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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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closer more with russia. that could actually happen. we are going to tell you exactly what is happening so at least you know if it does happen, what it actually means. that's going to be a lot of line coming up. that's tomorrow. we will be here at 8:00 p.m. the sworn enemy of line, smugness, groupthink. and now, ladies and gentlemen, sean hannity. >> sean: thank you, tucker. and welcome to "hannity." day 114. >> sean: joe biden may have turned the page, we will not, 114 days now americans trapped behind enemy lines. 127 days since joe biden lied and promised he would leave nobody behind. the media mob, the big tech mob, they've all turned the pages as well. and tonight in afghanistan where the islamic emirates of afghanistan are now facing widespread starvation, economic
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collapse, reign of terror. they just tortured a man to death over a diacritical facebook post. some families are selling their young daughters to taliban fighters in order to buy food. clearly no one is safe including the americans and u.s. green card holders that joe abandoned and military family members. make no mistake, joe biden can turn the page all he wants, but they are still dropped behind enemy lines. by the way, the world is watching, our enemies are all watching. they see joe biden on the world stage. they see his weakness. they do not respect them, they do not fear him. and that brings us to our top story tonight, and that is every hostile actor on the world stage is now preparing to take full advantage of the fact that the leader of the free world, the supposed leader, joe biden, is weak and in an obvious and significant cognitive decline. they all know joe has no
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backbone, joe has no will, joe has no ability to protect america and the western world's interest around the globe. and by the way, now they are looking to capitalize big time. tonight, there are three very serious crises on the horizon. look at russia, they are now threatening to invade ukraine. they have a massive troop presence and deployment right on the border. china is threatening to take over taiwan, or as they call it, reunification. it is a takeover. they are saying so publicly and they have no problem all day long flying fighter jets all over taiwan's airspace. iran is now on the verge of getting nuclear weapons. and it appears most days joe biden doesn't even know what day of the week it is. let's break this down. it is very important. this could go south really fast. first, according to u.s. intelligence, russian dictator, the hostile actor that he is, vladimir putin is now planning what is amazing military
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invasion of ukraine. we have satellite images, they show somewhere between 70,094,000 russian troops already amassed at the border. around 100,000 more soldiers are in the process of being mobilized as we speak. and thanks to joe biden, green lighting russia's north stream to pipeline while firing keystone xl pipeline workers, putin should have no problem at all fun day in a large-scale operation. joe is also begging vladimir to produce more energy so we can import it from him. with each passing day, and invasion seems inevitable. let me say this one more time. appeasement and weakness will never work. tomorrow, joe biden is planning to give vladimir, we are told, a stern talking to. which undoubtedly will resolve nothing. i can tell you one thing the white house won't do. they want to put out a transcript of what joe has to say. as if they ever did -- we could see how weak he really is.
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is there any doubts that putin is levied behind the scenes of joe biden? you don't think joe is being laughed at being the cognitive mess that he is in the kremlin? meanwhile, another deeply concerning international crisis is unfolding a little closer to home. china not only -- now reportedly attempting to establish what is their first permanent military base on the atlantic ocean giving china's navy the ability to operate just off the east coast of the united states. we thought the hypersonic missile was bad. this as china continues to ramp up hostilities against taiwan. they refused to take any responsibility for the pandemic. they unleashed on the entire world. it keeps getting worse. a new variant after another. let's not forget about china's forced labor. their concentration camps. it is now presently modern day being used against their minority muslim population.
