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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  December 6, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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steve: thank you, steve. by the way, thank you to our friends at magical productions entertainment for helping us celebrate christmas with this fantastic christmas village ainsley: and just in time for the holidays you can order rachel and sean duffy's new book available at brian: you get hot chocolate. there you go. ainsley: goodbye, everyone.
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>> dana: this is "america's newsroom." you were in california for the reagan defense forum. >> bill: a great event, great weekend and great to see a lot of people we haven't seen in some kind. >> dana: all the issues you've covered we'll have on jack keane on later today. michigan the couple's failure to appear in court friday set off an intense manhunt and police found the parents early saturday hiding in a detroit warehouse. >> bill: the pair is now being held in the same jail as we mentioned as their son, ethan. investigators say they may have had help evading arrest in michigan. >> everybody pitched in. we were confident to find them. we did. we believe they were assisted in that location to get there, to get in. and we are gathering that information and we're going to
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have the totality of that done fairly soon and present that to our prosecutor for potential charges for either aiding and abetting or obstruction of justice. >> bill: team fox coverage. andy mccarthy legal analysis and first to steve harrigan back on the story today in michigan. good morning. >> good morning, bill. all three members of the crumbley family, mother, father, son are in the same county jail. the parents face charges of involuntary manslaughter. the son murder. $500,000 bond set for the parents. a huge manhunt to find them in a detroit warehouse. the owner of that warehouse is being questioned by police. he may have given aid but no charges yet. the key outrage here in this village of 4,000 focuses on a meeting in this school just hours before that shooting. alarmed teacher had found
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violent drawings from the 15-year-old accused shooter. at that meeting parents, school officials and accused shooter himself. it appears there were several real failures at this meeting. first the parents never made mention they had bought a handgun for the 15-year-old for christmas just four days earlier. the school after this meeting allowed the 15-year-old to return to class and the school never informed police of the meeting until after the shooting. here is the sheriff. >> my reaction to the whole process is that if it was concerning to the teacher in the classroom enough ultimately to call in parents, at that point we would have loved to have been looped in. >> the state attorney general will be here tomorrow and school officials have already announced there will be an outside investigation to look into the conduct of school officials in regards to this shooting. bill, back to you. >> bill: steve harrigan in a chile oxford, michigan today. >> dana: let's bring in andy
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mccarthy former assistant u.s. attorney and fox news contributor. some interest in this because we have many school shootings and this "washington post" piece said a review of 105 school shootings committed by minors from 1999 to 2018 in which the origin of the weapon used was identified, found the guns taken from a child's home or relatives home. in only four instances were criminally punished for failing to safely store them. what's your take on this, andy? should they be charged? >> i don't think they should be charged, dana. not to say there shouldn't be crippling civil lawsuits. of course, there will be. but my default programming is that the criminal justice system is really for intentional harm. there were tragic missteps as we just heard in the report here. but that doesn't rise to the level of something i think the criminal law ought to get
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involved in. criminal law is plenty involved in this already because the person who actually carried out these shootings is being treated as an adult even though he is just 15. and he is looking at multiple life sentences. so it is not like the criminal justice system is not coming in where it belongs. to extend it to the parents under circumstances where michigan thought about but elected not to enact a law that prevents parents or makes it unlawful for parents to prevent access to firearms for children. so they thought about enacting that and they didn't. and then the fact that you need to foresee the consequences, they need to be sufficiently foreseeable that you would want to bring a criminal lawsuit. the fact they may have known this kid was troubled doesn't mean that they knew he was going to take the gun and bring it to school and shoot up the
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school. i think it's a very different thing. >> bill: that may be the case. precedent in the state of michigan on the face anyway 21 years ago, a man in flint, michigan pleads no contest involuntary manslaughter after a 6-year-old boy living with him found the gun in a shoe box and went and killed a classmate. you are familiar with that case. >> i am now, bill. >> bill: you were not aware. >> no, i wasn't aware but i would say -- i'd say this about it. you say it was a guilty plea. that means the prosecutor decided to bring the charge and the person who was charged decided not to roll the dice and go to trial and pled guilty. that doesn't mean that it was wise to bring the charge or that if it had gone to a jury that it would have resulted in a conviction. i think here there is a chance the court would throw the charge out because again the
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legislature considered making this behavior unlawful and opted not to do it. >> dana: one quick question about the jail. the son is being held there and now the parents are being there in separate cells. would the son know his parents were there or would they have kept that information from him? >> there is no reason they would have kept it from him, i wound think. the son has counsel. this ought to be mentioned. the parents who are accused of flight here, i think it was very unwise of them to go to this warehouse, they retained counsel not only for themselves, but for the kid. so that's not really consistent with the notion that they were going to flee. i think probably what happened under the circumstances it wasn't safe for them to be home and they had this devastating news they were trying to process and the lawyers say they were trying to work out a surrender with the authorities
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which would have been customary in most cases. so if they have counsel, there is a good chance the kid knows that the parents have been charged and the parents are also in the institution. >> bill: one more point you make. if the parents should be charged with involuntary manslaughter why not charge the school officials as well? it is a fair question. we'll see where it goes and hope you come back soon, andy. thank you. >> sure will, thank you. >> bill: eight minutes past. fox news alert. both cuomo brothers are out of a job. cnn fired him on saturday after helping his brother governor andrew ko*em after a lawyer for a former colleague accused chris cuomo of sexual misconduct. why he had to go. howie kurtz is live in our bureau in washington, d.c. >> cnn could not wait to rush
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out an announcement saturday night that it had fired chris cuomo days after he was suspended and after months as you said of letting the controversy slide. why the sudden rush? cnn chief jeff zucker was facing harsh media scrutiny himself over his prime time host who crossed all kind of journalistic red lines and newly disclosed state documents dramatize the magnitude of his erts including seeking information about two of the women accusing the then governor of sexual harassment. cnn hired a law firm that dug up additional information about cuomo's actions. "wall street journal" report evidence there was a gap between what cuomo told cnn officials and what he said to state investigators. cuomo spokesman told the paper the cnn host kefpt no secrets and stayed in close contact with zucker. cuomo said in a weekend statement he was disappointed and this is not how i want my time at cnn to end. he called his suspension
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embarrassing. washington lawyer debra katz told cnn last week about a new sexual allegation involving a former junior colleague of cuomo's at another network, apparently abc but provided no details. cuomo denied the anonymous accusation but the complaint didn't help him. chris cuomo, the son of a governor caught between his brother and network wound up acting like a political operative. cnn management allowed to unfold before firing its star. >> dana: america is mourning the death of former senator bob dole. he passed away yesterday from lung cancer. a legacy of public service. he was lauded for his bravery in world war ii and went on to represent kansas in the house and senate for more than three decades. two stints as senate majority
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leader and running for president three times. tributes from both sides of the aisle. capitol flags flying at half staff in his honor. he was 98 years old. what a life. i arrive in washington, d.c. to work on capitol hill in august of 1995. my mom and my aunt drive me across. we arrive. the first thing we would get was a capitol tour by senator's team and sean noble did the tour. we are walking by the senate and there is senator dole on the balcony. the staffer was let's keep going. i made eye contact with him. i was curious and he be waved to come out and the staffer said no, surely not. he offered my mom and aunt patty sue and me a coke and sat on the senate balcony with senator dole for 20 minutes and great beginning. he was a wonderful man. >> bill: you could argue the american disabilities act did not happen without him.
