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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 1, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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we appreciate it. we appreciate you coming on, thank you so much. >> thank you soou much, tucker. you and if you have last-minute shopping go to and s fox nation, 90 days free. a full hour, it is worth catching up on that conversation. it was fantastic. we will be back tomorrowro >> sean: to "hannity."ev >> everybody else seems too have turned the page, we refuse to on this program. 109 days counting and tonight the taliban along with the rest of america's enemies are now taking van of joe biden on the world stage. coming up, mike pompeo will join us with the very latest out of russia, china, middle east and afghanistan. later, stacey abrams thinks that
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she's running for re-election as the rightful governor of georgia. we'll have full coverage of the election straight ahead, alec baldwin speaking out after allegedly killing a person on the set of the movie. he's claiming he never pulled the trigger before accidentally shooting two people on the movie set. if he didn't pull the trigger, who did? first we begin with an important christmas message, yes, from president joe biden. today he proudly announced that he takes no responsibility at all whatsoever for the supply chain crisis, and according to joe, if your kids' presents do not arrive in time for christmac you better take it up with santa claus. take a look. >> only santa claus can keep the promise. every year there are products that sell out that are hard to
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find. some of you moms and dads may remember the cabbage patch dollo in the 1980s, and other toys that ran out when there was no supply chain problem. >> sean: joe wants you to think that it's santa claus's fault. according to him the empty see right here are not empty. if your presents don't arrive in time, blame santa and if you can't blame in why not blame donald trump. i guess everybody is to blame but him. general psaki calling it the tragic delay of the treadmill. you should have done your shopping before halloween. if not, oh, well, so sad. too bad. your kids will be crying. not liking stanta clause and they won't be happy. you might remember some of these moments. >> will this administration guarantee that holiday packages will arrive on time?
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>> we do not guarantee. >> there has always been two kinds of christmas shoppers. the ones who have their list completed by halloween, and then there are people like me who show up at the mall on christmas eve. if you're in the latter bucket obviously there will be nor challenges. >> diswashers and furniture, delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things. >> theea tragedy of the treadmi. >> fundamentally the supply changes and logistics are run by the private sector. people say to me will christmas gifts be delivered to which i say call fedex. that isn't what the government does. >> sean: blame the postal service, u.p.s., fedex. the buck does not stop with joe or anybody in the white house. ron thinks the economy is doing great. today in a tweet that should be deeply concerning to every american, he's writing, "stronger covid measures produce stronger economic outcomes." we need more draconian covid
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measures. that's the answer to a healthy economy. of course, the opposite is true, and as you can see, the biden administration takes responsibility for nothing, including the ongoing pandemic that biden promised he would shut down. now, this new omicron variant, sadly, it's now officially here confirmed in the u.s. thankfully this new strain of covid according to early reports, causes mild symptoms, although it may be more contagious and while i always encourage everyone to take the pandemic seriously, there is, as of today, no reason to panic. check with your doctor. but that didn't stop joe biden from banning travel from a variety of african-american countries, but when donald trump banned travel from china where the virus originated fun he was called a xenophobic and a fear
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mongerer. but today even fauci could not explain the african ban. take a look. [inaudible] >> you know, that's a very good question and an important question, and we did struggle with thatit but we wanted to se if we could bide time temporarily, so i do hope that this gets sorted out and lifted before it has any significant impact on your country. >> sean: i still want to know why the nih gave money to the eco-alliance that according to the nih was involved in gain of function research at the wuhan lab. trump was a racist for banning travel from china where the outbreak started but it's perfect okay for him to ban travel from certain african countries where the omicron
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variant is present. one thing we can count on is the great flip-flop fauci who is in love with his celebrity status. his 15 minutes was over a long time ago. he should be fired and like all good celebs he spent some quality time with barack obama during an event that was open to the press, and, of course, today fauci was more than happy to spend a long time at the white house press briefing speculating about anything and everything including new covid-19 testing requirements. but let not your hearts be troubled because if you're an illegal immigrant, here unlawfully, break the laws, don't respect our borders, our sovereignty, these new rules won't apply to you. that doesn't make sense, does it? but nothing he says makes sense. this is a guy that said in march 2020 on "60 minutes", that mask isn't going to work. the mask, it's not going to work. take a look. >> have you have ied the
