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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 5, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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load up, people. that all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: breaking tonight, the so-called most trusted name in news cnn has fired their star primetime anchor. we'll have more on this developing story within minutes. thanks so much for being here. i'm judge jeanine *. a packed show ahead but first my open. you are no longer safe in america. your government is not protecting you, the police cannot protect you. in short you are on your own. something radically changed in
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america. crime is coming out of nowhere and hitting like a thunderbolt it can happen hat a christmas parades, an ivy league student walking near a campus or an innocent mom take her baby out for a stroller on a sunny day who after the robbery abandons the stroller, grabs her baby and runs away. the victims invent. the crimes unprovoked. but you don't need to be on a subway platform or times square. small town america has been hit with his crime wave. you assault or kill another because of an argument or a gang
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membership or any of the seven deadly sins. today crime is totally unprovoked. it matters not who you are, where you are or what you are doing. you could be walking down the street on your way to work, on your way to the grocery store. you will be followed home by people who want your car, who want your watch, or just like the way you look. so what is changed. we look at how the criminal justice system changed in america starting with the liberal laws passed by progressive democrats eliminating bail. the progressive d.a.s who care more about the criminals and the victims. democrat radical policies and so-called social justice warriors who fight to protect the criminal looking to please
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the left for the next judgeship or are too concerned about being accepted by the woke academic community are endangering the rest of us. the intercept cogs in the wheels of justice are failing and endangering us. brooks who called for violence against as many white people as possible, drove his red suv over people at a christmas parade killing and injuring 60. this career criminal was out on $1,000 bail an inept assistant district attorney asked for $1,000 bail for a guy who had just jumped bail and a guy with a 50-page rap sheet. add to that a lazy court commissioner who decided a thousand buck was good for a
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career criminal, sex offender, domestic violence gun toter. and he allowed brooks out on to the streets to victimize a whole community. then there is oxford, michigan with ethan crumbley who shot and killed 4 students. liberal school personnel should have known crumbley had a gun or access to one but never bother told ask. the reason they told his parents to come to class instead of suspending him immediately. then they let him go right back to class. a ph.d student was nieftd to death by at be man who howled with glee.
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he then moved on to menacing with a knife another man strolling through the park with his girlfriend. his horrifying stabbing spree was committed by a 25-year-old member of the bloods gang. he had 16 prior arrests since 2012. this week l.a. police arrested parolee mayner who shot the wife of a music icon. he just served time in prison for robbery while inflicting great bodily injury in 2013. he was sentenced in 2018 for the same crime, second degree robbery, but they released him early in california. take a look at your screen.
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these are the horrific unprovoked, egregious and deadly crimes happening in major cities, small towns and every corner of our country. these are just a sampling of the headlines splashed in newspapers from new york, wisconsin to tennessee. something has changed in this country and it's clear to me that liberal policy, spineless d.a.s destroying our criminal justice system and teaching young prosecutors that the criminals are their priorities. they are erasing the principles this country was found on and thrived for 250 years. there is only one way to end it, and that's to get involved in every local race from judge to d.a., school board, shaffer and
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every other state office where you live. i believe our power will be based in the states in the future which is where this change must begin. we need to recall those in office failing us in the oath they took to protect the citizens and the constitution. we must peacefully protest decisions made that we do not agree with. it's time for us to be visible and vocal. to peaceably assemble, and let the rest of the world know that we are not sitting ducks waiting to be assaulted. and that means holding those in power accountable and jailing, lock up those who are victimizing innocent human beings. they should not be roaming freely among us. i have no tolerance for them or the so-called social justice warriors who want me to believe
