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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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thanks, dr. marc siegel. thanks for that hope-filled segment. thank you. >> i think it works. thanks. >> tucker: of course viagra cures everything. we could have known that. we'll be back at 8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of lying smugness and group think. have a wonderful night with the ones you love. here's sean hannity. >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines. >> sean: it's hard to believe, right? 115 days, biden's cowardess and afghanistan is having a snow ball effect around the world. all of america's international foes, every hostile regime are trying to take advantage of joe and his obvious cognitive decline, his appeasement policies and sheer incompetence. he's turned the page he tells us. what about the families that he
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left behind? that are in harm's way? under taliban rule. this is particularly true on the border between russia and ukraine tonight where hostile actor vladimir putin is now gearing up for a massive invasion. nearly 100,000 russian troops including tanks and artillery, are already amassed at the border. many are now fearing that an invasion could be imminent. our intelligence feels that way as well. don't worry. joe biden called up russian dictator vladimir putin and gave him a really stern talking to. here's how the call started. take a look. >> hello? good to see you again.
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last time -- we didn't get to see each other and the g-20. i hope the next time we do it in person. >> sean: hello. no doubt vladimir putin is shaking in his boots. according to the white house, biden voiced his deep support when he turned on the microphone for ukraine sovereignty and he vowed strong economic and other measures in the event of a military escalation. biden's strategy includes reinstating sanctions on russia's north stream 2 pipeline in to germany. you can't make this up. firing keystone xl pipeline, energy workers, high-paying career jobs and giving putin an opportunity to get russia rich again. a few months ago, joe lifted all sanctions on the very same pipeline and hi got nothing in exchange. he was trying to appease vladimir putin, the hostile actor with all too predictable results. here we go again. the administration is working on a plan to evacuate americans
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from ukraine. another unmitigated and preventible disaster. thus far biden's international policy has been so terrible even msdnc's most avowed liberal democrat, chuck todd, is sounding the alarm. take a look. >> does the white house accept that they've been too passive with putin? >> privately they accept there's missteps when it comes to the foreign policy strategy. whether that is with afghanistan or with president putin. now, they haven't outright acknowledged that, for example, in their meeting in geneva earlier that the president wasn't tough enough. i think the point stands, here we go again. what if any message is this sending to other potential foreign adversaries that are watching this quite closely. how does china, for example, view this. >> sean: pretty weird because i remember a few months ago when everyone in the mob and the media were out there lauding
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biden's tremendous foreign policy credentials. in reality, joe biden has never ever been good at anything and especially foreign policy. you might remember obama's former defense secretary, robert gates, "biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy an national security issue over the past four decades." on the campaign trail and the early months of the biden white house, the press wing of the democratic party, the media mob, they covered up all of biden's shortcomings and lied on his behalf. never asked tough questions. now with multiple biden-caused crises here at home and abroad, some in the media are no longer able to avoid the shocking reality which is one biden failure after another. needless to say, joe biden is not pleased. get this. according to the administration, the press is supposed to work hand and hand with the white house to make joe look good.
