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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  December 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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raton weren't going to let a bike chief ruin christmas. presenting him with a new bike and a helmet bike lock too. that's fox reports saturday december 4th of 2021 i'm jon scott, thanks for watching. gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy wednesday everyone. or as the cuomos collette, hump day. how is cnn covering the chris cuomo scandal now? he was once their big star but now how do they feel? >> honestly, i never liked that
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dude to begin with. >> hamptons parties this summer, not even that good to. >> the caviar was very subpar. >> i can't believe he made me stay in the guest house. >> i can't believe we had to play pool volleyball in a nonheated pool. >> i had to wash my own -- >> we are still going back next year, right? >> definitely. >> greg: on tuesday, anderson cooper did address the suspension but look who was with him on set as he it. >> some news about this network and involves chris cuomo, the host of prime time. >> greg: that is awkward. having jeffrey to been there as you discuss chris, it's a weird message you're sending. you can't defend a prick but it's all right to throttle one and public.
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it shows you how shallow the talent pool is at cnn but i guess anthony weiner was busy. on his radio show chris cuomo figured out who to blame. >> you can fight against the other party, you can fight against me, but only if you have your party. him he had the republicans, the media never really liked him. >> greg: the media never liked his brother? are you sure about that? >> how would you contrast cuomo and president trump's handling of the crisis? >> my governor is one of the heroes on the front lines. >> even lifelong republicans tell me they look at cuomo and they are like there is a leader. >> you see spectacular political leader emerging from this in andrew cuomo. >> what was the most important message you heard from governor cuomo? >> real leadership. >> greg: i guess the media never liked him and what better
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way to show their dislike then by awarding them in any? following that logic i better start building a trophy case tonight because they hate my guts. as chris is being dragged we are missing the big picture, i don't mean a photo of brian stelter's ass. he is in trouble for supporting his brother so he said terrible journalist but a hell of a brother. what is the media excuse? he did what any family would do and broke whatever journalistic law cnn still observed in the process. fire him, i guess but if cnn fired everyone for violating basic journalism, their newsroom would be emptier than your medicine cabinet after cat visit seo. if anything were to happen to a sibling or a child and your family, jerk or not, you would probably do everything possible to help them out except maybe jesse watters family. kidnappers could mail them one of his fingers and they would be
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like he's got nine more. if i ever get busted for something and my sister don't help me bury the bodies, they are out of the will. their loss is cars for kids gave him. seriously, what is the point of having relatives if they are going to rat you out about the body under all of that venison you have in the freezer. that is why joe let hunter run all of those bribery schemes, that in the 10%. i get chris but the media don't have that excuse. they anointed his brother the next president because they like his press conferences. they are so easy to fool that jussie smollett wishes they were his jury. the media loves the governor and they weren't related except by ideology. the same people who say that he should be fired were right there fawning over his brother as a nursing home patience bodies were stacking up like sandbags along a swollen river bank. they care more about andy's sex life than investing the nursing home calamity in front of them and it took
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sexual harassment to pierce their curiosity. i get at, sexual harassment is bad to. if anyone but is getting slapped, it's my own and i pay consenting adults dearly for that service. it's interesting how the media prioritizes. for a while, they were on team cuomo. top aides had been working the press to convince them to support the governor and they did to. in one case aids reached out to schmooze a writer for the atlantic who quickly wrote a piece entitled "of course andrew cuomo isn't going to resign." at that aged as well as macaulay culkin. a little like you. >> that is insulting to me. >> greg: list smith and advisor to andrew cuomo revealed that she texted and claimed the host repeated her spin on air. msnbc the same place that still employs a racist homophobe whose name rhymes with joy read but if
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everyone goes after chris the creepy doing the louis farrakhan impression every night speaks under the radar and there is cnn itself. they unloaded fake news like it was free government cheese. jake, jake copper gets hired to analyze intelligence, the russian collusion lie undermined every institution for years, their attacks lead to defunding of cops contributing to violence that destroyed cities. they covered florida when their coven numbers spiked, now they are quieter than matt lauer's work phone. they targeted trumper as well coddling rioters, no wonder their ratings suck. if the numbers get any lower they will have trouble paying nick sandmann. now they cover crystals though they were on top of this all along. >> it was known he was talking to his brother giving political advice but in the newly released documents, you can see he is essentially working as an unpaid advisor as if he is a staffer of the governor's giving political advice and giving commentary,
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also working his own sources to try to find out more about what might be revealed about his brother. >> greg: nice work pop and fresh. p reports those facts as if they weren't pretending the problems didn't exist for months. they hid this story until they could hide it no longer and chris cuomo is a problem but he's not the whole problem. part of the tumor has been removed but some of it is still there and it's still growing. even as it expels one of its own. when one of their own goes down, they are happy that is not them. let's welcome tonight's guest! he's so anti-woke he sleepwalk's 24/7, author and philosopher peter bogosian! he will turn the camel into a human pyramid, emily compagno!
