father and son inspired by the kindness that they have seen served up at their local waffle house wrote a children's book to share those good at the memories a waffle can change the world on sale with proceeds going to a good cause just in time for giving tuesday. here now to tell us more waffle house ceo walton and the authors of the book we have the father who is also greg morgan's manager. they live in nashville and his son who is gaines iii goes by g 3. good morning, everyone. >> good morning.
3:54 am
>> hi, how are you? good morning. ainsley: you are great. we love your book. you are so cute. gaines, the dad. >> thank you. ainsley: tell us what led to this? >> yeah, absolutely. we were coming into the restaurant frequently and got to know terry and dawn and they just showed us unimaginable kindness. and through that experience, just watching how they interacted with my son and seeing their care and their concern and curiosity about what was going on in his life, we felt like it was so special what that we need to incapsulate it and put it in the form of a book so could honor and them and basically show the world how kindness can impact somebody's life. steve: that is so sweet especially with today giving tuesday. g 3 tell me about what you love your experiences at the waffle house with your daddy? >> oh, like when we first came, in when i saw carrie dawn, just thought of me writing this book,
3:55 am
and because they were being so nice to me i wanted them to feel to. ainsley: terry and dawn, they work at your local waffle house. >> yes, ma'am. will he has some heart problems so he is not really working anymore. steve: you are the ceo. i know this warms your heart. when you walk into a waffle house everyone knows that connection we feel with your employees i don't know what you do to train them. welcome you. in welcome to waffle house. you sit down at one of the booths so nice and come over with pot of coffee. how did you feel when you heard about this book. >> gaines contacted me and told me all about it their story is born out of love. the love they have for our people and that happens thousands of times a day and all across our system with such wonderful people on both sides ever the counter. and so we were thrilled to see that this is their experience with our people and the folks
3:56 am
there in nashville are very special, too. and we were very, very pleased to be associated with their effort and mostly the message of kindness. and g iii is seeing the world through a very special lens and we're happy to be a part of their story. ainsley: real quickly gaines, what's your favorite thing to eat there. >> the waffles and bacon. ainsley: mine are the cheese grits with my dad too and the chocolate milk. thank you for being on with us. if you want to purchase his book, a waffle can change the world go. to his website a waffle can change the thank you to walton gaines and : ♪
3:57 am
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gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. steve: president biden announcing yesterday what he expects to be the new normal. >> i expect the new normal everyone ends up getting vaccinated with booster shots. >> we don't need to be told we are going to need a booster from now on infinitum. >> how chris cuomo dug up dirt on his brother's accuser. >> if this was anyone else this would result in outright termination. remember what organization we are dealing with. >> university students demands the school publicly part ways with him. >> this is unamerican. it's undemocratic.
4:01 am
and the university has to step in because this is wrong. >> second and goal. kicked it. has a touchdown, has two touchdowns now into the end zone. j.d. for washington. ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ and i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ all this time i was myself. steve: good morning, glen falls new york. this is your 7:00 a.m. wake-up. november 30th, 2021. it is a tuesday south end much the town water fall there upstate new york. brian: why glenn. steve: named after jonathan glenn. brian: get out of here. steve: a name of one of the town founders. i think his first name was jonathan. or maybe it was glenn jonathan. two of those names as we wake them up.
4:02 am
ainsley: yesterday did you all get snow? we got snow in new york city yesterday. brian: shoveling all day. really piled up. steve: global warming. ainsley: made your wife do the shoveling. brian: what do they say? stay in the city because we're afraid you will not be able to get back. in sure enough i call up i have got to stay in the city great guess who shoveling again. steve: leave your wife to shovel and fend for herself. brian: builds character. she has great character. ainsley: did you all set up your christmas trees yet? brian: yeah. ainsley: we decorated it last night and it christmas music playing. snowing outside. i went to my daughter's school because they had the day off yesterday. all the moms go and volunteer. decorate the entire show and show up this morning completely decorated. such a fun experience. brian: i made a huge mistake this year buff we did it as a family. they said. steve: too much togetherness? brian: they said what size tree do you want? i go 7-foot. they said no, no our ceilings
4:03 am
are 7-foot. get a 6-foot tree. it looks like something is table top it looks tiny. we should have went with the 7-foot and shaped it down. totally screwed up. ainsley: do you have room for the star on the top. brian: time for two stars. steve: i believe your ceilings are 8-foot. that's standard. if it's 7 you could be living in a crawl space. brian: that's okay. ainsley: if you have plenty of room and you know you have room for that. brian: the key with the angel is getting a side holster, get a back holster, don't stick it -- don't put it on top. steve: you are talking about the tree topper. brian: have a backpack slide it in the top and save the space. ainsley: just don't go around the back of my tree you can see that. brian: you don't want the angel hitting her head on the top on
4:04 am
the ceiling. steve: bad symbolism. ainsley: what do you put on your tree. steve: a star. a big star. like if you have ever been to the white house. we have all been to the white house to see the christmas tree there. they get a tree that actually touches the top of the ceiling in that i think the blue room where they show it. it's perfect. ainsley: a huge tree. steve: thank you very much. 7:04. brian brian my tree looks like honey i shrunk the kids tree. i'm going to take a issue '. we have so many on or aboutments, like we have 20 boxes of ornaments, are what are regoing to do with it. ainsley: last night 11:45 i have got to go to bed and wake up in two hours. okay the rest of the ornaments are going back in the box i'm putting them away and use them next year. brian: almost makes you feel bad for them. steve: comes fast enough. the president of the united states yesterday, live from washington, d.c. talked about
4:05 am
this brand new omicron coronavirus. ainsley: variant. steve: i think that's the roosevelt room right there. what he did was he came out and he said don't worry, it's cause for concern but not panic, unlike dr. fauci who a couple of days ago said are there going to be lockdowns in i don't know. too soon to tell. joe biden yesterday said as long as people get the shots and the boosters and wear masks, we are going to be fine. listen. we have more tools today to fight the variant than we have ever had before. from vaccines to boosters to vaccines for children. a year ago america was flownsderring against the first variant of covid. we beat that variant significantly and then we got hit by a far more powerful threat, the delta variant. but we took action. and now we're seeing deaths from delta come down. and, look, we are going to fight and beat this new variant as well. a fully vaccinated booster
4:06 am
person is the most protected against covid. do not wait, go get your booster. steve: and we had dr. siegel on about 45 minutes ago. he also believes that people should get boosters unless the doctor says they have had covid, in which case they would have natural immunity. ainsley: all these mandates now and federal judge has suspended biden's covid vaccine mandates henk workers in 10 different states. whoer in new york i was watching carley and thod earlier and had healthcare worker on actually an eye doctor. she was fired from her job for refusing to get the vaccine. steve: she is not alone. ainsley: exactly. almost 34,000 healthcare workers lost their job. brian: no one talks about it. ainsley: in new york because they refused to get a vaccine. here is dr. sarah klein. >> with this potential variant coming, and the winter coming and the seenality of this virus that they need as many workers as they can have on hand. in new york we are suffering because of the mandate here.
4:07 am
i think we have learned enough now about this vaccine to understand that it really does not prevent transmission. and it doesn't prevent infection to beginning gel out unvaccinated workers to say we are responsible for the spreading is not true. we wear proper ppe. everyone is masked in new york state which when they work in a healthcare fittings. we are constantly washing our hands, sanitize advertising. i don't think it's a real issue. brian: it's not a real issue but they really did lose their jobs. firefighters and cops are about to. they pushed back the date in new york. maybe in new york city and chicago there is a huge pushback they are not revealing their status. no one talks about how many healthcare workers lost their jobs. i know mount sinai is very prestigious hospital basically shut down because they don't have enough healthcare workers. ainsley: out on long island. brian: i know people want to urge to get the vaccine, but you can urge but there was a while in which this president said you cannot, in america, mandate the vaccine. you can push, you can prod.