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so in the past week, the white house has been holding private meetings with producers, anchors, reporters to "reshape their coverage." no, they shouldn't be taking talking points from you at all. right open cue, "the washington post" posted an article said "the media treats biden as bad or worse than trump." i don't know what world that person is living in. ron klain, the chief of staff, tweeted out the article. ron is living in an alternate universe that he is creating. this is the very definition. you don't get better, more coverage. it's the entire media mob, print media. you have nbc, abc, cbs. two news channels that say they're news that are propaganda for the democratic party. the worst part of this, the press is not trying to hide it. one idiot at fake news cnn
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bragging about the strategy meetings with the white house on twitter. tonight i do have bad news for the mob and the media and the biden white house. no amount of smoke and mirrors or dumb op-eds in "the washington post" is going to change the reality. the american people see this failure. as we speak inflation every american is feeling it first hand. a 31-year high. americans are furious about the supply chain issues causing massive delays and shortages and then get lectured and scolded about oh, how we should have purchased our christmas gifts by halloween or oh, you're not going to get the color you want. oh, the tragedy of the tread mill. they're embarrassed and hu mailated by the withdrawal from afghanistan. most americans don't like the idea of abandoning fellow americans when you said you wouldn't do it. most americans are deeply worried about the crises joe created at the southern border. they don't like the preferential treatment. if you're an illegal immigrant,
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you don't get a covid test, there's no vaccine mandate but mandating vaccining for 5-year-olds if you want to take a kid to a new york city restaurant. by the way, they're getting sick and tired, the american people, of being told that parents input in schools is not wanted. they're tired of age and appropriate material being taught and critical race theory and other anti-american propaganda force fed into our kids minds. they don't want build back better new green deal radical marxism socialism to become the law of the land. the democratic party lost its way. guess what? you know who is helping them out the most right now? mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader is once again after promises again he's bailing them out one more time. despite the promising not to help the democrats raise the debt ceiling again, he's been collaborating with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi on a plan that would allow democrats to raise
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the debt ceiling on their own supposedly. thereby giving them more time to pass build back better. he's doing it by creating a new rule the senate never had before. we'll see if he can get nine more republicans to go with this insanity. no doing so, mcconnell is throwing his fellow republicans under the bus. he's giving his democratic colleagues a much-needed life line. not including republicans in any way in any budget tax. it's totally unacceptable. mitch mcconnell needs to go. he's not a leader. here with action, john kennedy. in september, senator, we were told every republican that you wouldn't help the democrats have not allowed any republicans to be a part of the budget talks, mitch mcconnell said they're not going to help democrats raise the debt ceiling. at the last minute hee caved. now he's going to create a new senate rule. is he going to get nine other
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republicans to reach cloture? is that going to happen? >> well, they won't do it with my support. my position hasn't changed. we each have one vote. let me tell you what my position is. senator schumer and president biden and speaker pelosi want to pass and implement the build back better spending taxation and debt orgy. i don't agree with it. and to do that, to pass it and implement it, they have to borrow money. maybe as much as $3 trillion. and they need my vote to do that. now, why would i give them my vote if i don't support the bill? they say well, you're going to default on america's debt.
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you're voting to do that. no, i'm not. senator schumer by simply amending the budget resolution and reconciliation can extend the debt limit on his own with no republican votes and he can do it without my vote. so if we end up defaulting, it's a choice that senator schumer has made. to me this has been very simple from the beginning. the president and his woke allies think that they can borrow us in to prosperity. they can't. i'm not going to be a part of doing that. >> sean: all right. so i'm glad senator and i think most republicans will be with you. mitch has this uncanny ability to always get nine other republicans to go along with the cloture vote. i think the republicans need a new leader in the senate. i think caving to the democrats,
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he's buying them time to push their build back better new green deal socialism, which is bad for the country. i would think republicans should be united on stopping the radicalism of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and the progressive caucus. i wonder if we can count or rely on joe manchin more than mitch mcconnell at this point. >> well, as i've said to you before, sean, i don't hate anybody. i look for grace wherever i can find it. but i know what i believe. and i am not going to vote to allow senator schumer and president biden to borrow the money to pass the build back better bill. i'm certainly not going to do it when he can do it on his own. if he chooses to default on america's debt, you know, that's his decision. but it's his decision alone.
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>> sean: let me ask you about -- we have one foreign policy crises after another. you can see the troops now -- putin amassing 100,000 troops on the border with ukraine. you can see in china they're talking about reunification, the takeover of taiwan. their fighter jets are flying all over taiwan airspace. sanctions have been lifted off of iran. i don't understand any of those decisions. i do believe that it is happening because they perceive joe biden is in a cognitive decline and they know he's weak and frail and they don't believe he will lift a finger to stop it. >> here's what's going on, sean. this is a serious matter. what president putin has done is implement the single largest military build-up in europe since the cold war. president putin is a wolf. i think he thinks that president
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biden is weak. i think he thinks that president biden is a sheep in sheep's clothing, particularly after afghanistan. and weakness invites the wolves. it's just that simple. here's what i think we ought to do. i think president biden needs to call president putin back and say look, if you invade ukraine, ukraine is going to fight back. we're going to put the full force of the united states behind them in terms of arming them and we're going to ask all of our allies to make sure they're properly armed, too. we'll find out who our friends are. number 2, i think president biden needs to tell mr. putin that if you do this, we're going to eliminate you from the international financial system. not a sanction here and there. we're going to cut you off. cut you off like a dead stump.
