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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  December 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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lawrence will host a special hour of music, holiday advice and trivia. that is when you know it is christmas time when the big tree goes up. >> a lot of tourist and visitors, fox fans coming to take pictures of it today. if you're in new york come to see the tree. that does it for us. >> hey everybody i am lara trump with isa hosni, joey jones and leo terrell. welcome to "the big sunday show". here is what's on tap tonight. leo 2.0, what you got. >> president trump you might know who he is, the economic agenda says even obama people are warning guidance people. lara: aishah. aisha: remember the accused
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shaken school shooter violent drawings. now we know why he claims that he drew them. lara: joey? >> smash and grab running rampant across the country. aoc says they're not even happy. lara: first more fallout from the firing of chris cuomo. cnn reportedly learned of sexual misconduct allegations against him just days before his termination. this is a part of the original statement cnn released announcing cuomo's firing reading while in the process of that review additional information has come to light. despite the termination we will investigate as appropriate. the additional information may have been new sexual misconduct allegation against him. the accusers attorney said she came forward on wednesday one day after cnn announced almost suspension. the attorney saying that epoxy
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of chris cuomo's on-air words and disgusted by his efforts to discredit these women. my client retained counsel. a cuomo spokesman colleen allegations not true. we are back to so much of the cuomo brothers. obviously new information. i want to read this quote from cnn about chris cuomo's termination. based on the report we received regarding chris's conduct with his brothers defense we have cause to terminate when new allegations came forward this week we took them seriously and saw no reason to delay taking immediate action. it sounds like the sexual misconduct allegations obviously played in to what the decision-making for cnn to fire chris cuomo and they took this into consideration. a lot of people were saying cnn must have a moral confidence.
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that must be why they ultimately fired him. you believe that is why he got fired ultimately? >> also you right now i guarantee you that statement was written by lawyers. when they did the investigation, they made new accusation. let me translate women came forward, women felt relieved that this investigation was coming forward. what will you see coming out complaining. some are going to lawyer up. as i mentioned yesterday several lawsuits. cnn wants to cut his liability. we have to say corrective action and also private coverage by saying we just discovered these things. i don't think so, chris cuomo had a history of sexual problems. go check abc. it doesn't fall too far off the tree when he got his brother who basically resigned due to this. this is a pattern and practice between the cuomo brothers to
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harass women. lara: certainly we've seen a lot of these brothers. we talked about this on-air about his firing. what happened to the cuomo's from here. you believe andrew cuomo will ever work again on politics, will chris cuomo possibly ever work again in television will they publish more books out of this and what about the accusers. what do you feel like ultimately happens here? >> maybe a podcast i don't other pretty radioactive for democrats which is been really interesting to see. i want to make a point the new york post, sources are telling them the new accuser worked with chris cuomo back when he was a abc, female abc producer in 2005. that is just coming on the last couple of minutes. i am with leo there will be more
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people to come forward. i want to rewind and go back to where this all started. i think it gets lost a lot. this all started with janice dean and families gutfeld like they were being silenced when their families are dying in nursing homes when no one cared about the story and no one wanted to take on andrew cuomo. that eventually led her confidence and boldness that ron kim a democrat by the way who came out and all he was trying to do was dig into the nursing home crisis, he was saying he was being intimidated and bullied by andrew cuomo. that i believe led to people like lindsey boylan feeling more confident in talking about sexual harassment is serves to a big reminder, doesn't matter how big you are it doesn't matter how powerful you think you are,
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anyone can fall from grace. i think it's unbelievable and it doesn't get enough credit. janice dean doesn't get enough credit for starting the domino effect and wave that led to two brothers ever predominate family falling from grace. lara: kudos to janice dean. she's done an incredible job we might not even hear of it wasn't for her in the way that she kept her foot on the gas with this thing. she really has been a champion. joey, it is been interesting to see the tables turn in a way because chris cuomo was one of those people when convenient for him was a believe all women crowd, he did not think for a second about influencing his audience instead of innocent until proven guilty, it was guilty upon accusation and it was convenient for him with brett kavanaugh inconvenient with anything and everything related to my father-in-law donald trump now the tables have
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been turned, what do you think. when he staged his shirtless naked picture behind his wife outside of his house. but if a guy is willing to do that in that vein and that much self-awareness it makes you think you need to believe most of the people accusing him at this point in spirit of hypocrisy these two brothers came from their dad or their upbringing and believing they were untouchable and they can bully or intimidate their way out of anything they got called upon and this is what you call justice, when you treat people badly there is enough of them they come you. >> that is right. i want to go back to leo do you believe that we will see court
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proceedings. could we possibly see the cuomo brothers in court at some point? what do you think. >> let me see, i think so, were gonna have a series of civil cases. now people are emboldened, they're not afraid of chris cuomo at cnn. what's gonna happen there is a? as to whether or not criminal charges will be filed against his brother. but i guarantee you civil cases will be there for individuals. now that they're not afraid of chris and cnn. lara: i'm glad you brought up the accuser and talked about that. i think we will see more women, and will see more people. we do have a moment and i think we talked about this yesterday. whenever you have two brothers like christen andrew cuomo who are so powerful, people are afraid read initially to come out, they don't think -- they think it will damage their own reputation to come out.
