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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 7, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for this evening. as always, you make this show possible. we can't thank you enough for being with us. hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. i have good news in the meantime. let not your hearts be troubled because laura ingraham is standing by and we know she has a great show every night like tonight. hi. >> laura: guess laura: guess what they are telling me. i have a new graphics package after 4 and a half years. >> you didn't know about it? laura: i heard there were new graphics coming and i had wondered because it had been a while but it looks really great. this is really exciting. >> you can ask for things like that if you wanted.
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i like what i like and - if you change yours i will change mine. laura: you have kind of a lost in space theme behind you. i'm expecting the robot and will robinson to pop up but it fits you well. laura: you are on your game. everyone likes to torture me. laura: they are telling me i have to go with a new graphic. see you tomorrow. this is the ingraham angle, welcome to your covid police state. new york mayor bill deblasio dropping vaccine mandate on private employers and coming for your kids. we break it down. father of a 4-year-old artistic boy asking the supreme court to block the
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biden administration's transport station mask mandate. easier exclusively and the harry potter reunion missing one key figure. who could it be. raymond arroyo casts his spelling seen and unseen but first, no more war, the focus of tonight's angle. president biden is getting to bed extra early because last night's kennedy center otter had him the past his bedtime the nothing with that mister and lauren michaels is thoroughly exhausting. tomorrow he will dial in to what is being dubbed a virtual summit with vladimir putin. at the top of the discussion list is ukraine where russian troops have amassed at the border. >> the lettuce sideline images, moscow is engaged in an unprecedented build up near the ukrainian frontier. enough to manage an overwhelming invasion.
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>> russia is preparing to invade ukraine with 175,000 troops. >> thousands of russian troops have deployed over the border with ukraine, the satellite images. >> the sad fact is biden is so weak that clinton feels confident to issue demands before the talks begin. president putin will issue president biden an ultimatum during the meeting guaranteeing nato whenever expand into ukraine or russia will advance an offensive against its neighbor. the ukrainian defense ministers on cnn giving biden advice. >> i would like - very understandable, articulate to mister putin that no redlines from the kremlin side will be here, redline is here in ukraine, you need organizational weaponry. we need electronic warfare etc.. >> the etc. is what costs a lot of money.
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he claims ukraine won't need us or nato boots on the ground, we know how risky this situation is. especially with incompetents general mike milian defense secretary boyd austen in charge. they couldn't beat the taliban. we were humiliated in afghanistan but they will scare off vladimir? all this unfolding as americans trust in the military is declining. one recent poll found just 40% of americans place a great deal of trust in the us military, down 70% in november of 2018 and dropping 11% since february. for some reason the biden team thinks putin will be intimidated by state department spokesperson
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ned price. >> if russia chooses to fail to de-escalate or to move forward with any plans it may have developed to continue its military aggression or gross militarily upon ukraine, to violate ukraine's sovereignty, its independence, territorial integrity, we and our allies would be prepared to act? laura: he seems like a little boy rummaged through his desk closet and wearing his suit. notice the more passive turn when talking about china. >> the challenge china presents, but china is not 10 feet tall. >> is a time to speak more boldly or clearly when referring to china, the communist party and its communist ambitions? >> we are doing a lot of that. we will speak about our concerns but again we are in a competition with china and we don't have to be in a conflict.
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laura: but conflict is what plenty and the military-industrial complex are teaching for in the russia ukraine situation. publicly austen kept the conversation very general. >> we will remain engaged with our allies and partners in the region and we are going to continue to do everything we can to help provide ukraine the capability to protect its sovereign territory. laura: translation americans will foot the bill again. the ukrainians know this and are gleefully fanning the flames. >> you believe russia -- >> that russia will have a victory? >> it will come back. laura: this type of rhetoric is foolish. of our european allies are so worried about russia why are they being so much natural gas from the man why do nato
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countries invests so little in their own military? the eu's economy is multiples began russia's, germany's alone is more than twice as big as why isn't germany funneling troops eastward with the answer is they don't care about ukraine. if russia is such a minimus why did biden approve nordstrom 2? why did biden with our own oil and gas industry and drive up the cost of fuel? if you are really worried about russia, he would want to keep our energy prices low here at home. the truth is biden gave letter a huge amount of leverage and is about to use it to embarrass biden on the world stage which we told you would happen. declaring war on america's energy independence will only make us weaker across the board so right now republicans on the hill should be laying down a marker on this russia ukraine issue.