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we're going to start by expelling you from the society of worldwide interbank financial telecommunication system. so he can't even transfer money. number 3, president biden needs to tell putin look, i made a mistake. i tried to be a nice guy and i wouldn't sanction norm stream 2. whether you invade or not, beginning tomorrow, i'm going to sanction the living hell out of nord stream 2. germany is going to be upset. i love germany. in this instance, they need to call someone who cares. we need to sanction nord stream 2 so president putin knows we are serious. if he does all that, i think he will avert the crisis. if he doesn't, we won't. >> sean: then we need to produce more energy here and send it over there and germany will like us again and won't be relying on
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a hostile regime. >> you're absolutely right. we have enough natural gas if president biden will let us produce it that we can send as much as europe needs. >> sean: senator kennedy, thank you. breaking earlier, biden's pick for bank regulator, a one-time devout communist just with drew her nomination after bipartisan outrage surrounding her radical positions against capitalism. meanwhile tonight, despite multiple self-inflicted crises at home and abroad and liz cheney, focusing on the january 6 riots. there's no commission. let's see. the 500 some odd riots that took place in the summer of 2020, riots that resulted in dozens of dead miles per hours, thousands
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of cops that were hit with bricks and bottles, the billions in property damage from looting and arson, they don't care about those riots. the january 6 commission, the case of liz cheney, you kickoff jim jordan, jim banks and this is a decision that they have already made, a predetermined outcome. when they kicked those guys off. now we're learning more that in fact the national guard, donald trump in fact asked for it two days before. we know that the chief of the capitol police was asked for it and denied the guard. why? why were guard members saying that they were told to stand down? i know what liz cheney's motives are. she wants to purge the party of donald trump. democrats have subpoenaed former trump advisers and staffers, one includes mark meadows. he's tried to comply.
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at this point he's using executive privilege. he's written a new book. i read it cover to cover. i love it. it on if you want a first edition copy. it's in book stores everywhere and the chief's chief is with us. let's start with january 6. did donald trump want -- this is the same trump that up that said many of you will peacefully and patriotically march to the capitol so your voices may be heard. that same guy. did he or did he not ask for the national guard knowing that there would be big crowds in d.c. beforehand? >> well, sean, you reported on this before. it doesn't get much attention. i can tell you that not only did donald trump want to make sure that the national guard was available, he repeated that a number of times. i think there's a number of people that he's communicated with that can back me up on that
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particular assessment. you know, in addition to that, we can all condemn what happened on january 6. rightfully so. but i'm not aware of anybody in the west wing that had anything advanced knowledge that the security was going to be breached at the capitol. that being said as you mentioned, the january 6 commission is continuing on. we've been trying to work with them in a spirit of accommodation to share what we know from a nonprivileged standpoint while making sure that executive privilege is protected. the president has claimed executive privilege. i'm going to honor that i'm not going to be the first chief of staff to waive that. it's not mine to wave and it's not congress's to waive. >> sean: liz cheney is joining with others and they're talking about holding you in criminal
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contempt as early as tomorrow. your reaction? >> well, obviously they're going to have to do what they do and they're a separate body. i can tell you that we've tried to work with the committee to provide them and even offered them other options in terms of answering questions that if this has a true legislative intent, we want to help them fix the problem where it never happens again. i can tell you that, you know, they've been aggressive about holding people in contempt and, you know, they'll do what they need to do. hopefully the courts can work it out. >> sean: when they kicked off jim jordan and jim banks, that was a predetermined outcome. liz cheney's mission is to align with the people that called her father a murder, a war criminal and a crook to align herself with those people hand the worst foreign policy in american history with more weakness. one of the things i really liked