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i think we will see more people come out going forward and based on the how quickly so long ago, do you believe we will indeed see that? aishah: happens every single time, his weapon and his power and his god and the show that he had on cnn, what is he going to do now. i think the tables have turned. you think about the way in politics, the people are coming into a new generation of lawmakers. you have in the new york state assembly and even in congress. watching the younger generation come in. they do not care about all the guard or the big political family, they don't care about andrew cuomo, nancy pelosi or any of these people that are been around forever. they want to come in with their ideas, whether progressive or whatever it is, they are not afraid, they're not afraid to call you out on twitter or come
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after you. i think this is so incredibly important to watch how things are going to shift especially in state politics and national politics. i do believe more people will come forward and i think for others out there they are watching, perhaps have been doing similar things. you cannot do it anymore. lara: those days are over, thank goodness. more to come on this story, will stay with it. coming up obama's people have a message for biden's people about his failing economic policies. my father-in-law former president trump makes the big radio coming up next. plus santa and his elves are about to repel down a 23 story building, adam klotz is one of the elves. we'll talk to him as he makes his dissent, there he is.
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leo: welcome back to "the big sunday show", santa and his elves are repelling under 23 23 story building to celebrate christmas. fox whether adam klotz is one of the elves. what in the heck are you doing with santa claus, what is going on. >> i think i myself costume look pretty good. we are 22 floors above the street there are thousands of family and kids over this wall. mrs. claus is first. i'm going right after her the show is about to get underway. it started for a good cause as part of the kickoff to the holiday season where you scaled down, they like the christmas tree and it gives the kids and everyone really excited. lara: i have so many questions for you. first and foremost, have you been drinking? [laughter] >> what kind of question is that. >> why would you do this.
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>> it was the dancing it was so bad, adam and i are best friends. we go hiking together and adam you know you have to grab my hand and pulled me up the cliff. i'm so terrified of heights, how are you doing this, how many stories is this and how are you able to do this? >> 22 stories, about 300 feet, over my shoulder this is my first repel her mrs. clause dropping over the edge. that is the scariest bit because you're hanging there waiting and maybe you can hear the crowd starting to cheer that's how you do it you get excited and it's dark and can't see the ground. aishah: what a gentle mental abilities gophers. >> i didn't take the order. joey: in the marine corps we had
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a rappel off a tower in boot camp and we had tehran harnessed. you tie your own harness or did they hook you up in professional equipment. >> that was perfect timing to ask that. there are people that know very well what they're doing and they're not leaving it up to me. it is supersafe, i did a preview on friday and it was super windy and we were whipping all over the place and is still felt completely safe. this one is going to go well. are you ready for me. you guys will get to see me drop off the edge. aishah: what can go wrong as live tv. >> keep looking back up. >> there are thousands of people. lara: i'm trying not to distract adam while he's climbing over the cliff.
