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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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better for the oh two of us. >> make it part of your diet. >> jimmy, thank you so much. >> thanks for watching -- that's the camera right there. you think i'd know after 59 minutes. thanks for watching fox news primetime. we will see you again right here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. coming up next, you know him, you love him, tucker carlson, don't go anywhere. >> tucker carlson: welcome to tucker carlson tonight. people living in the nation of mozambique along the southern coast of africa woke up to surprising news this week. not a ton has been happening in mozambique in recent years but this really rattled them a little bit. the biden administration the people mozambique by a presidential proclamation that they're not allowed in the
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united states, it's nothing personal, it's omicron, the variant used to justify lockdowns around the world. the problem and the confusion came from the fact that there is no omicron in mozambique, not a single case of it in the country. possibly one of the equity hires in the white house confused mozambique with botswana where the other day two people might have died of omicron. they don't share a border so people were highly confused and probably a little hurt. today, tny fauci asked to sign off on the travel ban was asked about this by an african reporter. you know, fauci replied, that's a good question, an important question. then he didn't even hint at an answer. right now, we don't know why there's a travel ban mozambique. assuming it's because it's from africa and that's where this happened a few days ago when the head of the sub africa
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association said she had seen patients of the new variant with corona virus. within hours, politicians in the united states and many other countries began planning elaborate and highly punitive new measures against their own population. from her office in pretoria, she watched all of this happen with her jaw open. she was horrified. quote, i have been stunned with the response, coetze wrote in the daily mail, no one has been hospitalized with the omicron variant nor has anyone been believed to fall seriously ill with it. omicron is far less dangerous than anything else that's going on in south africa at the moment. but it didn't matter. by this point, the biden administration had stopped listening to dr. angelique coetze. they got what they needed from her and they moved on. this is tony fauci announcing that the scourge of omicron
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reached our shores. >> the recent case of covid-19 among an individual in california was caused by the omicron variant. the individual was fully vaccinated. and experienced mild symptoms, which are improving at this point. >> tucker carlson: so, let's parse this for a moment. a fully vaccinated person in california has omicron and is doing fine. what can we prove rationally. the most stringent measures are not stopping the spread, masking, social distancing, anxiety, talking about covid from dawn to dusk. none of it worked. and the vaccines didn't work either. the patient in california had two injections and still got omicron. so maybe the lesson here is viruses are hard to stop, sometimes they're virtually impossible to stop because they spread with remarkable efficiency. in the case of coronaviruses, they live in animals, so they're never going away, ever, no
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matter what -- they don't tell you that, but it's true. so, given all of those facts, it's possible weed be better off working on medicines to keep those viruses from killing vulnerable people. that seems like a rational approach to the problem. and yet it's the one thing the biden administration is completely uninterested in doing, no interest whatsoever in doing that. instead, biden announced today that the lessons he's drawing from the harmless infection of the fully vaccinated person in the state of california is that this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. they're the ones to blame for it. not the chinese government, which likely created this virus and has definitely profited from it immensely. no, no. omicron and covid more broadly, said the president, are the direct responsibility of the 20% of the adult american population, many of whom have national immunity, who resisted submitting to his injection and there must be costs for that. now; at this point, it's hardly worth explaining how far
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from legitimate science this is. it's nonsense, it's demented. but more than that, it's dangerous. on the basis of no demonstrated threat to public health whatsoever, the biden administration is once again locking down the country and persecuting the perceived political opponents otherwise known as the unvaccinated. so you have to ask yourself, when will this end? viruses mutate constantly, that's their nature. will every new omicron variant mean massive new and unconstitutional powers for our political class? that's what it's meant so far. this is a cycle. if not a cycle that any democracy can survive. you think somebody might point this out. what are the limits here? no. they're making certain you're as terrified as joe biden wants you to be. >> the new covid-19 variant is causing global alarm as some countries scramble to enact fresh travel restrictions in an attempt to contain the latest coronavirus threat. >> the new omicron covid vafrnt
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could be in the united states but many americans may not be ready to hear it. the reaction to the latest threat. >> the new threat of the omicron variant. >> the economic threat -- >> the potential threat of omicron. >> the emerging threat of omicron. >> it poses a new threat to potential threats posed by this new omicron variant. >> what americans need to know about the evolving threat. >> tucker carlson: it's a threat, they repeat, over and over, like it's a script they're reading. the biden administration said it may force everyone entering the country, even american citizens, even people who are vaccinated, to enter some kind of mandatory quarantine when they get here, in their own country, quarantine. that's, of course, assuming they arrive legally. biden voters who sneak through over the mexican border is always -- no vaccinations, no quarantine, just endless benefits and broad smiles.
