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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 2, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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congressman pat fallon thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks todd and carley. god bless. todd: almost less than 11 months. pretty soon it will be here. carley: it's basically tomorrow. [laughter] all right, starting right now, "fox & friends." todd: have a great day, everybody. enjoy. ♪ ♪ >> testing requirements. does that include everybody? >> the answer is yes. >> what about these border crossers coming n huge numbers. >> that's a different issue. >> the hypocrisy from anthony fauci seems to know no limits. >> abortion rights in america is now in the hands ever the supreme court. >> this case could completely gut roe and casey. >> smollett. >> looking even more foolish. >> asked him and his brother fake beat him up. >> alec baldwin breaking his silence follow the fatal shooting on the film set of the
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movie rust. >> i didn't pull the trigger. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> no, no. i would never point a gun at anyone and pull a tryinger. >> president biden pointing his finger at saint nick. >> i can't guarantee you will get every gift you want on time only santa claus can. >> he can blame the easter bunny. ♪ this year ♪ing ♪ last christmas ♪ i gave i my heart ♪ the very next day ♪ you give it away ♪ this year. ainsley: beautiful shot of the all-american christmas tree out there on the fox plaza. you have to come by and see it if you are in new york. it's decorated in red, white and blue christmas music. so many people see the rockets
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spectacular. steve: a lot of people saw the christmas tree last night it was filled. like the old days before covid for the rockefeller christmas tree. you have two gigantic trees to see in rock center. he. brian: here is the difference if you have not been to new york since the pandemic. when the sidewalks get crowded guy into the street. enough to you of be literally. steve: with cars? brian: no, no, with the bikes. now, when you go a little bit into the street, used to be little bit of play. now it's like walking the other way at nascar event bikes and scooters and they changed this in 2019. ainsley: do you know what i call it like a game of frogger. when you are trying to get through the river? brian: if i'm going to go down i don't want to go down by cyclist. ainsley: tell people what you mean a lot of cities don't have. steve: bike lanes just off the curb. the bikers are supposed to go one direction they go both
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directions. ainsley: all the cab drivers complain because they said bill de blasio took away one of the street lanes of traffic and made that a bike lane. now two lanes instead of three. that's why if you are in rock seller area or in our area it's very congested. steve: stay on the sidewalk whatever you do. brian to your earlier point walking on the street. over 50 people in new york have been struck by cars and killed this year. brian: cars or bikes? steve: just cars. the number by bikes is probably in the thousands. ainsley: everyone has motorized bikes. everyone goes so fast. brian: can i tell the american public if you are on a motorized bike it's not exercise? hey, i went biking i have a motorized bike. that's wind burn. you might look a little healthier but you are not healthier. steve: i know a prominent american who called me up and said do you want to go for a bike ride i said sure i get on my bike and pedal over to their house he gets on electric bike
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and he goes 70 miles per hour. and i'm like -- brian: was it neil cavuto? ainsley: one of your neighbors? oh, i know who it is. steve: you do. let's talk a little bit about this. the president yesterday revealed his winter covid plan, also, we found out about the first person in the country with omicron dr. fauci has a lot of explaining to do. we will talk about all of that in this segment. ainsley: we are supposed to hear from the president about winter covid plan. brian: i can't wait. ainsley: some of the tips we are getting. expand access to booster shots. launching family vaccination clinics to get the kids vaccinated. 50 million to community sites. health insurance must cover 100 percent for all the costs of at-home tests. all international travelers required to test negative within one day of departure. regardless of nationality or vax
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status. calling on workers to get vaccinated or get tested weekly. brian: right now if omicron is living up to the hype in south africa and other african nation you could be looking at runny nose and low fever. brace yourself if you are in contact. this could actually happen to you, especially if you are under 40 you could be recovered in two days. that is the reason why anthony fauci took off his glasses and put on his contacts and went out in the middle of the afternoon and pretended to take questions. steve: and here's the thing. people had a lot of questions because "the washington post" yesterday talked a little bit about how, you know, there were some da krohnian measures the administration was considering. for instance, one of the things was going to be if you are international traveler coming to the united states you would have so self-quarantine for seven days and get fined if you broke it people are like are you going to do that? how are you going to do that. people freaked out.
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it was clearly a trial balloon. the white house did not announce that yesterday. just the fact that now you have got to get tested within one day, that's different. and it applies to everybody, right? well, that was a question from that tall guy who used to live upstairs at my how fast to jen psaki and dr. fauci yesterday. and the answer very telling, watch. >> dr. fauci, have you advised the president about the possibility of new testing requirements for people coming into this country, did that include everybody? >> the answer is yes. and everybody is coming into the country needs to get a test within 24 hours of getting on the plane to come here. >> but what about people who don't take a plane and just these border crossers coming n huge numbers. >> well, that's a different issue. you don't have the capability, as you know, of somebody getting on plane, getting checked, looking at a passport, we don't have that there. >> is there something to do to test these people somewhere
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else. >> there is testing at the border under certain circumstances as you know. steve: those certain circumstances he made it sound like the federal government is doing it the federal government is not testing people at the southern border. as we have detailed for months on this program, the federal government has asked nongovernment organizations like catholic charities and things like that to do the testing on their behalf if they want to. if they can. and in many cases people don't take the test. ainsley: a lot of people crossing over the border that are not caught they are not tested. just walking into the country. steve: the disease does not know whether you came in on an airplane or came across a river. brian: he is playing politics. i mean, one indication that anthony fauci wasn't a democrat, when he was with this new administration, the first thing he says rachel maddow is my gave rid of the show, right? that told you where he stood. know he knows it's politically damaging he said i'm really concerned about the 2 million people come across our border
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illegally percentage wise 20% test positive. cracking down onts belgium who might have the omicron variant at the same time we have people from over 100 nations flooding our border who we have no control over and we have no idea where they are going. and they say well we have title 42. title 42? that's that was for the people who actually turned themselves in and allegedly we turned some around. senator ted cruz heard this-by the way he is in the crosshairs of anthony fauci and said this about that. >> in a time of a medical crisis, we would like the leadership at our health agencies to actually be baled on science, to be based on medicine. and fauci has demonstrated he is just a democratic talking head. he says well, gosh, 2 million illegal immigrants coming across not testing them. releasing them covid positive. that's no risk whatsoever. on the other hand, when the teacher's unions ask the biden
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administration, require kids to wear masks in schools, giving in to the teachers union because they are political allies of the democrats, that's science, too. and there's a level of just dishonesty that i think has done real damage to the credibility of the cdc and of the nih. ainsley: they are giving illegal immigrants a pass. you don't have to just worry about covid on our southern border. remember afghanistan and when president biden did there? the border patrol in del rerow saying they have apprehended illegals have syria, remember none. tajikistan in the last week and 2800 migrants in the country. steve: the name of the former president of the united states donald trump came up a number of times and he will be live on this program at 8:00 eastern time. we're going to talk about the news of the day plus there is a new picture book out that features his administration.
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we're going to talk about all of that coming up on this show. what's coming up? ainsley: still to come, chris cuomo speaking out since his suspension from cnn. his thought on being sidelined. brian: placing the burden on santa and it is santa's fault if do you not get your presents. that according to everybody and joe biden. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor.
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steve: welcome bake the wife of clarence la have on the has been shot and killed at home in her beverly hills house. ainsley: tributes are flooding in for the mother and the philanthropist jacqueline avant. what is going on here. todd piro isage news. >> way too early to classify it as a home invasion or robbery. they do believe the attack was, quote, not random. listen. >> beverly hills police detectives remain on scene conducting an investigation. the motives in this case are still unknown and we are investigating all possible motives. todd: since her passing actor and director tyler perry quote you can believe every available resource will be used to find who is responsible for this awful nightmare. as for her husband known as the black godfather of music he and the security guard were in the home at the time of the shooting but nobody else was injured.
3:16 am
police are now pouring through security cameras as they search for suspects. tmz reporting police are hiring a private security company to make sure beverly hills is adequately covered with neighbors of the avants saying they hired armed guards prior to the incident because of alarming spike in car and home robberies. this all after real housewives star kim'sly says she was held at gunpoint during a violent home robbery at her home in october. police still investigating that home robbery as well. all of this as the avant family remembers jacqueline as making quote immeasurable positive contribution and impact on the arts community. she was 81 years old. this is not an area where stuff like this happens. >> we have bizarre. >> she was stunning. she was a beautiful lady. what's interesting though, todd, the invader didn't steal anything. todd: begs the question why do this in the first place. steve: right. todd: police saying this was not random. we have a lot more to learn about this. goes to the overall lack of safety that not just the poor people. not just the middle class people
3:17 am
but now the rich people kind of all of us are feeling in america in 2021. steve: todd, in your report, you had a stunning detail. the chief of police revealed it in beverly hills. he was, by the way, sworn in on tuesday tuesday of this week. todd: welcome to the show. steve: detailed how the beverly hills police department has hired a private security firm to patrol the area that is involved. apparently the police can't do it. ainsley: he was fired upon, that security guard and he wasn't able to fire back apparently. todd: to your point, steve, what's fascinating about this is beverly hills is a rather large land area. they don't have the largest police department. i'm gathering that's why they have hired individuals to canvas because they can't have somebody in all of these neighborhoods. the folks there do pay the taxes to make it happen. unbelievable we are in this situation where everybody needs private security and only the rich can really afford it.
