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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 4, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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forget it and following unfiltered on facebook instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us tonight. on unfiltered we hope to see you here next saturday night 10 p.m. , america. jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. the annual white house christmas tree lighting is always such a special event. but joe biden, the president, seemingly forget to was supposed to light it. >> president joe biden and first lady dr. jill biden. jesse: this went on forever.
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no joe. maybe he thought barack was going to light it. these things keep happening every week. i felt bad for l.l. they needed to do a second take. >> sit down. and now, president joe biden and first lady dr. jill biden. [♪♪♪] jesse: how are we supposed to feel confident the president can crush the virus when he can't get it together for a christmas tree lighting. this is a disaster. the new covid-19 variant omicron spreading throughout the united states, i'm not worried about the new variant. i'm worried about how the government is going to
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overreact. unmasked unvaxxed illegals can pour across the border and joe packs them in buses and sends them your neighborhood. >> have you advised the president about the possibility of new testing requirements or people coming into this country? does that include everybody? >> everybody coming into the country needs to get a test within 24 hours of getting on a plane to come here. >> what about the border crossers coming across in huge numbers. >> that's a different issue. jesse: if fauci was serious about stopping covid-19, he would tell joe biden to stop the caravan, and joe biden may listen to him. at this point anthony fauci may just as well be president. >> i see more of fauci and my
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wife. who is president? fauci. jesse: we are in deep trouble this december. biden is so dismayed that people are politicizing covid. >> it's become a political issue whistle a sad sad commentary which it shouldn't be. jesse: he got elected because he politicized covid. >> 220,000 americans dead. anyone who is responsible for not taking control, in fact not saying i take no responsibility initially. anyone responsible for that's deaths should not remain as president of the united states of america. jesse: there have been more deaths in 2021 than all of 2020. so by joe's own logic he shouldn't remain president.
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joe got all his vax mandates blocked in court. i went to go buy an ipad mini for my daughter and the apple store says it won't arrive bid the 25th. wasn't joe biden supposed to have fixed the supply chain crisis when he ordered the reports stay open 24/7. >> i poke to walmart, target, and leading freight movers, fedex and ups. they assured me stores would be stocked this holiday. yells * now he's. jesse: now he's singing i different tune. >> i can't promise everyone will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can make that promise.
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jesse: maybe i should just loot my christmas presents. does the white house even know that's going on. >> when a huge group of criminals organize themselves and they want to loot a store, a cvs, nordstrom until the shelves are clean, you think that's because of coronavirus? >> yes. jesse: they think they are filled with monoclonal antibodies. another major problem joe is not doing a damn thing about, bail reform. the waukesha christmas parade attack left 6 people dead after darrell brooks, jr. purposely plowed his car into a crowd. he posted low bail after punching his girlfriend in the
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face and running her over with his car. joe biden wouldn't shut up about kyle rittenhouse last year. police officers shot and killed in 2021 are at an all-time high. in almost every major city, murder rates are the highest they have been in three decades. since democrats aren't doing knowing protect them, they have to protect themselves and are storing up on guns. families getting rocked by inflation and high gas prices. after taking a two-month paternity leave, mayor pete says if you are worried about gas prices, just buy an electric car. >> there is more envisioned in the build back better bill.
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family once they own an electric vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again. jesse: if you are having trouble paying $3.50 a gallon you will probably have trouble paying $50,000 for an electric car. i don't think these people have any idea what it costs to live in america today. >> 7,000. >> $7,000? >> $880. jesse: mayor pete is the odds on favorite to win the 2024 nomination. they are maneuvering mayor pete ahead of kamala harris. a white male intellectual who is openly gay versus a woman of color. neither of whom has shown any
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ability to win the black vote or the white working class vote. when they push joe out it will be an identity politics blood blat. get the popcorn out. but for now, those two need to make it look like they love each other. it's hard to tell if it's:mayor pete or one of those child actors kamala likes to hire for p.r. purposes. this december they need their press allies more than ever. let's check in with constitutional school star joy behar. >> when the founding fathers were busy with the amendments. the first and second amendments didn't have ar-15s and they didn't have twitter. there is a lot of hate speech and misinformation to be dealt
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with. jesse: she is a talk show host who spews hate and misinformation who wants to tweak the constitution so she can't spew hate and misinformation. and joy is joaps last line of defense. now with reaction, republican congressman from california and house leader, kevin mccarthy. this is really bad. how do you think things will shake out this december? >> your opening monologue was amazing. but the common denominator is the democratic policies that make our cities and streets less safe. skyrocketing prices and the goods are scarce. how do we insure we turn this country around?
