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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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carlson today with the availabl on fox nation or watch it for free. of course, tune in each night a eight have a great evening, everybody. >> americans held hostage behin enemy lines day 111. >>sean: this is a heartbreaking friday night it's now day 111. since joe biden abandoned our fellow americans trapped in afghanistan including military families, hundreds of them, thousands of green card holders and of course our afghan allies something he said 13 days earlier he would never do. joe biden has turned the page the mob in the media has turned
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the page, we will remind everybody until they are home safely. of course, this is one of many self-inflicted crises that bide is unwilling incapable of resolving breaking earlier come up more really bad news for americans, the november jobs report was a disaster, abysmal, falling way short of every projection, keep in mind we are already facing severe worker shortage in the country and we now have record-setting inflation 30 when you're high and now paying on average about a dollar 50 cents more per gallon that is 20 or $30 more every time you fill up your tank . replaying a fortune to heat in cool your homes and everything you buy in every store you go t is costing more because of the stagnant growth now it's gettin worse, don't take my word for it , let's look at cnbc, the u.s. economy created far fewer jobs than expected in november in a sign that hiring started to slo
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ahead of the new covid threat. today, biden proudly announced this was incredible news in there are economic recovery is going strong. what world are you living in, joe? biden promise to shut down the economy, not the economy. the truth be told it doesn't appear that joe can do much of anything at this point in his life right he is frail, he is weak, he is confused, he is confounded coming he's mumbling he's a bumbling mess, and even simple tree lighting, that became a master struggle. take a look. >> it is my tremendous honor to welcome our literal host, the actual host for this very american celebration, president biden and first lady dr. jill
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biden. ♪ >> we want to do it again. >> now, it is my tremendous honor to welcome our literal host for this very american celebration president biden and first lady dr. jill biden. >> two minutes and 19 seconds.
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while, what on earth were they doing? that guy is supposed to be running the most powerful country on earth and he suppose to be the leader of the free world meanwhile meanwhile the second-in-command kamala harris is the most unpopular vice president in history and third in line to be president. that is nancy pelosi, she is 81 she is the single most powerful person in the house of representatives, but she is controlled by aoc, and she to, meaning nancy pelosi is also a cognitive mess take a look at this clip. i don't know how i miss this from a couple of weeks ago. ask yourself, what is nancy pelosi trying to say to us? take a look. can to keep most of what we've done is that we may have had it in the last day or so. some of what we added is [inaudible] to the build.
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bernie doesn't love hearing, excuse me, bernie loves hearing. so we are getting some furd and privilege for it i think were getting privilege grab. it's important. you have to take it out. we want to be sure that what we send is not birdbath or the privilege scrub. those of the exercises were engaged in. >> got help this country and th world. i think nancy may have been als in washington a bit too long. how is it possible that we now have two of the most powerful people in washington both being
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equally incoherent, both struggling cognitively, and supposedly there running the country. this is frightening. the two most being filled by people who can barely form cohesive sentence. every hostelry gene, every enem country in every hostile actor, they see what we see and then t make matters worse, joe biden i now apparently physically sick with kind some kind of nasal something going on. today he could barely speak and he has been hacking up along no for a couple of days. take a look. >> before i start, i'd like to report that later today i will be signing a bill funding the government operations for the next few months. simply put, america, america is back to work, since the end of october the average partnership with excuse me, privates privat business and labor, retailers and grocery stores, freight
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lines and real royce. the port of los angeles and lon beach, the two busiest ports in america and ready to meet consumer demand for the holidays . i said that yesterday pretty good i almost want to put on my mask watching it. i hope joe feels better and isn't seriously ill. today biden assured us that he was not suffering from covid 19 that called our own pete that h picked up a cold from kissing his grandson. blame the kid take a look. to get your voice sounds a little different great i hope you're okay. >> i get a covetous everyday. what i had is a one half -year-old grandson who had a cold and he likes to kiss his pop. but is just a cold. >> during us with more is white house correspondent peter ducey. i've got to admit i've been on the road, i've done a number of
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books and i do three hours of radio and hour of tv, an hour and half speech, three hour boo signing, fly to the next city and do it all again. five or six days in a row and sometimes i take brenda's own, do we know if he took any medicine to lower the inflammation of his vocal chords ? get nothing serious yet, sean, but and we have had the changin of the temperature here in dc starting a couple of days ago i was 55 yesterday, '40s today but it didn't sound like him. it didn't sound like a cold tomato. >> i have listened to every public statement this man has made in the last three years or so and i never heard joe biden so baritone, i couldn't believe it which is why i asked, and of course we know that they take lots of we also know that and less then a week since he was u