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the gop position should be that we will not support any significant military action against russia unless number one congress specifically votes to approve it and 2, the we have the new leadership at the defense department and the joint chiefs that we need. getting into something dispute with russia over ukraine would be incredibly moronic. i'm sure the pentagon and intelligence community and other allies would love to see the us tied down in eastern europe because such an outcome would also be great for china and its supporters in the american media that we have to resist any effort sister up tensions between russia and the united states. our military, economic and national security focus has to be on the danger presented by the ccp. we can't afford to waste time and resources in a hopeless controversy over ukraine. if anything we should be looking for ways to peel russia away from the ccp but instead russia and china seem to be getting
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closer under biden, he is bringing the world together after all. it is a nightmare scenario for the us. on october it was joint naval drills between our biggest adversaries. the biden people are clueless but the american people are not. the same survey i mentioned earlier noted 52% of americans see china as the top threat up from just under 40% in february this year, 14% of respondentss said russia was our biggest threat. now finally, even if we did have good reason for conflict with russia which we do not, biden and his team are in over their heads. it would fail at any military action just as they failed in afghanistan. national security adviser jake sullivan, generally, and general austin should have all been putin today after we lost 13 troops in the kabul airport. no one was held accountable and they seem to have no regrets
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except the lives were lost. that refusal to take responsibility for failed strategy alone is a disqualifier from future public service and let's not forget another terrifying prospect. america at war or on the brink of war and something happens to biden making kamala harris our commander-in-chief, imagine that for a moment. the woman can't even keep staff let alone keep track of military movements in eastern europe. having someone as unqualified and untalented and unlike as this vice president is itself an ongoing national security threat to america. the biden people didn't take any of these job seriously. it was one big exercise in diversity, equity and inclusion, not merit and now america is paying the price. so the bottom line is biden after gaining who cannot shoot straight must not be allowed to squander any american lives or resources on a desperate and
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unnecessary conflict with russia and any republican stupid enough to support such an imprudent effort will end up exiled from the party. just ask liz cheney how it feels and that is the angle. uber institution senior fellow, why does it feel those drums of war are being beaten once again? >> i think we are forgetting the lessons of dealing with vladimir putin the last 20 years, pretty simple, the soviet union or russia, we had everybody agree on this policy that neither russia nor china would be friendlier to one another than they were to us, we would balance one against the other, russian collusion hoax destroyed that tactic and then we had the idea that you don't gratuitously insult vladimir putin, you don't say looked in his eyes and he has no soul and carry a twig and
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we saw in the obama administration, biden and obama said tell vladimir to ease up and they dismantled missile defense and there was a reset and what did we get? the invasion of crimea and ukraine and when donald trump came in he didn't attack gratuitously biden by name or say he was a killer as biden has called him but what did you do? he killed over 200 mercenaries that attacked us in syria and he got out of an asymmetrical missile deal and job owned against the pipeline in germany and russia, the world was cheap oil and putin didn't go in anywhere and now we're back to the idiocy of the past so biden is talking tough and putin is looking at biden as you say, looking at afghanistan, looking
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is ratings, cognitive challenges, cutting back us oil, rising oil prices and thinks this is an opportunity and we will play it by ear. you have to be quiet and carry a club, you don't want to be loud and carry a twig and that is what the biden administration - is >> vladimir putin -- laura: the team he has in place, millie, austin, kamala harris, ned price, none of these people should be in the position they are in. we don't think president xi in china knows it. they were chosen for a variety of reasons but this is not based on merit or experience. now we the people are paying the price. >> we are losing deterrence was what austin and millie say their
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chief task is to root out white raisin white supremacy, the number of dead in afghanistan and iraq and people who are dying and wait a minute, if you're going to generalize about white supremacy how come you have white males doubling in the general population? what is going on in this country? they are crazy and it is crazy and there's been a lot of discussion about that that we are insulting middle america and middle america seems to die in ordinary, not we care about percentages but we lecture about it. all the social justice as you said, diversity, equity, deterrence, it is going to be very dangerous because it's very easy to lose deterrence but very hard to recover and dangerous to recover and we've lost it now.