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so far biden's only response, a diplomatic boycott of the winter olympics in china in 2022. in other words, tony blinken, the weak secretary of state that he is, the pathetically weak one, he is not going to be attending the olympics this year. president xi is laughing as well at the cognitive mess that is joe biden. which brings us now to the third international crisis. iran is dangerously close to developing a nuclear weapon. surprise, surprise, their polite negotiations have fallen apart. now the administration is asking china and russia, america's two biggest foes to help out, pressure iran with us. he begs opec, china, and russia, okay, that would be the trifecta of joe biden foreign policy failure. and of course, the other option now been waived by joe biden,
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just accept the nuclear capable iran. nuclear weapons in the hands of the number one state sponsor of terror that had this sick twisted ideology of convert or die. here is an idea, maybe you can send, i do know, sent hunter. hunter biden, you can send him to china and russia and sort everything out. after all, he has been very successful racking and massive sums of cash without any relevant experience that we can find it all. of course, hunter was selling access to his father. we know that. meanwhile we have no idea who is shelling out what. up to $500,000 for hunters portraits of a, but i have a feeling that the they are looking to buy more than just art. he is a democrat, they get away
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with everything. the fbi in possession of hunter's laptop as miranda devine's book points out. jen psaki gladly referring has russian disinformation. today she couldn't be bothered to circle back on the very important story and the lie that she told. take a look. speakers shortly after president biden's virtual meeting with the chinese president, he said that he had the chinese investment fund. i was hoping you could commit to basic transparency about the transaction including the name of the buyer, the dollar amount, the timing, and my second question is -- my colleague has a new book out called "the laptop from hell," and i was wondering if you could confirm that that is authentic and not russian disinformation. >> on the first, the president's
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son is not an employee of the federal government, so i point you to his representatives. as it relates to the book, i neither have the time nor interest in exploring or reading the book. go ahead, tina beard i think i answered your question. you can go to the representative of the person who is not an employee of the federal government. go ahead, tina. i think we have to move on. >> sean: moving on is just a convenient way of not facing the reality of selling access to joe biden. what about tony's charge. so maybe jen psaki -- he can confirm that joe biden has zero conflict of interest in china and russia and ukraine and she will never answer that question because the answer is not good. you come of the american people, deserve better. imagine if the last name or trump. he said over the weekend he was home with the great one, mark levin. he said let's hope it's not too late for this great republic. take a look. >> president obama was very
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divisive. but people were more quiet about it, they didn't want to insult him. but he was very divisive. but the biden administration is far worse. this country has tremendous potential, tremendous. but we are giving it away and tear point -- there will be a point when the country can't come back and we can never allow that point to be reached. >> sean: fox news contributor dan hoffman and former white house chief of staff, ryan soup revis. we have a little bit of experience with this. we were in vietnam, we were in helsinki, we were in singapore. and based on your three decades working with intelligence without giving away too much information, i think most people know by know what you've done for a living. you told me repeatedly that yes, i was being spied on. yes, you told me never to open
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your phone, do not turn your phone on ever. and then you even had sweeps of where i was staying. i couldn't even have conversations that you felt were safe. you told me that repeatedly. speak of the united states is the number one target for all of those autocracies around the world like china and russia. and let's not forget to north korea as well-paid they've got a nuclear arsenal with ballistic missiles that are threatening the region in the homeland as well be at the biden administration is facing these dizzying array of threats and the question for our intelligence community right now is russia planning on invading? is china going to invade taiwan? are they coordinated together because they have a very strong strategic relationship? those are big issues for us. and then the question of deterrence. deterrence happens when you demonstrate your adversary that the price of an attack is so great that it's not worth doing in the first place.
