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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 6, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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and remember bob dole, world war ii hero, longtime senator, and former presidential nominee. dead at the age of 98. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i am dana perino along with katie pavlich, richard fowler, jesse palmer, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ vice president kamala harris being called a bully with a poor work ethic, dysfunction growing inside the vp office wall high profile staffers are looking to exit. there are staff concerns about being branded as a parent person after working for her is leaving many aides looking for new jobs.
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this comes after a blistering report by the washington riposte where a former staffer shows how bad it can be, it's clear you are not working with someone who is willing to do the press and the work. so with kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. you're constantly propping up a bully and it's not really clear why." these kind of accusation seemed to go against the president biden after taking office, this is what he said. >> i'm not joking when i say this, if you are ever working with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. no if's, anne's, or but's everybody, everybody should be treated with decency and dignity. >> dana: don't worry this week and a single staffer said i work with vice president harris, on behalf of the american people
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and deputy of operations, i absolutely love my job. just thought some of you should know." with a smiley face. i think, at some point she might ask her junior staffers to stop trying to help. it's not helping. >> greg: that was the equivalent of a teacher's pet reminding the teacher that she forgot to ask for the homework that was due. it was just like everybody in the office is looking at that guy on going what? but anyway, i am on team kamala. it sounds like a bunch of whiners that are intimidated by a strong woman of color. i think they are probably misogynist and racist, because after all that's what they would say if you had the same criticism. this is a problem for society to have when we find out that we have an awful leader in the second-highest office in the land who is also a person of color. that is a sign of progress, right? she has reached a point in society where she is no better than obnoxious white old guys. that is really --
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>> dana: [laughs] >> greg: this is a true achievement and diversity. and we can ignore it. she is just as awful as all the white guys. this is like then moon landing for identity politics. a woman of color has finally gone where no woman of color has ever gone before. she can be a complete of their jerk just like a kennedy can, just like anybody can come up at the other lesson is you can't ja person by a single variable, in this case identity, because then you never find out who the person is. so many mistakes are made by following this single variable of identity. liz warren screwed up her life, you know? pretending to be a native american because she thought that there was a variable. the elevation of jacob lake, that was because of a single variable. identity, and the choice blaming an suv over a criminal, single variable, identity. all of these mistakes are based on one variable in which all you see is identity.
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kamala is teaching you this does not work in the employment world. you cannot rely on diversity quotas to find out if somebody is competent or not. >> dana: interesting way of looking at it, there was a question at the briefing, jen psaki, about the treat and the larger issue. speak with the director of operations, about how there was a social media push the summer following some negative headlines about ongoing and the main office, did anyone ask the deputy director to put out a positive tweet today? or was that all him? >> i'm not aware of any asks to pour a positive tweet or a specific tweet, i will point you to the vice president's office, but i work with a number of people and the vice president's office are looking forward to continuing their jobs. >> dana: this is a question i don't want, but i thought it was kind of a sick burn with that anonymous staffer, former staffer saying she does not do
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her reading. >> jesse: kamala's office is like what would happen if the new york jets were vice president, a comedy of errors that everyone would enjoy. it's a little unfair for "the washington post" to put out this juicy quote, soul destroying criticism, you can't say that and not give us a direct quote. i mean, they cover donald trump for four years, wrote books about the guy and then had the most vividly colorful prose attributed to donald trump, and you can't say one thing that she said was soul crossing criticism. >> greg: that's so true. >> jesse: what does that mean she was a bully, was she giving wedgies? it's not fair to the reader, it comes off as cheap and then it goes into the predictable subtle way, she's only being attacked because she is a woman of color, but she is being attacked by democrats -- democrats who want to work for her, many of whom