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we said before -- laura: the new york times is reporting that mister biden and mister blinken of the working to convince european nations starting with germany that a clear warning to mister putin is needed. the effort is to present putin with united front and persuade him that the sanctions he would sever would be widely enforcement many european officials are clearly worried that the could respond to pressure by diminishing gas supplies to europe as winter approaches, this is a total set up on the oil and gas side. >> it is surreal, his germany that can't even spend one.4% of its gdp on defense and as this green program that requires, they need natural gas and are buying it from russia and we are supposed to think germany's military power that will stand up to nato and when they need the gas they are not going to do
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anything, we want that gas. >> we've got to roll but this is unbelievable, thank you so much. another progressive prosecutor bending the law to score political points before left. molly hemingway and dinesh desousa explain it all in minutes. stay there.
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♪ ♪ laura: the 15-year-old who gunned down four classmates in
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the michigan schools should be punished to the fullest 6 of the law but the progressive prosecutor handling the case decided to make a bit of a political statement, oakland county prosecutor mcdonald file terrorism charges against the shooter because of the impact the shooting might have had on the community. the prosecutor the questionable decision to charge the shooter's parents with involuntary manslaughter. and she makes clear she isn't solely targeting the parents. >> as a mom and a prosecutor i'm interested in trying to figure out how they don't happen at all and that goes back to the weapon. with the right to own a gun since the responsibility to safely secure and make sure it does not end up in the hands of somebody who is absolutely exhibiting signs that he's not okay, that he wants to harm somebody. laura: doesn't sound like someone running for office.
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andrew, an attorney who specializes in self-defense law. involuntary manslaughter involves an element of negligence, right? doesn't have to be with malice, doesn't have to be purposeful, but what about the state case law and the fact of this case, do they line up? >> mice of these to the families of those who were killed. i have four children of my own. i can only imagine the horror and losses. ethan probably should be held to the fullest extent of the law accountable that these charges against his parents are nothing but politically motivated balder all on voluntary manslaughter requires workers the switches light degree of negligence, you have to have intentionally created a foreseeable risk of death to others and intentionally disregarded that risk. there is no evidence the parents did anything of the sort in this case.
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>> is how the nbc legal analyst explain the prosecutor's decision to charge the parents. >> this may be part of a trend for prosecutors to hold parents closer to automatically liable for what their kids do. that is not what this charge is. is the theory of automatic liability. the prosecutor is alleging the parents were aware there was a risk and knowing there was a risk consciously disregarded. that is the gross negligence is. laura: based on the evidence we have seen thus far, is the prosecutor on shaky ground? you heard his comments. >> he defined what recklessness is but there is lack of evidence to support that. that's the difficulty, the prosecutor is throwing out this theory of criminal liability in the absence of evidence and we see prosecutors do this all the time in politically motivated
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cases, george zimmerman case, freddie gray, kyle rittenhouse, they make these accusations in the absence of evidence to get the case and courts in the first place where they have a new bag of tricks but they have to get to court first are they will make these accusations, inflammatory accusations without evidence, get the defendant into court and then the accusations are forgotten. they are never proven in court and this is become a playbook but politically motivated prosecutors and on again and again and again. they make false narratives the drag a defendant into trial and the false narratives that got the defendant there in the first place is forgotten. >> they have to deal with fleeing when they knew they were being arraigned and so forth and meanwhile the prosecutor did say this morning that the obvious, the school could be held civilly liable because they didn't check the backpack, there is 0 expectation of privacy for students in schools. >> is better positioned five with the psychological state of
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the child, the parents with no professional training or resources or the school that has all the training and resources and spends vastly more time watching kids behavior, conduct and interactions with other students, other teachers in the course of the school day then the parents do. anybody who has had a 15-year-old knows you don't see much of that 15-year-old as a parent. jason: thank you, we will see how this goes was the media zeros in on the michigan shooting case, the horrific murder of 6 in waukesha, wisconsin, one of the reasons for the shameful coverage blackout is obvious, one case involves a gun company of didn't. molly hemingway, fox news contributor, senior editor at the federalist and host of the dennis desousa podcast. for the media this is all about it seems the prosecutor doing the media arounds which makes me suspicious kind of the anti-gun narrative even if it means ignoring another horrific killing.
