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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  December 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. reporter: hello, everyone, i'm aishah hasnie with the big saturday show. >> alec baldwin isn't worried about being charged for the shooting on his movie set. >> it's unlikely i would be charged. joe: the district attorney in
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the case says not so fast. >> it's a mass exodus from kamala harris' office and it may have something to do with her. see you just gat back from a trip outside the united states, and what happened when i flew back will shock you. the cdc seems to be trying to enforce its own vaccine mandate for people flying back to america. hash * the sheriff says people hop helped the shooter could be be guilty next. they were found hiding in a warehouseless than a mile away from the canadian border. >> you are charged in count two
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in the deaths of tate myre. >> how does the prosecutor go on tv and announce charges before connecting with the sheriff's department to do the job. now we are expecting more charges. listen to what the sheriff said about those new charges. >> i believe they were assisted in that location to get there to get in. and we are gathering that information, and we are going to have the to taflt that done fairly soon and present that to our prosecutor for potential charges for either aiding and abetting or obstruction of
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justice. reporter: we have this nationwide manhunt costing taxpayers a ton of money. lara, what do you think of the way the prosecutor is handling it so far. >> you have four dead high school students. a 15-year-old kid who obviously was very troubled and crying out for help in various ways. didn't receive the help he need. his parents instead of being there for their child in one of the moments of need in his entire life, they tried to flee. it was clear they were trying to make it to canada. it's not just the 15-year-old and the parents. you heard from the sheriff's department who possibly aid and abetted them, possibly tried to help them get to the canadian
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border. i think this is a mess. i don't think it should have come to this point. but it's a terrible situation every time we finds ourselves with a school shooting, we say this is terrible. it doesn't seem like the had to be that bad. reporter: i want to come to you, leo about the chances for the prosecutors to get these parents on any sorts of charges. listen to what she said about their culpability in all this. >> both defendants were aware he was searching ammunition on his phone at the school. and the mother texted will * dtexted lol next time don't get caught.
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and instead'. of disclose together school that he had full access to this weapon. they chose not to tell anybody he might be dangerous. reporter: lol don't get caught. how much of a burden is there for the prosecutors to prove the parents knew their son may be hurtful. >> prosecutors don't play politics with this case. i got upset with her when she said the gun laws in michigan are woefully inadequate. it's not about guns. it's not about the second amendment. reporter: buff lee -- but, leo,
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that always happens. >> the prosecutor is burking to be a political figure in michigan. there was a tragedy at this school. don't play politics with the second amendment. reporter: the prosecutor said they have been dealing with these threats every week, and since the shooting they are getting hundreds of these kinds of threats. it's minds boggling what's happening these kids. we hear about this all the time, there were warning signs, there were red flaks. and offoo -- and to leo's points to, why don't we talk about the mental health part of it, too. >> we are in a place where all
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of our schools are stressed. we have parents at school board meetings upset because of critical race theory. and the vaccine mandates. it's a powder keg environment in our country that should not be. schools are a place to learn and grow and appreciate each other. it's not a teacher's job to raise our kids. every detail that comes out about this case, it seems the parents had no idea who their son was or were purposely negligent or in denial. leo is right. when i saw the charges i thought how is she going to charge them with manslaughter if you can't prove they knew their son had this intent. and how is she going to go all
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the way to the top with negligence. there are so many places where the parents went wrong and going straight for the manslaughter charge is going for politics. but what we should be doing is change the behavior of people of. that's what we should be trying to do, and that's how you honor the children taken from us for no good reason. -- you have guys put him back in class after these incidents. reporter: lara, you have two beautiful kids not yet in school. do you any there is enough being done to understand what kids are going through? it always seems there are red flags, and we always hear about it after the fact. >> you are right. it's scary for parents. my kids are in preschool.