4:08 am
you can plead. but you can't mandate. is he doing that and if you look at what happened in the off year election, these brutal mandates, which are now be being pushed back by courts. for the most part the courts upholding them. they are causing such bitterness because now, you have healthcare workers who know this business better than any politician, many of which have natural immunity, "wall street journal" did this big editorial over the weekend saying natural immunity according to israel and different studies in continue mark because we don't do the study even more effective than vaccines and more durability. if you told the people in the healthcare business hey by the way natural immunity is going to count and just doing antibody tests. you could cut that figure two thirds of which would go back to work. steve: speaking of go back to work. remember the president made it very clear it was going to be early will any november where if you work for a company with more than 100 people that did business with the federal government, you had to have the vaccine. osha has suspended that
4:09 am
particular mandate. and now this u.s. district judge regarding those 10 stays that filed suit, they said, you know what in the administration went too far. what they were asking probably not okay with the constitution. ainsley: think about it, a lot of these healthcare workers, take the state of new york lost their jobs, some of them like this doctor going to go out in private practice. many already had covid. they were on the front lines during the pandemic. many of them had covid. we have had doctors on our channel over and over say if you have had covid you have that natural immunity you don't necessarily have to get the shot. we heard dr. siegel say he does recommend it but you don't necessarily each need the booster if you have had covid, too. brian: by the way we have good news last two weeks cases are down 4%. last week the cases are down 16%. deaths are down 18%. now down 26%. the numbers are cratering. so we're at a point now where
4:10 am
president booster and put that thing on tape record it and puts it on your website. tell people to get back to work. we understand 750,000 have lost their lives but the numbers are down. the country has to get back to work. no one is going back to work at the rate she should be or would be. i would love to hear the president say that for a change. instead i will give you free money to stay away. steve: not just the free money. it's also the fact that and this is one of the reasons they are pushing build back better, there are a lot of people at home with their children and they need child care. but, there are also a number of people and, you know, we had a guest on yesterday. who was talking about how in their town out in folsom, california, there are just a lot of people who have not had covid and don't want to get it and so they are not going back to work for that reason.
4:11 am
ainsley: a lot of people have their own reasons. steve: they do. ainsley: understandable. what if you have some sort of condition. steve: and you can't go to work. ainsley: what about the workers that did get vaccinated and still in the hospital are they getting extra work. have to stay extra hours because a lot of their people got fired? ainsley: 10 doctors and five don't want to get vaccinated. they're are out of work. other five doctors take on extra workload. brian: go to a state not going to mandate this like folder or texas and go to a stated who appreciates their expertise. ainsley: what if you are pregnant and have some sort of emergency and need more doctors at the hospital. brian: are we allowed in new york state are pregnant women allowed to have babies. ainsley: some of my friends that were pregnant when this announced the healthcarey going to get fired they were worried some of their nurses and some of their obgyns that they go to constantly they didn't know if they were vaccinated.
4:12 am
what am i going to do if the person i was been with nine months. you have a concern. you have a relationship with your doctor. brian: thanks, governor. steve: governor cuomo no longer governor in new york. according to private text messages and investigative review and interview transcripts made public by the attorney general here in new york, chris it turns out chris cuomo, one of the mosts over at cnn and prime time we knew that he been advising his brother as the governor. but now these text messages reveal that he also asked journalists what they knew about his case and then would report back to the governor's staff. which is journalistically a no-no. brian: he played a much more active role than he led on. we think that is the some of the worst decisions you can make let them go on together. everyone was lauding the governor at the time. then we find out more what he was really like behind the scenes according to letitia
4:13 am
james' report chronicled over 10 or 11 shower. accusers for coming forward. he says it's all lies and politically oriented. now we know behind the scenes that was part of the strategy to diminish the women. that they couldn't really execute. how do you diminish 11 women and say they all made things up and going to knock them down one at a time? ainsley: the problem is when you are in our position, your viewers trust you and chris cuomo went on air and said i never made calls to the press about my brother's situation. but when you read these text messages it tells a different story. we asked joe concha about it earlier. listen. >> while they are looking into it then. this anchor should not sniff a microphone or studio until that investigation, if it even is an investigation, is complete. instead, you turn on cnn last night at 9:00 and there is chris cuomo on the air of course he didn't mention that these text messages that were released at all and why he was a top trending topic on twitter. well, there is nothing to see
4:14 am
here, don't worry about it again the bias of omission. when he is the news story now at this point. and, look, anybody else in this situation, this would result in the worst kind of reprimand. probably an outright termination. steve: cnn did issue a statement that they are reviewing all these documents and they are going to have a conversation and try to figure out what happened. ainsley: joe said he was on air last night. brian: didn't mention it the atlantic headline catching tend to lean left chris cuomo must go. we will see what happens. one thing is pretty clear. i think that if he did the same thing he did just took a leave of absence and said i'm lawyer. i want to help my brother out. and just helped him, probably wouldn't have been an issue. people would have understood it. but he didn't. ainsley: might be hard to do. he makes a lot of money. steve: he said one thing to the public and turns out he did something else behind the scenes. ainsley: let's hand it over to carley who has headlines for us.
4:15 am
carley: a concerning headline here. a 4-foot crater caused by mysterious explosion on long island now being investigated by the police and fbi over concerns it could be the prelude to a terrorist attack. the explosion on island could be felt miles await a minute police seeking information on this 23-foot boat seen leaving the area at the time of the explosion. florida governor ron desantis is pushing the state to shell out more to our brothers in blue. listen. we are going to be putting our money where our mouth is. so we are going to be recommending to the legislature $73 million to increase the minimum pay for entry level sworn state law enforcement officers. >> this comes as desantis made a nationwide call for police to relocate to florida if vaccine mandates puts them out of work. a man sentenced to 9 years in prison using covid relief funds
4:16 am
to buy himself lamborghini. wire fraud and money laundering. he falsified applications for the relief funds and used 1.6 million bucks to purchase a lamborghini similar to this one. covid lockdowns top spot. vacation rental through the end of 2021 are over 42% higher than the pre-pandemic level of 2019. florida had a blockbuster summer with 32.5 million visitors from july to september of this year that exceeds the number of travelers during that same period of in 2019. let's all go to miami, guys. steve: one of the other factors in that so many people went to florida during the summer but keep in mind, they were able to get covid pricing. and so like hotels that might be for instance we showed hotel
4:17 am
room that might rent for 600 bucks a night was going for 250 and 300 bucks. a lot of people went down for that. brian: i remember driving to florida. had to get through. you couldn't get through because ever the rivalry because the governors. sorry, carly, you want to go? carley: no, no i want to be there. steve: saying there was a road block in georgia. brian: get to the border and pull you over and ask you to see your i.d. because you are not supposed to go there from new york supposed to gawrnted. right at the florida of border. such a rivalry between the governor cuomo because he didn't like the way governor desantis was commenting about his policies. it was just juvenile. ainsley: we tall united states on all the people who live in the state? the three of us spend a lot of time in florida, carley i'm sure you have do, too. we were down there in hollywood, florida for the patriot awards. everyone that we talked to down there said if you put your house on the market, it sells within hours. like 30 people will look at it in one day. seller's market to the not a
4:18 am
buyer's market. steve: where are you going to live. brian: carley, you have stuff to do. carley: i want to be here. brian: every time we turn around you try to get away. carley: i don't want producers to hate me. ainsley: no one hates you. steve: it's fomo. the fear of missing out. brian: 18 minutes now after the hour. ainsley: thank you, carley. carley: bye. brian: shoppers on edge as more smash and grabs or lootings across the country. ainsley: i witnessed one while in a department store. the recent crime pushing retailers to add security ahead of the busy holiday season. steve: something else to worry about. madison is live at the store in new york city which was hit by looters just a few weeks ago. >> yeah. good morning, guys. so, like you mentioned, this smash and grab robbery they have been on the rise across the u.s. this store had around $80,000 of goods stolen in a matter of
4:19 am
minutes. 10 to 15 people broke. in it's not just happening here but across the u.s. over the holiday shopping week. we saw hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods stolen from home depot all the way up to luxury retailer canada goose. with these increase in smash and grab robberies, retailers are really rethinking how they approach security and store layout. ' in some cases hiring security firms. i'm here with squad security run by nypd retired detective mike, what are you hearing from retailers when it comes to security in light of all these smash and grab robberies? >> good morning madison, there is uptick certainly in hiring security. big part of this is to hire them and put an effective plan into place to make sure they are getting bang for their buck in what they are too long. right now certainly not your typical break in burglaries typical shoplifting. this is an organized group coming around throughout the nation and breaking into stores. >> i think that's an important
4:20 am
distinction. most stores build in shoplifting into unfortunately their business plan. this seems to be different. it's organized retail crime. groups of people with a plan, get away cars. why does then security become part of the equation. >> they build in for internal theft. what this is doing is rocketing the prices of your insurance and of your retail costs. so as a consumer, we are definitely feeling this and we are seeing what's going on here. so that's why it's so important. >> thank you so much, mike, an important thing to also mention, if you are in the -- i know this happened to you and you see a smash and grab happen, you might feel inclined to get involved. do not, mike says, the most important thing is to observe and see what's going on. because in some cases, these people have weapons and can be violent. it's important to just observe and then report whatever you can, guys. ainsley: the guy next to me was going to jump in and his wife and we both pulled him back and said it's not worth it. so, thank you so much, madison.