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leanna wynn, the former planned parenthood guru that you see on cnn talking about health, said there should be mandatory quarantine and postarrival testing for all international travelers as well as additional impetus for a vaccination and boosters. huh, quarantine, mandatory quarantine for american citizens in their own country, additional impetus for more vaccine. what does that mean, exactly? we're not sure, we can guess. we do know among other things, it means a lot more spying on you. watch the cdc director explain, the cdc is now kind of an intelligence agency, watch. >> currently, cdc is expanding the surveillance program with express check to jfk, san francisco, up in ark, and atlanta airport, four of the busiest international airports in the country. this program allows for increased covid testing for specific international arrivals, increasing our capacity to identify those with covid-19 on
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arrival to the united states, and enhancing our surveillance for the omicron variant. thanks to our updated travel policies earlier this month, we are also actively working with the airlines to collect passenger information that can be used by the cdc and local public health jurisdictions to enhance contact tracing on post arrival follow-up should a case be identified in the traveller. >> tucker carlson: hmm, keep in mind, the person you heard speaking has no demonstrated record of success in anything. this is a former college professor who since taking over the cdc has seen more americans die of covid than died under the last cdc director. that looks like failure. but in washington, it's rewarded. because success and failure are not actually the measurements that matter in washington. political loyalty is. and michelle wolensky is a loyal democrat. she is rewarded with the uh
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powers of an intelligence agency. theus collecting passenger information as part of a surveillance operation at major airports. there was never a vote on this. no one asked you if you were for it. this is, again, the cdc director nationalized america's rental properties. she's going to be spying on you. the question really is how much longer will this country continue to tolerate this. you've got to wonder. and what happens if we keep toll rating it? we don't need to wonder about that, because we've got australia as an example. consider this new video at an australian newscast this morning. watch as the anchor announces the breaking news of the day, which is the escape of three inmates, australian citizens, from a covid concentration camp. >> we start with break withing news in darwin where three people have escaped from the howard springs covid quarantine facility. talia is there for us, good morning, there's a search under way right now? >> yes, that's right.
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good morning to you. police receiving reports around 4:40 a.m. major police check points have been set up around howard spring for the last several hours. you can see there's pictures they've been conducting and car boots checking vehicle registrations, cars, and buses alike. >> tucker carlson: so, that's not a third world country. that's australia. which, until 20 minutes ago, seemed very much like america, maybe slightly more exotic and charming, but not so different, really, same culture, language, same basic legal system. in case you're wondering, doesn't seem like any of these escapees have covid. they're not infecting anybody. doesn't matter. they were supposed to be behind bars, now they're not. police bruth p brought in check points, brought in the dogs. democracy? it's not healthy. in austria, people are stopping people on the street demanding to see their covid papers. in canada,
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unvaccinated citizens are banned from planes or trains in their own country, not because they tested positive for covid or are infecting people, simply because they haven't taken the injection that the prime minister demands they take. whether or not they have natural immunity, that's irrelevant, it's about obedience. that's canada. this is where we're heading and we're heading there very, very fast. the democratic party comes closer to certain defeat a year from now in the midterms, all of this will intensify. that's the whole point of it. it's how they won last time and so they're doing it again. omicron. no it a single person is in the hospital in south africa because of omicron. and, yet, that's the pretext upon which the cdc has assumed surveillance powers. you don't need to be a genius to connect the dots here. but there are not a ton of geniuses running the republican party, apparently. they don't understand what's happening. listen and they talk about it -- this is about a virus.