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in nantucket shopping indoors, he had his mask pulled down at place where masts we're required , so it was worth asking and i didn't just ask him, i asked jen psaki about the covid test for the president in she said he has tested negative for a few times in a row, i reminde her that she also tested negative a few times in a row before her positive test, but n changes to his schedule yet. the bigger thing right now, and we have all been living in this world for the last two full years almost, the instructions from the federal government, if you have any kind of symptoms whether you're vaccinated or not , regardless of attest that they, you're not supposed to an i guess if the president has a home office behind us, he lives at work, but it was surprising to see him showing those symptoms out there. we have been assured that he is okay and he's going to go to camp david this weekend and the come back on sunday to receive
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the kennedy center honors where they're going to celebrate. >> a number of times this week he urged all americans to wear mask indoors than he would walk away without a mask and not put one on after. than you called him out on his statement during the campaign during one of the debates, 220,000 americans dead, now under his watch it's over 355,000 americans, but he had three vaccines and anybody's handed to him for it is anyone ever given you a recent why the don't mention the antibodies more? by my count i only heard at one time and that was during the vaccine mandate speech. listen to some of these briefings that the officials give. the president and leaders here, they just want people to get vaccinated and right now, as they learn more about the variance, they don't know if th
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new variant is going to be supe serious or contagious or if it' not so bad, but they want everybody to get vaccinated jus in case and that is the line their pushing. >> monica all antibodies, at least according to everybody i know that's gotten them early after a diagnosis has proven to be pretty effective government you would think that would be the least talked about, spoken about, what happens if you have a breakthrough case? my advice to you, peter, for th short term at least, when you'r around the president, you might want to double mask very just saying. >> i will take all of the necessary precautions brickey i asked her what she thinks of my idea for a show, you and jen psaki. >> mortar yesterday, biden's approval rating hit a new low i mornay console bowl and also a new low in the 36 percent
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believe it or not, the numbers for the vice president as right there are even worse as it turn out, she is not gestated by hundreds of millions of americans, she's also deeply unpopular with her own staff. things are getting worse every day. new reports outs, mass exodus i in the works three top staffers have already announced they are departures from the office of the vice president many others are worried about being permanently branded harris person which i guess they view that as a fate worse than even death apparently. some are being burned out from what they are describing as an extremely toxic work environment . now maybe she should take some time away from the office and may be as borders are, go visit this other border where the action is, not someplace distance from where things are happening. here with the reaction, beyond
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biden, rebuilding the american we love, former speaker of the house,. almost every night, we're playing joe biden for period, i've made fun of it, it is not funny anymore. he could barely form a sentence at times. it is incomprehensible at other times. nancy pelosi, the same thing. we just heard what you played, does american have to worry about two of the top leaders in this country in the free world being a cognitive mess? >> this is the most dangerous administration since buchanan who was the president just before the civil war. no one should kid themselves fo the chinese are developing they have a very effective
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international diplomatic strategy. there developing all sorts of new weapons. they've had a series of animals tell us that we lose every single border game in which we try to take on communist china. we just had a leading general i the space command to reported that we are being attacked ever day, and we know these guys pay attention, we're being attacked every day by the russians and the chinese in space access. we have a huge problem, we have a news media incapable of dealing seriously with the war and we have national leadership in the white house and in nancy pelosi and to some extent schumer who are incapable of th kind of changes we need. i think we are now entering one of the most dangerous periods i
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history. and people need to understand how really deeply serious the crisis is going to become. all of our opponents are watching biden fall asleep, the are watching kamala harris laughing, and their thinking to themselves, this is the executive branch leadership. this is the commander-in-chief? those are signals of weakness when seen by people as tough as vladimir putin. >>sean: hooton sees an opportunity, i would argue that's why he is building up troop strength on the border with ukraine. president xi doesn't care what biden has to say. and then you have to ask the question, if the compromise. a lot of business, had a lot of business dealings with both
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china and russia, so i think those things come into play and look at the canadian economy is thriving, but our economy is a disaster under biden and that people being hurt the most aren't that more because of the 30 year high in inflation in th higher cost of energy. >> two things, the new book, an digested a podcast on sunday with her. her new book laptop from hell i unbelievable. you cannot read that book and not reach a conclusion that president biden knew what his brother and his son were doing and that involves a level of corruption i think we have neve seen a corruption which involve the ukraine, russia, and china and is clearly a national security crisis. in terms of the empire situatio which is in essence a tax, this
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administration the fact is big government socialism does not work. we are watching inflation, we'r watching it and unemployment, we're watching the energy crisis , or watching it at the border, and i think this is all going to come crashing down nex year. i think we may have a historic sweep on a scale that even you and i when we were together in 1994 we fictive 53 seats, i think this could be a sweep tha far exceeds those. people are going to form a working coalition, it's more than just republicans, it's going to be republicans, democrats, and independents who work around and say this isn't working. >> your book is beyond biden. that means this agenda dies.