4:21 am
brian: they have to empower the security guards they have no power. ainsley: they can't do anything. the trial of jussie smollett underway three years after actor accused of staging hate crime against himself. lawyers claim smollett is the real victim. brian: stunning upset over ohio state. michigan wolverines against iowa. here with a preview of the game. ♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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4:25 am
ainsley: the trial for actor jussie smollett is officially underway. the former empire star is accused of staging a racist homophobic attack on himself and lying about it to police back in 2019. celebrities and lawmakers, they jumped on the case when it first happened. until police said they had evidence the whole thing was a hoax. our next guest says the far left
4:26 am
reaction is almost as trouble troubling, yale law school student jeremy hunt joins us now. good morning, jeremy. good to see you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. he came out and said, remember, that it was maga country and they were two white individuals that jumped him. they were homophobic. turns out the prosecutors at least say that he is guilty of staging this hoax and he just wanted to have fame and help his career. what do you say? >> yeah, well, i mean, really interesting about this case in particular is that this is a man who is not kind of throwing himself at the members whereof the court. and to think with all the evidence against him he would be asking for saying i'm sorry. this is a mistake. this man is actually way to interesting to keep this hoax alive. even through this day. he is still maintains that he was the victim of some racist homophobic attack. it's quite embarrassing. and i think what's even more important though, if you look -- you have to wonder, this hoax was so sloppy, like how does he
4:27 am
almost get away with this? you have to look -- it's the type of environment we are in right now. it's a media environment we are in. evidence and facts don't matter. whether this first came out. if you remember, all sort of politicians, kamala harris, everyone was coming out to voice their support for smollett. without any kind of evidence. because what matters is not evidence or facts. what matters is just confirming a narrative. and that's the kind of era we live. in you have something that looks like racism and homophobe i can't. immediately your story must be true. ainsley: it's dangerous and it can start off riots and everything. >> it is. ainsley: you mentioned biden and harris let me read the tweets in 2019 because they were supporting him. what happened -- this is biden. what happened today to jussie smollett must never be tolerated in this country. we must stand up and demand we no longer give safe harbor that homophobia have no place in our streets and heart. we are with you, justy.
4:28 am
kamala says smollett is one of the most kindest, gentle human beings i know. i'm praying for quick recovery this was attempted modern day lynching no one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. we must confront this hate. they just believed him at his word without knowing the facts, to your point. >> that's exactly right. and now, as someone who has lived through actually dealt with overt racism. it's offensive to me that this guy is a immediately trying to just profit off of real issues that are happening in our country. so i really do hope that the justice system does not go easy on him. i mope they make an example out of him. this is at first off it's bigger than him. it's kind of a systemic issue in our country. with the media and the political kind of empire making things that aren't true reality as long as can you confirm what they want hear. as long as you confirm their bias. as long as you confirm their narrative that they're trying to tell about our country.
4:29 am
ainsley: injury my, i know you are from miami. mayor from atlanta. crime suspect like we have never seen it before in atlanta. there is run off election today's against andre dickens and felicia moore. how are you pulling for and tell us why. >> yeah. well, look, i don't have the specific horse in this fight. my main thing is look, what's really interesting is that crime is the number one issue in this race. and so if you are anyone -- if you look -- if you are anyone in the d.c. elite media liberal bubble, i just -- i implore you to look at what is happening in atlanta. look at how this race has become entirely about crime. look at mayor bottoms who is not-she is not running for re-election? why? because she failed on the crime issue. the former mayor reed almost won the run off because he was at least competent on the crime issue. this is the make or break thing. and every single candidate is having to make their case about what they are going to do about the crime issue. this is an eternal issue
4:30 am
specifically in the black community is speaking out saying enough is enough. so, i'm proud that the city is making that the issue. they are actually coming together. ainsley: i know your family back home in atlanta is so proud of you, yale law school. that's awesome. god bless you. thanks for coming on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: president biden talks supply chain issue. what about the small businesses impacted the most. coming up next, two small business owners talking about all the difficulties they are facing this holiday season. ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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4:34 am
♪♪♪ this holiday, ask your doctor about xiidra. umph! scrambling because the ongoing labor shortage and the supply chain crisis. but, instead of listening to small business concerns, president biden was busy rubbing elbows with america's largest corporations yesterday. >> want to hear about the challenges facing small businesses. the small businesses are so important to our communities. they don't have the same leverage as many of you do. steve: here to weigh in are two actual small business owners
4:35 am
owner of 24 e furniture company joiner in savannah, georgia. and owner of ashley's famous cookies and single mother of three joins from from birmingham. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: ashley, let's start with you, why are they ashley famous cookies. >> they are ashley many's famous cookies because they are soft big and amazing and last for a long time. once you have ashley cookie you won't have another cookie. steve: look delicious. the problem is to make those cookies you have all sorts of obstacles in your way with regards to the supply chain and prices, don't you. >> yes, most definitely. we are a gourmet company everything we use are premium ingredients and the prices have skyrocketed tremendously. especially in the last few months. we are looking at things doubling in price. and some things just aren't the shelves anymore. it's been really rough.
