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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 6, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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these greatest generation heroes, are all heroes of mine. and i looked up to him in so many ways. just as a man politically. but, you know, somebody who is a servant leader and, you know, that greatest generation all came together. carley: congressman, thank you so much. ♪ ♪ >> the trump era remain in mexico policy will restart. >> the biden administration abolished the program in june. >> lawsuit fought by texas against the biden administration where a federal judge ruled in our favor. >> smash and grab robberies running rampant. >> congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez said a lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out. >> is she living with her head buried in the sand. >> set to announce diplomatic boycott of the 2022 olympics. >> shame on the organizational committee same bed with china.
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>> chris equipment mow has been fired from cnn. >> cuomo assisted his brother while he was facing sexual harassment charges. >> 3, 2, 1. minerals. [cheers] ♪ ainsley: hey, everyone. thanks for waking up with us. it's monday, it's christmas. it's beautiful outside. we are just happy to be alive and be at work and waking you up in the morning. steve: welcome aboard, folks. ainsley: you survived. how are you doing this? brian: friday verdre. mclean, virginia, tysons corner oh my goodness. steve: there is tysons 1 and
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tysons 2 across the street. brian: did i not know that i remember when he was the reporter in washington. i was. steve: i was there for along time. great neighborhood. ainsley: you were local news there. steve: i was the featured reporter at the end of live at 5. ainsley: my phone is ringing. it's over there in my pocketbook. brian: do you want me to see who it is? ainsley: i bet it's lawrence. i thought i left my phone in my office. i know where it is. it's in my coat. we are good. lauren is looking for my phone. steve: brian, if you weren't running enough over the weekend. ainsley: it's okay. brian, can you leave it this is the most comfortable coat. my friend lori was wearing it i love that coat she goes. you can have it. feel it. oh,. brian: it is. now i know how lori feels. steve: better check and see who called. ainsley: i bet it's lauren. let's see, it's lauren, lauren, i found my phone thank you.
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brian: i did have a surprise tyson corner small guy from arkansas. senator tom cotton showed up. ainsley: did he really? brian: gave remarks. ainsley: that's nice. brian: he said do you know where my younger one is? i said no. we had our hands full. he came down and did some shopping. he blended in. made remarks and talked about bob dole, his passing. and then said i have got to go shopping. ainsley: how many children? he has three? brian: he has two. brian he left with two. ainsley: how was your weekend? steve: it was great. i did the tunnel 2 towers event on friday my daughter marry came in. we put up christmas deck core rations and a lot of cook. brian: honored suzanne scott. steve: raised millions of
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dollars. ainsley: suzanne is our ceo and so involved with that organization. because of all of you, all of your support has raised a lot of money for this organization. steve: we have a very special partnership that has made it possible we are very proud of it. later on today, it's official, something from the trump administration, the biden administration didn't want to do it. they wanted to get rid of it but the remain in mexico policy is being restarted. remember, it was a couple of months ago that a federal court said hey, joe biden administration. we know you tried to pulled plug on it as soon as you could. but you didn't do it the right way. the u.s. supreme court upheld that and now today it's back in business. ainsley: that means that migrants that are seeking asylum are going to have to remain in mexico while they await their immigration court date in the united states. brian: mexico asked for one concession that we know of. they said you just got to get them through in six months. what i think is important and going to talk to former secretary, homeland security wolf about this shortly. got to send a message.
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if you come to the border, you are not going to get. in is that message being firmly sent by the administration? are they reluctant to do this? remember with president biden when he was candidate biden and even when he was president talked about the inhumanity of the remain in mexico policy which mexico was a partner in. listen. >> i make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before trump became president that have an incredibly negative impact on the law, international law, as well as on human dignity. >> it has imposed unjustifiable human costs pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts and failed to address the root causes of irregular migration. deeply flawed. that's why we stopped enrolling individuals in day one and subsequently issued a memorandum in june terminating the program. steve: so they are going to restart the remain in mexico program also known as the
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migrant protection protocols later today. steve: they talked to mexico about it and brian to your point mexico. they had a bunch of concerns. mexico said you have got to make sure that you see everybody within six months. also, apparently the united states is going to have to make sure that they have safe shelter in mexico, that they have transportation to and from the ports, and that they can get work permits to work in mexico. so, the united states is doing a lot of heavy lifting to get mexico on board. ainsley: as well as healthcare counsel in mexico as well. brian: big difference president trump said we are hitting you with tariffs unless you do what i say and they actually built a very commendable personal relationship these two former leader and the current leader. here they seem to be holding up the -- this current administration because fundamentally they don't want to do it but the course are making them do it. ainsley: this is governor greg abbott talking about reinstating remain in mexico.
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>> sod remain in mexico that was the result of a lawsuit brought by texas against the biden administration where a federal judge ruled in our favor compelling the biden administration to reinstate the remain in mexico policy. , we are apprehensive the extent the biden administration will reimpose it as usual. we will believe it when we see it with regard to these crimes that you are talking about taking place, listen, this is part of cartel activity. the cartels are advertising on tiktok to get drivers do assist and then moving illegal immigrants around the state of texas. it's an issue that the texas department of public safety is working to crack down upon but it shows the extent to which texas law enforcement officers have to step up and deal with the challenges that are created by the biden administration importing illegal activity into our country and into our state. steve: what he was talking about there, his critics say that if you have them in mexico, it puts the migrants at risk of violence or something else in mexico while they are waiting.
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meanwhile the biden administration is going to continue to try to pull the plug on the program but this time they are going to do it the right way. they are going to conduct a full review to figure out the impact if they get rid of it although we kind of saw a little of that over the last number of months, but, nonetheless, just trying to do it by the book so in this time they can pull the plug officially. ainsley: stepping up operations in rio grande area. they have stopped more than 16,000 pounds of drugs, fentanyl, heroin, cocaine from being smuggled into the u.s. they have seized more than $7 million and apprehended more than 160,000 migrants since the month of march. their tactical marine unit will be in full force they say. >> how angry would you be if you are a texas citizen. this is the federal government's job to do it. and you have to put your own local assets out there to do something that this administration is refusing to do. and i have a note to mexico, i have an idea. if you don't like the remain in
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mexico policy bulk you up your southern border. stop them from getting to our southern border and send the right message and do reform to allow more people to come here legally through work visas because there is a whole bunch of americans who don't want to fill jobs that we have open and a lot of hardworking central and south americans that want to come here just for the opportunity to have a job. we might have a match here if we could do it the right way. steve: well, let's see what happens. nonetheless, we are going to talk to as brian mentioned a moment ago chad wolf former actingdhs secretary. ainsley: chris cuomo out as cnn. brian: despite the video aoc these smash and grabs are not happening. the congresswoman's comments are being slammed as tone deaf and we put that in bold in the
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treatment. he is survived by his wife elizabeth and daughter robin. dole was 98 years old. former cnn anchor chris cuomo denying allegations of misconduct against him. he advised his brother through his own sexual harassment scandal. chris cuomo saying onair he dids brother. the sexual misconduct claims. janice dean will join us later this morning to weigh in. listen to this, the owners of a san francisco restaurant apologizing for denying service to several on duty police officers. in a statement posted on instagram. the owners of hilda and jesse writing quote we hope this will be a teachable moment as rewe pair build bridges. these are stressful times and we handled this badly. the owner's previously say staff was, quote, uncomfortable with the officers being armed in
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their restaurant but they added they will continue to deny service to any armed customer no matter what their job is. let's check out nfl action. kansas city chief extend winning streak five games by beating the denver wrong co-s. the detroit lions get first end of the season in dramatic fashion beating the vikings 29-27. detroit dedicating the win to the michigan community rocked by the deadly school shooting last week. >> this game ball goes to the whole oxford community. those names for all those, you know, will never be forgotten and they're in our hearts. >> san francisco running back trenton cannon somebody carted off the field after a scary collision against the seattle
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seahawks. stable condition and stayed overnight in a whont a concussion. but, is cleared of all other injuries. those are your headlines guys send it over to you. >> listen to this. as you know because you have been covering sports so much. patriots win tonight they have. best record? the afc can you imagine if both of them. >> tom brady has to play the patriots again. brian: highest rated super bowl in the history of super bowls. steve: especially with boston. brian: that's a good point arizona fan tammy told me cardinals have more wins than the bucks. i want to add if you want to look with a team veteran talent it might be the defending super bowl thanks. i really would be hard pressed. ainsley: how are the cowboys doing? brian: they had a roll three or four and then they won. ainsley: they are 8-4. brian: they had a big covid problem. he wants to release carley?
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steve: you should have about four minutes ago. ainsley: no one wants to. bye, carley. she will be back to talk sports. car. brian: i guess. steve: we have shown you the images of the smash and grabs in california and elsewhere across the country. this is in los angeles governor newsom out there has called on local mayors to step up and hold the perpetrators to account and they all should be prosecuted, he said in walnut creek one of those suburbs of the big town at nordstrum. $125,000 was looted. and the city approved $2 million for more cops in walnut creek. clearly this is a big problem in california and, yet, somebody who you would think watches a lot of news is clueless when it comes to this. ainsley: you are talking about aoc. a lot of these allegations organized retail theft are not actually panning out i believe it's a walgreen's in california
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cited it but the data didn't back it up. walgreen's says organized retail crime is one of the top challenges facing the company. it's evolved beyond shoplifting and petty theft to the sale of stolen and counterfeit goods online. steve: this was a cannabis store knocked over about a week ago. ainsley: how can she say it's not organized when you see a huge crowd of them come in together? steve: why would she say that? brian: pure tone deaf arrogance of the progressive left. astounding. they. us to defund the police and say the result is increase in crime. this is why the queen of queens go campaign for around the country. if you are a dallas wants to win a democrat race. because these are extremist ideologies that are divorced from reality. they have -- they looked at prop 42. passed in 2014. 47. paled in '14 allows you to rob up to -- just under $1,000 and
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then they said what if we send in hundreds of people in at the right time? this is organized, it's theft, and they are not going out there trying to get food and clothing and blankets. they are trying to get luxury items. if you are starving, you don't need a rolex. here is jamie mcbride lapd detective. >> it is so violent. we are telling people don't visit because we don't think we can keep you safe right now. aoc is she living with her head buried in the sand? it's ridiculous, people like her and the rest of the squad just clueless what's going on in the rest of the united states. there is rampant crime everywhere. in fact, los angeles is like the movie purge but instead of 24 hours to commit your crime. they have 365 days. steve: that's right. every day. retail industry leaders association came out and they said respectfully the congresswoman has no idea whether a she is talking about. the data and stack of video evidence makes fairly clear this is a growing problem in need of solutions. if she is not convinced
3:21 am
organized theft increasingly violent attacked on retail employees she should just say that congressman from illinois rodney davis who is a republican says i don't know what data she is talking about. regarding wall greens. all you need to do is walk down the street from the u.s. capitol to the cvs eastern market a very popular shopping area on capitol hill. he said i have been in there buying stuff when somebody walks in and raids a shelf and walks out. aoc's office had no comment when contacted by -- will. ainsley: congressman jim banks says comments offensive security coward the police officer shot and killed last month trying to protect the news crew while they were filming one of these smash and grabs and he was killed. brian: this isn't democrat or republican. it's just right and wrong. who looked at this video and says so what? who looks at that video and says republicans are responsible for that. is ho looks at that video and says i'm so proud of my
3:22 am
governors and mayors that have allowed to chaos to reign and rule our lives. major any at any time no. wants to know now when you send your kid off to work at 20 years old while they are in college retail behind a desk maybe at a jewelry store when these organized bandits come in and start smashing things and grabbing things? even if you are cvs or walgreen's. hard enough getting feel work especially under this type of attack. steve: you know, a lot of the people looking in the very beginning we heard you know these are big companies. this went back to last summer. they have insurance. they are not going to get hurt. ultimately they get hurt. now even gavin newsom is saying find these people who are doing it and prosecute. brian: too late. ainsley: somebody had to work really hard to buy that merchandise. 120,000 from nordstrom. 120,000 from louis vitton store. someone had to purchase it.