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service during world war ii phenomenal. i saw him at the republican convention in cleveland, owe in 2016. i went up to talk to him and said i'm thinking go about running again. i said that's a good line. i don't know how many people he used it on. >> dana: rest in peace and sorry to his wife, elizabeth. >> bill: he had a big sense of humor as we saw play out. 12 past now. the office of kamala harris now seeing another round of resignations. one former staffer says the v.p. is just not willing to do the work and more. >> dana: exclusive video shows agents struggling to protect the border. will the return of the remain in mexico policy give them a lift? >> bill: smash and grab robberies taking americans by storm. walgreens calls it a major challenge. according to aoc the problem don't really exist. ponder that next.
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>> dana: biden administration resumes the trump era remain in mexico policy today expanding its scope after a court ordered the program be reinstated. fox news has exclusive incident of a nighttime apprehension in texas as agents bust a human smuggling operation right at the border. we're in texas. >> the activity here in the rio grande valley sector remains hot to put it in percent pebtive a dhs source told us in one 24-hour span over the weekend they picked up 2,300 illegal immigrants. remember, those are only the ones they catch. let's show you that activity with some exclusive video. look at this video we shot as we embedded with troopers on
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one of their gun boats on the rio grande in the middle of the night looking for illegal activity. didn't take long to find it. a human smuggler bringing immigrants across on a raft. he lands on the u.s. side. they take off into the brush, the runners. others stayed behind on the raft. family units, a mom with young children. they stayed behind. but take a look at the second piece of video. texas dps went after the runners and able to find some of them and track them down in that thick brush. hold them at gun point. detain and arrest them. all part of a broader operation that texas dps has launched in the area to try to slow down soeft activity here in the la jolla area. a day operation and night operation. take a look at the video we shot as we went up with them in one of their helicopters showing them in the daytime what they're doing. texas is bringing out 30 of their boats to stock the river here and form a steel barrier or wall with their boats in the river there to try to stop some of these rafts from coming across.
6:20 am
take a listen to what texas dps had to say about this operation. >> we've deployed over 30 boats and texas dps and fish and wildlife as well. the purpose to show the influx of illegal immigrants coming across. large groups of families, unaccompanied children and also the runners that are coming across. >> and dana one of the things you'll notice about the video we showed you is none of that was the federal government or border patrol agents out here already completely overwhelmed. they can't be everywhere at once. the state of texas feels like they have to fill the void and use their own resources and operations to try to plug some of the activity in this area because they say the biden administration clearly is not getting the job done themselves. >> dana: thanks for the report. >> thanks. >> bill: rumors of dysfunction inside the vice president's office.
6:21 am
reports that more high-profile staffers are eyeing the exit over concerns they will be branded a harris person. wow. mark thiessen former speech writer for george w. bush. good morning. this was all in the "washington post" over the weekend. ill oh -- i'll read you one quote. tough stuff. it is clear you aren't working with somebody willing to do the prep and the work. with kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and her own lack of confidence, so you are constantly propping up a bully and it is not clear -- not really clear why. listen, that person was unnamed. if they put their name on it they probably wouldn't work again under this administration. what's going on? >> these are not conservatives criticizing her from without. people who believed in her and went to work for her and wanted
6:22 am
to help her and joined her cause and they are quitting or preparing to quit and complaining to the media. it is entirely possible that these staffers are a bunch of millennial cupcakes. that wouldn't be unheard of. if she were succeeding in her job they might be willing to put up with it. there are plenty of world leaders in history tough to work for but she is not succeeding in her job. she is failing at her job. her approval rating in a recent poll was at 28.7%. that's like 10 points lower than donald trump ever was. you showed the pictures at the border. the job she was supposed to take care of. she -- people will put up with mean, not likely to put up with mean and incompetent or mean and lazy as the staffer assembly of god to suggest. >> bill: mean and productive is a different thing. thinking about vice presidents, i can't remember the mainstream media -- we've had various reports out of washington being this tough on a vice president.
6:23 am
go back to dan quayle. they hated him but they weren't this ruthless with him. >> but this is probably the worst vice president we've had in modern times. why is this important, bill? it's not just the vice president really doesn't matter all that much, right? no one votes for the vice president but they may have to vote for the vice president if the president can't run again in 2024. not just kamala harris's approval rating is plummeting but so is joe biden's and she is the backup plan. a poll showed 2/3 of americans don't want biden to run again. what are they going to do if biden doesn't run again? why is biden president today? they couldn't find anybody better in that field. if biden doesn't run they are stuck with the same field. kamala harris is like their best alternative. that's not very good. bad news for the democrats if she can't perform. >> usa today approval,
6:24 am
disapproval. 28% on the approval rating. that's low. the dana milbank over the weekend, same paper "washington post". the media treats biden as bad as trump and retweeted by ron klain the chief of staff. >> the deep conservative bias in the media is working against joe biden. he is not getting bad press because of conservative bias in the media but because he is doing a bad job as president. and the reality is -- one of my most popular columns are the 10 worst things the president did list. i'm writing them now and trying to be fair to joe biden. i'm struggling to come up with 10 good things he did as president and having a hard time pairing back to 10 on the worst list. if you want better press, do a better job. >> bill: how many are you up to? have you hit five?
6:25 am
>> in terms of the best? he has a few in there. i'm at about eight. if anybody has suggestions good things joe biden did send them my way. the worst list i may have to do two different ones. there has never been a president who has fallen this far this fast in my lifetime. the worst first year of a president we've had. >> bill: a target-rich environment. >> dana: i got one more mark. no lockdowns for omicron. put that on your list, marc. and president biden scheduled to speak with russian president vladimir putin tomorrow amid concerns from u.s. officials that russia may be planning to invade ukraine. retired general jack keane joins us and the heels of a sluggish and confusing jobs report the president urging patience as the economy recovers from the pandemic. maria bartiromo reacts after the break.