4:36 am
steve: i mentioned this a minute ago. i was picking up something for my wife yesterday, a little pint of heavy cream used to be 2.50 was $5 yesterday and i had to go to two dinner stores. ,last time we talked to you, your customers at the unrine in temperature store had to wait at least six month to get their stuff. is anything any better because joe biden said about a month ago it's all hands on deck. >> if we can do anything, i just want to ask uncle joe to just not give us any more help. just stop. i'm luckier than most i came from a great state kept us open. the entrepreneurial spirit is going to keep us open. american people can help by buy local. spend your money with local businesses that know your name and will know your face. this is how we can pull
4:37 am
ourselves out of this. we don't need any more help from uncle joe. steve: when you were with us last time ruel, you were talking about how you were actually giving customers their money back because it was taking way too long. you are sitting in savannah, and savannah has got a great port and apparently that's really busy now, isn't it? >> absolutely. once again, our leadership in savannah we just got mega rail online it increased our productivity by 30% to 40%. our times that we had ships that were offshore have been cut in half. so i think we have maybe 15 boats that are offshore right now where l.a. has, you know, over 100. steve: okay. ashley, in addition to the costs of the ingredients. hard to find people to work. >> yes. for opportunitily i'm a family
4:38 am
based business. i'm using help of family members. how will we expand going further without staff. we see a lot of small businesses down here closing their doors due to short staffing. yeah, it's very stressful. steve: ashley, yesterday, the president had virtual and in person meeting with these big shots. ceos from big companies. if joe biden were watching right now, what would you tell the president of the united states about the troubles your business is having right now. >> i would tell the president that i think it would be amazing if small businesses could have some kind of support or safety net to help us constantly stay love the line, the profit margin. i feel like we get the short end of the stick on costs due to us being smaller businesses. it would be nice if there was a way that we could protect ourselves which also protects the consumer. steve: okay. will ruel, what would you say to the president. >> steve, everything this guy
4:39 am
does has been counter intuitive to what helps small business. we need him to stop helping. you know, i was happy to hear that he at least met with etsy yesterday which is a website of makers. but meeting with cvs and other large businesses, how is that going to help small business? how does that help us? so we will have to do this ourselves. shop local. shop small businesses, shop with people that know you. steve: if anybody would like to shop at ruel's store the website is 24 east and ashley brown, order her cookies at ashley's famous and ashley. >> ashley, i'm about to order some. will. [laughter] >> thank you so much. steve: i have a feeling half the country is about to order some cookies from you ashley. i don't know about dining room
4:40 am
tables from you ruel. >> thank you, sir. we appreciate you. steve: thank you both. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. leaving the nest. jack dorsey officially stepped down as ceo. author of "woke inc." vivek ramaswamy what this means for the future of big tech and you. ♪ people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible
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brian: did you hear about this jack dorsey stepping down as ceo of own company this week. tweeting out internal memo there is a lot of talk about the importance of a company being founder led. ultimately i believe that is severely limiting and a single point of failure. i worked hard to ensure that this company can break away from its founding and founders. here to weigh in is biotech entrepreneur and author of "woke inc." vivek ramaswamy.
4:45 am
vivek, first off, your impression of why he is leaving now. >> look, i think the first thing i want to say, brian, there are very few founders who are able to build single multi-billion-dollar company. i know from experience hard thing to do. jack has done that not once but twice. i want to say strictly as an entrepreneur, i respect what he built. now, that being said, look at why he is stepping down. people assume that worth over $10 billion that if you ever the founder and chairman of ceo of a large company that you don't have a boss. that's actually not true in the modern day. here's the dirty little secret in modern media. you actually do. the party in power and woke mob who jack dorsey reporting to. he was visionary founder and i believe him when he says he wants twitter to be the most transparent company in the world or at least there was a time in the history he wanted to help create a fry and open internet. that's not the company that social media companies are expected to be today. i think what he is doing the same thing that larry and sergei did at google pass on baton to
4:46 am
technocrat before the storm hits the public face of the company. and i think the same thing that you saw play out at google after 2015 when larry and sergei passed on the baton, i think jack may see those turbulent waters coming for twitter socially and with our government. i think he decided he wants to mart of it. brian: parag agrewell taking over. some of his tweets are a little sensationistic shows he leans left. how is that going to of course the company? >> here's the thing to understand. google like parag at twitter, these were not the idealistic founders that ever waxed eloquent about a free and open internet. free and open dialogue. while someone like jack dorsey or zuckerberg can be held for allegation of hypocrisy. these guys can't even be held to the allegation of hypocrisy. they were never talking about a free and open internet instead. they were techno democrats who rose the bureaucratic ranks
4:47 am
being able to affect wait censorship and not held-to-account because they weren't the fest founders waxed eloquent. we will see even more dr. queenian censorship guised in the c.e.o. like google just claimed that is what the company is supposed to do. brian: they do that in theory, they will lose users. their value will drop and they will be forced to maybe balance it out. but that's theory. maybe they are never going to actually thanks vivek. >> thank you. brian: check in with janice dean who promised to do the weather. janice: stay tuned 36 in chicago. 35 in new york. 36 in atlanta. so it's cold but there is warm air coming in the next couple of days for much of the country. we do have a couple of quick moving storm systems bringing potential for lake-effect snow
4:48 am
and interior section snow. this is through thursday. so a few inches here and there along the coast mainly a rain event and the moisture is not what it typically is with an area of low pressure. these are quick moving storms. they are not grabbing a lot of that moisture. however, the northwest, you have been socked in with storm after storm after storm. another round of more rain today along the coast and some mountain snow and then things will start to calm down across the west. which is great news and then the other big story is the temperatures 10 to 20, even 25 degrees above average for much of the country. to start the month of december. brian, back to you. brian: all right. thanks so much. it's getting kind of exciting not only with the weather but this weekend. the michigan wolverines will take on iowa. the hawkeyes and the big 10 championship it will be on fox. big 10 commissioner kevin lawrence is here live. is that true, kevin? ♪ ♪
4:49 am
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steve: following last weeks incredible upset against number two-ranked ohio state, the michigan wolverines are headed to the big 10 championship against the iowa hawkeyes. ainsley: this is the first time in five years the buckeyes won't
4:53 am
win their conference, and you can watch it all on fox at 8:00 p.m. on saturday. brian: might as well do that. here to discuss what to expect is kevin warren, big 10 commissioner. you aren't going to predict a winner but you want everyone to watch right? >> i want everyone to watch. it should be a great game to have iowa and michigan in the game is exciting they have incredible fan bases. brian: talk about ohio state and michigan. >> i was at the game in ann anti semitism arbor, the energy was incredible, an electric atmosphere and great to see our fans have a wonderful time and student athletes playing at a high level. steve: sure i know michigan is terrific but i was born in iowa, so i'll go for them, i hope you know that so the folks looking at this particular, at the big 10, there are so many good teams involved in that conference now. >> we were fortunate this year, our team stays healthy, they played well, we had fantastic
4:54 am
universities, they really are student athletes getting an education, and but from a football standpoint, we had an outstanding year, when you think about over 200 million viewers watched our games this year, i'm sure for this saturday night on fox. brian: real jealous of that number. >> [laughter] yeah, right, everyone will be watching this weekend, and but to really see these programs rise up and to be able to perform well, and i look forward to occupying some incredible space on our new years six bowl games too. ainsley: that was a great win for michigan. we were watching it so exciting. >> right. ainsley: i know the coach of the michigan team is going to donate any bonuses he makes to his department employees whose salaries were cut during covid but i wanted to ask you what's it like being the commissioner because there have been 39 different commissioners, 38 have been white men, you're the first african american. congratulations. >> it's one of these ones i don't take anything for granted. i approach each and every day very prayerfully, and with a
4:55 am
heart of gratitude and i think of all of the opportunities i've been afforded and i want to make sure i do everything i possibly can from a diversity, equity and inclusion standpoint but again it's not about me it's about the big 10 conference and to be in this position to work at such a story conference, i'm just excited each and every day. brian: it's great for the game. i know you feel that way that the fcc is not the talk of college football. everyone says well that's where all the talent is going and you have something to say about that >> yeah, i mean -- brian: number two team in the country is michigan. >> you're looking at what we were able to do this year as a conference, but again, i just want to hopefully that our teams keep playing well, our student athletes stay healthy, and it will be the very exciting bowl season but just to think this game this weekend like you said from iowa and michigan these are two historic fan bases to come to indianapolis, we've been sold out and it's going to be an exciting weekend i can't wait. steve: how do you watch, you know, some people do tailgates in their house, at your house, as the commissioner, if you're not on location what do you do?