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president about the possibility of new testing requirements for people i coming into this count, did that include everybody? >> the answer is, yes, because you know that the new regulation, if you want to call it that is that anybody and everybody who is coming into the country needs to get a test within 24 hours of getting on the plane to come here. >> what about people who don't take a plane and these border crossers coming across in huge numbers. >> that's a different issue. for example, we still have title 42 with regard to protection at the border so there are protections at the border, that you don't have the capability, as you know, of somebody getting on a plane, getting checked, looking at a passport. we don't have that there but we can get some degree of mitigation. >> sean: more than happy to ban travel from africa but if you enter this country illegally, you just waltz right through and get preferential treatment. no testing because jen psaki
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says you won't be here very long. anyway, as we continue, it's no wonder that more americans have died under biden's watch from 2021 and covid-19. peter doocy asked jen psaki about this and psaki got very, very angry. take a look. >> in 2021, joe biden said about trump, anyone who is responsible for any deaths should not remain as president of the united ta states, is that still the standard now that more americans have died under president biden than president trump? >> i think the fundamental question here is what are you doing to save lives and protect people and the former president was suggesting people injection bleach. he apparently reportedly didn't even share where people that he was going to interact with that he had tested for positive himself. he continued to try a forum for misinformation which probably
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led to people not getting -- not taking steps forward to protect themselves to wear a mask to eventually getel vaccinated. this president has made the vaccine widely available. he's relied on the advice of his health and medical experts. >> sean: we all know jen psaki, biden and fauci are liars and they love to smear president trump but really what else can she do? joe biden is a disaster. america is facing several major crises. he's caused every one of them and they have all been preventen. democrats are desperately looking for a better way with fore. here with more white house fox news correspondents, i don't know, it's must see tv again. jen psaki, 220,000, you shouldn't be president. we're now at 355,000. he seems to have gotten her a little bit angry. >> i don't know if she was angry, sean, but i would note today is her birthday and when i
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wished her a happy birthday she said youly better ask me a hard question, so if that was a hard question, obviously, they can answer it however they want but to go back to the clip with dr. fauci, he said that people walking into the country is a different issue when it comes to international travelers, potentially with covid. at least getting covid tested. there are ways to test them at the border, that's true, there are way. however, u.s. border protection doesn't do it except in a few circumstances. they usually kick it over to nongovernmental agencies, but we know that they don't always do it because remember, it was only a couple of months ago that some of these larger border towns, they had mid size hotels that were filling up with people who eitherpl had just tested positi for covid or somebody in their family had just tested positive and thete people in town had no
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idea. so there are two sets of rules based on what these very strict regulations coming down tomorrow -- how they are going to be a applied. one set of rules if you do things the right way and you go to the airport and say i'm coming from overseas, this is where i was. and then another set of rules, if you just walk on it. >> sean: let me see if i understand this. so we're having a travel ban. i understand. okay. it's xenophobic, hysterical, fear mongering and racist, which they did say and you asked that important question and didn't get a real response. i'm trying to understand what is the difference if you're traveling from another i countr or you can travel to this country from other country, what's the difference if you come into the country illegally and we don't know where the hell you came from and we're not covid testing, but as jen psaki said, correct me if i'm wrong, the reason we don't test illegal
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immigrants is because they are not going to be here very long but then they disperse people here illegally in the dark of night, oh, i stand corrected, on those 4:00 a.m. early morning flights into small airports around the country, and we're supposed to believe all of that? >> she had said that they don't calculate a lot of these people walking into the country that they are going to stay for long but remember a lot of these people walking into the country, if you look at the monthly reports, they are coming from all over the world. and so, it is just a little confusing to understand how this administration and a president who once said, diseases do not stop at borders, how it is that they think testing people at the airport is going to keep covid out, but, while at the same time, people are just walking io untested. it is confusing, and we do expect by sometime tomorrow morning to have very new -- new, very detailed instructions about