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he's been behind more enemy lines than jane fonda, former cia operative and a host of black files on discovery, matt baker. like a raccoon, big eyes and active at night, it's out of my trash can, fox news contributor kat timpf! i've heard from everybody about this, this is the first time we've actually met. i'm a big fan of yours and i know you're a big fan of mine, don't have to say it but we understand. does cnn have any credibility left at this point? >> it depends what you think if cuomo should be held to any kind of journalistic integrity and journalistic standards given that it's not really a journalistic outlet, it's a propaganda machine. it is a little bit unfair to hold him -- but it is, it is unfair to hold him to a journalistic standard when the whole point is to propagandize. the other thing is, we do need to give credit to the fact that
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he was suspended and it's really important in these conversations when someone crosses an ideological divide, you say you do the right thing they did the right thing -- i think in this case they did the right thing and he is entitled to due process and if he has done something illegal, than he should be given his day in court. >> greg: the producers, we are going to need to edit that part out, the part where peter says they did the right thing. put in some kind of animal video. we have an animal video they can pop it right in there and make sure that never happens. you are supposed to talk to these guests beforehand. and emily, how are you doing, everything okay? congratulations. i don't know, i felt like saying congratulations. where do you think this is going? you are a lawyer, i think. >> to me this is a ray rice
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situation, cnn suspends them indefinitely with a statement that says we now understand the extent of his involvements from these documents with his brother. him back in may, chris cuomo said on air he admitted he broke the network's rules and advising his brother in public relations. this network had i would say a pretty extreme transparency within an op-ed, the executive producer talked about how she was groped by him. the same action that his brother is being prosecuted for under his own laws in new york state, forcible touching. he admitted so in an email to her and then network looked the other way. that's culpability combined with his brother, says new york residents we have already paid $9.5 million for his legal fees -- chris cuomo to me is just another fly in the ointment but to your point -- i think that is generous of you to want to extend to him due process. i think at this point we should just do vigilante justice.
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[laughter] get him off the streets! >> greg: i like this kind of emily compagno, who knew? she scares me. you look great, by the way. it's been a while, you know. >> also, by the way, i played drums in an 80s cover band called "forcibly touching" i think peter raises a point, not that stupid one but the other one about where we are conflating the idea that journalism automatically equals objectivity. people have forgotten a lot of what they hear is legitimately opinion pieces and when you talk about journalism, objectivity, i don't think the 14 or 15 viewers that watch chris cuomo's show actually care about journalistic integrity.
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that doesn't play into the hard liberal mind-set, that is not what they are watching for, they are watching for red meat. >> greg: everybody goes to their particular network to have their assumptions met and i will say even sometimes it happens here -- not what this show. >> never. >> greg: to peter's point too, it's kind of interesting that cnn doesn't even bother to label what is commentary and what is fact. we know tucker is doing commentary, we know that bill hemmer is news, we know that but they don't even bother with it. >> that is where the line has been blurred, i think the end result of all this is he's coming back to my people are comparing it to the jeffrey toobin case, i think it is actually different strokes for different folks. [laughter] >> he has been waiting to say that all day. >> all day long. >> greg: i don't get it.