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>> bill: 9:30 in new york. starting today all international travelers to the country are now required to take a covid test within 24 hours of departing for their trip here regarding vaccination status. it was three days, now it's 24 hours. >> dana: started testing. >> bill: everybody watching on international fox, beware. >> dana: president biden says he will not impose lockdowns or shutdowns as part of his plan to fight covid this winter amid last month's jobs report that showed weaker numbers than expected. last week the president warned recovery from covid and economic impacts won't be a quick process. >> it seems like the administration is starting to soften some of the language. you talked about covid and we're going to beat it back. are you no longer going to shut it down? >> president biden: we have to beat it back before we shut it down.
6:33 am
it is going to take time world. we have to shut it down covid we have to shut it down worldwide. >> dana: your husband is lovely. enjoyed having dinner friday night. the president said we won't go back to lockdowns. how did the private sector react. last week the markets were concerned about what the government would do when it reacts. >> dana, right back at you friday night. i enjoyed seeing your husband as well. there is nothing better than the tunnel to towers foundation. look, on the issues of the day, dana, i'm happy to hear that the president is not considering any lockdowns. most people i've spoken with say they were more worried about the overreaction to the omicron variant than the actual danger of the omicron variant here. so at this point we're looking at an economy that has slowed
6:34 am
quite considerably and will likely continue to slow. goldman sachs this morning lowered its expectation for gdp growth for 2022 and people have uncertainty regarding the issues we talk about such as inflation spiking and the supply shortages. unfortunately it is not all about covid. it is also about bad policy as you know. >> dana: president biden talked about the supply chain, joked about it a bit and here is what he said. >> president biden: biden: go b take a look at some of those shelves again. the point is with the vast they're filled. shelves, >> dana: he might have evidence that shows that but look at some headlines across the country. colorado they are talking about the favorite dishes not tasting the same because they don't have the ingredients they need. south dakota they're talking about the lewis drugstores. cnbc is amazon is making its
6:35 am
own containers to bypass supply chain woes and it's taking a big bite out of minnesota's small producers. it is happening in our neighborhood across the country. >> it would be misleading anything other than that. we recognize that the supply shortages remain. we have a lineup of ships now in the pacific continuing. one issue was that 1.9 trillion covid plan that the president put into place in march enabling people to stay home from work and received checks, that pretty much stayed with us where people decided i don't want to be back to work. i will wait for government checks. 4.4 million people dropped out of the workforce in the month of september. you also have this issue of inflation because of all of this money being thrown at the economy. unfortunately we aren't seeing any awareness of this. they are still trying to get
6:36 am
the build back better plan by christmas or the year end which is highly unlikely. we're seeing the same issues we had earlier in the year as a result of bad policy. i would say you have a market that is bracing for change in 2022. a slowing economy and moves by the federal reserve that will also make it more expensive will interest rates going higher. if we were to see higher taxes in the build back better plan it would pressure things further. we're at a fragile moment heading into year end. >> dana: thank you and we appreciate it. tunnel to towers was a fantastic event. see you soon. >> bill: great analysis. see what happens. frank siller, great man tunnel to towers. >> dana: you were missed. you were in california. >> bill: we had a great time at the reagan library. wonderful panels and a lot of input on the hot topics of today. relevant i would say. on the five here is what you do
6:37 am
often. you do dana's sports corner. >> dana: i try. >> bill: they challenge you to go ahead. >> dana: dana's sports corner i gave it a shot. the last two weeks. i think the entire i've been here they've given this read to bill. i will take it this time. i've worried about this all weekend but here we go. ask and you shall receive. the detroit lions got their first win of the seasons defeating the vikings in the final seconds. the team almost went all the way around the sun at 364 days before breaking their 15-week losing streak. both teams honored the victims of the oxford high school students. the steelers hold off the ravens. baltimore opted to go for the win but failed and got the two-point conversion. that's what you get after a touchdown, bill, in case you didn't know. the final score, the third steelers/ravens game decided by one point in series history.
6:38 am
college football playoff is set. i know you are happy. they'll square off new year's eve. the winners will play for the title monday, january 10th. that's not easy. >> bill: well done. good job. >> dana: i have to watch that back. it wasn't that great. i'll get another shot, though. >> bill: in the interest of equity we'll continue it again. you can go for a two-point conversion or take the extra point depending on the game. the bengals screwed it up. don't play the math but the momentum. >> dana: is it called a field goal if you get a touchdown and get the extra point. that's called an extra point not a field goal. i never knew that. >> field goal you can kick the three-pointer. >> dana: fourth down. >> bill: excellent work, kid. >> dana: i'll keep working on it. >> bill: after the white house says the pandemic is at the root of the recent spike in smash and grab thefts, aoc says
6:39 am
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>> dana: a massachusetts teacher is suing her principal and district superintendent after she claims she was fired for tik tok videos where she criticized critical race theory. she posted the videos running for a school board post months before she was hired to teach high school math and business. alexis is live with more in new york city. >> the teacher is fighting back. the school says they had the right to fire her and the teacher says the freedom of speech is being violated. back in september kerry was fired from the massachusetts high school. she says she was let go for posting a series of memes and tik tok videos criticizing the teaching of critical race theory and transgenderism. she was running for school board at the time in a different district. several months before being hired to teach in hanoverer. in the videos she explains why she feels crt has no place in the classroom. listen. >> they're not being taught
6:45 am
that the country was built on racism. so they're not being taught that they can choose whether or not they want to be a girl or a boy. >> she posted several videos like that in the massachusetts school district telling fox news their staff conducted an internal investigation into the posts and says the decision was not political. in a statement pointing out that there is a massachusetts state law that says if a teacher publicly interfaces with the community in any way that may negatively impact our ability to provide a positive and distraction-free learning environment for students and staff it is important that school districts have the afwoilt exercise their 90-day dismissal option. judicial watch, conservative free speech activist group filing this federal civil rights lawsuit against the school. >> it was quite specific. they could have just said, i guess, we're firing you and given no explanation. they tied it to her first
6:46 am
amendment protected speech. hence a federal civil rights lawsuit. >> there is a lot more that will develop with this. mccray plans to run as a republican for the massachusetts state senate next year. dana. >> dana: thank you, alexis. we'll keep an eye on that. >> bill: former wisconsin congressman sean duffy, good morning to you. you have nine kids, right up your alley. the things she said on the video want to make sure they aren't being taught to the country was built on racism. where does her case go, sean? >> it's a good case. the right to free speech and the fact that the school board is saying that if she is going to be opposed to crt it will be an negative interface with the community it shows how deeply crt has been rooted inside of our education system, whether it's teachers, school boards, administrators. you can't come out as a potential candidate and be opposed to crt and i think again this as a parent of nine kids and parents across the country are seeing this on our
6:47 am
television screens and communities more frequently. this has been going on for decades, this movement. the only way we'll get this out, bill, is if we have governors and legislators that push their school systems, their universities to take this out of the education system so we don't keep funneling these leftist teachers into our classrooms to indoctrinate our kids. >> bill: more from the classroom. did you see the "wall street journal." editorial board wrote about mathematics in the classroom. america's top scientists warn about the political erosion of education standards. call for number one. the paragraph. the erosion of math and science education to accommodate identity politics is even more threatening to america's prosperity and survival in a competitive word. credit if mathematicians for squaring up in defense of their field. you are doing more harm than good when it comes to equity for kids in the classroom. >> in essence we're teaching in
6:48 am
math and science which the only identity politics doesn't have anything to do with that. we want to focus on the identity, gender preference and race on our students instead of teaching math and science, which is idiotic. no wonder we're falling behind in basic math and science skills in high school and university systems. it's a threat to the prosperity of the country. you need the best minds in the world working on the problems for today and solutions for tomorrow. if you don't have them in america they're coming from china, india and other places and we'll be far behind others. >> bill: 471 people signed that across different spectrum there. did you hear what aoc had to say about the smash and grab? here is the quote. a lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out. i believe it's a walgreens in california cited it but the data didn't back it up.