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aishah: before adam starts. >> i can still hear you guys. leo: can i get a weather report. [laughter] >> no wind about 40 degrees in the gravity feels really intense. aishah: is this a normal thing, are you every peller, is this the first time or is this a standard event for you. >> this is new for me. i don't like the part where we just hang here and don't move. this is my least favorite part. aishah: i don't like that it's dark and we can see was happening. why did you do this five hours ago where we can see you. >> tell us about the charity you're doing this for. >> this'll be debt free
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st. luke's. i'm getting instructions from multiple places. it is the time for mrs. clause and i to dropped on the building. >> it looks like there's a million people down there that can catch you, don't freak out. >> you can either drink after you finish. >> after you start going down how long does it take to get to the bottom. how long until you can breathe again. >> time kind of standstill. it seems like days. it feels like days. at this point this is feeling like days, there is a show going
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on and were waiting for them to cue the beginning of the repelling. i did not know i was going to hanker the song. >> good news were distracted you a little bit. >> checked the man's heart rate. lara: there he goes. aishah: mrs. clause is not afraid of anything. look at her go. leo: mrs. clause is brave, she's really brave. aishah: i would not be jumping around like that. leo: i think the four of us should do it next year. >> she's what way better at this than i am. leo: adam, why aren't you moving.
2:21 pm
>> directors orders. lara: are you going to dance to? leo: is that the bunny hop. aishah: i'm never going to let you live this down. leo: joey critique adams approach. joey: if you make it to the ground safe, you've done it right. you can dress like an elf and do all this crazy stuff if you want to. i'm impressed. leo: i think the four of us should do it next year. aishah: sign us up for that leo. lara: i don't think so. you can do it yourself i'll be down there waiting for you with a drink in my hand. leo: i need the four of us. aishah: look at him go.
2:22 pm
joey: i would rather jump out of an airplane. aishah: you can join a circus after this. in case your meteorology degree doesn't pan out. you should join the circus. joey: he is already there. >> i'm in the circus. leo: this is amazing. leo: mrs. clause is really happy enjoying herself. lara: adam tellis who you're doing this with, the people and the players and why it's so important. i know you talking to them for a while. [laughter]
2:23 pm
leo: is adam racing mrs. clause? aishah: it looks like she needs a little help. i'm nervously laughing. leo: that's amazing. joey: i would tell mrs. clause to keep a little distance and let me do my thing. leo: i think mrs. clause is having a lot of fun. joey: i would be absolutely petrified. lara: i want to know who picked out your outfit. it's a little tight in all the wrong places. leo: be nice to adam. joey: the man is doing spider-man and you're making fun of him. leo: i want to be a desirable
2:24 pm
elf. aishah: i am crying, that is so funny. leo: this is amazing the manager of the yankees. joey: doesn't look like you're scared at all. >> there's so many people here, you cannot be scared. aishah: everybody watching should be donating. working to be so sad if adam does all of this. did you see that trick that deserves a hundred dollar donation. everybody watching should be donating. there he is, our hero, the crowd loves you. leo: unreal. leo: don't become a him. aishah: just get down. >> the rope is tangled.
2:25 pm
>> how much did you raise last year? >> how much are you trying to raise? leo: i feel like i'm right there. >> it's getting harder to hear you. aishah: you focus on what you're focused on. adam is very sporty and very athletic. we often hike together, we used to until he moved to d.c. and we would go on crazy hikes and i would be so terrified because we would be rockclimbing and he would say let's go for a hike and it would be a hike it would be rockclimbing and he would have to grab my hand and pulled me up because there would be moments i would say no more i can't go on. if anybody can do adam can do it. leo: a vote of confidence.
2:26 pm
aishah: how far down do we think he is. laura, you work out a lot, how much is that going to hurt his thighs and his knees, all of the jumping. lara: i feel like he's holding on for dear life. he's probably getting an upper body workout as well. a full body workout from adam. he's probably sweating under there wishing he didn't have the elf suit on right now. leo: were gonna check back with adam. let's move on will check back later on and were still thinking of you. let's move on, obama's people have a message for biden's people about the failing economic policy. former president trump makes a big reveal next. ♪
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umph! leo: welcome back to "the big sunday show" life liberty and loving donald j trump will slam biden's economic policy as he reveals obama people aren't happy with the biden agenda. >> when they look at the top economic people looking at the inflation and seen the bills being passed, trillions and trillions of dollars, throwing money out the window. he sees the cost of energy and they see the cost of energy. they see what's happening and they're saying you cannot do this. these are obama people telling biden people you cannot do this but they push forward anyway.