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but somebody needs to push back. maybe it will take a new party, the civil rights party to stop our decent towards actual tyranny. make no mistake, unless someone stops it very soon, it is coming. eric schmitt is one of the few that is taking active steps to stop it. he's the attorney general of the state of missouri. missouri is leading a coalition of states that just obtained an injunction against joe biden's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. thank you for coming on. i appreciate this since you're one of so few office holders who are standing up for the citizens of this country. tell us where we are tonight with your effort to stop these mandates. >> well, look, in your monologue, you hit the nail on the head here. this has never been about facts or science or data. it's about aggregating power and control. and they want to exercise it. if the left had it their way, you'd have fauci in his black turtle neck in his tweed jacket dictating how we live our lives. this is still america. we have to push back.
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i don't know about you, tucker, i don't know about this, but i don't want to live in a futuristic distopian biomedical security state. america is the freest country in the world because we believe in individual rights. we believe if you diffuse power it allows people to pursue their dreams. so this week, we led a ten-state coalition that won against joe biden, against his federal vaccine mandate against healthcare workers. there's no statutory or constitutional authority for any of this stuff. they're making it up so we're going to court and winning. because, in my view, the future of this country is at stake. who we are, who we've been, what kind of country we're going to be. and we have to fight back on every front, every single day. >> so, are you -- since you are an attorney, you're the attorney general of a major american state. i mean, how did rochelle wolensky who's been a demonstrable failure -- more people died under her than the last cdc director, so you failed, which is kind of beyond
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debate. how did she wind up with intel agency level surveillance powers over american citizens? i'm completely confused by this. >> yeah, i mean, look, i think what we have to understand is that the left is hell bent on authoritarian-like power. >> tucker carlson: yeah. >> and the good news here is our founders, like they were great students of human nature. they have had seen, you know, how tiernts and dictators and the authoritarian regimes throughout history aggregated powers. so their system was separation of power, checks and balances, federalism. you diffuse this power so individuals can have rights, pursue dreams and happiness. that's not the left's vision of america right now. they believe in command and control. so we're not having debates about, you know, what's the tax rate? or these kind of traditional political debates. we're having a big debate here, tucker, about who we are, what this country is going to look
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like, a generation from now. and right now, because you played the clip from australia, look, people are being arrested in parts of the world right now for not wearing masks in a park. this is crazy. and that's the vision of america for the left. so, we have to fight back. and we have to be as republicans, as conservatives, we have to fight back against this stuff and reclaim -- i mean, americans want america back. they want to get back to living their lives. and they can do it. but we've got to put a stop to this hypocrisy that's happening and the elites ruling from on high trying to dictate whether we can go to work that day, if we can go outside of our house, what you have to put on your face. that's not what america is about. these legal battles are so important. >> that's right, michelle wolensky has no right to spy on you as an american citizen and we should do what we can to resist this. thank you, attorney general of missouri. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker carlson: we haven't
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brought you up to date in a while on what's happening with the january 6 xhipgs. -- commission. the most recent trump aide they have threatened with prison is roger stone. you remember roger stone. he's the one they tried to put in prison before. roger stone joins us in a moment with new information about what happened the first time the department of justice showed up at his house with the help of cnn. an amazing story. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker carlson: from the inception, the january 6 committee has been an exercise in armed political intimidation, how did it start? congress formed the committee after several members of the u.s. capitol police, the same people responsible for protecting members of congress anonymously commanded them to do it. it was a ransom note. prosecutors political opponent, that's an order from your bodyguards. they did it. so from the first day the january 6 committee was never about gathering information, obviously, congress had the information. nancy pelosi knows exactly how many federal agents were in the crowd that day. she won't tell us. she could release thousands of hours of videotape evidence from
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january 6, she refuses to do that. whatever else this is, i won't lie to you, this is not a fact-finding effort, this is an attempt to punish critics of the democratic party. for months, that's exactly what the committee has been doing. using the pretext of january 6, biden's department has indicted steve bannon, what? what was the crime, exactly? talking about election fraud on a radio show, that's illegal now. pelosi's january 6 committee had him arrested. liz cheney, by the way, who was used as a republican cover for all of this, stood back and watched it happen. she should be ashame bud far too degraded for frame. bannon is not the only republican that might go to jail. the committee subpoenaed several former trump advisors. they subpoenaed roger stone yet again. where was he on january 6? he was in a hotel room as the capitol was being breached.
