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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 3, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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a fox news report kickoff america reports a disappointing job report from president biden as the economic coverage continues to show signs of fragility. hello i am john roberts in washington peered santa good to be with you on friday. doesn't that sound good. >> sandra: we made it after very busy week. could be with you. i'm sandra smith in new york. could be with you during the holidays. expectations are high for job growth. higher and actually showed too slow dramatically across the board. the headline on employment rates, anticipate each month, did fall to 4.2%.
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but job growth actually missed badly with only 210,000 jobs added, versus the expected 550,000. >> john: that is a big mess. it comes as they propose a potential new threat to the economy, as the biden administration considers tougher covert travel restrictions, which could decimate our already battle travel section. >> sandra: we got fox news coverage free to kick off the brand-new hour, senator roger marshall from kansas will be joining us in just a moment. we begin with white house correspondent, jacqui heinrich she is reporting live from the north lawn for us on this friday afternoon here and take away jackie. >> a santa good to see you. this was the smallest number of jobs added since december of 2020, making it the worst month for job creation, this entire year. economists were forecasting a strong continuation of the kind of recovery we have been seen. these numbers, disdain looks more like the prepandemic economy. the president though, largely glossed over all of that in his remarks on the jobs that were
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today. he instead focused on the positive, yet employment dropped more than expected down to 4.2%, wages were also up, although by less than last month. labor force participation also rose, to 61.8%. >> the incredible news of our unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2%. at this point in the year, we are looking at the sharpest one year decline in unemployment ever. simply put, america, america is back to work. our jobs recovery is going very strong. >> the tally used to calculate the number of new jobs is different from the self recorded household survey that produces the overall unemployment rate. highlight some key differences in the surveys. the jobs numbers have often been revised upwards multiple times this year, but the big concern for some, is that this job growth stumble came even before the omicron variant emerge. hitting industries with travel restrictions and lockdowns earlier in the pandemic,
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financial markets have already been skittish and share powell set early this week that omicron could have inflationary pressure. the white house is urging americans to take the variant seriously, but they are pushing people to get vaccinated and boosted and also wanting to avoid any messaging about potential shutdown coming. instead, they are saying that the country has dealt with variants before, like the delta variant. they kept schools child care centers open and they were given additional funding. >> we are not shutting the economy down. even though this is a difficult moment, because there are a lot of unknowns. that makes people uncomfortable for understandable reasons. we are not building from scratch. we have the tools we need. >> president biden also said right now there is no consideration for any new domestic travel restrictions or requirements, he said that what is in place at this time is sufficient. >> sandra: jacqui heinrich reporting from the white house for us. thank you. by the way we will have much more on that and a disappointing job support with our economic panel. how they look at this?
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our panel will be joining us as former director doug egan is here. allianz chief economic advisor, mohamed el-erian peered we look forward to both of them join us later this hour. >> john: we should also point out that president finds voice, he said it is just a cold. the senate is passing a stop gap funding measure to keep the lights on for the federal government until mid-february. after a group of g.o.p. senators threaten to withhold their support in exchange for a vote to repeal president biden's federal vaccine mandate. canada senator roger marshall is 1 of 4 physicians in the senate that led the charge. he joins not peered senator. good to see you. you and senators lee and cruz are going to hold support from the spending bill unless you got a vote on a measure to repeal funding for the vaccine mandates. that measure failed. he still voted against the spending bill why? >> dr. marshall: this is always been about jobs. you let in the same thing. he laden with jobs and the
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economy. this vaccine mandate would have shut down the jobs, it would have cost kansas 400,000 jobs. maybe 500,000 jobs. you go on to arizona, there is a million jobs in arizona. almost 2 million jobs in arizona that could have cost us. so i think that is what was at stake. meanwhile, the government is spending too much money feeding inflation, short-term gaps just never seem to work in this situation. >> john: so mitch mcconnell yesterday, speaking on fox news were about the idea of a shutdown. unless there was a repeal to the vaccine mandate funding peered several republican senators were absent from that vote yesterday. this effort was doomed from the start. shouldn't mitch mcconnell have gotten behind you and support you on this? >> dr. marshall: i do feel like the leader he was the support that we needed for this vote. i think we show people yesterday that the republicans are willing to vote, we are hardworking
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americans, we will fight for the jobs and will fight for the god-given constitutional rights. we showed america that we can all stick together, that we can let these mandate vaccines are wrong and they are unconstitutional and we will keep fighting them. >> john: so this morning on an appearance and msnbc, jen psaki was very critical of your efforts saying that the amount of anti-vaccines bear listen to what she said. >> we saw a group of republicans just tried to shut the government down, because they do not think people should have to get vaccinated or get tested. that is bananas and crazy. >> john: now senator, time and time again, the point has been made by people who are against these vaccine mandates, that being against the mandate is not being against the vaccine. what do you say? >> dr. marshall: well john, i appreciate you bringing this up. i'm a physician. i've got the vaccine. my parents have gotten the vaccine. i encourage everyone to get the vaccine. really, big push for my parents get the booster, people who are at risk. senior citizens, people who have
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underlying medical conditions. folks i might be a little bit heavy, ought to get the booster as well. this is still america. we still have certain god-given constitutional rights. despite all of our efforts to educate people and to encourage them to get the vaccine, 20 or 30% of americans are just not going to do it. certainly not if they are getting it shoved down their throat. i encourage those people to go talk to their doctor, talk to their pharmacist, but we cannot shut the economy down and that is exactly what this federal vaccine mandate would do is shut the economy down. it would cause brownouts, disrupt supply chains, increase inflation, and threaten national security. >> john: senator, one last quick question. the vaccine mandate is tied up with courts, do you believe that the courts will take care of this or are you concerned that the courts could get back with some rulings that would reinstate these mandates? >> dr. marshall: look, i am very encouraged with what the courts have done thus far, i think that they will find them unconstitutional, but it is the timing of it.
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meanwhile, let's give those employers some certainty. let's give employee certainty that they are going to have a job after christmas. the white house keeps pushing it back, as you can tell. but meanwhile, we got a job to do in congress. they've got their job to do as well. let's give folks some certainty over the christmas and hanukkah holidays as well. >> john: we should also put out there that you're trying to vote on an amendment to national defense authorization act that we granted, honorable discharge to anyone the military who does not take this vaccine gets kicked out of the military. senator roger marshall the great state of kansas. great to have you. >> dr. marshall: thanks sean. >> john: will continue with this next hour in terms of the omicron variant and what the government is planning to do about covid this winter. >> sandra: just like there's a lot of uncertainty whether they will be more restrictions put in place as we head into the colder winter months. where a lot of people will be indoors, and you can see spreads. we'll see what he has to say
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about all that. meanwhile, fox news alert on that michigan high school shooting, prosecutors are now charging the suspects parents with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter. steve harrigan is live in oxford michigan with the very latest coming off of the news conference that we all just took in a short time ago. steve. >> sandra, this is some stunning details coming out of the news conference, the prosecutors make it clear that this case goes far beyond negligence. that the two parents, james and jennifer crumbly, will be charged with in voluntary manslaughter, four counts each, each count as a potential penalty of 15 years in prison peered they made it clear that the boy, 15-year-old suspected shooter, receive the handgun, semiautomatic sig. sour as a christmas present. the father and son purchased it together. the mother practiced with the gun with him and posted online about it. the sun posted pictures of his new beauty. the real disturbing news came
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out of the incidents in school. a day before the shooting, 15-year-old was seen searching for ammunition on his phone. the teacher reported that there there were voice mails back and forth with her mother. but even more disturbing, the morning of the shooting. a drawing was found from the 15-year-old on it, i figured being shot by bullets and bleeding. below, was a smiley face and above was the caption "the thoughts won't stop. help me. my life is useless. the world is dead. after this there was a meeting." the 15-year-old and school ministries inside the school. at the time, it was likely that the 15-year-old had the weapon inside his backpack in that meeting. somehow, the parents did not mention the fact that his parents just bought him a gun for christmas. somehow after the strong he was allowed to return to class. two hours later he enters the bathroom with the backpack, comes out with the pistol, shooting. shoots 11 people, point blank. here's the prosecutor.
