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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 3, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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join "tucker carlson today" with the legendary roger stone. tune in each night at 8:00 for their show that's the sworn enemy of lying and come, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great evening everyone, . ♪ ♪ >> announcer: americans held hostage behind american lines day 111. >> sean: breaking friday night, day 111. that's right. since joe abandon our fellow americans trapped in afghanistan including military families, thousands of green card holders, and our afghan allies. something he said 13 days earlier that he would never do. joe biden has turned the page,
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the mob in the media has turned the page. we will not. we will remind everybody until they are home safely. of course, this is one of many self-inflicted crises that biden is unwilling, incapable of -- the november jobs report was a disaster, abysmal from a fallen way short of every projection. keep in mind that we are already facing a severe worker shortage in the country. we now have record-setting inflation at a 31 year find about a buck 50 more, 30 bucks more. every time you fill up the tank, you pay a fortune to heat and cool homes. because of joe biden, stagnant, it is now getting worse. don't take my word for it. let's look at cnbc. the u.s. economy created far fewer jobs and expected in november and assignment hiring started to slow ahead of the new
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covid threat. today, biden proudly announced that this was "incredible news" and our economic recovery is going strong. what world are you living in, joe? i thought biden promise to shut down the virus, not the economy. what happened? one big problem for joe is you can't lie your way out of a crisis. americans are suffering. truth be told, it doesn't appear that joe can do much of anything at this point in his life. he's frail, he's weak, he's confused, he's confounded, he's mumbling, he's a bumbling cognitive mess, and even a simple tree lighting was a massive struggle. can't make this up either. take a look. >> it is my tremendous honor to welcome our literal host, the actual host for this very american celebration,
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president biden and first lady dr. jill biden. [applause] we want to do it again... and now! it's my tremendous honor to welcome our real host, our literal host for this very american celebration, president biden and first lady dr. jill biden. ♪ ♪ >> i think we are here...
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>> jesse: 2 minutes and 19 seconds. while macpaint what on earth were they doing? that guy is supposed to be running the most powerful country on earth and he is supposed to be the leader of the free world. meanwhile kamala harris is the most unpopular vice president in history and third in line to be president, that's nancy pelosi. she is 81. the single most powerful person in the house of representatives. controlled by the real speaker, congresswoman ocasio-cortez, and she too, meaning nancy pelosi, is also a cognitive mess. take a look at this. i do not know how i missed this from a couple of weeks ago. ask yourself, what does nancy pelosi trying to say to us? take a look. >> what we've done is... we may have added it in the last day or so and some we added incentive to the bill. for anyone who doesn't like
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hearing -- excuse me, burning books here. so... we are getting some... bird and privilege -- i think most is getting privilege. because privilege is to the bill. point is you have to take it out. might be sure that what we send is not burnable or birdbath or privilege scrub. watch your sides this weekend in case they are engaged in. >> sean: god help this country and the world. i think nancy may have also been in washington a bit too long. how is it possible that we now have two of the most powerful people in washington both being
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equally incoherent, both strongly cognitively, supposedly they are running the country? the two most powerful jobs in america led by people who barely can form a cogent sentence. it's scary. every hostile regime, every enemy country, every hostile actor, they see what we see. to make matters worse, joe biden is apparently physically sick with some kind of nasal something going on. today he could barely speak. he's been hacking up a long for a couple of days. take a look. >> before i start, i'd like to report that later today i'll be signing the bill... [cough] funding the government for the next few months. america is back to work. since the end of october -- excuse me, average partnership -- excuse me, with business and labor -- [coughing]
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freight movers and railroads, the two busiest port in america, they are ready to meet consumer demand for the holidays. >> sean: i want to put on my mask watching it. we hope that joe feels better and isn't seriously ill. today biden assured us he is not suffering from covid-19 but told our peter doocy that he picked up a cold kissing their grandson. blaming the kid. take a look. >> your voice sounds a little different. are you okay? >> i'm okay. i have a 1.5-year-old grandson who had a cold who likes to kiss his pop. anyway, it's just a cold. >> sean: joining us is fox news white house correspondent peter doocy. i've been on the road, i've done