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he has nothing to do with it. it doesn't matter. he criticized joe biden. he could go to jail again. now the committee is deciding to shut down one of the most popular journalists on the right, alex jones. jones is mocked for his flamboyance but the truth is he's been a far better guide to reality in recent years, in other words, a far better journalist than nbc news national correspondent ken dlanian or margaret brennan of cbs. m alex jones never bought the russia hoax, not for a second. and if he sat down with tony fauci, he would ask real questions like a journalist is supposed to do. wouldn't just slobber all over it. alex jones makes fun of joe biden so the committee threatens hip with prison. the irony, alex jones isn't simply innocent of inciting crime on january 6, he actively worked to prevent crimes from taking place on january 6. we're not running interference for alex jones and we're not
5:24 pm
guessing it, we happen to know it for fact. we looked into it in some detail for patriot purge part of our three-part document series on fox nation. here are the facts. >> republican party, i want them to hear this message. look at this crowd. we are the people that you must represent or we're going to replace you with patriots. >> back on january 6 was all about. it was about making sure that you called yourself a conservative you stood with the conservative movement. and, unfortunately, it spiraled out of control. we coordinated with the u.s. capitol police nearly every day. a lot of people don't know that we had a permit on the capitol grounds. so not the capitol itself, and not the capitol plaza, the capitol grounds lot eight. we had a permit. imagine this -- 20,000 to 50,000 people inside of the president's park,
5:25 pm
we're there at the front, i'm dead center of the president, front row. the trump campaign staffer walks up to me and says, you know, ali, there are people leaving the overflow. and there are already tens of thousands of people in the u.s. capitol. with your presence and the presence of alex jones, why don't you guys walk down pennsylvania, gather people together -- >> we're -- >> and position them for your rally on lot eight. i wasn't at the capitol when it descended into chaos. and that's only by god's grace. because i was scheduled to be there. conservatives led us out to a point we would have been there when the first punch was thrown. isn't that strange? the only reason that we weren't there is because we stopped to give an impromptu speech. >> we're here to take our country back. >> i get a text from the m can pain that you should get there and deescalate, because things are not going well.
5:26 pm
so, we started to approach the side of the capitol where no protests had happened in november, no protests had happened in december. all i thought was i need to get to the other side. and i need to get to lot eight. >> we need to go to the other side. >> and all we had are equipped with are our megaphones. do not fight the police and give them what they want. >> thousands of people are listening to us. >> and 75,000 to 100,000 people in front of us. it was a helpless feeling. >> ladies and gentlemen, cooperate with the police -- >> tucker carlson: so, the documentary got a lot of attention. if you haven't seen it yourself, we think you should. it's called patriot purge, the most comprehensive, honest, fact-based account of what happened on january 6. and what happened on the basis of january 6.