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we ends one-party rule. the democrats controlled the senate, congress and the presidency. it brought us inflation, gasoline price inflation, and we are not respected around the world. when you think about joe biden and american history, when was the last time we felt this way? it was 1979. when was the last time americans were held hostage in the middle east? when was the last time we had inflation like this. even our fed reserve chair said he could no longer use if the word transitionary for inflation. when was the last time we had a president who looked to opec to solve gasoline prices. when was the last time we had somebody in the white house who had a brother billy carter who
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embarrassed him? now it's hunter biden. real policies to secure our border. bring gas prices down. make the streets safer. put people in jail and do not let them out. it gives me a lot of hope hope when you look at what happened in virginia a few weeks ago. it's all going to change. jesse: one of the most frustrating things the american people are dealing with is it looks like the republicans are going to retake the house. but until then, it's open season on the american people. gas prices, blood in the streets, open borders. you name it, they are under siege. is there anything you can tell the american people right now that the republican party can do even though it's out of power that can make their lives of any
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easier? >> i can. all we need are four democrats to join with us. we know how dreadful this reconciliation bill is where they will spend more money than we spent to win world war ii. they will hire irs agents to governor every their can who spends $28 a day. we have a plan to secure the border. the president has gone the so bad where he had a 9-month 1.4 million people crossing the border. that's more than 2018-2020 combined. we have a plan to secure the border and he created remain in mexico. where did he get that idea? he ran against it in the last campaign.
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jesse: bombshell testimony in
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the jussie smollett trial. he faked a hate crime. he's facing prison. smollett took this to trial. he's still insisting he's the real victim here. january, 2019, he says he left his chicago apartment at 2:00 a.m. to pick a and witch up at subway. two white men dropped a noose around his neck and said this is maga country. but this week the star witness, one of the nigerian brothers who attacked smollett testified the actor told them to fake beating him up. pull his punches, and use racial slurs and the word "maga."
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he says he went along with it because he felt he owed jussie for helping him with his acting career. the video shows smollett doing a dry run with the brothers. he got caught doing a dry run for a hate crime hoax. even the lead investigators testified that jussie texted one of the brothers. he wrote, i stand with you. i know you and your brother did nothing wrong. now he's saying they beat him up. jussie claimed one of the brothers was gay and watched porn and masturbated in a gay
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bathhouse. at that time smollett refused to hand over his phone, medical records or dn parks while the chicago police department spent thousands of hours and $130,000 trying to track down his attackers. the meade -- the media ate it up. >> saying we must stand up and demand that racism has no place in our streets or hearts. we are with you, jussie. the actor sealing the deal with the performance of a lifetime in an interview on gma. watch. >> i turned around and said did you just say to me [bleep] and i
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seat attacker masked. and he said, this maga country [bleep] and punches me in the face. it was a second person involved kicking me in my back. then i looked down and see there was a rope around my neck. i was talking to a friend who said i just want them to find him. she said, they are not going to find them. it made me so angry. jesse: joining me, dana loesch. i can't help but laugh watching this trial go down. >> i think he should get the emmy for that interview. i will never forget him crying talking to robin roberts. and she said how are you going to heal? if you are going to pull off a
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hoax race attack, then maybe don't cut a check to the people you are hiring so that can be cashed. just saying, a little protest there. jesse: this guy was a fox guy. empire was on fox. he was trying to use this ruse to raise his profile so he could negotiate a higher paycheck. that would have come out of my paycheck. how dare he do that, dana. >> most normal people when they want a raise, they go in and ask the boss for a raise. but not jussie smollett. this was during the time of the polar vortex. it was a literal blizzard at
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2:00 a.m. he said they were attacking me because i'm gay and also black. well apparently the brothers also went to gay pride. here are photos of us. he hired us. the memo on the check was nutrition and fitness, i think. jesse: he had the prosecution put out a picture of the brothers in a gay pride parade. now the defense is claiming they hate gay people. >> when you hate people you go to gay pride and dress up like these brothers do. they were planning this. that's how many years in the making this was. jesse: when there is a polar vortex i always go out. why would you want to stay in the comfort of your warm apartment when you can freeze your butt off.