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>> don't give access to this deadly weapon to somebody that you have reason to believe is going to harm someone. it is our position that on that morning, but particularly that morning, but also the day before, that that morning, looking at that drawing, it is impossible not to conclude that there was a reason to believe he was going to hurt someone. >> the prosecutor said she is trying to send a message about gun responsibility to gun owners. she also said the investigation continues. she said the school should never have allowed this child to go back into the classroom. she is not sure whether or not that rises to criminal negligence. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: steve harrigan they are in oxford for us on that story. steve thank you. john. >> john: such a tragic story. serious legal troubles pile up for andrew cuomo peer the claims that forced him from office, now under federal investigation. plus, there is this.
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>> just about every country is battling high prices right now. as they fight the pandemic. as the world economy continues to come back to life, the more price pressures will ease as things begin to move. but we are not sitting around waiting. >> sandra: he says he's doing some and about those rising prices and surging inflation. so, how much are you really likely to save, the next time you fill up your gas tank? the tweet that is being mocked by republicans and even some on the left. katie pavlich takes that up with us next. ♪ ♪
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investigation into sexual harassment claims against former new york governor, andrew cuomo. cuomo stepped down in the wake of a shocking report from 11 women who accused him of sexual harassment. the new investigation, comes as the doj, continues to look into cuomo's handling of the pandemic. accusations that he covered up roughly 12,000 nursing home deaths. authorities are also looking for information on cuomo's lucrative deal for writing his memoir on the whole covid pandemic. fetid democrats are meanwhile keeping price on president biden and keeping scorn from critics after posting this chart on gas prices. we will explain. they are basically thanking him for lowering the price of gasoline by $0.02 a gallon. many pointing out that gas prices are more than a dollar from a year ago. katie pavlich editor of town hall and fox news contributor. i don't know katie, i don't know how you spin the fact that gas prices are up a dollar from a
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year ago. this is serious pain for the american family. what is with this touting of its $0.02 decrease by democrats? >> katie: sandra, i think this is a keep from weeping moment as the dccc insults americans about the real pain they are feeling at the pump. they're trying to find some kind of silver lining in the economy, of course numbers they were terrible. missing jobs by more than half, which is a failing grade. democrats in the white house have had this strategy for months that they are just going to continue to tell americans that nothing is wrong, while not engaged in some kind of pivot to change their policy. we saw this over that july 4th weekend when inflation was really starting to ramp up and they are it transitory. they're claiming that americans were going to save $0.16 on the on their fourth of july barbecue, fast-forward a couple of months and we just had a very expensive thanksgiving. the most expensive in history. and so, they have this strategy of telling americans that it is
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really not that bad. the people who have developed, especially out in a rural america, on a regular basis to get to the grocery store for example, are feeling it very heavily. >> sandra: absolutely. showing up in the polls. here's the latest polling. 45% of american households, say that they are hurt by inflation. because they are the ones who are cutting the check. just an outcome of the two center drop that the party was touting, was for a drop in november 22nd to november 29th. obviously it is cherry picked data and not really giving the big picture. there are no posters, including this one, warning the democratic party's. the headline, we have a problem. on the screen reads people think we are more focused on social issues than the economy. the economy is umber one issue right now. they just see costs going up and don't feel like there's any progress being made yet. will they heed that morning,
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katie? >> katie: i don't think so. the last time that the democratic party, lately it's been all about mixing the economic message and their social issues. like climate change, for example. if you look at the bill back better plan, which is an enormous spending plan that joe biden has been trying to get passed on capitol hill for months, it is just a rehashing of flooding the economy with more money than it can take on at the moment. it will cause further pain and further inflation, which is the number one problem that americans have right now, when it comes to their household income. and then for the president to get up today and say don't worry about it, there are number of americans whose wages have increased. well all of those wages have been completely wiped out by this 8% increase in inflation peered so again, when he talks of the american people that way, when he put out a chart, that you will see is so small. but if you really look closely and you realize it's only a 2-cent drop, it really is insulting to people. democrats are seen that among independents the most.
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it's almost as if, they are looking at the writing on the wall here and saying, we are probably going to lose the house next year and therefore we are going to stick to our agenda and do everything that we can to get it passed, knowing they could lose thousands of seats in the house. >> sandra: republicans are asking to do something in the meantime about this. if it's not going to be producing more oil and refining more gasoline, then jen psaki was asked by reporter the white house yesterday, how about the gas tax? how about relief from that for consumers while they are getting hit with this sky high gas prices. he was the exchange. >> democrats have been pushing the president to spend the federal gas tax is a way to show concern about inflation right now. would president biden support or consider a suspension of federal gas tax? >> i am not aware of that being under consideration. >> sandra: that was it. she moved on. why not consider that? >> katie: that would require democrats cutting taxes, which
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of course is something they do not like to do. they absolutely should consider it. it would certainly do more to lower gas prices for a lengthy period of time, unlike releasing two half days worth of reserve oil from the emergency reserve. let's not forget that republican, glenn youngkin, campaigned on suspending the state gas tax in virginia and he won that race. when it comes to republicans wanting to try to help people at the local level, think gas tax is of course can be repealed temporarily as well. >> sandra: katie pavlich, always good happy. have a good weekend. thank you. >> katie: good to see you. thank you. >> sandra: john, when you really dig through these numbers, showing the inflations causing hardship for 45% of american households, that is a real number. when you dig through, according to household income, those who are hit the hardest by these inflationary pressures, severe hardship, 28% for those making
10:23 am
less than $40,000 a year. it is much smaller for the upper income brackets. you want to talk about attacks on the american family and the working class, that is it. >> john: inflation is taxed on everybody. when you look at the job growth number for november, you have got to wonder what is going on in the economy. i know you will be talking more about this. >> sandra: with mohamed el-erian and douglas holtz-eakin. there are always good for a fiery debate. we will have that coming up. >> john: looking forward to that. a horrific stabbing near on ivy league campus, leaving one student died. police say that the suspect was out on parole. why in the world did that ever happen? ♪ ♪
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musical mia goolsby want some of the top stories in washington for you on this friday afternoon. axios is reported that senate majority leader, chuck schumer and other democrats in his chamber, received massive donations from ignored stream
10:29 am
two pipeline lobbyist. records show that the lobbyist had a contribution of $508,000 to several lawmakers, even to those who are pushing to re-enclose sanctions. all of this, after the biden administration suspended sanctions in may, citing efforts to rebuild relationships with our allies. >> sandra: jussie smollett's legal team beginning his defense on thursday. calling the position after the alleged beating. the physician recalling injuries including redness to the neck and scratches to the cheek. earlier this week, the brothers testified that millett stage the attack and instructed them to punch him and give him a bruise. >> john: police in los angeles have arrested a man for the murder of philanthropist jacklin of vons the music of longtime music executive, clarence yvonne. the shooter, ariel maynard, was arrested while conducting a second armed home robbery in beverly hills peered there were describing maynard as a parolee with extensive criminal history.
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for these and other stories down on the fox app and download the qr code on the screen. go to backslash apps. >> sandra: thank you. one of america's most prestigious universities is on high alert today, after graduate student with staff and killed and a tourist was attacked late last night. near the campus of columbia university, here in manhattan. police arresting the suspect, who they say was out on parole, with a lengthy criminal rap sheet. alexis mcadams is live on the scene with the very latest on this horrible story. alexis. >> that is right. very sad news or finding out at a grad student was killed last night. staff while he was running here just near campus. as you mention, very prestigious university. students say they want to feel safe and want this university to do more to protect them. take a look at this, this is the picture that we just got in a short time ago of that grad student. this is 30-year-old david geary who was murdered last night here near columbia. he was a grad student in a school of engineering and applied sciences. in a statement, columbia university said that the attack
10:31 am
that took place with just off of the campus is unspeakably sad and shocking. this is where the stabbing happened last night around 11:00. that is near 123rd and amsterdam avenue, just north of the columbia university campus here. geary was walking when he was stabbed to death. just about 15 minutes later, another man was stabbed here. this time, just a few blocks away. that is a 27 euros tourist but he was attacked and then rushed to a local hospital with multiple stab wounds. the suspect was arrested near that park while a large knife was still in his hand according to sources. investigate is believed this was the same guy who was responsible for both of these attacks. police are telling us he was approaching a third person, when he was taken into custody in that park. sources are also telling fox news that the suspect, without on parole for assault. students calling for more patrol on campus. >> i tried to stay in safe places. well patrolled, well man.
