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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 4, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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the man who recorded the video got the man to pull over and shocked when he had discovered under his truck. best part, no one was injured at all. >> greg: too loud. that's what it ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light, through the barrelless fight ♪ for the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming
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♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave. rachel: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends." it's 6:00 a.m. eastern time. rachel: we start this saturday with a fox news alert. the parents of michigan high
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school student ethan crumbly are now in custody. >> they found them hiding out in a commercial building in detroit less than a mile from the canadian border. pete: the couple had helped evading authorities. >> james and jennifer crumbly are in custody. police say someone let them into a commercial building in detroit to hide out. >> they did not break in. >> so someone let them in. >> that we know who this person is absolutely they could be facing charges. despite the crumbley attorney despite they were not on the run and police say otherwise. >> this is indicative. >> their was foiled after someone spotted the crumbley car nearby the building and turned in a tip. they face involuntary manslaughter charges. the couple bought their
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15-year-old is on the gun he used to allegedly kill four people as a black friday christmas present. despite knowing, quote: something could have happened. >> prosecutors revealing jennifer crumbley texted her son don't do it incident underway found out that school morning even crumbly was drawing morbid notes images of a gun, person shot, laughing emoji and the words blood everywhere. >> the actions in this case are so he egregious, look at this document, looking at it reading the words help me with a gun. blood everywhere. this just doesn't impact me as a prosecutor and a lawyer it impacts me as a mother. the notion that a parent could read those words and also know that their son had access to a deadly weapon, that they gave him is unconscionable and i think it's criminal.
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>> another vigil happened overnight and funeral services are set for three of the four students who were killed in the oxford high school shooting. back to you guys. will: thank you, ashley. rachel: thank you, ashley. wow. pete: some different angles to this. we were listening to ashley but also talking about it as this had developed. you had the press conference that occurred before they were actually apprehended. you have the details that have come out about the culture of the school. the reality of what happened in the moment. it's disturbing across the board. rachel: talk about the culture of the school. you had a great guest on your show last night when you were hosting "primetime" charlie will leduff a pulitzer winning journalist the sense of doom that was overcoming the neighborhood. listen to what he has to say. >> the kids knew there was doom and gloom all around all month. all unrelated. different students. one kid throws a severed deer head into the courtyard. another kid makes oblique
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references to violence online and this kid -- a lot of kids that day who were on social media tracking each other apparently the school is not looking at their students social media, they knew something was up. they didn't go to school. so, you see this picture about, you know, the world is going to end, and there's not a sheriff's representative in there looking in the kids' bag you send him back to class. the parents are angry. will: such a sad story. victims in every corner of the story. i hope you guys will grant me this grace of just sort of working through the details throughout the morning. because off camera you brought up an interesting point. so the prosecutor says the facts in this case are so egregious. i look at the facts. maybe this is my own failing because it's the instinct of a lawyer or whatever it may be having gone to law school. i look at each individual facts and none of the facts add up to
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me wow those parents committed a massive crime. in other words, the kid was looking up ammunition on his phone. i don't know that that tells you your kid is about to do something terrible. pete: sure. bill will your kid that morning drew a picture it was literally hours that took place with the school and the parents met with the teachers that morning. because you drew a picture of a gun doesn't tell me you are terrible that doesn't indict everybody there what you said, pete, is my kid is there is intangible beyond the facts that you have to think the parents were aware of. that's the one vague description they had to know a little bit about the mental health of their son. rachel: there could be a moral responsibility that these parents had to be aware to understand that you know, you have this kid that's troubled, that writes the note that literally as you brought up yesterday on your show, help me. that's a cry for help, if ever there was. help me. but, again, criminally, is there something there and why were
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those charges brought and why were those charges brought, pete, without coordination with the sheriff of such a high profile case very unusual? pete: i think we are going to learn more about that this morning. we have the sheriff on the program. we will ask him that directly. charlie will he stuff a detroit institution. he lives just a few miles from this. rachel: is he a character. pete: a character. he had described the culture i had heard about before in the media but not the details there was a sense among the students that something amiss. culture is important. just n. that thinking that kids stayed home from school because they were worried they were monitoring the social media. they were hearing the rumors. it wasn't just this kid. but then, again, so many signs must have been missed. was it intentional or not? i don't know. but, as a parent, if your kid is in that kind of state of mind and then you are going to the gun range and looking up ammo and apologizing for it a picture
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and backpack, don't know if a gun is this in that backpack or not because you didn't check. i hope ultimately the prosecutor gave a press conference. there were a lot of cameras there and a lot of things said. let's look at the details and find out who knew what and why. why are you hiding out in a warehouse. rachel: so many things that are weird. again, i want to go back to what you said this culture on the campuses. we have had so many school shootings. and i thought we were learning the lesson that if you hear something, see something, feel something, you report it. and that school officials needed to be aware. this can happen now in these days and times. that seems like a huge miss to me. that is a huge miss. now, do i think that our schools should be going through leduff said the school wasn't going through social media. i don't know if that's the job of the schooling to go through our kids' social media accounts. teachers and students kind of
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hear things from each other, know things. i just -- and you have a meeting? will: the thing about that meeting, rachel, this is what i'm trying to add up. this is literally hours before it happened. the biggest red flag to us. we don't know all the facts. we don't know what was going on in that home to the point that the parents ought to know the condition of the child. but for us as outsiders the biggest red flag is that picture, help me, blood everywhere. that was literally discovered, it appears, hours before the shooting. and everyone acted immediately. they see the picture, they call the parents, in and everyone has a sit down meeting. at that meeting, it's decided the kid goes back to class. no one searches him for a gun. rachel: do you know why? because there is a policy now -- this is part of like, you know, this new thing it's called restorative discipline. so the idea is if we can we talk to them and try to get them back into the classroom and mainstreamed as soon as possible. i don't think that that is a -- the right way to deal with somebody is drawing a gun and
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says blood everywhere, help me. i don't think restorative discipline is the right thing. i think that kid needs to go to get help immediately and should not be put in a situation where he could harm other innocent children this was not fair to the other children, especially those who tragically died. so there's a lot going on here. pete: for sure. you mentioned big miss and it's a total different concept but a bit of a transition to the next story big miss in a different way in the jobs number last month. to say joe biden it tempts to spin the numbers as strong. there was expecting the job number 550 jobs added that was the expected number. look at what it really was. not even half, not even close. and it is indicative of an economy not recovering the way and all of us would like it to. and let's compare to previous months at other times, other months leading up to this and
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the jobs that were added to the economy. there seems to be a strong uptick in june and july throughout the summer and now look at november, it is -- i don't know if we have the chart or if we can put it up. simple bar graph but it tells you quite a bit about this miss in november. rachel: it doesn't seem to be telling joe biden a lot. he seems to be getting a different message from that tiny bar in the november. he says this means america is doing great. listen to this. >> the incredible news that our unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2%. at this point in the year, we're looking at the sharpest one year decline in unemployment ever. simply put, america, america is back to work. and our jobs recovery is going very strong. will: job recovery is going very strong. rachel: he is not going strong. pete: the job recovery is about as strong as his voice.
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will: pete, you mentioned what we will be doing throughout the morning. charles payne will be coming up later in the show e will dive into some of these numbers. on the legality of the story we were discussing when it comes to the parents and the child and the children who were victims in michigan, we will talk to jonathan turley a little bit later as well. coming up in a few moments about the potential legal charges. that's a little later this morning on "fox & friends." but, regarding president biden's view of the economy, former president trump was on life, liberty and levin. this is the second part of an interview that will air on sunday. it began last sunday. here's what he had to say about biden's trouble with the economy. >> top economic people look at the inflation and see bills being passed trillions and trillions of dollars worth like throwing money out the window, he sees the cost of energy and they see the cost -- they see what's happening and they're saying you can't do this. you can't do it. these are obama people telling biden people you can't do this.
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but they push forward anyway. rachel: that's interesting. so the president is saying that there are obama people telling biden people not to do this, to slow down. i don't know, i don't know if that's right or not. mobile, i think it's obama people running this. but i don't know. pete: obama people might be astute enough politically to realize you are creating a disaster like all the harris aids by the way which we'll report on in a moment who are leaving the ship. because they are worried about even being associated with a brand of kamala harris at this point. it's important that you look at the numbers and say it ain't working here. rachel: why don't they reverse? you can reverse many of these policies. will: there was moment earlier this week jen psaki was pressed on some of the economic issues and she said something like you can be republican and scream about it and complain or you can be someone who is interested in solutions and go for build back better. whether or not they believe it or not. they believe antithesis or
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rebuttal to what president trump had to say, throw money at this problem and it solves the problem. while others, trump, perhaps obama advisers and certainly independents and swing voters which we have seen i think we have also clips from independent voters in arizona saying if you keep throwing money at it, you are exacerbating the problem. you are potentially creating more inflation. rachel: not just inflation you are throwing money to people who don't want to go to work which is hurting businesses as well. pete: doesn't work whenever the answer is our agenda. the answer is our agenda. that's not an actual answer that's a political platform you are putting forward but doesn't solve the actual problem. rachel: absolutely. i vote for you, pete. pete: i vote for you, actually. both of you are running way before me. okay? rachel: all right. well, we will turn now to headlines. we will start with a fox news alert. a police officer dies after being shot outside a texas
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grocery store. authorities say the fallen hero was responding to a disturbance outside of the store when a suspect opened fire hitting him twice. the suspect was shot and critically injured. the police procession escorting the officerrens body to a nearby hospital whose identity has not yet been released. the national weather service issuing a blizzard gharng parts of hawaii. forecasters predicting up to 12 inches of snow in hawaii and 100 mile-per-hour wind gusts on hawaii's big island this weekend. the nws urging residents to stay indoors and avoid traveling as the storm even caused the camera to freeze over. although snow in hawaii sounds crazy the state's big island has mountain peaks over 13,000 feet that annually see snow. things i didn't know. a massachusetts man gets
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incredible surprise while recovering from open heart surgery. alex mcleish wins a million dollars from a scratch-off lottery ticket that was given to him in a get well card from a friend. what a great friend. get this: when he scratched off the winning puzzle at the both was the word heart. he will take home about $650,000 before taxes. coming up, mcleish will join us live in the 9:00 a.m. hour to share what he plans to do with his winning and those are your headlines. i think i'm going to put one of those scratchoffs in like every card i ever give from now on. that's kind of a cool deal. will: stocking stuffers. we have a wig show a lot we teased. rachel: we better guest to all of it. will: don't go anywhere. pete: we have nor more now. in college football the big ten championship is tonight. number two michigan take on iowa at 8:00 p.m. on fox.
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will: our very own carley shimkus is live in indianapolis and talking to fans leading up to excitement for tonight's show down. carley: you are absolutely right. number 2 michigan against number 13 iowa in indianapolis. i am personally very thankful this is indoor stadium. i have never been more comfortable doing "fox & friends" sports segment in my life. speaking of the stadium, i was talking to joel clack yesterday, a fox sports analyst. he will be calling the game tonight. nicest guy ever. because of the configuration of the stadium and structure of the seating there is going to be more fans inside lucas oil stadium than ever before. how cool is that? speaking of the fans, i talked to a lot of them yesterday, they are very excited. take a listen. >> how much would that win mean to you? >> a lot. it would mean that i would have to figure out how to get tickets to the next game.
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[laughter] carley: how are things going with the friendship right now? >> it's, you know, it's touch and go at this moment. >> it's actually the wives are feuding. we are fine. [cheers] go hawks. >> neither team expected to be here but michigan exceeded expectations capping off with a huge win against ohio state. iowa rock solid defense and they play michigan really well. i was talking to another michigan fan you didn't see there. i asked him if there was any hostility between michigan and iowa fans on the streets and at bars. he said no, no hostility. we are not traditional rivals but i hate the way iowa place football. right then a huge group of iowa fans passed it went from no animosity to i got to be honest. a little hostile. but, you know pete and will, it's championship football. severing on the line. so it's gonna be like that.
3:19 am
pete: that's true. will: invitation to the college football playoff is on the line for michigan. beyond a big 10 championship. ainsley: a rose bowl for iowa as well. both teams are going to be playing their hearts out. will: all right, carley, thanks so much. pete: folks from iowa are still nice. they are not going to be too rowdy. will: it is championship weekend in college football. college football playoffs have a good time this afternoon. for now this morning we have this coming up. florida governor ron desantis has a new proposal to handle emergencies in his state. we will tell you what it is. pete: several aides with kamala harris as we mentioned are calling it quits in part because they reportedly don't want to be labeled, quote: a terrorist terrible person. the west wing --
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she's amazing! [screams and laughter] yeah! xfinity brought us together after all. get started with xfinity internet and ask about wifi speed fast than a gig. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ will: shot of the white house where there is a little bit of
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drama this morning. pete, you brought this up earlier. people seem to be abandoning ship in the kamala harris wing of that white house because a shakeup inside the harris administration where four aids have announced their departure just in the last two weeks. take a look at this. symone sanders chief spokesperson, ashley, communications director. peter have aless director of press operations and vince evans deputy director of office of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs have all left. the story is they are worried about being tagged, branded a harris person. pete: in politics you know how it works in d.c. you oftentimes staffers and others faithfully and loyally you affix yourself to someone and part of your career is advancing with. they as their brand and and stock rises so does yours it turns out it might work the other way as well. with the approval rating 28%.