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he's seriously -- got at. some might say i'm a little slow. it's going to be interesting, if he doesn't come back, that means both brothers are out of work. they should open up an italian restaurant where they serve fettuccine alfredo. i made that up to since my friend texted it to me. >> that's almost as good as my joke. >> greg: i don't know what to ask you. answer the question that you would like me to ask. >> it's been a lot of -- >> greg: what about his excuse, family? >> he lied to the attorney general, didn't he? he said to the attorney general i wasn't doing awful research,
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then what is i've got a lead on the wedding girl? what is that if not apple opposn research? i forgot about forcible touching and that shouldn't be something that i forgot about because that is a bad thing to do. >> greg: it's a bad thing to forget about. >> i'm the problem. >> greg: you are the problem. >> if he comes back it's like. we are rewarding these guys, seriously. can you imagine a christmas dinner this year? they have been hanging out every night. >> tell me about it. >> greg: i think we learned nothing. up next, he got canned for mixing up names but was racism the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. my patients are able to have that quality of life back.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: all right. he was once super woke but soon could be broke. because he mixed up their names, his job ended in flames. a professor at the university has been fired after confusing the names of two go black students in class. according to the observer, the school's new paper, not me outside your window at night, emily, here's how it went down. after professor christopher mixed up the student's name, name emailed him saying they felt disrespected. believing the mixup happened because of their race. in response, he said in an email to the entire class -- stupid -- he asserted students in class specifically and exclusively around issues of justice, equality, and inclusion. and that he devoted his entire life to such issues. he also invited students to report him to his superiors if they felt discriminated against.
4:20 pm
why not just hand you are execution or the acts? so despite waving his woke stir credentials, he got fired. he didn't remember the first rule of cancel culture. blood attracts mindless zombies. the official determination letter stated he had not demonstrated proper development. that is what my doctor told me at 15. then again at 27. and then it was clear i would develop no further. the lesson, beware all the woke professors out there, or this could be you. ♪ ♪ >> professor, thanks for coming in. as you would dean come i want to check in and see how things were going this semester. >> so great. my students are learning the fundamentals of mathematics. , gender pronouns, and racial representations and hallmark christmas movies. >> are they learning any actual math? >> yeah.
4:21 pm
nath. men are the horrendous suppressors of society. >> how woke. >> thank you. >> we have to let you go. >> i thought this was a check and peered >> it turns out all your students are failing actual math. >> well, i guess i will have time for my rap group. >> i don't care. get out. [bleep]. >> greg: b5, i love the story. it makes me happy. why, why does it make me happy that this professor got eaten alive? >> because i woke professor got even alive by them. because he thought he was better than you or any of us because he centered his classroom on inclusion, diversity, whatever that even means. and look, should have just been honest. should i just said i didn't know your names. not because i'm racist. because i was not listening. right? which is fine. people always talk about being
4:22 pm
-- you be better at talking. seriously. well obviously if you are one of these people who is performative we woke because you think it is going to save you it is obviously not so just be honest. >> greg: you are the expert at this stuff. i'm sure you have seen this. it's the frankenstein monster that is turning on the doctor. >> when the woke giveth, the woke taketh away. so i don't think that is the case. i think that the mind-set that the woke is and is that racism is of the ordinary everyday state of affairs. and it is not whether or not racism took place. because we know racism took place, but it's how it took place. and so his whole life was devoted to social justice, his whole life was devoted to diversity and inclusion. but this is always the case. it is always the case that nobody complains about it until they come for them. then everybody goes berserk and freaks out about. so we all know that there is a problem right now. and just -- i don't know if he
4:23 pm
was an architect of this or proponent of this but i think what we need to stand by basic liberal principles and value and stand up to the people who want to cancel this guy. even though he himself participated to create this culture. >> greg: goes back to the idea of sharing the risk with people who would not share the risk with you. they would love to see you go down in flames, but you're going to say i will be there for you, and maybe one day you might change. although they probably won't. emily, that you read the story and have some interesting points. >> first of all, everyone confuses me with rachel. i answer to rachel and i don't care who -- i answer to anything. >> do people call you rachel? >> all the time. totally fine. who cares. i think everybody sucks in the story because here's a thing. he lists as credentials and says i devoted my life but as you said the powers that be, the decision-makers said it is still not enough. then the student said well by listing it all and telling them
4:24 pm