10:32 am
if anything ever happens, try to avoid confrontation. >> and sadly this is not the first time that a columbia university student has been murdered near campus. this woman here, was killed almost exactly two years ago. stabbed multiple times by a group of teenagers, during a robbery in december of 2019. on campus once again, talking to students who are calling for the university to do more. they say they are cooperating with officials, but this comes as a big concern that we've been been talked about for a rise in violent crimes in new york city. "the new york post" is actually reporting that the ceo of bank of america, is putting his employees on high alert, telling them that when they come to and from the office, not to wear their logo for the company and to try to stay low-key so they do not become a victim of any attacks or even a target. >> sandra: alexis mcadams live in new york city for spirit alexis, thank you. john. >> john: the chances of reviving the 2015 nuclear deal with iran, appear to be fading
10:33 am
again after secretary of state, antony blinken said that iran's recent move and rhetoric did not give him much cause for optimism. iran also questioning the determination of u.s. and european negotiators. the president and ceo the senator for security policy, fred fleitz, former cia analyst and staff of the security council. fred, good to have you in the studio. >> good to be here. >> john: you were at fox op-ed this week. he called the discussion of nuclear talks with iran, disasters. why did you choose that word to describe it. >> disastrous, catastrophe. this week could not have gone worse. it started off with an iranian military official vowing to annihilate israel again. throughout the week, iran refused to i.e. inspections on three sites where there is evidence of covert nuclear weapons work. intelligence came to light that iran may soon start enriching to weapons grade. and throughout the week, they
10:34 am
demanded complete sanctions relief, including sanctions on terrorism. a lot of this was set with the way it went, because it does not understand why this nuclear blackmail has not worked yet. it is hoping he can get some kind of big concession from the u.s. and europe. it has not happened yet. >> john: the united states pulled out of the jcpoa. during the trump administration, but iran was still beholden to the other signatories. of the jcpoa. let's take a look at where iran was in 2015 when the nuclear deal was put together and where it is now. 2015, the jcpoa left iran with 300 kilograms of uranium. inspectors are granted access to the facilities and sanctions were then lifted by the u.s. and the u.n. here is where they were, today. they stopped the deals in the uranium stockpile cap. more than 2500 kilograms of enriched uranium in their possession began enriching
10:35 am
uranium to 60% in april 2021. nearly 30% away from weapons grade. so they were cheating. they were supposed to still stick with the deal, even though the u.s. was not involved. >> there was massive cheating. in 2010, israel stole the iran nuclear archive, which had thousands of documents and cds showing how iran systematically cheated on this agreement. it was a terrible agreement. they continued to enrich uranium. what is worse from now, is that biden officials are talking about a partial deal to give iran some kind of sanctions relief if it will free some of its programs. that would just be giving it a black male dude i hope that does not happen. >> john: the iranians have become ever more belligerent and markedly so, since the receipt took over. they are making new demands not only do they want sanctions lifted a nuclear base sanctions, they also want to pledge to the u.s. that no american president, for the rest of history, will withdraw from the jcpoa. that is a guarantee that no administration can make. because subsequent in
10:36 am
ministrations could always change the plan. >> that is right. one blink and says, we are not quite there yet and he acts as if iran was more cooperative we could get a deal pair there's no deal to be had here. >> john: so what should they be saying to iran question marks because this administration should pull out of the talks and resume the maximum strategy of president trump. iran does not want to deal or give up its program. we need tough sanctions and we need to isolate iran. president trump put a thousand sanctions on iran, let's put a thousand more sanctions on iran. >> john: that is the point you make in your op-ed. fred, good to have you in the studio. we will see you again soon. sandra, coming up on an x hour we'll be joined by former secretary of state, mike pompeo to talk about china russia on a whole lot more. we got a whole lot of things on our plate these days. >> sandra: absolutely. great conversation and we look forward to mike pompeo coming in. all right john, at least 14 people arrested in the string of smash and grab robberies in california on our back on the street.
10:37 am
while the chief of the los angeles police department is blaming the state for their release paired plus, the november jobs report is out. it did fall well short of expectations. as the u.s. economy only added 210,000 jobs last month. so what are these new numbers say about the current economic recovery? our economic panel will weigh in on that on the next.
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♪ ♪ >> john: a new report, finding jeffrey epstein visited the white house at least 17 times during former president bill clinton's first term in office. visitor logs showing that the convicted made his first visit just a month after clinton's inauguration. it is not clear, how many times the billionaire, who died by an apparent suicide and his jail cell in 2019, actually met with the former present. there is a clear indication that it was at least one time. >> sandra: there's that.
10:42 am
meanwhile, president biden today is listing that america is back to work after a disappointing job support so that hiring slow last month. the economy added a sluggish 210,000 jobs in november. the fewest in nearly a year. the unemployment rate, that headline number, did fall down to 4.2%. the force participation was largely untainted at around 61.8% for another month. our economic panel, mohamed el-erian, at all amps, and former chair of president obama's global development council, douglas holtz-eakin. thanks to both of you. i have been really looking forward to this conversation, because there has been some debate over these numbers. we have seen the white house certainly spin it one way. so first off, give me your broad take away from what is clearly a myth, as far as the added jobs in november. doug, you first. >> doug: it was a big miss. but it is a big pipeline.
10:43 am
because inside that very same payroll survey, are some pretty hot labor demand numbers. business has added payroll as a rate of over 9% at an annual rate. some of that is additional hours for existing employees. 3% of it is increases in rates per hour. a lot of it is more people. there is more evidence that employers are looking for employees and willing to pay them. on the household side come the numbers are very strong. we saw million jobs. the rate drops a lot. i can't expand our topline number. it may get revised. but i don't think this changes my view that this is a labor market that is very tight. we should not change our focus on that one bit. >> sandra: . mohammed, i will get your take while i also include this in the conversation. the national federation of independent business monthly job report, revealed this. 48% of all business owners, reported job openings they could
10:44 am
not fill. far exceeding the historical average of 22%. that is a major problem, when you talk about a tight labor market. >> mohamed: it is. it speaks to doug's point about how puzzling the growth was. if you take into account the technical adjustments for seasonal adjustments, then i think job creation was pretty good. importantly, unemployment came down to 4.2%. the participation rate went up. that is quite exactly what the situation is. we've got a wet hot labor market. i completely agree with doug, that we have to be asking the federal reserve, what are you doing for running emergency monitoring policies, when we have a red-hot labor market, red-hot housing market and we have inflation going up. wave inflation at 6% already, and this really is a question
10:45 am
for the feds, what are you doing? >> sandra: this all feeds into it. if you cannot get people to work, then you have to lure new workers with higher wages. then of course, that eventually can, and in many cases, is passed down to the customer or to the consumer. doug, i know you want to jump back in here, but i will give you another number to chew on. >> doug: i just wanted to say he is right. >> sandra: i hear a lot of agreement from you. by the way i meant to say, red-hot labor market you're looking for, because your business, it is very difficult to find work right now. this is a u.s. chamber of commerce poll that almost stopped me and my track this morning. i should say did. more than half, 53%, of americans who became unemployed during the pandemic, say they are only somewhat active or not very active at all, in looking for work. i mean, what does that tell you? dog. >> doug: this is the great
10:46 am
puzzle. we have report after report, kind of evidence of a hot labor market where employers are looking for workers. they are spending their hours paying them more. and then on the other side of the equation, labor force participation does not move. we are still way below where we were in february of 2020, women in particular. about one and half million have not returned to the labor force. the big question is, why? why is it that we have lost this capacity in our economy? >> sandra: i'm talking to very smart economists. this is your job to figure it out. we will dig through these numbers ourselves but he wrote this this morning. his headline, this is his higher wages but who will accept it. first line is that the u.s. labor market continues to set records as rising compensation and small firms still has not enticed enough workers to fill open positions. mohammed, i heard it toss around this morning by an economist, professor at georgetown who suggested, perhaps we are seeing a permanent change in our labor
10:47 am
force. perhaps it is altogether less than it has been in recent history. what you think about that? >> mohamed: i think that is probably in play partially. the work has changed. people's preferences has changed. i think that is probably one fact, but not the only one. i think they're so concerned about health issues, and the new variant is not going to help that. i think there are, especially when you look at female labor participation, issues about child care. the issues of school staying open. about kids being able to stay at school. there is a whole bunch of things coming together that is holding back labor force participation paired meanwhile, those who have jobs, can shop around. we have seen record quitting. people leaving voluntarily to get higher wages elsewhere. you now need not just higher wages to attract new workers, you need higher wage workers to
10:48 am
be paying workers. we will see further wage increases. >> sandra: if it's sustainable for these businesses have had to raise their wages. i will finish with this, the white house, their take on it. nothing to see here. biden tweeted this this morning. today we have incredible news that are on employment rate has fallen to 4.2% are level experts did not expect us to achieve until 2024. we've crated 508,000 jobs a month on average this year, our record. america is back to work and our job's recovery going strong. that is maybe a head-scratcher as well. back to work? in the context of everything we just discussed. thanks to both of you. we will have a back both soon. >> john: great conversation. two more aids to vice president, harris are heading to the exit. but in the report is talk about the exodus from her office. plus, alec baldwin is speaking out about the deadly shooting on the movie set of "rust." why he says he bears no
10:49 am
responsibility for helena hutchins' tragic death. >> do you feel guilt? >> no. someone is responsible for what happened and i cannot say who it is, but i know it is not me. ♪ ♪
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earn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
10:52 am
if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> john: in an interview last night, alec baldwin did not he was to blame for the deadly shooting on the set of "rust." since the shocking incident, jeff paul is live in los angeles with more on all of this. jeff. >> ball one says that halyna hutchins ask him to point a gun just to the side as they worked on camera angles. he said come at her direction, she told him to pull the back of the hammer of the firearm. it was at that point, he let go of the hammer, never touching the trigger, and the gun fired. >> i did not pull the trigger. >> he did not pull the trigger?