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>> they have delivery services. jesse: thank you so much. a viewer warning for the next story. sex trafficking trial just wrapped up this week. maxwell faces six federal sex trafficking charges that could land her in jail for 70 years. but her defense team calms her a scapegoat. the first of four ma daments took the stand. she is testifying under the name jane because the actions took place when she was 14. she met epstein in 94. the couple befriend her when they for under out she lived in palm beach and her dad just passed away.
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she said epstein invited her and her mom to the palm beach house. then she started to spend time there alone. he teen started too groom her where the massages turned into orgies with maxwell joining in. maxwell's defense team questioned jane's credibility saying she told the government in 2020 she didn't remember all the encounters and pointing out that she received $3 million as part after victims' comp fund. epstein's former house manager took the stand. he claimed epstein would receive two or three massages a day.
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and he was the one picking you have the girls. females were there all the time and the majority of the time they were topless by the pool. he did not witness anything happen in the massage room, but part of his job was to clean up after the epstein massage orgies. washing sex toys and returning them to a basket in epstein's closet. jeffrey epstein visited the white house 17 times during the clinton years. after a freedom of information act the log showed epstein would normally visit the west wing. a good indication he was there to see the president, bill clinton. after bill clinton left the white house flight logs show he flew on epstein's private jet at
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least 26 times. clinton always denied wrongdoing. author bannial halper said maxwell and bill clinton had a sexual relationship. he said he saw clinton on maxwell's jet and had to clean up afterwards. before the trial began new york senator chuck schumer appointed the judge overseeing the maxwell trial to a higher bench but the judge refused. she says she'll stay on until the case concludes. epstein was documented to be an fbi informant. in one matter he was snoichght fbi about wall -- he was snitching to the fbi about wall street. he was characterized as an intel
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asset. one of the federal prosecutors in the case for maxwell is james comey's daughter. many believe epstein was in deep with the feds. and the feds are still doing damage control trying to contain this case at trial. remember the feds raided all of epstein's properties and seized massive amounts of surveillance footage epstein used to blackmail people who visited his premises. so far maxwell hasn't ratted out any famous names. but if she is convicted, she could spill to reduce her sentence. though the feds may not want her to, if you know what i mean. we'll continue to monitor the trial. trial. the man who says he was with directv stream
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jesse: lemon facing sexual assault allegations. accuser claims lemon started rubbing himself at a hampton bar and shoved his two fingers under
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the nose and asked the accuser do you like women or male body parts. lemon says the accuser has a pattern of contempt for cnn on his social media accounts. what went down here? >> well, i was out with my boss. we went into a place in sag harbor. i saw done lemon to the right and i walked up to him and said hey, you are don lemon let me buy you a drink. i said nick, let me get two lemon drops. and don lemon looks at me and said i am just trying to have a good time. i said my bad. i walked around the bar. five minutes goes by. he walks up to me and stuffs his hand in his pants.
11:37 pm
he said do you like me? is that why you are fing with me? i said no i'm just trying to have a good time. he put his hands in his pants and shoved his fingered funds my nose and said do you like p or d. i was disgusted and fled the bar. jesse: in your opinion was he inebriated? >> i would think so, he looked like had been drinking, yes. jess require's a pretty nasty allegation. it's being adjudicated. no one is saying anything about that. it could come up with lemon moves into 9:00. thanks for coming to "watters' world" and sharing your side of
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the story. don, jr. on alec baldwin blaming the victim
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jesse: alec baldwin playing the blame game after the deadly shooting in new mexico. he ran to george stephanopoulos because that's where democrats go for help. halyna hutchins was killed and the director was injured. then he tried. he said he doesn't feel guilty. >> she was getting me to position the gun. everything was at her direction. can you see that? can you see that? i let ghost hammer and the gun goes off.
11:43 pm
>> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> the trigger wasn't pulled. i didn't pull the trigger. >> do you feel guilt? >> no. someone is responsible for what happened and i can't say who that is. but i know it's not me. she is someone who was loved, liked and admired by everyone who worked with her. jesse: joining me, donald trump, jr. i guess joy read would call those white tears. it was a performance. >> that's what it was. he's a world class actor and he was putting on the show there. one of the things people are missing in all of this. i did a facebook video on it.
