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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 5, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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load up, people. that all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. ♪. ♪ playing of "the star-spangled banner" snow [playing of "the star-spangled banner" snow.
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♪♪ pete: good sunday morning. december 5th of year of our lord 2021. that is "fox nation," news, "all-american christmas" tree. it is early. rachel: it is early. it is dark. every moment of the day there
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are people taking pictures in front of the tree. we'll have a free lighting ceremony. pete: people are confused thinking it is the rockefeller center. rachel: it is better. it is better. will: there will be official tree-lighting ceremony tonight hosted by steve, answererly and brian. we'll have a join them later in the show. just 60 seconds ago. love the national anthem. it is tradition here on "fox & friends" on the weekend unless there is breaking news. unless there is breaking news, we will play the national anthem and play your viewer photos. your photos are so awesome, we sat here and debated are those stock images. here is what we ask of you. keep them coming in. you will have your photos, your children, your patriotic it ma'amings on "fox & friends." this is our tradition. when i say our, i don't mean
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pete, rachel, will. i don't mean "fox & friends." i mean you and i us together. we hope you stay a part of it. pete: our producers were talking to us, saying no, no, we check everyone, to make sure they are not a stock photo and original one. rachel: real deal. pete: i will remind viewers, not watching at 6:00 a.m., dvr the show, it is the best part of the show. rachel: it is our favorite moment of the show. pete: you look at the images, warms your heart. will: you realize how of our viewers love our dogs. dogs figure problem prominently. football games. so glad you're here this morning. it is early. we're outside. device now. rachel: there is someone, who is out in the cold today as well, by the way. that would be cnn's, formerly of
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cnn chris cuomo because cnn has officially fired chris cuomo of a documents from the new york ag revealed that he used his media role, he used his job to dig up dirt on some of his brother's accusers. pete: as others have said, tucker, sean, i get defending your brother. no one is saying allegiance to your family is a crime. what the problem was he told his bosses the opposite. they ultimately hired a law firm. the law firm looked into it. the text messages exchanged between chris cuomo on the right and aide of then governor on the left who is accused by multiple and he was involved deeply in writing statements, digging up information on the accuse erstwhile saying to his bosses and his audience that he was not. will: look at this headline from "the babylon bee" reads, unemployment rate among cuomo
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brothers rises to 100%. "the babylon bee" is a satirical website. the ceo is seth dillon. he has been a friend on "fox & friends" many times. his job is getting difficult. the empty space between satire and real news is shrinking. we have only 24 hours before satisfy becomes actually reality. to your point, pete, why chris cuomo is jobless this morning. read cnn's statement why they terminated chris cuomo. this is more to the story. this is what -- rachel: this is what chris cuomo's statement. will: while i read this, this is a very headline and buried nugget in the story. let's get cnn's statement as well. this is what chris cuomo had to say. this is not how i wanted my time at cnn to end. i told you why i helped my
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brother. as disappointing it is i could not be proud of the team at cuomo prime time and work at this. yy's number one show and the time slot. cnn's numb number one show. not the number one show on news but on cnn i will miss all that special group of people that really did important work. here is cnn's statement if i might. chris cuomo was suspended earlier this week pending further valuation of new information that came to light about his involvement in his brother's defense. we retained respected law firm to conduct the review and terminated him effective immediately. while in the process of that review additional information has come to light. upon determination we will investigate as appropriate. that sentence, carries all the weight. while in the investigation, new information has come to light. that is the story. what is the new information. pete: new information beyond what was released by the attorney general.
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will: i don't think we know what the new information may pertain to. it doesn't necessarily pertain to governor andrew cuomo. rachel: no and it could be which is not new information, there was a former producer of chris cuomo's who came out and said she was at a party with him years ago with her husband and chris cuomo greeted her by grabbing her from behind and didn't realize her husband was actually on the other side and witnessed the whole thing. it was really ugly are. sent an apology email. she has the evidence that actually did happen. there could be other incidents like that. i'll tell you what really bothers methis story, because i also believe, it is his brother. i get that angle for sure, but this is the media trying to pretend now they have nothing to do with chris cuomo. that summer of the pandemic when we all remember the jolly little exchanges that were almost like a neatly thing on the chris cuomo show with the big q-tip,
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all that kind of joking around happening, all that was happening in the context of trying to take president trump down. they all wanted chris cuomo in the media and on the left to be the foil to donald trump that was why that was allowed to happen. everybody could see this was a conflict of interest regardless of stuff came to light about whether he was trying to work with the aides and actively try to suppress stories about women with his brother. what you're seeing right there should have shut down, should have never happened. there was evidence even back then that governor cuomo was, that his policies were killing, literally killing people as janice dean as you know brought to light. janice dean tweeted about this firing, said, cnn needs to issue an apology to all the women they
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helped smear and families who they insulted by promoting those two brothers during the height of the pandemic when thousands were dying. shame on all of you. she has been a voice of reason and brought a lot of things to light, janice dean. pete: for sure. fredo is no more at cnn in the highest rated extremely low rated prime time show. that you know, i mean, chris cuomo is a testament to the fact you don't really need brains to be on tv. you just need connections. ultimately used the connections for all the wrong reasons for his brother and he is out. kayleigh mcenany is on justice talking about cnn handling this and all with chris cuomo. here is what she said. >> cnn, make no mistake they are no noble actor in this. they covered chris cuomo time and time defend.
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they bring on governor cuomo with the massive q-tip, segments where they all praised him. conflict of interest. gave him a slight slap on the wrist when he was advising his brother. ad mon meshed i am he in a statement. they knew all about this all long and they knew for months this firing had to happen. a year ago i was in the white house with president trump, we were made to watch these cuomo press conferences, he was the gold standard, king of handling covid. what a fall from grace for andrew cuomo and chris cuomo. pete: fall from grace, unmasking of a shame that was the collaboration between those two. will: i disagree with you a little bit. i don't think that chris cuomo is any dummy. i actually think that he is quite smart. i think his character flaw, pete, is something deeper. i think he is entitled and
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hypocritical. in that he shares those characteristics with his entire network. i get at what kayleigh is talking about here. divorcing yourself from chris cuomo, that you preached masks and don't wear them. you preach social distancing, chris cuomo emerging with a cameraman in his face. you preach guarding against disinformation and lying on a regular basis. rachel: that is not why he is gone. will: my point you can divorce yourself from chris cuomo, don't make mistake,cnn, you are the network of hypocrisy. rachel: i agree completely but we'll say this and move on. jason whitlock on had comments on this entire thing. these two are part and parcel of the whole left-wing media complex. what took them down they were the wrong gender and the wrong race. and that had they been different, in that regard, that they might have survived.
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that they are, sort of vestige of the old white boy network, therefore they're expendable. it is a very interesting take on it. maybe we'll play later on in the show because it is fascinating. a lot of angles to this. pete: i take your point well and it was in some ways we'll see what the investigation reveals. almost a technicalities of his bosses and others what he to them that took him down. not any of the rest of what goes on at cnn. do they actually ever learn that lesson at all? your head shaking says the answer. rachel: what would have taken him down, if i would have been that producer and chris cuomo grabbed me from behind, my husband would have taken chris cuomo down. that husband didn't. the wife wrote a email. that is crazy. pete: strongly worded all caps. to a family behind bars. jennifer, james and ethan crumbley all locked up in the
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same michigan jail. judge setting bond for each parent at $500,000. we heard it live at the end of our program yesterday. rachel: ashley strohmier is live as the couple makes their first court appearance. reporter: good morning. authorities say the mother, father, son trio are held in separate areas, in isolation as well under suicide watch. they are not allowed to communicate. this as jennifer and james crumbley pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. their defense attorney making claim in court. >> that gun was actually locked. so when the prosecution is stating that this child had free access to a gun. that is just absolutely not true. reporter: also, coming to light, oxford high school superintendent is spooking out about a student conselor meeting it had with ethan crumbley the morning of the shooting. the superintendent that ethan
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claimed disturbing sketches he drew with images of a gun, that person who was shot, and more, to that drawing were for a videogame he was designing. the superintendent saying quote, at no time did counselors believe the student might harm others based on responses and demeanor which appeared calm. tragically, hours later gunfire erupted. as the state of michigan mourns, university of michigan honored victims of the shooting, wearing a special patch at the big 10 championship game. guys they won pretty good. rachel: thank you, ashley. that was nating. will: we had that live. fascinating to watch that. three of as the media, i individually want to do a good job knowing what i don't know, not the moral condemnation but legal condemnation of those parents w that story we don't
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want to get ahead of ourselves. pete: we were watching real time. only heard the prosecutor. none of this had to do what happened. we know the tragedy, the horror that was what happened in the school but you see the green box around the two ladies. those are the defense attorneys, they introduced a different side of the story. anyone can get ahead of themselves with one side of the story. we'll continue to get a sense what really happened with the parents. we know what happened in the school. what happened with the parents and their legal culpability. we'll try our best to be every way responsible. rachel: absolutely. will: we turn to the headlines. 40,000 people turning out to protest covid lock down in austria. they are planning to make in february the covid vaccine mandatory for all adults. more than 500 new york city corrections officers are on unpaid leave not getting vaccinated. officers had until
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december 1st to get the jab. this is staffing shortage in the problem. officers are required to work longer shifts to cover open positions. new "washington post" op-ed claim the media is harder on president biden than it was on former president donald trump. rachel: [laughter] will: they are serious, babylon bee story. rachel: are you sure this is not "the babylon bee"? >> i assure you. dana milbank cites a report from fiscal note, trump received equal if not better coverage in 2020 than biden today. i'm supposed to receive this with seriousness in. how liberal outlets are giving biden bad press. my colleagues are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy. pete: he is saying it is a bad thing? will: they think their job is not to be unbiased objective, neutral, their job is to be pro-democracy and their job is to be pro-biden.
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rachel: i thought once they got out of office -- i thought that would end once trump was out of office. you can see it is beyond just getting trump out of office. it is actually they're on the other side. will: at least they're now admitting it. one headline, college football, number two michigan stomps iowa to win the big 10 title 42-3. the victory marks the wolverines first conference title 2004. number three 3 alabama rolls number one george today. bryce young was amazing, carved up the bulldogs with four touchdowns. pete: is that georgia's first loss? >> it is. pete: i'm criticized. will: did you see this. big 12 final play. they held off oklahoma state by that match. if oklahoma wins that game, good
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shot at college football play off. they literally come two inches short. baylor, big 12 title champions on 2021. pete: i don't follow college football as well as i should. is the championship games feeding the beast. will: not new. pete: don't lead directly to the football play off? will: they don't want us to do a half hour debate. pete: we have one of the best sports commentators on the planet as our co-host. we ought to use him. rachel: so here is my question, just the look on his face. will: that will be fine. rachel: that guy that was almost getting the touchdown, was it a touchdown. will? no, he was short by two inches, therefore oklahoma state lost. i thought he would make the corner. looked like he was speeding
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around the corner but it didn't happen. back to the conference championships, there is debate makes it harder to make the playoff. notre dame is not in a conference, with no conference title game. notre dame doesn't have the extra feather in their cap. it is all for naught at the end. clear four teams decipher the playoff. you will hear later today i suspect, alabama, georgia, cincinnati, michigan are the four. pete: cincinnati out of nowhere cool. 19 minutes after the hour. we ran a little long. that's okay. up next, crime chaos, los angeles detective says bad guys are released before they finish the paperwork. judge jeanine gives her take why you are no longer safe in america. rachel: making mask mandates permanent. that idea is under review of course in oregon. that story just ahead. ♪.
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♪. pete: welcome back. well, as you know, we're back inside warming up. that is not as you know, as you may know, as you can tell, but as you know the country is suffering through a rising crime rate. in nowhere perhaps this more acute than in california. in fact l.a., suggesting the city is at a crossroads. that is what the "los angeles times" is saying. look at this headline, brewed al brazen crime shakes l.a. leaving the city at a crossroads. inside the article there is a quote from a l.a.p.d. detective. his name escapes me at the moment. pete: it is -- will: jamie mcbride. he says following, a blank show. bad guys are released as soon as we finish paperwork. that is the tip of the iceberg. we arrest the crooks, they are not staying in jail. it is a property crime they figure nothing will happen to them.