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a number of books and i do three hours of radio, hour and a half speech, three hour book signing. fly to the next city come and do it all again. sometimes i take prednisone. do you know if we don't like it took any medication to lower his vocal chords? >> we had the changing of the temperature here in d.c. it was 65 yesterday, 40 today. that's when people get a little congested. >> sean: it didn't sound like him. i'm not a doctor, not going to play one on tv. >> i've listens to every public statement this man is made the last three years or so and i've never heard joe biden so baritone. i couldn't believe it which is why i asked. of course, they take a lot of precautions around here concerning covid-19 but we also know that it's been less than a week since he was up in
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nantucket shopping and doors. he had his mask pulled it down in a place where masks were required. it was worth asking and i didn't just ask him, i asked jen psaki about the covid test for the president and she said, well, he's tested negative a few times in a row. also tested negative a few times in a row, but no changes to his schedule yet. the biggest thing right now, and we've all been living in this world for the last two full years, almost, the instructions from the federal government, if you have any kind of symptoms vaccinated or not, regardless of a test that day, you are not supposed to go to work. i guess the president has the home office behind us, he lives at work. but it was surprising to see him showing those symptoms out there. but we have been assured that he is okay. he's going to go to camp david this weekend and he's going to come back on sunday to see the
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kennedy center honors, where they are going to honor lorne michaels and bette midler. >> sean: he urged all americans to where masks and doors and walked away without a mask and not put one on after. statement during one of the debates, and the 220,000 americans dead. under his watch, it's over 355,000 americans. but yet he had three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies handed to him. has any one given the reason why they do not mention monoclonal antibodies more? by my count, i only heard it one time and that was during the vaccine mandate speech. >> no, and clinical treatments are part of the winter plan for but you got to read the fine print or listen to some of these briefings that the officials give. the president and top leaders here want people to get vaccinated. right now they learn more about
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this variant, they don't know if the new variant is going to be super serious or contagious. it's not so bad. they want everybody taken down like vaccinated just in case and that's the line they are giving. >> sean: to everybody i know who's gotten them early after a diagnosis has proven to be pretty effective, at least talked about, spoke about, a breakthrough case with delta? my advice to you, peter, the short term when you're around the president, you might want to double mask like fauci one suggested. >> i'll take all the necessary precautions. >> sean: asked jen what i think about my idea for a show, you and jen psaki. >> more to report next week. >> sean: peter doocy, thank you. yesterday, biden's approval rating hit a new low in the morning consol pole and also a new poll, 36%.
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the numbers for his vice president kamala harris right there are even worse. as it turns out, kamala harris is not just hated by hundreds and millions of americans, she is also deeply unpopular with her own staff. things are getting worse every day. a new report is out, a mass exodus is -- >> this is a fox news alert, live in new york. police confirming to fox news that parents of the teens accused of killing four people at a michigan high school this week are in touch today coming a short while from the car was destroyed for the couple was reportedly arrested in a basement. the fate tell my parents took off after the oakland county prosecutor took rare -- purchased a gun used in the shooting just days before he opened fire in his school killing four students and hurting seven others.
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the 15-year-old has been charged as an adult with dozens of crimes including murder, attempt and murder, and terrorism. the parents of the teen accused of killing four students this week have been arrested in detroit. let's turn to fox news and jupiter at ted williams, former d.c. detective and defend eternity. thanks for being with us early this morning. >> yes, thank you. >> just a couple of questions. obviously they didn't make it to the border but what would've happened with this case and how this would've changed if they did make it to the canadian border? >> i think, let me start by saying that i think everyone is relieved, especially the citizens of oxford michigan delmar, michigan, they are relieved by this arrest and the fact that the arrest itself occurring in michigan, that
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leaves a lot of things that could have happened, they would've made it to canada. canada does have an extradition treaty with the united states. if you are faced, the death penalty, canada will not ask her to write you back to the united states. but they have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. if they even made it to canada, they would in fact be brought back to the united states. >> let's talk a little bit about how unusual it was for the parents to be charged in this case. obviously there's going to be more coming out in the coming days but why do you think that is that they would charge with, what is it, four counts in this case? >> yes. they were charged with four
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counts each of involuntary manslaughter. it is rare, if rarely it happens that parents of school shooters are charged. despite the evidence that she had gathered was enough to charge them. for instance, what we know here is that james crumley and his son ethan had gone and purchased this gun on the given day. once they purchased the gun, the next day it is alleged that the mother went out shooting with james. target practicing.