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i'm not sure we've demonstrated that for ukraine or for taiwan. i think the united states and our allies have a lot more to do than simple diplomatic moral suasion, which is what we've seen so far. >> this happened with ukraine and russia and the obama/biden years. it didn't happen in the trump years. president trump really took it to president xi of china and even got a good trade deal out of him, which nobody thought would be possible. i think one of the reasons china didn't show hostility towards taiwan is they believe donald trump wouldn't take that. and that donald trump would respond here they feared him and they believed him. i don't see the same of joe biden. >> that is so true. you think about the famous phrase of ronald reagan. we maintain the peace through strength, but the other part of that quote is that weakness only invites aggression. and when you are weak at home
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and it invites aggression overseas. speaking of president xi, let me go back in time for everyone for a second. let's talk about what president trump did. the very first meeting we had with president xi -- do you remember? it was in april of 2017. but at that very same meeting during dinner, president trump excused himself because there was a stiff -- a little situation room and if you look it up you will see that was the same night that we ordered the air strike in syria during the meeting with president xi and mar-a-lago. if you want to compare the two, you are ordering an air strike on syria. you are going back up for dessert and coffee and you are holding press conference on what you just did to syria after they dropped chemical weapons. >> sean: by the way, i think i have and add to that story. i was told by a source -- i was
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told by a source after the event had happened that the president whispered to president xi, i just dashed by the way, just to make you aware, i just started bombing. i just told him straight up. that had to be a pretty strong moment. president xi i'm sure was a little shocked and alarmed by it. >> that is how it started. it was very gracious, very polite. but the president never showed any weakness by the other part about this is at the president wasn't afraid to meet with these people either. meeting with putin, meeting with president xi multiple times, meeting with the crazy guy up in north korea, kim jong un. he did it, he wasn't weak, he was aggressive, and when you have this weakness at home, it's going to bring aggression overseas. biden has to get together, because it's scary stuff. this is not a joke. >> do you have any doubt that
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russia is now building up their true presence on the ukrainian border because they are going in? do you have any doubt that china plans on their reunification as they call it with taiwan? because i don't have any doubt. >> sean: we've seen that china is nothing like -- they are amounting full throttle cyberat. the russians are doing the same thing against ukraine prayed the question is one of timing, frankly. i think the russians have made it clear that the red line is that ukraine could not join nato or the european union. the nato secretary general have made it clear that that's a decision for ukraine to make. if that is what we are saying, then we need to back that up with greater support for ukraine to defend themselves against russia and we haven't done that unfortunately. i think right now for me it's a question of timing and i think that's the question for the intelligence community. i'm quite sure the biden
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administration is being briefed on a daily basis. the question is, what will the policy response be and are we up to the task? >> sean: i think they will both follow through in both cases. dan hoffman, thank you. now let's turn to another crisis brewing inside the biden administration. that is the crisis that is known as confidence. tonight with a steady stream of resignation, the vice president's office is in a state of turmoil. this as money former and current staffers are now complaining about what they describe is a mean, hostile work environment. according to reports, multiple individuals describing kamala harris as a "soul destroying bully" who is frequently lashing out at her staff on her own failures. reaction from eric trump. so joe was in the mid-30s in terms of approval kamala is even lower than that.
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there is not a single thing they can point to and say we are doing a really good job here. unless you could pointed out. >> no, that's right. not a single policy victory. you've got the worst inflation that we've seen in 30 years pretty got a horrible job number. 210,000 jobs -- where's we've seen in a long time. china and taiwan -- russia trying to take ukraine. admin, crime all across this country. people still massively out of work in this country. i mean, it is a disaster. they don't have a single thing that they have accomplished. not a single thing that they've done well. and you know it, it's a very easy secret. people want to play for the winning team. there are no wins. these people aren't delivering any winds. this is a losing team and it's not shocking that they know biden won't run again.
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they know kamala is no longer the darling child she used to be. so what is their future in the white house? they probably want to go back as a private industry, which i completely understand. that is why people are fleeing left and right. >> sean: there's no doubt every hostile regime studies the united states. they have concluded the obvious, and that is that joe biden is in a serious significant precipitous cognitive decline. we can also see nancy pelosi struggling when it comes to her ability to communicate. then we've got third and a little out of order, but the vice president that is clearly not up to the job. now all these hostile regimes, as we were just discussing, want to take full advantage of a weak america and with no real leadership and no ability, seemingly, to engage in a way that would be significant to anybody's benefit.