3:25 am
the blame first and foremost goes with the vice president. if you are the communications director or the press secretary or what was the other title, the director of press operations, maybe it's time to move on because your boss is not making the cut. here is the ironic cut about it i believe it was jen psaki who said that symone sanders everybody gets burned out of a little bit. she has been working for you and take some time. that was announced as the communications director. other two period have aless and vince evans. they're not leaving to spend time with their family to take time off. they are going somewhere else inside the biden administration. it's about harris. this is part of how axios, which is a d.c. insider publication described what might be happening here. they said burn out, better opportunities and concern about being permanently branded a harris person is driving some of the turnover in vice president's office. one recurring theme though is concern even fear about career harm by being too closely linked to a lagging operation. some harris staffers want to
3:26 am
work on biden's re-election campaign. while others don't want to be lined with harris in the event another promising democrat runs for president in 2020. rachel: that means they want to move over to the department of transportation? is that the new thinking look you are right that staffers, like they attach themselves to somebody they think is rising. you see on capitol hill like there is bragging so like if you are the, you know, the it congressman, you know, the staffers might go well i work for will cain and that kind of gives you some prestige says a lot that people are running away from kamala harris and that her communications team in particular doesn't think there is anything -- look, coms teams can do a lots to help a candidate or political figure. they are leaving because they are like i can't work with this. i can't do anything with this person because this person is so
3:27 am
inept. what's interesting i alluded to the pete buttigieg angle he seems to be the new it guy. but what is fascinating to people is both of them to me are -- and i say this -- people might not like what i have to say. pete: when you say that i want to hear what you have to say. rachel: affirmative action figures. they are people that don't have a lot going for them in terms of experience with pete buttigieg and in terms likability with kamala harris. they fit the box that the identity politics box that seems to be so important to how the democrat party likes to pick people. will: i don't think that's controversial what you just had to say. everyone has recognized identity politics play as huge role in the democratic party. joe biden made it clear before he picked kamala harris. he will pick a woman and i believe he said i will pick a woman of color. he signified and tell grawstled i'm prioritizing identity politics over experience or political likability or merit
3:28 am
but the other kind outs of identity. rachel: competence. will: now you are paying the price. there is a massive weight around of the ankle of kamala harris' political future. everyone can see and therefore jumping off ship. >> rachel: america is paying the price. will: here is the challenge for symone sanders, where do you jump? not as though there is another ship out there who is actually sailing off into the sun set as a bright future. does that work as a metaphor? i'm not sure. rachel: i like it. pete: i was talking to karl rove about this. when you pick a vp either pick a government pick or -- the last two in the white house political picks. barack obama felt like he needed steady old white guy there alongside him. joe biden picked him off the ash heap 1%. never made a serious run for president. he is there. he becomes president. he picks kamala harris to check a box. you have two box checkers right now in the white house who never really were part of any sort of
3:29 am
massive movement for them to be in that white house. and here we are. rachel: and here we are. will: and here we go. overnight police arresting the parents of the accused michigan school shooter following a statewide manhunt. jonathan hurley breaks down the possible prison time they could face. pete: black lives matter forcing a boycott of white owned businesses aim of lending capitalism and silence from woke corporate donors is deafening. ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer.
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♪ will: overnight police arresting the parents of accused michigan school shooter ethan crumbley following a statewide manhunt. james and jennifer crumbley facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and napped in a commercial building a mile from
3:34 am
the canadian border this after their lawyer claimed they were not in fact on the run. here to discuss fox news contributor and constitutional law expert jonathan turley. great to talk to you this morning. >> thank you. will: you and i need to look at this legally. there is certainly a moral discussion to take place about the parents' culpability in this instance but as to their legal culpability jonathan, what do you see right now? charges of involuntary manslaughter is, that going to hold? >> well, that's a very good question. substantial challenges on the trial and the appellate level. i have been working through the manslaughter provision on my blog this morning because it's not a perfect fit. michigan decided that it did not want to enact a law on access of children to firearms recently this seems to be a work around. under that law, you don't need
3:35 am
malice aforethought. so the parents don't have to have conspired with their son to kill other children but you have to create a situation that would produce those shootings. that's more than a casual relationship. that's creating a situation that was likely to produce these fatalities. the parents are likely to argue that they may have been and i think the every indication is that they were quite negligent. you know, accounts say that they left this gun in an unlocked drawer. it's very unlikely that a child that has this level of obvious mental illness or behavioral issues did not have that before. so, we're going to have to look at what they knew about their son. there are accounts of drawings that the teachers saw of him shooting people and saying basically that his life was worthless. he was searching for ammunition,
3:36 am
apparently while he was in class. his mother reportedly responded to that saying i'm not mad at you. just don't get caught next time. all of that makes a strong case for negligence. the question is can it make a case for a crime. will: real quickly jonathan, let's together look at two pieces of evidence. they will serve us in walking through this. you and i both know in any case it often falls back on one stand, one phrase, reasonable expectation, recklessness, whatever it may be. the nation is focused on abortion right now a issue viability. what's is it manslaughter. standards the prosecutors would have to prove what is the phrase that creates the burden for the prosecutor? >> they the silt under the last of the offenses for involuntary manslaughter of creating an environment likely to cause these deaths. will: okay. >> that's more than negligence.
3:37 am
will: an environment likely. >> yes. not directly out of the statute. the statute describes an environment likely to cause these types of fatalities, and if you are convicted, you can get 15 years in prison per account. they are charged with four counts. those are likely to be treated as running concurrently if they were imicketted on all four. they are going to challenge before the trial and challenge after any conviction at the trial. and then they will challenge on appeal the applicability of that law to them. that law is not just straight negligence. it is acquiring something more than that. will: really quickly, jonathan, you brow up the ammunition thing. in my estimation, i'm not sure that does much for anyone. look, kids can look for ammunition. it doesn't imply that something bad is about to happen. the more interesting one is the text where the mother says don't do it. after the meeting with the drawing. that one is the one that i think is the -- carries the most
3:38 am
weight. what do you think, jonathan? >> no, will, i think you are right. now, the defense there is that some accounts say that that was sent after the news reports of the shooting. and then shortly thereafter, the father called the police and said my gun is missing and i think my son might be the shooter. so, you know, the timing is key here. if she obviously sent that before the shooting then really involuntary manslaughter would seem a much more fitting charge, but, all the accounts indicate that this occurred after they heard there was a shooting. now, that still shows that they immediately thought of their son and whether they had -- before she sent that, found the gun was missing or not is something we will have to find out in these proceedings. will: all right, jonathan, thanks for walking through this morning it will be glicketd and all sad. thank you. all right, black lives matter is urging a boycott of, quote: white-owned businesses in the name of ending racist capitalism
3:39 am
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by which blm is able to say because of racism, the way they construct it, they get to be racist? >> well, so this is why companies should never cave to the woke mob because they are never satisfied. we saw nike give millions of dollars to blm by and through colin kaepernick, now they can be considered while white supremacist capitalists. said toe american express employees that capital schism
3:44 am
inherently racist now they can be considered white supremacist capitalist. we have seen other take a sim lash stance. yet the woke mob is not satisfied. the truth is they keep moving the goal post every single time by caving to them companies are really just making -- pete: so true. rachel: definitely complicit. they funded blm. they are responsible for all of these things happening. what's interesting to me is they are calling for this boycott during christmas. the whole message of christmas is that jesus came for all of us regardless of our skin color, our race, our gender, our apologies. it seems like such twisted message to wrap this racist message around christmas. >> right, the message of unity really should be what's going on here. look, there is no such thing as white-owned company. especially a publicly traded corporation which has tens of millions of shareholders and has so many different interest groups whether it's unions,
3:45 am
churches, 401(k)s, pension funds all contributing to the ownership of it and certainly those groups constitute minorities as well. even for private companies. you had general motors, for example, who ended their relationship with one of their biggest suppliers because the guy at the top was a minority and he decided to step down even though that company, that supply company most certainly employed many minority people. so, we have to realize that the economy just like our society is connected and requires cooperation and unity this message that blm is push something absolute anathema to that. pete: some of those donors to black lives matter they are not talking right now. what are they going to say. the question is what is their next move. here is a few of those donors, uber microsoft, air b and n. amazon, bungee. square, enos global and mondelez
3:46 am
international. shall invested in black lives matter what should they do. >> the woke ache at this is list a ever revolving door of demands. best thing to do in my opinion is embrace the principles of colored blindness which is inherent into economic structure because companies have to employ people from every skin, color and creed because our economy requires the diversification of skills and cooperation from everyone of every walk of life. it may cost them socially, but ultimately in the long run, most americans want a colored blind society. that's what companies should do in my opinion. rachel: i think you are right. americans absolutely want a return to society and that idea martin luther king had colored blind society. christian watson great to have you on today. pete: thank you, christian. rachel: take care. >> thank you.
3:47 am
rachel: will? will: we begin with this headline the vigil is held. columny university student gathered lighting candles for geary. police say he was randomly stabbed by vincent near campus. the suspect allegedly stabbing an italian tourist. is he charged with murder and attempted murder on parole for 2013 gang attack and has been arrested 11 times in the past. florida governor ron desantis proposing a civilian led military force that would respond to emergencies. the governor would allocate $3.5 million in funding to reestablish florida state guard, which is disbanded in 1947 after being replaced by the national guard during world war ii. 22 other u.s. states currently have active state guards. and those are your headlines. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for
3:48 am
fox weather forecast. good morning, rick. rick: good morning, will. we have got really warm temperatures. almost 93% of the country at above average temperatures for this time of year. i guess a lot of people don't complain about that. not much in the way of precipitation mid-atlantic and northeast throughout the day today. that does change by monday. down across the southeast, you see this little rotation really not going to amount to much today. tomorrow we start to see some heavier rain moving across that area and all going to be part of this energy that we have got across parts of the specific northwest. more rain this time snow levels a little bit lower so we are seeing a lot of snow across areas of washington. this is the future track. by the time we get in towards overnight tonight snow across north dakota and minnesota. storm pulls off toward the east. late sunday, monday tuesday event across much of the eastern part of this country it will cause some severe weather in the south. and mostly rain across parts of upstate new york behind that the colder air comes. in all right, i don't know if
3:49 am
everybody knows this will, can you download the fox weather app. and get 24/7 weather live weather and follow all of these storms. go to the app. store arched download fox weather app. and watch all the where you want all the time. will: on my way now. it's our sweetest segment this morning. we are celebrating national cookie day on fox square. how to get the most bake for your buck. ♪
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♪ pete: today is national cookie day. will: but the cost of baking christmas cookies is more expensive this year thanks, of course, to the supply chain crunch. rachel: thanks joe biden. so here with the most of our baking bust is founder and ceo of dana's bakery and author of dana's bakery 100 deck can't recipes for unique desserts. you are the o.g. of online. when no one had an online bakery you did be, and now you are still here which is an incredible feat.
3:54 am
>> still here and national cookie day. so i'm here to teach you thousand make cookies from my cookbook. not only are we going to make a cookie, i'm going to teach you thousand make cookies by using other ingredients that you have in your pantry at home. one base and then you can add other things. >> that's right. rachel: simple way of doing it? >> great way to do it. use what you have in your home. what ingredients do you have? left over halloween candy. rachel: i have got that. >> i always have chocolate chips. sometimes you want a little sprinkle or peanut butter. go into pantry and adapt any recipe to make it your own. will: show us what you are going to make three different types of cookies with these ingredients here. >> one have all of them for you to eat when he would done. rachel: we tested the batter, it's very good. >> who is the master at cracking eggs? go ahead and put that in there. no shells. we don't want any shells.
3:55 am
rachel: you made me nervous. >> we are going to go ahead and mix it up. once it's incorporated, we will add our dry ingredients, making cookies is to easy because. rachel: so fun with kids, too. >> so fun with kids. people don't realize how easy it is to make a cookie. once you have your dough keep it frozen in cookie shape and pop it into an oven when you want a fresh cookie. so i'm going to pour the flower in just because i don't want this to get over anyone's clothes and i have done this a couple times. so, we will start on low, because if you go on high, it's going to kick up all over the place and end up being an art project rather than making cookies, okay? pete: usually what it ends up being anyway. >> once it's incorporated go on and stick it on high then. pete: only have 30 seconds. >> let's try to do this as quick as we can. pete: i don't think we are going to make it. pete: where can people go to dana's >> dana's and ship
3:56 am
nationwide and, of course, the cookbook is available wherever cookbooks are sold. rachel: thank you, dana. add it all. future all in there. will: i don't know what those are but they look really good. rachel: stay with us. will: are these vanilla? dog barks you're right bunker, the medicare enrollment deadline is almost here. if you're on medicare and you want to explore your options, the deadline to enroll is
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fox news alert. it they had help getting in. >> they did not break in. >> someone let them in. >> we are unpacking all of that information right now. that part is accurate we know who this person is. absolutely they could be facing charges. will: this all despite
4:01 am
crumbley's lawyer saying they were not on the one run. they now face involuntary manslaughter charges. rachel: this as prosecutors reveal that jennifer crumbley texted her son, ethan, quote, don't do it as the incident was underway. the parents gifted their is on the gun he used to allegedly kill four people despite knowing that he was showing some very concerning behavior. pete: welcome to the 7:00 hour of "fox & friends." like you, we woke up to some of the developments in this particular case, specifically that the parents have been apprehended, were they on the run? were they not? it wasn't really clear because their lawyers were saying they are not. and the prosecutor did come out and hold a press conference before they were apprehended the lawyer of the parents willing to offer themselves up. they weren't anywhere to be found and found in a building somewhere else. they are now in custody. the idea "don't do it." will, we were talking in a green room a moment ago, at what point are the red flags so evident
4:02 am
that as a parent you know your child is susceptible to something like this and the handgun is introduced to the situation, a meeting happens in the school and is he put back in the classroom? just a lot of variables in here that led to this tragedy. rachel: appears that the parents weren't the only ones who weren't reacting or doing something about these red flags. that you had someone -- you were hosting "primetime" this whole week and had you someone on last night a reporter from the detroit area who said there were some weird things in the culture of the school that there were students who purposely didn't show up. they had some sort of premonition or signs from social media this might happen. if that's the case, then we are learning very little from all these school shootings. the thing that we were being told to learn from the school shootings was if you see something, say something. and one thing that really concerns me, will, is that this
4:03 am
school had what they call restorative discipline as part of their policy for dealing with kids. kind of comes from this restorative justice idea that, you know, you want to have a kid who has a problem, you want to do as much as you can to get them back into school, i think that's a very weird policy to have when you have a kid who has a note that says -- has a gun and blood and help me and i can't get these evil thoughts out of my head whatever he said on the note. these are very clear signs that maybe this kid, not maybe, this kid should not be in school and should not be around other kids that he could possibly hurt. will: yeah, i will be honest, i don't know how much to indict the policy. we are learning the details and the timing of that day what went down. he drew the picture. he was called into the office the parents went. in the text don't do it. all sequencing we don't have the hours down. ehas returned to class, i
4:04 am
believe, rachel i believe within 48 hours you have to get counseling. i don't know yet. i truly don't know what the red flag, what the failure was, all i'm telling you is, when we see these things because our goal is, as you said, rachel, how can we stop these school shootings from happening. i have to think it's something inside the home this has to do with how we are raising our children, what our culture tells us about teenagers. i think there is something deeper. there is things happening in our culture that are deeper than guns, deeper than any particular school policy. deeper that is why we are seeing this. i know we don't want to have that conversation because it's easier to point to a gun or easier do point to one particular bad guy when i have do think there is something deeper of our culture at the root of these school shootings. pete: one part of that deeper is the subterranean world of social media that parents live in that parents are noble not all that aware of. i know how savvy i have with the latest app. that's come out. kids are spun up on that. and they know how to communicate
4:05 am
and how to share and hide. and that can work for good but it can also work for evil. ainsley: we have seen mental health just problems rise. not just because of the pandemic. but really since the rise of social media. you have seen just a lot of mental health issues in teenagers and flank not enough mental health professionals deal with the number. and that of course, has only grown exponentially during the pandemic when so many kids were isolated. i do think you are right there. is something deeper. there is a sense of isolation that exists inside of our culture, inside of families. families are much more disconnected for a myriad of reasons and, of course, social media for young people, i think, has exacerbated. i can say anecdotally, i look at the amount of in person contact social activity that my generation did vs. this generation it just different. being on the phone and
4:06 am
interacting in this really fake way that isn't really relational is much more common and i think there is something there. it's really hard to get to that you are right, will, it's really hard. will: something really hard to get to we're talking about red flags and where we can quickly place blame. i think there is going to be difficulty on the legal charges towards these parents because of the lack of one particular piece of evidence that clearly screamed you failed, parents. >> it's possible let's do it text -- don't do it text gets to the timing. earlier i spoke to jonathan turley about involume man slaughter charges and whether or not there is a strong case at this point against the parents. >> i think there's going to be substantial challenges on the appellate level. i have been working through the manslaughter provision on my blog this morning. because it's not a perfect fit. we're going to have to look at what they knew about their son.