3:25 am
in beverly hills they, only missing is kurt russell driving up in escape from new york. pete: this l.a. detective knows about this, what is happening there. the mayor, eric garcetti attempted to reverse course recently, saying we need to keep people locked up, after pursuing the soft on crime approach. why? he mentioned it in that statement, beverly hills. rachel: his donors. pete: rich people are being robbed. that when they suddenly start to care kind of, sort of, a little bit. the question will anything change at all? people live in the cities, almost like they're being told to live with a culture of crime. just comes being in a big city. rachel: here in new york city a bank told their employees, not to dress too mice coming to work, you be a target. you wonder, this is ideology that some of these politicians feel like they're being kind-hearted. i know that there is obviously a
3:26 am
campaign to get people who are light on crime elected, as being directed by george soros and eric holder who have a fund that they raise money to put d.a.s in office who are soft on crime. but you wonder, who wants this? when does this end? because i can't imagine, i mean, look at images, what constituents can stand for this? property values will drop. how long can this go on? will: you know this is and urban problem. this isn't a los angeles problem uniquely. it is not a new york problem uniquely. this is happening in st. louis. pete: suburban minnesota. rachel: philadelphia. will: let me tell you something, you feel the existence of crime when you live in a city like dallas, where your car gets broken into, car gets stolen, these are constant things you have to think about. almost every urban center is drift renn by these policies.
3:27 am
almost every urban center. rachel: i'm sorry it is george soros. pete: there is ideology the way they treat criminality. you hear it from the podium by jen psaki. why is crime happening? covid. people because of covid are in need of additional jewelry and louis vuitton bags. now time to loot as a mob. we took for granted, all of us lived in new york city at some point. i don't know if you have, rachel or not. rachel: i come in enough to see the decline. pete: exactly. we took for granted the city we lived in for certain periods of time. peaceful city. you could walk anywhere. rachel: not anymore. pete: result of people held accountable for their actions. to watch it unravel the way people lived in new york in '70s and '80s. will: see what happens in washington or new york, or if you live in minneapolis, dallas, it is bad now, look how bad it can be.
3:28 am
look at the flashmobs in los angeles. you could be in that situation in not too different future. pete: even a place like wash shaw. we folks on the big cities, take it down every smaller tier. prosecutors incentivize. they say mistake. culture of the boss let them off as easy as possible. that is how we view criminality. rachel: waukesha is a nice, small, conservative town, right next to milwaukee. that liberal milwaukee d.a. the people are not just confined to milwaukee. they can do other things. that is a hate crime. there is no way you can look at that man's special media not know that was also a hate crime in addition. any way judge jeanine is somebody who is never soft on crime. and she was on last night. here is what she had to say about what is happening here in america when it comes to crime. >> you are no longer safe in america.
3:29 am
your government is not protecting you. the police cannot protect you. in short you're on your own. something radically has changed in america. crime is coming out of nowhere, hitting like a thunderbolt. only one way to end this. get involved in every local race. we're not sitting ducks waiting to be assaulted. we have strength and determination to get this country back on track. that means holding those in power accountable and jailing, yes, i said locking up those who are victimizing innocent human beings. they should not be roaming among us. i have no tolerance for them and so-called justice wars i don't remembers who think i am wrong because i believe in law and order. you bet i do. i will not stop and neither should you until we get america back on track. pete: amen. rachel: she should be in crime.
3:30 am
will: if i committed a crime i would not want her -- >> you know, she is right. we're bringing back things that we know, you know, bringing back the '70s. we're going to bring back the gas lines from the '70s. bringing back the economy of the '70s. we're bringing back the crime of the 70 ace. there are real policies. will: can we make a deal? bring back the music of the '70s? i'm in on that. outlaw country, classic rock. get that back. rachel: disco, donna summer. will: i purposely left that out. pete: bring the fashion of the '70s back. rachel: i love that. i'm already wearing bellbottoms. i'm wearing bellbottoms. pete: i own a few pairs of skinny jeans. not real skinny. do you have any bellbottom jeans? will: boot cut. pete: maybe that qualifies. dave has a few pairs. we're move on. oregon, oregon? could make their mask mandate
3:31 am
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♪. will: oregon's indoor mask mandate is set to expire this february but if health officials in the state get their way the rules could be in place for good as they consider making that rule permanent. the oregon health authority explaining quote, permanent means indefinite. it doesn't necessarily mean indefinite. huh? we can repeal it as well, we're only allowed to have a temporary rule for 180 days. anything that goes beyond 180 days we cannot extend it. alex skarlatos is running for congress in the state of oregon. he is joining us now to discuss.
3:36 am
alex, great to see you this morning. it is set to expire but ifhey make it permanent, alex, it is at their discretion to sunset the provision. mask until authorities say no more in oregon. what say you? >> i say that is ridiculous. i think we should have the most local government possible controlling these mask mandates. there is no one saying you have to where a mask wherever you go but to have it mandated by someone in a state office or federal office or anything like that i believe it is crazy. these covid infection rates are all across the country and all across inside of each state. i don't know why the state or federal government is mandating anything and i find it incredibly hypocritical when nancy pelosi and joe biden don't obey their own mandates but expect us at the drop of the hat. will: that is fascinating. not just pelosi and biden.
3:37 am
look almost every democratic mayor who don't obey the mandates in oregon to make a it permanent. look at timeline of indoor mask mandate. june 2020, the first mask mandate was issued for indoor public international space station. june 21 it was lifted. august it was reissued. sunset in february. now extending it out. here is what is funny, alex, you're in oregon, you point out the hypocrisy. this is supposedly a democratic process. when do people look at this and go, if they don't obey it how do they make it permanent? >> well, i wish people would wake up and do that with a lot of things, not just mask mandates. it's a huge overreach in my opinion and unfortunately that is what happens in a lot of states like oregon, california, new york, where you have one party rule top to bottom almost every office. hopefully we change that this
3:38 am
year in 2022. i want rerepublicans across the country not only repeal mask mandates which i believe are unconstitutional but expand our rights outside of coronavirus lockdowns and go on the offense for a change. will: alex, i don't know how you feel like it always accompanying your name, it always bears mentions. run for congress, one of heroes that stopped terror attack on the train in france some years ago, turned into a movie directed by clint eastwood. thanks for that moment and heroism and this moment. >> just trying to stay alive, thank you. will: curtains close for chris cuomo. the cn nstar fired. gregg jarrett on the probe thatted -- led to that decision next.
3:39 am
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the parents of suspected school shooter ethan crumbley weeping in court as the judge sets bail at $500,000 each, both pleading not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, if there was ever a case that merited charges against parents of a school shooter this is it. he joins us now. greg, you feel very strongly this meets that threshold at least until we hear more from
3:43 am
the defense. yesterday we saw the arraignment, at least most of it on our show at the end of our "fox & friends" and the lawyers for these parents seem to say, listen, this is not the case. what the prosecutor laid out is not what happened. so what say you? >> well you expect that from a defense attorney and at the outset of a case the defense attorneys probably know the least of anybody. look, instead of getting their son, who was deeply troubled, the professional help he needed, what do the parent do? they went out and bought him a gun. they deliberately ignored all the warning signs that he was psychologically unstable and poised to commit violence, drawing pictures of killing people, laughing about it. searching the internet in the classroom for ammunition. they insisted he remain in school, never disclosing they had gone out and just days
3:44 am
before bought him a gun and taken him to the firing range to practice using it. so, i mean, this constitutes a very definition of carelessness, gross negligence, beinglessness, which unmichigan law is involuntary manslaughter. rachel: gregg, could the school be under negligence? they saw pictures. as a mom i wouldn't want that child in school with the other children. violates their rights to have somebody that unstable in the classroom. can that be extended to school as well? >> the school will certainly be sued civilly for wrongful death and other damages for failure to protect. they too didn't take aggressive action to intervene and to suspend him immediately. serve his backpack. search his person.
3:45 am
remove him from school grounds. they have an active duty to ensure safety of other students. rachel: definitely. later in the show we'll be speaking with a psychologist what is plaguing our young men in particular in america. so that is something i hope our viewers will stick around for. gregg, i want to move on to chris cuomo. as you know cnn fired their star anchor immediately, effective immediately. that was following an internal review they did into his sexual harrassment allegations against his brother. what do you make of this and do you think that it, the saga will end here with this firing or do you think other heads are going to roll in this story? >> oh i think there will be dramatic changes at cnn. cuomo lied to his bosses, lied to his colleagues and he lied to his viewers. he went on air and said i never used my journalistic credentials
3:46 am
to contact media on behalf of my brother. his own testimony and text messages though that was a lie but i think you will see new changes now that discovery has taken over cnn. john malone, the largest shareholder has said he wants changes and return to journalism at cnn. so, i don't see how jeff zucker or brian stelter or jeffrey toobin survive this. i think there will be some significant changes at cnn. rachel: that will be interesting to watch. certainly jeffrey toobin's performances are worthy of firing. gregg, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> sure. my pleasure. rachel: pete? pete: jeffrey toobin's performances, well-done, rachel, thank you. we do have a few additional headlines this morning. this week new york city will council will vote, get this one,
3:47 am
whether 800,000 non-citizens should get the right to vote in local city elections. only green cardholders or migrants with work authorizations would be eligible. rachel: >> this is a huge slap of the face to illegal immigrants did it the right way, the legal process, as well as us americans who should be voice. pete: new york state gop lawmakers will take legal action if the bill is signed. the vote is thursday. joe biden and vladmir putin will hold a video call on tuesday as pensions between russia and ukraine grow. the white house says biden will press putin's over russia's military build up along the eastern ukraine border. reportedly over 100,000 russian troops are stationed there. a u.s. intelligence report that russia is planning a invasion of ukraine early as next year. the biden is threatening serious
3:48 am
consequences, including economic sanctions if russia takes actions. we'll see how serious the zoom call is. those are the headlines. turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for the fox weather forecast. good morning. rick: good morning, pete. not bad. we have pretty good remainder of the day, start to the week. take a look at the weather map. show you what is going on. temperaturewise we're well above normal again. we'll watch almost the entire country looking above average temperatures. pop me up the maps there. there you go. 61 already in dallas. 61 in memphis. that will be the firing line for some severe weather that begins overnight tonight. we'll talk about that in a second. this morning, anywhere you see yellow, dense fog alerts. be careful across the roads especially traveling on i-10 this morning. across the plains snow in minnesota, wisconsin, in towards michigan. a little bit of break across parts of the pacific northwest.
3:49 am
later on tonight we'll talk about severe weather. find out more about the severe weather. download the fox weather app. you have an amazing weather app. you have live weather programing right within your app anytime you want. pete, send it back to you. pete: it is great stuff. if you have not downloaded it. replace the old weather. it is way better. will: that tree looks awesome. pete: looking at the tree, rick, not you. rick: a little better now. the tree looks good always. pete: still how an 84-year-old father help ad 21-year-old college student see through the foolishness of gen z. saw this sorry in the "new york post." the story is great. will: are you gen-x? rachel: no. with cll or chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
♪. pete: a 21-year-old college student at nyu says she is an independent thinker who recognizes the foolishness of her generation thanks to the lessons she learned from her 84-year-old father. ricky is here with her dad. this is school story. generations apart. as a young person at nyu,
3:54 am
conservative, what have you learned from your father? >> my father made me more resistant to the generational tides and trends and fallacies. my friends demand safe spaces and trigger warnings. my dad remembers world war ii. there is something to having fortitude and really understanding a larger breadth of american history which has woken me up to the value of our nation and our freedoms. how very fortunate i am to be part of this country. a lot of my peers miss that i thank my dad for that. pete: dick, you have to be proud of stuff as that. you describe her as your best friend. >> i describe her as my best friend. proud how she sees it the world. i know she ceases the world a lot differently than her generation. pete: what are the young people missing that your generation understands. >> having lived as a very small child during world war ii but
3:55 am
raised by paints very patriotic, that is what is missing in this country is patriotism. people don't realize how lucky we are to live here in america. and how much this country means to us and we are very divisive right now. it is concerning to me and i think everybody. reporter: ricky, that is what you've seen as a teenager to now, friends that weren't political it increasingly is more antiamerican? >> he specially the past few years. my parents are right, changes need to be made and there is nothing to throw out the baby with the bath water. just how profound our freedoms are. how grateful to be here we are right now. having my dad brought in scope of history and understanding that i have has really fortified me with some more wisdom,
3:56 am
hopefully, and you know, i keep him young and he keeps my soul old. that is a good tradeoff. pete: fun meeting you both in the green room as well. you're right a little bit of generational history and understanding goes a long way. >> thank you so much. for having me. pete: got it. we still have a big show ahead. stigma around with us. throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. my patients are able to have that quality of life back. i recommend sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair.