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>> that's right, and they all disappear. why is that this administration that always disappears. whenever there's a crisis at the port, guess what? he's on paternity leave. kamala harris is supposed to be taking care of those southern border. she goes over to vietnam in this crisis on the southern border. joe biden and wilmington, delaware. afghanistan is literally being taken by terrorists. these people don't show up, they don't put any fight into this country, they don't have the energy, they don't have the gravitas. and they are constantly losing because their policy positions are always wrong. you better believe that the leaders around the world -- these are aggressive people. all of these guys. they are going to test this guy because they sense of weakness, they can smell the weakness. they never saw that under donald trump. donald trump always stood up to these people. he would put massive sanctions on china. he would stand up to russia, he
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would give javelin missiles to ukrainian so they can take out -- >> sean: let me ask you this. you know your dad better than anybody. is your dad going to run in 2024? >> listen, i'm not going to say that, sean. but i certainly hope he does. as a son in prison who loves this country, i certainly hope he does. this country can't take more of this nonsense. we need real leadership. this isn't american strength. people around the world are laughing at the sky. they are laughing at this administration. we better get tough, otherwise were not going to have a country. >> sean: eric, it is humiliating. it's really embarrassing. anyway, ready to see appear to think you as always. busy news night straight ahead. crime surging across the country. people like aoc, the left continuing to literally downplay or deny it. they will debate that and have reaction. also senator david purdue is running for the sitting governor
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position. the republican nomination in georgia. donald trump, purdue will join us for his first interview. and jussie smollett took the stand today. i would argue it's not looking good for him. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is finding new ways to show how disconnected from reality she really is telling "the washington times" in an interview last week that she doubts whether the wave of those smash and grab loadings are even really happening. she told the paper "a lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out adding "i believe it is a walgreens in california that cited it." but the data didn't back it up. that prompted a response from walgreens "organized retail crime is one of the top challenges that company is facing. that is why they are closing stores and areas. the issue is, by the way, has evolved beyond shoplifting and petty theft in the sale of counterfeit goods online. of course we have shown you night after night after night the real world crime surge that is happening and democratic roman cities from coast to coast. look at your screen right there.
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if got the looting of the louis vuitton store in beautiful san francisco. by the way, see that right there, that is a smash and grab across the bay and oakwood california. targeting a julie store last month. here is a another one in oak brook illinois outside of chicago. that is just a small sample of the left wing lawlessness all across the country. of course, this is not the first time we have seen democrats, the media mob denying what is unfolding before their very eyes. you might remember this fake news compare and order in the kenosha rights per look at the background, you can see a city on fire. but anyway, fiery but mostly peaceful to describe what is violent rioting. even major corporations have taken notice of this crime in major cities. for example, bank of america is now telling jr. staffers in new york to dress down and bid the city's crime surge. in chicago, lori lightfoot is out there saying -- we now know a bus driver has been hospitalized after being beaten
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in the street. 21 juveniles being arrested in with connection with that attack. out in angeles, the dash there was even an armed robbery during a private christmas party. where these were demanding that attendees and over all of their jewelry on their phones. and it doesn't stop there. look at your screen of this recent follow home robbery victim. one punched in the face by an armed gunmen and of course this is all the result of this left-wing progressive policies to defund, dismantle, no bail policies. and the consequence of policies that coddle criminals and failed to protect the innocent. for example, out in pueblo, colorado, the police chief is known for sounding the alarm about a new city policy that hampers law enforcement's ability to haul thieves off to jail if they steal less than $2,000 worth of goods. here are three auction, host of "unfiltered" right here on the
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fox news channel, dan bongino along with fox news correspondent. i want to know where is liz cheney? liz cheney that is now partnered with the people that called her father a war criminal and a murderer and a crook. and all this work with halliburton. liz cheney seems like washington only cares about one riot, the one that impacted them. what about the 535 riots? what about the smash and grabs? where the committee investigations into these incidents. in the summer of 2020, we had dozens of americans dead, thousands of cops hurt, billions of dollars in property damage, looting, and arson. where is liz cheney? i'm trying to find her. >> she's too busy issuing a generous six subpoena. people getting robbed. that is not liz cheney's thing.
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she doesn't have any time for that. in regards to the opening of your monologue or you are discussing how aoc -- watching on the tv right now i can see him return is not happening. this is all somehow and ask. i wonder, having run for office and have been the unfortunate experience of meeting a lot of politicians, i came up with a conclusion. they are one of two things bear their mostly either really dumb or they are all liars. most of them are generally liars. when it comes to aoc and joe biden, i'm genuinely not sure if she is a. she may actually believe none of this is actually happening. i'm not sure. like most politicians are just really good liars. but i'm not sure she is bright enough to figure out if what's happening there is really happening. one more quick notice, on a very serious note, a very small number of criminals, thank the lord, convince the overwhelming number of crimes. we don't want everybody committing crimes obviously,
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right? this is the kind of stuff that happens. none of this is a surprise, sean. >> sean: i heard some laughter there, i'm not sure why. >> i think that aoc is a unique case. she's spunky, she is independent, she's dead wrong on this. i've got news for her and for the whole world. >> sean: by the way, the democrats -- the democrats denied all the riots of 2020. the only riot they care about is the one that impacted them. not the ones that impact the american people. they are all equally wrong. >> to borrow from the headline, i hope that this discourse with dan and i can be fiery, but mostly peaceful. back to the main point. these organized retail crimes are brazen, they are real, they are evidence of the decline and fall of civilization itself.