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i'm wrong because i believe in consequences in law and order. i'm not going to stop and neither should you until we get america back on track. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook twitter and judge jeanine. author of the new book do what you said you would do, congressman jim jordan joins me now. am i wrong? >> no, that was a great opening. it doesn't take a genius to figure this out. when you get rid of bail you shouldn't be surprised when you get more crime. when democrats spend an entire summer calling cry others and looters peaceful protesters, you shouldn't be surprised when you get more crime. and when democrats raid money to bail them out of jail, you
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shouldn't be surprised when you get more time. it's intentional. democrats legitimized crime. there is a call to action to put the right kinds of people in office is exactly what is needed. judge jeanine: the white house says the root cause of crime is the pandemic. are they right? are they stealing,000 chanel bags from neiman marcus because of covid? >> joe biden said if we spend $2 trillion more dollars it will help with inflation. i don't think the american people believe a word they say. what they understand is what democrats have done which you outlined. this idea we'll get rid of bail
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for violent criminals is ridiculous. the people of this country get it. that why they did a few weeks ago in virginia, and in waukesha, 1 brave individuals on that jury said we are going to follow the facts, we are going to follow the truth, we'll follow due process, and they did. they will push back the right way and retake their country. judge jeanine: when we talk about ending all this. what else can we tell the american people? they are fed up with this. you are in congress. we have got to keep them some hope and some map to end this. >> we can bring attention to it and bring out the truth. the other thing people hate is the double standard. they have private security all too often. they make sure they are
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protected from this violent crime. we need to draw awe attention to that. we need a hearing like you are posed to have in conscious where you can point out the hypocrisy from today's left. judge jeanine: they have to be as advisable and vocal as peaceful. judge jeanine: not let them think we are just silent sheep. now to another breaking story. cnn fired chris cuomo following a suspension earlier in the week. cnn releasing this statement a short time ago. chris cuomo was suspended earlier this week following further he evacuation of new evidence that came to light. we terminated him effective immediately. while in the process of that review additional information has come to light.
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despite the termination we'll investigate as appropriate. former white house press secretary, co-host of out numbered, kayleigh mcenany joins me now. you know what i think is so interesting about this. andrew cuomo said in the beginning -- chris cuomo said about his brother andrew, i just wanted to help my brother. i was just helping my brother. and cnn received that. why did they accept it? >> that's the optimal question. cn nrntion -- cnn, they are a noble actor in this. he all buff praised them. it was such a conflict of interest. they give him a slight slap on the wrist. they admonished him verbally in
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a statement. they knew about police all along. it took so many months for the firing to happen. one point i want to make, a year ago was in the white house with president trump. we were made to watch these press conferences where the media said he was the gold standard. what a fall from grace for andrew cuomo and chris cuomo. jean prr chris cuomo said i already told you why and how i helped my brother. obviously he lied about that. you see them having so much fun with the big q tip. he lied when he said how and why he helped his brother. we know it's from the attorney general's release of information. my question is this. suddenly cnn is oh, my gosh, we
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have to let him go. my sense is because of his role, that chris cuomo and cnn might be vulnerable to civil lawsuits by some of the victims in the andrew cuomo case for cnn allowing and giving permission to chris cuomo to continue to act as his advisor and strategist in trashing some of the women who say they were assaulted by andrew cuomo. >> i think that could certainly be the case. we know he was giving information about the accusers to different people. he could have problems on cnn. he told investigators that he had irregular contact with melissa derosa, and derosa said
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we had regular contact. from the fredo incident all the way down. ethical blunder after ethical blunder. judge jeanine: people's lives were lost at this time where andrew cuomo and his brother chris were pontificating about how great they were. there is a whole other piece to this where cuomo mandated covid infected seniors be returned to nursing homes. that to me is the ultimate crime where people died of his actions to leave the hospitals open. hopefully there will be something that will go on in terms of consequences for andrew there. he i agree with you. it's the single worth thing either big cuomo or little cuomo
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brothers did. seniors died because of that. governor cuomo had the audacity to blame president trump's cdc for that order. no, with it's your order. it's been erased from the governor's website. it used to be up there. he's on for that. and he should be held accountable. judge jeanine: they are not as classy or ethical as people wanted us to believe. up next, president biden announced new covid restrictions including an extended mask mandate.