3:23 am
work really hard talk about mom and pop shops. next year the beijing olympics the biden administration is expected to announce that no government officials will be attending the olympics. taking stand against human rights abuses that are happening in beijing. steve: right. so it's going to be a diplomatic boycott. the athletes are still going to be. brian: are they going to make the announcement today? steve: they are going to announce it this week. remember joe biden was talking to president xi what 10 days ago, two weeks ago on zoom? i think it was our white house correspondent asked jen psaki, you know, did the olympics come up? is there going to be a boycott she said you know what? it never came up. they have been planning this for a while. nonetheless, if the athletes are still free to go, you have got to figure the athletes are still going to go. brian: here is ennis can't freedom he wants a boycott.
3:24 am
>> >> as an athlete what do you want to say to other athletes heading to beijing for the olympics in february. >> shame on them. all the gold medals in the world that you can win is no more important than your valor and principles. come on. while we are speaking right now there is genocide happening. and shame on international olympic committee that they are sleeping in the same bed with china so someone has to call them out. ainsley: good for him. they came from turkey. they revoked his passport because he has spoken out against erdogan. he is worried about his family's safety. erdogan won't let him come to visit them. steve: because of the human rights violations i am not going to go to the olympics that i have trained 10 years for. brian: it's true. remember 1980 we boycott those games and 1984 the soviet it will russians boycotted our games. the olympics ended up bouncing back in seoul but barely.
3:25 am
if we boycott these games i know it's not a easy decision. olympic games are basically done. russia and china will probably boycott our games because we have them in los angeles right after that in the spring. this is one thing i would say back then pure amateurs. literally that was it. if you were getting paid, there were no professional hockey players if you were getting paid you were banned almost like steroids. this is their window athletes. doesn't need play winter games. hockey team doesn't need to play. track and field and down hill skiing and speed skaters this is their moment to be beth hyden or eric hyden you don't ever get to know these guys or women if they don't play. the diplomatic boycott is true. we should have had is the outrage when they were given the games to begin with. the outrage which will russia was given the sochi olympics. look out taiwan after these games. the only thing keep russia and
3:26 am
furyk they were hosting the games then they would go in. steve: even though our athletes can still go it's just a diplomatic boycott. china is furious. they say the u.s. should stop politicizing sports and hyping up the so-called diplomatic boycott so as not to affect u.s. china dialogue and cooperation in important areas. here's the thing this takes leadership. something like this. when joe biden, the biden administration has been considering this for months. for joe biden not to bring it up hey, president xi, let's talk about this right now. let's talk about now that i have got you face to face on the zoom. let's talk about the human rights violations e didn't do that he didn't talk about covid. some of the problems that we variety now there is nexus between the united states and china whether it's iran or it's north korea or it's a supply chain or it's covid. he didn't bring up covid either. what's going on? brian: tuesday with russia with vladimir putin. is he going to bring up the
3:27 am
weather? we will see. keep in mind that tennis player that spoke up about being sexually assaulted why that official didn't bring that up. salute jake tapper yesterday his monologue he unleashed enes kanterer on china. he went after holiday the nba and more. you can't buy enough soap to wash the blood off their hand from cnn that's amazing. ainsley: why do they care about the human rights on the border with mexico but not china? brian: we are afraid. we conveyed this aura of weakness from this administration. ainsley: new york city's mayor bill de blasio almost out. considering a mandate for covid booster shots of just to eat inside a restaurant. our next guest is a brooklyn restaurant owner. is he fed up with the constant mandates and taking the city to court. steve: plus, it's an incredible charity honoring military families this christmas. we will take you behind the scenes the boot campaign santa
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>> new york city mayor bill de blasio i know he is still mayor. on his way out but could enact
3:32 am
more covid mandates before he goes. requiring booster shots for restaurants or concert venues. listen. >> with all of our approaches to covid we are going to update them because we are dealing with some new challenges at this moment. so we are going to keep updating policies regularly to meet this challenge. brian: our next guest has filed suit against city mandates and displays a sign in her restaurant saying we do not discriminate vaccinated or unvaccinated. joining us the brooklyn restaurant owner rok co-'s. what is your reaction to a reaction to a possible booster infringe on our liberties. the mayor is opening store
3:33 am
owners, restaurant owners to police people as they come in to a restaurant to sit down. we have basically mostly female employees working with us. some of them are very young. initially i was just worried about having them to czechoslovakia seen mandates and passports and whatnot when they were walking in and now we have to make sure that they have had a booster shot. it's absolutely, absolutely ridiculous. brian: what's the reaction to that sign going up in your window. i totally sympathize with it. i would do the same thing. i imagine people will crack down on you, right? >> well, so far i mean by the grace of god nothing has happened quite yet. i don't know if it's the calm before the storm so to speak. but, brian, it's not about the fines or somebody coming down on us. really about protecting people's civil liberties. allowing people to come in and enjoy what new york has to offer which is restaurants. somebody should be able to come in vaccinated or not, sit down,
3:34 am
have a cup of coffee enjoy time with their family. it's not up to me or my employees or us to be the vaccination police. brian: i know seeing that over and over again. also seeing what inspectors were like, militant storming into kitchens trying to find out if there is somebody without a mask on prep cook. off couple locations, the ppp loans were the ones that sustained you. you also say this help wanted. manhattan location looking to employ two full dime barista locations no. vaccination required. promote individuals who are hard-working and love working with the public. please d.m. roccos if you are interested. get people to work. how frustrated are you? >> i mean, new york is, you know, it's completely devastated it's so hard to find anybody who work in the service industry right now.
3:35 am
s i'm work 70, to 80 hours a week my civility to sustain the business. unfortunately the mayor has been really destructive. he has called the key to unlock new york city. it's destructive. it's hard to find employees, it's hard to find people to work. now we are putting another thing over them that they need to be vaccinated in order to come in and get a job. if you are not vaccinated you, you can't get unemployment. what kind of world do we live in? what kind of city do we live in? it's supposed to be a loving city. we are supposed to take in everybody and not judge everybody. unfortunately what's happening now looking at people not as individuals. we are looking at them as if they are lepers of society if they're not vaccinated. i mean, it's completely inhumane and goes way, way beyond just new york city, obviously. we see this happening throughout the world. i really would love to implore the mayor to really take a look at what he is doing because is he doing more harm than good as far as i'm concerned. brian: the day he leaves i think america will just rejoice but especially new yorkers and business workers like you mary
3:36 am
josephine generosa thank you so much. hopefully this is just temporary. >> thank you so much, brian. brian: we reached out to the city for comment we did not hear back. 10 years ago our next guest slept on motel roof for 94 days in order to end violence in chicago neighborhood. enough to as violence strikes again in the city he is doing it again. we will talk to that chicago pastor next. plus, pandemic politics with new testing requirements for travelers, even doctors are asking will the pandemic ever actually end? does someone want it to continue? ♪ yesterday's gone ♪ yesterday's gone ♪ ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know.
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steve: we hope you have a great
3:41 am
day wherever you are on this monday. we have janice dean joining us from outside. janice, it's a little soggy today. janice: it's 50 degrees here in new york city. it's crazy. if you like the warmer than average temperatures, you are going to love today's forecast. the rain here in the northeast has ended for the time being. but we are looking at the potential for a nor'easter to develop later this week and that's going to bring some very christmassy type weather. look that the cold front that's diving across portions of the tennessee and mississippi river valley. we have the potential for severe storms including tornadoes today. keep that in mind. know what to do if there is a watch or warning. we could see snow for the great lakes and watch what happens as we go through the next couple of days, cold front that sweeps across today. the storm developing across the rockies, that's the one we will have to watch over the next couple of days develop off the coast. severe thunderstorm threat not only for the tennessee and mississippi river valley for the gulf coast. >> this is the thing i am talking about.