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when you have no rules, when government cannot protect people, when governments can only stand by and say, oh, my god, what is happening here? that is the road to to me. when you think about these kids going home with the stolen goods, how is it that they can take them into their homes, their parents are there, their siblings are there. is that really what's happening? or, and i've just been thinking about this over the last couple of days, is there really organized crime involvement here taking advantage of reduced sentencing in crime. in other words, in california now, you don't get prosecuted if the shoplifting it has -- under $500 spirit are they recruiting all these kids and saying, you snatch the stuff, you get the stuff, you just give me the armful, i will pay you cash. then i will find sit on the
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internet. i think that is more likely what is happening. and his expertise. we'll see if law enforcement can -- >> yeah, i mean, listen to me. we agreed largely on this. you have to understand, to the liberals watching the stove thew tonight, i want you to know something. you did this to yourself. i'm serious, i don't wish ill on anyone come i don't. i'm a christian, i mean that, i'm a sinner too. god forbid violence or crime on anyone. but i'm sorry to tell you you did this to yourself. you had sporadic crime like anyone else. you get locked up here, you go to jail. believe me when i tell you, it's not screwing around. you know what it's called? wrong exit. in other words, don't get off here if you are a criminal, because he will go to jail. and the crime rating here is minuscule. none of this is a shocker. when back i start to talk to
6:34 pm
each other and go hey, you get locked up down here -- you are going to jail for a long time. other criminals don't go to martin county because they don't want to get locked up. this isn't rocket science. >> sean: i think i'm going to stop it here. this is the first time you guys have -- >> crazy -- >> sean: we've got on this year this year. >> the cooks are going to counties where they know they are going to get entry. at least not prosecuted at all. i think there has to be an awakening that the people of san francisco and los angeles have to -- >> they are elected officials. >> sean: it's going to keep getting worse until finally the liberals begin to realize they are the ones getting beaten up and robbed. anyway, thank you. >> that is what happened in new york with giovanni. >> sean: dad geraldo, we appreciate it. other breaking those out of the
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state of georgia. david purdue is jumping into the governor's race. he is challenging the incumbent republican governor brian kemp. i've been saying this, governor patrick comp has lost the confidence of the people of republicans, of conservatives, of georgia. david purdue is by far the stronger candidate. kemp would also end his race against raphael warnock. that can't happen either. purdue's announcement and his endorsement just earlier tonight from former president trump should be a welcome sign for all georgia republicans and conservatives that actually would like to win the state of georgia. meanwhile, stacey abrams is out trying to rewrite history. she goes over to tinfoil hat rachel maddow show trying to claim that she never ever cast out on the election results back in 2018. rachel of course let her get away with this lie.
6:36 pm
>> on the 16th of november when i acknowledge i would not become the governor, that he had won the election, i did not challenge the outcome of the election unlike some recent folks did. what i said was that the system was not fair. and leaders challenge systems, leaders say, we can do better. and that is what i declared. >> sean: that is not true. in fact, over and over again abram suggested that she won the race. we have tape to prove it. take a look a look. >> to watch an elected official who claims to represent the people in the state in the hopes for election on the suppression of the people's democratic right to vote has been truly appalling. so let's be clear. this is not the speech of concession. >> we had the selection back in 2018. and despite the final tally and the inauguration and the situation we find ourselves in, i do have one very affirmative statement to make. we won.