4:07 am
there are accounts of drawingsed that the teacher saw of him shooting people and saying basically that his life was worthless. he was searching for ammunition, apparently, while he was in class. his mother reportedly responded to that saying i'm not mad at you, just don't get caught next time. all of that makes a very strong case for negligence. the question is can it make a case for a crime? pete: very interesting. we have a guest who knows firsthand what's going on in this particular situation it's aaron garcia supervisor deputy u.s. marshal. supervisor of detroit fugitive apprehension team. aaron, thank you so much for being here. speaking of apprehensions, it appears that the couple was -- this couple was -- these parents were apprehended. what's the story around how it really happened. did they turn themselves in? were they fugitives? what's the situation? >> good morning, first of all. yes, they were fugitives. they were actively ruin running.
4:08 am
so, on thursday, our task force and we work closely with the oakland county sheriff's department. we started looking for them on thursday, knowing that the warrant was coming out as everyone did, obviously on friday. so we were unable to locate them on thursday. we did know that they were still in the metro detroit area. we had a lot of intelligence, surveillance, you know, footage. we knew they were still in the area. and once these charges broke yesterday, we figured, you know, they are not running. they are going to turn themselves. in it's all over the news. we didn't really consider it like a huge or deal. ordeal. once it came out in the news the manhunt was on we were working with the detroit police department. i task force around 70 officers, it was all hands on the ground. people were calling in what can i do? where can we help at? so, later on, as the day went by, i know the attorney spoke on
4:09 am
camera that they were out of state that they were trying to turn theirself in. never happened. was not true. they were actively at that point, we considered them actively running. like i said, we were working with the sheriff deputy. we have a great relationship with. they all day yesterday, since thursday to try to locate them. we had very good intel idea of where they were, but we were kind of like always a step behind them. roughly around 11:00, a tip came, in a 911 tip came in to detroit police establishment obviously it was all over the local news, media news. we knew that they were in a particular vehicle, that black kia. they own two vehicles. one of the vehicles was under surveillance. we located at a hotel in the area. obviously we didn't put that out there. we were hoping they would return once they saw that on the news. that never happened. a call comes in to the detroit police department. they dispatch police officers there. our guys were probably around
4:10 am
30, 40 minutes away watching a vehicle in a hotel where they we thought they might return to. they never did. they presumed -- they rushed to the area. the detroit police department was there they did a great job. great partners. holding down a perimeter at that location. searching for them. it was like a big warehouse/loft apartment area. so the search begins. obviously we knew it was a credible tip because the vehicle, the black vehicle the kia we were looking for was there we had that vehicle on surveillance 10:30 that morning. we knew they were driving that so, once we arrived on location, detroit police department there, there is a perimeter. did a great job. everyone is searching this warehouse. you know, in unison, looking for them. we were able to establish a connection to one of the rooms. one of the studio lots of on the first floor. senkd all the other communitiesr several other units, they are not found. according to the witness and
4:11 am
video, you could see on the surveillance video there is a white male, white female who we believe are them. they get let in the gate by an associate. established a connection. one of the guys says hey, this is the unit we kind of want to focus on here. detroit srt makes entry. does a great job, and they were located inside one of those units, turns out to be an associate of them in the northern area. will: aaron, i want to follow up on that point you said an associate let them in both inside the gate and into an apartment. were there any other arrests made beyond the parents? is the associate considered an accomplice at least in their fugitive status? how was that handled? >> right. there was no other arrest made. oak alan county sheriff's department are investigating that they're going to be the ones handling that so there are no charges at this point. but they are obviously looking into that the sheriff's detectives are looking into that. rachel: aaron, when the parents were found, did they seem scared?
4:12 am
did they seem surprised? were they trying in any way to evade being taken in? >> there was no issues, no incidents when they were captured there was no problems. obviously, you know, there was a search leading up to that pointed where they were located. obviously, they knew we were looking for them. obviously, you know, they knew all of this. there was communication with their attorneys from the oakland county detectives, from the prosecutor's office. there was communication. they weren't coming in at that point. so we had to go find them. i mean, would had a lot of people willing -- i mean, this hit very dear and close to our hearts, you know, in the neighborhood, and, you know, there was a point where i had so many guys calling in to help i had to say hey, guys, we are good. tomorrow, let's keep fresh bodies for tomorrow. will: aaron, we're up against tight time here i want to ask you one last question. the sheriff's department has mentioned that the announcement
4:13 am
of the charges before they were notified enabled the parents to flea. do you know anything about that, the timing of when they may have taken off. how did that play into your pursuit the fact that charges were before law enforcement with a able to target the parents. >> yeah that whole thing is obviously -- i didn't understand it. we were working with oakland county sheriff's department, like i said, on thursday. we had a good idea that charges were coming on friday. we didn't think they would flee though. so we started looking for them on thursday. and the whole time it was like on the news was we're going to charge them tomorrow. we are going to charge them tomorrow. so they were definitely given a head start. i don't know if that's normal protocol. i don't know. we typically don't do that you know, with the u.s. attorney's office. i don't know if that's normal. i don't know. but they were definitely given some time to kind of we never knew where they were at on thursday. and they knew the charges were coming on friday. so, they were definitely given
4:14 am
some leeway to go ahead and take off. pete: deputy aaron garcia, thanks for giving us the insight this morning and for the work you do incredibly important. we appreciate it thank you. rachel: thank you. i think aaron is being pretty diplomatic. that doesn't normally happen. yeah, normally the district attorney does coordinate with the sheriff's department before they issue charges. will: see we will be speaking with the sheriff's department the next hour. pete: a lot will come out about what their lawyer says he was doing and saying they are cooperating. they are willing to come in yet, as he described it, they always felt one step behind them. if you are one step behind, you are not trying to turn yourself in. rachel: right. pete: also, yesterday, an exchange caught our eye in the white house press briefing room. of course, press secretary jen psaki was asked by our own peter doocy who continues to do a phenomenal job on china. asked a question about china. and that's not the answer in full that she gave. she happened to change to
4:15 am
something else. take a look at this exchange. >> it's been more than two weeks since president biden had a call with xi and on that call we know he did not press him to help with the covid origin's investigation because you said xi just understands is he supposed to be transparent and in the two plus weeks since has he helped and been transparent yet. >> i believe what i said we have pressed nor repeatedly. i don't, unfortunately, have any updates on the participation or willingness of the chinese to add and provide additional data. can i provide one other update to me since you asked me about crime yesterday and i have a little more information for you. >> about crime? my question was about xi. >> you asked me a question about crime yesterday. >> okay. >> i was going to give you a little extra information. i followed up for you, peter, i learned afterwards that the justice department, the fbi and the federal law enforcement has been in touch in contact with jurisdictions where we have seen this high level of retail theft. pete: thank you we will. >> i look forward to seeing it
4:16 am
on fox later today. pete: it's on fox right now, i think. >> i bet it is. rachel: good for him. i think what peter is really getting at is asking the question that the american people want which is where -- not so much the willingness of xi to give us information but where is the willingness of this administration. pete: wanted to get to the bottom of it? we hear all day covid, covid, covid. our whole lives have been disrupted. businesses and dreams have been lost because of it. it's important to find out where this came from. and if china is responsible and it certainly is looking that way, they need to pay 'a price for that they need to pay a price on the global stage. >> they cannot be treated like a normal country if they do stuff like this. why doesn't joe biden want to know? it really speaks to a lot of the stuff that we are seeing coming out from that laptop from hell because i can't think of another reason would other than being compromised that you wouldn't
4:17 am
want to know where the heck this came from. will: i will say this quickly. you make a point how much we talk about covid. isn't it fascinating the things we are not allowed to talk about when it comes to covid. let's talk about it a lot but not one area a lot. rachel: so true. will: not therapeutics, origins, here. stay right here. rachel: here in the fear lane. stay in the fear lane. don't ask about where it came from. don't implicate china. don't talk about natural immunity. pete: peter doocy, i don't have to wear a mask but you do in the press briefing room. whole thing and they change the topic and they think we don't report it and we do. rachel: we are the only ones reporting it that's the problem in america. if you want to know the truth about covid, there is only one channel that is willing to go outside of these lanes. pete: the nice part is if you added all the people up watching
4:18 am
both msnbc and cnn right now they wouldn't be half of what is watching us right now. rachel: sadly they are the people who watch the broadcast networks as well. and there is people that read the "new york times." pete: sponge bob beats cnn pretty much. i don't know that for sure. rachel: i would rather watch sponge bob. pete: i would rather watch sponge bob. rachel: tonight is the big championship game. for a minute are they giving me sports headlines? will: you could handle that line. will: number two michigan will take on 13th ranked iowa in indianapolis. coverage of the action gets started at 7:00 p.m. on fox. pete: our own carley shimkus is live in indianapolis where she is soaking in the exciting atmosphere ahead of tonight's big game. that's what it said in the teleprompter, carley. rachel: don't soak it all in. i love soaking it all. in the atmosphere is going to happen later today. right now we are the only people here. how cool is it that we are here. by the way, coverage for this game starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern
4:19 am
time. kickoff 8:00 p.m. eastern time. of course you can catch all the action, soak it in yourself on fox. there's a lot on the line for both teams, guys, for michigan, of course it's a chance at the college football playoffs. for iowa, it's the rose bowl. when i was walking around downtown cincinnati last night its with a sea of jerseys from both sides. my flight down here was the exact same way. that's because there is going to be about 70,000 people in this stadium later tonight. the most ever at lucas oil stadium. oh, and speaking of the stadium. i talked to joel class yesterday he is going to be calling the game for fox sports analyst. take a listen to what he had to say. >> it's one of the great venues for conference championship in this footprint because everyone can drive. we are going to have a pretty split crowd, iowa and michigan because of the way that they have to situate the stadium for the final four and the super bowl, this is going to be the
4:20 am
largest crowd that's ever watched a game in lucas oil stadium. age. carley: the big question will, pete and rachel who is going to win michigan is favored but can you never counted iowa out. will: michigan, sorry. michigan. pete: don't count out. will: is she leaving? what's going on? carley: i don't know if i should be biased this early but i mean i'm rooting for a specific team. pete: quarterback's number? or bread number it. pete: 6 or 16. carley: number 16 jersey. my husband a die hard michigan fan. he is here right now. we are going to be -- he is going to be watching the game later. we are sticking around for the game. >> we have exciting stuff for our family as well. pete: now you are soaking up the excitement. carley: i want to do this every time you say that.
4:21 am
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are you no longer going to shut it down? >> no. we got to beat it back before we shut it down. look, it's going to take time. in order beat covid we have to shut it down worldwide. will: so this is the six more states find confirmed cases of omicron variant ahead of a possible winter covid spike. pete: fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel recently spoke to the cdc director about this latest variant and he joints us now. joins us now.
4:26 am
>> good morning. pete: change in language. does it mean anything? what do you take away from. >> it i was listening to it, will, i was thinking of the word rhetoric it doesn't mean anything to say shut it down when you have over 100,000 new case as day and it doesn't mean anything to walk it back and say well, we are going to slow it down. what matters is what actually happens on the ground. and what happens on the ground has to do with a cooperative policy where people feel that they are not being talked down to or they are not being lectured by politicians or where their participating. that's what dr. walensky sounded like jed when i interviewed her the centers for disease control director more about interaction and be more of a focus on delta not all the hype about omicron. rachel: when you talked to dr. rochelle walensky she talked about boosters and this is the new, i guess, way that they want to deal with omicron boosters,
4:27 am
boozers. i will take have you take a listen to what she said there and we will get your reaction on the other side. >> we do believe that our vaccines will provide some protection against omicron and that having vaccined induced immunity is better than not having that immunity. that is why we are continuing to suggest and recommend, strongsly recommend that people not only get their vaccine but actually get their booster. rachel: why would a booster work for a new variant? can you explain that? >> sure. rachel, she was pretty scientific yesterday. she was talking about the idea that when there are variants, you have more mutations. the more pew stations, the more immunity you need in the fight against it. the more tools. the more weapons. she acknowledged to me, by the way, that he she believes natural immunity from infection plays a role. rachel: why doesn't she talk about that? we never hear them talking about natural immunities ever coming out of this administration.
4:28 am
we only hear vaccine. >> i challenged her on that. i said don't you think that plays a role she says yes, it does. of the boosters are on top of everything. she doesn't think you should rely on natural immunity alone. you should also augment it with a vaccine and she pointed out to the two together are the strongest immunity you can get. i said why isn't it a matter of policy? and of course, that i didn't get a direct answer. to say it needs to be a matter of policy like it is in europe, like it is in israel where it's absolutely accounted as part of the equation. the message is here with the variants causing a more -- meaning can you get more reinfections. in south africa seeing more reinfections. we need as much immunity as possible. yes, natural immunity needs to be counted. will: before rerun, keep dr. siegel up, please. coming up in an hour and a half. dan bongino is going to be on our show. he always gives hard time for plugging my podcast. i am going to take this moment. dr. siegel and i spent an hour together it just uploaded
4:29 am
yesterday. i believe, dr. siegel, i'm speaking for fascinating hour of conversation where we talked about vaccines, adverse effects. vaccine efficacy. we did talk about natural immunity and we talked about omicron. i think it is something everyone should go listen to if you want the latest everything going on covid. you were great. everyone should check it out. pete: very cool. >> i already knew that pete and rachel were geniuses now i know you were. that was really incredible. i enjoyed it. rachel: i'm not accused of that often. i will take it. pete: i don't know he has ever told me that but i will take it doctor thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you, guys. >> this week nba star enes kanter celebrated leadership by adding freedom to his name. he will tell us all about it on this program coming up. ♪
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♪ wait on me ♪ rachel: i love that song. pete: it's a great song. and that is a good shot at south bend, indiana where they are short a football coach. will: they just hired a new head coach. brian kelly headed for lsu. this is why we are not talking to you this morning totally ad libbed he adopted a southern accent a day's time from moving from notre dame to lsu. rachel: moved to a southern school and speaks with a southern accent. will: reminds you of hillary clinton when she took on an accent in speaking, i believe at that time for a black church. rach racism so southerners take that as like a compliment? will: no. rachel: they say that's like the ultimate flattery. pete: it should be but it's not.