2:32 pm
leo: all start with laura you might know about president trump and some connection. your mom, thing about the most expensive thanksgiving ever, inflation going skyrocketed look at virginia is biden listening to the obama people or had the administration been hijacked by the far left, bernie sanders. >> it's the latter, it's very clear who is running the white house and quite frankly running the country. it's a far left radicals in the democrat party grade these are people that are literally walking the democrat party right off the edge of a cliff and you have obama people saying wait a minute this is not going to be good for a party there is only so long you can trick people. there was only so many people that fell for joe biden, i'm a nice guy great uniter i will not
2:33 pm
raise your taxes things will be better and more civil. and then people went to buy their turkey this year and it went up through the roof in terms of price. every single thing that we do as americans is more expensive from driving our cars to buying christmas presents to putting food on the table to try to go to the dollar tree that is no longer the dollar tree. it's a dollar 25 tree. the problem is people will never vote against their best interest in the obama people were smart enough to realize and they're saying you're destroying her party they know less from a year from now a very critical election in 2022 and then they know 24 could be a death blow for the democrat party. the republican party will sweep in 22 and a republican president reelected in 2024 and they see
2:34 pm
the writing on the wall. i'm not surprised that they're outraged at pretty much every american at this point. leo: what president is going to win in 2024. don't answer the all asking privately. lara: you can ask me later. leo: under the trump administration, this country was energy independent, then moment biden got in, he canceled the keystone pipeline and he did millions of dollars to the approval of the pipeline. is it too late for the biden administration to turn it around economically? >> it may be too late for his tenure, were stepping in the places where we don't have the assets or means to come back. were in amazing country with the right policies people jump in and create jobs in business and things happen. we saw that the pandemic how americans stepped up and we continue to deliver lives even when people can go to work in a
2:35 pm
certain place. the problem with joe biden and the real ironing barack obama was a big progressive changing guy but once he got into office he saw the writing and he was like president bush then president biden biden comes in and promises to be the moderate bring everybody together but he has done nothing but divider country since he's been in office now we have people saying the media has been too hard and not giving them enough credit. you know when people are worried when the truth is coming out when they say stuff like that president biden is not fulfilling his duties as someone who keeps the country going and saves us from despair that came our way. but he's powering on and people are seeing it. leo: let's go to my colleague aishah will for you answer my question, let me play a clip from joe biden celebrating the jobs report unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2%.
2:36 pm
at this point were looking at the sharpest one year decline of and implement ever. simply put america is back to work in our jobs recovery is going very strong. leo: there was an expectation of over 550,000 jobs to be created in november. he is out there touting the fact but ignoring the low job numbers. let me ask you give them what everyone is saying about obama. you think biden doesn't care because this would be a one term president, how to use the. aishah: i don't know what he's thinking i wish i was the in the oval office as a fly on the room. i'm with laura i think the democrats know they have problem pony came out and said that they do. if you take a look at bill back better act the president's massive spending plan a huge part of the agenda is in a lot of trouble. no matter what anybody says.
2:37 pm
kyrsten sinema who came out this last week and would not commit to saying that she would vote for this plan. you wonder why, why won't she commit publicly and then you have senator joe manchin who came back from the holiday break and got an ear full about inflation, he's worried about spending and he will commit publicly to voting for the plan. he says no one knows how he's going to vote, not even schumer. then you have the moderates were worried about the upcoming midterm and how that will go for them yet they think of the overall picture but it goes back to the guy at the top. if he's not doing well then the party is not doing well. leo: it'll be a tsunami in 2022 and a new president who happens to be a republican in 2024. you can catch part two of trump's interview tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on life liberty and loving.