10:54 am
>> no, no, no. i would never point a gun at someone pull the trigger. that was the training i had. you don't point at someone pull the trigger. on day one, of my instruction in this business, people's i never take the gun and go click click click. >> ball one says that he understands are not supposed to point a gun directly to anyone unless directed. he said that is exactly what hutchins did, as they tweaked two different camera position. at first, baldwin claimed that he did not even realize hutchins had been shot by a live round. he thought she might have been hurt by a blanket going off to close. or, had a heart attack. baldwin says he feels incredible sadness and wanted to do this interview to clear up any misconceptions, making it clear that he would go to any lengths to undo what happened, he emphasized though, he does not feel responsible. >> the investigation is going to find out that somebody put a live bullet and a gun. a bullet that was not supposed to be on the property. this is the thing i hope the sheriff's department does not get wrong. that they follow this to the
10:55 am
ends of the earth. where did that bullet come from? so many brought live rounds, plural, onto the set of the film. one of them ended up in that gun. speak out just this week, the santa fe county sheriff's office searched the property of the firearms and ammunition supplier for the movie. baldwin says he does not believe he will be criminally charged, and he doesn't have anything to hide. john. >> john: jeff. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: live from the white house. jen psaki just walk up to the microphone after that big miss on the jobs report for november. we are going to dip in here and listen. >> and how much more quickly we moved to that unemployment rate. after the great recession, it took nine years for the united states to reach a 4.2% unemployment rate, just to give you a sense. the unemployment rate is dropping even more, even as more people are reentering the workforce and it looking for jobs, that is good news. there's no doubt that the biden
10:56 am
economic agenda is getting people back to work. in november, we added an additional 210,000 jobs for a total of 6 million jobs in the first ten full months of the president's administration. that is a record for new president. wages are also up. thanks to the american rescue plan, the president and congressional democrats delivered significant tax cuts for families raising kids. on average, americans have about a hundred dollars more in their pockets each month than they did last year. even accounting for higher prices. the united states is the only leading the economy in a world where household income in the economy are stronger than they were before the pandemic. our covert strategies allowing millions of workers to find jobs and ensuring our country can weather any challenges without shutting down our businesses or our schools. we know that there is more work to do, and historic bill back at her cut costs that american families have struggled with for years. create new jobs and continue growing our economy. just some notes on the week ahead for all of you come on sunday, the president and first lady will return from
10:57 am
camp david to host the kennedy center honoree's reception. where they will be joined by the vice president and second gentleman. they will then attend the 44th kennedy center honors. on monday, the present will deliver remarks on how to build back better act will lower the cost prescription drugs for millions of americans by finally letting medicare negotiate drug prices. imposing a tax penalty if drug companies increase their prices faster than inflation, putting a cap on how much seniors and people with disabilities have to pay for drugs. and lower prices that americans with diabetes don't pay more than $35 per month for their insulin. the president thinks that it is absently unacceptable that the american people are forced to pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the entire world. two or three times as much as other developed countries. this is an example of how build back better, will reduce many of the biggest costs that families face. on thursday and friday, the present will host a virtual summit for democracy, bringing together over 100 participants
10:58 am
representing governments, civil society, and private sector leaders. the present will deliver the summit opening and closing remarks and will participate in the sessions. i know some components of that and we will have more in the coming dates. go ahead. >> i've a few questions. >> sure. >> so today, the advisor for the advisor recall. in the coming days. can you clarify with the president meant when he said earlier that he is putting together a comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives. more on that, [inaudible]. >> let me start with the second one first. then i will try to make sure i cover all of them. first, while i cannot speak to russian intentions, i think you have heard us and secretary of
10:59 am
state lincoln, expressed growing concerns about what we are seen on the border of russia and ukraine. he has been in europe this week consulting with our partners, european partners and we have also been consulting on the same time closely with congress. we want to make sure, that we are prepared. we know what president putin has done in the past. we see that he is putting in place the capacity to take action in short order. should he decide to invade, that is why we want to be prepared in an area we have expressed serious concern about. so, what he means by a group of us, package, is there is a range of tools at our disposal. of course, economic sanctions on option. but we are going to do that in coordination with our european partners, with congress, those consultations have been ongoing. we just want to be prepared. as it relates to the potential for a call, we have been engaged in the possibility of that.
11:00 am
when we have, and when we have that finalized, we will make that, make you all aware of that. as you know, the president is somebody who believes in a leader to leader diplomacy. it certainly would be an opportunity to discuss our serious concerns about the post rhetoric in the terry bill that we are seen on the border of ukraine. yet another question. >> does the administration think that ukraine should be offering anything more to russia? >> we are not the only country who feels that this is on russia to reduce their rhetoric, to make some changes, as it relates to the buildup of military troops. that we see the border. it is really on them. >> there are reports that the negotiators told the iran negotiators [inaudible].
11:01 am
>> we are always hopeful for a diplomatic approach. that is always the best option. the seventh round of talks did end today, in vienna. the interagency team is returning to washington now. the new iranian administration did not come to vienna with constructive proposals. the first six rounds of negotiation made progress, finding creative compromised solutions to many of the hardest issues that were difficult for all sides. iran's approach this way, was not, unfortunately to try to resolve the remaining issues. even more importantly, iran started this new round of negotiations with a new round of nuclear provocation. as reported on wednesday. they still failed to reach an understanding with the iaea to restore the cooperation and transparency they have degraded in recent months. we know why we are here. the previous administration decided to withdraw from the jcpoa. that has led to a dramatic and unprecedented expansion of
11:02 am
iran's nuclear program. this cannot continue. the president continues to believe that there is a better alternative. he is committed to returning to the united states to compliance the jcpoa and staying and compliance, so long as iran does the same. he means it. if iran is equally committed and the solution is at hand. we did not see that from them this week. >> first clarified what he said on ukraine. it is fair to say that the white house is preparing for the possibility that russia might invade? >> we cannot predict from here what president putin's calculus is or the russians calculus is paired with how they did in 2014, he saw what they are doing on the border, we will continue to consult with our allies and congress to be prepared for range of options. >> he voted against the public and amendment to drop the vaccine mandate. and then he had it statement saying that he would report that idea in the coming weeks paired
11:03 am
what is your reaction to senator manchin saying he's against the president's mandate? >> obviously that is something we feel we have the authority to do, based on a 50 euro law. that is congress. put into place, 50 years ago. recently disagree. we disagree, based on what we feel is a preponderance of evidence and the effectiveness of requirements. vaccinating or testing. you look at the private sector, there are a range of companies, airlines, hospitals, who have implemented these types of requirements. effectively. we have the largest employer, the united states government, in this country. we have implemented requirements and we have seen 96.5% compliance, something we will continue to build on. these companies and the federal government, are doing it for range of reasons. to create certainty, it allows people to feel safe in the workplace. it is good for the economy. we disagree on that front. we will continue to press forward with these requirements.
