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tv   Fox Nation All- American Tree Lighting  FOX News  December 5, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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paraway back. >> thank you for helping us, understand. jason. >> thank you for watching, the "all-american tree lighting" is up next, see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> good evening welcome to "fox nation" "all-american tree lighting" at fox square. abby: so great to be with you. finally back in full swing of christmas season. >> i am overheating but i get to be in the spirit, we give you a sneak peek at a original holiday specials this month on fox nation, focus family, traditions and history. >> i'm getting it right here. >> the big thing you will
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want to stay tuned for is third annual lighting of red, white and blue christmas tree outside this building at fox square. abby: you want to see it, throughout next hour with abby hornacek and lawrence jones. >> our rivals. >> we like them. >> if you are still not a member of "fox nation," sign up now, this month part of all american christmas campaign, 35% off a one year maybe promo code celebrate at check out. >> log on to right now. >> you want to start streaming as soon as show is over, we have two holiday films on "fox nation." >> the first is called christmas in the wilds, a couple celebrating first holiday together. >> here is a sneak peak:
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>> i can build a pretty mean snow man. >> a love and family. >> i know loving someone who devoted their life to this earth is not easy. >> i'm on my way. >> best case scenario, i'll be back in a few hours. >> he has nothing to worry about. >> we're a good team. >> we're good together. >> good to go. >> your plane is grounded. >> the weather is horrible. >> i'm coming to you. >> that's nuts. how about i meet you half way. >> i can handle.
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>> that is a beautiful dog. >> fast. >> we'll get you there. >> merry christmas. i hope i'm not interrupting anything. >> you have no important. >> she drove the dogsled through a blizzard to get to you, you should tell her. >> we could do this together, you and i am. >> you have no idea how deep that is. ♪ ♪ >> i don't think we could have planned a better holiday, other than the extreme cold and icy river. >> christmas in the wilds, right now on "fox nation." >> second movie can see on fox nation called christmas in the pines.
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>> this one tills a story of two strangers who fight over the perfect christmas cottage. >> we'll have the best christmas ever. >> what is going on. >> i can't tell you. >> it is a surprise, you are going to love it ♪ ♪ that time of year ♪ ♪ >> you are the proudon owner of the cottage. >> it is mine. >> oh, who are you? >> this place sold this morning. >> to me. >> both offers were accepted. >> would either of you be willing to let the cottage no. >> possession is 9/tens of the law. >> i'm taking this. >> oh, what if i want to sleep in here. >> i am inside. >> is dad still there? >> you will never believe this. i need you to help me.
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>> you have to work a lot harder if you want on wear me down. >> i'm duke. >> hi. >> i suggest you get in the car and drive two hours that away. >> you wish. >> i hope you miss christmas,. >> you are unreasonable. >> i need your help. >> hello, mom, dad, jasmine. >> we'll spend christmas together. >> well played. >> don't you have christmas stuff -- >> not really. ♪ ♪ little house full of people ♪ ♪ >> you could give me the cottage now. >> not a chance. >> she is the enemy. >> we're is not starving her out on christmas. >> you like this girl. >> no, i don't. >> yes you do. >> no, i don't. >> why? >> did he say something. >> we have a tree and turkey and we'll enjoy every second of it.
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>> you really like christmas? >> that and maybe i can christmas you out of here. >> you don't want to miss it christmas in the pines right now only on fox nation. >> we have 16 other christmas movies you can only see on "fox nation" that holiday. >> you will not want to miss films like 12 dog days to christmas, kerr merry kiss mass, naughty and nice. >> you have to sign up on right now, 18 moves. until christmas. >> it would not be christmas without our all american tree. >> i can see right now, there is abby hornacek and lawrence jones. they join us with a look at rid -- red, white and blue
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beauty. abby: beauty. lawrence: there are trees and then a fox news tree. abby: true, we're so excited to be here on fox square for the lighting of the fox nation all american christmas tree. lawrence: this year's tree is 50 feet high, 20 feet taller than last year's tree. the all american tree 10,000 ornaments. 21,000 lights it took about 20 hours to assemble. >> what did you do? lawrence: there was no one tall enough to put the star up there. abby: they gave you a boost. lawrence: everyone has a part. i put it up there. abby: i saw you flying. like santa claus. you said 100,000 lights, if you love christmas lights check out my new christmas
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special i am working on for "fox nation," inside one of the most famous light shows, dyker heights in brooklyn, home to blocks of over the top, in best way christmas decorations. some houses even play christmas carols, how can you get better. lawrence: i love over the top. abby: that is what my house would be if i had a house in new york. lawrence: you need the christmas spirit, these houses bring it to the world. abby: i know you have been itching to ask about the electricity bill. lawrence: how much. abby: homeowners spend up to $10,000 to be a part. lawrence: that is dedication. >> they deserve christmas spirit of the year award. if you would like to see more dyker heights light