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she even filmed it. following that incident, we now have ethan at the school. the teacher passed by his desk and saw that he was looking at ammunition. the teacher alerted the authorities at the school that ethan was looking at this ammunition. so let's fast-forward to the next day. the next day, had made certain drawings. during the course of reviewing these drawings come up that kid was crying out for help saying that he couldn't control himself, that he needed some help. the teacher photographed these
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drawings. then contacted the school administration. the school administration then contacted ethan a positive parents, james and jennifer they had the meeting with ethan at the school. the parents after the speaking, they told the parents that it would be a 48 hour period they had to get ethan some help. they agreed to do so, was permitted to go back to his, jennifer and james left the
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school. believed he had the gun at the time, the backpack was not searched. he used that gun where he unfortunately wound up killing four students there at the school. the authorities rushed to the school, meaning the sheriff's department. they were immediately able to arrest ethan. and from that, there was an investigation. there was a part of the investigation the prosecutor there decided that she wanted to bring manslaughter charges against james and jennifer crumbley. but the problem was that the prosecutor, it is alleged put
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out the charges, let it be known to the public that she was charging james and jennifer crumbley with first degree -- i say to be correct, with involuntary manslaughter. then what happened was came out and said that he was unaware of this. he had not learned it through the prosecutor, he had learned of the charges from the media, which caused some concern. it appears the prosecutor believed the parents, once he announced the charges, they had gone to turned himself in.
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it appears what they did, meaning the parents, was they went through $4,000 of savings from a bank, and they went on the run. they have been on the run, what will now happen, they will be brought back if they were outside the state of michigan, then they would have to have extradition hearings to bring them back. but they were in fact found within the state of michigan. they will be returning to oxford, michigan area there. they will be arraigned and
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unfortunately because of them and the flight here, it is highly unlikely that they will be let out on bail. >> okay. so, i want to talk about something. you were talking about the school telling the parents that he needed to become the correct me if i'm wrong here, under some sort of psychiatric evaluation by someone at the school, you said, perhaps a nurse. but would it not have been enough had the school thought that ethan needed to talk to someone or he was experiencing these thoughts, would it not have been enough for the school to say, hey comeau have to put them under some sort of 42 or 72 hour holds, some sort of psycho valuation. or because of his age they had to as the parents?
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>> because of his age they had to be involved. but they could've alerted the authorities and, by the way, they should have alerted the authorities when they found these drawings where in these drawings, he mentioned thoughts to some degree and a manner which the drawers were made that he wanted to harm others. there was as i said a cry for help. so this school could very well and should have a loaded the share sheriff departments. that was actually not done. as a result of that, he was permitted as i said by two authorities to go back to his class on what should have happened, once the authorities
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got there, they could've clearly under the circumstances on him suffered what appeared to be a mental breakdown that they could have actually held him. that was unfortunately not done. i think this school is going to have to answer for their role in not doing the things that i've said here and as a result of that, we have four young people, four citizens of that community, four students unfortunately are not going to be coming home anymore. >> such an unfortunate story. i feel like there were a lot of... you can always play monday morning quarterback with these type of situations where you say you should've done this, should have done that. this is not what they had to deal with and the card they been dealt. thank you so much for being with us early this morning.