2:38 pm
remember the accused school shooter violet drawling now we know why he drew them read revelation from the school superintendent next. ♪
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aishah: welcome back lisa showed you adam repelled on the building. i want to let you know he made it out safely, he's on solid ground probably having a nice glass of something giving everybody a high five. good job adam. onto this new revelations about the violent drawing the michigan school shooter made and found by the school the day before the shooting happened. in a letter to the community the superintendent writes this he claimed the drawling was part of a videogame he was designing and informed counselor city plan to pursue videogame design as a
2:43 pm
career. i want to come to you first. this is a tricky situation of the school find themselves in. you can have periods that are going to be upset and wonder why the school did they do anything about the drawings. at the same time kids have to have an outlet for their emotions and feelings are we gonna police their drawings in the writings and things like that. when you see the cited. >> this is why the toughest job and most important job is being a parent. as a parent that's up to you you need to know your kid it's easy to say somebody out of school this is the drawing i did because i want to design video games in the future a parent should know what their child is up to and doing. there's something i found a little interesting. you had a drawing and then you
2:44 pm
had the kid by emendation at school this printer called to the school and they asked him to take him home and the parents refuse to take their child home. i'm curious as to why no one at the school said wait a minute this is an odd situation were recommending that the kid go home and they're refusing to do maybe they should call the authorities or child protective services. that's a little bit strange but at the end of the day what we take away it is easy to set kids in front of the tv and a screen in a computer, whatever it is. you have to know your kid and know what they're up to. this attended the day falls on having good parenting. >> joey made a really good point yesterday. the superintendent is basically saying at no time did the
2:45 pm
counselors believe the student might harm others based on his behavior responses and demeanor which appear calm that's how they observe him to be. leo your shaking your head, i wonder where this goes from here. does this open up a pathway for parents to start going after schools when there is a school shooting legally. can you see that happening in this case? >> thank you for that question i agree with lara the parents are the centerpiece. i would be very straightforward with the superintendent response. it is not true that is damage control, strictly damage control, they are trying to negate and reduce liability. i find it offensive. what axis does he have to the state of mind of that 16-year-old kid, he is talking only his lawyers. the superintendent came out with an opening statement which said
2:46 pm
no big deal now he comes up with this paper control written by his attorney. it is disingenuous and falls. i do not believe it. it is wrong he knows nothing about the state of the mind of that kid. aishah: joey, what do you think should've happened in the situation? joey: if i sent my son to school with the second amendment shirt on, he would be suspended and punished for it, you cannot wear those images or promote gun violence in any way. i agree with leo completely. as soon as i saw this at the same superintendent that was almost holding people saying we didn't see any reason to send him home. usually people that are early to excuse their actions are doing it for reason. this 15-year-old pulled the trigger on the innocent live in it look like his parents had a
2:47 pm
lot to do with it and could stop it. with that being said there should be an investigation on everything that led up to this. the red flags that were there that may not have fallen under the policy they currently have can be used in seeing and learn from and make the lives of the innocent of schools around the country so we can get to these types of things before they happen and next time, it's not about pointing blame, being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs in the world right now and is not the responsibility to raise her kids. when you go into a leadership that the different career that is not leading this as an administrator in writing a letter like this i agree with leo completely. it's 100% like he's worried that they did something wrong or didn't do something right. there is an investigation to find out. lara: great point to all of you, coming up next the big four.