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>> every time you have a horrible incident like this fascinating to watch how the media handles it. the incidents of local crime become a national news stories, the way to talk about large issues facing the country in communities across different states. that's what waukesha is, something we are dealing with. local prosecutors having bad policies that enable violence, literate industries to commit crimes again, this is a natural thing that should becoming a widespread fashion and memory holds because it doesn't fit the narrative the media would like to push, they like to have these reforms that are put in place, don't want to talk about the repercussions of these reforms even though people as far away as los angeles, and people on the east coast are dealing with rampant criminality on a result too much being done on, justice
12:27 am
reforms that are taking place and the gun issue makes the media go crazy when it happens. laura: what you don't cover is as important as what you cover and the daily beast has gone out of its way to tie the michigan shooter to trump. one claim that his mother sent an open letter to donald trump which she posted on her blog in november of 2016, in favor of trump's long promised the border wall but a few days before, they called out right-wing trolls for daring to deck out that darrell brooks supported blm, other antiwhite what he was doing but why the selective coverage of the two cases? >> i think the way to understand it is to make a distinction between stories which are the specifics of any particular incident and meta-stories, the meta-story is the controlling ideological narrative from the
12:28 am
mainstream media's point of you determines whether the story deserves acres of coverage or whether it should be quickly passed over so two of the controlling meta-stories are number one, white perpetrator, white supremacist and the second one is the gun so in the rittenhouse case you had both, the white guy who was dubbed a white supremacist and the ar 15 and no wonder the media went desert, you had tons of coverage even before the trial began. in the waukesha case that is inconvenient on every front, black perpetrator, antiwhite, pro-blm, let out on $1,000 bail, his deadly weapon wasn't a gun, it was a car so this essentially means the story contradicted the meta-story and the media was eager to dispense with it.
12:29 am
now with the school shooter they are trying to round up the same narrative, a white kid, not a white supremacist the troubled kid and he's white and the focus now is on the gun and of course any associations that can be made with trump which revives the embers of the white supremacy narrative, what you see is these meta-stories control the way in which the media covers everything and a stories and big story for doesn't fit the meta-story. laura: we have to go back to what we were talking about in the previous segment, really briefly, the camel harris problem which is getting bigger by the day for the biden administration. they are clearly freaking out about the likelihood that they have to figure something out on the vice presidential front if something should happen to biden. >> they have a bad situation, president biden's ratings are bad because the media presented him as a competent moderate individual, he's governing with incompetence, policies he pushes are very far left and not appealing to the american voter and the backup plan of having
12:30 am
kamala harris rise to take over is not going well because she has lower ratings than biden does, this is because people were sent a bunch of lies because they wanted to do what it took to oust the previous president and now dealing with the reality people were sold a bill of goods. laura: we are stuck. thanks. the media claims biden has brought normalcy to the kennedy center honors but who has been struck from the harry potter reunion guest list, we update you on that. raymond arroyo has an unseen and unseen next.
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>> laura laura: time for seen and unseen where we ask for the cultural
12:36 am
stories of the day, we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. president biden attended the kennedy center honors. >> even before the event the washington post, biden's presence at the kennedy center honors signal to many, a return to tradition and normalcy. cnn said the bidens were reinstating the tradition, this is reference to donald trump who did not attend the kennedy center honors in his four years, a point not lost on the nonpartisan host david letterman. >> very nice to see the presidential box once again being occupied.