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are women, and many of whom are people of color. so she either hired bigots or it is what it seems like to be. this is what it seems like to beat, she has imposter syndrome. she know she's not qualified to be the vice president, so she is trying to make her way through. and as you try to fake your way through the second most powerful job in the country you are going to fall flat a lot. so when she falls flat she takes that out on our staff. and staff does not like that, because they expected more of the first female of color vice president, so they are trying to pivot as fast as possible so they are not labeled kamala people. and here with "the washington post," she is angry, the dysfunction in the white house is joe biden, he is overseeing a cascade of policies. he is mentally unfit, his almost physically unfit to do the job, clearly. and they are going after kamala, because it's easy. it's like the personal parlor game that you get to do for
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clicks and stuff, if they want to do brave journalism, put the scrutiny on joe biden at the same level you are giving it to kamala, that's real journalism, that's what people care about. >> dana: richard, they are a lot of kamala harris senators and campaign staffers that did not come to the white house, maybe they did not want to or were not asked, but probably a lot of people for journalists to contact, are you unhappy and i imagine a lot of them say it would not be so bad if i was there. >> richard: i think that's part of it, any time you come to washington without a clear arc of the narrative, what is the story, what is the mission you are on? the media will create a narrative for you, this is what is happening to kamala story after story, they are doing what they do best, they are creating the arc of the narrative from quotes from all people anonymous, which is the palette entry, we saw this with donald trump and are seeing it again.
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and as a democrat i have some honest questions, one being how we treated haitian migrants at the southern border after the state policy saying they could leave because it was unsafe, but we need to see some improvement in her office that she needs to come up with a narrative for the american people in an argument for the american people why she is there much he is working on to make that very clear so she can push back again. >> dana: but katie, she did run for president, so presumably she had an idea of what the narrative would be. >> katie: the media help drive her narrative by doing no vetting and running nothing for her during the presidential election when joe biden said she was the best women for the job, they built her up as the first woman of color to be the vice president, the first woman to be the vice president, did nothing to ask the staffers what they think of her, what are main issues are, why it's so important to her to be locking people up in california as a prosecutor, all of a sudden change your mind when it came to
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her own policies and those of joe biden, why she changed her opinion on joe biden being racist for example, they did not bet her at all when it came to those issues, but i will say what the staffers are accusing her of really shows up when she does these interviews, starts laughing uncontrollably, and shows that she is a little inconsiderate -- insecure about the issues she is talking about, but the media has involvement in not asking her tough questions, on the other side they have to question whether the staffers are really -- like how high-profile are there, a lot of younger people who feel very entitled and have a hard time dealing with high expectations and taking it very personally, so maybe this is true, maybe both sides are right in some ways. >> dana: "the new york times" when they printed that anonymous -- it was a very senior administrative official and it really wasn't. >> richard: if you have
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something to say about the vice president, don't say it off the record. >> dana: or just go to work and do the work. at the biden administration changing its tune after last week's dire forecasts about the new cove environment. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: after pushing fear and causing panic at, the biden administration now backtracking on the dangers of the new covid variant, last week the white house put in place travel restrictions, extended mask mandates and new testing requirements, but now they are saying omicron might not be that bad. >> it's too early to make any definitive statements about it, thus far it does not look like there is a great degree of severity to it. hopefully we will be able to lift that ban within a quite reasonable period of time. i mean, we feel very badly about the hardship that that might've put upon not only south africa,