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we really appreciate your expertise on this. i would do want to recap if you're just joining us. police confirming that the parents of the teen accused of killing four people in michigan high school this week are in custody. they were arrested a short while the car that james and jennifer crumbley was found in detroit. reportedly arrested in a basement. the oakland county persecutor took the rare step of charging them with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. ethan crumbley's father is the one who purchased the gun used in the shooting just days before he opened fire on his school. the 15-year-old is being charged as an adult with dozens of crimes including murder, attempted murder, terrorism. we want to turn to former fbi investigator bill daley. are you with us? >> hello? >> bill? >> how are you? >> thanks for being with us
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early this morning to talk about this. i do not know if you just heard ted williams, we were talking about potentially this school. i want to pick back up on that. the school somehow or another able to notify authorities that as ted said, ethan was some sort of legend. alleged mental breakdown and this could have stopped this from happening. do you foresee anything or do you think charges or anything on that could go against the school? how can they go about that? this could have been stopped? >> yeah. certainly as you said in the call unfold, you have to evaluate if there's any culpability or foreseeability in the events and should the school have taken action whether it's out of moral or ethical perspective, but also by your own protocol. every school should have at this
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point should have protocols seem to be exhibiting either some mentally distressed or physically violent behavior and be able to deal with that. at the facts come about, we have to know more about what they knew when and with that, the individuals responsible perhaps violating the law or violating what the schools protocols would be for the situation. >> as we continued talking, i want to pull up a couple of pictures of a few of the victims. we have some of those up. everyone can see those. these are three of them, three or four people who lost their lives in the school shooting. a very obviously tragic event. going to leave that up so people can see those young people who obviously were taken from us much too young. >> it does seem though from
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reports that the school did have procedures in place, so they had a thought to what might happen. i think they had some school secure the officers or police on site to be able to deal with the breakdown in the communication, we need to understand what could have been prevented. it will be important on the stand, the responsibility are or what things need to be change across the country, they've all been looking at this issue for a while the behaviors of what the students had observed, what parents observed to be able to deal with that and prophylactic
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matter. it does seem like the school certainly has given thoughts to this. until we got to know more as the days go on and we learn more about what was absent at the school. >> as a former fbi investigator, what do you see about this case, what do you want to know the most of it. i know this is a rare situation, but do you think that's warranted? the dad went out and bought a garden a couple of days before and the mother was allegedly filming ethan target practicing, nothing against target practicing but when something like this unfolds, it totally changes the story. spigot they'd like to know from an investigative standpoint, what led the parents to go out and purchase a weapon at that
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time. obviously with that weapon, you know, the parents control how it got out of their control come again to the child's hands and how they perpetrate that, what kind of leakage in regards to tripwires that may have been crossed. how could they not had closer scrutiny on where the weapon could have been paid these are questions that need to be answered in these are the questions that law enforcement is working on now i know the judge in charting the parents has given thought to the same kind of things we are talking about here, talking about a lot of clarity on. the people being such as the timeline, when the weapon was purchased, why the child had it on that day, how was it safeguarded, et cetera. those are things very important to understanding at this point,
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unfortunately after the incident. what they might be charged with further down the road. what we can all learn from for these type of incidents. with everyone of of these incidentses when they occur, if it something more that we learn from and that in case it is not picked up on in many moments aren't captured well. but i do know that from law enforcement, from the fbi's perspective, they do look at these instances to look at behavioral patterns, try to understand how to be predictive of how to get ahead of these steps before they happen. >> that leads into my next question. we've got about 2 minutes or so, a little over 2 minutes. the parents are charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. do you foresee any other charges? i want to focus on the data here
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because he bought the gun. do you think more charges could come down in the coming weeks, however long it takes to investigate? >> i see some charges coming out of here in the attempted flight. or whether williams said he wase right, this will not result in a no bail situation. i would imagine that there are one of the situations, demonstrated that they were looking to flea. the weapons charges that could be added on to the current charges that the judge is putting against the parents to the father, what level of culpability they may have had in
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not safeguarding the weapon. >> we appreciate you being up with us early this morning to talk about this and i also appreciate your expertise and your insight in this story. thank you for being with us this morning. >> have a good day. >> just a really quick recap if you are just joining us, please confirm to to fox news at the parents of the teen accused of killing four people at a michigan high school this week are in custody. stay with fox news as we continue to covered this as details emerge throughout the night. i'm ashley strohmier. back to regular programming.
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>> sean: has anyone been more wrong during this pandemic then dr. doom and gloom flip-flop fauci question mikey started out, masks don't work.
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and then masks into in perpetuity. he misled you, the american people, about the origins of the covid virus, appears to have lied to congress about whether or not the nih funded research. he also told us we've never seen vaccine passport or vaccine mandates. guess what, here we are. in all seriousness, how does this man have a job or any credibility. why is he not being investigated. even with these credibility crumbling, telling americans to get fascinated come on getting the mask, get the booster, wear a mask indoors or outdoors, the guidelines change constantly. want to know where vaccine hesitancy comes from? how about people who can't make up their mind and got everything rung up to this point. take a look. >> everybody is talking about what to do here, unvaccinated or without a booster.