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what everybody is going to have to deal with. even people who have been doing what they have been asked by the government since march 2020. >> sean: and we're being told these are going to be more track -- draconian than what we've had esbefore? >> it sounds like strict testing. if you go overseas they want you to prove that you are negative covid. there was a report in the r "washington post" that it's been discussed among biden administration officials that they might ask americans, vaccinated or not, negative covid test or not, to quarantine in their house for up to seven days. somebody asked dr. fauci about that andsk he said, he didn't know. >> sean: all right. peter doocy. there is a show here, and i'll announce it on jen psaki's circle back birthday. i think peter doocy on one side
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versus jene- psaki. why don't you have a one-hour special one night and fill in for me. >> i don't know if i could fill up one hour. >> sean: thank you for joining us anyway. this new photo book by president trump our journey together, is available at i did not know until tonight that yours truly is actually in it, and i was like, oh, no, because i know we wrote the captions i'm like, oh, no, i'm going to get hit hard and it was actually really nice. >> sean, your caption was great. i think you look great in the photo. some of our favorite fox penalties we included. you look great in the book. it was a fun project actually. sort of interesting and you're well aware of so many of these stories that thees mainstream media wouldn't report but a picture says a thousand words and i remember going through over the last few months with my
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father some of the great pictures of his presidency, the accomplishments, and honestly, we said, we've got to put together something. he started scribbling notes on some of them thinking about it for other purposes and we said just leave that. we put together this incredible book, our journey together, details the entire presidency. just a beautiful coffee table book and i think people can really see all of the stories and capture all of the difference he made in the lives of americans. all of those policies that help to lift our entire country that's been dcimated in the last 10 months by the incompetence of thewo biden administration. unfortunately juxtaposed against what's going on in the world right now, we think, man, we had it good for so long. i think america recognizes how badly they have been lied to by the mainstream media. it was awesome. even some of the stories that i
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wasn't aware of and i'm aware of a lot as it related to what he was doing. it was cool to see and go through with it him and put this together. so america could experience this in their own living rooms themselves. >> sean: so joe biden, you know, in the candidate protection program, in the 2020 campaign, in his basement bunker, any president, 220,000 americans had died at that point, the worst pandemic since 1917-1918, since he's been president, a whopping 355,000 americans have died from covid-19, more than in 2020, but your father handed joe biden not one, not two, but three vaccines. mono clonal antibodies, and joe biden supporting if people try to enter this country illegally and they are separated somehow from their family, they want to give them a check for $450,000. tell me where any of that makes sense. >> sean, it doesn't, but it
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doesn't matter because the democrats have the advantage of having mainstream media, a trillion dollar industry, social media, trillion dollar industry, big tech, all functioning as their marketing department but what's really nice is they have blown it so badly, they took so many things, whether it's energy independence, and lying in the face of the american people, i remember very clearly, we're not going to end fracking. day one. the afghanistan withdrawal. i don't know that we've seen a worseou incident in our countryn the last century where we're leaving americans behind enemy lines and giving them biometric data where they can track them down. killing american pile lines. my father's administration did a great job blocking it so we can give nato more money to protect them from the russian that is they are enriching with the pipelines. hunter must be on a parole somewhere, sean. it never ends.
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the incompetence never ends. the democrats are going out and making heroes of pedophiles. you saw this during the rittenhouse trial. boys as nine as nine that he raped, can go around rioting but kyle rittenhouse, a 17-year-old kid protecting a minority-owned business, cleaning up graffiti, functioning as an e.m.t., that's the terrorist, that's how far the democratic partyit has fall. it's a disgrace. mothers are being told they should have no part whatsoever in what their children learn in school. the democrat party has fallen so far, sean, that people are waking up and the trillion dollar industries that have been boosting them forever, it won't matter because you can't fix this level of incompetence without cleaning house, without getting rid of all of these democrats and replacing them with some common replacing them with republicans who will fight for our country, four our freedoms, for our veils, for our children and s.
