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  Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 5, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin." part two of my interview with president trump. the interviews with president then there are interviews. this format is the best. we can have president speak for himself rather than interrupting him. rushing around. so, this is part two. before we get to part 2.
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i want to mention, we have got to reject the media narrative. in you listen to media, you will get all screwed up. not the facts, not getting any history, even recent history. it a propaganda operation. we should know it by now. there are a handful of real journalists, a handful of news platforms that is it. one of things they want to do censure that donald trump -- is ensure that donald trump if he chooses to run again, you will oppose him. that is same media tried to turn 2016 election to a fraudulent election, talk about them, talking about fraudulent elections. i want to remind you all donald trump wanted to do system prove this country, unlike barack obama, he loved this country, he loved citizens, he didn't view them as racist. he wanted to make america
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great again after his barack obama and his ilk on hard left, they tried to impeach him wise, they tried to use russia collusion. which has been cleared. to take out a duly elected president, in is no commission to investigate that. we twitter and facebook and corporate media a cabal of pro marxist entities that oppose free speech and shut down the president of united states, we had disloyal saboteurs around this president, he had never ben in washington before, he needed some experience, they
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turned on him. this say lack of character. it is so disgusting. somebody who worked 8 years in reagan administration would never have thought of doing anything like this, a phony whistleblower, they go after his tax returns. and 2 1/2 3 years of a criminal, special prosecutor, what an outrage. unleashed against a president of united states, they called him everything. a racist, a dictator, a man who loved his country. outrageous. now we have nancy pelosi january 6 trying to ensure that donald trump will never run again, we have to reject this narrative, i am putting the marker down, enough is enough. the comparison is what trump has done, versus what biden is doing. and reject the rest of the corrupt media analysis, that is all propaganda.
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let's look at covid-19 vaccine. operation warp speed, three vaccine in less than a year, stop travel with china. and under constant attack from media democrats, and -- every step of the way, this was equivlip of modern manhattan project for domestic war against the pandemic, we've never seen anything like this in american history, that is what it was and is. what do we have from biden? nothing, no new vaccine, no new therapeutics, more people died in 2021 under biden than 2020 under trump according to biden that means he should not be president of united states, where are the charts to tv, they don't exist any more. he that vaccine and therapeutics that were developed under president trump. from biden people are fired, attacks and they are
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wearing the scarlet letter because they are unvaccinated. they don't take into immunity. what else? look at border, southern border. more secure than generations, 500 miles of wall build under trump. despite law the from democrats, trying to stop him and slow him down, number of illegal alien entrances were slashed to record lows, and diplomatic breakthroughs with mexico. no one thought he could do it. you would remain in mexico until we figure it out, a huge drop inflow of deadly drugs, now we have a spike like never before, a drop in sex trafficking now a spike, criminal immigrants, and ms-13 and so on. hundreds of thousands of unknown ill immunocompromised --
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immigrants, he has done an over border. that is we has done, they talk about covid, covid infected aliens, people with other diseases from the poorist parts of the world, they don't seem to care, they are released to parts of nation, particularly in florida, they hate desantis without telling anyone, i have to move fast. look at the economy. under trump, record low inflation, and record low gas prices, fracking, anwar. all moving the american economic engine. record employment before covid, blacks, hispanics, asians, women event with covid the economy was recovering, i would call this trump's morning in america, people were hopeful, businesses were opening, what do we have with biden? inon.
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>> year blaming opec for oil they say no, skyrocketing gas, supply chain disaster. shortages of basic and for toys for christmas, huge price increases, and to expand federal government under that buyback better whatever the hell they call it, welfare state they want to expand, new en title ments. that is not what we believe in foreign policy, under trump, eiran was in a box, there are our enemy, he eliminated iran deal, that was a give away, china was boxed in with tariffs, trump built up our military, they were boxed in russia, pipeline was cut off, nato was strengthen zed,
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middle east with peace, israel, the gulf arab states, multiple peace deals. trust and verify, i think that is one of trump's beliefs, use of economic and superiority, and created space force. to compete with china, he rebuilt the u.s. army and he was getting us out of afghanistan with integrity. with honor, he would never have left hundreds of american citizens or our allies or give them bagram base never, never, what to we get with biden? worst ever. worst ever military defeat. that provokes our enemies.