4:35 am
will: notre dame does have the coach. marcus freeman really cool opportunity that ties up our conversation about college football. pete: that was all it was going to be. it was going to b. that at all we ate up a minute. rachel: can charles payne do a southern accent? will: i don't know. here's the keel we have our november jobs numbers out. they are not what we thought they were going to be. half of what was predicted, charles. i will challenge to you answer this question after we are done setting you up in a southern accent. [laughter] pete: take it where you want recalls charles. host of making money, charles payne. thanks for being here. we really appreciate it in any accent you want, what do you make of these numbers? >> abysmal. i mean, you know, more than abysmal. because i want to be honest, they are heart breaking and something wrong. i want to tell you, what's really bad about this is the cover-up or the attempted
4:36 am
cover-up. and i'm watching cnbc yesterday and all of these experts are telling us why this is not a bad report. and we see this happen often, particularly over the last several years with respect to financial reporting and economics. i think politics are seeping into being honest. because this is when we need to be honest. why did this report come in so weak? not maybe the report is wrong. there are folks who said the bureau of labor statistic is the best agency in the government who actually questioned their veracity yesterday. whether or not it was a legitimate agency. instead of doing all of that, we need to look very deep into what's going on. almost 11 million jobs are open. we only created 210,000. and by the way, if you look deeper into the numbers, and what really angers me and when president biden comes on and he talks about things like the black unemployment rate being down, it's not because there's a big boom in the black community.
4:37 am
in fact, what was really heart breaking black americans left the labor force. they left the labor force with 11 million jobs out there. rachel: charles, you know, you talk about the government trying to cover up the numbers or put a good spin on it. >> we better stop covering this stuff up and listen to the message of these numbers and try to fix it. rachel: exactly. the american people aren't fooled. they understand something is wrong here. can you tell me what happens when you have so many people for this long exiting the workforce and not coming back? what happens to a country when that number of able-bodied people decide they just don't want to be part of the labor force? >> you get atrophy. you get skilled atrophy. even though things you may be
4:38 am
great. went back to exercising. first time he ever did it. any time you are great at something you atrophy, lose your skills and desire. start to doubt yourself. you magnify that and then get the nation. one of the problems, you know, this is a lot of issues here but this should not have been a surprise in many ways. you know, while the president keeps pushing for hire wages he as a solution for all of this. independent business organization. most recent poll of businesses they could not fill a job opening that they could not fill. 49%. 44%, even raised compensation that's an all-time record, here is where it gets really the red flag, 58% of all of these small businesses say they have few or no qualified workers, and
4:39 am
94 percent of small businesses who want to hire someone today, today say they can't find anyone with the right qualifications. when you start to have skilled atrophy, start taking workable stuff out of school. do you know how many of those jobs are plumber jobs, how many are construction jobs? how many of those are welder jobs? you know, even in tech no, you don't need to have necessarily the four year dreerks a few years ago the ceo said we have blue collar or white but the idea of paying people are low skills more money to sort of somehow assuage social justice, that's not helped the nation. it doesn't help that person and crushing businesses, particularly small businesses. pete: so well said, charles, economic atrophy and the impact it has in the long term, as always nobody breaks it down for us. >> i can sing country better
4:40 am
than can i in a country accent. charles: more low down. rachel: go for it ♪ i don't believe heaven waits ♪ for only those who congregate ♪ i like the thing that god is love do you remember that one? will: i gotcha. charles: he is watching people everywhere. will: he knows who does and doesn't care. rachel: i think our producer is trying to put an end to this. he sings country, he sings disney. i love it pete what do you sing? rachel: ranchero. pete: singing duo. [jingle bells] who needs john and rich payne and kaine. sean duffy is here. he has a lovely looking sweater.
4:41 am
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at carvana, we treat every customer matchinglike we wouldcription. treat our own moms, with care and respect. to us, the little things are the big things. which is why we do everything in our power to make buying a car an unforgettable experience. happy birthday. thank you. we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms. because that's what they deserve. ♪ will: a fox news alert. the parents of michigan high school suspect ethan crumbley are now in police custody. rachel: authorities finding james and jennifer crumbley hiding out in a commercial building in detroit less than one mile from the canadian
4:45 am
border. police adding that they had help getting into that building. >> they did not break in. >> someone let them in. >> we are unpacking all of that information right now. that part is accurate we know who this person is. absolutely they could be charges. pete: here now fox news contributor sean duffy. we have been between the three of us trying to piece together the aspects we can't fully know obviously. based on what you do know, what you think the parents have seen and what authorities saw, what's your reaction? >> first of all obviously this is tragic. we see this as a horrible crime. parents had a disturbed child. they bought him a gun. that's a problem. we all see that. we wouldn't do that with our own pictures. when we see of the picture he drew of the gun and blood and help me. that was done the day of the shooting. this is a hard case. we look at all the facts. we don't have all the facts. what we do know is these limited set of circumstances about the child. we also know we have a very liberal prosecutor. she is a light on crime criminal justifiable reform know bail
4:46 am
prosecutor like gascon, like john chisholm in milwaukee. these prosecutors they like to go light on criminals. go after people who lawfully buy guns. we have to wait for all the facts come out and do the facts actually meet the crime. as a prosecutor i could charge anything. do the facts match the elements of the crime. and we don't know that yet. i am concerned that this is a radical leftist prosecutor. rachel: what does she tell you she charged without culling the sheriff's department. you charged crimes before. have you are done that. >> i did it for 10 years. this is bizarre. you have a case like this, you deal with law enforcement. they are in your offers. you are coordinating and collaborating. you decide when you are going to go. when you should go. you have law enforcement buy in that the sheriff was shocked that the charges were coming, that he wasn't able to act is a really odd set of circumstances. it seems like she didn't want to share the spotlight with the
4:47 am
sheriff, which this is not about the spotlight. this is tragic. will: to your point whether those charges are provable in a court of law that they might have been done for a press conference and then compromise is there for anyone trying to enforce the law, make arrest, or win a conviction ultimately. we have to keep moving. we are up against tight time. you heard us talk about the all-american christmas book sean and rachel. sean: there is a christmas book out? i haven't heard. will: there is a fox nation special as well. rachel: we did a fox nation special together. >> we did. rachel: it just dropped on fox nation. and you can hear. >> we actually have some of the participants in the book who wrote. tell some of their stories on video. christmas trees and the fireplaces and kids and presents and candy. rachel: if you need help getting into the christmas spirit, this is the show for you on fox nation. you can sign up for fox nation, you can use the promo code. celebrate. and get 35% off any yearly
4:48 am
subscription. and you also get the book. >> i think pete had to approve though get on fox nation? pete: i screened it really good. 35% code celebrate. rachel: pete decided to share the spotlight unlike the prosecutor on fox nation. so we are all sharing it. pete: do you know who stole the spotlight, sean? i don't noe one can wear a turtle neck sweater. will: i didn't know they made one like. rachel: he looks sexy and irish. will: turn to rick reichmuth for fox weather forecast is he already giggling. rick: so much just happened in a last segment. a lot of stuff happened. rachel: go ahead, it rick, you can weigh in. i can. rick: looks great. you can pull it off.
4:49 am
take a look at the weather map. show you what's going on. overall temperatures really warm for this time of year when, in fact, most of the country looking at above average temperature. bump up the maps for me to so people can see those temps. there you go across parts of the far northern plains. 36 in fargo for december that's not bad. see spin across texas into arkansas. today this isn't going to amount to much. a couple little thunderstorms but tomorrow meet one much colder air coming in from parts of the far pacific northwest where we are getting snow right now. that system throughout into sunday into monday dives down across parts of the central rockies and becomes a midweek storm for us here early week into midweek storm including some severe weather across parts of the southeast. all right, guys send it back to you inside. will: a special night for tunnel 2 towers and the fox news channel. rachel: our own ceo suzanne scott receiving the foundation let's do good award. good for you, suzanne.
4:50 am
pete: absolutely. i had the honor of attending and introducing her last night. take a look. ♪ you raise me up ♪ to more than i can be >> our most honored guest, our smart home recipients, our fallen first responder families and our gold star families. >> i want to thank frank siller, tunnel to towers foundation and fox news for helping to pay off our mortgage. >> i don't think there is even a chance we could be where we are today and who we are today without all the amazing people like you and the tunnel to towers foundation who have helped us. >> and, frank, you are a gift from god to so many who have lost hope. >> it is my distinct honor to acknowledge the founders of tunnel to tower foundation the siller family. and ask them to please stand. [cheers and applause] >> when joey asked the siller
4:51 am
family to stand up but then stood up because tonight we are all siller. what an incredible journey it has been celebrating our military and our first responders and fox news is delighted to have been there all along the way. >> tonight, we're honoring suzanne scott and fox news and all that they have done for us. they have taken care of our veterans, our first responders and our gold star families. on the 25th anniversary of fox news we announced on "fox & friends." >> today we are announcing that today we are delivering 50 mortgage free homes today. steve: 50, 5-0. >> 5-0. >> of course what you did on 9/11, which meant so much to me. the completion of my never forget walk. then i was invited tout citi field where i was a guest on "the five." >> fox corporation is donating $1 million to the tunnel 2 towers. >> here here. >> that moment of being able to tell frank about fox's commitment and continued
4:52 am
commitment financially but also personally for so many people led by suzanne scott, our ceo is getting this award tonight so well served. pete: suzanne scott serves as the ceo of fox media. let's not mince words you guys know it. ms. scott oversees the most successful and powerful news organization in all of television. [cheers and applause] the tunnel to towers foundation is honored to present the let us do good award to suzanne scott. [applause] >> we celebrate tunnel 2 towers and their incredible contribution to gold star families and first responders by providing mortgage free homes as well as building smart homes for injured veterans and first responders. frank is a wonderful partner and friend to us at fox news media. you saw some clips earlier of how we have covered frank's journey. we will continue to use all of our platforms to share his story
4:53 am
and the stories of all first responders. and a final note, we are so grateful to our audience for their enthusiastic and unwavering support of this cause and the passionate loyalty and enthusiasm for our brand and business. as frank often says your loyal audience makes all this possible. [cheers and applause] now, as we celebrate this holiday season, the time of giving, with our families and loved ones, let us all follow frank's example in the words of saint francis, while we have the time, let us do good. thank you. [applause] pete: fantastic. awesome message.
4:54 am
rachel: wow. i wasn't there last night. i watched it i was -- i love it because you are doing such great work. but it's true that the donations that you have gotten are because our ceo and others in our company have given this platform and our viewers are so loyal and so generous. and it really is this group effort you really get that sense from watching that. >> it's incredible. last night we had so many donors there. some volunteers were there and so many of you guys from fox. it was incredible seeing all the talent and all the people who support us because i know it starts with suzanne. she gave it the blessing. let's help this cause because the cause is just what you guys do. you are the only ones that always talk about our veterans, our first responders, those who died for us. and when they do, we better take care of the families and the fox viewers, i say it all the time without them, without you donating the $11 a month, we can't do this work. and. will: that's a wonderful thing to point out, frank.
4:55 am
by the way, we are on the couch with frank siller not any surprise to you you know his name and his face and voice. what a wonderful night last night. what a wonderful moment for suzanne, for fox news, and i think that's really cool how you point out as well for the fox news viewers as well. >> it is. so we made an announcement last night and i wanted to do it in front of view zan and all of fox because of how much we are growing as a foundation. that, you know, we are always going to take care of all our catastrophically injured service members. every single one of them. those who give their bodies for our country we are going to build a gold star home for all of them. those that doo die for our community. mortgage free homes every single one of you every year. there is over 100 firefighters and cops every year that die and leave family behind. last night we made announcement tunnel 2 towers is going to helper radiculopathy indicate the homelessness amongst our veterans. pete: that's awesome.
4:56 am
>> the whole place erupted because all of america knows these guys are suffering. these men and women who protect us, come home and they are suffering and they are out there in the street. and we better put them in a home. we are going to be building tiny homes. will: if you are half as successful with the homeless problem you are about to solve. will: enes kanter coming up on "fox & friends." plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis...
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♪ will. will: we begin this hour with a fox news alert. the hours long manhunt for the school shooting suspect parents is over. pete: police arresting james and jennifer crumbley found hiding thought a commercial building in detroit less than a mile from the canadian border. rachel: steve harrigan is live from oxford, michigan with more what do you have? >> those two parents charged with involuntary manslaughter. they could be facing up to 15 years in jail and they went on the run. they were just a mile from the canadian border. inside the basement of a
5:01 am
warehouse. they had taken $4,000 out from an atm and apparently trying to flee. right now in the same jail as their son, a 15-year-old who faces four charges of first degree. here is detroit police. >> when they got here, they set up a perimeter. we notified and activated our metro vision our response team and they were able to come out and take the fugitives into country custody. >> more disturbing information coming to light about the sophomore suspected shooter he had a drawing of someone being shot with a caption the thoughts won't stop, help me in his desk. teachers alerted officials. there was a meeting between school officials, the parents, afternoon the suspected shooter. he was allowed to return to class. two hours later he began firing. methodically walking down the hallway, shooting 11 people. here's the prosecutor. >> when the news of the active shooter at oxford high school had been made public, jennifer
5:02 am
crumbley texted to her son, quote: ethan, don't do it. >> there has been vigils here in this village of 4,000, almost every night. the first of four funerals scheduled for today. guys, back to you. rachel: thank you, steve. will: will let's bring in michael the oakland county sheriff. thanks so much for being with us this morning. let's start with this. tell us what the latest is, what you know about the ethan crumbley investigation and the investigation into the parents. >> well, our detectives are continuing to fan out. we literally have thousands of hours of digital evidence to go through between the video inside the school and elsewhere and then all of the items that were seized during a search warrant that was executed on the home. so well down the road, obviously with all the charges that already have been issued, all three of them are in my jail. and next up will be proceedings,
5:03 am
probably arraignments as it relates to the two parents today via video. and then court dates set for the future for any further activities. rachel: we have been talking this morning about whether it was unusual or not to have the charges given to -- the charges placed on these parents without having alerted the sheriff. any thoughts on that? >> well, there was a disconnect between the prophecy and our prosecutor's officeand lead inv. we are moving forward to make sure that the prosecutor has everything she needs to obtain convictions. pete: sheriff, i understand the respectful nature in which you do it. disconnect is a kind way to do it. but in your mind they should not have announced those charges until you had-that your suspect is in custody. >> yeah. i want to stay focused on where we are headed not where we have
5:04 am
been. we have got make sure that we get this done right before the victims and for the community and i'm committed to work hand in glove with our prosecutor. pete: i get that one more thing real quick. the tragedy of this whole thing is that four students are dead. and others injured in this school shooting. as you look at what unfolded at the school, are there -- what was the response like at the school as well with the shooting. the active shooter response and what your department was involved in? >> yeah. the active shooter response was exactly, sadly, what we have been training for for years that should something like this happen, that we immediately go in, no staging, no waiting. we have been training together with every law enforcement agency in the county many, many years ago i called all the chiefs together and we created a training association called otac. that means they go immediately into the school. they go to the sound of the gun fire and neutralize the threat.