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families, because that's what we need to do to right this ship and to correct these wrongs. >> sean: you definitely one day running for office, i don't know what office but you're running because, you know what? that was a powerful -- that was a powerful monologue and i mean that. let me ask you this. you know, they are denying inflation. if you look pre-covid your dad, he got us to energy independence, we didn't import a single-barreled of oil from saudi arabia, the middle east, the straits of hormuz, in terms of strategic -- geo-strategic political safety and security meant nothing. we were a net exporter of energy. now biden claims he's not responsible for inflation over the supply chain issue. meanwhile, with your dad's energy independence policies, the first time we've achieved it in 75 years, we're paying $1.50 less pere gallon than we are no. some families will pay a thousand dollars more to heat their homes this winter.
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everything we buy in every store we go to we pay more for. it seems to me and i've been saying it for days, the only way to get out of this mess is for joe to adopt your dad's policies but we both know that won't happen. >> yes. well, they are talking about it. they are talking about the stay in mexico policy. the travel ban. guess what, it makes sense when it's done right. the difference is, if trump doe. it, it's racist. if biden does it, it sounds policy. as it relates to inflation that's a huge tax on the middle tax of our country. it's a huge tax on working class americans who are trying to get by and struggling. then they want to implement more ridiculous lockdowns. not based on science because if you look at, you know, let's call it elf with a napoleon complex bureaucratic fauci, that everything that he said in his emails contradicts himself on tv. he doesn't know what he's talking about. he's a bureaucrat. he's not a good doctor. he's better being a bureaucrat.
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they will implement draconian measures to shut down our economy. they don't care. there is no consequence and as long as we keep giving that clown his 15 minutes of fame, we'll be in these lockdowns forever until we say enough is enough. there will be a new variantt it will never stop until we say enough is enough and we push back and that's what we need to do, sean, we need to push back and fighter for the hard working men and women of this country. >> sean: with your father run for president again inor 2024? >> i really hope so sean. we need a fighter and until we have a bench that's deep enough we need someone to put himself out there toll take the arrows.i americans are getting it. one guy out there by himself, it's hard to beat all of that energy, but if we all fight together for our children, for their future, for our country and for our freedoms we can do it and take back our country. >> sean: all right. donald trump jr.
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always good to have you. when we return, the biden weakness on the world stage it's getting extraordinarily dangerous with hostile regimes all overhe the world. our adversaries are taking note of his cognitive weakness, mike pompeo, he reacts to these real mounting concerns straight ahead. mounting concerns, straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> >> sean: secretary of state tony blinken jetted off to europe with renewed fears of a russian invasion of the ukraine. continuing to double down on efforts to build up a strong military presence on the country's western border, and what's blinken's weak response, he said russia should be prepared for a high impact
11:27 pm
response, like sanctions. if russia invades ukraine. i'm sure vladimir is scared to death. take a look. >> now, we don't know whether president putin has made the decision to invade. we do know he's putting into place the capacity to do so on short order should he so decide. we've made it clear to the kremlin we'll responsibility resolutely including with a range of high impact economic measures that we've refrained from ooohing in the past. >> sean: he just gave them a waiver and let them build their own pipeline. >> biden wouldn't have cleared the way with the nord stream 2 pipeline, you know, something to give putin even more leverage over our allies in western europe but it's just like we've been telling you, putin, the mullahs in iran, president xi and american adversaries all over the globe, hostile regimes,
11:28 pm
they all see what we see, and that's a weak, frail, cognitive mess of a president and we have to believe the syndicate that made millions from these countries are likely compromised by all of them. they see what we see. what we show you night after night. his america last policies. that's why the american public is losing confidence in joe biden. his approval rating the latest, cratering now to 36%. this comes as americans are increasingly seeing china as a top threat, especially as beijing keeps signaling that they are set on their so-called reunification or more likely hostile takeover of taiwan. here with reaction, former secretary of state and fox news contributor, mike pompeo. let's start with the russian-ukrainian border.