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ainsley: tyler perry can afford to find that killer i'm glad he is pouring in resources. steve: they were married 54 years. ainsley: two children a son and daughter. brian: carley shimkus 17 minutes after the hour. you have other news. carley: authorities identify the shooter. he faces murder and terrorism. >> this is the as a 40 student has died. we are learning prosecutors are suggesting the teen's parents will also face charges. schools around the area are closed today after reportedly receiving threatening messages. chris cuomo says is he embarrassed for being suspended from cnn after reports surfaced that he used his prom no, i did not media position to assist his disgraced brother. listen. >> it hurts to even say it. it's embarrassing. i have apologized for it the
3:19 am
past. i mean it i'm not going to talk about it anymore. carley: the new york a.g. share the messages between top cuomo advisers about women accusing the exgovernor of sexual misconduct. overnight the mlb's collective bargaining agreement coming to a screeching halt plunging players into a lockout. management negotiators leaving the immediatation nine hours before the deal lapsed. the union pitching higher average salaries as middle class players get benched by payroll but management is not playing ball there are only 11 weeks until pitcherrers and catchers report for spring training. opening day set for march 31st. those are your headlines, guys, over to you. brian: first shut down in over 20 years, unbelievable. that's why everybody was signing last week. steve: man o man this christmas season it doesn't matter if you are naughty or nice because some stuff just is not going to show up. although yesterday the president of the united states did talk a
3:20 am
little bit. he finally had those remarks about the supply chain and essentially he was hearkening back to -- remember in the old days when there would be a it fad toy bike lieny babies or cabbage batch people couldn't get them. likening this crisis to that. these are two different things. this supply chain bottleneck is coupled with inflation that means a lot of stuff all across the board is hard to get. a lot of it is stuck in a container ship out in the middle of the ocean. ainsley: 40% of all the goods we receive are in those two ports -- we receive through those two ports. he says if you watch the media, they are going to tell you the shelves are empty. we asked y'all, remember a few weeks ago, to send in your pictures. so many sent in empty shelves. we are not making this up. it's actually happening. listen to what biden said. >> if you watch the news recently, you might think the shelves in all our stores are empty across the country. that parents won't be able to
3:21 am
get presents for their children on this holiday season. but here's the deal. for the vast majority of the country that's not what's happening. i have also spoken with the ceos of u.p.s. and fedex, which are on track to deliver more packages than ever. now, i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time, only santa claus can keep that promise. brian: is he trying to give a sunny look at what is happening. ainsley: blaming everyone else though. brian: if there is nothing on your shelf, you are just looking too hard, i guess. that people are making it up. horrible news people are making up empty shelves. so typical to make up things about empty shelves like these shelves. i remember knocking all the r.c. cola bottles down in order to take that picture. again, you caught me. steve: where were they selling r.c. cola if you don't want coke. i want the after taste that's
3:22 am
why i sell r.c. i love the fact too when they talk about the economy. wish he everything better. he said gas prices are going down. they are not. he also says that wages are going up and equal the rate of inflation, it's not. but yesterday it was interesting. the federal reserve chairman and the treasury secretary both said they made a mistake. they said that the reason why inflation went up. they under estimated how quickly the u.s. economy would rebound. steve: right. brian: so our success is screwing up our lives. how many times have i said that? i believe that's the reverse of norman vincent. steve: it turns out that joe biden said let me be president of the united states a year ago and elect me president and i will do a much better job managing the pandemic. they are blaming the, you know, yellen and the fed head are both blaming the pandemic because we didn't realize that demand was going to come back so fast. poor planning on the part of the administration. but, nonetheless, you have all
3:23 am
this stuff stuck out in these ships. you know, and part of the problem is a lot of the stuff is perishable. you think of perishable stuff like meat and cheese stuff like that. it's also coats and clothes. because. ainsley: furniture. steve: furniture can you sell throughout the year coats, unless they get them on the store shelves in october, november and december, they are not going to be able to sell it before christmas. and then after christmas, they are going to have to sell it for half price. so all that stuff is essentially perishable. ainsley: to your point i ordered i ordered two halloween costumes for my daughter in the beginning of september to be prepared. still, still have not received either one of those. and do you know what i'm going to do when i get them because she is going to outgrow them next year send them back. so many families are going to do that and we are going to want to a refund. brian: i'm hearing a big push for halloween in february and that could be. ainsley: i have a sofa and they
3:24 am
can't make it ordered it in june. all the filler, if you take to any upholster. all the filler is on those barges. steve: cookies. ainsley: you will eat it during the commercial. steve: i needed coconut. i went to the store and could not find coconut. then i'm making dan bongino's wife's paul impanned in a doughs she does a lighter version uses egg roll wrappers there is not saying gel egg roll wrapper. ainsley: according to president biden you are making it up. brian: want to solve all the problems pass the reconciliation package take $2 trillion we don't have. flood the economy like he did last march which even larry summers says just accelerated inflation. he is going to use everything can he to sell this next package. i don't think joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are going to
3:25 am
budge. ainsley: we don't have a problem but kamala in august warned christmas gifts may be delayed. remember they were telling us to buy christmas gifts around halloween. steve: adobe analytics says they tracked 1 trillion visits on online retailers they say out of stock messages are up 250% over two years ago. ainsley: we have all seen them. brian: good of clarifies to answer that prescient. the problem was the question was about the order. she answered order christmas packages. steve: turns out she was right back in september in singapore buy early. ainsley: another person from her team has left. 6:25 on the east coast. police officers across the country coming under attack three fraternal order of police join us on the need to restore law and order. plus, it it's a supreme court show down as justices overhear arguments that could overturn roe v. wade. besides that nothing really happened yesterday.
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brian: stunning report from the national fraternal order of police the number of police shot in the auto line of duty all time high ambush style attacks up 126% this as we see horrific crimes in the last two days. overnight in utah two officers seriously hurt in a shooting. in georgia officer henley laxen shot and killed during a
3:30 am
shootout. minneapolis two police officers were stabbed. in oklahoma an officer is recovering after shot. former fof secretary steven gainner and rick snyder and oklahoma city fop president there mark. >> thanks for having us on and talk about the this tragedy that is occurring. there is a number of reasons but i think overall disrespect for law and order, the law enforcement unlike we have ever seen in this country is part of the reason and a huge reason why the finest among us, brothers and sisters, men and women who put on that uniform are being attacked for no reason other than simply standing for law and order. brian: rick, it's unbelievable. this whole new style of not only when you interact taking bold action but issue in yacketd the action with ambushes.
3:31 am
>> yeah, we are consistently reminded of are our officers are doing their jobs. it's a broken revolving door of criminal justice on the back side of that process that's really contributing to this. especially as it relates to repeat violent offenders. so, what we're consistently seeing and hearing from our american law enforcement officers is that until we close that door, none of this is really going to improve. brian: steve, you say there is no more respect for officers. people used to respect the public officials let alone the criminals. that's gone and the pandemic has made it worse, how? >> well, the pandemic has really increased the number of domestic violence incidents we have to respond to. people are tied up in their homes. they don't have anywhere to go. there is a lot of stress on the family due to employment and lack of money and food, supplies. and so that causes us to respond to a lot of calls, causing us to be exposed and tensions are really high. then that no respect for law and order, they attack officers at will. brian: mark, here is the other thing, oklahoma city, not one of those states looking to defund
3:32 am
the police seem to be pro-law enforcement the overwhelming majority of citizens here in oklahoma do support law enforcement. what we need -- and i think we need this throughout the country, is our elected leaders from some of the local level, all the way up to congress, to speak out and condemn these ambush-style attacks. just over a month ago a deputy, just a little bit west of the metro in the city was shot seven times. one of those instances that the brother referred to about domestic violence and responding to that call in tulsa a little over a year ago had an officer killed in the line of duty off of a simple traffic stop. so, yeah. things are better here in oklahoma than other parts of the state. this is a nationwide issue that we have to speak out against and reverse this trend. brian: rick, i think defund the police even scared the heck out
3:33 am
of the democrats. anybody with a brain in their head knew it was a dumb thing to say and believe. even though congresswoman cory bush still believe it how do you get the respect back amongst the masses? how do you do that? we have been in places similar to this before in the past. can we break out that playbook again? >> well, i think, again, it goes back to what's driving this lack of trust and respect really for law enforcement is the fractures within the system. it's when the residents in the community, residents in the neighborhood, see the officers make the arrest. but see that violent offender return right back to the neighborhood. often within hours. it dilutes the process and it dilutes really the ability of the officers to be able to solve the problems in the community. we're reminded -- this is not a gun violence issue. it's not a knife violence issue. it's not a car violence issue. it's a human violence issue. until we start to address the issues of the heart, none of this is really going to improve. brian: issues of the heart. actually if you do the crime you
3:34 am
actually have to go to jail. wouldn't that help, steve? >> it would help greatly. instead of having these no bonds reduced bonds, holding people accountable for the actions that they did. so that others see that if you do the crime, like they say you are going to do the time. that's what we need to get back to. brian: real quick i want to get all of to you weigh n oklahoma you have problems getting people to go into the academy, to sign up to be officers. >> it's absolutely horrible, brian, yes. absolutely, we are under staffed and large metro areas, you can imagine how that trickles down when generally the smaller agencies have fewer benefits. they are struggling as well. brian: what about you rick snyder. >> yeah. we are seeing that this move to dehumanize. demoralize and demonize our officers is resulting in high attrition rate but also very difficult chances of recruiting folks. brian: steve, yes or no. of the funding coming back in georgia? >> we're doing better in staffing. but it's still people don't want
3:35 am
to come back because they're second guessed by the split second decision they have to make. brian: i hope you know we have your back. we respect what you do on a daily basis. you do it because you want to make the city,' the town, the county a better place and the country. hang in there. homefully things will begin to reverse and will start in the households and work its way up hopefully to the precincts. thanks, guys. >> thank you for having us. brianbrightening up next the sue court signaling end to roved. what's on the line in this landmark case? we will discuss it legendary day for big britney spears a big birthday for her. guess what? she is allowed to celebrate ♪ ♪ ng. we're managing type 2 diabetes... ...and heart risk. we're working up a sweat before coffee.
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ainsley: protests erupting outside the supreme court on wednesday as justices hear landmark case involving a mississippi law that would ban abortions after 15 weeks. the highly contentious case is a potential game changer for both sides of this movement and undo precedent on the set with roe v. wade. sonia sotomayor worried about the political stench if overturn roe v. wade. >> will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the constitution and its reading are just political acts? i don't see how it is possible. >> i think the concern about appearing political makes it absolutely imperative that the court reach a decision well-grounded in the constitution. ainsley: here to react vice president at the cato institute, publisher of the kato supreme
3:41 am
court review ilia shapiro. >> good to be with you. ainsley: start with what justice zona sotomayor said. >> i don't know if justice sonia sotomayor were are convincing colleagues. the political ramifications, i think some things have changed i don't even if it's going to be that much of a revolution beyond twitter or elite activists if, indeed, the court were to overturn are roe v. wade. in virginia where i live just last month terry mcauliffe tried to make abortion a huge issue it seems of those voters who prioritized the issue that benefited glenn youngkin the republican candidate. there is different ways of
3:42 am
looking at the. scott stuart mississippi's lawyer was right the court to maintain its legitimacy needs to be seen as following the law however it sees the law. ainsley: the six conservative jurves seem to be poitzed with what is happening in mississippi. they agree that 15 weeks should be the max to have an abortion. and then the liberal justices made it political and talked about the religious implications here. you say amy coney barrett is the key to this. why is she the key. >> it seems on the line of justices and what brett kavanaugh her fellow trump appointee was saying in the court should be neutral and by neutral he meant not involved in the abortion debate at all. sending it back to the states which means overturning roe. and thomas alito, gulch, i think gorsuch: theythrow out the viay
3:43 am
standard, which he says is dicta, which means not minding on the court from roe and that 15 weeks gives enough opportunity for the right to abortion that roe established. i'm not sure if justice barrett is going to go along with that kind of intermediate sort of decision and she, after all, is the fifth vote. no longer chief justice roberts. ainsley: chief justice roberts he questioned why 15 weeks isn't enough time for a woman to choose. what was your reaction? >> he is clearly -- his project has been to depoliticize the court responding to this sort of concern that justice sonia sotomayor was starkly rising. i don't know how successful he has been in that attacking right and left. obamacare decision justifying the mandate on taxing grounds. he is not a liberal. he has not evolved in office. is he not a moderate.
3:44 am
he is an institutionalist. he tries to take small baby steps, not go as far as or as fast as some of his colleagues would like. and since justice barrett replaced justice ginsburg, he is the sixth man. he is no longer the middle of the court and unclear whether he is going to be able to get even -- peal away even one justice for some sort of fractured centrist position in this case. ainsley: all right, ilya thank for coming on. >> my pleasure. we will see you in june how this all turns out. ainsley: that's right. thank you. carley shimkus is upstairs and she has headlines for us. carley: today ghislaine maxwell trial enters day four. saw the defense team cross-examine a woman identified only as jane who says maxwell groomed her to become a victim of jeffrey epstein's. her lawyers revealing documents they say contradicts the accuser's testimony. it's still unclear if maxwell will take the stand herself. the trial is expected to last about six weeks.