11:04 am
>> that was mansion's statement paired which you can need to incentivize. what are you going to do? trying to get findings from the mandates. >> i'm sure we will be having discussions with him and anyone who is an opponent of the steps. i do not have all the details of what this is actually proposed. we are talking about implementing requirements through a 50-year-old law. it is obviously in the courts now. it is a good sign, no question, that companies are doing this in the private sector. but, we still feel at this point, in fighting the virus it is important to move forward with these requirements. >> follow up on ukraine. russia has been pretty clear, for the past several months, but what they are looking for out of the u.s. and nato, in terms of pricing. they want firm guarantees. they don't want nato and ukraine. they don't want to see a military buildup on the other side. they don't want to see ukraine become an a member of nato. where is the flexibility for the
11:05 am
white house on this? are you willing to budge on any of those issues? >> nato countries decide who is a member of nato. not russia. that is how the process has always been and how it will proceed. i think it is important to remember where the provocative action is coming from at this point in time. it is not the united states, it's not ukraine. >> let me ask you about abortion rights. you mentioned yesterday by the president's support for the women's health act. which was passed by the house and the senate. and then the house, and september is awaiting action in the senate. president biden has talked a number of times about there being areas where he is open to performing a filibuster. preventing a default is one of those examples that he is given. his passing this bill one of those things? does he want to see quicker faster stronger action on that? >> again, we do not have a ruling from the supreme court. we do not expect that for several months. the president continues to believe that codifying row is
11:06 am
something that should be done. he supports this piece of legislation. i think we're getting a few steps ahead of the process. >> but again, that bill has passed in september. schumer said it will come up very soon in the senate, back in september. where is that, and is the white house doing anything to push that along? >> i would point you to schumer's office on any status of one that would come forward. again, it is something the president strongly supports. he's a strong advocate for that. >> the presence or marks earlier today when he was asked about his cold. he said he is being tested daily for covid-19. my understanding was that it was a reflection of that. no dr. connors said he is coming three times this week. is there a change in protocol where he is going to be tested daily? what kind of test is he getting? >> i think we just put out some details from dr. o'connor which details how may times it's been tested. and i believe the kind of tests that he received. he received those tests because he had a cold, which would be
11:07 am
considered a symptom. it is not a change in protocol. >> he will not be tested daily? >> no. >> and then yesterday, president biden said that he spoke with senator mcconnell and schumer on government funding. when it comes the debt limit and what the president wants that limit to be. >> i don't have any calls to reality but we are encouraged by the conversations that happen, between leaders schumer, and senator mcconnell. about halt to address these issues that are in of congress including the debt limit. beyond that, we don't have any updates from here. >> just to clarify, the president did say he was tested every day for covid-19. >> i think i'll point you towards the notes from a doctor to all of you, it points out how may times he was tested and exactly what he was tested for. >> and then, shifting to the new travel policy that goes into
11:08 am
effect on monday. the burden is on airline workers to verify the results to make sure they are negative. if the administration doing anything to help train them so they know how to do that, so they can spot fraudulent? >> i would point you to tsa. a division of the government. i'm sure they are taking steps to make sure people are prepared to look for how to verify. i would really point you to them for more detail. >> okay. the president just announced yesterday, that it goes into effect monday. can you share what you are doing to get the word out to international travelers, especially to americans who might be coming home. our airlines sending out the message to the travelers? >> just remind their own, this is from three days to the day in advance, it is a change in that regard. it is not an entirely new component. we have communicated that effectively. i think travelers have been able to abide by the three day
11:09 am
requirement, we will communicate through range of channels that we have done the past. we don't expect there to be an issue. >> one more quick one. a lot of these at-home tests, come with a stick. so your test result is the stick. it has one line or two lines on it. the faq section says that you need, you will need to shore paper or digital copy of your test results. so is the stick the test result? >> again, we have been implementing these requirements for the three day requirement sensory returns to international travel effectively. i would point you to tsa and others, for specifics. this is not an area where we have had issue and we don't anticipate them in advance of monday. >> the build back better plan, is being described as incomprehensible by congress. our democrat. and lindsey graham said that he has heard from the ceo that they will do an alternative cost estimate. it will cost more and add more
11:10 am
to the debt. is there any thought around here, to may be waiting for bill back better until a month that you don't have this big mess in the job support? >> there's a lot of things gathered. let me do the best i can for you here. in terms of the report of a new cbo, that is not exactly how it works. there has been, and let me just start with the irony here. there's an irony that a number of republicans will force an unpopular tax giveaway to the rich have increased by $2 trillion. certainly did not ask for a score of continuation of that legislation. it did add to the deficit. they are now asking for a score, an additional score of this bill been concluded for something that is not even going to be lost. they are asking about a potential continuation of these components of the package. that again, the president said he will pay for. i cannot get into the psyche of
11:11 am
why. i would suggest, that it might be, have something to do with her opposition to raising taxes on corporations, that seems to get onto the skin a little bit. we disagree with them on that front. i would say the cbo has put out a score, a number of economists have put out scores. we have outlined in the past, that cbo does not have a great deal of experience scorn components like the irs tax savings. that is something that the former head of the cbo has also spoken to in the past. there are estimates about those savings that lead to not only are assessments of the costs and savings, but the assessments by many economists. speak out the pandemic, it is been more than two weeks sends president biden has had a call with china. they did not help with it covid origin investigations. in the two plus weeks, has he helped and been transparent? >> i don't believe that is
11:12 am
exactly what i said. i believe i said is that we have pressed for this repeatedly. we will continue to. we will continue to do that a range of levels. i don't come unfortunately have any updates on the participation or willingness of the chinese to add and provide additional data. can i provide one other update too, since you asked me about crime yesterday and i have a little more information for you? >> my question was about xi. but he asked -- >> you asked me about crime yesterday. so i followed up for you. i should have added yesterday, but i learned the afterwards, is that the justice department, the fbi and the federal law enforcement, has been in touch and in contact with jurisdictions, where we have seen this high level of retail. theft. in los angeles we have seen a high degree of it. the task force is being led by the l.a. police department peered out also note that on top of that, the department of justice announced last week, that san francisco, where a
11:13 am
number of high-profile retail thefts have happened, will get money to hire 50 more police officers through the cops program that the president has champion. that came as part of a nearly $150 million in similar grants nationwide. so just a few updates for you. >> thank you for that. >> i look forward to seeing it on fox later today. >> it's on fox right now. >> i bet it is. >> one more thing to follow up on from earlier. the president was course and talking today. a lot of people in the workforce are encouraged not to go to work if they are exhibiting those symptoms, even if they are fully vaccinated. are the rules different for the president? >> the present, again, was tested, as we put out in a transparent piece of information from his doctor. he received a response quickly from that test, enabling him to proceed. people also said he had a cold. which is what you know from the information put out by the doctor. >> but as you know from your own expense, it is possible to test
11:14 am
negative several times before there is a positive test. is there any concern about having him at work, while he has these symptoms, even if he is showing negative. >> i can assure you, that the president follows every protocol. he wants to keep everyone safe in the white house. that is why, obviously we consult with theoctor and we put out that information to make it available to all of you. go ahead. >> if i can ask about the announcement the president made yesterday. ... >> sandra: we are taking in a lot of what jen psaki to say in the briefing room. starting out talking about the missed expectations as far as that employment report that we got this morning. it appears that the white house continues to spin that as a solid report. the chief of staff, early this morning, america's back to work. talk about the headline on unemployment rates, which jen psaki just focused on. it'd drop to 4.2%. but, it was the number of added job to make jobs during the month that really dramatically missed expectations.