6:49 am
has she seen the video? >> exactly. we've been playing this non-stop on fox. it is really happening. we've all seen it. you can't lie about it. what's interesting you see these communists, whether they were in venezuela or cuba or old soviet union. they lie. their policies have bad results so instead of acknowledging the results of that policy you lie about the result of the policy and that's what she is doing here. the right is calling her out but if you look at defunding the police, the problems that we're seeing in america with no cops on the streets, no bail for defendants and hardened criminals. you let out the people and this is what happened. aoc was at the heart of this movement. some people might have thought this, bill. she said it. she was the tip of the spear in leading the revolution to let violent criminals on the streets. it's her fault. she says it's not happening. don't believe the videos of the
6:50 am
smash and grabs and robberies. >> bill: videos don't lie and we've seen them for too long. thank you for coming in. if you haven't bought the book yet, you should. pick up your copy of an all american christmas from sean and his wife "fox & friends" weekend co-host rachel campos-duffy. check it out. read the chapter on dana perino growing up as a little child in wyoming and little billy hemmer in cincinnati, ohio. >> dana: have you head my chapter? i haven't read yours, either. i'm going to. >> bill: i will read yours, too. >> dana: do we have a deadline? >> i think by tomorrow. >> dana: i'll pick up my copy. thanks for letting me know. i'll get right on that. president biden preparing for a high stakes meeting with vladimir putin. tensions with ukraine are looming large. can the president dissuade russia from further aggression. we'll see. more bad polling for the
6:51 am
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6:57 am
youthful optimism from harvard university's kennedy school. the survey shows 52% of young americans ages 18 to 29 describe the state of the u.s. democracy as failed or in trouble. 34% say it is healthy or somewhat functioning. let's bring in pollster kristin solis anderson. looking at the younger people how is it keeping with how they felt in the past? are they more optimistic or is this pretty normal? >> you find for young americans they're frustrated with the way things are going but optimistic the way things will end up. they have a lot of faith in their own generation to turn things around. what we're seeing here in the harvard poll is a lot of young people are looking at institutions like our democracy and saying i don't think this is functioning the way that it is supposed to. they feel they aren't part of the system and feel like it's not delivering for them. that is worrisome. >> dana: in concurrence of that president biden's approval among 18 to 29 year olds is 46%.
6:58 am
a lot of young people who decided to vote a year ago went for biden. are they now disappointed? >> a lot of young people who participated in the election did vote for biden. he won younger voters by a wide margin. but just because young voters voted for biden doesn't necessarily mean they love what they have gotten over the first year of his presidency. we're seeing biden's numbers in pretty poor shape among young voters. for some they feel like he hasn't accomplished enough of the things he promised. whether it was trying to unify the country. when we take a look at the harvard poll the top three things the young voters want is action on healthcare, unifying the country and a strong economy. you could argue the biden administration hasn't delivered on any of those big issues. so if you're a younger voter even if you did vote for biden and had hoped he would do things differently you may not love what you've seen over the
6:59 am
last year. >> dana: vulnerable centrist democrats are saying let's not talk about trump so much. people want to talk about the issues, for example. susan wild a democrat of pennsylvania said people don't want to hear about donald trump. they are going to vote because they want to see people get stuff done. she said different words. what is your take on that? can you run a local race as a congress person in this media environment? >> so i think it is possible. i think for a lot of voters they are over the biden versus trump stuff. they want to hear what are you going to do to make my life better and deal with inflation, the rising cost of grass prices, the things that hit me in the pocketbook and affect my daily life? back in 2018 democrats ran against donald trump really effectively. the political environment was totally different back then. now it's democrats in power. every time they bring up trump they are looking backwards trying to blame someone else rather than taking
7:00 am
responsibility for what is going on and trying to make things better. the other reality is that even a month ago when i would ask in polls if the election were held today and who would you vote for biden was still in the lead. when we asked in november who would you vote for biden and trump were tied. it is no longer a guarantee that donald trump is the person the democrats can run against. people are looking at biden and going i don't know, maybe i would have chosen trump instead. >> dana: kristin, always good. thank you, have a great monday. appreciate it. president biden struggling to contain growing threats around the world as america's adversaries grow stronger by the day. china, russia and iran threatening global stability. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: how are you doing on monday? >> dana: great, how are you? >> i'm great. >> dana: i got 7.3 -- 7.75 minutes this week. that's not possible. 7 1/2 hours of sleep or a
7:01 am
little bit more. i'm doing great. i can't do math. >> bill: nice to see you. america's top two rivals. china's aggressive military operation raising alarms in taiwan. russia amassing troops along the ukraine border, trouble with iran. tensions on multiple fronts republicans are wondering how tough biden will be when he talks tomorrow with vladimir putin. >> there is a concern and there is talk about planning that the united states could end up on the wrong end of a two-on-one fast break. if russia moved on ukraine and china moved on taiwan i think the ripple effect of what happened in afghanistan and our other foreign policy disasters that have already taken place in just 10 short months of this administration. >> dana: we have fox team coverage. mike emanuel in washington jack keane with analysis and peter doocy at the white house. >> president biden is saying
7:02 am
that he has known what russia is up to for a long time and now he has satellite images to see for ourselves. western russia where tactical battle groups with tanks and artillery have been deployed. administration officials calculate putin has put half the 175,000 troops they think he would use to invade ukraine on the border and the pentagon is watching closely. >> what happens if putin does invade ukraine? what does the u.s. do? >> i certainly won't get into and speculate on different scenarios. but again i would point back to what the president said and that we're certainly committed to insuring that ukraine has what it needs to protect its sovereign territory. >> the white house says on a virtual call with putin tomorrow president biden will underscore u.s. concerns with
7:03 am
russian military activities on the border with ukraine and reaffirm the united states' support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. that raises new questions how exactly president biden could support ukraine if they get invaded. >> ukraine is not a nato country, right? but to ukraine's west are nato countries. at that point i don't happen to believe that putin would be crazy enough to invade a nato country. at that point the treaty obligations we're at war. i don't think vladimir putin want that. ukraine not a nato country. >> if president biden tries to put sanctions on russia for this activity that may be easier said than done because he would need the support of european partners and for example russia and germany are in business right now on that nord stream 2 pipeline. >> dana: lots of complicated