3:45 am
actor alec baldwin breaking his silence in his first formal interview since the accidental shooting on the rust movie set. listen. >> it wasn't in the are script for the trigger you pulled. >> i never puzzled the trigger. >> youner pulled the trigger. >> no, no, no, no. >> how did a real bullet get that gun? >> i have no idea. someone put a live bullet in a gun. that bullet that wasn't supposed to on the property. carley: baldwin saying this is the worst thing that could have ever happened to him. unsportsman like conduct at a basketball game in iowa. a player punches a member of the opposing team twice during a handshake exchange after the game. now, no word yet on what spurred the attack from a member of the losing team but police say the player has been charged with willful injury, which is a felony in the state. and happy birthday britney spears. the recently freed pop star turns 40 years old today, she
3:46 am
jetted out of country with fiance sam to celebrate. she gushed in caption god, thank you for being able to go out of the country, i am blessed. the birthday girl's bo bringing her a special cake for her first birthday as a free woman. beautiful cake there ainsley. over to you. ainsley: that is a gorgeous cake. good for her. she hope she has a great vacation. >> you bet. >> check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> good morning, ainsley. a beautiful day, listen, we had a little bit of rain in the forecast in the northeast. that's moving out. the temperatures are warming up. by the way, if you want an accurate forecast, you need to go to our weather app., fox download it you will get accurate forecast. you will get accurate temperatures. there it is. you can actually go on the screen right now and put your smart phone up to the screen and it will go automatic particularly to fox and download it and get the best weather in all of america.
3:47 am
i put my stamp of approval on it look at this. we have record challenging heat today. we have high pressure that's dominating the west. and the jet stream is way up in canada. the heat continues to spread eastward across the northeast, down toward the mid-atlantic. we will see temperatures skyrocket again today for some of these regions, 10 to 30 degrees above average. and that's going to spread across the mid-atlantic and northeast. look at some of these records that we could hit in oklahoma city 80 degrees. 77 in denver. we could hit all-time december highs as well. this your forecast today. 46 degrees in new york. we are done with the rain. that is great news. we are going to be 62 in atlanta and 58 in dallas. not too bad if you like the warm temperatures. not too bad at all. ainsley: 83 down there in miami. janice: let's go, anxiously. ainsley: i know come on. thanks so much, janice. janice: you got it. ainsley: hard to believe twitter could be worse under its new leader that according to our next guest. why he may be signing out for
3:48 am
good. plus, taking pelosi to court. the democratic house leader will have to answer to a judge after withholding pay from republicans who defied her mask mandate. ♪ ♪ feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day.
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3:52 am
we are back with quick headlines, consumers would prefer corporations stay clear of politics. data company brunswick insight reports while 63% of businesses feel they should weigh in on social issues, only 36% of voters feel businesses should weigh in on social issues. and fans of home alone could get a chance to spend the night in the real mcalister house. air bnb renting out the home outside of chicago where folks will get to see the house just as it was in the movie. the rental price, get this, just $25 for a single night but there will be stiff competition for fans as kevin and his bag of tricks, the bookings open december 7th. mark it down in your calendar. steve, over to you. >> all right. thank you very much. carley. over the years, and on capitol
3:53 am
hill, former twitter ceo jack dorsey was slammed relengthlessly for twitter's censorship on their app. but could his exit from the company actually make the problem worse? in an op-ed for bari weiss' website common sense, vice president of the founders fund mike solanis says twitter is about to get way worse. what's he talking about? he joins us live right now from miami, mike, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so jack dorsey went away, you know, he is going to just run that other big company he has got, you know, billionaire problems. twitter famously cracked down, it eminent domain so like, on a lot of conservatives and a lot of conservatives were up in arms so they are look at if there is going to be a change of the guard, maybe the new guy is going to be better right obviously in the middle of culture war much of which takes
3:54 am
place on social media. there have been really high profile cases of censorship on twitter. everything from the "new york post" story following hunter biden's laptop to ultimately the deplatforming of donald trump in the middle -- towards the end of his presidency. it's natural that jack dorsey the face of twitter became the villain. my sense looking at his work and what he secretary of defense these instances of censorship were more his few high profile misses and quiet war rather than the things that he wanted. >> yeah. but he also at one point, mike, said up on capitol hill, he said or could have been via zoom. we are in silicon valley. serve a liberal who works at twitter. so, ultimately censor things it's through that prism. >> i don't have the quote in front of me. there is no way that he said they should be censoring along those grounds. in fact at congress at a hearing
3:55 am
at big tech hearing where i changed my mind on this. i was a really harsh critic of jack's up until his second congressional hearinger with pretty much got up in front of everybody and said no, i don't want to be an arbiter of truth. also p.s. nobody asked but i'm going to let you know. nobody sitting here should be an arbiter of truth either. no one in congress should be allowed to have this power. i'm going to be working to do everything i can nobody can ask this question about censorship ever again. steve: he is gone now and twitter has updated content policy that effectively makes citizen journalism impossible. he is free speech guy anti-authoritarian. leftism with censorship. that's definitely where we are seeing it come from a lot on the political left. i think it's possible to be liberal and also for free speech and he clearly was by his, i
3:56 am
think, words as well as as actions. steve: it just seemed like whenever they were censor somebody it would be from the political right. >> it does seem that way. steve: do you think that's a coincidence? no' i'm saying that absolutely happened at twitter. was what he blocking. highest profile cases of citizenship. we freak out and blame him. my sense is based on the fact that he apologized not only profusely for the "new york post" censorship. mortified and angry about it. sorry, go ahead. steve: i was going to say we are about out of time. you made your point. excellent article. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thanks. steve: all right. we're going to step aside. he just mentioned donald trump. we're going to talk to donald trump plus something about tom brady.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
whatever happened to president biden's promise to shut down the virus? >> i'm going to shut down the virus. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. >> we're working on it, peter. >> a record number of police officers have been shot and killed this year. >> an overall disrespect for law and order unlike we have ever seen in this country. >> this is not a gun violence issue. it's a human violence issue. >> there are spontaneous acts by said [inaudible] i don't think a
4:01 am
response by a fetus whose consciousness. >> are these the same people who want us to follow the science. >> the clock is running out for congress to reach a deal to keep the government open. >> the deadline is midnight tomorrow. [screams] >> the original home alone house now available to book on air b and n one night only. >> this is my house, i have to defend it. hanging out the window just to get that shot. i appreciate it and i think is he a human being, he answered my questions. and that is a shot of our book shelf. a lot of people say what does it look like if you go out from there and go to large screen. ainsley: everyone asks you that. brian: okay. do that and the back of our heads and then here comes ted. by the way we are in new york
4:02 am
city where it's 7:00. a population counting us 8.4 million people live here. steve: we wouldn't be counted because, why? i live in new jersey. so they wouldn't count me. ainsley: you don't live in the city. [sighs] ainsley: you don't pay that city tax. brian: minus 2. steve: you missed the connection to the christmas tree and who was just singing? kelly clarkson who last night was here in rockefeller center because they -- the neighbors lit up their tree and she did a big number. ainsley: i like that you can book the home alone house. steve: for $25. >> where is it located? do you know. >> i believe it's illinois. just outside of chicago. ainsley: like the biggest movie in our house right now. it's still funny to me too. brian: it screwed him up. ainsley: we watched your movie. brian: elf. that's a fantastic movie. that's not controversial the one that keith and ted don't like
4:03 am
and everyone under appreciates including steve is fred claus. and i just think that you guys have to sit down and really zone in on it. ainsley: we mind me what happens in that movie. steve: it's santa's brother. in the pant i don't know. brian: vince vaughn. steve: when you look at the best christmas movie that's the best christmas. brian: jesus had a brother. imagine being in jesus' shadow. santa claus getting all the publicity. what's it like being santa's brother? i think it's a great premise. steve: who was jesus' brother? brian: billy. do you know? jesus had a brother. ainsley: he did. can you imagine being it was one of the disciples. >> oh, great. ainsley: they believe one of the disciples was his brother and i can't remember which one. brian: how do you stand out? ainsley: how does anyone -- no one is add good as jesus. brian: he is the savior.
4:04 am
steve: tree lighting last night in rockefeller center. first time since covid hit. last year, i think it was kind of virtual. only a few people showed up for the actual lighting. things have changed a little bit. but last night even though there were thousands of people here you were advised to wear a mask outside. and social distance which was completely impossible. those are some of the requirements by the government and the local folks here in new york city. but, you know, when joe biden was running for president, he made it very clear that if he were elected president. he would end this thing. he would shut it down. remember that? if you don't, here is a flashback. >> we will start on day one doing the right things. we will let science drive our decisions. we will deal honestly with the american people and we will never ever ever quit.
4:05 am
that's how we will shut down this virus. >> i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> i have said before i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> once we businesses then we can start build back better than before. ainsley: oh my gosh dealing with the virus, afghanistan, dealing with higher gas prices and dealing with shelves being empty and dealing with an open border asking us to be tested if we leave the country not testing those who come in illegally. brian: he made that statement in the debate if you are the president in this debate and have you as many as 200,000 plus deaths you don't deserve to be president again to paraphrase what he said. his deaths with the vaccine have transcended what happened during president trump's administration and what search saying about missteps and press conferences that didn't take place. we didn't even know what was hitting us. china still hasn't told us.
4:06 am
now we have an idea what's going on. we are educated as a population and as a planet. and he still the deaths have transcended with president trump has done. jen psaki was asked about that. what about the defeating code. here is her spin. >> whatever happened to president biden's promise to shut down the virus? >> we're working on it, peter. the president will talk more about what we are going to do tomorrow. but we need the american people to do more who are not vaccinated to help us continue to fight the virus. steve: i don't remember in any of those sound bitsd where joe biden said is queer going to shut down the virus and work on it and take a year or two or longer that was not part of the small prohibit when the president was well former senator was campaigning for the presidency. one of the issues we're going to bring up with the former president of the united states donald trump is going to join us one hour from right now right here on this program.
4:07 am
they have got a big new picture book out. i think they have already run out of books. they have reordered apparently it is a big seller very interesting spin by the biden administration. if your gifts don't arrive on time blame santa. if the virus isn't out blame the people i want to ask what would he do differently if we had a supply chain crisis. you said you know he would be out there in the ports. >> that's a great question. how would he solve it? we'll hear from the former president one hour from right now. brian: if the numbers don't lie you have to say i don't like president trump did this and i think jen psaki answered one question that peter asked her. well, you know, you said your numbers are going to come down. well we do -- the other president told everyone to take bleach. like here we go again. just to go take shots at trump rather than answer the question. ains the numbers don't lie more people died under biden than
4:08 am
president trump. steve: national border patrol police put out a tweet, record number of officers who have been shot it reads simply enough is enough. more officers have been shot and killed this year than any other year and there is one month left. so far 314 officers have been shot in the line of duty. 58 of them were killed by gunfire, and ambush attacks up 126% year to date. and at the end it says pray for america's law enforcement. also, the fraternal order of police is calling on congress to pass the violence targeting our law enforcement with the pass the protect and serve act which was introduced by a dozen republican senators and essentially what that would do is it would make it a federal crime to knowingly cause or attempt to cause injury to an officer. so maybe if there were some tougher steps, people wouldn't be shooting some cops.