6:37 pm
i'm not saying they stole it from me, they stole it from the voters of georgia. >> sean: where's the outrage from the media mob questioning the results of an election refusing to concede? i thought this was the worst offense imaginal. when is nbc going to care about the facts and reality and why was there no pushback from those obvious lies from abrams? of course, we know why, because the mob and the media, just like the big tech mob, is an arm of the democratic party. living in the same echo chamber. here are three, former senator david purdue. i'm glad you got in, because governor kemp, in my view, and i've been saying this, cannot win. he has lost confidence. you know i lived with georgia for a while, he's lost confidence from all my friends
6:38 pm
in georgia. and you have their confidence. now this is good for you and it's good for herschel walker. tell us about why you got in. >> i got into stop stacey abrams and save our state. it is a sad state of affairs that our current governor has lost the confidence of many republicans. but shawn, i'm excited but this has been a great day since our announcement this morning this is my first interview. as he said, just a few minutes ago, donald trump has given us his full endorsement in our campaign. and if you will permit me, i need your doers to join donald trump and me tonight and helping us stop stacey abrams. she wants to transform our state into another failed to state like california -- you heard all the news about san francisco just now. that is what he wants to bring to georgia. i'm going to stand in the breach and make sure she never does that. >> sean: you pointed out things about abrams. he barely beat her the last
6:39 pm
time. i thought he ran a terrible campaign. i would argue that we just proved stacey abrams lied when she went on rachel maddow's show. ethic there might be a campaign out there, just a humble suggestion from a member of the press, talk show host. i really think the consent agreement that was made with the republican party -- it was one of the worst decisions ever. it took away some of the integrity measures that i think every state should have. we need voter i.d., signature -- there was no accommodation made for covid. you have a law in georgia, correct me if i'm wrong, that's as partisan observers get to watch the vote counts start to finish. you can't watch a vote count from 20, 40, 100 feet away. can you? >> look, stacey abrams on her
6:40 pm
side complained about the election. we've seen irregularities in the selection. what the people of georgia want is voter integrity. they want to know that our democracy when they vote is going to count and not be stolen pay let's be very clear. stacey abrams is not interested in georgia. she wants to become president of the united states for this is democratic party's way of showcasing her. and i believe that we will be able to stop that. i want to run a race based on my vision for our state, not looking backwards, but looking forward. we are going to make sure this never happens again. i want to eliminate the state income tax. give education of our people back to her parents. want to make our cities and states safe again. i want to fight biden at every turn. i'll tell you one more thing, sean. over my dead body. that is turn our elections over to stacey abrams. we will never let that happen again. >> there's only one thing i saw missing and george's new law. there's five, six things that need to be done.
6:41 pm
just like delaware, voter i.d. you have chain of custody controls. partisan observers can observe. updating voter rolls, signature verification. can that be added before the next election? that should be standard in every state. >> sean: our state legislature did a good job this past year this year making some changes. it is not perfect yet. but we can't let republicans not vote again. both in the primary and the general, we learned in my runoff that if we don't vote, they are going to win. so we have to get out and vote. it is not perfect, but it's good enough. it is what president trump said in the virginia race the night before the election. get out and vote. let's overwhelm these shortcomings, put a new governor and, and we will get it. that is -- >> sean: i will add one thing to that. republicans all across the country, if this is the law, you've got to match the democrats with mail-in voting and early voting.