7:04 am
factors. >> bill: president biden expected to announce a possible diplomatic boycott of the upcoming winter games in beijing. under such boycott no u.s. government official would attend the games though american athletes would be allowed to compete. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel. what's the expectation? >> sounds like an announcement could come any time now. china is not reacting well threatening to take firm counter measures if the united states proceeds with a dloip mat i can boycott. the foreign ministry spokesman telling reporters the politicians who clamor for a boycott for political self-interest are showing off and hyping things up. no one cares whether they come or not and it has no influence on beijing's success in hosting the winter olympics. the spokesman saying a boycott ordered by president biden would be a political provocation. one issue that seems to bring republicans and democrats
7:05 am
together. utah republican senator mitt romney who ran the salt lake city winter games has been pushing for a diplomatic boycott since march. he wrote in the "new york times" on march 15th let us demonstrate our repudiation of china's abuses in a way that will hurt the chinese communist party rather than our american athletes. reduce china's revenues, shut down their propaganda and expose their abuses. here is how speaker nancy pelosi from may. >> so honor your athletes at home. let's have a diplomatic boycott if in fact this olympics takes place. silence on this issue is unacceptable. it enables china's abuses. >> unlike the president carter, moscow olympic boycott of 1980 this would allow athletes to compete but keep the v.i.p. delegation here at home. >> bill: more to come on this at some point very soon likely. mike emanuel, thanks. >> dana: for more on this let's
7:06 am
bring in general jack keane senior strategic analyst. "wall street journal" headline today. editorial. ro*etion are on the march around the world. iran and russia give a sign they don't tyke biden seriously and the world is entering a serious period. they will test mr. biden to expand their power and spheres of influence and not clear if or how mr. biden will respond. what do you think of that? >> i think it's largely accurate. there is a growing consensus among those of us who spend our days in national security and foreign policy that the united states internationally is playing a weak hand in the minds of our adversaries. our adversaries certainly pursue their national interest regardless of who is in the white house. but they take advantage and see opportunity based on who is in the white house. and all three of these regimes were there during obama, biden
7:07 am
when largely in foreign policy and national security we never really counted any of those three koun trees. trump came in and countered all three. his rhetoric was uneven at times his policies were dead on in countering their ambitions. biden has come in and they associate him with obama, believe that he is probably going to be more of an appeaseer and that has been largely confirmed and that's why you see an acceleration in their activities and their desire to take advantage of the united states and certainly that was underscored rather dramatically in august by the collapse of afghanistan. and when they look through the prism of afghanistan, what they see certainly is walking away from an ally that we associated with for 20 years, surrendering a country to the very adversary why we were there in the first
7:08 am
place. but more importantly, what they see is flawed judgment. president biden makes a decision over the objection of his military and intelligence advisors and over the objections of all the allies who were in afghanistan with us. he owns that decision and they look at it and they know it's flawed. so yes, we are going to continue to see this kind of acceleration because they believe rather frankly they can get away with it. that's what's unfolding. >> bill: what you are doing is drawing a thread or line between that kabul chaos in august to all these other points on the map with iran, with beijing and with moscow. that is a hard thing to erase if it's that indelible already, general. >> i think so. they were beginning to take on the united states before the collapse. >> bill: we are trying to queue
7:09 am
up this clip over the weekend. i'll play it for you. bret was talking to lloyd austan. do you have any regrets about afghanistan is the question. here is the give and take on that, general. >> do you have any regrets about the afghan withdrawal? >> i regret the fact that we lost 13 of our finest at abby gate. i regret that we lost 10 civilians in an errant strike. >> bill: went on from there. talked about the evacuation of 120 or 130,000, whatever the number was. what did you think of that response, general? >> well, i certainly agree with those regrets but actually the obvious regret, the elephant in the room here is the fact we surrendered afghanistan to our adversary who will enable foreign terrorists to find a home in afghanistan and threaten the american people. that's the fundamental issue here. there was no intent when
7:10 am
president biden made this decision that afghanistan would collapse and the taliban would take over. president biden didn't want that. secretary austan didn't want that but that's what we got. as a result of that decision. and that has to be the number one regret. >> dana: what do you think is happening now between the white house and the pentagon in terms of the discussions? president biden will speak to president putin tomorrow. there is that thing. we have the possible boycott coming and the talks with iran that aren't going well from biden's perspective. what kind of organizational discussions need to happen between the white house and national security council and pentagon right now? >> i suspect putin, a master at manipulating american presidents. he has had a pretty successful go at it when he took over in 2000. he certainly has made an estimate in the judgment of about president biden and what he is dealing with. he knew who he was in the past
7:11 am
and he has had one-on-one dealings with him already and have another one tomorrow. i think what president biden is trying to accomplish is lay down a set of consequences putin will have to face if he does invade ukraine or belarus. and the reality is that we can play a relatively strong hand when it comes to sanctions. we have stayed away from some of these sensitive sanctions like going after his oligarchs and cronies where his money is stored. putin if not the richest man in the world pretty close. number two, going after nord stream 2. we can sanction the execution of that even though the construction is completed we can sanction the fact of its ability to operate effectively. the third thing and it is really significant is we go after his oil and gas industry. we've never done it before. take the gloves off and go after it and then finally,
7:12 am
russian banking system operates in international banking system and uses swift, the telecommunication network that drives it. we can shut him down. that would be devastating for him. he is going to have this in his rearview mirror if biden puts these on the table. i have no idea what he is putting on the table but i am hopeful he is putting these very tough sanctions ton table. certainly to make certain there is no other advance from putin into undermining nato countries. ukraine is not a nato country. we should take nato forces and put them in poland and make certain they get the message that you are not going any further. you are not going to undermine poland. belarus is doing that now weaponizing migration and putin is enabling it. we still have a market to play here. i hope president biden plays it strongly with a sense of resolve and determination. >> bill: i hope you are available tomorrow to talk
7:13 am