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or someone who has all three shots to protect themselves. we are asking people to go get booster shots and the question was asked is very relevant. what you do is exactly what we were saying, that is to be prudent and careful. one of the things that's very clear is if you happen to be in indoor congregate setting and you're unsure of the vaccination status people around you, wear a mask. >> sean: remember when he took office, he told you, the american people, it would only be 100 days of masks and then he said, oh, you can mask or you can vax. he said anyone who oversaw 220,000 deaths had no business being president. still stand by that? during your term as president,
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over the hundred 55,000 americans have died of covid print more people have died in 2021 van 2020. during the campaign can must biden also claimed he had a secret plan. he's going to shut down the virus. obviously another live. now biden wants more travel restrictions for you, the law-abiding american citizens, foreign travelers. but guess what? preferential treatment, that exists. if you are an illegal immigrant, come across the border, you don't have a covid test, no vaccine mandate, does that make sense to you? ask yourself, why does the biden administration seem to think that covid can spread everywhere except the southern border? whatever happened to follow the science consistently? here with reaction in all of this, kentucky senator rand paul. basically it's become follow the science only when convenient.
11:40 pm
the science out of israel, qatar is the second country, showing natural immunity was 27 times effective in warding off the delta variant than the vaccine. that would be following the science, wouldn't it? >> based in science at all, take the idea that we are now going to test the day of travel. the rapid tests is accurate between 30-50% if you don't have symptoms so most people traveling if they know they are sick aren't going to travel. most of the people traveling there without symptoms. the test is 30-50% accurate. the omicron variant is already across the united states and already across the world. no travel ban is going to stop it and no amount of testing is going to stop it. think about this, fauci says that if you know someone
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vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask with them. if i don't know the person who put a mask that she doesn't know their vaccine status appeared how idiotic is that? i don't know that person because i don't know -- he doesn't know who is vaccinated or not by looking at them. it's a ridiculous standard. here is the bottom line for people have been vaccinated or people have got the disease naturally do you have a semblance of protection and should feel credible going about their daily lives. let's not live in fear because it dr. fauci is promulgating things that is unscientific just to scare you. if you've been vaccinated or had the disease, live your life and ignore this man and let's hope it can be gone as soon as possible. >> you been the first, i've applaud them like ted cruz, he's been great. he was tested may 11 and the nih never funded wuhan research, it
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might've been in an exchange with you. now we know from the nih itself and the 900 documents from "the intercept" we know from fauci's own emails that he knew well that data function research was being done at the wuhan virology lab in his nih was funding it. >> realized to this day he hasn't taken any of it back and hasn't learned any lessons. to this day, he still supports the research, and still supports throughout the united states. a virus could escape a lab that has 50% mortality. he has been in favor of viruses that have 50% mortality. the current virus wreaking havoc has 1% mortality. can you imagine if a virus escaped from a lab, he's a
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danger for mankind because he doesn't want to place any new limits on this function research. he went on his website and change the definition, they took the words gain of function off of his website, off of the nih website, he still trying to obscure any situation for his funding for this type of research. the funding goes on. this could be done again. >> even if it resulted in a worldwide pandemic, he still supports gain-of-function research. that to me is like a mad scientist. >> those kind of situational ethics should give him away. think of the 5 million families who have lost loved ones. he's saying, the research was worth it. sorry for your loss of your loved one, but the research was worth it. what a callous disregard for individuals, individual liberty, and the individual deaths of
11:44 pm
5 million people just to say, well, the research was worth it. we should have a heart-to-heart discussion with republicans, democrats, all the scientists, we should ask the question, secured this type of research be funded in china and should this type of research be funded in the united states or europe or anywhere? there are scientists who will come in who are not republicans, nonpartisan who have been worried about dr. biden telling fauci and his research for 15 years way before the pandemic, the debate was out there. dr. fauci is winning because he controls the purse strings, he controls the -- he may yank your funds. >> sean: thank you for standing up for real science and the american people, freedom and medical privacy, thank you for doing it. appreciate you being with us.
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leo "2.0" terrel, gregg jarrett, that's next.