4:56 am
>> interesting you say that because last year didn't get an opportunity to attend games in person. steve: yeah. >> i've gone to at least one game every weekend, i've had some games where i've been able to go to two or three, two sometimes in a day and so i've been to one of our stadiums each weekend this year, so its been interesting, and i just love the energy of the fans and to be able to be on campus, and college football is outstanding, so i haven't been able to watch any games at home this year. ainsley: yes, sir well you have a dream job congratulations on all your success. >> thank you very much. ainsley: i like that you're prayerful in all you do. >> i start my day each and every morning on my hands and knees thanking god for an opportunity to hopefully lead this great conference. brian: look forward to your championship game 8:00 on fox. >> thank you for all that you do. brian: next is a story of is enes kanter, and american citizen. without worrying if it's too late, or where i am.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> concerns about the new omicron variant and fears that more lockdowns could be coming. >> it's about the people. steve: instead of listening to small business concerns president biden was busy rubbing elbows with america's largest corporations. everything this guy does has been counterintuitive to what has helped small business. >> and the prices have sky rocketed tremendously. >> the trial is underway. >> he's accused of orchestrat ing a fake hate crime on himself. >> with all of the evidence against him he be saying sorry, this is a mistake but this man is actually trying to keep this
5:01 am
hoax alive. >> the retailers on edge after a surge in
5:02 am
5:03 am
5:04 am
steve: she's connecting the dots. [laughter] we are 25 days a away from christmas, and everybody seems to be worried about supply chain with good reason. prices are through the the roof. inflation, gas, you name it, if you went shopping yesterday on cyber monday, there's a real good possibility not only was something out of stock, they also got message -- nancy and i got the same message, if you order this, we suggest you spend $10 to get expedited shipping because the supply chain is such a concern right now. yesterday joe biden said he was going to have a statement on the supply chain after he met with ceos, but 12 minutes before the remarks, they pulled the plug on it which would -- listen, the white house wanted to talk about supply chain because they feel they're doing a really good job. and by pulling plug on it, they wound up instead having to talk about covid which is something they really don't want to -- ainsley: well, because he was meeting, yeah, we were trying to
5:05 am
figure out why he canceled it. is covid better for him in the polling or because the supply chain crisis is such a negative story, everyone's paying more, gas prices, electric the, everything. but he met with all these ceos, so i'm wondering if they needed a longer meeting. steve: i think something happened behind scenes that hay had to deal with immediately. ainsley: sorry to interrupt you, there was especially city, walmart -- etsy. brian: samsung, cvs, mattel were all there. it's amateur hour. again, the people with all the experience took over the white house, shows how backwards they are and how unorganized they seem to be. when you say 11:45 i'm going to have a presser on the variant which we already watched market crash on friday and then eight african nations get banned on monday but announce it on saturday, at 11:45 you finally
5:06 am
go to the microphone, after 12, at which i'm you make an announcement, no reason to panic, we're not going to have more lockdowns. and then you have 3:45 supply chain and you cancel it, that is embarrassing. that is something that you would think the trump administration who had so many new people in communications, were so short in communications, would have been more susceptible to. steve: well, the white house said it's because he wanted to spend more time with the ceos. brian: didn't he know that? steve: that goes to my larger point, i bet something happened behind the scenes. that's why they had taha summit yesterday, they had to talk about the omicron. that was big story out of white house yesterday. the president did eventually take the podium with. he talked a little bit about it and after a scary couple of days, dr. fauci, the president says we immediate to calm down. we need to calm down. >> first, this variant is a
5:07 am
cause for concern, not a cause for if panic. we have more tools today to fight the variant than we've ever had before. please wear your mask when you're indoors in public settings around other people. and let me close with this simple message. if you are vaccinated but still worried about the new variant, get your booster. if you aren't have been city may noted -- vaccinated, go get that first shot. i'll be putting forward a detailed strategy outlining how we're going to fight covid this winter. not with shutdowns and lockdowns, but with more widespread vaccinations, testing and more. brian: we want the kids out of masks. we adopt want to learn -- don't want to learn about put masks on indoors -- steve: we're gonna. brian: i'm not doing it. cases are down 16.6%, two weeks they were down 4%, deaths are down 18%.
5:08 am
everything's headed in the right direction in states that don't have the oppressive restrictions, that let parents make the decision, it is bright yellow. darkness on these maps, looked in "the new york times" -- i know you love it -- those are the most restricted places. so you want to condemn these horrible free places like texas, alabama and tennessee -- ainsley: florida. ing. brian: -- and florida, and at the same time those people are living their lives, people are going to restaurants, they're going to school without masks, kids are getting to see other kids' faces. and then you have president saying keep the kids in mask. we're going to protect you from making progress. that brown study the, by way, is showing kids are already or having their progress curtailed -- ainsley: 100%. ask any teacher in our school, and and they all say this is the toughest year they've been teaching because the kids are not prepared. we've herald that at every school, and most of the kids at our school were only out for a
5:09 am
few months. think about the kids that have been out for a year and a half. sorry, steve, i know -- the top five states with the most covid cases are blue statements. you have michigan, new hampshire, minnesota, wisconsin and new mexico. top five saints with the lowest amount of cases, florida, hawaii, alabama, mississippi and louisiana. steve: and one of the reasons hawaii's so low, it's been really hard to except there. cdc adjusted their guidance and said anybody if over 18 get the booster and wear a mask indoors. not just for kids, but for parents as well. brian: right. steve: so the president called in these big shots from the big companies to talk about supply chain. we brought in a couple of small businesses to talk about the challenges they face. one runs a furniture store down in saw van narcs ashley -- v.a. sanaa, ashley brown has a cooking company.