3:42 am
area of low pressure across the rockies. that is going to merge up with the southern system and bring us our coastal lows. so we will have that cold air in place. who will get the snow? it's the tale of two computer models, some say snow for the northeast including new york city and other big cities and other computer model says mainly a rain event. we have to refine that forecast and bring you the very latest. the thing can i tell you 60 in new york. 67 in atlanta. 58 in dallas. >> we have cold air behind the system. we had blizzard conditions over parts of the great lakes and the upper midwest and we had warm temperatures last week for the central u.s. that is coming to an end this week as that developing storm system moves in. as the jet stream develops. and then, okay so, here's one of the computer models we are watching. one computer model bringing us the potential for some snow along the east coast and then the blockbuster computer model brings some measurable snow for some of these areas. so something we will have to watch over the next couple of
3:43 am
days. certainly it is that time of year. so enjoy the 60-degree temperatures along the east coast. steve, back to you. steve: j.d., thank you very much. meanwhile, this holiday season it's important to give back to those though give everything. and thanks to the boot campaign, santa boots program it's easier than ever before. this year more than 100 military families will receive holiday gifts brought -- rather bought, wrapped and delivered by volunteers and their partners from all across the country. fox news contributor and retired marine corps bomb tech joey jones is currently at the warehouse where they will be wrapght presents. about we get started joey, did you a great job as emcee friday night manhattan tunnel 2 towers gala. >> you know, when you have a job can you bounce from one amazing event and good cause to another, you are doing something right. that's where we are today. the billionaires in california aren't the only ones bringing their manufacturing facilities to texas. we're in an undisclosed location
3:44 am
here and santa claus has brought himself down here. is he wrapping and packing presents for 100 military families thanks to the help of the elves here with booted campaign. so we're out here knee dallas, texas. north pole south and behind me volunteers. a lot of them recipients of other programs boot campaign wrapping presents for military families that have fallen on hard times or not had the fortune of being able to provide a big christmas for their family. every single gift will be personalized. personally wrapped and put in a box and put on the front doorstep of 100 military families and really amazing thing. seventh year doing it people show up as they say with bells on. they are ready to do it. steve: that's great. joey, i know you said the gifts will be personalized. i imagine many families have specific needs. do the various elves, the volunteers do they get a list and they know exactly what the family needs so they can make sure they wind up with what they
3:45 am
need? >> absolutely. that's what is so unique about this program. other programs similar to this might have a company that wants to donate 1,000 of this item, a thousand of that item. this program is personalized and each metropolitan member of the family. they are using a questionnaire that the family fills out. so they have a little bit an idea had not exactly what that questionnaire is for. a lot of times it's a surprise. and the whole point here is to give the family exactly what they need for that year or maybe what the kids have asked for. i will tell you, santa claus makes his rounds pretty quick. we have actually got one right here. this is the santa claus right here with me today. >> ho ho ho ho ho. >> he has moved his operation down to texas. steve: because here in new york city it's 60 degrees today so why not? all right. joey and santa, we are going to be checking in with you all all
3:46 am
morning long at your undisclosed location did i see up in the corner grapevine, texas. just saying. >> merry christmas. steve: quarter before the top of the hour carley joins us with headlines. carley: that's right, steve. we're learning shocking new details in the deadly stabbing of a columbia grad student. david geary reportedly screamed for help as he stumbled near the column university campus. italian tourist was also wounded in the spree. the suspect vincent pinckney faces murder and attempted murder charges. he has gang ties with a long criminal history. it's believed this is a random attack. alec baldwin deletes his twitter account following tell-all interview on the rust film set. the actor had two verified twitter accounts and used one to issue statements on the october incident it now appears that the star has completely deleted the account labeled at alec baldwin but left up the second account which he uses sparingly. only weeks left in office virginia governor ralph northam is ordering the removal of
3:47 am
embattled statue pedestal in richmond. the statue of robert e. lee was removed in september. now, the stand has become a symbol of the controversy near of the city center and is now covered in graffiti. governor elect glenn youngkin kin will take place on the 15th. bed bath and body works christmas candle sale. husband looking miserable as she dragged him to multiple stores to buy 221 candles. the couple started the shopping spree by waiting in line at 4:3. fiance andrew telling fox business happy wife, happy life. he is going to make a great husband. that is a lot of candles, steve. steve: is it for them? carley: that's the best smelling christmas tree of all times. many flavors.
3:48 am
steve: my wife has some great candles, sometimes you go into a room and there is just one you don't like? carley: oh, my head is it throbbing now. maybe they won't like them. steve: i love the christmas candle, just saying. and anything that smells like pie carley, thank you so much. carley: see you, steve. steve: if you are in need the perfect christmas present look no further. skip and alison bedell best gifts for the entire family out on fox square. they are coming up next here on "fox & friends" ♪ ring aling ♪ hear them ring? ♪ soon it will be christmas day
3:49 am
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3:52 am
. ainsley: less than 20 days to christmas. check your list. we have gifts for the family even the pet. joining us now home improvement and lifestyle experts skip bedell and beautiful wife alison bedell. thanks for having us here. >> christmas season, ready to go. give the gift of fitness. everyone has a home gym. actually adjust the weight
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3:54 am
>> nice. >> i love these. >> this is great for men and women. >> i see loot of men in the military wearing these instead of gold bands. >> so unique no two are alike. >> having a promo code 10% off. ainsley: what's the website? >> this year women's gifts excited about. kind of gifts make you feel empowered and confident and self-sufficient. this is invisa ware. my favorites thing ever. panic button jewelry. so wearing the bracelet here and necklace. they have scrunchies, bracelets, key chains. this is the kind of thing that you give to people you love. you want to keep them safe. sends a text to five people let them know you are in danger with the simple click back of a but the upon. even 911 gets you located location. 10% discount as well on that. this, i love. apollo tools.
3:55 am
>> let her take the tool section this time. >> they have other colors. but their pink tool line don't united states to breast cancer research for every pink line you get. all different kinds of things from just toolboxes. they have 201 piece, 145 piece. >> quality tools. this is great for first like first time homeowners and first time apartment. ladies want to put together their furniture, hang pictures. >> you don't need somebody look him. you just get one of these. >> you do. >> where do you find it? >> pink you don't have to worry about me stealing them. >> on the website as well. >> this is for the children. >> walmart is the kid's toys destination this year. walmart has doubled the toys they did last year. amazing selection. so, this is a great stuff. this is crayola double sided esell. white board on the black and black on the other. explore rocket ship huge toy
3:56 am
this year. >> buy gifts for the kids. hottest toys. walmart has twice the toys this year. >> halo supreme. >> zeno sports roller skate. what's great about. these the wheels all light up these are adjustable. all the skates full wheel and inline adjust as your kids grow they grow with your kids. ainsley: perfect buy one. >> zeno sports roller skates. >> quote on the website as well. ainsley: let's get to the pets. >> this is, i love this. these are blankets for your house but they are it non-permable. the pets can be laying on these. look at these pet beds orthopedic pet beds. ainsley: website. >> our website skip promo for these as well. ainsley: thank you. merry christmas. more "fox & friends" coming up.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
is a political decision. >> chris cuomo is out at cnn. >> cuomo assisted his brother former new york governor while he was facing sexual harassment charges. >> chaos end of the year exodus rocks the vice president's office. >> anonymous staff member told the post you are constantly propping up a bully. >> the supply chain crisis and neighbor shortage threatening a
4:01 am
cherished part of the holiday season. >> it starts and ends with the biden administration. >> 3, 2, 1, merry christmas. [cheers] ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ everywhere you go ♪ take a look at the 5 and 10 ♪ listening once again ♪ candy cans and silver lanes aglow ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ toys in every store ♪ put the prettiest thing to see ♪ the holly that will be on your own front door. steve: how great is that? we have the christmas carolers perform performing in front of
4:02 am
our building. it feels kind of like let's see flag day because it's going to be 60 degrees here in new york city on this monday. ainsley: at least the rain stopped. it's not raining out there anymore. those are the christmas carolers. recruit highly skilled students from the country's finest music schools. brian: that was the 1996 when they launched. shows you the progress. longer skirts. we all are for that meanwhile, talk about something that has been consuming our lives going on year three of the pandemic. 2019. well we had to 19. so it's been taking our life and taking over our life little by little trying to grab it back and in comes another varpted that we still don't know anything about because we don't keep our own stats. we do very little of own our own
4:03 am
data collection. reactionary mode in this country when it comes to dealing with this coronavirus or the latest variant good news is very, very mild symptoms very hard to see if anyone has had it or not unless they're tested. >> omni krohn one third of the states. required to take a test one day before you depart your country and you come into the united states regardless of your vaccination status you have to wear a mask in airports and on planes and other modes of public transportation like buses and trains. they are asking about 24 hours before you get on the plane. saying day before. board a flight 1:00 p.m. on friday board with a negative test any time the day before it does apply to air passengers two years or older flying into the u.s. there is not a requirement just requirement for air travelers not traveling on land.
4:04 am
steve: these are international restrictions regarding flying in the united states. what's interesting though, is if you have had covid in the past, apparently you will be able to document that with a note to say, look, i had covid within the last 90 days and so then you would be given an exemption. you would be able to fly as well. it's interesting, given the fact that now we are 10 days into the omicron variant and learning more about it is not as severe they say. and dr. fauci yesterday was talking about yeah, you know, the travel restrictions out of south africa we're probably going to revisit that he said he felt bad about doing it and now it has come to light that apparently it was circulating around in many other countries. brian: first. steve: before south africa which ultimately got the blame if you will put it that way because that's the area of the globe that we restricted now they are going we probably are going to
4:05 am
revisit that we could be stopping that, too. brian: how ridiculous is that relying on news sources to find out. steve: they didn't know. >> they had ogo years to get in touch with all these countries to get this communication going and yet they are reacting on a friday, they ban things on a saturday. countries are devastated. countries band. punished for coming out and being transparent by saying we got handful of cases here, mild symptoms no, deaths. i want to tell you about it next thing you know they get banned. unlike china who still has not told us where the virus came from. so how are they rewarded? >> hospitalizations have not gone up in south africa. they say hospitalizations are not increasingly -- they are not increasing rapidly in south africa because of this. and fauci says it's too early to make any definite statements about it thus far it does not look like a great degree of severity to it we are really going to be careful before we make any determination.
4:06 am
steve: remember, when the news came out and going into, i believe, the holiday weekend, the stock market sold off because it was like are we going back and then the administration. brian: a thousand points. steve: the administration so far behind they wanted to look like they were in front of this. they did the travel restrictions and now it looks like maybe, you know what? in the name of caution, they did it but now they are going, you know what? we could back off probably. brian: why do we have to go to israel for everything. here's an example. tell us why and who is getting break through viruses? why are you getting breakthroughs? at what point in what vaccine is doing that? every time we need an answer we need v. to go to another country. big picture is, people are asking themselves when is this thing actually over? when do we live with it and stop running from it? here's a listen. >> if we set our sights on going to zero covid, we'll never satisfy that. i don't believe we will. covid will be endemic meaning there will be strains that will circuit.
4:07 am
they will change. but we want to make that a minimal risk disease by vaccines. by pre-existing immunity. by the oral drugs. we need to go on with our economy. we can't ruin our children. we can't throw people into depression and cause them to be more addicted and die of overdoses. we have to get on with our lives and live with this all w. all the tools we have right now. >> the end of the miami is a political decision. not an enlogical decision. that's a basic fact. stop the panic, stop counting cases. we have no technology to stop the cases from coming. we have technology to protect you if you are -- if you actually do get sick. brian: moderna omicron vaccine for runny nose and low fever a fourth shot on top of a booster and another variant we are going to be -- getting shot every three weeks. zika manual halderly a right wing zolt rahm emanuel's brother who is perpetually angry to the
4:08 am
extent we are constantly relying on britain and south africa the definition of flying blind. the cdc has been under fire for months lackluster tracking break through infections and u.s. reliant on other countries for realtime data. that's what anthony fauci should be asked. when are you going to give us some data that we can use instead of telling us how many people can come to our thanksgiving? steve: we had delta come into the country last year and now omicron. as it turns out the bike vaccine manufactures have relied on the same vaccine from the very beginning. they were talking over the weekend what if you tailor it to this particular mutation and drug companies are reluctant to do that. they don't want to do it because then the next one comes along. so far it looks like the current vaccines work. interesting bit of information that came out. that is, you know, we told that you omicron has 50 mutations. one of the mutations apparently it looks like came from the common cold. the genetic sequence does not
4:09 am
appear in any earlier versions of the coronavirus. so, as it is circulating around the world, it's changing and now part of it has part of the common cold. ainsley: just affecting so many different businesses. we have interviewed so many small business owners. this is mary josephine general rosa she owns a restaurant it's hard to find anybody to work in the service industry. i'm working 70, to 80 hours a week to maintain my business. the mayor has been destructive he has called the key to unlock new york city it's destructive putting another thing over them they need to be vaccinated to come in and get a job. what kind of world and city do we live in? it goes way beyond new york city. we see this happening throughout the world. i would love to implore the mayor to look at what he is
4:10 am
doing. he is doing more harm than good. brian: i have an idea. study texas and florida. they are living lives that are free and giving people the opportunity to make their own mature decisions whether it's stay inside or go outside. they are letting people be free. unlike new york. look at this: here are a list of the freest and most oppressive states. ainsley: the least free. brian: here are the least free states. new york shocker 1. hawaii 2. california 3. new jersey 4. oregon 5. i think three of those are leading the country in case, too. now for the most free states? steve: you have got new hampshire, florida, nevada, tennessee and south dakota. what we're talking about. this is cato institute's freedom in the 50 u.s. states surveyed. they have been doing this for years. it is based on overall personal freedoms. like how much your taxes are. imminent domain laws.