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but the other african countries. >> greg: and new york city mayor bill de blasio you using the new variant to deliver the first of its kind vaccine mandate on the premises. >> it will announce a vaccine mandate for private sector employers across the board. all private sector employers in new york city will be covered by this vaccine mandate as of december 27th. we may have some other measures as well. >> greg: he is priding himself on being the first to do something insane. >> dana: and the first mayor to be slapped down by the court, if you see what is happening with the bite and a administration they are saying, no, that does not work that way, it's not going to happen. i think that this actually was more about him trying to get to the left of governor kathy holt told, because he wants to run for governor, so he is saying, okay, she has done these types of things, what can i do to get more attention so that the left
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will like me more than her as they go into a primary? the other thing is for the administration if i was them, i would call it a big news conference and say this is the best news. it's not that bad. like the excited, be happy about it. instead, they just made a list of 17 things that republicans are doing to get out of covid, and i just think that shows that they are missing the vote, people want what people want to be four, which is great news. >> greg: i will play devil's advocate, i'm not even sure what that means, but it was a good movie, is it better to come out with ominous warnings and then backtrack than the reverse which is to say it's no big deal and then it becomes a big deal, so this is a good problem to have, but they are screwing it up? >> katie: i think that may have been true a year and a half ago, january 2021 you had no idea what this was, it's been almost two years, we know a lot about what is going on here, we
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have many different vaccines and for and for dr. fauci again to go out and scare the entire country in the world into thinking this is going to be the death of everything again is a measurable harm, and these policy is that he has been implementing by default because people are listening to him including the teachers union and everything else has caused an insane amount of harm including when the new york governor, because of this new variant said, no more elective surgeries? okay, when we shut down everything during covid last summer, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the year should have gone in for cancer screenings screening. so now the health care system is bracing for this massive cancer wave to help people. so they have not balanced any of this out and yet they continue to push this narrative of gloom and doom forever because they like power and can't get themselves off of it and are willing to do whatever it takes to stay in power and continue to push the narrative as the mayor of new york dated today without real science behind it.
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>> greg: richard, is it time for the biden administration to ease up their racist hateful travel restrictions? >> richard: let's start with bill de blasio. any time that someone who is a lame duck elected official tries to make drastic changes that is problematic. in a let's get to the white house in this new variant. i am with people in a here where you are coming from, katie. and i understand a lot of americans that are fatigued with covid, covid variance, this mandate, the other mandate. >> katie: not fatigued, but damaged. >> richard: i was a boy scout, and i think it's better to be prepared. so two year point, dana, i think to see the white house saying we think this is, and were not exactly sure what it is, i do see the problems with abandoning countries that do not have cases they are. but we are not prepared to deal with it and now say we know what it is and it's not as bad and start to go with the right way
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to go, should they have been more excited and enthusiastic? they should've been. but i think it was the right move at the beginning to say be cautious until we learn a more. >> greg: jesse, have you made sure to get your hair vaccinated? >> jesse: have a secret underground thing. i hate to say this, but i agree with richard. you can't line up mandates like this, these are the most severe in the country. he is closing the door. i'm going to destroy the tourism business, i will see you later, folks. you know, you just want to leave this on the lap of mayor adams and he has to deal with this? no. omicron is like a case study why we don't like dr. fauci. he talks too much. he is not the announcer like it is a sporting event, we do that. we are doing the day-to-day commentary as things develop. i want him to say, you know what, we are going to study it. and then when he studies that he comes out and tells the facts
2:21 pm
instead he says it might be worse, well it might not be worse? the vaccine could be effective, it might not be effective, and then he says well the travel ban -- hopefully we can drop it within a reasonable amount of time. what does that mean? that means days, weeks, months, why is even talking about a travel ban, that's not his wheelhouse. fauci needs to stop speculating and tell us what the facts are and then we can make our own judgments. >> greg: yet, he should cut back. >> dana: that was a long time ago, you don't have to say yes to every interview request. the other thing with the issue at the travel ban is that if there is anyone from coming overseas has to get the test 24 hours. before last week it was two or three days, and now think about how many people are scrambling to get tasks, imagine traveling with your family coming up for kids, you have to figure it out. and the testing world will make a lot of money. maybe i should get into the