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but they are in school. i want to go back to something joey just talked about. this is at the end of the day about good parenting. there has been a disintegration of parenting whether it's manners, respect, accountability, things that 30 years ago were instilled in all of us. and it seems those have degraded over the past several decades. at the end of the day, who knows what causes it. and i think it's something we as a society need to focus on. core values, the family structure, taking responsibility at home for your own child. for me that's something i plan to instill in my kids. they are very young. i think every single parent in america thinks about this when
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they sends their kids to school. it's a scary process. >> as a former school teacher, i understand. everything everyone has said is on point. the keefe is this shouldo -- the keefe is -- the key is this should be on the facts. the lack of prosecution between the prosecutor and sheriff's department is clear. the motivation i hope is not political. joey:all the guns in my home are locked away. with all that i would trust my son with a firearm in a controlled environment. i know what's in his heart, i
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talk to him every day. it's about parenting. reporter: we'll talk more about that coming up in a different block. the biden administration trying to hide from a growing number of crises in the country. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪
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aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade. joey: welcome back to the big saturday show. the biden administration is trying to avoid answer for its failing administration. >> it's been two weeks since the president called xi. you said xi understands he's suppose to be transparent. in the two plus weeks has he helped and been transparent? >> we pressed for this repeatedly. i don't have updates on the participation or willingness of the chinese to add or provide additional data. >> my question was about xi.
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>> you asked me a question about crime yesterday. i was going to give you have extra information. i followed up, peter. the justice department, the fbi and federal law enforcement have been in contact with jurisdictions where we have seen a high level of retail theft. >> thank you for that. i look forward to seeing it on fox later today. >> it's on fox right now. >> i bet it is. joey: the press secretary was watching. i will go to you first. you are there in d.c. you talk to the white house press team for fox. you see what that means. that was the press secretary was circumventing an answer yesterday. we have crisis everywhere. is it your understanding the white house and president biden
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is running from these failing policies? >> i don't know why jen psaki wasn't prepared for that. i did finds out from the white house team that she did circle back after peter asked the question about the looting in major cities. the white house team did circle back. and jen psaki added more information on camera. this is not a random one-off robbery. this is a nationwide trend happening in large cities right before the holiday season. turn on the tv, any channel, they are talking about it. you would think a reporter would bring this up and the press people would be prepared for it. i do think it was a missed opportunity. because the answer that came later, the second day was a pretty solid answer.
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it just would have had more of an impact for the administration that is looking for points. i think it was an unfortunate missed opportunity. joey: they are look for ways to maybe get a messaging win. i don't think they are look for policy wins. leo, you are in los angeles. it dawned on me, los angeles is the crossroads of just about every major crisis we have. we have looting and crime where they decriminalize theft. we have gas prices reportedly over $5 a gallon. the state passed laws to make this worse. and the border crisis will affect california before anywhere. the port of los angeles is not doing a good job with the supply chain. you are there in l.a. leo: stop stop stop, please.
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i asked before the show started she said no. california is a disaster. joey: is this what they asked for? we had the recall, gavin new nem is still in office. are you guys leading the country? are californians going to turn the page and help save the country in 2022? >> i hope so. california is a disaster. people are leaving california. we have a governor who apparently thinks he's a dictator. we are understood emergency rules by this governor. jen psaki said basically that the crime is the root of the pandemic. that's a lie. people aren't stealing because
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of the pandemic. they are stealing louvrey vuitton, give chicago. we have the smash and grab. people were arrested and released immediately. joe -- joey: it's $900 each time. california is leading the country in something, i guess. what would president trump do differently? >> oh, my gosh. how much time do we have? the reality is that bad things are happening in new york, too. you see people getting assaulted every day. it's not the sterile smash and grab as in california. but what they have in common is democrat-run cities and states
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and it's their policies that led to the destruction of our great record american cities. it's why people are moving out in record numbers. it's why people don't want to live in these cities anymore where you don't have safety and security. president trump would not be putting up with this mess for a second. joey: i believe that. it's the democratic states doing the most harm here. we have a reporter from today news africa, and we have a travel ban because of the omicron variant. we have a sounds bite of jen psaki talking to this reporter. >> i just answered. simon, i answered a question on this.
2:22 pm
>> simon, it's not effective to scream over your colleagues in here. in. joey: president trump had a travel ban web was called racist. do you think this will save us zooms from the coronavirus? lara: one thing that stuck out to knee was the united nations general secretary said this was a bad idea. for me that was a big red flag. but we don't know what's going to happen. we don't know what the white house is going to do. but plenty of people are saying it's a bad idea. joey: a lot of people are saying the virus is going to change dan we have to live with it. this just happened moments ago. chris cuomo is out at cnn.
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the details next.