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about the book and i know other things got the false positive and you were clear about that on covid, it was so stupid the way the media covered it, but more importantly you bring us inside the white house in a different way than the anti-trump books. you speak glowingly of a president that works around the clock and kept his promises. i worked for the country as we have learned in the last 11 months. >> well, it works for the country because he was working 24 hours a day, seven day as week. he was working me under the table. more importantly than that, you had this lead-in about what we're seeing with russia and ukraine. i can tell you, it was a leader in president trump that was strong. he didn't say change your expectation. he says live up to your expectation. what happened is vladimir putin has changed his expectation. he expects weakness from the oval office. so that's made him far more
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aggressive. it's well-beyond just nord stream 2. it's more on the policy out of the white house and sadly it's very weak. >> sean: two things i think define the trump presidency and you captured this in the book. a guy that made promises and kept them and a guy that was tough with china and russia and iran. i do believe that the world believed donald trump would act if provoked. i don't think that exists today. >> well, without a doubt they knew he would act. the other thing is, when it was candidate donald trump, they were all concerned that we would be on the door step of a war if it was president donald trump. not only did he strike a peace deal, historic peace deals, we didn't have to worry about a new war because he was willing to show the might of the american people in every situation and
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candidly i miss those days. >> sean: the book is phenomenal. in book stores as of today "the chief's chief." it's on and we'll have you on more to talk about it. thanks for being with us. coming up, fake news cnn's dom lemon has explaining to do after texts that he sent jussie smollett and a reporter caught up with alec baldwin last night in new york city. the hollywood liberal was not too happy about it. we have the proof to show you straight ahead. ...with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar... in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it...
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>> welcome to fox news live.
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president biden and president putin talk about ukraine. they spoke for two hours via video call. this follows a report that russia might be planning to invade ukraine next month. the white house says mr. biden reiterated his support for ukraine sovereignty and made it clear that the u.s. and its allies will respond to any hostile action with strong economic and other measures. in an abrupt reversal, mark meadows decided not to cooperate with the january 6 capitol investigation. his attorney says he's concerned the panel will ask him questions that is off limits because of executive privilege. if news breaks out, we'll break in. i'm trace gallagher. now back to "hannity". >> sean: apparently more media malpractice from fake news cnn
6:28 pm
after host don lemon ignored new revelations that he was texting jussie smollett to discuss an active police investigation after he claimed he was attacked by trump supporters in 2019. smollett testified this week that he learned authority were questioning his allegations after being tipped off by don lemon. why did lemon mention any of the key details as part of his coverage and what is his full extent of the saga in lemon is one of smollett's biggest defenders even as overwhelming evidence began to emering suggesting that smollett staged attack. here's what lemon had to say in 2019. >> my concern is for him and his well-being. every day i say i know you think i'm annoying. i can show you the text. i know you think i'm annoying you but i want to know that
6:29 pm
you're okay. >> yeah. >> you need somebody, you can talk to me. >> sean: does cnn care about the accessory facts of what we learned this week or continue to fuel hoax after hoax? they did 3 1/2 years of the russia trump lie hoax conspiracy theory. meanwhile here in new york, alec baldwin, another outburst after being questioned about his claims of not pulling the trigger in the fatal film set shooting that took place. take a look. >> what brings you to new york city? >> i asked you to leave. >> mr. baldwin, who is here? >> i asked you to go away. please go away. >> this is not -- are you -- >> this is a private home. >> this is public property. >> go away. >> did you really not pull the trigger? >> an investigation is ongoing. we have more questions than answers as relates to biden's --
6:30 pm
baldwin's public remarks prompting the actor and his wife to delete their social media accounts. they've done that before. here with reaction, the host of the clay travis buck sexton show, joe concha. good to see you both. let's start with jussie smollett. i don't have a problem with don lemon -- cnn has a problem. they called all of these opinion hosts talk show hosts, which i am, they say that they're journalists. they're not journalists. they're members of the media or the press but not honest of who they are. i don't have a problem with him texting jussie smollett at all. trying to be a friend, get information. i don't have a problem with that. the question is, did it impact his coverage and is hi not reporting on all the information that came out at this trial that is pretty damning to jussie smollett.