about it. thank you so much. >> dana: you'll be here with us for the rest of the week. we love to have you. you mentioned the nord stream 2. i remember in the backer and president bush saying why would you want to do this to yourself, why would you want to be dependent on russia for your energy? that's what they are basically doing. >> bill: he talked about saention. hold it over putin's head and the pipeline is not complete yet. you could say we're objecting to it now and probably get a lot of nato allies if you get an invasion of ukraine. joni ernst with chris wallace. >> democrats are concerned, republicans are concerned. and what we don't want to do is allow president putin to continue with the pipeline especially as he is preparing perhaps to invade ukraine. so we do have to push back on that and i think that there is a large group of united states senators that will push back on
7:14 am
vladimir putin. >> bill: we've got cards to play and well oh he see how we play them. mention the "wall street journal" piece. the world is becoming more dangerous under joe biden. gone are the days of relative calm you could argue. it was just north korea the challenge for four years. things are changing now in a lot of different circles globally. 14 past. new york city mayor bill deblasio issued a sweeping vaccine mandate for all private companies amid growing concerns over the omicron variant. we'll tell you about that and this today. >> the citizens should be down right scared at this point and so our focus is we need to keep every single officer. >> dana: police departments are having a hard time recruiting and keeping their officers and all because of vaccine mandates. >> bill: starting today a trump-era border policy goes back into effect as migrants continue to flood that southern
7:15 am
border, the arizona a.g. next on that and more straight ahead. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love. talk to a financial professional about pacific life. let's go walter! after you. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! [cows mooing] that is incredible.
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>> dana: trial of actor jussie smollett accused of lying to police about an attack could go to the jury as soon as today. will the actor take the stand in his own defense? matt finn might have an answer live at the cook county courthouse in chicago. >> there is strong indication that jussie smollett will take the stand in his own defense. you never know what will happen in court. stay tuned. the judge told the jury in this case they can't begin to expect to deliberate as early as today or tomorrow. the jury is majority white, middle-aged. one black man seated and one
7:21 am
black woman as an alternate. chicago police last week testified there were 24 to 26 detectives and officers investigating the smollett case for more than 3,000 hours. they concluded that jussie smollett's alleged beatdown was a hoax. the brothers testified smollett paid them $3500 to beat him and took them on a dry run driving them to the precise stairwell he wanted a camera to capture the incident. it did not. defense the arguing jussie smollett was wealthy and famous and didn't need more attention. the actor making $2 million for the fifth season of empire and budding music career and saying that the brothers were sophisticated criminals and the brothers felt indebted to them because they got them a part on the series and he was an influential actor. he faces a few years in prison but also the possibility of probation. court is beginning right now
7:22 am
and we'll keep you updated. >> dana: matt finn. i will pay attention. we'll cover it on "the five" as well. thanks. >> bill: migrants awaiting court hearings in the u.s. expected to begin returning to mexico today under a newly reinstated remain in mexico pollz. it comes as we learn the number of migrants in detention centers increased by 56% since joe biden took office. arizona a.g., attorney general sued the administration over the policies. he is with me now. that makes two policies now, remain in mexico and title 42 based on covid back in effect under this administration. what will be the effect do you believe? >> well, bill, thank you for having me on. the reality is that the biden administration has created a catastrophe at our border and now trying to implement p.r. measures after losing in court and really it will have no
7:23 am
long-term meaningful effect until there is a change in substantive policies. one of the pending lawsuits involves deporting people deportation orders. the biden administration refuses to do that. there are millions of people illegally coming into our country, there are literally tens of thousands of gotaways every month. people refusing to surrender. what the biden administration is essentially doing here, bill, is like a magician. trying to distract us with an assistant or tiger or something like that and the reality is that it is clumsy, ham fisted and only doing it because they are losing in the court of public opinion and the courtroom. we need more substantive changes coming out of this administration. >> bill: they are losing in court. you can continue to challenge this in court. court of public opinion is a different deal. i wonder why they didn't continue to challenge it in court because they've defied just about everything the trump administration did absent the
7:24 am
withdrawal from kabul in august. >> yeah, obviously they have made a mockery not only of our foreign policy but our border policy and as you know, bill, border security is national security. and that's why i keep telling folks that president biden whoever is speaking into his ear piece and enablers in the u.s. senate are putting this country in danger. people are going to die as a result of the cartels seizing control of this border. i'm using and my colleagues are using the tools in our tool box and going to court trying to hold them accountable but the reality is what we need the public to understand and hold the house of representative, the congress and kamala harris is and biden. we need to hold them accountable in order to keep our communities safe. whether the cartel violence, fentanyl flooding into the country it will have a generational effect on the country. it is not a joke or not partisan. it is not an issue of right versus left. it is a fundamental of right
7:25 am
versus wrong. >> bill: back to the court of public opinion. i don't know how the people of arizona feel like this. we have heard a lot from these border districts in texas. they aren't happy. i imagine the feeling is mutual in arizona. i don't know what you are hearing there. how much did the results in virginia and new jersey influence this administration to do a bit of an about face on this? >> i think that, bill, the biden administration is still fundamentally far left. so what they are trying to do is change the optics maybe with some new policy roll-outs. substantively we see that their proposals are trying to socialize our economy, nationalize our election and decriminalize illegal immigration. make no mistake that's what they are doing. like a magician they can try to distract you but the reality is they're trying to fundamentally change this country and why i'm doing everything i can to push back and make sure the rule of law means something in this
7:26 am
country. >> bill: thank you for your time. remain in mexico had to be agreed to by mexico city and it was the trump team threatening and now it's back in action. we'll see the effect. the a.g. in arizona, thank you for coming on today. >> dana: los angeles crime victims push to recall the city's far left prosecute a*r saying his policies endanger public safety. california retailers under assault as smash and grab robberies keep finding new targets. >> when in california there are no consequences for your behavior. when we have open organized retail crime cases ready to go but prosecutors aren't prosecuting them. windshield cr. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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7:32 am