5:05 am
simultaneously we train the schools in what to do should that begin to happen at their facilities. and they did exactly that. so on our end, our deputies arrived and within two minutes of them arriving, two to three minutes they had the suspect in custody and the school had gone into lockdown and all of the classrooms and doors were secured and barricaded. and a number of those doors and barricades were shot. so, obviously, that was critically important. and i believe saved lives. and when our deputies took the individual into custody, he still had 18 rounds of live ammunition. i believe that saved lives. will: sheriff, so much when it comes to the legal charges were l. depend upon the timing of the events that day. i'm not sure we have a complete picture. can you walk me through this? i know crumbly had a drawing pro. ed a meeting at the school. that meeting prompted the parents to come in. then there is a series of text messages from the parents. can you walk me through the stages of what happened that day
5:06 am
leading up to the shooting? >> right. so, there are two different things that came to the attention of teachers. the first was the day prior to the shooting when there was some disturbing behavior as we originally described it and now obviously has been made public that he was searching on different engines ammunition and things and that concerned the teachers. so they had him in and had a conversation. the follow-on day, the day of the shooting, another teacher in a different classroom had seen drawings that very much concerned the teacher that related to blood and person depicted laying with blood around them and possibly gunshot wounds to them. and other kinds of drawings, so the student was taken to the offices and there was a consultation with school officials who called in the parents, both parents that are now in custody, came to the school and there was discussion. and ultimately he was released back into the classroom.
5:07 am
and obviously we know what happened next. will: what was the time frame then between released back into the classroom until the shooting? >> that was earlier in the morning, so i would say it was probably a couple of hours later. our first call came in around 12:52 and i believe it was some time in the 10:00 hour, i believe, when they were down at the office. rachel: sheriff, i'm going to talk to you as a mom. if i had a child that school and god forbid if i was the mother of one of the children who were killed, by this young man, i would be just beside myself angry that he was released back into the school after seeing this kind of very disturbing pictures, it doesn't take a genius to know that normal, penaltily healthy kids don't draw pictures of guns with blood and say i'm having disturbing thoughts and help me. this is not somebody who should have been let back into the school and certainly his bag should have been checked to see
5:08 am
if he had any weapons. what are you hearing in the community? because this, to me, you know, look, we can't control everything in life. but there was some pretty strong red flags here. >> well, yeah, actually, we are pretty disappointed to say the least when we heard all about this information after the shooting occurred. we prefer early communication from anybody, all of our partners, all the schools, anybody, about anything that is concerning or anything that's about to happen or anybody sees concerned about and we intervene. in fact, you know, the day after the shooting, we received information about another threat. we interviewed the student, and arrested him. he has been charged. and we do a follow-on discussion with the parents and a search of the home does that child or person have access to weapons? that's what we would have done as standard protocol had we been brought into that meeting. pete: sure, that second arrest, which i may have missed.
5:09 am
i hadn't heard of a second student had been arrested based on other possible incidents that could occur. that alludes to something we talked about earlier on the show, sheriff, there seems to be a culture or awareness around that school that something could be coming. was it on your radar screen? is that something that the school coordinates with your office to say hey, we have got some bad warning signs here. was there anything there? >> well, the arrest i just talked about wasn't at that school. and, sadly, we had investigated three threats at different schools prior to this shooting that were deemed non-credible. so, we're arresting, frankly those kinds of threats every week. and even more tragically since this happened. there has been a spike exponentially, we have literally had hundreds of threats that have come in after the shooting. will: just to be clear, you are spawrchedding to these types of threats, not all of them credible. but you are responding to these kinds of threats on a weekly basis in schools in your
5:10 am
jurisdiction? >> absolutely. will: oh my gosh. rachel: what is happening? i know this is not -- what is going on? i mean, that just seems so incredible to me. >> it's numbing. and, you know, i think when we have investigated most of these, it is they wanted to get a day off or they thought it was a joke. it's not a joke. it's a crime. in fact, making a threat even if it turns out to be not credible is up to 20 years as a crime in our state. so, we're prosecuting and investigating each one of these threats even if ultimately there is no ability to carry it out because the mere threat has the whole community on edge. rachel: glad, i'm glad you are doing that. pete: can i ask a detail question too sheriff if i may. the handgun, is there any discrepancy in the stories that we have heard in the filibuster based on what you have seen? is it in custody of the father and no one knew about it.
5:11 am
>> at this point we will be part of the evidentiary process and the charge against the parents. we know that he had it in school, whether it was in the backpack or his person or secreted in the time frame even when he time frame of that meeting because he never left the school. we did track his movement throughout the school after that meeting. he did not leaf the school but came out of a bathroom basically shooting. pete: one more question a and i think this is not specific to this case. i'm stunned by the number of calls you are going to in your jurisdiction. it's really stunning revelation of what you shared with us. but, you have had crumbly in custody now for, i believe we are looking at almost 24 hours or so. something you can share with us in what have you learned in talking with him? we know apparently clear there was some mental health issues going on but have you learned anything that he would attribute to motivation or anything like that that we can learn when it
5:12 am
comes to these incidences. >> it's pretty sad, obviously, that these things happen and the motivation, obviously, would be helpful for us to deem how we may get in front of these in the future. he's not talking. our evidence shows that it was premeditated. and it appeared to be almost something that he was vastly interested and excited about doing. rachel: wow. there is definitely mental health issues but there is also a sickness we talked about culturally going on. pete: nobody better we could have talked to this morning. oakland county sheriff michael bouchard. thank you for your service. reminding us of those threats ongoing. thank you, sir. rachel: thank you. >> thank you. will: we will move on to other news here in just a moment. that's one jurisdiction one sheriff. it's not all credible -- i think that's an important point not
5:13 am
all the threats credible responding to threats in schools on a weekly basis. look, i'm telling you there will be many political conversations that people will pivot to when it comes to guns or whatever it may be. focus on parents and some of that will be very well earned and justified. we need to talk about -- we need to do some deep soul searching on what is happening in our culture with our children. young men specifically. there is something here that is metastasized into one sheriff in one jurisdiction being called on a weekly basis to schools. that's not about guns. that's about something deep, a rot deep in our culture. rachel: yeah. i hope that even on this show we should try and bring in someone who can speak on the psychological, the cultural things going on there is a mental health crises with young people and young men in particular. and we do need to get to the bottom of it that was absolutely shocking. by the way, that department did everything -- if they got there as quickly as they did they diddenned a appears they did.
5:14 am
they did everything they were supposed to do in the aftermath of the shooting the school did what it was supposed to do. the problem is the school did not do what it was supposed to do and those students who had signs looked like they didn't do what they were supposed to do prior to this. these signs have to be reported to someone who can do something and if the school has what we saw, there is an article here on they are calling it restorative discipline, which means their goal is to as quickly as possible get the kid back into the school, which is, as we saw happened, that's troubling. pete: you are right. god bless those officers that charged the sound of the gun. they say we go in. rachel: they fossilled it. pete: i also think of myself, all of us, teenagers, the age of 13, 14, 15, 16, you are, by definition lost. because you are finding yourself in every way. when you add that to no parenting or poor parenting, plus the endless poorttle of nonsense vapidness frankly of evil that is there it, doesn't make any situation better for
5:15 am
anybody and if it's unsupervised, i echo exactly what you both said. there is a larger conversation that needs to be had. rachel: i think we should have it on though show and we will. will: turn to more news for you this morning. how about this? president biden pledged to, quote, shut down the virus. this as predicting the president himself a winter covid-19 spike so shutting it down doesn't seem to be a successful statement he has lived up to because you can't shut down a virus. and on that note, omicron the latest variant has now been found in six different states across the united states. i found this fascinating. pete: six more states. will: i found this fascinating. this is on tucker's show. this was an african journalist where this reportedly originated saying i'm little taken aback by the way the world has responded to omicron. watch this.
5:16 am
>> it seemed like the travel ban was based on the lie. the president on november 26th banned 8 african countries. only two of those countries had any case of omicron variant. one of the countries the president banned is a small country in southern africa. 2.5 million people. in two years they have had only 400 cases of covid-19 in the entire country. and to have zero case, zero case of the omicron variant. the w.h.o. believed that a travel ban don't prevent variant. africa cdc told me travel ban don't prevent variant from spreading. so, i believe that ill thought idea. i think [inaudible] racist all those countries, all the 8 countries black african
5:17 am
countries. rachel: that was simon ateba from africa today news. good on him. like, first of all, he was in the press conference. he was trying to correct the record because jen psaki gave the wrong information about how she said there were thousands of cases. is he like no, there aren't. she kept shutting him down and shutting him down. and good on jesse watters for bringing him on fox news. he seemed really surprised. he was -- eye son he said wow, thank you for putting me on the air to clear this up because we think what basically he said what the biden administration is doing to africa is racist. and by the way, what they are doing is causing huge -- it's not just disruptions and inconveniences. this will throw people into poverty. already this pandemic has thrown 60 million people into extreme poverty that otherwise would not have been. this is going to further exacerbate the problem in africa. the poverty in africa. the economic distress in africa. a country that can ill afford it
5:18 am
this is horrible stuff. will: he the three of news particular, to be honest, have been accused of diminishing the seriousness of omicron. is that the case whether you have an african journalist of the 8 countries been travel-banded two reported cases of omicron. and the scientist to discovered omicron said it's very, very mild are we not taking it seriously enough or are others peddling you fear and panic and hysteria. >> the numbers on africa and how well the numbers are faired through covid for lots of reasons we can talk about later. then all of the sudden this variant comes through and then these countries are shut down. this is very troubling. we are going to get to the bottom of that. pete: all is he pointing to is it was racist when joe biden said it about donald trump what is it today? the evidence isn't even there. of course, it wasn't in either scenario, but you want to play that game, we are going to play it to what you said about fox news. fox news is a free speech zone. that's all it really is a free
5:19 am
speech zone where you can give an opinion about the severity or lessee ventilator of a particular variant. people can say what they want. rachel: clear up the facts that he was not allowed to do in the joe biden pressroom. pete: that's right. will: all right. we talked a lot. rachel: i know we have. will: turn it over to somebody else. when we come back, guess who is here? lawrence jones. he joins us live ♪ who cares about tomorrow ♪ so you better believe ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove ♪ i'm back ♪ back in the new york groove ♪ a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions,
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yes. will: i would love to have that explained more thoroughly. here to attempt, maybe is, "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones. lawrence: what's up, bro. will: can you slain that. lawrence: i'm not going to attempt to. it's crazy. i have been covering this liberal city across the country. you had an interesting conversation i was struck by. we need to have this conversation about young men in the country. i think it's even deeper. obviously our kids something very vital that we need to that conversation. we need to have a conversation about crime and allowing crime. i had a friend the other day saying lawrence you are a criminal justice reform advocate and you have changed. i said i haven't changed. you guys just went crazy. allowing criminals back on the street? every single one of the story that we have highlighted this
5:25 am
morning, none of them reformed their lives. none of it. why are they back on the street and no da can answer that. will: when i brought that up we were talking in michigan with the school shooting did i speak specifically to young men and you are broadening it whatever it is, crime is changing in the united states and it's at a deep, deep level what is it, lawrence? >> crime is changing because there are these progressive d.a.s that believe no one should be locked up. and when you change that you embody the criminal. there was once the theory that once people turned their life around, then we give them a second shot. they are skipping that step. they are saying that it is slavery to have people locked up behind bars. that is system. they don't want anyone to be locked up. will: not to get too deep on this, lawrence, when the white house wants to point us towards a superficial discussion on the pandemic. but i'm driven by curiosity. your old buddies in criminal
5:26 am
justice say you have changed. what they wants is reform rehabilitation focus help criminals stop being criminals. you are skipping that step. you are letting them out of jail. >> that's exactly right. >> without even attempting to rehabilitate. >> how can they change their life when there is no consequence force their action. seems pretty simple for me. it's not just the damplet a, it's the liberal judges. liberal police chiefs that are under these liberal mayors. i mean, the cops are being let down. the community is being let down, and the criminals are being let down because you never give them a chance to change their life accountability. >> exactly right. meantime ridiculous smash and grab operations and then this stabbing spree in new york. >> it's not just smash and grab. it's looting. going into people's community but, again. california set the standard and we covered it from the
5:27 am
beginning. will will stay below $1,000. will: that's when they were arrested. all right, lawrence. good see you man, you too, brother. >> several aides for kamala harris are calling it quits is the west wing becoming a sinking ship? joe concha is up next.
5:28 am
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5:32 am
pete: because of. will: you. it's our shot of the morning. [sighs] will: edmund with made by gather, he sent us this and we are using it to brew up got your six coffee. a better known coffee company who is going to join us at the end of the hour. pete: would you like a little bit? this is viewer made. will: viewer provided. rachel: edmund or ed? pete: edmund. rachel: this is great cup of coffee. we have been needing this. it's now a morning show with a coffee machine. cheers. pete: a good year or. so my man, i had another viewer, about a year ago, we have been complaining about this for a long time. rachel: we have. pete: send me a coffee maker. i selfishly put it in my office. will: that's another story let's do that one. are. pete: individual k cup. one cup at a time.
5:33 am
not going to work getting overused in the green room. you are welcome to come over and drink my coffee or booze in my office. rachel: i knew there was booze but not coffee. pete: fox sports showed up with their own traveling coffee maker which was a little offensive. you guys delivered. rachel: can't count on those european machines. will: show of the people. all right. rachel: thank you. will: scr nt kamala harris staff getting smaller as two more aides plan to jump ship chief spokesperson symone sanders comms director why the white house exodus. >> is the vice president not satisfied with the staffing she has had so far or do people just not want to work anymore. >> it's not true the staffers -- it's natural forstaffers whr heart and soul to move on after a few years.