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show, december 20. lawrence: another "fox nation" holiday special, you will not want to miss is all american christmas with the duffies, based on new book, by fox and friends -- recoast rachel campos duffy and her husband sean. abby: we love them, they shared their favorites christmas memories and traditions. >> for christians in world, christmas is one of the most important religious holidays. that is an obvious statement. in our culture it is easy to forget that jesus is the reason for the season. celebrating his birth is the purpose of all of these beautiful traditions. many traditions such as cookie exchanges and
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watching rudolph may be secular but they did similar things to fundamental beliefs in christianity do, they unite us through common practices and pointing out we come from different backgrounds and we celebrate the holidays in unique ways. >> marriage is another way christmas traditions evolve. that meant bringing spanish and irish christmas and traditioning together. >> some things we kept, some things we dropped. >> our fox family members will join us to share their holiday stories and secular traditions as well as role that religion plays in their lives in celebrations of the savior's birth. >> no matter what part of the country our fox family friends were born in or now
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live or what part of the world their traditions originate or whether they were an only child or a large group. the members of our extended fox family had a few thins in common, christmas was the time of year all of them associated with family, food, fun and childhood memories that brought georgia to -- joy to lives. ♪ ♪ >> i love she said that jesus is the reason for the season. >> he is. >> 100%, features some stories from fox family including -- yours truly. lawrence: i don't know why they made me a part of it with my crazy family. abby: you did enough by putting the star up. lawrence: the interesting thing about my family, we didn't grow up with a lot but we always -- christmas jesus is the reason
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for the season, we put the christmas tree up on thanksgiving night, we would go through the rich neighborhoods to see the christmas lights, they had money and resources to put on a show, there was always a moment for us, my dad would say, don't be jealous of them, strive to be better, strive to accomplish that. i'm still working on that house, but i'll have a house to show the world. it will be like this. >> this christmas tree will be inside your house. >> yeah. >> i'll be santa. >> i love that is what your dad said, you can't look at people and be jealous, appreciate what you have. usually not the monetary things anyway that matter. >> celebrating the beauty that all of these neighborhoods are able to put on. for us to enjoy. >> all right, on fox nation,
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check it out. >> and for a limited time, if you sign up for a new "fox nation" account we'll give you a free copy of the book all american christmas. that is in addition to the 35% off promotion we have right now with the code celebrate. >> third annual fox nation all american tree lighting is minutes away, back inside to steve, and ainsley and brian. >> stay warm, we'll check back in a bit. >> still to come, on "all-american tree lighting" at fox square, one of my favorite things, presidential history. >> we have a look at george washington's delaware christmas crossing and why it changed tide of the revolutionary war. >> and counting down minutes for the lighting of the christmas tree on fox square, stay tuned for that big reveal.
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>> all this month of december we're celebrating holiday season. with all new specials and
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documentaries you won't see anywhere el. >> this year we're focused on george washington and his determination to beat the british coincided with christmas twice. >> yes, one of those is story of washington acrossing the delaware river on a cold christmas night, 1776, general washington. rallied army to take part in a daring plan to cross delaware in cover of darkness and attack the troops. the man worked. victory gave new life to soldiers and american revolution, and new hope. site is home to washington acrossing historic park, they host a reenactment every december. this year, hegseth will perpetrate general washington. -- willer to portray
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general washington. >> look at crossing stars jeff daniels. >> a moment of fear. >> the whole thing is a damn lunatic affair. >> a moment of courage. >> this revolution is over. >> a moment that would define a newborn nation. >> the army will advance. >> the true story of the night that changed the course of american history. >> get the books. >> epic struggle of one man. >> how dare you. >> and one moment in the fight for freedom. >> crossing also dropped december 17, sign up to fox nation so you will be set to stream it. >> following year, general washington and his army arrived at valley forge,
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pennsylvania. >> he wanted to be troops close to british in nearby philadelphia. >> washington and his army spent a long cold winter getting in shape. >> one of the most famous images, perhaps in history of wartime, detects washington kneeling in the snow to pray at valley forge. >> image of washington kneeling and praying in the snow is absolutely iconic. it has inspired many generations of americans, it is based on a local legend, however it is also true that washington considered himself a christian. he read the bible and that inspired washington. so it is an important symbol. >> for full story watch valley forge, washington's renter army thursday only on fox nation. >> if you love history like
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i do. i have perfect gift, a copy of my book. abraham lincoln douglas. they made america truly free, president and freedom fighter where you buy books. >> up next, on "fox nation" all american tree lighting at fox square we celebrate the reasons for season. >> the italian american christmas eve tradition, the feast of the 7 fishes. >> and st. patrick's cathedral. >> and look athleting of our red, white and blue christmas tree, we'll flip the switch coming up.