further spread of the virus as the city battles the recent wave of omicron variant cases. he won't be in office much longer but decided to do it on his way out? the most expansive vaccine mandate in the country affecting millions of people who work in 184,000 private businesses here in new york city. beginning on december 27th just four days before mayor bill deblasio goes out of office the mandate will be put in place on all employees who work if private businesses in new york city. also new yorkers age 12 and older will need to show proof of having had two vaccine doses instead of one to enjoy indoor dining, gyms, entertainment and performance venues and starting on december 14th all children ages 5-11 must show proof of having at least one vaccine dose to go into restaurants, entertainment venues and
7:33 am
participate in high-risk extracurricular activities like sports, band, orchestra and dance. eight cases of omicron have been found in new york city, seven in new york city. the mayor says the vaccine mandate is not only necessary but it is also vital, he believes it will survive legal challenges and he is encouraging other cities to enact similar measures. >> be my advice to mayors, governors, ceos all over the country use the vaccine mandates. the more universal they are the more likely employees will say okay, it's time. i'm going to do this. you can't jump from one industry or one company to another. it is something that needs to be universal to protect all of us. >> new york city already has vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, public sector workers, schools and childcare providers and as a result some 89% of adults here in the city are
7:34 am
vaccinated but now a vaccine mandate the most sweeping in the nation will take effect beginning on the 14th and 27th of this month. >> dana: the mayor says he wants to run for governor. maybe is his first policy foray. thanks, bryan. >> bill: police say two women were robbed at gun point inside of a home during a holiday party in an upscale l.a. neighborhood. happened on friday night. it comes as a group of crime victims and activists are renewing efforts to recall the l.a. county d.a. gascon saying he is too liberal implementing policies that are soft on crime. jonathan hunt is live in l.a. strong reaction on this, jonathan. >> good morning, bill. recalls are not easy. california governor gavin newsom survived one this year and a previous attempt to recall l.a. county d.a. george gascon failed spectacularly three months ago when supporters of the recall failed
7:35 am
to even get close to enough signatures to get the recall motion on the ballot. but angered and emboldened by a wave of smash and grab robberies at stores, armed robberies at homes and street crime in l.a., the same group of activists is targeting gascon once more saying the d.a. has, quote, deserted crime victims and their families. disregarded the rule of law and weakened lawful sentencing requirements for the most violent criminals including murderers, armed robbers and rapists. in one of the most brazen recent home invasion robberies two armed men walked right into a residence in the upscale pacific palisades neighborhood where a holiday party was underway and stole jewelry, iphones and apple -- shoppers are targeted in other wealthy parts of l.a. like beverly hill and in some cases followed home
7:36 am
by the robbers and then attacked on their door steps. in one case the attackers even dressed as if they were law enforcement officers. >> undoubtedly bad policy is driving the most recent spike in crime that we are seeing in los angeles. if you look at the types of crimes that are concerning us right now they are directly rooted in bad law from the legislature and bad policy from l.a. county district attorney george gascon. >> we should point out according to the sheriff's department in 2021 in l.a. county robbery and burglary are both actually significantly down from 2020. 12% and 9% respectively. although those figures are through october so don't include the most recent robberies. bill. >> bill: watching that guy getting his pockets cleaned out and not making a move. jonathan, thank you, in l.a.
7:37 am
>> that's a problem. that's crazy to even say but that's just the reality i'm living in right nou. >> dana: it's not just clothing stores getting hit. looters targeting a cannabis dispense sar east. business owners are demanding more action. we have the president of the california retails association. are we exaggerating in any way? >> i have never seen anything like this before. it is something that just took us i think all by surprise when the smash and grabs started and every dave i think it will stop and it continues to go on and on. something has to be done to stop it. >> dana: what was the straw the broke the camel's back for the retailers association saying we have to become more public on
7:38 am
this and have a good champion in you. >> it is about our customers and employees. we see the level of violence rising to what it is when people are in a store shopping in a store and in their workplace working and suddenly 80 plus people come storming in with crowbars and sledgehammers and start violently taking products. it is really about the traumtyization of our employees and customers. we need to have a safe environment to work. we need to have a safe environment to shop and need to do something to stop it. >> dana: have you noticed any downturn in terms of people going out to shop or maybe even people resigning from their jobs because they don't feel safe? >> you know, not yet. i think people are maybe thinking twice before going to a shop mall. i have heard that on a number of occasions. uptick in online shopping. people are used to that from last year and going back to those tactics which is unfortunate. while we're focusing on the national
7:39 am
retailers who are being targeted. for every national one targeted small businesses are suffering. not only because they are getting stolen from but they don't get the foot traffic. it's a double whammy, covid, supply chain issues and now the brazen crimes. >> dana: ocasio-cortez said to the washington times a lot of thieves allegations of organized retail theft aren't panning out. a walgreens in california cited it but data didn't back it up. you can turn on the television and see it every day here. do you think that there is a problem in terms of lack of prosecution or this prop 47 that said if you steal under $1,000 you only get a miss demeanor. the governor says it is not a problem. >> i do think it is a problem. we have open organized retail cases sitting on the desk of prosecutors in california for
7:40 am
years and not prosecuted. we appreciate some of the work the attorney general did last week in announcing one case that was two years old we have multiple cases that need to be prosecuted. that sends a message when prosecutors are willing to swiftly prosecute these cases. they haven't been in california. prop 47 -- >> dana: one last question. is there any policy change that could happen between now and christmas, could that help make sure the christmas season is a good one for the retailers of california? >> the only policy will be increased law enforcement presence and increased commitment from prosecutors they will swiftly prosecute and hold people in jail. the 14 folks arrested in los angeles with some of those smash and grabs were arrested and they are back on the street. that can't happen anymore. >> dana: stay in touch with us, rachel. we want to follow the story and i know your tireless efforts indeed. thank you so much. >> bill: there was that question at the white house
7:41 am
when peter doocy asked jen psaki whether it was caused by the pandemic and she said there is reason to believe the pandemic can be a contributing factor here. jonathan turley writes in the hill. epidemic of smash and grab crime is manmade. then he says talking about san francisco, the city finally moved aggressively and arrested 14 people yet all were immediately released upon processing under no bail laws. northern california now. similar in southern california we talked about the issue here. for other felons it is an easy calculation. hundreds of thousands of dollars in good can be stolen with a low likelihood of capture and relatively low severity. >> dana: you could turn it around in a day. >> bill: the parents of the accused shooter in michigan
7:42 am
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>> these individuals were found locked somewhere in a room hiding. these are not people that we can be assured will return to court on their own. >> bill: that's the prosecutor