11:15 am
something to point out, when she was speaking about americans having more money, it's a calculation you and i have talked about on the show appeared we talked about yesterday. often times, fat stomach the federal reserve, now the white house, when they talk about that and they use core inflation, knowing that inflation is up, a lot of that due to food and energy prices. core inflation does not include volatile food and fuel prices. so when you factor those in, you are at inflation picture up 6.2% from a year ago. the strip on volatile food and fuel prices it's up 6.4%. it is a pretty dramatic difference, when you account for food and fuel prices. >> john: when you account for increases in prices across all economic divisions, food and fuel prices, home heating, oil, natural gas, that hits everybody in the pocketbook. it does not differentia between where you might be in
11:16 am
the economic sphere. i thought was interesting that jen psaki came back and answered more fully, a question that peter asked her yesterday. about the smash and grab robberies. i noticed that she got away from this idea that they are due to covid frustrations, et cetera. what she said yesterday. in a sort of roundly roasted for the rest of the day. >> sandra: we will have much more on that coming up and reacting to it. but we are beginning a new jam-packed hour of news. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: it seems james bond is worry about world domination real life. employing the world's most fictional spy, is now warning about the one issue that keeps him up at night. >> john: he says britain's am i sixes bracing for a new world
11:17 am
order, one where the united states and the west are no longer number one. he warns that china is set to become the world's real super power. the calls all the shots and gets what it wants. >> sandra: the dramatic warning, we reported the similar spheres here that the pentagon is making plans, fearing china could one day blow us up. former secretary of state mike pompeo will join us with the big question, when will america wake up. i am sandra smith in new york. about 70 minutes into the hour, but it is a new hour indeed. >> john: high i'm john roberts in washington. good to be with you on this friday. secretary state, mike pompeo was getting ready with all of that, while we hit this fox news alert. >> sandra: it is one threat no american has the option to ignore. as violent crime creeps into every corner of this country. from rough big city streets come to the roads of beverly hills. beyond its gilded gates.
11:18 am
but while nobody questions that crime is indeed on the rise, critics say the white house will not face the reality of its cause. they point to progressive policies that any case after case, help out criminals setting them free to strike again. phil nevin includes california cities. the l.a. police chief says that more than a dozen people were arrested and smash and grab robberies are back out on the streets. he says that is all thanks to california's 0-bale policy. but the robberies are far from the most serious crimes being blamed on that policy. >> sandra: here in new york city, unknown member of the gang called the everybody killers, went on a stabbing spree targeting strangers. a columbia university student was knifed in the stomach before bleeding to death for the suspect is out on parole for assault, was out on parole for assault purchase 1 of 11 assaults and robberies on his record, according to "the new york post," today. >> john: stayed in the big apple with this.
11:19 am
forget about dressing for a job you want. try dressing to get to work alive. moments away, the chilling warning from bigwigs at bank of america to jr. staffers at its high-rise in midtown manhattan. >> sandra: it is really something. amid all of this, you just for the white house say the fbi is working on addressing crime and robberies. but when it comes to identifying the cause, jen psaki has twice said, that crime is because of covid. >> john: eric fleischer has other thoughts about that. he will join us in just a moment. >> sandra: on both coasts, starting with alexis mcadams. outside of columbus university. alexis. >> as you mentioned, the violent crime is growing all of the country and hear new york as well. that was the case and a columbia university cut down the campus just last night. they were to go stabbing here the campus just within 15 minutes. one of them was fatal. take a look at it through this is the mug shot of the person we've been talking about who was taken into custody, just last night. investigators are telling us, he is responsible for both of these
11:20 am
attacks. police are telling us the suspect, who is not yet been officially charged in this investigation, allegedly stabbed columbia student to death last night. then, with the same knife, tacky tourist sources are telling fox news that he was on parole for assault in 2018. he has quite the rap sheet pair the climate student was killed is now identified as david geary. he was a grad student in the school of engineering and applied sciences here at columbia. the campus is morning as this investigation continues here. both of the attacks happen within just 15 minutes, near morningside park, on the upper west side. a public park is right off of campus. between harlem and morningside heights in that neighborhood. students are calling, calling for more patrols on campus. >> i think it's a tragedy. also, more efforts could be made between the university and the local community. it is shocking news, but it is a problem, specific to this area, i guess.
11:21 am
>> these attacks come as the ceo of bank of america is putting his team on high alert, right here in new york city. according to "the new york post," ceo is telling his employees to dress down at a not wear their company logo. to help avoid becoming a possible target of crime. not just bank of america mike company six citibank are offering their employees private shuttle so they can avoid public transportation altogether, due to safety concerns. most major banks to offer their employees car services if they work after normal business hours so they do not have to take the public transportation. in colombia, i can tell you this is not the first time a student here has been stabbed to death. it was almost exactly to colliers go in december of 2019 that an 18 euro student was stabbed to death. that was tessa majors. she was murdered by a group of teens that were recently charged, as well as this investigation as we mentioned the suspect in this case, not yet officially charged. we are expecting the charges at some point today. back to you. >> sandra: alexis in new york city for us.
11:22 am
thank you. spewing out of los angeles and the smash and grab suspects who are back out on the streets thanks to california's zero bay policy. christina coleman and our los angeles bureau with more. christina. >> high john. we just heard from white house secretary jen psaki comment on this problem purchase have more resources will be dedicated to help fight retail crime. but there is no sign of this slowing down here in california. some holiday shoppers and employees here say they are terrified by these big groups of thieves busting into the stores and ripping every thing they can offer shelves. around thanksgiving, between november 18th and november 28. 11 robberies happened in the los angeles area, resulting in a while become a $338,000 in stolen property. more than 40,000 properties damaged. 14 suspects were arrested in connection to those robberies. but, all 14 of those suspects are either back on the streets, due to l.a. county's zero bail
11:23 am
policy. this policy, is furthering criticism of what sam deem l.a. counties crime approach. >> it is a stupid policy. it's turning criminals who we have on video, committing crimes, back onto the street, the day after they commit them. this is a crazy idea. we need to hold those people and prosecute them. >> the zero bail policy is part of l.a. county's court system's efforts to downsize the risk of covid and jails. the l.a. police chief, and the mayor, both say that criminals are taken advantage of this. >> zero bail poses challenges when their next court appearance is in march. >> we need the help of our criminal justice system. our judges, our jailers. there are people who need to be behind bars and the need to be there. >> we reach out to l.a. county court officials to see if they have any plans on trying to change the zero bail policy. we are waiting to hear back. in the meantime, please are working hard to try to track
11:24 am
down dozens of suspects connected to the smash and grab robberies that happened up and down this state. john. >> john: cleanup is a difficult thing to do. all right christina coleman force in los angeles. sandra. >> sandra: it's bring in ari fleischer. already, it is hard to take in. we just had our reporters coast-to-coast there. good to see by the way. california, the zero bail policy led to 14 smash and grab suspects. new york, gang leader out on parole now suspected in multiple stabbings. how should we be looking at this? are we seen any signs that the white house is tackling this crisis? >> ari: in a time when so many things feel like they are not going right in america, between covid and inflation and the bad economy. you add crime to it, on a local level, and boy it's a palpable sense that people feel like it is just not working. crime has an instant emotion for
11:25 am
most people. it is the situation, if it continues to deteriorate, it will be taken out of government officials. the real problem here is that criminals are sensible. they make a calculation. one, if i commit a crime like it? into, if i get caught like it put away? if the system is too relaxed, it is a rational decision for people to make their money and crime. that's we need to have tough law enforcement and tough codes. >> sandra: word is out that things are pretty easy here in new york city. you see it and you feel it. when people do not feel safe walking on the street of their own neighborhood, surely, they would also be political repercussions for that. this is jen psaki and her own peter, who keeps pressing her and the white house on this issue. this was just a few minutes ago. speak of the justice department, the fbi and the federal law enforcement have been in touch and contact with jurisdictions, where we have seen this high level of retail theft.
11:26 am
so for example, in los angeles, we have seen a rash of robberies per the fbi's providing assistance to multijurisdictional task force. led by the l.a. police department. i would also note on top of that, the department of justice announced last week that san francisco, where a number of high-profile retail theft of heaven, will get money to hire 50 more police officers through the cops program that the president has champion. that came as part of nearly $150 million in similar grants, nationwide. just a few updates. >> sandra: ari, important to provide context. that was her circling back on a conversation that she and peter had yesterday. for which she was highly criticized, and forgive me for plane one more bite, but this was the moment where she placed blame for all of his crime on the pandemic. listen. >> so when a huge group of criminals organize themselves and they want to go loot a store, cvs, nordstrom, home depot, until the shelves
11:27 am
are clean. you think that's because of the pandemic? >> i think a root cause and a lot of can communities is the pandemic. >> sandra: she obviously felt that she needed to come back and clean up that response a bit. >> ari: yeah. it's not the pandemic paired the root cause in california is the decriminalizing of theft. when you turn it from a felony and to a misdemeanor, you're basically sending a signal that you are entitled to about a thousand dollars worth of freeloading. and then when people see it on tv, they see it on youtube, and they people wheeling themselves in a bicycle after committing theft. they think, i can do that too. that is why it is growing in california. let me deal with the controversial issue. that's bail. it is a tricky issue. because the old conservative american notion that you are innocent until proven guilty. a bail system should be used, if you are a threat, if you believe you're going to commit another crime, or harm somebody else, you should have no bail whatsoever.