6:31 pm
>> sean, it's activism in broad daylight. here you have jussie smollett, who is the adam schiff of the acting community but he did testify that don lemon contacted -- i thought you'd like that -- his sources in the chicago police department and passed back to smollett that they didn't believe his story around let smollett to hold evidence in the investigation, namely his phone, which was a key piece of evidence. yeah, it's more than just a friend reaching out to a friend to make sure he's okay or to secure an interview. he's now involved in an active police investigation and sharing information with smollett that led him to hold information. cnn needs to address this. as is their m.o., they won't say or do anything until they absolutely have no choice to do so. >> sean: i don't want to defend don lemon here. but if he's saying if you have any comment, police are reporting or there are records that in fact you're a suspect in this case and you're being investigated, would that be fair
6:32 pm
for either talk show host or a -- somebody that calls themselves a journalist to do? >> it's one thing if he reached out for comment. he reached out on a personal level. if that was the case, smollett would go on his show. he went on abc with robin roberts and do an interview at that point. this was more lemon injecting himself here. look, i really paid attention to what john malone had to say on cnbc recently. he's cnn's leading shareholder. he's a big deal in media. he says cnn has to get back to doing journalism. he praised fox news in the process while on cnbc. what a world. but you'll see major changes coming to cnn in 2022. the question is can you put humpty dumpty back together. my kids say no, it cannot be done. >> sean: i'm going to let that one go. you leave it wide open for me. clay travis, your take.
6:33 pm
>> look, don lemon at a minimum should have to address his audience and explain why his name was involved in court testimony. it's worth repeating that why don't trust jussie smollett very much. so exactly what he was saying don lemon did could be that he was trying to get an interview and be as friendly as possible in the hopes that that was going to end up happening. is he truly was involved in telling smollett that hey, the police don't believe you and he impacted the overall trajectory of this investigation as a result, now that that has occurred in public testimony under oath, cnn and even don lemon himself has an obligation to their viewership to explain what his role and relationship was in this overall story. look, they have already got an accusation of sexual assault against him. they have to replace chris
6:34 pm
cuomo. the entire condition network may end up with brian steltzer having to do 15 straight hours before all is said and done because he might be the only guy you have left. they ratings couldn't get worse. with steltzer, they may. they're in a rough spot. >> sean: they could use both of you to help them out. that would change dramatically. i don't think it's going to happen. >> i'm banned for life, sean. they wouldn't allow me to come on. >> sean: why? because you sell let's go brandon t-shirts? >> yeah. i come on your show. they hate you. i went on -- >> sean: i never called for any of them to be fired. their ratings are horrific. all right. thanks, clay. thank you, joe. when we come back, the co-host of "the view" don't seem to be happy that dr. oz is running for senate. we'll tell you what they said. dr. oz will respond. that is next.