about your commitment, then you have a white savior complex and that makes them uncomfortable. >> i love that part >> so it's always going to be never enough and always also going to be too much. >> in the secret people don't understand is the further you are on the left, the more you open yourself up to these things. you can't be canceled because they don't watch you anyway. >> greg: oh, watch b. they will watch snippets are pulled out but then it's like nobody -- >> it's the greek snake that eats its own tail. i invented that. >> i was going to -- >> greg: but you are good at eating your own tail. >> responsible adults. look, the great part about this story is that it just proves that you are never pure enough for the mob. never going to happen. always going to come for you no matter who you are and where you are in the spectrum. but i do like the fact that it
4:25 pm
was a simple case of mixing up a couple of names. of professor who has very little face time with students anyway and gets a couple of names wrong. i have three kids. scooter, slow go, and monk see who i see all the time in my house and if i want to talk to him might start with him. i would have been fired ages ago. i can keep their name straight. this poor guy. but you are right. there is no winner in this. but i think it's a good lesson for everybody to understand. >> greg: we are the winner. >> they are all coming around for us at some point. right? the nature -- >> greg: the whole goal is to be cancel proof and not everybody is going to have f you money like chapelle. you have to be -- talking to the greenroom about that or stand up and it gives everybody else the ball. people start looking at it. >> the mistake that he made is that you should never apologize
4:26 pm
to the mob. the instant you apologize, to become even more relentless. >> greg: they smell the blood. speak out exactly right. i was going to say this happens -- see this in government. not just in academics over the commercial world. also in government. seeing the same problem where it doesn't take much. and all of a sudden you have a younger generation rising up and just for insensitivity. >> greg: as in the cia when you are murdering people, indiscriminately, it must be hard because now you have to deal with pronounce before you murder them. >> the murdering indiscriminately that was the easy part. i'm kidding. which camera should i look into. i'm just kidding. it's a joke. >> greg: is it really? >> greg: is it really? up next, bill nye is his
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>> greg: he claims he is scientific, but this video is horrific. he is a washed up '90s nerd who just dropped a propagandist heard. terrible, emily. bill nye, and the science whatever, created a tiktok video promoting the build back better -- boy does it suck. >> please consider the following. if you are like me, you want the u.s. to be a bit better. and for that, we have two bills. and i'm not either one of them. i am a bill, not an infrastructure bill. you've heard about that. the house of representatives passed that recently appeared in for our roads, power lines, to upgrade and improvement so that we can have a better infrastructure. >> greg: interesting. it gets better. i'm lying. >> working together we can build back better. >> using my lined. >> i am a believer in this.
4:32 pm
to remember when u.s. was the leader in innovation. >> that's what we are driving at. >> driving, yes we love driving. and electric cars are the future. they are clean and efficient, quiet. >> we are going to build a 500,000 charging stations. and we want to electrify our ground transportation so we don't have carbon in the atmosphere. >> greg: i am not even sure they were together. their chemistry were anymore electric, poor people couldn't afford it this year. more cringeworthy than the time i walked in on kill needs pedicure. he has eight toes per foot. we pretty much showed you the whole clip so let's finish it. >> i say all the time, article one, section 8, the progress of science and useful arts. in the constitution. come on come everybody. what is not allowed. we are trying to change the world here. >> infrastructure school >> greg: so naturally people on twitter are ripping the video
4:33 pm
apart missing the bigger point that at least they weren't naked. but my point is things can always be worse. originally, they had seth rogen due to the video and i think we have tape. >> [yelling] >> you done? okay. wow. >> greg: so, mikey, is accurate to call this propaganda? he is trying to get people to be okay with spending trillions on stuff. he is working for the government. >> you could i suppose -- it's the worst piece of propaganda i have ever seen. >> greg: and you work for the cia. >> and i worked at the cia, so -- >> greg: talking about crack in the 90s. that and mk ultra. speak up we didn't do the cracking, by the way.
4:34 pm
we did into the crack thing. so no, it is so bad that i guess what happened is they probably didn't mean for it to be bad and they looked at the first, and they realize the only way we can do this is by making it relieve cringe with a because i don't get talked about as we are doing right now. i think that was deliberate after their first rough cut when they realized they have nothing here. let's just make it off awful. >> you think they are actually really, really cool to persistently decide to hold back -- >> i think their marketing team or messaging team made the only decision they could at a certain point and said we have to just make this thing so that people will talk about it. >> greg: likes -- i'm a lot taller than people think about the way i said. i tried to appear shorter just to make people feel more at ease around me. ha ha, look at this short guy. they don't know, emily. you were a '90s kid, weren't you?