5:34 am
pete: here to react is joe concha. is in this a typical white house. one is a story two a trend three an avalanche. >> it appears that way. pete, symone sanders left one of the easiest jobs in washington. spokesperson for kamala harris. the kamala harris who hasn't done one formal press conference more than 300 days in office has not done one one-on-one interview since june. being the spokesperson token collector in the e-z pass lane. when your boss' approval 28% and polling even lower on number one job. the u.s. southern border where migrants continue to flow over. 2 million passing over this year. i guess i would leave, too. because this is a sinking ship. and symone sanders was a prominent figure during the campaign in terms of her tv appearances. she has been diminished as kamala harris herself. either way now, to your point, in the span of one month, the
5:35 am
v.p., her communications director gone. spokesperson gone. her schedule extremely light. this is your plan b if joe biden doesn't want to run in 2024? this administration is doing her no favors if that's the case. pete: there are reports out of axios two staffers staying in the biden administration but there is concern whether they want to be tied to the harris brand. so you are the vice president of the united states. first female minority vice president and there is fear amongst some staff of whether you want to be associated with the brand? is this a communications strategy mistake meaning they should have had her out there more or should have done more press conferences or should have been more proactive or is this a kamala harris is the issue? she is not up to the job? >> i think it's b, pete. i think that's is the problem that she got chosen in the first place because you think about what did she bring to the table, exactly? yeah, she was a.g. of california, that's nice. but then to give her the job of
5:36 am
you fix the border, kamala harris compared ice to the kkk. she said that migrant crossings illegal should be made legal. how does that person with that world view solve that particular problem? and then whenever she does do an interview, it's always clean up on aisle 5 and that's why she has been finished as much as she is. there is certainly buyer's remorse around choosing kamala harris as vice president. and now at this point resignations are all the rage, pete. 192349 house alone compared to just 12 on the republican side. the choice appears to be this for many democrats. resign or lose. 50 to 70 hours seats being flipped this year. giving republican as sizeable majority and build back better is in serious jeopardy of not surviving the senate. president biden 2022 in general going to be a nightmare like freddy cougar like nightmare the way democrats are shaping up. pete: two people not credible spokesperson. you have your own was that
5:37 am
purchased by mrs. concha or joe or was that a viewer supply. >> walmart. 40 bucks, big sell sale on the kissinger. i keep this down here. i don't leave this place in my wonderful basement. you have to have coffee to survive. pete: neither does joe biden or kamala harris. you are in good country. welcome to join us "fox & friends" morning coffee. fresh pot with joe concha. >> i'm more of an eggs and kegs guy with. pete: i actually belief that. >> like rachel and arizona stated. rachel: don't go back to my co-ed days, joe. pete: joe, you always mix it up. thanks, brother. >> bye. pete: hollywood rallying around alec baldwin as he denies any wrongdoing in the movie set shooting. he didn't pull the trigger, the trigger pulled itself. leo trump, leo terrell and aishah hasnie all react next.
5:38 am
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5:42 am
you know, this is a big 10 championship, michigan vs. iowa. two historic football programs with a lot on the line. brew, as you know football is a lot more than game playing glory. it's all about community and about an hour north of ann arbor, michigan is the town of oxford where four students were tragically killed during that school shooting earlier this week. and tonight michigan will honor the lives lost with a special patch on their jersey. the team released a statement iing in part the shame is oxford's block o meant to honor all victim survivors and community members. the tm in 42 pay tribute to football player tate meir. madison baldwin and justin shilling whose lives were senselessly lost earlier this week are represented by four blue hearts. michigan coach jim harbaugh released a statement saying in part i'm so incredibly sorry. i know there are no words. the families and communities of
5:43 am
oxford are in need of every prayer that we can possibly offer them. michigan not forgetting the community that supports them, which is so important to mention. now, as for the game, coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. kickoff is at 8:00. michigan coming off that big win against ohio state last week. so a lot of fans are wondering if they can put that behind them, focus on the task at hand, you can find out tonight when you watch the game at fox. tune in, be there. pete? rachel: thank you, carley. i hope you have a great time owe show -- at the game. alec baldwin opening up but not owning up for responsibility on the shooting on the set of rust. >> i feel that someone is responsible for what happened, and i can't say who that is but i know it's not me. i mean, i honest to god, if i felt that i was responsible, i might have killed myself if i
5:44 am
thought i was responsible. and i don't say that lightly. rachel: but some celebrities are rallying around baldwin while the rest of the public criticizes him that tell all interview. here to react lara trump and leo terrell. leo, what do you make of this interview and the fact that alec baldwin says i'm not responsible? >> oh, it's nothing more than. >> a lot of people. rachel: go with lara first, leo, i'm sorry. >> and leo you can jump right. in i know you have a lot to say about this for sure. i think a lot of people and i'm sure lee will agree with this shocked by this interview. first of all, the fact that alec baldwin did this interview. i don't know who his lawyer is a person holding a gun he said he didn't pull the trigger. i'm not sure how far that happened. and someone was subsequently shot and killed by that gun, and then you go on national television with george stephanopoulos and do an interview like this, and in the
5:45 am
interview you tell us you hold no responsibility, that you do not feel any guilt for this? that was a really shocking statement from alec baldwin but i think, rachel, what you see here is that he is trying to save face. he knows his livelihood as an actor is tied to how people see him. i guess he is doing clean up here. i'm not sure the p.r. firm told him this was a great idea. but, i think, you know, we should still be looking at this young woman, halyna hutchison he should be talking about her and not himself here. i think it's kind of gross. i don't think anything positive came out of it for him. i think it goes to further the idea for people that when you are a star in holiday. when you are a celebrity like alec baldwin, you get away with things that other people cannot do. i can guarantee you an offering person would not have gone on national television and said that they did not feel responsibility for what happened
5:46 am
there. rachel: that's really interesting. leo, lara brings up great points, an attorney allowing his client to go on television in this type of interview does seem really unusual. i think she is right that perhaps, you know, the p.r. around it was more important to him. let me ask you something else. there's a lot of holiday celebrities that have rallied around alec baldwin on this. what do you make of that, leo? >> well, thank you for having me, rachel. and i agree were my law partner lara trump on everything she just said. she is absolutely correct. here's the bottom line, if the alec baldwin p.r. machine in high gear. these actors and actresses who are supporting baldwin before the case is tried. before charges are filed. they are trying to influence the jury pool. they are trying to use their holiday celebrity status to alec baldwin and disingenuous. it's unfair and wrong. how can he sit there on national tv and say he had no involvement
5:47 am
whatsoever. father not some time beginning of the year and is he doing classically is preemptive strike. he got money, he got influence. he got hollywood back behind him but he doesn't have a courtroom behind him yet at this point. rachel: so interesting. we are going to definitely have to have both of you back as this case proceeds. it's really rift of riveting. thank you both. tonight we will see both of you along with who is on the show with you this weekend? >> we got joey jones and aishah hasnie and the two of us. it's going to be a great show, right, leo. >> it's going to be a fantastic show with my favorite lara, yes, i love being with lara on the big saturday and big sunday show. >> the feeling is mutual. rachel: tonight at 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow as well. thank you for joining us on all your insights and merry
5:48 am
christmas to both of you. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. rachel: up next, highlighting businesses who proudly make their products right here in america. ♪ getting baptized in holy water ♪ and with the dogs runs ♪ saved by the sound of for what i need.o i only how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ will: with the supply chain crisis show nothing signs of slowing down. we are highlighting businesses with american made products you don't have to worry about your getting stuck at the ports here. our next guest works for a company seeing their products shoot up into space. scott fish more, josh, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. will: start with why it's famous. pointing here seinfeld is part of the story. >> it is right here in beautiful new york. this is our classic iconic bowling pin episode entitled the pin. the one most sthawnts astronauts have used in space with apollo 7 ag 7. being used with spacex and nasa. will: i always knew about the space pen. >> the ability to write upside down and zero graduate of. under water and oil and grease.
5:53 am
doesn't matter what the environment is our pens write no matter what. will: underwater? >> our scuba divers use them. there is variation and finishes that we have. great color translucent finish. classic ones, titanium finish as well. what's really been popular the last year and a half. rainbow titanium. beautiful pen. what's been popular for us this past year and a half. has been our first responder thin line series of pens, we have charities tied to each one of these pen so a portion of the proceeds goes directly to supports the communities of those first responders and then we have our antimicrobial. will: backpack pens, what's your website. >> go to space we got so many things for you to check out. will: rachel, over to you? rachel: i like to eat my christmas presents. marie and madison this is poplicious. gourmet popcorn on a stick or cake form or a tree. tell us how you started this
5:54 am
business. i think it's so adorable. >> madison conservative serving in the peace corps in africa and my son was deployed in average. i was a worried mom and turned to my favorite snack and created popcorn cakes. i got into the kitchen, popcorn slices like a cake with the ewy gooey sensation. rachel: can i hold it. >> this is our most popular flavor our chocolate lovers. rachel: this is so beautiful. go online, look at this. >> today is national cookie day. so if you want to leave santa a more creative version of the cookie. rachel: love it. >> we have a cookie here, madison comes up with movies the flavors. rachel: what's the most popular flavor. >> most popular is the chocolate lovers, hershey kisses in them and oreo. rachel: really quick your website. >> poplicious pete over to you. >> thank you very much, rachel. here we have eric veteran. founder of got your 6 coffee.
5:55 am
love it i'm drinking it right now, scott your 6 coffee out of springfield, missouri, tell me about the coffee. >> we use power of coffee country. we use coffee as a catalyst to support nonprofit organizations that are helping first responders, veterans, healthcare professionals, families, got your 6 means i have got your back the octopus since we are serving 8 key groups. octopus 8 arms hand out in the community 8 different ways. pete: not just about coffee for you. of course i recognize got your 6 coffee very cool name. you are using this business as a way to give back to the country and give back to vets. >> correct. it's about coffee but then again not about coffee. so much more. pete: fantastic. eric, the website is got your six and by the way. fox 25 for the promo code. >> for those who want to join the team and help us to brew better days it will.
5:56 am
pete: i apt space pen not leaving without one and my popcorn. still ahead, meet the man who recovered from heart surgery and then became a millionaire thanks to a winning lotto ticket in a get well card. now, that's a lucky dude. ♪
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muck. ♪ ♪ pete: look at that christmas tree outside the fox news channel. ing by the way, tree lighting 10 p.m. tomorrow night, fox news channel. rachel: it looks lit up already. pete: i imagine the television the, we're not going to reveal our trade secrets, not right now, but if you're in the area, come on and check it out.
6:01 am
will: big crowd last night when i came in all gathered around tree. will cain, pete hegseth and rachel campos duffy. pete: we just had that this segment, american made. he gave me the titanium one. will: he said you could write underwater. covered in oil and grease. in my coffee, let's just see. without a hitch. rachel: yeah, this is the what happens when you do shows with boys. [laughter] they put their pens many coffee, and they test out their toys, and they work. and those are made in america, and those are great ideas. so was the popcorn and so so was the coffee. pete: got your six coffee. i always feel bad when i get rushed in, because we've got so many people. a gentleman from a fire department in alaska, i didn't notice alaska until he was gone. i was like, oh, alaska in pretty
6:02 am
cool. our viewers are amazing, and amazingly generous. by way, we're going to talk about an event last night from tunnel to towers, but the generosity that you show everyone, it's right back at you. rachel: we have the best viewers on television. pete: 100%. will: generosity big -- rachel: kindness. will: -- and small. [laughter] rachel: that was nice too. pete: we have been will liberated. we get our own coffee. will: we do have some news we immediate to get to, start with a fox news alert. pete: the parents of the michigan school shooting suspect, ethan crumbley, they're in police custody. rachel: found hiding in a detroit warehouse less than a mile from the canadian border. will: steve harrigan is live in oxford, michigan, with the latest. steve. >> reporter: those two parents face the charges of involuntary manslaughter. they were captured overnight on the eastern side of detroit, they had stopped at an atm,
6:03 am
taken out clash 4,000, it appears they were on the run just one mile from the border when the manhunt captured them. their arraignment is expected just a half hour from now. right now they're in the same jail as their son who faces four first-degree murder charges, and all this takes place as police across the state here say they are being overwhelmed by copycat threats. >> -- arresting, frankly, those kinds of threats every week and even more tragically since this happened, there's been a spike exponentially. we have literally had hundreds of threats that have come in after the shooting. i think when we've investigated most of these, it is they wanted to get a day off or they thought it was a joke. it's not a joke. it's a crime. >> reporter: we've learn more troubling details about this suspected shooter. teachers really on top of things immediately in this school, they found him searching for ammunition online, then they discovered upsetting drawings of
6:04 am
people being shot by guns with pleas for help on them. there was a meeting inside the school on the day of the shooting between the student the, his parents and administrator, but he was allowed to return to class. just two hours later he came out shooting, firing methodically, hitting 11 people. in this village of 4,000 people, there the have been vigils and prayer services every evening. two the funerals scheduled for today the, another one tuesday. guys, back to you. will: thank you the, steve. rachel: so heartbreaking. pete: arraignment in about a half hour, and we'll follow it and bring it to you. and it's become a bit of a tradition the, and we're grateful for his time, khan bongino, host of unfiltered with khan bongino, it's become 9 a.m. on saturdays, and we love it. rachel: just so you know, i'm going to see dan this weekend and his wife. so i get a counsel dose. >> sunday, that's right. by the way, that line, rachel, was hysterical.
6:05 am
doing a show with boys, they got that play with their toys, they've got to stick their pens in the coffee. rachel: they do. >> that would be me. [laughter] we need a moderating influence like you, rachel. rachel: i try. i try. pete: exactly right. so true. you raise that point, talk about a moderating influence, dan, that's what didn't exist in this school. and the tragedy of this, the developments with the parents, you're one of those guys that in a moment like this we want to hear from. what's your take where we are right now? >> yeah. i've got a lot to say about this. i watch the show before i come on up in my studio, and you all were asking great questions. what's wrong here? how is this happening? how is it that these young, impressionable young men -- it's not a problem with young women, concern how come we continue to see this? there are a number of things. first, i have a guy on my show tonight the, former colleague of mine in the secret service, who's an expert on targeted violence, things like
6:06 am
assassinations and school shootings where the violence is specifically targeted. he goes out and speaks about it all the time. and he brought up just this amazing statistic which you'll hear tonight, that in 80% of the cases -- not 8, but 80% of these cases of targeted school violence, guys, they had told someone in advance. sometimes very specifically what was going to happen. and i think that's why the case with the parents is so trouble thing. you know, i hate to jump on media narratives quickly. i always prefer to wait because with you never know when they're trying to advance a narrative these days or journalism, but it's clear something went wrong with the communication with the parents and the child that did not make it to proper authorities. and here's another disturbing statistic. in 60% of the cases, the person who was involved in the targeted school violence told more than one person. so this is the kind of thing where signals are are being crossed, signals are being missed. and on the, you know, what's happening and what's gone wrong, you know, listen, we can all peck late.