4:09 am
ainsley: say a prayer for the utah police officer who was shot. his number not included in that now fighting for his life and the other officer who was injured. brian: yeah. right now, if you are saying defund the police, as a congressman or woman to me i think you should consider yourself in trouble politically. and cori bush and you as any member of the squad you can ask them about defunding and rehagging police, yes those statements and words panic democrats because it's one of the most unpopular mantras that you can possibly say in america, especially now. we got a year of your idea of reimagining, defunding the police, and see where it got us. everyone's life is in greater danger, including the men and women in uniform. ainsley: everyone is scareder than we were before. interviews different fraternal orders of police one from georgia, indianapolis and oklahoma city. listen to this. >> overall, descrn for law and
4:10 am
order law enforcement unlike we have ever seen in this country, is part of the reason and a huge reason why the finest among us, brothers and sisters, men and women who put on that uniform are being attacked for no reason other than simply standing for law and order. >> officers are doing their jobs. but it's a broken revolving door of criminal justice on the back side of that process that's really contributing to this. especially as it re relates to repeat violent offenders it? >> would help greatly instead of having these no bonds, reduced bonds, holding people accountable for the actions that they did. so that others see that if you do the crime, like they say, you are going to do the time. then that's what we need to get back to. brian: numbers are down in almost every precinct around the country that doesn't help either. you are either working overtime or going out by yourself in the perfect world you would have a partner and you have to respond as that official in georgia said. you have to -- 911 call comes in you have got to respond even if you know it's going to be
4:11 am
extremely dangerous and you are going into troubled area and that's where you just -- in awe of these people that do these jobs. steve: we need to return to an america where respect law enforcement. ainsley: people feel safe because we have so many police officers around. steve: i know. brian: let's talk about one of the most controversial issues really since ever. especially since the 1970s. >> roe v. wade. there is a new case in front of the supreme court dobbs vs. the jackson women law. arguing about the viability affeidt tuesday not at 24 weeks but at 15 weeks. play it out and upheld it puts an end to roe v. wade so to speak and puts the power in each and every individual state. ainsley: the six conservative justice they seem poised to agree with mississippi no abortions after 15 weeks. but, if you ask the three liberal justices, they are claiming overturning roe v. wade is driven by politics and religious motivations. here is one of those.
4:12 am
this is justice sotomayor. >> i think it's an advancement in knowledge and concern about such things as fetal pain, what we know the child is doing and looks like and is fully human from very early -- >> -- 40% of dead people who if you touch their feet the foot will recoil. there are spontaneous acts by dead brain people, so, i don't think that a response to -- by a fetus, necessarily proves, that there's a sensation of pain or that there's consciousness. steve: right. so what the mississippi law does essentially banning abortions after 15 weeks is all these feelings about, you know, the fetus has feelings and can feel pain. ainsley: feel pain. steve: there was a great report on "special report" last night
4:13 am
where they said that in the report said most developed countries around the world allow elective abortions only during the first trimester. keep in mind this is just short of four months in the mississippi law. and only 59 out of 190 countries allow elective abortions at all. so the united states has got a very progressive abortion policy. and one of the other things that the liberal justice said. if you mess around with roe v. wade, essentially what you are going to do is you are going to damaged legitimacy of the supreme court which speaks directly to chief justice roberts and he doesn't want that. so that's the threat. if you -- you mess with roe v. wade, casey, you're going to, in the eyes of half the country, at least they would argue. you know, we're not legitimate. ainsley: that's what kavanaugh is saying it should be just up to the states. we shouldn't hear these cases. roberts is questioning why 15 weeks is not enough time for a
4:14 am
woman to choose. and amy coney barrett brought up the alternative to having an abortion like adoption. abbey johnson who we talked about in the past. she is the movie unplanned is about her. she is an activist and author. she used to work at planned parenthood. grew up in texas. grew up in a very conservative family who did not agree with abortion. when she became an adult, she started of working at a planned parenthood, just as a volunteer, helping the women come into the facility. well then she witnessed after a few years of working there witnessed an abortion and she saw the baby moving and trying to get away from the vacuum and that's when she resigned. listen to this. >> these are the same people that want us to follow the science but, yet, they are telling us there haven't been any scientific developments made in the maternal and fetal medicine made in the past 50 years. it's pretty interesting. this case could completely gut roe and casey. so this could turn abortion back over to the states and allow states to enact their state
4:15 am
constitutions. we know that 24 states would make abortion illegal because of trigger bans in their state this could have huge implications in the nation. brian: probably not going to get a decision until next summer. that's how long it will take. ainsley: june. steve: to close the loop before we go to the news, just about 15 minutes ago. we queried whether or not what were the names of jesus' brother? steve: james, joseph, judas and simon brothers of jesus. ainsley: they were disciples. brian: wait a second you are talking about disciples. ainsley: best of my knowledge brothers became disciples according to that. brian: i don't know that i thought there was one brother. ainsley: let's call -- brian: i didn't know nepotism. carley: i spent the last few
4:16 am
minutes looking this up in the back. i didn't think jesus had biological brothers but it could be also an interpretation of the bible because if you call, depending on the close relationship to jesus' nuclear family the bible refers to certain people as brothers. ainsley: you will hear brothers in christ and sisters in christ. brian: you don't think he has a half-brother? carley: i never thought that and i grew up christian. we should get cardinal dolan on the horn. steve: cardinal dolan two blocks away if you are watching calling us. ainsley: i'm going to text him. carley: shall we dive into news headlines? big story here. the suspect in the waukesha christmas parade tragedy exclusively speaking out to fox news. darrell brooks jr. saying from jail quote: i just feel like i'm being monster, demonized, dehumanized. brooks is charged with six
4:17 am
counts of intentional homicide after he allegedly drove his suv through a christmas parade in wisconsin killing six people and injuring more than 60. mass exodus from the vice president's office as chief spokesperson symone sanders leaving. this after reports of dysfunction in the west wing. sanders former campaign adviser for harris' campaign. will be out at the end of the year. second detar temperature in the month following the announced exodus. two more communication staffers are also reportedly leaving. the women's tennis association is immediately suspended tournaments in china as peng shuai remains absent from the public eye. she accused a former member of the chinese communist party of sexual assault. the wta is the only major sports organization to push back on china's increasingly authoritarian move.
4:18 am
peng resurfaced in a series of videos chinese officials. the wta says while we know where peng is i have serious doubt she is free and not subject to censorshipship, coercion and intimidation. listen to this, a one digital misdial got a freshman bable basketball player on the line with the tampa bay buccaneers. accidently typed the i don't think number in the team's group chat. the number actually belonged to buck's cornerback sean murphy bunting the football star facetimeing the group to introduce himself and all-star friends in the locker room including rob gronk ski and tom brady. brian: having fun with it passing the phone around. carley: he wasn't home. steve: tom brady has more fun in the off season than when he is actually working. carley: yeah, definitely. who wouldn't. steve: off the field. ainsley: biggest story is the jesus story.
4:19 am
lawrence story john was his cousin but he didn't have any brothers. is he looking it up. steve: i heard from my friend monday and my friend billie green. they gave the names i gave. ainsley: theologians have been debating this for centuries. steve: jonathan morris is coming up later in the program. brian: we have to do it before we toss to dana and bill hemmer we will find out. steve: okay. we will get to the bottom of this. meanwhile, 7:19 in new york. up next, republicans are taking nancy pelosi to court. the democratic house leader will have to answer to a judge after withholding pay from republicans who defied her mask mandate. thomas massi is leading the suit and he joins us live coming up next. ♪
4:20 am
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steve: happening today in d.c.'s g.o.p. lawmakers are taking house speaker nancy pelosi to court over her mask ban date in the house chambers. ainsley: lawmakers argue that pelosi violated the constitution when she congressed their salaries, remember that, for not wearing masks ons house floor. brian: joining us now is one of the lawmakers suing the speaker thomas massi. >> nancy pelosi is not just a tyrant. she is a hypocrite. she has one set of rules for herself and another set of rules for everybody else. in the house she has deducted money directly from our salary in blatant violation of the constitution. i know at love people aren't sympathetic to congressman having her salaries cut. what she dual to us she will do to the general public.
4:25 am
that's what i realized this summer when 10 of us went down to the floor and blatantly and openly violated the mask rule. she is either not very smart or doesn't have good lawyers. because she violated the 27th amendment to the constitution and base constitution which both say we can't change our own salaries. ainsley: aren't they doing it already to the american public by these vaccine mandates? you lose your job if you don't get the shot? >> that's exactly right. you know, this summer, that's what prompted us to go to the floor. we had this mask mandate and she said on tv if irving doesn't get vaccinated we are going to wear the masks forever. i saw the mask mandate in june was morphing into a vaccine mandate. we had to fight it or else she would do it to everybody else. steve: sure, the whole point of all the members? you are fully vaccinated you
4:26 am
don't have to wear mask in most settings. the house speaker, also part of the federal government, it looked like she just wanted to crack down on you. >> she did. she has never fined a democrat by the way. and she modified the rules so that she doesn't have to wear a mask when she is sitting in the speaker's chair. when joe biden came to speak this summer, she told him he didn't have to wear a mask. she is just making this up as she goes. again, she has rules for thee but not for me. brian: congressman, do your staff have to get vaccinated. >> oh, no, we have no vaccine mandate and no mask mandate in our office. none whatsoever. brian: what about all of congress? it's up to you guys, right? >> it's up to congress. by the way, the judicial branch is reluctant to wade in to foot fights in the house. 27th amendment and the constitution. ainsley: really quickly, how many people did she fine? how many people are on this lawsuit? >> there are about 10 of us.
4:27 am
but three of us are on this lawsuit. myself, marjorie taylor greene and ralph norman are on the lawsuit. steve: congressman, you know that she and her team of lawyers will argue it's a public health emergency declared by the program government and there are extraordinary circumstances you can take in a public health emergency. you know that's coming. >> i know it's coming. by the way, this is david vs. goliath. she is using your tax dollars, i believe, and has a whole team of lawyers to do this. we are funding this privately ourselves and not using tax dollars ourselves to sue her. steve: okay. well, thomas massi, congressman, sir, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. ainsley: we did reach out to the speaker's office for a statement and we have not received a response. brian: check our voice mail in the break. what joe biden knew about his son's business dealings and media's reluctance to report it miranda devine is uncovering it all.
4:28 am
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carley: we are back with your headlines, riveting testimony
4:32 am
captivates jurors day three of the smollett trial. the man who helped stage a crime claims smollett paid to get beat up in order to advance his acting career. he and his brother say they were paid $3,500 to carry out the attack. in just hours, smollett's defense attorney is expected to cross-examine the witness. students at arizona state university doubling down on their efforts to cancel kyle rittenhouse. >> kyle rittenhouse is not just any random killer. is he a white supremacist killer. is he a vigilante. he is a descendant of white americans who killed black and brown people. carley: dozens gathering wednesday to demand the school ban kyle from campus but some supporters also showing up for rittenhouse who was acquitted last month following a deadly shooting in kenosha, wisconsin. the clock is running out for congress to reach a deal to keep the government open. as tomorrow's deadline oid -- midnight deadline inches closer.