12:37 am
[cheers and applause] >> i love how doctor jill has to explain to biden, trump did not come to the kennedy center honors so stand up. there's a good reason for that. they make it sound like trump just wanted to ruin the party but the truth was in 2017 kennedy center honoree norman lear threatened to boycott the traditional white house reception over trump's policies. he and others politicize this event, it was always bipartisan so trump stayed home out of respect to the kennedy center but maybe he shouldn't. laura: he should have gone, why not? >> i always say the arts should not have a political -- should follow tries and bush line, they hugged, disagree horribly but there was a moment of togetherness. that's what the arts should do.
12:38 am
should president biden have been out at all. he admitted last week he had a cold yet certain day he's out fraternizing at the kennedy center, here he was today. >> saying to drug companies if you're finally doing it because to be accountable when your prices to the american people go up you're going to be accountable. without making a substantive change in the medication itself, the medicine itself. >> he needs medicine starting with a cough suppressant, stay home, mister president. >> tell us who is staying home from the harry potter reunion. >> the twentieth anniversary of the first harry potter movie is coming up and warner bros. and hbo max are planning a big reunion. the only invitation that is not
12:39 am
shown up is one for jk rowling created harry potter and the entire wizard in world that all these people of their careers to. the cast, even the director, invited, but someone at warner bros. performed a vanishing spell on this rowling likely due to her comments over the last few years defending women which are critics there and i transmit she said if sex isn't real there is no same-sex attraction. of sex isn't real the reality of women globally as he raced. i know and love trans people but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. statements like that have made rowling, she has she not be named. >> they actually, daniel radcliffe made her disappear, correct? >> i guess that's what they are saying. >> is a true they invited the
12:40 am
grips from all the movies but she wasn't able to - >> walk in characters or two lines are invited to this big reunion, like the friends reunion they had last year but jk rowling is still working with warner bros. she wrote the script for this upcoming fantastic beast movie. they've got billion saying on the line, you'd think you would want to keep this woman happy but they are just trying to push her to the site and banish her. laura: you have an update on something more important than the snobs on the homeless that story in la we have been covering. >> the good news is they are released off the streets and inside the veterans campus in la but some are still living in those tents we show you all along sunset boulevard, now they
12:41 am
are on the grounds endorsement still in tents. in large part due to our coverage of this story, a real estate company, hudson pacific properties is donated $1 million to build 1600 units of real housing on the ground for these that's which is a wonderful thing but this is the government's responsibility and that land was donated to care for veterans, they should be building these units, not outside people but i'm glad they are doing it. laura: you are right, we are about to send hundreds of millions of dollars of weaponry and so forth to ukraine, you can debate that but can't help the vets, ridiculous. >> there's a great group, a.m.vets, they are great people, the money goes directly to those facts. laura: thank you for your work on this topic and covid tierney in the us has had disturbing new
12:42 am
lows. and moments we we're exclusively from the dead who is suing the biden tsa for blocking his artistic 4-year-old from boarding a plane, don't go away.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: >> michael is 4 years old on the autism spectrum which means he can't tolerate wearing a mask. he has an official note from his doctor exempting a mask mandate but that's not good enough for the covid police. at least twice the michael has been blocked from boarding flights to boston where he undergoes special medical treatment every few weeks. what is also shocking is how the airlines reacted when it is fairly presented the doctors note. >> can't fly on frontier. >> i have a physician documentation. >> sufficient documentation does not override. >> michael's family is suing two airlines and the biden tsa.