11:28 am
but the notion that you have to pay to stay out of prison, that does hurt the poor. that does give an advantage to the rich. the only use of bail should be to stop people from fleeing the country. i do believe you are innocent until proven guilty. but, if you are a threat should be no bail none whatsoever. the ports have to get tougher on that. >> sandra: really interesting perspective on that. great to have you here. thank you. >> ari: thank you. >> sandra: big problem. big problem. >> john: if you take away the consequences for committing crimes, people will commit crimes. it is a lot of great people in this world. they want to steal anything even if they have the opportunity to paired with any of a lot of people out there who will take advantage of any opening they get, clearly, and a lot of the cities they are getting big openings. >> sandra: broken system. all right john another complaint from the left but coverage of the crime crisis. angry about reporters describing as mobs looting stores, as looting. >> john: yes, critics say that
11:29 am
while the left is worried about language, china is busy eating our lunch. they are developing weapons more advanced than the best in america's arsenal. today, another alarm is sounding. one of the biggest spy chiefs on the planet says his biggest priority is preparing for china, as the world's dominant power. listen here. >> adopt into a world affected by the rise of china, is the single greatest priority for mi6. we are deepening our understanding of china, across the u.k. intelligence community. we are widening the options available to the government, in managing the systemic challenges that it poses. >> don't forget, mi6 was james bonds spy agency agency. former secretary state, mike pompeo joins us now. he is also fox news contributor. mr. senator, forget goldfinger. you got robert moore of mi6 saying that china is the biggest threat, single greatest priority
11:30 am
for mi6. they are only now, beginning to understand what many people in this country have been warning for years. >> mr. pompeo: thanks for having me on today. welcome to the team. we have known, the former cia director when i was there, knew that this was the biggest threat. we made it clear to our british friends into our french friends, all around the world. that the chinese communist party indeed poses a singular greatest external threat to the united states. we were determined to unite the west against it. we can certainly prevail, but we have to be serious about it. i am heartened frankly, to hear that mi6, british intelligence service, is now prepared to go engage in a way that we have been engaging for several years. i hope our administration will stay where it is too. that's important. we cannot count out the chinese commons party. we cannot allow them to do what i did to the female tennis player. we cannot allow them to have a virus that they knowingly spread around the world. killing millions of people, with no consequences. those are the kinds of things
11:31 am
that have allowed china to rise. we cannot permit that to continue to happen. >> john: there are many people who say we are already in, if not on the cusp of cold war with china. if memory serves quickly, when we were in a cold war with russia, we were not fueling and finding their military buildup by buying hundreds of billions of dollars in goods from them. is there an inherent contradiction there that china is becoming a global superpower, and they are doing it all because america is there piggy bank? >> mr. pompeo: john, there's no doubt about it, for the last 40 years. this is been in republican and democratic in ministrations alike. we have allowed the chinese commons party to steal millions of american jobs. to seal our intellectual property. you shall be closed down a massive spy ring that had been going on for an awfully long time. yes, they have grown their economy on the backs of the american worker, president trump was the first president to acknowledge that and begin to push back against it in a
11:32 am
serious way. simply demanding fair and equitable trade with chinese commons party. your point about the cold war is well taken. i think the chinese have been at war with us economically for decades. we were turning the other cheek. we were allowing them to walk all over us. that cannot be the case for the west must unite. the nine states will have to lead, but the west must unite to push back against the chinese communist party and their economic warfare. its cyber warfare. his efforts to do, essentially what you're talking about the massively, smash and grab. now the threat to taiwan and other places as well. that are in the first island chain, we can do this. we know precisely how to confront them. you have to be serious about it. we cannot deal with what president biden has had an talk about them as a competitor. this is someone who is our adversary and who has every intention of taking down our republic. >> john: mr. secretary, how to confront russian food in his military buildup along the border with ukraine is another matter of concern. president biden address that earlier today.
11:33 am
listen to what he said. >> my secretary of state, my security visor, have been engaged extensively. what i am doing is, putting together what i believe to be will be the most comprehensive and meaningful set of initiatives to make it very, very difficult for mr. pruden to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do. that is in play right now. >> perhaps vladimir putin and president biden will have a phone call. what does president biden need to say to putin about this buildup along the border with ukraine? >> mr. pompeo: if i listen to the president say that this morning, i was surprised and shocked and it hearkened back to the summit the audi had, where the russians had permitted hackers to close down the
11:34 am
gasoline movement across the entire southeastern part of the united states of america. the presence and, there is only 16 sectors. i don't see the president, i don't think his words are credible. i don't think potent fears when he is a press conference or says something. we have to demonstrate result. we have to actually take these actions. that's what i hope this and administration will do. the same way that we provided defensive weapon systems for the ukrainian people in the same way that we shut down the completion of the pipeline, not permitting russia to strangle european energy. those the kinds of actions, not words, actual actions that will convince vladimir putin that he has to keep up with the norms of civilized behavior and not begin to try to take territories that they lost when the soviet union was dissolved. >> john: we know it president biden's so-called initiatives are. former secular say, mike pompeo, always great to see. have a great weekend. >> mr. pompeo: thank you. to be too good to see the former secretary there. if you is.
11:35 am
this business with russia and ukraine, it is becoming a greater concern. a lot of people think is the prelude to an invasion, at least to the eastern part of ukraine. we will have to keep watching this one. >> sandra: we will indeed. next up, concerns over covid and a potential new lockdown. what the cdc is telling our own dr. siegel about this new variant. >> john: plus whether the restrictions really are necessary, or if they are overkill with the lack of lot of information. ♪ ♪
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11:40 am
>> sandra: the white house is defending its plans to combat the omicron barren, saying that travel and testing moves will help keep americans safe. as more cases are discovered in the u.s., how confident should we be that there initiatives will have any impact. add milk, brett giroir on that.
11:41 am
but first let's bring in dr. marc siegel who sat down on a whole range of topics prayed we were looking for despair dr. hello. >> dr. siegel: hello. great to see you. the latest pictures out of south africa paint the picture of the omicron variant that is spreading wildly. it is affecting people, but most cases, especially among the unvaccinated, remained mild. among the vaccinated, i should say remain mild. but dr. walensky is still urging everyone to get vaccinated and boosted. >> sandra: also taken the same prevention measures masking and indoor places. making sure you are mentally well and well ventilated places. having outdoor activities to the extent that he can, have that
11:42 am
extra measure of protection by doing a test before you gather. i think that will really lead to a safe holiday gathering. >> dr. siegel: dr. walensky also talking about holiday gatherings and what people should know. dr. walensky endorses the presence plan for rapid testing, both at home, and before getting on international planes. i called her the pilot of a public health plane paired she acknowledges role. sandra. >> sandra: let me pick your brain a little bit more, because some of that sound was missing. in your conversation with the cdc director wilensky, give us the take away you might miss from that. >> dr. siegel: she said the key to holiday gatherings is action to be fully vaccinated or have a booster shot, if you have been vaccinated more than six months ago. that is the key. then he can actually meet with someone in your family. without wearing a mask. if there is concern about one particular person in that gathering, you can get tested with a rapid test beforehand.