11:29 pm
we know what happened with crimea and the eastern ukraine. i can't think of any other reason that putin would put a lot of troops there except for their territorial ambitions mr. secretary, and i don't think tony blipken saying they are going to have a high impact economic attack against them is too intimidating to vladimir. >> sean, i think that's right. it's good to be with you tonight. those words aren't going to make a hill of a beans difference. they won't engender the deterrence we need. putin shuts down a pipeline in the southeastern united states closing off gasoline. biden goes to meet with him in a summit and warns him, don't do it again. they watched the debacle in afghanistan, the weakness we showed there. you mentioned the nord stream 2 pipeline. what we've done with american energy has created a wealth for putin, when oil prices are high
11:30 pm
putin is a big winner. i think he believes that he can make the decisions he needs to make. he has always believed that the dissolution of the soviet union was the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century. he wants those satellite states back for his country and now he sees that we have a president who is not prepared to do the hard work of deterrence. i think that renders real risk. there has been no resolve in the first 10 months of this administration. >> sean: we're watching china and president xi watched biden abandon afghanistan. he said he wouldn't do that. thousands of americans with green cards are welcomed to this country. so china talks about reunification. we both know it's really a takeover of taiwan. they are flying over taiwan airspace every day with their fighter jets, and then, you know, i've got to look at this.
11:31 pm
why would joe biden not lift a finger on russia and a finger on china? we know that hunter biden made money from both countries. got $3.5 million from a russian oligarch, the first lady of moscow. $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china, hundred thousand dollar shopping spree with a chinese national, and then miranda's book off of hunter's laptop, joe himself sat in on meetings directly related to deals with china energy companies. so i would argue that if libya has a dossier on hunter biden and the biden family i've got to imagine that the dossier that russia and china have is probably a lot more and that this family is compromised. is that a logical conclusion, you were once the c.i.a. director. >> i think that's certainly
11:32 pm
true. we saw what was happening with china. but i frankly think the problems go deeper than this. you know this, sean, whole world watches everything that we do. when we strike a soleimani, not only did the russians notice, but the converse is true as well. the leaders know they can roll the united states. this is something that ping, leader in china, certainly must be observing. he must know he has a window to do the things he wants to do including trying to bring taiwan back into his orbit. these are perilous moments. this is a high risk time for the united states of america and it can only be fixed by president who is prepared to defend what matters most to the american people and defend our interests around the world and keep us secure. today biden has shown very little intent of actually delivering on the things he promised americans he would do. >> sean: so if the libyans
11:33 pm
dossier on hunter had it that he was a drug addict and frequented prostitutes you would assume as i do that the russians and chinese knew as much but they also did deals with millions, and in the case of the bank of china, a billion and five. why would somebody with no experience, i would think that the communist chinese would be smart enough to know about goldman sachs, deutsche bank, let's say professionals in the field, why would they go with somebody with no experience that we can find? >> you know, sean, i'm pretty creative but i can't think of a single reason that that would be the case. look, we saw this, too, with the dealings in the ukraine. we saw that he sat on the board of burisma, with no known experience. there is a real taint there and i can assure you if something
11:34 pm
like this happened in the previous administration, media would be all over it making all kinds of accusations. we know the media got sucked into the russian hoax narrative, the steel dossier, they continued to report things that they had to know were made up or lying bad and furthered that story. they don't want to touch the hunter biden story. it's an important component of what happened prior to biden taking office and i think the american people need to think about what that means for american national security. >> sean: i didn't come in tops in my class at west point like you did or a c.i.a. director but every instinct in my body tells me that the biden family is compromised by all of these countries, and that's a threat to our national security and that does need to be investigated unlike the russia hoax. but, mr. secretary, always love having you on. thank you, sir. coming up after, after refusing to concede her loss four years ago, stacey abrams just
11:35 pm
announced that she's running for another term. as georgia governor. we have the very latest, mike huckabee and kellyanne conway react to that and alec baldwin said he never pulled the trigger. what's going on there? straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: far left democratic activist stacey abrams announced >> sean: democratic activist stacey abrams says she'll run again setting up a possible rematch with the republican governor brian kemp? >> kemp has been very ineffective as a governor and frankly for the state of georgia, i think he should probably bow out of the race. i think candidate to warnings an i hope he gets in will be former senator david perdue. he would be a much better