12:48 am
joining me exclusively is my collapse father who is asking the supreme court to hear his case. thank you for joining us. has the tsa or the airlines reached out to you at all? to try to explain further or make things right? >> know, they have not tried to rectify the situation at all, continue to deny him mask exemptions, not only that but they completely banned them to use frontier airlines for life because he refused to we as the parents refused to comply with the federal transportation mask mandate. laura: your son, your little boy has been denied - i'm breath taken away. he's been denied flight for life lying on the airline for life? >> he has been banned for life on frontier airlines. >> is so people follow this
12:49 am
here's what happens when he tried -- you tried to get your son to wear a mask in front of the frontier employees. >> can you wear your mask? january are masked? >> the way of approaching this not going to help. >> correct me if i'm wrong but is the employee telling you how to approach your own son? >> it was totally appalling and condescending and totally out of control for a representative to tell me i'm to force my child and parent my child who has autism and no understanding of the mask mandate forced to wear a mask for will be denied travel despite having a physician -- it is mind blowing to be refused travel for medical care, the child cannot board a flight of
12:50 am
the frontier representative band him from flying on frontier again in, and anyone, anywhere, will be banned from flying on if he is on the itinerary, specifically band as he was banned from using frontier airlines. incredible. laura: you are banned for life. >> i am banned from the front here for life. i cannot use the airline and neither can him. we refused to comply with the federal transportation mask mandate. laura: child abuse and it is second the federal government has the primary role in these companies are running scared for the most part, they are afraid of liability on the federal front so they are getting heavy sway and your son is across the middle. keep in touch with us on what happened on this case please. total outrage. from one to radical covid to another. >> we in new york city decided to use a preemptive strike to do
12:51 am
something bold to stop the further growth of covid. our health commission will announce a vaccine mandate for private-sector employers across the board, all private-sector employers in new york city will be covered by this vaccine mandate as of december 20 seventh. laura: joining me now is joy, the organizer at new york creed, this guys on his way out of office, completely out of control. it is going to be struck down but he calls in a preemptive strike against the people, certainly not against the virus. >> it is beyond belief. i can't begin to understand how the city that i have known, the city i've grown generations of my family that have lived in new york city to see it come to this point, he is a public servant,
12:52 am
how dare he say this is a preemptive strike, are we at war with the people? is this is declaration? that is what it sounds like. laura: was do you think this is going to do to tourism in new york especially now with the new rules about young kids? deblasio is trying to ruin the lives of kindergartners, watch. >> previously for kids 12 years old and up the rules have been in place for high risk extracurricular activities, that has applied to kids 12 and up. we will now apply that to kids in the 5 to 11-year-old range as well. laura: if you don't want to inject your healthy child with a vaccine he or she doesn't need, your life is about to essentially be ruined inside new york city in heaven for but you are a tourist who had plans to come to new york city with your child. >> he is beyond his reach as
12:53 am
mayor and to think that he needs to mandate which doesn't apply to anyone because a mandate is not a law but thinks he can mandate or force a rule especially on parents with children so imagine you have a child and children the way they develop, social interaction, you are going to stop the development of children because of fear of what? children aren't sprinters. you want to force vaccination in children, the bank and be society, as a young child how does that affect them? how is that going to improve their social development - >> one of the unwashed, you become one of the unwashed even if you have no problem with vaccines, if you are against these mandates you become part of the unwashed, your message to
12:54 am
people across new york who watch this unfold today, your message to all of them. >> my message to new york city as a new yorker, start getting out in the streets and standing up because i tell you right now new yorker, i hope i can say that, because where do you come in doing this, in new york they need to start standing up. we have been outside for a long time, where outside? if people don't like what is going on, if new yorkers don't like bill deblasio is doing things they need to get outside and start speaking cup and make them uncomfortable. laura: you better -- eric adams better be watching, the new mayor of new york has got to turn this back and how bad are things for biden? a new poll is ugly.
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>> laura: we are not even 11 months into his presidency and according to a
1:00 am
>> not 11 months and his presidency and according to a new harvard harris poll, 48% of voters say they would back trump compared to 45% for biden. so trump would be biden if the election were held today. to your usa made freedom matters gear on laurain, go to the ranch. up next. >> fox news alert is a high-stakes showdown in the making as president biden is set to speak with russian president vladimir putin hours from now, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. carley: president biden facing a critical test as russian troops mass along the ukraine border with the us intelligence warning and invasion could come as soon as next month. >> jenkins with more on the president's planned message. >> tensions running high have today's call as the white house
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