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>>sean >> sean: circled back, jen psaki caught fueling more left wing lies claiming the rising crime and democratic run cities is not because of, oh, defund, dismantle, nobel laws, anti-police policies like the one i mentioned. no. it's all because of the pandemic. and it's the guns' fault. i didn't know guns could shoot themselves. until alec baldwin spoke. take a look. >> do you think crime is up because of the pandemic? >> many have conveyed that and
11:50 pm
one of the root reason crime, the root causes of crime and communities is guns and gun violence. we assume that statistically around the point. >> a group of criminals organize themselves and they want to go loot a store, cvs, home depot, until the shells are clean. is that because the pandemic? >> i think a root cause and a lot of communities is the pandemic, he has. >> sean: the pandemic is the cause? no. and as usual, fax keep getting in the way of the democrats 'destructive agenda. we are learning out in california many of the alleged smash and grab robbers have been released with a zero bail. what a shocker. they are back out on the street and they do it again. here with reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrel. we are going to blame for the
11:51 pm
smash and grab, covid. i plan to differ. i bet it is defunding the police, dismantling the police, putting pressure to never do their job and making it incapable to do their job, and those no bail laws, you commit a crime, you rob a bank, goes out and robbed another one. what did they do? let him out again and went out and robbed another one. i don't know why that happened. they are telling us the pandemic caused that. >> what jen psaki said is just too stupid for words. she is the dumb and dumber of press secretaries. if the pandemic is to blame for retail theft and smash and grab that's happening everywhere in liberal cities, why isn't she standing there at the podium
11:52 pm
that joe biden promised in his inaugural, going to beat the virus and end the pandemic and hasn't done it. as you point out, sean, look at where all of this is happening. it's happening in liberal cities run by far left progressive politicians, and their policies of no bail, low bail. they refused to prosecute great many crimes but they want to continue to defund police, they want to cancel jail and dismantle the prison system. they do not want probation and parole for most offenders. they want to let them go free -- >> sean: sorry, i'm not interrupting. let's get leo's take on it. >> let's be clear, gregg is absolutely right there there's no punishment for criminal activity in democrat cities but they lowered the crime of federal shoplifting to a misdemeanor that because they didn't want to punish people who were stealing food.
11:53 pm
do you see people stealing food, better butter -- louis vuitton question mike i don't see people eating louis vuitton bags. that's a big lie. you have green led criminals to steal. it's not for food. it is to get jewelry to resell on the black market. it is a sham. and jen psaki has zero credibility and she just basically lied when she told the american public that it's due to the pandemic. the pandemic is causing people to rob louis vuitton and gucci bags? it makes no sense. >> sean: let me read to both of you this, the fraternal order of police revealed today that 58 police officers have been gunned down. this year, it's the highest number of lawn forest officers shot and killed forever. another 14 officers have been shot, ambushes have shot up 126%. for everyone at home, i want to ask you something.
11:54 pm
do you know the name of any of these officers, and you know the name -- a record year of officers killed, record year officers hurt. do you know the names of any of them? gregg? >> no. the media won't focus on them now. criminals now know that liberal prosecutors and liberal politicians, they are there new bffs. the new best friends forever. they can walk into a store, loot it, they can burn down the store or vandalize the store and if they get caught, they'll be out in a couple of hours. because these are the policies that have been instituted in places like new york, california, and elsewhere by liberal politicians. and george soros supported progressive prosecutors. is it any wonder that the parade massacre happened because of a
11:55 pm
guy who shouldn't have been out in the street, lead out on rid are usually low bail for running over the mother of this child earlier. >> last word, 20 seconds. >> the democratic party looks at the police as the enemy paid they embrace and to file, they embrace black lives matter. they go out of their way to please them. and now allowing us to rob and steal, all this being paid back -- >> sean: they want to boycott any white owned business. >> why own business. crazy. >> sean: that's called racism. more "hannity" after this.
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>> unfortunately that is all th time we have left this evening. we thank you for joining
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escamilla make this show happen you make it possible. we hope you have a wonderful weekend. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. we will never be the media mob ever. we don't live like them. in the meantime let not your heart be troubled because this is laura ingraham s laura ingraham >> this is the fox news alert was the parent of the teen accused of killing four people are in custody. the rest after the car jennifer and james crumbly was found in detroit. they were arrested in a basement. law enforcement will hold a news conference shortly. we will bring it to you when that happens. the parents took off after the prosecutor took the rare step of charging them


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