4:11 am
licensing, drug policy. things like that. new york state has been the worst state the least free state in the union since they started this particular survey. florida is at the top. one of the things they cite is no individual income tax and they have got a hot climate for business and actually the weather itself is hot as well. and so that's one of the reasons why as you look at the free states right there. you have got florida, tennessee, new hampshire is number one, again. then you have got nevada and south dakota. ainsley: no state tax in new hampshire, no state tax in tennessee and florida. a lot of people are moving out of this city, which is heart breaking because so many people love new york city. it's so expensive here. steve: hard to love now. brian: what about those students that got stabbed in columbia. ainsley: crime is up. steve: crime is terrifying. brian: think would secure the country. stabbing the other day and someone got stabbed in the park.
4:12 am
steve: put together a map of least safe it would be scary. brian: i will put carley on it. ainsley: we would be on the top of the list on that, too. steve: white house end of the year exodus is rocking the vice president's office. ainsley: it comes amid a new report claiming the vice president bullies her staff. brian: do you believe this? peter doocy joins us live from the white house with more. peter? >> good morning. the headlines for vice president harris are getting worse. a new one in the "the washington post" says that plainly kamala harris staff exodus reignites questions about her leadership style and her future ambition. and in that article a former harris staffer anonymously says it clear not working with someone willing to do the prep and work with kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul crushing criticism and also her own lack of confidence. you are constantly propping up a bully and not really clear why. those either confirmed out or reported to be out are the harris spokesperson symone
4:13 am
sanders, her communications director ashley, the press operations director peter veld and deputy director of public engagement vince evans. people criticizing harris are not anonymous either. former staffer gill durand put name on this quote. the staff turnover will continue unless the white house takes charge and provides stewardship for the office. stakes are high. so the narrative of division and dysfunction must be swiftly put to rest. remember, the biden team added harris to the ticket last year as part of a political calculation that she could help him get here. but her own political future and her own ambitions are somewhat unknown at this point if she can't help herself or keep people in her office around long enough to help her. back to you. steve: peter, "the washington post" talked to 18 people connected to her office. and, you know, they have painted
4:14 am
a pretty bleak image. didn't you ask jen psaki about this last week? >> i did. and she basically said it's normal for people to want to leave the white house after about a year. especially if they were on the campaign before that. so they see this as part of a natural cycle. obviously some of the people on their way out have stronger feelings. steve: yeah, one former staffer says the vice president doesn't read the briefing materials and then when she is unprepared, she starts yelling at them. >> yeah. so will just be walking around the hallways listening to hear any raised voices behind closed doors. steve: peter, thank you very much. ainsley: if you read this article, says she is inconsistent. burns through seasoned staff members succeeded in other demanding high profile positions. occasional tirades from irate boss can be difficult. same old destructive pattern. gil duran the guy peter was
4:15 am
talking about worked years ago quit after five months in 2013 because of just the bullying. but he says she is repeating the same old destructive pattern. brian: this is what you heard about her when she was attorney general. this is what you heard about her when she was senate. this is what you heard big time even though she raised all that money and this that great opening speech when she was a candidate in california for president, and then you watched her in interviews be thoroughly unprepared and you wonder what is she even thinking? she has no answer on should we get rid of private insurance? she said yeah. for total open border. she actually said yes. and then you say to yourself, then she attacks joe biden, destroys him. and then the next day she -- in the debate. then you watch tulsi gabbard take her apart on the debate stage again. says well, you know, she only has 1%. i'm thinking to myself she doesn't seem to be studying. the staff is saying. love to minimize it and say it has something to do with race or
4:16 am
gender but coming from her own staff. they love to say it's republicans jealous of her or fear her or biden people that want to keep her down or there is a rivalry. no, the attacks are coming from the people who know her best. that's the fact that they have to live with. steve: the interesting part is we have been hearing over the last couple of weeks how high the administration and top democrats are on pete buttigieg. you know in joe biden decides not run and have pete step in and damning "the washington post" survey or rather story that questions her management ability, which really kind of limits her ability to run for president. like, okay, she wasn't even president, she was vice president. and look how many people. brian: people having short-term memory loss with pete buttigieg. pete buttigieg getting nowhere, winning nothing. he basically in south carolina fell apart and then quickly jumped out of the race clearly there is a deal behind the scenes you jump out now i will keep you around.
4:17 am
steve: a lot of people see him as the future of the party. brian: what has he done? didn't show up him the most supply chain. hasn't gone to one port yet. someone putting him forward better pr people. ainsley: is he not going to the border. i'm sure they are scared. if biden doesn't run again who do we have? ainsley: he is so progressive. >> we have smart. speaks several languages. i know is he a concert meanist. he has a military background. but his policies are so progressive. brian: right. ainsley: is that what the people of the party want. brian: talk to people in south bend which i have an affiliate there he is not popular. carley shimkus you have been assembling the news. carley: i have. michigan law enforcement say a person of interest who allegedly harbored the parents of ethan crumbley could be charged. the authorities found the couple in detroit basement on friday. the next day james and jennifer crumbley charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. this after their son ethan
4:18 am
crumbley was charged as an adult with terrorism, first degree murder and other counts in the death of four people and injuring seven others. the oakland county sheriff telling msnbc that neither parent has shown any kind of remorse in jail and now oxford high school announcing that a third party will conduct an investigation into the actions the school took with ethan before the shooting. amid surge in crime, san francisco is now suspending a planned cannabis tax to help dispensaries compete with illegal drug dealers and theft. city supervisor raffaele mendelman telling the san francisco in part cannabis businesses struggling weight of out of control retail theft. the tax will be suspended until at least the end of next year. listen to this. the ceo of terminated about 9% of his staff over a zoom call. it a large chunk of those being laid off probably knew why.
4:19 am
he said in part you guys know that at least 250 of the people terminated were working an average of two hours a day while clocking 8 hours plus a day and the payroll system. they were stealing from you and stealing from our customers. how crazy is that the ceo says the reason people were fired 900 people over a zoom call the market official is i performance productivity. some people working from home were just working two hours but being paid for much more than that. steve: if that. it's one of those things where it's not like a company wide thing. it's like if you can see me right now, you are fired. carley: right? log on, make a sandwich that kind of thing, not good. ainsley: thank you, cancerly. steve: chris cuomo joining his brother on the unemployment line as the two facing mounting scandals. our own janice dean fought against the governor and his covid response. she will react coming up next. ainsley: and more black americans feeling abandoned by the democrats are uniting around
4:20 am
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♪ steve: after losing her mother-in-law and father-in-law to covid-19 in nursing home in new york state. janice dean and her family grieved as they watched those in power joking on national television instead of being held accountable. brian: yeah. this was a mistake. now with both chris and andrew cuomo out of a job. she is making her voice heard in
4:25 am
a fox news op-ed writing, quote had they both done the job they were hired to do this day would never have come. the cuomo brother's comedy hour has finally been canceled. ainsley: janice dean joins us now. janice, how do you feel about this morning about. this if it wasn't for the andrew cuomo or chris cuomo comedy hour that wouldn't be sitting here that's the day my grief turned to rage when i saw those guys joking around about the love gov and their mother's favorite son was and the big cotton swab where nursing homes could not get tests to tests incoming infected patients weigh now know andrew cuomo admitted or his administration 9,000 covid positive patients. i saw them joke around as body bags piled up outside of nursing homes. that's when i said it's time i tell my story because nobody else is covering it.
4:26 am
steve: in the beginning andrew cuomo said go back to the nursing homes. we didn't know how big. that number has been manipulated by staff and others. the very latest is the department of justice is looking into the -- even though governor cuomo is gone the doj is looking into what happened. janice: there is still several investigations into this governor. i believe one of them going to be criminal. brian: did you ever think you would see this guy. janice: if you told me last year at this time after emmy award after going every show $5.2 million book deal now one of reasons why he covered up over 125 thundershowers nursing home victims is to sell that $5.2 million book. if you told me that this time last year i would say you were completely insane. i felt at that point my voice was not being heard. this time at christmas time i told my husband i'm going to give up. it's not worth it not worth bringing my family into this day after day when these people will not be held accountable.
4:27 am
ainsley: what is sean's reaction to this, your husband. it's christmas time. he doesn't have his parents. janice: we can never bring them back. we can ask for accountability and answers. we still need to find out why did he put code positive patients into nursing homes? why did he cover up those numbers? why did he give out friends and family covid tests to chris cuomo when nursing homes couldn't get them toe literally save lives. there is so many answers we need to get to the bottom of. brian: chris cuomo behind the scenes damage control and choreograph his brother's defense. janice: lied to his staff. lied to his viewers, no, up i'm not helping anyone out. no i'm not getting information on any of these victims. that was a lie. he was actively trying to smear these women that came forward against his brother. steve: you mentioned that governor cuomo got over $5 million permanently to write this book. this sounds like state staff did
4:28 am
a lot of work. janice: turned the executive chambers into a book publisher. brian: for agree. they had to do it. janice: that is against the law in new york state. ainsley: what happens next? janice: that will still investigations happening right now and hopefully we will see some of those results in the new year. i'm very grateful to letitia james had she not dropped that bombshell in january of this year. i would have given up. i think i would have decided it wasn't worth it to bring my family into this. she was the one that said yes, he has been covering up numbers and putting covid positive. steve: now she is running for government. >> she is. if it was not for her i wouldn't be sitting here today and they would probably still in power. brian: this ♪ her opinion. these are the facts. cat scan january these are the facts that she went against her own party to bring justice to new yorkers. ainsley: i remember when they
4:29 am
were putting -- when your in-laws were going through all of this the nursing home staff and it warts reported more harmful for other people beam had other issues. >> what was governor desantis doing? he was active live trying to prevent covid going into the nurses homes. he didn't let one infected patient go into a nursing home. why did governor cuomo do that. brian: other governors doing the same thing. much more to talk about. janice: thank you for having us. brian: you have to come backenned a talk about it. janice: i will continue to do it. steve: read her op-ed on janice: thank you. brian: still ahead on this show. remember the life and legacy of senator bob dole. newt gingrich joins us live to honor his friend and take a look back at his 79 years of service to this country. ♪ elite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now...