4:35 pm
>> i was '80s kid. >> greg: you -- good for you. you still get around. life alert okay? do you like bill nye? do you care? >> no. that was agonizing. that was watching two goat geriatric has been to both peaked decades ago. that was like cocoon five. speak out to be fair -- >> my tax dollars pay for that, absolutely not. the only thing worse and more cringeworthy than that agonizing video was more our vice president paying for kids and a canadian company to talk about space. i can't decide which is worse. those two crypt keeper his or her laugh on that fake space video. either way, our tax dollars paid for it. not here for it. >> greg: peter, are we being too harsh? >> i really think you are. i really do. i don't think you're being being too harsh about the
4:36 pm
vice president hiring child actors. that was just grotesque. but i think you are being too hard. actually i think i know bill and he believes that. he believes it. he is sincere. i honestly don't understand what the problem is. >> wasting our time. >> greg: we are going to have to edit that whole segment. just repeat after me, peter. this is the most atrocious piece of video i have ever seen. >> you might not like the way it is presented or the style. you may think it is cringeworthy but it is not unethical. >> greg: i don't think it's unethical. >> it is just annoying. >> he is trying to put out a message he believes in and he is trying to do it in a way that he believes his hip. i don't see with the problem with that is. >> greg: go to our expert in -- >> you do realize that peter
4:37 pm
will be cut out of the entire show. >> greg: joe looked like a hologram. i was more worried about him making it through the video. >> like, it was not cool, no. infrastructure is not cool. it just is. the ridiculous thing to call cool. i know it is not cool and i work on cable news. so i'm not really cool. >> greg: how dare you. >> you think i am cool? he just sort of accidentally called and cool. that's the nicest thing you said. thank you. >> greg: she deserves no applause. >> i don't think tax dollars should be spent on anything so i also agree with you but also i don't think they should be spent on anything because they shouldn't exist. but it was annoying, it was super annoying, but if they had fun, then i am glad for them. >> greg: what's beyond us. it was a slow news day and you
4:38 pm
always try to look for some funny videos. that's all it was. >> foul but it's the worst thing -- i think it's impeachable. all right. coming out. self-quarantine imperative even your insurance marketplace healthmarkets self-quarantine imperative even if you
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♪ ♪ >> greg: your freedom gets rejected even with proof you are not infected. and while the government won't follow the signs, they still demand compliance. continue stream up panic over the omicron variant, the white house is set to announce a stricter -- including consideration for requiring a weeklong self-quarantine. even if you test negative. so this policy could make you quarantine without covid. it's an idea that is testing positive for being totally bleep don
4:43 pm
regardless of their status. so for the biden administration has indicated that the new policy will apply to illegals crossing the southern border. it will have to ask kamala the next time she emerges from hiding. honestly they've showed more compassion -- it feels -- the immigrants or any other women that weren't hillary. no wonder she is angry. but it's important to put omicron into perspective. the doctor who discovered it said no one in south africa is known to have been hospitalized with a omicron variant, nor is anyone here believed to have fallen seriously ill for men. for more on the ground reporting let's go to our news correspondent, mike. mike what's the latest? >> oh, my gosh. is that a worm? don't put that in your mouth. no, no, no. >> greg: somebody is calling child services.
4:44 pm
emily, child protective services. thank you very much. they are not going to do self-quarantining if you test negative. that is insane. >> outlook, and any other administration i might say of course not. in this i think what we've seen is a test to do the insane. i think the question for practicality and issues have hippo car seat center around enforcement. but the fact that we know that the cdc has not requested that the tsa provide the names of all passengers that have traveled internationally, this is how it starts. into your point come the ongoing conversation we've been having is that the way they get away with it is with people not questioning it. but right now the courts have been pushing them back. that's the only one pushing them back. need more of the media to get on board and -- this kind of stuff, this is the came on those in the tent that knows absolutely they will try to do it. >> greg: the camel notice in the tent? is not the right -- >> i think it is.