6:07 am
but first, one, the correlation between mental health issues and violence is, one, very, very low, thankfully. you hate to see people with mental health issues get stigmatized after any of this. but when you grow up in a society with an attachment to higher values, right, and doesn't fall in love with screens all day, there's an emergency brake on your behavior. you know, there's a sense of community, there's mentor theship. and a lot of that disappeared. you know, i'm not going to blame video games or anything like that, that's just a convenient out. but the harold reality is in a culture that almost glorifies and worships violence and dehumanizing of people, when you don't have that attach thement to higher values and that attach thement to communicate, your relationship is with a screen all day, guys, there's no emergency brake in your behavior. and it shouldn't be a surprise then that we, sadly, see incidents like this. rachel: yeah. i don't think it's a coincidence that at this very moment, you know, we're having a big national debate about abortion, about the value of life as the
6:08 am
supreme court -- at the supreme court level. i mean, it starts really at conception, but with i think you bring up some really great points about what is happening culturally and the role of this screen, the social media on children and the alienation that's happening. i mean, we sat here with our jaws open, dan, when that sheriff told us how many times a month they have to deal with these threats. >> you know, rachel, i remember, you know, the old book chicken soup for the soul, it was a great book. it sold millions and millions of copies. there's a story in there about this teacher that changed all the lives of these young kids without fathers in the classroom, and they asked her what was the secret. you know what she said? i loved every one of those kids. and, you know, when the sense of community is gone and kids go home and they're on their ipads all day, and again, i'm not blaming video games. that's a cheap out. it's more than that. when there was a failure for leadership and mentor theship in
6:09 am
the past, there was a sense of community and a backup plan. bring out the neighbor, bring out the boy scout leader, there was someone to fill that gap. but in today's society, the gap's become a screen. you've got porn, you've got violence, you've got, you know, music that glorifies violence all the time the, and we're surprised that coming out of the bullpen isn't a mentor, but coming out of the bullpen is a screen bathing kids in age-inappropriate material all the time and we're wondering why their neurons aren't creating proper neural circuits, you know? i mean, there's no more than brake in their behavior. the answers are right in front of us, but we just don't want to accept it because it's an indictment of what we've been doing as a culture. not you and i, we're talking about the problem. but sadly, the media and everyone else. with. will: i can't tell you how much truth i think you're hitting on, dan. the phone, the screen, the video games, the guns, that's all easy outs. it's deeper, and i think hitting
6:10 am
on it directly -- when you say it's a loss of humanization amongst ourselves and a loss of the emergency brake without that community figure or sense of community or god or feint, a loss of identity. we do need to turn to some other topics, and this important. you're an investor in rumble. rumbling is going public. rumble is here to disrupt big tech. tell us about it. >> yeah. i'm so honored, as you know, full disclosure, i was an early investor in rumble. folks, this is the really the first big strike against big tech, and we're so proud. you know, our ceo has had an image for rebuilding it and, guys, basically a rebirth of what was once a free and fair and open internet. you know, we started with just video as an alternative to youtube, and we built it into really a company committed to rebuilding the entire pipes of the internet. everything from cloud to ad exchanges to everything else. and this is the an important moment, guys. they've had a monopoly on this
6:11 am
for too long, and it wasn't going to last. you think about the early days of fox news, right? i remember a fox news executive who spoke at a secret service graduation a long time ago asking what the scent to fox news was. he said there's no secret, 50% of america was looking for an alternative. it's only a matter of time before more companies in this unwoke economy start to sprout up, and rumble going public was a huge move, it was an enormous success, and i'm honored to be a part of it. it really is the first big blow against big tech. pete: congratulations. you have been in the middle of creating the alternate ecosystem. >> we've got to, pete. we have to. pete: that's right. >> fox did it on cable news, created for the first time a channel for truth, and now we have to do it on the internet. the fight doesn't stop. these socialists and speech suppressors aren't going to give up, they're not. and this is so important, and i'm really glad to be a part of it. rachel: we can't just complain
6:12 am
about what big tech is doing, we need people like you to invest -- >> cosomething, right. rachel: whatever it is to make it happen -- pete: the pipes and the tubes. rachel: we don't have happen, you you know what happened to other companies when big tech kills competition. it seems like rumble's pretty well protected. >> yeah. listen, you know, you've got trillion dollar companies out there committed to suppression conservative ideas. the stories are -- how is donald trump still banned from facebook and twitter? and yet you have, like, iranian mullahs screaming death to america. i mean, think about that. i really believe in decades people are going to look back just like they the looked back on fox news on this rumble going public and go, gosh, why didn't i think of that first? how kid nobody think of the idea that the american public was sick of cnn and were actually looking for a channel, you know, that provided a truth-based alternative? free speech is a real thing.
6:13 am
a free and open exchange of ideas, and i'm telling you, you're witnessing the rebirthright mow through rumble and others. i'm really proud to be a part of it. will: you mentioned your brother in the secret service is going to be on unfiltered tonight, fox news channel, 10 p.m. eastern time. really quickly, what else can we expect? >> i've got dana white, ufc president, who absolutely unloads on the covid i yachts, fear porn merchants who are totally unmoored from science or reason. dana white caught covid. of course, he was attacked immediately, he never shut down his billion dollar ufc company. i asked him if he feels vined candidated, i have a fiery debate with a democrat. i have a legend on tonight too the, rachel campos duffy, with another legend, sean duffy the -- [laughter] and they talk about this book
6:14 am
"all-american christmas" and why i'm not in it, but why i will be in the sequel next year. rachel: thanks, dan. i'm looking forward -- you are in the sequel, and so is the -- [laughter] and i'm looking forward to sharing a margarita with you and your beautiful wife. >> i will see you on sunday. will: dan, thank you. >> take care, guys. pete: there's also -- so great the talk to dan, always, on saturday. but it's not always every friday night that you get a chance to go to the event that we had last night, the tunnel to towers annual gala, and it's where they celebrate and raise money and recognize the lives that they change. they truly do save and change lives. well, this year they the honored fox news media and the fox news channel's 25th anniversary, but specifically our see you, suzanne concern ceo suzanne scott. here's some powerful moments from that event last night. ♪ you raise me up to more than i
6:15 am
can be ♪♪ >> our smart home recipients, our fallen first responder families and our gold star families. [applause] >> i want to thank frank siller, tunnel to towers foundation, and fox news for helping to pay off our mortgage. >> i don't think there's the even a chance that we could be where we are today and who we are today without all of the amazing people just like you and all the tunnel to towers foundation who have helped us. >> and, frank, you are a gift from god to so many who have lost hope. >> it is the my distinct the honor to acknowledge founders of the tunnel to towers foundation, the siller family, and ask them to please stand. [applause] >> when joey asked the siller family to stand up but then we all stood up, because tonight we are all sillers. >> what an incredible journey it has been supporting our military
6:16 am
and first responders, and fox news is delighted to have been there the all along the way. >> tonight we're honoring suzanne scott and fox news andal that they're -- and all that they've done for us. they have taken care of our veterans, our first responders and our gold star families. on the 25th anniversary of fox news, we announced on "fox & friends" -- today we're announcing that we're delivering 50 mortgage-free homes today. >> 50, 5-0. >> 5-0. and, of course, what you did on 9/11 which meant so much to me, the completion of my never forget walk. then the i was invited out to citi field where i was a best on "the the five." >> fox corporation is donating $1 million -- [cheers and applause] >> that moment of being able to tell frank about fox's commitment, continued commitment financially but also personally for so many people led by suzanne scott, our ceo, who's getting award tonight, it was so
6:17 am
well deserved. pete: suzanne scott currently serves as ceo of fox news media. and let's not mince words here, you guys know it. ms. scott oversees the most successful and powerful news organization in all of television. [cheers and applause] >> the tunnel to towers foundation is honored to present the let us do good award to suzanne scott. [applause] >> we celebrate tunnel to towers and their incredible contribution to gold star families and first responders by providing mortgage-free homes as well as building smart homes for injured veterans and first responders. frank is a wonderful partner and friend at the fox news media with. you saw some clips earlier of how we've discovered frank's journey. we will continue to use all of our platform to share his story and the stories of all first responders and. and a final note, we are so grateful for our audience, for their enthusiastic and
6:18 am
unwavering support of this cause and the passion may not loyalty -- and enthusiasm for our brand and business. as frank often says, your loyal audience makes all this possible. [cheers and applause] now as we celebrate this holiday season, a time of giving with our families and loved uns, there's let's all follow frank's example in the words of st. francis. while we have time, let us do good. thank you. [applause] pete: very well done. rachel: what an awe isome event for you to go to. pete: it was cool. i talked to suzanne, the first time i met her she asked me about my service. it was all about who are you and
6:19 am
what do you believe. takes a lot of courage to be the ceo of a company like this considering the uncoming and to stay true. she's a fighter and with a heart of gold for this country. rachel: suzanne loves our viewers, and that's why she allows this platform to be used for such a good cause, by tunnel to towers. she knew that our viewers are the most generous, open-hearted people who love our law enforcement, who love our first responders, and she knew this was the place to do it, and she opened up the doors of fox to that organization and, boy, have they done good. will: congratulations, suzanne. you deserve it. rachel: yeah, congratulations. up next, well, you know, i took on the name campos-duffy, i should have talk the on campos-freedom like enes kanter who has a message for professional athletes afraid to stand the up to china. what an amazing guy, he's coming up next. lieutenant colonel allen west is running for governor in texas, and he joins us live.
6:20 am
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6:25 am
biden's handling this from from the word characterization which why does that even matter necessarily, except they make it about it, and this travel ban that was the racist under trump but okay under them. >> he said he wanted to talk about science and facts instead of chaos and confusion. well, that's what it's all been, chaos and confusion, coming out of his administration. you know, my wife and i had a point with covid-19. we got the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy the, we had the nebulizer treatment and also the ivermectin and some of the other things, we're taking the d3 and the zinc protocols. why aren't we talking about those things? why does everything have to be the about man kates coming concern mandates coming down from the federal government? pete: why aren't we? >> i think it's a little bit about big pharma control, pfizer and what have you, but overall we're talking about the least dangerous pandemic the world has
6:26 am
ever seen. 99.9 percent almost recovery rates, but yet we're always talking about lockdowns, travel bans and things of this nature. i think that the american people are starting to get tired of this, and they want to get back to science and facts and not the hyperbole which we see with this omicron declaration. pete: yeah. maximum hyperbole right now even as we learn, thankfully, symptoms have been mild for most. >> yes. pete: we'll see. you're in the middle of a gubernatorial race. >> yeah. pete: you've got robert francis, bait toe o'rourke -- beto o'rourke and then the matthew mcconaughey has announced he's not going to run. >> yeah, last weekend. pete: but the real race is the republican primary. >> without a doubt. most people that should concern everyone is to secure the border. because when you have airplanes that were landing just north of here in westchester county that took off from texas with illegal immigrant minors, that lets you
6:27 am
mow we see the ramifications. and we've got to make sure that -- we've got designated cartels as a terrorist organization. they're firing across the border into texas. we know that they're doing the exact same thing that the taliban does, they're using fentanyl, methamphetamines, marijuana, and then these nongovernmental organizations that are getting federal grant money that are putting people on buses, putting people on airplanes, we've got to shut them down and revoke their licenses. pete: i've got to ask, you were the chair of the republican party, you're running against a republican governor. what is it about his leadership that you're trying to change? >> well, i think that people -- you know, going back to what barack obama yoused to say i'm leading from behind. we call that following, and i think the people down in texas want to see texas be a leader, not so much a weather vane off of what ron desantis is doing in the florida. property taxes, sixth highest in the country. we've got to do something better about that. and then, of course, we had
6:28 am
shutdowns that occurred in texas, tens of thousands of small businesses closed down, so we've without to fix that. you cannot have a governor that believes he has an enumerated power to decide who and what's essential. pete: i tell you one thing, you will be forthe mid bl. -- formidable. lieutenant colonel allen west, we appreciate it. we're awaiting the arraignment of the parents of the michigan school shooting suspect expected to start any minute. we're watching that, and we'll discuss the case with former detroit police chief james craig. that's next. ♪day to night to morning,♪ ♪keep with me in the moment♪ ♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪ ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪
6:29 am
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6:32 am
will: fox news alert, right now parents of the student accused in the michigan school shooting are being arraigned. let's take a moment and listen in. >> james crumbley set up there.
6:33 am
james -- [inaudible] >> yes. >> can you see and a hear the courtsome. >> good morning, judge. >> we're all set. i'm going to go ahead and call these cases separately. i'm going to -- [inaudible] people v. jennifer crumbley, 21006652. starting with the prosecutor. >> on behalf of the state of michigan -- >> [inaudible] >> good morning, your honor. i'm shannon smith on behalf of jennifer crumbley. >> good morning, your honor, mariel -- on behalf of james crumbley. >> i do want to address one issue first. ms. lincoln and ms. smith -- [inaudible] is that correct? >> your honor, that's correct.
6:34 am
we have spoke to be both of our -- spoken to both of our clients about conflicts of interest, we have had in-depth conversations with them. mariel and i are representing both of them, james and jennifer, and the conflict of interest question or issue has been very much discussed and resolved. and we believe at this time ethically and professionally we can continue on in this fashion. >> okay. well, as you know, pursuant to spr6.005 subsection -- [inaudible] the reason that you believe joint representation in all probability will not cause a conflict of interest. so please -- the for the record in acorps cannes with the court rule. >> thank you, your honor. after reviewing the circumstances and facts of the case and one of the things i need to make clear is that the media has very much been saturated with cherry-picked
6:35 am
statses. but when we have talked to our clients in depth and learn all of the circumstances of the case which, obviously, are covered by attorney/client privilege, there is not a conflict of interest between what happened. without concern can i cannot divulge to you the specific reasons, but there is not a conflict of interest between the parents, their defense and their defense strategy. >> prosecutor, any comments or statements you want to make relative to any potential conflicts of interest? >> your honor, you know, i'm not sure if there's any facts that have been placed on the record that meets the standard. i'm not saying that i object, but i'm not sure that we have satisfied court rules. but i'm -- if -- [inaudible] >> i am required to inquire as to each defendant as well.
6:36 am
jennifer crumbley, do you have any objection to -- representing both you and mr. crumbley recognizing that they come from the same firm? and they will be -- [inaudible] representing both of you. >> i have no objection, your honor. >> mr. crumbley, my question for you, do you have any objection to both ms. layman and ms. smith representing both you and ms. crumbing ley as it relates to this particular case? >> no objection, your honor. >> coeither of you have -- do either of you have any questions or concerns about potential conflicts of interestsome mr. crumbleysome. >> no. ing. >> ms. crumbleysome. >> no, your honor. >> at this point the court decides that both the defendants are comfortable with both attorneys representing them in this case.