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you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. aishah: a fox news alert just break the last few moments. chris cuomo has been fired from cnn. they released a statement that read we retained a law firm to conduct a review and terminated him immediately. despite the termination we'll investigate as appropriate. everyone remembers what this all over. his brother andrew cuomo the former governor of new york understood various investigations from the nursing home scandal to the harassment investigation. it turned out chris cuomo was helping his brother deal with
2:28 pm
those investigation on the side while being a news anchor and cnn. and that's a big no-no. a lot of people said this should happen. but others weren't sure that cnn was going to follow through. we saw what happened with jeffrey toobin. are you surprised. lara: cnn has low standards by which the folks at cnn have to abide. but i think this is the right call. right after chris cuomo was suspended before this firing. the ratings on his show actually spiked after his suspension. maybe they have been looking for a way to get him out of there and this was the extra push that they needed. but it seems like that this is
2:29 pm
going to be rather well received by folks on the right, and not well received by folks on the left. i think it will be split down the middle. aishah: i wonder if chris cuomo is surprised by there is. he said it hurts to even say it. it's embarrassing, by understand it and i understand why some people feel the way they do about what i did. i apologized in the past and i mean it. the last thing i ever wanted to do was compromise any of my colleagues. i don't know if it's too little too late. some would say you always choose family. what is your response to that. leo: best decision ever made by cnn. he had a conflict of interest.
2:30 pm
he's a lawyer. he's a journalist. he had an obligation to remove himself from the matter. but he worked in cahoots with his brother to throw dirt on the victims who had a legitimate complaint against his brother. how can he ever in the future discuss a sexual harassment case? he lost credibility. now the team of and boont -- ofd costello are off the airways. lara: a lot of this had to do with the sexual harassment allegations that dominated the news cycle. all the people who passed away in the nursing home scandal, janice dean among them with the families. do you think this adds pressure
2:31 pm
for the governor of new york to dig deeper into this? some say she is not doing what she promised. joey: the nursing home scandal is an issue worth digging into. it's something the state of new york holds a responsibility to see what should they have done and what could they have done. at the end of the day, people's lives were lost as people were celebrating his reaction to coronavirus. back to chris cuomo specifically. the problem with chris cuomo, you have loyalty and integrity. i understand a brother being loyal to a brother. n integrity matters more. there was no integrity in how this was handled. we had a phone call reporting of him on conference calls helping
2:32 pm
strategize this months ago the before he was ever us spendsed. it looked like cnn was looking for a way to keep him there rather than doing the right thing. i won't applaud people getting fired. but i will applaud the right thing happening way too late. lara: i think this goes back to something leo was talking about. you have to have faith that the people delivering the news to you are doing so with integrity and without anything else clouding their vision. clearly he had this conflict of interest. people already have such a high distrust of the media. to then learn the network so many people were tuning into to get their news had this guy behind the scenes working with
2:33 pm
his brother while was governor. it makes people trust the media even less. so i think that that probably weighed into their decision as well. i think we all agree this was the right choice by cnn. the right thing ultimately happened here. it will be interesting to see what happens in that spot. maybe they are turning a new page. we'll have to wait and see. >> i want to ask you -- how much of this had to do with liability? cnn came out and presented this situation where they said we didn't know this was happening behind the scenes. the text message conversations and phone calls and how involved he was. one, do you believe that, and how much of this termination is trying to not be liable for
2:34 pm
anything. leo: the victims who might have a case against andrew cuomo will draw in chris co-more saying he was doing it in the scope and course of his employment because chris cuomo was doing that while he was an employee. cnn's lawyers said this guy is a liability. get rid of him. aishah: that an excellent point from the legal standard. this could still, right? this could still wind up on that route even though they have gotten rid of him. could see see some of these safe cuesers try to get together and file a suit against cnn? leo: absolutely. civil statute allows them to file suit against andrew cuomo and all these individuals
2:35 pm
involved in helping him. the supervisors, and his brother who acted as an agent by giving him advice. it's wide open for litigation big time. aishah: it will be interesting to see what happens. leo: i'm not giving out any more free legal advice. joey: we can't understood score how big a deal this is. the network 20 years ago a lot of people thought was the only place to get news. fox has been around to correct that problem. but cnn -- did i say 20 any was hosting a gala last night. we have had fox news, we had cnn. cnn is a place where a lot of people go to get information.
2:36 pm
to have someone with a primetime spot going to the camera addressing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people of and know he was not just running interest force for his brother, but helped crack a narrative that had legal ramifications. not getting justice that they deserved. your job in the media is to provide information and give people the opportunity to understand what's happening. not program them to accept bad behavior because it was your brother doing it. or program them to question what was more than likely and proven to be legitimate victims and their grievances. our job is to hold these people accountable. not run interest force for them -- not run interference for them. >> they trashed brett kavanaugh.