4:45 pm
>> greg: well, it's hump day. so -- peter, are we being held captive by people who believe that -- is so important we had to accept that we can't eliminate all the risk. we have to get on with our lives. >> with this comment i will cement the fact that i will never come on the show again. it is my understanding -- i have no medical expertise whatsoever -- but it is my understanding that there is an incubation period after you take the test. >> greg: sadly yeah, like two weeks. >> so what is the problem with the quarantine? >> greg: i don't like it, peter. >> i'm really serious, though. what is the problem? >> i see as exploding and mosquito with a nuclear bomb when you're talking about the risk versus -- you don't need that restrictive of the measure for the syncopated mild
4:46 pm
variance. space also what is incubating we don't know if it is transmissible. >> 330 million united states and over a hundred thousand -- >> we literally just punish their entire country. it was discovered by south african scientists so they ban people from south africa and surrounding countries. how is a way, way to thank them? >> greg: where are we going to get our movie villains? how are are we going to do a diehard reviewed? >> then we find out this week that they are saying it was here first. still banning african people. why? scientists are never going to -- you never tell somebody something and they judge you. then you really can never telling them again >> they do also think that cases of this omicron showed up in europe prior to being in south africa. but i have traveled throughout the pandemic. i've been traveling extensively and certainly over the past five
4:47 pm
months because as you know i have been filming the second season of the show. coming soon on discovery network. i guess i can say that. >> greg: you already dead. >> the point is i've been to countries where they do need quarantine. so you are right that you are supposed to -- one country was 14 days, one country was seven days. i will say that my observation was most people pay no attention whatsoever to the self-quarantine. they arrived back in the country and they were off and doing their own business and not staying at home or staying in hotel. so i'm not sure about the effectiveness of of it and that question if you're going to enforce it, what does that bring into play? >> the question is we want to minimize and what is reasonable. >> greg: we promise to return to normalcy but it's entirely possible that will never happen if we continue this path of like bleep goat -- they are telling me to move on. up next, could your
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it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: will your aunt's inebriation ruin your christmas celebration? two and three americans, that is 80%, kat, claimed to have one family member who always gets too drunk at their holiday
4:52 pm
gatherings. according to a new poll conducted on behalf of of something called ritual zero proof which makes nonalcoholic spirits. yeah, nonalcoholic spirits. that sounds like an aa meeting at a haunted house, am i right? >> you are right, greg. quite a clever play on words. have you lost weight? >> greg: thanks, god. and thank you for noticing. glad he is watching. anyway -- a terrible joke -- 15% said their entire family drinks too much out much other get-togethers and it is also costing -- with 54% saying they know someone is definitely going to have to wind up apologizing the morning after. for more we go to a woman whose family says they are sick of having to pick her up from jail every december 26th for the things she does during her christmas day blackouts. speak out erroneous. >> greg: how much do you drink on christmas?
4:53 pm
>> as much as i like. >> greg: -- what happened to the sleeves of your shirt? you are drunk and you lost them. >> i give in a homeless person. what makes me laugh is almost half of the people surveyed is that -- people leaving early and the second one was yelling. then the third one was drinking too much. but i also found interesting was when they said to doug about your most embarrassing moment they said the most common thing was people throwing up everywhere, on each other, on the table. and to remind me of wending i went to where i had too much drink and threw up in front of my dean who happened to be there. not my finest moment. >> greg: quite a confession. peter, i believe that they drunk at the holidays is the hero of the holiday. providing entertainment for everyone and he hates the holidays so he has to during. >> manes a designated speaker if you are a white male so some to
4:54 pm
come see you and you say -- a lot of the problem is how do you have those conversations without people freaking out. particularly if they are across divides. in my sincere advice, having literally research this my whole life, and something that i've seen those lost in the last three years, is that you can let friends wrong. so you and i can have subs than it differences and i know that we have differences but that doesn't stop us from going to the bar, doesn't stop us from hanging out. in fact, that makes only better our relationship. and if you're only hanging around with people you agree with, find new friends. so let friends be wrong in the holiday season. >> here is what i think. i'm happy to follow-up such a sophisticated answer. i went on got so hammered at a halloween party that insulted everybody and had to spend the next day, the entire next day calling everybody at that party and apologizing. yeah.
4:55 pm
>> greg: was this recent? >> not that recent. >> greg: beef i've come i would ask for an example but we would be here all night. >> sorry i am fine. >> greg: you hold your alcohol pretty well. >> i really do. and i don't trust this site. i don't trust this company. i spend a lot of time on their website today and they were like weird -- i'm like what is that? it taste just like booze but it's not booze and it gives you the same burn of dues. and i'm like what? who wants -- all the parts you don't want. i just feel like it where -- >> greg: it's like the reason my drink is not because it tastes good it's because it messes you up. and like a we got rid of the part where it -- now i just taste bad. >> greg: mike >> still be hung over but you won't be drunk at all.
4:56 pm
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varilux lenses by essilor. >> greg: we are out of time. thank you peter, emily, m greg: we are out of time. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. the annual white house christmas tree lighting is always such a special event. but joe biden, the president, seemingly forget to was supposed to light it. >> president joe biden and first lady dr. jill biden. jesse: this went on f


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