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that has been made. really proud of it. you can start streaming fox nation, by the way, by going to you get 90 days free for two more day, you have to sign up by tomorrow night. we hope you will: it's worth it. the january 6 committee was targeting roger stone who was in the hotel room as it happened. we spoke to stone for a brand new episode of tucker carlson today. here's part of that. (music) >> when did you realize that american politics again which you'd been in your whole life had really changed and all of a sudden, if they don't like you, they don't just defeat you in november, they try to send you to prison. that's a new thing. >> yeah, that really is. but that really doesn't start who threatens the orthodoxy and threatens the cozy relationships in washington between republicans and democrats and
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lobbyists and lawmakers and the entire follow the money. trump threatened that because he's uncontrolable. now we have to weaponize our justice system. we have to weaponize the congress in an attempt to not only defeat you in an election, but destroy you. and destroy your family. let me remind you, i was unconstitutionally gag in this ordeal. no member of my family was allowed to speak, my lawyers were not allowed to speak. my supporters were not allowed to speak. tucker, that would have included you, that's how broad the judge's ruling was. the leaking of a search warrant or arrest warrant is a felony. now, cnn would like to believe this is the basis of hard investigative reporting -- no, they were tipped. and here's the absolute proof they were tipped. interestingly enough, somebody told them in advance about paul manafort's arrest. they showed that early for that for camera. how quince den shl.
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>> tucker carlson: in that point, you're collaborating with the national security state to crush the opponents. >> and you're breaking the law. >> tucker carlson: it's not journalism at that point. >> well, cnn is not a journalistic outfit. i don't get my news from cnn for the same reason i don't eat out of the toilet. >> tucker carlson: that's the sanitary choice, mr. stone. i don't want you to have to relive all of this. i'm watching all of this and i'm thinking, well, maybe roger stone has an meth lab in his house. maybe putin is in his rec room. but unless those things are true, this isser wildly disproportionate. >> they didn't get numbered right. they show up in 17 armored vehicles. there are 29s.w.a.t.-clad fbi agents with night goggles brandishing m-4 fully automatic assault weapons. as our friend sean hannity likes to say, two pulled out behind my dock and, yes, frog men are
5:30 pm
jumping out of the dock level and similarly armed to take me in custody, a 68-year-old who although i support the second amendment, i don't have a gun in the house, i don't have a valid passport, and i can't swim. where was i going to go. thanks to cnn, i have the most recognizable mug in the world. this cost the taxpayers $1.1 million. >> tucker carlson: why didn't they just call you? >> exactly. f i would haven't been made an example of. i would haven't been intimidated. i guess they thought this was intimidating. the last thing when they were pounding on the door. i had a bible, i opened the bible. it brought me to psalm 16:8, i will not be shaken. look at the grin on my face they're leading me out in handcuffs. this was a miscalculation. tucker, i'm not the most empathetic guy in the world. but they made me a sympathetic figure. to this day, people aren't political. people don't like donald trump and come up to me and say, i saw what they did to you. that's outrageous.
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that's not america. >> tucker carlson: it's interesting what happens to people under pressure. some of them fall apart completely. others start thinking much more clearly and in fact become better people. that's a really interesting conversation. but it's part one of it, by the way. you can watch it, tucker carlson today by going to fox nation part two available on friday. >> tucker carlson: so, a lot going on over at cnn. we told you yesterday that chris cuomo, their top-rated anchor has been yanked off of the air. all kinds of people are vying for their jobs. one of them is their media critic. what is the news about him and what he's really like. amazing, actually. stay tuned for that.
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>> tucker carlson: alec baldwin was filming "rust" when he shot
5:37 pm
the cinematographer and killed the director. now he's saying what happened that day. we have the story tonight. >> hey, tucker. all we've seen of this abc alec baldwin interview is the video that abc provided us. baldwin, quote, went through in detail what happened on set that day. alec baldwin has said this is an active investigation, he was ordered by authorities no it to say anything publicly about the shooting and, yet here he is. the santa fe county sheriff's department said alec baldwin, quote, fired the gun. now baldwin said he didn't. watch. >> the script -- what's the trigger he pulled. >> i didn't pull the trigger you never pulled the trigger. >> no, i would never point the gun and pull the trigger. >> unclear if he offers an
5:38 pm
explanation on how the gun discharged or if stephanopoulos asked him. >> somebody put a live bullet in the gun, a bullet that wasn't even those supposed to be on the property. >> the prop master said she loaded the gun with five dummy rounds so there was a sixth round that would not go in. she cleaned it and added the sixth round. she also alleged through her lawyers this might be sabotage. through all of this, remember, baldwin is the subject of a criminal investigation. he was also a producer on the movie which has opened him up to lawsuits filed by crew members alleging negligence. tucker? >> tucker carlson: trace gallagher, the best. great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker carlson: you may not have noticed. he pulled the top-rated anchor chris cuomo off of the air for helping his brother.