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♪ steve on this monday morning, we are remembering long time kansas senator bob dole who passed away yesterday at the age of 98. ainsley: senator dole spent most of his life nearly 80 years in service to this country. brian: take a look back at life of patriotism, dedication and honor. >> i have never been prouder in
4:34 am
my life than to have been the republican nominee for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> as the 1996, republican none knee bob dole came as close as he ever would to winning the presidency. it's a dream he chased three times. he made that concession speech in russell, kansas to the people who had known him since his birthday in 1923. world war ii took dole from kansas to italy. just before the end of the year nazi machine gunfire shattered his upper body and destroyed his right shoulder. >> it was about 11 months i think before i could feed myself. i think i could have done it frankly if very honest about it probably at 8 months but the nurse was were very attractive. >> after his recovery, dole went from county prosecutor to the house to the senate. dole became the senate majority leader in 1984. he remained in leadership until 1996, resigning his senate seat
4:35 am
toe run for president. >> the make this moment far less the closing of one chapter than opening the glory proving the third time a charm. >> i accept your nomination to lead our party once again in the presidency of the united states. >> dole lost to bill clinton but remained in the public eye in more ways than one. he lent his image to big name products like viagra and pepsi. >> i feel like a kid again. >> he became a voice for veterans rights, visit guiltying the world war ii memorial on a regular basis and arranging travel for fellow world war ii veterans to do the same. >> senator doll who is himself a veteran and a wounded veteran at that former distinguished senator a man who knows washington well but more importantly knows the kind of questions to ask. >> in 2012 dole had one of his toughest days on capitol hill. visiting the casket of fellow world war ii veteran senator
4:36 am
daniel inouye of hawaii. a wheelchair bound dole needed help of his wife elizabeth and his aide to take the steps on his own feet. reportedly because he didn't want his long time friend to see him in a wheelchair. it was a similar scene in 2018, dole standing from his wheelchair to salute another fellow shoulder from the greatest generation and 41st president of the united states. george h.w. bush. that determination is how senator dole earned respect from both sides of the aisle. >> bob dole was 98, when i was growing up, we lived in russell, kansas. my dad was friends with bob dole back in the 1960's, when my dad died bob dole wrote me the most beautiful letter and called me. ainsley: really, that was nice. elizabeth dole from north carolina ran there. they also have a daughter robin. brian: let's bring in newt gingrich who served in the house when bob dole was leader.
4:37 am
how do you put career in perspective first as legislator? >> let me say first our hearts and prayers should also go out today for elizabeth. today would have been their 46th wedding anniversary. so, it's a very poignant time for elizabeth and for robin, his daughter. look, he was a very effective legislator. there is a certain mythology that in washington after you retire or pass away. he was not a kindler or gentler person. he was a very tough partisan who was also very good with people. he could on the one hand do everything possible to defeat the liberal democrats in the senate but at the same time be personal friends with a number of the folks that he was dealing with. and he was generally very effective. the contract with america did dramatically better in the senate because it had bob dole's support and because he thought through and i would go over
4:38 am
occasionally when i was speaker and we would try to solve some problem and i realized how much more complicated the senate is than the house is and dole in his career had mastered that complexity. he was a remarkable leader of the senate. steve: newt, he was tough but back then, you know, the two sides of the aisle could get stuff done together. yeah, i think that's partly because we had an ability to be very tough professionally but not personally to recognize that we were in a tough business but both sides were in a tough business. so, you had to respect your opponents. after all, they won elections, too. the people had chosen them to be there. and your job was to find a way to make it work not find a way just to make it stop. and i think that dole per sorenson find that. he did it in the house. but, remember, he was also a republican national committee chair. he was a very partisan republican. he came out of a state which
4:39 am
itself had been extraordinarily republican for virtually the entire history of the state. and i think the thing that most struck me never quite left russell, kansas. there is a piece of russell that was in him permanently wherever he was. ainsley: so sweet. there is on you have written an op-ed about hunter biden and it's the title is congress must investigate hunter biden and those protecting him and here is why. and you go through it all. you say this has national security implications, there has been the absence of honesty from the fbi. explain more. >> there is a new book out called laptop from hell. that is just astonishing. the reporter who wrote it actually went through the laptop's emails and puts them together for you there is no question so many examples of hunter biden having gotten money from the mayor -- the widow of the mayor of moscow
4:40 am
$3.5 million. money from ukrainians, specifically talks in the laptop about a meeting at cafe milano with ukrainians, russians and vice president biden coming to the meeting. they have -- the examples from china of multimillion dollars deals hunter biden is peddling influence in washington. i think it's astonishing that the justice department has had this laptop now for several years and refuses, refuses to do anything with it. so, i do think hunter biden is going to be investigated. brian: what about those 50 intelligence experts, including leon panetta and john brennan who signed off to say it was russian disinformation? think about that, newt. look at those names there. michael hayden. think about the names there. they signed up on their integrity. >> they collectively lied
4:41 am
without knowing what they were talking about and, of course we now know that the russian hoax was itself a hoax. it tells you how sick the system is that all of those people who you would expect would sign something which was false. steve: you would hope the politics wouldn't creep into that but it looks like it did. check out the op-ed 19 minutes now before the top of the hour. up next, take you behind the scenes of the santa boots program giving christmas gifts to military families. joey jones more from texas on this incredible family ainsley: plus santa claus is coming to town he joins us live on fox square. brian: christmas carolers welcoming with here comes santa claus ♪ here comes santa claus ♪ right down santa claus lane ♪ he's got a bag ♪ filled with toys ♪ for boys and girls again ♪ hear those sleigh bell
4:42 am
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♪ brian: we are celebrating the christmas season on fox square where we're right now after christmas tree lighting happened just 24 hours ago. ainsley: this morning we have a very special guest who has been very busy preparing for his big day. >> ho ho ho. steve: santa claus is not just coming to town is he in town. >> good morning, good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. >> is everybody doing okay? steve: we know a lot of kids have talked to you and told you what they want for christmas which is 19 days away. what did a kid ask you for yesterday. >> young kid given a chance to talk to santa asked for avocado. i can get you an avocado. ho ho ho ho. steve: like 15 minutes. good luck. >> santa got pressed avocado. ainsley: what do people want to christmas this year.
4:47 am
>> dolls and choo choo trains. dolls are number one. brian: how is santa handling the supply chain problem. >> santa has no supply chain problems. elves working night and day no issue for santa. steve: i have seen the movie bernard is working hard at the north poll. pole.>> santa like a thousand y. go to every home' is a and see every i had cannenned a greatest joy you can ever have ho ho ho. steve: website or anything. >> brian: you thinner than ever. i'm convinced everyone is going to get what they want. >> everyone will get what they want this year. as long as you have been good that's the rule. steve: will have a million cookies. ainsley: merry christmas. steve: last dr. hour we introduced to the santa boots campaign wrapping and giving presents to 100 military families this christmas.
4:48 am
ainsley: helping fill those gifts is black rifle coffee co-founder and former army ranger matt with a bag of veteran owned brew it in every box. brian: retired marine bomb tech joey jones. joey? >> hey, guys, i told you santa moves fast. he was down here just an hour ago. he is already up there with you. let me tell you there are no supply chain problems when you buy american. here at this amazing elf workshop, companies have donated products and matt's company is one of them. you see a lot of products made in america. and so even though these families are custom shopped for, a lot of times they might want an extra gift or two. the person wrapping and packing it. come over here and pull it off the shelf. when they get tired, matt, hook them up with caffeine. >> got to caffeinate especially with you will oat presents we're wrapping today. 100 veteran families are getting presents this year. all the thanks to veteran
4:49 am
companies and vendors that help and of course black rifle coffee is here to help those near and dear to our hearts. >> matt walked one a cup of coffee. i grabbed a present. he got a little girl's princess doll. i will have to backfill that in all seriousness. matt is a celebrity. he has been in movies and now he owns -- one of the amazing owners of this coffee company. why is it so important to support boot campaign and more importantly santa boots program. >> the american service member and, you know, i'm a veteran as well. anything i can do to give back to the community and our company. we are here to do it. i set on the board of directors. i love their mission. and individualized treatment they are doing for veterans. anything we can do to help. that's why we are here and thankful for the support. >> you guys need to let us know if you wants a christmas present because we have a lot of them
4:50 am
here. [laughter] steve: i think maybe this year in addition to the cookies we should leave a cup of black rifle coffee for santa. >> that would be great. steve: leave it in a thermos so it's nice and hot. steve: joey and matt, thank you very much. brian: appreciate it guys, we will check back with you a little bit later. according to stats we have another hour left. the biden administration claims it doesn't believe in trump's remain in mexico policy but it's not stopping them from reinstating it. former dhs secretary chad wolf joins us live with the reaction to the biden version of the remain in mexico. steve: plus, a new survey shows a red wave among young black americans. two women who are part of the movement join us live with the rise in conservatism coming up live right here on "fox & friends." ♪
4:51 am
... ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, what?!
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>> hello good morning, i'm janice dean standing behind a gingerbread bouncey house with some kids and i think that i saw
4:55 am
brian kilmeade going in there, but first, let's take a look at your weather across the nation we have very warm temperatures ahead of this very powerful cold front, we're going to get up to 60 degrees here in new york city that's crazy for this time of the year, along the cold front, the potential for severe weather including tornadoes, see those little red polygons where we have active tornado storms for parts of louisiana up into tennessee, so, know what to do if there's a watch or warning in your area, obviously there are tornado warnings meaning that we have doppler radar indicated twister motion in those areas, and then we have our next slow-moving out of the rockies and that is the one that's going to bring us the potential for a snowstorm at least some of that energy moving along the east coast so there's your forecast, we'll see the potential for weather delays along the gulf coast, the tennessee, mississippi river valley, and then the northeast is going to get wet today, and we'll see some snow for tonight, on monday night, and then the next storm system moves in for the potential of a nor'easter that could bring
4:56 am
measurable snow along the east coast, we'll fine tune the forecast with fox weather download the app and get the latest. ainsley? is brian in here? i don't know. ainsley: he's not up here on set with us. >> is he in there? we'll go check it out. ainsley: thank you, janice. our next guest pushing back on the notion that all young black americans are progressive. featured in new york post op-ed, they say now is the time for republicans and black americans to unite over conservative values. political commentator and youtuber and ceo of the conscience conserve a derivative movement, felicia killings, joining us now, good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: thank you for coming on with us so tell us why are you conservative? >> well, first of all, i would say that i was raised in a christian home, my grand parents are pastors and raised my mother to be christian which had her raise me to be christian and conservative but it wasn't until i was in middle school that i
4:57 am
realized i was conservative. i attended a school called victor christian academy in orlando, florida predominantly black christian school and it wasn't until about the 7th grade my teacher, ms. randolph, she advised us to research both sides of political parties and also to look at what a conservative is and a liberal and that's when i came to the realization that i was conservative but i was raised christian and conservative so it came natural to me with that realization. ainsley: how about you felicia? >> my father raised me to be conservative. this is just all i know, big shout out to dad whose watching right now and this is pretty much the experience for a lot of black americans. we are conservative in our values, however there has been a significant gap between the republican party and black voters and right now, what we're trying to do with the conscience conservative movement is to bridge that gap via education and training, just talking to black voters as well as to white conservatives so that we
4:58 am
understand there are commonalities and if we show up i'm telling you it's going to be a powerful experience even in the political spectrum. ainsley: sharice, four in 10 black democratic voters call themselves moderate but the democratic party doesn't seem to be moderate anymore. it's so progressive. >> right. i definitely agree and i will say that historically, black americans, we are conservative. when it comes to conservatism i believe that that does not align , basically, it doesn't have to do anything with political parties. when you are conservative it has do with values and that's what i told everyone. you can be conservative and not be republican. you can be conservative and be a democrat and also be independent so the point is, black americans are historically conservative and just because they are black doesn't mean they have to be liberal or they have to be democrat. they are historically conservative. ainsley: felicia you say black
4:59 am
americans are looking for a political home. what do you think will happen next year with the mid-terms and then we choose another president down the road? >> i think right now, conservatives and republicans have an opportunity to bridge this gap to make these alliances this is something i share with beloved conservatives almost daily on twitter class. it's about understanding black history, it's about understanding that black history is on the side of conservatism and if we can aspouse these messages in a more empowering way as opposed to a degrading humanizing manner we'll see more black americans especially black millennials especially among black male voters we'll start to see more of them aligning themselves with conservative politics because conservatism has promised to protect our growing black wealth which we are eagerly building day in and day out. ainsley: you made your dad proud , felicia, thank you so much. and thank you, god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: thank you. stick around the final hour of fox & friends starts right now.