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♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪ ♪didn't even notice, no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused, you want it, say so♪ ♪day to night to morning,♪ ♪keep with me in the moment♪ new cheetos boneless wings exclusively at applebee's for a limited time. ♪. rachel: oh, good morning. [laughter]. no, you know what? i'm so mesmerized by the tree, i'm looking at it through the monitor. looking at the tree, noll realizing i was supposed to say good morning. i'm watching me, but watching tv. it is 7:00 a.m. right here in new york city. as you can see we have this gorgeous tree behind us. it is in full swing.
4:01 am
it looks a little different with the sunlight coming out. boy is it christmas on fox square. good morning will, good morning. pete: pete good morning indeed. i will do a reminder every hour, if you miss the top of the 6:00 hour hour, dvr our "fox & friends weekend" and you will not regret the nation's anthem and viewer photos. keep them oning coming in at they look like professional photographs. >> they're yours. pete: they're yours. you will not regret it. rachel: the tree-lighting ceremony joined tonight by steve, ainsley and brian. pete: all three will join us. they put us in boxes every friday. we'll put them in boxes. rachel: absolutely. will: wonderful. almost as wonderful as the tree. pete: ask them who they have on the show on monday. don't help them that they will
4:02 am
ask me that. will: what are the odds they heard you say that. pete: they're not up yet. they get the 9:00 hour. they sleep in. rachel: put us on like 6:40, 7:40? yeah. will: by the way we have john rich with their chart-topping job, "santa has a dirty job." they are coming up. ask them about the new band that may be forming, cain and payne. will kaine and charles sank a duet. will: appreciate that. don williams to back up that. let's turn to this. i think an underreported story over the past couple weeks. 40,000 people, taking to the streets in vienna to protest austria's strict coronavirus measures. this is happening while in the
4:03 am
united states oregon eyes making its indoor mask mandate permanent. all across europe we've seen burgeoning protests, burgeoning pushback to mask mandates, lockdowns, vaccine mandates. the return to the coronavirus pandemic heights. i think we have not fully given attention to the pushback across the world. regardless of vaccination status, people have had it. they have had it with the growing totalitarianism. had it with the growing restrictions be it if italy, austria, australia, perhaps here in the united states. the ufc president, united fighting championships, president dana white, who has been a real, a real source of independence and strength when it comes sports world and among corporate ceos, he talked about this on unfiltered with dan bongino. listen. >> when the whole covid thing started, they said stay home
4:04 am
until we tell you to leave your house. let your business die, kids don't go to school. none of that stuff ever made sense to me. as americans, we go out, we find solutions to problems and we figure these type of things out. that is what i did. i'm never locking down. i'm never forcing people to be vaccinated. any of that. it is not a political thing. this is the way it should be. this is a free country. rachel: it's a free country. so we thought it was but during the pandemic we saw so many things that were so un-american. when i talk to my kids, pete and will, i'm always saying to them, just so you know, all the things that happened in the last two years are not normal. we don't shut down. in america we don't shut down. we did and we shouldn't and we never did before, shut down businesses, shut down schools, more importantly shut down churches. dana white talked about how he never felt that was right. he didn't do those things in hi.
4:05 am
i spoke to some priests who followed orders in the beginning, actually publicly apologized to the parishioners, i want you to know, if our government does this again, i will never shut my church doors down to you again. i do not take orders from the government. i serve the people. i serve god and i am never doing that in america again. that is the mentality we have to have. we go to the airport, we're still masking up, we're still following these mandates,. pete: pete may we not forget that you're exactly right. the airport is the one, is the last place i am forced to put a mask on my face. really, there is nowhere else that i will go where i will do that. just not going. rachel: i'm with you. i did the same thing. pete: but there are still a lot of kids, inconcluding a couple of mine which i am ashamed to admit who are still forced by the government to wear a mask in
4:06 am
their schools. will: yeah. pete: if we could go to a state immediately were that not the case we would. we can't. so we're stuck. i feel feeble as a father, even saying that, admitting that, but i know a lot of people are out there facing the same thing who don't live in free states. who are stuck where they are. will: even in free states, pete. i'm sitting on the other side of rachel with you, same side of that issue. i have one child masked in school today in texas. i want to be clear, crystal clear about something. we are on the side of science about this i want to be crystal clear. these types of mandates, never, never had the backing still do not have the backing of science. the absurdity, we know by now, for example, coronavirus down transmit on surfaces. when you board a plane they hand you the purell wipe. we know they have the best hepa
4:07 am
filters out there but we're required to wear a mask. i don't care what someone hears out of our mouth, this sounds radical, be ungovernable. we're supposed to be free people. governing should be hard. that the entire point. free people should limit amount of areas where they are governable. if you have to make us governable you have the duty to be backed by science. i trust you, promise you they are not. no matter how scientists or experts suggest they are. rachel: those images out of europe are amazing. i don't think that the images really, 40,000 people in one city. and i think it is about time that in america and in those places where we see these you know, tighter restrictions, those americans need to stand up to say enough is enough. pete: reading my mind. what would it require, hough far it would go in our country --
4:08 am
that is not political people. those are people with jobs, families kids. they say enough is enough. i think some of the restrictions have been even more draconian and even more widespread in their application in europe than here in the united states. thankfully we are, we do have federalism. we have some level of states prerogative. may we have the ability to muster that when necessary. kind of scary we haven't even gotten to that point in this country. >> absolutely. with omicron, latest variant, we learn about the symptoms, i was reading the newsletter we get before the show this morning, i could be wrong, from what it said, there are no reported deaths from omicron. will: no. reporter: no reported deaths from omicron. will: hospitalization rate is very low. pete: new variant, mutation, which sounds scary, less deadly than anything we've seen before. that should be heartening news.
4:09 am
covid may be going away an continue to be weaker. rachel: this is not heartening in those in africa because of economic punishment i think a racist policy by this administration to shut down africa, some countries don't even have a case. others as you say have a few cases but the symptoms are mild and there is no scientific reason why we should be shutting down travel. all we're doing is hurting some of the countries that can least afford to be hurt economically. will: here in the united states, in addition to the travel ban, for example, in the state of oregon looking to make the mask mandates permanent. i spoke to alex skarlatos, a oregon congressional candidate was earlier on "fox & friends." here is what he had to say. >> the most local government as possible controlled mask mandates. to have someone in a state office, federal office, anything like that, is crazy. those covid infection rates are
4:10 am
different across the country and across inside of each state. i don't know why state or federal government is mandating everything. it's a huge overreach in my opinion. unfortunately that is what happens in a lot of states like oregon, california, new york, where you have one-party rule. rachel: this to me is so fascinating. i remember early on in the pandemic, i went on stuart varney show i said something that people criticized me for. i hope we come out of pandemic looking more like americans than communist chinese. sadly in some parts of america, certainly at the airport, we look like we're in communist china. pete: yeah. i'm surprised you got pushback. rachel: i got pushback, not from fox viewers from -- pete: not really. thank you for this hand warmer, will. will: you're welcome. pete: i'm shivering over here. i pretend i'm not from minnesota but it is cold.
4:11 am
in california, reagan national defense forum, talking about national policy, national security. a lot of our programs are can broadcasting. our own bret baier asked defense secretary lloyd austin about afghanistan, that whole retreat, shameless retreat in afghanistan this is a moment where our leaders about have to face the press. bret asked him the right question. do you have any regrets? think about it all this time later all what unfolded, do you have regrets. watch how the defense secretary, well eventually, attempted to answer the question. >> do you have any regrets about the afghan withdrawal? >> bret, i regret the fact that we lost 13 of our finest at abbey gate. i regret that we lost 10
4:12 am
civilians in an errant strike. having said that, bret, i want to make sure that we don't, we don't lose sight of the fact that our american forces in 17 days evacuated 124,000 people from afghanistan. 124,000. and i think that we need to continue to remind the united states of america and we continue to remind the world about the great work that they have done and that they continue to do on a daily basis. pete: so a long, awkward silence. it may be because he knows how you should answer that question. rachel: how should he answer that question? pete: what do we regret?
4:13 am
we regret dishonoring a nation's honor, those who gave so much and all the credibility we have on the world stage before our eyes. leaving $85 billion worth of equipment behind? you could go down the list of the sins we committed with the way we left afghanistan, the people we left behind, people still there, americans are not able to come home, the state department will not admit are there. the vets groups doing the work of what the state department, dod should be doing, and still doing it and he knows it. instead he pivots to the number. number from the podium. how many people. maybe we'll get eventually to the question, who are those people? were they actually properly vetted? rachel: right. pete: most of them were not u.s. citizens. most of them were not green cardholders. the vast majority were not siv holders. they never weren't through the process to be vetted. rushed through a the gates, a terrible process, they could
4:14 am
reach a number he still cites today, ultimately it was an abject failure and stain on our legacy. he knows it. that is the six second pause right there. rachel: do you know who else knows it? the families of those men and women that died so unnecessarily. pete: sure. rachel: the moms and that newborn baby crying behind me and will when we were at the patriot awards, that is who knows what that guy did and i don't think america feels very safe or secure under the leadership of general austin and i think his comments there, that he refute, refuses to still take responsibility for it and admit what a failure that was, we think maybe they learned something from the next time, no one feels any better about this. will: as long as we're talking about numbers, the newest numbers, the news to accompany this piece of sound is following by 22 nations. apparently the number is north of 100 now, potential, former afghan security force members,
4:15 am
allies of ours disappeared or executed in four afghan provinces since august 15th. rachel: i'm sure that number is higher. pete: i'm sure that number is much higher, talk to people that know, all the people their lives are on the line, all being hunted. they have been abandoned. that moment in the patriot awards, i don't know how much was caught on camera, standing from the stage, it was raw, and it was real. you recognize many of the families of the 13 that were killed were there and the tears and the embraces, you didn't know what to say. that is the face and the consequence of these policies and you know what? lloyd austin sits there knowing the intentions of the russians on the ukraine border. knowing the intentions of the chinese as it pertains to taiwan. he knows real enemies around the globe, looking to take advantage of america's weakness and fecklessness. is he willing, capable to stand up to that? right now our enemies are making
4:16 am
a bet he is not. i would hate to admit or report they might be right. i hope they're wrong. but they're calculating weakness right now. will: no doubt they're making that bet. rachel: his stand-down, focus on world policies and our military are so misguided. it shows it. he doesn't have his priorities straight. i don't feel safe under his leadership. pete: we'll have staff sergeant david belavia, friend of mine, amazing patriot. we did an event last night in monmouth county and fisher house. we'll get his take on the world. turning to a decisional headlines a florida tech student allegedly chased students with a knife before he was shot and killed by police. authorities say they received reports of a man with a knife assaults students. he reportedly lunged at police and he was shot and killed.
4:17 am
no one else was seriously injured. remain in mexico policy restarts tomorrow, they say. the trump era program requires most illegal immigrants remain in mexico while asylum claim is pending. joe biden scrapped initiative on his first day in office but a judge reinstated it. illegal crossings soared yet again to a record high this fiscal year. travelers will have a shot of staying in some of the iconic movie homes for christmas. >> i'm a toothbrush. pick one up when i go out today. other than that i'm in good shape. ah! >> dial now. on such short notice. even if i wanted to go, my schedule wouldn't allow it. reporter: home alone house in illinois will be up on airbnb for shockingly offensively low
4:18 am
amount of money, $25 a night. will: really? pete: that doesn't, a nice day? the grinch's cave with a cost of $19.57. huh. rachel: is that right? pete: is that -- rachel: no, $1957. pete: context of holm alone. >> no, holm alone is more than that. you can't stay in $25. pete: keep going. keep going. they're not. i'm telling you if you read the text, $25 a night. rachel: that can't be right. that can't be right. pete: uproar how cheap it was. 25 bucks a night. rachel: i suggested to the producers we should shoot the show from the holm alone house and -- will: holm alone ii he stayed in new york brownstone. or uncle's or aunt's place.