11:43 am
the time to wear masks is in a large public setting we don't know the people there and there might be people there that are more at risk. >> sandra: i know a lot of people have asked me about this, if you do decide to have a large gathering, of vaccinated individuals, but you are still concerned about the spread, do these air filters, do you recommend these air filters that you can buy on amazon and he put in a room while you're having a 13 person gathering? >> dr. siegel: i do. the filters. they are expensive unfortunately. that's we see on planes. they are 95% effective at getting viruses out of there. it is a nice additional feature. >> sandra: there is a lot of research out there on them because they do vary in price. so i, sprung it on you. great interview. thank you. great information. john. stony can see on, by the way. sorry for the technical mixup. through and let's bring in brett giroir. admiral giroir, when we look at
11:44 am
omicron and united states, it is now here in five states come up to the best of my knowledge come all the cases so far been fairly mild. symptoms resolve income if not fully resolved. yet, we are focused on this like it is going to be something really bad coming out of south africa. those were the warnings from the w.h.o. as far as you know, how should we be treating this? >> dr. giroir: we should be concerned about this variant, because it has a number of mutations. evidence is already accumulating, that the mutations will partially evade our immune system. not fully evade our main system, but partially evade arming system. which means, we are more likely to get infected, even if we had been infected before. we are more likely to be infected, even if we have been vaccinated. that is why it is so important to get boosted if you have had to go doses of vaccine and if you've not been vaccinated, please get vaccinated. we need to top off the immune tank recover. we know this is highly infectious.
11:45 am
you are correct. thus far the cases in south africa have been relatively mild. however, they have mostly been among the young. i don't want to make conclusions that it's a mild disease but we don't know that yet. we certainly don't know it's any worse. we do believe that vaccines will provide a degree of protection, especially if you abuse them. >> john: i haven't seen it yet but we do know the 8 inches of the people in fact in this country. some came back from traveling south africa. one of whom, in minnesota, was in new york city. which is probably an indication as to be bigger coming out of new york city. >> dr. giroir: 's clear. although omicron was just recently discovered, it has probably been circulating for a month. it has been in our country and it will be circulating, and that means community spread is already occurred, as evidenced by this one case. it is here. we have weapons. we can be vaccinated, testing does work, over the counter tests, they're very good, i went to walmart and got a couple of them last week. the new antiviral agent,
11:46 am
hopefully the merck pill will be authorized by the fda. it should remain highly effective against all variants. we have a lot of weapons and a lot of tools, no reason to panic. if there is reason to put your guard up and be concerned. >> john: let's hope there is the new pfizer medication coming out as well. let me just drilled on a something he said a moment ago. with this new omicron variant, because of the mutations, you could become reinfected if you have been infected before. it seems to be pretty good at getting past the barrier of vaccine. does that mean, that covid is going to be with us forever, much like the flu? >> dr. giroir: i have said, and many people have said that we believe covid is not going away. it will be endemic. it will be at a low level and for use all of our protections, like vaccines and antiviral drugs, it can be controlled with minimal amounts of hospitalization and death. if we try to go to a covert zero policy, we will destroy our country, we will destroy our children. we are going to have to live with this, using our tools.
11:47 am
>> john: admiral brett giroir. always a pleasure. thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile president biden's post about the economy despite the abysmal child support. he will join us live. next.
11:48 am
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>> sandra: so the november jobs report is out and fell below expectations. the u.s. added 210,000 jobs last month. how do you like at this, senator scott? welcome. >> it's terrible. when i ran for governor in 2010, all i talked about is jobs. we lost 800,000 jobs in florida. this is the opposite of what the
11:53 am
biden administration has done. we cut taxes, reduced regulation. guess what the biden administration is doing? the opposite. we want to raise taxes. they're making it difficult for businesses to do business and adding regulations every day. what do they think is going to happen? people will struggle to get work. that's what's going to happen. this is horrible. the labor participation rate is poor and it's because of the biden administration's agenda. makes no sense. >> sandra: they don't look at it like that. ron klain said america is back to work. jen psaki said that in the press conference. so the problem is as severe as you're describing and they're not acknowledging that, does it get worse? >> it's not going to get better. the labor participation rate goes down. when they put out the numbers,
11:54 am
they have given up on people not looking for a job. that's not good for the country. they're going to keep raising taxes and make it difficult to run a business and it will hurt job growth. by the way, who gets hurt? not the rich. it's the poor. people like my mom growing up that struggled for work. she will have a hard time getting the work. >> sandra: it's a great point. a lot of this polling has -- it's incredible to see people that -- a majority of people in a new gallup poll said 53% that left their job during the pandemic are not planning to go to work any time soon. that is an interesting reality. i want to ask you about the rising tensions with ukraine's border, with russia and the white house saying they're keeping an eye on russia for a possible invasion. where does your concern lie here? >> i think we ought to be very careful about russia, china, iran and north korea. think about what this administration is doing. we can watch what putin is going
11:55 am
to do. he's going to do everything he can to take over more territory. what is the administration doing? oh, let me give you a pipeline so you can threaten people around the world and get you more money. that's what this administration is doing and should make you furious. europe has to wake up and say russia is not your friend. stop doing business with them. the united states should not be helping russia. we should be helping our allies. >> sandra: so joe biden spoke to this a short time ago. he said he and the administration are working on initiatives to combat russia. so what level of confidence do you have that the white house is going to tackle this? >> they have done nothing. they're in the 11th month in office? they've done nothing to make us stronger. the afghanistan withdrawal was a debacle. they won't hold china accountable. they gave russia a pipeline. they shut down a pipeline here.
11:56 am
made us more energy dependent on russia. the biden administration, nice talk, no action. >> sandra: interesting. i want to circle back while i have the time here. we heard from president biden a short time ago. he reacted to this jobs report, senator. if i could get this. this is new from joe biden looking at that and giving it his own spin. listen. >> at this point in the year, we're looking at the sharpest one-year decline in unemployment ever. simply put, america is back to work. our jobs recovery is going very strong. >> sandra: i came back to this because we're watching the dow at this hour as markets enter their last hour of trading here at 3:00 on the east coast. there seems to be some concern. the dow is -- last look down 300 points. it's not significant. almost a full percent drop. there's concern that we're
11:57 am
entering sort of this new environment as far as our labor participation in this country. willingness to work and businesses that are having a hard time hiring so much so that they're having to raise their wages and pass that on to the consumer further exacerbating the inflation problem, senator. >> first off, you never bring up your kids not to go to work. you want our children to live independently and be successful. number 2, look at what inflation is doing. it's not hurting the rich. it's hurting the poorest family when they struggle to fill up their cars, afford a house. that's exactly what the biden administration is doing. very high inflation. inflation we haven't seen in 40 years is what is happening now. it's because of the agenda of the biden administration, which is hurting job growth and causing inflation. >> sandra: two more things. here was one of the numbers that i just quoted to you out of the u.s. chamber of commerce. 53 percent that became
11:58 am
unemployed during the pandemic are only somewhat active or not very active at all to look for work. that is astounding to me. 65% don't expect to return to work before the new year. 8% will never return to work. that while we're looking at the higher prices as i just mentioned, all of this feeds in to the inflation session. this is a tweet from the dccc. it looks at gas prices. democrats are being mocked. thanks, joe biden. senator, we have a chart on our screen that shows gas prices. it's a tick down, but it only represents two cents for a gallon of gasoline over a four or five-day period. we're actually in reality looking at gas prices up a dollar a year over year. really quick final thought, senator. >> job -- joe biden's agenda is
11:59 am
causing gas price to go up. i remember my mom turning the heat off because she couldn't afford the gas. that's going on now. >> sandra: and the days are getting colder and the heating bills will be higher. thanks, senator. >> bye-bye. >> sandra: maybe in florida, don't have to worry about that as much. john, it's a reality for many especially in the northeast. the heating costs are certainly up as well as prices just about on everything. >> john: you need a lot of electricity in the state of florida, too. natural gas. everybody will take it in the wallet sooner or later. i don't think there's any questions about that. >> sandra: it's been a gigantic news week. no doubt. here we are capping it on a friday afternoon. great to be with you, john. >> john: always with you, sandra. hope you have a good weekend. we'll be back at it next week.
12:00 pm
if this week was any indication, week will be busy as well. >> sandra: thanks, john. thanks for joining us here on "america reports." i sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thank you very much, john and sandra. good afternoon on this friday. i'm martha maccallum. thanks for joining us. we have very big developments today in the story of the shooting and killing of these four high school students. the parents of the accused now facing four man slaughter counts each. the parents on the right-hand side of your screen there. the chilling texts that his mother sent to him on the day of the shooting. ethan, don't do it. the warning that their child was clearly in need of help. even he cried out for help just hours before the


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