6:42 pm
if that's going to be with the way the system goes, you better engage at the way they do, because they work hard at it. david padilla, i'm glad you got in this race. i hope you win this primary. i think you deserve to be the governor. i think you would be a good governor for georgia. i appreciate you being with us. now turning to another developing story out of chicago where actor jussie smollett testified at his trial today try to claim that there was no hate crime hoax despite overwhelming evidence and testimony to the contrary. here at the very latest, matt finn. he had a lot to go up against including his friends involved in the issue. >> he, for the first time, has not testified under oath. they're now trying to discredit the chicago police and the osundairo brothers who testified on the stand that this was a hoax. and some of the other highlights from smollett on the stand today, he testified he did not
6:43 pm
call police after his alleged attack because "as a black man he does not trust police. he explained that on the night of the alleged attack he got a call from one of the brothers who told him he needed to eat some eggs in order to keep up with his meal plan. smollett testified that is why he went to the walgreens and the subway after 1:00 a.m. on a frigid night. also smollett countered what some of the brothers testified under oath. smollett saying he did have sexual encounters with one of the brothers and he did pay one of the brothers for cocaine. smollett also insists he has a scar beneath one of his eyes from the alleged attack, even though the northwestern doctor who treated smollett testified under oath that he had no known injuries. smollett also told the court that one of his attackers was pale skinned and there was a security guard who backed him up saying that he saw a white skinned male run away from the smollett scene, although that security guard only saw the mail for a flash and he had a ski
6:44 pm
mask on. he's going to retake the stand tomorrow, sean. >> sean: this case gets more fascinated by the day. matt finn, thank you. coming up, just weeks ago and his term, comrade de blasio just announced that all private sector employees in new york city must be vaccinated. and by the way, you have a 5-11 year old child, they are not getting in a restaurant unless they are vaccinated. leo 2.0 terrell ways in on the legality of this policy. the most radical in the country. that is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now with just weeks left in office, new york city mayor comrade bill de blasio, the dumbest mare in history, has no opposing a first in the nation vaccine mandate for all private sector employers. he is requiring 5-11-year-olds have at least one shot if they are to eat at a restaurant or any other indoor gathering. tonight the mayor is doubling down on stupid, obviously is not learned a thing from governors like desantis, abbott, gnome, and every of the republican governor. take a look. >> here in new york city we are at the epicenter of the covid
6:51 pm
crisis. we lost so many people. this neighborhood and neighborhoods all over the city. we didn't have ventilators, we were alone. and then we started to fight back. and we focused on vaccination, made all the difference. now the safest place in this country, was chicago even farther. we've got to go even further. today new york city we announced a mandate. all private sector employers must have their employees vaccinated by december 27th. this is the kind of thing they need to do now, not just here, but everywhere. so we can leave covid behind. >> sean: he didn't listen to his own health advisors. and the state advisors that said they needed to buy them, they never did. trump provided them. here with reaction, fox news contributor and attorney leo 2.0 terrell at pam, we will start with you. the cdc points out that kids between the ages of five and 11,
6:52 pm
we lost about the same percentage than the time we last looked it was 162. as kids we lose to the flu every year. so now you are going to a mandate a vaccine for 5-year-olds or they can't go anywhere in public? >> this is the ultimate big brother. parents, you have the right to control the vaccinations that your children take. sean, this is the grinch who stole christmas at its worst. look what this guy is doing. this is crazy what he is doing. to children, to our businesses in new york city. crime is through the roof. what's he going to do? have police officers policing whether children and private businesses are vaccinated? it's ridiculous. our businesses are also going to suffer tremendously from this. it is unreal what he is doing. spew on we've had multiple court
6:53 pm
decisions that put a hold on this diet and mandate. i can't see this holding up in a court of law. especially when you consider the statistics i just mentioned. your reaction? >> let me be as clear as possible. this is a little lame duck decision made by lame duck mayor. he's already had four weeks -- he knows it's unconstitutional. he knows it's illegal. he will not even be around to enforce it. you know why? because it's not going to be enforced. they are going to fire a federal lawsuit and they're going to prevail. they've got three court cases by the same sleepy joe biden who tried to impose a mandate on workers over 100 employees. it is not going to work, it is illegal. i hope the next mayor does the right thing and stops wasting employers and businesses money and rescinds this idiotic, lame duck decision.
6:54 pm
>> sean: last word, pam. >> the courts have ruled multiple times this is unconstitutional, it is overbroad, you cannot do it. he is showing complete lack of respect for the federal court rulings and that america first policy institution -- we are challenged in this case is whether it is the navy seals, our kids, or a businesses. look up for america first and not the grinch the grinch. >> sean: i cannot believe they are doing this to kids too. a little over 160. 0.0008%. almost the same as the flu. this won't stand in court. thank you both. all right, when we continue, more "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for this evening. as always, you make this show possible. we can't thank you enough for being with us. hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. i have good news in the meantime. let not your hearts be troubled because laura ingraham is standing by and we know she has a great show every night like tonight. hi. >> laura: guess what they are telling me? >> sean: wad? >> laura: i have a new graphics package after four and a half years. as the one you didn't know about it? >> laura: i kind of heard there was new graphics coming. i had kind of wondered because it's been kind of a while. but it actually looks pretty... [laughs] it looks really great. this is really exciting. >> sean: you actually can ask for things like that if you wanted. i don't change mine that often because i kind of like what i