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>> sean: last week dr. oz announced his candidacy for senate outlining his version for america first, make america great again agenda. that prompted scorn and attacks from the media mob. predictable. daring to question their far left orthodoxy. listen to the smears from that hard-hitting news show on abc called "the view." take a look. >> what happened to him? he's gone over to the dark side. >> he said this. i tell you, schools are very appetizing opportunity. i just saw a nice piece in the lancet, a medical journal, arguing the opening of schools may cost us 2 to 3% in total total mortality and he was arguing that we should open up
6:40 pm
schools. my thought was so you're willing to sacrifice the lives of children? >> yeah. >> was he willing to sacrifice the lives of his children and his grandchildren? that's -- right? that's when i saw the turn in him. >> sean: here with reaction, republican senate candidate for the commonwealth of pennsylvania, dr. oz is with us. all right. i thought we would do this differently tonight. we'll do like a rapid round for people. i noticed you answered the question about your connection to pennsylvania. you were attacked on that. there's people all over the internet saying you're anti-second amendment. is that true? >> no, i'm strongly pro second amendment. i have my carry and conceal. i own guns. i think every one should have a right to bear arms. can i say one thing? this last week has been life-changing. i had millions of video views on
6:41 pm overwhelming calls for voters liking our message. i want to come back to because of the comments on views. i travel to markets. the campaign has made me so much more confident than i was about america's future. these great ideas, they're going to empower us to fix health care and the education and the economy. this specific thing that we've been exposed to has changed my views. i realize the innovation and capitalism work. we can cut costs and save lives. the hippocratic oath is we always put our patients first. if i can be your public servant for pennsylvania, i'll put voters first. >> sean: where do you stand on education? if kids don't get a good education, basically europing out the rungs of the ladder to success in life. can we do better than what we're doing now? i don't think we can do much worse. >> we can do lots better. parents are worried about
6:42 pm
education because every parents want their child to have a good education. we have views that don't align with what the parents want. parents don't have school choice for charter schools. charter schools cost less and ought to be a part of the puzzle. here's the biggest issue. it ought to be dealt with at the local level. too often parents don't have a voice. they can't get schools to respond because they're controlled at a further distance than just the local school playgrounds. >> sean: let's go quicker. defund, dismantle, no bail laws in cities. we see these robberies now every single night. your reaction. what is the answer? >> the answer is you have high quality police officers. we need law enforcement. it's not working. this city where i am right now had the 501st murder last week of a college student. the person that murdered him was picked up for a carjacking but
6:43 pm
was released. this drives people understandably crazy but also undermines the very sanctity of our society, which is safety. we need that. >> sean: let's talk about abortion. hot topic issue. we just had a case in mississippi argue before the supreme court last week. might change the viability from 23 weeks to 15 weeks. it might send abortion laws back to the states. your thoughts. >> i'm pro life. with the three possible exceptions of the mother's life, rape and insist. that's where i stand. >> which is a common possession for many. >> sean: you talk about immigration. you said your parents came to this country legally. what is happening at the border. what would the answer be for dr. oz? >> what the prior administration did was-wise. you don't let immigrants across the border. that sends a message to cartels
6:44 pm
and opiate trafficking, which is what is going on right now. because it succeeds, the cartels get more folks to bring them across. the only way to prevent this problem is stop it at the point to which the people enter. >> sean: what about the role of advise and consent and the type of justices you want on the u.s. supreme court and other judgeships? >> i think judges should follow the constitution. they should read it carefully and adjudicate conflicts based on what the constitution states. we don't want to legislate from the bench. >> sean: how concerned are you about the troops amassing on the border with ukraine, vladimir putin? how concerned are you about chinese fighter jets flying over taiwan and china talking about reunification? how are you feeling about lifting the sanctions to iran which joe biden has done? >> all three are major concerns. let's talk about china for a second.
6:45 pm
you know, we don't want taiwan compromised. taiwan is a major producer of vital products including semi conductors. it's wrong. this country should have its autonomy. we want the same for ukraine and for people around iran. the united states haas been there as alone star a north star for many countries. we need our country to be strong so people look to us for leadership. >> sean: why would dr. oz give up -- i don't know what your salary is but you have a successful daytime syndicated show. probably guess millions and millions of dollars to get in to this i call it an adam schiff show. i say it affectionately. why would you enter the world of politics whereby every definition it's a blood sport and you know you're going to take the slings and arrows? why? >> because i love my country. i want to serve this nation. i witnessed what happened during covid, which i thought was
6:46 pm
reprehensible. they closed parks. we can do better. the ladies of "the view", we should speak our mind openly. please do that. understand why i'm doing this. why would i give it up? i'm not going to the dark side. i'm having conservative values because they mean a lot to me. i love our country. >> sean: dr. oz, we'll follow this race. it's a crucial race. when we come back, biden's vaccine mandate for federal contractors just delivered a major blow. we'll explain and south dakota governor kristi noem will react straight ahead. just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. and also try alevex topical pain relief.