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house democrat face a tightening deadline to lift debt ceiling or they deal with country falling on its debt, republican lawmakers said they will not vote to hike the borrowing limit. mitch mcconnell said he will not block the democrats from voting to hike it on their own. >> near -- cruise ship breakaway is docked in new orleans with members who have covid. they will be tested. the ship made stops in belize, and mexico this week. >> back to "all-american tree lighting at fox square"
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "all-american tree lighting at fox square." on fox square. we're give you a sneak peak at new christmas theme specials and documentaries this month on fox nation. >> every family has their own christmas eve tradition. if you are an italian-american, probably including feast of the 7 fishs. >> we have a new special that explaining the festive feast. >> all about the family. when you first, second, third or fifth generation you get the same experience. >> i was high top in my grand mother's kitchen, just watching her go, go all day from the cutting the garlic to making pasta, it was an
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all day process, it is all about family, i remember constant people going and coming, people would come in and pitch in. by the time the day was didn't you had a big meal ready. >> this wednesday, december 8 to fox nation, sign up to become a member tonight, you get 35% off and one year subscription. >> nothing like christmas in new york from the department store light shows and christmas markets and decorations, you don't have to go far to find real holiday cheer here. >> one of the biggest attractions on st. patrick's cathedral in midtown, manhattan. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it has been called first wonder of the new world. most perfect example of
7:31 pm
gothic architecture of america's past and present. >> christmas display that stun more than 2 million visitors every year. fox nation is bringing you to the heart of new york city for a behind the scenes look at st. patrick's like never before. >> welcome to christmas at the cathedral. >> available now exclusive ly, on fox nation. >> i sit down with our friend kayleigh mcenany to talk about her new book, for such a time as this. we opens up about her faith and reflections of her favorite moments at white house, you can watch that, right now only on fox
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nation. >> meanwhile check back with abby and lawrence at fox square. we get closer to lighting of this year's fox nation christmas tree. >> look at that crowd, we have more exclusive clips of new christmas specials coming this month on fox nation. >> i was blessed to be a part of one of them, we went to the blue ridge mountains, i got back from north carolina, decorating america's largest home is no small task. there are more than 100 decorated christmas trees, 10,000 ornaments 100,000 lights, and a number of displaying that span from the bill more house to antler hill village, like santa called up and wanted a vacation home. >> it was breathing
7:33 pm
christmas spirit. i had the opportunity to talk to two different decorators, don, he decorated my favorite room in the house, the library. it looked like santa claus should have been sitting on the couch. reading his book by the fire, writing his naughty and nice list. i hope everyone gets that feeling, a bill more christmas on december 20, only on fox nation. >> also this month crew at 10 most merry festive magical tales. >> traditions invoke joy, and happiness, one tradition is bet with anger and distaste. that is the annual fruitcake. i have not met a soul that likes it. the only place that americans still have common ground. how did christmas get saddled with this dessert. >> if i were christmas i
7:34 pm
would trade it to easter. >> fruitcake goes back centuries, it makes sense, you taste a fruitcake it tests like something invented before refrigeration. >> johnny carson said he thinks there is just one fruitcake and they pass it around. >> maybe they start regifting with fruitcake. >> people say, you know, fruitcake, you done put thought into it, you said, honey it would be funny they spent 3 days in the bathroom. >> oh, this is -- what hole holy space food garbage is this. >> would you look forward to this. >> there is an off putting smell to it. >> oh, i. >> never had
7:35 pm
fruitcake before. >> it takes like -- >> like people chopped up pieces of fruit roll up and put it in there. >> do we have water? >> let's talk about -- >> who did that edit, we have wonderful, i did not like that fruitcake. it looks like meat loaf it tastes like a power bar. >> you come off as a honest broker then your reaction, shoo nice. everyone is like what is it on the menu. >> if you watch fox nation, this you will see how much i do not like fruitcake, that should never be tried out.
7:36 pm
never be made into candy. >> that was a tease. >> right. >> it is disgusting, no one wants it, i heard it is torture in some countries. it should be. >> you want to see what else made top 10 list? watch who can forget christmas available right now on fox nation. >> i will be watching that. everyone at home should watch as well. for now back to steve, ainsley and brian. >> thank you, we'll check back with you for tree lighting. >> still ahead, one of best things about christmas, the food. >> alvida king in her house to share secret to one of her favorite holiday dishes. >> and cooking up with queen paula deen, whipping up her favorite cookies. >> and minutes away from flips switch on our red, white and blue christmas tree on fox square. don't go with any where.