4:33 am
congress group of g.o.p. holdouts using vaccine mandates as leverage. there is no resolution in sight. a shutdown could trigger everything from national park closures to delays in social security checks. and take a look at this crazy video. run away horse is spotted galloping down the highway in massachusetts. state police say the horse named max was pretty calm considering the circumstances. and they were able to rein him to safety. it's unclear how he ended up on the highway. authorities contacted max's owner and they say he is now back home and safe and sound. we are glad that max is home, steve, over to you. steve: just glad he didn't exceed the speed limit in that lane. carley: horsepower. steve: good one. car thank you. the president's knowledge of his son's overseas business dealings. miranda devine's new book covers it all. laptop from hell, hunter biden
4:34 am
big tech and the dirty secrets the president tried to hide is available now and you won't believe what the book has uncovered. fox news contributor and "new york post" columnist miranda devine joins us live. miranda, good morning to you. we know that the original laptop from hell is sitting in a laboratory at fbi headquarters in washington, d.c. or quantico or wherever they look at laptops from hell. you got a cloned copy of it through rudy giuliani's lawyer? >> that's correct, bob costello who was given it by the book shop repair owner where hunter biden had abandoned it in april 2019. just a few weeks before his father announced that he was a candidate for the presidency. steve: right. what a treasure trove it has been for you to look at it and, among other things, you realize when you look at -- and by the way the cover photograph is actually from the laptop as
4:35 am
well. part of the photographs on the laptop. it receilings that hunter biden lived a lavish lifestyle, mainly because his father at the time was the vice president of the united states and it sure looks like a lot of people wanted to give him a lot of money for introduction. >> exactly. $10 million for introductions alone was one deal that he had with the chinese. tens of millions of dollars were flowing into his bank accounts and also his business partners and his uncle joe biden's younger brother jim biden from china, from ukraine, from romania, from russia. from kazakhstan and these were all his business partners who joe biden met when he was vice president is it joe biden met them in beijing. he met them in his own home. he invited people with breakfast
4:36 am
hunter business partners. he met them in the white house. he met them in cafe milano in washington, d.c. and, you know, it just puts to the lie what joe biden told the american people during the campaign when in fact peter doocy was one of the lotteries asked him do you know anything about your son's overseas business dealings? and he said i know nothing. he not only did he know but he had met these people. and we also know that hunter biden's salary, as a board member for this corrupt ukrainian energy company was cut in half a few weeks after joe biden left office as vice president. steve: and your book talks about how essentially hunter biden was the rainmaker for the entire family. the whole family made money off of him. you know, it's hard to figure out exactly what joe biden financially got out of it, but, hunter and joe shared a bank account and credit cards and stuff like that.
4:37 am
and, you know, miranda, ultimately people should take a look at what you have to say in this book because had people heard this before the election but the mainstream media shut it down. twitter shut it down. didn't want anything from the "new york post" on social media, had people known, i know there have been public opinion polls have shown that could have influenced who they voted for for president of the united states. >> exactly, steve. there were polls done after the election which shows that, you know, about half of biden voters had no idea about the scandal to do with the laptop or, in fact, that hunter biden and jim biden were under investigation. and if they had known, one in 10 probably would have changed their vote. and that could have had a material effect on the election at least in those battleground states which were won by 45,000 votes was the difference. steve: indeed. check it out. it is called "the laptop from
4:38 am
hell." miranda, thank you very much. we did reach out to hunter biden's lawyer for a statement. we did not hear back. all right. the book is available everywhere right now. all right, 22 minutes before the top of the hour. still ahead, the omicron variant reaches our border as the infected person goes into quarantine in san francisco. dr. nicole saphier just recovered from a break through case of covid and tells us what we need to know about this new variant. and we're getting into the christmas spirit here at fox news. stop by to check out all the all-american christmas tree at fox square. how pretty is that? 48th and sixth avenue. good morning, everybody. ♪ ♪ * season after season. ace your immune support with centrum.
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♪♪ all the gifts you really, really, really, can't wait to unwrap. ♪♪ joy. fully. ♪♪ ♪ ainsley: the omicron variant is here in the united states with
4:43 am
the first official case reported in california. the affected individual had traveled to the united states from south africa before the travel ban went into effect. they were fully vaccinated but no booster and are experiencing only mild symptoms. . dr. fauci was asked questions he didn't have answers to. the fact that there is a omicron variant in the country only a matter of time until we found it. the reason it takes time when you go in and get covid test it comes back positive or negative and they are looking for the
4:44 am
presence of the virus there. well then what has to go further is to sequence that virus. to say see if it is missing certain genes or having certain genetic mutations that is consistent with the omicron variant. that is why it took a little bit of time. one of the important steps dr. fauci mentioned this was a mild illness which is great news. we don't know the age of the patient. perhaps they were just a young, healthy individual and likely would have had mild symptoms even without it being the omicron variant. mentioned that they were fully vaccinated but they hadn't received a booster. maybe they were fully vaccinated last month. we don't have a lot of information. ainsley: why have search more concerned about this variant than other parents have in the past is it because the administration is pushing to us get vaccinated? >> great question, ainsley. first of all all the variants that have come forth so far throughout the pandemic. they have all had mutations specifically within the spike protein attaches to the human cells to gain entry and cause infection.
4:45 am
the omicron variant has about 32 mutations, actually a little bit more surrounding the spike protein and while they have a combination of previously seen mutations, the question is how do these mutations act in combination together? will they be able to estraight the vaccine induced immunity? will they be able to evade the natural immunity and will they still respond to our treatments? will they cause more severe disease in the overwhelming majority feels it may be more transmissible as we are seeing a significant rise in cases in south africa and other nation it may be more transmissible just like the delta variant. there is no indication at this time that it is causing more severe illness or a higher death rate or hospitalization rate. again, these are a little bit of lagging indicators so it will be a few weeks before we have a more clear picture but i can tell you, ainsley, it is highly unlikely that our immunity and our treatment will be render ineffective against any future variant. ainsley: we are just all ready to get back to normal. dr. saphier, thank you for
4:46 am
coming on with us. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: let's check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. how is it feeling? janice: feeling great. much of the country above average 95% of the country over today and tomorrow above average temperatures, 10 to 30 degrees above average. do you know what? i need to you download our app. if you haven't done so. it really is the best weather app. in america across the country. you can do it by fox or you can go up to your screen and put your smart phone right near that little bar code and then you will get fox weather. it will change your life if you have any upcoming events. it will give you the forecast. even if it's 6 months out. check it out. fox and let me know what you think. okay? all right. let's take a look at those temperatures across the country. because it's awesome. it's going to be 46 in new york. i think it's in the 40's right now. 60 in dallas and 60 in atlanta. potential high in the country hundreds of them. set records really all week. this is going to be a week long event.
4:47 am
here are the records we could challenge today in south carolina and georgia into the 70s. we love it there is your forecast today so we do have a clipper system going to dive across the great lakes and northeast. the northwest is going to get a bit of a break before the next round of storms move this weekend. there is the only action really happening across the great lakes and the northeast. otherwise, a really really nice forecast for much of the country. it's hard to believe that it's december 2nd, ainsley. i mean, it's pretty nice out here. of course, you can see our beautiful all-american christmas tree going to take a look at theta radio illinois now with the christmas music from toba. oh, so lovely. isn't it beautiful? ainsley: i know so beautiful. we thank all the people who worked so hard putting up all the decorations around fox. ainsley: fox nation is going to do a big light ceremony soon. ainsley: thank you so much, janice, great job. are you ready for thursday night football. jen hale is going to join us live with a preview of the biggest games on fox tonight that you can watch with your
4:48 am
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brian: it's week 13 of the nfl season and fox has it all covered with must-see games
4:52 am
especially tonight. here now to break down the nfl action, sideline reporter jen hale beginning with some thursday night football and according to my calendar, tonight is thursday. jen this is a big game tonight. >> it's huge, it's december football, brian so everything counts twice as much. yeah, cowboys in new orleans to take on the saints and there's two big factors so the oddsmaker s say the cowboys win in new orleans but their coaching staff has been decimated by covid. head coach mike mccarthy is not calling game, it's defensive coordinator dan quinn in charge and the cowboys haven't been able to get in their own weight room for more than a week because of covid. number two the saints expected to get back some key personnel, their swiss army knife quarterback and then alvin camar a, their star running back and mark ingraham. for those reasons i'm going against the oddmakers and thinking the saints at home for the upset. brian: it's going to be interesting now the other games on tap for fox, got the
4:53 am
washington football club and las vegas raiders it's up to the raiders play different almost every week but coming off a big win. arizona against chicago sunday at 1:00. what about your game at i'm looking forward to giants go to the dolphins. will the giants have a quarterback? >> that is the question. so, their quarterback, daniel jones, has a neck injury, and at first he was believed to be out. now he's a game time decision and questionable. the whole thing here is can that neck injury get worse if he gets hit or is it something he can play through. the dolphins are on a four game win streak again, they always seem to get hot late in the season, the giants desperately need daniel jones if not it's mike glennen getting the start and it could be a long day. brian: big step down jaguars fans know he's a solid backup but not going to win many games. jen hale, meanwhile it's time to bet. fox bet super 6 app, i want you to download that app right now and enter your picks, in the tn
4:54 am
f challenge for your chance to win $25,000 and again, it is terry bradshaw's money and he travels with it. >> he sure does. look that gold suitcase, brian. it's free to play all you gotta do is download the app and put your picks in, who do you think will win, what do you think is the score, that's why it's so important to know whose in, whose out, what's going on with these games. terry is giving away millions already, so who couldn't use a little extra cash now during the holiday season. brian: the fox sports guys really were here, this was their home base over the weekend over thanksgiving it was great to have them and terry bradshaw. jen hale, best of luck, giants and dolphins this weekend try to have a good time in miami. >> [laughter] thanks brian i'll do my best in the sunshine. brian: great. jen hale, thank you. meanwhile, kind of excited, friday night at 8:00, the president of freedom fighter tour will be live on fox nation and talk about all my books our personal war against american history, here's how to fight it, and what you'll do and kind of based off frederick douglas and abraham lincoln as well as
4:55 am
everything else so that'll be friday night. on saturday i'm going to take the whole crew over to clear water, florida where we'll do the show again for everyone in the tampa area, and then on sunday, be in mcclean, virginia at barnes & noble and come home and you'll see me next week and there's dates from tulsa to oklahoma city, on top of that i'll be in dayton, as well as cincinnati as well as tyler, texas so thanks for everyone keeping your top 10 in the country. meanwhile, don't go anywhere. i just looked at the rundown. donald trump, the 45th president of the united states, will he be the 47th president of the united states? will he make an announcement? i no one thing, his book is now out, will he surpass me and is that secretly his goal? >> ♪
4:56 am
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> pending requirements does that include everybody? >> the answer is yes. >> all these border crossers coming in in huge numbers. >> that's a different issue. >> the hypocrisy of the biden administration, that's not the way to fight a virus but the way to spread one. >> protests erupts outside the supreme court. >> this case could completely gut roe and casey. >> miranda divine reviewed tens
5:00 am
of thousands of documents related to hunter biden's chinese business deals. >> tens of millions of dollars were flowing into his bank account from china, from ukraine , from romania, from russia. >> president biden is putting his faith in st. nick. >> i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. >> you think this is bad. wait until he tells you the only way we're getting lower gas prices is if the easter bunny brings them. >> ♪ steve: live from 48th and 6th avenue, the crossroads of the world as you look out at fox square, there's our all-american christmas tree, and by the way, you can watch us light it this sunday on fox news at 10 p.m. eastern, and it's also going to be on fox nation. by the way, you know, a lot of gifts are going to go under your christmas tree. brian: maybe. steve: maybe indeed there could be a supply chain problem. we will talk to the former