4:19 am
rachel: that could be like the mom that leaves you two alone. i go to paris. [laughter]. will: terrorize the show. rachel: you guys can get in what kind of mischief will and pete -- will: what do you want to stay in? pete: cave, is that $1957? rachel: i'm not staying in anything for $19.357. will: slip a 20. rachel: i think we should stay at paula deen's house, what do you say? pete: different -- rachel: definitely paula deen's house. it is a different movie. it is hallmark romans romance story with will. still ahead, supply chain crisis latest victim is your medicine. our next guest owns a pharmacy and ran out of anxiety
4:20 am
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4:24 am
they're the modern-day grin muchs want to steal your christmas gifts. porch pirates show no mercy taking your packages from your doorstep. how can we protect our packages from being stolen this holiday season? "kurt the cyberguy" joins us from his porch. >> hi, rachel. porch pirates are on the attack, up 7% from the year before in package theft. 43 respondents have had a package stolen in front of their house over the last year. let me tell you defensive strategy, number one, go with the video doorbell. this is from wise. look how small this thing is. it mounts where your old doorbell is, hardwired one. it's a quick swap out. it will light up and warn somebody about to swipe something from you. additionally i added strategy
4:25 am
two. i added a wise camera 3, under $40 t detects packages, people, ping my phone, tell me hey you have a package in front of your house. this solution is very, very inexpensive. finally look at this, very easy way to handle this. this bolts down wherever you want in the front of your house. goes down 2 1/2 inches into the ground, concrete, wood, whatever. talk to the parcel delivery people. many of the parcels we get will fit inside of this. they will be secure there, so someone who is walking up can't get to it. you get home. get in your key, there is the package safe and secure inside. it holds multiple packaging with cushioning. this is architectural mailboxes. this is called the elephant trunk. show you that online. talk to delivery drivers. pick a delivery day on amazon,
4:26 am
or any services, also, sign up for notifications. you do it with fedex, ups. you can do it also with many retailers to say, let me know when that i package has arrived. talk to the drivers, hey, can you put my packages hidden somewhere else. even though many people swinging around unfamiliar delivering packages with the volume during the holidays. one of those apps next door hearing other neighbors having porch pirate problems. will hook you up with how to do all of this stuff. pete, send it back to you. pete: kurt, great tips. appreciate the time and great to see you. the supply chain crisis hitting the shelves of your local pharmacy as the fda confirms more than 100 prescription drugs are now in short supply nationwide. we don't have the drugs on the shelves. our next guest is the owner of a
4:27 am
pharmacy in decateur, alabama, and is working hard to make sure his customers get medication they need. edward guist joins us now. thank you for being here. add this to the list of things we take for granted, get a prescription, you call it, you will get it. over 100 are in short supply. why is that? >> part of it is we get our bulk material from china. without that, we can't make medication here and other is just actually the workforce. last week i was short on insulin, actually for the last two weeks i've been short on insulin. luckily this week it came in. so people won't be without their insulin. that is a little different without being without the blood pressure to change it to something else. it really started to hit us hard. pete: ultimately you're saying our pharmaceutical industry is
4:28 am
at the behest of the communist chinese? many of the ingredients we need. should we be in a pinch right now domestically we don't have the capabilities to fill that gap? >> well, luckily before the pandemic hit, we had this program back in 17, 18 and 19 and a lot of manufacturers brought their manufacturing home from china. fda called a lot of medicines contaminated because of the binder or filler in the medications. a lot of people brought that back. we're better off than we were. that is a good day. pete: silver lining. you mentioned work shortage. is manpower part of this too? >> i believe so, i believe so. if you listen to everybody overall, different supply chains, truck drivers having a hard time getting delivery
4:29 am
people. whether it is your distribution centers having 20 people to work in the warehouses and i'm sure that the manufacturers are having the same problem. we're real fortunate we kept all our staff the whole time. hello? pete: actually working right now. i get it, no worries. is there, real quick -- he is busy. man, i can't. you got prescriptions to fill, sir. i understand. is there a difference what you prescribed? i know you can't give personal health information, through covid, seen increase in antidepression medicine, things like that where you sit? >> we have somewhat. it is interesting because of what we've actually seen in a lot of things is people that, you have a small amount of people that are really high strung about things but the
4:30 am
majority of people have actually started to be a whole lot less stressful about things and take for granted that you know, we're doing the best we can. and we're really fortunate with our patient base it seems like. people are actually taking a step back saying, let's take a deep breath. pete: edward, you got to take that. whoever is calling really needs their prescription right now. and -- [laughter]. your insight has been fantastic. i think you have a job to do. >> probably some of my buddies see me on and calling me. pete: they're pranking you. pranking you. >> i got three phone lines. pete: got three phone lines. got some good friends. if that is a prank, you better let us know, have them on to talk about why they decided to
4:31 am
call all three lines. >> right. pete: during the course of our segment. edward, i think you need more employees. will need another phone line. >> i'm sorry. pete: edward, this is phenomenal. you made my morning. you are one of the people calling guis pharmacy in decateur, alabama. >> we appreciate it. hope you have a merry christmas. pete: you have a merry christmas as well. you are a busy man. we appreciate the work you do. edward, you're the man. i don't want to end this. do we have to. >> this is typical day here. all three phones ringing all day long. pete: they're just messing with you, edward. we are too. we'll wrap it right there. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. you have a wonderful day. pete: great insight. thank you so much.
4:32 am
whew. all right. a police department in maine is offering $20,000 sign-on bonuses to recruit officers. the police chief joins us next.
4:33 am
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. will: no surprise police departments nationwide are having a tough time recruiting and the state of maine is no exception. the number of cops across that state has dropped 6% since 2015. now the brewer police department has nine patrol officers positions but four of them are say can't. so what's their solution? here is an idea. they're offering $20,000, 20 thou dollar signing bonus to bring in more officers. it is one of the highest bonus offered in the entire state. so here to tell us more is brewer, maine, police chief, jason moffitt.
4:37 am
four of nine positions, big bonus, $20,000. help us understand, context cont alize that bonus. how much that depends? >> that is based on sliding experience we have. we will lateral officers in from other departments. that hourly rate to be up to 29 an hour to start. that bonus is for experienced officers with five or more years experience. will: so this bonus by the way indicates to me you're not only down in the number of officers currently serving within the department but maybe the application pool is not quite where you want it as well. what is going on within the department, but the law enforcement community and your ability to hire? >> we actually, technically, you're correct, our four say can't positions, three of those are filled with untrained
4:38 am
officers. the way it works in maine, we have to send officers to the maine criminal justice academy. these officers can be a year before fully trained. at this point we couldn't absorb another untrained officer. we tried to office the bonus to get attention which apparently it did. i'm confident we will be able to fill that extra pox we have. will: still an extraordinary measure, chief. as you said it has gotten attention. it is an extraordinary step. we have to ask why, why is this necessary? why do you have to do this to find good officers? i'm sorry let me rephrase that, to find experienced officers? >> they're a valuable commodity in maine now. if we get the word out, trying to focus what we do here, we have an exceptional small city to work for. the way we work, our management supports us. our city council supports us. the citizens support us. it is a great place to work.
4:39 am
i have from doubt once the are word gets out we'll fill the position quickly. i recognize, statewide and nationwide, there are far less applicants than used to be. will: real quickly, 30 seconds, chief, what is it? demoralized officers, vaccine mandates, why is it difficult right now? >> a whole host of things. certainly the negative media attention plays into it. the workforce as a whole is changing. we're seeing younger folks that do want to get in the business, they don't like the schedule. they don't like undue attention, negative from the media plays a part. in this area mere we're very much supported by our population. will: now you're supported potentially financially as well, with a big signing bonus. chief jason moffitt, thanks for jumping on "fox & friends" this morning. >> thank you. will: one business own making
4:40 am
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rachel: welcome to "fox & friends" a business owner is at war with paypal after being censored on facebook. he creates patriotic wooden flags. after the company posted a photo
4:44 am
after sign featuring former president trump, facebook restricted access for them from advertising their products. to make matters worse, they say paypal froze their revenue and have withheld thousands of dollars from them. they claim paypal is offering to give them their money if they promise not to take legal action. your american flag store owner joins us now. tell us how you realized they were basically censoring you? by the way, welcome to the show. >> thank you. thank you for having me. well we found out that the first way we found out when facebook demonetized us. after we kind of resolved that problem, we got a big surge in sales. with that surge in sales we, you know, starting planning out our production schedule for the next couple of months. we figured that out. we called our lumber supplier. had them place an order to run our credit card. as soon as they ran our card,
4:45 am
they said it wasn't, it was declined. so we called paypal to find out what was going on. that is pretty much when we found out that paypal would be holding over $83,000 of our money. and required us to full full all the orders without the capital to do it and would review their decision after six months. rachel: when you called paypal, they said the reason is that you did this trump flag? they told you that? >> no. they didn't, they didn't mention the trump flag. what they, they didn't really give me any reasons t was vague. there was, they didn't give me something that i could solve to remedy the situation. they didn't offer me anything. they more or less said that because our business model was a made to order art company, that it was a shady business model and, that they were going to hold, they were going to hold the capital until we satisfied
4:46 am
all the orders. again we had to satisfy the orders but we didn't have the capital to satisfy them and ship them out and make happy customers. rachel: they disrupted your flow of business, no question about it. >> absolutely. rachel: you got help from the center for american liberty, the dylan law group, parabellum law firm, that correct? >> yeah. >> now you're fighting back. you got your money. paypal will give you the rest of the money but they want you not to sue. are you going to pursue legal action against paypal? >> i hope to. there is a part of me hopes they come to their senses to do what is right and get out of our business. we never wanted them as a partner. they are not our partner. they shouldn't be making decisions for us. when you're holding somebody's money you control the decisions they make with their business. i would like to see paypal just get out ever our life. we'll cross the next bridge of suing them after we talk to our
4:47 am
attorneys and kind of figure out what the next stage would be. i can tell you this, would be a lot better months ago they would have given us our money. there wouldn't be as much damages not having money has caused. we would be a lot more comfortable saying let's go our own ways. we're 10 months into this. the damages are kind of piling up and every time we go to talk to paypal, again through our lawyers, they just, what they're doing, while all this is happening, our credit is kind of slipping because we're trying to hold everything on a very tight budget. rachel: right. >> while they're trying to mitigate damages to their credit, requiring non-disclosure. they are forget about the non-disclosure. they realize we won't play that. as long as you don't sue us we will give you money. i'm not comfortable with that. i'm not -- the more they are
4:48 am
trying to keep us from doing what we love to do, there is fire burning. i never wanted to sue them. and i'm kind of, with every day that passes they don't resolve this with us, it light as fire to want to sue them. i'm not that kind of person. i don't like suing people. i want to make american flags. that is all i want to do. rachel: i know you do. this is the new form of political oppression. as sad as i am for what you're going through, i hope americans facing this willing to sue them. that is the only way these companies will stop doing this this is a real injustice. thank you for standing up to them. it is not easy. you just want to make flags but you're a good american. thanks a lot, james, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. rachel: we reached out to paypal from a statement. we have not heard back. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. risk? >> outside without a jacket. it is not that bad almost
4:49 am
anywhere in the country. look at weather map, down across the south, 62 degrees on december morning in dallas. columbus, ohio, take a look at the sunrise popping over the columbus academy. 34 degrees, a live shot from weather stem. snow across parts of the northern tier of the country. areas of minnesota, wisconsin, michigan. we calmed down across parts of the pacific northwest. but the know we'll see today, over next couple days. take a look at this, some spots eight to 12 inches across the northern tier. rachel, send it back to you inside. rachel: rick, thank you. is the media tougher on biden than trump? one "washington post" op-ed says that is so. joe concha tries to unpack that for us. we'lll need his help next hour. . so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali
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♪. pete: covid-19 left thousands of businesses with no choice but to close their doors, however our next guest managed to stay open for business and are now offering the perfect gift for christmas. will: joining us the owners of wow bouquet, tim and diana. >> good morning. merry christmas, happy holidays.