2:37 pm
and here he's trying to protect his brother. look at the evidence. cnn has no credibility. lara: joey, it's hundreds of thousands. i just think about the fall from grace. when you think about the sons of mario cuomo, the governor of new york, his son andrew would eventually become governor. for what happened to him to happen, i don't know if we have this sound bite from this accuser. this is the tail end of a months-long scandal that has been flowing out. it's incredible what has happened to the family. let's play the sounds bite really fast. >> when he would turn his head
2:38 pm
and get me on the lips, it startled me. it wasn't normal. then he got clears and tighter to the point where i knew i could feel him pushing my body against his. and definitely making sure he could feel my breasts up against his body. >> he stands next to me and touches my back in a not friendly way, in a sexual way. leo: they have no shame. lara: how many women did it take? how many women had to come forward for the people in the general assembly in-new york to take this seriously. and kudos to the ag for look into this. i remember the day andrew cuomo
2:39 pm
decided to step down. it was one of those out of body moments. because i had been covering this case for so long. someone asked, do you think it's over? i said no, it's not over. just because he decided to step down, there is so much more that can come after. lara, what do you think happens next? i don't think it's over yet. lara: there is a lot to unpack. a lot legally that has to happen possibly for both of them. we have a statement from chris cuomo to the "new york times." he says this is not how i wanted my time at cnn to end. but i already told you why and how i helped my brother. as disappointing as this is. i could not be more proud of cuomo primetime. i owe them all and will miss
2:40 pm
that group of special people who did really important work. leo: he was getting wiped out by "hannity" every hour. lahr require doesn't say a lot that that was their number one show, to your point. you think about these brothers and there has been so much that has come to light about the two of them. and it's really kinds of shocking for so many people. you feel like folks like this never get he will accountable. it's about time you start seeing people held accountable for the things they did, and the wrongs that they did. for both of them there is a lot to come. we'll all be paying close attention. but it's nice to see the system is not totally broken and people do get their due at the ends of the day.
2:41 pm
joey: what's ironic about that statement. he pushes it over to his team. that underscores what makes this whole thing soap he -- so egregious. there are people that have been hurt by this. all the people that work with him and championed causes they believe in that are now undermined because of two selfish and potentially illegal acting brothers. it's disgusting. aishah: it's a day a lot of people have been waiting for, including january this dean. all the families of nursing home patients that died. as leo said, a lot more to come ahead for cnn and for the cuomos. still ahead. it's the interview everyone has been talking about. alec baldwin does not think he
2:42 pm
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aishah: actor alec baldwin take no responsibility for the accidental shooting death of the cinematographer halyna hutchins on the set of the movie "rust." >> i let go of the hammer, the gun goes off. i didn't pull the trigger. she goes down. i thought to myself, did she
2:47 pm
faint? the notion that there was a live round in that gun did not dawn on me until probably 45 minutes to an hour later. she is laying there, sometime those blank rounds have a wadding like a cloth that packs the gunfire and sometimes it can hit people and feel like a poke. ed idea that someone put a live round in the gun wasn't a reality. aishah: he says he doesn't think he's going to be criminally charged. the sheriff said not so fast. certain individuals may be criminally culpable for his actions or inactions on the set of "rust." leo, our lawyer on the panel. alec baldwin seems to know a lot about guns and what could or
2:48 pm
could not have happened. do you think it what you a mistake to do this interview? >> no, from a stand point of his lawyers training him and repairing him. this is a -- and preparing him. this to influence the jury pool and convince the prosecutor who is going to make a decision whether to charge him. i found it disingenuous for him to say he has no responsibility but somebody else does. this was prepared by his lawyer. he was rehearsed. i don't believe anything that came out of that. his hollywood friends came out today to throw him some more support. aishah: so many celebrities have come out and totally supported him. they are backing him, they are hinders him.