11:44 pm
unlike actors and the legislators who try to make firearms laws. this is a period piece from an old western movie. it's a single action revolver. you have to cock the hammer back. it's required in reverse. this isn't like something where you could rattle the begun or do a little something. you had to make a solid effort to get this thing back far enough if it slipped or if he cocked it or hit the hammer. jesse: i'm surprised he didn't blame it on the pandemic. >> i'm surprised he didn't blame it on donald trump. that's what the media and hollywood would be doing. i'm shoakd we have not heard
11:45 pm
that yet from them. but i imagine it's coming soon enough. jesse: let's talk about this book your dad has out. a photo book with amazing captions. let's throw the one up with the dear leader of north korea. at the border of north and south korea. i liked kim. the world was a safer place. if our election was not rigged, we would by now have a deal with north korea. >> probably right. when obama visited korea he was 30 miles away in the dmz. my dad crossed the border. this is incredible stuff. i'm an inside were and i didn't know a lot of these stories.
11:46 pm
you see disaster after disaster. the economy, giving russia pipe lines, but canceling them for americans. we are told today you are lucky joe biden saved you 10 cents on gas prices. but you should be blessed. like you saved 16 cents on your 4th of july barbeque, so you should be grateful. joe biden is overseeing the destruction of america in a short 10 months. going through these pictures i said we have to show america all the pictures they didn't see. we didn't have big tech functioning as our marketing department. the handwritten comments on the pictures, we are just going with this. you see the true trump personality shine. it's a lot of fun.
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jesse: it's called "our journey together," it's not as good as "how i saved the world," but it's close. >> you can get at jesse: jill biden's christmas
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jesse: time for triple play. meet amecca. the creature is debuting at the consumer electronics show. it looks superhuman. showing surprise and confusion. even looks annoyed sometimes. here to react, fox news contributor, raymond arroyo. raymond: i thought of brenner in "west world."
11:52 pm
as i always say, artificial intelligence is better than no intelligence at all. so we'll take it. but this is freaky. i don't like the look of this thing. jesse: if you were in the white house during the trump administration, during christmastime, there were some love live decorations the first lady melania put on. she was savagely attacked, saying the decorations were racist. jill biden gets into the white house, and jill's decorations in my humble opinion do not stand up. but she is getting praise. it's not fair, raymond. raymond: i don't think it's fair to pit first ladies against each
11:53 pm
other. all they do is bring a designer in. the truth is the christmas decorations don't change all that much. the only thing that really changes is the entryway downstairs. they said melania looked like she created the shining. that's wrong. my only tiny bit of criticism is jill biden claims she was inspired by the people she met on the campaign trail and that animated her decorations this year. if that were true she would have little union bosses. she would have a couple of people who cleaned the basement her husband campaigned in, and a few bumper cars. that what slowed up at his rally. he had like 12 volkswagens. jesse: you accused me of being
11:54 pm
the don king of the christmas decor war. this home alone home. you and i watched the movie 50 times because i have kids. now you can rent this house. how much can you rent the home alone house for? >> it's a thousand bucs or something which seems like a deal. >> i have a son lorenzo. for years he called kevin. the interiors of the set are not what you saw on the screen. the exterior is the only thing that looks akin to the movie. i think this is an airbnb publicity grab. unless there is a welding torch
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and an iron on somebody's head, i'm not interested. raymond arroyo, merry christmas. jesse: up next, "watters' world" found the best christmas gift of all times. it's not my book, i promise. it's not my book, i promise. but the let's go walter! after you. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! [cows mooing] that is incredible. it's the multi-flex tailgate. it can be a step, it can even become a workspace. i meant the cat. what's so great about him? he doesn't have a workspace.
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that will be going on sale soon. load up, people. that all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: breaking tonight, the so-called most trusted name in news cnn has fired their star primetime anchor. we'll have more on this developing story within minutes. thanks so much for being here. i'm judge jeanine *. a packed show ahead but first my open. you are no longer safe in america. your government is not protecting you, the police cannot protect you. in short you are on your own.


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