6:37 am
the attorneys have indicated on the record that they do not believe there's a conflict of interest, and they have spoken with both confidents in depth relative to any consequence of interest concern the. [inaudible] to have the undivided loyalty of their lawyers. therefore, the court will allow them to appear for purposes of the arraignment today on behalf of both defendants. >> thank you, your honor. >> now, in terms of the arraignment, jennifer crumbley, i'm going to arraign you first. so if you'll please make sure you get close to that microphone so so that we can hear you. if at anytime you cannot hear -- [inaudible] we will stop the proceedings and try to figure out what's going on. do you understand that you are charged9 with the following counts: count one, involuntary manslaughter, which is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and/or a $7,500 fine for
6:38 am
the death of -- [inaudible] do you understand that that is charge for count one? ms. crumbley -- the. [inaudible] >> i understand. >> you understand you are charged in count two for the -- [inaudible] involuntary manslaughter which is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and/or a $7,500 fine and -- >> i understand. >> do you understand that you are charged in count three for the death of hannah st. juliana by involuntary manslaughter along with mandatory -- [inaudible] testing? >> i understand. >> do you understand if you're charged with count four for the death of scwn than -- with involuntary manslaughter punishable by up to 15 years in
6:39 am
prison and up to $7,500 fine along with mandatory dna testing. >> i understand. >> do you understand that you do have the right to plead guilty or not guilty to all those counts? >> i understand. >> and do you understand that -- [inaudible] either by jury or by judge and at that trial you would get the opportunity to call witnesses on your behalf, confront witnesses called against you and/or to remain silent and innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable do you want, do you understand all those trial rightsesome. >> yes, your honor, i do. >> [inaudible] i'll ask the question again. are you on probation or parole for any -- >> no. >> and how are you pleading to count one? >> not guilty. >> how are you pleading to count two? >> not guilty.
6:40 am
>> how are you pleading to count threesome. >> not guilty. >> how are you pleading to count four? >> not guilty. >> the court will enter the pleas of not guilty for all four counts. the court will set the probable cause conference which is going to be the december 14th -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> december 4th at 1:15 p.m. the preliminary examination is scheduled for december 22nd at 9:45 a.m. those will be in-person hearings. >> your honor, just as a mote for file, are you assigned for the purpose of examine pre-exam, or is it a different judge within the court? >> it is the me. >> okay perfect.
6:41 am
thank you. thank you. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to go ahead and arraign for james crumbley first. >> thank you. >> james crumbley can you see and hear the court okay? many. >> yes. >> and to the you understand, sir, that you are charged in count one with the death of -- the of involuntary manslaughter which is punishable by up to 15 is years in prison and/or to a $7,500 fine and mandatory dna testing many. >> i understand. >> do you understand you are charged with the9 death of katie meyer which is punishable by up to 15 years many prison and/or a $7,500 fee and man story dna testing? >> i understand. >> do you understand that you are chargeed in count three for the e. of hannah st. juliana with the involuntary manslaughter which is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and/or $a 7500 fine and
6:42 am
mandatory dna testing? >> i understand. >> and do you understand that you are charged with count four for the death of justin schillings of involuntary man slatter punishable by up to -- mandatory dna testing. >> i understand. >> do you understand that you do have the right to please either guilty or not guilty to all of those charges? >> i understand. >> do to you understand you have the right to a trial either by jury or by judge, and at that tile you would have the opportunity to -- [inaudible] confront witnesses called existence you and/or to remain silent and -- [inaudible] not guilty until proven guilty beyond a reasonable do you want, do you understand those trial rights? >> i understand. >> are you on probation or parole for any other offense? >> no. >> how are you pleading to count one? >> not guilty. >> how are you pleading to count two? >> not guilty. >> how are you pleading to count three? >> not guilty.
6:43 am
>> and how are you pleading to count foursome. >> not guilty. >> again, this court will set -- accept the plea of not guilty for all four counts. december 14th at #u 15 and a preliminary examination on december 22nd at 9:45 a.m. at this point -- [inaudible] first i'd like to hear from preeing trial services. >> thank you, your honor. jeffrey -- with pretile services -- pretrial services. requests to speak with her attorneys general as a result, no references were contacted and no background information is available. she's 43 years old and married, address with the jail is 112 east street in oxford, michigan. she does not -- [inaudible] she does have a prior criminal history. he is not currently on probation or parole, doesn't have a prior history of violence --
6:44 am
[inaudible] and those charges by the court along with the co-defendant failed to turn themselves in to authorities. the purpose of bail is to insure appearance and the safety of the community. the defense in this matter -- [inaudible] the court wants charges issued on 12/3/2021, however, instead they ned. pretrial's recommendation is released on recognizance bail is not appropriate in this case in order for public safety and -- the. [inaudible] the following conditions are respectfully recommended. gps -- [inaudible] medal appointments, not to have any contact with aniens withs, victims or -- the high school. not to possess a firearm and
6:45 am
must turn firearms that have not been confiscated. >> thank you. speaking on behalf of the prosecutor's office. >> i am, your honor. >> go ahead. >> your honor, i'm sure you've read -- [inaudible] pursuant to 6.016 bond should be set with the likelihood of conviction first. here the likelihood of conviction is -- [inaudible] your honor, we know from facts that were represented that the crumbleys, mr. crumbley purchased this weapon for his son and that on the 27th that mrs. crumbley went to the shooting range with her son, posted on social media a saying it was a mother-son day and that she bought a weapon, a gun for her baby for christmas. it's also clear from the fact that he had total access to this weapon and that it was for him.
6:46 am
second, on the 29th both defendants were aware that he was searching ammunition on his phone at the school instead of reacting to that as a concerned parent and worried about safety the, mrs. crumbley texted, lol, this -- [inaudible] next time don't get caught. and then, obviously, on this very tragic day, on the 30th, they were called to the school and -- about their son's drawings which clearly depicted threats and acts of violence. and instead of -- [inaudible] to the school that he had access to this weapon, they chose not to, they chose not to take their son home, they chose not to tell anybody that he might be dangerous when it was clear, and they had every likelihood that he was. and instead they left. furthermore, after the active shooting announcement went out, mrs. crumbley texted her son,
6:47 am
ethan, don't do it. and mr. crumbley went to his home purposefully to search for this weapon because he was afraid his son had weapon and was, in fact, shooting people and hurting them which, as we know, is exactly what happened. your honor, this is a very serious, horrible, terrible murder and shooting, and it has affected the entire community. and these two individuals could have stopped it, and they had every reason the know that he was -- to know that he was dangerous, and they gave him a weapon, and they didn't secure it, and they allowed him free access to it. furthermore, your honor, the purpose of bond is -- [inaudible] court appearances, and yesterday they were charged with these counts of manslaughter. now, your honor, the communication between mrs. smith and the prosecutor's office was a text message that was sent to me and was not replieded to.
6:48 am
we don't have an obligation to cooperate, and there are good reasons for that. i think they -- [inaudible] the events that played out show reasons for that. now, mrs. smith, clearly her clients did not tell her truth because current representation was they wanted to turn themselves in and that they were on their way to do that. however, they didn't turn themselves in, and we were told they were out of town except that yesterday morning they withdrew $4,000 from an atm in rochester hills, very close to the point where they could have turned themselves in with no evidence and no efforts on behalf of law enforcement. instead, they fled and they -- [inaudible] multiple attempts to hide their location and were eventually tracked down after they parked
6:49 am
their car somewhere, a witness saw it, and the entire fugitive apprehension team with multiple other law enforcement agencies went into a vacant building and searched it from top to bottom, and these two individuals were found locked somewhere in a room hiding. these are not people that we can be assured will return to court on their own. and then lastly, pursuant to mcr6.106, we also should -- the court should consider whether or not there are members of the community to vouch. there are. none here. in fact, there are none here because there are, there's not one person in that community that will vouch for these two defendants. so i'm asking that you set a $500,000 bond for both defendants -- [inaudible] >> let's, i'd like to hear from the attorneys as it relates to jennifer crumbare ley first, please. >> oh, your honor, the first thing i need to do is respond to
6:50 am
the prosecution's comments about our contact with their office. on thursday night i texted karen mcdonald and told her my office was representing the crumbleys, and i wanted to speak with her. she did text back and said we could talk first thing friday morning. first thing friday morning i did text ms. mcdonald. i also group texted ms. mcdonald with mariel lehman. i also calledded her office. i talked to her personal secretary and explained who i was, the circumstances and that i needed to speak with ms. mcdonald. mariel lehman also called ms. mcdonald in the if morning. we called the prosecutor's office throughout the day and never got a call back. we were going to make arrangements to have our clients turn themselves in. i was in a trial many circuit court in front of judge say ban all day yesterday. ms. lehman was traveling on a
6:51 am
lane from florida up to michigan. the prosecutor's office, instead of getting back to us in any way, decided to have a press conference, and as ms. mcdonald admitted, tried to find a way to surprise our clients and catch them off guard when it was so unnecessary. and last night and throughout the day we were in contact with our clients. they were scared, they were terrified, they were not at home, they were figuring out what to do, getting finances in order, and the last text messages we had with them is phone calls mariel lehman and i had with them, our plan was to drive to the district court this morning because arraignments were supposed to start at 8:30 for any county arraignment. and we had plans to meet them at 7:30 to text the fugitive apprehension team to get to the court by 8:30 so they could be
6:52 am
arraigned first thing. those were plans we made and solidified, and we did not announce it because unlike the prosecution, we were attempting to make the media, we weren't attempting to make a media spectacle. this case is absolutely the saddest, most tragic, worst case imaginable. there is absolutely no doubt. but our clients were absolutely going to turn themselves in. it was just a matter of logistics. and all the prosecution had to do was communicate with me about it. and we tried multiple times. all right. that being said, with respect to ms. crumbley, she is 43 years old as pretrial services told you. she has been employed as director of a large company, director of marketing. she is, she grew up in clarkston prior to living in oxford where
6:53 am
they've owned their home since 2015. she has never been in serious trouble with the law. she does have a trunk driving -- drunk driving conviction back from when she was in college. any conviction on ms. crumbley's record is a misdemeanor. ms. crumbley has retained my office and mariel, obviously. she would not have done that had she planned to not turn herself in and fight these charges. i'm quite certain they would not have paid my office money and taken those steps if they were not going to fight these charges. when it comes to the seriousness of the offense, when you listen to the prosecution's facts they're presenting which are incomplete, very incomplete, it does sound like an absolutely egregious wrongdoing on the part of mr. and mrs. crumbley that
6:54 am
they gave their child a gun and encouraged him to do this. that's just not the case. and mrs. crumbing ley is presumed innocent. and i can ask this court to know, to note that full discovery has not been available and that the court is only aware of the facts the prosecution's presented. but that gun was actually locked. so when the prosecution stating that this child had free access to a gun, that is just absolutely not true. and we need an opportunity to fight this case in court and not in the court of public opinion. we need opportunity to have our clients' constitutional rights to being presumed innocent protected. and this counter is going to see -- this court going to see in the exam in particular that there is far more going on than what this count has been made aware of. -- court has been made aware of. and for that reason, your honor, i would ask this court to set
6:55 am
bond keeping all of that in mind. our clients would absolutely avail themselves to a gps tepter, they would absolutely obey all of the conditions listed by pretrial services. case does not warrant a $500,000 bond. i would ask this court many light of the criminal -- in light of the criminal history, the limit facts presented to order that the bonds be set at $50,000 or $100,000 if this court believes it needs to be more. our clients are going to fight these charges. our clients are are just as def stated as everyone else -- devastated as everyone else. bond has to to to come from the a place of legal soundness, not emotional reaction which has driven this entire case. and it is emotionally charged. it is emotionally the worst thing i have ever been involved with and seen. there is no doubt it is the worse thing the crumbleys have
6:56 am
ever been involved with and seen, and there is just so much going on here. we ask the court to set a reasonable bond. >> okay. any additional comments as it relates to james crumbley? >> yes, your honor. james is 45 years old, he has a prior conviction from 2004, again, similar to jennifer crumbley, any convictions that he has would have been, we believe that they were misdemeanors. he does not have any substance abuse issues. he does have some health issues that require two types of insulin. he was gainfully employed. he's been in michigan since he and jennifer move up here several, several years ago. as for the seriousness of the charges as ms. smith has statement thed, the facts that have been presented by ms. mcdonald and her office have been cherry picked to further her narrative of making an example of mr. and
6:57 am
mrs. crumbley which she very freely said she was going to do yesterday during her press conference. i personally contacted ms. mcdonald's office to notify her of my and ms. smith's availability. she chose not to call us back. i was also in communication with law enforcement as was ms. smith. they knew that we were planning to bring mr. and mrs. crumbley in, they knew we were in communication with them contrary to what was presented in the media. your honor, they hired our office on thursday, they have been -- the we are prepared to defend this case. they are absolutely taking this case seriously. they are devastated by the events in the oxford incident. this is not manager that's being taken lightly by them or us, your honor. i agree with ms. smith, $500,000 is not warranted in this case. the charges are very serious, but as according to they are allegations at point as ms. smith has statemented, both
6:58 am
our clients are presumed innocent unless they're proven guilty and from what we know, your honor, the facts are not what has been presented to the court and to the public. so i, again, echo what ms. smith anticipated, our clients are more than happy to have a gps tepter, to be on pretrial services supervision. i am again requesting a $50,000 or $100,000 bond. but mr. crumbley, as with mrs. crumbley, is not a flight risk, not a danger to the community, there is no risk that they're going to escape prosecution. they were never fleeing prosecution. i want to make that very career with the court. -- clear with the court. we had been in communication with the prosecutor's office, law enforcement and our clients throughout yesterday, they were not fleeing prosecution contrary to the media reports. so i'm asking that they have a $50,000 or $100,000 bond with gps tether and pretrial services supervision. >> [inaudible] please.
6:59 am
>> your honor, i agree with one thing, the court hasn't heard all the facts and neither has the pluck. she's, indeed can, correct, her client and mr. crumbley have an absolute -- we have a burden, and these are merely allegations, so i agree. and i just want to point out nobody needs permission. these defendants did not need my permission, and they didn't need law enforcement permission to go to the court and tell themselves in before the police department, the sheriff's department and turn themselves in. i agree ms. smith was perhaps in trial, she had a break from 11:45 to 2:45, and i can't imagine why they were surprised the whole country knew that these charges were coming. and lastly, to suggest that this, anyone is somehow using this incident to create press, there's a lot of attention the here because four children were murdered and seven others were injured. and that is on the mind of every
7:00 am
single person in this country. so i would ask that you impose $500,000 on each of the defendants, your honor. >> okay. so in terms of bond, the court is required to comply with sbr6.016, the purpose of bond is to insure the defendants appear in court for all necessary court appearances as well as to take into consideration any risk to public safety. obviously, these charges are very,ing very serious, there's no question about that. there is a -- the court does have concern about the flight risk along with public safety given the circumstances that occurred yesterday and the fact that defendants kid have to be apprehended. the court did indicate yesterday that it would be conducting an arraignment at 4 p.m., and nobody -- [inaudible] >> your honor, i -- if i may -- [inaudible conversations] >> bond for jennifer crumbley at $500,000 cash sure


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