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>> i have seen more of dr. fauci than my wife. we kid each other. who is president? fauci. judge jeanine: joe biden seem to be confused about who is in charge these days. new lockdowns appear to be
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imminent. all inbound international travelers must test negative within one dave their departure. mask mandates are extended through what is called the winter months. that's the latest example of the inability. winter is coming. the country deserves better. marc siegel joins me now dr. siegel, he just extended the mandate of masks on ships and cabs and ubers and trains and subways through mid march. any objection to that, bus, taxies, rideshares. >> i don't object to that because of delta. delta is still around. it's in the winter months, close quarters. i think wearing masks inside public transportation. but i still think testing is
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more important. >> if you test shouldn't you still wear a mask if you test? if you test and they still have covid, covid gets to the vaccine. >> right. but they keep promising rapid test at home and we still don't have them. you can test negative and still encounter it. judge jeanine: let's talk about omicron. the doctor who discovered it said the panic you see in the u.k. and across the world is crazy and unnecessary. the symptoms are extremely mild. can we just calm everybody down and say this new rarant, the omicron is not athlete -- the you are in variant, omicron is not lethal that we know of unless you are in bad shape
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already. >> first to your point. in south africa over the first two weeks where they logged it. if you are vaccinated or you got over covid and you get omicron it's mild. they came in with a heart attack and they had the sars covid 2. that's the first couple weeks. you know what makes everyone so frightened and panicked is the we don't know. it's spreading with, but we don't know. today a study came out that showed it's part of a cold virus. that could be good news. judge jeanine: what's with joe biden calling fauci the president? what's wrong with him? >> i think the problem is
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dr. fauci stepped out of his lane too many times. he's advising him on too many things. maybe was confused. judge jeanine: that's my point. >> he said he looked like his wife or something. i don't think that's true. but we shouldn't worry. judge jeanine: american families are being destroyed by a deadly poison, fentanyl. now mayor deblasio is opening publicly funded drug dens for individuals to inject themselves.
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jeanine." judge jeanine: tonight a justice investigation. while a crime wave hits american cities from coast to coast another deadly threat is impact families. it's fentanyl. i'm nonhonorred to be -- i'm honeored by the mother of a woman who swallowed a poison
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pill laced with fentanyl. first of all, virginia, our thoughts are with you. it has to be difficult for you to even think about this. but i congratulate you for turning this into something positive. tell us about your daughter tiffany. shoe she was a bright, talented young woman. she was a semifinalist on "american idol" twice. losing her in this way to a counterfeit pill of all things was pretty shocking to all of us. it was not something we expected. she injured her back, and the friend of a friend offered her a percocet while she was waiting for a follow-up appointment with her physician. the realization that this casual
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transference of medication takes place all the time in our society. up until now it wasn't that big of a deal. but it is now. now that we have the counterfeit pills of pure fentanyl pouring into this country continue abated. and we have a public of young people who have not been warned about the danger of these pills. this isn't an addiction issue. this a life or death issue. we have non-addicted young people dying. judge jeanine: it's a poisoning. when someone thinks they are getting a pain killer laced with fentanyl that the other person may not be aware of. it's about the illicit pills kids are getting their hands on on the streets. but it's a poisoning. the poisoning took your
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daughter's life away. you turned this into something positive. what have you done? too we are collect lily 23,000 members. all family members who lost their children to illicit fentanyl. we are starting to try to push our federal government and state government to engage in widespread full immersion public service campaigns to warn people. these are poisoning. and they are not an overdose. that word implies they knew what they were taking and they simply took too much. but that isn't what's happening. we need to do something about it. i thank you for having us here to bring it forward into the national discussion. judge jeanine: i appreciate you being here. god bless for what you are
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doing. it's affecting a lot of families proper we are proud to have you on to talk about your organization. derek waltz joins us. what virginia talks about is what you talked about before. there is a war going upon where pills are coming into the southern border ladies with fentanyl intending to kill young kids and people who buy drugs or a pill for $5 or $10. >> thank you for having me. i work closely with virginia and all the families. it's not just the fake counterfeit pills ladies with fentanyl. it's the cocaine, meth and now maybe even marijuana. you have the mexican cartels working with the chinese criminals and they are dropping
12:34 am
the poisonous pills all over our country. we have a chemical weapon attack no one is paying attention to. our current administration is using talking points about the opioid addiction. but the sense of urgency should be applied to the death and destruction of families around america. our future generation. >> who is doing the poisoning? and it apparently is intentional. i tending to quill americans. -- intending to kill americans. who is lacing the weed and everything else with fentanyl. >> back in 2012 we started seeing significant deaths from fentanyl coming in mail packages on the internet from china. a wuhan-style lab. after several years they sent the full quantities to mexico.