4:54 am
>> thank you. will: tell us about the bouquet. diana, how did you come about going into business? >> i multitasked invited to a birthday party and wanted to take something creative. i couldn't find anything i liked. i decided to create it. we decided to create it. when we came to the party, everybody said, wow. >> that where we got the name, really. wow. rachel: that is what i said when i saw it, it is so beautiful. >> really are. combination of really combining flowers with fruits, chocolates and anything that you can imagine that is edible. we have bouquet available for men, women, kids, for any type of occasion, any celebration or a holiday. will: what are we looking at here? >> this one, for example is one of the most popular bouquets that we have. rachel: so pretty, wow. for got --
4:55 am
>> chocolate covered pineapple? rachel: really. >> also bananas. >> chocolate covered fruit surrounded by roses. here we have variety of fresh fruits with macaroon and chocolate covered strawberries this is a christmas edition for this specific. pete: you can pull it out? >> pull it out and eat it right away. rachel: this, i have to tell you this is the perfect valentine's gift. let's sit down and watch netflix. watch our series here. then you can have anything you want. it is so pretty. will: look at this, everything in here for the few flowers edible. how can people go about ordering these? >> go right on our website. perfect in times for the holidays. we deliver all over the tri-state area and some other states we have bouquets
4:56 am
available we can ship. rachel: tim, diana, great idea. pete: thank you, both. appreciate it. we have another two hours of for example and friends -- "fox & friends weekend" ahead. michio kaku. rachel: who doesn't like a date? ♪ you have with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent. (man) that's a whole lot of discounts. (burke) well, we offer coverage for a whole lot of things, and you could save a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (kid) sup, dad! (burke) seventeen-car garage you got there? ♪we are farmers♪ ♪bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year.
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5:01 am
tonight, steve and brian, by the way, will be joining us later in the hour, for a preview we are back outside, for the first time in my experience with pete it is cold very cold rachel: minnesota -- a new flash minnesota cold. will: if you learned one thing in minnesota its that you don't want to be cold assuming going to be outside maybe once this morning we are out all morning long i am freaks i hope you feel it at home as you watch. >> warm under covers. rachel: we are bringing in heaters, later on john rich mike rowe coming up, instanta's got a dirty job going to share fun with us. >> mand rowe, cain and pain we
5:02 am
will put it to them for now, let's bring in fox business, joe concha what is up joe? ? >> [laughter]. >> i am -- >> cold. >> just the segment on somebody breast-feeding -- >> i saw that you can do that now. >> [laughter] what are we talking about? >> [laughter] >> i saw we got alert on phones one of the first i thought of was you you cover media so yell. yesterday cnn, did chris cuomo now fired amazing. >> like that team at end of godfather ii fishing team guy whacked fredo, right. rachel: mafia you can go to
5:03 am
-- about the guys you love -- >> watching -- later on plane chris cuomo, complete lack of moral like brother like brother, quite frankly, should have happened a long time ago we knew all this already, just when those messages came out showing him, attempting to sneer harassment against brother should have been end in august finally cnn gets around to doing this. rachel: but why now? >> text messages came out from attorney general showing no longer like his word visas somebody else's word the line of viewers misrepresent for a long time, the bosses, is that why? >> i think because he became so toxic i spoke to prominent
5:04 am
female host there said there is no way that he survives this told me earlier this week, because internally not even liked at this point how do you explain to staffers watching that we want chris cuomo book after he did this? right? jeffrey toobin got a second chance. rachel: thank you -- gross. >> the legal analysts on the network would you think that -- >> brought up par rel a fascinating tweet said put up headline youo among dume brothers rises to one hundred percent i don't want to bury -- you just said that i found fascinating do you not think chris cuomo will work in
5:05 am
business again. >> jeffrey toobin back people come back the reason they don't come back the only reason we found yet egregious sexual harassment allegations, ayala matt lauer. i was fascinating said additional information led to this decision what is that additional information why do you think chris cuomo in the back in the newsroom. >> brian williams i said no way this guy can come back saying shot at in iric saw body floating down french quarter trying to get he promotion a full hour never had before additional information i wonder what that is don't want to speculate that seemed tipping point i guess in addition to text messages keeping up cuomos the thing most famous duo since, and now brother had to resign
5:06 am
the other brother got fired. >> going to run for president? >> absolutely. >> in that moment replace jeff bezos top of the ticket. pete: now from chris cuomo yesterday what he said in reaction to being fired he said this is not how i wanted my time at cnn to end i told you why and how i helped my brother let me say disappointing as this i could not be more proud of the team the work we did as cnn number one show in the most competitive time slot. yeah. i owe them all will miss that group of people who did really important work, two things on that, one you know we acknowledge number one amongst -- uh small audiences. will: right like skinniest kid. correct. >> kennedy was quadrupling hum another 9:00. >> true. >> ultimately the park i don't
5:07 am
understand what is the -- is he out for sure? is this indicative of not -- indicative of shake-up. will: we heard rumors at cnn, want to go in different direction since this they may do that number one shareholder in that particular purchase is john malone said he wants cnn back to being a news organization like way back which you got to think if he is number one guy in terms of power, wants this praised fox news cnn start doing their job again i think several shake-ups at this point may have lost nearly 8 in 10 of viewers since beginning of the year that is very hard to do, the question is who replaces cuomo. >> beginning of the year 80% audience in prime time is gone. mow do you do that unless not doing something right used to cover sports the manager gets fired at that point, players are traded that is is what has to happen 9:00, we are hearing
5:08 am
jake tapper jim acosta cnn chief medical critic were apparently lobbing for that job what you don't see at cnn 4:00, 5ks 6 conduct, 8 k a female host you don't see it there you see on this network. rachel: the media is saying this is "the washington post," that the media treats biden as badly as trump -- my colleagues in media this is -- my colleagues in media served accessorize to murder of democracy after honeymoon of coverage first three months of the year biden's press past four months as bad as for a time worse than, the coverage trump received, the same four months of 2020 i will tell you i wanted you on set for first story i wanted donald trump, to answer this but we got you
5:09 am
joe what do you make of that. >> i look at studies pew research media research center you go down to list donald trump received 91, 93% negative coverage from cnn "new york times" "washington post" abc, cbs, did joe biden does remotely receive that sort of coverage, the premise was we're not covering positive things joe biden is doing enough we should say 30-year highs in inflation positive gas prices pof? border pof, ufgs'? education'? what positive thing do you want to talk about. >> to but a button on that donald trump got 91, 93% negative coverage as overceasing the best economy in america's history. >> lot of good things to talk about they focused on rhetoric instead of -- >> wrote it too, democracy dies when we don't give joe biden a positive coverage he
5:10 am
deserves? [laughter] >> that -- media guys we got to go. >> shivering right now. rachel: we -- >> he got to go. >> cool. yeah. so 8:35or so knee deep. >> [laughter] >> boston -- >> football, i got paid to take the ticket. . >> got to go entertaining joe concha as you for being here i believe you will be eating, thank you, headline. >> all right, turning to headlines family behind bars jennifer james, crumbley in same michigan jail held in
5:11 am
separate isolations areas pleads not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges held on 500,000 dollars bond each attorney claims gun used in shooting was locked up the morning of the tragedy. we will see. >> the supply chain crisis hitting selves of local pharmacies fda cons firms more than 100 prescription drugs in short supply nationwide alabama owner joined us to talk about the problems in his small business. >> we get -- material from china, and without that we can't make medication here. >> says pharmacies trying to stay ahead with can't communication with supplier even though fully staffed right now said all are in supply chain crisis apparently calling entire segment, one 120 second indict phone rang i
5:12 am
know 120 times. rachel: during his interview pete so, not just supply chain problems obviously, employee shortages. will: answering the phones attempting to do television. >> -- pete: by christmas shopping started look at this, yesterday, fans -- didn't chop it down, that is how it ended right there, that was up right it went down -- 20 foot ceilings? >> looking -- how did it happen -- >> leaning against the wall right now. rachel: [laughter] >> not yet up we were proud in the moment we had, the tree. rachel: beautiful. >> we cut down our tree yesterday, and pictures of the
5:13 am
christmas tree we got 11-footer sean cut that down putting it up says i did marry a lumberjack, on 25th after presents are over we have a happy birthday party there we go. >> i didn't know we had a measuring contest i was told what do you do traditions since away from texas 15 years not able to be with family we have italian friends immigrants from italy hosted us every christmas, italian dinner, very specific you can see, the older lady, they have to have young chicken goes across look for young chicken it has to be -- then we have -- looks like this. rachel: yum.
5:14 am
>> mar tini? it was a mar tini on the way to rome. there it is right there all there, probably. rachel: yum. >> good white wine i like that a lot, one of ours we do matchy matchy. at the bottom, you know, a lot of families do this even, matching pajamas --e biden. rachel: i love it. >> a tough one as well, on the right, ready in fact they are all matching, and you can get a dog outfit going to try to put them on the cats. dog outfit on the cat, wrestle the cat.
5:15 am
i did -- there i don't want the see after this. >> it is going to be in fact violence executed at dinner breakfast table i didn't see it related to me trooper, one of our cats, took a bird large bird up to the door, because it had called it captured it, it wanted to show off to family what it captured, everyone thought bird was dead the bird popped up. horror. eye [laughter] jumped on the cat. my gosh. >> no, that -- the burden was it was trooper just the bird it was not a small bird it was a bird animal kingdom on our guests get them together -- with bad reputation around dallas the cat.
5:16 am
we move to awkward moment silence from second of defense asked about afghanistan. >> do you have any regrets about the afghan withdrawal? >> -- -- >> medal of honor, recipient will join to us acting his answer next. . . pider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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5:20 am
. will: welcome back defense secretary questioned by fox news breath bay on threats from russia and china, when one question on afghanistan caught him off guard. >> do you have any regrets about the afghan withdrawal? >> --. -- i regret the fact that we lost 13 of our finest at abbey gate lost at the strike. >> to discuss retired army staff sergeant medal of honor recipient very good friend of mine great patriot great to have you here thank you. >> we will discuss what you the event last night great afghanistan that long pause
5:21 am
what does is a that i. >> i think that secretary austin is a guy that is under tremendous -- this is a man he knows the war on terror, fighting for 20 years secretary of defense pushback against state department took over war in afghanistan, fiscal ares self pointed that are running around trying to dictate to people like general austin, general milley how -- war on terror he knows the war on terror threats facing this country i think in impossible situation, when the state department treats a dod like sitting in emergency exit row, you know in case of a global emergency the state department not what due diligence dod does. >> global emergency secretary was asked about russia, putup's stageing troops or you've got china taiwan
5:22 am
exercise that is have happened there are we prepared to defend against those threats? >> we are in a position where constantly -- in case of war with department of defense, instead of the very department of do haves excessiveness to tw thwart toll totalitarian governments from acting stupidest keepmen free nature of being at to do the secretary of defense is saying right things about china but then about to be on global stage in a weeks with olympic games, you've got deals being made by businesses, ceos, genuflecting impossible situation for defense department to assert its on global stage state department is constantly running in saying this is our lane
5:23 am
diplomacy you can't negotiate through is almost a fascism. >> didn't negotiate out of fallujah. >> the anniversary pearl harbor coming up how do you refleck on that, the life cycle this was a moment, you know greatest generation was greatest generation because they understood they were at war, and when pearl harbor happened we didn't know what pearl harbor was, why -- protected -- someone hit us we are going to do whatever we can to get back at japan for doing that. and that was a one of the moments, in american history where we all came together, democrats, republicans. ethnicity didn't matter someone came at us we're going to finish that. >> we did finish that.