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it has, what then? their economy is moving up because they are selling 500 million barrels of oil to china, iran, china, and now russia. an alliance that did not exist, china is threatening to destroy taiwan with military interventions in the airspace. russia has 100,000 troops on the ukrainian border today. and i spoke about iran. israela undermined, the defenses are undermined because of biden administration told them you are not to attack iran. well how do they defend themselves? military biden uses it for social experiment. and critical race theory, they are destroying number one military on the face of the earth. he does not want to increase their budget. he attacks on separation of
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power of voting system, threatening parents at school board meetings using power of deputy of justice to destroy -- department of justice to destroy women's sports, i can say more but i want to get to part two of president of united states, compare the records, there is no comparison, an effort by media and rino and never-trumpers to distraction you. >> >> biden, you say he will go down as worst president in history? >> look at what he has done. the people around him have done, do you think that election a few weeks ago was a reaction to him as well as all of these crazy marxist ideologies, critical race
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theory biden is forcing our military members to learn some digest it. biden is in bed with the teachers unions that promote the same thing. they didn't like you all that much. you pushed for school choice. you also pushed for liberty and entrepreneurship in the black community and minority communities more than biden or obama had done. you got an increase vote in black and hispanic community. >> and criminal justice reform. mark: can you think of anything biden has done that has united the country? that has helped minorities? that is positive in anyway? >> so if you look president obama was divisive. but people were more quiet about it, they didn't want to insult him. but he was very divisive.
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the biden administration is far worse. i noticed the other day where obama said, this is very dangerous all of these what they are doing, it was too much for him. it may be too much for bernie sanders, but i doubt it. when they look at his top economic people are looking at inflation and seeing bills passed. they see the cost of energy, they see what is happening, they say, you can't do that. these are obama people telling biden people, you can't do this. but they push forward, and way. let's see what happens. we had an election that was very helpful, the new governor of virginia called up early in morning, after the election to thank me.
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the maga people, and people that support trump, came out in force, greater than anyone thought possible. you know an experts, you see what has gone on. your wife is a brilliant lawyer she knows it is terrible, we have to get back borders and free enterprise and a press that is fair and equal. we don't have it, what happened with big tech is a disgrace. we have things to do. but it will happen. i believe we have the people on our side. i think we do. i could we have a large majority -- i think we have a large majority. who wouldn't want voter i.d., and strong military and a border? who wants millions of people flowing into the country. if you took a sample of a thousand typical good american people that love our country, they can't
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believe when they are witnessing at the border, some of the people of really bad, they are stone cold killers, that other country don't want, they are sending them from their prisons, this not a majority. this stuff is really bad. and i think you will see a big, big victory for republicans, in the midterms. i think there will be very hard for them to come back that fast. they are using prosecutors to hurt people, bill barr didn't do that. he didn't. but they are using prosecutor to hurt people badly, they are going after people, everyone. i have been under investigation from the day i came down the escalator, i come down, to do a good job. and by the way, i knew that
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running would be a very expensive thing, i didn't know it would be this expensive, but that is okay, i'm happy about what happened, i saw bloomberg spent 2 billion and never past the first question. he would have been good if he didn't debate. this country has tremendous potential. but we're giving it away. there will be a points, there will be a point where the country can't come back. we can never allow that point to be reached, i think that things will happen big in the midterms and i believe in 2024 it will be a great result. if you used shipgo this whole thing wouldn't be a thing. yeah, dad! i don't want to deal with this.
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mark: the number of photos in the book, the name of the book, our journey together. people can get it for hanukkah or christmas it say fantastic book. president trump: we have a picture of mark. mark: of me? president trump: and my beautiful wife. mark: you can go to 45 you have a couple of
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photographs in here. you and netanyahu in israel. you are there. you did so much for the state of israel. you did so much for peace in the middle east, the abraham accords, nobody could believe. you were choking iran economically. now look at today, iran is selling 500,000 barrels of oil to china every day. >> yep. mark: iran is sprinting toward nuclear weapons biden is begging them to come to the table, they won't. israel is so defense. they are threatening israel, they vote against israel and the united nations. the arab countries that made the deals with israel, and have kept them, we have not added a single country you
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were close to adding saudi arabia. president trump: they were lined up. they were lined up. had we not had a rigged election we would have had peace in the middle east, they were lined up just waiting. after the election, we were going to sign them one after another, we had uae, a great leader, this is a leading country there. but, i will tell you this israel is in big trouble. >> taiwan. president trump: nobody talks about taiwan when i was president, he understood, that i had a good relationship until covid, after covid my relationship, there is only so much you can take, china has been ripping us off from years. but when covid came in, and came in obviously from china, china tried to blame italy and europe. if you remember, people tend to remember these things.