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the mexican cartel started making the fentanyl. they started getting the chemicals from china. they classified the an loghts as illegal in china. sow the cartels started making the fentanyl in labs in mexico. october 28 they hit a lab in mexico producing 70 million pills a month it's controlled about it sinaloa cartel. many believe this is unrestricted warfare against our country. they are using the cartels as a proxy to kill our kids and future generations. judge jeanine: in new york city mayor deblasio decided to create drug dens. they will allow people to come in and do their drugs in a safe place.
12:36 am
>> first of all deblasio had the track record for failed policies. he took the big am and turned it into the rotten apple. but the reality is it's against federal law. they are sending nixed messages. the third circuit court of appeals ruled against opening that safe injection center, they call it the opcs. they ruled against opening because it violates federal law. 21 united states code 56 deals with the drug premises. and actually joe biden was a co-sponsor of this bill back in the 80s. so he should know better. it won't save the lives of these young kids. their families are devastated.
12:37 am
we need the government to step up and help their families and save lives. judge jeanine: derek maltz, thanks for being with us tonight. we'll have you back soon. just ahead. almost a million non-citizens be granted the right to vote in one major city? major city? we have the shocking detag look, serena williams...
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matrix... serena... matrix... serena... matrix... ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream. >> the people taking care of our meals and driving the cars that we get into, making sure we keep our city clean, they deserve a voice at the ballot box, and that is what this is going to do. judge jeanine: that the left trying to spin a bill that would allow non-citizens, that's right, non-citizens to vote in
12:42 am
elections in the biggest city in the united states. new york city republican committee chair who is fighting this legislation joins me now along with foxnation host tomi lahren. the idea that in new york city there is an effort afoot to get 800,000 non-citizens registered to vote is certainly a problem that i suspect they will be democrats. but is it constitutional? >> it's unconditionally unconstitutional what they are trying to do here. we have 800,000 people in the city of new york they are going to put on the voter rolls. this an under for the democrats to rig the systems and putt none citizens own our voter rolls.
12:43 am
the constitution is explicit, citizens shall have the right to vote. we need people to help us get the effort done to strike this. judge jeanine: for years we have been saying democrats are letting illegals come to the border because this is the plan. now we are seeing the last step in the march. am i right? >> we were called conspiracy theorists for pointing that out. democrats want to bring as many illegal immigrants into this country. they give them amnesty or voting rights. now we are starting to see it. we are letting people come across our border illegally. we are well over a million. we'll pay families at the border a half million each. we'll give illegal immigrants driver's licenses. it's almost as if they want to
12:44 am
incentivize people coming into this country. it's a huge slap in the face for legal immigrants who went through it the right way as well as americans who should be the voice in this country. democrats don't want that because they are losing the confidence of the american people. they have to import more support. judge jeanine: in the latest build back better that passed the house. my understanding is the $450,000 for the illegals who feel they have been separated from a family member is included in the build back better bill, but nobody is talking about it. how low can the democrats go to subjugate the citizens to the illegals? >> citizen smip doesn't matter in their eyes at this point. it's like opening up a help wanted sign.