5:24 am
>> we did. >> absolutely david i've got a gingerbred house honoring the fisher house amazing work if you have never heard david's speech you are missing out. you did a fantastic job i think. >> thank you. >> looked fantastic. >> smells of mahogany one of the great charities out there when things happen, to us overseas we want to make sure that obviously, our veterans are taken care of, a great job of but family is something always slips through contraction what do we do with kids mom and dad the fisher house brings everyone together in a way that is come forth security everything taken care of we take care of veterans
5:25 am
that message allows to play harder we have security, he knowing anything that will happen people love us. >> i don't know if we have the web site where people can give if not go to fisher house there it is fisher to donate support organization, a link for that as well a pleasure to spend evening with you, and -- thanks for all you do. >> thank you. >> you represent our generation, as medal of honor recipient better than anybody else thank you. up next, flipping switch on friday with -- day putting them in the box. fox and friend hosts join us live with preview of all-american christmas. ♪♪ ♪♪ . >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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5:30 am
. >> i encourage everyone to wear a mask indoors, in a crowd circumstance like we are right now. and then make sure you -- speak in a microphone -- >> your voice sounds a little bit -- i will move to another -- >> covid -- on, i had -- grandson, had a -- to kiss his pop, so -- >> are rules different for presidents. >> he had a cold, what you know from the information put out by the doctor i can assure you the president follows every protocol he wants to keep everyone safe in the white house. rachel: president biden continues to preach masking up indoors but that is as he battles a cold why was he spotted breaking his own
5:31 am
recommendation, dining out in d.c.? "fox & friends" week day -- steve doocy aimee, join us, right now at home -- angry. >> we're not masked. will: reprimanded. i think right guy to go to on this biden to his own preaching. >> not first time how many times have you done this plus you in that vulnerable age i mean 86% of the country that containabling 75 over have got full vaccinations, right so this guy supposed to even be careful we've got to mask up, already caught him monday
5:32 am
morning, front page "new york post" mask down signed, wear masks indoors this is what drives people crazy i am traveling right now people talking about -- all these mandated people don't even believe it. >> he wears it when he goes to the press then does the on sift otherwise everything you need to know, close second, who are you introducing us to -- >> -- we -- pete you probably out of everyone, and rachel can understand. running around, after bathtub overflowing with bubbles -- only saw what it was like -- forget me, this morning my
5:33 am
whole family is here in new york. >> awesome. >> last night walking out to dinner, i said to everyone bring your -- get there, over ready to have normalcy so you don't feel bad i do all those on friday in my p.j., tell us about what is going to be happening tonight this is really exciting this tree lighting ceremony that you are doing. >> want to talk about it. >> well you know, it is a tradition, at fox news i think now the third annual to light that big tree behind you rockefeller center famous for a christmas tree now two of the biggest christmas trees in america in rockefeller center, and become a big thing there on fox nation, and on fox news
5:34 am
channel as well going to be tonight at 10:00, and just beautiful, because you guys are outside right now on the plaza on our square, it turned down music when we walk in 3:00, 4:00 in the morning we go to work, the music is so or orchestral puts you in christmas spirit through crossroads of the world. >> what did you say last night when we went to see rockettes what did you say when you saw our and rockefeller -- >> our tree -- right -- seeing all -- [laughter]. i love it. looking good-looking good.
5:35 am
ornaments on it. >> on outside, you know all that i want to take the shot if weekend steve a beautiful massive abraham lincoln. i love that. >> steve handily did that for kathy and me about 10 years ago, used to call that the toy room, now it is the blue room. >> is that what happens when kids get out of the house convert the room. >> kids get they group, they wind up on somebody's lawn they don't -- it -- an yell at the guys wanting to do this a long time had a fight over who is the best you are so great let me brian what is on monday? >> i -- myself three hours,
5:36 am
annoying, i with us -- and gingrich on i am going to focus on them toss to carley -- fantastic, waste a lot of time have producers yell at us every hour to get to the news instead of talking about -- >> right now you are exactly right, hold off you are on tour. >> all right tyson's corner there in a few hours in virginia steve knows that well then texas on friday on thursday night, over to -- find out what is like to be in person you have a chance to see me can't believe the words i am bringing you -- >> the experience.
5:37 am
will -- >> i think what you are trying to do make me and sean look lazy not doing tour to texas and florida. >> 30 second ad. >> why people -- panning no camera operator. >> security -- only guys -- rachel: [laughter] >> there you go. >> there he is at airport. >> i think he doing national television also take mask off i believe. rachel: who do we have. >> this is -- identical twins, look closely to remember --
5:38 am
>> beautiful, you want to say? over there. -- okay just flowing with bubbles only one behaving is, i've got to be quiet my daughter is upstairs went to event in new york city last night in kind of late. come on down. >> -- brian, television thanks for being with us on weekend. see you tomorrow, . >> okay. >> companies -- turns out customers would rather they butt out man wrote the . ♪ . .
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5:43 am
woke he joins us to react, good morning. this is disconnect between customers and ceos corporate executives c-suite, so many executives want to be woke so few customers want to hear it. >> here is the secret, most ceos i think understand pretty well that most mil america doesn't want them to go woke they do it because they think elite cultural class that matters to them actually wants that behavior also made calculation most middle america will begrudgingly shop with them because they don't have other choices so far they've been right about that what i see coming now a new wave of businesses that i think are going to capture this like a market opportunity. to say that you know what it is a if business tells me character color of skin or capitalism is great i will go
5:44 am
there instead of one that says it is racist whatever corporations are saying. >> i think i also hope you are right entrepreneurial opportunity is capitalized on customers will respond i don't know that customers have punished businesses, for the choices making even if they don't want it so if that is the case, companies are doing what, insurance policy, cancellations appeasing elite does that maintain, for example, madison avenue ad agencies that is it that they're doing appeasing people graduate from same alum any they do be popular i have been there lived that 15 years i do think if you hit corporate america hard in one place where it hurts pocketbooks bottom line they will come into line you and i talked about this i don't want two economies i don't want a left wing and right wing economy but away to get to a better place if you steal a million customers from major corporation they wake up sayboy did we screw that up
5:45 am
last 10 years we need to swing pendulum back to actual inclusion rather than capital i, this isn't a breaks i am on front lines i see it coming i think if done right way by right high quality entrepreneurs investors this is good thing for america ebb. >> because you are on front line i want to end on positive note know your answer i hope not putting on into what with entrepreneurial opportunities. >> mainly sector basically build brands that go after a foil blackrock -- completely woke come to market with new alternative, affirmative values we stand for one nation under god, we pursue value unapologetically i think
5:46 am
people flock to that message. >> we are seeing that rumble is going public, every weekend on "fox & friends" we highlight businesses that share those values always great talking to you thank you. >> good talking to you will. will: pete, rachel join us. rachel: christmas is coming time to think about -- the menu the barbecue classic holiday for us barbecue. >>. thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> how segment happens you were talking about challenges you face, barbecue, you are great guests. >> thank you. >> i said the barbecue is coming object i didn't have a lot growing up in minnesota elsewhere i see it, so he, thank you we are so happy to
5:47 am
bring to texas, for all of you, a brunch who doesn't love a barbecue bruch, easy everybody wants to instagram everything, you take a picture, then you come and dig into it, something for kids avocado toast, all that. >> a christmas into instagram with just making it -- >> this is -- 1941 you go -- >> that is right we are, generation, married in this meeting that is why i am here. >>, i grew up, up with this i want to hear about tacos. >> tell me about that that sounds good. >> tacos what we do take point of the brisket actually dice this up large, and you can you
5:48 am
can put this back on the pit, or you know you don't have a pit access go ahead put it in a saute pan take favorite spice a quick saute smoke on grill great flavors with eggs. >> what else in here avocado jalapeños, critical anto he tomatoes mix it up. >> that is for me? >> he -- sausage, also we do -- >> everything i like is in that. make you are a own sausage, handmade. >> fresh flavor you can order your family feast and the family cookbook available at barbecue at i have to try this.
5:49 am
>> a this is a commercial. okay? >> a this -- thanks for making this on the show. >> favorite still ahead man recovered from heart surgery became a millionaire thanks to winning lotto ticket. . ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ the only thing a disaster can't destroy
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will: welcome back to "fox & friends" a massachusetts man get the surprise recovering from open heart surgery, alex, won 1 million dollars you heard right a million dollars from a scratch off lottery ticket get-well card given to him by a friend that winner, joins us now, this is one of the most amazing stories like you go through heart surgery, a friend gives you a get-well card, gives you the scratch-off i never thought about putting that go to. >> i had a get well ward maybe
5:54 am
should i do that now. and you win what did you think it was a reject? >> so that no, it was amazed -- i was i got two a scratch offs i scratched it knew a winner disbelief, shocked at first then a little bit emotional. pretty cool. >> you came out of heart surgery win lottery like luckette man on planet is that how you feel right now? >> a little bit of both that is right. it is -- >> you know. -- two little pieces good luck. rachel: good things come in three i wonder what next is going to be i have a friend won lottery twice, i mean just said you got to play to win, the answer i guess what do you plan to do with your
5:55 am
winnings. >> i have two sons, alec justiceson give money to their families my grandchildren, then, give friend who gifted me lottery ticket, a little bit of cash, and then after that i was trying to get my wife to buy a car holding out still i think eventual will end up getting a new car. >> how are you feeling after the surgery. >> i feel well, my -- well on road to recovery better every day, you know amazing doctors, hospital in boston nurses whole staff did amazing job got three through this. >> we have best hospital workers in the world it is amazing, daughter had heart surgery amazed at care love they get i am reaching here
5:56 am
across the screen to you getting good luck from you right now, wishing you more luck more blessings, a really speedy recovery thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> we have a good hour still ahead, john rich mike stay with us. . ♪♪ ♪ the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ answered does it all night long. >> welcome to the 9:00 a.m. eastern time of this "fox & friends" hour. this is the all american christmas tree, the fourth and final hour. what are we listening of to? that's john rich and mike rowe. they're coming on our show in a moment. maybe they'll share their had hit, santa's got a dirty job. topping the charts, i believe. rachel: doing really, really great. it's a legitimate hit song.
6:01 am
probably the number one christmas song right now. >> two good dudes right there. rachel: apps absolutely. that's the all american christmas tree because it's red, white and blue, as it should be, here on fox square. we love that. >> it is. by the way, the all american christmas tree lighting airs tonight on the fox news channel, hosted by steven, ainsley, and brian at 10:00. watch the tree as it's lit up. >> i don't want to do a fest at festivus airing of grievances, i feel like it should. it was a lot of fun having the weekday hosts on the show. notice how much time we gave them? we let it breathe, letting in family members. what do we get, a hot three minutes? >> tops. three of us. and a hard wrap in our ears. rachel: always the hard wrap. >> i'll walk out, my wife will say how was the segment. i'll be like oh, i said four words. it was good otherwise.
6:02 am
i'm taking a point of personal privilege. if you don't wake up at 6:00 a.m. and watch our show, you need to dvr it and watch it every saturday and sunday because we play our nation's anthem right at 6:00 an and the producers have done an amazing thing, with a new tradition where they play viewer photos. it's awesome. they're new and different every morning, every saturday and sunday. they look like professional quality. rachel: we had to go, are you sure that's not stock? no, those are your amazing pay t trotic photos -- patriotic photos. most of them income from wisconsin. i have remind myself, america is beautiful in every state. we get pictures of flags in the deserts, mountains, across the prairies. >> children and dogs from sea to shining sea. i'm not even saying that because we want more ratings. rachel: of course we do. >> you'll rewind it and watch it and say best part of the morning. rachel: it's our favorite part of the morning. keep sending them in.