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in that sets up the big match u of 2024. which i think will be of very turning point for the country. i have said this many times before, probably the most important election of our lifetime. mister speaker, thank you. if you want to get beyond biden you can get it at the bizarre interview about the fatal shooting on the set of hi movie. now we will play you some of th tape and the latest fallout right also the trial in not going well for him. they are next and they way in. stay with us.
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>> welcome to fox news life manhunt underway for the parent of the dean accused of killing four people at a michigan high school this week. it comes after the oakland county prosecutor took the rare step of charging james and jennifer crumley with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. in attorney for the couple say they are not on the run and pla to surrender tonight they say crumley's father purchased the gun used in that shooting great meanwhile, overseas, russia now planning a massive offensive against ukraine with as many as 150175000 troops as early as next year according to reports in the washington post based on u.s. intelligence the u.s. has warned russia of severe consequences if they do end up invading ukraine. we will send you back to hannit shortly, for all your headlines go to fox watching the most powerful name and news, the fox news channel.
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>> now more follow-up from alec baldwin's what happened on the set of great in the moments leading up to the fatal shooting . of the semi truck or where baldwin claims he didn't pull the trigger. take a look. >> she was someone who was love by everyone who worked with her and admired. >> you felt chock. you felt anger, you felt oldness , do you feel guilt? >> no. i feel that someone is responsible for what happened, and i can't say who that is, bu i know it's not me. >> you know it's not you, even
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the media mob is skeptical saying the dramatic music was s cringe worthy, she is right, an remember the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and man legal experts are warning that it may have been a mistake for baldwin to speak out and explaining that his comments could end up being used against him in the criminal or civil proceedings. we will follow that story. out in the great city of chicago , the trial of a small it kicked off this week, prosecutors detailed his allege efforts to use the states attac where the actor said he was targeted by trump supporters in chicago as a ploy to demand a higher salary on their show empire. we also learned that he apparently set up a dry run of the fake attack the day before with his two alleged accomplices . now he is facing six counts
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relating to the false statement he made to police, and don't forget, this scandal is also a media scandal. as the media mob along with democrats like kamala harris amplified the lies with breathless hysteria for sites n facts to reach she tweeted back in 2019 this was an attempted modern-day lynching. no one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or the color of their skin. we must confront this hate. completely shameless, completel fake news. here with reaction to all of this, the host of justice along with fox news contributor. let's start with what happened with alec baldwin, and i watche him, and very smart attorneys, civil rights attorneys whole curriculum of the first thing h said is there is no way he did that interview without being coached, and out without being prepared by lawyers, i would
6:27 pm
have to believe that's probably true. we don't know. than you've got to remember he' an actor, and then you have thi whole other side with abc playing that ridiculous music. a woman died here. >> your reaction. >> first of all, there is no doubt in my mind i would gamble my house on this one that he wa prepped, that they went through many sessions on how he would respond. they're is still the possibilit of his being charged criminally number two, he will be sued up the was due by so many people, and number three, he has got a career he thinks he's got to worry about so this wasn't something he decided to just do on-the-fly. let me make one thing clear, th fact that so many weeks have passed since kalina hutchins wa killed, what's the story is, an this whole thing about how i'm not responsible, somebody else's , look, it's his
6:28 pm
production company, he was in charge of those people who worked on that site, and for hi to absolve himself, is contrary to what the facts and the evidence will show in this case ultimately. his desire to be seen as the victim, and as the pathetic guy that looks so horrible is captured by the evidence for it. >> i didn't get a chance this aired in the hour before my show , so i only glanced at it, and preparing it until the last minute and i have a great team behind me that were able to pul the clips out of what happened, but now that i had the chance t watch it, i will tell you they are right, it is beyond repulsive the music that they were playing and the dramatic way that they produced this whe a woman died here. abc news should be ashamed to play music over that interview.