7:47 am
in michigan. parents of accused michigan school shooter being held on $1 million bond. facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter. nancy grace is here to talk about it. good morning. give us your take. what do you see as the possibility based on what we heard about their involvement that would be considered criminal? >> i hardly know where to begin. let me just say that they purchased their son, who had a lot of emotional issues, a sig sauer semi automatic november 26. november 30 four dead teen bodies. one as young as my twins age 14. have you listened to that video, that one of the children was making with a cell phone and you can hear them rustling around in the classroom trying to figure out how to get off
7:48 am
windows and teacher turning off the lights so the teacher can't see in. imagine your child in that scenario and these parents, the crumbley parents bought the baby faced killer, their son, a sig sauer and plenty of mags. he had multiple mags. that day his parents were called to the school because a teacher saw a picture he drew of listen to this, a gun, a bullet, blood, a shooting victim, and laughing emoji. they called the parents to school and asked him to take him home. they wouldn't. he wouldn't and goes back and guns everybody down. they new the gun was accessible. they let this happen. >> dana: the authorities in michigan had to try to find the parents. there is some dispute about that. they were found in a warehouse and according to police to them the attorney basically --
7:49 am
prosecutor said they were not willingly coming in. they did surrender and now in jail. here is the crumbley parents' attention. listen to what she said happened. >> we were going to make arrangements to have our clients turn themselves in. the prosecutor's office instead of getting back to us in any way, decided to have a press conference and as miss mcdonald admitted tried to find a way to surprise our clients and catch them offguard when it was so unnecessary. >> dana: what do you think of that, nancy? >> blah, blah, blah. of course they are going to say that now. let's just have a little reality check. the facts are the parents go all the way from the community where the shooting took place to about a half a mile from the canadian border. while their son is behind bars, when he needs them more than he ever has in his whole life and
7:50 am
they are caught in a locked room hiding in an art studio. so how does a lawyer explain that? how is she going to blame that on the prosecutor? yes, they will go to trial on involuntary manslaughter and harboring, aiding and abetting the fugitive. >> bill: i want to get this in. 21 years ago a man in flint, michigan pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter. a 6-year-old boy living with him found his gun in a shoe box and killed a classmate with it. andy mccarthy was with us last hour early in the program and says this is tough when it comes to charging parents. doesn't see happening. >> the fact they may have known this kid was troubled doesn't mean that they knew that he was going to take the gun and bring it to school and shoot up the school. there is a chance the court would throw the charge out because again the legislature considered making this behavior
7:51 am
unlawful and opted not to do it. >> bill: he went on to say what will you charge the school officials as well? maybe you do or don't. a quick answer about the reaction to andy making that case. >> he is right it may be tough but i think it's doable and send a message so more dead teens won't be in the headlines. >> dana: it could make history here if this happens. nancy grace, thank you. always good to see you. president biden touting the childcare provision in his build back better spending plan with little mention of the price tag or what it will mean for parents. we have a look at the hidden costs next. omy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before.
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veteran homeowners- have you been spending more time at home? you are greater than your bipolar i. imagining the possibilities? like a bigger kitchen, a swimming pool for the grandkids, or a backyard deck. your va home loan benefit and the newday 100 va loan make it possible. by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value you can take out up to $60,000 or more. with home values at all time highs, now's the time to call. >> harris: chris cuomo finally out of cnn. some asking what took so long? mayor deblasio is about to become the mandate king ruling covid vaccines for every private sector worker in new york city. how will he enforce that?
7:57 am
and a bizarre claim from congresswoman aoc saying the crime wave of smash and grabs is not really happening. it is all in our heads. this woman. will cain, jason rantz, dr. marc siegel. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> dana: president biden touted increase access to childcare as a major benefit to his build back better spending plan but the administration has said very little how much it will cost or possible draw backs. congressional correspondent chad pergram is live on capitol hill digging into it. >> democrats contend childcare is one of the star provisions in the social spending bill. there are questions about the cost. there is worry it may push parents toward using more formal care which may not suit that wants and needs where the cost lies. half of all americans choose faith-based childcare. one part of the bill says subsidies for childcare won't keep parents from sending their children to church daycare and
7:58 am
republicans are skeptical. >> it's going to drive up the cost of childcare. it is going to close the childcare mother's day out program at your local church. because you can't get the subsidy unless you use a government program. that is going to cost you more money. >> the bill could mandate certain qualifications for childcare providers if it's too expensive, some parents could stay home with kids and not work. democrats still believe their bill will bolster the economy. >> the economy needs to be better. i'm not one of these individuals who will come on and say everything is great and you guys are ignorant and don't know -- no, the economy can be better. >> democrats make arguments about the bill before the senate parliamentarian today. they are pushing to include specific healthcare and immigration provisions in the bill. democrats hope to debate the bill in the senate sometime next week. >> dana: we'll keep an eye on
7:59 am
all of that. thank you so much. >> bill: see if that gets done before christmas. >> dana: before we go. yesterday marks four days we had percy -- four months. i told you i wasn't good at math today. he had a breakthrough. he is behind the acrylic table. he finally figures it out. he gets around it. >> bill: you are mean. >> dana: cute, right? he is doing great. >> bill: hold it. wait, wait, wait for the payoff. and there he is. he will not fall for that trick again. >> dana: i want to show you this. antarctica eclipse. the last solar eclipse until 2024 that anyone can see. in europe did you know they won't see an eclipse until the
8:00 am
22nd century? >> bill: we're lucky. >> dana: i thought it was quite lovely. >> bill: can you imagine being in antarctica what it takes to get there by ship or plane and see the eclipse when you are down there. >> dana: maybe we could send you on assignment in 2024. we might have other things to cover that year as well. "the faulkner focus" with harris is up next. >> harris: we'll begin here. the elite media taking a hit. he is gone and in the wake of television anchor chris cuomo and his departure questions of sexual misconduct, credibility and more for cnn. the little brother chris who would do anything to help big brother andrew cuomo was punted from the network. the highest rated prime time host and maybe that's why they hung onto him for so long. now critics are saying they'll pay a price at the network for making that decision er


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