5:00 am
>> the requirements for traveler s even doctors are asking, will the pandemic ever actually end? >> you have to get on with our lives and live with this. >> the end of the pandemic is a political decision. steve: from the trump adminitration, the remain in mexico policy is being restarted >> migrants seeking asylum are going to have to remain in mexico. >> is that message being firmly sent by the administration? >> chris cuomo joining his brother on the unemployment line as the two facing mounting scandals. >> i saw those guys joking around as body bags are being piled up outside of the nursing homes. >> a former harris staffer a none a none o mustily says you're propping up a bully and it's not clear why. >> 3, 2, 1, merry christmas! >> ♪ deck the halls ♪
5:01 am
>> ♪ brian: you are listening to the best carolers ever. they are performing the christmas carolers "deck the halls" as you know, some words we don't really use the word anymore, like jolly. steve: we're decking the halls, brian. brian: we don't say tis the season. we don't say jolly. stuart: it's a contraction. steve: i think we say tis and tw as a lot a crowned christmas. brian: oh, really? steve: the season, the night before christmas. brian: now frank sinatra, johnny mathis, those people will
5:02 am
live in infamy, because we associate them with christmas, anybody in our generation that is going to last generations as singers and performers? ainsley: yeah, we have mike rowe and john rich. brian: do you think 100 years from now? steve: listen, why not? ainsley: mariah carey. steve: santa has a dirty job, just saying. ainsley: my family was here this weekend and we stopped at fox, saw our tree, we walked across the street, saw "the rock"efeller christmas tree. ours is full of beautiful ornaments and that music out there. steve: i know, it's orchestral and big and outside on fox square we have the fox & friends christmas village thanks to our friends at magical productions entertainment, we're celebrating the lighting of all-american christmas tree on fox square, it was last night, if you missed it, it was fantastic show, you can watch it today, on fox nation. brian: i think the kids are in the bouncey house right now.
5:03 am
ainsley: did you get in there? brian: the kids got up and said we need you in the bouncey house , you've never seen four kids happier. steve: absolutely and it smells like gingerbread. janice said it is a gingerbread bouncey house. ainsley: it's possible. brian: maybe it's the stretch and sniff technology put into the bouncey house. steve: meanwhile let's talk a little bit about this. people had hoped for this holiday season things be back to normal but now, with omicron, you know, it sounds like it's surging throughout europe and now there are a lot of travel restrictions, you know , and unfortunately, as the holidays are looming, they are going to be tougher travel restrictions in the united states starting today , all air travelers into or out of the united states will have to present a negative covid test within 24 hours of getting on an airplane, but what's different about this is if you have had covid, all you've got
5:04 am
to do is show the document and a note from your doctor and if you had it within the last 90 days then you're cleared to travel in or out of the united states. brian: steve do you realize that's the way most of the rest of the world is doing it? steve: well we're catching up. brian: to have the natural immunity, they give credit for that, so i think that's important too. the other thing that's important as you just see zike emmanuel say i don't know what it is about the fda and cdc and we're not keeping the right stats about breakthroughs and what is moderna working on and those people having the negative after effects on this virus. we're looking from taking the vaccine, we're looking at things and using other country's data instead of ours which is why we're not leading in the south african investigation of omicron. ainsley: well omicron is in one- third of the united states, and if you are traveling out of the country even passengers two years or older flying into the united states you have to also show proof of your child
5:05 am
testing negative, 24 hours before the flight and if your flights at 1:00 p.m. on a friday , you can get tested any time the day before. brian: go ahead. steve: i was going to say, this all on the heels of the fact with the holidays loom ing, we had hoped that we be completely over this , it's not the case. listen to some experts try to figure out when is this thing going to be done? >> if we set our sights ongoing to zero covid, we will never satisfy that. i really don't believe we will. covid will be indemic, meaning there will be strains that circulate. they will change, but we want to make that a minimal risk disease by vaccines, by pre-existing immunity, by the oral drugs. we need to go along with our economy, we can't ruin our children, we can't throw people into depression and cause them to be more addicted and die of overdoses. we have to get on with our lives and live with this with all of the tools we have right now. >> the end of the pandemic is a
5:06 am
political decision, not an immunology decision and that's a basic fact. stop the panic, stop it, we have no technology to stop the cases from coming, but we have to protect you if you actually do get sick. steve: and he makes a really good point. stop counting the cases, the metric that everybody talks about that is more important is count the number of hospitalizations, how many people are actually in the hospital. that's why in new york state they curtailed some elective surgeries because they are worried about gigantic in-flow of covid patients with the omicron as we head to the holidays but how many people are actually being hospitalized? brian: just to tell you about how counter productive this is kicking all these medical workers out even ones with natural immunity and saying you're fired at the same time you're worried about a new wave and variant coming to new york, and typical of this governor an overreaction. the minute we hear about something going on in south
5:07 am
africa, we ban eight countries from coming here, and then in new york, they say oh, elective surgeries are done. really? since when? and by the way, we've been educated for this of late over the last two years. almost every hospital to be profitable has to be about 90% full, so if the emergency rooms are usually 95% full so all you need is just a little bit more of a surge, people go well they are bursting at the seems. well the goal is to be 95% full, and the thing is if you're worried about it allow your staff to actually work, don't fire them, might be effective. ainsley: you're right. they jump jumped the gun on this because if you look at south africa they aren't seeing a big up-tick in hospitalization s. everyone who gets this says mild symptom, runny nose and they aren't losing taste and smell generally, exactly. brian: do you realize too it was president biden who i think tweeted out or said that when president trump came out and said listen we've got to have a ban on certain countries and he said some african countries shouldn't get in here and he said well it's because there are
5:08 am
people of a certain color and then when joe biden bans eight countries with no rationale behind it, no one brings that up at all? steve: right and as it turns out it sounds like omicron was in other countries before it settled on the southern region of africa. brian had a great interview with a restaurant owner here in new york earlier in fox & friends, our first hour. she can't find anybody to work. she's got the help wanted sign out on all of her locations, and part of it is the mayor here in new york, bill deblasio, in addition to if you want to go in you gotta have had the vaccine, now, he's talking about you have to have the vaccine and a boost er. that's not going to boost her business, watch. >> it's so hard to find anybody to work in the service industry right now. i mean, i'm working 70-80 hours a week myself just to be able to sustain the business, so unfortunately, the mayor has been really destructive and
5:09 am
called the key to unlock new york city. it's destructive. it's hard to find employees. it's hard to find people to work now we're putting another thing over them that they need to be vaccinated in order to come in and get a job. i mean, what kind of world do we live in, what city do we live in and it goes way beyond new york city obviously we see this happening throughout the world and i'd love to emplore the mayor to take a look at what he's doing because he's doing more harm than good. brian: part of the reason why they can't hire people is they don't want to get vaccinated, a lot of people don't, especially younger people. also there's a sign on her front , she has two rests, one says we don't discriminate, vaccinated or unvaccinated, trying to tell people, and any official, i'm not asking anybody if they're vaccinated or not. it's hard enough to get people to work here, hard enough to get people to come in here. ainsley: i remember talking to this one couple that was young and i told you this or maybe i told you, steve, and they said they just both quit their jobs in television and they are just going to figure out what they want to do in the next phase of
5:10 am
their life and i thought how can you do that, don't you need a paycheck? i don't understand why these people can't find workers, or why people want to stay-at-home and not work. steve: well you know, here in new york, as long as the kato institute had their freedom in the 50 state survey, new york state has been the least free state in the united states and when you look at the top five, it's new york, hawaii, california, new jersey and oregon. the metric is, they're looking at taxation and eminent domain laws and licensing and drug policy and lifestyle and choices and those are the least-free states and, you know, you hear bill deblasio now saying okay and you'll have to have a boost er. you can understand how new york earned that reputation. ainsley: the top free freeest states in the united states, new hampshire, florida, nevada, tennessee and south dakota and i know that new hampshire, florida, and tennessee you don't pay state income tax there. steve: that's great. part of being free. brian: i think that's important
5:11 am
the other thing is, it's just amazing in the big picture what's going on because if you looked at the new green deal from a few years ago they talk about having guaranteed income, people working less, they talk about people being paid the criminal justice reform, then you watch this smash-and-grab, you watch people refusing to work, you watch the payments that went out for over a year and people are getting paid just to have kids with these child tax deductions and then you wonder why there's people like you describe this saying i'm looking back to find out what i want to do. you guys, nobody i knew could afford to sit back and say well i'm going to think about what i want to do next. you have to have a job while you're figuring it out and maybe do some career seminars at night on your time, but i never saw more people who are more free from a paycheck and we're not worried about it, in my life. ainsley: i agree. steve: well they ran on it and now fast forward to today there are a lot of those policies that we discussed in the public
5:12 am
square and a lot of people don't like them. brian: but america used to be the over-workers. what happened to the work ethic? turning now to the white house ahead of president biden's video call with vladimir putin tomorrow, fox news obtained satellite images of russia military activity along the ukrainian border. steve: this as the biden administration is reportedly about to announce this week a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics. ainsley: peter doocy is live at the white house with the latest. hey, peter. reporter: good morning, and president biden is expected to talk tomorrow to vladimir putin to figure out what exactly putin 's intentions are with his next door neighbor, ukraine. >> we have serious concerns about the buildup that we've seen of russian forces near the border with ukraine and i wanted to make clear directly to the foreign minister the serious consequences that will result if russia actually committed acts
5:13 am
of aggression against ukraine. reporter: these new satellite images on screen show russian tactical battle groups with tank s and aftertillery and troops at the border and critics believe the actors think they can just do whatever they want. there is a concern and there's talk about planning that the united states could end up on the wrong end of a two-on-one fast break. if russia moved on ukraine and china moved on taiwan those things i think are a ripple effect of what happened in afghanistan, and our other foreign policy disasters that have already taken place in just 10 short months of this administration. reporter: now president biden is teasing punishment for putin if he orders that invasion of ukraine. >> what i am doing is putting together what i believe to be, will be the most comprehensive and meaningful set of initiative s to make it very very
5:14 am
difficult for mr. putin to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do. reporter: the president has another headache in central africa's equatorial guinea, china is trying to put a military base there, their first on the atlantic ocean which the journal reports is setting off all kinds of alarm bells at the pentagon this comes as china 's human rights abuses are the reason that the biden administration is reportedly set to announce a zip lower class matt ic boycott on the winter olympics that means no u.s. government officials be attending. the president has called recently russia an opponent and china a competitor, but right now, they are both testing him. back to you. steve: peter thank you very much here's enes kanter freedom, remember when he became a citizen, one week ago today, changed his last name to freedom , why he says with this diplomatic boycott which would not include the athletes
5:15 am