6:29 pm
we are not watching cheesy crim drama here, this is not what an news organization should do. someone was killed. this was a mother of a little boy, a wife to a loving husband this ain't unsolved mysteries, and as for baldwin, the judge i right, you have thrown everyone else under the bus, baldwin is saying i didn't pull the trigger . okay, who did, for sheriff in this case is correct. he asked do you feel any guilt, he answers bluntly, no. that's not good. this was a pr stunt to try to curry public opinion in baldwin 's favor, after 90 minutes, he left with more questions than answers and it seems the more the actor speaks the more questions are raised. >> i look at the new york post, this is their cover. and he does this dry run, numbe two, and pulled back on your
6:30 pm
punches, so obviously, this was staged and then kamala harris i usual rushing to judgment, this was an attempted modern-day lynching. no one should have to fear for the life because of their sexuality or color of their ski we must confront this hate. i will say this about alec baldwin and some people might not lock it, due process, presumption of innocence, let this play out in a court of law as it will in this case the evidence seems overwhelming as the case moves forward and the evidence presented, but saying m maga while you're hitting me and setting it up right. >> that is precisely what's going on in america. it is the politicization of the criminal justice system. how much more political can you get than to see that people who were beating me and trying to lynch me are donald trump peopl and that way they can create more hate and division. that is the whole point of the
6:31 pm
democratic party right now is t create division and hatred. but i'm telling you this, and this is what i've set on my sho repeatedly, i believe in the jury system. the jury will get it right. the left and those people in th mainstream media will buy into it, but we don't, we will see what happens in the end. >> the evidence is pretty overwhelming. >> know you should we were supposed to believe that jesse got the munchies at to a.m. instead of calling and uber, believe me, i'm a bears fan who's been to chicago in january , you're not working anywhere at to a.m. and then he got attacked by two maga supporters at to a.m. our media bought it hook, line, and sinker, the only except for the chicago media.
6:32 pm
>> joe stands apart from what i called the twitter blue checkmark media mob cult. he's like on the outside of tha group. they don't like impaired that's a good thing. >> take care. will may come back, we'll fauci continue to have his moment in the spotlight. you do not want to miss this.
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yourself has anyone been more wrong during this pandemic than doctor doom and gloom flip-flop fauci. he started out masks, they don' work very than one mask, and then to masks.
6:37 pm
he misled you the american people about the origins of the covid virus and he appears to have lied to congress about winter or not the nih ever funded gain of function researc rate he told us also we've neve seen vaccine passwords or vaccine mandates and guess what's coming here we are. now in all seriousness, how doe this man have a job, or any credibility? how come he's not being investigated? even with his credibility crumbling, fauci is now telling americans to get vaccinated, to keep wearing their masks, to ge the booster, where a mask indoors, outdoors, the guidelines change constantly. want to know where vaccine hesitancy came from? how about the people they can't make up their mind and got everything wrong up to this point? take a look. >> everybody's been talking about or without a booster come
6:38 pm
what about people who have all three shots do to protect themselves brickey were asking people to get the booster shot in the question that was just ask is very relevant. what you do is exactly what we've been saying and that is t be prudent and careful. one of the things that's very clear, is that if you have to b in an indoor congregate setting in which you're unsure of what the vaccination status is of th people around you, where mask. >> meanwhile, the campaign promises remember when he took office, he told you the america people it would only be 100 day of masks and then he said oh, you can vx or masks. any president ed no business being president. a still stand by that.