6:03 am
i want to move to bring in our next guest. she is elise stefanik, she is the congresswoman from new york, she is also -- i should say, she's a wonderful person who is celebrating her first christmas with a baby. congratulations. i have to tell you that again and again. >> they are so special with a child, it is a miracle and we -- thanksgiving was wonderful. we're so excited for christmas. rachel: congratulations on that. we brought you here because we love getting your take on all topics, wees personally want to -- we especially want to get your take on cnn firing their former lead star anchor, chris cuomo which is effective immediately following a law firm's internal review at cnn and they said we've got to let him go. what's your thoughts on that they. >> this is better late than never. i called for cnn to terminate chris cuomo back in august. for some time we've known that chris cuomo is complicit in the
6:04 am
coverup and smearing and retaliation against the victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault of his brother, the former governor, andrew cuomo, the worst governor in america. this should have happened a long time ago. i'm glad that cnn has taken this action. but there is still accountability that needs to be heard, rachel. there is a sitting head of the state university of new york who has been revealed as part of the effort to retaliate against these women. and was part of the criminal coverup and kathy hochul needs to make sure we completely clean house from the criminal cesspool and the corrupt cronies that supported governor cuomo. >> the sexual harassmental he lee gas stations around the governor shall -- allegations around the governor doesn't seem to stop the governor's office. i want to read a quote from cnn regarding chris cuomo's firing. chris cuomo was suspended pending further evaluation of new information that came to light about his involvement in his brother's defense. we retained a respected law firm
6:05 am
to conduct a he review and terminated him effective immediately. they went on to say additional information, new information played a role in their immediate action. chris cuomo has had a sexual harassment allegation made against him in the past. this congresswoman, seems to be rampant. >> absolutely. and i think it's important that the public know what that additional information is. they need to immediately turn over that additional information to the state assembly and state senate as well as to the independent investigation. of course, that first tranche of documents has been res leased to the public -- released to the public. there is now a federal investigation into governor cuomo's crimes and it's important that they have access to all of that information so cnn needs to turn that over as quickly as possible. >> well, congresswoman, here's what chris cuomo had to say about being fired. he said this is not how i wanted my time at cnn to end but i already told you why and how i helped my brother. let me say i'm disappointed at
6:06 am
this, could not be more proud of the team at cuomo prime time and the work we did as cnn's number one at cnn show in the most competitive time slot. i owe them all and will miss that group of special people who did really important work. there's a lot to unpack and you have, whether him miss representing to his bosses -- misrepresenting to his bosses, what happened in the nursing home and his willingness to prop up his governor brother. is there a reason that's solidified in the minds of america that cnn is fake news. they delivered on it and continued to, as joe concha pointed out, they lost eight of 10 viewers in prime time in the past year. people don't buy what they're selling. can they make a change? >> there's a reason cnn's ratings have plummeted. the american people understand they're pushing fake news, they are pushing propaganda. when it comes to the cuomo brothers, cnn is guilty of
6:07 am
propping up andrew cuomo, covering up for the nursing home scandal, the conflict of interest of having a brother interview governor cuomo. that's not why people watch the news. they want fair and balanced, they want objective coverage, which is why cnn continues to spiral. to be honest with you, one of the reasons why cnn's numbers continue to go down is because they were so obsessed with opposition to president trump for so many years which was not objective. we know they were perpetrators of the russia hoax and so much false information and the american people deserve the truth, they deserve objectivity and that's not they're getting at cnn. rachel: you're so right about that. the media so complicit, especially cnn, in propping up the cuomos in order to present him as a foil or alternative to donald trump who they villainized repeatedly. i want to move to another topic with you, congresswoman. we see another crisis in the democrat party, direct result of
6:08 am
their very dangerous and irresponsible policies is the illegality of people coming across the border in record numbers. and now we're hearing that in new york city they want to pass legislation that would allow new york's noncitizens to vote. i want to hear from you what republicans are going to fight this and what i think could possibly be one of the most dangerous ways of undermining our democracy and the meaning of citizenship. >> well, we are going to use every a avenue to challenge this. this is unconstitutional, this is illegal. need to make sure it's american senses voting -- citizens voting in our elections. the new york state republican party announced we are going to challenge in every way possible republicans who have been elect inned new york city are going to stand up. this is not just republicans. every american should be opposed
6:09 am
to this. this is about undermining the integrity of our elections. when you think the democrats have gone too far, they always go a step further, further to the left. we need to stand strong as americans against this undermining of our constitutional election. >> now to a story that i don't think is getting enough attention even from us. you brought this up earlier, pete, you talked about the projection of weakness on the world stage and others have noticed. china is becoming more aggressive towards taiwan. russia becoming more aggressive in ukraine. president biden is scheduled to meet with vladimir putin, i believe is it today or the coming days. on tuesday. on tuesday he's going to meet with vladimir putin, expected to address the sort of posturing and military buildup around ukraine. here's what biden is saying about that meeting coming up. >> what will you do to prevent russia from invading ukraine, the ap is reporting they're expected to potentially invade in 2022. >> we are aware of russia's
6:10 am
actions for a long time. and my expectation is they're going to have a long discussion. >> is there a red line -- >> i don't expect anybody's red line. >> you can see at the bottom of the screen, it will be a zoom call between biden and putin. what has to happen in that meeting, congresswoman? >> well, first of all, putin senses weakness and we have seen nothing but weakness when it comes to president joe biden's foreign policy. this is not the first step that putin has taken to take advantage of that weakness. we've seen cyber attacks, we've seen ransomware attacks, we've seen this administration prioritize russia when it comes energy rather than european allies. unfort netly, i don't think we're going -- unfortunately i don't think we're going to see strength from joe biden. he should be showing strengths. he needs to stand up with ukrainians, make sure vladimir putin understands there will be significant he global consequences, not just from the united states but from allies around the world. and again, you would not see
6:11 am
this happen under president trump because putin understands strength. he understands american strength and consequences and just look at those responses from joe biden. those were weak responses and putin sees that. >> yeah, give him a pipeline, and ultimately you give him a green light and that's exactly what putin seems to be sensing right now so we'll see where that zoom call goes. we have to get your take on one more thing this morning as well. this past week we heard oral arguments in the supreme court about a law in mississippi that would ban abortion after 15 weeks. it is a direct challenge to roe v wade, really the first that's come about with a conservative majority in the court because of donald trump. you heard the org. arguments. what's your -- the oral arguments, what's your take away from that and what do you hope and expect to see. >> my take away is that it's long overdue. we need to stand strong when it comes to defending life. i'm a new mom. i understand that we need to protect life as americans.
6:12 am
and i heard one of my colleagues say something that i think we should think about as every american. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we mentioned life first for a reason in our founding documents. so this is going to be very important. it's going to be important to protect the constitutional protections for life in this country and what's very concerning is now you're hearing democrats talking about packing the court. because they can't win elections, because they wand to undermine the system, they're talking about packing the courts. rachel: absolutely. elise stefanik, congresswoman, thank you for joining us today. thank you for your wise words. no one understands the humanity of a fetus more than a new mom and so thank you for joining us today. merry christmas to you as well. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. rachel: all right. give that baby a hug from me. thanks, elise. we're going to turn to your headlines. more than 40,000 people turning out to protest austria's covid
6:13 am
lockdown, in vienna, austria, reenacting a lockdown last month and beginning in february, the country is planning to make the covid vaccine mandatory for all adults, this as oregon health authority is considering a permanent mask mandate, oregon is one of six states to have an indoor mask mandate. it is currently set to expire in february. >> did i miss the that earlier, a permanent mask mandate. rachel: yeah, you missed it. >> what? rachel: yeah. who wants to live in oregon? thieves steal million dollars worth of products in a single month from 15 cannabis shops in the san francisco bay area. business owners say it was safer to sell on the streets. illegally, this, amid a string of brazen smash and grab robberies across the state. police are saying marijuana stores were specifically targeted and 175 shots were fired during cannabis store robberies last month alone. travelers will have a shot at
6:14 am
staying in some iconic movie homes for the holidays. take a look. >> i can't seem to find my tooth brush so i'll pick one up when i go out today. other than that i'm in good shape [scream] >> on such short notice, even if i wanted to go, my schedule wouldn't allow it. rachel: the home alone house in illinois will be up on airbnb for one night only. the cost of just $25. i think that's unbelievable. but okay. the grinch's cave in utah costs only $19.57 a night. that price in honor of the book's original release date which is 1957. now we understand. we were wondering where that $19.57 came from. >> that permanent mask mandate would set you back a little bit. it's politicians giving themselves the ability to keep it as long as they want instead
6:15 am
of having to renew their orders. you see what i'm saying. >> they're not saying it's permanent. they're saying they have the permanent ability to tell you to put a diaper back on. >> oregon is on until further notice. until they change their mind. >> that's the kind of policy that leads to what you see in vienna. rachel: that's right. >> all of that i think you would see that response from the american people, you're going to permanently alter the trajectory of my life. rachel: unless in oregon they love being submissive to the government. >> e-mail us if you're from eastern oregon. [laughter] >> maybe portland. but everywhere not so much. coming up the parents of the suspected school shooter pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter but did they or the school ignore the warning signs. a family psychologist weighs in, next.
6:16 am
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rachel: the parents of the 15-year-old accused of fatally shooting four students at a michigan high school pleading not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charge as investigations, pete, -- paint a very disturbing picture about the red flags raised about the shooter before the damage. >> i the day of the -- the
6:20 am
damage. >> i the day before the shooting, a teacher saw drawings that concerned the teacher related to blood and a person depicted laying with blood around them and possibly gunshot wounds. since this happened, there's been a spike exponentially, we've had hundreds of threats that have come in after the shooting. rachel: dr. jeff gardier is a family psychologist and associate professor of osteopa a osteopathic medicine in new york city. he joins us to he react. first of all, thank you for coming. we talked about this all day yesterday and both me and my colleagues, will and pete, said this, you know, we think there's something bigger going on. first, let's go into this case. why do you think that after seeing these drawings, seeing that he actually wrote that -- help me, that he was allowed back into the school. was that a big mistake on the school's part as well?
6:21 am
>> i think a lot of people, rachel, are questioning that right now and a we know there will probably be lawsuits around this particular situation and let's not forget even before this, he was on his phone the day before, searching for ammunition. so that was a red flag in itself. i think as we look back on something like this, we can learn many things and that is certainly if a parent is called in or parents are called in to take the child out of the school, they should be required to take the child out of the school or if nothing else, call 911 and make sure that that particular child gets a psychiatric evaluation for the safety of that particular child and especially the safety of everyone else at the school in that particular environment. rachel: i can't imagine being one of those parents, knowing that they allowed him to come back in the school after seeing these signs. what kind of signs do you think the parents missed there? >> well, certainly for someone to be involved in that kind of a
6:22 am
aing -- shooting tells me there were prior mental health issues and certainly buying a gun for a 15-year-old who is having those mental health challenges is something you do not want to do. so more than anything else, i think with any parent who has a child who is having some issues around anxiety or depression or any other mental health challenge, make sure that they get an evaluation, number one, and number two, that they get some sort of treatment. we can't wish these things away because they are enduring. rachel: we know that there are a lot of psychological problems with young people. it's spiking, probably the pandemic has much to do with it. we know there's also a shortage of health -- mental health professionals. thank god you do this type of work, people need that. tell us what's going on in the culture at large because this sheriff said that he has seen these kinds of threats on a weekly, monthly basis.
6:23 am
what is happening with young people today? maybe in particular with young men. >> well, we certainly know that there is an issue with toxic masculinity. we talked a lot about that. certainly using fists and aggression more than using their minds. that's a particularrish b shy. secondly -- particular issue. secondly, we're in a pandemic and we've seen a spike in suicides for young people. we've seen a spike in aggression. they're having a lot of mental health issues that are not being addressed. i don't want this to be a political thing but we have to look at sensible gun laws and making sure that young people and especially people with mental health issues don't have access to guns. they should be locked away in safes and so on when we talk about those particular weapons. rachel: yeah. a lot to unpack there. i don't know about toxic masculinity. we'll have to talk about that on another episode. you're so right, there were so
6:24 am
many warning signs and such a tragedy. thank you for joining us today. >> of course. condolences to the families who have been impacted by this, sending prayers. rachel: absolutely. don't move because maria bartiromo is joining us live. but first, santa's got a dirty job and it is topping the charts. the singing duo behind it will join us live, next. ♪ santa claus has got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference.
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compare hundreds of travel sites for thousands of trips. kayak. search one and done. ♪ don't you know that santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long mike rowe and tom rich are topping the christmas charts, beating out adele at the top
6:29 am
spot earlier this week. rachel: i love that. i love it. it's not just a great tune. by downloading the song, you're actually helping contribute to two amazing causes. >> joining us now, john rich and mike rowe to tell us a little bit more. gentlemen, both looking great. john, that is one heck of a christmas jacket, my friend. i'll start with you. did you know that you had such a partner in mike? i mean, i know mike rowe from dirty jobs, not necessarily as an artist of this kind. >> mike rowe's full of surprises, guys. who knew he could sing like that? i was interviewing mike for my show, the pursuit, which is on fox business every week, we're doing our interview and i said hey, mike, you know somebody who has got a dirty job that you probably never thought about. he said who is that? i said santa claus. he said no kidding, that is a dirty job. i said yeah, you're a great singer. we should write a song and
6:30 am
record it and put it out. i went to the bathroom, let's be honest, and the chorus hit me right in the head, santa claus got a dirty job, and i came out and i said mike, i think i just wrote the chorus. and he said in the bathroom? i said it's a dirty job, right? that's how it happened. [laughter] rachel: were you drunk when this happened? [laughter] >> not that time, no. not that time. >> mike, did you -- top of the charts singer, add it to the list. rachel: beating adele. >> add it to the list, mike. what else are you going to do? >> who is adele again? i'm not sure. [laughter] >> doesn't have a dirty job. >> this whole thing, guys -- you've been in a business a long time too. there are things you plan and sometimes they go okay and sometimes they don't. and then there's things you can't plan. nobody can plan for john rich walking out of the bathroom holding up his iphone where he just recorded the chorus. right? i mean, you can hear it.
6:31 am
you can hear everything he's doing in the bathroom as he's singing santa claus got a dirty job. i thought you know what, that's a sign. this is one of those songs you cannot not smile when you listen to it. and our country right now, we need to smile. and hopefully this song's doing it. rachel: mike, can i give you another reason and john, can i give you guys another reason to smile? well, you got a little bit of competition because yesterday on the show charles payne came on, who knew he could sing, and he and will kind of got together and sang a song and they -- >> here's a new duet to rival you two. >> i can sing country better than i can speak it. >> please do. ♪ i don't believe that heaven waits for only those who congregate. ♪ i like to think that god is love. >> you remember that one? >> cain and payne.