11:40 pm
candidate versus stacey abrams. if kemp stays in that would also hurt herschel walker in his senate race against warknock. abrams refused to concede in 2018. she repeatedly pushed debunked conspiracy theories about why she lost. kellyanne conway along with fox news contributor mike huckabee. kellyanne, your take, look, i know the state of georgia, i lived there a number of years, i know a lot of people there, many friends, and kemp is not particularly well liked. i don't think he would be a good top of the ticket person for the republicans. >> well, senator purdue, and obviously the purdue name is very popular across the state of georgia. he's been talking to trump and others about possibly getting in the race for governor. and stacey abrams, she's a formidable candidate because she's already gotten the celebrity treatment that can
11:41 pm
indicts like that do. she's raised millions and millions and millions of dollars from the likes of george soros and family members. michael bloomberg gave her about $5 million. she was given debate prep. pointers, because he was destroyed by elizabeth warren in about two seconds on the debate stage. this is a woman who i think everybody should pay attention to. stays aabrams group, they basically, they registered about 800,000 new voters in the last several years. that's a big deal. she lost the governor's race by 55,000 votes. donald trump, as president in 2018, put brian kemp on his back and carried him across the finish line. kemp would not have won without donald trump's help. row desantis won against gilliam
11:42 pm
and kemp beat stacey abrams. he was up against both obamas, the whole group, supporting stacey abrams. so i think president trump will get involved again if he was supporting a candidate there. but abrams was asked by senator ted cruz this past april, sean and mike, this past april, so yes or, no was the election in 2018 stolen from you and she said -- she still will not concede but she's still on social media, running for office, still on tv. >> sean: let me ask governor huckabee. governor, i've been pushing for election integrity measures so we can have confidence in the results. simple things. voter i.d., signature verification, chain of custody controls, i think we need updated voter rolls and i think the laws that allow partisan observers to observe the votes
11:43 pm
start to finish up close, not 100 feet away, need to be enforced. i think every state needs to do it. i don't think illegal immigrants should vote either. i think republicans also have got to embrace early voting and mail-in voting considering that's happening anyway. do you agree with all of that and if you do, the one thing that's missing from the new georgia law is signature verification. the legislature, i would argue, needs to fix that. >> well, i agree with everything that you have said but i've got to tell you, i'm so glad i watched tonight because i learned something didn't know. i thought stacey abrams was the governor of georgia. it just shocks me to find out that she wasn't after all of these years because she has been telling everybody, and the democrats have been telling everybody that she really won the election. i thought she had an office at the capitol and everything. silly me, i guess i shouldn't believe what cnn says after all. here's what i find interesting. stacey abrams can say the election was stolen from her,
11:44 pm
hillary clinton can say the election was stolen from her. back in 2016. and it was all the russians fault and that's fine. they can say that and they can keep saying it because hillary still does and abrams still does, donald trump can question the election because somehow, we're supposed to believe joe biden got 16 million more votes than barack obama ever did. and 16 million more than anyone ever has in the history of the country when all he did was pop up out of his basement a few times, go out to a parking lot and scream into a teleprompter at about a dozen cars and we're supposed to believe that all works. okay. if i'm supposed to believe that and i can't question it, then how come stacey abrams and hillary, they get to question an election that's almost six years ago. >> sean: i can tell you one person that will be the next governor of another state and that would be arkansas, and i just happen to believe she'll be
11:45 pm
the best governor in history, and her name happens to be, oh, it escapes me, sarah sanders, you might know her. i think every american deserves election integrity. when you have laws that say, partisan observers get watch the vote count from start to finish, you need to have that. voter i.d., you need a vaccine card to get into a restaurant now. a voter i.d. to get into the white house and dnc. every state has to have election integrity measures so we can have confidence in the results. those that don't want it, i think, are up to no good. kellyanne, thank you, and governor huckabee, thank you, when we return, a very strange, very bizarre turn. alec baldwin breaking his silence following the fatal shooting on the film set of the movie. he says never pulled the trigger. okay. up to now, that's all we heard. if he didn't pull it, who did? straight ahead. pull it, who di?