5:10 am
hay both said essentially these are challenging times. rule said if he had a message for the president, it would be don't help, we'll figure this out on our own. watch. >> meeting with cvs and other large businesses, how is that helping us? we're going to have to do this ourselves. shop local. shop small businesses. >> i think until be amazing if small businesses could have some kind of support or a safety net to help us constantly stay above the line, the profit margin. i feel like we get the short end of the stick on costs due to us being smaller businesses. it would be nice if we could protect ourselves but also protect the consumers. steve: that's right. brian: well -- steve: good luck to them. brian: yeah. the more restrictions on a variant you know nothing about, but all we know is if you get it, the cases are mild. you don't lose your taste or smell, no hospitalizations related to it. eight nations in africa -- and,
5:11 am
by the way, we're not the only ones. way off the charts is europe. they banned all these too. there's a massive lockdown in austria, the czech republic. so they're having a surge in cases unrelated to variant. but i think we have to -- the president, a true the leader would say there is a risk in everything that we do, but we have to look at the. flipside to risk. you can't just live in a corner. down side to doing this, your personal economy stays in the toilet, and our nation stays backwards. we have to move forward. we understand the virus, we understand it as good as the president, and he has to take the medical advice into account but not only into account. he's got to have an economist and a psychologist "news of the world" to understand -- in order to understand where the country's at right now because the way we're doing it now, run for the hills, stay at home, hide in the corner, wear a mask, doesn't work. steve: yesterday he said don'ten
5:12 am
panic, cause for concern and there will be no lockdowns. ainsley: we've been talking aboutmen's canter enes kanter. his teammates call him freedom. he was sworn in as ap american citizen. this is the what he tweeted: i'm proud to be an american, greatest nation in the world. land of the free and home of the brave. steve: he was on with tucker carlson last night and had this to say about his nation where he is now officially a u.s. citizen with the last name of freedom. >> the reason i wanted to do it because from day one america give me a home. american people opened their arms, gave me a warm welcome. i wanted to call somewhere where i can feel like this is my home now, and it is the greatest feeling i've ever had. people should feel really blessed being in america
5:13 am
because, you know, they love it, crypt size it, but when you -- crypt size it, but when you live in a country like turkey or china, somewhere else, you appreciate the freedoms you have here. criticizing greatest nation in the world, they should focus on their freedoms and their the human rights and their democracy. so this is -- america gave me everything i have, so i definitely appreciate the united states of america. steve: mr. freedom says freedom a lot, and i don't blame him. he's so happy. brian: if he could only get his family out of turkey, that would be the next step. he was trying to get to president trump, i know he talked to kellyanne conway to try to get him to get erdogan to let his family out of house arrest. assassination squads. steve: well, and mr. freedom refers to mr. elder wan as a
5:14 am
dictator. ainsley: will it help him bring his family over now? brian: now i think it raises the stakes. maybe there'll be more pressure to treat his family with more respect. remember, this is nato nation that prefers to have russian missile defense over the u.s. ainsley: say a prayer for his family. con branchlationings. he's an american -- congratulations, he's an american citizen. steve: all right. carley knows us it right now. >> reporter: a shocking headline. chicago police announcing a prolific carjacker is many custody and charged with a felony, but his age might shock you. >> -- arrested an 11-year-old for carjacking. reporter: yeah. he's being investigated for his role in several other recent carjackings around the city. the arrest comes as a crime wave hits the windy city.
5:15 am
police investigating this after shots were fired into a room at st. anthony's hospital. no injuries were reported and no one is many custody. this as three people were killed and 26 hurt during a violent holiday weekend. approximately 6.5 million illegal immigrants who crossed the border before january 2011 will be granted amnesty if biden's massive spending bill passes. the cbo revealing the prime minister's build back better -- president's build back better bill will allow the massive group of migrants to obtain government benefits. the house will have to vote again if the senate amends the bill. well, today is giving tuesday, and a little boy from nashville writing a children's book for charity the about waffle house that was inspired by the love he felt from two waffle house employees. he and his father joined us earlier. watch this. >> we're coming into the restaurant frequently and got to know terry and don, and they
5:16 am
just showed us unimaginable kindness. >> because they were being just so nice to me, i just wanted to make them feel so special. >> their story is born out of love, the love they have for our people, and that happens thousands of times a day all across our system. reporter: all proceeds raise will benefit the a waffle can change the world fund supporting youth enrichment and education. you can buy a copy at a waffle can change the or shop.waffle it doesn't get more innocent and better than that. steve: the you know what? nothing better than their the big e pecan waffle and a hot cup of coffee. ainsley: yum. so my dad and i would go to waffle house all the time, and that was the only time we could order chocolate milk. my mom wanted us to be healthier, so he'd take all the kids, and we'd pull up to this one waffle house many columbia. and the sign outside, the w was
5:17 am
either missing or not lit up. steve: awful house? [laughter] ainsley: y'all walked in, they're like welcome to waffle house, and on wednesdays many high school we had waffle house wednesdays, so all of my high school friends would meet at this one, a mile from that same one, we would meet there on we says. yeah. steve: for chocolate milk? ainsley: at point i'm sure it was water or coke oring? and their plates, if you look at them, they're white and they say waffle house at the top, but it's written in haunted letters, squiggly letters. so we would say let's go to the waffle house. brian: that's so interesting. i came from money, so i was going to the international house of pancakes. ainsley: you wanted to wait in line. brian: yeah. [laughter] steve: you can't make a reservation. ainsley: when i was pregnant, that's where i went. that's what i was craving.
5:18 am
steve: we could talk about fast food all day. brian: i just love the fact that you can see everything they're talking about in the kitchen. ainsley: and sometimes they all just turn to you and talk to you. steve: why not? brian: you're ainsley, they turn to talk to you. that's the difference. ainsley: i love talking to them because they're so nice in there. steve: carley, thank you very much. coming up next, america's crime crisis hits home for one portland, oregon, bar owner. his place is robbed three times in just about a month. brian: plus, the grand premiere of the new song called "santa's got a dirty job." you don't want to miss it. you're seeing some of it. ♪ well, every year old santa claus goes up in his sleigh -- ♪ and them reindeer running many front of him --
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♪ ♪ steve: out in oregon a portland business owner is slamming city leaders for demoralizing the police after his business was burglarized three time miss just over a month -- times in just over a month. surveillance video showed a man grabbing some items before leaving, and last month a person was caught on camera stealing a safe with clash 8,000 inside. jim rice is the owner of fields bar and grill and joins us right now from the portland, oregon, business. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: remember the old days when somebody would rob somebody, the police would go, minute would wind up in jail?
5:24 am
in importantland, it doesn't even dc portland, it doesn't look like they're even trying to catch them. >> no. actually, it really feels like it's a moment out of ghostbusters where they shut down the containment unit and mass chaos literally explodes outside of the city. you take a look at it, only five months ago the city was working on defunding the police. you have people like jo ann hardesty who has basically had a war on the police to turn around and start defunding mis. smallest police force of any city the our size during the time frame of mass shootings, homicides that have skyrocketed, crime that has skyrocketed, yet they were in the process of trying to defund our police force. steve: what happens in portland when you pick up phone and you call the police? >> it's interesting, it's difficult to be the able to get them to be able to respond. it's not from the fact that they the aren't willing to, it's the fact that they're flat out
5:25 am
overwhelmed. i've had moments where with we were robbed recently, and the person that came in to do the report, they had 14 other places to go to after they got done talking with us. steve: unbelievable. you're, as a small business owner, your plan was to open three bar and grills in the downtown portland, oregon, area. >> that's correct. steve: but given what's happened, that business model is out the window. what did you wind up doing? >> no. we are now investing in places outside of portland. up in washington, to be fair, in the area that is much safer than downtowning portland area. portland is a very risky place to be able to make an investmented today. steve: just look at your personal history, your place has been robbed three times in about a month. if anybody is thinking about opening a business in portland, oregon, it's a cautionary tale when you look at the fields bar and grill.
5:26 am
have they arrested anybody regarding this? have you gotten any of this stuff back? did you get the money back? >> no, no, not at all. in fact, this isn't just us. there are businesses all around us that are being robbed right now. you take a look at e. with usl door, they've lost over $90,000 just in the last month due to robberies. it's crazy. it's literally the wild west out here. it's a lawless city. and they have now refunded the police to the certain extent. they made promises that they're going to rehire roughly 300 more police officers. but it's going to take the years to undo the damage that they have done in such a short period of time. steve: exit question, jim. when you walk the streets of portland, do you feel safe? >> oh, gosh. just coming in to the studio this morning i ended up walking by two people that were shooting up drugs.