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at >> welcome back this -- christmas season filled with too many treats. >> alveda king is opening her kitchen, showing us her family tasty holiday traditions. >> a look at what it takes to make a king family christmas. >> i'm thinking about all of the years that i been doing rice pudding and john just a little boy slipping in, tasting for me. i know he will be really excited about this dish.
7:43 pm
♪ ♪ when i was growing up my mother made rice pudding and my grandmother, this is a recipe that has been moving through the family for many, many years. >> brand-new episode of alveda king's house streaming now on fox nation. >> do you know where the taste tray dig -- tradition came from? a peek of paula deen's holiday special, a cookie cutter christmas. >> so much history behind the cookies we bake and eat today, it started with sugar.
7:44 pm
like my cookie recipe does, one cup of sugar, the first cookie dates back a long time ago. all the way to 7 century persia, one of first country to grow and use sugar, it believed that cookies were first used -- as cake testers. to test the temperature much their oven, they didn't have thermostats back then. with the spice trade booming sugar and persian cooking techniques took off, making their way to europe and the rest of the world, allowing christmas and the cookies to collide. >> to hear more cookie history, paula deen, joining us on fox nation. >> if you don't have a lot
7:45 pm
of time to cook. don't worry. steve is here to help. >> right. my wife kathy and i have a cookbook out, the number one cookbook of christmas 2020. available now. happy and hurry cookbook. with over 100 recipes, a whole chapter on holiday food. you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family. it is a great gift for you or anyone on you're christmas list. available where ever you order your books, happy in a hurry. >> i open up that cookbook all of the time. >> you are happy and hurryd. >> great, you see pictures. almost time for third annual "all-american tree lighting at fox square." >> it may be better known as father of halloween, did you know washington irving is reason we celebrate christmas the way we do? that story and more when the
7:46 pm
fox nation "all-american tree lighting at fox square" returns right after this brief time out. woah, this is so cool. oh yeah, yeah. ok, well it's time to go. -no, no, no, no, no! dad, we have to go back to lowe's. ho, ho, ho! dad! the tire! this it? -yeah! the holidays being at lowe's, where you'll find all you want during winterfest. ugh, carolers. let's go back to lowe's. yeah, let's go back to lowe's. c'mon! yeah!
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>> welcome back to fox nation "all-american tree lighting at fox square." you know washington irving is most known for his ghost stories but that is not his true claim to fame. >> he is credited with creating christmas that we know in america. >> here is a sneak peak. >> most people don't realize the christmas they know and love, was first popularized by washington irving. he wrote about an english christmas. classic, decades before charles dickens did. >> what? >> when it comes to christmas, washington irving really invented the american christmas holiday. >> washington irving, father of halloween and christmas
7:51 pm
drops tomorrow only on fox nation, you can sign up right now get 35% off with code celebrate. >> here is a look at all of the other christmas content this month. on fox nation. ♪ ♪ >> this season is one of my favorite seasons, who doesn't like chocolate. >> let's get perspective on dimensions of the cathedral itself. the width about 175 feet at greatest. >> all set. >> i have been set. get it. >> what do you think? >> heaven is straight through those gates. we can't just let everyone
7:52 pm
in. they have to be on the list. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> we both bought this place, how is that possible. >> both offers were accepted . >> when it comes to christmas, washington irving invented the american christmas holiday. >> image of washington kneeling and praying in the snow is absolutely iconic. >> how did christmas, get saddled with this ridiculous dessert? >> fox family members will join us to share their holiday stories and secular
7:53 pm
traditions. >> all about the family. >> bravo. >> well, people. it is time are you ready for our "all-american tree lighting at fox square"? outside. >> don't go. big reveal is coming when we come back.
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7:58 pm
>> all right, it is coming in to fox square, abby hornacek and lawrence jones are standing by. to flip the switch. take it away. >> brian, i can confirm. that thunder you hear is this crowd, people from all over that are waiting for this tree to come on. >> their cheers are what lights up this christmas tree. >> it is magical, there are people. >> moment that we have been waiting for, are you ready? >> all right. 3, 2, 1. merry christmas! [cheers and applause] >> it worked. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 pm
♪ >> it was amazing. >> i can't believe you put that star up there. >> one day, you can do-it-yourself. next year abby will put the star. back to you. -- the christmas season has begun. >> thank you for watching. merry christmas, and good night. >> merry christmas.
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