2:22 pm
testing business. >> jesse: i think that hunter biden is probably there. >> richard: oh, boy. >> greg: has taken the loss of tests, that's for sure. aoc says that anarchy on the streets isn't real. we will explain that next. ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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♪ ♪ >> katie: alexandria ocasio-cortez telling americans to not believe the crime every single day, coming under fire for downplaying the looting's breeze fleeing the country after saying "a lot of these allegations of organized retail staff are not panning out, i believe it's a walgreens in california cited it, but the data did not back it up, despite the videos that come out every day showing more and more brazen
2:27 pm
lawlessness and local officials keep blasting the liberal policies that enable to crimes to happen in the first place. >> undoubtedly bad law and bad policy is driving this most recent spike in crime that we are seeing in los angeles. if you look at the types of crimes that are concerning us right now, they are directly rooted in bad law from the legislature and bad policy from the county district attorney. >> katie: here we are with another strategy of telling people what they are experiencing or seeing in their neighborhoods directly is not happening. >> greg: that's funny when i listen to aoc or any politician or any activist or -- i'm not upset at the criminals, because they are reacting to the incentives, criminals criminalized. it's aoc, it's the left sda, the far left activists who provide the incentives, no bail, no cash bail is one of them. but also this causes me to go
2:28 pm
back and read some of the stuff that is out about these smash and grabs, but there is also, we have to lay a lot of blame on the virtue signaling companies who when this went down said that they were supporting the activists and that property destruction was not violence. marc jacobs excuse the looting in my neighborhood, he has a store there, my neighborhood got destroyed, millions of dollars in damages, people laughed about it on the set. and he said the damage isn't violence and it was easy to say that when you were super rich, you own the stores and you are insured, meanwhile your entire neighborhood is gone. so "the new york times" had an interesting piece where they link today's heinous crimes to the evolution of the criminality during the floyd and kenosha riots, so you have themes, routes, gangs exploiting the media's areva definition of riots as protests, they exploded the law enforcement simultaneously as they were stretched thin and try to deal
2:29 pm
with the protests, but also being demoralized and being filmed in case they ever did try to stop any kind of crime. so this never was about protests, this was about profit, even the stores that were victimized, they did not want to discuss it, so the democrats traced so far from my sensible worldview when you can't see that no cash bail is incentivizing more crime, you are not fit to run anything. aoc, i defend, i think she has charisma and charm, but to say something there that to the people that have experienced it, she is no good, she's a bad person. spewing corporations in california, and small businesses are closing, dozens of stores might not hurt the corporation, but it sure hurts the people who work at the stores and need to earn a living, i will never forget there was a video interview of a woman named stephanie disabled and lost angeles, not a white woman and she was crying because the stores that she was able to walk to, that she could be on her own and be self-sufficient with were
2:30 pm
destroyed and nobody cared about her. >> richard: i think there is nobody that wants looting in their community, nobody wins looting or crime in their community and i think it's very important that democrats in this moment as we see and crime don't play lip service and say here is how we will address this crime, here is what we know, we know the cases where having cash bail works and the circumstances where a dozen and we have crimes of desperation, people going to grocery stores and stealing baby formula, that is a crime of desperation, if you have somebody with a rap sheet as long as the pair of pants, they should not have cash bail, we should find a way to say listen, you will get punished or we will give you incentives, incentives to work. the first was all about writing those folks who made mistakes and are trying to correct their lives. we need a lineage in between those things. >> katie: jesse, democrats built the crime wave and they don't want to pay lip service to what is happening and deal with it when the policies labeled for
2:31 pm
and put in place are still justifying today including the governor of california, i'm sorry will try to clean this up. >> jesse: that's why it would rather have a dumb politician and a stubborn politician, they will make the same mistake but the dumb politician will change her mind, stubborn will do the wrong thing like the democrats do over and over again, the left just struggling with the smash and grab like they do the politics of the black lives matter riots, because it's on tape, katie. you can't say to the american people it's not happening when it's happening. and you see it on local tv every day at 5:00 or 6:00, you see it on facebook and cable news. you can't say it's not happening. remember antifa doesn't exist. it's the summer of love until there's a couple of homicides, cnn mostly peaceful protests, so they have to make a decision are they going to address the stupid policies or deny and deflect? the differences this time as opposed to the summer of 2020 there is no righteous racial