6:39 pm
more people now have died in 2021 then 2020. during the campaign, biden claimed he had a secret plan, h was going to shut down the virus . obviously, another library to get this, now he wants even mor travel restrictions for you, th law-abiding american citizens i foreign travelers, get guess what, preferential treatment exists if you're in illegal immigrant to come across-the-board or, you don't have a covid test, there is no vaccine mandate that make sense to you? ask yourself, why does the bide administration think that covid can spread everywhere except th southern border. what ever happened to follow th science consistently? here with reaction to all of this kentucky senator rand paul. they have gone from follow the science only to when convenient because of work following the
6:40 pm
science, the science out of israel and i believe qatar now. that the natural immunity was 2 warding off the delta variant then the vaccine, that would be following the science, wouldn't it? >> virtually none of the edicts for the obligations that come from his mouth are based in science at all. take the idea were now going to test the problem. the rapid test is accurate between 30 and 50 percent if yo don't have symptoms. so those people traveling know there sick are not going to travel. so the people were talking abou traveling our without symptoms. the test is 30-50 percent. the variant is already across united states and the world. no travel ban is going to stop it very think about this, he no says if you know someone has been vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask next to him so you see him at one of these
6:41 pm
glittering hollywood parties th other day in it's like i don't know the person i put a mask on. he doesn't know their vaccine status, how idiotic is that? well i don't know that person s i'm going to put my mask on pride now i'm going to take tha off because i know that person. doesn't know his vaccinated or not by looking at them. here is the bottom line, people who have been vaccinated or people who have gotten the disease naturally should feel comfortable going about their daily lives. that lets not live in fear because dr. fauci is propagatin things unscientific to scare yo break if you've been vaccinated or had the disease, ignore this man and let's hope he can be gone as soon as possible. >> you have been the first to point out and now others have joined in loudly and i applaud them like ted cruz who has been great, when he testified i believe it was may 11th and sai that the nih never funded any gain of function research. i think it might've been
6:42 pm
exchange with you, now we know from the nih itself we know fro the 900 documents on the intercept and we know from his own e-mails that in fact he kne that the coronavirus gain of function research was been bein done at the wuhan neurology lab and that his nih was funding it. >> in realized to this day he hasn't taken any of it back and he hasn't learned any lessons. to this day he still supports sending money to china, he stil supports the research in wuhan and he still supports gain of function research throughout th united states. they're is a possibility that a virus could escape the that has 50 percent mortality. he has been in favor of allowin experiments with viruses that have 50 percent mortality, the current virus is wreaking havoc in it has a 1 percent mortality. can you imagine if the virus ha escaped from the lab, he is a danger to mankind because he
6:43 pm
doesn't want to place any limit on this gain of function research. he continues to deny that it happened, when we caught him lying he went to his website an change the definition of gain o function. they took the words gain of function off of his website because he is still trying to obscure any responsibility from his funding of that type of research. but the funding goes on, this could happen again. the man as a menace and we need to get him around away from the reins of power brickey even if it resulted in a worldwide pandemic he still supports gain of function research. to me that's like a mad scientist. >> that kind of situational ethics should get him the way. think about the 5 million families who have lost loved ones, he sang well the research was worth it for eight sorry, sorry for the loss of your love one, but the research was worth it what i callous disregard for individual, individual liberty and the individual deaths of 5 million people just to say
6:44 pm
well the research was worth it we should have a heart-to-heart discussion with the scientist and we should ask the question, should this type of research be funded in china and should this type of research be funded in the united states or europe or anywhere? they're our scientists who will come and who are not republicans , scientists who are non- partisans who have been worried about his support of this research for 15 years, way before the pandemic, the debate was out there. but he controls the purse strings, he controls the money and if you don't listen to him, he may yank your funding. >> a great job exposing this an standing up for real science an the american people and freedom in medical privacy in doctor-patient confidentiality breach nobody seems to care about much these days. we appreciate you being with us. when we come back, we will show you the jen psaki odd
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>>sean: jen psaki caught seeing the rising crime in democratic democratic runs or deeds not because of defund, dismantle laws, left wing anti- police policies like the ones i mentioned, no, it's all because of the pandemic and it's the guns fault. no guns good to themselves. until alec baldwin spoke. >> does the president didn't still think that crime is up because of the pandemic? >> i think people have conveyed that and also one of the reason that crime the root causes of
6:50 pm
crime in communities is gone an gun violence and we have seen that statistically around the country. >> a huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they g blue as store, as cvs, nordstrom , until their shelves are clean, you think that's because the pandemic? get a thinker root cause and a lots of communities as the pandemic, yes. >> the pandemic is the cause, no . but of course as usual, facts keep getting in the way of democrats destructive agenda we are now learning that in california many of the alleged smash and grab robbers have bee released with zero. they're back out on the street and they do it again. here with reaction, legal analyst along with fox news contributor. grade, start with you. we're going to blame covid through the surge and smash and grab.