who would still be free to compete, why he thinks the athletes should boycott, not show up to china. here he is yesterday. >> as an athlete what do you want to say to other athletes who are headed to beijing for the olympics in february? >> shame on them. you know? all the gold in the world that you can win is not more important than your principles. come on. i mean, while we're speaking right now there's a genocide happening and shame on international olympic committee that they are sleeping in the same bed with china so someone had to call them out. brian: i think the people that should be called out is the ioc for granting the olympics to china at all. i mean, you know the way they act, you know what they're doing , they have upgraded the intensity of their muslim concentration camps. you see what they just did and they arrested those protesters or the people who stood up for democracy in hong kong and now they are threatening taiwan and you know what's happening with that 35-year-old, their
5:16 am
best tennis player they ever had they basically disappeared her, getting rid of free market enterprise which is if you watch 60 minutes last night, it's going to be the ultimately there to lead to their demise but in the meantime, i feel bad for the downhill skiers, the speed skaters, this is their moment, the nba, the nhl, them not going doesn't affect them, they're pros but these others this is their moment to shine. ainsley: except it could be their only shot. brian: yeah, for the most part 16-20. ainsley: it be a tough decision wouldn't it? steve: that's one "things our president should have brought up with the president of china when he was on the zoom call, but he did not. apparently it never came up. apparently they did talk a little bit about supply chain stuff, and you know it's bad, because you've seen some of the empty shelves and now, this is the very, you know, i've been telling you over the last couple weeks in the run-up to thanksgiving, couldn't find certain things -- brian: cream of mushroom soup. steve: also heavy cream. i was at the store yesterday, no
5:17 am
heavy cream, no whole milk, and now, as it turns out, there is a smear shortage which is going to impact your bagels. ainsley: especially workers, they love their bagels and love to put cream cheese on it, which is harder to find. steve: we're running out of cream cheese, thanks, joe biden. ainsley: that's right listen to this bagel shop owner on staten island. he says we're getting creamed from the cream cheese shortage and butter too, five pound butters are hard to get and paper goods, coffee cup lids, plastic bags. brian: it's one way to keep your cholesterol down. steve: everything in moderation. brian: look at the bright side. steve: just a little taste. you need a little happiness. ainsley: that might be for the individual person but what if you own a bagel shop, you need the cream cheese. brian: you need people to get their cholesterol up. ainsley: that's right. steve: it doesn't impact everybody the same way. brian: really?
5:18 am
strategist absolutely not. steve: they have no cholesterol problems. brian: tomorrow real find out any of you clogged? ainsley: [laughter] all right, let's hand it over to carlie who has headlines. reporter: gosh, hey, good morning. yeah, cream cheese doesn't affect everybody the same way, but inflation does. tying it altogether. brian: genius. reporter: we've gotta get to headlines let's start here with former cnn anchor chris cuomo denying new accusations of sexual misconduct against him. the network firing a star anchor over the weekend after discover ing he advised his brother through his own sexual misconduct scandal. chris cuomo previously saying on air he did not advise his brother a spokesperson for chris cuomo issuing a statement denying the sexual misconduct claims. >> the owners of a san francisco restaurant apologizing for denying verse to several on- duty police officers. in a statement posted on
5:19 am
instagram, the owners writing, " we hope this will be a teach able moment for us as we repair and continue to build bridges with the sfpd. these are stressful times and we handled this badly." the owners previously saying staff was uncomfortable with the officers being armed in their restaurants but they added they will continue to deny verse to any armed customer no matter what their job is. >> listen to this , a member of the racial equity committee on a texas school board admits she verbally attacked parents and shared their personal details. norma garcia lopez says yes, she left a profanity-laced voice mail for one mother and shared names, addresses and employers of other parents who sued the state and a school mask mandate. garcia-lopez saying, "some people consider my actions doxin g, but it's not when you expose someone who filed a public motion in a public court of law."
5:20 am
those are your headlines, my goodness gotta be a better way to handle that situation. steve: absolutely. somebody just sent me this. brian, cholesterol is a waxy fat -like substance that humans need to survive and your body makes cholesterol and absorbs it from the foods you eat. brian: so it's good for you? steve: you need it to live. just saying. brian: but if it's high what happens to your heart? steve: that's a different story. brian: what raises your cholesterol? ainsley: salty foods. steve: carlie thank you very much. brian: would you look into that reporter: i'm on it. steve: meanwhile the biden administration is repeatedly condemned president trump's remain in mexico policy, but now , they are forced to reinstate it today. former acting dhs secretary chad wolf on why the white house needs to change their tune and fast. ainsley: plus stay tuned for a special performance from america 's tenor, steve amerson as we celebrate the all-american christmas tree out on fox square.
5:21 am
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click, call, or visit a store to learn more. >> make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before trump became president that have an incredibly negative impact on the law as well as on human dignity. >> it has imposed unjust it fridayable human costs failed to
5:26 am
address the root causes of irregular migration, deeply flawed. steve: deeply flawed, the biden administration is to set to reinstate what they refer to as the deeply flawed trump-era remain in mexico policy later today after being forced to revive the program, by court order, which was upheld by the u.s. supreme court, but after publicly condemning they don't believe in the policy our next guest warns the white house is sending the wrong message to stop the surge. actually, let's have our next guest say that. former acting dhs secretary and heritage foundation visiting fellow chad wolf joins us. chad, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, thanks for having me. steve: great to have you so as soon as they could, they tried to pull the plug on remain in mexico but court said hey wait a minute, you did this illegally, you gotta put it back in place so that's where we are today. >> you're right. unfortunately, the biden administration made a very disastrous decision at the beginning of the administration to cancel this program which i
5:27 am
believe is one of the main causes of this historic border crisis that we see today so now a court is telling them to re institute it making some changes to the program, we'll have to see whether they're effective or not, but at the end of the day, this administration has said over and over again, it doesn't believe in the remain in mexico program that it will cancel the program as soon as it gets relief from a court, so again, it's sending the wrong message to migrants, to cartel members, to other smugglers and traffic kers. they know that the biden administration will not implement this program the way it should be, and they're just going to wait them out so they can have the program canceled and we can continue to see this catch and release instituted throughout the country. steve: what do you mean they won't implement it properly, does that mean they are going to go hey, guys, and gals down on the border don't arrest the people, let them in anyway? >> well, there's a couple of things they are making subtle changes to the program. they have announced some of the changes and some of the other changes they have not
5:28 am
announced so one thing they are doing is asking every enrollee whether they have a fear of returning back to mexico after a while this will catch on and people will understand and migrants will understand all i have to say is i have a fear of returning to mexico and i won't be enrolled in the program so it's a very effective way to undermine the program in the beginning. there are other ways you can do that, that you can assure the protections that certain migrants may need from an asylum protection standpoint, but to ask every enrollee whether they have a fear to return to mexico, people will catch on and they will understand whether they have a fear or not if they say yes they won't be enrolled or sent back to mexico and the program will be ineffective. steve: that will be the new way they gain the system but when you look at how effective it was during the trump adminitration, essentially it turned off the flow of migrants into the country. i don't think the biden administration wants them to stop the message still is, come on, the doors open. >> well absolutely and mpp, even during the trump adminitration, was just one step
5:29 am
of a multi-faceted process that we had in place whether from the asylum cooperative agreement s, the effective border wall system and the list goes on and on so mpp was a very integral part but just one part and so what we see from this administration is over 10 months they really haven't done anything different to stem the flow and so just instituting remain in mexico by itself, i don't think will be as effective as it could be. steve: let's see what happens chad thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. steve: you bet. coming up on 8:30 in the east, california is facing a surge in smash-and-grab robberies like that right there, but despite the videos, aoc says organized retail theft isn't actually happening. what? we'll ask dan bongino about that coming up, next. >> ♪ the cold hard truth as you showed up in that dress just to mess with my head ♪
5:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit brian: now this , we've been telling you about the brazen smash-and-grab robberies like this and sadly we're getting in new footage, seen across the country but as desperate
5:34 am
retailers plead for stricter shoplifting laws, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez claims the crimes aren't happening saying a lot of the allegations are not actually panning out and i believe it's a walgreens in california cited it but the data didn't back it up. former nypd officer and unfilter ed host dan bongino. dan? this is why they didn't want her campaigning in virginia or any purple state. does she speak for the democratic party? >> um, i don't even, i'm not sure who she speaks for. i could tell you, no, no, she does, she speaks for the dopey imbusol crowd. listen, iran for office a few times, thankfully it didn't work out so i wasn't contaminated by this swamp rodents but i met a lot of politicians and there's only one or two things trying to explain politicians behavior when they say ridiculous absurdi ties like this. number one they are just really
5:35 am
dopey or number two, they're liars and typically in my experience i'm not kidding it's usually number two. they are really skilled liars. when it comes to joe biden and a oc though i'm not messing you i genuinely say are they just really dumb because i'm not really sure with those two. she sees it happening. now here's the thing. this speaks to the essence of liberalism being this corrosive cancer in our society. you know, aoc and people like that claim to be with their liberal ideology in it for the little guy, tolerance co -exist and all that stuff but actually the policies they push like bail reform and weak on crime hard on police stories, what they actually do is destroy the livelihoods of the people in the district that they are over, it's hard to believe. one more quick point, brian. i said often on this show having been a police officer and looked into the criminal components to this often, the overwhelming majority of crime is committed by a very small number of people , when you let those people out, and you don't put them in jail you obviously get a spike in crime, as it goes
5:36 am
up almost geometrically. they don't want to tell you that because they are just liars. brian: a very good point plus they aren't stealing things to live, but so they can profit. >> yeah, yes. they aren't stealing from, you know, kroger. they are stealing from gucci and fendi. what are you doing eating the g ucci bag, boiling the leather like they did, you know, where they were freezing to death during the revolutionary war? is this ridiculous? what are you eating the shoes? brian: they are reselling them. they say mobsters are paying these men and women to steal and it's very organized fashion. the other big story out in san francisco, big shocker. a restaurant refused to serve two police officers and then asked them to leave because others in that restaurant were un un uncomfortable because they had guns and uniforms and tried to walk it back saying we made a mistake and hope this is a teach able moment for us as we repair and continue to build bridges with the sfpd, these
5:37 am
are stressful times and we handled this badly but they also said they would maybe do the same thing again. what's your reaction to this? >> they were uncomfortable around more police officers? do you know what's really uncomfortable? you have a holiday coming up, christmas, with thousands of families around the country who will have a big, empty seat at christmas from a police officer and their family who you know what? he's not here anymore, or she's not here anymore. you know what's really uncomfortable? that. looking at that empty seat every year and being reminded of what could have been and should have been and never happened because someone put a badge on their chest, for you, know 40 or $ 50,000 a year walked out into the line of fire every single day and was around for you that's uncomfortable and those tears are really uncomfortable. every year they deal with that. brian: it's the war on foundational principles of our country law and disorder, go ahead. you have a chance to vote soon. thanks, dan bongino.