2:32 pm
component to the riots. these are professional criminals doing targeted hunts. it's not about trump or george floyd, it's a burglary. and you can't say to someone in a commercial shopping district downtown with security cameras everywhere and 100 witnesses that it's about george floyd, you can't deny it when it's happening in the dark and the inner cities and some to get shot and no security camera for the gang member. you can deny it, you can't deny it if you see it with your own eyes. >> katie: you can't deny it if it happens to you, and you have interviewed these people? >> dana: if it were people smashing and grabbing a/v food, that would be one thing, but it's not a john valjean, they are going in a norstrom or louis vuitton or any other fancy store and smashing the windows, scaring the employees, running the customer is out of town, in less woman is racial michelin,
2:33 pm
she said to aoc, it absolutely is happening and one of the problems that she sees is that i imagine a big store like a nordstrom and that small businesses will try to get as close as they can to that nordstrom so they can be within walking distance and get that foot traffic, and if nobody is going to the store, maybe nordstrom can afford it, even though they should not have to come up at the small business owners can't do it. of the last thing i would say is we have to focus on this and i want to do a story on it soon, this idea -- one of the reasons that we are getting all of these fancy materials luxury goods, there is no policing of the resale on the internet, so you can make up your own amazon store or on ebay and you are selling these fancy bags, and you actually can track the merchandise, but there's no one policing any of this retail. >> greg: i could go on there and get a nice bag cheaper? >> dana: and you won't get in trouble and they won't get in
2:34 pm
trouble and they don't get prosecuted. >> greg: maybe we are going little too fast on the smash and grab people. >> jesse: but anything mean about fauci, they will take you right off the internet. >> katie: greg is on a budget. taking this stand in his hate crime hoax trial. we will have the details next. ♪ ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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♪ ♪ >> richard: the saga gets even crazier today, the actor depending himself on trail for alleging to stage a hate crime, now claims under oath that there was no hoax. to jesse, you have been a follower of the trial, where do you think this is going to go?
2:39 pm
>> jesse: he does not have anything to lose, so why not? with robin roberts interview, he cried and he wept, so he is practiced with performance on the stand, and i don't know if what he said today testifies that he does a lot of cocaine and smokes once in lunch break. he watches gay porn and make sound and bath houses. he testified that that, and then he said his face was very important to him, and he said that because he calls himself the black cary grant. that might make me the whites at washington, because this guy is delusional. and i just wish i was there today to see him under cross-examination. i don't know how it's going to shake out, but no one will name of their son jussie after this.
2:40 pm
it >> richard: during the break, we were talking about for the defense they just need one juror to say i'm not 100% sure and this is a mistrial. >> greg: that is his strategy as he is trying to overload the jury with titillation in the story, just the cloud stuff, he was brought up that don lemon actually tested jussie smollett and told him that the chicago pd did not believe him. i mean cnn, you have to change your name to wtf. you have some serious problems over there, man. clean the house. but i returned to my earlier point, what he is doing to the nigerian brothers is exactly what he did to the nonexistent mega supporters. he is accusing them of hate crimes. he enlisted the guys and now is trying to pin it all on them. it's pretty disgusting but not surprising. >> dana: i would love to get an interview with all of the jurors when it is over, how did they sit through this with a straight face, they are also watching an actor, and much like watching the interview with
2:41 pm
alec baldwin that he did with george stephanopoulos, is he really telling the truth, the thing here is that it really matters. he is under oath and there could be serious consequences for him, there should be. >> katie: i like jesse would never stage a hate crime about this, because i care way too much about my face. i would never want someone to beat me up so badly, i know that you feel the same way, jesse, i think that jussie mrs. acting and that's why he had them put him on the stand. i was like okay, wow, but i go to the reaction when this first happened and it's really important thing to remember, because they include in the vice president who still is a tweet up immediately took his side. did not wait for any of the facts because they assumed, of course this would happen in the middle of a negative 30 blizzard in the middle of chicago wall jussie smollett to making $2 million a year was out to get a subway stand edge lament sandwich instead of ordering uber eats.