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but it hurt my relationship with president xi, because, maybe -- who wouldn't, who could speak to someone losing, the world is dying around you, not just the united states, places have been hit much harder. relatively. harder. you look at what we've done, despite all these things that happened. it is incredible. had covid not happened, we would have had the greatest 4 years of economic s success in history of the world, covid hit us. at the end of the third year, we did a great job, then really handed him a very beautiful pallet. to him. and every day they are destroying that pallet. we have a big problem. we'll have a big problem if it continues.
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i will say, israel was safe with me. iran would have made a deal with me. they were hurt badly by the sanctions, now most of those sanctions to been taken off. and you are right, china of buying very little, i was saying don't do it now they buy more than 500 thousand barrels a day, you can believe this? you didn't hear about taiwan, when i was president you didn't hear bomberring are flying all over taiwan, they will probably do something with taiwan after the olympics, they don't report the biden administration. i watched them the other -- they don't respect the biden administration. i watched president xi the other day. i had a great relationship with him, but i told him, don't do anything with taiwan, he understood that, he understood that.
8:24 pm
but nobody talked about taiwan during -- they talk about some day, in the future. this is imminent when you look. but i watch biden sitting with xi . and it done look like biden really knew that was going on, he made a terrible mistake. you know the mistake i'm talking about. i don't like saying it. but what he said, was so bad, he was sitting with xi, you have someone at top of his game and someone to was never really at the top of the game. certainly is not at top of his game, and our country is in trouble.
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this is the greatest idea you'll ever hear. okay, it's an app that compares
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hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars and vacation rentals like kayak does for flights. so it's kayak. yeah, like kayak. why don't you just call it kayak. i'm calling it... canoe. compare hundreds of travel sites for thousands of trips. kayak. search one and done. >> web to fox news live. restrictions for foreign travelers entering the u.s. kick in tomorrow. they are enforced as omicron variant spreads to a third of the nation, health officials say that omicron may not be as dangerous at delta strain, dr. anthony fauci said that biden administration might rethink its travel restrictions for some south african nations.
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>> and americans remembering bob dole who served his nation as world war ii hero and republican senator from kansas, he was a three time presidential candidate, senator dole revealed in february he was battling lung cancer, he was 98 years old, back to "life, liberty and levin." for your headlines, log on to fox mark: let's talk a little bit more about the russia collusion issue. indicted, michael sesman lied on fbi, brought fake information. was working with perkins coy, they had a mark all dark money. president trump: he good fired. mark: he left.