5:39 pm
if you don't know ahead of time, you're going to have people tuning in saying, wait, where's the steroid guy. so with the news that chris cuomo was being pulled off indefinitely suspended. what's so interesting, it tells you very much about cnn that he would himself would like to have his job. oh, the betrayal. so interesting. so, the question, what kind of person is cnn's media critic? we come across audio that answers a question. so here -- we're going to use his name for the first time, brian stelter, explaining to a group of people that he has fired his name, he remains nameless because she refused to get the injection. listen to this. >> me and my wife work full time, we are out during the day in new york and our nanny refused to get vaccinated. we're parting ways with her.
5:40 pm
it was very, very sad. that we thought after six months that everything is fine. >> tucker carlson: so the headline here is that cnn's media critic dismissed, blythely dismissed his nonwhite servant because he didn't obey and that's, quote, very, very sad. how sad was he, exactly? did he pay her health insurance until she finds a new job? what is she doing to eat and pay her rent now that she's been dismissed by cnn's very sad media critic? we don't care what happened to our servants, do they? when they disobey. we asked cnn today, we got no answer at all, which in itself an answer which is, we don't know, we don't care. the major abortion case went to the supreme court today. a lot of commentary on it. most of it has been absurd. here comes the supreme court to tell you what really happened. that's straight ahead.
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>> tucker carlson: a big part of the reason is proposition 47. it passed with remarkably little fanfare in 2014. that initiative effectively legalized property crime in the state. of course, property crime leads to valid crime. that reduced legal penalties for shoplifting, grand theft, fraud, stolen property, and many other offenses. how did that -- thought it good to legalize best and it would turn out well. it passed because of profound support from the entertainment community, some of the richest most protected people in the state of california. none of whom have apologized for what we did. so tonight we want to highlight some of the entertainers who are responsible for spoiling california.
5:47 pm
you'll hear them scroll. jay-z, brad pitt, john legend p legend, alyssa milano, and michael moore. in large part because of proposition 47, again, all of these entertainers supported, publicly, the state is collapsing. businesses are boarded up. they have to be, because mobs and organized looters smashed the windows. of course, disorder leads to more disorder, which inevitably leads to violence. that is always true. so, in 2020 last year, homicide in the state jumped by more than 30% at their highest level in more than a decade. other crimes like robbery are way up in the city of oakland, for example, doesn't need anymore disorder, car jackings have increased by more than 100% just this year. going to get prosecuted, proposition 47 got prosecutors to stop punishing crimes. now, district attorneys in california including soros's hand picked da's in san
5:48 pm
francisco and larks are taking advantage of this. it complicated what happened in california but not that complicated. the richest people in the state, the people with the most privilege did the most to destroy it and make it completely miserable and untenable for people who can't protect themselves. exactly what happened. and, again, you're seeing the pictures on the screen right now, none of them has apologized for it. and every one of them should. the supreme court today heard arguments in an abortion case that has potential implications for row v. wade. it's impossible to find rational commentary about this case. we went to msnbc, we try not to, but we did for your sake today. here's the legal analysis of the case. watch. >> this is exactly what a society that is against women looks like. and sadly, listen, we are not too far away from becoming gilead2.0. it's month 50-11 of the pandemic and women are still losing their jobs, dropping out of the workforce by the hundreds of
5:49 pm
thousands and men are gaining texases where states like texas say under his eye and they take away a woman's right for an abortion. >> tucker carlson: they keep saying woman, abc news, cnn, msnbc, they don't believe there's a category such as women. how is this threat to women? whatever, it's too stupid to analyze it. the question is what did happen. a former pro life advocate, she joins us. thank you for coming on. what happened? and what are the implications of this? >> well, i thought the solicitor did very well from mississippi today laying out the case. and, of course, we saw some really interesting and quite honestly idiotic comments coming from a couple of the liberal justices on the bench today. tote sotomayor saying in the past 50 years we haven't seen medicine in maternal and fetal
5:50 pm
medicine. she said, i don't think we've had any scientific developments. so these are the same people that want us to follow the science, but, yet, they're telling us there haven't been any scientific developments made in maternal and fetal medicine in the past 50 years. interesting. this case could completely gut row and casey. so, this could turn abortion back over to the states and allow states to enact their state constitutions. we know that 24 states would make abortion illegal because it trigger bans in their state. so, this could have huge implications across our nation. >> tucker carlson: just to be clear, no honest, legal analyst believes that row is an honest decision. it is grotesque. if it were to disappear tomorrow, states would do what we call -- democracy, right? voters would get to decide what they think of abortion. would that be the effect? or am i missing something? >> no, you're right.