5:27 am
just to walk in here this morning. place is not safe. steve: we understand. jim rice who is now investing in washington state, jim, thank you very much for joining us from portland. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. steve: all right. 8:27 here in new york city. socialist students at arizona statement university pressuring the school to try to cut their the ties with kyle rittenhouse who's been enrolled there, calling him a blood thirsty murderer, but he's finding support among another group of students there. hear why they are backing kyle, coming up. a. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue.
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♪ ♪ brian: the waukesha christmas proud is now charged with a sixth count of first-degree intentional homicide after the sixth victim, an 8-year-old boy, died from his injuries last week. todd piro all over this story. reporter: the latest charge comes after the death of that little boy, 8-year-old jackson sparks who, of course, died from horrific injuries in that horrific attack. brooks accused of plowing his car into last sunday's christmas parade injuring 60 other people, 8 children still hospitalized. brooks is being held on $5 million bail. if convicted, he does face life
5:32 am
in prison. meantime, his attorney is asking to withdraw from the case claimings a conflict of interest. quote: relationships and familiarities between the attorney and the communities affected by incidents arising in the waukesha county holiday parade have created a conflict of interest in representation of mr. brooks. that attorney also withdraws from two of brooks' other cases, one for allegedly shooting at his nephew and another for driving his redford suv over motor of his child. brooks has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1999. he's also on nevada's sex offender registry after he impression may noted a 15-year-old -- impression may noted a 15-year-old girl. we're going to find out what's next in this case after today's hearing in a few hours. ainsley, over to you. ainsley: wow. thank you so much, todd. a group of socialist students
5:33 am
pressuring arizona state university to cut all ties with kyle rittenhouse to protect them from a, quote, violent, bloodthirsty morer even though -- murderer as he comes to get back to a normal life. >> -- hoping i can live a quiet, stress-free life and not, and be free of any intimidation or harassment and just go on with my life as a normal 18-year-old kid attending college. i do intend on going in campus and pursuing a career in nursing. finish. ainsley: asu says kyle rittenhouse has not gone through their admissions process and isn't currently enrolled in any of their classes. here to react, republicans united president jesse fisher along with avery nelson and their adviser. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: so i understand he is taking online classes but as a non-degree-seeking student. if he wanted to take summer
5:34 am
school, you don't have to aminored to take these classes -- apply to take these classes, jesse, what's your reaction to in this. >> there's socialist groups that have been persecuting conservatives on campus for a few years now, sost no surprise that a conservative is trying to come on the campus, they are trying to get him kicked off, cut ties. this is, you know, it's happened to us many times where we've, you know, come in contact with these socialist groups. i think it's chicano national socialists of la raza. they've been attacking us, every other conservative that is actually conservative. so no surprise that they want to, attack kyle rittenhouse for just wanting an education. ainsley: avery, i'm impressed that y'all want to take a stand and want to do this as college students. what are you hearing from the faculty? are they supporting you, or are they supporting these far-left extremist groupsesome. >> well, with we've actually had
5:35 am
some run-ins with the faculty ourselves. we can't even find a single professor on this campus who wants to sponsor our club, so we're getting shackled at every turn. what i hear from the other sunts is a lot of people just want to go about their business, and groups like mecca are going around making a fuss about kyle coming to campus when a lot of people just want to go about their lives. they want to live peaceful, quiet lives just like kyle said, and they're just not having it. iowans okay. and then, william, i'll give you this question. you say that you don't like limiting anyone's speech, but he was found innocent, and service an act of self-defense he was claiming, so why are they calling him a murderer if he's innocent? >> yeah. so they're clearly defaming him. he's not a murderer, he was acquitted of all the charges. so i would expect -- i don't think their pockets are very deep, but asu -- [inaudible] at some point.
5:36 am
ainsley: and then, avery, how do you move forward as a republican? you have to be very brave to do this when you're surrounded by so many people that don't agree with you. >> you do have to be brave. it's a tough decision i have every day, but this is a fight worth fighting. and if we're not going to stand for this, what are we going to stand for? you know, kyle was found innocent in a court of law, and they're still calling him a fascist and trying to make all of this about white nationalism which just blows my mind. i just am not going to let them come to my campus at asu and create a hostile environment. it's not fair. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: good luck with your futures. wishing you all the best. anthony fauci under fire for this comment about anyone who disagrees with him. listen. >> so it's easy to criticize, but they're really criticizing science. because i represent science. ainsley: senator rand paul has been a longtime critic of fauci
5:37 am
and joins us next. ♪ just because it's over doesn't mean it's really over --
5:38 am
5:39 am
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5:41 am
♪ >> anybody who's looking at carefully realizes that there's a distinct the anti-science flavor to this. so if they get up and criticize science, nobody's going to know what they're talking about. but if they get up and really aim their bullets at tony fauci, well, people can recognize there's a person there, so it's easy to criticize. but they're really criticizing science, because i represent science. brian: really? science is, huh? i thought he was just a. >>. dr. anthony fauci slamming his critics, our next guest argues the only one ignoring science is dr. fauci. senator rand paul has sparred quite often with mr. science. senator, first off, that's like
5:42 am
if people criticize me saying you just don't like talk show hosts or you just don't like senators if they don't like you what kind of ego is this? >> if you attack him or have any debate over any his edicts or mandate, you're attacking science. this is a very, very dangerous sort of idea, the idea that a government because of accurate represents science and that he is now untouchable. it is sort of like you are now contradicting the all high priest of science if you say anything. but there are the real questions, and there's real areas of science that he's never really debated because he deflects. one area is over 100 million americans have had covid. they have natural immunity. there's a real question about whether they should be vaccinated once, twice or not at all. and the thing is there's never been any debate because he's all powerful scientist, you're not to question him, just do as you're told. so with him, it's more about
5:43 am
submission. but most of his edicts are not based in science. whether kids should wear mask in school is a very debatable subject. in sweden no kids wear masks, 1.8 million kids, they haven't worn masks at all for the last two years, and they haven't had any deaths. what about the teachers? turns out the teachers don't get covid at a greater rate hand the rest of public. so it turns out maybe we don't have to have our kids in masks. should we have the debate? no, we shouldn't question dr. fauci. brian: he has a specific problem with you and senator cruz. senator cruz he said what happened on january 6th. what does that tell you where his mind is at? clearly, you're under his skin. >> it shows you that the he's a rank partisan. but you've seen how he pushes back now. he just calls everyone else liars. so there's large randomized studies, there's a study from denmark on mask, 6,000 people
5:44 am
with masks, 6,000 without, they both had the same incidents of disease. 8ing 0% of those getting covid today are wearing a mask most of the time, so should we be mandating something? every state, province or country that mandated mask wearing, not one of them showed the trajectory of the disease going down. the only thing that affects this disease are vaccines and also natural immunity. but the one thing they're ignoring if he wants to talk about the science, the current vaccine's not working very well. it worked very well in april and may of this year when cases went down to less than 10,000 a day, but it's not working very well. they've had a delta variant vaccine for months. how can they're not producing it? finally, the head of moderna is saying, ye, we're probably going to need a new vaccine, but that's what we should be talking about. how can we don't get a new one every year the way we do for the flu? they criticized trump to death for his bringing forth the
5:45 am
vaccine within a year. they've done nothing to bring forward a new vaccine, they just keep tell thing us to wear a mask and other thing that don't work. brian: yeah. dr. fauci takes credit for that vaccine now, it's amazing. real quick, are we doing enough to stop supply chain crisis? to help this crisis? >> i think it's most important that people know it seems to be a supply chain crisis that seems to be mostly in heavily regulated california. people need to realize when you try to put out a business, independent contractors like lyft, uber and independent trucker, it's a problem. you can't drive a truck into california that has an engine older than 2010. they're like nazis to make sure you're obeying the law on how many hours you drive, so truckers don't go to california. they're in other place. there has to be a reason why there doesn't seem to be this problem in florida or on the atlantic coast. brian: yeah, that would be interesting. senator rand paul, thank you so
5:46 am
much. >> thank you. brian: meteorologist janice dean has the weather. janice: i do. we have a couple clipper systems moving into the great lakes and the northeast. we could see a few snowflakes around the new york city area but mostly a limited rain event, limited snow vent. because we have a couple of these systems, we could see some measurable snow especially downwind of the great lakes. the other big story is the northwest still getting rain and mountain snow, but otherwise that's not a bad forecast, if i do say so myself. 56 in kansas city, 50 in chicago as we get into the month of december, and temperatures are going to warm up for much of the country. so if you like warmer temperatures many december, stick around, i got more where that came from. brian, back to you. brian: john rich and mike rowe are here for the debut of their brand new song, "santa's got a dirty job." one person who's got a great job, bill hemmer, because he gets to work with dana perino every day.