5:38 am
look forward to hearing your radio show today. watching it on fox nation, and of course seeing your show over the weekend. dan bongino, thanks. >> thanks buddy. brian: we've been telling you about the santa boots program giving gifts to more than 100 military families, joey jones is talking to celebrity chef with the incredible volunteers but first the christmas carolers have been helping us get in the christmas spirit all morning long, and singing in spanish fel ice navidad. >> ♪ [singing in spanish] for enlisted veterans, helping thousands buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran?
5:39 am
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ainsley: we've been celebrating the christmas season and lighting of the all-american christmas tree all morning long. steve: and mr. chocolate himself , chef torres is here to serve up hot chocolate in fact he's doing it right now.
5:43 am
brian: he joins us with hot chocolate making tips and by the way first get it, how do you make it? >> okay, so, always real chocolate. that's very important. not powder, real chocolate, a little bit of whipped cream, and you know what? the hot chocolate it will be as good as your product is. merry christmas, enjoy. we have spices and candy cane, we do a vegan version, any kind of hot chocolate that you like. ainsley: you have three different locations in new york? >> after covid we have three locations left one on the upper west side, grand central terminal and brooklyn. steve: what is it about hot chocolate and this time of the year? >> you know it just makes you feel good and puts a little bit of spice in it, it's like oh, my god. really warms you from the inside brian: now you're from france. do they have the same passion for chocolate as we do? >> i think so, even maybe more.
5:44 am
if you look at chocolate for people eating every year, the french, it's a lot of chocolate. steve: we have a bunch of people here. do you like chocolate? >> i'm going to make more for you guys, okay? brian: look at how he pours it though. >> we make it for you, yes. steve: okay, very good. ainsley: and you guys are business partners right? >> we are business partners. twenty years. twenty-one years in december this year, so the business is very good. steve: well as you do that we'll move on to something else. >> okay. brian: you're going to get hot chocolate in a matter of moments but i've been telling you all morning long about the boots campaign, santas boots program delivering presents to more than 100 military families this christmas. steve: the volunteers work-up an appetite by wrapping presents celebrity chef john bonell is
5:45 am
there to help serve the volunteers. ainsley: and he joins us now along with fox news contributor and retired marine bomb tech joey jones. hey, joey. >> hey guys, do you know what goes really really good with hot chocolate? breakfast burritos, and chef john bonell prepared some this morning and he's here with his brother rick, and these two guys have supported boot campaign for 10 years now. how did you guys get involved with boot campaign? >> we were looking for a veteran's charity that really did the good work, locally, and got straight to people, so we started this event called the red neck triathalon which is like an outdoor carnival. chris kyle helped come up with some of the ideas instead of being a formal event we are out there shooting bears with bb gun s just having a blast so we found a great relationship with a boot campaign and if we can raise money to help veterans we'll do it. >> i've been to that event guys it is a lot of fun but a little bit more fun than shooting random things with shot guns out on his ranch is going to his
5:46 am
restaurant eating some of this great food and he's brought some of that here for us today. what did you make for us today? >> the volunteers are here wrap ping up presents so we're doing breakfast burritoses with sausage, home made guac, salsa, feeding the guys up right. >> this isn't just beef, this is venison, off your branch >> this is black buck sausage that i made last night. >> doesn't get anymore texas than that. i think they work all day. we may have to take a breakfast break in a minute. >> it's a good idea. steve: very nice. thank you, joey. ainsley: we appreciate your service too. you go serve the people. brian: okay serve the people. ainsley: we'll hand it over to senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> ho ho ho, how's that santa? >> not bad! >> what's your favorite weather to deliver presents? >> i like clear sky, not too sunny, santa likes it cool. >> you even have a new york
5:47 am
accent i didn't realize that. >> well when i'm in new york. >> fair enough let's take a look at the forecast we could get a little bit of snow in the northeast, look at the cold air that's pouring in across the northern plains and midwest and we have the potential for severe storms earlier tornado-warned storms for parts of the gulf coast up towards the tennessee and mississippi river valley today. there is the future forecast though we see that cold front sweep through that'll put the cold air in place as our next storm moves through the rockies and then into the central u.s. and that will bring the potential for some more energy across the east coast and our nor'easter on wednesday, will it bring blockbuster snow to the i-95 corridor we'll wait and see and santa if you need a forecaster for christmas eve, i'm available >> all right >> all right? ho ho ho, steve, ainsley, brian ainsley: good job, janice. steve: very nice. all right now it's time for news and carlie joins us from indoors reporter: two important stories to get to here.
5:48 am
president biden ordering all u.s. flags to fly at half staff following the death of long time senator and former republican presidential candidate bob dole. dole was a world war ii hero and beloved lawmaker serving our country for nearly 80 years. he represented kansas in the senate for almost three decades before running at the top of the republican ticket in 1996. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, joined us earlier to reflect on dole's legacy. >> he was a very tough partisan who was also very good with people, so he could on the one hand do everything possible to defeat the liberal democrats in the senate, but at the same time , be personal friends with a number of the folks that he was dealing with. reporter: dole is survived by his wife elizabeth and daughter robin. senator bob dole was 98 years old. >> jury deliberations could begin as soon as tomorrow in the jesse smolette trial, the
5:49 am
defense resuming its case on thursday with an emergency room doctor testifying on his behalf. the doctor saying he treated the actor for minor bruises and scratches. he's accused of staging a hate crime to boost his public profile. >> an end of the year exodus is rocking the vice president's office amid a new report claiming the vice president bullies her staff. a former staffer anonymously says with kamala harris you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence so you're constantly propping up a bully and it's not really clear why. harris has lost four staffers in just two weeks. simone sanders being the most high profile there. ainsley: thank you, carlie. brian: it's a big mystery. ainsley: coming up next a very special performance from america 's tenor steve amerson as we celebrate our all-american christmas tree live on the fox square. steve: but first let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino
5:50 am
a preview. bill: guys we've got issues because there's no equity between what you're getting with that christmas tree. what's up? dana: we don't even have a ten or , but hemmer is going to sing. should parents be charged with manslaughter if their child is charged with murder, their debate in michigan. bill: meanwhile, maria bartiromo on a monday kicks off our monday economic coverage, is inflation the grinch that stole christmas talk to maria about that. dana: the world on edge how to leaders around the world size up president biden, general jack keane has thoughts he'll be here live and we'll see you at 9:00. as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage.
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mom, hurry! our show's gonna start soon! i promised i wouldn't miss the show and mommy always keeps her promises. oh, no!
5:54 am
seriously? hmm! it's not the same if she's not here. oh. -what the. oh my goodness! i don't suppose you can sing, can you? ♪ the snow's comin' down ♪ -mommy? ♪ i'm watching it fall ♪ watch the full story at ainsley: one of our very favorite singers is back today on fox & friends to help us celebrate christmas on out fox square. steve: america's tenor steve amerson has a new book and he joins us live. i've been calling you the wrong thing, i always said you're a singer. you're a troubador. being a traveling menstral. >> these are stories of places i've sung, including the united states capitol, so it just is nice stories. steve: how did you get to carnagie hall? >> well it's over there.
5:55 am
[laughter] not practice. brian: so steve how hard was it when everyone stopped performing and stopped going anywhere for the first time maybe in your adult life? >> the past performers the past 18 months, two years has been very difficult. things are picking up slowly, but this week, i sang in phoenix , dallas, charlotte and now i'm here. ainsley: hold were you when you discovered your voice? >> my mom noticed when i was four years old that i could create a harmony part. i was standing next to her in church and she looks down at me with this look, i thought i was in trouble and going to get a spanking but i didn't want the spanking but she normally took us to the women's restroom to do that and i hated that but i was about four. steve: the thing about your voice is, it's not like a regular voice. its got such a dimension it's so orchestral. >> well it's a gift and i've tried to hone the gift and use the gift to the best of my ability. steve: this is great. it's the christmastime album.
5:56 am
you've been by a couple of christmastimes. such beautiful stuff and what are you going to sing for us? this is a song you've written? >> a song i've co-wrote with my friend lowell alexander and it's a tradition to sing where else would a lamb be born here on fox & friends. steve: ladies and gentlemen steve amerson. >> ♪
5:57 am
>> ♪ embracing god in human form, one would expect more than , but where else would a lamb be born ♪ ♪ but where else would a lamb be born ♪ ♪ he is the great lamb, who takes away ♪
5:58 am
>> ♪ a bed of straw became a cradle, embracing god in human form, one would expect more than a stable, but where else would a lamb be born, but where else would a lamb be born ♪ >> [applause] brian: all right ainsley: it's beautiful.
5:59 am
steve: how do you do that? you've got buses going by. brian: and hot chocolate. >> thank you. well it's great to be back with you and to celebrate the holiday season with you. brian: you're one of the few singers who can sing well in the morning, right? it's hard? >> i just didn't sleep. no in the morning can be a bit of a challenge, yeah. it's like playing the clarinet for you in the morning, brian. brian: back in eighth grade. he can't let go. i let all of my bright future just disappear. ainsley: really you are just born with such a gift. you've blessed so many people with that voice. >> thank you so much, ainsley and i wish people a merry christmas and hope they have a great holiday season. they want they can get my book at and i'll sign it if they want. steve: no kidding it says steve opens his heart and reveals a way that music allowed him to encourage others and to glorify god. ainsley: go on your website and buy a signed copy. >> they can request for it to
6:00 am
be personalized. steve: thank you, steve. by the way, thank you to our friends at magical productions entertainment for helping us celebrate christmas with this fantastic christmas village ainsley: and just in time for the holidays you can order rachel and sean duffy's new book available at brian: you get hot chocolate. there you go. ainsley: goodbye, everyone.


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