5:51 pm
gorsuch made that clear on the bench when he was asking the biden solicitor, so, you know, i want to make this clear, it's not that abortion would be gone. we're not here to say that, you know, that the supreme court would be banning abortion. this would go back to the states, correct? >> tucker carlson: right. >> and that's right. >> tucker carlson: yeah, well no one ever says that, but it's true. you can vote on something for once. great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker carlson: joe biden has been -- already some democrats are defecting. one of them is a former aide for the mayor of washington, d.c. joins us straight p straight ahead.
5:52 pm
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time, he was a very active democrat. most recently he was a spokesman for the mayor of washington, d.c. washington, d.c., recently went viral after watching the first year of the presidency he is
5:57 pm
leaving the democratic party. >> [speaking non-english language] >> tucker: of victor gimenez joins us now. thank you so much for coming on. as you but i did not clip -- you are the spokesman for the mayor of washington, the most democratic city in the country, and he left and switched parties. that is not a small decision, doesn't seem like. >> it is not a small decision. thank you so much for having me. i would say -- i was the lead public information officer at the mayor's office for community affairs. and i had to leave. >> tucker: tell us why. you told telemundo i thought pretty well, but flush out a little bit if you would. >> the reason i switched parties
5:58 pm
is because of everything that's going on in the country right now. we see emigration through the roof right now and thought is affecting a lot of a lot of hispanic families in my home state of virginia. and those people who are already struggling with making ends meet. another reason why i left the democratic party is because of immigration. immigration issues that are going on right now in our country. if you look at the southern border, we have people -- thousands of people who are just waiting there. and i'm not saying we have good people try to come into the country with good intentions, be bad people coming into the country with bad intentions. people with illegal drugs who are running from their law enforcement in our country. we don't know exactly what they are doing here. that made me switch parties,
5:59 pm
because biden is completely destroying the economy right now and people can feel it in their pockets. and in the communities with increased violence and increased crime. people, especially in hispanic community, can feel it. >> tucker: it so interesting that their assumption -- that's thatdoesn't seem to be true at . >> may be in hispanic and black, i should be democrat by default. but i am going against their narrative and i feel like right now everything is crumbling for the democrats. and we in virginia a couple weeks ago, the beginning of the end with the victory of glenn youngkin, who i voted for. i feel like in 2022 next year, we are going to see a lot of that. speak to you may be the leading edge of something big. i bet the mayor of d.c. is very confused by this.
6:00 pm
i didn't even ask you about -- we appreciate you coming on. thank you so much. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> tucker: last-minute holiday's to shop and go to tuckercarlson we spoke to roger stone for a full hour. it is worth catching up on that conversation. it was fantastic. we'll be back tomorrow night and every weeknight at 8:00 p.m. here's sean hannity. >> sean: they cue, tucker. welcome to "hannity." everybody else seem to have turned the page. we refused to on this program. 109 days counting and tonight the taliban along with the rest of america's enemies are now taking advantage of your president joe biden's obvious weakness on the world stage. coming up, former secretary of state mike pompeo will join us with the very latest out of russia, china, the middle east, afghanistan. and later, stacey abrams thi


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