5:47 am
bill: brian, we could do karaoke for that song. brian: right. i don't know if america wants you or me to sing. [laughter] do you think we'd outsell them? bill: we'll see. let's give it a shot. thank you, brian. francis collins runs the national students of health. dr. jerome adams is the former surgeon general, they're both here today. we've got you covered on this variant, what you need to know and what you need to ignore. what's the plan from this white house? how well has joe biden managed at this one? he threw a lot of stones at the trump team. we'll sort through that with karl rove. the prime minister has no plans to -- the president has no plans to visit wisconsin, but he will fly over that the statement enroute to minnesota to talk about the infrastructure. dana and me, big show coming up 12 minutes away. we will see you then, top of the hour. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today.
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♪ ainsley: well, they are both hosts of their own shows on fox business, but another thing that john rich and mike rowe have in common, these amazing voices. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job --
5:52 am
♪ and he does it all night long. brian: the two have teamed up -- steve: by downloading the song, you can help contribute to two great causes. let's make this number one song in america because john and mike join us now to tell us more. good morning to you. >> hi, guys. >> morning. steve: john, you and mike were together the someplace, and you came up with this idea in the bathroom? >> i was interviewing mike rowe for my show, "the pursuit," on fox business. he was my guest. and i said, mike, you know somebody that's got a dirty job you probably never considered? he said, who's that? i said, santa claus. he goes, you're right. i said, we should do a christmas song because people don't know that mike rowe is actually a really great singer. yeah, we should come up with something. i went to change clothes, i said, mike, i think i wrote the chorus. santa claus, got a kimty job. --
5:53 am
dirty job. ainsley: mike, what is your backgrounding in singing -- >> years ago i faked myself into the baltimore opera a, and i wound up staying there for eight seasons. it was just a way for me into show business that turned out to be a hot more fun than i thought it would. my recollection of this song is slightly different. i don't remember changing clothes. i remember john went into the bathroom and came out with his cell phone, and he had recorded the chorus. what else was going on in that bathroom, i don't want to know. [laughter] i just know that john rich has a dirty job as well. brian: before we hear the song live, who's coming up next on your show? when do we see it? john. >> manages i've got vivek ram swami's coming up, eddie george has been on there. we've got a lineup that's incredible. yeah, i will say that folds of honor, mike rowe works. that's where this money goes to. i want to make sure we get that in there.
5:54 am
ainsley: mike? >> "dirty jobs" is back january 2nd, sunday at 8 p.m. there's a rumor that there'll be another season of "how america works" on fox business which sounds terrific, so we're busy, we're blessed, and we're just a couple of knuckle haleds singing a song in a bathroom. i hope you like it. steve: listen, download santa's got a dirty job, all proceeds will be given to folds of honor on behalf of mike -- john rich and the mike rowe foundation on behalf of mr. roe. we actually taped this when we were down in florida at hard rock hotel and casino. so, ladies and gentlemen, here they are, "santa's got a dirty job." [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job
5:55 am
and he does it all night long. >> tell 'em about it, mike. ♪ well every year old santa claus loads up in his sleigh -- ♪ and them reindeer running in front of him kick mud up in his face. ♪ and those chimneys he goes sliding down -- ♪ but if he don't do it, nobody will, so santa's gonna get the job done. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job, and he does it all night long. ♪ through wind and rain and blinding snow -- ♪. santa claus never slows down. ♪ you gotta keep on pushing them reindeer hard if he's gonna hit every town. ♪ sneaking in, sneaking out for 24 hours straight. ♪ gotta outrun them big guard dogs, gotta do whatever it takes. ♪ don't you know that santa
5:56 am
claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job, and he does it all night long. >> tell the 'em about it, mike. >> old santa claus, he's a big man, and he's got to deliver something likeing what, over 300 million presents every year. down what he finds everywhere he goes? cookies, and he eats 'em. he's gotta, he's santa claus. i'm just saying. you see that big man walking through your house in the middle of the night making a beeline for the bathroom, you better get out of the way. you know why? >> no -- ♪ 'cuz santa claus got a dirty job, and he does it all night long. ♪ santa claus got a dirty the job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a kimty job, and -- dirty job, and he does it all night long. ♪ that's right, and he does it all night long. >> how long does he do it? ♪ well, he does it all night
5:57 am
long ♪♪ >> merry christmas, mike rowe! >> merry christmas, john rich. >> merry christmas, america. [applause] steve: and speaking of all night long, we should point out because of the patriot awards, i know mike rowe was up all night long before he started singing that. >> it was a big night. steve: and by the way, on the version people can download, you've got the oak region boys, right -- oak ridge boys doing the track? >> yeah. oak ridge boys came in, they put those incredible broadbands. you can look at the video. mike's got it posted, i do as well, this should be the new 235eu6r9 christmas song for america on their playlist when they're opening presents. brian: john, does kenny have something to worry about? the synergy was so overwhelming. how old he be looking for a job?
5:58 am
>> no, kenny's doing fine. we just thought rich and rowe for this silly little song made sense. i love what mike stands for, i'm the same kind of guy. we hope america loves it. ainsley: mike, we're all impressed. you might have a different career track, you've had so many. have you heard from santa claus? what was his reaction? >> well, his lawyers have been in touch concern. [laughter] it's concerning, this was some talk of the cease and desist, but i think we've negotiated terms, so we're -- brian: can i bring up an offer that, mike, you should have brought earlier? john, try opera, go into his katrina, learn italian -- >> i could probably do it. i think mike rowe should now let me produce an swire christmas album on him for next year. what do you say, mike? >> just 'cuz it's live tv the, how am i gonna say no? [laughter]
5:59 am
real quick, josh -- is doing amazing work with families of events that didn't make it back. putting this song out here on this show like this, i know i speak for john, we're both super grateful. just thank you, you know? america's not having a great time right now, and maybe a song like this, right, maybe we can help put a smile on her collective face. steve: well, you know what? s a very catchy song, and we want to try to raise as much money for both of your charities as possible. john rich, where is this downloadable right now so that people can order it on hair phone and listen to it all day? >> anywhere you get your music. so itunes, amazon music, apple music, it's on spotify, you can stream it, it's literally everywhere you get music. so go get it. it's, like $1.29, all of it going to folds of honor, mike rowe works foundation, and it's fun. this might replace grandma got run over by a reindeer. [laughter]
6:00 am
ainsley: good luck. thank you so much. god wees you, thank you for coming on. >> thanks, guys. >> merry christmas. ♪ steve: i think you've got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long.


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