5:01 am
president of the united states, donald trump, about what he would do to fix the supply chain in just a couple minutes, because he's going to be joining us live on the third hour of fox & friends for this thursday. brian: it's not the only issue, from everything happening in russia 100,000 troops in the ukraine border to what's happening at the iranian deal, we're begging to get into a deal the senate wouldn't approve is that going to keep everyone safe and whatever happens to the abraham accord where the middle east was coming together around israel. ainsley: how about afghanistan? now there are reports that the afghan security forces are being killed or many are missing. steve: and of course, no issue bigger than covid, and yesterday , the white house revealed the covid winter plan when it comes to travelers, it is less scary and less stride entertainment than what we had heard earlier, the new white house plan, sorry, the print is so little, expanding access to boosters --
5:02 am
brian: i've got a telescope. steve: launching family vaccination clinics to get kids vaccinated, distributing 50 million free tests to community, your health insurance will pay for it and here is one of the big ones yesterday, all international travelers will have to get a test within 24 hours of traveling and its got to be negative. one of the trial balloons that they had floated in the washington post was anybody flying into the united states, regardless of vaccination status , would have to self- isolate for a week and people were going what? that's impossible. ainsley: you can't take two weeks off for a one week vacation if you wanted to take your family i don't know, to europe and come back next summer -- brian: they threw that out. ainsley: if you want to get on a flight to the united states, any flights coming into our country from another country, you have to get a test within one day, we're thinking they are going to announce that tonight it's one of the ideas regardless of your vaccination status and they are considering post-arrival testing when you get home. brian: meanwhile the president of the united states has got his book on sale at 45 we'll talk to him in a matter of
5:03 am
moments called "our journey together" it's available now and he will bring those pictures to life but first jacqui heinrich joins us live from the white house with what we can expect today, i guess the president is going to have his strategy for the winter to fight the pandemic. reporter: that right the winter covid plan. the biggest message from the white house here continues to be urging americans to get vaccinated and that's even without an omicron-specific shot dr. fauci explained yesterday that is because with prior variants the existing vaccines that we have are effective against them, such as with delta , and the expectation is the same will be the case for omicron, but that is really the emphasis coming from the white house is to get people vaccinated and if you're vaccinated to get booster shots. the president will explain his winter covid plan at the national institutes of health which includes expanding access to boosters, launching vaccine sites for kids, increasing access to tests including home tests so it be paid for entirely by health insurance, but the
5:04 am
biggest change requiring all international travelers to test negative within a day of departure regardless of their vaccination status, it has a pretty big loophole. >> people who don't take a plane and just these border crossers coming in in huge numbers. >> that's a different issue of somebody getting on a plane, getting checked, looking at a passport, we don't have that there. there is testing at the border under certain circumstances. reporter: now, one thing the white house really wants to avoid is more lockdowns, that would cause economic disruption. just yesterday, president biden was talking about inflationary pressures, the supply chain issues and really trying to shift perception and to the all the levers he has pulled to try to address this even though we're not seeing necessarily the biggest change that his white house is hoping for as the situation put them on their heels quite a bit. back to you guys. brian: the white house but it's a question for washington. simone sanders says i'm going to be out starting the new year
5:05 am
so it's another key staffer for kamala harris. what's the back story to that? i mean, i know the word was there's so much back-fighting and in-fighting, i thought she be a strive or of this. does that catch many people by surprise? reporter: i think it does. it also is surprising there wasn't an explanation for it, we're hearing about some other potential staffers also, we have been unable to confirm those reports, but waiting to see the full details on exactly who all has left. brian: not good. just shows some chaos. thanks so much, appreciate it. reporter: thank you. brian: let's bring in the former president of the united states, number 45 will he be number 47 but first things first congratulations on your brand new book, mr. president. >> well, thank you very much, brian. thank you. steve: good morning. brian: what went into it, what was your approach here, just to bring back those four years to life through photographs? >> well, you know, we had a great four years and i've been watching what's happening and a lot of people were, they were
5:06 am
remorseful and they were like can we do something and it's really pictures of a lot of great things with the military, with so many other things we've done, and i think it's sort of a happy book. we bring in some negativity about what's happening now but frankly it's really a happy book and it's a book largely of beautiful pictures of events that took place and some of the things we've done. steve: sure, and we're going to talk more about the book a little later on. by the way, you can order it right now at mr. president, your administration came up yesterday our white house correspondent asked jen psaki about something that joe biden said about you during the campaign and during one of the debates, and she turned it around. anyway, it's a great question, and listen to the answer as well here's yesterday at the white house. >> in 2020 when roughly 220,000
5:07 am
americans had already died of covid, joe biden said about trump, anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the united states of america. is that still the standard now that more americans have died under president biden than president trump? >> and the former president was suggesting people inject bleach, he apparently reportedly didn't even share with people he was going to interact with that he had tested positive for covid himself, he continued to provide a forum for misinformation, this president made the vaccine widely available, he's relied on the advice of his health and medical experts and he's trying to be a part of solving this crisis, getting the pandemic under control, and i think there's a pretty stark difference between their approaches. steve: so mr. president, when joe biden said during the debate with you, that 220,000 americans had died on your watch, you should not be president of the united states, now, more people have actually died -- brian: 770,000. steve: during the joe biden
5:08 am
administration. >> well he's done a terrible job, just like he did with the h 1n 1, he's done just an absolutely terrible job getting it out, and getting people to take it. i mean, people just don't want to take it, and the vaccines have been, i have to be very proud of the vaccines. we did it in less than nine months, people said it was going to take five years to 12 years and probably wouldn't work. they worked incredibly well, some people don't want to take them and that's their freedom and that's what we have to do, but people don't want to take them because they don't trust biden. they don't trust the administration. we had none of that. everybody was fighting to take them and we were doing great. we were doing really great on distribution. we also bought billions of dollars worth before we knew it was going to be successful which saved us one year. so many things we did right, and what they're doings very sad, when you look at what's happening but more people died during this year than last year by a very substantial margin, and sadly, this year is not up.
5:09 am
steve: well, mr. president, why wouldn't people trust the vaccines they were developed through your administration? >> well a couple of things. number one, they did a pause on johnson & johnson which really sent shocks through, over six people that didn't die, by the way, but six people and for that, millions and millions of shots given, and they did the pause with johnson & johnson that was very bad, and they just haven't been able to sell it. people are not, they are not trusting this administration, and if you remember, when during the debate, i think she said, and he said oh, if it's trump, i won't take the vaccine, i won't take the vaccine, and then as soon as he got elected he tried to claim that he did it but he forgot that he got a shot during my administration, he got a shot, but there was just a great distrust of what they were saying and what they were doing and i think that's the problem and that's why they're trying to
5:10 am
setup mandates and really hurting things with the economy with the mandates, in addition to other things. ainsley: fauci kept changing what we were supposed to be doing and then when you look at afghanistan you talk to military families and they say we don't trust this administration, we put our kid's lives in the president's hands and look what he did. he pulled out and left so many americans behind enemy lines, many are still there. when you look at the border people don't trust what he's doing down there because you'll hear dr. fauci saying you need to wear your mask, you need to get vaccinated, but yet they are letting so many people flow over the southern border and peter doocy he had a busy day yesterday also at the press conference with dr. fauci, and he pressed him on that issue. listen to this , mr. president. >> as you advice the president about the possibility of new testing requirements for people coming into this country, does that include everybody? >> the answer is yes, and everybody coming into the country needs to get a test within 24 hours of getting on the plane to come here.
5:11 am
reporter: but what about people who don't take a plane and just these border crossers coming in in huge numbers. >> that's a different issue. you don't have the capability, as you know, of somebody getting on a plane, getting checked, looking at a passport, we don't have that there. reporter: is there something to do to test these people somewhere else? >> no, there is testing at the border, under certain circumstances, as you know. steve: yeah, but not by the federal government. ainsley: mr. president, your reaction? >> it is a disaster. we have millions of people flowing across and we're not only talking about the china virus or covid, whatever you want to call it, we're talking about many other diseases coming over the border that are far worse, coming over the border, and nobody is being tested, nobody is being checked, prisons of other countries are being dumped into our country. we're like a dumping ground. we had the strongest border in the history of our country. the wall was largely built and could have been finished in three week, and they decided not to finish the openings, just some openings. we did an incredible job, 500
5:12 am
miles of wall and this is why that, coupled with other things, gave us the greatest numbers we've ever had, the most successful its ever been. we take people but we take them in legally. now, one other thing that's pour ing in right now that nobody even mentioned are drugs. drugs are coming in at a rate of seven times greater than when i was doing it and our numbers were going way down. we were having the lowest drug numbers and if you look at the numbers of people that are coming in now, we're millions and millions of people every couple of months, we're looking at 12, 13, 14 maybe even 15 million people a year, and none of those people are tested. brian: so it seems to me the remain in mexico program that was widely ridiculed by the current president of the united states, now according to the courts has to be re-implemented and officially goes back into production, remain in mexico starts again, but -- steve: your policy. brian: your policy is back in, i think starting today.
5:13 am
what's your reaction to that? >> well they should have never ended it. if joe biden would have come in and just gone to the beach, he would have been successful in many ways because all of this stuff, the border was the best it ever was, and getting better, drugs coming in was getting at a level we've never seen before. brian: is there a sense of gratification, mr. president for you personally that a policy that he ridiculed the courts are making him put back in? >> no, because i want to see good for the country, brian. it's so important to me. i want to see good for the country. there's no gratification. what they're doing is destroying our country. our country is being destroyed before your very eyes, and i've never seen anything like it. the withdrawal from afghanistan, you know, i got us there, we were down to 2,500 troops, the taliban respected us, abdul, i dealt with him a lot, he respected us, we were taking the people out, we were taking
5:14 am
some afghans, our equipment out. we left $85 billion worth of equipment, it's unthinkable, and they had a parade last week showing off all of the equipment they took. it was like a surrender. there's never been a lower point in the history of our country and don't think that china and russia and north korea and iran weren't watching, because that was the greatest embarrassment in the history of our country in my opinion. steve: if you're just joining us -- brian: almost everybody's opinion. stuart: steve: we're speaking to donald trump, former president of the united states, about the news of the day. we'll talk about his new book that comes out in a couple days in a moment. mr. president, we all know that there's a supply chain bottleneck and joe biden yesterday essentially said it doesn't matter if you're naughty or nice, there are going to be problems but he did say one person, and only one person, can promise whether or not you'll get your stuff. listen to this. >> if you watch the news
5:15 am
recently you might think the shelves and all our stores are empty across the country, that parents won't be able to get presents for their children on this holiday season, but here 's the deal. for the vast majority of the country, that's not what's happening. i've also spoken with the ceo's of ups and fedex, which are on track to deliver more packages than ever. now, i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. steve: okay, so he makes a joke out of it at the end but it's a real crisis. if you were president of the united states, and clearly, the administration did not plan adequately as the demand returned after covid and the pandemic and we're creeping back toward normalcy, normal times, but mr. president, what would you do to fix the supply chain crisis?