2:48 pm
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lara: welcome back to "the big sunday show" we hope you been having fun. we have the big four, the big takes for the story we think everyone will be talking about. president biden is set to talk with vladimir putin on tuesday. u.s. intelligence is claiming that russia is planning on
2:52 pm
invading ukraine with 175,000 troops in early 2022. i think this is going to be huge story. we obviously will anticipate the big phone call on tuesday. were already seeing growing bipartisan congressional pressure for president biden. we heard joni ernst and senator ernst, and hope that he will talk with putin and democratic senator chris murphy and he is warning if were not careful then ukraine could wind up being the next afghanistan. that is a scary thought. that will be the big story, i don't know what do you think, thoughts on that. >> i wonder how tough he is going to be. >> do we think a lot of imprudent is when take joe biden fiercely after he thought he gave a country over to the
2:53 pm
taliban. that'll be interesting. will all tune in and watch. joey: this is a big test for biden, congress is bipartisan on. there is a lot of republicans and democrats that want to send more to ukraine or be more active in this and feel compelled to do something. president biden is already in high water with the poll numbers with american people and this is an opportunity to show leadership. if you cannot do it here you can have a lot of members of congress jump ship. leo: he needs to be a leader with the nato allies even though ukraine is not a member of nato. what joe has to do is show leadership of rallying his western european allies to make sure they show a viable response to any russian aggression. lara: joey europe next. joey: i have good news and bad
2:54 pm
news, the georgia bulldogs are going to the college football playoffs, their number three in the country. still top three teams. i had all of my georgia bulldogs gear on. for julie as you were seen on the screen alabama scored 17 more points than we did. three trips to the end zone that resulted. leo: stop making excuses. the georgia bulldogs are going to the playoffs and were gonna play michigan, another team that had a lot of trouble being the biggest rival until this year. hopefully that will be a great game. leo: i wanted to make a prediction on "the big sunday show". will georgia beat michigan? >> georgia is going to take care of michigan. if you ask me any day, any time and picking the bulldogs they will win against michigan there georgia built team but not as big and not as fast and not as strong we will win that by two
2:55 pm
touchdown. leo: thank you troy aikman. aishah: i don't have anything to offer. i was watching the michigan game with friends last night and i was like can someone explain what a fourth down is. leo: were not taking into the super bowl . aishah: i'm from indiana we do basketball really well. the colts are really great but i am not so much. joey: you have to cheer for the bulldogs come new year's. what do you got for us. lara: did we forget about afghanistan. remember that there working u.s. military dogs that are stuck in the country. we left them on the runway on the tarmac and to let them out
2:56 pm
of their cages whenever we abandon that country. shocking photos have emerged of afghan men feeding stray dogs drugs. they do this because he gets very cold in afghanistan and they want the dogs to stay with them to keep them warm. so there literally giving drugs to the dogs. i can't thank of anything more horrific that abated our u.s. military working dogs. this is such a sad story. i would update everybody i know i've been given the monitor and am i crazy animal person in my family and i have been working very closely with a lot of different groups that are working hard to get the dogs out of afghanistan. i know joe biden has forgotten about the whole incident that ever happened. there are still people in our u.s. military dogs that are there and people are working hard to get them out. we'll have a good update to come on that story soon. i will speak for my husband and say bring a couple to my house. you guys want any of these dogs.
2:57 pm
>> i'm an animal lover. i lost both of them in the last year but i want another dog, count me and i'm a big dog lover. lara: they will be forever grateful. aishah: not to mention all the people, the soldiers we had u.s. military servicemen and women that have families that are still stuck there. not to mention american citizens, legal residents and so many of our friends and allies. it is incredible. it feels like it happened yesterday but it's been three months now. we don't know what's going to happen to these people. joey: this is another layer of why we can't let the story go. it's easy to do in a time where we have crisis after crisis. what happened in afghanistan was more than embarrassing it was deadly and fatal, innocent
2:58 pm
heroic, the united states marines as the american people we need to make sure that his friend up mind and we vote for people that will fulfill promises and use our military responsibly and back them when they send them home. lara: leo, what is yours? >> voluntarily he fought against it. joe biden has done everything to destroy that border. we all know what is been going on.
2:59 pm
will he do as a passing method, what you guys think. lara: he's doing this because is being forced to do it. he needed to leave everything as it was in the border would've been secure but he cannot help himself. i think it's only because it's been forced. >> of democrats cared about immigration and people coming from less circumstance from this country to be a part of it and enfranchised in the system. they will be passing a trillion dollars to put more checkpoints at the border and reevaluate and re-up the amount of effort that we have and process the people illegally. if that's truly where their heart was, that the next big spending bill will be, they are not in the gig is up on this. i come from a town 78% hispanic and one thing i'll tell you people come here illegally they don't get to be a part of the system and they make this country amazing, i want that for anyone living in this country
3:00 pm
and they ask illegally to do it. lara: i've been down there twice, i said over and over again when i come back people don't truly understand how much the cartel run the border. that does it for us, the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. we hope you enjoy "the big sunday show" ♪ ♪ >> former senator and presidential candidate bob dole has died at the age of 98. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: bob dole represented his home state of kansas and congress for more than 35 years. a three-time presidential candidate announcing february he had been battling stage lung cancer. reaction continue to pour in to pouring from both sides of the aisle, bill clinton who defeated bob dole in the president


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