6:51 pm
covid, now excuse me, i beg to differ. i would actually bet it's defunding the police, trying to dismantle the police, putting pressure on police never to do their job and making it incapable for them to do their job. than i would add those no bail item crimes great if you rob a bank like this one guy in new york, let him out, he goes out and rubs another one. i don't know why that happened. >> what jen psaki said is just too stupid for words. she is the dumb and dumber of press secretaries. if the pandemic is to blame for retail theft and smash and grab happening everywhere in liberal cities, than her boss is to blame, why isn't she standing there blaming what no biting
6:52 pm
promised he was going to beat the virus in in the pandemic an he the truth of the matter is a you point out, look at where al of this is happening. it's happening in liberal citie run by far left progressive and the policies they want to continue to defund the police, they want to cancel jail and dismantled the prison system, they don't want probation parol for most offenders, you know, they want to just let them go free. let's get leo's take on it very clear. >> let me be clear, greg is absolutely right, there is no punishment for criminal activit in democratic cities. they lower the crime of felony shoplifting to a misdemeanor because they said they didn't want to punish people very do you see people stealing food,.
6:53 pm
and butter? we vuitton, i don't think peopl are eating the leavitt on bags. you have greenlighted criminals to steal and than be released. it is not for food. it is to get high end jewelry, to resell on the black market. it is a sham, and as long as je psaki has zero credibility as she basically lied and told the american people it's due to the pandemic. the pandemic is causing people to rob restores. >> let me just read to both of you this statement, the eternal order of police reveals today that 58 police officers have been going down this year is th highest number of law enforcement officer shot and killed ever. another 314 officers have been shot, ambushes have dropped 126 percent. for everybody at home i want to ask you something. you know the names of any of
6:54 pm
these officers? you knew the name of one of these officers. a record minute year of officer killed, and officers ambushed, record year of officers heard. >> no, the media want focus on it now. the criminals now know that liberal prosecutors and liberal politicians are new bff. they are new best friends forever because they can walk into a store and looted, or the can burn down or vandalize the store and if they get caught, they'll be out in a couple of hours because these are the policies that have been instituted in places like california and elsewhere by liberal politicians and they supported progressive prosecutors, so is it any wonde that the waukesha parade massacre happened because of a
6:55 pm
guy who shouldn't have been out on the street let out on ridiculously low bail for running over the mother of his child just weeks earlier. >> last word, about 20 seconds, leo. get the bottom line is very simple. the democratic party looks at the police as the enemy. they embrace antifa and black lives matter all of this is going to be paid back. >> they want to have a boycott of any white owned businesses. >> crazy. >> you know what, that's called racism. thank you both come up more hannity right after this. what makes salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> unfortunately that is all th time we have left this evening. we thank you for joining
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escamilla make this show happen you make it possible. we hope you have a wonderful weekend. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. we will never be the media mob ever. we don't live like them. in the meantime let not your heart be troubled because this is laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" is up next. have a great weekend, see you monday. ♪ >>laura: this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. joe biden has had a very strang 24 hour odyssey from a bizarre christmas tree lighting to a press conference today where he could barely squeak out a word for it raymond arroyo breaks it all down in friday follies, but first stacy abrams rides again. that is the focus of the ankle. let's say you're lucky enough t be driving and knew her model let's say porsche suv, low mileage in ne


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