8:30 pm
because it's hot. hillary clinton was behind most of this. what do you want to say to hillary clinton. president trump: i think it is disgraceful. i think i always knew it was a hoax, i till the story, during the campaign, people would come up to me, different people, all people, people who were working on my campaign, so what do you know about russia. i said say nothing, nothing. two months later. do you know anything about russia. after 5 times, i assault -- i would say what the hell is going on with russia, they made it up. either her kitchen or a law office. she spent millions of dollars crooked hillary, millions. gave it to steele, who is a nut job, he did the whole fbi, and john mccain, not my favorite person, i knew him well. i knew him well. he sent a copy to the fbi, a
8:31 pm
great republican he was, right? let's take down the republican president. and he sent a copy of a fake report to the fbi. if you did a movie, nobody would believe it. nobody. a lot of people say to me, how you survived is one of the most incredible things. i fired comey, had i not fired comey you my not be talking to about the beautiful book. i fired comey, that whole group, now that group is coming back again? i mean it is not believable. it should not be allowed to happen. should not be allowed to happen. mark: you have some beautiful photographs in the book, our journey together, at 45
8:32 pm
with rush limbaugh. an early supporter of yours. president trump: right, i never knew him, he supported me. >> a similarity in a sense with you both. you really are individual human beings. you do what you think is right. you are free spirits. you don't play the game with social communities or media or anything else. i think rush was one of my best friends, saw that in you. and that is what attracted him to you, he said this guy is different. he speaks out he fights, he is not hiding. he takes the media on. because you know they used to come after him. what do you make of that? president trump: rush was interesting, i knew he was likes biggest of all time on talk radio. you are doing really about
8:33 pm
too. but rush was even sean would say, ires -- irreplaceable. i never met him, i came down. i read a speech. i didn't know if i was running. i came down, i talked about the wall, and i talked about horrible things, i talked about the rape and all of the things that were going on with this tremendous migration. it was a tiny fraction of what is now. i had it in lowest number in history, now the highest after just a few months. highest number. the worst. but i talk about immigration, and the wall and strong military, and all these different things. i heard that someone came into my office at that time, in trump tower, said, we understand, sir that rush
8:34 pm
limbaugh is a big fan of yours, i said this is really nice, i heard more, i spoke to him on the phone. then we met. we fell in love. okay. we had a great relationship. me of great, his wife is a great person. and he was amazing -- he could talk for 3 hours without phone calls. it easy to to with phone calls. what do you do with this, he would just sit there and talk, he didn't like taking phone calls, he took few phone calls, when you made a call it was rare, interesting. i think it is much easier to do the call, even if you have hostile calls, that is like easy. you wrap up the three hours or two. he would sit in for hours. and just talk. and people were spell bound. it was incredible. i said, who does this? who could do this? and he became a tremendous
8:35 pm
fan, he got sick. and i have the honor of giving out the presidential medal of freedom, highest award you could get outside of congressional medal of honor, a civilian for the military -- giving then to great people. i said, you know what, i making the state of the union, it was coming up, rush was very sick, yet he was not missing a day, he would go to a hospital in boston, come back and do his show, he had a tough -- a tough one in terms of the various cancers. he had one that i guess they would say no chance, but he felt there was a great chance. that is the way he was optimistic. he got sick, i said
8:36 pm
to melania. who is very popular, every time, we love our first lady. i said to melania, you know, he is a great guy, an incredible career, people love him, i'm going to give him the award during my state of the union. it was wild. i did it and you know you have just about 50/50. and the side on the right happened to be, in this case right. but it was democrats on the right. there were like. this, except for one or 2, joe manchin had a beautiful smile on his face, he lightly applauded, a couple others too, they understood the greatness of what rush had done, but for the motor part is was stark cold. and the left in this case the republicans, you never saw people go crazy like
8:37 pm
that. for 5 minutes -- they were screaming and chanting, and rush. he considered it the greatest honor of his life, it was an honor for me to have done it. it was not that controversial. i thought i would be killed with that one. like getting out of the paris accord, the people here know that, but i thought that one i would be hit hard, i wasn't appeal understood, he was a great man, he loved country, i was honored to have his support. he was not like anyone else, he knew a lot of senators who were running. but he just saw my first opening remarks. speech will, i guess a speech, remarks about what is wrong with the country. and what could be right. and he loved it, and from day one he was a fanning he . he was terrific.
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mark: what you do was classy, i can tell i afterward he called me about it, we spoke about it he can't believe it, it was the thrill of his life. ♪♪ this flag isn't backwards. it's facing this way because it's moving forward. ♪♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents. they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward.