5:16 am
>> well first of all, it would have never happened. nobody ever mentioned those words supply chains. they would have never brought that up. we had perfect supply chains. we had an economy that was going like, we had the greatest economy in history, we then had the china virus, we fixed it, we did a great job with it, and between not only that, the ventilators, all of the different things that we did getting, stocking up all of the states which by the way all of the cupboards were bare and that includes the united states government. there was nothing there. we did a hell of a job. we've got no credit for it but maybe some day we will, but we would have never had a supply chain problem but one of the causes is the mandates, because a lot of people aren't working, because of forced mandates. that's one of the very big causes. another thing that's going to be a big problem and it's a problem like nobody's seen before, you know, we were energy-independent. we didn't need ships all over the place clogging up the waters , coming in from saudi
5:17 am
arabia, russia, and other places we were the biggest in the world we went to the biggest in the world. within one year, we would have been bigger than saudi arabia and russia combined, with real energy, and its called liquid gold, under our feet. we have an advantage that other countries like china don't have. so many different things, but the mandates had a lot to do with the supply chain problem. ainsley: something that's also frustrating for americans is the amount of crime that has gone up in our country, and the way that our men and women in blue are being treated. the fraternal order of police, they have had enough and yesterday said enough is enough, more officers have been shot and killed this year than any other year, and there is one more month left. 314 officers shot, 58 officers killed by gunfire, ambush attacks on officers up 126% from 2020, pray for america's law enforcement. mr. president, this doesn't include the utah officer that was killed that we're all
5:18 am
praying for , and another officer that was shot and is trying to recover right now. what is your reaction to that tweet? >> well when you look at san francisco and you look at 100 kids or people running into a store together and the cops are standing out there not allowed to do their job, they aren't allowed to do their job and you allow a thing like that to happen, we have a country that has no law enforcement, has no law and order, our police are great. they're not allowed to do their jobs and they're now being hit. people aren't even afraid. they go and shoot police, they don't respect them, the people of our country love our police, and they do respect them, but they're not allowed to do their job. if you allowed them to do their job that would stop and crime would stop, but they're not, you look at what's going on in new york. you look at what's going on in chicago, and look at what's happening in san francisco and
5:19 am
it's happening in many other cities that they don't want to report about. you know, the media, i thought of you people and a few others, the media has been reporting this problem but when you have hoards of people running in, kids mostly, running in, steal ing, robbing stores where drug chains are closing all their stores in different cities because they can't keep them open, we just don't have law enforcement, we're not allowed to have law enforcement. our country, i'll tell you what. our country is being destroyed. it should never be allowed to happen. the police have to be given their power back, they have to stop the crime, they can do it and they want to do it but they're not allowed to do it. brian: mr. president, you referenced this a little bit earlier, and that's china. we know that they launched this virus unintentionally, perhaps, who knows, they won't tell us. it's killed 750,000 american, and millions around the globe. we know they just disappeared,
5:20 am
their leading tennis player because she accused a former official of sexual assault, they are pulling out of all of the tournaments there, there's a growing push to boycott the china olympics who by the way also rounded up their muslims into concentration camps and are torturing them as well as harvesting their organs. in taiwan, threatening their neighbors, is this the time to say we're not going to go to the winter olympics? >> by the way before i answer that, none of this happened with us. they didn't send bombers over the middle of taiwan. he knew not to do that. had a very good relationship with president xi. he knew very well you can't send bombers over taiwan. none of that stuff happened and they will wait until after the olympics and they will do something with taiwan now, they no longer respect us. they watched afghanistan, they watched our generals not knowing what they were doing. they saw all of that and they're watching very closely. they will be doing things, russia will be doing things and maybe even north korea will be doing things because they're
5:21 am
watching our country. we are psychologically weak. we built the military, i built a great military. we had jet fighters that were 40 and 50 years old. we have new everything. we're in such great shape, but you still have to have the brain power to know how how to use it and they watch that withdrawal and by the way, the withdrawal, get out. 21 years but you get out with dignity and strength and we were going to get out with dignity and strength what they did, these countries see that, and i'll tell you what we're in a much different position. with that being said, you hurt the athletes, you hurt a lot of people. i would not do it, jimmy carter tried it, it didn't work. i wouldn't do it. that's not the problem. by the way, one other thing. i took in billions, hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes and tariffs from china. we never got tennessee 40 years hundreds of billions of dollars, and businesses were starting to
5:22 am
come back to us. china respected our country. russia respected our country. i stopped the pipeline going to europe. biden approved it, but of course , he stopped the keystone pipeline in our country, and others he's trying to stop. now, we have a group of people, i don't know if it's biden, it might not be, but we have a group of people that are destroy ing our country, and perhaps knowingly destroying our country. ainsley: but he doesn't want us to rely on fossil fuels, do you think he's doing this on purpose so that we buy electric cars? >> so fossil fuels are our strength. it's our advantage and it also can fire up those big factories and those big plants. you look at what they're doing to our landscape. they're destroying our landscape , our birds, destroying with wind and by the way those turbines are all made in germany and china. brian: yeah, i know. and if you talk about emissions, the making of those turbines, if
5:23 am
you really go with the admissions theory, the making is so onerous to the environment that nothing they could do will ever save anything as far as cars, in order to make the batteries of those cars, the electric cars and now you're not going to have a choice because they want to go all electric, but doing that is going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of people. they don't was to go that way. they are taking our greatest asset under its, it's right under our feet. we are blessed as a country with tremendous energy reserves under our feet, and they don't want us to use them. brian: mr. president, you were on social media and you said a lot of people are saying you've got covid on social media and you say that's the reason i got elected. now that you're off social media even despite january 6 and the investigation, everything that happened since, the impeachment that followed, your ratings, according to friendly pollings for you, are higher than they've beenment did you overrate the impact of
5:24 am
social media, and in retrospect, will you need it if you want to run again? >> i think that people are seeing great job that we did. again, we had the greatest economy in the history of our country. we rebuilt our military, we had great military support. you look at the hispanic support we've had, we had the best hispanic support. i just think that people are missing us. brian: what about social media, mr. president? but what about social media? did it hurt you more than help you and now that you're off it and you see that nothings really changed with your numbers except actually going up, do you think that you overemphasized social media? >> it is strange because my numbers now are the best they've ever been and i think that's because maybe they look at the opponent and they look at what's happening to our country. look, i think social media is important. i think we have some very bad people. i think a lot of illegal things were done with social media, you understand when they can do 417 million, you know, if you
5:25 am
spend more than $5,600, they put you in jail, and yet here's the guy who spent $417 million and nothing happens to him. brian: oh, on the election. >> so i think social media is fine if it's used properly, and i think we're going to have a platform that's going to be incredible and that's what's being developed right now. ainsley: will you change your approach? >> you know, i really, it's such an interesting question. i had to move fast. our country was in bad shape. i had to move fast. some of the things like let's sit down and let's talk very calm, i had to get things going fast. china was ripping us off, $500 billion a year. europe, they sound nice but they rip us, almost as bad as china. we made a new deal with mexico, we made a new deal with canada, we made a new deal with japan, we were doing a lot of things and you had to move fast and sometimes, in order to do that, you can't, i can be as nice as anybody. i think i'm a nice person, but we had to move quickly, and
5:26 am
sometimes, you have to break the eggs a little bit. steve: to make an omelette. okay, so mr. president, during your four years as president of the united states, you had at least one or two official white house photographers with you at every event. every time you were out in public they were snapping pictures. there are millions of images in the vault and obviously, part of the donald trump presidential archives. you've sifted through all of those and you put together the first book of your post- presidency it's called "our journey together." this book, it's a coffee table book, its got 300 pictures in it i understand you wrote all of the captions. how did you figure out what pictures were, out of the millions, how did you figure out which pictures went in and which ones did not? >> well it's a great question, frankly, and it's somebody from who also has had some very successful books, but we wanted to do it quickly because we wanted to give people hope.
5:27 am
our country is just now, there's so many people that are down, and we wanted to show, it was a beautiful time. it was unfair, nobody was ever attacked and hit like i was, but i understood that and i got it and i think we also gave it back to them, but we had to do something and you're right. we have millions and millions of pictures, but we picked pictures that we thought really represented the time and there are a lot of beautiful pictures. even the rallies we have pictures of these massive rall ies that we have and the rallies right now are bigger now than even before the election, which is shocking. normally you'd think you wouldn't have anybody show up. we had in alabama 69,000 people and we went to as an example, we had four rallies that i think were the biggest that we've ever had. we had a tremendous rally in georgia, we had a tremendous rally in iowa, unbelievable rally in iowa, but the numbers
5:28 am
are so big, and it's really people want hope and that's a little bit and maybe a lot of the reason that i did this book. i think it gives people some hope and to look into a very beautiful time in many ways a very beautiful time. covid came along and we had to fix it then we got it going again, so we really did it twice now our country is being destroyed. brian: does it make you want to get another four years and be the 47th president and is it true that the first lady, melania trump, first lady told you i'm not going back if you run again. >> no that's not true. that's interesting, more fake news. that's not true. steve: fake news. all right >> she was a great first lady and she did a great job, she loves the people, they love her, i see how they love her but no, i will say this. we have to fix our country. our country is going bad. we're not going to have a country no longer if we keep doing this when we allow other
5:29 am
countries to empty their prisons into our country. brian: but what about you? do you want to be the 47th president? are you thinking about, do you think you're the only one to bring it back as the 47th president? >> well if you look at the poll numbers i am, because the poll numbers are 95% and 96% approval rating now in the republican party. nobody has ever had that and overall approval numbers are great, so you know, i'm not going by polls i'm just saying, i did it before and really did it twice. i did it, we had it at a level that has never been seen before and then we brought it back to a level that was really good despite the china virus and other countries, not one country has fared as well as we have, not one country. steve: mr. president, pardon the interruption, as we were just looking at those many images from the four years of your administration, what was the , and you had to struggle to find the photographs for this particular book, what
5:30 am
was, out of curiosity, the best day as president? >> well, we had so much success steve: narrow it down to one if you could. >> if you look at right to try, okay, we got the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country, that was a great day. we got the biggest regulation cuts that was a great number of days. we had right to try, so right to try, they've been trying to get it for 47 years and i got it that's where you can use medicine to take people that are terminally ill and allow them to see if this medicine works and its been incredibly successful. that wouldn't sound as big as some of the other things we've done, but that was a very big thing. supreme court justices, well they are making a ruling a very important ruling soon, let the see how that works out but i had three, you know it's very unusual to have three and i got three and they are very good and
5:31 am
let's see how that all works out because right now, they are going to be making one of their biggest decisions, and putting in almost 300 judges throughout the united states. i mean it's almost 30% of the judges in the country, so we had a lot of big moments and i could just go on and on. steve: okay. ainsley: mr. president, thank you so much for coming on with us. if you're interested in pre- ordering the book it's 45 i hope you're enjoying florida. i know the trump family unfortunately is canceled in certain states and you all moved down to florida, left new york, i hope everyone is happy and doing well. thank you so much for joining us >> thank you very much. thank you. steve: all right donald trump, former president of the united states. still ahead -- brian: sounds very happy. ainsley: sounds measured and happy right? steve: still ahead we'll talk to florida senator marco rubio about some news coming out of florida, speaking of florida, and the future of the republican party. stay with us. my nunormal?
5:32 am
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5:36 am
died. we are learning prosecutors are also suggesting the teen's parents will face charges as schools around the area are closed today after reportedly receiving threatening messages. >> chris cuomo is speaking out after being taken off the air. listen. >> it hurts to even say it. it's embarrassing. i've apologized in the past, so i'm not going to talk about this anymore. reporter: cnn sidelining the primetime anchor after it surfaced he had a larger role in helping his brother combat negative press surrounding sexual misconduct claims. reporter: overnight the mlb's collective bargaining agreement coming to a halt plunging player s into a lockout, talks ending with management negotiators leaving the mediation nine hours before the deal lasts. this is the first work stoppage for the league in nearly 30 years, how about that, guys over to you. steve: its been a while. thank you very much, carlie.
5:37 am
meanwhile with the omicron variant, now in the united states, in san francisco, with the first official case reported there, the individual whose infected apparently had traveled to the united states from south africa before the travel ban went into effect. the person was fully vaccinated and are currently only experiencing mild symptoms and are currently self-isolating. ainsley: fox news medical contributor joins us now to discuss this. good morning, doctor. good morning. ainsley: good to have you here so this person returned novembee on november 29. it takes a few days to test this every time someone in america gets covid, do we test to see what type of variant it is? >> that is a great question. no, not everyone gets tested to determine the exact variant. ainsley: why did this person? >> well because we're on alert and this sheds light, ainsley, to the fact that we really do need to ramp up our surveillance infrastructure. we're only testing five to 10% of the specimens that come in.