12:45 am
everyone is going to come here to new york state. it's an assault on election integrity. and they claim this is just going to be for local elections. you know that won't be the case. it started with driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. where does this end in the we have a constitution. we have citizenship, and it needs to stand. we need people to get together to help our lawsuit to stop this in its tracks. judge jeanine: this is encouraging people to not even go for citizenship. you can get on welfare, you can get health, education, we'll probably give $450,000. just file. we don't have records of when you came through, but go ahead and trite. why bother to be a citizen? >> the democrats will say this is about the non-citizens, it's
12:46 am
about the legal immigrants. but it's all about the democrats. they couldn't care less about the illegal immigrants. they don't care about them. they want to make sure their voter rolls are padded. they have to keep bringing more people into the voter rolls. if they did, they would encourage them to finish the process and become citizens. and the americans are going to suffer because democrats are addicted to power. judge jeanine: just after he head. the latest craziness in the jussie smollett trial. bo snerdly joins me to react next.
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>> is it surprising jussie smollett pushed it as far as he could? no, it's note surprising. what is priegs is absolutely nothing smollett said no matter how embarrassing or obviously
12:51 am
non-factual. none of it aroused the slightest hint of kept civil of any kind from robin roberts of abc. judge jeanine: tucker has it 100% right. james golden, also known as bo snerdly joins me to react to the latest in the jussie smollett trial. we are thrilled to have you on. i have got to ask you. this jussie smollett. the jury has seen the dry run from the video. the day before the actual attack. what do you think the jury will do with this? >> i don't know whether it's obvious. but i would think anyone with common sense who looks at the evidence as presented so far would only come in with one verdict. the gig is up.
12:52 am
you are not going to get this past the jury. the sad part for jussie is he's not even getting the kind of coverage he was the first time. the first time people were interested. but now he's part of dave chappelle's comedy acts. poor jussie isn't even going to make it into the hoax hall of fame. this is nowhere near the russia collusion hoax. he put together this massive hoax and he's not even going to be remembered. judge jeanine: joe biden's tweets, what happened today to yes, sir * must never be tolerated in this country. we must and up and demand we no longer give this hate safe harp-
12:53 am
safe harbor. we are with you jussie. do you think joe biden is still with him? >> joe biden doesn't remember he made that tweet. nobody wants to be associated with this guy anymore. the sad part about it for him, if he would have kept his mouth shut after that phoney -- he would have gotten out of this. but he came out once again demanding that and telling the world that this was a hoax. this was a hoax. and it led to another round of this. this guy is done. judge jeanine: he's cook. you know what else is interesting. didn't michelle obama get involved in this and the d.a. had to be replaced by a pegs prosecutor?
12:54 am
there were a whole bunch of powerful people who tried to help wase out. >> wase caused all of that. he took down a very powerful person in the d.a. who tried to alter the course of justice in his favor. when it was show time, all his buddies in the main real press have deserted him. judge jeanine: we love having you on, bo snerdly. picking your health insurance coverage isn't something you want to play games with. you on, bo snerdly. tho
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>> finally tonight it is the holiday season and it is the season for gifting so that's exactly what i'm going to do for you. head over to my instagram at judge underscore jeanine tag a friend behold like my book don't lie to me and pick signed copy and don't forget so set your dvr to catch more of me at jeanine thanks so much for watching i'm jen advocating for truth justice and the american way and i'll see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪
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dan: crime surging nationwide but don't worry about it biden says just blame covid or something. ufc president dana white on front lien of this fight and join me and every american about the new covid variant plus, the jobs numbers are in and while they suck i'll take on a democrat who defends joe's big job flop in the fire rerebuttal and remember the justice for jesse juicy and turning into a mecca disappointment for demo


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