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8:43 pm
not allowed to talk about it. mark: it matters to a lot. president trump: i will not talk about beauty, she is beautiful inside and out. but a beautiful person. and she comes from a country that does not have too many problems. they don't know about crime. they don't know about the kind of problems we have. a very solid people. you look at that party of the world where they clean their sidewalks every saturday morning. they scrub them, it is clean. they have difficulties like everyone. she is just -- comes from a very good background. and it amazing that background made her like this country, love this country more. she was honored to be first lady. first ladies of other countries, the weiss of of wives of prime
8:44 pm
minister, they all loved melannia. the press was irrelevant to her. no matter, the most beautiful christmas ornaments and trees. they were white, it was beautiful. the press said they should not be white they should be green, and they would be green, they would say it should be white. it didn't matter to her, she his so much confidence, she loves helping people. mark: she speaks a lot of languages, intelligent. president trump: very smart. mark: a good heart. she is also strong. >> she knows right from wrong. mark: your kids. they went through a lot too. president trump: yeah. mark: i mean -- president trump: a tremendous amount. mark: it used to be keep your hands off the kids, but don jr., and ivanka was
8:45 pm
mocked, she was very successful. what was it like when your kids would come under attack, you knew they were lying about the russia collusion. president trump: like i said with don, they make up a story, they go after people, not only my kids, going afters about russia they had nothing to do with russia. it was so sick. they did, they went after my kids, my kids, ivanka had a successful company, we knew it would cost. every other president they make a lot of money during the presidency, and obama with netflix and all that, nobody lookings at that, made millions from a book. he got more money from a book than anyone that came close to, why do you pay money for a book? so much stuff to goes on. i knew i would hurt my
8:46 pm
wealth. didn't matter, i am wealthy, but to do it right, i could -- i could have made deals with everyone. deals in saudi arabia, i could have made deals with everyone. they all wanted me on make deals, i said don't do it. i could have made -- quadrupled my fortune, 10 times bigger. i knew that doing it would be expensive -- doing this would be expensive. when you look at so many other -- look at things that happened with biden over the years. you look at what the son is doing, great artists don't get near what he gets for a painting, that is such a scam. if i said about prosecutors what he said about the prosecutor in ukraine, about the two bill --
8:47 pm
dollars not going to ukraine. it would be over. you talk about quid pro quo, that was quid pro quo.
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mark: you don't want hunter biden getting in trouble. president trump: i don't top see that. mark: but they wanted your kids to get into trouble. and people close to you. secretaries and others, spent a fortune on lawyers. that is the difference i would argue between them and us. they play to destroy. we play to win. president trump: it's wrong what they do. it is vicious and wrong. but they do. hunter biden if he were on the other side, it wouldn't happen, he would have been gone long before he took money from china and paid 3 1/2 from mayor of moscow, we have a double standard. it is harder for republicans, i tell people it is easier to be a democrat, they are protected. they have been there a long
8:52 pm
time, came to washington, i was there 17 times. not my play ground for the most part. i never stayed overnight, all of a sudden i'm riding down pennsylvania avenue in a beautiful in the beast. the world's most expensive car, i look at first lady, i say do you believe it, i am president, you are first lady, we're riding with hundreds of motorcycles. but, the fact is we were not a part of that establishment. these people have been put in office for 30 years, the bushes, in many cases, clinton, obama. we get there. now i know sort of everyone. i know the good, bad and the ugly. they have been there a long time. they call to the deep state. and we'll have another discussion on the worlds deep state. but they have been there a long time. they have been in the justice department, they have been in fbi, and cia.
8:53 pm
you come to a hornet's nest. in i didn't fire comey, they were looking to take down the president of the united states if i didn't fire him. some people said, you made a mistake when you fired comey. now the same people say it was most incredible instinctual move they have seen, i might be here with you, perhaps we'll would be talking about something else. but i don't think that i could have survived if i didn't fire him. it was like a hornet's nest, i fired him they went crazy again each other. mark: they didn't like him before you fired him, they wanted him removed, they thought he set up hillary, you fired him then they flipped. president trump: there are two fbis, the people on top, comey and mccabe. the two lovers.
8:54 pm
just so -- but the two lovers, used the public servers they used the fbi servers for their message back and forth. that is lovely, so others, i could imagine who they were didn't find out, the moment is that was insurance policy, in other words she will win, but in case she doesn't, we have an insurance policy, they were doing that insurance policy, now that is found out through durham and others, we have great patriots and nunes and others. we have great support in the impeachment. i watch cuomo didn't want to be impeached and he left. he didn't have support. president trump: i have great support. mark: from the people.
8:55 pm
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will get another $1.25. a perfect christmas gift. "our journey together" by president trump. $45 levin" ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. steve: good evening welcome to "the next revolution" i'm steve hilton and positive populism pro-worker pro-family and pro-community and pro-america. i've always believe people are basically good and they want to do the right thing for themselves, their family and the community. if you trust people give them responsibility they will behav