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now actor >> sean: now alec baldwin is speaking out following the fatal film set shooting. the cinematographyer. he's now claiming he never pulled the trigger. >> the trigger -- i didn't pull the trigger. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> no, i would never point a gun -- someone put a life bullet in a gun, a gun that wasn't supposed to be on the property. >> you say you're not a victim. is this the worst thing that has ever happened to you. >> sean: it raises more questions.
11:51 pm
if baldwin is telling the truth, guns don't fire themselves. meanwhile the authorities have released the fourth warrant, with new theories about how the ammunition was loaded on the set. it featured the same logo as the dummy rounds normally used on the set. here with reaction, fox news analyst, a weapons expert, brian, let me start with you, he said the trigger wasn't pulled. i didn't pull the trigger. i never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger. never. however, the santa fe county sheriff's department said in a warrant that baldwin fired the gun, and baldwin was holding the gun, rehearsing a scene in the movie when the live round rang out. okay. those two reports contradict each other. so if he had the gun, and he says he didn't pull the trigger,
11:52 pm
guns don't fire themselves. i've been a handgun marksman since i was 11. >> yes. correct. and it's interesting, it's important to differentiate a modern revolver from the type of revolver they were using. a modern one is a double mechanism, it allows one to pull the trigger which cocks the handle. those weapons are single action revolvers which means there is a two part mechanism. the first part is cocking the hammer back with your thumb and pulling the trigger. once you coc it back you're involved in firing the weapon and at that point either you let go of the hammer in such a way that you allow it to detonate or you pull the trigger. if it's a manual it has to be done by the operator of the firearm. >> sean: if the gun is in his
11:53 pm
hand, guns don't fire themselves, and he didn't aim it at anybody. it had to be aimed at somebody or else it wouldn't have hit somebody. he's either lying or was there another gun involved perhaps? i mean, where do we go with this? >> well, it's hard to believe and if alec baldwin thinks that somehow absorbs him from potential criminal culpability he's sorely mistaken. the issue is not whether he pulled the trigger or the gun went off accidentally which is hard to believe because this isn't an intent crime that's being investigated. it's a gross negligence crime, so prosecutors are focusing not on the trigger pull but on the handling of the gun by baldwin prior to the shooting incident. was he grossly negligent? and reckless? did he fail to exercise due caution as the law requires to ensure the safety of others? so what's the standard in the industry for actors using guns
11:54 pm
on the set? it's set forth very clearly in their own union rules that actors are required to follow, actors' equity, it states, treat all guns as if they are loaded and deadly. check the firearm every time you take possession of it. did baldwin do that? apparently not because he said he had no idea there was ammunition in the gun. if he had checked it he would have seen it. he's also supposed to stand there and watch the armor and prop master inspect the barrel and the cylinders. that didn't happen either. in addition, he's also the on location producer. he was put on notice that there was a dangerous problem with guns on the set prior to the fatal shooting. this were three episodes of gun mishaps. a responsible, prudent producer would have shut down production, conducted an investigation, and instituted safety protocols and corrective measures. that didn't happen.
11:55 pm
he could also be charged on that basis. >> sean: and lastly, if you have a gun in your hand, brian, loaded or unloaded, you never point it at anybody. it would be hard to believe >> that's correct. >> sean: that what alec baldwin is saying here contradicts everything else. we have about 20 seconds. >> well, obviously, that is one of the primary safety rules. never point a weapon at anyone. loaded or unloaded. you consider it loaded at all times and simple physics is if the round left the barrel and struck her, it was pointed at her. >> sean: in my opinion, he might have gotten himself into a lot more legal jeopardy tonight but we'll see. thank you both. when we return, more hannity. straight ahead. thank you for joining us.
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and you make the show possible. thank you for being with us tonight and every night. you miss it, we hope you will do it. in the meantime i have good news. let's not your hearts be troubled, the news continues, laura ingrandma standing by, she has a huge show. >> did you do a segment, brian kemp, she can't run for governor, he can't run. >> -- ashley: are you announcing that you are running? >> i don't live in georgia. i live in new york. laura: