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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 2, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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trace gallagher. there are moments you think maybe the chinese will win. ewe won't think that. thank you. last night, get 90 days of fox news nation for free.ay hope you will. have a great evening. here's sean hannity with more on the breast feeding cat. >> sean: and on alec baldwin crying a lot tonight. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking breaking news including alec baldwin's interview. he shot two people on a movie set killing one and claims he never pulled the trigger and he cried an awful lot. take a look. >> she was someone who was loved by everyone who worked with and admired. [sobbing].
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i'm sorry. >> sean: first our count continues sadly. >> american held hostage behind enemy lines. day 110. >> sean: the media turned the page and joe biden turned the page. we will never turn the page. 110 days since joe biden abandoned americans in afghanistan. military families and green card families and afghan allies. 123 days since he promised he would leave nobody behind. joe biden lied to every american. you can still go rescue the americans, the green card holders and the military families that you abandoned. the ones you promised you wouldn't abandon. back home joe is barely able to form a sentence. today during another rambling and mumbling speech about covid 19 the frail joe biden struggled to speak at all and coughing up a lung in the process. take a look.
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>> without cutting corners to get vaccines reviewed and renewed, reviewed and approved and get your booster shot when you are eligible. [coughing]. excuse me. [coughing]. excuse me. have additional measures will be needed. i was just told a question i meant to ask for a long time whether or not it increases the resistance to the variant being dealt with, it is stronger. it not only raises the total but it's stronger. makes things more powerful in terms of resisting. >> sean: this is not funny. that's supposed to be the leader of the free world. he is not well. yesterday during another concerning moment joe biden lied about an important trip to israel during the 6 day war. watch this.
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one problem we will tell you about but first, watch this. >> i was saying to a couple of young members of my staff before i came over about the many times i have been to israel. i realized god, you are getting old. >> [laughing]. >> i have known every prime minister well since golda. [applauding]. >> in the 6 day war i had an opportunity to -- she invited me to come over because hives going to be the liaison between she and the egyptians. about the suez and so on and so forth. >> sean: one big problem. none of that happened. joe was not there. he was not even in the senate. instead, at the time, he was getting really bad grades in law school. but don't worry, in between the lies and the confusion and weakness, joe biden has covid-19 all figured out.
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earlier today, announcing the federal mask mandates on trains and planes will be extended until the spring of 2022 and encourages all americans to mask all times indoor before going off stage mask free. take a look. >> we are extending the requirement to wear masks for travel on air crafts, trains and public transportation through the winter months. thanks for listening to me. [applauding]. [shouting questions]. >> sean: joe is considering a vaccine mandate for domestic travel. still preferential treatment for illegal immigrants. no covid testing and no vaccine mandates and free travel
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courtesy of you the taxpayer to the state of their choice where illegal immigrants will receive free room and board and shelter and healthcare and a free education. as biden's current vaccine mandates are being held up in court. joe doesn't care. does whatever the flip flopping dr. fauci tells him to do. he follows him blindly. it's almost as if an unelected dishonest bureaucrat is running the country. take a look. it's that bad. >> continuing to give me advice on developments as they occur. i have seen more of dr. fauci than i have my wife. we kid each other. who is president? fauci. all kidding aside, i mean it. >> sean: this is not good for our country, dr. fauci should haven't any role in our federal
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government and needed to be fired a long time ago and needs to be investigated for lying to congress. fauci got everything on covid wrong from the beginning. february 20, he said the risk of covid-19 in the u.s. was minuscule. he was wrong. a few weeks later, he encouraged americans to travel on cruise ships. saying, no reason not to go, once again, dead wrong. after all of his projections were all wrong. and 2 weeks to slow the spread. wrong again. and let's not forget about his ever evolving positions on masks. first masks don't work. maybe stop a little bit but it doesn't work. then one mask. then two masks and mask indoors and not outdoors. then vax or mask and then vax and mask. now it's vax, mask and boosters and probably 10 more boosters after that. first no vaccine mandate and now we support mandates. no one on earth is more inconsistent on covid-19 than america's top expert anthony fauci.
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and it gets worse. he misled everyone in the country on the origins of covid-19. maybe that's because under his direction it was his nih funding the gain of function research at that institute of virology in wuhan. in fact, october 20, the nih admit they had funded a study at the wuhan lab where spike proteins were occurring to see if they were capable of binding to a human being. that's gain of function research. you paid for it. on may 11th fauci testified the nih was never involved in gain of function at the wuhan institute of virology. dr. fauci is a liar.
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who knows whether or not anthony fauci will get prosecuted. that only happens to people who know donald trump. let alone even investigated for lying to congress. don't hold your breath. but make no mistake, anthony fauci has to go. he needs to be fired today. he is dishonest and incompetent and speculates widely and wrong often. he spends more time as a political pundit on tv than a doctor and more than anything seems to love the limelight. according to the conspiracy theorists at msnbc, half the country no longer trust dr. fauci because they want the pandemic to continue. what? name one person that wants this adam schiff show to continue. take a look. >> if covid goes away it's bad for republicans. it's just the political math. it's not hard to figure out.
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>> sean: that's an unhinged idiot even for the network that features the tinfoil hat wearing rachel maddow. who is going to get $30 million, of course for one show a week. but let me be clear, i would not wish covid on my worst enemy. i want everybody, whether you agree with me political or not, whether you're part of the progressive caucus, even if you hate me or want me off the air. be careful. i want you to live. make no mistake, every conservative wants life to return to normal. no more lockdowns and no more draconian lockdowns, mandates and no masks. we are sick of it. a news flash for msnbc americans don't like anthony fauci because he is horrible at his job and wrong constantly -- and the bar changes every hour. of every day.
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if biden cared about reaching all americans he would replace fauci with someone less toxic. that's not happening. joe biden is not a uniter. he is a cognitive mess in way over his head. and everybody knows it. so, now he does whatever his far left advisors tell him to do. joining us now is sarah sanders along with former white house chief of staff reince priebus. 355,000 people have decide under his watch. that's more people than died in all of 2020. should he go? >> well, he based his entire campaign on the idea that he was
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going to resolve this entire covid crisis. trump did not know what he was doing. his poll numbers are in the tank because he promised to solve covid and he didn't. i would put so much money behind an ad with that clip of biden saying that fauci is the president. he lost all credibility. fauci is not the president. these doctors are there to advise the president. it's up to the period to lead. here's the problem. biden's base is nuts. they want all of us to be nuts. they want us to lock down our lives with no information. lock down our kids lives. the doctor we are talking about -- i know people have been watching this today. the dr. in south africa found the omicron variant has gone off on the u.k. about the fact they are basing all of these quarantines on information that didn't say this omicron variant
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is dangerous. their quote was after saying that, he said no one here in south africa is known to have been hospitalized with the omicron variant nor has anyone here believed to have fallen severely ill with it. >> sean: exactly. >> sean: sarah sanders, follow the science but only when it's convenient. joe biden was handed three vaccines. monoclonal antibodies as therapy -- he only mentioned that once. and that was fairly recently because the fixation is one-size-fits-all medicine regardless of may be rare conditions, regardless of natural immunity and studies like the one in israel that shows it was 27 times more effective with the delta variant. it still needs to be peer
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reviewed. all of this was handed to him but we have more dead americans since joe biden has been inaugurated than in 2020, that speaks volumes to me. >> this is yet another failure by the biden administration. joe biden may think it's funny to joke about fauci being president and giving up his power to him to a lifelong bureaucrat. there is nothing funny at all about it. the only person that might screw things up more than joe biden is probably dr. fauci. it's absolutely ridiculous. the mandates, the rules and the shutdowns. it's about power and control in the hands of a few elites who think they know more than the rest of us. it's un-american. we have to have strong conservative leaders pushing back to defend our freedom and keeping this madness from continuing. >> sean: i look at this and look at what donald trump did for new york. they were not prepared.
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they didn't buy the ventilators. their own health department recommended. he provided every ventilators and built a 3,000 bed hospital and sent in a navy hospital ship. both of these places, he even manned them with all the ppe and remained 80% empty. why? why would they leave them empty, these beds? >> not to mention the fact he locked down the border and under president biden you have more than 200,000 people pouring over the border and it's an amazing decision to not care about the border but lock down americans over a virus that doctors said is not warranted -- [overlapping talking].
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>> sean: if illegal immigrants broke the law and had family separation, joe wants to give them $450 grand. you can't make it up. sarah, thank you, reince priebus, thank you. with biden failing democrats are searching for a win. earlier today the d triple c tweeted out this image with the caption thank you joe biden. if you look closely at this hilarious misleading, pathetic graph, it shows gas prices decreased 2 cents a gallon over the last week. keep in mind, gas prices in reality are up 42% since joe biden took office. you already know that. you are paying more to heat your home and for everything you buy. but according to them, mission accomplished. pure chaos from the office of the vice-president. two top advisors have resigned. reports continue to emerge about the toxic work environment
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created by kamala harris and her chief of staff. vice-president harris doesn't have a care in the world. because today she got behind the wheel of a large bus and started to sing. i am not making it up. [muffled audio]. [laughing]. >> get ready. >> the wheels on the bus go round and round. >> sean: better than the laughing. someone who served in the senate with harris. marco rubio. there was a poll yesterday. biden at 36%. the last poll on kamala harris 28%. you can think of a thing this administration is doing you would define as successful? senator? >> no, i was chuckling seeing that image of the bus thing.
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you think about these guys are sitting in beijing and china and saying we don't have to do much. they are in the hands of people who are destroying. we won't have to do anything. it is an embarrassment, really on issue after issue. if you came on the air talking about the covid restrictions. you can imagine, for example, them imposing a domestic vaccine requirement in airports. by the way, the whole country they would lose over that. look i am vaccinated. , i think i'm speaking out of turn. i believe most of the people on the air with you have been vaccinated and i think people should be. you can't force people to do something they don't want. in fact, i know some people who don't want to get the booster because they are forcing them to get the booster. it is counterproductive. they messed up on every front. >> sean: people don't know what to believe. every day the bar and the rules change.
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every day the rules change in the science changes. so it's not really rooted in science. i want to ask you about china and the unwillingness of joe biden to take on china. you are willing to take on china. you stated it emphatically today. we know what is happening with taiwan and seeing the fight jet flying and hear the talk of reunification which is the take over of china. explain. you took it a step further, explain. >> china sanctioned me twice and issued a travel ban against me. which is fine. i had to cancel my vacation. >> sean: that's a badge of honor >> i know. china has muslim slaves are forced to work there and everybody has brought products made by slaves. i have a bill that basically says if you sell a product made
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there you have to prove it was not made by. it passed unanimously out of the senate. the democrats are saying there is a procedural problem with it. there is no procedural problem with it. the problem is they don't it. the white house and john kerry is against and the major american corporations are against it. because they are making a lot of money with free labor coming out -- >> sean: you are right on principle, it will be 2022. i agree completely. your governor ron desantis and you and rick scott have all taken a strong stance against mandates and lockdowns can covid. joe biden only mentioned monoclonal antibodies once. in florida the governor set up centers and joe biden rationed it to punish the people of florida. >> that's why he did it. are you kidding me?
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and i'm going to tell you something, we don't know how many thousands of people did not wind up in a hospital because they got that treatment. you go in those centers are up and functioning and including people who were vaccinated that got that treatment. those treatments are highly effective. these are including people who were vaccinated that got sick. it was a great move by government ron desantis and tells us about the biden administration trying to punish florida by trying to ration it. and keep it away from florida. >> sean: we appreciate you being with us. thank you. senator marco rubio, coming up later tonight on "hannity": ♪ ♪ >> [inaudible]. >> sean: alec baldwin break down about the fatal shooting on the movie set of "rust." we will play the tape and its controversial remarks but first, joe biden has lied and senator graham will break it
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down. much more as we continue. ♪ ♪
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hey, it's me. plus, get holiday gifts for everyone on your list with great deals on fan favorites from today. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: inflation surges and gas prices and heating and cooling and everything you buyon at every store is going through the roof.
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the supply chain struggles are dragging down the economy. the democrat's answer. spend trillions more on the leftist marxist agenda and mortgage you and your children's future to turn their far left fantasies into a reality. democrats have continued to lie about what the build back better costs. for example, a school estimates the plan of the right wing conspiracy closes to 4.5-trillion dollars and not 1.7.. a well respected committee said the plan could cost up of 4.8-trillion dollars.l why the disparity? you might ask yourself, well,
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it's, it's because of the creative math that the democrats are feeding you. based on a number of arbitrary so-called sun set provisions that will all be extended. every one of them. let me translate. it's an accounting trick leftist socialists use to lie to you. senator lindsey graham. your chamber, the senate passed a resolution on the debt ceiling. did a republican cave this time? >> this was not the debt ceiling but keep the government funded until february eighteenth. we haven't addressed the debt ceiling yet. i predict that not one republican will vote to raise the debt ceiling. the democratic party -- >> sean: senator come i don't mean to interrupt you, but the republican party said they wouldn't do it in december. other republicans caved like ra cheap suit. >> you are right. i don't think it will happen againit for a lot of reasons.
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keep this tape and see if i am wrong. tonight was about funding the government. you are the only guy in the whole town talking about the fraud of the build back better bill. this is a fraud. it doesn't cost 1.6-trillion dollars over 10 years. it cost 4.8 trillion dollars depending on who you believe. the bipartisan budget group. it added 2.7 trillion dollars to the debt. how can that be? the programs in this bill be budget gimmicks.s. we expand child tax credit and pay for free community college. these programs go away after 2 but under the bill, years. i will be in the nba before these programs go they are never going away. when your look at these programs for a 10 year period, the cost the bill doubles and the effect on the deficit is tenfold.
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i hope joe manchin will respond appropriately. next friday, i was told they will analyze this bill assuming that the new programs don't fund this which is reality. they will give me a cost estimate in the programs stay in effect. which they will, and it will blow the doors off washington. if we pass this bill, god help america. >> sean: joe manchin from west virginia has been saying wait a minute, i want to see the numbers here. now we have numbers from penn and from the committee for a responsible federal budget. they a 4.8-trillion dollars. not $1.7 trillion. and they are saying $1.5 trillion. how can the numbers be so far
11:31 pm
off? and you are the ranking member of the budget committee. you are insisting the gold standard non-partisan that they will score this bill using -- removing the sun set provision. >> sean, you are a smart guy with a smart audience. how many people believe that once the federal government plays for free kindergarten and community college we will stop paying 2 years ago. reagan said the closest thing to immortality on earth is a budget program. they put on a sun set on them to lower the cost. to hoodwink the american public. joe manchin has been concerned about the budget gimmicks. soed joe, i'm going to get the gold standard to score the bill without gimmicks.
11:32 pm
tell show 2.5 times the cost. 4.5-trillion dollars and not $1.7. in terms of the deficit which you care about and i care about. it will be 2.8-trillion dollars over 10 years. this is a fraud. i intend to expose it next friday, a week from tomorrow and hopefully at the cbo will live up to the commitment they made to me to score the bill about budget gimmicks. >> sean: what are the odds -- i mean, i assume you are friends with joe manchin. if i'm not mistaken. i got along with him over the years. don't agree with him on everything.. we certainly agree on energy. energy is pivotal to his state of west virginia. i know he didn't like biden's energy balance and see thee danger in the debt here. >> joe manchin is a good guy. he is a democrat, but he is a west virginia democrat.
11:33 pm
he is concerned about inflation. if this bill becomes law, build back better, it will destroy energy production this this country. 17 programs that are sun setted and never go away. if you are worried about inflation the last thing you want to do is add to the federal deficit and spend on new government that will pour gasoline on inflation. joe is worried about budget gimmicks. here is what i hope to prove a week from tomorrow that this bill is full of budget gimmicks. when you take out the budget gimmicks, the true cost of this bill is way over what they say it is. the entire concept of build back better is a fraud and a budget gimmicks and i will expose the fraud. >> john: we will watch closely. a republican that helps the democrats. they kept you out.
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budgetary process. of the entire they have the house, the senate, and they have the white house. don't help them ruin the country anymore than they are and also tonight, far left students descended on the arizona state camp to us protest the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse who took online classes.ce t at asu. but they were common sense students there to counter protest and stood up for kyle's right for self-defense. and a life to live a normal, healthy life. he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. take a look. [shouting]. >> not guilty. not guilty. >> lock him up, lock him up. >> i don't know if you like murderers on your campus but i don't. >> i believe in the american right to self-defense. >> lock him up. lock him up
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>> american sufficient system , lock him up. [inaudible]. nowhere, they are and the morality is based in white sentences him. >> [shouting]. >> sean: it's safe to say most of the young leftists probably didn't even watch the trial. they're not familiar with the factsch of the case or how the legal system in this country works. a bow. thebo public education system failed our kids. of course, the left wing extremism doesn't stop there as the national arms of black lives matter is calling for a month long boycott of white companies. to end white supremacy capitalism. here isre larry elder. arlet's start with blm first. >> sean, isn't it hypocritical? blm was founded my marxists and
11:36 pm
take in million dollars in corporations. one of the founders owns four houses in california and the the principle of marxism is to disavow property. in this business about white corporations, what is a white corporation? what about the million of black people that investments owning stocks? or indirectly through mutual funds? should they be hurt for their investments because of this ridiculous boycott? why is it only one month? what is that going to do now, capitalism is over after one month. the whole thing is a fraud. but i want to say something about the kyle rittenhouse situation, your friend and mine bill ayers enjoyed a long career as an educator at the university of illinois after bragging he only wished he tried harder to blow up police stations.
11:37 pm
and unrepentant terrorist do to push back but i never heard it. a few years ago, the president of iran the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world was invited and spoke at columbia. did not push back as hard as they are pushing back on kyle rittenhouse, and kyle rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder as was angela davis, angela davis, the communist who guess around the conference to speak for money at colleges and kids don't push back. found guilty of homicide. it's a complete double standard. the man was found not guilty. sean, o.j. simpson did everything but leave his business card at the crime scene after butchering two human being and gets better treatment in society. goes to restaurant and plays golf without the push back that kyle rittenhouse is getting. the whole thing is absurd. >> sean: i wrote a piece aboutut the kyle rittenhouse case send in the cloud. it was hard to keep track of all of the insanity.
11:38 pm
and the falsehoods recklessly peddled by the media and politicians. even saw white supremacists at asu.ty what we just showed you. my question is you are also a lawyer, larry elder. is there a lawsuit here? >> absolutely and the list of people who will get sued gets longer. every day. asu will likely be sued. they referred to him as a white supremacist. there is zero evidence of that and even supports the black lives matter movement. this guy will be in court for a long time suing a lot of people who defamed him. not least of whom is the president of the united states joe biden who said when is donald trump going to denounce white supremacy? which donald trump did repeatedly. , by the way, and had a picture of kyle rittenhouse next to that statement. joe biden will be sued and media entities willl be sued.
11:39 pm
asu will be sued and for students who put together the protest will be sued. again it's hypocrisy. it's not a problem for angela when she was accused of a homicide and was found not guilty. and by the way, in the case of the jury with rittenhouse, there were 11 whites and one person of color. they found three men guilty and the same racial competition in the rittenhouse case. the jury that found the 3 men guilty in the death of ahmaud arbery, that's okay. such hypocrisy. it is hard to keep track of it, sean. >> sean: the full boycott of white owned businesses by black lives matter. i made a distinction there were people after george floyd who
11:40 pm
were protesting. they the best intentions. i stated that a guy in handcuffs saying please, sir, i can't breathe and has the officer's knee on his neck. the most vulnerable part of the anatomy, he was not a threat at that moment. there are far better techniquesr that would gain the compliance they are seeking. i ask the question. looking at black lives matter, the group itself said what do we want? dead cops and pigs in a blanket. fry them like bacon. i'm trying to understand why people don't distance themselves when they are anti-police and pro-violence and very racist positions. >> this is causing cops to pull back. crime is soaring in american cities.op
11:41 pm
chicago is on track for more homicides since 1996 and the bulk of the victims are black people. where is black lives matter or in st. louis where 90% of the victims are black people? where are they? >> sean: or chicago or l.a.? when all of these black people are being slaughtered by often other black people. >> sean: from 2009 we scrolled names of minorities shot and killed every weekend. nobody seems to care. only when it's political larry, good to have you back. thank you for being with us. up next right here tonight on "hannity." ♪ ♪ [sobbing].
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>> sean: alec baldwin speaks about the tragic fatal shooting on the movie set in october. do you believe this explanation? it's bizarre. we will tell you about it next. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: an extremely emotional alec baldwin speaking out telling his side of the story what happened on the set of the movie "rust" and the fatal shooting of hutchins. take a look. >> she was someone beloved by everyone who worked with and asadmired. [sobbing]. i'm sorry. >> sean: later in the interview baldwin went into great details telling n george stephanopoulos his version of the sequence of events. take a look. >> the colt 45, i pulled the hammer back. >> you are holding on to the hammer? >> i said does this work? that's good. i let go of the hammer and bang the gun goes off. everyone is horrified. they are shocked.
11:49 pm
it's loud. they don't have their earplugs in. the gun was supposed to be empty. i was told i was handed an empty gum. nothing with a charge at all, nothing. wshe goes down. i thought to myself, did she faint? the notion that there was a live faround in that gun did not dawn on me until 45 minutes to an hour later. >> sean: here is leo terrell and cohost of the clay travis. show. guns don't fire themselves. he admitted he cocked the hammer. now, if you start cocking the hammer and you don't click it in, you could discharge the firearm. does he have responsibility to check to see if that weapon is loaded with live ammunition?
11:50 pm
>> this interview was a preemptive strike. they know charges will be coming down. they don't know who will be charged. hano one should believe he gave that interview without being consulted byom his lawyers. no one should believe that wasn't rehearsed. i want to see the raw footage. this interview was done to oinfluence a jury pool. and to get his he is committed to this version. version out there. so you can expect this over and over again. this is a strategy by his lawyers. let's not be fooled. it was a sad situation but he has a responsibility. his attorneys know that. they see something coming down with the investigation the first of next year. >> sean: clay, if you agree this was a legalye strategy in termsf what alec baldwin said tonight,
11:51 pm
you have would have to add he is also an actor. i have done one film. i played myself. on cue without fail every single take it was a scene in which she cried and it was believable. i could not do that. i can't cry in real life anyway. was this rehearsed? did he act? is it real? comes off as some was sincere to me? >> well, these are all really good questions. and i think leo is right too. having done criminal law in my career. i have the same reaction as leo. they won't tell this story until they are committed it will be
11:52 pm
remain 100% consistent throughout. there are questions that come into play here. the d.a. will have to decide whether or not to bring charges and who to bring charges against..a there was negligence. in you look at the facts in this situation, that gun was loaded. whether or not alec baldwin pulled the trigger or not, i think there would be cameras, something to reflect what happened there. it seems unlikely, the gun discharged by some action he took. that doesn't mean he's criminally culpable. i am sure he will be sued this every court. imaginable with every count imaginable. it's negligence. was it civil or criminal? that's the difference between a manslaughter charge and alec baldwin and other people in this case it with a verdict in the tens of million dollars. you are right, and i'm sure
11:53 pm
think about this too. whatever you think about alec baldwin is one of the great actors of his generation. if he can cry on command when things are not real, i am sure he could master this for a jury, jury and special prosecutor and be believable. whether or not it is true. >> sean: george clooney said you check the gun every time. stephanopoulos asked if he felt guilt? he said no. someone is responsible for what happened, but i knowul it is not me. if i thought i was responsible i would have killed myself. >> clooney is right to the fact that baldwin had a responsibility. but what you just read and what you just stated, baldwin is throwing everybody else under the bus. he knows he will be questioned under-- oath.
11:54 pm
either civilly, criminally or at a deposition and what you just heard in his text. i want to see the raw footage and the interview between the tears. i want to see if there is the district attorney and sheriff's department get the raw footage. of that interview because that's editing down. a horrible situation, but he did not do this interview without being coached by lawyers. i would stake 30 years on it, lawyers were involved. >> sean: now you are selling lets go brandon t-shirts. what happened? >> i fell off the wagon in a big way. sean i have to run. >> you can imagine what baldin would have done if trump ... it's crazy. >> sean: more "hannity" after this.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. you make the show possible. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. i'm dying to get your legal take either civilly or criminally on alec baldwin and do you believe he was coached tonight by his lawyers? >> laura: it seemed like -- well, it's unusual for alec baldwin to be a bad actor. it's actually a great themes like it is unusual for alec baldwin to be a bad actor. he's actually a great actor. the acting wasn't convincing to me so i think -- >> that he was coached and there was some acting involved in this? >> it just seemed like it to me but only the legal proceedings are going to follow will determine.


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