2:49 pm
even though we know early on in the investigation there were so many mistakes that happened. why do you think celebrities are coming out in support of baldwin? lara: it's kinds of shocking. they are not even talking about halyna hutchins, the woman who was killed. they are not even mentioning her. nobody is suggesting he intentionally shot anybody. but to leo's point he's hoping to be tried in the court of public opinion and not in the court of law. he knows he needs to be a likeable person. so he will come out and say i didn't do this, i'm not responsible for this. then all his friends in hollywood come out and say alec we support you. this is a very big deal, even though maybe he didn't intend to do it, he was still the person holding the gun. there is some negligence and
2:50 pm
some variety on his part. for him to come out and do this interview, it felt disingenuous. it felt like a pr stunt and it felt like he was trying to get ahead of something coming up dwownt line for him. aishah: joey, you and i were brought up around guns, we know good gun etiquette. right off the bat there were so many mistakes made. you never point a gun whether it's load or not load. you don't point it at somebody. that's basic gun etiquette. how frustrated are you as a gun owner. you know what happens next. people tart talking about -- people start talking about guns.
2:51 pm
>> god forbid the victims of this shooting have to watch that trash. alec bald wins an actor and he's act. nobody has any appetite of sane mind, you know, i guess ingrained in hollywood culture. people have no appetite for alec baldwin crying when there is a dead woman in the ground and somebody else seriously injured. -- a coward takes no responsibility. don't make it about you. you picked up a weapon that for all intents and purposes that you knew had the potential to fire live ammunition. you pointed it in the direction of someone and tried cycle it through its cycle of operation.
2:52 pm
if you can't accept responsibility, keep your mouth shut. aishah: i think this was a bad move. all of this could be used against him in a courtroom. stick around. big saturday flops up next. wow... that's so nice! the gift of ancestry®... is a walk through your history. do you remember who this is? where the more you discover... wow!
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humana, a more human way to healthcare.
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>> welcome back to the big saturday show, it is what you've all been waiting for it is now time for our big saturday flops our picks for biggest sales of the week. well, this cdc is trying to force nonamerican visitors to get vaccinated when they coming to the united states and even americans are getting the forms check this out. this is a form that i got yesterday, i was outside of the country with my husband. and coming back to the u.s. they gave us this form and as you can see there, if you look closely, it says, if you plan to stay for
2:57 pm
over 60 days then you have to agree to become vaccinated and you have a plan to do so within 0 days of arriving in the united states. so they gave this form to me yesterday. and i said wait a minute, so you're telling me that every american that comes back into their own country is going to be forced to get vaccinated? i should do digging turns out this is actually supposed to be given to noncitizens. i don't know what that says about what's gong on with c cdc and forms they're giving out but i got one. >> laura trump 50*eu78 your manager and take care of that for you do not sign that form i sign there to represent you. do not sign that form. >> well, i already got back to america so i had to sign something leo i'm here with you guys today so maybe i'll call you for whatever is coming neangs might be coming after me. leo what do you have? what's your flop? >> join the national christmas tree lighting in washington, d.c. on thursday. the president you know, sleepy
2:58 pm
joe and first lady missed their introduction cue by ll cool j watch this a little bit of it. >> president biden and first lady dr. jill biden. [applause] sit down again again president bide and first lady dr. jill biden. ♪ ♪ >> two minutes later, he was somebody knows for a fact he was asleep wake him up joe be on time. back to you joy what do you got? >> yeah. so joy i'm joey she's joy the first and second amendments need to be tweaked a little so here's the problem with this right, there's a process for this. and every time whoever it is republicans or democrats try to attack one of these attempt
2:59 pm
amendments tweaking ends up with supreme court strengthening our right because there's a kick consistency these rights we hold them dear god gave them to us and government will not infringe upon them and we can express ourselves. even when other people don't like it and so maybe joy behar needs to take a sifngs class or keep talking and rambling i don't know but it was stupid and i consider it to be a flop. >> all right. i'll go last. [laughter] i think you'll get a kick out of this one so homeowner in maryland smokes snakes out of the hogs and wound up burning his house down. i want to warn -- i want to warn my future husband out there -- i apologize now, because i will do this. so i'm afraid of every creature smaller than me so i will burn down the house if you don't take care of it for me. >> i agree, easier to burn it
3:00 pm
right down. >> or i let them go. they can take over have the house i'll get a hotel room. >> i am never sleeping at night if that whats. >> tragic so much fun with you that does it for us we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 it fox reports start right now. >> fired anchor chris cuomo effective immediately according to a statement in september within the last hour. good evening i'm jon scott, and this is the "fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: earlier this week cnn suspended cuomo after new dells merge about how he had helped his brother former new york city governor andrew cuomo defend himself against chargeses from women who said he had sexually harassed them fox news contradict tore joe concha is standing by and lauren greene


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