6:32 am
that's a little don williams for you. what do you think of that? >> hey, don williams, one of the all-time grates. who knew charles could sing. maybe what we should do, is you guys come to nashville and i'll produce an entire record just on fox talent. we could probably make that happen. rachel: i know. >> he's not kidding. he's not kidding. >> he probably isn't. he's probably right. it could probably go to number one, fox talent only album, pick your genrez you're dying to, choir boy. rachel: my book is number one and you, john rich, are in my book as well. that's an all fox talent book. there's some precedent for that, for sure. i want to tell everybody download santa's got a dirty job now. all the proceeds will be given to folds of honor and the mike rowe works foundation which is also a great cause. and the pursuit with john rich, which is on wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business,
6:33 am
also how america works, narrated by mike rowe mondays at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. lot of things the to promote there. >> and what we're going to do now, gentlemen, is we're going to sit back and enjoy a little bit here now of santa's got a dirty job. thanks, fellas. rachel: thank you, guys. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long. >> tell them about it, mike. ♪ well every year old santa claus. ♪ loads up in his sleigh note and them reindeer riding in front of him kick mud up in his face and those chimneys he goes climbing down and it's actually all that fun. ♪ if he don't do it, nobody will, so santa's going to get the job done. ♪ don't you know that santa claus got a dirty job.
6:34 am
♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long. ♪ through wind and rain and blinding snow. ♪ santa claus never slows down. ♪ got to keep on pushing them reindeer hard if he's going to hit every town. ♪ sneaking in, sneaking out, for 24 hours straight. ♪ got to outrun those dogs, got to do whatever it takes. ♪ don't you know that santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long. ♪ tell them about it, mike. >> i was thinking old santa claus he's a big man, and he's got to deliver something like over 300 million presents every year in this country alone. you know what he finds everywhere he goes, cookies and he eats them. every single one. he's got to. he's santa claus. it would be rude not to. you see that big man walking
6:35 am
through your house in the middle of the night making a bee line for the bathroom, you best get out of the way, you know why? >> i know. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job. ♪ and he does it all night long. ♪ that's right. ♪ and he does it all night long. >> how long does he do it. ♪ well, he does it all night long. woo. >> merry christmas, mike rowe. >> merry christmas, john. [cheers and applause] when it comes to autism,
6:36 am
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>> we're back. come on, let's do tv. >> for the past 18 years dhl operation holiday cheer delivered thousands of christmas trees to troops over 'seas. >> this year freshly cut trees, lights, orangements and more will be sent to servicemen and women in kuwait and bahrain. >> here to celebrate the kickoff is dhl express director, michael taylor, 103rd sustained deputy commander, colonel thomas sullivan and co-owner of dee's nursery. >> we have kids in front of us killings out cards for troops. i know you're delivering troops.
6:40 am
tell us about it, joe. >> 18 years ago a mother came in and asked us to send a tree to her son who just got deployed. we didn't know how to do it. luckily for us, we have a friend jim adelis who knew kathy o'reilly at dhl. dhl ships over there worldwide, actually, and dhl got it done for us so we were really lucky. >> dhl's role in this, without you guys it doesn't get there. >> that's very true. so first class accommodation in the aircraft, right, coming out of here out of jfk. they'll go out tomorrow, give you an idea of how fast it goes. come wednesday morning they'll start doing delivery toss the troops. rachel: amazing. >> how many trees are delivered every year to our troops? >> hundreds of trees every year, and since we started this, it's well over 10,000. >> super cool. colonel, what does it mean, just to get a slice of christmas. >> any command team overseas would know one of the priorities is morale and welfare. you're away from your family for a year, you're in an austere
6:41 am
environment and when this plane load -- i've been there, i've been the recipient. that's why i'm engaged with these folks. it brings a taste of home back with the trees, the onments and -- onments, the care packages, the generosity of the rock away community, we take take a plane. >> i will tell you this, having been deployed three christmases in my life, three different places, there's something about having a christmas tree. even if it's a little one near your bunk. i mean, it makes you feel like you're at home. you're with a different form of a family in brothers but it really does mean something. and these guys here got up early with us and they've been filling out cards, braving the -- it's a little cold. it's a little cold. tell us about the cards, though. how many troops? what impact will this have here? >> it has a huge impact. when they get these cards, it's the sweetest thing. it completely takes your mind off of all the other stuff that
6:42 am
we're focused on. and you know, the innocence, the sweetness, the love that comes out of these children from these cards is beautiful. rachel: letters from home. means a lot. >> the lessons that these kids are learning about what they can do to help our troops overseas. >> that's what's been great for us. it's been a great community event. so towns all around us, boy scouts, girl scouts, churches, synagogues, everyone has gotten involved so it's been a great community event. >> and michael, sort of last word, is there a way other people can get involved to support these efforts? >> so when we have community actions like this, the best thing they can do is engage with these and so forth and we take the delivery aspect to that, right to the outreaches. i can tell you, i personally have delivered the trees myself in the horn of africa several years ago. it's an immense morale impact to nirm. you have to look at it. we're not only thanking them for their service, also the personal sacrifice being away from families this time of year. rachel: it makes families feel
6:43 am
good that people care enough to do this. they're back home but they're worried about loved ones overseas. >> what an amazing effort for sure. michael taylor, colonel sullivan and the kids who asked if they volunteered, they said they were volun-told. oh, they volunteered. i like the one volunteer. >> thank you, guys. >> we love seeing you guys here every year. >> will has been complaining about the cold out here all morning. it's not that bad. let's talk a little bit of weather. take a look at the weather maps. almost the entire country is seeing temperatures well above average and take a look at that. you're right here in the morning at about 8:30 in dallas, 64 degrees. 62 in memphis, 52 in kansas city. get ready, there are changes coming, there's a storm we'll be dealing with. there's rain across parts of illinois, snow across the far northern tier, up of michigan
6:44 am
may have 15 inches of snow. a little bit of a break across areas of the pacific northwest. here's how much snow we get from the storm, tonight into tomorrow morning, the southern side potentially bringing severe weather to arkansas, texas and louisiana. we'll watch for that pete, over to you. pete: thank you, rich. well done. communist china taking aim at u.s. democracy ahead of biden's global summit next week. a party official claiming covid-19 exposed defects in the american system, that's quite rich and said it brings difficulty to voters and lloyd austin says america is not going to back down from the chinese challenge. >> america isn't a country take that fears competition. and we're going to meet this one with confidence and resolve. and not panic and pessimism.
6:45 am
>> joining us now, host of sunday morning futures, maria bartiromo. she'll be on in about 15 minutes. first, we get a chance to talk to her. by the way it was great to see you at the tunnel of towers event. maria: it was great to see you. pete: fox has been so generous supporting them. of course you were there, you're such a wonderful patriot and supporter of what they do. when it comes to the communist chinese, whether it's covid, them calling us out for covid, whether it's taiwan, whether it's military readiness, where are we on that front? maria: well, it's all very rich, pete. and let me just take this opportunity to thank you. you are a national jewel for this country, spending three christmases on duty overseas. thank you, pete hegseth for your patriotism and fighting for our freedom so much as you have. the problem is, is that this administration does not see china as it is, the way you on the ground know your enemy and
6:46 am
know your adversary. these people in the white house keep calling communist china a challenge, a challenger, a competitor. no, no, no, no, communist china is an adversary and if you really want to get serious about taking on the biggest adversary out there, you need to change policy. you need to stop the intellectual property theft that has been going on for decades and put some consequences in there for continuing to steal our intellectual property, as well as putting some guardrails around for human rights abuses and for marching into countries and throwing freedom fighters in jail the way they did in hong kong. so far, i'm not seeing any of that from this administration. let's be clear. communist china is not a competitor. it is an adverse sharely. share -- adversary. start acting that way by increasing the defense budget. joe biden bernie sanders budget
6:47 am
doesn't have a dime of increase in the defense budget. that's a head scratcher, given the fact that our adversaries are rising and communist china is expecting to overtake the united states as the number one super power. we are all in on this subject this morning and we'll talk about it. pete: you laid it out so beautifully. i'm guessing that's a bit of a preview of what you'll be talking about. who do you have on the show. maria: we begin with greg abbott, the governor of texas getting billions of investment into texas, tesla, samsung, et cetera, and showing some of the lowest covid situations in the country the way florida is so we'll take a look at that. that's going to have some breaking news out of governor greg abbott. we'll also talk with senator kennedy. we want to get to the details on where this build back better plan is because the democrats want it on the books by december 18th before christmas. then we'll talk with someone who has shown moral courage against china and that is boston celtics
6:48 am
star enes kanter, we'll talk with him about what he's been doing in terms of pushing back. wait until you hear, pete, how many companies have gotten behind enes kanter freedom because he is showing such patriotism. pete: interesting. maria: wait until you hear how many companies have said you know what, i like what i'm hearing, i'm going to get behind enes freedom and i'm going to support him. pete: those companies are smart. there's a lot of people out there prepared and ready to support that if given the opportunity and maybe enes kanter freedom is starting that type of movement. what a great show, maria. look forward to watching. maria: see you in 10 minutes. pete: thank you. coming up, it is week 13 of the nfl season. fox has you covered on all the action, marisa thompson joins us live with a look at the big games. of course, my vikings can we beat the winless lions? we'll see. and how you can win $100,000.
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6:52 am
>> it's week 13 of the nfl season and fox has five must see games you don't want to miss. here to break it down is fox nfl kickoff host, carissa thompson. good morning, your favorite segment of the week. >> any time with you is my favorite. >> talk about three of the five
6:53 am
games. let's start with arizona cardinals against chicago bears, 1:00, is tyler murray back and is he a big impact. >> he's on back and so is deandre hopkins. they're back together for the first time since week eight. the bears have lost five of the last six. they will be without justin fields, andy dalton getting the start there. the cardinals are perfect on the road this year. i like them by 7:00. >> like them by 7. that's a big win for the cardinals, they're racking them up. the eagles not so much, stumbling a little here an there. so are the jets. they face off at 1:00. >> here's a fun fact for you, will. the jets have never beaten the eagles, the eagles 11-0 against the jets. gardner minchu gets his first start with his new squad. the jets are reeling. zach wilson hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in the last three starts. i like the eagles by 3, just because i'm not sure what i'm getting with gardner yet.
6:54 am
but still like the eagles on this one. will: i didn't know that, 11-0. the jets -- there can't be many franchises that are winless against other franchises, just can't be many of those. bucs, falcons, 4:00, another tough one for the falcons to take on the super bowl champions. >> yeah, this one they met back in week two and tom brady went off, he had five touchdown passes. here's another one fact, because i like you, will. tom brady, 9- 0 against the atlanta falcons. i like the bucs by 14 in this done. kyle pits those get going. this atlanta team has been a disappointment in a lot of ways. a bright spot has been kyle pitts, i like the bucs to go off in this one. they have the number one on offense in the league, expect to be on display against the falcons. >> there's charissa's picks. how can everyone else play along? >> we've got over 1 mill i don'n
6:55 am
people playing each sunday. we've given away $5.5 million since launching the app. who will win today. download the fox bet super 6 app, enter for your chance to win $100,000. three words, will, simple, easy and fun. pick six outcomes from today's games for your chance to win. terry bradshaw's money, who doesn't want that. will: to your point. people win. you told us last week, somebody won two weeks ago. you too can win 100 grand. carissa, have a fun day. >> thanks, will. will: more "fox & friends" moments away. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked...
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the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪upbeat music♪ transitions™ light under control. ♪upbeat music♪ transitions™ signature gen 8™ available now, in 4 vibrant style colors. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. transitions™
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i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. >> watch the all american christmas tree lighting at fox square tonight on fox news at 10:00 p.m. you can catch it on fox nation. rachel: i can't wait to see that. in time for the holidays, you can order my new book with my husband, all american christmas, available at
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>> it's the last day of the cyber week sale, get 20% off, visit >> i love it. rachel: merry christmas, everybody. >> go to church. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. today, texas thrives in the face of challenge, the state a magnet for technology and innovation with another major tech company opening shop, despite joe biden's wide open borders. new data this morning on the hundreds of thousands of got-aways crossing the southern border this year as businesses invest tens of billions in the lone star state. coming up, texas governor greg abbott with breaking news on


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