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>> sean: all right. so the worst new york city mayor comrad bill de blasio is leaving town. on his way out, he's leaving vaccine mandating for kids 5-11
6:51 pm
years old. in other words, the kids not vaccinated, they can't eat at a restaurant or participate in any indoor activity in new york city. fox news digital asked new yorkers their reaction to these very, very rigid restrictions. take a look. >> at this point, it's like if you're not vaccinated, what are you doing? >> i feel bad. this whole thing shouldn't be this way. i don't know why people have to lose their jobs if they don't want to get vaccinated or whatever. >> i think everyone should get vaccinated. we are all at risk from people that are not vaccinated. >> i can appreciate the safety and protection of the public. it's important. but he has his own agenda right now to get this stuff in beforehand and why? we're not in a silo here. we know there's a new mayor coming in. why is he doing it now? >> sean: breaking tonight, biden's vaccine mandate was dealt yet another legal reality
6:52 pm
check with a federal judge in georgia granting an injunction to block the federal vaccine mandate nationwide. four losses for joe. still sanity left in other parts of the country. leaders are standing up against one size fits all medicine and the restrictive vaccine mandates. for example, look at the state of south dakota. they're a beacon of hope in freedom in the fight against the never-ending covid rules and far left lunacy. here to explain more, kristi noem is here with us. governor, you said to the people, the citizens in your state, you said we'll give you all the information and i trust that you'll make the right decision for you. that has served your state well and other republican governors, many of them, followed suit. so many of them with high density populations as well.
6:53 pm
>> we did and it worked. people were given personal responsibility, took that seriously and made good decisions and our state is now thriving. where those undictaters and democratic governors that made very different decisions are still suffering today. listen, our economy is the best economy in the country. our people are thriving here. we have tripled the amount of revenue growth in one year that we typically do, what our average is. we're investing in long-term infrastructure projects, putting more money in to reserves than we ever have before and our people are doing well. i promised the people of south dakota that i would fight and defend them. we were a part of every one of the challenges to these vaccine mandates and we won every one of them now. biden knew he did not have the authority to do what he was doing. he was hoping to bully businesses in to mandating to their employees. now we've overturned what the federal government's agenda is and these businesses are backing
6:54 pm
off. you've seen the news on some of these health care organizations like the cleveland clinic, other businesses saying we're not going to mandate anything. we recognize that we need people to van option, a choice. >> sean: we reported on this program four, six weeks ago and we went to the cdc's own website. it was 0.008%. 162 kids at the time. 5-11 that died from covid during the pandemic. many we found out also had pre-existing conditions and underlying health issues. it's almost the exact same percentage of kids that we lose every year from the flu. the question is why -- if it's not killing children, why would somebody like de blasio insist on a vaccine for a 5-year-old to get into a restaurant? >> it's about control. it's about a control issue andry
6:55 pm
working this country in to what they see as a better model of government than what we have today. we're a republic today. we allow people to participate in a democratic process. that is not what anyone wants to see in these democrat leaders that are sitting in those seats. so that's what is interesting to me. that they're using fear and manipulation and control to promote their agenda. america is waking up to it, pushing back. more people are engaged than ever before. most of us in states that trusted our people, we're thriving, doing great and the families here are successful and the businesses are doing well. >> sean: governor, i am an idiot for being in new york. i have to get out. great job. >> better for you to say that than me. we love you. >> sean: i need to get out of here. great to see you, governor. more "hannity" after this.
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evening. you make this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." in the meantime i have great news. let not your hearts be troubled. "the ingraham angle," laura ingraham is next up. i will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from a very busy washington tonight. we have a lot to unpack so we are going to jump right in. the collaborator. that is the focus of tonight's angle. now the biggest long-term threat to america, it's not real sure iran or north korea, although all of them present unique challenges, and it is certainly not what the democrats on the hill and biden are focused on. >> do yo