2:42 pm
we will see what happen, but the whole entire thing was made in bad faith, there's a lot of weird stuff going on, in the trial in the testimony, and the jurors will decide for themselves what they think about it. >> richard: we will see what happens they are, but up next, cnn's chris cuomo is fired, but can he take the whole book with them? ♪ ♪
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as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold.
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your strategic advantage.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: i agree. both cuomo brothers are out of a job, cnn giving chris crow mowed the acts, the former anchor calling on the network and denying he ever lied to his boss jeff zucker about how he was supporting his brother. cuomo is suspended for digging up on the sexual harassment accusers and now we are learning chris is being hit with another harassment claim. cnn saying chris did not give them any options. >> chris cuomo, one of the most popular anchors at cnn, one of
2:47 pm
the best known names in television news violated journalistic ethics and norms, not once or twice, but many times and that's ultimately what is the result of today's news, there was a death by a thousand cuts. where there were so many headaches. >> jesse: death by 1,000 cuts, 999,000 of those cuts cnn never acknowledged. >> dana: and they do not care about the policy of what was going on during covid, but as it was put today, they are where fear critics saying oh, andrew cuomo's briefings are so fun and interesting. and that was let lead to them relaxing their rule, because they were on television together doing interviews and then they were just for fun and it turns out actually, the nursing home is a huge problem and the book was a really ridiculous thing and at the same time there's going to be of this dispute if the story is not over, because if chris cuomo is going to try to go after jeff zucker and cnn is going to have to figure out a
2:48 pm
way to do with this, obviously the brothers like to fight, so we are in for more entertainment. >> jesse: they could both go down fighting. >> greg: both are going to be on my show tonight. >> katie: i will be watching. >> greg: i am lying. i love how stelter was drooling over the left over a thanksgiving carcass in that video. he is gone now, everyone, i am available. and then there was another moment where he said, he was on a show, has cnn lost trust on this, and it was like, of course they have, but it's not cuomo alone. it's like asking if cnn has lost trust, how can you say that when you have actually -- your fingerprints are all over the corpse of trust. the 5-your collusion and hoax, find people hoax, drinking bleach, everything is worse than watergate, jussie smollett,
2:49 pm
kavanaugh, their trust is gone. and i know they listen to the network, zucker will call me but i'm busy. this is a time to regain the lost luster by cleaning house and deciding that the oppression olympics is in the way to go, stop pinning people against each other, identity is against identities. you may be returned at the fact that we are all americans. i know that's not the profit model, the profit model is that this group against this group, but if you just finally realize that americans are returning to being americans, that would be a good start. >> jesse: would cnn go back to a straight news presentation? >> katie: i don't know what they are going to do and i'm not going to speculate on what they are going to do, but what they do between the war of andrew cuomo and -- chris cuomo is not going to go down alone, and he might have a point, it was a very beneficial relationship that andrew cuomo was the governor of new york was a spoiled against donald trump and cnn had them on whenever he wanted because he was the
2:50 pm
brother of chris cuomo, we all watched it happen. we watched it play out until it was no longer appropriate because things started going downhill for the governor and now they are all of these allegations of what an internal investigation found from an outside law firm, which they conveniently left out of the announcement when they said that he had been fired. they did not say exactly what all of the problems were, but i think the executives knew a lot more than they let on, and there will be lots of lawyers and linking going on about what was found and what that death by a thousand cuts, because if it really is 1,000 cuts, a lot of people would like to know what the 1,000 cuts are. >> jesse: richard. >> richard: it's very clear that chris cuomo did not tell his boss the entire truth, because in the anchor chair there is an ethics you are supposed to abide by, it's built on transparency, disclosure, when a reporter fails to lean into those values they sow the seeds of distrust and distrust
2:51 pm
towards the media, our job is to shine light into dark places and illuminate smoke lit rooms. >> jesse: "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ .
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♪ ♪ >> dana: time now for one more thing, jesse? >> jesse: i was in d.c. over the weekend and jesse jr. got to meet family members. here is jesse jr. with uncle turune and sister aliza, very, very cute pick. and then the twins were all together with their cousin solan and had a blast in washington, d.c. i wept below that picture. great time and d.c. is all right.
2:56 pm
i'm exhausted so there you go. >> i woke up today in a panic christmas shopping. this is my one more thing. i have a very dear friend frab seen incredible philanthropist, she started this organization called same sky jewelry. same i am wearing this jewelry. it is not real but it is artisan jewelry. made by women in rwanda and in the united states. 100 percent of the proceeds supports the fund. they train women, educate women and girls and help them have a better life. i love this jewelry and i know emma would want one. look how easy it is to put on. there is all these different kinds, get bracelets. >> katie: matches my outfit today thanks, dana. >> dana: great present for mom, sister, wife. whoever it might be. >> greg: lefrac. like lefrac city.
2:57 pm
you see that sign. same people? >> dana: it's her family, yeah. i believe. >> greg: they own that sign. >> dana: thee started this amazing charity. indeed. greg, it's your turn. >> greg: greg's upcoming convention news. >> greg: all right. dorothy, blanch, rose sophia, yes, you ruined it for me, people. i was going to ask them now you just blew it everybody go home. golden girls. there was a convention for "the golden girls" being announced for a 2022 three day event being called golden con. i could have come up something april 22 tonged april 24th next year in chicago. the organizers say thank the fans. i'm not sure about that. there will be a disco party, costume parade, pop-up bar, trivia competition. when i look at, you know, when
2:58 pm
people ask you what golden girl are you, i always say that i am sophia, will. >> jesse: is she the scrupulous one. >> greg: blanch. i see you more as, i don't know, i think you are kind of dorothy. >> jesse: is that the really old one. >> greg: they are all dead excite betty white. >> richard: is she going to be at this convention? >> jesse: she better take a booster. >> dana: that will be fun. >> greg: it will be fun. >> dana: k.t.? >> katie: if you ever think should i call the exterminator a maryland homeowner accidently burned down their house when they tried to fight a snake infection infestation. montgomery county tire and rescue services public information officers respond to the property to investigate saying the homeowner was trying to smoke out a snake infestation
2:59 pm
but the fire began in the basement, got out of control. and by the time the firefighters extinguished the flames the single family home had a million dollars in damage. >> dana: what do you think the insurance adjustor said? >> katie: probably like dad should have called the professionals. >> jesse: vigilante firefighter. you got a snake the negro baseball players they own two spots in the national baseball hall of fame. no relation. national baseball hall of fame. o'neil played 10 seasons of the memphis red sox and kansas city monarchs, first coach in the mlb and mr. fowler was considered the first african-american professional baseball player in the country and both of them are now in the baseball hall of fame. >> jesse: they should have done that with the cleveland guardians, that is such a week
3:00 pm
name they should have been the monarchs. how much better does that sound. >> butterfly? >> i thought it was like a royal. >> it can be both. that's where my mind went. don't forget same everyone get this great jewelry. and it all goes to charity 100 percent of the proceeds. that's it for us. "special report" suspect next. hey, bret. >> bret: dana, i think greg is a blanch golden girl of "the five." >> jesse: agreed. >> bret: maybe rose? gut gut i'm more of a rose. >> dana: have a good show. >> bret: see you guys. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, growing concern in washington and around the world the russian invasion of ukraine could be imminent. president biden is scheduled to speak virtually tomorrow with russian leaderboard vladimir putin. and he is said to be working on new initiatives to try to get the russians to pull back and back off. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich joins us live from the north lawn tonight with details. good evening,


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