5:38 am
we need to double and triple that amount. in california, they test about 12%, we're only 5-10% as an average in the nation. we really need to increase that amount so we can pick-up new variants early and be two-steps ahead of the game. brian: and do what? >> well it prepares us. okay what is this variant going to do? are vaccines still going to work will monoclonal antibodies still work or not work? do we need to update our current vaccines? it gives us information and know how to handle a potential new variant. steve: you just touched on what i was going to ask you and right now the drug companies are looking to see whether or not they need to update the recipe on this particular vaccine, but delta is the most dominant variant currently but they didn't update the recipe from last year. it's still the original recipe. why didn't they update it? >> you're absolutely right, because we know that our current vaccines still work in preventing severe disease. steve: couldn't they tweak it to make it better?
5:39 am
>> that and hospitalization, absolutely right just like we tweak and modify and update our flu shots every year, we do need to do the same thing and update our current mrna vaccines and currently, moderna is doing that they anticipated that we were going to have new variants so they were already in the process of manipulating the current mrna vaccine to make sure we were ready to go if a new variant emerged. pfizer is currently testing to see will their current vaccine work or do they also have to update their vaccine, but preliminary data out of south africa does suggest that our monoclonal antibodies which i think are so important because that's one of our best therapeutics to help treat severe diseases especially who are high risk that and our vaccine is showing to hold really well according to preliminary evidence out of south africa. ainsley: what do you recommend for treatment if someone does get covid because some of these treatments you have to have immediately. yes, absolutely that's a great question because merck is coming out we had fda approval for merck's pill which can help reduce death and hospitalization
5:40 am
also pfizer's new drug paxflovid is beneficial but right now especially if you're high risk and you test positive, you can go and get that monoclonal antibody therapy and it takes one or two hours to get it through the iv, a lot of my patients had it and they said they felt better since they had it. ainsley: is it easier to find it >> it is you have to ask your doctor. steve: and you are pro-vaccine, pro-booster? >> yes, sir, i sure am. i've been taking care of thousands of covid patients the past couple years and i strongly believe i was lucky enough to not pick it up because i wore my mask and i got my two doses of moderna and thigh third dose was actually pfizer, so i mixed and matched. brian: overreaction with the omicron, right? >> we shouldn't overreact. we shouldn't panic. it's good to be aware and good to be alert, take precautions and know that it's out here and so we can just take measures. brian: but the market dropped 800 points? >> that shouldn't have happened hopefully it goes backup. ainsley: okay, thank you, doctor
5:41 am
>> thank you. ainsley: senator marco rubio will join us live with his plan for the future of the republican party. brian: it's a lie.
5:42 am
5:43 am
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5:45 am
ainsley: in just hours, president biden is set to outline stricter covid testing protocols and restrictions, it is part of his strategy to curb the spread of covid this wepter, as the new omicron variant hits the nation. steve: it comes as a state of florida where tougher restrictions and mandates are off the table, is reporting the nation's lowest number of cases per capita. brian: florida senator marco rubio joins us right now. is this going to keep us safe from what you saw once the president outlines it, through the winter? >> we haven't seen it yet.
5:46 am
look i think we've now seen it. you look at every country in the world the pattern is similar with a spike followed by a drop and it spikes, a lot of people get it, it gives them immunity and then there's not enough people to infect because they have immunity at least for however long it lasts and i also think it's a time for humility, we don't know if the natural immunity lasts for two year, five years or six months and on top of that you have people that are vaccinated so right now in florida i know personal who have two shots, a booster and covid all in the last 12 months, wow, i'm not an expert but i will tell you based on what the experts say that the chances of those people getting covid anytime soon is not high, and then so you look at that and you say of course, the numbers have dropped and so now they are going to surge in places that didn't have a spike earlier and every country, new zealand, right? you can shutdown the whole country because of one case, but eventually, it's going to get there because it's a virus and all we've ever tried to do here is the goal is always not been covid zero, the goal has
5:47 am
been delay getting covid as long as possible because the longer you can delay it the more treatments, options, the more we know about it and so forth and so what i do hope the strategy isn't going to be is one that's counter productive, that in essence forces people to do things that we don't need to do, because all that does is create more strife, more economic pain, and frankly more division in the country. ainsley: senator let's talk about the future of the gop because we saw what happened in virginia, we have mid-terms coming in about a year, former president trump was on with us, we're waiting to find out if he will run again in three years so let's talk about the future. i know you're teaming up with tim scott to build a more diverse gop, when virginia won the gop was a party of parents, and now you're teaming up to make this more diverse. tell us the future. >> there's two ways to have a party that reflects the country. one is to go out and create specific policies for individual communities, as if somehow they aren't also parents, they aren't also
5:48 am
spouses, business owners, and americans, and the other is to take a message that mem by and large share and just make sure everyone is hearing it. the bottom line is this , that you look at the issues of a small business, look at the issues about cultural issues about our country, about how we define our history and what we teach our children and role plants should play in school and what economy we need to have there is really no distinction between hispanic americans for example, and the rest of the country. they have the same aspirations for their children, same hopes for our country and in many cases you'll find that people that were born somewhere else that know what life is like in other countries, they don't have time for silly talk about how terrible america is. they know what terrible looks like, and this ain't it, and so i think sometimes you find that people that are citizens by choice of the united states in many cases end up loving this country more than someone born and raised here their whole life because they know what life is like in other places. steve: is the goal of this to get more people to run as republicans, get more people
5:49 am
interested in the republican party, because to ainsley's point what we saw in the commonwealth of virginia were more people just out of nowhere and across all of political ideologies, suddenly interested and running for the school board. >> yeah, across-the-board, you now have a lt. governor in virginia whose an african american immigrant woman, you have an attorney general whose a cuban american, and but again, what i would say to you is, we want our voters to reflect the country, and we want our candidates to reflect our voters and that really is what this is about. we want to make sure there are people out there that are thinking about running, but perhaps haven't run in the past, because they say well no one with a last name like mine has been elected they are choosing not to enter public service because of that, and i think that's a big part of it. the bigger part in all of this is of course we made a big mistake 20 years ago when we admitted china to the world trade organization because that was based on the notion we were going to export capitalism and it would change china, when in fact it's china that's changed capitalism. so today, you know, we have
5:50 am
american corporations who in order to make billions of dollars have no problem using slaves in china, have no problem sending factories over there and jobs over there, and i think that's a position and that's something republicans need to point to. we need to have capitalism, not socialism, but it has to be good for americans. brian: real quick, senator, you also said you've got to steer back to the blue collar worker when it comes to republicans. stop kissing up to corporations. these ceo's don't like you any way. >> yeah, so right now as i speak to you we've got ceo's & companies who are lobbying to kill my weger slave labor bill which basically says you buy products made and we will presume they're made by slaves. they are working quietly to kill it. we've got basically congressional leaders willing to kill the defense bill in order to not pass a bill that has my amendment in it . it's outrageous. brian: senator marco rubio thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile let's check in with bill hemmer. bill: hey, guy, great show good morning to all three of you what we know about the variant we'll pick-up on that conversation, dr. marc siegel
5:51 am
will tell us today. mitch mcconnell is here, live, plenty of issues to talk about on the verge of a government shutdown, more people are leaving the office of kamala harris, tell you about that and trey gowdy and the abortion argument, what happens if the court sides with the state of mississippi? dana and i will see you shortly guys top of the hour 10 minutes away.
5:52 am
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>> hello i'm janice dean, with your weather forecast, your fox weather forecast, and hi, zane, where you from? >> tyler, texas. >> could you give me a weather forecast right now? >> sure. so, it is partly cloudy and 50 degrees. >> oh, my gosh that's amazing and listen do your parents have the fox news weather app? >> yes, they do. >> they downloaded it on their app? >> yes. >> it's pretty awesome right? >> oh, yeah. >> excellent, awesome forecasting and you know what people can go right now and put their smartphone up to the screen where you are right now, and that bar code will bring you to fox weather app. that's awesome. okay let's take a look at the rest of the forecast shall we real quick it's going to be warm , i mean 50 degrees right now here in new york, that's crazy, so we're going to set some records not only for the west but through the plain states and even parts of the northeast and mid-atlantic so that's pretty awesome. you're from tyler, texas you like the warmth? >> yes.
5:56 am
>> how long you here for? >> i'm here until sunday. >> fantastic and do you like this amazing all-american christmas tree behind us? >> oh, yes. it's beautiful. >> well thank you for coming. >> uh-huh. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> you take that and say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. >> hi, steve, hi, ainsley, hi, brian. steve: hi there. ainsley: good job! cute. brian: all right ainsley: so adorable. thank you. steve: meanwhile just a couple of blocks away from where we're sitting as you could see from our skycam, you could see st. pat's cathedral on fifth avenue which welcomes more than 2 million visitors during christmastime, but how does the historical cathedral prepare for all those people? watch. >> you'll see this place is just an explosion of christmas plants and pointsettias and flowers and candles and christmas trees and the magnificent choir with
5:57 am
christmas carols. brian: wow christmas at the cathedral is available now only on fox nation. ainsley: two of our favorite cath let's isn't that so cute we love them. here with more is one of them fox news contributor jonathan morris, good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: we'll get to the fact that you have a new baby boy in your house. >> i do. ainsley: we're excited. >> christmas pat home. ainsley: tell us about christmas at the cathedral. >> absolutely so 2 million visitors come through at christmastime, in the heart of midtown manhattan, but this cathedral was built, finished in 1879 when they began to build this cathedral, this was basically wilderness, and the old cathedral in 1809 old st. pats was way downtown and the bishop at the time said, you know, i think new york city is going to grow and build a cathedral way up north. people had to take carriages, horses, to get to it. it was a visionary thought, and now, we're reaping the benefits. steve: didn't you work at the other st. pats for a while? >> i did, old st. pats.
5:58 am
brian: did you discover anything about this when you went behind the scenes here? >> i discovered so many things. one of the things i discovered was that st. patrick's cathedral not only was built by irish immigrants but very poor irish immigrants. they built this thing stone-by- stone with a lot of work and hard sweat. ainsley: it had to have been built in the wilderness. steve: for all that landscape and real estate. it is available right now on fox nation, this holiday season, sign up for fox nation and use promo code celebrate to get 35% off, only at foxnation got come. father, we were talking -- >> not father. i'm father now, i used to be a catholic priest. steve: i know, we were talking about it earlier, father of a new child, and that is jesus. did he have a brother and what's the answer? >> oh, geez, yes and no. the bible talks about him having four brothers, but the greek word was azelfoi, which can also
5:59 am
be interpreted as close relatives or half brothers. steve: okay. >> who knows maybe joseph was a widow and had other children, but the gospel definitely refers to close relatives not necessarily -- steve: even god was assist father as catholics believe then brothers be half-brothers. brian: brian's eyes just glazed over. brian: did jesus speak greek? >> jesus did not speak greek. we read it in greek in the new testament, ancient greek. can i show you the picture of my new baby? steve: yes, please. ainsley: we do know. brian: we have a picture. >> let's see him. see there's christmas. ainsley: are you in michigan? you have a big game coming up. >> andrew graham timothy i think there's another one here. a better one with my wife in it. ainsley: timothy after cardinal dolan. >> he was a major change in my life, like a father to me and i'm so grateful to him that
6:00 am
andrew graham timothy morris. steve: from a flock to a family. >> yes. steve: beautiful. >> i'm going to give all the information of how to get this special, on my facebook page, my twitter, but christmas in the cathedral is going to be awesome and it drops today. brian: its got great actors. ainsley: jesus didn't have an older brother. have a good day.


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